[01:24] <RubyRose17> what time is it for you orb?
[01:24] <Alejandro231> U didn't know that, Ruby
[01:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> Night Orb
[01:24] <HadesHero> Grand rheft Auto
[01:24] <HadesHero> GTA is a game all about crime
[01:24] <Comiclove> Nar
[01:24] <Orbstar> @ruby 9:30 about
[01:24] <RubyRose17> perhaps.....not :P
[01:24] <Comiclove> that'd be
[01:24] <RubyRose17> ah
[01:24] <Comiclove> THE BEST JOKE EVER
[01:24] <Comiclove> :P
[01:24] <Alejandro231> I love that game its so fun
[01:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sean.
[01:24] <HadesHero> you kill people,hijack cars,and kill people
[01:24] <RubyRose17> well bye orbie
[01:24] <Comiclove> and have sex in a mod
[01:24] <Comiclove> :P
[01:24] <RubyRose17> that's nice hubby :P
[01:24] <Sean187jr> what elf
[01:24] <Comiclove> Hot Coffee mod, my friend has iot
[01:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> Night Orbeh... O_O
[01:24] <Comiclove> it*
[01:24] <HadesHero> gtg
[01:24] <Comiclove> XDDDDD
[01:24] <Alejandro231> see ya Hades
[01:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sean, why did you put yourself into Yak's quest?
[01:25] <Comiclove> ^
[01:25] <RubyRose17> byeeeee huby
[01:25] <RubyRose17> *hubby
[01:25] <Orbstar> o_o
[01:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> see you HH
[01:25] <Comiclove> Did he give approval?
[01:25] <Comiclove> XD Orb
[01:25] <Alejandro231> He did that to me, too
[01:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> No
[01:25] <Comiclove> Farewell
[01:25] <Orbstar> oh god....
[01:25] <Sean187jr> elf what do you need
[01:25] <HadesHero> *turns into the kooliade man and runs out off chat reading the huunger games*
[01:25] <Comiclove> LOVELESS, Act 3
[01:25] <Comiclove> BEGINS
[01:25] <Alejandro231> Sean isn't even leveled up enough
[01:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sean, PM me
[01:25] <Orbstar> i am NOT dealing with this
[01:25] <RubyRose17> *koolaid
[01:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> I will
[01:25] <Comiclove> it's ok orb
[01:25] <Comiclove> now
[01:25] <Comiclove> go have fun
[01:25] <Comiclove> with your dad
[01:25] <Sean187jr> what do you mean
[01:25] <Comiclove> ;DDDDDD
[01:25] <Comiclove> I know you want toooo
[01:25] <RubyRose17> sean
[01:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> Fine
[01:25] <Sean187jr> what
[01:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> Why did you sign up for Yak's quest?
[01:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> Like put your char on "questors"?
[01:26] <RubyRose17> you can't join quests unless you have the persons approval, and you have to be a level 3 at least
[01:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> ^
[01:26] <Alejandro231> which u have neither of
[01:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> And you're only, what, entry?
[01:26] <RubyRose17> i think so
[01:26] <Sean187jr> oi sorry for for party rocking
[01:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sean!
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> oh god
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> did he just say
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> OI
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> oi
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> no
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> oh NOOOOO
[01:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yes, Jenoo, yes he did
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> You do NOT say oi
[01:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sean!
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> Unless you have
[01:26] <Sean187jr> ha ha ha
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> MY approval
[01:26] <Nyxil> (:?)
[01:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sean, are you reading?
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> Oi is MY thing >:I
[01:27] <RubyRose17> okay, semi-afk, attempting to do homework
[01:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Jenoo?
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> *going all career-pack on Sean's ass now*
[01:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Do I have your approval of saying "Oi"?
[01:27] <Alejandro231> it seems like there are always a bunch of people on chat now
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> Yes
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> you have approval
[01:27] <Alejandro231> @Jenna, i thought the hunger games annoyed u
[01:27] <Ducks-r-homicidal> ^^^
[01:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> OI, Sean!
[01:27] <RubyRose17> oh oh oh oh do i?
[01:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thanks, Jenoo
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> np
[01:27] <Comiclove> .
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> Only Jews say Oi
[01:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sean!
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> you hear me?
[01:27] <Comiclove> XD
[01:27] <Sean187jr> sweet god okay i will take my name from the quest elf i should be level one i been here more than a week
[01:27] <Nyxil> Does (:?) smiley guy have approval?
[01:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> only
[01:27] <Comiclove> I say oi as well
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> JEWS
[01:27] <Comiclove> and NO
[01:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> Good, Sean
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:28] <Comiclove> Nyx
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> Oi is Yiddish, motherf*ckers
[01:28] <Comiclove> that smiley
[01:28] <Comiclove> is fail
[01:28] <RubyRose17> but you've only had your character for 3 days
[01:28] <Comiclove> XP
[01:28] <Alejandro231> You have been here four days, that is less than a week
[01:28] <RubyRose17> so you have 4 left
[01:28] <RubyRose17> to become a level 1
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> wait, :? is supposed to be a smily?
[01:28] <Sean187jr> what the @#$%
[01:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> and you need to be level 3
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> i thought it was a typo
[01:28] <Ducks-r-homicidal> C>
[01:28] <Ducks-r-homicidal> duck face
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> you can say f*ck, sean
[01:28] <Ducks-r-homicidal> c> baby duck
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> just try to censor some of it
[01:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> with the cencor
[01:28] <Nyxil> (o\/o) angry smiley!
[01:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> cesor*
[01:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> censor*
[01:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> Gah!
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> Oi is Yiddish
[01:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> Apparentyl I can't type -_-
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> Yiddish is Jew-crap
[01:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> it's like Michelle Bachmann trying to say chutzpah
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> IT DOES NOT WORK
[01:29] <Narutofreak0> posted rub
[01:29] <Nyxil> wtheck?
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> when you say
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> CHUTspah
[01:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:29] <Comiclove> Jenna
[01:29] <Comiclove> link me to that retro suggestive tumblr again
[01:29] <Comiclove> :D
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> >:I
[01:30] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:30] <Jenna Fraen> absolutelu
[01:30] <Jenna Fraen> *absolutely
[01:30] <RubyRose17>
[01:30] <Comiclove> Thank you :D
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thank you, Sean.
[01:30] <Nyxil> (:?) guy and I are not respected here1 We are leaving!
[01:30] <RubyRose17> :D
[01:30] <Jenna Fraen> OMG
[01:30] <Nyxil> whew
[01:30] <Nyxil> I got him to leave
[01:30] <Comiclove> bye Nyx
[01:30] <Comiclove> XP
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Laters Nyx
[01:30] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Xp
[01:30] <Comiclove> Wait Ruby
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP*
[01:30] <Jenna Fraen> Peepes
[01:30] <Comiclove> you were looking at that?!
[01:30] <Comiclove> O_O
[01:30] <Comiclove> WTG
[01:30] <Jenna Fraen> if you come back in ten minutes
[01:30] <Nyxil> iwaskiddingcuzthatswhatIdo (:D)
[01:30] <Jenna Fraen> I'll kill you
[01:30] <Comiclove> *Grell faints*
[01:30] <Comiclove> nyx
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:30] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[01:30] <Comiclove> stop le jokes
[01:30] <Comiclove> they aren't funny
[01:31] <Comiclove> Not.One.Bit.
[01:31] <Comiclove> SO
[01:31] <Nyxil> :(
[01:31] <Comiclove> with me watching
[01:31] <Comiclove> he gets a kitchen knife and says
[01:31] <Comiclove> WHY SO SERIOUS
[01:31] <Sean187jr> hey elf every character account i see has a template that says this child is a son or daughter of this god or goddess how do i make one
[01:31] <Comiclove> he sticks the blade in my mouth
[01:31] <Narutofreak0> life. L-I-F-E. If you never gave an F
[01:31] <Comiclove> let's put a smile on that face
[01:31] <Comiclove> AND......
[01:31] <Narutofreak0> you're lving a lie
[01:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> You just put the name of a god lie:
[01:31] <Comiclove> Why so serious?
[01:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> like*
[01:31] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> {{Zeus}}
[01:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> or something
[01:31] <Comiclove> I love The Dark Knight
[01:31] <Sean187jr> k
[01:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> *mutters* Your welcome.
[01:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> T_T
[01:32] <Comiclove> XD
[01:32] <RubyRose17> posted nar
[01:32] <Comiclove> Who didn't say thank you?
[01:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> Gosh, people are so rude!
[01:32] <RubyRose17> and me toooo comic
[01:32] <Nyxil> Whats the dwal with the peacock feather things I keep seing?
[01:32] <Comiclove> *gets fakchion*
[01:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sean didn't
[01:32] <Jenna Fraen> what
[01:32] <Comiclove> Course you do, Ruby
[01:32] <Comiclove> you're a movie freak
[01:32] <Jenna Fraen> Wot
[01:32] <Comiclove> *stabs sean*
[01:32] <Comiclove> :P
[01:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:32] <Halt Arratez> Ranger Lucy 
[01:32] <Sean187jr> oh yeah forgot something thanks elf
[01:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> No probz
[01:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> There we go! :)
[01:33] <RubyRose17> yes comic, i am :P
[01:33] <Comiclove> :D
[01:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:33] <Comiclove> HHmmm, ruby
[01:33] <Jenna Fraen> What
[01:33] <Comiclove> you gonna see Dark Knight Rises?
[01:33] <Comiclove> I AM
[01:33] <Jenna Fraen> did I not elp?!
[01:33] <Comiclove> AND MY LIFE
[01:33] <Jenna Fraen> I get no thanks?
[01:33] <Jenna Fraen> *help
[01:33] <Comiclove> SHALL BE COMPLETED
[01:33] <Comiclove> AGAIN
[01:33] <Comiclove> ._.
[01:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> Noooooo!
[01:33] <Comiclove> For the 17th time
[01:33] <RubyRose17> yesss
[01:33] <Comiclove> Ah F*ck
[01:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth!
[01:33] <Comiclove> Seth
[01:33] <RubyRose17> when does it come out?
[01:33] <Comiclove> June 
[01:33] <Comiclove> I think 24?
[01:33] <Comiclove> idk
[01:33] <Comiclove> I know it's in June
[01:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth, I need a word with you!
[01:33] <Comiclove> I'm scared of Bbane
[01:33] <RubyRose17> ah
[01:33] <Comiclove> in DKR
[01:34] <Comiclove> I'm like
[01:34] <Comiclove> O_O That's bane?!
[01:34] <Nyxil> Batman sequels are worse than trying to call Spiderman 3 a sequel of anything...
[01:34] <Seth13> seth isn't here right now please leave a message after the scream!
[01:34] <Comiclove> Nyx, stfu
[01:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> If you aint here, who is? T_T
[01:34] <Jenna Fraen> Seth
[01:34] <Comiclove> You have no right to diss my batman
[01:34] <Jenna Fraen> no screaming
[01:34] <Comiclove> ^
[01:34] <RubyRose17> ^
[01:34] <Comiclove> I scream
[01:34] <Comiclove> CAUSE
[01:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth!
[01:34] <Ducks-r-homicidal> comi check le pm
[01:34] <Seth13> aaaaah
[01:34] <Comiclove> :P
[01:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth!
[01:34] <Nyxil> Only teh sequels are bad
[01:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP Comic
[01:34] <Ducks-r-homicidal> comic can scream because we like him
[01:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth13!
[01:34] <Comiclove> Oui
[01:34] <Daughter of posiedion> can I scream>
[01:34] <Seth13> WHAT!~
[01:34] <Daughter of posiedion> *?
[01:34] <Jenna Fraen> No screaming
[01:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> You never answered my question
[01:35] <Daughter of posiedion> aw. 
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Why did you edit my userpage?
[01:35] <Jenna Fraen> I can scream, though
[01:35] <BachBot> dop, don't follow comic, he sets a bad example
[01:35] <Seth13> yes i didn't
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> And me
[01:35] <Jenna Fraen> because I don't scream
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yes, you did Seth
[01:35] <Jenna Fraen> I just SPEAK IN CAPS
[01:35] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:35] <Comiclove> Yes@BB
[01:35] <Seth13> no i did
[01:35] <Comiclove> I sey
[01:35] <Comiclove> set8
[01:35] <Daughter of posiedion> I have to follow comic
[01:35] <Comiclove> a horrible example
[01:35] <Comiclove> XD
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:35] <Comiclove> No you don't
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Tra
[01:35] <Comiclove> there're far better
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Trav*
[01:35] <Comiclove> admins and rb's
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth, you did
[01:35] <Comiclove> then me
[01:35] <Narutofreak0> posted rub
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:35] <Daughter of posiedion> I like you :)
[01:35] <Comiclove> Example: Ruby
[01:35] <Comiclove> So?
[01:35] <Comiclove> Even if we have a friendship
[01:35] <Seth13> what is the square root of 1458!
[01:35] <Comiclove> which is one sided
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> SETH!
[01:35] <Jenna Fraen> you ass
[01:35] <Narutofreak0> g2g
[01:35] <Narutofreak0> bai
[01:36] <Comiclove> ruby's better
[01:36] <Comiclove> bye nar
[01:36] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[01:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> Laters Nar
[01:36] <Jenna Fraen> baiz nar
[01:36] <RubyRose17> better?
[01:36] <Seth13> .
[01:36] <RubyRose17> bye nar
[01:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> Goddamnit these people! Garr! *explodes*
[01:36] <Comiclove> XD
[01:36] <Comiclove> Elfie
[01:36] <Comiclove> Are you like
[01:36] <Comiclove> the Human Bomb?
[01:36] <Comiclove> o.o
[01:36] <Comiclove> I never knew you met Uncle Sam
[01:36] <Daughter of posiedion> chat isn;t like it used to be..
[01:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yes, when people annoy me so much.
[01:36] <Comiclove> you don't even know
[01:36] <Comiclove> what it was like DoP
[01:36] <Seth13> my uncles crazy
[01:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> No, it isn't DoP
[01:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> SETH!
[01:36] <Comiclove> *remembers the glory days*
[01:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> ^
[01:36] <Comiclove> Elfie
[01:36] <Comiclove> Calm down
[01:36] <Jenna Fraen> DoP
[01:36] <Comiclove> Please
[01:36] <Jenna Fraen> I admit
[01:37] <Comiclove> that
[01:37] <Jenna Fraen> you weren't here for the good days
[01:37] <Comiclove> ^
[01:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'm f*cking annoyed at that kid now
[01:37] <Daughter of posiedion> i mean like it was when I started.
[01:37] <Seth13> O___O 
[01:37] <Comiclove> ?
[01:37] <Comiclove> What Seth?
[01:37] <Jenna Fraen> that wasn't the good days
[01:37] <Daughter of posiedion> then it must of been really good...
[01:37] <Sean187jr> comic dark knight rises already came out you missed it let me check
[01:37] <Jenna Fraen> it was before you
[01:37] <Jenna Fraen> way before
[01:37] <Comiclove> No
[01:37] <RubyRose17> when were the good days?
[01:37] <Comiclove> DKR's June
[01:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth, let's take it to PM,
[01:37] <Comiclove> Definitely June
[01:37] <Comiclove> IDK Ruby
[01:37] <Seth13> ` hidden seth`
[01:37] <Comiclove> we all have our own idea
[01:37] <Seth13> POOF!
[01:37] <Travelg> i am back
[01:37] <Comiclove> Particularly
[01:37] <Comiclove> September
[01:37] <Daughter of posiedion> chat sucks now.
[01:37] <Jenna Fraen> omg
[01:37] <Comiclove> was one of my glory days
[01:37] <Ducks-r-homicidal> yep
[01:37] <Jenna Fraen> SLAP-A-HOE SUNDAY
[01:37] <Jenna Fraen> XDDDDDDDDDDD
[01:37] <Comiclove> 
[01:37] <Comiclove> XD
[01:37] <Comiclove> My kind of day
[01:38] <Seth13> see i vanished!
[01:38] <Comiclove> or at least
[01:38] <Comiclove> the girl 
[01:38] <Comiclove> from A Little Piece of Heaven's
[01:38] <Comiclove> :P
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:38] <Comiclove> Well, she IS a zombie
[01:38] <Comiclove> even if they cut her arm off
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth PM NOW! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>
[01:38] <Comiclove> she can still slap
[01:38] <Comiclove> XD
[01:38] <Comiclove> Whoa, Elfie
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> GAH! 
[01:38] <Comiclove> No need for pointers
[01:38] <Comiclove> :P
[01:38] <Daughter of posiedion> anger issues..
[01:38] <RubyRose17> calm down elfie
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> no, not anger issues
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> You don't even know, DoP
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> ANGERRRRRRRRRRRR
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> issues
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> :I
[01:38] <LucasA5972> @Rubz I edited the quest
[01:38] <Comiclove> XD
[01:38] <Daughter of posiedion> sorry I cant scream
[01:39] <Comiclove> As my friend would say
[01:39] <Jenna Fraen> That's not screaming
[01:39] <Comiclove> Explosion
[01:39] <Jenna Fraen> that's speaking in caps
[01:39] <Comiclove> ^
[01:39] <Daughter of posiedion> I cant do that either
[01:39] <Comiclove> I scream 
[01:39] <Comiclove> all the time
[01:39] <Comiclove> even without caps
[01:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> And me
[01:39] <Comiclove> XD
[01:39] <Seth13> .
[01:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wait, lemme explode a s----
[01:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> SETH!
[01:39] <Comiclove> XD
[01:39] <Comiclove> explode a shit?
[01:39] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:39] <Comiclove> :P
[01:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:39] <Comiclove> I assumed that
[01:39] <Comiclove> :P
[01:39] <Seth13> seth is not here
[01:39] <Comiclove> *kicks seth where the sun shines&*
[01:39] <Jenna Fraen> omg
[01:39] <Comiclove> **
[01:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> Goddamnit, yes you f*cking are here!
[01:39] <Comiclove> XP
[01:39] <Jenna Fraen> there's a guy
[01:39] <Jenna Fraen> and he's wearing a hate
[01:39] <Jenna Fraen> *hat
[01:39] <Seth13> O__O
[01:39] <Jenna Fraen> that says
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> "SEXY BITCH"
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:40] <Comiclove> XD
[01:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> O_O XD
[01:40] <Comiclove> I'd been al
[01:40] <Comiclove> no you aren't
[01:40] <Comiclove> XP
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> but he's like a fat mexican
[01:40] <Comiclove> And take the hat
[01:40] <Comiclove> and give it to ducky
[01:40] <Comiclove> :P
[01:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'll be one sec
[01:40] <Comiclove> or jenna
[01:40] <Comiclove> more jenna
[01:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> *explodes*
[01:40] <Theharlequin> hey
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> Btter
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> YAY
[01:40] <Comiclove> hey harle
[01:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> HARLE! *glompz*
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> I'm a sexy bitch
[01:40] <LucasA5972> Hey 
[01:40] <Head of Ravenclaw> hi
[01:40] <Comiclove> how's your Dropkick Murphy's day, harle?
[01:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:40] <Comiclove> :P
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> *fist pump*
[01:40] <Theharlequin> *glompz back*
[01:40] <LucasA5972> Harle and HoR
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> hey harle *hugs*
[01:41] <Comiclove> .
[01:41] <Theharlequin> I have a headache now *hugs Jenna back*
[01:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wait til Seth gets back
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> :O
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> *:I
[01:41] <Comiclove> ah, from the Murphy's
[01:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> So have I Harle
[01:41] <Comiclove> ?
[01:41] <Comiclove> I have a metalcore ache
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> the Sexy Bitch guy
[01:41] <Sean187jr> comic look at this night rises > Just Added
[01:41] <Sean187jr> 1 items found
[01:41] <Sean187jr> Sort By Genre Section 
[01:41] <Sean187jr> 
[01:41] <Sean187jr> The Dark Knight R.. (2011)
[01:41] <Sean187jr> 
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> now he's jumping up and down
[01:41] <Comiclove> WTH
[01:41] <Comiclove> ---
[01:41] <Theharlequin> No, Idk what it's from
[01:41] <Comiclove> LIES
[01:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> ohh
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> harle
[01:41] <Comiclove> Sean
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> watching Gabriel Iglesias
[01:41] <Comiclove> it is
[01:41] <Comiclove> 2012
[01:41] <Comiclove> not 2011
[01:42] <Sean187jr> no its not found it just now the dark knight rises gone
[01:42] <Comiclove> =_=
[01:42] <Comiclove> So
[01:42] <Comiclove> it's on the wiki
[01:42] <Jenna Fraen> lol
[01:42] <Comiclove> some person just put it on
[01:42] <Comiclove> for pleasure
[01:42] <Jenna Fraen> WRONG YEAR
[01:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:42] <Comiclove> I just checked every actual source
[01:42] <Comiclove> definitely 2012
[01:42] <Comiclove> baka
[01:42] <Comiclove> *slaps sean*
[01:42] <Comiclove> :P
[01:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:42] <Comiclove> Don't try to prove me wrong
[01:42] <Comiclove> oh, wait ruby
[01:42] <Sean187jr> dude they would put it on commercial
[01:42] <Comiclove> it's not june
[01:43] <Comiclove> it's in july
[01:43] <Comiclove> Sean
[01:43] <Comiclove> it's july 20, 2012
[01:43] <Comiclove> end of discussion
[01:43] <Comiclove> I win, you lose
[01:43] <Comiclove> everyone walks away with something
[01:43] <Comiclove> :P
[01:43] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ohhh, yes, Seth I have proof, now come back on, b*stard
[01:43] <Comiclove> But seriously, it is July 20
[01:43] <Comiclove> Proof of what, elfie?
[01:43] <Comiclove> Spamming?
[01:43] <RubyRose17> cool
[01:43] <Comiclove> Not cool
[01:43] <Petite'likkle'elf> No, that he editted my userpage
[01:43] <Seth13> i want soup
[01:43] <Comiclove> I want it
[01:43] <Comiclove> to be june
[01:43] <RubyRose17> link?
[01:43] <Comiclove> well, seth
[01:43] <Comiclove> your soup
[01:43] <Petite'likkle'elf> SETH!
[01:44] <Comiclove> is in your pants
[01:44] <Sean187jr> ok lets see your theory go on this link
[01:44] <Comiclove> go eat there
[01:44] <Comiclove> :P
[01:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth, seth, seth
[01:44] <Comiclove> Bah, lies
[01:44] <Seth13> he's not here
[01:44] <Comiclove> :P
[01:44] <Alejandro231> why does it say 2011
[01:44] <Comiclove> Yes he is
[01:44] <Comiclove> idk
[01:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> I have proof that you editted my userpage
[01:44] <Comiclove> it's definitely 2012
[01:44] <Alejandro231> ^
[01:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ohh yes, I do
[01:44] <Comiclove> So that's probably a placeholder
[01:44] <Sean187jr> oh little comic is scared to see the link
[01:44] <Comiclove> -_-
[01:44] <Comiclove> You honestly think i'm scared?
[01:44] <Alejandro231> it says prolouge that isn't the movie
[01:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> Don't mess with comic
[01:44] <Comiclove> *laughs like the Undertaker*
[01:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth!
[01:44] <Alejandro231> it is prolly just a clip they released
[01:45] <Comiclove> aeheheheheheheeheheehe
[01:45] <Comiclove> oh god, too funny
[01:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> T_T Someone get Seth please
[01:45] <Seth13> yes? what people want
[01:45] <Sean187jr> stop being scared i just want you to see the truth
[01:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> I have proof
[01:45] <Comiclove> Scared?
[01:45] <Comiclove> Arrogance issues
[01:45] <Seth13> Proof!
[01:45] <Comiclove> *ironic from me*
[01:45] <Sean187jr> oi
[01:45] <RubyRose17> i'll give him a warning elfie
[01:45] <Comiclove> OI
[01:45] <Comiclove> only Yiddish can say it!
[01:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thank you, Ruby
[01:45] <Alejandro231> Sean, do you think the dark knight rises came out in 2011
[01:45] <Comiclove> :P
[01:45] <Daughter of posiedion> oi?
[01:45] <Comiclove> Ale
[01:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh, btw, here;s proof if you want it
[01:45] <Comiclove> they announced it
[01:45] <Comiclove> Last year
[01:45] <RubyRose17> i saw
[01:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'll PM you, Ruubz
[01:45] <Comiclove> no way
[01:45] <RubyRose17> okay
[01:45] <Comiclove> would it already
[01:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> Okay
[01:45] <RubyRose17> that works too
[01:46] <Comiclove> have come out
[01:46] <Seth13> meow
[01:46] <Theharlequin> I see it too
[01:46] <Sean187jr> checked it alejandro just check the link
[01:46] <Comiclove> they probably still have some more stuff leftover
[01:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> Mmhm
[01:46] <Comiclove> like video editing
[01:46] <Comiclove> or cGI
[01:46] <Comiclove> and promotional campaign
[01:46] <Alejandro231> I saw, Sean, and their is something called lying
[01:46] <Comiclove> and of course, annoying commercials
[01:46] <Alejandro231> not everything on the internet is true
[01:46] <Comiclove> none of that shit
[01:46] <Comiclove> has come out
[01:46] <Seth13> so... the proofs a lie
[01:46] <Comiclove> as far as I checked
[01:46] <Comiclove> well, sean's
[01:46] <Comiclove> elfie's
[01:46] <Alejandro231> some stuff just tries to lure u in waste money and then its crap
[01:46] <Comiclove> is purely true
[01:46] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Comi, check le PM
[01:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> No, I PM'd it to Ruby she can tell you T_T
[01:46] <Comiclove> Oui, ducky
[01:46] <Theharlequin> No it's not seth, you clearly edited petite's userpage
[01:47] <RubyRose17> seth, proof can't really lie
[01:47] <Sean187jr> ok comic right it was the prologue it out july 20 i bet comic will miss it
[01:47] <Sean187jr> never to see it
[01:47] <Seth13> yes it can
[01:47] <Comiclove> Ahahahahaha
[01:47] <Comiclove> I already saved up money for tickers 
[01:47] <Comiclove> XP
[01:47] <Sean187jr> OI
[01:47] <Comiclove> I say tickers
[01:47] <Comiclove> sounds better
[01:47] <Theharlequin> In this case seth, no it can't 
[01:47] <Seth13> why?
[01:48] <Comiclove> wait, revision history
[01:48] <Comiclove> is always right
[01:48] <Seth13> Why?
[01:48] <Jenna Fraen> :I
[01:48] <Comiclove> always trust it
[01:48] <Comiclove> :P
[01:48] <Jenna Fraen> >>>>:I
[01:48] <Seth13> Why?
[01:48] <RubyRose17> hi Kitty!
[01:48] <Comiclove> hey kitty
[01:48] <Jenna Fraen> I heard
[01:48] <Jenna Fraen> an Oi
[01:48] <Alejandro231> Hey Kitty!
[01:48] <Seth13> Why?
[01:48] <Comiclove> Gah
[01:48] <Comiclove> Sean
[01:48] <Ranger lucy> hi kitty
[01:48] <Jenna Fraen> *slaps Sean*
[01:48] <Seth13> Why?
[01:48] <Theharlequin> revision history like comic said
[01:48] <KittyInASheepsClothes> Ruby!
[01:48] <KittyInASheepsClothes> PM
[01:48] <Theharlequin> hey kitty
[01:48] <Seth13> Why?
[01:48] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Kit *glompz*
[01:48] <Jenna Fraen> *then ties him to a crucifix and burns him alive*
[01:48] <Comiclove> Seth
[01:48] <Comiclove> one more why
[01:48] <RubyRose17> okay
[01:48] <Comiclove> and I will dropkick murphy you
[01:48] <RubyRose17> and seth
[01:48] <Comiclove> :P
[01:48] <Petite'likkle'elf> Revision history is the history that someone editted something
[01:48] <RubyRose17> i gave you a warning
[01:48] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thanks, Ruby
[01:48] <Comiclove> :P
[01:49] <Comiclove> Ruby: Succrssfully being a level head badass
[01:49] <Comiclove> :P
[01:49] <RubyRose17> and if you remove it from your page, you'll get another one
[01:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> Mmhm
[01:49] <Theharlequin> We can clearly see you edited her page four time within a minute of each
[01:49] <Comiclove> ^@Ruby
[01:49] <RubyRose17> *successfully
[01:49] <Comiclove> Never remove warnings
[01:49] <Comiclove> I never did it
[01:49] <Comiclove> but I know
[01:49] <Seth13>
[01:49] <Comiclove> that it's just stupid to
[01:49] <Seth13> Why?
[01:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> Don't you get a second one too?
[01:49] <Jenna Fraen> not clicking the link
[01:49] <Jenna Fraen> not clicking it
[01:49] <Comiclove> ^
[01:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> Something like that?
[01:49] <Jenna Fraen> >:I
[01:49] <Comiclove> Jenna
[01:49] <Seth13> you better not
[01:49] <Comiclove> just loook
[01:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> ^ Jenoo
[01:49] <Comiclove> at the retro tumblr
[01:49] <Comiclove> :P
[01:49] <Jenna Fraen> XDD
[01:49] <Seth13> thats my link! MINE I SAY!
[01:49] <RubyRose17> yeah elfie
[01:50] <Comiclove> Satisfying enough
[01:50] <Comiclove> Seth
[01:50] <Halt Arratez> KABOOM
[01:50] <Comiclove> Calm your tits down
[01:50] <Comiclove> :P
[01:50] <Comiclove> I quote moodle
[01:50] <Seth13> NEVER!!!!
[01:50] <Seth13> ok
[01:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thought so
[01:50] <Comiclove> -_-
[01:50] <Comiclove> Minx
[01:50] <Comiclove> That's all I will say
[01:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth. Caps
[01:50] <Comiclove> you little minx
[01:50] <Halt Arratez> KABOOM
[01:50] <Seth13> caps to you
[01:50] <Theharlequin> Hello star
[01:50] <StarlinSkyrim> hey
[01:50] <Theharlequin> Halt, no caps
[01:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> No, Cuz I ay using caps, k?
[01:50] <Comiclove> ain't*?
[01:50] <Comiclove> XP
[01:50] <Comiclove> Sorry, I'm like
[01:50] <Comiclove> o.o wut is ay?
[01:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> Nah, Ay is Black Country :3
[01:51] <Comiclove> Ah
[01:51] <Seth13> aAaAaAaH!1!1!
[01:51] <Comiclove> but what about Bat Country?
[01:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth, Caps
[01:51] <Comiclove> Seth
[01:51] <Jenna Fraen> comi
[01:51] <Comiclove> Stop this madness
[01:51] <Jenna Fraen> look at this
[01:51] <Comiclove> oui, jenna?
[01:51] <Jenna Fraen> no one else
[01:51] <Comiclove> :DDDDD
[01:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> Comic :P
[01:51] <Comiclove> Suggestive
[01:51] <Comiclove> Must be
[01:51] <RubyRose17> now we only have 5 admins
[01:51] <Jenna Fraen>
[01:51] <Seth13> Seth, will never stop the madness!
[01:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> how many are you meant to have?
[01:51] <Comiclove> you will
[01:51] <Jenna Fraen> I love that post
[01:51] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:51] <RubyRose17> seth
[01:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Maj
[01:51] <StarlinSkyrim> Hi Majin
[01:51] <RubyRose17> stop please
[01:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth
[01:51] <MajinAbura> Hello all
[01:51] <Jenna Fraen> no one click the link
[01:51] <Seth13> Seth
[01:51] <Jenna Fraen> if you want your sanity
[01:51] <Theharlequin> We can always kickban you if that helps
[01:51] <Comiclove> o_o
[01:51] <Jenna Fraen> I call the kick
[01:51] <Comiclove> jenna
[01:51] <Comiclove> my eyes
[01:51] <Jenna Fraen> I shout it
[01:51] <Seth13> o.O
[01:51] <Comiclove> are happy
[01:51] <Comiclove> :D
[01:52] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:52] <Comiclove> For that
[01:52] <Jenna Fraen> mine too
[01:52] <Jenna Fraen> mine too
[01:52] <Comiclove> I shall
[01:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ruby, how many admins are you supposed to have?
[01:52] <Jenna Fraen> :')
[01:52] <Comiclove> strike seth
[01:52] <Comiclove> with a cookie
[01:52] <RubyRose17> doesn't really matter,
[01:52] <Comiclove> Cookie Raping time :)
[01:52] <Seth13> noooooo!
[01:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> oh
[01:52] <Comiclove> *cookie rapes seth anyways*
[01:52] <Comiclove> :P
[01:52] <Seth13> RUNNING AWAY!
[01:52] <Jenna Fraen> Cookie rapinggggggggg
[01:52] <RubyRose17> though we have none in UR
[01:52] <Comiclove> XD
[01:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD Comic
[01:52] <Jenna Fraen> XDDDD
[01:52] <MajinAbura> ....Huh
[01:52] <Comiclove> I provoked seth!
[01:52] <RubyRose17> and kitty stepped down
[01:52] <MajinAbura> Cookie raping
[01:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh
[01:52] <Comiclove> Wow, never thought that works
[01:52] <MajinAbura> Didn't think I'd see that today
[01:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> She did?
[01:52] <RubyRose17> just did
[01:52] <Comiclove> Majin
[01:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh :(
[01:52] <Comiclove> :P
[01:52] <Comiclove> Hi buddy
[01:52] <Seth13> i ran
[01:52] <Comiclove> Awww
[01:52] <Comiclove> D:
[01:52] <Comiclove> So?
[01:52] <Comiclove> too late
[01:52] <Daughter of posiedion> i cannot wait till my quest starts. :)
[01:52] <MajinAbura> Hello Comic
[01:53] <Comiclove> oh, DoP. didja get your prophecy?
[01:53] <Sean187jr> comic what link
[01:53] <Daughter of posiedion> not yet im waiting.
[01:53] <Comiclove> Nothing Sean
[01:53] <Comiclove> You're too little to see it
[01:53] <Comiclove> :P
[01:53] <Sean187jr> dude how old are you
[01:53] <Daughter of posiedion> i cant wait till I get one tho,
[01:53] <MajinAbura> So how is everybody?
[01:53] <Jenna Fraen> Noobs
[01:53] <Comiclove> Why do you ask?
[01:53] <Comiclove> Good Maj
[01:53] <Comiclove> how about you?
[01:53] <Jenna Fraen> Somenoob fetch me a taco
[01:53] <MajinAbura> I'm fine.
[01:53] <Ducks-r-homicidal> brb
[01:53] <Jenna Fraen> *snaps fingers*
[01:53] <Sean187jr> you say i little how old are you
[01:53] <StarlinSkyrim> Not much activity on the wiki right now...
[01:54] <Comiclove> oh, majin
[01:54] <Comiclove> you ever heard
[01:54] <MajinAbura> I'm currently watching a game that is practically pure adrenaline
[01:54] <Comiclove> of Lollipop Chainsaw?
[01:54] <Theharlequin> *give Jenna a taco bell*
[01:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sean, 13, but I have an attitude like a 17 year old, and a mind of a 2 year old
[01:54] <MajinAbura> ?
[01:54] <Comiclove> O_O
[01:54] <Comiclove> Dude, it's gory
[01:54] <Comiclove> and awesome
[01:54] <Comiclove> and the cheerleader's sexy as hell
[01:54] <Comiclove> :P
[01:54] <Comiclove> although i'm not sure
[01:54] <Comiclove> if hell's a person
[01:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:54] <Comiclove> and if they're sexy
[01:54] <Comiclove> idk
[01:54] <Comiclove> *shrugs*
[01:54] <Comiclove> if hell is a person
[01:54] <Sean187jr> comic how old are you
[01:55] <Comiclove> then I'm naming my child heaven
[01:55] <Comiclove> 12 :P
[01:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:55] <MajinAbura> If its a cheesy slasher flick I'll probably enjoy it.
[01:55] <Jenna Fraen> "I never thought I could see the day when I could DRINK a taco"
[01:55] <Comiclove> *oh the F*cking irony*
[01:55] <Comiclove> Probably is, Majin
[01:55] <MajinAbura> Anyone care to guess how old I am?
[01:55] <Comiclove> 15?
[01:55] <Sean187jr> i'm 13 man
[01:55] <Theharlequin> Chico's!!!
[01:55] <Comiclove> No, 17?
[01:55] <RubyRose17> ^^
[01:55] <Comiclove> So?
[01:55] <MajinAbura> Nope.
[01:55] <Comiclove> 18?
[01:55] <Comiclove> 19?
[01:55] <Jenna Fraen> 1,000
[01:55] <MajinAbura> Yup
[01:55] <Comiclove> XD
[01:55] <MajinAbura> 18
[01:55] <StarlinSkyrim> 189?
[01:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> Why is Comic saying numbers?
