[03:59] <ScalesofFate> >.<
[03:59] <ScalesofFate> or like the templars there
[03:59] <Undead Sparkz> yeee
[04:00] <Undead Sparkz> I am going for a knights templar-holy crusade theme
[04:00] <Undead Sparkz> since the whole CoO thing gives off a zealous feel ya'know
[04:00] <ScalesofFate> You can be into order and still not be evil
[04:00] <ScalesofFate> like the ends justify the means
[04:00] <Undead Sparkz> yeah im not making her evil xD
[04:00] <Undead Sparkz> I am going for a zealot
[04:00] <Undead Sparkz> possssibllly a xenophobe
[04:00] <Undead Sparkz> depending on how the history works out
[04:00] <Undead Sparkz> yo mel o/ 
[04:00] <Shetland Argus> why miss south korea didn't win: everyone already knows Koreans are gifts from God, no need to show off
[04:01] <Shetland Argus> MEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL (TH) 
[04:01] <Meloney> hey there sparky 
[04:01] <Meloney> YORRRRRRKKIEEEE (th) 
[04:01] <Shetland Argus> mel mel
[04:01] <Shetland Argus> i finished homework
[04:01] <ScalesofFate> "A man chooses; a slave obeys"
[04:01] <Undead Sparkz> awww yeee
[04:02] <Undead Sparkz> look mr.bubbles~! its annn annngle
[04:02] <Meloney> thats an improvement yorks usually I have to bribe you with cookies
[04:02] <ScalesofFate> "Logic is like the sword, those who shall appeal to it, perish by it"
[04:02] <Shetland Argus> yes chase is sexy we already know
[04:02] <ScalesofFate> “All things can be achieved but not by all means, for some means are not proper” 
[04:03] <Meloney> is there a scandal I dont know about?
[04:03] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wait what
[04:03] <Jeon Jungkookie> Im confused
[04:03] <Jeon Jungkookie> O.O
[04:03] <Shetland Argus> lol you said bribe me with cookies
[04:03] <Shetland Argus> @mel
[04:03] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh xD
[04:03] <ScalesofFate> @Sparks, does that help?
[04:03] <Meloney> so there IS a scandal
[04:03] <Undead Sparkz> yeah?
[04:04] <Undead Sparkz> idk thanks xD
[04:04] <Undead Sparkz> im going with the pope urban quote
[04:04] <Undead Sparkz> since its about the holy crusades
[04:04] <Undead Sparkz> but I appreciate the help &lt;3 
[04:04] <ScalesofFate> Just /do/ your research
[04:04] <Undead Sparkz> Yeah im not making her like a crusader or anything
[04:04] <Undead Sparkz> nor am I directly tying her to it xD
[04:05] <Undead Sparkz> I am just giving her a crusader theme
[04:05] <ScalesofFate> Oh I see. Could be interesting though
[04:05] <Shetland Argus> need me pm me
[04:05] <Jeon Jungkookie> *Kind of wants to wear a kabuki mask*
[04:05] <Undead Sparkz> its not like she is plunging out into battle waving the papacys flag and screaming "for God" as she slices down muslims xD
[04:05] <ScalesofFate> Fair enough x3
[04:05] <ScalesofFate> Also, look up Cassandra quotes from D
[04:05] <ScalesofFate> DA
[04:05] <Undead Sparkz> aww yee
[04:05] <ScalesofFate> Cause that's basically your character
[04:05] <Undead Sparkz> that would probably be a good idea tbh
[04:06] <Undead Sparkz> oh ngl tho
[04:06] <Undead Sparkz> I had a idea
[04:06] <Undead Sparkz> of using her as a model
[04:06] <Undead Sparkz> when the crusader thing popped into my head xD
[04:06] <Undead Sparkz> Adrian!
[04:06] <Undead Sparkz> o/ 
[04:06] <ScalesofFate> Am off to bed but IM if you need help
[04:06] <Undead Sparkz> gn scales
[04:06] <ScalesofFate> I'm also working on powersets on request
[04:06] <TheDeadlyOne> im gonna kms ffffff
[04:07] <Shetland Argus> Deadly o/ 
[04:07] <Shetland Argus> kms?
[04:07] <Shetland Argus> kiss my ass
[04:07] <Shetland Argus> ohh
[04:07] <Undead Sparkz> kill myself
[04:07] <Undead Sparkz> I believe
[04:07] <Undead Sparkz> is what it means
[04:07] <TheFabulousBarbie> *drags herself to the land of new charie page codes crying*
[04:07] <Undead Sparkz> uhm
[04:07] <Undead Sparkz> anyone know
[04:07] <Undead Sparkz> where the CoO is operated? >.<
[04:07] <Shetland Argus> kiss my ass is nicer
[04:08] <Shetland Argus> spire
[04:08] <Jeon Jungkookie> Afk guts
[04:08] <Jeon Jungkookie> Guys*
[04:08] <Undead Sparkz> oli
[04:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> For like a half hour
[04:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> Pm me if you need ne
[04:09] <Shetland Argus> tried to get kyung park already transparent
[04:09] <Shetland Argus> got this
[04:09] <Shetland Argus>
[04:09] <Undead Sparkz> where is the CoO operating exactly? >.<
[04:09] <Undead Sparkz> guys pls
[04:09] <Shetland Argus> SORRRY
[04:09] <Undead Sparkz> I need answers
[04:09] <ScalesofFate> Umm near BC and Camp
[04:09] <Undead Sparkz> yo nat
[04:09] <ScalesofFate> In America
[04:09] <Undead Sparkz> I assumed so
[04:09] <ScalesofFate> So presumably near the east coast
[04:09] <Undead Sparkz> yeahhh
[04:09] <Undead Sparkz> e.e
[04:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> The spite in Erica. XD
[04:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> America*
[04:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> Spire*
[04:10] <Nat25> Fate, did u look at it? (bounce) 
[04:10] <Undead Sparkz> urgh so vague
[04:10] <Undead Sparkz> oli pls
[04:10] <Undead Sparkz> wake up ol
[04:10] <Undead Sparkz> oli pls
[04:10] <TheDeadlyOne> i have to be shirtless for my monologue fml
[04:10] <Undead Sparkz> Draw a smiley face on your stomach
[04:10] <Undead Sparkz> show them you dont fear them
[05:18] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *simple enough?*
[05:18] <TheDeadlyOne>
[05:18] <TheDeadlyOne> in it
[05:19] <TheDeadlyOne> sean
[05:19] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> one of you give me your usernames, i'm registerin right quick
[05:19] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i assume this recruited thing gives you somefin
[05:20] <CattyTheOrchid16> MaiaTheMango
[05:21] <Brocky292> SeanLikesKpop
[05:21] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i hate kpop
[05:21] <Brocky292> SeanLikesPonPonPon
[05:21] <TheDeadlyOne> i feel so bad for gfriend i
[05:21] <Brocky292> why
[05:21] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> yes romano
[05:21] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> good
[05:21] <Brocky292> they are goddesses
[05:21] <TheDeadlyOne> no the performance where they were tripping
[05:22] <Brocky292> oh
[05:22] <TheDeadlyOne> catty did u want to join]
[05:22] <TheDeadlyOne> or nah
[05:22] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Jpop holds dominion over Kpop
[05:22] <CattyTheOrchid16> yeeeee
[05:22] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> barb
[05:22] <CattyTheOrchid16> bgo is life
[05:22] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i summon thee
[05:22] <TheDeadlyOne>
[05:22] <Brocky292> lmao okay Sean
[05:22] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> romano dont laugh at the truth
[05:23] <Brocky292> then why can kpop idols branch out into jpop and cpop but jpop idols can't?
[05:23] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> romano
[05:23] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i know little to none about what you just said
[05:23] <Nat25> *omg* **jpop**
[05:23] <Shetland Argus> tbh
[05:23] <Brocky292> cause you're not educated in what you're about to start debating about
[05:23] <Shetland Argus> almost no one i know listens to jpop
[05:23] <TheDeadlyOne> why can korean pop idols branch out into japanese pop and chinese pop but japanese pop idols can't
[05:24] <Brocky292> so kindly step off
[05:24] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but so long as kyary pamyu exists, then my opinion stands no matter what@romano
[05:24] <Shetland Argus> but i know helluva a lot who listen to kpp
[05:24] <Shetland Argus> *kpop
[05:24] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> argus i demand you play bgo
[05:24] <Shetland Argus> nah
[05:25] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> (sad2) 
[05:25] <Brocky292> do I really wanna play bgo
[05:25] <Brocky292> not really
[05:25] <Shetland Argus> u do realize im yorkie right
[05:25] <Brocky292> should I
[05:25] <Brocky292> probably not
[05:25] <TheDeadlyOne> catty oks
[05:25] <TheDeadlyOne> u should
[05:25] <Nat25> I like jpop, a bunch, but there are only so many good artists 
[05:25] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> idc, my sadness recognizes nobody (sad2) @york
[05:25] <Nat25> So, branch off, kpop 
[05:25] <Nat25> Cpop is, um...
[05:25] <Shetland Argus> honestly everything from kpop ive heard,i liked
[05:25] <Brocky292> ^
[05:26] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *Jpop is le only asian music i can stand*
[05:26] <Brocky292> except for iKON's debut songs
[05:26] <Brocky292> and Big Bang
[05:26] <TheDeadlyOne> honestly i like kpop better than filipino pop
[05:26] <TheDeadlyOne> our music is trashy
[05:26] <Brocky292> okay so anything YG that isn't AKMU, Lee Hi, Winner and some 2NE1, I dislike
[05:26] <TheDeadlyOne> save for a few bands
[05:26] <Nat25> Eh... Big bang is alright, but def. Heard better 
[05:26] <Shetland Argus> i didn't like rocket girl and some cl things
[05:26] <Shetland Argus> that's it
[05:26] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *wtf is up with so much pop*
[05:26] <TheDeadlyOne> catty
[05:26] <Brocky292> Hello bitches is trash I'm not sorry
[05:27] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> next we'll hav african pop
[05:27] <TheDeadlyOne> u joining or nah
[05:27] <Nat25> 2ne1 has a really good song 
[05:27] <Shetland Argus> omg brocky tho
[05:27] <Nat25> *im the best*
[05:27] <Shetland Argus> didyou see jessi's no love
[05:27] <Brocky292> YORKIE WE SHOULD DO KPOP TC JS
[05:27] <Shetland Argus> that song is hella good
[05:27] <Shetland Argus> I WOULD
[05:27] <Brocky292> not yet o:
[05:27] <DaichiAoi> they used 2ne1 for a american commercial and i think that's amazing :')
[05:27] <Shetland Argus> BUT I GOTA GO SOON
[05:27] <TheDeadlyOne> join pls ;-;
[05:27] <Shetland Argus> BUT HELL LETS DO IT
[05:27] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> omg
[05:27] <Brocky292> ;-;
[05:27] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> african pop exists
[05:27] <Shetland Argus> wait lemme link you no love
[05:27] <TheDeadlyOne> /sigh
[05:28] <Shetland Argus>
[05:28] <Shetland Argus> its so good at least i think
[05:28] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> deadly hasnt been here for awhile and we cant even give him a good game of bgo
[05:28] <Brocky292> here you go fellow kpop friends
[05:28] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *what kind of people are we*
[05:28] <Brocky292> tonight is the night we jam out collectively to Someone Like U
[05:29] <Shetland Argus> YES
[05:29] <Shetland Argus> DALSHABET GET IT
[05:29] <Shetland Argus> omg lets bereal tho
[05:29] <Shetland Argus> they were so pretty in the mv
[05:29] <Brocky292> TRU AF OMG
[05:29] <Brocky292> WOOHEE CAN SLAY ME
[05:29] <TheDeadlyOne> sean i played bgo last night lmao
[05:29] <Jeon Jungkookie> Test
[05:29] <Nat25> ;.; can't see it 
[05:29] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *going to find some music to download to my phone*
[05:29] <Shetland Argus> ITS TRUE
[05:29] <Jeon Jungkookie> Test
[05:29] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> oh screw you then >.<@dead
[05:30] <TheDeadlyOne> oli won
[05:30] <Shetland Argus> j-yo's voice i so good
[05:30] <Brocky292> @ Manolo, Clay and Chase ft. whoever likes kpop
[05:30] <Brocky292> I would say Oli too but he's asleep so nvm
[05:30] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll join in a second. XD
[05:30] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ill stay have to brush my little bit of hair xD
[05:30] <DaichiAoi> i can't go on. sorry, i need to leave
[05:30] <Brocky292> ;-;
[05:31] <Nat25> Hey guys, after tonight I won't be on chat for a week, I need to take a break, but ill still post and such 
[05:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmfao
[05:31] <Nat25> Just letting u know 
[05:31] <Shetland Argus> ;-;
[05:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> MANOLO
[05:31] <Brocky292> mkai
[05:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> Get in
[05:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> On"
[05:31] <TheDeadlyOne> ;-;
[05:31] <Shetland Argus> I AM
[05:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ill be there in 5
[05:31] <Brocky292> literally alone in a tc right now so sad
[05:31] <Shetland Argus> brocky whats the pass
[05:31] <Shetland Argus> XD
[05:31] <Brocky292> um
[05:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *sleeps in box*
[05:32] <Brocky292> forgot about the password hold on
[05:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmfao
[05:32] <Shetland Argus> its porbably like
[05:32] <Shetland Argus> yuri slayed me
[05:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> To
[05:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yo*
[05:32] <Brocky292> I made it kpop lmao no shame
[05:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> So my niece and sister are over, so you might see a little girl running around. XD
[05:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Someone link me XD
[05:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> MANOLO 
[05:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Link me XD
[05:39] <Shetland Argus>
[05:39] <Shetland Argus> @chase
[05:39] <Nat25> Mel, I need you to getnon so I canget off 
[05:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> Okay gimme a second
[05:42] <Nat25> Now more than ever do I wish I lived on my own or in the basement, and I wish I had my comp 
[05:44] <Nat25> I'm going to getboff now, see u all in a week, if you need me, Iris message me, and ill answer 
[05:45] <Nat25> And chase, I am really sorry, and I regret it.please, forgive me 
[05:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> I WON'T EVER FORGIVE YOU
[05:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> </Caps>
[05:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh, wait she left. >e<
[05:47] <Meloney> ...(snuggle) she wont be on chat so thats good?
