[07:27] <Nhlott> -_-
[07:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Dang
[07:27] <LongClawTiger> and rawr!
[07:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> (nom2) d*
[07:27] <StarbucksChick> TIGAH! *glompz*
[07:27] <StarbucksChick> lottie chu posted yet?
[07:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sup lottie
[07:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O_O
[07:27] <LongClawTiger> allo allo!
[07:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Lott*
[07:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No
[07:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Just no
[07:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm not calling you lottie ._.
[07:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hai Bottie
[07:28] <Rawr27> Hai Bottie
[07:28] <Comiclove> Hey <span style="color:red;">BachBot</span>
[07:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Bottie
[07:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> NO
[07:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bach Jr.
[07:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> xD
[07:28] <Nhlott> ok.....?
[07:28] <Comiclove> BACHOO
[07:28] <Comiclove> :D
[07:28] <Rawr27> BACHY *hugs*
[07:28] <StarbucksChick> posted lottie
[07:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sorry but lottie sounds like a stripper name to me ._.
[07:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> BCHY *tackle hugs*
[07:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> imo
[07:29] <FallenBlackAngel> Is this puppy pic good for my claim?
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Bach Sr.
[07:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> xD
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *pokes Bach*
[07:29] <StarbucksChick> wt chu posted yet?
[07:29] <StarbucksChick> hai bach o/ 
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Can't see chur post
[07:29] <Comiclove> Lovely image, wonder
[07:29] <Comiclove> XD
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[07:29] <BachLynn23> *licks WT*
[07:29] <Comiclove> What songs should I add onto my tumblr playlist?
[07:29] <LongClawTiger> so, how was everyobody's weekend
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bachyyyy when will the BC charries be done? :c
[07:30] <LongClawTiger> *?
[07:30] <Jrite10> * (nom2) s bach*
[07:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm impatient
[07:30] <BachLynn23> idk, I think we were just waiting on flammable once soa fell through
[07:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> @Comic any you like, I mean, I have 100+
[07:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> *pokes Harle*
[07:30] <Comiclove> brb
[07:30] <Theflammablesection> hey Bach
[07:30] <Comiclove> actually, nvm
[07:30] <FallenBlackAngel> I just said in spanish Do Not Enter my room 
[07:30] <Comiclove> actually, nvm the nvm
[07:30] <Comiclove> XD
[07:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Argh ._.
[07:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> xD
[07:31] <Comiclove> I'll brb
[07:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sits in waiting corner*
[07:31] <Nhlott> posted, Nicks
[07:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hmm.. poke is a strange word....
[07:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> *pokes Harle again*
[07:31] <FallenBlackAngel> No Entre es dormetorio
[07:31] <Nhlott> no, the worst is "moist"
[07:31] <FallenBlackAngel> My dad freaking startled me!
[07:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hmmm
[07:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wet is a strange word
[07:32] <FallenBlackAngel> I almost had a heart attack!
[07:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> How do you think we got the alphabet?
[07:32] <Comiclove> Back
[07:32] <Nhlott> it never feels like the right word to use
[07:32] <Bctcz> Posted Lottie
[07:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> I mean, S could be first, Z second etc. etc.
[07:32] <Bctcz> Posted Flamm
[07:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> Moist....
[07:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hmm
[07:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> Is Harle afk?
[07:32] <Bctcz> BACHIE!!! *tackle huggles*
[07:32] <Bctcz> 
[07:33] <StarbucksChick> posted lottie
[07:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> ._.
[07:33] <BachLynn23> *is tackle hugged* hi
[07:33] <BachLynn23> actually my least favourite word is Garage, because I am incapable of saying it properly
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> Thanks for telling me you posted, Nicki;)
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> Anyway, I posted
[07:34] <StarbucksChick> whoops
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> Garage
[07:34] <StarbucksChick> sowwy!
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> is it garag, or gararrrrge
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> *
[07:34] <Theharlequin> Yes elfie?
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> ?*
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> np
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh, PM, me needs to ask you something
[07:34] <Bctcz> I hate allterations.
[07:34] <Theharlequin> ok
[07:34] <Bctcz> Wibbles Lottie
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> And Laugh
[07:34] <Nhlott> I've hard it, she can't say it XD
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> is it Laff or Larrf?
[07:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> .-.
[07:34] <BachLynn23> actually I add like 2 extra r's when I say it Grararrrrge
[07:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> xD
[07:35] <BachLynn23> I sound like a pirate
[07:35] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Arrgh
[07:35] <BachLynn23> you're hard lott?
[07:35] <Theflammablesection> posted B
[07:35] <Nhlott> ooops
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> My least fave words are feel and fail
[07:35] <BachLynn23> xD
[07:35] <Nhlott> I swear that was unintentional
[07:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wibbles Felly
[07:35] <BachLynn23> xD
[07:35] <BachLynn23> suuuuure
[07:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Felly?
[07:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Delly*
[07:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> -_-
[07:36] <BachLynn23> well she did want a new nickname
[07:36] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:36] <BachLynn23> not sure she'd like felly though
[07:36] <Rawr27> xD
[07:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> XDD
[07:36] <Nhlott> posted, Nicks and B
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O_O OMG
[07:37] <Rawr27> Ikr?
[07:38] <Rawr27> Hes so much hotter now o.o
[07:38] <Comiclove> ^
[07:38] <Comiclove> XD
[07:38] <Nhlott> Now to...........wait, wtf WAS I doin?
[07:38] <Rawr27> I saw that on fb, me and my sister were like 'o.o'
[07:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:38] <Rawr27> Then I dibsed him xP
[07:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> He's like jegdbbrw now
[07:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Now Andy Biersack eujdsahfiwh but still XP
[07:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> not*
[07:39] <Rawr27> xD
[07:40] <Bctcz> Posted Lottie
[07:40] <Bctcz> Posted Flamm
[07:41] <Nhlott> posted back XD
[07:41] <Bctcz> All we need is Dellie's history, and add in group history parts, then were done :D
[07:41] <StarbucksChick> posted lottie
[07:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> yay :D@B
[07:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yay!
[07:42] <StarbucksChick> posted elfie
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Argh I really want Pheonix to defect from the BC now ._.
[07:42] <StarbucksChick> and i have to go >.>
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Laters
[07:42] <Rawr27> Noo D:
[07:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> Byebye Nicki *hugs8
[07:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> **
[07:42] <Rawr27> Bye Wifey *hugs* :(
[07:42] <StarbucksChick> *hugs back* cya
[07:42] <AtlasSisterno.1> Bye
[07:43] <AtlasSisterno.1> Lag
[07:43] <Theflammablesection> posted B
[07:43] <BachLynn23> sweet so flammable's is up?
[07:44] <BachLynn23> I think del said she'd get hers up tonight or tomorrow
[07:44] <LongClawTiger> ba ck in a few mins
[07:44] <Theflammablesection> yup i is done BACH
[07:44] <Theflammablesection> *Bach
[07:44] <BachLynn23> which group history parts need to be added?
[07:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *can't wait*
[07:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (bounce) 
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[07:45] <Comiclove> Updated my playlist
[07:45] <Comiclove> 55 songs now
[07:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> XDDD@Wonder
[07:45] <Comiclove> ROFL
[07:45] <AtlasSisterno.1> Oh and the answer to my question earlier about the earring. Not they are not -_-
[07:46] <AtlasSisterno.1> Lol wonder
[07:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wibbles Lottie
[07:46] <AtlasSisterno.1> Lag
[07:46] <Nhlott> danke
[07:47] <FloatingInDarkness> hey 
[07:47] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hay
[07:47] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hey*
[07:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> hi Float
[07:47] <FloatingInDarkness> (wave) 
[07:48] <Petite'likkle'elf> Owh, lol, life sucks atm
[07:48] <Comiclove> :/
[07:48] <Nhlott> le posted B
[07:48] <Nhlott> rp anyone else?
[07:49] <Rawr27> *Hugs Elfie* Don't worry too much about it all okay? :/
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[07:49] <AtlasSisterno.1> you think so elf? :/
[07:49] <FallenBlackAngel> Sooo true WT!
[07:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> *hugs back* 'kay
[07:49] <FallenBlackAngel> Ik who the 5 husbands are
[07:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> They are?
[07:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[07:51] <Nhlott> .
[07:51] <AtlasSisterno.1> Louis, niall, Liam, zayn and Harry?