[01:55] <Jenna Fraen> HOLY SHIT
[01:55] <Comiclove> SWEET
[01:55] <Comiclove> 18
[01:55] <Comiclove> :D
[01:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Ale
[01:55] <MajinAbura> That's how old I am
[01:55] <Jenna Fraen> you're eighteen?
[01:55] <Comiclove> Wait
[01:55] <Seth13>
[01:55] <Jenna Fraen> ....
[01:55] <MajinAbura> Yup
[01:55] <Comiclove> Majin
[01:55] <Comiclove> you can
[01:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> Maj, you're 18?
[01:55] <Comiclove> like drink and shit
[01:55] <Comiclove> :D
[01:55] <MajinAbura> Yup
[01:55] <Sean187jr> what link are you talking bout
[01:55] <Comiclove> Lucky bastard
[01:55] <MajinAbura> Well I don't comic
[01:55] <Jenna Fraen> *thought he was 14*
[01:55] <Comiclove> Smart
[01:56] <Theharlequin> I'm 16
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> *thought he was 13*
[01:56] <Comiclove> I'm 12 :P
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'm 13 :P
[01:56] <Jenna Fraen> I'm younger than most of you
[01:56] <MajinAbura> I'm not surprised
[01:56] <Comiclove> *remembers when gel was Bureuacrat*
[01:56] <Jenna Fraen> but much more sophistacated 
[01:56] <Theharlequin> She was?
[01:56] <Comiclove> Gel was like 13, right?
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> How old are you Jenoo?
[01:56] <Jenna Fraen> *sophisticated
[01:56] <Jenna Fraen> >:I
[01:56] <Comiclove> yeah, harle
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> She was?
[01:56] <Comiclove> :/
[01:56] <Jenna Fraen> Elfoo
[01:56] <Theharlequin> O_e
[01:56] <Jenna Fraen> I'll tell you in PM
[01:56] <Jenna Fraen> not around the noobs
[01:56] <Comiclove> I kept tavs with people
[01:56] <Comiclove> tabs*
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> Never knew that O_O
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> Okies
[01:56] <Comiclove> even when I was kicked
[01:56] <Comiclove> I was on cU and cJ chat
[01:56] <Sean187jr> seth that the link?
[01:56] <Comiclove> :P
[01:56] <Comiclove> Not it, Sean
[01:56] <Comiclove> diff 
[01:57] <Comiclove> *just sent the one that jenna posted for me to his friends*
[01:57] <Theharlequin> Comic, you were pretty stupid to get that kick
[01:57] <Comiclove> Mwahahahaha, Easter Surprise!
[01:57] <Sean187jr> hm but this one awesome
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> What kick?
[01:57] <Comiclove> Obviously, Harle
[01:57] <StarlinSkyrim> *Cricket*
[01:57] <Comiclove> Long Story, Elfie
[01:57] <RubyRose17> ^
[01:57] <Comiclove> Although
[01:57] <LucasA5972> Sorry, gtg. Night
[01:57] <Comiclove> it was the best break ever
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> I got a few hours
[01:57] <Comiclove> :D
[01:57] <Sean187jr> this lnk is epic
[01:57] <Theharlequin> nothing you want to hear
[01:57] <Comiclove> I got 3 minutes
[01:57] <Comiclove> :P
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> *shrugs*
[01:57] <Sean187jr> *link*
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:57] <Comiclove> *slugs*
[01:57] <Comiclove> XP
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> Not sleeping tonight cuz i cba
[01:58] <Comiclove> *asses elfie to sleep*
[01:58] <Comiclove> XP
[01:58] <MajinAbura> What's cba?
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> *where's Jenoo's PM?*
[01:58] <Comiclove> can't be assed
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thanks Comic XD
[01:58] <MajinAbura> ...assses elfie to sleep?
[01:58] <MajinAbura> *asses
[01:58] <Comiclove> not in that...
[01:58] <Comiclove> sexual manner
[01:58] <Comiclove> more like
[01:58] <Comiclove> bugging her insanely
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> I can't be bothered to sleep basically
[01:58] <MajinAbura> Ah.
[01:58] <Comiclove> :P
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:58] <Seth13> so
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> *wonders where Jenoo's PM got to*
[01:58] <Comiclove> Majin...
[01:58] <Comiclove> when's your b-day?
[01:58] <Comiclove> :P
[01:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:59] <Theharlequin> Comic, I swear stupid the perverted stuff
[01:59] <MajinAbura> December 23
[01:59] <Comiclove> I want to celebrate
[01:59] <RubyRose17> hiya ducks
[01:59] <Theharlequin> wait till high school
[01:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Ducks
[01:59] <Theharlequin> hey ducks
[01:59] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey
[01:59] <MajinAbura> Hello ducks
[01:59] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Ello
[01:59] <Seth13> oh no that crazy duck is here
[01:59] <Theharlequin> Seth
[01:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth stfu
[01:59] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Watch it Seth
[01:59] <Seth13> meow
[01:59] <MajinAbura> Agreed
[02:00] <RubyRose17> um seth,
[02:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I don't like being insulted
[02:00] <RubyRose17> you didn't write anything?
[02:00] <RubyRose17> on my talkpage?
[02:00] <Comiclove> Wait
[02:00] <Comiclove> who insulted
[02:00] <Comiclove> my DUCKY?
[02:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Seth
[02:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth
[02:00] <MajinAbura> Seth
[02:00] <Comiclove> *gets chainsaw*
[02:00] <Comiclove> e_e
[02:00] <Comiclove> That kid
[02:00] <Comiclove> is dead
[02:00] <MajinAbura> Who just ran like a little bitch
[02:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ik
[02:00] <Comiclove> I will
[02:00] <Comiclove> eat his organs
[02:00] <Comiclove> and then drink his blood
[02:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Your so Hannibal comi
[02:01] <Comiclove> XP
[02:01] <RubyRose17> he like edited my talk page, by adding spaces everywhere
[02:01] <Comiclove> Thanks
[02:01] <MajinAbura> Can I have his skull to use as a cup
[02:01] <Valorie99> cannibal....
[02:01] <Comiclove> Sure majin
[02:01] <Comiclove> valorie
[02:01] <Comiclove> it's not cannibal
[02:01] <Comiclove> it's hannibal
[02:01] <Comiclove> like how model sexy
[02:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ruby, he did that to my userpag and changed some stuff too
[02:01] <Comiclove> is reno and noctis sexy
[02:01] <MajinAbura> Plus cannibalism happens everyday on this chat
[02:01] <Comiclove> Yep
[02:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[02:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> And Comic
[02:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Like I ate halt
[02:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> His arms please, I want to nom them :3
[02:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Minx
[02:01] <Theharlequin> Gyps is the wiki cannibal
[02:01] <RubyRose17> hiiii minx
[02:02] <Comiclove> he didn't wdit mine
[02:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yes, Harle, yes she is
[02:02] <Minxelfinforever> Hi, Ruby!
[02:02] <Comiclove> and sure, Elfie
[02:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thanks
[02:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Ale
[02:02] <Ducks-r-homicidal> WB Ale
[02:02] <Minxelfinforever> Hi, Elf and Comic!
[02:02] <MajinAbura> Hello Ale
[02:02] <Comiclove> Hey Minx!
[02:02] <Comiclove> Oh, Majin
[02:02] <Valorie99> hey
[02:02] <Comiclove> Also one more thing
[02:02] <Minxelfinforever> Hey ale
[02:02] <MajinAbura> Yes?
[02:02] <Comiclove> Disturb me
[02:02] <Comiclove> and get my friendship
[02:02] <RubyRose17> xD
[02:02] <MajinAbura> Hmmmm, I don't know if I can right now, I have children's teeth to clean off of my floor
[02:02] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I gots your friendship
[02:03] <Comiclove> XD
[02:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:03] <Minxelfinforever> Is the page where you sign up for coding closed?
[02:03] <Comiclove> Didn't work, Majin
[02:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> Have I?
[02:03] <Comiclove> yes elfie
[02:03] <RubyRose17> i don't think so
[02:03] <Comiclove> and orb did
[02:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yay! :3
[02:03] <Comiclove> with the 80 year old sex addicts
[02:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> did Ducks?
[02:03] <RubyRose17> [[Character Page Coding Signup]]
[02:03] <Comiclove> XD
[02:03] <MajinAbura> Plus I have to dust the bloody skins on my wall
[02:03] <Comiclove> Ducks
[02:03] <Comiclove> you also got mine
[02:03] <RubyRose17> i'm your daughter, so :P
[02:03] <Comiclove> second we had that KK MP
[02:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> heyy
[02:03] <Comiclove> PM8
[02:03] <Comiclove> First Personal one
[02:03] <Comiclove> :P
[02:03] <MajinAbura> And deal with the guy that's still twitching
[02:03] <Comiclove> ?
[02:03] <MajinAbura> You'd think removing his lvier would make him stop but no
[02:03] <Minxelfinforever> @Ruby, it's because I signed up for it last week and it was never done.
[02:04] <MajinAbura> *liver
[02:04] <RubyRose17> oh
[02:04] <RubyRose17> well
[02:04] <Comiclove> ?
[02:04] <Comiclove> Am I supposed to be disturbed?
[02:04] <RubyRose17> talk to one of the people who do them and see if they can
[02:04] <Comiclove> Sexual disturbances are better
[02:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Oh great
[02:04] <Comiclove> Seth
[02:04] <Comiclove> Today
[02:04] <Comiclove> You die
[02:04] <RubyRose17> hii paris
[02:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> seth is back
[02:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yay!
[02:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> @Comic
[02:04] <Comiclove> *starts up chainsaw*
[02:04] <Never Shout Paris> dont kill people!
[02:04] <Jenna Fraen> Wait
[02:04] <Sean187jr> um comic what did he do
[02:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> NSP, this is a must-do
[02:04] <MajinAbura> Silence Paris
[02:04] <Never Shout Paris> *growls at comic*
[02:04] <Comiclove> *kills seth just be throwing his saw*
[02:04] <Seth13> I'm just gonna run away 
[02:05] <Comiclove> XP
[02:05] <Comiclove> too late
[02:05] <Comiclove> *it hits*
[02:05] <Comiclove> Classic
[02:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yay!
[02:05] <Never Shout Paris> ah i dont know him... Kill him!
[02:05] <Comiclove> XP
[02:05] <Jenna Fraen> Comi, I think you said sexual and I was pinged
[02:05] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[02:05] <Sean187jr> ooh classic kill
[02:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:05] <Comiclove> XD
[02:05] <Seth13> return of the Seth!
[02:05] <Minxelfinforever> Ducks, can you reply at Fiona's page?
[02:05] <MajinAbura> Ahhh, chainsaws, the ultimate murder weapon
[02:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey J
[02:05] <Comiclove> dah
[02:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Sure Minx
[02:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> link?
[02:05] <Comiclove> Chainsaws are sexy
[02:05] <Theharlequin> hey J
[02:05] <Comiclove> they represent
[02:05] <Never Shout Paris> holy dogs theres a freakin giant bug on my curtains.
[02:05] <Comiclove> how good the wielder is
[02:05] <Comiclove> in bed
[02:05] <Valorie99> wow....
[02:05] <Comiclove> and the engine rev
[02:05] <Daughter of posiedion> gtg
[02:05] <Comiclove> is just the power
[02:05] <Comiclove> :P
[02:05] <MajinAbura> I think Leatherface would prove you wrong
[02:05] <Never Shout Paris> o_____O
[02:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Minx
[02:05] <Comiclove> XP
[02:05] <MajinAbura> Buy dop
[02:05] <Sean187jr> return of seth what the f*ck
[02:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Link me to fiona?
[02:05] <Comiclove> Anything with engines
[02:05] <Comiclove> = sex
[02:05] <Seth13> you have an odd mind..
[02:06] <Comiclove> Bah
[02:06] <Never Shout Paris> i know how you got blocked xD
[02:06] <Comiclove> it's not weird
[02:06] <Comiclove> just Comiclove
[02:06] <Comiclove> :P
[02:06] <Minxelfinforever> [[Fiona Ash|Fiona_Ash]]
[02:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:06] <MajinAbura> Indeed
[02:06] <Valorie99> u guys are just.... WOW....
[02:06] <Comiclove> *you
[02:06] <Comiclove> English
[02:06] <RubyRose17> wow?
[02:06] <Comiclove> You speak it?
[02:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> Spelling
[02:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> :P
[02:06] <Comiclove> :P
[02:06] <Valorie99> yea like so weird
[02:06] <Comiclove> yeah*
[02:06] <Seth13> I'm not a WOW I'm a weirdo!
[02:06] <Never Shout Paris> we're just wow?
[02:06] <Comiclove> No
[02:06] <Comiclove> Seth is
[02:06] <Comiclove> nothing
[02:06] <Comiclove> XP
[02:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:06] <Minxelfinforever> I stopped playing WOW :p
[02:06] <Comiclove> Doesn't even deserve title of noob
[02:06] <Comiclove> XD
[02:06] <Theharlequin> It is the insanity of CHBRP chat
[02:06] <Sean187jr> hey comic seth say he return should we take him down
[02:06] <Comiclove> WoW is shit
[02:06] <Never Shout Paris> what the heck does that mean? o____o
[02:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> ^ Harle
[02:06] <Comiclove> we?
[02:07] <Comiclove> Sean
[02:07] <Comiclove> I work alone
[02:07] <MajinAbura> Have you played it comic
[02:07] <Comiclove> FOR I AM
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:07] <Sean187jr> ok you
[02:07] <Comiclove> VINCENT VALANETINE
[02:07] <Comiclove> XP
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:07] <Valorie99> too confused
[02:07] <Comiclove> it's valentine
[02:07] <Comiclove> :P
[02:07] <Valorie99> bye
[02:07] <MajinAbura> ....O_e
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:07] <Theharlequin> later Val
[02:07] <Comiclove> VV's one of the Best FF characters
[02:07] <Comiclove> hands down
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> Later Val
[02:07] <Seth13> run from crazy town!
[02:07] <Comiclove> he gets a flying skateboard
[02:07] <Comiclove> bye val
[02:07] <Comiclove> and have fun with that seth
[02:07] <Comiclove> keep in mind
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:07] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Just kill Seth
[02:07] <Comiclove> that you have a warning
[02:07] <Comiclove> :D
[02:07] <Valorie99> wait.... wat?
[02:07] <Comiclove> and you might get banned
[02:07] <Comiclove> :)
[02:07] <Sean187jr> kill him
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> What*
[02:07] <Comiclove> Nah
[02:07] <RubyRose17> *what
[02:07] <RubyRose17> :D
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Rof
[02:07] <Comiclove> mine was a quick kill
[02:07] <Never Shout Paris> o__o
[02:07] <RubyRose17> hey rof
[02:08] <Comiclove> I need someone to torture him
[02:08] <Comiclove> Majin
[02:08] <RofLFERBERG> Hey
[02:08] <Comiclove> May you please
[02:08] <MajinAbura> Torture who exactly?
[02:08] <MajinAbura> Sean?
[02:08] <Comiclove> Seth
[02:08] <MajinAbura> Seth?
[02:08] <Comiclove> Sean's ok
[02:08] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth!
[02:08] <Valorie99> nm bye
[02:08] <MajinAbura> Right
[02:08] <MajinAbura> Sorrry
[02:08] <Comiclove> *pays Majin*
[02:08] <Seth13> seth is here
[02:08] <RubyRose17> comi, what you can't torture yourself? :P
[02:08] <Comiclove> it's fine
[02:08] <Never Shout Paris> "check my f-----ng spanish!" sorry o___o
[02:08] <Comiclove> XD
[02:08] <Comiclove> idk
[02:08] <Comiclove> Elly
[02:08] <Comiclove> :P
[02:08] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:08] <Never Shout Paris> Husband!?
[02:08] <MajinAbura> *pulls out scalpel and cuts Seth's tendons*
[02:08] <Comiclove> No one can torture my blond goth
[02:08] <Comiclove> :P
[02:08] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Why can't seth not be here?
[02:08] <Comiclove> FOR SHE IS MINE
[02:08] <Comiclove> *obsessive love much?*
[02:08] <Never Shout Paris> Husband!!!
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:09] <Sean187jr> seth is scared
[02:09] <RofLFERBERG> Hi Paris
[02:09] <MajinAbura> He should be
[02:09] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Yay!
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> Obcs, Sean
[02:09] <Never Shout Paris> hush yourself comic xD
[02:09] <MajinAbura> He should be
[02:09] <Ducks-r-homicidal> He left
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> Obvs*
[02:09] <Comiclove> Can't
[02:09] <Never Shout Paris> hi obsessive love.
[02:09] <Comiclove> Besides, Ducky knows how my mind works
[02:09] <Comiclove> :P
[02:09] <Comiclove> Like Flock
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:09] <Ducks-r-homicidal> yep
[02:09] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[02:09] <Comiclove> BTW
[02:09] <Comiclove> Dare touch Flock
[02:09] <Comiclove> and I will
[02:09] <Never Shout Paris> im watching fantasy factory xD
[02:09] <Comiclove> cut off your fingers
[02:09] <RubyRose17> okay i'll brb, i'm going to go so i can actually finish this homework, 
[02:09] <Comiclove> and then do other stuff with nit
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:09] <Comiclove> have fun ruby
[02:09] <Comiclove> :P
[02:09] <Comiclove> maybe we can do it for you
[02:09] <Comiclove> you being admin and all?
[02:09] <Comiclove> :3
[02:09] <MajinAbura> Bye Ruby
[02:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> Laters Ruby
[02:10] <Comiclove> *tries not to throw up*
[02:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[02:10] <Comiclove> Gahhhhh >:S
[02:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> If you do, do it over someone else
[02:10] <MajinAbura> What's wrong comic?
[02:10] <Comiclove> This dinner
[02:10] <Comiclove> IS CRAP
[02:10] <MajinAbura> What is it?
[02:10] <Minxelfinforever> Posted Ducks
[02:10] <Comiclove> idk, Chicken XP
[02:10] <Never Shout Paris> its crap xD
[02:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:10] <Comiclove> feels............a bit expired :S 
[02:11] <Comiclove> Hmm
[02:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> *sits on someone*
[02:11] <Comiclove> :P
[02:11] <Comiclove> Hi Elfie
[02:11] <MajinAbura> Get off me!
[02:11] <Comiclove> Don't be surprised
[02:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey dere Comic
[02:11] <Comiclove> if something's poking you
[02:11] <Comiclove> ;P
[02:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'm not on yu Maj.... Yet :P
[02:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:11] <Comiclove> I got that from Lott
[02:11] <Comiclove> XP
[02:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:11] <Comiclove> anyone remember that one?
[02:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> you*
[02:11] <MajinAbura> *Gives evil eye to Petite*
[02:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> Might be you next though :P
[02:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> Dw :3
[02:11] <Comiclove> XD
[02:12] <Comiclove> *pushes elfe onto majin, and lets ducky sit on his lap*
[02:12] <Comiclove> XP
[02:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:12] <Sean187jr> okay who votes when seth comes back majin tortures him painfully
[02:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> Gyah
[02:12] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[02:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> *sits on Maj*
[02:12] <Comiclove> I sorta do
[02:12] <MajinAbura> *Does nothign for a moment as hsi eye twitcches madly*
[02:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> Mee
[02:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:12] <Comiclove> Oh god
[02:12] <Minxelfinforever> Comic, can you code one of my pages when you're not busy?
[02:12] <Comiclove> Another Eye Twitcher?
[02:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:12] <Comiclove> Maybe, Minx
[02:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh no
[02:12] <Comiclove> Wait
[02:12] <Comiclove> Now I know
[02:12] <Minxelfinforever> Thanks, Comic!
[02:12] <Comiclove> Why Majin reminds me of someone so much
[02:12] <MajinAbura> *Then pulls out chainsword and starts swinging it madly*
[02:12] <Comiclove> o_o
[02:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:12] <Ducks-r-homicidal> brb
[02:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ik too
[02:13] <Comiclove> How did I NOT see that?
[02:13] <Sean187jr> majin calm down man
[02:13] <Comiclove> How?!
[02:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ikr!
[02:13] <Comiclove> oh, majin, also
[02:13] <Theharlequin> Ghah, d*mn headache, brb
[02:13] <MajinAbura> Calms down
[02:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> k
[02:13] <Comiclove> hand over that chainsword
[02:13] <Comiclove> Majin
[02:13] <Comiclove> you do chat actions
[02:13] <MajinAbura> Never!
[02:13] <Comiclove> with the *
[02:13] <Comiclove> don't just put
[02:13] <MajinAbura> I forgot for a second
[02:13] <Comiclove> calms down
[02:13] <Sean187jr> yeah man hand it to him
[02:13] <Comiclove> ah, k
[02:13] <Comiclove> :P
[02:13] <MajinAbura> Never!
[02:13] <Comiclove> Sena, not helping
[02:13] <MajinAbura> It's mine!
[02:13] <Comiclove> don't side with me
[02:13] <Comiclove> after I defeated you
[02:13] <Comiclove> XP
[02:13] <MajinAbura> *Holds it tightly*
[02:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:13] <Sean187jr> ok
[02:13] <Comiclove> *summons Falchion with engine*
[02:13] <Comiclove> :P
[02:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> *gets off Majin* Don't kill me in the midst
[02:14] <Comiclove> XD
[02:14] <Comiclove> Harlo
[02:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:14] <Comiclove> Wanna know what nar asked me in PM?
[02:14] <Comiclove> So Dirty e_e
[02:14] <MajinAbura> What?
[02:14] <Sean187jr> majin put the sword away
[02:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> *sits on Harle*
[02:14] <Comiclove> I can't say it in main
[02:14] <Comiclove> Elfie, you're the next Wonder
[02:14] <Comiclove> XP
[02:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> Go on then
[02:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> Damn, no
[02:14] <Comiclove> WB Duckling
[02:14] <Comiclove> *hugs ducky*
[02:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Ducks
[02:14] <Comiclove> My Ducky
[02:14] <MajinAbura> Hey ducks
[02:14] <Ducks-r-homicidal> hey
[02:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> peeps
[02:15] <Alejandro231> Hey Ducks
[02:15] <Comiclove> and novella
[02:15] <Comiclove> :P
[02:15] <Comiclove> oh crap
[02:15] <Sean187jr> wazzup
[02:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> hey
[02:15] <Comiclove> *therapist tomorrow8
[02:15] <Comiclove> O_O
[02:15] <Minxelfinforever> wb
[02:15] <Comiclove> Shit,shit,shit
[02:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> the|rapist
[02:15] <MajinAbura> Why am I not surprised comic
[02:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> scary thought
[02:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> You need a therapist? O_O
[02:15] <Comiclove> Yeah
[02:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:15] <Comiclove> Long story about that..
[02:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> the rapist
[02:15] <Comiclove> not funny
[02:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> get it?
[02:15] <Sean187jr> oh sweet god
[02:15] <Alejandro231> Nice ducky
[02:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Yep :)
[02:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hmm, I really do wonder where Jenoo's PM about her age went to
[02:16] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *sits on Ale's lap*
[02:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> Bye.. Comic?
[02:16] <Alejandro231> Heyo *is used to ducks sitting in his lap*
[02:16] <MajinAbura> Why is everyone sitting on each other's laps?
[02:16] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Cause were one big happy family
[02:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> Cause :P
[02:16] <MajinAbura> ....-_-
[02:16] <Minxelfinforever> I has no lap to sit on
[02:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> -_-
[02:17] <Minxelfinforever> so ill sit Lindsay Lohan
[02:17] <Alejandro231> Minx, I would, but mine is taken
[02:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> ...Low Standards...
[02:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> lindsay lohan?
[02:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:17] <Minxelfinforever> You know cuz she sits a lot
[02:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> I swear I heard Lindsay Lohan before...
[02:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> She should have stayed with the mathletes
[02:17] <Minxelfinforever> in court
[02:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> From where?
[02:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Mean Girls XD
[02:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hmmm
[02:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> oh XD
[02:18] <MajinAbura> I love that movie
[02:18] <Minxelfinforever> She doesnt even go here -.-
[02:18] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[02:18] <Ducks-r-homicidal> 4 for you glen coco!
[02:18] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Posey!
[02:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> POSEEEY!
[02:18] <Poseidon Child> Duck!
[02:18] <Minxelfinforever> Posey!!!!!!
[02:18] <Poseidon Child> ELFIEEEEEEE!
[02:18] <MajinAbura> Hey Posey
[02:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> *ultra mega uber tackle glomz*
[02:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> glompz*
[02:19] <MajinAbura> These are sounding like Super SEntai attacks
[02:19] <Poseidon Child> *ultra mega uber tackle glompz back*
[02:19] <Poseidon Child> XD
[02:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:19] <Poseidon Child> Hey maj
[02:19] <Minxelfinforever> Oh yea, I replied ducks.
[02:19] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Link, minx?
[02:19] <Poseidon Child> Hey andlex
[02:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey and
[02:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> :P
[02:19] <Andlex2000> hey
[02:19] <Poseidon Child> Or andy xD
[02:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> Velcome to le viki
[02:20] <Poseidon Child> *welcome
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> I am le Elf of le chat
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> :P
[02:20] <Andlex2000> thanks
[02:20] <Poseidon Child> I am posey
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ik
[02:20] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I am le peeking duck
[02:20] <Poseidon Child> Ruby!
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Ruby
[02:20] <RubyRose17> Posey!
[02:20] <RubyRose17> thanks elfie
[02:20] <Poseidon Child> *hugs*
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> NP
[02:20] <RubyRose17> *hugs back* :D
[02:20] <Minxelfinforever>
[02:20] <Poseidon Child> haii Ale
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> Po-seh?
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Ale
[02:20] <Ducks-r-homicidal> WB Ale
[02:20] <Ducks-r-homicidal> 
[02:20] <Poseidon Child> Elfeh?
[02:20] <Alejandro231> Hey Y'all
[02:20] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[02:21] <Poseidon Child> Is that... A sandwich?
[02:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> Do you think I should go for RB when someone else goes for admin in UR?
[02:21] <Minxelfinforever> [[Fiona Ash|Fiona_Ash]]
[02:21] <Poseidon Child> Omgomgomg
[02:21] <Alejandro231> I was thinking the same, Petite
[02:21] <Poseidon Child> Tots
[02:21] <Alejandro231> I would hate to run against you
[02:21] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Chu guys would be great RB's
[02:21] <Poseidon Child> Total support
[02:21] <MajinAbura> Is there an election?
[02:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> Okay, thanks!
[02:21] <Poseidon Child> I mean you help out aloottt
[02:21] <Poseidon Child> Suppooorrrrttt!
[02:21] <Alejandro231> who me or Petitie?
[02:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> :3
[02:21] <Poseidon Child> I think everyone else would agree
[02:22] <Poseidon Child> Both :D
[02:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ik, Ale :/
[02:22] <Alejandro231> I feel like Petitie would win
[02:22] <Minxelfinforever> Could we vote for both?
[02:22] <Poseidon Child> Yep
[02:22] <Poseidon Child> Uh
[02:22] <Minxelfinforever> cuz theyre both great
[02:22] <Alejandro231> u can't vote unless u r an rb
[02:22] <MajinAbura> I think both of you would be good
[02:22] <Poseidon Child> Minx, only rbs and 
[02:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah, but you'd get a place too, because they'd only have 1 admin for UR
[02:22] <Minxelfinforever> ohz
[02:22] <Poseidon Child> Above can vote
[02:22] <Ducks-r-homicidal> posted Minx
[02:23] <Petite'likkle'elf> You should, Ale
[02:23] <Alejandro231> No you should, Petite
[02:23] <Andlex2000> hey
[02:23] <Poseidon Child> You BOTH should
[02:23] <Andlex2000> hey
[02:23] <Ducks-r-homicidal> ^^
[02:23] <MajinAbura> Hello
[02:23] <Theharlequin> Oh hey Posey
[02:24] <Poseidon Child> Haii harlee
[02:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> *is still on Harle's lap :P*
[02:24] <MajinAbura> brb guys
[02:24] <RubyRose17> though kitty stepped down to rb, so now we have 17
[02:24] <Poseidon Child> xD
[02:24] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[02:24] <Alejandro231> Hey did u know 1D was on SNL
[02:24] <RubyRose17> but i do agree you guys would be great rbs
[02:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> *shrugs* Idk
[02:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> Was on what?
[02:24] <Alejandro231> you guys have so many rbs i think we need more admins
[02:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thanks, Ruby
[02:24] <Theharlequin> Oh, hey petite *hugs from behind*
[02:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah
[02:24] <RubyRose17> we do ale
[02:24] <Minxelfinforever> Posted, Ducks.
[02:24] <RubyRose17> at least one in UR
[02:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> *hugs back* Hey Harle
[02:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> Maybe 2/3 in UR
[02:25] <Poseidon Child> XD
[02:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> There's 2 in AD, 4 in US
[02:25] <Poseidon Child> Ik
[02:25] <Poseidon Child> LCT told meh
[02:26] <Poseidon Child> Though there's no SNL in hk Dx
[02:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> *falls asleep*
[02:26] <Alejandro231> hey Posey did u see the stuff on the reaping
[02:26] <Poseidon Child> So I'm hoping YouTube could fix that.
[02:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> What's SNL?
[02:26] <Poseidon Child> Saturday
[02:26] <Poseidon Child> Night 
[02:26] <Poseidon Child> Live?
[02:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh
[02:26] <Poseidon Child> Something like that
[02:26] <Poseidon Child> :/
[02:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> My nan lives in HK, Posey :P 
[02:26] <Alejandro231> Its a big show in America
[02:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> And I go there sometimes
[02:26] <Poseidon Child> Nope I haven't @Ale
[02:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh?
[02:27] <Alejandro231> Here is the blog
[02:27] <Poseidon Child> Danke
[02:27] <Poseidon Child> WB maj
[02:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Maj
[02:27] <MajinAbura> Thanks guys
[02:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Rof
[02:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> NSP
[02:28] <RofLFERBERG> Thanks
[02:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> np
[02:28] <Poseidon Child> Hey paris
[02:29] <Poseidon Child> Haii rofl
[02:29] <Poseidon Child> Hello jane
[02:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB J4
[02:29] <J4N3Y> Hey 
[02:29] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[02:29] <Poseidon Child> Lawl
[02:29] <J4N3Y> and thanks Elf
[02:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> 'Sup Posey?
[02:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> Np
[02:29] <Poseidon Child> Can I call you Jane?
[02:29] <Poseidon Child> Not much
[02:29] <Poseidon Child> Breakfast
[02:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:29] <J4N3Y> Lol it is my real name xD
[02:29] <Poseidon Child> xD
[02:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> It's like 3:29 here, Pos
[02:29] <Never Shout Paris> o___o fantasy factory is so strange tonight...
[02:29] <Poseidon Child> Lol
[02:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> AM, that is
[02:29] <MajinAbura> What's your guys favorite breakfast?
[02:30] <Theharlequin> I haven't seen that show in forever
[02:30] <J4N3Y> Waffles!
[02:30] <Minxelfinforever> I like oatmeal :3
[02:30] <Poseidon Child> Hmm...
[02:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> f*ck breakfast I don't eat much
[02:30] <MajinAbura> Waffles!
[02:30] <Poseidon Child> Idk
[02:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> What show, Harle?
[02:30] <Poseidon Child> I don't mind really
[02:30] <MajinAbura> Don't rip on breakfast Petite
[02:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> That SNL thing>
[02:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> ?*
[02:30] <Poseidon Child> As long it isn't cucumbers
[02:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Why?
[02:30] <MajinAbura> It's te most important meal of the day!
[02:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> @Maj
[02:30] <Minxelfinforever> Ew, cucumbers.
[02:30] <Never Shout Paris> man i freakin love this show xD
[02:30] <Poseidon Child> IKR?!
[02:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Bah, Whatever
[02:30] <J4N3Y> Cucumbers are delicious :O
[02:30] <RubyRose17> nooo
[02:30] <RubyRose17> i don't like them:P
[02:30] <Poseidon Child> Cucumbers worst food on the planet
[02:30] <MajinAbura> I don't like cucumbers
[02:31] <RubyRose17> but i like pickles
[02:31] <J4N3Y> Maybe it's just me xD
[02:31] <RubyRose17> strangely enough
[02:31] <J4N3Y> Pickles are good!
[02:31] <MajinAbura> I love broccoli!
[02:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> I like cumcumbers
[02:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> wait
[02:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> Cucumber
[02:31] <Poseidon Child> I hate green, red, yellow bell peppers as well.
[02:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> s*
[02:31] <J4N3Y> Yay Elf!
[02:31] <Poseidon Child> XD
[02:31] <J4N3Y> :O
[02:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> I like peppers
[02:31] <J4N3Y> ^
[02:31] <Poseidon Child> They make me vomit :/
[02:31] <MajinAbura> I like asparagus
[02:31] <J4N3Y> ^
[02:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> I don't like asparagus
[02:31] <Poseidon Child> Eh 
[02:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> or whatever
[02:31] <Poseidon Child> It's eh
[02:32] <Theharlequin> I like da Jalapeno 
[02:32] <MajinAbura> Gtg guys
[02:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> da what?
[02:32] <RofLFERBERG> What about potatoes?
[02:32] <RofLFERBERG> 
[02:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> Later Maj
[02:32] <J4N3Y> I like pretty much every food I can eat...
[02:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> I like potatoes
[02:32] <J4N3Y> ^
[02:32] <Never Shout Paris> drama is a man whore xD
[02:32] <Theharlequin>
[02:32] <Theharlequin> those things
[02:32] <Theharlequin> hot peppers
[02:33] <Theharlequin> basically
[02:33] <J4N3Y> yummy PX
[02:33] <Alejandro231> Hey Minx wanna rp?
[02:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> ohhh
[02:33] <Poseidon Child> Omg
[02:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> *gets up and gets cookies to eat*
[02:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> Heya Windy
[02:33] <Poseidon Child> *hopes that her char isn't picked for the dealings*
[02:33] <Windsword7> heyo
[02:34] <Poseidon Child> Daddyyy!
[02:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> *sits back on Harle's lap again*
[02:34] <Poseidon Child> *tackle hugs*
[02:34] <RubyRose17> heyyyyy wind
[02:34] <Windsword7> *is tackle hugged**
[02:34] <Windsword7> hello ruby
[02:34] <Alejandro231> Hey Daddy
[02:34] <Windsword7> hey alej
[02:35] <Theharlequin> hey wind
[02:35] <Windsword7> hey harle
[02:35] <Theharlequin> *hugs petite*
[02:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> hry gyp
[02:35] <Poseidon Child> Haii gyps
[02:35] <Theharlequin> wb gyps
[02:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> hey*
[02:35] <GypsyThief> Hey
[02:35] <Alejandro231> Hey Gyps
[02:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> *hugs Harle back*
[02:36] <Minxelfinforever> posted ducks
[02:36] <Minxelfinforever> Hi, Gyps! *hugs*
[02:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> JAKE!
[02:36] <ItsjustJake> Hey guys!
[02:36] <Theharlequin> hey jake
[02:36] <ItsjustJake> ELFIE!
[02:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> *ultra mage uber tackle glompzes*
[02:36] <ItsjustJake> hey harle
[02:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wait
[02:36] <Poseidon Child> Haii Jake
[02:36] <Alejandro231> Hey Jake
[02:36] <GypsyThief> Hey Jake
[02:36] <RubyRose17> hey jake
[02:36] <ItsjustJake> hey Poesy, al, gypseh
[02:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> *gets off Harle first THEN Ultra mega uber tackle glompzes*
[02:37] <ItsjustJake> and ruby :)
[02:37] <Poseidon Child> XD
[02:37] <RubyRose17> :)
[02:37] <ItsjustJake> :P
[02:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> Long time no see, daddyy
[02:37] <ItsjustJake> I need to know if everyone enjoyed le spring fling
[02:37] <Theharlequin> Yea, that could have been awkward
[02:37] <ItsjustJake> so many people worked so ahrd
[02:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:37] <ItsjustJake> I want to make sure we did everything right
[02:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah
[02:37] <ItsjustJake> it was my first activity after all...
[02:37] <Theharlequin> I thought it cool
[02:37] <ItsjustJake> better than a dance?
