[11:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> asking someone to kill them
[11:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> poisoning their food
[11:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> suicide
[11:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> you got plenty of options really ._.
[11:43] <ShadowGoddess> dannnnngggg
[11:43] <Iceclaw100> oh i have a charrie that would be happy to kill them shady
[11:43] <Iceclaw100> [[Jared Swan]]
[11:43] <LongClawTiger> Do it the SIMS way. Put them in a kitchen, remove all doors and windows, and then wait for them to use the toaster oven.
[11:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[11:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> Sims are just that dumb
[11:44] <Minxelfinforever> Bloomy wanna rp
[11:44] <Iceclaw100> umm LCT, why do you know that???
[11:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> sure minx
[11:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> who and where?
[11:44] <Minxelfinforever> I'll use Lindsey, you can pick the place
[11:45] <LongClawTiger> I have done it many times. That and waiting for them to dive in the pool and then remove all stairs and laders out.
[11:45] <ShadowGoddess> posted WG
[11:45] <ShadowGoddess> Where did Duckz got?
[11:45] <Iceclaw100> also shady i posted on themis snake
[11:45] <ShadowGoddess> *go
[11:45] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[11:46] <LongClawTiger> If only there was a way to remove the tombstone so the new sims wouldn't stop and cry every few seconds....
[11:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> hm.... lindsey is eris right?
[11:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD how heartless claw
[11:47] <Iceclaw100> *steps back from LCT*
[11:47] <Moodle> .
[11:47] <Moodle> Hey everyone
[11:47] <Minxelfinforever> No, she's Harmonia xD
[11:47] <Minxelfinforever> 
[11:47] <LongClawTiger> Yes....but it is too rofl worthy not to try
[11:47] <Iceclaw100> hi moodle
[11:47] <Moodle> hey ice
[11:47] <BloomOfFairyTail> aw >.>
[11:47] <FloatingInDarkness> moodle you wanna rp
[11:47] <Moodle> sure
[11:47] <Moodle> continue?
[11:47] <FloatingInDarkness> yes
[11:47] <Moodle> k
[11:47] <FloatingInDarkness> need the link
[11:48] <Moodle> Forgot where as well XD
[11:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> also minx, be prepared because all of my characters are b*tchy
[11:48] <FloatingInDarkness> [[Draco Einar Wolfgang?s=wl#article-comments|Draco_Einar_Wolfgang?s=wl#article-comments]]
[11:49] <Broken fire> hiya ob
[11:49] <StarlinSkyrim> MOO! *tackle hug*
[11:49] <StarlinSkyrim> I missed chur entrance :P
[11:49] <Iceclaw100> hi ob
[11:49] <StarlinSkyrim> Hi Ob
[11:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> [[Nearby Town/Park/Playgound|Nearby_Town/Park/Playgound]] @minx
[11:49] <Moodle> posted
[11:50] <Moodle> STAR
[11:50] <Moodle> *Tackle hugs back*
[11:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> never rp'ed there XD
[11:50] <J4N3Y> *pokes Star*
[11:50] <J4N3Y> hello to you too..
[11:50] <J4N3Y> XP
[11:50] <Minxelfinforever> be there
[11:50] <Moodle> Ironic...
[11:51] <LongClawTiger> must be off for now. See you all later.
[11:51] <Moodle> just found an unused page that was for the spring fling
[11:51] <StarlinSkyrim> J4!!!
[11:51] <StarlinSkyrim> I missed you too
[11:51] <J4N3Y> Ha ha
[11:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya Claw o/ 
[11:51] <Moodle> Bye lct
[11:51] <J4N3Y> XD
[11:51] <StarlinSkyrim> (squeeze) 
[11:51] <StarlinSkyrim> Bai LCT
[11:51] <Moodle> dafuq is gerg?
[11:51] <Iceclaw100> *hits laptop with a baseball bat, multipule times*
[11:51] <ShadowGoddess> (lamb) 
[11:52] <J4N3Y> (bounces)
[11:52] <J4N3Y> (bounce) 
[11:52] <J4N3Y> Btw, Thanks everyone for the good luck!
[11:52] <Minxelfinforever> posted
[11:53] <FloatingInDarkness> posted
[11:53] <Moodle> k
[11:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted minx
[11:55] <StarlinSkyrim> Shady, I'll post in le sec
[11:55] <StarlinSkyrim> I'm making a character
[11:55] <StarlinSkyrim> in the charrie contest
[11:55] <Moodle> Posted
[11:56] <Bctcz> Ello My Loverlies
[11:56] <Moodle> B!!!!!!!!!