[07:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> No
[07:51] <Rawr27> No -.-
[07:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Nope :D
[07:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> Mika, Raven
[07:51] <Rawr27> BVB :P
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^
[07:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> Jake, Jason
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Duh
[07:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh
[07:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[07:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> FAIL
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *slaps Elfie*
[07:52] <Rawr27> Twinny knows twinny very well xP
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Tech I have 4 hubbies
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 1 wifey
[07:52] <AtlasSisterno.1> I know. I was being stupid...
[07:52] <Rawr27> Like I believe she will know who mine are?
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yep
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :D
[07:52] <AtlasSisterno.1> 9.9
[07:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> *ish slapped*
[07:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> "Bitch I'm, fabulous"
[07:53] <Rawr27> xD
[07:53] <Comiclove> ROFL
[07:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:53] <Comiclove> XD
[07:53] <Comiclove> Nice text input there, Wonder
[07:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:53] <Comiclove> now, do one for Pierce the Veil
[07:53] <Comiclove> or Falling in Reverse
[07:53] <Comiclove> XD
[07:54] <Comiclove> I just figured out the name etymology for Falling in Reverse O.o
[07:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmmmm
[07:54] <Bctcz> @Bach we gotta add in Parker and J and Flamm's parts right?
[07:54] <Comiclove> .
[07:55] <Comiclove> and I just figured out something awesome:
[07:55] <Comiclove> Falling in Reverse's name etymologu
[07:55] <Comiclove> etymology*
[07:55] <Comiclove> :P
[07:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> That's nice comic
[07:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> .
[07:56] <FloatingInDarkness> 
[07:56] <FloatingInDarkness> lag test
[07:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> wb
[07:57] <Comiclove> Danke chu, Pet
[07:57] <Comiclove> :P
[07:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> :P
[07:58] <Comiclove> It IS the first 3 letters of your username
[07:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> Shallup ;)
[07:58] <FloatingInDarkness> Yo
[07:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *just realized she's still handcuffed to comic*
[07:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[07:58] <AtlasSisterno.1> Damn. I forgot I was gonna bring that up, com
[07:58] <Rawr27> I gtg now peoples bye bye
[07:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD@Wonder
[07:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> Byebye Rawrie 8hugs*
[07:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> **
[07:58] <Comiclove> Shallup?
[07:59] <Rawr27> Bye *hugs back*
[07:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> Shut up
[07:59] <Comiclove> and don't wink XD
[07:59] <AtlasSisterno.1> Bye rawr. Thanks
[07:59] <Comiclove> and bye Rawr
[07:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> Basically
[07:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:59] <AtlasSisterno.1> Donr ya mean Shat ap?
[07:59] <AtlasSisterno.1> Don't*
[07:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> No
[08:00] <AtlasSisterno.1> XD
[08:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Ello
[08:00] <AtlasSisterno.1> dont go moody on me because I asked...
[08:00] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hey 
[08:00] <Theharlequin> DUCKS *glompz*
[08:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> DUCKIE!!!!!!!! *tackle licks*
[08:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey
[08:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> DUCKLIIIIIIIIIIIINGG!!!! *tackle glompz*
[08:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *glompz/licks back*
[08:01] <Comiclove> Hey DUCKS
[08:01] <Comiclove> :D
[08:01] <Comiclove> OMFG
[08:01] <Comiclove> Wonder
[08:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey COMIC
[08:01] <Comiclove> Listen to
[08:01] <Comiclove> :D
[08:01] <Comiclove> *tackle hugs ducks*
[08:01] <Comiclove> Flying Novella of DOOM
[08:01] <Comiclove> XD
[08:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> brb must go wash my hands of the doritos on it
[08:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *hugs back*
[08:01] <Comiclove> XD
[08:01] <Comiclove> *licks it off*
[08:01] <Comiclove> :3
[08:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> I haven't had Doritos in ages ._.
[08:01] <Comiclove> I love Doritos, sorry xD
[08:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> Same xP
[08:01] <Nhlott> posted on Mini-golf, B
[08:01] <Comiclove> they so delicious...
[08:01] <Comiclove> ^@Elfie
[08:01] <Comiclove> ._.
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I had them for lunch
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> When we were looking for the god damn pen ._.
[08:02] <Comiclove> I had them for Dinner!
[08:02] <Comiclove> .......idk, a month ago?
[08:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> xD
[08:02] <Comiclove> XD
[08:02] <Ducks-r-homicidal> back
[08:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> WIbbles
[08:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> i*
[08:02] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I'm sooo happy today
[08:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'm not
[08:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> I was
[08:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I am
[08:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> I even went round kissing everyone BUT Wonder and Atlas
[08:03] <Comiclove> Yep
[08:03] <Comiclove> XD
[08:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I broke up with my boyfriend yayyyyyyy
[08:03] <Comiclove> Ultimate slut move
[08:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> But now I'm just... bleugh
[08:03] <Comiclove> XD
[08:03] <Comiclove> Nice@Ducks
[08:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o@Duckling
[08:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> XDComic
[08:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yay?
[08:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[08:03] <Theharlequin> That *sshole? good ducks
[08:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Yes, yay
[08:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> he was clingy
[08:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> and annoying
[08:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Mine's highly annoying ._.
[08:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> and he doesn't seem to understand that he doesn't have to be at my side every freaking second
[08:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> oml
[08:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> He keeps somehow getting himself hurt ._.
[08:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> XDDD
[08:04] <Comiclove> Awww@Wonder
[08:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> examples: Falling out of a tree after being stuck there for half an hour, slipping on the grass while doing the chicken dance
[08:04] <Comiclove> XD
[08:05] <Nhlott> hmm
[08:05] <Comiclove> ROFLMAO
[08:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> XDDDDDDDDDDDD
[08:05] <Comiclove> I imagine Skylar in those situations xD
[08:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yes
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> But Isaac has them more ._.
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Like
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> A LOT more
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[08:06] <Theflammablesection> posted B
[08:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *wonders what he would do if he came on here
[08:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *
[08:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[08:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_o
[08:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> omg, my friend, Til, would fit in soo well on here
[08:06] <AtlasSisterno.1> that reminds me. Tilly MUST join...
[08:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> Beat you;)
[08:06] <Ducks-r-homicidal> My friend, Jasmine, on here
[08:06] <AtlasSisterno.1> But we've scared her too much...
[08:07] <Ducks-r-homicidal> wiki + jas = death
[08:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> *sigh*
[08:07] <AtlasSisterno.1> :P
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I wuv my avvie
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I miss jas ._.
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :cccccccccc
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> TT^TT
[08:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> She's like the only person I could PM without thinking I was disturbing them .-.
[08:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *le sighs*
[08:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> awww, I sowwy wonder *comfort licks wonder*
[08:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *licks back*
[08:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> Well, let's see
[08:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> Rawr and me always PM
[08:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> like everyday
[08:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> And Skype, if not that
[08:11] <Theharlequin> About what? O_o
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I can talk to rawr but I can't like start the convo ._.
[08:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> idk, random shit
[08:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> I can talk to Rawr about absolutely anything
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Same with Jas :/
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> But she's MIA/Inactive :cccccccc
[08:12] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I don't have problems to talk about XP
[08:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> Lucky you
[08:13] <Comiclove> Rawr's awesome
[08:13] <Comiclove> :P
[08:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> ^
[08:13] <Comiclove> I PM Harle every few days or so
[08:13] <Comiclove> :P
[08:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> ^
[08:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> xP
[08:13] <Comiclove> and when Flock/Sunny/Evan's around
[08:13] <Comiclove> I PM them crazy xD
[08:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> What 'bout me?
[08:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:13] <Comiclove> It used to be Kitty, Gel, and SOA
[08:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> ATlas PM's me a lot
[08:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> Atlas*
[08:13] <Comiclove> But all 3 just sorta drifted away so :/
[08:14] <Comiclove> You Don't Say, Elfie
[08:14] <Comiclove> XD
[08:14] <Comiclove> You Don't Say
[08:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> xP
[08:14] <Nhlott> So, I'm kinda awesome right now.
[08:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Am i awesome?
[08:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> ^
[08:14] <Nhlott> You have your moments
[08:14] <FloatingInDarkness> xP
[08:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> My moments ._.
[08:15] <Nhlott> I still wuv chu though 
[08:15] <Nhlott> *hugs*
[08:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back* ._.