[02:37] <Alejandro231> Dude it was awesome, Best even so far in my opinion
[02:37] <RubyRose17> it was fun
[02:37] <RubyRose17> yes jake
[02:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> Same, I thought it was good
[02:37] <Theharlequin> Yea
[02:37] <ItsjustJake> :D
[02:38] <Alejandro231> Much better than the dances
[02:38] <ItsjustJake> I need to make a mega thank you page to all my helpers
[02:38] <ItsjustJake> You, Miss Ruby, are on the top of my list
[02:38] <ItsjustJake> thank you so much
[02:38] <Theharlequin> But for a event like that it might have needed to run longer
[02:38] <ItsjustJake> and same to evryone else who helped
[02:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah
[02:38] <RubyRose17> yay! :D and welcome
[02:38] <ItsjustJake> Harle ir ran from the 28th to the third
[02:38] <Alejandro231> i thought it ran long enough after the extension
[02:38] <ItsjustJake> That's six days
[02:38] <Travelg> Jake
[02:39] <Theharlequin> I know, but there was a lot to do
[02:39] <RubyRose17> yeah, a bit longer wouldn't have hurt
[02:39] <Theharlequin> Just a day or two at most
[02:39] <ItsjustJake> Travel!
[02:39] <ItsjustJake> *hugs*
[02:39] <ItsjustJake> Okay :)
[02:39] <ItsjustJake> Next time it will be a week
[02:39] <ItsjustJake> We've jusrt never had an event longer than five days
[02:40] <ItsjustJake> didnt want to go overboard or drag it out
[02:40] <Theharlequin> It's just the Fling was HUGE for the wiki
[02:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> *sits on Harle again*
[02:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah
[02:40] <ItsjustJake> good to hear
[02:40] <ItsjustJake> we had s o many ppl working
[02:40] <Travelg> *hugs back*
[02:40] <ItsjustJake> it looked awesome
[02:40] <ItsjustJake> the contests were fun
[02:40] <RubyRose17> ^
[02:40] <ItsjustJake> i thought the overallend was crative
[02:40] <ItsjustJake> each cabin looked goood
[02:41] <ItsjustJake> I need help ina minute
[02:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> With?
[02:41] <ItsjustJake> pictures
[02:41] <ItsjustJake> For the new Liberi leader
[02:41] <Poseidon Child> Oh
[02:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> like pic-hunting?
[02:41] <ItsjustJake> I have some
[02:41] <ItsjustJake> I want opinions
[02:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> oh
[02:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> okay
[02:41] <Theharlequin> Why a new Liberi Leader?
[02:41] <ItsjustJake> and if you can find a better one, by all means do so
[02:42] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I can help with pics
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> @halre flame stepped down
[02:42] <Theharlequin> Ah, right
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> so I made a new one
[02:42] <Ducks-r-homicidal> thats the one thing I'm good at XP
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> He's kickass, if I do say so myself
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> ;)
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> Brutalis
[02:42] <Theharlequin> Link, por favor Senor Jake
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> He was once a god, but got popwers stripped away
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> Zeus kileld his father
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> VERY bitter man
[02:42] <Poseidon Child> *powers
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> I dont have it up yet
[02:42] <Poseidon Child> *killed
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> its a secret calim
[02:42] <ItsjustJake> a surprise uintil tis done
[02:43] <ItsjustJake> ill PM you the story though
[02:43] <Poseidon Child> Lol maybe you could... Find it on the Internet? The pictures?
[02:43] <Theharlequin> k
[02:43] <Travelg> yay
[02:43] <Minxelfinforever> gtg
[02:43] <ItsjustJake> @poesy YOU DONT SAY?!
[02:43] <Minxelfinforever> bye guys
[02:43] <ItsjustJake> O_O
[02:43] <ItsjustJake> bye minx!
[02:43] <Theharlequin> later Minx
[02:43] <RubyRose17> oh that reminds me, kitty stepped down to rb
[02:44] <RubyRose17> by- too late :/
[02:44] <Alejandro231> she did
[02:44] <ItsjustJake> she did?
[02:44] <ItsjustJake> did she blog about it?
[02:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> Mmhm
[02:44] <Alejandro231> did she write a blog
[02:44] <ItsjustJake> I dont get blog updates
[02:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> *shrugs*
[02:44] <Poseidon Child> Well I did say.
[02:44] <Theharlequin> I thought she did, but I look on her userpage and it said she was still an admin, she do that today?
[02:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yep
[02:44] <Alejandro231> its funny how me and Jake have the exact same thought
[02:44] <RubyRose17> no she pm'ed me in chat, telling me to take her off the template
[02:44] <RubyRose17> but she had to go,
[02:45] <RubyRose17> so didn't have time to write a blog
[02:45] <Alejandro231> yea she is an RB, now
[02:45] <Poseidon Child> She's RB now
[02:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB.... Posey?
[02:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ah
[02:45] <Poseidon Child> It's on her userpage
[02:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wb Posey
[02:45] <Poseidon Child> :P
[02:45] <RubyRose17> yeah
[02:45] <Poseidon Child> Danke elfie
[02:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:45] <Alejandro231> [[User%3AKittyInASheepsClothes|User:KittyInASheepsClothes]]
[02:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> np
[02:46] <ItsjustJake> ugh
[02:46] <ItsjustJake> so many photos to upload
[02:46] <ItsjustJake> like 15 of em
[02:47] <Poseidon Child> >.<
[02:48] <Poseidon Child> *kills her piano...again*
[02:48] <RubyRose17> why?
[02:48] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:48] <ItsjustJake> i figured out how to hook my paino up to my amp
[02:48] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh god the convo about piano killing :P
[02:48] <Poseidon Child> It was asking me to sit down and play.
[02:49] <Poseidon Child> So I'm killing it
[02:49] <ItsjustJake> So my piano... is plugegd into my guitar amp... with lots f gain
[02:49] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[02:49] <Poseidon Child> Lol.
[02:49] <Poseidon Child> Uh is that good? :P
[02:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:49] <RubyRose17> xD
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> ...
[02:50] <ItsjustJake> k
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> Do you guys understand what he just said?
[02:50] <ItsjustJake> wanna see the pics?
[02:50] <RubyRose17> yess
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> F gain whaa??
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> ^^
[02:50] <ItsjustJake> *lots of gain
[02:50] <ItsjustJake> haha
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> oh
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> XD
[02:50] <ItsjustJake> as in that static-y noise
[02:50] <ItsjustJake> haha
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> Ohh
[02:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> JenJen!
[02:51] <Theharlequin> hey jenna
[02:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> heydere
[02:51] <Poseidon Child> Haii jenna
[02:51] <RubyRose17> JENNA :D
[02:51] <Jenna Fraen> back
[02:51] <RubyRose17> *hugs*
[02:51] <Jenna Fraen> hai
[02:51] <Jenna Fraen> *hugs and glompz everyone/back*
[01:09] <MajinAbura> *Throws cleaver at Nar*
[01:09] <IceFireWarden14> Why Maj, aint I sane.
[01:09] <WonderfulTwilight> *is kissed on le cheek*
[01:09] <WonderfulTwilight> Hai Jasseh
[01:10] <Jasmine Campbell> hai wifey
[01:10] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs jasseh*
[01:10] <Jasmine Campbell> *hugs back*
[01:10] <MajinAbura> I guess reasonably sane
[01:10] <Narutofreak0> *waves his hand it and the cleaver reflects back to maj*
[01:10] <MajinAbura> *Catches it and throws it back*
[01:10] <IceFireWarden14> Nar, what kind of powers do you have?
[01:10] <Narutofreak0> ^^^
[01:10] <IceFireWarden14> Hey Bot
[01:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> Bottieee!
[01:10] <BachBot> hi
[01:10] <MajinAbura> Hello Bot
[01:10] <Narutofreak0> hey botty
[01:10] <Jasmine Campbell> <span style="color:red;">bachbot</span>!
[01:10] <WonderfulTwilight> BOTTIE!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[01:10] <BachBot> hi
[01:10] <BachBot> *is tackle hugged* O.O
[01:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:10] <BachBot> hello to you too ;)
[01:10] <WonderfulTwilight> ;P
[01:10] <Jasmine Campbell> *pulls WT into a huggy*
[01:11] <Jasmine Campbell> *again :P*
[01:11] <WonderfulTwilight> *huggys back*
[01:11] <WonderfulTwilight> *again ;P*
[01:11] <MajinAbura> ...There's too much hugging here for my taste
[01:11] <IceFireWarden14> *turns Maj into ice*
[01:11] <Jasmine Campbell> well she mah wiki wifey so :P
[01:11] <WonderfulTwilight> ;P
[01:11] <IceFireWarden14> *then melts him*
[01:11] <WonderfulTwilight> We still need out wedding though ._.
[01:11] <WonderfulTwilight> our*
[01:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:11] <MajinAbura> *Comes back to life*
[01:11] <Jasmine Campbell> yeah
[01:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> Heya Bachy *glompz*
[01:11] <MajinAbura> *Why? Because I'm Majin freaking Abura*
[01:11] <Narutofreak0> *throws wonder and jas a big spectacular wedding*
[01:11] <Jasmine Campbell> let's have le wedding!
[01:11] <BachLynn23> hi *is glompzed*
[01:11] <WonderfulTwilight> Lets get married now then >:D
[01:11] <IceFireWarden14> Hey Mozart XP
[01:12] <Narutofreak0> congratz
[01:12] <Narutofreak0> you're married
[01:12] <Narutofreak0> blablahblah
[01:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah!
[01:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:12] <Narutofreak0> official crap
[01:12] <Narutofreak0> here's the bill
[01:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Nooooooooooo we need to do it properly
[01:12] <Jasmine Campbell> *wears her fire outfit*
[01:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:12] <MajinAbura> Just kiss already!
[01:12] <IceFireWarden14> That sucked Nar, XP
[01:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:12] <Jasmine Campbell> not yet
[01:12] <Jasmine Campbell> We needs a proper wedding
[01:12] <WonderfulTwilight> *wears ice dress, like a boss*
[01:12] <Jasmine Campbell> Bachie, me is getting married :3
[01:12] <BachLynn23> yay
[01:12] <BachLynn23> *buys jas a wedding gift*
[01:12] <Jasmine Campbell> chu is invited to le wedding
[01:12] <IceFireWarden14> WT and Jas, didn't I make those...
[01:12] <Jasmine Campbell> yay!
[01:12] <Jasmine Campbell> What is it O.o
[01:12] <WonderfulTwilight> No Mika did
[01:12] <Jasmine Campbell> Naw, milk did
[01:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> Where's Blood when you need him to be the Priesty person (forgot the name)
[01:13] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[01:13] <Narutofreak0> priest
[01:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> ?*
[01:13] <WonderfulTwilight> Bach can
[01:13] <Jasmine Campbell> Priest?
[01:13] <BachLynn23> I bought you 50 acres of land with a large 10 bedroom ranch, and 5 horses
[01:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah, that thing
[01:13] <WonderfulTwilight> for now >.>
[01:13] <Narutofreak0> master of ceremony
[01:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD Bach
[01:13] <WonderfulTwilight> YAY!
[01:13] <Jasmine Campbell> SWEET!
[01:13] <Narutofreak0> whatever
[01:13] <Jasmine Campbell> *hugs bachy*
[01:13] <MajinAbura> I'm priest of darkness does that count?
[01:13] <BachLynn23> *hugs*
[01:13] <Narutofreak0> no
[01:13] <WonderfulTwilight> *tackle hugs bach*
[01:13] <Jasmine Campbell> best mummy ever!
[01:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> No
[01:13] <Narutofreak0> *will oficiate*
[01:13] <IceFireWarden14> *where's his fire robes, and ice crown like a boss* King of Eladoria is here.
[01:13] <MajinAbura> King of where now?
[01:13] <WonderfulTwilight> Best...*looks through note*
[01:13] <Jasmine Campbell> No overshining le brides :P
[01:13] <WonderfulTwilight> ^
[01:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:13] <IceFireWarden14> :P
[01:13] <Jasmine Campbell> mother in law?
[01:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> Who's le brides?
[01:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Yesh
[01:14] <Jasmine Campbell> me and WT
[01:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Me and jasseh pay attention
[01:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> I meant bridesmaids :P
[01:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Erm
[01:14] <Jasmine Campbell> chu can be one
[01:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sorry
[01:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yay!
[01:14] <IceFireWarden14> Maj, Eladoria is the chat realm I created. I rule there.
[01:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Nar and you
[01:14] <Narutofreak0> no
[01:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:14] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[01:14] <Narutofreak0> i am officiating
[01:14] <MajinAbura> ...Sure why not IFW
[01:14] <WonderfulTwilight> No
[01:14] <Narutofreak0> so :P
[01:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Chur the best mad
[01:14] <Jasmine Campbell> bachy what chu wanna be in le wedding?
[01:14] <WonderfulTwilight> man*
[01:14] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[01:14] <IceFireWarden14> Nar has Asgard Maj
[01:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> Best mad XP
[01:14] <MajinAbura> Hey I'm not arguing with it.
[01:14] <BachLynn23> sure
[01:15] <MajinAbura> @Petite That's my role
[01:15] <MajinAbura> Best mad
[01:15] <IceFireWarden14> *locks Maj in Eladoria Castle's dungeon >:D
[01:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:15] <Narutofreak0> either i officiate or i'm not here
[01:15] <WonderfulTwilight> Bach can be le...........priest?
[01:15] <Jasmine Campbell> who chu wants to be bachie
[01:15] <WonderfulTwilight> k nar ._.
[01:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:15] <MajinAbura> *Escapes by blowing it up with Planet Burst attack*
[01:15] <WonderfulTwilight> Bach can be the flower girl XP
[01:15] <IceFireWarden14> *Eladoria is unharmed*
[01:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:15] <MajinAbura> It's time I started using some majin abilities
[01:15] <IceFireWarden14> *cannot be destroyed*
[01:15] <IceFireWarden14> XD
[01:15] <IceFireWarden14> Sorry Maj.
[01:15] <MajinAbura> *Liquifies his body and escapes from dngeon*
[01:16] <MajinAbura> *dungeon
[01:16] <Narutofreak0> ok everyone take your bloody places
[01:16] <BachLynn23> sweet *holds flowers, throws petals all over chat*
[01:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:16] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[01:16] <WonderfulTwilight> Who gets to walk down le thingy
[01:16] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[01:16] <Jasmine Campbell> Ok *walks down isle*
[01:16] <WonderfulTwilight> NO
[01:16] <WonderfulTwilight> I wanna DX
[01:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:16] <Jasmine Campbell> no!
[01:16] <MajinAbura> *Pulls organ out of nowhere and starts playing it
[01:16] <WonderfulTwilight> Fine >~>
[01:16] <Narutofreak0> you both walk down the isle
[01:17] <WonderfulTwilight> YESH!
[01:17] <IceFireWarden14> I'll walk WT down the aisle as her Uncle XP
[01:17] <Narutofreak0> problem solved
[01:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:17] <Jasmine Campbell> Who walks me down the isle?
[01:17] <Jasmine Campbell> I go first though :P
[01:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> Xp
[01:17] <MajinAbura> If you're the groom you don't walk down the aisle
[01:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP*
[01:17] <Narutofreak0> *appoints majin to walk jas down the isle*
[01:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> I was gonna say Maj :P
[01:17] <WonderfulTwilight> @Majin there is no groom
[01:17] <MajinAbura> Okay sure
[01:17] <WonderfulTwilight> So XP
[01:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:17] <MajinAbura> *Walks Jas down the aisle*
[01:18] <Jasmine Campbell> *is walked down the isle*
[01:18] <MajinAbura> *While somehow still playing organ
[01:18] <Jasmine Campbell> *waits for WT now*
[01:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wait---- am I supposed to split into 2? O_O
[01:18] <WonderfulTwilight> *skates down le aisle with IFW* XP
[01:18] <IceFireWarden14> *walks WT down the aisle like a boss*
[01:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:18] <WonderfulTwilight> *like a boss*
[01:18] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:18] <Narutofreak0> alright
[01:18] <Narutofreak0> dearly beloved
[01:18] <Narutofreak0> we are gathered here today for the joyous occasion 
[01:19] <Narutofreak0> to witness the unification of WonderfulTwilight and Jasmine Campbell in holy matrimony
[01:19] <WonderfulTwilight> *noms bouquet*
[01:19] <Narutofreak0> if anyone should know of any reason why these two should not get married
[01:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:19] <Narutofreak0> let them speak now
[01:20] <Narutofreak0> or forever hold their peace
[01:20] <BachLynn23> *holds everyone's peace*
[01:20] <Jasmine Campbell> *holds her boquet with style*
[01:20] <Narutofreak0> alright then
[01:21] <Jasmine Campbell> :3
[01:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> Damn there's a ghost in my house O_O
[01:21] <Jasmine Campbell> xD
[01:21] <MajinAbura> Not now Petite
[01:21] <Narutofreak0> Jasmine Campbell, do you promise to hold and to love WonderfulTwilight for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, in times of plenty and none, till death do you part?
[01:21] <Jasmine Campbell> Raaaaandom
[01:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sorry :P
[01:21] <WonderfulTwilight> @Elfiee Shush, we're having a wedding XP
[01:21] <Jasmine Campbell> yes Nar
[01:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> Somthing just wet Bang
[01:21] <Narutofreak0> ahem?
[01:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP Sorry
[01:22] <Jasmine Campbell> I do :P
[01:22] <Narutofreak0> :P
[01:22] <MajinAbura> *Starts wiping eyes*
[01:22] <WonderfulTwilight> *duct tapes Elfie's mouth
[01:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:22] <Narutofreak0> (the ring?)
[01:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:22] <WonderfulTwilight> *puts le ring on Jasseh's finger and all that crap*
[01:22] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:23] <IceFireWarden14> *cries manly and wipes eyes like a boss*
[01:23] <MajinAbura> *Starts sobbing* It's so beautiful!
[01:23] <Narutofreak0> WonderfulTwilight, do you promise to hold and to love Jasmin Campbell, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, in times of plenty and none, till death do you part?
[01:23] <WonderfulTwilight> I do :P
[01:23] <Jasmine Campbell> *has pweeeety ring*
[01:23] <WonderfulTwilight> Also Jasmine*
[01:23] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:24] <Jasmine Campbell> *puts ring on WT*
[01:24] <IceFireWarden14> *sees wedding crashes and chases them off with Maj's help*
[01:24] <Narutofreak0> then by the power invested in me by the international court of law
[01:24] <MajinAbura> *Runs at wedding crashers with giant battle axe*
[01:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> *duct tapes IFW to the wall*
[01:24] <MajinAbura> *Yet does so completely silently
[01:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> *and Maj*
[01:24] <Narutofreak0> I hereby declare you Wife and Wife until someone files a divorce
[01:24] <Narutofreak0> you may kiss each other
[01:25] <MajinAbura> *Slips out of duct tape so he can cry uber emotionally*
[01:25] <Jasmine Campbell> yaaaaaaaaaaaay!
[01:25] <WonderfulTwilight> Yesh
[01:25] <Jasmine Campbell> yay yay yaaaaay!
[01:25] <Jasmine Campbell> *kisses WT :P*
[01:25] <Jasmine Campbell> :3
[01:25] <WonderfulTwilight> *kisses jasseh back* XP
[01:26] <IceFireWarden14> *slices through ducktape with his fireicesword*
[01:26] <Jasmine Campbell> Om nom nom kissing Xd
[01:26] <Jasmine Campbell> Xd*
[01:26] <Jasmine Campbell> XD*
[01:26] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:26] <IceFireWarden14> *grabs 8-tier birthday cake and wheels it out*
[01:26] <MajinAbura> It's supposed to be a wedding cake IFW!
[01:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> wedding*
[01:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:26] <Jasmine Campbell> We wanted cookie wedding cake!
[01:26] <IceFireWarden14> *wedding*
[01:26] <IceFireWarden14> It is cookie XD
[01:26] <WonderfulTwilight> ^@Jasseh
[01:26] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:27] <Jasmine Campbell> YEEEEEESH§
[01:27] <MajinAbura> There's also a pie layer
[01:27] <Jasmine Campbell> **
[01:27] <IceFireWarden14> O.o
[01:27] <Jasmine Campbell> FEEBLE PIE!
[01:27] <Jasmine Campbell> *shoots pie and replaces with cookie*
[01:27] <Jasmine Campbell> *noms some with WT*
[01:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:27] <MajinAbura> Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!???????
[01:27] <WonderfulTwilight> *noms le cookie*
[01:27] <MajinAbura> That pie was innocent!
[01:27] <IceFireWarden14> *wants jas to shove cake in WT's face*
[01:27] <Jasmine Campbell> *can't wait till le honeymoon :P*
[01:27] <IceFireWarden14> XD
[01:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Where is chu going?
[01:27] <Jasmine Campbell> *shoves some in WT's face*
[01:27] <MajinAbura> *Eats pie anyway avoiding bullet*
[01:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:27] <IceFireWarden14> XD
[01:27] <Jasmine Campbell> we don't know :P
[01:28] <Narutofreak0> wonder you posted?
[01:28] <WonderfulTwilight> No
[01:28] <Jasmine Campbell> Depends on where WT wants to go
[01:28] <WonderfulTwilight> JAPAN!
[01:28] <WonderfulTwilight> :D
[01:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:28] <MajinAbura> I live there!
[01:28] <WonderfulTwilight> >:D
[01:28] <MajinAbura> So you might wanna stay away if that matters
[01:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> Konnichiwa, Maj :P
[01:28] <WonderfulTwilight> Nah Majin
[01:28] <WonderfulTwilight> We're going
[01:28] <Narutofreak0> our wedding plan allows for easy booking in any hotel in any country in the world
[01:28] <MajinAbura> Cool.
[01:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:28] <Jasmine Campbell> sweet
[01:28] <Narutofreak0> oh btw
[01:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> Genkidesuka?
[01:29] <Jasmine Campbell> *speeds wedding* Honeymoon time Wifey
[01:29] <MajinAbura> Oh and arigato Petite
[01:29] <Narutofreak0> *hands wonder and jas the bill for the wedding*
[01:29] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[01:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> :P
[01:29] <Narutofreak0> That'll be 75K
[01:29] <Jasmine Campbell> *coughnocough*
[01:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:29] <MajinAbura> *Is drunk because of reception* You know what? I love all you guys!
[01:29] <Narutofreak0> i take mastercard, but prefer visa
[01:29] <Jasmine Campbell> *coughwewon'tpaycoughØ
[01:29] <WonderfulTwilight> *gets Jason's credit cards out* 
[01:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:29] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:29] <Jasmine Campbell> *coughyoupaymeany*
[01:29] <Jasmine Campbell> Xd
[01:29] <Jasmine Campbell> XD*
[01:29] <Jasmine Campbell> cough*
[01:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:29] <WonderfulTwilight> I keep a hold of all of 'em
[01:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> *hasn't seen Jason lately O_O*
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:30] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[01:30] <Narutofreak0> *swipes the cards*
[01:30] <MajinAbura> You's are all great people *Falls over passed out*
[01:30] <Narutofreak0> uhm
[01:30] <Narutofreak0> you're still 2K short
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thanks
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> :P
[01:30] <WonderfulTwilight> Hmmmmm
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> I mean arigato
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:30] <MajinAbura> *Burps up 2k
[01:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> **
[01:30] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[01:31] <Jasmine Campbell> ok time to honeymoon
[01:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> My next door neighbour works in Sainburys! :D
[01:31] <WonderfulTwilight> *passes Nar elfiee's card* XP
[01:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey!
[01:31] <Jasmine Campbell> *bets everyone will try to follow Xd*
[01:31] <Narutofreak0> *swipes card*
[01:31] <Jasmine Campbell> XD*
[01:31] <Narutofreak0> ok you're good
[01:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hmm -____-
[01:31] <WonderfulTwilight> YESH!
[01:31] <MajinAbura> I live in Japan so that's a guaranteed Jas
[01:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> *kills WT*
[01:31] <WonderfulTwilight> *dodges*
[01:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> You cannot dodge my kills!
[01:31] <MajinAbura> *Slaps Petite's hand*
[01:31] <WonderfulTwilight> I can
[01:31] <MajinAbura> Bad Petite!
[01:31] <WonderfulTwilight> 'cause I am Wonder
[01:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> No you cannot!
[01:31] <Narutofreak0> *secretly slips IFW 3K*
[01:32] <WonderfulTwilight> Wonder is epic
[01:32] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:32] <MajinAbura> *Covers Petite in duct tape*
[01:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> No she isn't XP
[01:32] <WonderfulTwilight> Sadly WT isn't
[01:32] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[01:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> Maj... -___- *slips out of Duct tape because she's so small :D*
[01:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> She is
[01:32] <WonderfulTwilight> I have 2 sides of me
[01:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah, whatever
[01:33] <WonderfulTwilight> WT is my normal, serious, professional side
[01:33] <WonderfulTwilight> Then Wonder is my insane, crazy, slutty side :P
[01:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:33] <MajinAbura> *Starts playing Give up the Funk on the organ for no reason*
[01:33] <WonderfulTwilight> I'm mostly Wonder though
[01:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> Xp
[01:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP*
[01:33] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[01:33] <Jasmine Campbell> NOOOO!
[01:33] <Narutofreak0> *spins play that funky music louder*
[01:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> What Jas?
[01:34] <Jasmine Campbell> *cries*
[01:34] <MajinAbura> *Plays louder than Nar*
[01:34] <MajinAbura> What's wrong Jas?
[01:34] <WonderfulTwilight> STFU!
[01:34] <Jasmine Campbell> *isn't sureØ
[01:34] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:34] <Jasmine Campbell> **
[01:34] <Narutofreak0> she figured out she married a slut
[01:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP Nar
[01:34] <Jasmine Campbell> *goes on honeymoon with WT*
[01:34] <MajinAbura> Ahhhhh...
[01:34] <WonderfulTwilight> Yesh, yesh she did nar XP
[01:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:34] <Jasmine Campbell> I'm a slut too so it's ok :P
[01:34] <MajinAbura> *Starts crying again* It's so beautiful!
[01:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:34] <Jasmine Campbell> PM is honeymoon :P
[01:34] <WonderfulTwilight> @Jasseh Chu sure
[01:35] <WonderfulTwilight> MIKA! Chu missed le wedding DX
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> MIKAAAAAAAA! *tackle glompz*
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:35] <Mikalmt> hey :D
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey UT
[01:35] <MajinAbura> Hello Mika
[01:35] <Jasmine Campbell> we got married milk
[01:35] <Mikalmt> ELFFFFF!! *tackle squeezes*
[01:35] <WonderfulTwilight> It was funz
[01:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:35] <UnholyTrinity> Hey :)
[01:35] <Mikalmt> OMG JASSY AND WONDER!!!
[01:35] <MajinAbura> It was so BEAUTIFUL!
[01:35] <Mikalmt> *tackle hugs both*
[01:35] <WonderfulTwilight> *is tackle hugged*
[01:35] <Jasmine Campbell> Maj walked me down the isleØ
[01:35] <Jasmine Campbell> **
[01:35] <Jasmine Campbell> *is tackled*
[01:35] <Mikalmt> what?!!?
[01:36] <MajinAbura> Yup.
[01:36] <Mikalmt> i was supposed to
[01:36] <Mikalmt> :((((
[01:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> Mika, who chu married to again?
[01:36] <Mikalmt> Posey!!!
[01:36] <MajinAbura> Well you weren't here so :P
[01:36] <WonderfulTwilight> Lets do it again -.-
[01:36] <Jasmine Campbell> sowwy D:
[01:36] <Mikalmt> *hugs Posey doll*
[01:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh yeah :3
[01:36] <WonderfulTwilight> Places everyone!
[01:36] <Jasmine Campbell> *hugs milk*
[01:36] <Mikalmt> its fine!
[01:36] <WonderfulTwilight> *claps*
[01:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> No WT
[01:36] <Mikalmt> i dressed chu guys
[01:36] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:36] <Jasmine Campbell> chu made le fire outfit?
[01:36] <Narutofreak0> no wonder
[01:36] <Mikalmt> good enough
[01:36] <MajinAbura> One wedding made me cry enough
[01:36] <WonderfulTwilight> >..
[01:36] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>*
[01:36] <MajinAbura> They're the only thing that make me emotional
[01:36] <Narutofreak0> cuzz then you'll have another 75K in debt
[01:36] <Mikalmt> watchn nicki minaj make a fool of herself...
[01:36] <WonderfulTwilight> *pouts in corner*
[01:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> Maj is gna cry himself dry
[01:36] <Mikalmt> xD
[01:37] <Mikalmt> Starships is so catchy though...
[01:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> And you are NOT using my credit card again!
[01:37] <Jasmine Campbell> yeah
[01:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD Mika
[01:37] <MajinAbura> *Is still very emotional* I just love all of you so much!
[01:37] <Mikalmt> Wonder!
[01:37] <Jasmine Campbell> *is really rich*
[01:37] <Mikalmt> u used her credit card?!?
[01:37] <WonderfulTwilight> Yesh? o.o
[01:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wonder, only because I'm rich :3
[01:37] <WonderfulTwilight> Noooooooo
[01:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yes, she did
[01:37] <Mikalmt> im supposed to but Jassy and Wonder clothing....
[01:37] <Mikalmt> :(
[01:37] <Len12Cahill> *is going to steal the rich people's moeny*
[01:37] <Mikalmt> I MISSED SO MUCH
[01:37] <WonderfulTwilight> I used my ex-husbands' credit cards XP
[01:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> *kills Len*
[01:37] <MajinAbura> *Gives Len evil eye*
[01:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ahderewego
[01:38] <Mikalmt> im the richest stylist EVER
[01:38] <Mikalmt> xD
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> And mine when she ran out of money -___
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> -____-*
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'm a billionair
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> e*
[01:38] <Jasmine Campbell> Xd
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> billionaire*
[01:38] <MajinAbura> Sure why not
[01:38] <Jasmine Campbell> XD*
[01:38] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> 'ello
[01:38] <Mikalmt> NICKEH!
[01:38] <MajinAbura> Hello Nicki
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> NICKEH!
[01:38] <Mikalmt> *tackle hugs*
[01:38] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> MIKA! *is tackle hugged*
[01:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> *ultra mega uber tckle glompzes*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> MajinAbura *Walks Jas down the aisle*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:18 Jasmine Campbell *is walked down the isle*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:18 MajinAbura *While somehow still playing organ
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:18 Jasmine Campbell *waits for WT now*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:18 Petite'likkle'elf Wait---- am I supposed to split into 2? O_O
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:18 WonderfulTwilight *skates down le aisle with IFW* XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:18 IceFireWarden14 *walks WT down the aisle like a boss*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:18 Petite'likkle'elf XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:18 WonderfulTwilight *like a boss*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:18 Petite'likkle'elf XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:18 Narutofreak0 alright
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> dearly beloved
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> we are gathered here today for the joyous occasion
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> to witness the unification of WonderfulTwilight and Jasmine Campbell in holy matrimony
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:19 WonderfulTwilight *noms bouquet*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:19 Narutofreak0 if anyone should know of any reason why these two should not get married
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:19 Petite'likkle'elf XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:19 Narutofreak0 let them speak now
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> or forever hold their peace
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:20 BachLynn23 *holds everyone's peace*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:20 Jasmine Campbell *holds her boquet with style*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:20 Narutofreak0 alright then
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 Jasmine Campbell :3
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 Petite'likkle'elf Damn there's a ghost in my house O_O
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 Jasmine Campbell xD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 MajinAbura Not now Petite
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 Narutofreak0 Jasmine Campbell, do you promise to hold and to love WonderfulTwilight for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, in times of plenty and none, till death do you part?
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 Jasmine Campbell Raaaaandom
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 Petite'likkle'elf Sorry :P
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 WonderfulTwilight @Elfiee Shush, we're having a wedding XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 Jasmine Campbell yes Nar
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 Petite'likkle'elf Somthing just wet Bang
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 Narutofreak0 ahem?
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:21 Petite'likkle'elf XP Sorry
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:22 Jasmine Campbell I do :P
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:22 Narutofreak0 :P
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:22 MajinAbura *Starts wiping eyes*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:22 WonderfulTwilight *duct tapes Elfie's mouth
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:22 Petite'likkle'elf XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:22 Narutofreak0 (the ring?)
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:22 Petite'likkle'elf XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:22 WonderfulTwilight *puts le ring on Jasseh's finger and all that crap*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:23 IceFireWarden14 *cries manly and wipes eyes like a boss*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:23 MajinAbura *Starts sobbing* It's so beautiful!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:23 Narutofreak0 WonderfulTwilight, do you promise to hold and to love Jasmin Campbell, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, in times of plenty and none, till death do you part?
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:23 WonderfulTwilight I do :P
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:23 Jasmine Campbell *has pweeeety ring*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:23 WonderfulTwilight Also Jasmine*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:24 Jasmine Campbell *puts ring on WT*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:24 IceFireWarden14 *sees wedding crashes and chases them off with Maj's help*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:24 Narutofreak0 then by the power invested in me by the international court of law
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:24 MajinAbura *Runs at wedding crashers with giant battle axe*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:24 Petite'likkle'elf *duct tapes IFW to the wall*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:24 MajinAbura *Yet does so completely silently
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:24 Petite'likkle'elf *and Maj*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:24 Narutofreak0 I hereby declare you Wife and Wife until someone files a divorce
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> you may kiss each other
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:25 MajinAbura *Slips out of duct tape so he can cry uber emotionally*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:25 Jasmine Campbell yaaaaaaaaaaaay!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:25 WonderfulTwilight Yesh
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:25 Jasmine Campbell yay yay yaaaaay!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> *kisses WT :P*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> :3
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:25 WonderfulTwilight *kisses jasseh back* XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:26 IceFireWarden14 *slices through ducktape with his fireicesword*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:26 Jasmine Campbell Om nom nom kissing Xd
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> Xd*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> XD*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:26 WonderfulTwilight XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:26 IceFireWarden14 *grabs 8-tier birthday cake and wheels it out*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:26 MajinAbura It's supposed to be a wedding cake IFW!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:26 Petite'likkle'elf wedding*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:26 Jasmine Campbell We wanted cookie wedding cake!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:26 IceFireWarden14 *wedding*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> It is cookie XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:26 WonderfulTwilight ^@Jasseh
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 Jasmine Campbell YEEEEEESH§
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 MajinAbura There's also a pie layer
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 Jasmine Campbell **
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 IceFireWarden14 O.o
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 Jasmine Campbell FEEBLE PIE!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> *shoots pie and replaces with cookie*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> *noms some with WT*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 Petite'likkle'elf XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 MajinAbura Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!???????
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 WonderfulTwilight *noms le cookie*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 MajinAbura That pie was innocent!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 IceFireWarden14 *wants jas to shove cake in WT's face*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 Jasmine Campbell *can't wait till le honeymoon :P*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 IceFireWarden14 XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 Petite'likkle'elf Where is chu going?
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 Jasmine Campbell *shoves some in WT's face*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 MajinAbura *Eats pie anyway avoiding bullet*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 Petite'likkle'elf XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 IceFireWarden14 XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:27 Jasmine Campbell we don't know :P
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 Narutofreak0 wonder you posted?
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 WonderfulTwilight No
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 Jasmine Campbell Depends on where WT wants to go
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 WonderfulTwilight JAPAN!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> :D
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 Petite'likkle'elf XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 MajinAbura I live there!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 WonderfulTwilight >:D
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 MajinAbura So you might wanna stay away if that matters
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 Petite'likkle'elf Konnichiwa, Maj :P
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 WonderfulTwilight Nah Majin
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> We're going
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 Narutofreak0 our wedding plan allows for easy booking in any hotel in any country in the world
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 MajinAbura Cool.
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 Petite'likkle'elf XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 Jasmine Campbell sweet
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 Narutofreak0 oh btw
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:28 Petite'likkle'elf Genkidesuka?
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Jasmine Campbell *speeds wedding* Honeymoon time Wifey
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 MajinAbura Oh and arigato Petite
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Narutofreak0 *hands wonder and jas the bill for the wedding*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 WonderfulTwilight o.o
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Petite'likkle'elf :P
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Narutofreak0 That'll be 75K
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Jasmine Campbell *coughnocough*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Petite'likkle'elf XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 MajinAbura *Is drunk because of reception* You know what? I love all you guys!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Narutofreak0 i take mastercard, but prefer visa
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Jasmine Campbell *coughwewon'tpaycoughØ
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 WonderfulTwilight *gets Jason's credit cards out*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Petite'likkle'elf XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 WonderfulTwilight XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Jasmine Campbell *coughyoupaymeany*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> Xd
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> XD*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> cough*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Petite'likkle'elf XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 WonderfulTwilight I keep a hold of all of 'em
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:29 Petite'likkle'elf *hasn't seen Jason lately O_O*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:30 Jasmine Campbell XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:30 Narutofreak0 *swipes the cards*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:30 MajinAbura You's are all great people *Falls over passed out*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:30 Narutofreak0 uhm
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> you're still 2K short
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:30 Petite'likkle'elf Thanks
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> :P
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:30 WonderfulTwilight Hmmmmm
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:30 Petite'likkle'elf I mean arigato
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:30 MajinAbura *Burps up 2k
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:30 Petite'likkle'elf **
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:30 Jasmine Campbell XD
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> ok time to honeymoon
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:31 Petite'likkle'elf My next door neighbour works in Sainburys! :D
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:31 WonderfulTwilight *passes Nar elfiee's card* XP
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:31 Petite'likkle'elf Hey!
