[11:09] <YorkieWolf> DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SQUEEZE) 
[11:10] <DaichiAoi> SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (squeeze) 
[11:13] <YorkieWolf> dad i found a pic of dahyun
[11:13] <YorkieWolf> *daehyun
[11:13] <YorkieWolf>
[11:29] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>
[11:29] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> OH MY FUCK ING GOD I MISSED NAT?!?!??!?!?!?1
[11:33] <DaichiAoi> @son omg poor thing
[11:34] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> someone play with me!
[11:34] <DaichiAoi> bon appetit mean "enjoy your meal" poor boy
[11:35] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Daichi play with meee
[11:35] <YorkieWolf> ripp daehyun
[11:35] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> yorkie play with me
[11:35] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>
[11:35] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> ALL OF YOU PLAY WITH ME
[11:36] <EvilhariboMadness> can we stop with the excessive linking
[11:36] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> excessive isn't 3 times
[11:36] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> excessive is 5
[11:36] <EvilhariboMadness> excessive is also realising that, because you linked it once, you don't need to link it again
[11:37] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> w/e
[11:37] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> why is it if someone else links the game people'll play :| 
[11:38] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> but if I link it there's tumbleweeds :| 
[11:38] <YorkieWolf> bc there are legit only four people here and we are busy
[11:38] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> <span style="font-size:7pt;"> not busy enough to apparently go on instagram, respond to it, and be on chat</span>
[11:39] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> whatever
[11:40] <YorkieWolf> do you even know
[11:40] <YorkieWolf> how much time
[11:40] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> child
[11:40] <YorkieWolf> you have to dedicate to bgo
[11:40] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Not alot, you can just
[11:40] <YorkieWolf> like its either you play or dont bother
[11:40] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> exit when you can't play anymoar
[11:40] <DaichiAoi> bgo can literally go on for hours
[11:40] <YorkieWolf> and you need to stay focused
[11:40] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> yeah okay whatever
[11:40] <EvilhariboMadness> bgo is such an intensive game
[11:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> my match is starting
[11:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> so
[11:41] <EvilhariboMadness> you can't just leave it 
[11:41] <DaichiAoi> okay have fun
[11:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I won't be looking at this children
[11:41] <EvilhariboMadness> says children
[11:41] <EvilhariboMadness> is the youngest 
[11:48] <ReesesPeaces> Hello o/ 
[11:49] <YorkieWolf> aye Reese (th) 
[11:49] <ReesesPeaces> Hey Yorkie! (Th) :black: 
[11:49] <ReesesPeaces> How are you?
[11:50] <YorkieWolf> :black: 
[11:50] <YorkieWolf> im good hbu
[11:50] <ReesesPeaces> Pretty good too (y) 
[11:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> TOUCH MY WIFE AND I HURT YOU
[11:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and ttyl
[11:50] <ReesesPeaces> Working on a podcast for science
[11:50] <ReesesPeaces> Oh Shade hey o/ 
[11:50] <ReesesPeaces> :black: (Squeeze) 
[11:51] <ReesesPeaces> ..
[11:54] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> bitches I won
[11:54] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> so hah
[11:54] <ReesesPeaces> Um
[11:54] <ReesesPeaces> Yeah sure (?)
[11:57] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> so HAH
[11:57] <ReesesPeaces> .
[01:32] <Hotshot14380> Helro
[01:49] <Nata Roebot> Aloha! o/ 
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