[05:47] <Meloney> * (snuggle) 
[05:48] <Jeon Jungkookie> It is tbh
[05:49] <Meloney> good news is we may be visited by toxy
[05:49] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yay :D
[05:49] <Jeon Jungkookie> I love Toxy
[05:51] <CattyTheOrchid16> *rolls around bc stomach ache*
[05:51] <Meloney> O.o you ok catty?
[05:52] <CattyTheOrchid16> stomach aache ;w;
[05:53] <Meloney> eat some meds?
[05:53] <CattyTheOrchid16> mkeei ;w;
[05:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *snuggles maia* awww
[05:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> Get dafuq back. XD
[05:58] <Jeon Jungkookie> Im gonna hide. XD
[06:08] <Zer0TheNinja> .
[06:13] <TheFabulousBarbie> I QUIT *kicks the page and stomps off*
[06:14] <Theharlequin> *hugs Barbie and cuddles*
[06:18] <TheFabulousBarbie> the rest of her coding can wait
[06:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm not feeling well DX
[06:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> I don't ever want to eat DX
[06:22] <Meloney> O.o why?
[06:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> Idek
[06:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> I look at a plate of 
[06:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> Food and it just doesn't appeal to me
[06:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> AT ALL
[06:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> It's been like that for 2 days XD
[06:23] <Meloney> what did you take?
[06:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> But I'm just now not feeling well
[06:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> Nothing
[06:23] <Meloney> noo
[06:23] <Meloney> the plate of food
[06:23] <Meloney> what does it consist of?
[06:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> Probably the flu
[06:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> Chicken, which is the only thing other than sushi that I'll eat. >e<
[06:24] <Meloney> ohh hmm...
[06:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> MY EXO SHOES HAVEN''T SHIPPED YET Dx
[06:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> FUck 
[06:25] <Meloney> O.O you bought more stuff!
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> No
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> I bought these
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> Last Tuesday XD
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> I think it was
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> Tuesday 
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> It might of been SUnday 
[06:25] <Meloney> ...what day is today cookies?
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> *Shrugs*
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> Err
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> Friday?
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> Why?
[06:26] <Meloney> ...its satuday right?
[06:26] <Meloney> cause here its sunday
[06:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wait what? O.O
[06:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> No
[06:26] <Theharlequin> It's Sunday for me
[06:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> It's friday
[06:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> Brb
[06:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm gonna go check the Calendar
[06:26] <Theharlequin> Wow, Chase is so lost
[06:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> WTF
[06:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> HOW DID I LOSE TWO DAYS
[06:27] <Theharlequin> One day, sunday is still to come
[06:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> Same difference
[06:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> I though Dx
[06:27] <Theharlequin> And, the holidays
[06:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> Last time I lost 3 
[06:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> FUCK 
[06:27] <Meloney> i told you yesterday it was saturday >.<
[06:28] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh yea
[06:28] <Jeon Jungkookie> You did Dx
[06:28] <Jeon Jungkookie> RIP
[06:29] <Meloney> you sure your ok cookies?
[06:29] <Jeon Jungkookie> LUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY (TH) 
[06:29] <Meloney> anyhow welcome back harle
[06:29] <Jeon Jungkookie> No, I'm not okay 
[06:29] <Jeon Jungkookie> ;-;
[06:29] <Theharlequin> Thanks
[06:29] <Meloney> heyo there....lumos?
[06:29] <Lumosknight> COOOOOKIEEEEEEEEEEEE (th) 
[06:29] <Meloney> why cookies not ok (snuggle) 
[06:29] <Lumosknight> hello there mel :)
[06:29] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm an idiot that's why . (sad2) 
[06:30] <Meloney> coookies no idiot (snuggle) noo
[06:30] <Meloney> cookies is cookies (backhug) 
[06:30] <Jeon Jungkookie> I feel so stupid rn 
[06:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> LUMMMY PM 
[06:31] <Meloney> why cookies?
[06:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS FRIDAY
[06:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> </Caps>
[06:32] <Meloney> in all honesty cookies
[06:32] <Meloney> if I dont have classes i dont even know what today is
[06:32] <CattyTheOrchid16> mkei my stomachache is gone
[06:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> IK what you mean Dx
[06:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> But I should know
[06:32] <TheFabulousBarbie> I finished Ambrosia's new coding if the coding changes again it can kiss my ass
[06:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> I have to know
[06:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *hugs barb*
[06:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> XD
[06:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> 
[06:33] <Meloney> congratz barbie !
[06:33] <Meloney> anyhow have to know what cookies?
[06:33] <Meloney> also (snuggle) i'm glad to know catty
[06:33] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> * (nom2) maia*
[06:34] <TheFabulousBarbie> Now I am going ot bed
[06:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> Did you pot? @Melly
[06:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> I owe Oli a post XD
[06:34] <Meloney> pot?
[06:34] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> pot XD
[06:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> Post***
[06:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> SHHH
[06:34] <Meloney> i have no pots~
[06:34] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *i thought you were asking if mellu smoked weed* XD
[06:34] <TheFabulousBarbie> because I hate coding and it makes me tired
[06:34] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *snuggles barbie* 
[06:34] <Meloney> i'll post now
[06:34] <Meloney> i need some inspiration for aileen
[06:35] <Meloney> i;ll post for you too xer
[06:35] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> ok
[06:35] <Meloney> ....alaska have ...
[06:35] <Meloney> ok..
[06:35] <Meloney> *ish playing a game*
[06:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> POST ON KLAUS' PAGE WITH AILEEN @Melly
[06:36] <Theharlequin> What game Mel?
[06:36] <Meloney> quiz rpg
[06:36] <Meloney> the game that makes me feel stupid
[06:36] <Theharlequin> Cool
[06:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> I wanna play :o
[06:36] <Meloney> anyhow i'll post cookies
[06:36] <Meloney> if you eat
[06:36] <Theharlequin> I'm just listening to DMX
[06:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> Err
[06:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> I don't want to
[06:37] <CattyTheOrchid16> ugh these bishounen are killing me *rolls down*
[06:37] <Meloney> hmmm
[06:37] <Meloney> eat ice cream cookies
[06:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll eat though
[06:37] <Meloney> raaaaaaaaaaaid (th) 
[06:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh, I didn't buy any XD
[06:37] <Meloney> but ice cream is comfort food
[06:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> HEYO RADIO (TH) 
[06:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ehh
[06:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> I love Ice Cream
[06:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> But I prefere
[06:38] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> mellu play the impossible quiz
[06:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Pocky
[06:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> DO IT XD
[06:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> No ones ever won Dx
[06:38] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> plenty of people have
[06:38] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> that just inspired them to make a second one
[06:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmfao
[06:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> IK
[06:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wait aren't there 3?
[06:39] <Meloney> i like the quiz rpg cause they have hot chars
[06:39] <Meloney> i have a crush on one of them
[06:40] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[06:40] <CattyTheOrchid16> the ho yay is strong in this one
[06:40] <Meloney> dude trust me
[06:40] <Meloney> that char is hot
[06:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> seems like a good game
[06:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *looked it up*
[06:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> seems like somethin i would play
[06:41] <CattyTheOrchid16> guys could u not feel the ho yay in this one
[06:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> ho yay?
[06:43] <CattyTheOrchid16>
[06:45] <Meloney> ....
[06:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> Back in August, I got so sick I felt like I was going to die, but I didn't tell anyone. Then we went to the carnival and that's when everyone found out >eM
[06:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> >e<*
[06:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> In rl
[06:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> I generally don't
[06:46] <Jeon Jungkookie> Tell anyone I'm sick for days.
[06:46] <JamesD16> Hello
[06:46] <Jeon Jungkookie> JAMMY THE VEGEMITE MAN (TH) 
[06:46] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> bad move sylvi
[06:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> I even went on and did all the house cleaning, with no help. Haha
[06:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> How so?
[06:47] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> you need rest
[06:47] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> and people will help
[06:47] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> basically a rule of life
[06:47] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> doing the opposite might make you weaker
[06:47] <JamesD16> Mel pm
[06:48] <Jeon Jungkookie> Truu
[06:48] <Jeon Jungkookie> But I don't like burdening people in rl tbh
[06:48] <Jeon Jungkookie> And tbh
[06:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i dont either
[06:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but time comes when you have no choice
[06:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *watching a man throw a 6s into some lava*
[06:48] <Jeon Jungkookie> The first time I gor sick, and told one of them they looked at me and said: You're not sick, if you were sick you wouldn't be able to move. <---Reason enough for me.
[06:49] <Jeon Jungkookie> Truu
[06:49] <Jeon Jungkookie> Got*
[06:50] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> call, scream to the top of your lungs
[06:50] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> dont move then XD
[06:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Assholes, plus It blistering hot out one of the days, and I still went and mowed the lawn. 3 acres, all by myself, because they were all lazy bastards.
[06:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Excuse my language
[06:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> They still piss me off
[06:51] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wtf is your problem XD
[06:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm so glad I don't live where I used to, I'm glad I'm back in michigan
[06:51] <Steven Winterson> Good morning people
[06:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> STEVEN UNIVERSE (TH) 
[06:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> Idek @!Gollum
[06:51] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> dont do that shit when you are sick >.<@sylvi
[06:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh, I will still do stuff
[06:51] <Steven Winterson> *squeeze* COOKIE
[06:51] <Steven Winterson> 
[06:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> Also, you missed me camming on TC XD @Gollum
[06:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> next time chu sick, maybe we will use some initiative to get you to rest >.>
[06:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> sylvi
[06:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> Maybe
[06:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> kpop tc
[06:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> So XD
[06:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> two words to keep me away
[06:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> only those two
[06:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> YOU COULD OF SEEN ME. XD
[06:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i can see you anytime
[06:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> Nope~
[06:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> if i was reall and truly curious
[06:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *really
[06:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i would have gone on
[06:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> Truu
[06:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[06:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but i have seen you atleast once, so my curiousity is nonexistent. all that is apparent to me is your change of hairstyle
[06:53] <Steven Winterson> Okay then - i came to check on you guys, see if you're alive - probbs gonna go Noragami :D
[06:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> Truu
[06:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> NO STAY
[06:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> stay away from Yato@steven
[06:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> Please Dx
[06:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> those eyes of eternal blue
[06:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> will get you
[06:54] <Steven Winterson> oh okay @cookie
[06:54] <Steven Winterson> @ex senpai - they alredy did :D
[06:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yay XD
[06:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> I win~
[06:55] <Steven Winterson> :d
[06:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> so in all essence, and dont take this as offense. i dont care how you look. >.<@sylvi
[06:55] <Jeon Jungkookie> That's cool. XD
[06:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *and wtf this man is covering another iphone 6 in gallium*
[06:55] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[06:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> WAIT, WHAT?
[06:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> </Caps>
[06:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> I feel really sick, so I'm gonna head off in a few minutes
[06:56] <Steven Winterson> he is checking if the sapphire will react to the galium?
[06:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> and it fused with the back@sylvi
[06:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> O.O
[06:57] <Steven Winterson> i got through the first third of House of Hade *is prous*
[06:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *and now molten aluminum on another one*@sylvi
[06:57] <Steven Winterson> proud*****
[06:58] <Zer0TheNinja> Late but hey Chase and Mel (th) 
[06:58] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh yay @Mr. Universe 
[06:58] <Jeon Jungkookie> (TH) @Raid
[06:59] <Steven Winterson> i'm getting tired :(
[06:59] <Steven Winterson> i really want to rap
[06:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> ok
[06:59] <Steven Winterson> rp*************
[06:59] <Jeon Jungkookie> Then go back to bed, love.