[08:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> xD
[08:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wibbles Comic
[08:15] <Nhlott> [[Mission:The Frosted Forge|Mission:The_Frosted_Forge]]
[08:15] <Nhlott> awwwwww yea!!
[08:15] <Nhlott> Made the first BC mission
[08:17] <Comiclove> Damnit
[08:17] <Comiclove> >_<
[08:17] <Comiclove> Stupid connection..
[08:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> g2g, bye guys
[08:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Laters
[08:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Argh I really want Pheonix as a camp charrie DX
[08:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *flips table*
[08:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> If anyone sees Jake, tell him it's his post on Nich
[08:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> Danke
[08:18] <Comiclove> Bye Elfie
[08:18] <AtlasSisterno.1> Bye
[08:19] <Comiclove> Well, hi to you too >_>
[08:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> xD
[08:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> Bye
[08:19] <Comiclove> .
[08:19] <Theharlequin> Damn lott, I'm having a Phlegethon char possibly going through BC claiming right now
[08:20] <AtlasSisterno.1> What d'you mean com? O.o
[08:20] <FloatingInDarkness> whats a Phlegethon
[08:20] <Comiclove> ?@Atlas
[08:20] <Comiclove> I'm confused o_O\
[08:20] <Theharlequin> one of the five rivers of the Underworld
[08:20] <Comiclove> ^
[08:20] <Nhlott> ah, the fiery one?
[08:20] <AtlasSisterno.1> Look î what you said... Ah whatever
[08:20] <Theharlequin> Yea
[08:20] <Nhlott> hurry up XD
[08:20] <FloatingInDarkness> how do you have Phlegethon
[08:21] <FloatingInDarkness> char
[08:21] <Theharlequin> it's a group claim, it's B's gang
[08:21] <FloatingInDarkness> ah
[08:21] <Nhlott> well damn -_-
[08:21] <Theharlequin> that's what I was thinking
[08:22] <FloatingInDarkness> rp anyone
[08:23] <Theharlequin> And dafuq, I have a dollar bill that has I *doesn't know how to do the little heart thing* Libby written on it
[08:23] <Comiclove> XD
[08:24] <Comiclove> it's <3
[08:24] <Nhlott> Libby must get around XD
[08:25] <Comiclove> ^
[08:25] <Theharlequin> also has "Love, Samm"
[08:26] <Comiclove> <_<
[08:27] <Nhlott> laaaaaaaame
[08:28] <Bctcz> Yeah my group thingie is taking longer than originaly planned, but its gettin around!
[08:30] <Theharlequin> At least most everyone has some material present
[08:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Arghhhh I really want Pheonix to become a camp charrie >.<
[08:31] <Theharlequin> I wonder if my dollar is still legal tender
[08:31] <Nhlott> that's like the 4th time within an hour you've said it WT
[08:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ik
[08:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[08:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> But I really dooo
[08:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> DX
[08:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[08:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *obsessive much?*
[08:33] <Bctcz> Yup, Ir shouldnt be more than two mores days. well if everything goes smoothly that is
[08:34] <Comiclove> I hate my internet connection today xD
[08:34] <Bctcz> it
[08:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Okay I'll shut up now
[08:35] <AtlasSisterno.1> Comic, please, please unblock pm. I want to know one thing and it's not as stupid as last time, promise.
[08:36] <Weirdo Guy> Hello Blood
[08:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Bloody Mary
[08:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary
[08:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:36] <Comiclove> Nope
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> Wonder
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm not in the mood
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> Okay?
[08:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> k ._.
[08:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sits in corner*
[08:36] <Comiclove> Oh, Hi Blood
[08:36] <Comiclove> .+.
[08:37] <Black Wolf of blood> *Goes to write chapter 12*
[08:37] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hey 
[08:37] <AtlasSisterno.1> Sorry then comic.
[08:37] <AtlasSisterno.1> *sits by wonder* you ok?
[08:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yes ._.
[08:37] <AtlasSisterno.1> Sure?
[08:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yep
[08:38] <AtlasSisterno.1> Ok :) *gives wonder a hug then walks off*
[08:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[08:40] <FloatingInDarkness> dang internet
[08:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *stirs awkward sause*
[08:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> sauce*
[08:42] <Comiclove> *chews cookie*
[08:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sips awkward sauce*
[08:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> It tastes so.....
[08:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> awkward
[08:42] <AtlasSisterno.1> *Wants food*
[08:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *gives everyone *
[08:43] <AtlasSisterno.1> *wants a better, sharper earring*
[08:43] <AtlasSisterno.1> Aww thanks wonder :)
[08:44] <AtlasSisterno.1> Would hug you but then it would have been used already 
[08:44] <AtlasSisterno.1> :)
[08:44] <Comiclove> *looks at the voucher(
[08:44] <Comiclove> **
[08:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[08:45] <Comiclove> >_> People really are getting more stupid and stupid..
[08:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *takes comic's voucher back*
[08:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *gives it to the invisible man instead/
[08:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *
[08:45] <Comiclove> :D
[08:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm really depressed atm idk why
[08:46] <AtlasSisterno.1> Comic don't be nasty. Wonders being nice :)
[08:46] <AtlasSisterno.1> *hugs wonder* don't be depressed.
[08:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[08:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *gives Atlas comic's voucher*
[08:47] <AtlasSisterno.1> yay! Thanks :)
[08:47] <Comiclove> Nasty?
[08:47] <Comiclove> Meh, It's how I am
[08:47] <Comiclove> >_>
[08:48] <Comiclove> People just don't accept it, so they can't live with me
[08:48] <AtlasSisterno.1> I do accept it. Ive been on the receiving end enough.
[08:48] <Sonofboreas16> If I want to be imbued to a shark species that's not on the Paelamon list do I just add it to the list.
[08:49] <J4N3Y> Yeah
[08:49] <J4N3Y> :P
[08:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> YAY for moodswings -__
[08:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> -_-*
[08:50] <AtlasSisterno.1> Lol. Yup, moodswings are the BEST XD
[08:50] <Comiclove> ^
[08:50] <Comiclove> One minute you're all
[08:50] <Comiclove> LIV
[08:50] <Comiclove> LIFE IS AWESOME
[08:50] <Comiclove> and shizz like that
[08:50] <Comiclove> next second, you're angry like hell
[08:50] <AtlasSisterno.1> Liv?
[08:50] <Comiclove> next, you're tired and moody
[08:50] <Comiclove> Middle Finger slip >_>
[08:50] <AtlasSisterno.1> Oi!
[08:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm tired and moody atm ._.
[08:50] <Comiclove> Yes, what?
[08:51] <Comiclove> Do you want me to flip you a whole ostrich?
[08:51] <AtlasSisterno.1> I'm depressed atm.
[08:51] <Comiclove> Aha, Moodswing strike xD
[08:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I need more sleep
[08:52] <AtlasSisterno.1> *gives in and grabs the earring*
[08:53] <AtlasSisterno.1> ugh god.
[08:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I still have a scar from when I cut myself when I was 11 O.O
[08:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *just noticed that*
[08:54] <Comiclove> Nice
[08:54] <Sonofboreas16> If I want to be imbued to a shark not on the Palaemon list do I just add it? If you guys already answered sorry to bug you but I didnt see your answer... I'm not trying to be annoying i just want to know.
[08:54] <Comiclove> My scabs when I scraped my arm are healing over
[08:54] <Theharlequin> purpose or accident?
[08:54] <Comiclove> New skin's appearing
[08:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[08:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm not answering
[08:54] <Theharlequin> ok
[08:55] <Sonofboreas16> Ok?
[08:55] <Theharlequin> not at you SoB, at wonder
[08:55] <Sonofboreas16> Oh I see
[08:55] <AtlasSisterno.1> My new scratches are bleeding... :/
[08:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Atlas....
[08:57] <Ducks-r-homicidal> O_O I'm still on chat?
[08:57] <Theharlequin> Oh hey duxks
[08:57] <Theharlequin> ducks*
[08:57] <Comiclove> You Don't Say
[08:57] <Comiclove> XD
[08:57] <AtlasSisterno.1> Yeah you are ducks
[08:58] <AtlasSisterno.1> Wonder....
[08:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Argh I hate my nose -_-
[08:58] <AtlasSisterno.1> Nice?
[08:58] <AtlasSisterno.1> Wonder whats your avvie?
[08:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Just a guy with a pikachu bag iirc
[08:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yay 25 followers to 150
[09:00] <Sonofboreas16> Do I have permission to do it?