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:31 Jasmine Campbell *bets everyone will try to follow Xd*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:31 Narutofreak0 *swipes card*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:31 Jasmine Campbell XD*
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> 10:31 Narutofreak0 ok you're good 
[01:39] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ELFIE! *is ultra mega uber tckle glompzesed*
[01:39] <UnholyTrinity> O.O
[01:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> Whoa, Nar
[01:39] <BachLynn23> wth nar
[01:39] <Mikalmt> o_o
[01:39] <MajinAbura> ...0_____0
[01:39] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> o.o
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> that was supposed to go in pm
[01:39] <WonderfulTwilight> O.O
[01:39] <UnholyTrinity> LOL
[01:39] <BachLynn23> clearly
[01:39] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:39] <WonderfulTwilight> Fail
[01:39] <Mikalmt> i guessed....
[01:39] <MajinAbura> *Claps sarcastically* Well done nar
[01:39] <WonderfulTwilight> Epic
[01:39] <WonderfulTwilight> Fail
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> thank you
[01:39] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ^
[01:39] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *^^
[01:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> Xp
[01:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP*
[01:40] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> rp anyone?
[01:40] <Mikalmt> watchn nicki minaj make a fool of herself still...
[01:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> Mika, here's the truth!
[01:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> WonderfulTwilight *passes Nar elfiee's card* XP
[01:40] <Mikalmt> Nickeh, chu post?
[01:40] <Mikalmt> srsly?!
[01:40] <Narutofreak0> on the other hand
[01:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> naw
[01:50] <MajinAbura> No I'm talking to you Len
[01:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> *wants to explode again*
[01:50] <Alejandro231> why are you torrenting anyway u can get viruses
[01:50] <MajinAbura> *Prays she does because I want to see that*
[01:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'll be one sec
[01:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted ale
[01:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> *explodes*
[01:51] <MajinAbura> ...Not as cool as I hoped.
[01:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> Bottie! *ultra mega uber tackle glompzes*
[01:51] <MajinAbura> Well I got to go to bed guys
[01:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> Night, Maj
[01:51] <Mikalmt> bai
[01:51] <WonderfulTwilight> Byez
[01:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> *ultra mega uber tackle glomzes Maj*
[01:51] <MajinAbura> WT and Jas have a happy marriage
[01:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> :P
[01:51] <Mikalmt> *pushes Jassy into fireplace*
[01:51] <MajinAbura> IT BURNS!
[01:51] <WonderfulTwilight> *feels sick*
[01:51] <WonderfulTwilight> We shall
[01:51] <Mikalmt> set u on fire!
[01:51] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[01:52] <Mikalmt> Wolf!
[01:52] <Mikalmt> *shakes hand*
[01:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> brb
[01:52] <WonderfulTwilight> BLOODY WOLFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[01:52] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> hey blood
[01:52] <WonderfulTwilight> I love mah nicknames
[01:52] <MajinAbura> And one more time *Gets emotional* That marriage was so beautiful!
[01:52] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai blood
[01:52] <Black Wolf of blood> *Catches Wonder* Hey 
[01:52] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[01:52] <Mikalmt> cuz of the clothes...
[01:52] <Mikalmt> i designed :D
[01:52] <WonderfulTwilight> *pouts in corner*
[01:52] <Black Wolf of blood> Aww
[01:52] <Len12Cahill> you can get a virus rom torrent?
[01:52] <Len12Cahill> o.O
[01:52] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs Wonder from behind*
[01:53] <WonderfulTwilight> *is hugged from behind*
[01:53] <Len12Cahill> <- was reading previous stuff
[01:53] <Len12Cahill> i thought torrent was virus-free
[01:53] <Len12Cahill> thats the main reason i downloaded it
[01:53] <BachBot> i shall be here forever :P
[01:53] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted mika
[01:53] <WonderfulTwilight> RAWRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[01:53] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> RAWR! *glompz*
[01:54] <Rawr27> Ahh *hugs back*
[01:54] <Rawr27> Hai peoples
[01:54] <WonderfulTwilight> Bottie is gonna be the last thing on earth XP
[01:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> RAWR! *ultra mega uber tackle glompzes*
[01:54] <Len12Cahill> *joins hugathon*
[01:54] <BachBot> please dont pm me i wont respond
[01:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> OMG! I forgot something
[01:54] <Rawr27> *hugs back* Hai Elf
[01:54] <BachBot> pm bach :P
[01:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:54] <Mikalmt> *gives Bot a cookie*
[01:54] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> :P
[01:54] <BachBot> *noms cookie (cookie) *
[01:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> *ultra mega uber tackle glompzes Blood:3*
[01:54] <Mikalmt> im so nice, eh?
[01:54] <Rawr27> Nicki is it my turn to post? :P
[01:54] <BachBot> *nods*
[01:55] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> lemme check rawr
[01:55] <Rawr27> Okays
[01:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> POsted, Rawr, btw
[01:55] <Len12Cahill> ~ brb im going to chainsaw myself ~
[01:55] <Rawr27> Okays 
[01:55] <Mikalmt> hai Rawr, when chu get here?
[01:55] <Black Wolf of blood> *Catches Elf* 
[01:55] <Rawr27> Just now Mika
[01:55] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Elfie
[01:55] <Mikalmt> oh, *hugs Rawr*
[01:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Blood :P
[01:55] <Rawr27> *hugs back* So many hugs xD
[01:56] <Mikalmt> cuz chu awesome!
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[01:56] <Mikalmt> :D
[01:56] <Rawr27> I know xD
[01:56] <Mikalmt> so modest...
[01:56] <Mikalmt> -_-
[01:56] <Rawr27> Yep hehe
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> Rawr, I'm "ultra mega uber tackle glompzing" everyone today
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> :P
[01:56] <WonderfulTwilight> *that sad moment when you wish you had better charries* ._.
[01:56] <Rawr27> I see that :P
[01:56] <Mikalmt> ikr...
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> hehe:3
[01:56] <Mikalmt> most of mine suck...
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD WT
[01:56] <Mikalmt> :(
[01:56] <WonderfulTwilight> All mine suck
[01:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> Same, Mika
[01:56] <Mikalmt> no WT
[01:56] <Mikalmt> !!!
[01:57] <Mikalmt> dats not true!
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> ^
[01:57] <WonderfulTwilight> Which ones don't then? >.>
[01:57] <Rawr27> Blood I just realised..I haven't hugged chu yet :P *hugs Blood* hehe
[01:57] <WonderfulTwilight> Give me 3
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> *gets off Blood*
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> *BEFORE Rawr hugs him*
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Nicki
[01:57] <Rawr27> xD
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:57] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> danke
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> np
[01:57] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> yea rawr, chur turn
[01:57] <Rawr27> Okays
[01:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> Please don't squish me, gran
[01:57] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> rp anyperson?
[01:57] <Jasmine Campbell> back
[01:57] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> wibbles
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> wb
[01:58] <Jasmine Campbell> Ohai Blood
[01:58] <Rawr27> Hehe xD
[01:58] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> where's ale?
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> Went poof
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> He disappeared
[01:58] <Rawr27> Oh sure Jas, no greeting chur mother-in-law -.-
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:58] <Jasmine Campbell> Xd
[01:58] <Jasmine Campbell> XD*
[01:58] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[01:58] <Jasmine Campbell> hai rawr
[01:58] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> jasseh? rp?
[01:58] <Jasmine Campbell> can't yet
[01:58] <Mikalmt> *hugs JAs and throws her into a fireplace
[01:58] <WonderfulTwilight> Family dinner time
[01:58] <Jasmine Campbell> will when made new char
[01:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD Mika
[01:59] <Rawr27> Thats what I thought :P
[01:59] <WonderfulTwilight> *gives rawr some hams* XP
[01:59] <Jasmine Campbell> *starts to burn*
[01:59] <Mikalmt> There, bride on fire
[01:59] <WonderfulTwilight> Just incase
[01:59] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[01:59] <Mikalmt> *is satisfied*
[01:59] <Jasmine Campbell> *jumps out and kisses WT :P*
[01:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yay! Jas is dyying!
[01:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[01:59] <Rawr27> Oh I won't throw it at Jas. I-AHH o.o
[01:59] <Rawr27> *covers eyes*
[01:59] <WonderfulTwilight> *is kissed by surprise*
[01:59] <WonderfulTwilight> O.O
[01:59] <Jasmine Campbell> *isn't dying*
[01:59] <Jasmine Campbell> No O.O!
[01:59] <Jasmine Campbell> That's my reaction to things
[01:59] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[01:59] <Jasmine Campbell> well, kissing things
[02:00] <Jasmine Campbell> Except when I'm le kisser
[02:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> meh :(
[02:00] <WonderfulTwilight> I'm chur wifey so I can do it now XP
[02:00] <Rawr27> *puts blindfold on*
[02:00] <WonderfulTwilight> o_o
[02:00] <Jasmine Campbell> naw
[02:00] <WonderfulTwilight> *just noticed how wrong that sounded*
[02:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> O_O XP
[02:01] <BachLynn23> is there someone here who can leave a message for a user for me?
[02:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sure
[02:01] <Black Wolf of blood> *hugs Rawr back and hugs Jas*
[02:01] <BachLynn23> [[Forum:Alex Smith|Forum:Alex_Smith]] message the user who made this claim, asking if they still plan on working on it, as it's been over a week
[02:01] <Rawr27> Yay :D and posted Elf
[02:01] <BachLynn23> perty please
[02:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> OKay
[02:02] <BachLynn23> danke
[02:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> @Bach and @Rawr
[02:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> Np
[02:02] <Len12Cahill> facebook twitter tumblr youtube google ♥
[02:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> Noooooooo!
[02:02] <Seth13> oh no....
[02:02] <Jasmine Campbell> *is hugged?*
[02:02] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> chu has a tumblah len?
[02:02] <Rawr27> You missed out Wikia Len xD
[02:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Will
[02:02] <Seth13> not you!
[02:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> Not you, either -_-
[02:02] <Seth13> why!!!!!!!
[02:02] <Rawr27> Whats up elf? o.o
[02:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> It's him!
[02:03] <Black Wolf of blood> Would you rather I kiss you Jassy?
[02:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> him?
[02:03] <Rawr27> Who? o.o
[02:03] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[02:03] <Seth13> NINJA POOF!
[02:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> *points at Seth*
[02:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> Him!
[02:03] <WonderfulTwilight> Nooooooooooooooo blood
[02:03] <Jasmine Campbell> *points at WT*
[02:03] <Rawr27> Oh and Blood..hush. Chu is with Bloom
[02:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:03] <Black Wolf of blood> I know Rawr
[02:03] <Jasmine Campbell> *points at rawr in agreement*
[02:03] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm just teasing Jas
[02:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> It's him, damnit
[02:03] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[02:03] <WonderfulTwilight> >~>
[02:03] <Jasmine Campbell> *points at WT again*
[02:03] <WonderfulTwilight> *sits on corner*
[02:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pokes rawr*
[02:03] <WonderfulTwilight> in*
[02:03] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[02:03] <Rawr27> Just about to post Nicki
[02:03] <WonderfulTwilight> WTW
[02:04] <WonderfulTwilight> O.O
[02:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:04] <Jasmine Campbell> *gets huge neon arrow and points it at WT*
[02:04] <Rawr27> I get easily distracted :P
[02:04] <WonderfulTwilight> WTWT XP
[02:04] <Mikalmt> gtg
[02:04] <Mikalmt> :(
[02:04] <Mikalmt> bai
[02:04] <WonderfulTwilight> Bai Mika
[02:04] <Jasmine Campbell> lol wifeington
[02:04] <Rawr27> Oh :( Bye mika 
[02:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> Laters Mika
[02:04] <Jasmine Campbell> Bai milk
[02:04] <Rawr27> *hugs*
[02:04] <Jasmine Campbell> *sips milik*
[02:04] <Seth13> bye?
[02:04] <Jasmine Campbell> milk*
[02:04] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> mai mika *hugs*
[02:04] <Mikalmt> *hugs everyone*
[02:04] <Seth13> .
[02:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> mai XD
[02:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> Gah
[02:05] <Seth13> .
[02:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'll be one second
[02:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> *explodes*
[02:05] <Jasmine Campbell> *writes on sign* Chu saw the arrow pointing at WT right blood?
[02:05] <Black Wolf of blood> Why are you pointing at her?
[02:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> There we go
[02:05] <Jasmine Campbell> *writes* Tis the answer to your question
[02:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> Jas lost her voice again?
[02:05] <Seth13> hmmm
[02:05] <Jasmine Campbell> *writes* Yes elfie
[02:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> :P
[02:06] <Black Wolf of blood> You'd rather I kiss Wonder?
[02:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *writes* I lose it alot
[02:06] <Black Wolf of blood> *Is confused*
[02:06] <Seth13> hmmm
[02:06] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[02:06] <WonderfulTwilight> O_O
[02:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> P_P
[02:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *finds voice* F*CK NO!
[02:06] <WonderfulTwilight> *runs and hides in shower*
[02:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *clings to WT*
[02:06] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm NOT going to kiss Wonder
[02:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:06] <Seth13> hmmm
[02:06] <Black Wolf of blood> Hug her at most
[02:06] <WonderfulTwilight> Thank god
[02:06] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[02:06] <Black Wolf of blood> Perhaps kiss her cheek
[02:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:06] <Rawr27> Nooo don't kiss my daughter D:
[02:06] <Seth13> hmmm
[02:06] <WonderfulTwilight> O.o
[02:06] <Black Wolf of blood> But no more
[02:06] <Jasmine Campbell> NOT EVEN THAT!
[02:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *clings to WT*
[02:06] <WonderfulTwilight> *is clinged to*
[02:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *parinoid face*
[02:06] <Seth13> hmmm
[02:06] <WonderfulTwilight> paranoid*
[02:06] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:07] <WonderfulTwilight> Just sayin'
[02:07] <Jasmine Campbell> *and slightly scared/worried face*
[02:07] <Jasmine Campbell> danke WT
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> Stop bloody "hmmm"ing Seth!
[02:07] <Black Wolf of blood> *Turns on the shower that Jas and Wonder are hiding in and takes pictures*
[02:07] <Black Wolf of blood> XP
[02:07] <WonderfulTwilight> ................
[02:07] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:07] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[02:07] <Rawr27> o.o
[02:07] <BachLynn23> I have another user I need messaged, any takers?
[02:07] <Seth13> why shouldn't i hmmm
[02:07] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sure, Baxh
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> Bach*
[02:07] <Rawr27> Baxh? xD
[02:07] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:07] <BachLynn23> [[Forum:Charlie Dunmore|Forum:Charlie_Dunmore]] same deal as before elfie, danke
[02:07] <WonderfulTwilight> *tackle hugs Lynn*
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> Seth, because you're as annoying as hell
[02:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thanks, np
[02:07] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[02:07] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[02:08] <Rawr27> Lol thats nice Elf xD
[02:08] <Seth13> aww sadness
[02:08] <Head of Ravenclaw> rp anyone?
[02:08] <Black Wolf of blood> Stop spamming Jas
[02:08] <Jasmine Campbell> *is just standing there in shower doing same face*
[02:08] <Petite'likkle'elf> Damn, Bach?
[02:08] <Jasmine Campbell> *turns shower off*
[02:08] <WonderfulTwilight> Hmmmm
[02:08] <Head of Ravenclaw> nicki, wanna rp?
[02:08] <Seth13> O_o
[02:08] <BachLynn23> elfie?
[02:08] <WonderfulTwilight> Bob?
[02:08] <Petite'likkle'elf> WHo's the user?
[02:08] <Petite'likkle'elf> Who's*
[02:09] <WonderfulTwilight> Check history
[02:09] <Seth13> bob is bob backwards
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh, danke
[02:09] <Black Wolf of blood> *Turns the shower on and places a video camera while turning invisible and pressing Wonder and Jas' lips together*
[02:09] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[02:09] <BachLynn23> O.O
[02:09] <WonderfulTwilight> .............
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> naw, seth
[02:09] <Jasmine Campbell> *faints*
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> O_O
[02:09] <PerseusJackson> ello
[02:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai pers
[02:09] <WonderfulTwilight> *fans self*
[02:09] <Rawr27> Hai Pers
[02:09] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi Pers
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> PERS! *ultra mega uber tackle glompzea*
[02:09] <PerseusJackson> say wha???????????
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> glompzes*
[02:09] <PerseusJackson> hwya mnicki
[02:09] <Black Wolf of blood> *Is having way too much fun messing with Jas and Wonder*
[02:09] <PerseusJackson> heya elf
[02:09] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Pers
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:09] <Seth13> O___O
[02:09] <PerseusJackson> heya rawr
[02:09] <PerseusJackson> heya WT
[02:09] <WonderfulTwilight> *walks outta shower*
[02:09] <PerseusJackson> hola wolf
[02:09] <WonderfulTwilight> Simple solution XP
[02:09] <Jasmine Campbell> *sits in shower and rocks self*
[02:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[02:10] <PerseusJackson> ugh
[02:10] <PerseusJackson> naru not here
[02:10] <Jasmine Campbell> No No No
[02:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> He left
[02:10] <Rawr27> Posted Nicki
[02:10] <PerseusJackson> when?
[02:10] <Black Wolf of blood> *Sells the video and pictures*
[02:10] <PerseusJackson> did he say when he would be back?
[02:10] <PerseusJackson> *takes a video and a picture*
[02:10] <WonderfulTwilight> *glares at blood*
[02:11] <PerseusJackson> *burns them*
[02:11] <WonderfulTwilight> YESH!
[02:11] <WonderfulTwilight> Danke pers *tackle hugs*
[02:11] <Black Wolf of blood> *Sells the rest to Bach*
[02:11] <PerseusJackson> no problem :)
[02:11] <Jasmine Campbell> *is still rocking self*
[02:11] <Jasmine Campbell> Not mah mamma
[02:11] <Jasmine Campbell> mama*
[02:11] <PerseusJackson> *burns bach's set too*
[02:11] <BachLynn23> sweet, I mean
[02:11] <WonderfulTwilight> *burns Lynn's house down*
[02:11] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[02:11] <PerseusJackson> raw was aweome last night :)
[02:11] <Black Wolf of blood> *Laughs* Bach, your reactions are always hilarious
[02:11] <BachLynn23> that's ok, this house is a crappy house anyway
[02:11] <WonderfulTwilight> O_O
[02:11] <Rawr27> What? o.o
[02:11] <Black Wolf of blood> That sounded wrong Pers
[02:11] <WonderfulTwilight> ^
[02:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Really
[02:12] <Black Wolf of blood> Very wrong
[02:12] <PerseusJackson> rofl
[02:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Really
[02:12] <PerseusJackson>
[02:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Wrong
[02:12] <PerseusJackson> *shrugs*
[02:12] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pushes Pers and Rawr into a private room filled with... stuff*
[02:12] <PerseusJackson> i've said worse
[02:12] <WonderfulTwilight> o_o
[02:12] <PerseusJackson> *growls*
[02:12] <PerseusJackson> *kicks wolf in his face*
[02:12] <WonderfulTwilight> *walks into that same room*
[02:12] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[02:12] <Black Wolf of blood> *Dodges*
[02:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Nothing to see here
[02:12] <WonderfulTwilight> *walks out*
[02:12] <PerseusJackson> *punches wolf*
[02:12] <Rawr27> ..I'm hoping that Raw was like about raw meat or something..o.o
[02:12] <Black Wolf of blood> *Blocks*
[02:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> Done, Bach, both of them,
[02:12] <PerseusJackson> Monday night raw
[02:12] <WonderfulTwilight> o_o
[02:12] <Jasmine Campbell> *watches everyone*
[02:12] <BachLynn23> thanks elfie
[02:13] <PerseusJackson> used to be war
[02:13] <WonderfulTwilight> That sounded wrong elfie
[02:13] <PerseusJackson> and they changed it to raw
[02:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> No probs, anytime, Bach
[02:13] <Jasmine Campbell> *tries to kill Blood for messing with her and WT*
[02:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> O_O WT
[02:13] <Rawr27> Oh phew xD
[02:13] <PerseusJackson> *rko's wolf*
[02:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> O_O Jas
[02:13] <Black Wolf of blood> *Takes Jas by the neck and throws her into Pers' rko*
[02:13] <PerseusJackson> *hands jas a knife*
[02:13] <WonderfulTwilight> This
[02:13] <PerseusJackson> *stops and falls but kicks up*
[02:13] <PerseusJackson> you're a dead man wolf
[02:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:13] <Black Wolf of blood> *Dodges* Stop hitting me
[02:14] <PerseusJackson> *grabs a machete*
[02:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> Why are they fighting anyway?
[02:14] <WonderfulTwilight> *shrugs*
[02:14] <PerseusJackson> yeah that's happening
[02:14] <Black Wolf of blood> Stop trying to kill me man
[02:14] <PerseusJackson> *shrugs*
[02:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Nickster
[02:14] <WonderfulTwilight> *gets popcorn*
[02:14] <Rawr27> Wb nicki
[02:14] <PerseusJackson> haven't beaten up wolf for a long time
[02:14] <Black Wolf of blood> It's not like I did anything but give you a private room
[02:14] <PerseusJackson> ..............
[02:14] <Rawr27> *takes some of WTs popcorn*
[02:14] <Jasmine Campbell> *crawls into corner and cries*
[02:14] <PerseusJackson> *turns into shawn michales*
[02:14] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs Jasseh*
[02:14] <Jasmine Campbell> My neck hurts enough already
[02:14] <Black Wolf of blood> *Burns the pictures and videos* Happy Jassy?
[02:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> *steals some of WT's popcorn*
[02:14] <PerseusJackson> *hits wolf with sweet chin music*
[02:14] <WonderfulTwilight> YESH!
[02:14] <WonderfulTwilight> >:PD
[02:15] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> stupid pc is stupid
[02:15] <WonderfulTwilight> >:D*
[02:15] <Black Wolf of blood> *Ignores Pers since it's getting ridiculous* 
[02:15] <PerseusJackson> belay that ignore
[02:15] <Black Wolf of blood> Bachy? It's you turn to post on the rp
[02:15] <WonderfulTwilight> Blood, can I have a piggy back ride? >:3
[02:15] <Jasmine Campbell> no
[02:15] <LucasA5972> Hey
[02:15] <Black Wolf of blood> Yes Wonder
[02:15] <WonderfulTwilight> YESH!
[02:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Lucas
[02:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:16] <WonderfulTwilight> *gets on blood's back*
[02:16] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[02:16] <Black Wolf of blood> *Runs around a bit with Wonder on his back*
[02:16] <WonderfulTwilight> Nice weather
[02:16] <BachLynn23> @bloody working on it, waiting for the page to load, and trying to get caught up on claims
[02:16] <WonderfulTwilight> *falls off*
[02:16] <Jasmine Campbell> Not happy 'cos mah neck hurts in rl and chat >.<
[02:16] <PerseusJackson> yikes
[02:16] <Jasmine Campbell> *catches WT*
[02:16] <PerseusJackson> sorry jas
[02:16] <PerseusJackson> what happened?
[02:16] <WonderfulTwilight> *is catched*
[02:16] <PerseusJackson> caught
[02:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> Bach, want me to do some claims?
[02:17] <PerseusJackson> not catched
[02:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[02:17] <Jasmine Campbell> my 'family'
[02:17] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[02:17] <PerseusJackson> ??????????
[02:17] <WonderfulTwilight> @Pers Do I look like I care?
[02:17] <PerseusJackson> *epic confusedace*
[02:17] <PerseusJackson> how am i supposed to know?
[02:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> confusedace?
[02:17] <PerseusJackson> i can't see you
[02:17] <PerseusJackson> confused face*
[02:18] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[02:18] <PerseusJackson> brb
[02:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> Bachy?
[02:18] <PerseusJackson> going on DA
[02:18] <BachLynn23> @blood posted
[02:19] <BachLynn23> @elf I'll link you to some, I'm having bottie run them, it's quicker that way
[02:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> Okay, thanks
[02:19] <BachLynn23> actually I'll pm them to you
[02:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> Okay
[02:19] <Rawr27> Nicki chu posted yet?
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> Rawrie?
[02:20] <Rawr27> Yesh?
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> You posted?
[02:20] <Rawr27> Yeah I told chu I did :P
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh XP
[02:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sowwy
[02:20] <Rawr27> Its okay
[02:20] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> jasseh? chu busy?
[02:20] <Jasmine Campbell> nope
[02:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> POsted Rawr
[02:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> Posted*
[02:21] <Rawr27> Okays
[02:21] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> pm me then?
[02:21] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> @jasseh
[02:22] <Rawr27> Elfie chu jacked up Iz's template :P
[02:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> oh
[02:22] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted rawr
[02:22] <Rawr27> Okays
[02:23] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> rp anyperson?
[02:23] <Petite'likkle'elf> brb
[02:23] <Rawr27> Hai Trav
[02:24] <Travelg> hi
[02:24] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai trav
[02:24] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Travel *hugs*
[02:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> *ultra mega uber glompzes Trav* Hey
[02:26] <WonderfulTwilight> I hate personalities -_-
[02:26] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i love doing 'em
[02:26] <WonderfulTwilight> I hate them
[02:27] <Rawr27> Posted Nicki and lol WT xD
[02:28] <WonderfulTwilight> They're so hard
[02:28] <Jasmine Campbell> *curls up in corner*
[02:28] <Jasmine Campbell> *like a cat*
[02:28] <Rawr27> Elfie chu fixed the template yet?
[02:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> Naw, I'm gonna now
[02:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Imp
[02:28] <Rawr27> Hai Imp
[02:28] <Jasmine Campbell> hai Imp
[02:29] <Imperceptible> rawr, jasmine 
[02:29] <Imperceptible> ...hello
[02:29] <Jasmine Campbell> Jas*
[02:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> Done, Rawr
[02:29] <Jasmine Campbell> *licks everyone's cheek*
[02:29] <WonderfulTwilight> Meow
[02:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thanks, Jas
[02:29] <WonderfulTwilight> *licks Jasseh back*
[02:29] <Jasmine Campbell> np
[02:30] <Rawr27> Okays Elf and o.o
[02:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Semi-ish-afk
[02:30] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted rawr
[02:30] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> wtf jas?
[02:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Making lunch and checking claims :3
[02:30] <Jasmine Campbell> *coughIlikedeveryonereactpeoplescough*
[02:30] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> and, brb lunch/dinner
[02:31] <Rawr27> SON *hugs*
[02:31] <Travelg> REZA! *hugs reza*
[02:31] <Jasmine Campbell> Hai Reza
[02:31] <Reza Stevano> mother! *hugs rawr*
[02:32] <Imperceptible> ....i've been licked! i feel violated =(
[02:32] <WonderfulTwilight> BROTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[02:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> REZA! *ultra mega uber tackle glompzes*
[02:32] <Reza Stevano> trav! *hugs trav*
[02:32] <Reza Stevano> WT! *hugs*
[02:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> -_-
[02:32] <Reza Stevano> elfeeee *glompz*
[02:32] <Imperceptible> hello reza
[02:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yay!
[02:32] <Rawr27> *Gives Reza a cookie*
[02:33] <Jasmine Campbell> *takes cookie and noms it*
[02:33] <Rawr27> Lol and NAR *tackle air hugs* xD
[02:33] <WonderfulTwilight> NAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[02:33] <Reza Stevano> why so silent?
[02:33] <Narutofreak0> hey guys
[02:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Nar
[02:33] <Rawr27> Reza..why chu no eat the cookie?
[02:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'm gonna go
[02:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> Laters, guys
[02:34] <Rawr27> Oh :( Bye Elfiee *hugs*
[02:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> *hugs back*
[02:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> *ultra mega uber tackle hugs everyone*
[02:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> Laters
[02:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Damn, Bach?
[02:35] <Reza Stevano> i hate my nett
[02:35] <Head of Ravenclaw> bach, pmed you
[02:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Bachy?
[02:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Send me the last link again please?
[02:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> 'Kay, I'm gonna go now
[02:36] <Reza Stevano> *nibbles rawr's cookie*
[02:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> Laters
[02:37] <Imperceptible> bye eld
[02:37] <Imperceptible> elf*
[02:39] <Head of Ravenclaw> *pokes bach*
[02:39] <Jasmine Campbell> *licks everyone againØ
[02:39] <Jasmine Campbell> **
[02:40] <Narutofreak0> *stands very far away from jas*
[02:40] <Narutofreak0> im gonna go
[02:41] <Imperceptible> *dives out of the way to avoid it*
[02:41] <Imperceptible> Bye Naruto
[02:41] <Jasmine Campbell> >.<
[02:42] <BachLynn23> anyone wanna message a user for me?
[02:42] <LucasA5972> I will if I can
[02:42] <BachLynn23> sure
[02:42] <LucasA5972> K, who and what for?
[02:42] <BachLynn23> [[Forum:Landon Verron|Forum:Landon_Verron]] message the user who made this claim, asking if they still plan on working on it, cuz it's been awhile since they did
[02:42] <LucasA5972> k, np
[02:42] <BachLynn23> danke
[02:42] <Rawr27> Wb nicki
[02:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> back
[02:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> danke
[02:42] <Rawr27> Oh I posted btw
[02:43] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> kk
[02:43] <Rawr27> Hai Ale
[02:43] <Alejandro231> hai
[02:43] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> what colors should i do for leyla? :/
[02:43] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> wibbles ale
[02:43] <LucasA5972> @Bach Talk Page message, right?
[02:44] <BachLynn23> yes please
[02:45] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ugh f*ck it i'll code the page later
[02:46] <WonderfulTwilight> No I will not f*ck it >.>
[02:46] <Rawr27> Lool xD
[02:46] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> XD
[02:47] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[02:47] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted rawr
[02:47] <LucasA5972> @Bach done
[02:47] <Len12Cahill> guuys
[02:47] <Rawr27> Okays
[02:47] <BachLynn23> danke
[02:47] <Len12Cahill> i just made a pet claim thigny
[02:47] <Len12Cahill> read it for me and tell me what you think\
[02:47] <Alejandro231> I'll check it Lenn
[02:47] <Len12Cahill> [[Forum:Tal%27s Minicorn|Forum:Tal's_Minicorn]]
[02:48] <Alejandro231> Unicorns aren't greek, Len
[02:49] <LucasA5972> Will anyone here who can check Quest request check [[Forum:The Quest to Rescue the Muse of History|my Quest]], por favor?
[02:49] <Len12Cahill> ...fine i just change it den >:T
[02:50] <Jasmine Campbell> bachie, can chu help me find a pic of a bow and arrow?
[02:50] <BachLynn23> I need another user messaged, any takers?
[02:50] <BachLynn23> did you check the images up for grabs forum?
[02:50] <BachLynn23> I know there were a ton of weapons there
[02:50] <BachLynn23> can't remember if there was a bow and arrow or not
[02:50] <Rawr27> Posted Nicki
[02:50] <WonderfulTwilight> OMFG I hate personalities
[02:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> kk
[02:50] <WonderfulTwilight> DX
[02:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i can help bachie
[02:51] <Rawr27> Oh Nicki hows the Times history going?
[02:51] <Alejandro231> Hey I am writing a practice prophecy for a quest in ur honest opinion how does this sound
[02:51] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> whoops
[02:51] <Alejandro231> Three shall go to west, to the god in flames
[02:51] <Alejandro231> And find the mirror to earn their fame
[02:51] <Alejandro231> Battling monsters and humans alike
[02:51] <Alejandro231> They will persevere and the dove shall earn her birthright
[02:51] <Alejandro231> 
[02:51] <BachLynn23> [[Forum:Luluou78]] sweet, message the user who made this, asking them if they are going to work on their claim still
[02:51] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> kk
[02:51] <Jasmine Campbell> Yay! *found cool pic with help of WT*
[02:52] <BachLynn23> ok I have another user I need messaged, any takers?
[02:53] <LucasA5972> gtg
[02:54] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> done
[02:54] <Imperceptible> bye lucas
[02:55] <Jasmine Campbell> Cool name for a wolf peoples?
[02:55] <BachLynn23> *pokes everyone* anyone wanna message a user for me?
[02:55] <WonderfulTwilight> Luca
[02:55] <Alejandro231> Hey Ducks
[02:55] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey
[02:56] <Jasmine Campbell> naw
[02:56] <Rawr27> Hai Ducks
[02:57] <Head of Ravenclaw> i will bach
[02:58] <Alejandro231> Hey Reza, long time no see
[02:58] <Rawr27> I gtg now peoples bye bye
[02:58] <Reza Stevano> heey :)
[02:58] <Reza Stevano> Byeee mom:)
[02:58] <Jasmine Campbell> bai rawry
[02:59] <Alejandro231> Again can anyone tell me if this prophecy is any good
[02:59] <Alejandro231> Three shall go to west, to the god in flames
[02:59] <Alejandro231> And find the mirror to earn their fame
[02:59] <Alejandro231> Battling monsters and humans alike
[02:59] <Alejandro231> They will persevere and the dove shall earn her birthright
[02:59] <Alejandro231> 
[03:02] <WonderfulTwilight> OMFG What type of charrie should my new charrie be?
[03:02] <Black Wolf of blood> A submissive nympho
[03:02] <Black Wolf of blood> XP
[03:02] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[03:02] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> :P
[03:03] <WonderfulTwilight> *thought Blood was gonna say something like that*
[03:03] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[03:03] <Jasmine Campbell> *chews on cookie*
[03:03] <Jasmine Campbell> *licks everyone*
[03:03] <Black Wolf of blood> i'm getting predictible?
[03:04] <Jasmine Campbell> yes
[03:04] <BachLynn23> XD
[03:04] <Black Wolf of blood> Ouch
[03:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XP
[03:04] <Black Wolf of blood> Like the idea Bachy?
[03:04] <Jasmine Campbell> *waits for people to react to her licking them*
[03:04] <BachLynn23> I had one/have one
[03:04] <BachLynn23> she may settle down with Morgan, not sure yet
[03:04] <BachLynn23> wise hasn't been on to rp them
[03:04] <Black Wolf of blood> Abella?
[03:04] <BachLynn23> yep
[03:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Help! I've been Licked!
[03:04] <BachLynn23> she'll pretty much eff anything that moves for fun
[03:05] <Jasmine Campbell> *licks everyone except Duck 'cos he reacted*
[03:05] <Black Wolf of blood> Sounds like a nice girl
[03:05] <Black Wolf of blood> XP
[03:06] <Black Wolf of blood> Her, The old Gabriel/Riley, The old Damian/Selene and perhaps Ace together
[03:06] <WonderfulTwilight> *dies slowly*
[03:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *waits for other people to react*
[03:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *cries*
[03:06] <Black Wolf of blood> The world would collapse from the amount of seduction at one place
[03:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *revives WT*
[03:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *hugs everyone*
[03:06] <Black Wolf of blood> @Bachy
[03:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *tries to get everyone's attention*
[03:07] <BachLynn23> XD
[03:07] <Black Wolf of blood> I mean
[03:07] <WonderfulTwilight> What wonderful weather
[03:07] <Jasmine Campbell> *pokes everyone*
[03:08] <Black Wolf of blood> Damian and Selene would try to seduce her and Riley, Gabriel would go for her and Selene, Ace would go for Damian and Gabriel and the girls would go for all the guys
[03:08] <Black Wolf of blood> Wait
[03:08] <Black Wolf of blood> Ace would go for all of them
[03:08] <Jasmine Campbell> *cries 'cos is being ignored* *might be being a little over dramatic*
[03:08] <Black Wolf of blood> It would be like a much more complicated triangle drama
[03:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> could someone help me? *needs a photo hunter*
[03:09] <WonderfulTwilight> MEH!
[03:09] <WonderfulTwilight> X3
[03:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> danke :P
[03:09] <Alejandro231> I thought u hated pic hunting
[03:09] <WonderfulTwilight> Only when I really need a pic
[03:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> Well, i need a girl with dark brown hair and also a bow with arrows
[03:09] <Jasmine Campbell> *gets gun* Pay attention to me and I wont shoot
[03:10] <WonderfulTwilight>
[03:10] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> naw. i mean like really really dark hair
[03:10] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> like almost black
[03:10] <Jasmine Campbell> Om nom nom snow
[03:11] <WonderfulTwilight>
[03:19] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye :(
[03:19] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs*
[03:20] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> baiz
[03:20] <WonderfulTwilight> *wishes she had a how to guide for creating charries* >.>
[03:20] <Jasmine Campbell> *hugs*
[03:22] <Head of Ravenclaw> oops >.<
[03:23] <Black Wolf of blood> I do have a link to a "how-to" guide for character creation somewhere Wonder, if you want it
[03:23] <WonderfulTwilight> O_O Give meh!