[11:56] <Moodle> 
[11:56] <Moodle> *Hugs*
[11:56] <StarlinSkyrim> Hai B
[11:56] <FloatingInDarkness> (hugs) 
[11:57] <Moodle> .
[11:57] <Bctcz> We working now?
[11:57] <Bctcz> Oh yeah awesome
[11:57] <Moodle> working?
[11:57] <Bctcz> MOODLE!
[11:57] <Bctcz> *huggles*
[11:57] <Moodle> *Huggles back*
[11:57] <Bctcz> chat wasnt letting me talk
[11:57] <Weirdo Guy> @Shady: running out of things to say XD
[11:57] <Moodle> Ah
[11:57] <Moodle> Yeah, chat was being quite the bitch today
[11:57] <Bctcz> I can tell.
[11:57] <Moodle> I couldn't get on until evening
[11:57] <Moodle> and I couldn't edit either
[11:58] <Minxelfinforever> posted
[11:58] <Minxelfinforever> Moo!!:D
[11:58] <Moodle> hey minx
[11:58] <Weirdo Guy> posted Shaddy
[11:58] <Iceclaw100> bach did you ever get a response with the challange for head of nemesis?
[11:58] <Moodle> ♫Valhalla is calling me to the end...♫
[11:59] <StarlinSkyrim> WG, a punch or kiss always works :P
[11:59] <Weirdo Guy> @Star: Why a punch? XD
[11:59] <BachLynn23> I decided to not do any challenges
[11:59] <Bctcz> BACHIE!
[11:59] <Bctcz> *tackle huggles*
[11:59] <BachLynn23> (bounce) (worship) @B
[11:59] <FloatingInDarkness> *bows)
[11:59] <FloatingInDarkness> (bows)
[12:00] <FloatingInDarkness> (bow)
[12:00] <Iceclaw100> oh well i remember you challanged for head of nemesis, so i was wondering
[12:00] <Iceclaw100> (worship) 
[12:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> (bounce) (worship) 
[12:00] <FloatingInDarkness> (angry) 
[12:00] <StarlinSkyrim> (worship) 
[12:00] <FloatingInDarkness> (bounce) 
[12:00] <Weirdo Guy> It's ( worship )
[12:00] <Moodle> without the spaces
[12:00] <Moodle> NEVER
[12:00] <FloatingInDarkness> (worship) 
[12:01] <ShadowGoddess> (lamb) 
[12:01] <Moodle> Who shall join me in this inglorious revolution against the tyranny of the Queen
[12:01] <Moodle> >
[12:01] <Moodle> *?
[12:01] <Bctcz> Too late the (bounce) (worship) me.
[12:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted minx
[12:01] <Iceclaw100> i have no queen
[12:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> I has :D (bounce) 
[12:02] <Moodle> My (bounce) : NEVER shall I be thou worshipper!
[12:02] <Bctcz> I only rule the (bounce) . and the (bounce) (worship) me since I am their queen
[12:02] <Bctcz> is there one for a queen? (queen)
[12:02] <BloomOfFairyTail> nope
[12:02] <StarlinSkyrim> (bounce) 
[12:02] <Bctcz> Nope
[12:02] <StarlinSkyrim> Freedom!!
[12:02] <Iceclaw100> to many emotes, slowing down laptop
[12:02] <StarlinSkyrim> *leads a revolt*
[12:02] <Moodle> No, I'm the leader
[12:02] <Iceclaw100> *shoots starlin in the foot* moodle is leader
[12:03] <Moodle> *nods*
[12:03] <Moodle> oh and if you've forgot float, posted
[12:03] <Iceclaw100> and i am an assasin!!!
[12:03] <Moodle> that you are mon freund
[12:04] <Minxelfinforever> posted
[12:04] <Iceclaw100> *smiles and hides in teh shadows*
[12:04] <Moodle> Hi ob
[12:04] <Moodle> .
[12:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted minx
[12:05] <Moodle> O.O
[12:05] <Moodle> There's a new EPIC RAP BATTLE!
[12:05] <Moodle> Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe
[12:05] <Iceclaw100> O.O
[12:05] <Moodle> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vICX-6dMOuA
[12:06] <Moodle> Holy F*CK it's soooo f*cking epic
[12:06] <Iceclaw100> also the ending for death note is so ironic
[12:07] <Moodle> Both raps were good
[12:07] <Moodle> Need to listen again
[12:08] <Moodle> I say tie
[12:08] <Minxelfinforever> Lol! I saw it
[12:08] <Moodle> Well, actually, #1 & 2 of Cleopatra's raps were good
[12:08] <Moodle> #1/3 of Marilyn Monroe's was good
[12:09] <Moodle> So I think Cleopatra wins
[12:09] <StarlinSkyrim> Gah, I need a small Ethiopian city.