[09:00] <Comiclove> Probably
[09:00] <Comiclove> and depends on with who, also
[09:00] <Comiclove> *double entendre's ftw XD*
[09:01] <Sonofboreas16> What do you mean it depends on who
[09:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Argh I go like 3 hours of sleep last night
[09:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> got*
[09:01] <Comiclove> Sucks :
[09:02] <Comiclove> :/*
[09:02] <Black Wolf of blood> You ask permission before you add ANYTHING to the cabin pages other than a new character
[09:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Got off computer at 10:15pm spent to like 4am reading
[09:02] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *wrinkles nose* reading?
[09:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai-nvm
[09:02] <Weirdo Guy> Hey Ruby
[09:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Ruby
[09:02] <Black Wolf of blood> Ducks, if you dislike reading you've landed the wrong place
[09:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[09:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I only like reading when its a book I like
[09:03] <RubyRose17> hey WG
[09:03] <RubyRose17> hey Wonder
[09:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> not one a teacher assigns me
[09:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> J4!!!
[09:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> RUBY!
[09:03] <RubyRose17> hi J4
[09:03] <Sonofboreas16> Ok I have asked BachLynn and Nhlott on their talk pages but I didn't get an answer.
[09:03] <RubyRose17> DUCKS 
[09:03] <RubyRose17> hi
[09:03] <J4N3Y> hey Ducks and Ruby (wave) 
[09:03] <Comiclove> ohey J4
[09:03] <J4N3Y> ohaidere Comic (wave) 
[09:03] <J4N3Y> 
[09:03] <Black Wolf of blood> *Facepalms* Do you HONESTLY think someone would read a book a teacher assigned until 4am?
[09:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> J4 chu see pll
[09:04] <J4N3Y> no I missed it :P
[09:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> It was optional?
[09:04] <Black Wolf of blood> SOB, why don't you ask one of them now?
[09:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> then why read a book until 4 am
[09:04] <J4N3Y> What happened Ducks?
[09:04] <Black Wolf of blood> *Facepalms* Because she liked it?
[09:04] <BachLynn23> I thought that was supposed to be decided in the claim?
[09:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> OMFG so much
[09:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^@Blood
[09:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> then why read it till 4?
[09:04] <Sonofboreas16> Pooh that's a good idea. Thanks.... 
[09:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 'Cause.....
[09:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> @j4 ali's body was stolen
[09:05] <Sonofboreas16> I didn't know that BachLynn...
[09:05] <J4N3Y> By who? o.o
[09:05] <Black Wolf of blood> Wonder, do you mind if I leave Ducks to you, 'cause if I don't, I might do something stupid.....
[09:05] <BachLynn23> people answering claims should be asking that i the claim, if it's for a Palaemon kid
[09:05] <Black Wolf of blood> ?
[09:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> We don't know
[09:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> @j4
[09:05] <BachLynn23> *in
[09:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> k
[09:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[09:05] <J4N3Y> anything else? @Ducks
[09:05] <Comiclove> :/@Blood
[09:05] <Comiclove> I hope you feel better later
[09:05] <Sonofboreas16> Oh well maybe they asked and I missed it
[09:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Umm... Emily went to haiti for the summer to build houses
[09:05] <BachLynn23> I don't think it really matters too much though, as long as it's a shark type, and it's not one that already has a shit ton of users
[09:05] <Nhlott> the only issue with what sharks to use are not one that's taken, and not one that doesn't exist anymore
[09:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> but ended up getting drunk and partying the entire time
[09:06] <J4N3Y> nice
[09:06] <Nhlott> if you want one that's not on the list, then you're in the clear
[09:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_o
[09:06] <BachLynn23> as long as it's not extinct
[09:06] <Nhlott> yea
[09:06] <Nhlott> tbh, that really should have occurred to you at some
[09:06] <Nhlott> point
[09:07] <Sonofboreas16> I know it has to be alive and I want the Requiem Shark
[09:07] <AtlasSisterno.1> Lag
[09:07] <Ducks-r-homicidal> and hanna's been visiting mona
[09:07] <Ducks-r-homicidal> oh and A is back
[09:08] <J4N3Y> cool
[09:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> <<<<<True
[09:08] <J4N3Y> It's funny 
[09:08] <J4N3Y> 'cause it's true
[09:08] <J4N3Y> XD
[09:08] <Black Wolf of blood> You have one or what Wonder? :P
[09:08] <Nhlott> doe sit still exist?
[09:08] <AtlasSisterno.1> true :/
[09:09] <Nhlott> *it
[09:09] <Sonofboreas16> Yes I believe
[09:09] <Nhlott> is it on the list?
[09:09] <Nhlott> then why are you still asking?
[09:09] <Sonofboreas16> It's not on the list and I wanted to be in the clear so I dont mess anything up
[09:10] <Nhlott> Nhlott
[09:10] <Nhlott> the only issue with what sharks to use are not one that's taken, and not one that doesn't exist anymore
[09:10] <Nhlott> 
[09:10] <Nhlott> I said that 5 min ago
[09:10] <Comiclove> Why are you so like precautionary, SoB? >_>
[09:10] <AtlasSisterno.1> Wb com
[09:11] <Sonofboreas16> Okay thanks... I just want to be okay and I don't want y'all to think that I mess thinks up 
[09:11] <Comiclove> Thanks Atlas
[09:11] <Comiclove> and Still, take a risk :P
[09:12] <Sonofboreas16> Okay
[09:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *eats lipgloss*
[09:13] <Nhlott> *gives WT a napkin*
[09:13] <Nhlott> spit it out, it's bad for you
[09:13] <Comiclove> What's it taste like?@Wonder
[09:13] <AtlasSisterno.1> Wonder is it one that tastes nice or the yucky ones? :D
[09:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :c
[09:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Nice
[09:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Strawberry
[09:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *noms napkin*
[09:14] <Ducks-r-homicidal> i gtg
[09:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> bye
[09:15] <Comiclove> XD
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bye
[09:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *licks wonder bye*
[09:15] <Comiclove> Bye Ducks
[09:15] <J4N3Y> adios Ducks (wave) 
[09:15] <J4N3Y> 
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *licks back*
[09:15] <Comiclove> *licks ducks bye*
[09:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> bye peeps
[09:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *licks comic back*
[09:16] <Comiclove> Hmm..
[09:17] <BachLynn23> *that awkward moment when you realise, using a chisel with a sharp pointy end, probably wasn't the best method to open a can of dip* O.o
[09:17] <BachLynn23> OWWW
[09:17] <Theharlequin> you ok there bach?
[09:17] <FallenBlackAngel> Back
[09:17] <BachLynn23> nothing a bandaid can't fix
[09:18] <BachLynn23> >.<
[09:18] <Comiclove> XD
[09:18] <Sean187jr> Wb Fallen
[09:18] <Sonofboreas16> Okay I added it but idk how to add the pic of the sark 
[09:18] <BachLynn23> *that even more awkward moment when you find the actual bottle opener*
[09:18] <Comiclove> XD@Bach
[09:18] <Sonofboreas16> *shark
[09:19] <Weirdo Guy> wb Fall
[09:19] <Nhlott> *dances his ass off*
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Ow Lott
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[09:19] <BachLynn23> *holds lott's ass on so it doesn't fall off*
[09:19] <BachLynn23> *just realised how that sounds*
[09:19] <BachLynn23> O.O
[09:19] <Weirdo Guy> XD
[09:20] <FallenBlackAngel> O_O
[09:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O_O
[09:20] <Weirdo Guy> That isn't right
[09:20] <Nhlott> well, hello there ;)
[09:20] <BachLynn23> and what, walking around with no ass would be right?
[09:20] <BachLynn23> P
[09:20] <BachLynn23> XP
[09:20] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[09:20] <BachLynn23> I was only doing it for the good of mankind everywhere
[09:20] <FallenBlackAngel> Jinx WT!
[09:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Jinxx? Where? XP
[09:21] <Weirdo Guy> *duct tapes it on* There, you can let go of his ass now
[09:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sorry XP
[09:21] <Nhlott> My ass IS that important, believe it or not XD
[09:21] <BachLynn23> the world would fall into total anarchy if lott's ass fell off
[09:21] <FallenBlackAngel> No derh!