[03:23] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[03:24] <Black Wolf of blood> I'll go look for it
[03:25] <BachBot> im back (happy) 
[03:26] <BachLynn23> test
[03:26] <BachBot> A
[03:26] <Black Wolf of blood>
[03:26] <BachBot> server issue >.<
[03:26] <WonderfulTwilight> Danke
[03:26] <Black Wolf of blood>
[03:27] <Black Wolf of blood> <---- Just for the heck of it
[03:32] <Head of Ravenclaw> so
[03:37] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o *that awkward moment when you come back and everyone is away*
[03:37] <Black Wolf of blood> hey Raven?
[03:37] <Black Wolf of blood> Are you a guy or a girl? I'm curious
[03:38] <Head of Ravenclaw> Guy
[03:38] <Head of Ravenclaw> didnt chu know? XP
[03:38] <Head of Ravenclaw> rp anyone?
[03:38] <Black Wolf of blood> I did
[03:39] <Black Wolf of blood> But I got confused at some point
[03:39] <Black Wolf of blood> Because of something I can't remember
[03:39] <Black Wolf of blood> And Raven is, for some reason, a somewhat female nickname in my head
[03:40] <Head of Ravenclaw> i may have my username changed
[03:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Plus
[03:40] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> [[Leyla S%C3%A1nchez|go welcome her :D]]
[03:40] <Black Wolf of blood> The "head" of Ravenclaw, could be seen as Rowena
[03:40] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> brb, dishes
[03:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Who's a girl
[03:41] <Head of Ravenclaw> or Flitwick :P
[03:41] <Head of Ravenclaw> who's a guy
[03:41] <Black Wolf of blood> *Reads waaaaay too much into people's usernames*
[03:41] <Black Wolf of blood> Nope
[03:41] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm talking about the original head
[03:41] <Black Wolf of blood> Not all those wannabes
[03:41] <WonderfulTwilight> What 'bout mine? :P
[03:41] <Black Wolf of blood> You're obviously a girl
[03:41] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[03:42] <WonderfulTwilight> Tell me why that is?
[03:42] <Black Wolf of blood> No guy with respect for himself would call himself "WonderfulTwilight"
[03:42] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[03:42] <Black Wolf of blood> Not because Twilight is a bad series
[03:42] <Black Wolf of blood> But because Twilight is often seen as a girly series
[03:42] <WonderfulTwilight> Hai Lott
[03:42] <WonderfulTwilight> and good point
[03:42] <Nhlott> Hey hey
[03:42] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Lott
[03:43] <Head of Ravenclaw> hi lott
[03:43] <Head of Ravenclaw> (wave) 
[03:43] <Nhlott> hi
[03:43] <WonderfulTwilight> -_- I hate it when you find a pic, go back to look for it and can't find it
[03:44] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Bachy* You there?
[03:47] <BachLynn23> LOTTTTIE
[03:47] <BachLynn23> *tackle hugs*
[03:47] <BachLynn23> crap, brb
[03:47] <Nhlott> BAAAAACH!!
[03:47] <Nhlott> *is tackle hugged*
[03:48] <LoveCatsOwls> haiii!
[03:48] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi LCO
[03:48] <Head of Ravenclaw> hey cats
[03:48] <Nhlott> Hey Cats
[03:48] <LoveCatsOwls> can someone link me to a song that ISNT coldplay. i've been listening to them all afternoon on youtube whilst doing mah hmwk
[03:49] <Nhlott>
[03:50] <LongClawTiger> mew?
[03:50] <LoveCatsOwls> mew!
[03:51] <Nhlott> Ob's the only one to enter contest so far?
[03:51] <Nhlott> This shan't do
[03:51] <LongClawTiger> LCO, are you still not able to see Drew's mini-golf post?
[03:51] <LoveCatsOwls> i can now
[03:51] <LongClawTiger> yay!
[03:52] <LoveCatsOwls> are u gonna enter lott?
[03:52] <LoveCatsOwls> i am, planning my entry on mah wiki
[03:52] <LongClawTiger> which contest?
[03:52] <Nhlott> Oh, but of course >:3
[03:52] <LoveCatsOwls> charrie
[03:52] <WonderfulTwilight> I just had a brain wave for the aphro one :P
[03:52] <LoveCatsOwls> *facepalms* nooo
[03:52] <LongClawTiger> link to the contest please?
[03:52] <LoveCatsOwls> [[Character Contest]]
[03:53] <LoveCatsOwls> that's moi out of the running.
[03:53] <LongClawTiger> thankies
[03:53] <WonderfulTwilight> No it isn't cats
[03:53] <LoveCatsOwls> it is wt, seriosly
[03:53] <WonderfulTwilight> :P Nah
[03:53] <LoveCatsOwls> *seriously
[03:53] <LongClawTiger> eww, phobos. Not really my thing.
[03:53] <LoveCatsOwls> i'll link u to mah entries in pm
[03:54] <Nhlott> Well that's the thing, LCT, Contest is always a cabin with few ppl in it
[03:55] <Head of Ravenclaw> rp lott on CJ?
[03:55] <Nhlott> oh, sure
[03:55] <LongClawTiger> Oh, I understand that. And some of the low population cabins I have been seriously giving thought to joining. Phobos is one of the few though that I just can't think of a non-cookie cutter concept for.
[03:56] <Nhlott> Mine was a stroke of genius that ironically came from Travel's list XD
[03:57] <Nhlott> Who/where, HoR?
[03:57] <Nhlott> I got like 4/5 chars 
[03:57] <Head of Ravenclaw> k hold on
[03:57] <Head of Ravenclaw> also, who's in charge of claims?
[03:58] <LoveCatsOwls> huh lott? for phobos?
[03:59] <Nhlott> Yupps
[03:59] <LoveCatsOwls> Lott...*puppy dog eyes* Please can u read through mah aphro entry when i finish?
[03:59] <LoveCatsOwls> same with mah phobos one?
[04:00] <WonderfulTwilight> Hmmm Would Artemis turn a male into a tiger for hitting on one of her hunters?
[04:01] <LoveCatsOwls> maybe
[04:01] <BachLynn23> back
[04:01] <LongClawTiger> There is an Aphro contest as well? Or is that just a regular claim?
[04:01] <LoveCatsOwls> hai bach
[04:01] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Bachy
[04:01] <LoveCatsOwls> contest @LCT
[04:01] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Bachy and points at skype*
[04:01] <LoveCatsOwls> chu get mah im bach?
[04:01] <LoveCatsOwls> chu get meh im back?
[04:01] <BachLynn23> yea, I fixed the font
[04:01] <LoveCatsOwls> fail *facepalms*
[04:01] <LoveCatsOwls> kk, danke
[04:02] <Imperceptible> semi afk
[04:02] <Nhlott> Aprho?
[04:02] <Nhlott> I'm so lost....
[04:02] <Nhlott> There's an Aprho contest as well?
[04:02] <LoveCatsOwls> Aphrodtie
[04:02] <LoveCatsOwls> *Aphrodite
[04:02] <WonderfulTwilight> Yesh
[04:02] <LoveCatsOwls> yup: [[Birthday Character Contest]]
[04:02] <LongClawTiger> Ooh, I may have to enter that one. 
[04:02] <Nhlott> O.O
[04:02] <Nhlott> 
[04:02] <WonderfulTwilight> -_- I'm so screwed now
[04:02] <BachLynn23> I picked a popular cabin for our birthday month
[04:02] <Nhlott> *Starts brainstorming*
[04:03] <LongClawTiger> That is the one cabin I have wanted a char in since I joined the wiki, but it was always too full.
[04:03] <BachLynn23> cuz otherwise they'll never be in the contest
[04:03] <LoveCatsOwls> *facepalms* no way is i winning if lott is entering both.
[04:03] <Nhlott> ------_______--------
[04:03] <LoveCatsOwls> someone wanna voulenteer to read mah entries when i finish?
[04:04] <LoveCatsOwls> no?
[04:05] <Nhlott> sure
[04:05] <LongClawTiger> what kind of feedback do youo want on them?
[04:05] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> back
[04:05] <WonderfulTwilight> *needs a male name*
[04:05] <LoveCatsOwls> yay! thanks lott
[04:05] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> Andrew wt
[04:05] <Nhlott> XD
[04:06] <WonderfulTwilight> nope
[04:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> [[Leyla S%C3%A1nchez|go welcome her]]
[04:06] <Nhlott> oh, wait, I thought you said Andrew WK
[04:06] <LoveCatsOwls> yo trav
[04:06] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[04:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai trav
[04:07] <Nhlott> oh, Nicki, I posted on Mellie cabin
[04:07] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> okie
[04:08] <Travelg> i pmed you wt
[04:08] <WonderfulTwilight> k
[04:10] <WonderfulTwilight> Hai Rawr
[04:10] <Rawr27> Hai
[04:11] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> RAWR! *glompz*
[04:11] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted lottie
[04:11] <LoveCatsOwls> *facepalms* bbl, gotta take mah bro to opticians.
[04:11] <Head of Ravenclaw> gtg
[04:11] <Rawr27> *hugs back* Hai Nicki
[04:11] <Head of Ravenclaw> we do rp later lott
[04:11] <Head of Ravenclaw> bye everyone
[04:11] <LoveCatsOwls> bai
[04:11] <Rawr27> Bye cats and Raven
[04:11] <WonderfulTwilight> Byez
[04:11] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bai owlz, bai horrie
[04:11] <LoveCatsOwls> i will leave chat up, just be afk.
[04:12] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pokes rawr* chu post on apollo's cabin?
[04:12] <Rawr27> Oh I'll go post now
[04:12] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> kk
[04:13] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> replied on leyla wt
[04:13] <Nhlott> hmmm...
[04:14] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hmmm... what lottie?
[04:15] <Nhlott> planning
[04:18] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> sooooo
[04:20] <Nhlott> hmm?
[04:21] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> it's silent... too silent
[04:21] <Nhlott> BOO!
[04:21] <Rawr27> Posted Nicki
[04:22] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> :P
[04:22] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> okie
[04:22] <Nhlott> le posted, Nicki
[04:22] <Rawr27> Sorry I'm not talking, I'm looking for a new pic for Elliot :P
[04:23] <WonderfulTwilight> Would Artemis turn a male into a tiger for flirting with her?
[04:23] <Nhlott> with her?
[04:23] <Nhlott> I'd say full-on death
[04:23] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[04:23] <WonderfulTwilight> Then one of her hunters then
[04:24] <Nhlott> A hunter, maybe, but with her, she'd kill
[04:25] <Nhlott> gtg
[04:25] <Nhlott> bbl
[04:25] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted rawr
[04:25] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> aw baiz
[04:26] <Rawr27> Okays
[04:26] <LongClawTiger> I thought Artemis liked animals, especially hunter types. I would imagine artemis turning a male into something like a skunk sooner than a predator.
[04:27] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> naw
[04:27] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> she turned *i don't remember his name* into a stag because he saw her half-naked
[04:28] <Rawr27> Hai Lucas
[04:28] <LucasA5972> Hey Rawr
[04:28] <WonderfulTwilight> OMFG I'm getting so many ideas
[04:28] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai lucas
[04:28] <LucasA5972> Hey Nicki
[04:28] <WonderfulTwilight> I have 2 I really wanna do
[04:29] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *just realized her hacks dont work* >.< brb
[04:30] <LongClawTiger> Trying to do my birthday contest entry, but my dog keeps licking my face and won't let me type. :P
[04:30] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> there, much better
[04:30] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> XD
[04:31] <WonderfulTwilight> I always get stuck on the personalities
[04:31] <Rawr27> Posted Nicki
[04:31] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> kk
[04:31] <Rawr27> :O LCT..I just remembered..chu is my step dad :D
[04:32] <LucasA5972> @WT Personalities r usually my easiest xD
[04:32] <LucasA5972> Hey Bloom
[04:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo
[04:32] <Rawr27> BLOOM *tackle hugs*
[04:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> RAWR!! *tackle hugs back*
[04:32] <LongClawTiger> I am? Um...chu want a hug then?
[04:32] <Rawr27> Yesh I do xD
[04:33] <WonderfulTwilight> BLOOMY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[04:33] <Rawr27> And chocolate :D
[04:33] <LongClawTiger> *gives rawr a fluffy tiger hug*
[04:33] <LongClawTiger> *shares cadbury mini-eggs too*
[04:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> WONDER!! *tackle hugs back*
[04:33] <LucasA5972> *goes around room offering hugs*
[04:33] <Rawr27> *hugs back and noms mini eggs* :D
[04:34] <Rawr27> Thanks chu..err..daddy number 2? :P
[04:34] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> BLOOM! *hugs*
[04:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> NICKI! *hugs back*
[04:34] <WonderfulTwilight> STEP GRAMPS!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs LCT* XP
[04:34] <Rawr27> Lool xD
[04:34] <Rawr27> Oh meet chur step grandchild, WT :D
[04:34] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted rawry
[04:35] <Rawr27> Okays
[04:35] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> [[Leyla S%C3%A1nchez|go welcome her :D]]
[04:35] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai blood
[04:35] <LucasA5972> Ok xD
[04:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> no one welcomed mah new BC charrie D:
[04:35] <WonderfulTwilight> LINK!
[04:35] <WonderfulTwilight> I wanna!
[04:35] <WonderfulTwilight> DX
[04:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> yay!
[04:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> [[Miranda Lehane|Miranda_Lehane]]
[04:37] <LongClawTiger> I don't have any BC chars to do any welcoming there.
[04:38] <WonderfulTwilight> :P Pheonix is the most hyper charrie the BC has EVER seen
[04:38] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted bloom
[04:38] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD 
[04:38] <BloomOfFairyTail> yaay
[04:39] <Rawr27> Posted Nicki
[04:39] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> kk
[04:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> crap my keyboard went nuts >.>
[04:40] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted rawr
[04:40] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai ale
[04:40] <Alejandro231> Hai
[04:40] <Rawr27> Hai Ale
[04:40] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo ale
[04:41] <LongClawTiger> *semi-afk* working on my contest char
[04:41] <Alejandro231> Hullo Everyone
[04:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted nicki and wonder
[04:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> kk
[04:43] <Alejandro231> Anyone wanna rp?
[04:43] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted bloom
[04:43] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> brb
[04:44] <WonderfulTwilight> Pheonix likes calling his mum a slut :/
[04:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted nicki
[04:46] <Rawr27> Posted Nicki
[04:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> BLOOD!! *tackle hugs*
[04:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sweatdrop*
[04:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> welcome to the wiki Sledge
[04:49] <Rawr27> Hai ben and its okay Bloom *hugs*
[04:49] <BEN!Sledge> Thank you
[04:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs back*
[04:50] <Black Wolf of blood> BLOOMY! *Kisses her deeply and pulls her to skype*
[04:51] <Rawr27> Now chu can tackle hug him Bloom :P
[04:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> hnf, I wont. he left when I did
[04:53] <BEN!Sledge> Is there a PM system on site?
[04:53] <Rawr27> Fair enough :P
[04:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, there is
[04:53] <Black Wolf of blood> Sorry Bloom, but my chat had been frozen, like, half an hour ago
[04:53] <Black Wolf of blood> So I had to quit and restart it
[04:54] <Black Wolf of blood> So you're quite welcome to tackle hug me
[04:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> *pouts* no
[04:54] <Black Wolf of blood> *Bites her pout* Yes
[04:54] <BEN!Sledge> Can people PM me the Guide and their Skype names if you guys want me to have your Skype
[04:54] <Black Wolf of blood> [[Guide]]
[04:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> no :P
[04:54] <Black Wolf of blood> Click that link
[04:54] <Black Wolf of blood> That's the guide
[04:54] <BEN!Sledge> I know but I am not at home yet
[04:55] <Black Wolf of blood> Eh, too bad for you
[04:55] <Rawr27> Hai Ducks
[04:55] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey
[04:55] <BEN!Sledge> I am still at School
[04:55] <Black Wolf of blood> Do you think I care? Read it when you get home. I'm not a babysitter
[04:55] <Black Wolf of blood> *Sighs* Don't mind me, I'm rather annoyed right now
[04:55] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Blood FTW
[04:56] <BEN!Sledge> Sorry that you are annoyed Wolf
[04:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted wonder
[04:56] <Rawr27> Bloom forgive him before he kills the newbie :P
[04:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Gtg cya
[04:57] <Rawr27> Bye Ducks
[04:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya ducks
[04:57] <BEN!Sledge> I am going to go before Wolf kills me or whoever
[04:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> he knows I`m just kidding :P
[04:58] <BEN!Sledge> Because I have some work to do also
[04:58] <Rawr27> Bye Ben
[05:00] <WonderfulTwilight> O.O I'm surprised by how good my charrie contest entry is so far
[05:01] <Black Wolf of blood> I might enter the Char contest this month
[05:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> I need to start mine D:
[05:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> hm... perhaps ill leave the history a WIP for until I get home....
[05:04] <Rawr27> Chat is very quiet today..o.o
[05:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah
[05:06] <Rawr27> Soo..
[05:06] <WonderfulTwilight> OMFG I was 2 seconds away from clicking the back button off my entry DX
[05:06] <Rawr27> That would of been bad o.o
[05:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah o.o
[05:07] <LoveCatsOwls> backerz
[05:07] <WonderfulTwilight> wibbles
[05:07] <Rawr27> Wb cats
[05:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted wonder
[05:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> hey cats
[05:07] <LoveCatsOwls> omg, i'm so gonna lose the char contest
[05:07] <LoveCatsOwls> which ones are u guys entering?
[05:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> I am
[05:07] <LongClawTiger> wb LCO :)
[05:08] <LongClawTiger> I am working on my Aphrodite entry right now :)
[05:08] <WonderfulTwilight> Aphro's
[05:08] <LoveCatsOwls> which one bloom? 
[05:08] <LoveCatsOwls> i'm entering both :/
[05:08] <WonderfulTwilight> I'm surprised by how good it is
[05:08] <LoveCatsOwls> mine's ok-ish
[05:09] <LoveCatsOwls> sh'es from iceland and blind
[05:10] <Rawr27> Cool cats
[05:10] <WonderfulTwilight> Mine got turned into a stag by Artemis for flirting with a hunter :/
[05:10] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm going to enter the Phobos contest, and perhaps the Aphro one
[05:10] <LoveCatsOwls> i'm entering both, as i said.
[05:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> eh.. I`m entering the phobos one
[05:11] <BloomOfFairyTail> not sure about the aphro though
[05:11] <WonderfulTwilight> Eh idk where he should be from
[05:11] <LoveCatsOwls> *looks pleasding* someone read mine through when i finish and tell me whatcha think?
[05:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Where
[05:12] <WonderfulTwilight> should
[05:12] <WonderfulTwilight> he
[05:12] <WonderfulTwilight> be
[05:12] <WonderfulTwilight> from
[05:12] <WonderfulTwilight> DX
[05:12] <LoveCatsOwls> canada?
[05:12] <BloomOfFairyTail> spain?
[05:13] <WonderfulTwilight> No
[05:13] <WonderfulTwilight> No
[05:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> cuba? XD
[05:13] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[05:13] <LoveCatsOwls> Scotland, USA, Portugal, Turkey, Cuba, Chile?
[05:13] <WonderfulTwilight> No
[05:13] <Rawr27> FRANCE xD
[05:13] <LoveCatsOwls> Italia?
[05:14] <WonderfulTwilight> I was thinking Russia
[05:14] <LoveCatsOwls> hi j4
[05:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Hai N
[05:14] <J4N3Y> Hey everybody!
[05:14] <Rawr27> Hai 4 :P
[05:15] <J4N3Y> why are we guessing countries?
[05:15] <J4N3Y> :P
[05:15] <Athletiger> hellos!
[05:15] <WonderfulTwilight> ATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[05:15] <Rawr27> Hai Athle
[05:15] <LoveCatsOwls> ATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTH!!!! *Glompz*
[05:15] <LoveCatsOwls> athathathhaihaihai
[05:15] <Athletiger> MOMMY!
[05:16] <WonderfulTwilight> >:D
[05:16] <Athletiger> hi everybody
[05:16] <LoveCatsOwls> blah
[05:16] <Athletiger> LCT is backies tooo?!
[05:16] <LongClawTiger> yes!
[05:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> hey athle
[05:16] <Athletiger> YAYZ!
[05:16] <Athletiger> hi bloom
[05:16] <LongClawTiger> Hallo fellow tiger :)
[05:16] <Rawr27> Wait..whos chur mummy Athle? :P
[05:16] <Athletiger> twi
[05:17] <WonderfulTwilight> >.> It's Wonder
[05:17] <Athletiger> or mommy
[05:17] <Athletiger> ^>^
[05:17] <WonderfulTwilight> Yea
[05:17] <Athletiger> ^.^*
[05:17] <Rawr27> :O That means chu is my grandkid Athle *hugs*
[05:17] <Athletiger> yayz!
[05:17] <Rawr27> *gives Athle cookies*
[05:17] <LongClawTiger> And my great-step-grandson...or something like that...
[05:17] <Athletiger> while i waz gone, ruby became admin
[05:17] <WonderfulTwilight> Yesh
[05:18] <Athletiger> and kitty was demoted to admin
[05:18] <Athletiger> and i went to the hunger games roleplay wiki
[05:18] <LoveCatsOwls> *is confused*
[05:19] <Athletiger> ....
[05:19] <WonderfulTwilight> Meow
[05:20] <WonderfulTwilight> Has anyone seen comic today?
[05:20] <Rawr27> Nope
[05:20] <WonderfulTwilight> ._.
[05:20] <WonderfulTwilight> *sits in corner*
[05:20] <LoveCatsOwls> nope
[05:20] <Athletiger> is bachiebot always on?
[05:20] <LoveCatsOwls> its
[05:21] <WonderfulTwilight> Mostly
[05:22] <WonderfulTwilight> *falls asleep*
[05:22] <IceFireWarden14> I got 99 problems...
[05:22] <WonderfulTwilight> Hai IFW
[05:22] <LoveCatsOwls> ^
[05:22] <WonderfulTwilight> and a cookie ain't one of them
[05:22] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[05:22] <IceFireWarden14> XD
[05:22] <IceFireWarden14> Sup everyone
[05:22] <WonderfulTwilight> NO
[05:22] <WonderfulTwilight> and a problem ain't one of them XP
[05:23] <WonderfulTwilight> I like the 2nd one better
[05:23] <IceFireWarden14> I got 99 problems, and I'm having fun. I got 99 problems, and solving them ain't one.
[05:23] <IceFireWarden14> XD
[05:23] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[05:23] <WonderfulTwilight> This fox-demon is sweet, but hides an inner, darker personality. His well-styled hair is the color of moonlight. His coffee-colored eyes speak of inner dangers. His charmingly well-worn outfits attractively display his graceful body.
[05:23] <LoveCatsOwls> ?
[05:24] <IceFireWarden14> Cool
[05:24] <WonderfulTwilight> I need that dude to marry me, now
[05:24] <IceFireWarden14> I thought you married Jas.
[05:24] <WonderfulTwilight> I did
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> I'm a Cancer (zodiac sign)
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Zodiac Signs - Cancer
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Aquarius - January 21 - February 19
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Pisces - February 20- March 20
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Aries - March 21 - April 20
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Taurus - April 21 - May 21
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Gemini - May 22 - June 21
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Cancer - June 22 - July 22
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Leo - July 23 -August 21
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Virgo - August 22 - September 23
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Libra - September 24 - October 23
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Scorpio - October 24 - November 22
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Sagittarius - November 23 - December 22
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Capricorn - December 23 - January 20
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Cancer Astrology June 21 - July 22
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Cancer Strength Keywords:
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> - Loyalty
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> - Dependable
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> - Caring
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> - Adaptable
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> - Responsive
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Cancer Weakness Keywords:
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> - Moody
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> - Clingy
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> - Self-pitying
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> - Oversensitive
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> - Self-absorbed
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> Oops
[05:26] <Athletiger> lol
[05:26] <WonderfulTwilight> WAIT, chur a cancer?!
[05:26] <WonderfulTwilight> O.O
[05:26] <WonderfulTwilight> Welcome to le club
[05:26] <LoveCatsOwls> ?
[05:26] <WonderfulTwilight> we have orange juice
[05:26] <WonderfulTwilight> cola
[05:26] <WonderfulTwilight> COOKIES
[05:27] <LoveCatsOwls> i is a virgo ;?
[05:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> er... why the spamming?
[05:27] <WonderfulTwilight> and oreos
[05:27] <LoveCatsOwls> *:/
[05:27] <IceFireWarden14> Bloom it was accident. Forgive Me
[05:27] <WonderfulTwilight> @Bloom Who cares I found a fellow Cancer, be happy for me XP
[05:27] <Black Wolf of blood> *Is a Virgo*
[05:27] <WonderfulTwilight> *flies flag*
[05:27] <Athletiger> hello blood
[05:27] <Rawr27> I'm a Scorpio :P
[05:27] <Athletiger> herro newbie
[05:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> *is a capricorn and couldn`t care less about this crap*
[05:27] <LoveCatsOwls> blood, chu is a virgo?
[05:27] <LongClawTiger> *is a libra* Prepare to be judged...
[05:28] <Athletiger> *is annoyed*
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> It says Cancer's are:
[05:28] <LoveCatsOwls> when is your b-day?
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Zodiac Signs - Cancer
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Aquarius - January 21 - February 19
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Pisces - February 20- March 20
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Aries - March 21 - April 20
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Taurus - April 21 - May 21
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Gemini - May 22 - June 21
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Cancer - June 22 - July 22
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Leo - July 23 -August 21
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Virgo - August 22 - September 23
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Libra - September 24 - October 23
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Scorpio - October 24 - November 22
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Sagittarius - November 23 - December 22
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Capricorn - December 23 - January 20
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Cancer Astrology June 21 - July 22
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Cancer Strength Keywords:
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> - Loyalty
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> - Dependable
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> - Caring
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> - Adaptable
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> - Responsive
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Cancer Weakness Keywords:
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> - Moody
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> - Clingy
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> - Self-pitying
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> - Oversensitive
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> - Self-absorbed
[05:28] <Rawr27> Lol Bloom xD
[05:28] <WonderfulTwilight> Okay stop spamming
[05:28] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> *is pissed at himself*
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> STUPID LAPTOP
[05:28] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs IFW*
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> *breaks laptop
[05:28] <Athletiger> *birthday's ten days from now*
[05:28] <LoveCatsOwls> when is your's blood?
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> WTH is it doing that?
[05:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> are you going to keep spamming
[05:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> ?*
[05:28] <LoveCatsOwls> mine is 5th Sept :D
[05:28] <Imperceptible> wait, we have orange juice?
[05:29] <WonderfulTwilight> Mine's 3rd July
[05:29] <WonderfulTwilight> @Imp what's chur sign?
[05:29] <Imperceptible> no idea XD
[05:29] <IceFireWarden14> Bloom, I'm not doing it on purpose. I apologized already and you could with the meaness.
[05:29] <WonderfulTwilight> Birthday?
[05:29] <Imperceptible> wait...
[05:29] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[05:29] <Imperceptible> my birthday is in 5 days!?!?!?
[05:29] <WonderfulTwilight> Aries then XP
[05:30] <Athletiger> coolz
[05:30] <Athletiger> my birthday is five days after your birthday
[05:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> no I couldn`t do with the meaness because that`s who I am and if you don`t like it, it`s your problem
[05:30] <Imperceptible> haha, nice
[05:30] <Imperceptible> i entirely forgot my birthday is coming up
[05:30] <IceFireWarden14> - Moody
[05:30] <IceFireWarden14> - Clingy
[05:30] <IceFireWarden14> - Self-pitying
[05:30] <IceFireWarden14> - Oversensitive
[05:30] <IceFireWarden14> - Self-absorbed
[05:31] <Black Wolf of blood> 15th of September, if you need to know
[05:31] <Imperceptible> ill be able to buy matches! XD
[05:31] <IceFireWarden14> That's the Cancer's weakness
[05:31] <Athletiger> bloody!
[05:31] <Athletiger> hiz!
[05:31] <IceFireWarden14> July 20th
[05:31] <LoveCatsOwls> 10 days after moi's blodd
[05:31] <LoveCatsOwls> *blood
[05:31] <WonderfulTwilight> Hmmmm sounds like me o_o
[05:31] <Athletiger> *blood
[05:31] <WonderfulTwilight> July 3rd
[05:31] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[05:31] <IceFireWarden14> - Loyalty
[05:31] <IceFireWarden14> - Dependable
[05:31] <IceFireWarden14> - Caring
[05:31] <IceFireWarden14> - Adaptable
[05:31] <IceFireWarden14> - Responsive (Cancer's Strengths)
[05:32] <WonderfulTwilight> O.O
[05:32] <IceFireWarden14> I rock
[05:32] <IceFireWarden14> XD
[05:32] <WonderfulTwilight> ^
[05:32] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[05:32] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Athle *hugs*
[05:32] <Black Wolf of blood> And it's fine if you call me Bloody
[05:32] <Imperceptible> afk
[05:32] <Black Wolf of blood> I don't mind
[05:32] <WonderfulTwilight> Bloody Mary?
[05:32] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[05:32] <Black Wolf of blood> That i do mind
[05:32] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[05:32] <Black Wolf of blood> *I
[05:32] <WonderfulTwilight> Bloody Wolfy then?
[05:32] <Black Wolf of blood> Sure
[05:33] <Athletiger> lol
[05:33] <WonderfulTwilight> YESH!
[05:33] <Athletiger> i is back from my trip
[05:33] <WonderfulTwilight> *air-punch*
[05:33] <Black Wolf of blood> Welcome back
[05:33] <LongClawTiger> Yay! Got my birthday char entry in. :)
[05:33] <Black Wolf of blood> No hugging back Athle?
[05:33] <Black Wolf of blood> *pouts*
[05:33] <LoveCatsOwls> linkage LCT?
[05:33] <IceFireWarden14> I got 99 problems and I'm having fun, 99 problems and being dumb aint one.
[05:34] <IceFireWarden14> XP
[05:34] <LongClawTiger> [[Birthday Character Contest#Entries|Birthday_Character_Contest#Entries]]
[05:34] <Athletiger> *hugs back*
[05:34] <Athletiger> had to do an errand for my mom
[05:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[05:35] <Athletiger> i wonder, do you guys want to be an affiliate to the hunger games rp wiki?
[05:35] <LongClawTiger> is the HG RP wiki even still around?
[05:35] <LongClawTiger> I thought most of the founders disappeared.
[05:35] <Athletiger> well, we restarted it
[05:35] <Athletiger> i improved it
[05:35] <LongClawTiger> cool :)
[05:36] <Athletiger> and even b, lott, kitty, and others are on
[05:36] <Athletiger> leno is still there
[05:37] <WonderfulTwilight> *is hungry*
[05:37] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[05:37] <Athletiger> *gives mommy a cooookie*
[05:37] <Oblivion26> holas
[05:37] <Rawr27> DAD *tackle hugs*
[05:37] <WonderfulTwilight> *noms cookie*
[05:37] <Oblivion26> hey rawr
[05:37] <Oblivion26> *gets tacke huggged*
[05:37] <LoveCatsOwls> hi
[05:37] <Athletiger> hi ob!
[05:37] <Oblivion26> hey Cats
[05:37] <Rawr27> -.- chu never hug me back
[05:37] <LucasA5972> Hi Cats
[05:37] <Oblivion26> hey Athle
[05:38] <LongClawTiger> Heya Ob :)
[05:38] <Oblivion26> annnd rawr?
[05:38] <Athletiger> herro ALE!
[05:38] <Alejandro231> Athle!
[05:38] <Oblivion26> hey LCT, long time no see
[05:38] <Rawr27> Meh -.-
[05:38] <Oblivion26> what?
[05:38] <Rawr27> Oh nvm :P
[05:39] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> backers
[05:39] <Rawr27> NICKI *hugs*
[05:39] <LucasA5972> Hey Nicki and Bach
[05:39] <Oblivion26> holas bach
[05:39] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> RAWR! *hugs back*
[05:39] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai bachie
[05:39] <Rawr27> Hai Bach
[05:39] <Rawr27> Did chu post Nicki?
[05:39] <Athletiger> BACKIE!
[05:39] <Athletiger> *BACHIE!
[05:39] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> in a minute rawr
[05:39] <Rawr27> Okays
[05:40] <LoveCatsOwls> oh hai ppls that came on :-)
[05:40] <IceFireWarden14> Does anyone else smell cookies? O.o
[05:40] <Oblivion26> no....
[05:40] <LoveCatsOwls> nope. i smell paint.
[05:40] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai owlz
[05:40] <WonderfulTwilight> I smell....chocolate
[05:40] <Oblivion26> i
[05:40] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i smell.....nail polish
[05:40] <Oblivion26> >.>
[05:40] <Oblivion26> <.<
[05:40] <IceFireWarden14> can all check me into the nuthouse now...
[05:41] <Oblivion26> ok :D
[05:41] <Athletiger> where's lottie?
[05:41] <Oblivion26> *throws you in a room full of nuts*
[05:41] <Oblivion26> XD
[05:41] <IceFireWarden14> XD
[05:41] <LongClawTiger> I smell...wet cardboard. Gads I hate the smell of new evaporative cooler pads...
[05:41] <Oblivion26> wait, what?
[05:41] <IceFireWarden14> I love the smell of gasoline in the morning.
[05:41] <Oblivion26> O.O
[05:41] <Oblivion26> pyro
[05:42] <Oblivion26> hey berg
[05:42] <RofLFERBERG> hello
[05:42] <IceFireWarden14> Hello
[05:42] <WonderfulTwilight> Hai Iceberg
[05:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted rawr
[05:42] <Rawr27> Okays 
[05:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai rofl
[05:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> rp anyone?
[05:42] <RofLFERBERG> Hey evryone who said hi
[05:42] <Oblivion26> he's an iceberg? O.O
[05:43] <RofLFERBERG> apparently
[05:43] <WonderfulTwilight> Yesh
[05:43] <Rawr27> Lol xD
[05:43] <Athletiger> hello new person/or i don't know you
[05:43] <Oblivion26> whoa.....
[05:43] <IceFireWarden14> *can't find the Last Dragon Chronicles*
[05:43] <WonderfulTwilight> Rp anyone?
[05:43] <Athletiger> i would, but my charries are "dead"
[05:43] <LucasA5972> @WT sure
[05:43] <IceFireWarden14> *Owns every famous fiction book known to man*
[05:43] <IceFireWarden14> O.O
[05:43] <Athletiger> lol
[05:43] <WonderfulTwilight> brb
[05:43] <IceFireWarden14> Whose dead?
[05:43] <LongClawTiger> be back in a bit
[05:44] <IceFireWarden14> *has entire LOTR, entire Harry Potter, entire Rick Riordan, entire Mortal Instruments, entire Sword of Truth, entire Inheritance Cycle*
[05:44] <IceFireWarden14> and more
[05:44] <LoveCatsOwls> bach?
[05:44] <Black Wolf of blood> Dresden Files?
[05:45] <Black Wolf of blood> Jules Verne?
[05:45] <Oblivion26> Sword of Truth?
[05:45] <Black Wolf of blood> Alexandre Dumas?
[05:45] <Oblivion26> you mean Shannara?
[05:45] <LoveCatsOwls> bach?
[05:45] <IceFireWarden14> I have Jules Verne
[05:45] <Black Wolf of blood> Eoin Colfer?
[05:45] <IceFireWarden14> H.G. Wells
[05:45] <Oblivion26> Bacon
[05:45] <Black Wolf of blood> C.S. Lewis?
[05:45] <Black Wolf of blood> John Flanagan?
[05:45] <IceFireWarden14> Yes Black
[05:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> The Golden Compass?
[05:45] <IceFireWarden14> All of them
[05:45] <WonderfulTwilight> back
[05:45] <IceFireWarden14> Except the last book in the Golden Compass
[05:46] <IceFireWarden14> Need that
[05:46] <Oblivion26> Salvatore?
[05:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> it`s a crazy book
[05:46] <IceFireWarden14> I know, right?
[05:46] <IceFireWarden14> Hey Shady
[05:46] <ShadowGoddess> hey pplz
[05:46] <Athletiger> hi shady!