[06:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> so iphone cant stand
[06:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> molten aluminum
[06:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> bromine
[06:59] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wait do you have your character claimed? @Steven
[06:59] <Steven Winterson> i just woke up - it's 9 am here
[06:59] <Meloney> and posted cookies
[06:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> and lava
[06:59] <Jeon Jungkookie> YAY
[07:00] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wow O.O
[07:00] <Jeon Jungkookie> You live in Bulgaria, right? >e< 
[07:00] <Jeon Jungkookie> @Steven
[07:00] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nor can it stand a taser
[07:00] <Steven Winterson> @Cookie nope - tomorrow it will 2 weeks since i got it :D
[07:00] <Jeon Jungkookie> Aww
[07:00] <Steven Winterson> @Cookie yup ^^
[07:01] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll look at your claim tomorrow, okay?
[07:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> he dropped an xbox one into a resort spa o.o
[07:01] <Steven Winterson> @Cookie it's okay ^^ Scales and Melony are checking it ^^
[07:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> O.O
[07:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> LETS GO FIND HIM
[07:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> And kill 
[07:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> Him
[07:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> why
[07:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> Idek XD
[07:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> he's testing shit
[07:02] <Steven Winterson> i want to Find a Xbox one
[07:02] <Steven Winterson> AND I WANNA KILL HIM
[07:02] <Steven Winterson> *licks lips*
[07:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> e.e
[07:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> I DO TO 
[07:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> and apparently he has 3 million subscribers so he can buy all this shit and break it apparently
[07:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *Xbox one is life*
[07:03] <Steven Winterson> i wanted a Ps Vita before :D
[07:03] <Zer0TheNinja> That moment when your insides are dying
[07:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *pokes zer0's insides*
[07:03] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm going to bed
[07:03] <Steven Winterson> @rabbit you dirty animal
[07:03] <Jeon Jungkookie> I feel like crap
[07:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *sits in le corner*
[07:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> So goodnight to all all
[07:04] <Steven Winterson> @cookie nighty bity ^^
[07:04] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> tis what you get for workin so much while sick~
[07:04] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but bye~
[07:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> Nighty bity Steven~
[07:04] <Steven Winterson> &lt;3 
[07:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> Night nioght Golum 
[07:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> Night*
[07:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> &lt;3 @Steven
[07:04] <Meloney> night cookies ~
[07:04] <Meloney> (snuggle) 
[07:04] <Meloney> posted on klaus btw
[07:05] <Jeon Jungkookie> GOOGNIGHT MEH WIFE (SNUGGLE) &lt;3 
[07:05] <Jeon Jungkookie> I saw XD
[07:05] <Meloney> (kiss) 
[07:05] <Meloney> ohhhh we do have this emot
[07:10] <Meloney> music~ (th) 
[07:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> Night*
[07:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> &lt;3 @Steven
[07:04] <Meloney> night cookies ~
[07:04] <Meloney> (snuggle) 
[07:04] <Meloney> posted on klaus btw
[07:05] <Jeon Jungkookie> GOOGNIGHT MEH WIFE (SNUGGLE) &lt;3 
[07:05] <Jeon Jungkookie> I saw XD
[07:05] <Meloney> (kiss) 
[07:05] <Meloney> ohhhh we do have this emot
[07:10] <Meloney> music~ (th) 
[07:10] <~The Musician~> Mel o/ 
[07:12] <JamesD16> Hello
[07:15] <Zer0TheNinja> meow
[07:15] <GypsyThief> meoww
[07:21] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> ANGELI (sad2) 
[07:26] <Zer0TheNinja> <span class="me-username">* <span>Zer0TheNinja</span></span> hugs Bambi cause fml
[07:26] <Zer0TheNinja> I need help making a playlist -.-
[07:27] <Meloney> dont make one and go to 8tracks
[07:27] <Zer0TheNinja> 8tracks?
[07:27] <Zer0TheNinja> I already have spotify so I can easily make playlists/tracks
[07:28] <Meloney> nooooo
[07:28] <Meloney> use this
[07:28] <Zer0TheNinja> noooooo I already have premium for Spotify
[07:28] <Zer0TheNinja> I'll use that
[07:28] <Meloney>
[07:28] <Meloney> 5 hours of disney...
[07:28] <Meloney> pure all out disney
[07:28] <Zer0TheNinja> <span class="me-username">* <span>Zer0TheNinja</span></span> would send a link of spotify playlist if he could
[07:28] <Zer0TheNinja> Eh
[07:29] <Zer0TheNinja> Disney is great but it's not a good opening playlist for my restaurant
[07:29] <Zer0TheNinja> We listen to drinking songs, metal, rock, rap, etc.
[07:29] <Zer0TheNinja> Ton of shit
[07:29] <Meloney> then look for something there
[07:29] <Zer0TheNinja> I don't have to look
[07:29] <Zer0TheNinja> Just need motivation 
[07:29] <Meloney> do it ?
[07:29] <Zer0TheNinja> woah
[07:29] <Zer0TheNinja> thanks b
[07:29] <Zer0TheNinja> (squeeze) 
[07:30] <Meloney> O.o ...i didnt even have to bribe you raid
[07:30] <Meloney> i'm surprised 
[07:31] <Meloney> usually i would have to threaten bribe and ....>.<
[07:31] <Meloney> ignore~
[07:31] <Zer0TheNinja> threatening doesn't work on me
[07:31] <Meloney> bribe?
[07:31] <Zer0TheNinja> And the only thing I do with money is buy shit for other people or maybe some drinks/videogames
[07:31] <Zer0TheNinja> or donate
[07:32] <Meloney> give me some then raid
[07:32] <Meloney> donate to my traveling funds~
[07:33] <Zer0TheNinja> Sorry, only do some shit for friends like buy tea and stuff when I go over to the gas station
[07:33] <Zer0TheNinja> Oh
[07:33] <Zer0TheNinja> Nah the charities I donate are like, actual non-profit ones sorry >.<
[07:34] <Meloney> (sad2) 
[07:34] <Zer0TheNinja> (squeeze) 
[07:34] <Zer0TheNinja> Where are you planning on going?
[07:35] <Meloney> america? maybe?
[07:35] <Zer0TheNinja> Any specific state?
[07:35] <Meloney> i have a friend there who said she'll show me some sights 
[07:35] <Zer0TheNinja> Oh? Fun :)
[07:36] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nu
[07:36] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> bahamas
[07:36] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> TT^T
[07:36] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *TT^TT
[07:36] <Zer0TheNinja> Bahamas=overrated vacation spot
[07:36] <Zer0TheNinja> Bermuda
[07:36] <Zer0TheNinja> That's where you wanna be
[07:36] <Meloney> my parents told me i can go anywhere as long as I have a friend
[07:36] <Meloney> technically i have a friend in america so thats where I'm heading off first >.,
[07:36] <Zer0TheNinja> *shrugs* You gotta friend in Pennsylvania
[07:37] <Meloney> awww (snuggle) 
[07:37] <Meloney> but my parents wants someone they know and trust
[07:37] <Meloney> the one I'm visiting is my real life friend 
[07:38] <Zer0TheNinja> Take your time :P It's not impressive here
[07:38] <Zer0TheNinja> And (snuggle) 
[07:38] <Zer0TheNinja> <-Where I live
[07:39] <Zer0TheNinja>,%20PA%2015090.jpg <-actual sign right down the street, the village of ye old wexford, set by Polish for Polish >.<
[07:39] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> zer0 did you just diss my country >.<
[07:39] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> only i can do that
[07:39] <Zer0TheNinja> As a vacation spot I did
[07:39] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> having someone else do it is plain insulting >.<
[07:39] <Zer0TheNinja> But the Bahamas has a great culture and everything
[07:40] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *doesnt like the bahamas much*
[07:40] <Zer0TheNinja> Except the hotels don't want you running around there and shit cause they deem it unsafe
[07:40] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *it got boring, or the island i am on got boring*
[07:40] <Meloney> xer replied
[07:40] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> zer0 what chu talkin about
[07:40] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> ok mellu
[07:40] <Zer0TheNinja> How many islands exactly is the Bahamas comprised of? I never knew
[07:40] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> 700 iirc
[07:41] <Zer0TheNinja> Several hotels in the Bahamas promote you only going 3 blocks where there are constant cop surveillance
[07:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> weird hotels
[07:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> never heard of em
[07:41] <Zer0TheNinja> Nah, just American brand
[07:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> oh
[07:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> of course
[07:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> fear us
[07:41] <Zer0TheNinja> It's stupid af and when they heard I went to another town over they acted all shocked and shit
[07:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> we speak english but in a way you dont understand just to confuse you, then we pounce
[07:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wait
[07:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> which island
[07:42] <Zer0TheNinja> Nassau was the city
[07:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> o.o
[07:43] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> DAMN IT ZER0
[07:43] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> FUCK 
[07:43] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> WHEN
[07:43] <Zer0TheNinja> Got in a fight there too whoop whoop
[07:43] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> WHEN DAMMIT
[07:44] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *it's no fair if you were on my island* TT^TT
[07:45] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *but since you were, it is still no fair* TT^TT
[07:45] <Zer0TheNinja> :P
[07:45] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> when dammit (sad2) 
[07:45] <Zer0TheNinja> I'd say a year and a half ago
[07:45] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> DAMMIT RAID
[07:45] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> >.>
[07:45] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *sits in corner*
[07:47] <Meloney> O.o what the fish happened?
[07:48] <Zer0TheNinja> Hm? @Mel
[07:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> he was on my island and didnt tell me (sad2) 
[07:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> he was in my CITY and dint tell me TT^TT
[07:49] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> so i am hurt
[07:51] <Meloney> broken fire came to malaysia once..
[07:51] <Meloney> and I could have met her
[07:51] <Meloney> if i knew how to drive sooner
[07:51] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> no zer0 was very close
[07:51] <Meloney> so I know how you feel
[07:51] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i probs could have walked or taken a bus to where he was
[07:51] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but he didnt TELL me >.>
[07:52] <Zer0TheNinja> Idk if you heard of a fight starting between a few guys singing Cruel Wars and some natives then that was me
[07:52] <Zer0TheNinja> We were in a bar and they didn't like us singing a bar song
[07:52] <Zer0TheNinja> But then some other guys were allowed to and one of my friends who got pissed started some shit
[07:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> idk what cruel wars is
[07:52] <Zer0TheNinja> I'll get you a link
[07:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nu
[07:52] <Zer0TheNinja> Basically it's a song that shits on the British and Germans
[07:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> oh
[07:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i think some people might not like the british insults
[07:53] <Zer0TheNinja>
[07:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> cause
[07:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> bahamas
[07:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> british had us for awhile
[07:53] <Zer0TheNinja> No it insults the treatment of soldiers
[07:53] <Zer0TheNinja> And says how it's deplorable
[07:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> oh
[07:53] <Zer0TheNinja> It's a British drinking song anyways so
[07:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> then it's just us
[07:53] <Zer0TheNinja> Good song too
[07:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i think i heard that
[07:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i maybe wrong
[07:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> or it was a white guy saying the n word
[07:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *even though the n word isnt even a bad word to begin with depending on how you say it*
[07:54] <Zer0TheNinja> Sorry but wasn't me
[07:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> oh i know
[07:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> if you went that far, it might have been more than just a bar fight and you would have been overwhelmed
[07:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *hotheaded people* :D
[07:56] <Zer0TheNinja> Idk I think us Polish beat the Bahama Bar Patrons
[07:56] <Zer0TheNinja> as far as hotheaded
[07:56] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> no i mean more people would have come
[07:56] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> outside the bar
[07:56] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> just need one guy to leave the bar and tell another.
[07:56] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> then half the island would have known
[07:56] <Zer0TheNinja> Idk the guy that left had a gash on his right eye so
[07:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *shrugs*
[07:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but
[07:57] <Zer0TheNinja> I know what you're saying :P
[07:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wasnt gonna continue on it but ok
[07:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> and there are no towns in nassau >.<
[07:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> or on new providence
[07:58] <Zer0TheNinja> There's a bar
[07:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> plenty bars
[07:58] <Zer0TheNinja> fuck if I know where we went
[07:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> hmmm
[07:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> bar
[07:58] <Zer0TheNinja> Is it west of Nassau
[07:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> not by arawak cay
[07:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wait
[07:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> west?
[07:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> maybe arawak cay
[07:59] <Zer0TheNinja> I believe we went that way
[07:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> probs is
[07:59] <Zer0TheNinja> We just kinda asked where a good bar was
[07:59] <Zer0TheNinja> and were told to go down a road a while and we got to a bar and it was nice
[07:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> what color was your hotel
[08:00] <Zer0TheNinja> The big one
[08:00] <Zer0TheNinja> Orange
[08:00] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> hilton
[08:00] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> down a road
[08:00] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> either fat tuesday
[08:00] <Zer0TheNinja> Are you close to there?
[08:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> no
[08:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> city just aint that big
[08:01] <Zer0TheNinja> Could you have been while I was there?