[09:21] <FallenBlackAngel> xD @Bachie
[09:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Seriously where's Jinxx
[09:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[09:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Where DX
[09:21] <BachLynn23> 5:20
[09:21] <BachLynn23> FallenBlackAngel
[09:21] <BachLynn23> O_O
[09:21] <BachLynn23> 5:20
[09:21] <BachLynn23> TheWondefulMaskedMadame 
[09:21] <BachLynn23> O_O
[09:21] <FallenBlackAngel> Exactly
[09:22] <FallenBlackAngel> We both said that at the same time
[09:22] <BachLynn23> hence the 5:20 time stamp on both
[09:22] <Theharlequin> gtg, getting something to eat
[09:22] <Nhlott> I'm so bored now
[09:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I meant that dude >.<
[09:22] <AtlasSisterno.1> Bye harle
[09:22] <FallenBlackAngel> Bai Harle
[09:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> That's Jinxx
[09:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Laters Harle
[09:23] <Comiclove> Jinxx is awesome as hell :D
[09:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ikr?
[09:23] <FallenBlackAngel> I know! I got 5 sodas because of that
[09:23] <Nhlott> looks like a poor man's Gene Simmons to me
[09:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I usually say where when people say "jinx" to me XP
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :O
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :OOOOOOOOOOO
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *shoots lott*
[09:24] <BachLynn23> he's like a Kiss wannabe
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Shut up
[09:24] <FallenBlackAngel> I was thinking the same Bachie
[09:24] <Nhlott> U mad, bro?
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *pets BVB* ._.
[09:24] <Nhlott> Cuz she's right
[09:24] <FallenBlackAngel> I was like, Kiss wannabe?
[09:24] <FallenBlackAngel> The whole punk rock stuff
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[09:25] <BachLynn23> it's like their tryin to bring the 70s and 80s back into main stream
[09:25] <FallenBlackAngel> Now if he had that wicked tougne...
[09:25] <BachLynn23> and we all know that only Kiss can really pull it off proper like
[09:25] <BachLynn23> XP
[09:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :c
[09:25] <Nhlott> If they brought anyone back. I'd rather it be Like Boston, or Journey
[09:26] <BachLynn23> when BVB has been keeping it alive and on the number 1 charts for 40+ years than they can talk
[09:26] <FallenBlackAngel> If you hate 1D say I
[09:26] <Nhlott> I
[09:26] <Comiclove> I
[09:26] <Comiclove> and BVB is glam metal
[09:26] <Alejandro231> I
[09:26] <Comiclove> and they based themself off KISS
[09:26] <FallenBlackAngel> >_<
[09:26] <Comiclove> although tbh
[09:26] <FallenBlackAngel> No I
[09:26] <Nhlott> That sounds like something a poser would say
[09:26] <Comiclove> They were MUCH better
[09:26] <BachLynn23> I.....could care less about 1D I've never heard them sing
[09:27] <Comiclove> when they did post-hardcore
[09:27] <Comiclove> Well, technically, I am :P
[09:27] <Nhlott> "Glam metal"
[09:27] <BachLynn23> I don't hate them, I don't like them, never heard them
[09:27] <Comiclove> Yes, there is such thing as glam metal
[09:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Late I
[09:27] <Comiclove> oddly enough
[09:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[09:27] <Comiclove> So a Floating Eye can be late?
[09:27] <Comiclove> o_O
[09:27] <Alejandro231> I have a a nine-year old cuz who doesn't shut up about them
[09:27] <Comiclove> so this is Wonderland now...
[09:27] <Comiclove> I call dibs on Mad Hatter
[09:27] <Comiclove> :D
[09:27] <FallenBlackAngel> Alice!
[09:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I like 1D as models
[09:27] <BachLynn23> I didn't even know who they were until a few users here started making those templates and talking about them
[09:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> But as a band no
[09:28] <FallenBlackAngel> I call dibs on Alice!
[09:28] <Nhlott> "We're not ripping off Kiss, we're just inspired by them"
[09:28] <BachLynn23> I've literally never heard them sing a single note
[09:28] <Alejandro231> Well then you are very lucky Bach
[09:28] <Comiclove> Most of the sluts in my grade sing their songs now -___--
[09:28] <BachLynn23> are they worse than Bieber?
[09:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No
[09:28] <Nhlott> Really? Cuz you're wearinf chainmail, platform boots, and have a star on your face
[09:28] <Comiclove> 5X Worse
[09:28] <Nhlott> MUCH worse
[09:28] <Comiclove> like
[09:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Not to me
[09:28] <BachLynn23> worse than nSync?
[09:28] <Comiclove> 500000000X Worse
[09:28] <Comiclove> nSync?
[09:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bieber is worse to me
[09:28] <Comiclove> o_O
[09:28] <Comiclove> What's that.....
[09:28] <Nhlott> Let's not get crazy, Bach
[09:29] <BachLynn23> xD
[09:29] <Comiclove> but she already is!
[09:29] <Comiclove> XD
[09:29] <Nhlott> We left that horrid piece of history in the 90's
[09:29] <BachLynn23> boy bands are all the same to me, they have been since New Kids On the Block
[09:29] <FallenBlackAngel> Bieber sucks when he had that girl voice
[09:29] <FallenBlackAngel> Now, eh.
[09:29] <Comiclove> ^
[09:29] <BachLynn23> every decade has their set of "boy bands" and every decade they all sound the same
[09:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I have this one friend with a girl voice o.e
[09:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> He's like....
[09:30] <Comiclove> ...
[09:30] <Comiclove> a Priss?
[09:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yeah
[09:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[09:30] <AtlasSisterno.1> Lag
[09:30] <Nhlott> my disdain for 1D comes from the fact that they seem like 5 guys who read an idiots' guide to being a boy band and walked into the stuido
[09:30] <Comiclove> ...
[09:30] <Comiclove> Write a book on that XD
[09:30] <BachLynn23> idk, in general, singing doesn't bother me unless it's off key
[09:30] <Comiclove> How To NOT Make Tolerable Mainstream music
[09:31] <BachLynn23> I may not go out of my way to listen to it but
[09:31] <Nhlott> it's just that bubblegum pop bullshit I just can't stand
[09:31] <Comiclove> Someone please help my little sister XD
[09:31] <BachLynn23> the day music truly died, was when the horrible contestant from American Idol, who couldn't sing to save his life, hell couldn't good enough to save the entire planet, but he made a freaking RECORD
[09:31] <Comiclove> She's trapped in her world of crappy music and disney
[09:31] <Comiclove> DX
[09:31] <Comiclove> Which?@Bach
[09:31] <Comiclove> XD
[09:32] <BachLynn23> the one that never made it
[09:32] <Nhlott> Ah
[09:32] <FallenBlackAngel> I'm going on the Disney Dream
[09:32] <BachLynn23> like past the try outs
[09:32] <Nhlott> William Hung
[09:32] <BachLynn23> like he literally was singing off key
[09:32] <BachLynn23> yea him
[09:32] <BachLynn23> I wanted to shoot him
[09:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> brb googling him
[09:32] <Comiclove> My mom watches American Idol obsessively
[09:32] <Comiclove> so I'll go get her
[09:32] <Comiclove> and ask her over the phone
[09:32] <Comiclove> XD
[09:32] <BachLynn23> like compared to him 1D is like, a choir of angels all singing in perfect pitch
[09:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Him?
[09:32] <Comiclove> ROFL@Bach
[09:32] <Nhlott> it's like
[09:32] <Nhlott> No, she did not bang, and she won't bang you so, stfu
[09:33] <BachLynn23> @WT yea him
[09:33] <RubyRose17> hey float
[09:33] <BachLynn23> *shudders at the thought of his voice*
[09:33] <BachLynn23> it was just sooooo
[09:33] <FloatingInDarkness> sup
[09:33] <BachLynn23> I mean when the tv was on while he sang, my dog was barking at the sound
[09:33] <Comiclove> My mom just screamed at me over the phone
[09:33] <Comiclove> not to mention that name
[09:33] <Comiclove> ._.
[09:34] <FloatingInDarkness> lol
[09:34] <Comiclove> is he THAT bad?
[09:34] <BachLynn23> he's worse than Rebecca Black
[09:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Lets youtube him >D:
[09:34] <Comiclove> O_O
[09:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :D*
[09:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ...