[05:46] <Oblivion26> hey shadow lady
[05:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo shadow
[05:46] <LoveCatsOwls> Bach ~ PM
[05:46] <LoveCatsOwls> brb, dinner
[05:47] <ShadowGoddess> elloz my furry friendz!
[05:47] <Rawr27> Hai Shady
[05:48] <ShadowGoddess> so waz upz?
[05:48] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> nm
[05:48] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pokes rawr*
[05:48] <Rawr27> Hm?
[05:48] <Rawr27> Oh I'm just posting now
[05:48] <WonderfulTwilight> *dies*
[05:48] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> rp anyone?
[05:48] <ShadowGoddess> sure nicki
[05:49] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> [[Leyla S%C3%A1nchez|Leyla Sánchez]]
[05:49] <LucasA5972> @WT I'll be [[Aaron Gates]]. Where you wanna rp? (if you still wanna)
[05:49] <WonderfulTwilight> On his page?
[05:49] <LucasA5972> If you wanna then sure
[05:49] <LoveCatsOwls> bachlynn23?
[05:50] <Rawr27> Posted Nicki
[05:50] <IceFireWarden14> Nicki, the charrie is kind of hot.
[05:50] <Oblivion26> i think she's afk....
[05:50] <LoveCatsOwls> *trying to ping bach*
[05:50] <Oblivion26> possibly...
[05:50] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Lucas
[05:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> danke ifw o.o
[05:50] <ShadowGoddess> posted nicki
[05:50] <Athletiger> gtg
[05:50] <Athletiger> bye!
[05:51] <Athletiger> *free hugs*
[05:51] <ShadowGoddess> rp anyonez?
[05:51] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs Athle* Bye
[05:51] <Rawr27> Bye Athle *hugs back*
[05:51] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye *tackle hugs Athle*
[05:51] <Athletiger> cats, i'll get bachie for you
[05:51] <ShadowGoddess> byez athle *huggies athle*
[05:51] <Athletiger> *hugs back*
[05:52] <WonderfulTwilight> Russia or France?
[05:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> russia
[05:53] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> my pc is being a b*tch
[05:53] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> russia
[05:54] <Rawr27> brb
[05:54] <ShadowGoddess> anyone here play baseball or softball?
[05:54] <LucasA5972> Sometimes
[05:54] <ShadowGoddess>
[05:54] <ShadowGoddess> this is a burn to boys
[05:55] <IceFireWarden14> O.O
[05:55] <IceFireWarden14> Meanie
[05:55] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted shad
[05:55] <IceFireWarden14> XD
[05:55] <WonderfulTwilight> XD Shady
[05:55] <ShadowGoddess> its so true
[05:55] <LucasA5972> xD and Dx<
[05:55] <Rawr27> Back
[05:56] <WonderfulTwilight> Rawr, Rp?
[05:56] <LucasA5972> WB
[05:56] <IceFireWarden14> I can pitch and catch, but not swing in baseball/softball
[05:56] <Rawr27> Sure who/where?
[05:56] <WonderfulTwilight> I'll use Romeo
[05:56] <IceFireWarden14> and Juliet
[05:56] <IceFireWarden14> XD
[05:57] <Rawr27> Hmm..who should I use?..WT can chu choose for me? :P
[05:57] <WonderfulTwilight> I'm gonna make a charrie called Juliette soon
[05:57] <WonderfulTwilight> Hmmmm
[05:57] <Rawr27> ART *hugs*
[05:57] <LucasA5972> Hey Arty
[05:57] <WonderfulTwilight> Aiden's hot
[05:57] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[05:57] <WonderfulTwilight> I didn't say that
[05:57] <Artemisgirl> hey *hugs back*
[05:57] <Rawr27> Lool IKR xD I changed his pic 
[05:58] <WonderfulTwilight> Use Amber
[05:58] <Rawr27> Okays
[05:58] <LucasA5972> gtg
[05:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> oooh chu changed his pic? *goes to check it*
[05:58] <WonderfulTwilight> I'll post on her page
[05:58] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye Lucas
[05:58] <LucasA5972> bye
[05:58] <Rawr27> Lool bloom and bye lucas 
[05:58] <ShadowGoddess> posted nicki
[05:58] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted rawr
[05:58] <ShadowGoddess> WT RP?
[05:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> oooh nice pic rawr 
[05:59] <WonderfulTwilight> Sure who/where
[05:59] <Rawr27> I know right :D
[05:59] <ShadowGoddess> I'll use Luna and you can chose where
[05:59] <WonderfulTwilight> Actually rawr I'll use Miyuki
[05:59] <WonderfulTwilight> I'll use Skylar with chu Shady
[05:59] <Rawr27> Okays
[06:00] <IceFireWarden14> brb
[06:01] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Rawr
[06:01] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> did i say i posted rawr?
[06:01] <WonderfulTwilight> *pets Miyuki*
[06:02] <BloomOfFairyTail> chu really liked her, huh?
[06:02] <Rawr27> Yeah, I'm posting now
[06:02] <WonderfulTwilight> Yesh :3
[06:02] <WonderfulTwilight> Miyuki is the only charrie I've adopted that I've actually rped more than once XP
[06:02] <ShadowGoddess> WT where do u wanna rp?
[06:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[06:03] <WonderfulTwilight> On Luna's page Shady
[06:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> :O *just realized something*
[06:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> hai Lott
[06:03] <WonderfulTwilight> Hai Lott
[06:03] <WonderfulTwilight> What nicki
[06:03] <Nhlott> le greetings 
[06:03] <Rawr27> Hai Lott *hugs* and what Nicki?
[06:03] <Artemisgirl> Hey Lott *hugs*
[06:03] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[06:04] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Shady
[06:04] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[06:04] <Nhlott> *hugs back*
[06:04] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai hai lottie *hugs*
[06:04] <Nhlott> my god, this Mac and Cheese is awesome
[06:04] <Nhlott> Hey Nicki *hugs back*
[06:05] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> rawry chech chur talk
[06:05] <Rawr27> Posted Nicki and okays..
[06:05] <ShadowGoddess> posted WT
[06:06] <Nhlott> posted on Leyla, Nicki
[06:06] <LoveCatsOwls> back
[06:06] <LoveCatsOwls> backerz
[06:06] <Rawr27> YAY I has chur badge :D
[06:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> oke
[06:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> :D
[06:06] <LoveCatsOwls> bachie pm
[06:07] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Shady
[06:07] <WonderfulTwilight> *turns into a kitty and curls up on someone's lap*
[06:07] <LoveCatsOwls> *is curled up on*
[06:08] <Black Wolf of blood> Arty! *Hugs* Didn't know you were on
[06:08] <WonderfulTwilight> Meow
[06:08] <Artemisgirl> *ducks under Wolf's arm and pushes him towards Bloom* :P
[06:08] <LoveCatsOwls> bach?
[06:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> what?
[06:08] <Rawr27> Oh Arty arty, pm
[06:08] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pouts* Can't I hug a friend?
[06:09] <Black Wolf of blood> *hugs Bloom*
[06:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted rawr
[06:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs back*
[06:09] <Black Wolf of blood> *Then pulls Arty into the hug* See? 
[06:09] <Rawr27> Okays
[06:09] <Black Wolf of blood> Now I hugged Bloom as well
[06:09] <Black Wolf of blood> Happy?
[06:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sweatdrop*
[06:09] <WonderfulTwilight> *wants a hug* ._.
[06:09] <LoveCatsOwls> bach ?
[06:09] <LoveCatsOwls> *hus wt*
[06:09] <LoveCatsOwls> *hugs
[06:09] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs back*
[06:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted lott
[06:09] <ShadowGoddess> posted WT
[06:10] <Rawr27> Posted WT
[06:10] <ShadowGoddess> yo lottie?
[06:11] <Nhlott> Hmmm?
[06:11] <ShadowGoddess> I'm going to put Laura's claim on CJ since I finished it
[06:12] <LoveCatsOwls> u r joining CJ shad?
[06:12] <ShadowGoddess> I'm already on CJ. I have three chars
[06:12] <Nhlott> XD
[06:12] <LoveCatsOwls> *facepalms* i remember now
[06:12] <WonderfulTwilight> ----__---- I only have 2
[06:12] <Nhlott> I got like 4
[06:12] <LoveCatsOwls> i have 5
[06:13] <WonderfulTwilight> And they're both crap
[06:13] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[06:13] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Rawry Face
[06:13] <Nhlott> *hugs WT and hands her TP*
[06:13] <Rawr27> Okays and rawry face? xD
[06:13] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs back and WTF is a TP o.o*
[06:13] <LoveCatsOwls> TP?
[06:13] <Rawr27> Toilet Paper? o.o
[06:14] <ShadowGoddess> so is that okayz lott? or do you wanna see it first?
[06:14] <ShadowGoddess> posted WT
[06:15] <Nhlott> either way's fine, Shad
[06:15] <Rawr27> Posted Nicki
[06:15] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[06:15] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> okie
[06:15] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> brb
[06:16] <Nhlott> Well, you said they were crap
[06:16] <WonderfulTwilight> -_- I get it now
[06:16] <LoveCatsOwls> xD
[06:16] <Rawr27> Oh lol xD
[06:16] <Rawr27> I was right then :P
[06:16] <WonderfulTwilight> *sits in corner*
[06:17] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> back
[06:17] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai ale
[06:17] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted wt
[06:17] <Alejandro231> Hai Nicki, Hey Everyone else
[06:17] <Nhlott> awwww.... c'mon you know I didn't mean it
[06:17] <Nhlott> 
[06:17] <Nhlott> *Give WT apology cookies*
[06:17] <Rawr27> Hai Ale
[06:18] <WonderfulTwilight> *noms apology cookies*
[06:18] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[06:18] <Artemisgirl> brb, dinner
[06:18] <Nhlott> :D
[06:18] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted shad
[06:19] <Nhlott> le posted, Nicki
[06:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> gtg to my useless english class
[06:19] <Rawr27> Posted WT
[06:19] <Nhlott> Uh..........
[06:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> see ya`ll later
[06:19] <Nhlott> O.O
[06:19] <Rawr27> Oh bye bye Bloom *hugs*
[06:19] <Nhlott> *scrambles for notebook*
[06:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> bye *hugs back*
[06:20] <Rawr27> Whats up lott? o.o
[06:20] <LoveCatsOwls> bye bloom
[06:20] <LoveCatsOwls> ^^
[06:20] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bai bloomy *hugs*
[06:20] <Nhlott> I forgot Solomon's history
[06:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> bai nicki *hugs back*
[06:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> bye cats
[06:21] <LoveCatsOwls> *has finished aphro entry* :D
[06:22] <Nhlott> damn, chu, Wendy's schedule
[06:22] <LoveCatsOwls> huh?
[06:22] <ShadowGoddess> posted nicki
[06:22] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> okie
[06:23] <Nhlott> I was thinking about the story when I went to get my schedule for the week and it just slipped my mind
[06:24] <LoveCatsOwls> -_-
[06:24] <Rawr27> I gtg 
[06:24] <Rawr27> bye 
[06:24] <Rawr27> +
[06:24] <Alejandro231> I wanna do the historical demigod contest, but i can't think of anyone :p
[06:25] <Rawr27> Stupid cat
[06:25] <Rawr27> bye bye
[06:25] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> aw bai rawr
[06:25] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> chu posted?
[06:25] <LoveCatsOwls> bai bai rawry :(
[06:25] <ShadowGoddess> posted WT
[09:46] <Comiclove> *AKA Mahogany*
[09:46] <Comiclove> Bye Lowdy
[09:47] <Comiclove> see you around the wikia lifestream
[09:47] <AuRon the champion> bai lowdy
[09:47] <Comiclove> Obby
[09:47] <Comiclove> *poke*
[09:47] <Comiclove> I like how low's last edit just happens to be a reply to a blog comment I made
[09:47] <Comiclove> XD
[09:47] <Comiclove> I'm like
[09:48] <Comiclove> <_< Creepy much?
[09:48] <BachBot> im back (happy) 
[09:49] <AuRon the champion> <span style="color:red;">bachbot</span>!
[09:49] <Oblivion26> hey bach :D
[09:49] <AuRon the champion> =D
[09:49] <Oblivion26> wait....
[09:49] <Oblivion26> TERMINATOR!
[09:49] <Nhlott> *pokes bot with stick*
[09:49] <Orbstar> BOTTIE!
[09:49] <Orbstar> *licks bottie* hai!!!!!!!!
[09:49] <Orbstar> o.o
[09:49] <BachBot> the server was rebooted
[09:49] <Comiclove> hey BB
[09:49] <Comiclove> And Huh?
[09:49] <Comiclove> o.o
[09:49] <BachBot> i run on a server now
[09:50] <Comiclove> Ah
[09:50] <Orbstar> i have to go nowz
[09:50] <Orbstar> bye
[09:50] <BachBot> bye orb
[09:50] <Orbstar> bye
[09:50] <AuRon the champion> bai rob!
[09:51] <AuRon the champion> :P
[09:51] <Head of Ravenclaw> brb
[09:53] <Narutofreak0> sooooo
[09:53] <Narutofreak0> botty has a mind of it's own or it's still bach talking?
[09:53] <Comiclove> Probably second
[09:53] <Comiclove> Anyways....
[09:53] <Comiclove> *feels proud*
[09:53] <Nhlott> *spooky voice* Nobody knooooows....
[09:53] <Comiclove> *isn't spooked*
[09:53] <Comiclove> wb ob
[09:53] <Narutofreak0> ♫nobody knows the trouble i've seen♫
[09:55] <AuRon the champion> well then
[09:55] <Comiclove> wb hor
[09:55] <AuRon the champion> I say...
[09:55] <AuRon the champion> WE DO A BARREL ROLL!
[09:55] <AuRon the champion> *barrel rolls away*
[09:55] <AuRon the champion> *promptly blows up*
[09:55] <Comiclove> XD
[09:56] <Narutofreak0> *laughst at au while pointing*
[09:56] <Narutofreak0> *laughs
[09:56] <Nhlott> does making a blog work the same as a forum or template?
[09:56] <Nhlott> As in you name it User Blog: Whatever?
[09:56] <Narutofreak0> yes
[09:56] <Nhlott> kk
[09:56] <Narutofreak0> User blog:Nhlott/whatever
[09:57] <Comiclove> I never saw lott write a blog
[09:57] <Comiclove> o.o
[09:57] <Narutofreak0> then you fail comi
[09:58] <Comiclove> Why??
[09:58] <Narutofreak0> bcuzz you didn't know he hasn't written any blogs
[09:58] <Artemisgirl> hey Allan :)
[09:59] <Allan Thorne> i keep trying to get claimed, and it keeps saying "error" and i cant take it! i write ALL that, and it just goes away, like *poof*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:59] <Allan Thorne> im leaving
[09:59] <Narutofreak0> bye
[09:59] <AuRon the champion> bai
[10:00] <Comiclove> Nar, i did
[10:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey
[10:00] <Comiclove> I'm just saying
[10:00] <Comiclove> ..
[10:00] <Comiclove> DUCKY
[10:00] <HadesHero> allan you could adopt a char
[10:00] <Comiclove> *tackle glompz ducks*
[10:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> COMI
[10:00] <Comiclove> I have a character up for adoption, al
[10:00] <Rawr27> Hai Ducks
[10:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Rawr *hugs rawr*
[10:00] <Comiclove> One does not simply say Hai Ducks
[10:00] <Comiclove> >:/
[10:00] <HadesHero> o.o
[10:00] <Comiclove> ?@HH
[10:01] <Rawr27> *hugs back*
[10:01] <AuRon the champion> allen left chat
[10:01] <HadesHero> amuse me
[10:01] <Comiclove> I refreshed!
[10:02] <AuRon the champion> wise!
[10:02] <Rawr27> Hai mum 
[10:02] <AuRon the champion> haidere!
[10:02] <Nhlott> WISE!!
[10:02] <Nhlott> *Glompz*
[10:02] <Bsand71> wassup?
[10:02] <TheWiseOne> *is glompzed* Hai
[10:02] <TheWiseOne> Not much, man.
[10:02] <AuRon the champion> holycrap!
[10:02] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Wisey *glompz*
[10:02] <TheWiseOne> Wassabi with you?
[10:02] <AuRon the champion> it's that one guy from soul eater!
[10:02] <Comiclove> Hey Wise
[10:02] <Comiclove> XD
[10:02] <AuRon the champion> *who's name eludes me*
[10:02] <Comiclove> Asura
[10:02] <Nhlott> I le miiiiiiiissed you
[10:02] <Comiclove> Demon Kishin God
[10:02] <AuRon the champion> ja
[10:02] <Comiclove> :P
[10:02] <Bsand71> Kishin Asura.
[10:02] <AuRon the champion> it's Asura!
[10:02] <AuRon the champion> *barrel rolls away*
[10:02] <TheWiseOne> I can tell, Lott.
[10:02] <Comiclove> XD
[10:03] <Comiclove> I'm le Undertaker
[10:03] <Bsand71> nice.
[10:03] <Comiclove> so I can laugh my ass off at Asura
[10:03] <Comiclove> XP
[10:03] <Comiclove> not the wrestler, though
[10:03] <TheWiseOne> And you're gonna have to go another 5 days without me.
[10:03] <Comiclove> screw the wrestler
[10:03] <Comiclove> D:
[10:03] <Valorie99> hey
[10:03] <Bsand71> why laugh at me? i haven't done anything stupid yet. :P
[10:03] <TheWiseOne> No internet (or coffee D:) for 5 days.
[10:03] <Comiclove> :P
[10:03] <Comiclove> it's fine, Bsand
[10:03] <Comiclove> such a shame, wise
[10:03] <Comiclove> no internet AND no coffee?
[10:03] <TheWiseOne> Nope
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> Well, no Timmy's, anyways
[10:04] <Valorie99> r ya grounded?
[10:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Gtg ttyl
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> No
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> Bye Ducks
[10:04] <Valorie99> oh...
[10:04] <Bsand71> say WHAT? you're a legend, wise.
[10:04] <AuRon the champion> bai ducks
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> I'm going on a tour
[10:04] <Rawr27> Bye ducks
[10:04] <AuRon the champion> ah
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> A mucis tour
[10:04] <Comiclove> bye ducky :(
[10:04] <Bsand71> cya, ducks.
[10:04] <Valorie99> bye
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> *music
[10:04] <Oblivion26> really wise? :D
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> yeah
[10:04] <Oblivion26> cool :D
[10:04] <Oblivion26> 
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> OB!!!
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> *glompz*
[10:04] <Nhlott> -_-
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> What?
[10:04] <Oblivion26> XD *gets glompzed*
[10:04] <Head of Ravenclaw> gtg
[10:04] <TheWiseOne> Bye HoR
[10:05] <Comiclove> ?@Lott
[10:05] <AuRon the champion> ba
[10:05] <AuRon the champion> nvm...
[10:05] <Valorie99> hey i had a question, ya know my word bubble like I made it and all but how do I use it?
[10:06] <Comiclove> Yeah.......
[10:06] <Comiclove> *doesn't like where this might go*
[10:06] <TheWiseOne> Val
[10:06] <Valorie99> wat?
[10:06] <Valorie99> @comic
[10:06] <TheWiseOne> To use a wordbubble
[10:06] <TheWiseOne> Did you make a template page for it
[10:06] <TheWiseOne> *?
[10:07] <RofLFERBERG> u put {{name|~~~~~|message}}
[10:08] <Valorie99> do I have to put the little lines?
[10:08] <TheWiseOne> Yes
[10:08] <Nhlott> kinda why they're there...
[10:09] <Comiclove> They're tildes
[10:09] <Comiclove> not little lines
[10:09] <Comiclove> XP
[10:09] <Valorie99> thks for clearing that (being sarcastic) 
[10:09] <Valorie99> @lott
[10:10] <Comiclove> Ahahahaha, nice try
[10:10] <Oblivion26> you know Val, we dont have to help you
[10:10] <Black Wolf of blood> That, my dear friend, isn't sarcasm
[10:10] <Oblivion26> we just let you stumble around by yourself
[10:10] <Comiclove> ^@Blood
[10:10] <Comiclove> Like the pre-guide peopel
[10:10] <RofLFERBERG> Val, don't sass lott
[10:10] <Comiclove> XD
[10:10] <Comiclove> Oh, god
[10:10] <Nhlott> Y'know, you're not even worth getting mad over, noob
[10:10] <Comiclove> ^
[10:10] <Comiclove> true
[10:10] <Comiclove> XP
[10:11] <Valorie99> Look... not looking 4 a fight k
[10:11] <Comiclove> *for
[10:11] <Comiclove> not the number, the word
[10:11] <Nhlott> Yet you start shit
[10:11] <Black Wolf of blood> We aren't giving you one
[10:11] <Nhlott> EXCELLENT logic
[10:11] <Bsand71> gtg, b4 i die of boredom. kbye.
[10:11] <AuRon the champion> bai asura
[10:12] <RofLFERBERG> bye?
[10:12] <AuRon the champion> roflperson
[10:12] <Comiclove> Hello Bloom
[10:12] <AuRon the champion> when did you get here?
[10:12] <Bsand71> just call me Brad, btw, guys.
[10:12] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo Comic
[10:12] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderebloom
[10:12] <AuRon the champion> bai asura
[10:12] <Comiclove> Nah, Bsand's better for me
[10:12] <BloomOfFairyTail> hey auron
[10:12] <Black Wolf of blood> *Quirks an eyebrow* If you're dying of boredom by being here, why are you here in the first place?
[10:12] <AuRon the champion> were gonna call you that
[10:12] <Comiclove> XD
[10:12] <Comiclove> So True
[10:12] <Black Wolf of blood> BLOOMY! *Tackle hugs*
[10:12] <Rawr27> Hai Bloom
[10:12] <BloomOfFairyTail> BLOODY! *tackle hugs back*
[10:12] <RofLFERBERG> Friday
[10:12] <BloomOfFairyTail> Hai Rawr
[10:12] <Black Wolf of blood> *Smiles and spins Bloom around*
[10:13] <AuRon the champion> *pushes bloom and blood into the pm going on between black and blood*
[10:13] <AuRon the champion> room, plox
[10:13] <Bsand71> i was recommended to be here by a friend, Black Wolf.
[10:13] <HadesHero> we got any new noobs?
[10:13] <HadesHero> 
[10:13] <Rawr27> I forgot to tackle hug chu :O *tackle hugs Bloom*
[10:13] <Comiclove> XD Ay
[10:13] <AuRon the champion> asura! that is what we name you
[10:13] <Comiclove> Really?
[10:13] <Comiclove> o.o
[10:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD *tackle hugs back*
[10:13] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs back*
[10:13] <AuRon the champion> rofl
[10:13] <Rawr27> Hai Gyps
[10:13] <Black Wolf of blood> ...
[10:13] <Black Wolf of blood> Misread
[10:13] <AuRon the champion> you have to explain
[10:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> hey Gyps
[10:13] <GypsyThief> Hi
[10:13] <AuRon the champion> what you usename mean?
[10:13] <RofLFERBERG> Yes Auron?
[10:13] <Comiclove> Hello Gypsy
[10:14] <RofLFERBERG> Oh ferberg is some character my friend made up
[10:14] <RofLFERBERG> and it used to be loL because we would always say that
[10:14] <AuRon the champion> ah
[10:14] <RofLFERBERG> but i changed it to rofl for something new
[10:15] <Black Wolf of blood> *Needs to get people to start calling him Wolf again so he doesn't mistake it when people are talking to Bloomy*
[10:15] <Comiclove> What about Blood?
[10:15] <Comiclove> :P
[10:15] <RofLFERBERG> Hi Wolf
[10:15] <AuRon the champion> no
[10:15] <Nhlott> GYPS!!
[10:15] <Nhlott> *glompz*
[10:15] <AuRon the champion> wolf is reserved for the other wollf
[10:15] <AuRon the champion> what about black?
[10:15] <GypsyThief> LOTT!! *is glompz'd*
[10:15] <Black Wolf of blood> Nope
[10:15] <Black Wolf of blood> No Black
[10:16] <Black Wolf of blood> Black is...a colour
[10:16] <AuRon the champion> *does like the sound of bxb when refering to bloom and blood*
[10:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> other wolf?
[10:16] <Black Wolf of blood> Some guy with a wolf in his username
[10:16] <RofLFERBERG> I g2g bye
[10:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> didn't know there was another one
[10:16] <AuRon the champion> bai berg
[10:16] <TheWiseOne> bye
[10:16] <AuRon the champion> there is
[10:16] <GypsyThief> Can I call ya paperclip? xP
[10:16] <AuRon the champion> but he/she isn't on mauch
[10:16] <GypsyThief> Cya Berg
[10:16] <Black Wolf of blood> Who's been on chat for, perhaps, a week of all the time we've been on chat
[10:16] <TheWiseOne> Blood, black isn't a colour
[10:16] <Black Wolf of blood> @Bloom
[10:16] <AuRon the champion> ja
[10:17] <AuRon the champion> and black, if you think about it
[10:17] <TheWiseOne> Black is a shade.
[10:17] <AuRon the champion> is indeed not a color
[10:17] <AuRon the champion> it's a phase of light
[10:17] <TheWiseOne> White isn't a colour either
[10:17] <AuRon the champion> in which we see waves
[10:17] <Comiclove> ^
[10:17] <TheWiseOne> It's a tint
[10:17] <AuRon the champion> or the lack of substance
[10:17] <AuRon the champion> i.e.
[10:17] <AuRon the champion> the theory of black holes
[10:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> white is all colours and black is the lack of colour
[10:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> or the other way around
[10:17] <AuRon the champion> a gravity force so big
[10:17] <AuRon the champion> that it removes color itself
[10:17] <Black Wolf of blood> White is all colours and has yet to be split
[10:17] <AuRon the champion> makes sense to me
[10:18] <Travelg> *changes entire room to be black and white and pink* :P
[10:18] <AuRon the champion> no pink!
[10:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> *changes the pink into red*
[10:18] <AuRon the champion> *hides in black part of room*
[10:18] <Black Wolf of blood> An extreme weight, gathered at the size of the end of a needle
[10:18] <Travelg> Rofl
[10:18] <Nhlott> *hides in the black corner*
[10:18] <Black Wolf of blood> That's, from what I know, the theory of black holes
[10:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> I just remembered of that song in Alice in Wonderland when they start painting roses o.o
[10:19] <Black Wolf of blood> *Removes Black from his pings*
[10:19] <Nhlott> XD
[10:19] <AuRon the champion> don't want to be sucked into a pinhole
[10:19] <Travelg> that was weird
[10:19] <AuRon the champion> however, having xxx with someone that size....
[10:19] <AuRon the champion> pretty tight
[10:19] <AuRon the champion> litterally
[10:19] <AuRon the champion> *bad pun*
[10:20] <Nhlott>
[10:20] <AuRon the champion> I said
[10:20] <AuRon the champion> bad pun
[10:21] <Nhlott> I see
[10:21] <Nhlott> *prepared a box to bury it in*
[10:21] <Kingbirdy> hey
[10:21] <Oblivion26> hey king
[10:22] <Rawr27> Hai King
[10:22] <Comiclove> Hello King
[10:22] <Travelg> hi king
[10:22] <Nhlott> Yo,King
[10:22] <Comiclove> *salutes, then bows*
[10:22] <Nhlott> Wait, it's coming back to me.......
[10:24] <TheWiseOne> What is?
[10:24] <Nhlott> my contest entry
[10:24] <Nhlott> I was daydreaming in Psych class and it came to me
[10:24] <AuRon the champion> *lagged out*
[10:24] <Nhlott> but my friends dragged me out of the library before I could write it out
[10:25] <AuRon the champion> pari!
[10:25] <Never Shout Paris> youre just 16.. going on 17... tralalalala
[10:25] <Never Shout Paris> oh hi
[10:25] <AuRon the champion> *parwii!
[10:26] <TheWiseOne> Want help with it?
[10:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> Back on for a bit
[10:26] <AuRon the champion> I see thou hath been watching the sound of music
[10:26] <Never Shout Paris> not actually...'
[10:26] <Rawr27> Hai Elf 
[10:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hai Rawr
[10:26] <Rawr27> *hugs*
[10:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> *hugs back* 
[10:26] <Never Shout Paris> its an aspiring actress thing...
[10:26] <Comiclove> 
[10:26] <Comiclove> WB Elfie
[10:26] <Oblivion26> oh god
[10:26] <Comiclove> :P
[10:26] <Comiclove> ?
[10:26] <AuRon the champion> bleh
[10:26] <AuRon the champion> abura!
[10:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'm surprised that my parents haven't asked me th=o go to bed yet, O_O
[10:27] <Oblivion26> i hate the sound of music
[10:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thanks Comic
[10:27] <Comiclove> XD
[10:27] <Oblivion26> XP
[10:27] <Comiclove> Elfie
[10:27] <Comiclove> Seth deleted ruby's warning
[10:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP Ob
[10:27] <Never Shout Paris> we just break out in song from random musicals.
[10:27] <MajinAbura> Hello all
[10:27] <Comiclove> but I slapped on a second
[10:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh wtf!
[10:27] <Comiclove> :D
[10:27] <Comiclove> *is happy*
[10:27] <Comiclove> Let me link 
[10:27] <Comiclove> XP
[10:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Good, Comic!
[10:27] <Never Shout Paris> *yells at comic* FOOD GLORIOUS FOOOOOD
[10:27] <AuRon the champion> HOLY CRAP
[10:27] <Comiclove> Paris
[10:27] <Comiclove> Calm down
[10:27] <AuRon the champion> *hides behind comic*
[10:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Caps
[10:27] <AuRon the champion> COMIC!
[10:27] <Oblivion26> what?
[10:27] <Comiclove> and thanks, elfie
[10:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[10:27] <AuRon the champion> it's goku and bu fusion!
[10:27] <Never Shout Paris> o____o
[10:27] <Oblivion26> where the hell did that come from?
[10:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Can you link me?
[10:27] <AuRon the champion> hide!
[10:27] <Comiclove> Made me feel good, Elf
[10:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> please*
[10:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[10:27] <MajinAbura> No Gohan and Buu's fusion
[10:27] <Comiclove> *not in any sexual manner*
[10:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[10:27] <AuRon the champion> whatever1
[10:27] <Never Shout Paris> wtf...
[10:27] <AuRon the champion> it's still the same!
[10:28] <Artemisgirl> g2g, sorry
[10:28] <AuRon the champion> bai arte
[10:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> Laters Arte
[10:28] <TheWiseOne> Bye mum
[10:28] <Never Shout Paris> i mean really comic... wtf did you just say?! 
[10:28] <Never Shout Paris> xD
[10:28] <Rawr27> Bye art *hugs*
[10:28] <AuRon the champion> I dunno
[10:28] <AuRon the champion> he says things
[10:28] <AuRon the champion> they are not true
[10:28] <AuRon the champion> I say things
[10:28] <Comiclove> -_-
[10:28] <AuRon the champion> they are random
[10:28] <Comiclove> Dude, I'm Right here
[10:28] <AuRon the champion> and also untrue
[10:28] <Comiclove> *slaps au*
[10:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> Comic
[10:29] <Comiclove> xP
[10:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> I love your "how sad it would be" XD
[10:29] <Comiclove> It's part of my sig XD
[10:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[10:29] <AuRon the champion> I use my awesome random powers to make a person fall on me!
[10:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh shit, yeah XD
[10:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> Epic Failz
[10:29] <AuRon the champion> preventing comic from slaping me!
[10:29] <Nhlott> I mean, if ya like, Wise
[10:29] <Comiclove> Au
[10:29] <Comiclove> You did not obey the rules
[10:29] <Comiclove> when combating me:
[10:29] <Comiclove> you must react within 3 posts
[10:29] <Comiclove> XP
[10:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[10:30] <AuRon the champion> dont care
[10:30] <Comiclove> XD
[10:30] <Comiclove> Course you don't
[10:30] <AuRon the champion> I dodge
[10:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[10:30] <AuRon the champion> *dodged
[10:30] <Never Shout Paris> *hides in trees*
[10:30] <Comiclove> for you are a caretaker
[10:30] <AuRon the champion> by making someone fall on me
[10:30] <Comiclove> of Tidus
[10:30] <AuRon the champion> it counts
[10:30] <MajinAbura> ..What's going on?
[10:30] <AuRon the champion> *and also, the man with the machine gun*
[10:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Who's the someone, Aur?
[10:30] <Comiclove> and a former warrior monk of yevon
[10:30] <Comiclove> xP
[10:30] <AuRon the champion> hmm...
[10:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[10:31] <Comiclove> Majin, stop asking that
[10:31] <AuRon the champion> I pick...
[10:31] <AuRon the champion> bach!
[10:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[10:31] <Comiclove> it's getting bloody annoyin
[10:31] <AuRon the champion> *random pick*
[10:31] <MajinAbura> I will when I know what's going on comic
[10:31] <Comiclove> So?
[10:31] <AuRon the champion> I dunno what's going on either
[10:31] <Comiclove> Just start another chaotic event XP
[10:31] <AuRon the champion> *makes a bach fall on abura*
[10:31] <AuRon the champion> just roll with it
[10:31] <Comiclove> XD
[10:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[10:31] <MajinAbura> *Throws a pickup truck at Au*
[10:31] <AuRon the champion> *barrel rolls away*
[10:32] <AuRon the champion> soap!
[10:32] <AuRon the champion> go be a good video game character and die!
[10:32] <MajinAbura> *Throws Planet Burst attack at Au*
[10:32] <AuRon the champion> *barrel rolls away into soap*
[10:32] <AuRon the champion> *who flies off to outer space*
[10:32] <AuRon the champion> *and lands on abura*
[10:32] <Never Shout Paris> *eats popcorn and watches yelling for each team*
[10:32] <MajinAbura> *Strangles Au*
[10:32] <AuRon the champion> GO TEAM SIVIR!
[10:32] <AuRon the champion> *poofs into a dragon on bach's heaD*
[10:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[10:32] <Never Shout Paris> Go team... people!
[10:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> Semi-afk
[10:33] <AuRon the champion> "Fourty thousand nerds here and not ONE Bea Arthur cosplay! This con sucks!"
[10:33] <AuRon the champion> ^--- makes me laugh every time
[10:33] <MajinAbura> Now for one of my favorite quotes
[10:34] <MajinAbura> Allright you primitive screwheads
[10:34] <MajinAbura> This...
[10:34] <AuRon the champion> is
[10:34] <MajinAbura> is my boomstick!
[10:34] <AuRon the champion> oh...
[10:34] <AuRon the champion> wrong movie...
[10:34] <MajinAbura> *Pulls out shotgun*
[10:34] <AuRon the champion> *walks away*
[10:34] <Never Shout Paris> boomstick o__o
[10:34] <AuRon the champion> wiz vs boomstick!
[10:34] <MajinAbura> Ahhh Bruce Campbell you know how to deliver one liners
[10:34] <Never Shout Paris> xD boomstick
[10:35] <AuRon the champion> orly?
[10:35] <AuRon the champion> I thought that was kopaka...
[10:35] <AuRon the champion> *bionicle pun*
[10:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> back
[10:35] <MajinAbura> Yeah I got it
[10:35] <AuRon the champion> awesome!
[10:35] <AuRon the champion>
[10:35] <AuRon the champion> ^ :P
[10:36] <MajinAbura> ...Huh
[10:36] <AuRon the champion> internet meme
[10:36] <AuRon the champion> combined with metal gear and modern warfare
[10:36] <AuRon the champion> *instant KO*
[10:36] <MajinAbura> I figured that out.
[10:36] <MajinAbura> Sooooo.... How is everybody?
[10:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> good, tired
[10:37] <AuRon the champion> not much
[10:37] <AuRon the champion> working on mjolinar armor
[10:37] <MajinAbura> ...What?
[10:37] <AuRon the champion> laughing at this:
[10:37] <AuRon the champion> you know
[10:37] <AuRon the champion> the armor from halo games
[10:37] <MajinAbura> Ohhhhh
[10:37] <MajinAbura> I don't reall play Halo
[10:37] <Comiclove> Majin's not modern
[10:37] <MajinAbura> *Really
[10:37] <Comiclove> xP
[10:37] <AuRon the champion> meh
[10:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[10:37] <MajinAbura> Shut up Comic
[10:37] <MajinAbura> I know what Halo is
[10:37] <Comiclove> Not possible
[10:37] <Comiclove> XD
[10:38] <MajinAbura> I just don't play it because I don't have an Xbox
[10:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[10:38] <MajinAbura> I used to play Halo 2 at my friends house but that's it
[10:38] <AuRon the champion> "sexy elf, dark elf, white elf"
[10:38] <Comiclove> Of course you don't
[10:38] <Comiclove> XP
[10:38] <Comiclove> Wait, what
[10:38] <Comiclove> o_o
[10:38] <AuRon the champion>
[10:38] <MajinAbura> What?