[08:01] <Meloney> ~where two wikians almost meet~
[08:01] <Zer0TheNinja> I would've liked meeting Sean
[08:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> most likely@zer0
[08:01] <Zer0TheNinja> He's so adorkable (kawaii) 
[08:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i will murder your heritage
[08:01] <Zer0TheNinja> How dafuq is that emote kawaii
[08:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> >.>
[08:01] <Zer0TheNinja> Try
[08:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> that emote makes me laugh and cringe
[08:02] <Zer0TheNinja> And I will murder your lineage ;)
[08:02] <Meloney> ......~where two wikians wish to murder each other~
[08:02] <Zer0TheNinja> Idk how that emote displays "kawaii" but oh well
[08:02] <Meloney> Q.Q
[08:02] <Zer0TheNinja> Now I'm singing drinking songs
[08:02] <Zer0TheNinja> </3
[08:03] <Meloney> i thought you were looking through spotify for songs?
[08:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> if you walked long then you probs ended up by arawak cay but if short you ended by fat tuesday or senor frogs@raid
[08:03] <Zer0TheNinja> I have no idea the city I was in or the bar
[08:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> you just said nassau >.>
[08:03] <Zer0TheNinja> No I mean where we went to
[08:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nassau is the city >.<
[08:04] <Zer0TheNinja> I MEAN THE BAR
[08:04] <Zer0TheNinja> >.>
[08:04] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> fat tuesdays
[08:04] <Zer0TheNinja> no idea
[08:05] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> and the people watching over you guys
[08:05] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i am surprised they don't know that you only need 5 BJCs to be a policeman
[08:06] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> so any moron who took 5 could be a police so being anywhere near them maybe wont help unless they are competent
[08:06] <Zer0TheNinja> *shrug*
[08:06] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> so they might as well have kept you in XD
[08:06] <Zer0TheNinja> Shhhhhhh
[08:07] <Zer0TheNinja> Well yeah they probably should have kept us in
[08:07] <Zer0TheNinja> But when I go somewhere I like seeing the culture and a hotel bar won't do that as well as a native one
[08:09] <Meloney> raaaaaaaaaaaid come to malaysia 
[08:09] <Zer0TheNinja> Maaaaaaybe
[08:09] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> raid all you got in culture was a fight
[08:09] <Zer0TheNinja> But it was a fun one
[08:09] <Zer0TheNinja> So shush
[08:09] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> if they did bring you on junkanoo
[08:10] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> you probs would have had some fun
[08:10] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *on a junkanoo day
[08:10] <Meloney> why maybe raid (sad2) 
[08:12] <Zer0TheNinja> Because money and time are things I don't have right now
[08:16] <Meloney> (sad2) ]
[08:18] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> posted mellu
[08:19] <Meloney> *ish writing a history* 
[08:19] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> bitch zer0 if you have time to down a bottle of rum then you have time to go to another country completely foreign to you
[08:32] <Meloney> pposted xer
[08:37] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> ok
[08:38] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i need to sleep now
[08:38] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *snuggles mellu*
[08:38] <Zer0TheNinja> Sleep is for the weak
[08:38] <Meloney> (snuggles) back
[08:38] <Zer0TheNinja> <song reference>
[08:38] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> good night/morning@mellu
[08:38] <Meloney> (snuggle) 
[08:38] <Meloney> evening 
[08:39] <Zer0TheNinja> Sleep well Sean
[08:39] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> zer0 sleep is for those with church in the morning and for those who have a mother ready to get pissed >.<
[08:39] <Zer0TheNinja> Yeah, you should probably sleep then
[08:39] <Zer0TheNinja> Pissed mums are bad
[08:39] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> she's waking up in 4 hrs
[08:39] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> maybe
[08:39] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> she oversleeps too
[08:40] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but i dunt want to sleep but i want to but if i do i wont dream and i'll be trapped until i wake up >.<
[08:42] <Zer0TheNinja> shhhhhhhhhhh sleep
[08:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> that just creeps me out
[08:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> (sad2) 
[08:42] <Zer0TheNinja> Good
[08:42] <Zer0TheNinja> Now head off to bed boyo
[08:44] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but i want some struggle puffs TT^TT
[08:45] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *cries to bed*
[10:53] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> wait
[10:54] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> its
[10:54] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> um
[10:54] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> lol i forgot too
[10:54] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> but i remember you as Tsuma-chan
[10:55] <LeGruff> HYU!
[10:55] <EvilhariboMadness> hYUNGSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (squeeze) 
[10:56] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> wait omg chat is so slow
[11:00] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> HAI EVERYONE (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) 
[11:01] <LeGruff> HYU! (th) (th) 
[11:01] <LeGruff> I MISSED YOU!
[11:01] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> I missed you too omg
[11:01] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> And everyone else
[11:02] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> So I'm gonna be at my dorm overnight
[11:02] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Which means internet
[11:02] <LeGruff> YAY!
[11:02] <LeGruff> hows uni?
[11:03] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> I'm registering for the 2nd semester tomorrow
[11:06] <LeGruff> goodluck :D
[11:06] <LeGruff> you're very busy Hyu 
[11:07] <LeGruff> BLUE!
[11:08] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Ikr
[11:09] <LeGruff> at least you're having fun?????
[11:09] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> But I can be here in the wiki until midnight so c:
[11:10] <LeGruff> whens midnight for you?
[11:10] <Meloney> O.o i just noticed I lagged out
[11:11] <LeGruff> MEL!
[11:12] <Meloney> guppy (th) 
[11:12] <LeGruff> (squeeze) 
[11:12] <Meloney> I'm still editing AIleen history
[11:01] <LeGruff> I MISSED YOU!
[11:01] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> I missed you too omg
[11:01] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> And everyone else
[11:02] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> So I'm gonna be at my dorm overnight
[11:02] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Which means internet
[11:02] <LeGruff> YAY!
[11:02] <LeGruff> hows uni?
[11:03] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> I'm registering for the 2nd semester tomorrow
[11:06] <LeGruff> goodluck :D
[11:06] <LeGruff> you're very busy Hyu 
[11:07] <LeGruff> BLUE!
[11:08] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Ikr
[11:09] <LeGruff> at least you're having fun?????
[11:09] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> But I can be here in the wiki until midnight so c:
[11:10] <LeGruff> whens midnight for you?
[11:10] <Meloney> O.o i just noticed I lagged out
[11:11] <LeGruff> MEL!
[11:12] <Meloney> guppy (th) 
[11:12] <LeGruff> (squeeze) 
[11:12] <Meloney> I'm still editing AIleen history
[11:13] <AoCatrene> Grufflesss (squeeze) slr v.v
[11:13] <AoCatrene> Grufflesss (squeeze) slr v.v
[11:18] <Meloney> hey there hyu (th) 
[11:18] <Meloney> blueeee (th) 
[11:19] <LeGruff> yeah hyu you enjoying uni?
[11:20] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Midnight is like 5 hours away
[11:21] <Meloney> things to do before today ends
[11:21] <Meloney> 1.finish aileen
[11:21] <Meloney> 2.make rouxi page
[11:22] <Meloney> dept edits
[11:22] <Meloney> 4.write the essay hyu is motivating me to write
[11:22] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> yes much to 2 and 4
[11:18] <Meloney> hey there hyu (th) 
[11:18] <Meloney> blueeee (th) 
[11:19] <LeGruff> yeah hyu you enjoying uni?
[11:20] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Midnight is like 5 hours away
[11:21] <Meloney> things to do before today ends
[11:21] <Meloney> 1.finish aileen
[11:21] <Meloney> 2.make rouxi page
[11:22] <Meloney> dept edits
[11:22] <Meloney> 4.write the essay hyu is motivating me to write
[11:22] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> yes much to 2 and 4
[11:23] <LeGruff> sorry what did you say Hyu i missed it
[11:24] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> yeah university life is
[11:24] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> well, hell
[11:25] <Utkar22> hi
[11:25] <Eternal Sterek> :O
[11:25] <Eternal Sterek> Hyu
[11:25] <Meloney> MIGGEH MY MAN (snuggle) 
[11:26] <Meloney> heyo there newbie
[11:26] <LeGruff> MIGGY!
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> where the hell are you at this time?
[11:26] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> MIGGEH (th) 
[11:26] <LeGruff> HAVE YOU POSTED?
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> MEL MEL (snuggle) 
[11:26] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> dorm XD
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> GRUFFY (squeeze) 
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> I haven't posted on any of my RPs yet since December I'm so sorry DX
[11:23] <LeGruff> sorry what did you say Hyu i missed it
[11:24] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> yeah university life is
[11:24] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> well, hell
[11:25] <Utkar22> hi
[11:25] <Eternal Sterek> :O
[11:25] <Eternal Sterek> Hyu
[11:25] <Meloney> MIGGEH MY MAN (snuggle) 
[11:26] <Meloney> heyo there newbie
[11:26] <LeGruff> MIGGY!
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> where the hell are you at this time?
[11:26] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> MIGGEH (th) 
[11:26] <LeGruff> HAVE YOU POSTED?
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> MEL MEL (snuggle) 
[11:26] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> dorm XD
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> GRUFFY (squeeze) 
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> I haven't posted on any of my RPs yet since December I'm so sorry DX
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> ahhhhhhh you have classes na?
[11:26] <LeGruff> >.<
[11:26] <LeGruff> ok
[11:27] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> enrollment tomorrow and i have to be reaaaalllyyy early @miggy
[11:27] <Eternal Sterek> ahhhhh
[11:27] <Eternal Sterek> are you free to hang out tomorrow?
[11:27] <Eternal Sterek> i get out at 1:45
[11:29] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> nope huhu
[11:29] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> i'm fixing my incomplete subjects around that time :(
[11:29] <Utkar22> Can I make a fan fic?
[11:31] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Nope. Sorry :/
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> ahhhhhhh you have classes na?
[11:26] <LeGruff> >.<
[11:26] <LeGruff> ok
[11:27] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> enrollment tomorrow and i have to be reaaaalllyyy early @miggy
[11:27] <Eternal Sterek> ahhhhh
[11:27] <Eternal Sterek> are you free to hang out tomorrow?
[11:27] <Eternal Sterek> i get out at 1:45
[11:29] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> nope huhu
[11:29] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> i'm fixing my incomplete subjects around that time :(
[11:29] <Utkar22> Can I make a fan fic?
[11:31] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Nope. Sorry :/
[11:33] <Eternal Sterek> Ahhhh. Kk.
[11:33] <Eternal Sterek> Next time. XD
[11:34] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> I'm available on the dates you said on the group chat
[11:34] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> I think
[11:35] <Eternal Sterek> ooooh nice
[11:35] <Eternal Sterek> anyway afk
[11:35] <Eternal Sterek> doing school stuff
[11:26] <Eternal Sterek> ahhhhhhh you have classes na?
[11:26] <LeGruff> >.<
[11:26] <LeGruff> ok
[11:27] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> enrollment tomorrow and i have to be reaaaalllyyy early @miggy
[11:27] <Eternal Sterek> ahhhhh
[11:27] <Eternal Sterek> are you free to hang out tomorrow?
[11:27] <Eternal Sterek> i get out at 1:45
[11:29] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> nope huhu
[11:29] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> i'm fixing my incomplete subjects around that time :(
[11:29] <Utkar22> Can I make a fan fic?
[11:31] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Nope. Sorry :/
[11:33] <Eternal Sterek> Ahhhh. Kk.
[11:33] <Eternal Sterek> Next time. XD
[11:34] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> I'm available on the dates you said on the group chat
[11:34] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> I think
[11:35] <Eternal Sterek> ooooh nice
[11:35] <Eternal Sterek> anyway afk
[11:35] <Eternal Sterek> doing school stuff
[11:47] <Meloney> ok let me check if its a dead chat or me lagging out
[11:48] <Meloney> ok dead chat
[11:56] <Meloney> am I the only one here?
[11:59] <Riri25> YOOUUU ARE NOT ALONE
[11:59] <Riri25> I AM HERE WITH YOUUU </caps>
[12:00] <Riri25> Oh hello new user 
[12:00] <Riri25> This is embarrassing >_<
[12:00] <Utkar22> oh hi
[12:12] <Meloney> you have utkar?
[12:12] <Meloney> maybe I havent seen you yet
[12:12] <Meloney> riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (th) 
[12:12] <Utkar22> on whole of wikia
[12:12] <Meloney> hiiii
[12:13] <Riri25> (Th) hey mel
[12:13] <Utkar22> lol
[12:14] <Meloney> OR ELSE SHE'LL GO NUTS
[12:16] <Eternal Sterek> RIRI (squeeze) 
[12:21] <Riri25> MIGS HEY (SQUEEZE) 
[12:21] <Riri25> Oh yeah migs
[12:21] <Riri25> Gruffy asked for you to post
[12:21] <Riri25> Dammit migs >_< 
[12:21] <Riri25> CAT (TH) 
[12:22] <CattyTheOrchid16> PRAIRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (TH) 
[12:23] <Riri25> Brb, I need to eat
[12:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> SAAAAAAAAAAALLLY (TH) 
[12:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> I posted just now @Sally. XD
[12:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> SALLY I SUMMON THEE
[12:25] <Meloney> cookies I give thee a huggy (snuggle) 
[12:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> Thanksies (SQUEEZE) 
[12:25] <CattyTheOrchid16> guys do i 'ave any roleplays with anyone here? im forgetful af
[12:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> Err idts
[12:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> I &lt;3 Klaus
[12:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> He's my sweet cinnamon roll
[12:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> That has to be protected at all costs.