[12:09] <StarlinSkyrim> Anyone know of one?
[12:09] <Moodle> Um... idk
[12:09] <Moodle> hold on
[12:10] <Weirdo Guy> posted Shady?
[12:10] <Weirdo Guy> XD
[12:10] <ShadowGoddess> oh right
[12:10] <Minxelfinforever> posted bloomy
[12:10] <StarlinSkyrim> Wikipedia and Google maps are failing me
[12:10] <Moodle> Gode?
[12:10] <Iceclaw100> *hugs someone*
[12:11] <StarlinSkyrim> Thanks Moo
[12:11] <Moodle> Ok nvm, the Marilyn Monroe rap sucked shit
[12:11] <Moodle> Cleopatra
[12:13] <Moodle> .
[12:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted minx
[12:14] <Moodle> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju3_JNWsT-M&feature=bf_prev&list=UUSWJKKyJFD69fNTbjXoXKgQ
[12:15] <ShadowGoddess> rp anyone?
[12:15] <Moodle> I was just like ????????????????????????
[12:15] <FloatingInDarkness> I will
[12:15] <ShadowGoddess> mah posted on Luna
[12:15] <FloatingInDarkness> k
[12:15] <FloatingInDarkness> posted mood;e
[12:15] <FloatingInDarkness> moodle*
[12:16] <ShadowGoddess> anyone else?
[12:17] <Moodle> k
[12:17] <Minxelfinforever> posted
[12:17] <Iceclaw100> afk, playing games online
[12:17] <FloatingInDarkness> posted @shady
[12:17] <Broken fire> Float pm
[12:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted minc
[12:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> minx*
[12:19] <ShadowGoddess> posted, float
[12:19] <FloatingInDarkness> k
[12:20] <Moodle> posted float
[12:20] <FloatingInDarkness> kk
[12:21] <ElanorTheFairest> Hi
[12:21] <Moodle> hey elanor
[12:21] <ElanorTheFairest> Hey Moo
[12:21] <Minxelfinforever> posted
[12:21] <ElanorTheFairest> So, what is up?
[12:22] <Narutofreak0> any1 order an extra cheasy mushroom 'za?
[12:23] <ElanorTheFairest> Hi, and no.
[12:23] <Moodle> not much
[12:23] <Moodle> But I ordered the wings
[12:23] <Weirdo Guy> Looking for someone to join an rp to cause more talk
[12:23] <Moodle> *Holds up a box of wings*
[12:23] <ElanorTheFairest> I'd love to RP, but my character was deleted.
[12:23] <StarlinSkyrim> *is writing a regular saga about her charrie*
[12:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted minx
[12:24] <Moodle> yeah...that happens when you don't rp here too much
[12:24] <Weirdo Guy> Bloom? You wanna join?
[12:24] <ElanorTheFairest> Yep. I had finals and was uber busy with my fieldwork
[12:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> no sorry, I'm going to eat something now
[12:25] <ElanorTheFairest> Anyone else done with finals?
[12:25] <ShadowGoddess> I don't have finals
[12:25] <FloatingInDarkness> lucky
[12:26] <FloatingInDarkness> @moodle posted
[12:26] <ElanorTheFairest> I'm in early admissions so I do.
[12:26] <Seth13> .
[12:26] <Weirdo Guy> posted Shady
[12:27] <J4N3Y> Quick question, the [[Demigods from Other Genres Contest]], can it be about any greek god?
[12:27] <FloatingInDarkness> @goddess posted
[12:27] <ElanorTheFairest> Are we only allowed to create a child of a god already listed?
[12:27] <StarlinSkyrim> FINALLY finished
[12:28] <J4N3Y> ^@Elanor
[12:28] <StarlinSkyrim> and now my foot is asleep
[12:29] <Moodle> jw, have you posted floating?
[12:29] <Moodle> .
[12:30] <Minxelfinforever> posted bloomy
[12:31] <Moodle> .
[12:31] <StarlinSkyrim> My user page looks like someone threw up on it (sad) 
[12:32] <Moodle> lemme see?