[09:34] <BachLynn23> I mean he literally can't sing
[09:34] <BachLynn23> at all
[09:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Now I don't wanna
[09:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_o
[09:34] <Nhlott> no, I will never re-live that
[09:34] <BachLynn23> and the f*cked up part, he wasn't really trying
[09:34] <BachLynn23> he got his 15 minutes of fame, BECAUSE he couldn't sing
[09:34] <BachLynn23> it was so effed up
[09:35] <Nhlott> One of the other things I hate is that some of the most talented ppl don't even win
[09:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame>
[09:35] <Oblivion26> hola guys
[09:35] <Comiclove> XD@Wonder
[09:35] <Comiclove> Hey Ob
[09:35] <RubyRose17> hi Ob
[09:35] <Oblivion26> who cant sing?
[09:35] <Nhlott> Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert
[09:36] <Oblivion26> Daughtry was cheated out of American Idol
[09:36] <BachLynn23> @ob William Hung can't sing
[09:36] <Comiclove> ^
[09:36] <Comiclove> At All
[09:36] <Oblivion26> the guy who won you dont even hear anymore
[09:36] <Comiclove> who DID win?
[09:36] <Oblivion26> he paid off the show
[09:36] <Oblivion26> he was rich
[09:36] <Oblivion26> i forgot the guy's name
[09:36] <Nhlott> Wasn't it Taylor Hicks?
[09:36] <Oblivion26> yeah
[09:37] <Oblivion26> Hicks
[09:37] <Nhlott> that dude who looked like Jay Leno
[09:37] <Oblivion26> it should be just Hick
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I need that
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_o
[09:37] <BachLynn23> yea but he's a mildly cuter version of Jjay Leno
[09:37] <BachLynn23> Jay leno's like ewwww
[09:37] <BachLynn23> Taylor Hicks is more meh
[09:37] <Nhlott> Crystal Bowerstone
[09:37] <Nhlott> *Bowersox
[09:38] <FloatingInDarkness> posted@ruby
[09:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> age 11: worry about internet people finding me in real life
[09:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> now: worry about people in real life finding me on the internet XD
[09:38] <Comiclove> ikr?
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> If more people I know in real life came on here O_O
[09:39] <Nhlott> That creepy f*cker from your physics class findin you on FB XD
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[09:39] <Comiclove> XD
[09:39] <FloatingInDarkness> XD
[09:39] <Comiclove> Imagine how awkward chat would be
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ikr?
[09:39] <Comiclove> if people from my reality came onto here
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> That would be like
[09:39] <Comiclove> o_o
[09:39] <Comiclove> Fulltime elly =
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[09:39] <Comiclove> my hell
[09:39] <Comiclove> Cause honestly
[09:40] <Comiclove> she thinks this entire chat is doomed to a life of misery and pain
[09:40] <Comiclove> but with fun bits
[09:40] <Comiclove> and the amount of unicorns..
[09:40] <Comiclove> E_E
[09:40] <FallenBlackAngel> O_e
[09:41] <FloatingInDarkness> posted
[09:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> My name is Clair and I have a cookie addiction
[09:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[09:42] <FallenBlackAngel> I'm a magical rainbow unicorn
[09:42] <Comiclove> and perverted thoughts would increase
[09:42] <Comiclove> by tenfold
[09:42] <Comiclove> due to ryan
[09:42] <Comiclove> e_e
[09:42] <FallenBlackAngel> Nay
[09:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> .....Is that possible comic?
[09:42] <BachLynn23> my "real life" friends are on here...................
[09:42] <BachLynn23> you guys
[09:42] <BachLynn23> XD
[09:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[09:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Aww *hugs bach*
[09:42] <BachLynn23> *huggies*
[09:42] <Comiclove> XD
[09:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I love my avvie ._.
[09:42] <Comiclove> and yes, wonder
[09:42] <Comiclove> it is
[09:43] <Comiclove> oh, elly has a llama apparently
[09:43] <Comiclove> e_e
[09:43] <Comiclove> why does everyone have llama's now?..
[09:43] <BachLynn23> because that's what people do on DA
[09:43] <BachLynn23> give llamas
[09:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Does Ryan make the place that makes the gutter look like a posh hotel look like a posh hotel? @Comic
[09:44] <Comiclove> Yes
[09:44] <Comiclove> He even one-ups my perverted thoughts e_e
[09:44] <Comiclove> and yours
[09:44] <Comiclove> and nar's
[09:44] <Comiclove> and lele's...
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O.O
[09:44] <Comiclove> and bach's...
[09:44] <Comiclove> all combined
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Get him in here
[09:44] <Comiclove> in a lifetime
[09:44] <Comiclove> or two
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[09:44] <Comiclove> NO
[09:44] <Comiclove> nononononono
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :c
[09:44] <Comiclove> That'll be hell xD
[09:44] <BachLynn23> yes but comic, I hold back
[09:45] <Comiclove> I know xD
[09:45] <BachLynn23> this is a pg13 chat
[09:45] <BachLynn23> XXD
[09:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[09:45] <Comiclove> One more X in there
[09:45] <Comiclove> and that would've been contradictory
[09:45] <Comiclove> :P
[09:45] <Comiclove> 
[09:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmmm
[09:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> What would happen if my friends came on?
[09:45] <BachLynn23> the world would implode?
[09:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Jack would think he knows everything
[09:46] <Comiclove> ...
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Chu've already met Rebecca
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> She's an idiota
[09:46] <Comiclove> We have?
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yep
[09:46] <Comiclove> Oh, she made a account, right?
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> JustSomePerson1212
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:46] <BachLynn23> I remember that, cuz at first i thought you were talking to me
[09:46] <BachLynn23> cuz I'm Rebecca
[09:46] <BachLynn23> XD
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[09:46] <Comiclove> XDDDDD
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I know like 10000 Rebeccas
[09:46] <BachLynn23> I know like 23
[09:47] <BachLynn23> well, 24 if I include me
[09:47] <BachLynn23> cuz technically I do "know" me
[09:47] <Nhlott> XD
[09:48] <Comiclove> XD
[09:48] <Jrite10> *Transforms into chair*
[09:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Argh gtg
[09:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> OMG
[09:48] <Nyxil> Hello
[09:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I had to write a thing of if I was a chair
[09:49] <Comiclove> bye XD
[09:49] <Comiclove> really?
[09:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> It was sooo funny
[09:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yep
[09:49] <Comiclove> *hugs wonder
[09:49] <Comiclove> **
[09:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[09:49] <Comiclove> *unhandcuffs her*
[09:49] <Comiclove> Byeeeee
[09:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Laters
[09:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *rubs wrist*
[09:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o/ 
[09:49] <Comiclove> o/ 
[09:49] <Black Wolf of blood> @Bach, "know" in biblical sense?
[09:49] <Jrite10> Bach wanna continue Ianto and Remi
[09:50] <Black Wolf of blood> Or just the regular meaning of the word?
[09:50] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[09:50] <FloatingInDarkness> nyx pm
[09:50] <FloatingInDarkness> ruby post
[09:50] <FloatingInDarkness> posted*
[09:51] <RubyRose17> k
[09:52] <RubyRose17> brb
[09:52] <BachLynn23> @J sure
[09:52] <Jrite10> Yay
[09:53] <FloatingInDarkness> nyx pm
[09:54] <RubyRose17> @float posted
[09:58] <RubyRose17> hey Atlas
[09:59] <FloatingInDarkness> posted
[10:02] <Sean187jr> Chat be ze dead.
[10:02] <RubyRose17> :(
[10:04] <AtlasSisterno.1> Oh hey :)
[10:04] <Comiclove> I have to brb
[10:04] <Comiclove> so brb
[10:06] <AtlasSisterno.1> right Im gonna sleep see ya guys :)
[10:06] <AtlasSisterno.1> Actually screw that I cba.
[10:06] <AtlasSisterno.1> Wb sean
[10:07] <Sean187jr> Thanks queen of snobs.
[10:07] <AtlasSisterno.1> -___-
[10:07] <Sean187jr> XD
[10:07] <AtlasSisterno.1> Not. Funny.
[10:08] <RubyRose17> posted @float
[10:08] <AtlasSisterno.1> *reaches for earring again*
[10:08] <Comiclove> Back
[10:08] <Comiclove> and Atlas? a Snob?
[10:08] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hey
[10:08] <AtlasSisterno.1> Wb
[10:08] <Comiclove> Nah, she's horrid in a different way
[10:08] <Sean187jr> I know.