[12:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> RAID (TH) 
[12:28] <Zer0TheNinja> Aloha (th) 
[12:28] <Zer0TheNinja> Cattteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey (th) 
[12:28] <Zer0TheNinja> so tired
[12:28] <Zer0TheNinja> gotta go soon too to open the restaurant
[12:28] <Jeon Jungkookie> Haha
[12:28] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[12:29] <Jeon Jungkookie> I have to go soon too
[12:29] <Jeon Jungkookie> To help my sister with some stuff. Dx
[12:29] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ekkk 
[12:29] <Meloney> hyu please tell me your alive
[12:29] <Meloney> please
[12:29] <Jeon Jungkookie> Until 2 iirc
[12:30] <Utkar22> why are there so strict rules about character creating?
[12:31] <CattyTheOrchid16> to ensure that no one creates an illogical character, iirc
[12:31] <Meloney> * (snuggle) catty* this is why your my fav daughter 
[12:33] <Zer0TheNinja> imma go die now adios
[12:33] <CattyTheOrchid16> but whai D:
[12:33] <CattyTheOrchid16> it's not a good day to die
[12:33] <CattyTheOrchid16> according to my deathpad, today is express day, that means Charon's boat will be overloaded
[12:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> Tuesday is a good day go tie
[12:33] <Meloney> noooooo
[12:33] <Meloney> raaaaaaaaid
[12:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> Sdie*
[12:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> Die*
[12:33] <Meloney> let me hug you first (snuggle) 
[12:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> Its not Tuesday
[12:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> Its Sunday, right?
[12:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> >.<
[12:34] <CattyTheOrchid16> tis sunday for me
[12:34] <CattyTheOrchid16> oh dear
[12:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> It feels like days have passed. Dx
[12:34] <CattyTheOrchid16> i do hope he brought extra drachmas to bribe charon with
[12:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ik it's only been a few hours.
[12:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao
[12:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> He probably forgot
[12:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> Someone should go them to him.
[12:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> I vote Hyu does it. 
[12:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> Afk I have to go get dressed.
[12:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh gods
[12:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> A wave of nausea just hit me.
[12:35] <Meloney> nooooooooo cooookiessssss (snuggle) 
[12:36] <CattyTheOrchid16> awww Loppyyyyy (squeeze) 
[12:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> (Head) 
[12:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> Fuck it
[12:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm going in my bed clothes.
[12:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> Test
[12:45] <Meloney> passsssss
[12:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> Danke
[12:47] <Meloney> DEEEEEMIIIIIIII
[12:47] <Meloney> (th) 
[12:47] <CattyTheOrchid16> DEMIIIIIIIIIII KUMUSTA NA? :D (TH) 
[12:48] <Jeon Jungkookie> DEMI (TH) 
[12:48] <Demi-hunter13> If your other half (bf/gf I don't care) was going to make a video, what would you want to see in it? @everybody
[12:48] <Demi-hunter13> Hiiiii everyone o/ 
[12:48] <Jeon Jungkookie> Err
[12:48] <Jeon Jungkookie> Singing
[12:48] <CattyTheOrchid16> oh and cats
[12:49] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao, but Moo had made YouTube videos of himself singing. XD
[12:49] <CattyTheOrchid16> and chemical reactions
[12:49] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh I agree with Mango~
[12:49] <CattyTheOrchid16> lmao sounds like i got my priorities straight B) 
[12:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ofc
[12:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> I love Klaus &lt;3 
[12:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> He's to nice for y'all
[12:51] <Meloney> dems did you reply?
[12:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> Brb in 10
[12:57] <Eternal Sterek> 
[12:57] <Eternal Sterek> :O Hi Dead!
[12:58] <Meloney> migggggggggy (th) 
[12:58] <Meloney> and heyo dead
[01:01] <TheDeadlyOne> !!!
[01:05] <TheDeadlyOne> .
[01:05] <TheDeadlyOne> i have an essay due tomorrow lol
[01:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Back
[01:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> Did Riri go to bed?
[01:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> FUUUUUUUUUUJI (TH) 
[01:07] <CattyTheOrchid16> aaaaaaaaaaaaaand i gtg o/ 
[01:08] <Jeon Jungkookie> Heyo Oli o/ 
[01:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> Err I have like 10 rps I have to post on. XD
[01:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> 5 of which are with one user. XD
[01:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> FML
[01:10] <Jeon Jungkookie> [[Hyunwoo Park|Self Link]]
[01:11] <Jeon Jungkookie> Scratch that it's 7 with one user. O.O
[01:11] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao xD
[01:11] <Jeon Jungkookie> Heyo Hyu~
[01:12] <EvilhariboMadness> Wb Hyungsoobae (th) 
[01:12] <Jeon Jungkookie> >.>
[01:12] <TheDeadlyOne> .
[01:13] <Meloney> cooooookiesss (th) 
[01:13] <Meloney> hyuuuuuuu (th) 
[01:13] <TheDeadlyOne> my chat doesnt autoscroll rip
[01:13] <Meloney> nor does mine
[01:13] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Heyo Jungkookie (th) 
[01:13] <Meloney> deeeemiiiii (th) 
[01:13] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> danke chanyeolibae (squeeze) 
[01:14] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> DEMDEMZ (squeeze) 
[01:14] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> ADRIAN OMG
[01:14] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> (squeeze) 
[01:14] <TheDeadlyOne> !!!
[01:14] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> mellieeee (th) 
[01:14] <TheDeadlyOne> i cant squeeze back im sorry sodjfoaj
[01:15] <Meloney> *pushes both hyu and cookeis to p.m* 
[01:15] <Meloney> if you may
[01:15] <Demi-hunter13> OMG HYU (squeeze) 
[01:15] <Jeon Jungkookie> It feels like someone punched me in the gut. Dx
[01:17] <Demi-hunter13> .
[01:19] <TheDeadlyOne> .
[01:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> (Head) 
[01:21] <Demi-hunter13> ^ me when I do something stupid in front of people
[01:21] <TheDeadlyOne> im trash
[01:22] <TheDeadlyOne> actual human trash
[01:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> I did something v stupid. Dx
[01:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> Pm Demi
[01:23] <Demi-hunter13> Okie
[01:23] <Demi-hunter13> Let's hope I can receive the pm this time >.< 
[01:25] <Demi-hunter13> .
[01:25] <Eternal Sterek> Demiiiiiiiiii
[01:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> Did you get le pm? @Demis
[01:27] <Demi-hunter13> I did (y) 
[01:27] <Demi-hunter13> Did you get my reply? xD
[01:27] <Demi-hunter13> Migggyyyyy
[01:27] <Demi-hunter13> (th) hi :x
[01:27] <Demi-hunter13> *c: 
[01:28] <Eternal Sterek> (th) 
[01:30] <Eternal Sterek> 
[01:30] <Eternal Sterek> .
[01:31] <Meloney> migggy (th) 
[01:31] <Eternal Sterek> meeeeel (th) 
[01:31] <Meloney> how many hugs did I give you today?
[01:31] <Eternal Sterek> xD idk 
[01:31] <Meloney> (snuggle) okkkk
[01:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> Fuji (th) 
[01:32] <Eternal Sterek> Jujuuu (th) 
[01:33] <Meloney> yaaaaaay cookies isnt jealous * (snuggle) miggy more*
[01:33] <Eternal Sterek> o.o 
[01:33] <Eternal Sterek> (snuggle) 
[01:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> Why would I get jealous, it's Fuji where talking about. XD
[01:34] <Meloney> ohhh k.k 
[01:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> Did Riri go to bed? Dx
[01:35] <Meloney> not yet why?
[01:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> Someone tell her I posted, please. >.<
[01:36] <Meloney> k.k
[01:36] <Meloney> done~
[01:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> Btw asd me know FB @Melly xD
[01:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> You were supposed to have already. XD
[01:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Add*
[01:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Now***
[01:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> WE HAVE TO TC TOMORROW
[01:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao. XD
[01:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> I get one of my KPip thingies tomorrow and I wanna piss a certain user off, because they hate the group. XD
[01:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> KPop*
[01:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> He'd probably ban me. >.<
[01:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> He actually said be would yesterday. Dx
[01:44] <Jeon Jungkookie> Totally wanna do it. XD
[01:45] <Eternal Sterek> 
[01:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> CAAAAAAAAAAARAMEL (TH) 
[01:47] <AoCatrene> CARAMEEEEEEEEEEL (th) 
[01:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> Test
[01:58] <Meloney> who's here and who's not?
[01:59] <Meloney> hey there dead
[01:59] <Meloney> cookies can you see my p.m?
[01:59] <TheDeadlyOne> heyheyhey
[02:01] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm here
[02:01] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yes
[02:01] <Meloney> chat is dead~
[02:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao
[02:02] <Meloney> and now its not
[02:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[02:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> It is
[02:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> OH BGO??
[02:02] <Meloney> in a way
[02:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> LETS OLAY VGO
[02:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> PLAY BGO*
[02:02] <Meloney> uhhh I have a ton of stuff to do >.<
[02:02] <TheDeadlyOne> ill play
[02:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> Okay 
[02:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> Let me set up a game~
[02:06] <TheDeadlyOne> classes on pls c:
[02:06] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[02:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Sgiiz
[02:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Let me make a new game. XD
[02:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Shizz*
[02:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Don't click the link. XD
[02:07] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[02:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> There we go. XD
[02:08] <Jeon Jungkookie> Click it
[02:08] <Meloney> hyu you there? P.M please
[02:11] <Meloney> baaaaaaaaaaaaaarbieeeeeeeeee (th) 
[02:12] <TheFabulousBarbie> Mellliiieee
[02:12] <TheFabulousBarbie> I am being a heathen
[02:13] <Jeon Jungkookie> Klaus' English is so broken it makes me giggle
[02:13] <Jeon Jungkookie> What happened? :o
[02:13] <Meloney> cookies ri replied
[02:14] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yayayaya
[02:14] <Jeon Jungkookie> Is she adding me on FB? XD
[02:14] <Meloney> i think so?
[02:14] <Meloney> and so is broken fire
[02:15] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh lmfao. XD
[02:15] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll go check my FB then. XD
[02:17] <Jeon Jungkookie> There's a bad snow storm. O.I
[02:17] <Jeon Jungkookie> O.O*
[02:17] <Jeon Jungkookie> I promised Clay I'd get a photo of a snow storm. XD
[02:17] <TheFabulousBarbie> that is how i became a heathen Chase we are currently skipping church because we did't want to scrap the ice and shovel anymore
[02:17] <TheDeadlyOne> im sryyyyy
[02:17] <TheDeadlyOne> link me the game again
[02:18] <Meloney> cookies broken fire added you
[02:18] <Jeon Jungkookie> Kk
[02:18] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[02:19] <Jeon Jungkookie> O
[02:19] <Jeon Jungkookie> O.O
[02:19] <Jeon Jungkookie> Broken is so pretty. 
[02:19] <Meloney> THANK YOU
[02:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> Okay. XD
[02:22] <Meloney> cookies broken fire said thank you
[02:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> >.<
[02:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> <span class="me-username">* <span>Jeon Jungkookie</span></span> hides*
[02:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> Why'd you tell her. XD
[02:26] <Meloney> i told her you said she looks pretty
[02:26] <Meloney> i even took a gyazo picture
[02:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> Damn. XD
[02:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> I have Broken & Riri on FB. XD
[02:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao
[02:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> hmm I'm thinking of someone 
[02:34] <TheFabulousBarbie> crapples snow isn't going away for awhile and I can't find accurate road conditions
[02:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> OMGS
[02:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> ITS SNOWING VBADLY
[02:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[02:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> Like it's a v bad snow storm where I'm at.
[02:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> No one
[02:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Won
[02:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> The Powerball yesterday. O.O
[02:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> It's now 5.5 Billion
[02:40] <TheFabulousBarbie> yes Chase it looks like your getting hit like i am should let up at around 4pm
[02:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> Good
[02:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> I can't see well, and the snow
[02:42] <TheFabulousBarbie> sorry for creeping like that but i have to figure out if we are going to be able to see our son today
[02:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> Just makes it worse to drive.
[02:42] <TheFabulousBarbie> so I am checking all three main station websides
[02:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> It's all good. XD
[02:43] <Undead Sparkz> awww yee 9:42
[02:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> SPARKLY GOOP (TH) 
[02:43] <Undead Sparkz> undeads schedule is flawless!