[12:32] <StarlinSkyrim> [[User:StarlinSkyrim]]
[12:32] <StarlinSkyrim> It's all green
[12:32] <StarlinSkyrim> and yucky looking
[12:32] <Moodle> nahhh
[12:32] <Moodle> It's just not the prettiest shade of green I've seen
[12:32] <StarlinSkyrim> I'm changing it....I can't stand it
[12:32] <Weirdo Guy> That must be where the vomit went after I flinged it off chat XD
[12:32] <Moodle> Is green your fav colour?
[12:33] <Moodle> XD
[12:33] <StarlinSkyrim> nope
[12:33] <StarlinSkyrim> Well, maybe
[12:33] <Moodle> What is?
[12:33] <StarlinSkyrim> depends
[12:33] <StarlinSkyrim> Either Purple or Blue
[12:33] <StarlinSkyrim> Blue on me
[12:33] <StarlinSkyrim> Purple everywhere else
[12:33] <Moodle> Hmm...let me find you a blue
[12:33] <Moodle> Hold on
[12:34] <Moodle> Dark blue like a Blue-Purple or Sky blue
[12:34] <Moodle> or green blue/blue green kinda turqoise/aqua?
[12:35] <ShadowGoddess> posted WG
[12:35] <Moodle> #5318F5
[12:35] <Moodle> Try that
[12:35] <StarlinSkyrim> kk
[12:35] <Moodle> It's a little dark
[12:35] <StarlinSkyrim> I just found another nice blue
[12:35] <Moodle> ah, alright
[12:36] <StarlinSkyrim> danke Moo
[12:36] <Moodle> yw
[12:36] <StarlinSkyrim> There. Fixed for now
[12:36] <StarlinSkyrim> until I get fed up with it again
[12:37] <StarlinSkyrim> gtg now. Hunger Games #3 is calling
[12:37] <Moodle> k
[12:41] <Weirdo Guy> posted Shady
[12:42] <Minxelfinforever> gtg
[12:44] <FloatingInDarkness> @moodle posted
[12:46] <Zhoarnoth> heya all
[12:52] <FloatingInDarkness> fire how do you do a training scene
[12:52] <ShadowGoddess> brbz
[12:52] <Weirdo Guy> k
[12:53] <Broken fire> what do you mean?ar eyou talking to me?
[12:54] <Moodle> k
[12:54] <ShadowGoddess> backerz
[12:55] <FloatingInDarkness> yeah
[12:58] <Weirdo Guy> posted Shady
[12:58] <Weirdo Guy> and back
[12:59] <Weirdo Guy> I mean wb
[12:59] <Weirdo Guy> XD
[01:02] <Moodle> posted flaot
[01:02] <Moodle> *float
[01:02] <Moodle> 
[01:03] <FloatingInDarkness> sweet
[01:05] <Moodle> "Ghetto muppet creatures" XD
[01:05] <Iceclaw100> back
[01:05] <Moodle> wb
[01:05] <Iceclaw100> *hugs chris*
[01:06] <Moodle> ?
[01:06] <Iceclaw100> what?
[01:06] <Moodle> who's chris?
[01:06] <Iceclaw100> zhoa
[01:06] <Moodle> huh?
[01:06] <Iceclaw100> zhoarnoth
[01:06] <FloatingInDarkness> posted
[01:06] <Moodle> English explanation please?
[01:07] <Iceclaw100> *facepalm* chris is zhoarnoth
[01:07] <Iceclaw100> that is as slimple as i can make it
[01:08] <Moodle> wtf is zhoarnoth though?
[01:08] <Iceclaw100> a user
[01:09] <Broken fire> float pm
[01:09] <Moodle> posted float
[01:09] <FloatingInDarkness> kk
[01:09] <Zhoarnoth> sorry icey i was awya
[01:10] <Weirdo Guy> back
[01:10] <Zhoarnoth> *hugs ice*
[01:10] <Iceclaw100> see moo, this is chris 
[01:10] <Moodle> ohhhhh
[01:11] <Iceclaw100> i knew him before he joined here
[01:11] <Zhoarnoth> yea, my real name is chris
[01:11] <Iceclaw100> so i am in a habit of still calling him chris
[01:11] <Moodle> Ugh, Justin Bieber in Boyfriend is trying to pretend he has swag but he's no soulja boy
[01:12] <Moodle> and his voice is still kinda high
[01:12] <Iceclaw100> yeah i just watched it last night
[01:12] <Zhoarnoth> actually ice is why i joined here
[01:12] <FloatingInDarkness> *murders JB*
[01:12] <FloatingInDarkness> 
[01:12] <Iceclaw100> *shoots float in the shoulder*
[01:13] <Moodle> people think he's "changed" but he still is the same, high-ish voice and still has no swag
[01:13] <Iceclaw100> actually it is a bit lower
[01:13] <Moodle> And I swear yo, the girl he's going after in the vid looks First Nations
[01:14] <Broken fire> -_-" hes changed T_T
[01:14] <Iceclaw100> *crosses arms and glares at all the girls fawning over JB*
[01:14] <Broken fire> to a non Godly side...sad...