[10:08] <AtlasSisterno.1> Thanks XD
[10:08] <Comiclove> not in a Snobbish way, that'd be some other user
[10:08] <Comiclove> :P
[10:08] <AtlasSisterno.1> Thanks com XD
[10:09] <Comiclove> Welcome?
[10:09] <Comiclove> XD
[10:09] <AtlasSisterno.1> And Im not TRYING to be horrid... 0.0 
[10:10] <AtlasSisterno.1> :( *can't decide whether to use the earring or not...*
[10:11] <Sean187jr> Hey Bloom
[10:11] <BloomOfFairyTail> allo sean
[10:11] <RubyRose17> hi Bloom
[10:11] <AtlasSisterno.1> hey bloom
[10:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Bloom *hugs*
[10:12] <BloomOfFairyTail> Allo ruby, allo atlas.
[10:12] <BloomOfFairyTail> allo Blood *hugs back*
[10:13] <Hgsanti> ale?
[10:14] <Comiclove> Hi Bloom
[10:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> allo comic
[10:19] <AtlasSisterno.1> *sits in the corner*
[10:19] <Hgsanti> *shudders*
[10:20] <J4N3Y> bbl (wave) 
[10:21] <Hgsanti> *sHuDdErS*
[10:22] <Theharlequin> Hey
[10:22] <RubyRose17> hi harle! *hugs*
[10:22] <Comiclove> Yo
[10:22] <Theharlequin> hey ruby *hugs back*
[10:23] <Hgsanti> *invades hug, shuddering*
[10:24] <Theharlequin> dafuq are you doing santi?
[10:25] <Hgsanti> ale is no where to be found! *shudders*
[10:25] <Comiclove> *slaps santi*
[10:25] <Hgsanti> but hes on chat
[10:25] <Comiclove> Get a hold of yourself, Woman >_<
[10:25] <Hgsanti> *bites comic*
[10:25] <Oblivion26> hey guys, is there a son of Polyphemus in the BC?
[10:25] <Comiclove> iirc, there was
[10:25] <Oblivion26> oh great...
[10:26] <Comiclove> Why?
[10:26] <Comiclove> o.o
[10:26] <Oblivion26> cause I remember there was a son of Encleadus too
[10:26] <Oblivion26> -_-
[10:26] <Oblivion26> which means my choices are down to the Death Giant or the Sea Giant
[10:26] <Oblivion26> god dammit it...
[10:27] <Hgsanti> heyyyyyy
[10:27] <Theharlequin> Death Giant sounds awesome
[10:27] <Oblivion26> his name started with A iirc
[10:27] <Oblivion26> but I wanted Polyphemus
[10:27] <Oblivion26> gahhhhhh -_-
[10:28] <Theharlequin> *must wait forever now for files to compress*
[10:29] <Comiclove> what are the files?
[10:29] <Theharlequin> games an or stuff, backing up my D drive cause I need to turn my computer in tomorrow to get reimaged
[10:30] <Theharlequin> games and stuff*
[10:30] <Oblivion26> why do you need it to get reimaged?
[10:30] <Oblivion26> virus or something?
[10:30] <Theharlequin> just something my school does every summer
[10:31] <Oblivion26> oh, its a school comp
[10:31] <Theharlequin> yea
[10:31] <Oblivion26> .
[10:31] <Oblivion26> damn lag -_-
[10:32] <AtlasSisterno.1> Heyyy
[10:32] <RubyRose17> wb atlas
[10:33] <AtlasSisterno.1> Thanks :)
[10:35] <RubyRose17> bbl going to eat
[10:42] <Theharlequin> hey Janey
[10:42] <J4N3Y> hey Harle (wave) 
[10:42] <AtlasSisterno.1> Chat dead?
[10:42] <J4N3Y> from the looks of it, yes it is
[10:43] <J4N3Y> :P
[10:43] <J4N3Y> wb King
[10:44] <J4N3Y> wb Comic
[10:45] <Scarby-Girl> anyone wanna welcome [[Clarisa Flores]]?
[10:47] <Comiclove> No
[10:48] <Scarby-Girl> that's cool
[10:49] <Scarby-Girl> :P
[10:53] <J4N3Y> ...
[10:57] <Theharlequin> hey sean
[11:00] <Comiclove> brb
[11:11] <AtlasSisterno.1> And... No ones posted since I left... XD chats dead today...
[11:11] <AtlasSisterno.1> Wb com
[11:12] <Comiclove> Chat's been dead forever
[11:13] <Comiclove> There's been a decline in activity of all sorts, sadly
[11:13] <Comiclove> :|
[11:15] <AtlasSisterno.1> It's... Boring...
[11:15] <J4N3Y> The chat or the site in general?
[11:16] <J4N3Y> @Atlas
[11:17] <AtlasSisterno.1> Chat
[11:17] <AtlasSisterno.1> It's dead at the moment...
[11:17] <AtlasSisterno.1> Wb again
[11:17] <J4N3Y> I know it's dead, I was jw what you were calling boring.
[11:18] <AtlasSisterno.1> only chat :D
[11:18] <AtlasSisterno.1> Com, can I please ask you something in pm? Please?
[11:18] <Comiclove> No
[11:18] <Comiclove> and the entire wiki is dead
[11:19] <J4N3Y> True...
[11:19] <AtlasSisterno.1> What d'you mean by that?
[11:19] <Oblivion26> no activity at all?
[11:19] <Oblivion26> I find thta hard to believe
[11:19] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hey float
[11:19] <Comiclove> I mean like
[11:19] <Comiclove> barely any
[11:19] <J4N3Y> There's activity, it's just decreased..
[11:20] <Comiclove> decreased drastically
[11:20] <Oblivion26> hola Wise
[11:20] <Comiclove> Hey Wise
[11:20] <Comiclove> Thanks for following me on tumblr, btw :P
[11:20] <J4N3Y> hey wise (wave) 
[11:20] <TheWiseOne> salut
[11:20] <TheWiseOne> NP
[11:20] <Comiclove> *salutes*
[11:20] <Comiclove> :P
[11:20] <TheWiseOne> At ease
[11:21] <Oblivion26> XD are we german now?
[11:21] <Comiclove> but life's never easy ._.
[11:21] <Comiclove> Maybe Ob
[11:21] <Comiclove> But I know a Little German :P
[11:21] <Comiclove> *Sorry, had to*
[11:21] <Oblivion26> cool
[11:21] <Comiclove> Well, he's actually Portuguese XD
[11:21] <Oblivion26> the only words i know in german are Nein and Meister
[11:21] <Oblivion26> oh and kommandant
[11:21] <Comiclove> Nice
[11:21] <Oblivion26> wait, Hitler is portugese? O.o
[11:23] <TheWiseOne> I know a little German.
[11:23] <TheWiseOne> He's sitting over there.
[11:23] <FallenBlackAngel> Back
[11:23] <Comiclove> I remember that@Wise XD
[11:24] <AtlasSisterno.1> I know a bit of german! Ich bin ein banana!!
[11:24] <Comiclove> oh, wise
[11:25] <AtlasSisterno.1> Wb ale
[11:25] <Comiclove> I'm at the part after Peter, Drew, and Al attack Tris
[11:25] <Comiclove> Well, actually, a bit past that
[11:25] <Comiclove> Peter's such a b*tch >.<
[11:26] <TheWiseOne> Ikr?
[11:26] <Oblivion26> wait, what story is this?
[11:26] <TheWiseOne> At the beginning of the book, I thought Will was gonna be the Peter
[11:27] <TheWiseOne> Divergent, Ob
[11:27] <Oblivion26> oh, that book
[11:27] <Oblivion26> I still think its a Hunger Games copy
[11:27] <Oblivion26> .
[11:27] <Comiclove> It's not "that book"
[11:27] <Comiclove> .......
[11:27] <TheWiseOne> ....
[11:27] <Oblivion26> what?
[11:27] <Hgsanti> .............
[11:27] <TheWiseOne> *slowly reaches for gun*
[11:27] <Oblivion26> oh come on
[11:28] <Oblivion26> it even has districts basically
[11:28] <TheWiseOne> Factions
[11:28] <Oblivion26> and the plot is probably almost identical
[11:28] <TheWiseOne> No it isn't
[11:28] <Comiclove> ^
[11:28] <Hgsanti> is ale on?
[11:28] <Comiclove> Barely identical
[11:28] <Oblivion26> factions, districts, basically the same by the end of the 3rd HG book
[11:28] <TheWiseOne> Yeah, that part is similar
[11:29] <TheWiseOne> But only that part, imo
[11:29] <Oblivion26> let me guess the story
[11:29] <Comiclove> sure
[11:29] <TheWiseOne> Ob, have you even read Divergent?