[02:43] <Undead Sparkz> eeeeey santi o/ 
[02:44] <Undead Sparkz> Guys vote
[02:44] <Undead Sparkz> should undead make soup
[02:44] <Undead Sparkz> or should undead not make soup
[02:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> Make soup
[02:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> Undead should always make soup. XD
[02:45] <Undead Sparkz> soup 1 not soup 0
[02:46] <Undead Sparkz> Undead haz good soup in his cupards ^~^
[02:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> What kinds? :o
[02:47] <Undead Sparkz> Campbell chunky BBQ Pork >o>
[02:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> Clay gets Pocky, mask, and hoodie. XD
[02:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> OH THAT SOUNDS DELICIOUS
[02:48] <Undead Sparkz> I have strawberry pocky in my cabinets >o>
[02:48] <Undead Sparkz>
[02:50] <Undead Sparkz> its really fuck in spicy >u<
[02:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao
[02:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> I want some 
[02:50] <Undead Sparkz> TMK walmart stocks it
[02:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Nothing's spicy to me. XD
[02:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Really? :o
[02:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh!
[02:50] <Undead Sparkz> did you try tacobell's ghostpepper burrito? e.e
[02:50] <Undead Sparkz> shit was traumatizing 
[02:50] <Undead Sparkz> same with BK's siracha burger
[02:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yea, with 5 packets of diablo sauce
[02:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> It wasn't spicy
[02:50] <Undead Sparkz> ;n;
[02:51] <Undead Sparkz> you are a madman!
[02:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ofc
[02:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[02:51] <Undead Sparkz> but ye
[02:51] <Undead Sparkz> the soup is pretty good
[02:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> I accidentally sent Dak my order of green tea Pocky Dx
[02:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll have to try it. XD
[02:52] <Undead Sparkz> tmk it has
[02:52] <Undead Sparkz> beans,pork.potato
[02:53] <Undead Sparkz> oh god I got really worried for a second
[02:53] <Undead Sparkz> thinking I had school in a few minutes
[02:53] <Undead Sparkz> ;-;
[02:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao
[02:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> Heyo Generic o/ 
[02:54] <Undead Sparkz> hallo person I have not met
[02:54] <TheFabulousBarbie> (wave) hello generic
[02:54] <Generic21> Ayye
[02:54] <Undead Sparkz>
[02:54] <Undead Sparkz> this looks really good e.e
[02:55] <Jeon Jungkookie> I want crepes
[02:55] <Jeon Jungkookie> Im gonna make some tonight. XD
[02:55] <Jeon Jungkookie> Anyone want crêpes?
[02:55] <TheFabulousBarbie> sparkz why would you do that I don't have all the stuffs for that
[02:55] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[02:56] <Undead Sparkz> ME NEITHER
[02:56] <Undead Sparkz> ;n;
[02:56] <Undead Sparkz> also dunt know what crepes are tbh
[02:56] <TheFabulousBarbie> I have the fries chicken bacon cheese and ranch
[02:56] <TheFabulousBarbie> but none of the other stuff
[02:56] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[02:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> @Sparkles
[02:57] <Undead Sparkz> looks hella good O.O
[02:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> It is
[02:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> Though
[02:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll use blueberries
[02:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> Instead of strawberries
[02:58] <Jeon Jungkookie> Because I'm allergic. XD
[02:58] <TheFabulousBarbie> well now I am hungry thank you very much i think I shall go toast some eggos
[02:58] <Jeon Jungkookie> L'eggo my eggo
[02:58] <Undead Sparkz> Ugh I want eggs now
[02:59] <Undead Sparkz> over easy eggs + toast + ketchup = (lovely) 
[02:59] <Jeon Jungkookie> Eww
[02:59] <Jeon Jungkookie> Eggs are gross
[02:59] <Undead Sparkz> HERESY!
[02:59] <Undead Sparkz> BURN THE WITCH!
[03:00] <TheFabulousBarbie> I lost my pitchfork though Sparkz
[03:00] <Undead Sparkz> Welcome to the wikia Utkar!
[03:00] <TheFabulousBarbie> hi utkar
[03:00] <Jeon Jungkookie> Well technically I am a witch xD
[03:00] <Undead Sparkz> Grab idk
[03:00] <Undead Sparkz> a torch?
[03:00] <TheFabulousBarbie> (wave) 
[03:00] <Undead Sparkz> torches work
[03:00] <Jeon Jungkookie> But 
[03:00] <Utkar22> wikia?
[03:00] <Jeon Jungkookie> Im not of the burning variety
[03:00] <TheFabulousBarbie> lets see of she floats
[03:00] <Undead Sparkz> ok lets toss her in a lake
[03:00] <Jeon Jungkookie> Err
[03:00] <Undead Sparkz> him
[03:00] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm a guy. XD
[03:00] <Undead Sparkz> ill get the bricks
[03:00] <Utkar22> Say welcome to the wiki
[03:00] <Undead Sparkz> you get the rope
[03:01] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wait what l
[03:01] <TheFabulousBarbie> just cut a whole and toss him in
[03:01] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> goes to gather bricks
[03:01] <Jeon Jungkookie> o.o
[03:01] <Undead Sparkz> I have the bricks :D
[03:01] <Jeon Jungkookie> <span class="me-username">* <span>Jeon Jungkookie</span></span> hides in the woods, with the wood elvws*
[03:01] <Jeon Jungkookie> Elves*
[03:01] <TheFabulousBarbie> *brings some rope and chain*
[03:01] <Jeon Jungkookie> Fuck 
[03:01] <Undead Sparkz> santi y u run :c
[03:01] <Jeon Jungkookie> Because you guys wanna throw me in a river
[03:02] <Undead Sparkz> because your a eggfidel
[03:02] <TheFabulousBarbie> just to see if you float
[03:02] <TheFabulousBarbie> witches float
[03:02] <TheFabulousBarbie> others drown
[03:02] <TheFabulousBarbie> we wont let you drown though
[03:02] <Undead Sparkz> nah witches turn the water into wine
[03:02] <Undead Sparkz> or mabye that was jesus >o>
[03:02] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[03:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> Okay, okay good.
[03:02] <TheFabulousBarbie> chase is jesus?
[03:03] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yup
[03:03] <Jeon Jungkookie> That's right
[03:03] <Undead Sparkz> praise santi (worship) 
[03:03] <TheFabulousBarbie> I don't trust her
[03:03] <TheFabulousBarbie> *him
[03:03] <Utkar22> imam write a fan fic on ben 10 fan fic itself
[03:03] <Undead Sparkz> that fuck in her pronoun
[03:03] <Undead Sparkz> it spreads like the black plague ~.~
[03:04] <Undead Sparkz> also Utkar
[03:04] <Undead Sparkz> you do know
[03:04] <TheFabulousBarbie> it is witchcraft
[03:04] <Undead Sparkz> you are on a wikia site right?
[03:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[03:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> Praise me or die 
[03:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> All shall
[03:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> Bow before King Chase
[03:04] <TheFabulousBarbie> burn float the witch
[03:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> Damn it
[03:05] <TheFabulousBarbie> if that doesn't work I say we press her
[03:05] <TheFabulousBarbie> *him
[03:05] <TheFabulousBarbie> screw it everyone is a them now
[03:05] <Undead Sparkz>
[03:05] <Undead Sparkz> omg yes
[03:05] <Jeon Jungkookie> Um, but then Klaus will become really and kill you a. :D
[03:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> [[Kyu Klaus]] 
[03:06] <Undead Sparkz> EVERYONE GETS A THEM
[03:06] <Undead Sparkz> YOU GET A THEM
[03:06] <Undead Sparkz> YOU GET A THEM
[03:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> He's my sweet cinammon rool
[03:06] <Undead Sparkz> AND YOU GET A THEM
[03:06] <Undead Sparkz> THEY GET A THEM
[03:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Okay xD
[03:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> Roll*
[03:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> With a bite
[03:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> Who will
[03:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> Won't*
[03:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> W
[03:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> Hurt a fly tbh >.<
[03:08] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[03:08] <Undead Sparkz> kek
[03:08] <Utkar22> undead, yes I am on otjer wiki sites
[03:11] <Jeon Jungkookie> I still have to serenade y'all. XD
[03:13] <TheFabulousBarbie> can you sing?
[03:15] <Jeon Jungkookie> Manoli seems to thinks so, and so do theses really cool choir medals~
[03:16] <TheFabulousBarbie> what are you going to sing?
[03:16] <TheFabulousBarbie>
[03:19] <Jeon Jungkookie> Probably a ballad
[03:19] <Jeon Jungkookie> Or maybe I'll rap. xd
[03:19] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD*
[03:19] <Jeon Jungkookie> Kidding 
[03:19] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll probably sing a Spanish ballad
[03:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> Or 
[03:20] <Undead Sparkz> sing a deustch ballet!
[03:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> Maybe I'll sing chin up by forever the sickest kids
[03:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> Maybe :o
[03:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> The only way
[03:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll sing is if everyones cam is on. XD
[03:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> Who's on TC
[03:22] <TheFabulousBarbie> you on't want to see everyone
[03:22] <TheFabulousBarbie> how can they silently judge you
[03:23] <TheFabulousBarbie> <tis true I only know my grandmother's number without my phone
[03:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> I want them to judge me. XD
[03:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh gods
[03:23] <Undead Sparkz> I have my home phone number memorized >o>
[03:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> I memerized 
[03:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> So many phone numbers 
[03:23] <Undead Sparkz> xxx-xxxx
[03:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> When I went to jail. Dx
[03:23] <TheFabulousBarbie> I don't want to have to tell my grandmother why I am in jail
[03:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> I had to tell mine. XD
[03:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> She screamed
[03:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> I never heard someone
[03:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> Scream so loud before
[03:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> I thought someone was killing her. No joke
[03:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> It was over weed
[03:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> I was in the slammer so long it made me a garden crimianl
[03:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> Criminal
[03:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> Kidding
[03:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> T was 2 weeks and I cried a lot
[03:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> It*
[03:25] <TheFabulousBarbie> well when I went to jail.......Oh yea Barbie is a good girl who doesn't get caught
[03:26] <Undead Sparkz> this is interesting >~>
[03:26] <TheFabulousBarbie> Barbie judges you
[03:26] <Undead Sparkz> I got a split tab extension
[03:26] <Undead Sparkz> so I can do writing and chatting at the same time
[03:26] <Undead Sparkz> this is extremely underwhelming 
[03:26] <Undead Sparkz> it just
[03:26] <Undead Sparkz> splits them into two tabs
[03:26] <Undead Sparkz> ;-;
[03:27] <TheFabulousBarbie> I need a poster of this to ruin my son's teenage years more
[03:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[03:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> LMAO
[03:28] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[03:28] <Undead Sparkz> 1.print it out into a large piece of paper
[03:28] <Undead Sparkz> find a old metallic poster or some shit
[03:28] <Undead Sparkz> tape the printed paper onto said item
[03:28] <Undead Sparkz> tape it to a wall
[03:29] <Utkar22> wtf
[03:30] <TheFabulousBarbie> hi Generic (wave) (bounce) 
[03:32] <Undead Sparkz> aye ash
[03:32] <A Son of Hades> hi
[03:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> That's cool @Sparkles
[03:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> Heyo Cottontail o/ 
[03:32] <Undead Sparkz> whats cool o.o
[03:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> The metallic poster thing.
[03:33] <A Son of Hades> hi
[03:33] <TheFabulousBarbie> ASHY (tacklehug) 
[03:34] <Undead Sparkz> yeee
[03:34] <Undead Sparkz> they are really useful
[03:34] <TheFabulousBarbie> (licks and runs as well*
[03:34] <Undead Sparkz> they dont rip >.<
[03:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> That's so cool :o
[03:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yay
[03:35] <A Son of Hades> nice
[03:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> I also get a few Exo irems tomorrow
[03:35] <A Son of Hades> *teleports to barb's head*
[03:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> Items*
[03:35] <A Son of Hades> that's nice also
[03:35] <A Son of Hades> (th) @barb
[03:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> Like the shoes I bought. XD
[03:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> I probably won't ever wear them.
[03:35] <Undead Sparkz> ngl
[03:35] <Undead Sparkz> this tab splitter
[03:36] <Undead Sparkz> is working pretty nifty
[03:36] <Undead Sparkz> #readingchatwhiletouchingupyourcharactersitems
[03:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> Manolo took away my credit cards or at least he tried too. XD
[03:36] <TheFabulousBarbie> not my head I spent hours getting my ears just right and your going to ruin then with your twitchy nose
[03:36] <A Son of Hades> *teleports to shoulder*
[03:36] <Undead Sparkz> my head cant handle what you just said ash
[03:37] <Undead Sparkz> I imagine you imploding then exploding into the position where your shoulder was
[03:37] <A Son of Hades> to barb's shoulder*
[03:37] <A Son of Hades> makes sense now lol
[03:37] <TheFabulousBarbie> he just wants to be close to barbie
[03:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> Who wants to TC at 2 my time? 