[01:14] <Moodle> haha, that's funny ice, they probably slowed down the song to make it sound a shitton lower than it actually is
[01:14] <Broken fire> *looks away from ice*
[01:15] <Iceclaw100> actually its possible that they did it moo
[01:15] <Moodle> ik that
[01:15] <Iceclaw100> and i ment just the girls in teh video broken
[01:15] <Moodle> ik
[01:15] <FloatingInDarkness> posted
[01:15] <Moodle> k
[01:15] <Moodle> Hmm..thought the new people were 1D
[01:16] <Iceclaw100> they are cute/hot
[01:16] <Iceclaw100> even better than JB
[01:16] <Iceclaw100> also they are much better singers
[01:17] <Iceclaw100> and no one can tell posey i just said that
[01:17] <Broken fire> I somewhat agree on that XD
[01:18] <Moodle> posted float
[01:18] <Moodle> 1D is a disease
[01:18] <Moodle> It spreads to people, brainwashing them
[01:18] <Iceclaw100> *glares at moodle*
[01:18] <Moodle> Trust me
[01:18] <Moodle> I had 0% hate for them at the beginning
[01:18] <Moodle> As far as I was concerned then woohoo for them
[01:18] <Iceclaw100> *pokes moodle with a catle prod*
[01:19] <Moodle> *Dodges*
[01:19] <Iceclaw100> *and again*
[01:19] <Moodle> But then my classmates started singing What makes you beautiful or someshit and that got me pissed at them
[01:19] <Moodle> *Dodges*
[01:20] <Moodle> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7CHfqg0wd8
[01:20] <Iceclaw100> cant watch any youtube video's
[01:21] <Iceclaw100> chris pm
[01:21] <Moodle> ♫We are the second of the apocalypse..... And now we're running becuz we don't know where water is.♫
[01:21] <Moodle> *Second sign
[01:21] <Moodle> *Sevent
[01:21] <Moodle> *Seventh
[01:21] <FloatingInDarkness> posted
[01:21] <FloatingInDarkness> (dance) 
[01:22] <Moodle> k
[01:22] <Iceclaw100> ??? moodle why did you just post that up
[01:22] <Moodle> What?
[01:22] <Moodle> It's the parody
[01:22] <Iceclaw100> i dont know music
[01:22] <Iceclaw100> at all
[01:23] <Hyugabyakugan12> hai again, is rose from titanic okay for the demigods contest?
[01:25] <Hyugabyakugan12> nvm
[01:25] <Moodle> No
[01:25] <ShadowGoddess> Hyu mah posted on Carson
[01:25] <Moodle> Rose is not a legit person
[01:25] <Moodle> She never existed irl
[01:26] <Iceclaw100> actually its from any media as long as the person is a regular human
[01:26] <Iceclaw100> if i remember correctly
[01:26] <Iceclaw100> i will check
[01:27] <Iceclaw100> yes hyu, if i am right you can use it for the other genre charrie contest
[01:27] <Iceclaw100> ■Only one fictional character per user, and a user may not use one that has already been taken by another user. 
[01:27] <Iceclaw100> that shows that it doesnt have to be a real person moodle
[01:28] <Iceclaw100> and if you want to double check that ask someone else
[01:29] <BachLynn23> yea basically nothing magical, science fiction, other wordly
[01:29] <BachLynn23> so like, Harry Potter, Darth Vader are two that would be out
[01:29] <ShadowGoddess> *noms on pizza*
[01:30] <Iceclaw100> would han solo *thinks i spelled his name right* be able to be used?
[01:30] <BachLynn23> except they aren't from this world
[01:30] <Moodle> g2g
[01:30] <Moodle> bye
[01:31] <Iceclaw100> ok
[01:31] <Iceclaw100> i was just wondering
[01:31] <BachLynn23> I can't remember, there is no "earth" or past earth on the Star Wars world right?