[11:29] <Theharlequin> Hey wise *hugs*
[11:29] <Oblivion26> some person is a part of a lowly faction. Another faction is very powerful and mistreats the other ones. They (probably) rise up against this evil faction and through many trials destroy it
[11:30] <Oblivion26> and the main character is a pivitol part of this revolution somehow
[11:30] <Oblivion26> Divergent, HG, they're all the same god damn thing
[11:30] <TheWiseOne> *hugs Harle*
[11:30] <TheWiseOne> Have you read it?
[11:31] <Oblivion26> pale imitations of LOTR and the Valaquenta
[11:31] <AtlasSisterno.1> Test
[11:31] <Oblivion26> I dont need to read them. They summaries prove it enough
[11:31] <Oblivion26> and i did read part of the first HG book
[11:32] <Oblivion26> *thier
[11:33] <Comiclove> *chews oreo*
[11:33] <Oblivion26> that doesnt prove anything...
[11:33] <Oblivion26> *steals oreo anyway*
[11:33] <Oblivion26> *eats it*
[11:36] <Oblivion26> still havent disproved me Wise
[11:38] <AuRon the champion> mom
[11:38] <Oblivion26> hola Auron
[11:38] <AuRon the champion> hey OB
[11:38] <AuRon the champion> *ob
[11:39] <Oblivion26> XD i think i pissed some people off here...
[11:39] <Comiclove> Nah
[11:40] <Comiclove> it's just my horrid connection XD
[11:40] <Comiclove> you pissed me off a bit
[11:40] <Comiclove> but it's your opinion, so i'm cool with it
[11:40] <Oblivion26> XD oh
[11:40] <Black Wolf of blood> *Yawns* Finally done with chapter 12....
[11:40] <Comiclove> Good job :)
[11:40] <Comiclove> but yeah, it's fine, Ob
[11:40] <AuRon the champion> bach
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> *pokes mom*
[11:41] <BachLynn23> AURON
[11:41] <BachLynn23> (squeeze) 
[11:41] <Comiclove> at least people don't diss my Kingdom Hearts
[11:41] <Comiclove> or Final Fantasy
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> ack!
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> no killing!
[11:41] <Comiclove> then shit goes down, up, and all over someone's face
[11:41] <Comiclove> XD
[11:41] <Oblivion26> ^ with comic
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> AuRon be editing the forum
[11:41] <Lele Mj> hey guys, I'm sorry to get on just for this, but does anyone know how to say "brush my teeth" in spanish?
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> not in spanish
[11:41] <Oblivion26> Oh, i just learned that in Spanish XD
[11:41] <AuRon the champion> try german
[11:41] <Comiclove> No
[11:42] <RubyRose17> posted @float
[11:42] <Oblivion26> Me lavo un dientes
[11:42] <Lele Mj> you're sure?
[11:42] <Comiclove> Hmmm...
[11:42] <Oblivion26> I think so
[11:42] <Lele Mj> thanks a million obby
[11:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> LELEE!! Chur here! 
[11:42] <Comiclove> Did Romans have glass for windows and stuff during Ancient Rome?
[11:42] <Lele Mj> bye guys, I'll see if I can get on tomorrow
[11:42] <Comiclove> Bye Lele o/ 
[11:42] <Black Wolf of blood> Bye Ley
[11:43] <AuRon the champion> bach
[11:43] <Comiclove> Well, did they?
[11:43] <BachLynn23> auron
[11:43] <AuRon the champion> can you help me with teh forum?
[11:44] <BachLynn23> sure?
[11:44] <AuRon the champion> I request thy help to help this make this sound convincing
[11:45] <AtlasSisterno.1> No thy deny Comic
[11:46] <BachLynn23> what needs to sound OHHHHH I know what you are saying
[11:46] <BachLynn23> well what do you have so far?
[11:46] <AtlasSisterno.1> no They didn't comic*
[11:48] <Oblivion26> hey bach, where were you for a few days? you were like gone O.O
[11:48] <BachLynn23> internet issues
[11:48] <Oblivion26> Ohhh
[11:48] <Comiclove> K, thanks
[11:48] <BachLynn23> was it that noticeable? >.<
[11:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> yesh, we were all worried 
[11:49] <Oblivion26> ^
[11:49] <BachLynn23> I feel so loved (bounce) 
[11:49] <Oblivion26> XD (bounce) 
[11:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> aw (squeeze) 
[11:49] <BachLynn23> I don't talk to my family in Maine for months, and they could give a rat's ass, I don't talk to you guys for 3 days and everyon'e sowrried
[11:49] <BachLynn23> XD
[11:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD 
[11:49] <BachLynn23> I'm not used to people actually caring
[11:49] <BachLynn23> XD
[11:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> I mean, everyday you weren't here, seemed like everyone was fighting and arguing over nothing
[11:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> gosh, it was driving me nuts
[11:50] <Oblivion26> actually, I have to agree
[11:50] <Oblivion26> when i opened my weapons tourney
[11:50] <Oblivion26> there was like 3 massive arguments
[11:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> Shhhhhhh!
[11:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> don't revive it
[11:50] <Oblivion26> they're resolved, but still
[11:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> even thoug they aren't here to do so
[11:51] <BachLynn23> was del involved in one?
[11:51] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:51] <Oblivion26> i never seen that many fights in a row
[11:51] <FloatingInDarkness> J4 rp?
[11:51] <Oblivion26> Uhhhh
[11:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> yes, on more than one ._.
[11:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> most of them 
[11:51] <BachLynn23> haha how'd I guess
[11:51] <BachLynn23> XD
[11:51] <BachLynn23> WAIT and let me guess
[11:51] <BachLynn23> jake was in one too?
[11:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> she and king were almost at each others throat
[11:51] <BachLynn23> king was my next guess
[11:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> and then she and blood started arguing yesterday
[11:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> and he said he could ban her
[11:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> and she doubted
[11:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> but I left before I could see how it ended
[11:52] <BachLynn23> fun fun
[11:52] <Oblivion26> why would Jake be in one?
[11:52] <Oblivion26> ive never seen that guy even be close to arguing
[11:52] <Oblivion26> .
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> jake was almost reviving the weapon discussion >.> until I told him to do it on PM before I got mad
[11:53] <BachLynn23> Jake and del don't always get along
[11:54] <BachLynn23> but usually they argue ons kype
[11:54] <BachLynn23> *skype
[11:54] <BachLynn23> and I just end up with a stream of chat logs from each
[11:54] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sigh* seriously, if I could ban them, I would've
[11:54] <Oblivion26> huh...Jake is a person i can not imagine fighting with anyone
[11:54] <Oblivion26> let alone Del
[11:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> oh he fights with Blood on skype quite often by what I noticed ._.
[11:55] <Oblivion26> really? O.o
[11:55] <Oblivion26> huh....
[11:55] <Comiclove> Sorry
[11:55] <AuRon the champion> and gotta streak!
[11:55] <Comiclove> and we're talking about who argues/fights with who?
[11:55] <Oblivion26> Jake
[11:56] <Comiclove> Cause that one day when del, ob, king, blood, and whoever else
[11:56] <Oblivion26> I cant imagine him arguing with anyone...
[11:56] <Comiclove> had that hour long fight
[11:56] <Oblivion26> he's like too nice XD
[11:56] <Comiclove> e_e
[11:56] <Oblivion26> i wasnt in the fight
[11:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> Hour long? It was almost 2 f*cking hours
[11:56] <Comiclove> IKR?@Ob
[11:56] <Comiclove> Idk how people can argue that long......
[11:56] <Oblivion26> ^
[11:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> and King NEEDED to revive it every time it f*cking died out
[11:56] <Comiclove> maybe they should be in a debate club
[11:56] <Comiclove> XD
[11:56] <Oblivion26> after an hour i just give up
[11:56] <Comiclove> after 40 minutes is my burnout :/
[11:57] <BachLynn23> mine's 5 minutes
[11:57] <BachLynn23> XD
[11:57] <BachLynn23> technically it should have been sent to a debate forum
[11:57] <BachLynn23> that was the whole point in them
[11:57] <BachLynn23> to keep major arguments like that out of chat
[11:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> okay, I can actually argue for two hours
[11:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> but they were only repeating the same arguments
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