[03:37] <TheFabulousBarbie> everyone does
[03:38] <TheFabulousBarbie> I will be in saginaw doing my sons laundry
[03:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> SAGINAW
[03:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wow
[03:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Okaii
[03:38] <TheFabulousBarbie> that is what happens when your my child I send you away to school
[03:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Truu
[03:39] <Undead Sparkz> but its sunday o.o
[03:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> Do you mind if I ask what county you live in? @Barboe
[03:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ill tell you mine. XD
[03:39] <TheFabulousBarbie> he had a wrestling meet yesterday and had to stay up
[03:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll*
[03:39] <Undead Sparkz> #showyourhouses
[03:39] <TheFabulousBarbie> I know where you live chase
[03:39] <A Son of Hades> *there is a city somewhere in this state named saginaw*
[03:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> You do? @Barbie
[03:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> O.O
[03:39] <TheFabulousBarbie> yes
[03:40] <A Son of Hades> you have said it before
[03:40] <Jeon Jungkookie> Kay
[03:40] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[03:40] <Jeon Jungkookie> So, what county? :o
[03:40] <TheFabulousBarbie> that is how i could tell you when your snow warning should be done
[03:40] <TheFabulousBarbie> the thumb I live in he thumb
[03:40] <Undead Sparkz> spokeo is creepy tbh
[03:40] <Undead Sparkz> they dont even need to be precise 
[03:40] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmfao
[03:40] <Undead Sparkz> they just need to be vaguely accurate for me to shit my pants
[03:41] <TheFabulousBarbie> you will never find Barbie
[03:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> Okaiu
[03:41] <Undead Sparkz> I am giving y'all a pic of my house
[03:41] <Undead Sparkz> since suit already stalked me
[03:41] <TheFabulousBarbie> she is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in bacon
[03:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> How do you know I dont know you? 
[03:41] <Undead Sparkz>
[03:42] <A Son of Hades> nice house
[03:42] <Undead Sparkz> danke
[03:42] <Undead Sparkz> its not really tho
[03:42] <Undead Sparkz> its a small trailor 
[03:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> We could know one another, and you wouldn't know.
[03:42] <A Son of Hades> *needs to like see the chiropractor today*
[03:42] <Undead Sparkz> explosion burns on the side
[03:42] <Undead Sparkz> not completely painted or walled or whatever you wanna call it
[03:43] <Undead Sparkz> I like how no one is mentioning the amish buggy lmao
[03:43] <TheFabulousBarbie> , iown that shit
[03:43] <A Son of Hades> that's cause its hard to see behind that tree
[03:43] <Undead Sparkz> thats your house barbies?
[03:43] <A Son of Hades> that's also a nice house
[03:43] <Undead Sparkz> I expected it to be bigger ngl xD
[03:43] <TheFabulousBarbie> yup
[03:45] <A Son of Hades> so is m el sitting in chat just so that the chat log script keeps running?
[03:47] <TheFabulousBarbie> well if you move back it looks like this
[03:47] <Undead Sparkz> who knows
[03:47] <Undead Sparkz> noice O.O
[03:47] <TheFabulousBarbie> we puts a roof on it over the summer
[03:47] <Undead Sparkz> I just remembered
[03:48] <Jeon Jungkookie> A
[03:48] <TheFabulousBarbie> Barbie got yelled at for going up on it
[03:48] <Jeon Jungkookie> It's nice
[03:48] <Undead Sparkz> my smug fuck in neighbors have their own street
[03:49] <A Son of Hades> *feels like a cat*
[03:50] <Undead Sparkz> I IST GET HYPE
[03:51] <Undead Sparkz> I wish my speakers were working :c
[03:52] <TheFabulousBarbie> I think I will be leaving soon
[03:52] <Undead Sparkz> hmmm I wonder If I have any headphones around
[03:53] <A Son of Hades> I sm
[03:53] <A Son of Hades> am*
[03:53] <A Son of Hades> bored
[03:54] <Undead Sparkz> write
[03:54] <Undead Sparkz> das what im doing
[03:54] <Undead Sparkz> jamming to a song and writing
[03:54] <TheFabulousBarbie> reading funny stuff on facebook cause my friends are screwed in the head and have the best stuff
[03:55] <A Son of Hades> I might do homework
[03:55] <A Son of Hades> so I don't have to do it on the road trip next week
[03:59] <TheFabulousBarbie> yes doing your homework on sunday when you go back on monday is probly a good idea
[03:59] <TheFabulousBarbie> doing it before sunday is a better oen
[03:59] <TheFabulousBarbie> *one
[04:01] <A Son of Hades> its due like
[04:01] <A Son of Hades> friday
[04:01] <A Son of Hades> I am on a road trip
[04:01] <A Son of Hades> tuesday to thursday
[04:08] <Undead Sparkz> weba generic
[04:14] <Undead Sparkz> brb getting a drink
[04:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> If I ever get shanked
[04:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> And end up in the hospital
[04:20] <Undead Sparkz> Apply lemons
[04:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> There's a chance ththere might n- XD
[04:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm dying
[04:21] <Undead Sparkz> and salt
[04:21] <Undead Sparkz> dont forget the rubbing alcohol to disinfect the wound 
[04:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> Might not be enough of my blood in their blood supply thingy. XD
[04:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> Where the hell did you learn about these things?
[04:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> 16th century 
[04:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> Medical school?
[04:21] <Undead Sparkz> I am a level 17 human
[04:22] <Undead Sparkz> I know things
[04:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh, okay. XD
[04:22] <Undead Sparkz> also I have written Iya from age 9 to 13 (lovely) 
[04:23] <Undead Sparkz> I wanna get this claim out before 6pm eastern standard
[04:23] <Undead Sparkz> im motivated~!
[04:23] <Undead Sparkz> can someone link me to the monster encylo?
[04:24] <Undead Sparkz> plws?
[04:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> Nahh
[04:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[04:25] <Undead Sparkz> ;-; rip
[04:25] <Undead Sparkz> due to ignorance
[04:25] <Undead Sparkz> undead proceeded to include a sphinx in his claim
[04:25] <Undead Sparkz> it was later bombed to hell by claimers
[04:25] <Undead Sparkz> hello lyre 
[04:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> Heyo Hyu wibbles~
[04:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> O/ 
[04:27] <Undead Sparkz> Lyre do you have the link to monster encyclopedia? e.e
[04:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> Well a hell hound and harpy are easy 
[04:27] <Undead Sparkz> I can tell you what ones are easy and not if I hear the names ;-;
[04:27] <Undead Sparkz> its remembering the monsters names
[04:27] <Undead Sparkz> also iirc
[04:28] <Undead Sparkz> harpies are not in easy
[04:28] <Undead Sparkz> they are medium I believe
[04:28] <Jeon Jungkookie> No
[04:28] <Jeon Jungkookie> Their easy
[04:28] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[04:28] <Undead Sparkz> oli
[04:28] <Undead Sparkz> link me to monster encyclopedia
[04:28] <Undead Sparkz> e.e
[04:28] <Meloney> HYUUUUUUUUUUU
[04:28] <Meloney> (th) 
[04:28] <Undead Sparkz> mel
[04:28] <Undead Sparkz> above
[04:28] <Undead Sparkz> pls
[04:29] <EvilhariboMadness> [[Forum:The Monster Encyclopedia]]
[04:29] <EvilhariboMadness> next time sat
[04:29] <Undead Sparkz> &lt;3 
[04:29] <EvilhariboMadness> *say pls
[04:29] <EvilhariboMadness> ty
[04:29] <Undead Sparkz> I am adding that to my favorites
[04:29] <Undead Sparkz> danke oli :3
[04:30] <Meloney> and with that I have 1 more thing to do
[04:30] <Meloney> welcome back hyu (snuggle) 
[04:30] <Meloney> STEVEEEEEEN
[04:29] <EvilhariboMadness> next time sat
[04:29] <Undead Sparkz> &lt;3 
[04:29] <EvilhariboMadness> *say pls
[04:29] <EvilhariboMadness> ty
[04:29] <Undead Sparkz> I am adding that to my favorites
[04:29] <Undead Sparkz> danke oli :3
[04:30] <Meloney> and with that I have 1 more thing to do
[04:30] <Meloney> welcome back hyu (snuggle) 
[04:30] <Meloney> STEVEEEEEEN
[04:30] <Steven Winterson> MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL
[04:30] <Steven Winterson> 
[04:31] <Steven Winterson> (squeeze) 
[04:31] <Utkar22> hi
[04:31] <Meloney> heyo there
[04:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> STEVEN UNIVERSE (TH) (SQUEEZE) (SNUGGLE) 
[04:31] <Undead Sparkz> mel im working on my CoO claim :D
[04:31] <Meloney> make it longer than omnia
[04:31] <Meloney> and your dead to me
[04:32] <Undead Sparkz> O.O
[04:32] <Undead Sparkz> its currently 4 pages
[04:32] <Undead Sparkz> with everything
[04:32] <Meloney> your dead to me
[04:32] <Undead Sparkz> not just history!
[04:32] <Undead Sparkz> it has my notes
[04:32] <Undead Sparkz> and all the other stuff for claim
[04:32] <Steven Winterson> COKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
[04:32] <Steven Winterson> 
[04:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> Omfg
[04:32] <Meloney> then let me change the words
[04:32] <Meloney> make it longer than nata and i'll kill you
[04:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> Mine was only 7, but it was supposed to 14 @Sparky
[04:33] <Undead Sparkz> o.o
[04:33] <Undead Sparkz> dayum
[04:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> I didn't feel like expanding on it. XD
[04:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> I plan on doing so in the future
[04:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh Min'gyus brothers claim is already 4 pages. >.<
[04:33] <Meloney> ........
[04:33] <Meloney> anything longer than nata claim
[04:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> I didn't wanna make it anymore than 4 pages, but now I have no choice.
[04:33] <Meloney> i'm not checking it
[04:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmfao
[04:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> It's going to be 5 1/2 pages max
[04:34] <Meloney> *goes sulk in a corner*
[04:35] <Utkar22>
[04:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm sowwie 
[04:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> O.I
[04:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> O
[04:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> o.o*
[04:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> How'd i never notice that. o
[04:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> o.o*
[04:36] <Utkar22> that thing?
[04:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yea
[04:37] <Utkar22> Glimmer-Clarisse was ok
[04:37] <Utkar22> But Flickerman-Dionyus, no
[04:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> I agree
[04:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Heyo Harle-Kun o/ 
[04:38] <Theharlequin> Hey Chase
[04:39] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[04:42] <Akira of the Tarot> Hey guys
[04:42] <Undead Sparkz> weba
[04:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> Heyo Akira o/ 
[04:44] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[04:46] <Undead Sparkz> is that a PJO HG HP mash?
[04:46] <Undead Sparkz> it took me a minute to realize but thats what it is isnt it? 
[04:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> Mmhm
[04:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Heyo Harle-Kun o/ 
[04:38] <Theharlequin> Hey Chase
[04:39] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[04:42] <Akira of the Tarot> Hey guys
[04:42] <Undead Sparkz> weba
[04:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> Heyo Akira o/ 
[04:44] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[04:46] <Undead Sparkz> is that a PJO HG HP mash?
[04:46] <Undead Sparkz> it took me a minute to realize but thats what it is isnt it? 
[04:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> Mmhm
[04:48] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[04:48] <Meloney> hyu can you see my p.m?
[04:49] <Meloney> hey there kevin~
[04:49] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[04:49] <Kevin Mo> now can i eat breakfast lmao
[04:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Heyo Kevin-kun o/ 
[04:50] <Meloney> *pass sparky* sure here's your breakfast
[04:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Someone I need an opinion 
[04:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[04:50] <Kevin Mo> Herro kookie (bounce) 
[04:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> BRV
[04:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> BRB*
[04:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> [[Template:Klaus Kyu]]
[04:50] <Undead Sparkz> woah
[04:50] <Undead Sparkz> kevin o.o
[04:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> I need help with a new color for the middle. XD
[04:51] <Meloney> kevin eat sparky
[04:51] <Undead Sparkz> you made me friend leave the wikia when I was a newb (sad2) 
[04:51] <Akira of the Tarot> How are you cookie?
[04:51] <Meloney> he's been a bad helper
[04:51] <Kevin Mo> *plays with a knife*
[04:51] <Kevin Mo> mhm spark >:D
[04:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm good not feeling well, but I'm goo, yourself? @Akira
[04:51] <Undead Sparkz> y dont you get on chat
[04:51] <Undead Sparkz> conform like the rest of us
[04:51] <Undead Sparkz> e.e
[04:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> Someone I need your opinion. Dx
[04:52] <Undead Sparkz> on what?