[01:31] <Iceclaw100> because he is basicly a regular human being, that can fly spaceships
[01:31] <Iceclaw100> right
[01:31] <BachLynn23> like I think with Firefly at least, earth was in the distant past
[01:31] <Weirdo Guy> Star Wars is a long time ago in a galaxy far far away
[01:31] <BachLynn23> XD
[01:32] <Weirdo Guy> So Earth might exist in Star Wars, just not in the same galaxy
[01:32] <Iceclaw100> i have no plans to enter, i was just wondering
[01:33] <Weirdo Guy> But it takes several millenia for them to travel through galaxies
[01:34] <Iceclaw100> oh i just thought of an interesting idea for a charrie for the broken convent charrie contest
[01:35] <Iceclaw100> but the idea can really only work for me or if i let someone else mention a charrie of mine
[01:38] <Travelg> Okay 
[01:38] <Travelg> i am back
[01:38] <Iceclaw100> would it be to soon to start a count down for mark of athena to come out?
[01:38] <Kingbirdy> hey
[01:39] <Iceclaw100> hi king and travel
[01:39] <TheWiseOne> Hello, children
[01:39] <Iceclaw100> hi wise
[01:39] <Iceclaw100> *hugs wise*
[01:40] <Travelg> Hi wise
[01:40] <Travelg> wait children?
[01:40] <TheWiseOne> *hugs Ice*
[01:40] <TheWiseOne> Travel, do you have parents?
[01:40] <Travelg> yes
[01:40] <Iceclaw100> wise arnt we the same age, or around the same age?
[01:41] <Travelg> my dad is dead, and my mom is in the next room
[01:41] <TheWiseOne> You are their child. Therefor, you are a children.
[01:41] <FloatingInDarkness> @moodle posted
[01:41] <TheWiseOne> Oh
[01:41] <Iceclaw100> wise by that definition you are a children too
[01:41] <TheWiseOne> I know
[01:42] <FloatingInDarkness> that definition should be changed because some people are considered children but are mentally adults
[01:42] <TheWiseOne> Ice, I'm turning 16 in... *counts on fingers* ...26 days
[01:42] <Iceclaw100> ok so im older
[01:42] <Dagostino> Hola
[01:42] <TheWiseOne> Bye how much?
[01:43] <TheWiseOne> DAGO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:43] <TheWiseOne> *glompz Dago*
[01:43] <Dagostino> LORA!!! :OOOOOOOO
[01:43] <Dagostino> *tackles*
[01:43] <Iceclaw100> my b-day is september 24, and im turning 17
[01:43] <Iceclaw100> so not even a full year wise
[01:43] <Iceclaw100> and hi dago
[01:43] <ShadowGoddess> brbz must take shower
[01:44] <TheWiseOne> kk
[01:44] <Weirdo Guy> k
[01:44] <Dagostino> My bday is monday :D
[01:44] <Iceclaw100> happy early b-day dago
[01:45] <Travelg> how did your project turned out ice
[01:45] <Iceclaw100> couldnt print it out, so my mom wrote a note
[01:45] <TheWiseOne> Nice
[01:46] <Travelg> did the teacher accept the note
[01:46] <TheWiseOne> I was supposed to have this HUGE geo test today. But my teacher was sick, so she moved the test to monday. :D
[01:46] <Iceclaw100> i dont know, he wasnt there
[01:46] <Iceclaw100> and also i had to help out with the three-legged race *looks sad*
[01:46] <Travelg> well that good 
[01:47] <Iceclaw100> *goes over to the sad corner*
[01:47] <Travelg> what wrong?
[01:47] <Iceclaw100> we were off by 200 people
[01:48] <Travelg> oh i am sorrry to here that
[01:48] <Iceclaw100> we were so close
[01:48] <Iceclaw100> its even worse than being rained out
[01:48] <Travelg> well at least you tried
[01:49] <Travelg> and the only way you would have failed is as if you didn'
[01:49] <Travelg> did
[01:49] <Travelg> didn
[01:49] <Travelg> sorry
[01:49] <Travelg> my hand keep sliping to the enter button
[01:51] <Iceclaw100> its ok
[01:51] <Iceclaw100> i ahve done that before
[01:51] <Iceclaw100> have*
[01:51] <Iceclaw100> now if you will excuse me i am off to find a good and new percyXnico fanfic
[01:52] <Travelg> a what?
[01:52] <Travelg> o.O
[01:53] <TheWiseOne> Nercy?
[01:53] <TheWiseOne> Pico?
[01:53] <Iceclaw100> percyXnico, as in teh paring, and fanfic, as in fan writen stories
[01:53] <Iceclaw100> either one
[01:53] <Travelg> i know i was making sure if i was reading it right
[01:54] <Iceclaw100> im not that picky whos dominate with the two
[01:54] <Zhoarnoth> well, pico is kinda takenalread
[01:55] <TheWiseOne> Gaaahhhhhh
[01:55] <Travelg> dominate? * thinks dirty thoughts* 
[01:56] <TheWiseOne> I need to make a recipe using 100% Manitoban food products/
[01:56] <TheWiseOne> It's f*ckin' hard.