[10:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> O_o
[10:38] <AuRon the champion> "Hip-hop storm troopa"
[10:39] <AuRon the champion> "casual friday troopa"
[10:39] <Never Shout Paris> koopa troopa?
[10:39] <Never Shout Paris> xD
[10:39] <AuRon the champion> "**** troopa"
[10:39] <Never Shout Paris> o____o
[10:39] <Never Shout Paris> **** troopa?
[10:39] <MajinAbura> brb guys
[10:40] <TheWiseOne> Random music time!
[10:40] <AuRon the champion> "big head, lizard head, lion head, bird head, cake head"
[10:41] <AuRon the champion> "that just about covers it"
[10:42] <Never Shout Paris> <===== never shout never
[10:42] <TheWiseOne> Bleh.
[10:42] <AuRon the champion> pass
[10:42] <Daughter of posiedion> ....
[10:42] <TheWiseOne> NEVER!
[10:42] <Jenna Fraen> wait
[10:42] <AuRon the champion> mich is better
[10:42] <Jenna Fraen> I walk into chat
[10:42] <Jenna Fraen> to JB?!
[10:42] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[10:42] <Jenna Fraen> *walks slowly to garbage can*
[10:42] <Oblivion26> thats why i didnt click the link
[10:42] <Rawr27> JENNA *tackle hugs*
[10:42] <Jenna Fraen> *and pukes*
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> ewwww
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> JB
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> DX
[10:43] <Never Shout Paris> nobody like nsn...?
[10:43] <Oblivion26> nsn?
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> haiz Rawryrawry! *tackle hugs back*
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> JB? oh
[10:43] <Rawr27> :D
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> JB 
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> he
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> is 
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> shit
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> in human form
[10:43] <Jenna Fraen> >:I
[10:43] <AuRon the champion> in other words
[10:43] <Oblivion26> in beaver form he just smells
[10:43] <AuRon the champion> *bad pun ahead*
[10:43] <Comiclove> ^@Jenna
[10:43] <AuRon the champion> "Yo mama:"
[10:43] <Never Shout Paris> never shout never... nsn?
[10:43] <Comiclove> Wait
[10:44] <Comiclove> JENNA
[10:44] <Comiclove> *mega glompz jenna*
[10:44] <Jenna Fraen> Wait
[10:44] <Jenna Fraen> COMIC
[10:44] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[10:44] <Comiclove> xP
[10:44] <Jenna Fraen> *mega glompz back*
[10:44] <Jenna Fraen> *starts singing Like a Prayer*
[10:44] <Jenna Fraen> sing with me, people!
[10:44] <AuRon the champion> "barbarian conference"
[10:44] <Jenna Fraen> wot
[10:45] <AuRon the champion> "ninja turtle enclave"
[10:45] <Jenna Fraen> e_e
[10:45] <AuRon the champion> "ewok beatdown"
[10:45] <TheWiseOne> The camp search bar is a troll -_-
[10:45] <AuRon the champion> "gaggle of green lanterns"
[10:45] <AuRon the champion> "troll troop"
[10:45] <Jenna Fraen> WAIT
[10:45] <Jenna Fraen> holy shit
[10:45] <Jenna Fraen> EWOKS
[10:45] <TheWiseOne> 0.0
[10:45] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[10:45] <Never Shout Paris> o___o ewoks...
[10:45] <AuRon the champion> "Silver surfer.... with... bulge..."
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> I LOVE ewoks
[10:46] <Sonofapollo> jen
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> wait
[10:46] <Oblivion26> O.O
[10:46] <Sonofapollo> jenjen
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> Soap
[10:46] <Comiclove> Ewoks ftw
[10:46] <Comiclove> XP
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> soapsoap
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> EWOKS FTW
[10:46] <AuRon the champion> soap is dead!
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[10:46] <Sonofapollo> chu making a char called peeta?
[10:46] <AuRon the champion> *dances about*
[10:46] <Comiclove> jenjen
[10:46] <Comiclove> PM
[10:46] <AuRon the champion> makarov made sure of it
[10:46] <Comiclove> XP
[10:46] <Sonofapollo> if so, im making one called glimmer
[10:46] <Sonofapollo> :D
[10:46] <Comiclove> xD
[10:46] <Comiclove> I'm gonna make one named
[10:46] <Comiclove> Cloud
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[10:46] <Comiclove> XP
[10:46] <Comiclove> nah
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> Soap
[10:46] <Comiclove> no way
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> Jassy made one
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> named CLOVE
[10:46] <Sonofapollo> IK!
[10:46] <Jenna Fraen> CLOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> Now I'm gonna make a Peeta
[10:47] <Sonofapollo> comi has cato, oui?
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> and you make a Katniss
[10:47] <Sonofapollo> no ima make a glimmer
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> and then we have PEENIS
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> D:
[10:47] <Sonofapollo> O,O
[10:47] <Sonofapollo> XD
[10:47] <Daughter of posiedion> i wanna make a katniss :)
[10:47] <Never Shout Paris> eh im busy with nsn...
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> Someone make Peeniss with me
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> wait
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> OH GOD
[10:47] <Oblivion26> O.o
[10:47] <Sonofapollo> dop make katniss
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> *facedesk
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> **
[10:47] <Daughter of posiedion> ...
[10:47] <BachLynn23> *tackle hugs Ob*
[10:47] <Never Shout Paris> NOBODY TALK TO ME YET xD
[10:47] <Daughter of posiedion> that is the worst couple name ever
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> Peeniss = PeetaxKatniss
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> it is
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> the
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> best
[10:47] <AuRon the champion> no
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> Better than Jelene, bitches
[10:47] <Oblivion26> oh hey bach
[10:47] <AuRon the champion> *sopa denied*
[10:47] <BachLynn23> did you post?
[10:47] <Jenna Fraen> *Jelena
[10:48] <Oblivion26> si
[10:48] <BachLynn23> sweet
[10:48] <BachLynn23> going to post now
[10:48] <AuRon the champion> *coils up on bach's head*
[10:48] <AuRon the champion> ohaideremommy
[10:48] <BachLynn23> *pets auron and feeds him a crisp*
[10:48] <Oblivion26> XD
[10:48] <AuRon the champion> *purrs but doesn't eat crisp*
[10:49] <BachLynn23> for the record, bottie is not totally self automated, it's being run on a entirely separate server, so no more speaking for bottie
[10:49] <AuRon the champion> *teeth hurt today*
[10:49] <BachLynn23> *now
[10:49] <BachLynn23> *feeds auron jello instead*
[10:49] <BachLynn23> *mini jello*
[10:49] <AuRon the champion> *noms on jello*
[10:49] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderenyx
[10:50] <AuRon the champion> ohbaiderenyx
[10:50] <BachLynn23> @ob psoted
[10:50] <BachLynn23> posted
[10:50] <Oblivion26> yay :D
[10:51] <Orbstar> hello
[10:51] <AuRon the champion> orb!
[10:51] <AuRon the champion> hai
[10:51] <Orbstar> auron!
[10:51] <Orbstar> hai
[10:51] <Rawr27> ORB *tackle hugs*
[10:51] <Jenna Fraen> orbie!
[10:51] <Orbstar> RAWR! *hugs back*
[10:51] <Jenna Fraen> *glompz*
[10:51] <Orbstar> jenny!
[10:51] <Never Shout Paris> comic?
[10:51] <Orbstar> *glompz back*
[10:51] <Comiclove> ORV
[10:51] <Comiclove> ORB*
[10:51] <Comiclove> XP
[10:51] <Orbstar> XD
[10:51] <Orbstar> hey comi
[10:51] <Comiclove> *appears at orb's side*
[10:51] <Orbstar> o.o
[10:51] <Orbstar> sebby.... you have to stop doing that
[10:51] <Comiclove> XP
[10:52] <Orbstar> it freaks meh out
[10:52] <Comiclove> I like doing that
[10:52] <Comiclove> Why?
[10:52] <Orbstar> :/
[10:52] <Comiclove> oh, remember yesterday?
[10:52] <Comiclove> you and your dad?
[10:52] <Comiclove> ;D
[10:52] <Orbstar> T_T
[10:52] <AuRon the champion> wut
[10:52] <Nhlott> *is suddenly hungry*
[10:52] <Orbstar> @auron comi thought i was gonna/// nevermind
[10:52] <Orbstar> *..
[10:52] <AuRon the champion> gonna wut...
[10:52] <AuRon the champion> pm
[10:52] <Orbstar> @lott *gives lott a pizza*
[10:53] <BachLynn23> *feeds lott hamburgers & chips*
[10:53] <BachLynn23> the good kind
[10:53] <BachLynn23> not the crap that Wendy's sells
[10:53] <BachLynn23> xP
[10:53] <Comiclove> I was joking, ORn
[10:53] <Comiclove> Orb*
[10:53] <Comiclove> XP
[10:53] <Comiclove> and XD Bach
[10:54] <Never Shout Paris> ugh wendys xD frostys are good!
[10:54] <AuRon the champion> *kicks comic*
[10:54] <Oblivion26> replied bach :DF
[10:54] <Oblivion26> *:D
[10:54] <AuRon the champion> *from bach's head*
[10:55] <Orbstar> jenna PM
[10:55] <Nhlott> *noms non-crap food and glompz Bach*
[10:55] <Nhlott> Chu are a saint XD
[10:55] <BachLynn23> sweet, going to reply
[10:55] <AuRon the champion> don't glomp bach!
[10:55] <Jenna Fraen> ugh, I was on tumblr again, got too sucked in =_=
[10:55] <AuRon the champion> I'm on here head...
[10:55] <TheWiseOne> Jen, chu haz Tumblr?
[10:55] <BachLynn23> xD actually I did make homemade cheese/hamburgers tonight with chips (otehrwise known as fries in america)
[10:55] <Jenna Fraen> oui
[10:55] <TheWiseOne> Wanna follow me...?
[10:55] <AuRon the champion> :P
[10:55] <Jenna Fraen> and now I'm obsessed
[10:55] <TheWiseOne> :P
[10:55] <Jenna Fraen> sure
[10:55] <Nhlott> Ah, sweet
[10:55] <Jenna Fraen> I follow like 11 peeps already
[10:55] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[10:56] <Jenna Fraen> that feels like a lot
[10:56] <Comiclove> XD
[10:56] <TheWiseOne> I have, um, 5 ¬.¬
[10:56] <Orbstar> Jenna
[10:56] <Orbstar> *pokes*
[10:56] <Comiclove> including belle de nuit, jenna?
[10:56] <Comiclove> XO
[10:56] <AuRon the champion> I have plenty of peeps
[10:56] <Never Shout Paris> dabadadoopdedo... petville! doodlydoopdedoop petville!
[10:56] <AuRon the champion> they're all at school
[10:56] <AuRon the champion> *bad pun*
[10:56] <Orbstar> *pokes jenna again* Jenna.....
[10:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> wha, chu only follor 11 people?
[10:56] <Comiclove> follow*
[10:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> :O I follow like 60
[10:57] <AuRon the champion> >_>
[10:57] <BachLynn23> @ob posted
[10:57] <Orbstar> *has no twitter, no myspace, and fb*
[10:57] <TheWiseOne> K, anyone who has tumblr, <---- 'Tis meh.
[10:57] <Orbstar> >_<
[10:57] <Oblivion26> kk
[10:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> request denied wise
[10:57] <Comiclove> I has fb
[10:58] <Comiclove> I might get tumblr soon
[10:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> *is obsessed over tumblr*
[10:58] <AuRon the champion> can't use tumblr
[10:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> yaaay comic chu need to follow me
[10:58] <Never Shout Paris> me too comic x__x i have a bunch of other stuff tho xD
[10:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> cause I need more followers XP
[10:58] <Never Shout Paris> i mean social network stuff o__o
[10:58] <Comiclove> kk Bloom
[10:58] <Comiclove> xP
[10:59] <Orbstar> soap!
[10:59] <Never Shout Paris> ah brb
[10:59] <Orbstar> *pokes soap*
[10:59] <Travelg> bloom pm
[10:59] <Orbstar> T_T
[10:59] <Orbstar> hi halt
[10:59] <Halt Arratez> ...
[10:59] <Orbstar> *pokes soap again*
[10:59] <Orbstar> soap
[10:59] <Halt Arratez> have we met?
[10:59] <Orbstar> um... yea?
[10:59] <AuRon the champion> hai halt
[10:59] <Orbstar> yesterday
[10:59] <Halt Arratez> ...
[11:00] <Orbstar> when you almost got banned
[11:00] <Halt Arratez> what?
[11:00] <Orbstar> because... nevermind
[11:00] <Orbstar> o.o
[11:00] <AuRon the champion> orb
[11:00] <Comiclove> Hey Halt
[11:00] <AuRon the champion> that's not how you meet people
[11:00] <Comiclove> *waves hi harmlessly*
[11:00] <AuRon the champion> *shakes head*
[11:00] <Orbstar> chu have short term memory halt?
[11:00] <Halt Arratez> no
[11:00] <Orbstar> @auron -_-
[11:00] <Comiclove> bah, orb
[11:00] <Comiclove> let it be
[11:00] <Orbstar> whatever.....
[11:00] <Halt Arratez> i am meessing with you
[11:00] <Comiclove> messing*
[11:00] <Halt Arratez> messing
[11:00] <Comiclove> Bad spelling
[11:00] <Comiclove> I do not approve
[11:00] <Comiclove> XP
[11:00] <Halt Arratez> typo
[11:00] <AuRon the champion> he has grammer!
[11:00] <Comiclove> Still XP
[11:00] <AuRon the champion> *hide!
[11:00] <AuRon the champion> *
[11:01] <AuRon the champion> oh no
[11:01] <Comiclove> Hello Majin
[11:01] <AuRon the champion> it's gokbu
[11:01] <MajinAbura> Hello all
[11:01] <Halt Arratez> BOOM
[11:01] <Halt Arratez> 
[11:01] <AuRon the champion> ???
[11:01] <MajinAbura> No its Super Buu w/ Gohan absorbed
[11:01] <Orbstar> no yelling halt
[11:01] <AuRon the champion> no
[11:01] <Orbstar> o.e
[11:01] <MajinAbura> Hey orb
[11:01] <Halt Arratez> I am not yelling
[11:01] <Orbstar> hi maj
[11:01] <AuRon the champion> I make fun of DBZ in my way
[11:01] <Comiclove> Orb
[11:01] <Orbstar> !halt using caps is yelling
[11:01] <Orbstar> *@
[11:01] <Comiclove> Just stop
[11:01] <Comiclove> and that was once
[11:01] <Orbstar> ok fine whatever.....
[11:01] <Orbstar> *stops*
[11:01] <Comiclove> But only if you need to, blow up
[11:02] <MajinAbura> Au, no one makes fun of DBZ
[11:02] <Comiclove> cause now the Turks' Theme is pretty badass, so I'm just humming along to it
[11:02] <MajinAbura> It is my favorite anime
[11:02] <AuRon the champion> yeah, you can
[11:02] <Comiclove> Course it is...
[11:02] <MajinAbura> Jk
[11:02] <Comiclove> ahahaha
[11:02] <MajinAbura> I know there's plenty to make fun of
[11:02] <Comiclove> what is your fav anime?
[11:02] <AuRon the champion> that
[11:02] <Comiclove> IKR?@Majin
[11:02] <AuRon the champion> FMA!
[11:02] <AuRon the champion> FTW!
[11:02] <Comiclove> FMA's cool
[11:02] <MajinAbura> Dragon Ball Z and Bleach
[11:02] <Comiclove> I like soul eater
[11:02] <MajinAbura> and Death Note
[11:02] <Oblivion26> replied bachy
[11:02] <AuRon the champion> bleh, the sterotypical animes...
[11:02] <Comiclove> and my fav manga's kuroshitsuji
[11:02] <Comiclove> :D
[11:02] <Orbstar> RUBY!!!
[11:02] <RubyRose17> helloooo
[11:02] <AuRon the champion> bleach was good
[11:02] <Comiclove> Bah, the big three are tolerable
[11:03] <Orbstar> *huggies ruby*
[11:03] <Comiclove> Hey Ruby!
[11:03] <AuRon the champion> but then it ruined it self...
[11:03] <RubyRose17> ORB!! *hugs*
[11:03] <Comiclove> *hugs ruby*
[11:03] <Travelg> hi ruby
[11:03] <Orbstar> hello allan
[11:03] <RubyRose17> *hugs comic*
[11:03] <Comiclove> Seth deleted your warning
[11:03] <RubyRose17> hi travel
[11:03] <Comiclove> but I gave him a second
[11:03] <RubyRose17> he did?
[11:03] <AuRon the champion> DB was horrid off the start
[11:03] <RubyRose17> oh okay
[11:03] <Comiclove> and restored the first
[11:03] <Comiclove> :D
[11:03] <RubyRose17> :D
[11:03] <Orbstar> welcome to le wiki allen
[11:03] <Comiclove> *is so proud*
[11:03] <Orbstar> im orb
[11:03] <Orbstar> need any help?
[11:03] <Comiclove> Now for him to dare show his face
[11:03] <Rawr27> RUBY *hugs*
[11:03] <Nhlott> Majin, I just wanna punch your avvie
[11:03] <MajinAbura> I find it funny how perverted Dragon Ball was
[11:03] <RubyRose17> RAWR *hugs*
[11:03] <Comiclove> ^@Lott
[11:03] <Comiclove> XD
[11:03] <Comiclove> Rawr
[11:03] <Comiclove> *tackle hugs*
[11:03] <MajinAbura> Try it and see what happens Lott
[11:03] <Comiclove> Y U no talk about music in PM?
[11:03] <Comiclove> XP
[11:03] <Rawr27> I'm sorry xD
[11:03] <BachLynn23> majin's avie to me from that size, looks like a flamingo wearing a brown dress
[11:03] <Comiclove> it's fine
[11:04] <Comiclove> XD Bach
[11:04] <AuRon the champion> ahhahahhaha
[11:04] <RubyRose17> xD
[11:04] <Comiclove> What about mine?
[11:04] <Nhlott> I'd hit a computer........I'm not stupid....
[11:04] <AuRon the champion> *purrs on bach's head*
[11:04] <MajinAbura> It's Super Buu wearing Gohan's outfit from Dragon Ball Z
[11:04] <Rawr27> I shall go do that now Comic :P
[11:04] <BachLynn23> like a black little stick boy holding a hockey stick
[11:04] <Comiclove> Danke Rawr
[11:04] <AuRon the champion> hahahah
[11:04] <Comiclove> XDDDDD
[11:04] <Comiclove> It's a DA Pic of Undertaker
[11:04] <Comiclove> with Sotobas sticking out of the ground
[11:04] <Comiclove> and iirc
[11:04] <AuRon the champion> what's mine?
[11:04] <RubyRose17> ^
[11:04] <Comiclove> the ground has human bones all over it
[11:04] <BachLynn23> haha read that wrong, thought you said underware
[11:04] <AuRon the champion> someone said it was blue reefer...
[11:04] <BachLynn23> *underwear
[11:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> and mine?
[11:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[11:04] <Comiclove> Ruby's looks like a black dog on a cloudy day
[11:04] <Comiclove> xD Bach
[11:04] <Allan Thorne> this is immpossible!!!!! i cant get claimed cos it keeps saying "error, bad title"!!!! please help!!!!
[11:04] <Comiclove> Classic you
[11:04] <BachLynn23> a chick sucking on a cherry wearing bright red lpstick
[11:04] <Comiclove> Ummm, Allan
[11:05] <Allan Thorne> what?
[11:05] <BachLynn23> *lipstick
[11:05] <Comiclove> Calm Thy Self Down
[11:05] <AuRon the champion> someone helps allan
[11:05] <MajinAbura> With Purple hair
[11:05] <Comiclove> XD Bach
[11:05] <RubyRose17> hahahaha nice comi :P
[11:05] <AuRon the champion> wait
[11:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD yeah well it's a strawberry
[11:05] <AuRon the champion> who we talking about?
[11:05] <RubyRose17> allan what's the link?
[11:05] <BachLynn23> xD
[11:05] <AuRon the champion> oh
[11:05] <Allan Thorne> well, help thy neghbor
[11:05] <Comiclove> Thanks Ruby
[11:05] <Comiclove> :3
[11:05] <BachLynn23> haha finally I was close on one
[11:05] <Allan Thorne> help me!
[11:05] <Orbstar> allen PM please
[11:05] <Allan Thorne> pm?
[11:05] <Comiclove> Allan's my neighbour?
[11:05] <Comiclove> No Way
[11:05] <Allan Thorne> nope
[11:05] <Rawr27> Lool xD
[11:05] <AuRon the champion> holy fuf!
[11:05] <RubyRose17> xD
[11:05] <Orbstar> Private Message
[11:05] <Orbstar> @allen
[11:05] <Allan Thorne> its figurative
[11:05] <Orbstar> just for a few secs....
[11:05] <Comiclove> So?
[11:05] <Comiclove> XD
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> don't quote the scriptures
[11:06] <Allan Thorne> @ comiclove help me!
[11:06] <Comiclove> No way would we be neighbours, even in a metaphorical sense
[11:06] <Comiclove> No
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> comic wont get it
[11:06] <Comiclove> XP
[11:06] <Allan Thorne> @comiclove help me!!!
[11:06] <Theharlequin> Hey
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> allan
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> ask ruby
[11:06] <Comiclove> I refer you to my previous answer
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> she is helping you
[11:06] <Orbstar> @allen are you planning on making a claim?
[11:06] <RubyRose17> allan what do you need help with?
[11:06] <Comiclove> and Hey Harle
[11:06] <Nhlott> Yo, Harle
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> hair harle
[11:06] <RubyRose17> hi harle
[11:06] <Orbstar> hey harle
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> *hai
[11:06] <Rawr27> Hai Harle *hugs*
[11:06] <MajinAbura> hey Harle
[11:06] <Allan Thorne> yes i need to make a claim to make a charactor, yes?
[11:06] <Theharlequin> *hugs back*
[11:06] <Nhlott> *slays a dragon*
[11:06] <Orbstar> yea, thats correct
[11:07] <MajinAbura> I shall now sing my favorite song
[11:07] <Theharlequin> cool story bro
[11:07] <MajinAbura> When the Devil is too busy
[11:07] <Orbstar> @allen
[11:07] <MajinAbura> And Death's a bit too much
[11:07] <MajinAbura> They call on me, by name you see
[11:07] <MajinAbura> For my special touch
[11:07] <AuRon the champion> no singing
[11:07] <Allan Thorne> yeah?
[11:07] <MajinAbura> To the Gentlemen I'm Miss Fortune
[11:07] <AuRon the champion> *weilds banhamma*
[11:07] <BachLynn23> !@Ob Posted
[11:07] <MajinAbura> To the Ladies I'm Sir Prize
[11:07] <MajinAbura> But call me by any name
[11:07] <AuRon the champion> *holds over maj's head*
[11:07] <AuRon the champion> no
[11:07] <MajinAbura> Any way its hall the same
[11:07] <Alejandro231> Buenos Noches Amigos
[11:07] <MajinAbura> You can't ban me for singing
[11:08] <Nhlott> *Whispers* Why's Majin bein creepy?
[11:08] <AuRon the champion> spam
[11:08] <Comiclove> IDK
[11:08] <Comiclove> He just is
[11:08] <Rawr27> Lool xD
[11:08] <MajinAbura> Because I'm singing when you're evil!
[11:08] <Comiclove> Evil?
[11:08] <AuRon the champion> there are better songs
[11:08] <TheWiseOne> g2g bbl
[11:08] <AuRon the champion> FIND THEM
[11:08] <MajinAbura> I love that song
[11:08] <AuRon the champion> cut them down!
[11:08] <Comiclove> Bah, Mischievous is the better word
[11:08] <Comiclove> Bye Wise
[11:08] <AuRon the champion> bai wise
[11:08] <Comiclove> Have fun
[11:08] <Comiclove> XP
[11:08] <RubyRose17> bye wise
[11:08] <Theharlequin> later wise
[11:09] <Devin11000> :3
[11:09] <Orbstar> hey devin
[11:09] <Theharlequin> hey devin and J4
[11:09] <Orbstar> welcome to le wiki
[11:09] <Devin11000> hola Orb and Har
[11:09] <J4N3Y> hey harley
[11:09] <Comiclove> Orb, you're always so late
[11:09] <Comiclove> XP
[11:09] <Orbstar> XD
[11:09] <Devin11000> :3
[11:09] <Orbstar> ik, ik
[11:09] <MajinAbura> *Resumes singing* I'm the fly in your soup
[11:09] <MajinAbura> I'm the pebble in your shoe
[11:09] <MajinAbura> I'm the pea beneath your bed
[11:09] <MajinAbura> I'm a bump on every head
[11:09] <MajinAbura> I'm the peel on which you slip
[11:09] <MajinAbura> I'm a pin in every hip
[11:09] <MajinAbura> I'm the thorn in your side
[11:09] <MajinAbura> Makes you wriggle and writhe
[11:09] <MajinAbura> 
[11:09] <MajinAbura> And it's so easy when you're evil
[11:09] <MajinAbura> This is the life, you see
[11:09] <MajinAbura> The Devil tips his hat to me
[11:09] <MajinAbura> I do it all because I'm evil
[11:09] <MajinAbura> And I do it all for free
[11:09] <MajinAbura> Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need
[11:09] <RubyRose17> hi devin
[11:09] <Orbstar> maj
[11:09] <Orbstar> o.o
[11:10] <RubyRose17> and J4
[11:10] <Comiclove> Majin, stop
[11:10] <Comiclove> :/
[11:10] <MajinAbura> I'll stop now
[11:10] <Devin11000> HI RUBY! :D
[11:10] <Comiclove> Thank you
[11:10] <Orbstar> no no no maj
[11:10] <J4N3Y> hey rubz
[11:10] <Comiclove> and Dev, chill 
[11:10] <Comiclove> XP
[11:10] <RubyRose17> :D
[11:10] <Devin11000> ohkay.
[11:10] <Allan Thorne> this is immpossible!!!!! i cant get claimed cos it keeps saying "error, bad title"!!!! please help!!!!
[11:10] <RubyRose17> link?
[11:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> trav? did you see my PM?
[11:10] <Alejandro231> No need to scream
[11:10] <J4N3Y> change the title?
[11:10] <Allan Thorne> my computor is ticking me off!!!
[11:10] <Devin11000> I was claimed, I made my character page, and idk what to do now DX
[11:10] <RubyRose17> or try changing the title
[11:10] <RubyRose17> the claim name
[11:11] <Allan Thorne> how do i change the title?
[11:11] <RubyRose17> @dev rp
[11:11] <Orbstar> o.o
[11:11] <RubyRose17> @allan rename the page, 
[11:11] <MajinAbura> Dev Comment on your cabin's page
[11:11] <RubyRose17> the drop down at the edit button
[11:11] <Devin11000> Ohkay.
[11:11] <Allan Thorne> in english!
[11:11] <Orbstar> um...
[11:11] <Orbstar> T_T
[11:11] <Orbstar> that was english
[11:11] <Orbstar> you literally
[11:11] <Allan Thorne> help me
[11:11] <Orbstar> re-name the page
[11:11] <Allan Thorne> how?
[11:11] <Oblivion26> replied bachyyy
[11:11] <J4N3Y> Wait Dev what's your characters name?
[11:12] <Devin11000> Xander White.
[11:12] <Allan Thorne> @orbstar help me
[11:12] <J4N3Y> Yeah you didn't reply back to my character...
[11:12] <J4N3Y> XP
[11:12] <Devin11000> I didn't?
[11:12] <Orbstar> @allen please give me a minute?
[11:12] <Orbstar> please
[11:12] <Orbstar> im busy
[11:12] <Comiclove> allan's too naggy
[11:12] <J4N3Y> Oh nevermind
[11:12] <Comiclove> Not good
[11:12] <J4N3Y> XP
[11:12] <Orbstar> t_t
[11:12] <Comiclove> was his previous life as a naggy wife?
[11:12] <Comiclove> XP
[11:13] <RubyRose17> that rhymes :P
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> team naggy!
[11:13] <MajinAbura> MORTAL KOMBAT!
[11:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> Allan did you even publish your claim?
[11:13] <Comiclove> Majin
[11:13] <Comiclove> Caps
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> no
[11:13] <MajinAbura> Sorry
[11:13] <MajinAbura> forgot
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> follo that light!
[11:13] <Comiclove> 3 more times, and you're off for 3 minutes
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> gosh...
[11:13] <Comiclove> XP
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> the movies sucked...
[11:13] <Comiclove> and LOL Ruby
[11:13] <MajinAbura> But the games own
[11:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> because there is no contribution you made on a claim
[11:13] <Comiclove> I just noticed
[11:14] <AuRon the champion> true...
[11:14] <RubyRose17> :D
[11:14] <Comiclove> The games are epic
[11:14] <MajinAbura> @Comic I still don't get why that's a rule
[11:14] <Comiclove> oh, can someone run a little errand for this Turk?
[11:14] <Comiclove> check seth's talk page
[11:14] <MajinAbura> You're turkish?
[11:14] <Comiclove> Nah
[11:14] <Comiclove> Actually, yeah
[11:14] <Comiclove> I'm a Quarter
[11:14] <Comiclove> but I was talking about
[11:14] <Comiclove> the FFVII Turks
[11:14] <Nhlott> I hated the MK movies with every fiber of my being
[11:14] <AuRon the champion> >_>
[11:14] <Comiclove> The badass one
[11:14] <Comiclove> XP
[11:14] <AuRon the champion> yeah, I know lott
[11:14] <Comiclove> But anyways
[11:14] <MajinAbura> Well the first wasn't that bad
[11:14] <AuRon the champion> yeah
[11:14] <MajinAbura> Annihilation was awful
[11:14] <AuRon the champion> compared to the second
[11:14] <Comiclove> check Seth13's talk page for me if you want
[11:14] <Comiclove> XP
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> the first was good
[11:15] <Orbstar> gotta go
[11:15] <Orbstar> bye
[11:15] <Orbstar> bbl
[11:15] <MajinAbura> Bye orb
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> bai orb
[11:15] <Theharlequin> later
[11:15] <RubyRose17> bye orb
[11:15] <Orbstar> Bye bye
[11:15] <Rawr27> Bye Orb
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> and don't get me started on the street fighter movie
[11:15] <Nhlott> well compared to the second, John Carter's good
[11:15] <Comiclove> Farewell Young Master
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> that was even worse!
[11:15] <MajinAbura> Why do video games movie always suck?
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> *hisss*
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> I dunno
[11:15] <MajinAbura> Why can no director do it right?
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> it's like how all book-to-movies work
[11:15] <Nhlott> That stupid one with the chick from Smallville
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> 'cept HG
[11:16] <Nhlott> ?
[11:16] <AuRon the champion> and Harry potter
[11:16] <Devin11000> Smallville?
[11:16] <Theharlequin> brb
[11:16] <BachLynn23> @ob posted
[11:16] <Oblivion26> kk
[11:16] <Devin11000> isn't that the show with Clark Kent not knowing how to fly? -.-
[11:16] <Comiclove> ...
[11:16] <Comiclove> *blinks*
[11:16] <Comiclove> I have nothing to say
[11:17] <Nhlott> I was about to say,"If you don't know what it is, wtf?"
[11:17] <BachLynn23> it was a lot more than that
[11:17] <AuRon the champion> I dunno what smallville is
[11:17] <AuRon the champion> I don't watch television
[11:17] <Nhlott> It was on the air like 10 years
[11:17] <AuRon the champion> I don't
[11:17] <BachLynn23> 11 seasons
[11:17] <AuRon the champion> watch
[11:17] <AuRon the champion> TV
[11:17] <AuRon the champion> 'cept for what I see sometimes on netflix
[11:17] <Devin11000> I know what it is. my parents were obssesed with it. I got bored with the show.
[11:17] <BachLynn23> @devin, yea it did get boring after high school was done
[11:18] <BachLynn23> though the last season was ok
[11:18] <MajinAbura> I watch Ninja Turtles!
[11:18] <Sonofapollo> hai bachy
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> hisss
[11:18] <Sonofapollo> -hugs-
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> originally?
[11:18] <BachLynn23> hi soa
[11:18] <Nhlott> Smallville was the shit til the "Justice League" got involved
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> it was good
[11:18] <BachLynn23> *hugs*
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> now TMNT is awful
[11:18] <MajinAbura> Silence Au!
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> worse than sonic and super mario bros show combined
[11:18] <Sonofapollo> do we really get another char spot after we've been here a month?
[11:18] <MajinAbura> Shut your motuh!
[11:18] <BachLynn23> I still loved the episode where he finally flies
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> worse than the street fighter movie
[11:18] <MajinAbura> *mouth
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> and that
[11:18] <BachLynn23> @soa yeppers
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> was a piece of shit
[11:18] <MajinAbura> *Throws sai at Au's head
[11:18] <Sonofapollo> :O cool
[11:18] <Nhlott> Aur, we all like to think none of those shows exisited
[11:18] <MajinAbura> TMNT owned!
[11:18] <BachLynn23> next batch of users will be getting theirs on 1 May
[11:19] <Sonofapollo> -awaits le 1st may-
[11:19] <AuRon the champion> *catches sai and throws it back*
[11:19] <Comiclove> Maj
[11:19] <Comiclove> Stop
[11:19] <BachLynn23> for everyone who started in may last year
[11:19] <Comiclove> Stop bloody overreacting
[11:19] <AuRon the champion> never try to out-fight a shinobi
[11:19] <Comiclove> too much issues with this one
[11:19] <Sonofapollo> i started 1st may i think
[11:19] <Comiclove> *rubs head*
[11:19] <MajinAbura> Fine *Generates Planet Burst and throws it at Au*
[11:19] <Nhlott> Cuz really, shows based on Video Games are worse than movies based on them
[11:19] <Comiclove> ^
[11:19] <Comiclove> What about OVA's?
[11:19] <MajinAbura> TMNT wasn't based on a video game
[11:19] <AuRon the champion> *opens portal sending it to center of the universe*
[11:19] <AuRon the champion> still
[11:19] <Nhlott> I know that
[11:19] <AuRon the champion> it was horrible
[11:19] <Nhlott> TMNT was a comic
[11:20] <MajinAbura> How much did you watch of it Au?
[11:20] <Oblivion26> replied bachy
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> let me see
[11:20] <Comiclove> I was summoned?
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> the three live action moives
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> the original tv show
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> the remake
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> the 3D movie
[11:20] <Nhlott> Actually, TMNT wasn't originally intented for kids
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> the future series
[11:20] <Comiclove> the 3D Movie was shit
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> and the little part after that
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> yeah
[11:20] <Comiclove> and IK@LOtt
[11:20] <Comiclove> Lott*
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> tell me something I don't know
[11:20] <MajinAbura> The shows were awesome!
[11:20] <Nhlott> Hell, they even killed Shredder in the first issue
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> some
[11:20] <Comiclove> the shows were ok
[11:20] <MajinAbura> Then he came back as a clone
[11:21] <Nhlott> So I don't even see the point of all the shows, movies, etc that followed
[11:21] <AuRon the champion> and then he's an alien
[11:21] <AuRon the champion> and a robot
[11:21] <Comiclove> Bah, for money
[11:21] <AuRon the champion> and existing throughout all time and space
[11:21] <Comiclove> Although that is intriguing 
[11:21] <AuRon the champion> it's worse than the ignika!
[11:21] <Comiclove> WB Ruby
[11:21] <RubyRose17> thanks comi
[11:21] <Comiclove> btw
[11:21] <Comiclove> :P
[11:21] <MajinAbura> I'll admit that Shredder is an Utrom twist bothered me
[11:21] <Comiclove> Trololololol
[11:21] <Nhlott> It's by far one of the most idiotic concepts in media
[11:21] <AuRon the champion> *AKA the mask of continuing plotlines*
[11:21] <AuRon the champion> macguffins
[11:21] <MajinAbura> But he was still a badass villain
[11:22] <AuRon the champion> only a few are good
[11:22] <Comiclove> Ahahahahaha
[11:22] <AuRon the champion> yeah
[11:22] <AuRon the champion> a cheese greater vs turtles
[11:22] <AuRon the champion> that are lead by a giant rat
[11:22] <AuRon the champion> *makes sense how?*
[11:22] <Nhlott> Turtles that use awesome -_-
[11:22] <MajinAbura> Because it's a cartoon
[11:22] <AuRon the champion> makes less sense...