[04:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> Look at the WB and tell me should I 
[04:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> Change it or not
[04:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> I linked it. XD
[04:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmfao
[04:52] <Kevin Mo> it's kinda hard to cine on chat
[04:52] <Akira of the Tarot> Wait, that picture shows Artemis having a demigod and Artemis is a virgin
[04:52] <Kevin Mo> when you're barely active XP
[04:52] <Kevin Mo> chat*
[04:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> [[Template: Klaus Kyu]]
[04:52] <Kevin Mo> **come
[04:52] <Undead Sparkz> the color scheme
[04:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> I relinked >.<
[04:53] <Undead Sparkz> is a bit off?
[04:53] <Undead Sparkz> for a son of destruction
[04:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> I don't really like it
[04:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[04:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> Oh
[04:53] <Undead Sparkz> I imagine red and black when I think destruction
[04:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> His personality
[04:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> Matches it
[04:53] <Undead Sparkz> not purple and yellow xD
[04:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> He's the complete opposite of his dad 
[04:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> And how he's supposed to 'act'
[04:53] <Akira of the Tarot> I would put white and gold then
[04:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> I choose the colors based off his personality.
[04:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ehh, nah. White and gold aren't really his things.
[04:54] <Undead Sparkz> I am going for white & red when I make my girls WB
[04:54] <Akira of the Tarot> Or perhaps a royal blue with white
[04:54] <Undead Sparkz> Im giving her a templar theme
[04:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> Hehe
[04:54] <Undead Sparkz> so like white with a red cross kinda stuff
[04:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> Royal blue might work @Akira
[04:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> Danke
[04:54] <Akira of the Tarot> Well I hope that character is not as evil as the templars 
[04:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[04:54] <Undead Sparkz> Templars were not evil!
[04:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> ^
[04:55] <Undead Sparkz> I mean they were zealous and xenophobic
[04:55] <Undead Sparkz> but not evil
[04:55] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm gonna agree with sparkles they were t.
[04:55] <Akira of the Tarot> They muredered several of my ancestors 
[04:55] <Jeon Jungkookie> Weren't "
[04:55] <Undead Sparkz> again just zealous and xenophobic
[04:55] <Akira of the Tarot> Becuase they where pagans 
[04:55] <Undead Sparkz> evil is doing it something bad for the sake of being bad
[04:55] <Jeon Jungkookie>
[04:55] <Akira of the Tarot> no it is not
[04:55] <Undead Sparkz> They were called upon by Pope Urban II
[04:55] <Akira of the Tarot> evil is causing suffering to toher humans for selfish reasons
[04:55] <Undead Sparkz> that isnt justified 
[04:55] <Undead Sparkz> nah man
[04:56] <Undead Sparkz> they were convinced
[04:56] <Undead Sparkz> by pope urban
[04:56] <Undead Sparkz> that they were serving god
[04:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> KEVIN
[04:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> Kevin
[04:56] <Undead Sparkz> and helping the Christians in that land
[04:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wanna RP? XD
[04:56] <Akira of the Tarot> Otherwise hitler would not be evil
[04:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> >.<
[04:56] <Undead Sparkz> they took oaths of poverty when they enlisted 
[04:56] <Kevin Mo> *ping*
[04:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> XS
[04:56] <Kevin Mo> I was just abt to switch laptops xD
[04:56] <Undead Sparkz> as I said
[04:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD*
[04:56] <Undead Sparkz> does not justify their actions
[04:56] <Undead Sparkz> but they were not evil
[04:56] <Akira of the Tarot> and hitler was a vegetarian 
[04:56] <Undead Sparkz> just zealous xenophobes
[04:56] <Akira of the Tarot> bug deal
[04:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> Is that a yes or a no? @Kevi :o
[04:56] <Kevin Mo> but sure ^~^
[04:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> That's your nickname
[04:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> Kevi*
[04:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> Is you're nickname. XD
[04:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao
[04:57] <Undead Sparkz> also until dawn
[04:57] <Undead Sparkz> that was a rad game :o
[04:57] <Akira of the Tarot> Killing people for being different than you is evil
[04:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> Thats how almost everyone had gotten their nickname from me. >.<
[04:57] <Undead Sparkz> only if you do it for that reason
[04:57] <Undead Sparkz> as I said
[04:57] <Undead Sparkz> pope urban
[04:57] <Akira of the Tarot> guess what undead they did it without his orders as well
[04:58] <Undead Sparkz> convinced the knights that they were serving christ and freeing christains
[04:58] <Undead Sparkz> oh yeah certaintly 
[04:58] <Undead Sparkz> there were definitely alot just there to kill
[04:58] <Undead Sparkz> thats a no-brainer
[04:58] <Undead Sparkz> but its not what the order stood for
[04:58] <Akira of the Tarot> plus even the ones that they killed under his orders are not excused. They killed Becuase they wanted to keep power in the church
[04:58] <Undead Sparkz> lmao
[04:58] <Undead Sparkz> all templars
[04:59] <Undead Sparkz> were killed at some point
[04:59] <Undead Sparkz> King Philip IV ordered the execution of "heretic" templars
[04:59] <Undead Sparkz> most were killed under the popes orders or King Philip IV's orders
[04:59] <Akira of the Tarot> congratulations 
[04:59] <Undead Sparkz> eh? o.o
[04:59] <Akira of the Tarot> neither organization was justified but the Templars where by no means good.
[05:00] <Undead Sparkz> yeah they were not good
[05:00] <Undead Sparkz> if I had to list them on a DnD moral board
[05:00] <Undead Sparkz> it would not be lawful good
[05:00] <Akira of the Tarot> They burned my ancestors alive
[05:00] <Akira of the Tarot> I would place them at Lawful Evil
[05:00] <Undead Sparkz> Im not sure order-wise 
[05:01] <Undead Sparkz> but I can agree atleast for alot of templars 
[05:01] <Undead Sparkz> alot were def just there to kill pagans >.<
[05:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> We
[05:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> >.<
[05:02] <Undead Sparkz> oui
[05:02] <Jeon Jungkookie> Random we xD
[05:02] <Akira of the Tarot> So in my eyes the Templar Orginization as a whole was evil and there might have been exceptions.
[05:02] <Undead Sparkz> I see them more as Lawful neutral 
[05:02] <Undead Sparkz> They did AWFUL things
[05:03] <Undead Sparkz> but what they stood for in a whole was not holey evil e.e
[05:03] <Undead Sparkz> They did think they were serving god >.<
[05:03] <Undead Sparkz> and to proof for that is they were required to take oaths of poverity
[05:04] <Undead Sparkz> but getting off track
[05:04] <Undead Sparkz> I am not making her a templar or anything xD
[05:04] <Undead Sparkz> just giving her a templar theme
[05:04] <Jeon Jungkookie> Im lawfu evil js
[05:04] <Akira of the Tarot> And what was that?
[05:04] <Undead Sparkz> but getting off track
[05:04] <Undead Sparkz> I am not making her a templar or anything xD
[05:04] <Undead Sparkz> just giving her a templar theme
[05:05] <Undead Sparkz> Holy crusade quotes,Red and White pattern,Templar knight themed weaponry
[05:05] <Akira of the Tarot> Serving a relgion blindly with a sword?
[05:05] <Undead Sparkz> ye pretty much
[05:05] <Undead Sparkz> I mean thats how im working the whole GENOCIDE FOR THE TITANS! thing in
[05:06] <Undead Sparkz> extreme piety and zeal
[05:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[05:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Dud
[05:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Dude#
[05:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Teayoon and her need to emtt. XS
[05:06] <Undead Sparkz> xD
[05:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Meet**
[05:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Omgs
[05:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> It would be so funny
[05:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> Hed probably spray her with holy water though. >.<
[05:06] <Jeon Jungkookie> So I don't know how well that'd go down. XD
[05:06] <Undead Sparkz> lmao it would be funny tho
[05:07] <Undead Sparkz> a raised orthodox and raised roman catholic 
[05:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> It would tbh
[05:07] <Undead Sparkz> on opposite sides
[05:07] <Undead Sparkz> meeting
[05:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmfao it'll be a fight
[05:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> OH
[05:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> Maybe your character kidnaps him? XD
[05:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> Or somthing
[05:07] <Undead Sparkz> We could arrange it >:D
[05:08] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yed! XD
[05:08] <Akira of the Tarot> Naw, evengalist from the us south think that Catholics are satanist.
[05:08] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yes*
[05:08] <Undead Sparkz> eh? 
[05:08] <Undead Sparkz> anyways
[05:08] <Undead Sparkz> just to clear anything up
[05:08] <Undead Sparkz> im not even a christain >u<
[05:08] <Jeon Jungkookie> Um
[05:09] <Akira of the Tarot> Where I was from the evengalist litterly thought that catholicism is a form of satanism 
[05:09] <Undead Sparkz> so dont peg me as a fuck ing xenophobic asshole
[05:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> No religious talj >.<
[05:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> Talk*
[05:09] <Akira of the Tarot> Ok
[05:09] <Akira of the Tarot> My bad
[05:09] <Undead Sparkz> nah I just wanted to clarify
[05:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> Unless it's about a character
[05:09] <Undead Sparkz> because of the extremely religious theme ive been talking about
[05:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> Then it's cool
[05:09] <Undead Sparkz> because I got the feel Akira thought I was Christain xD
[05:09] <Akira of the Tarot> Hey a Christian is not nessecarly a xenophobic person.......
[05:09] <Undead Sparkz> nah just the theme is very xenophobic for my char
[05:09] <Undead Sparkz> I figured that could be linked :P
[05:09] <Akira of the Tarot> But no I did not think you where
[05:09] <Jeon Jungkookie> Btw
[05:10] <Jeon Jungkookie> Taeyoon has 2 moms, 
[05:10] <Akira of the Tarot> Kay
[05:10] <Undead Sparkz> Trans?
[05:10] <Jeon Jungkookie> Athena and his mortal parent
[05:10] <Undead Sparkz> oh
[05:10] <Undead Sparkz> I never
[05:10] <Jeon Jungkookie> Add insult to injury
[05:10] <Undead Sparkz> thought about that
[05:10] <Undead Sparkz> O.O
[05:10] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao I did
[05:10] <Akira of the Tarot> Wait
[05:10] <Jeon Jungkookie> :D
[05:10] <Akira of the Tarot> How could pregnancy occur?
[05:10] <Jeon Jungkookie> Children
[05:10] <Undead Sparkz> it wouldnt
[05:10] <Jeon Jungkookie> Of Athena
[05:11] <Undead Sparkz> Athena just pops babies out of her mind
[05:11] <Jeon Jungkookie> Come for thoughts
[05:11] <Undead Sparkz> when she likes someone
[05:11] <Akira of the Tarot> Oh
[05:11] <Jeon Jungkookie> So therefore itd work. XD
[05:11] <Akira of the Tarot> like Zeus did with her
[05:11] <Undead Sparkz> yeah >o>
[05:11] <Undead Sparkz> although he used his own flesh iirc
[05:11] <Undead Sparkz> not completely mind baby 
[05:12] <Akira of the Tarot> Depends on the version
[05:12] <Undead Sparkz> it really does
[05:12] <Undead Sparkz> so many versions per origin tbh
[05:12] <Akira of the Tarot> In some versions Athena is Hera's child 
[05:12] <Jeon Jungkookie> Some she's Themis'
[05:12] <Akira of the Tarot> Yeah
[05:13] <Akira of the Tarot> That isn't even bringing up the whole primordial deties versions XD
[05:13] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ik o.o
[05:13] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wibbles Generic~
[05:13] <Undead Sparkz> Aphrodites origin is the best
[05:13] <Undead Sparkz> DICK BABY
[05:13] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[05:14] <Akira of the Tarot> In one origin yes
[05:14] <Undead Sparkz> tmk its the most widely used origin 
[05:14] <Akira of the Tarot> Yes that is true 
[05:14] <Akira of the Tarot> Probably because it stuck in the head so well
[05:15] <Undead Sparkz> nah its probably because it was the most well spread version in ancient greece
[05:15] <Undead Sparkz> the whole reason different version exist tmk
[05:15] <Undead Sparkz> is because there was a general blueprint for greek mythos
[05:15] <Undead Sparkz> but it varied between city state
[05:15] <Undead Sparkz> s
[05:15] <Undead Sparkz> versions
[05:15] <Akira of the Tarot> Yeah I know 
[05:15] <Akira of the Tarot> I was being sarcastic 
[05:16] <Undead Sparkz> ah I am blunt to that kinda stuff xD
[05:16] <Akira of the Tarot> Test
[05:16] <Akira of the Tarot> Ah I can be as well
[05:18] <Akira of the Tarot> Well I gtg
[05:19] <Undead Sparkz> bai
[05:19] <Undead Sparkz> Hey santi
[05:19] <Undead Sparkz> I want some info
[05:19] <Undead Sparkz> how did you play off getting recruited to the CoO?
[05:19] <Undead Sparkz> like I dont really know how that would happen? e.e
[05:20] <A Son of Hades> *that reminds me
[05:20] <A Son of Hades> *needs to work on CoO council person
[05:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> Pm @Sparklez
[05:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> Sparkles*
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