[01:56] <Travelg> I thinks it nico that domniates
[01:56] <TheWiseOne> Especially during this time of year.
[01:56] <TheWiseOne> The farmers markets aren't even up yet.
[01:56] <Iceclaw100> actually i see percy being dominate more than nico
[01:57] <Iceclaw100> at least in fanfics
[01:57] <FloatingInDarkness> nico defiantly dominates
[01:58] <TheWiseOne> Bach?
[01:58] <BachLynn23> wise
[01:58] <TheWiseOne> RP?
[01:58] <BachLynn23> sure
[01:58] <TheWiseOne> I need to take my mind off my Geo frustration 
[01:58] <TheWiseOne> -_-
[01:58] <Iceclaw100> oh yeah bach, i have posted on the beacher
[01:59] <Iceclaw100> beach*
[01:59] <Iceclaw100> my mind isnt really here
[01:59] <FloatingInDarkness> sure
[01:59] <Iceclaw100> its in fanfic looking at M percyXnico stories
[01:59] <BachLynn23> nice XD
[01:59] <FloatingInDarkness> *looks at HitlerxJesus fanfic*
[01:59] <FloatingInDarkness> 
[01:59] <BachLynn23> I'm currently transferring all my CU wiki stuff to wattpad
[02:00] <FloatingInDarkness> you're never the the same after reading that
[02:01] <TheWiseOne> Bach, you should put your CU stuff on DA
[02:01] <BachLynn23> I put 2 things on DA
[02:01] <Iceclaw100> i have to go have a shower, BBL
[02:02] <BachLynn23> I'll post for when you get back
[02:07] <ShadowGoddess> *sneezes*
[02:07] <Weirdo Guy> wb Shady
[02:07] <TheWiseOne> *gives Shady a tissue*
[02:07] <TheWiseOne> Shady, PM
[02:07] <ShadowGoddess> Okay
[02:07] <Weirdo Guy> And Gesundheit
[02:08] <TheWiseOne> Shady evaded me -_-
[02:08] <ShadowGoddess> backerz
[02:08] <Weirdo Guy> wb
[02:15] <ShadowGoddess> posted WG
[02:17] <Weirdo Guy> k
[02:17] <TheWiseOne> Limes attack! *throws a lime at WG*
[02:18] <Weirdo Guy> O_O
[02:19] <Weirdo Guy> *explodes, blood hits everything including Wise*
[02:19] <TheWiseOne> *tempted to lap up the blood*
[02:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> *throws lemon at wise*
[02:19] <TheWiseOne> *noms it*
[02:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> its rotten
[02:20] <Weirdo Guy> I'm alive!
[02:20] <Weirdo Guy> *throws a lime back at Wise with a grenade stuffed in it
[02:21] <TheWiseOne> *noms the lime, not the grenade*
[02:21] <TheWiseOne> *throws grenade back*
[02:21] <ShadowGoddess> HYU!!!!!
[02:21] <ShadowGoddess> *huggies*
[02:22] <Weirdo Guy> *eats grenade*
[02:23] <Hyugabyakugan12> Shady!!! *hugs back*
[02:24] <Weirdo Guy> posted Shady
[02:24] <Hyugabyakugan12> *uses napalm strike on everyone except the good guys*
[02:25] <TheWiseOne> *isn't hit*
[02:25] <TheWiseOne> :D
[02:26] <Hyugabyakugan12> is it true annabeth is the last of the seven?
[02:26] <TheWiseOne> Its
[02:26] <TheWiseOne> *ITS
[02:27] <Hyugabyakugan12> Juno - a hippie bag lady
[02:28] <Hyugabyakugan12> Percy wants to strike Juno with a goddess-sized slap
[02:28] <Hyugabyakugan12> w8 is leo valdez the sammy valdez hazel knew?
[02:29] <Outsider8357> wat up
[02:29] <Outsider8357> hi
[02:29] <Hyugabyakugan12> hai outside
[02:30] <Outsider8357> hey
[02:30] <Outsider8357> long time no see
[02:30] <Outsider8357> man, chat is slow
[02:30] <Outsider8357> now, i got a predicament, adn i want you guy's to help
[02:30] <Outsider8357> *and
[02:31] <ShadowGoddess> Hyu chu posted on carson yet?
[02:31] <Outsider8357> anyone?...