[11:22] <AuRon the champion> than...
[11:22] <Oblivion26> wonder why they chose turtles....
[11:22] <MajinAbura> Nothing in a cartoon is supposed to make absolute sense Au
[11:22] <AuRon the champion> street fighter
[11:22] <AuRon the champion> and lost world
[11:22] <Oblivion26> i mean lizards seem a more likely option
[11:23] <Never Shout Paris> aww eggs..
[11:23] <MajinAbura> Because mutant turtles look cooler
[11:23] <Never Shout Paris> i'll be back later...
[11:23] <Nhlott> It even used that stupid idea that radioactive chemicals made them intelligent
[11:23] <AuRon the champion> naw
[11:23] <AuRon the champion> lizards are better
[11:23] <Oblivion26> wb bach
[11:23] <BachLynn23> chrome crashed
[11:23] <MajinAbura> Cartoons can do that Lott
[11:23] <BachLynn23> again
[11:23] <Comiclove> ^@Ob
[11:23] <Comiclove> WB Bach
[11:23] <MajinAbura> That's just how it is
[11:23] <Nhlott> Not really
[11:23] <AuRon the champion> iknoritebach?
[11:23] <Oblivion26> radioactive chemicals give you cancer
[11:23] <Comiclove> ^
[11:23] <MajinAbura> Cartoons aren't supposed to be like reality
[11:23] <Comiclove> Unless if You're Bruce Banner
[11:23] <Theharlequin> Or just kill you
[11:23] <Nhlott> Any comic worth its salt hasn't since the 60's
[11:24] <Oblivion26> not to metion radiation poisoning
[11:24] <Comiclove> Then you turn into a Green Raging Monster]
[11:24] <Oblivion26> 70's lott
[11:24] <MajinAbura> If cartoons were realistic, no one would watch them.
[11:24] <Oblivion26> you forget the Abomination
[11:24] <Nhlott> nah, it was more common in the 60's, I mean
[11:24] <Oblivion26> Majin, reaistic cartoons ARE what people watch now
[11:24] <Comiclove> ^
[11:24] <AuRon the champion> well
[11:24] <Nhlott> That's why I applaud X-men, tbh
[11:24] <Oblivion26> @ lott ohh
[11:24] <Comiclove> and reality TV also
[11:24] <AuRon the champion> I remember this one kid
[11:25] <Comiclove> ^@Lott
[11:25] <AuRon the champion> he dissed halo
[11:25] <AuRon the champion> because it was
[11:25] <Comiclove> X-men forever
[11:25] <AuRon the champion> "Unrealistic"
[11:25] <AuRon the champion> >_<
[11:25] <Nhlott> even in 64, they used the idea of genetic mutation
[11:25] <Comiclove> wtf?
[11:25] <AuRon the champion> and said
[11:25] <MajinAbura> That's why cartoons aren't as good anymore
[11:25] <Comiclove> So true @Lott
[11:25] <Oblivion26> Halo pretty realistic
[11:25] <Theharlequin> gtg, diner,bbl
[11:25] <AuRon the champion> "nobody wants to play unrealistic video games"
[11:25] <MajinAbura> If Halo was realistic
[11:25] <Oblivion26> and Majin, un realistic cartoons kinda suck
[11:25] <AuRon the champion> bai harle
[11:25] <Comiclove> bye harle
[11:25] <MajinAbura> Master Chief would die
[11:25] <Oblivion26> i mean unless its comedy
[11:25] <MajinAbura> Because he's one man against an army
[11:25] <Comiclove> ^
[11:25] <AuRon the champion> maj, you don't understand...
[11:25] <Comiclove> @Ob
[11:25] <Comiclove> So?
[11:25] <Sonofapollo> florent is a guys name, oui?
[11:25] <MajinAbura> What don't I understand
[11:25] <Comiclove> It's a video game
[11:25] <Nhlott> with a unique model of powered armor
[11:25] <BachLynn23> @ob posted
[11:26] <Oblivion26> Comedy can make literally anything good
[11:26] <Comiclove> anything's possible
[11:26] <Oblivion26> as long as the jokes are gpod
[11:26] <Nhlott> and he's not some regular guy, iirc
[11:26] <AuRon the champion> and cyborg inchancements
[11:26] <Oblivion26> kk bach
[11:26] <Comiclove> That's why I use it, ob
[11:26] <AuRon the champion> and special training since he was about six...
[11:26] <Comiclove> ^
[11:26] <AuRon the champion> and genetic augmentations
[11:26] <Oblivion26> you mean since he was born
[11:26] <AuRon the champion> six
[11:26] <MajinAbura> What about Halo is realistic?
[11:26] <AuRon the champion> well
[11:26] <Oblivion26> born
[11:26] <AuRon the champion> the shotgun shells
[11:26] <Nhlott> now, you see how fast your argument is deterirorating?
[11:26] <Comiclove> ^
[11:26] <Comiclove> Wait
[11:26] <Comiclove> why are we arguing over this?
[11:26] <AuRon the champion> ob, it was six-ish
[11:26] <Comiclove> o_o
[11:26] <AuRon the champion> I dunno
[11:26] <AuRon the champion> maj said something about unrealistic stuff
[11:26] <Oblivion26> well technically even the aliens COULD be realistic
[11:27] <Oblivion26> we dont know what they look like
[11:27] <MajinAbura> I said cartoons weren't supposed to be realistic
[11:27] <MajinAbura> That's what makes them good
[11:27] <AuRon the champion> shotguns in halo is realistic...
[11:27] <AuRon the champion> in fact
[11:27] <Comiclove> Bah, at least he dare not diss my FF and KH XP
[11:27] <MajinAbura> That's one thing
[11:27] <AuRon the champion> the shells used
[11:27] <AuRon the champion> are pratically extict because of UN laws..
[11:27] <Nhlott> no, an ability to say "Hey that COULD happen" is what makes it good
[11:27] <Oblivion26> ^
[11:27] <Comiclove> ^
[11:28] <Oblivion26> makes it more intimate with the viewer
[11:28] <Oblivion26> more connection and all that
[11:28] <Comiclove> True
[11:28] <Comiclove> Oh, also
[11:28] <Nhlott> it makes it easier to become immerseed
[11:28] <Comiclove> anyone wishing to meet me in private, just use CU
[11:28] <MajinAbura> I prefer unrealistic entertainment. When I play a game I want to escape reality
[11:28] <Comiclove> :P
[11:28] <Nhlott> *immerse
[11:28] <Comiclove> I'm more Excited for FFVXIII
[11:28] <AuRon the champion> meh
[11:28] <Nhlott> **immersed
[11:28] <Oblivion26> well Majin, a game doesnt have to be absurdly fake to escape reality
[11:28] <Comiclove> This is a Fantasy based on Reality
[11:28] <MajinAbura> I know that.
[11:28] <AuRon the champion> most anime
[11:28] <Comiclove> That's what sorta got me interested
[11:28] <MajinAbura> I don't hate Halo
[11:28] <AuRon the champion> I don't like
[11:29] <Comiclove> the entire game
[11:29] <AuRon the champion> characters are OP
[11:29] <Oblivion26> and yet you keep saying the exact opposite
[11:29] <Comiclove> and everything about it
[11:29] <Comiclove> is what made me FFVXIII Obsessed
[11:29] <Nhlott> Do you not realize the cult following COD has?
[11:29] <Comiclove> and ^@Ob
[11:29] <MajinAbura> But pretty much every video game ever is unrealistic
[11:29] <Nhlott> woooooow
[11:29] <MajinAbura> Mostly because its one guy taking down a whole army
[11:29] <Comiclove> Even though it's a unrealistic idea, COD's popular as heck
[11:29] <MajinAbura> Indeed
[11:29] <AuRon the champion> bleh
[11:29] <Comiclove> And, that's like every game you play Majin's
[11:29] <Oblivion26> umm are really...REALLY wrong
[11:29] <AuRon the champion> they claim CoD was realistic...
[11:29] <AuRon the champion> psha!
[11:30] <Oblivion26> well its close
[11:30] <Nhlott> Your logic is extremely flawed,, Majin
[11:30] <Comiclove> like, super-commando! yeah, what?
[11:30] <MajinAbura> If COD was realistic
[11:30] <Comiclove> ^@Lott
[11:30] <MajinAbura> You would die in oen hit
[11:30] <Nhlott> Just so you know
[11:30] <Oblivion26> Majin, thats not true
[11:30] <Comiclove> They have armor, Majin
[11:30] <Comiclove> -_-
[11:30] <Nhlott> not everyone dies from being shot once
[11:30] <Comiclove> Oi, use common sense also
[11:30] <Comiclove> :P
[11:30] <MajinAbura> What happens when they shoot you in the neck?
[11:30] <MajinAbura> Or leg?
[11:30] <Nhlott> or just being shot period
[11:30] <Oblivion26> well thats rare
[11:30] <Comiclove> ^
[11:30] <Nhlott> that's not every shot in a video game
[11:30] <Oblivion26> you need really, REALLY good aim for that
[11:30] <MajinAbura> Being shot usually kills you
[11:31] <AuRon the champion> not really
[11:31] <Nhlott> not at all the case
[11:31] <Comiclove> Well, if you don't have armor also
[11:31] <MajinAbura> Anyways one man cannot defeat an entire enemy army
[11:31] <Comiclove> *I can*
[11:31] <Oblivion26> yeah
[11:31] <Nhlott> and that doesn't happen
[11:31] <Oblivion26> ever heard of that WW2 General?
[11:31] <AuRon the champion> which one?
[11:31] <Comiclove> Which?
[11:31] <MajinAbura> Paten?
[11:31] <AuRon the champion> there were a bunch
[11:31] <Nhlott> you see, these characters are in an ARMY
[11:31] <Oblivion26> who defended a bridge from an army using a tank?
[11:31] <AuRon the champion> bradley?
[11:31] <AuRon the champion> no
[11:31] <Comiclove> Pfft, i heard a lot of stories somewhat like that ob
[11:31] <Oblivion26> i think so
[11:31] <AuRon the champion> *another person*
[11:31] <Oblivion26> i forget his name
[11:31] <MajinAbura> Yeah, but you're one man taking down many more enemies
[11:31] <MajinAbura> Without dying
[11:32] <AuRon the champion> it
[11:32] <AuRon the champion> s possible
[11:32] <Comiclove> well, you can get injured potentially
[11:32] <Nhlott> not every single person dies in a gunfight
[11:32] <Oblivion26> ^
[11:32] <Comiclove> actually, you'll obviously get injured
[11:32] <AuRon the champion> as sure as hell you die
[11:32] <Comiclove> ^@Lott
[11:32] <Comiclove> some die in sword combat
[11:32] <AuRon the champion> that ussally happens in halo
[11:32] <Oblivion26> or else war would be alot more rare
[11:32] <Nhlott> I really don't see what you don't get about the concept
[11:32] <Comiclove> some die giving their hearts to 13 year old girls
[11:32] <Comiclove> XP
[11:32] <Comiclove> KH Reference
[11:32] <AuRon the champion> >_<
[11:32] <MajinAbura> I don't have a problem with COD
[11:32] <Oblivion26> XD lol comic
[11:32] <Comiclove> I realized COD has the same letters as OCD o.o
[11:32] <MajinAbura> But you have to admit that most video games are unrealistic
[11:32] <Comiclove> Some die by becoming whole with their original persona
[11:32] <Comiclove> :P
[11:33] <Nhlott> not simulators
[11:33] <AuRon the champion> *me*
[11:33] <Comiclove> Some die by fire-powered chakras
[11:33] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderelucas
[11:33] <Oblivion26> so? technically ALL video games are in some sense unrealistic
[11:33] <Comiclove> hey lucas
[11:33] <RubyRose17> hiii lucas
[11:33] <Nhlott> or sports games
[11:33] <MajinAbura> I know that.
[11:33] <LucasA5972> Hey Com and Ruby
[11:33] <MajinAbura> I'm just pointing that out
[11:33] <Rawr27> Hai Lucas
[11:33] <Comiclove> *pokes someone*
[11:33] <Oblivion26> but that doesnt mean that video games close to being realistic suck
[11:33] <RubyRose17> *is poked*
[11:33] <Oblivion26> in reality they are epic
[11:33] <LucasA5972> Hey Rawr
[11:33] <Comiclove> course, it's close to reality
[11:33] <Comiclove> :P
[11:34] <MajinAbura> I'm not saying that either
[11:34] <Comiclove> Jennaaaaaa
[11:34] <Comiclove> :P
[11:34] <Oblivion26> replied bach
[11:34] <Jenna Fraen> Comicccccccc
[11:34] <Allan Thorne> can someone tell me how to change a title on a claim???????????????????????????????
[11:34] <Jenna Fraen> Rename
[11:34] <Oblivion26> ^
[11:34] <AuRon the champion> ruh roh
[11:34] <Nhlott> and actually in esscence, the basic logic is quite realistic
[11:34] <BachLynn23> sweet
[11:35] <Jenna Fraen> Go to the edit button, put your cursor over it
[11:35] <MajinAbura> It can be
[11:35] <Allan Thorne> ok ok
[11:35] <Jenna Fraen> there should be an arrow next to the edit button
[11:35] <Jenna Fraen> click on the arrow
[11:35] <Allan Thorne> ok awesome
[11:35] <Nhlott> If I outgun a bunch of ppl to a certain degree, they simply will not beat me, point blank
[11:35] <Jenna Fraen> then you should find "History Rename Edit"
[11:35] <Jenna Fraen> or something like that
[11:35] <Allan Thorne> ok
[11:35] <Comiclove> click Rename
[11:35] <Jenna Fraen> yes
[11:35] <Nhlott> Which is the case in video game chars
[11:35] <Allan Thorne> ok got it
[11:35] <Jenna Fraen> kay
[11:35] <Nhlott> Halo for example
[11:36] <BachLynn23> @ob posted
[11:36] <LucasA5972> Anyone up for checking a Quest
[11:36] <Oblivion26> kk
[11:36] <MajinAbura> I know Master Chief is badass
[11:36] <Oblivion26> sure lucas
[11:36] <Kingbirdy> people I know are f*cking idiots. someone just called capitalism "Marxist bullshit"
[11:36] <Nhlott> Master Chief is outright better than and more properly equipped than anyone he fights, therefore, he wins
[11:36] <Oblivion26> O.o
[11:36] <MajinAbura> But I can't realistically believe he did all the shit he did on his own
[11:36] <Oblivion26> wait, repeat that king?
[11:36] <AuRon the champion> >_>
[11:36] <Oblivion26> i think i deluded what you wrote
[11:36] <Jenna Fraen> marxist?
[11:36] <LucasA5972> Thx. [[Forum:The Quest to Rescue the Muse of History]]
[11:36] <Allan Thorne> i cant find the arrow next to "edit and WHITCH edit theres like a ton of them
[11:36] <AuRon the champion> muse of history?
[11:37] <AuRon the champion> I see one thing wrong with that already...
[11:37] <MajinAbura> There's a muse of history I think Au
[11:37] <LucasA5972> @AuRon what?
[11:37] <Oblivion26> umm auron
[11:37] <AuRon the champion> at least
[11:37] <Oblivion26> there is a muse of history
[11:37] <LucasA5972> Its Clio, the Muse of History
[11:37] <Oblivion26> ^
[11:37] <AuRon the champion> derp
[11:37] <LucasA5972> Hey Ducks
[11:37] <MajinAbura> Hello ducks
[11:37] <Rawr27> Hai Ducks *hugs*
[11:37] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey
[11:37] <Comiclove> Wait for it.....
[11:37] <Comiclove> DUCKY
[11:38] <Comiclove> *tackle glompz ducks*
[11:38] <Ducks-r-homicidal> COMI
[11:38] <RubyRose17> wb trav
[11:38] <LucasA5972> Hey Trav
[11:38] <AuRon the champion> *shakes head at the stupidity of the lost world*
[11:39] <MajinAbura> Look Au if you don't like it, don't watch it
[11:39] <AuRon the champion>
[11:39] <Nhlott> ...]
[11:39] <Allan Thorne> whitch edit??????????????
[11:39] <AuRon the champion> the url
[11:39] <AuRon the champion> read it
[11:39] <AuRon the champion> it should explain
[11:39] <MajinAbura> Oh Au you watch nostalgia critic?
[11:39] <AuRon the champion> ja
[11:39] <Allan Thorne> ... fune
[11:39] <MajinAbura> I love that guy
[11:39] <Oblivion26> replied bachy
[11:39] <Nhlott> The big one at the top of the page, Allan
[11:39] <Jenna Fraen> whoa
[11:39] <Jenna Fraen> e_e
[11:39] <BachLynn23> sweet
[11:40] <Jenna Fraen> I'm reading this Green Arrow comic
[11:40] <AuRon the champion> thought so jenna
[11:40] <Comiclove> You summoned my reaping?
[11:40] <Jenna Fraen> and this woman had an affair with Arrow's dad
[11:40] <AuRon the champion> >_>
[11:40] <Jenna Fraen> GA: You knew my father? How?
[11:40] <Comiclove> Ahahahahaha, I think I remember that
[11:40] <AuRon the champion> huh
[11:40] <MajinAbura> ...Comics are about affairs now?
[11:40] <AuRon the champion> no idea
[11:40] <AuRon the champion> yeah
[11:40] <Jenna Fraen> and she's like
[11:40] <Jenna Fraen> What's the expression? Biblically.
[11:40] <Comiclove> XD
[11:40] <AuRon the champion> you ever read watchman maj?
[11:40] <Allan Thorne> ok what url?!?!?!?!?
[11:40] <Comiclove> ^
[11:40] <MajinAbura> ...God entertainment is going down hill
[11:40] <Comiclove> @Au
[11:40] <Jenna Fraen> and I'm like eeeeeeeeee_eeeeeeeeeee
[11:40] <Comiclove> Ummm, Majin
[11:41] <MajinAbura> No, but I did read V for Vendetta
[11:41] <Nhlott> Watchmen is a poor example, Aur
[11:41] <Comiclove> some comics are still true to their name
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> well
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> the movie is
[11:41] <MajinAbura> That's true
[11:41] <MajinAbura> Never saw the movie
[11:41] <Comiclove> so don't even think about stepping into this debate now
[11:41] <Nhlott> as it was basically a spoof of all comics, of sorts
[11:41] <Comiclove> Watchman's ok
[11:41] <Comiclove> idk what got me into it
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> the movies was pratically a p**n movie
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> =/
[11:41] <Comiclove> All I know, is that I got into it
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> the comic was better
[11:41] <Comiclove> I never watched the movie, too much sexual content?
[11:41] <LucasA5972> wb Trav
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> yeah
[11:41] <Comiclove> Grrrrr
[11:42] <MajinAbura> Well from what I head Dr. Manhatten is constantly naked
[11:42] <RubyRose17> hi raven
[11:42] <BachLynn23> @ob posted
[11:42] <AuRon the champion> true maj
[11:42] <Nhlott> Again, it's not fair to judge comics based on Watchmen
[11:42] <AuRon the champion> I know
[11:42] <MajinAbura> Anyone read V for Vendetta
[11:42] <Jenna Fraen> I heard of if
[11:42] <Jenna Fraen> *it
[11:42] <Oblivion26> kk
[11:42] <MajinAbura> It's pretty cool
[11:42] <Head of Ravenclaw> Hi
[11:42] <Jenna Fraen> okay, how do you take those screen shot things?
[11:42] <MajinAbura> Hi Raven
[11:42] <AuRon the champion> but again, the only comics I see are the cheap knockoffs of the actual comics
[11:42] <Jenna Fraen> Pictures of the wiki or whatever
[11:43] <Comiclove> ?
[11:43] <Comiclove> Oh, Jenna
[11:43] <Comiclove> PM
[11:43] <Comiclove> XP
[11:43] <Nhlott> then that's prolly why you don't have a true scope of them
[11:43] <MajinAbura> I read collections of comics, not the issues themselves
[11:43] <Comiclove> ^@Lott
[11:43] <Comiclove> I try to keep up to date
[11:43] <Comiclove> whether spoilers online, or the actual content
[11:43] <MajinAbura> I've read almost every Spider-Man collection with Venom in it.
[11:43] <Nhlott> Jenn, if you have a PC, you should have a printscreen button
[11:43] <Nhlott> if you got a mac, I can't help ya
[11:43] <Comiclove> I have a mac
[11:43] <Jenna Fraen> =_+
[11:43] <Jenna Fraen> *=_+
[11:43] <Comiclove> never print screen 
[11:43] <LucasA5972> @Jenna I'm pretty sure its Ctrl+PrtSc or PrtSc, but don't quote me on it
[11:43] <Jenna Fraen> *=_=
[11:44] <Jenna Fraen> UGH
[11:44] <Jenna Fraen> fingers
[11:44] <Comiclove> XD
[11:44] <AuRon the champion> anyway
[11:44] <Jenna Fraen> *facedesk*
[11:44] <Comiclove> Bahahaha
[11:44] <Comiclove> jenna
[11:44] <AuRon the champion> gotta go
[11:44] <AuRon the champion> night
[11:44] <MajinAbura> Bye Au
[11:44] <Comiclove> I know what'll make you feel good!
[11:44] <Comiclove> bye au
[11:44] <Comiclove> xP
[11:44] <Theharlequin> fn+insert=prt sc
[11:44] <Nhlott> Then you have read less than 30% of Spider-Man
[11:44] <Jenna Fraen> night--shit
[11:44] <Comiclove> ^@Lott
[11:44] <LucasA5972> gtg
[11:44] <MajinAbura> I know that Lott
[11:44] <Theharlequin> later lucas
[11:44] <MajinAbura> I just love Venom
[11:44] <Devin11000> bye Lucas.
[11:44] <Comiclove> bye lucas
[11:44] <LucasA5972> bye
[11:45] <Nhlott> So you enjoy basically a carbon-copy of the titular char?
[11:45] <MajinAbura> He's not a copy
[11:45] <Comiclove> Sorta is
[11:45] <MajinAbura> He's a man obsessed with killing the titular character
[11:45] <MajinAbura> That eventually became a warped version of the main character
[11:45] <Nhlott> As the symbiote literally copied his powers, yes he is
[11:46] <MajinAbura> That's the only thing he has in common
[11:46] <MajinAbura> Venom has a fascinating personality
[11:46] <Oblivion26> Lucas, done
[11:46] <Jenna Fraen> This noob is driving me insane
[11:46] <Jenna Fraen> kill me now
[11:46] <Comiclove> Majin?
[11:46] <Oblivion26> crap, he left
[11:46] <Jenna Fraen> *facedesk*
[11:46] <Comiclove> Bah, we're making too much debates
[11:46] <Nhlott> Dude, i'm gonna go ahead and tell you on thr front end
[11:46] <Kingbirdy> lott, you should know this: it's venom, carnage, and who's the third one?
[11:46] <MajinAbura> Plus he can form tentacles from his csotume
[11:46] <MajinAbura> Toxin
[11:46] <Nhlott> Toxin
[11:46] <Comiclove> Ummmmmmm, Toxin?
[11:46] <Oblivion26> Toxin
[11:46] <Comiclove> Yeah, Toxin
[11:46] <Comiclove> I sorta liked Toxin
[11:46] <Oblivion26> the fusion of Venom and Carnage
[11:46] <Jenna Fraen> brb
[11:46] <Comiclove> Toxin was cool
[11:46] <Nhlott> You won't win a pidey argument/debate with me
[11:47] <Oblivion26> unless you count Scream
[11:47] <MajinAbura> Not really Oblivion
[11:47] <Nhlott> *spide
[11:47] <Nhlott> *Spidey
[11:47] <Kingbirdy> have you ever played the carnage game for SNES?
[11:47] <Comiclove> basically, what happens when you put eddie on a blind date with a mass murderer
[11:47] <Oblivion26> Lott, ill challenge you on that >:)
[11:47] <Comiclove> one of my friends did, King
[11:47] <Oblivion26> XD
[11:47] <Comiclove> XP
[11:47] <Nhlott> Go for it, bro
[11:47] <Comiclove> Scream's cool, too
[11:47] <MajinAbura> Toxin is Carnage's spawn, but Venom tried to make Toxin like him
[11:47] <MajinAbura> I like Hybrid
[11:48] <Comiclove> i
[11:48] <MajinAbura> Mostly because of his design
[11:48] <Comiclove> I*
[11:48] <Comiclove> Hybrid's ok
[11:48] <Nhlott> Toxin's by far my fav
[11:48] <Oblivion26> I like Carngae
[11:48] <MajinAbura> I love Maximum Carnage
[11:48] <Oblivion26> *Carnage
[11:48] <Oblivion26> he's f*ckin epic
[11:48] <Oblivion26> by himself
[11:48] <Nhlott> the power coupled with a child-like mentality just seems to work to me
[11:48] <Allan Thorne> @lott hello
[11:49] <MajinAbura> I like Venom because he has a sense of honor
[11:49] <MajinAbura> I like that in villains
[11:49] <Comiclove> Carnage is awesome
[11:49] <Comiclove> You mean Anti-Venom
[11:49] <MajinAbura> But I also love Carnage as a psychotic killer
[11:49] <Nhlott> I hate Carnage
[11:49] <Comiclove> But same deal essentially
[11:49] <MajinAbura> Venom became an anti-hero
[11:49] <Comiclove> Anti-Venom's awesome
[11:49] <Comiclove> Yeah
[11:49] <Comiclove> IK that
[11:49] <Comiclove> -_-
[11:49] <Comiclove> XP
[11:49] <MajinAbura> I'm annoyed at how they keep passing the Venom symbiote around
[11:49] <Nhlott> That's more the man than the symbiote though
[11:49] <MajinAbura> Now Flash Thompson has it!
[11:50] <MajinAbura> Give it back to Eddie!
[11:50] <Comiclove> Flash Thompson + Venom Symbiote = My Entire Spidey Childhood somewhat ruined
[11:50] <MajinAbura> Though I do like Anti-Venom
[11:50] <Oblivion26> replied bachyy
[11:50] <Comiclove> Nah, Eddie can't have it anymore, iirc
[11:50] <Comiclove> Well, the original
[11:50] <Nhlott> Like with Toxin, Pat ran shit
[11:50] <Oblivion26> Anti-Venom is retarted -__-
[11:50] <Comiclove> the original symbiote
[11:50] <MajinAbura> Well I kind of liked it on Mac Gargan
[11:50] <Comiclove> is basically a clingy slutty girl
[11:50] <MajinAbura> Because he looked more monstrous
[11:50] <Comiclove> every time you RIP HER OFF
[11:50] <Comiclove> She goes to another person
[11:50] <Nhlott> Well comic, it IS a symbiote....
[11:50] <Comiclove> true
[11:50] <Comiclove> XP
[11:51] <MajinAbura> I liked the idea of the symbiote dominating its host
[11:51] <Comiclove> But still, i wouldn't be surprised if it adopted a human form that was slutty
[11:51] <MajinAbura> It can't
[11:51] <Oblivion26> why not?
[11:51] <MajinAbura> It's a blob of goo
[11:51] <Comiclove> IK
[11:51] <Comiclove> but IF
[11:51] <Comiclove> Always note the If
[11:51] <Oblivion26> IT COULD
[11:51] <MajinAbura> It can't form any major solid form without a body
[11:51] <Oblivion26> you never know that
[11:51] <MajinAbura> Then why does it never form a body?
[11:51] <Nhlott> Though the concept of sluttiness must be lost on it, as it's asexual
[11:51] <MajinAbura> It's always a blob
[11:51] <Oblivion26> it can assimilate so much of itself that it can form its own form
[11:52] <Nhlott> cuz it needs another organism to survive
[11:52] <BachLynn23> @ob posted
[11:52] <BachLynn23> haha
[11:52] <BachLynn23> I read that wrong
[11:52] <Comiclove> XD
[11:52] <BachLynn23> organism
[11:52] <Comiclove> Same
[11:52] <Oblivion26> XD
[11:52] <BachLynn23> XD
[11:52] <Comiclove> Just remove le ni 
[11:52] <Comiclove> XP
[11:52] <Comiclove> I'm like
[11:52] <BachLynn23> I was like, really I'm sure people can in fact survive without orgasms
[11:52] <Comiclove> o_O Uhhhhhh
[11:52] <Nhlott> what purpose would it have to make a human form
[11:52] <Comiclove> True
[11:52] <Oblivion26> better mobility
[11:52] <MajinAbura> Indeed
[11:52] <MajinAbura> Not really
[11:52] <Comiclove> Slapping people easier
[11:52] <Nhlott> by definition, it has to feed no something else
[11:52] <Comiclove> XP
[11:53] <Nhlott> *opn
[11:53] <Orbstar> back
[11:53] <MajinAbura> As a blob it can fit anywhere
[11:53] <Nhlott> **on
[11:53] <Comiclove> hey orb
[11:53] <MajinAbura> Hey orb
[11:53] <RubyRose17> hey orb
[11:53] <Comiclove> *appears on top of orb's head*
[11:53] <Orbstar> hai
[11:53] <Comiclove> Yolo
[11:53] <Orbstar> o.o
[11:53] <Orbstar> Yolo
[11:53] <Oblivion26> XD
[11:53] <RubyRose17> um allan just renamed the main page
[11:53] <MajinAbura> Comic has turned into the Cheshire Cat
[11:53] <RubyRose17> [[Allan Thorne|Allan_Thorne]]
[11:53] <RubyRose17> i'm reverting it back
[11:53] <Comiclove> No I have not
[11:53] <Comiclove> I didn't turn into ti
[11:53] <Comiclove> XD
[11:53] <Comiclove> it*
[11:53] <MajinAbura> Then how did you appear on Orb's head?
[11:53] <Comiclove> I stand on it
[11:53] <Comiclove> That's how
[11:53] <Comiclove> XP
[11:53] <Comiclove> Anything's possible in the internet
[11:53] <MajinAbura> Sure is
[11:53] <Nhlott> Though, I'm not the biggest fan of the symbiotes
[11:54] <Oblivion26> depends on the host for me
[11:54] <MajinAbura> I love all the symbiote characters
[11:54] <Orbstar> :O
[11:54] <Orbstar> is today tuesday?
[11:54] <Comiclove> ^@Ob
[11:54] <RubyRose17> yeah
[11:54] <Comiclove> Oui
[11:54] <Oblivion26> i personally think Mac Gargan was a retarted host
[11:54] <MajinAbura> Mostly because they look awesome
[11:54] <Comiclove> Yeah
[11:54] <Orbstar> tuesday... april 10th?!
[11:54] <Comiclove> I'm like
[11:54] <Oblivion26> he was already a good villain
[11:54] <Comiclove> ARE YOU KIDDING ME
[11:54] <MajinAbura> But the symbiote had most of the control in their relationship
[11:54] <Oblivion26> same comic :D
[11:54] <MajinAbura> No caps Comic
[11:54] <Nhlott> I see it as an idea that just went awry before they realized it was getting out of hand
[11:54] <Comiclove> Cause he was already the Scorpion
[11:54] <Comiclove> oh, Majin
[11:54] <Comiclove> I don't scream
[11:55] <Comiclove> I talk in caps
[11:55] <Comiclove> XP
[11:55] <Orbstar> @maj your one to talk -,-
[11:55] <Oblivion26> XD
[11:55] <Comiclove> It's called having a loud voice
[11:55] <Comiclove> XP
[11:55] <Orbstar> XD
[11:55] <MajinAbura> Well Comic shouldn't criticize me for caps
[11:55] <MajinAbura> When he does it
[11:55] <Comiclove> XP
[11:55] <Comiclove> I should
[11:55] <Comiclove> Cause I'm a Hypocrite anyways
[11:55] <MajinAbura> -_____-
[11:55] <Comiclove> Awwww, I pissed you off now
[11:55] <Orbstar> @maj its ok to use caps everyone once and a while, but you use them a LOT
[11:55] <BachLynn23> Allan, wtf did you mess with the main page?
[11:55] <MajinAbura> Because I'm a loud person
[11:55] <Oblivion26> replied bachhhyy
[11:55] <Comiclove> o_o
[11:55] <Comiclove> you can edit the main page?
[11:55] <Nhlott> When it gets to the point of other villains getting these symbiotes, the writers need to step back and say "Now, wtf is going on here?"
[11:55] <Oblivion26> wait, what??
[11:55] <Orbstar> @bach whaaaaaaat?
[11:55] <Comiclove> I thought it was LOCKED?
[11:55] <RubyRose17> he renamed it
[11:56] <Orbstar> allen....
[11:56] <RubyRose17> and then i reverted it
[11:56] <Oblivion26> who messed with the main page?
[11:56] <BachLynn23> it's not fixed
[11:56] <RubyRose17> and then he edited it again
[11:56] <BachLynn23> it's still messed up
[11:56] <MajinAbura> Allan... you are a dumbass
[11:56] <Orbstar> JENNA!
[11:56] <Theharlequin> wb Jenn
[11:56] <RubyRose17> hi jenna
[11:56] <Comiclove> WB Jenna
[11:56] <Nhlott> Majin, chill
[11:56] <Orbstar> Tha main page is broken!!!
[11:56] <Oblivion26> did....he just rename the main page Allen Thorne???
[11:56] <Orbstar> *gets on top of jenna's head and hides in her hair*
[11:56] <Comiclove> yep
[11:56] <Comiclove> Wowwww
[11:56] <MajinAbura> When Flash Thompson got a symbiote
[11:56] <Jenna Fraen> *has a mahogany in her hair*
[11:56] <Comiclove> That
[11:56] <Comiclove> Was
[11:56] <Comiclove> F*cking
[11:56] <Jenna Fraen> WTF IS GOING ON
[11:56] <Comiclove> Unexpected
[11:56] <MajinAbura> They should've known to stop
[11:56] <Comiclove> Another April Fools
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> =_=
[11:57] <Comiclove> Oi, these noobs
[11:57] <Comiclove> are getting annoying
[11:57] <Oblivion26> Ruby, please tell me you warned Allen?
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> Oi
[11:57] <Orbstar> @jenna a user renamed the home page "Allen Thorne"
[11:57] <Comiclove> I have a feeling something's going on her
[11:57] <Comiclove> here*
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> Oioioioi
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> LOL
[11:57] <Comiclove> XP
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> fail
[11:57] <Orbstar> ^ @ruby
[11:57] <Comiclove> Me: .....
[11:57] <Orbstar> *@ob
[11:57] <Comiclove> But seriously
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> absolutely noob fail
[11:57] <Comiclove> something's going on
[11:57] <RubyRose17> i gave him a verbal the first time, then said if he did it again it'd be official
[11:57] <Comiclove> idk what is
[11:57] <Orbstar> @comi ^
[11:57] <Comiclove> but something is
[11:57] <MajinAbura> Is someone going to fix the main page
[11:57] <Comiclove> And I am going to find it
[11:57] <Orbstar> the noobs have just begun to... change
[11:57] <RubyRose17> fixed it
[11:57] <Comiclove> being a one of the Shinra Turks
[11:57] <BachLynn23> eh, he's gettin an official first warning
[11:57] <Comiclove> Oui
[11:58] <Oblivion26> oh thank god
[11:58] <BachLynn23> no one effs with the main page
[11:58] <Comiclove> Wait, bach
[11:58] <Comiclove> how long
[11:58] <Comiclove> will the wiki
[11:58] <Orbstar> phew
[11:58] <Comiclove> be yellow?
[11:58] <BachLynn23> april
[11:58] <Comiclove> I want blue back
[11:58] <BachLynn23> and it's not yellow
[11:58] <RubyRose17> well he did it again, so yeah
[11:58] <BachLynn23> it's brown
[11:58] <BachLynn23> brown/gold
[11:58] <Oblivion26> its gold....
[11:58] <RubyRose17> should i give him one?
[11:58] <Milly N. Hodgins> Hell
[11:58] <Milly N. Hodgins> Hello*
[11:58] <RubyRose17> @bach?
[11:58] <Oblivion26> hello
[11:58] <Comiclove> Hey Millt
[11:58] <RubyRose17> hi milly
[11:58] <Comiclove> Milly*
[11:58] <Milly N. Hodgins> Comi!!!
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> brb, again
[11:58] <Theharlequin> hey milly
[11:58] <Orbstar> hi milly
[11:58] <MajinAbura> Hello
[11:58] <Milly N. Hodgins> :D
[11:58] <Comiclove> Milly
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> reading stuff
[11:58] <Comiclove> Do Not use caps
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> whoa
[11:58] <Comiclove> or I will butcher you
[11:58] <Milly N. Hodgins> ...
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> Comic
[11:58] <Milly N. Hodgins> Okay XD
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> are you and Milly
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> like
[11:58] <MajinAbura> Then don't do it either Comic
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