[02:31] <J4N3Y> me
[02:31] <J4N3Y> !
[02:31] <Outsider8357> you really think you can help?
[02:31] <TheWiseOne> Oahi J4 (wave) 
[02:31] <J4N3Y> depending on the predicament...
[02:31] <J4N3Y> hey wise (wave) 
[02:31] <Outsider8357> WISE!
[02:32] <Outsider8357> hiii
[02:32] <J4N3Y> what's the predicament?
[02:32] <J4N3Y> (bounce) 
[02:32] <Outsider8357> pm
[02:32] <J4N3Y> kk
[02:32] <Outsider8357> did you get it?
[02:32] <J4N3Y> yeah yeah
[02:32] <ShadowGoddess> i g2g bye guys
[02:33] <Weirdo Guy> bye
[02:33] <J4N3Y> bye Shad
[02:39] <Iceclaw100> hi everyone
[02:39] <TheWiseOne> hi icey
[02:39] <Iceclaw100> also *pokes bach*
[02:39] <TheWiseOne> *hugs*
[02:39] <Iceclaw100> *hugs back*
[02:39] <BachLynn23> *is poked*
[02:39] <BachLynn23> hi
[02:40] <Weirdo Guy> *pokes Bach*
[02:40] <Iceclaw100> today after school i went to a lone star restuarant
[02:40] <BachLynn23> *licks wg*
[02:40] <Weirdo Guy> *poke*
[02:40] <Iceclaw100> teh food was good as well as the hot and cute guys dressed like cowboys
[02:41] <Iceclaw100> well not totaly
[02:41] <Outsider8357> mom!!
[02:41] <Outsider8357> *tackle hugs bach*
[02:41] <BachLynn23> OMG *is tackle hugged and tackle hugs back*
[02:41] <BachLynn23> where have you been!?!?!??!!?!?
[02:41] <Iceclaw100> but the waiter was so hot, im surprised that i didnt get a problem as soon as i saw him
[02:41] <BachLynn23> you've been misssed
[02:41] <Weirdo Guy> *tackles Bach*
[02:41] <Outsider8357> i realize that
[02:41] <BachLynn23> @icey yea the waiters are way juicy there
[02:42] <BachLynn23> *licks wg*
[02:42] <Outsider8357> we have standardized tests this and next week
[02:42] <Outsider8357> but after, I'm free until about 3 weeks after school starts again!
[02:42] <Outsider8357> so I'll be back on!
[02:42] <Iceclaw100> god pretty much every guy i saw was super hot or amazingly cute
[02:54] <FloatingInDarkness> rp anyone
[02:55] <FloatingInDarkness> ice you wanna rp
[02:56] <Iceclaw100> im having enough trouble with one rp right now
[02:57] <Iceclaw100> god damn editor
[02:59] <Iceclaw100> how come the smaller editors for comments never work for my laptop
[02:59] <Iceclaw100> *kicks laptop, mulitpul times*
[03:01] <Theharlequin> Hey
[03:02] <Theharlequin> Wise?
[03:02] <Jrite10> I am so tired but 
[03:02] <Iceclaw100> hi harle
[03:02] <Kingbirdy> I wish they would let us turn off the "better" editor
[03:02] <TheWiseOne> harle, yeah, hi
[03:02] <Jrite10> I no longer have to go to high school
[03:02] <Kingbirdy> it takes forever to load, and all we ever do is use templates anyways
[03:02] <Theharlequin> Can you post on the beach?
[03:03] <TheWiseOne> Yeap
[03:03] <Theharlequin> cool
[03:03] <Iceclaw100> yeah, it just causes more loading times, and if you get the template wrong it makes it harder 
[03:03] <Theharlequin> You finish exams J?
[03:03] <LongClawTiger> mew?
[03:03] <Theharlequin> Hey LCT
[03:03] <LongClawTiger> allo harle
[03:03] <Hyugabyakugan12> ohaideretigerandharle
[03:03] <Iceclaw100> hi LCT
[03:03] <TheWiseOne> Harle, start at the cabin? Maybe they just talk or something?
[03:03] <TheWiseOne> *pounce-hugs hubby*
[03:04] <LongClawTiger> *is pouncy-hugged. licks back*
[03:04] <Theharlequin> Yeah sure, you want to post first?
[03:04] <TheWiseOne> Sure
[03:05] <TheWiseOne> Curse Jake. I'm singing that song he linked me.
[03:05] <Theharlequin> Hey star
[03:05] <Iceclaw100> damned evil vile disgusting evil damed computer
[03:05] <Theharlequin> What song?
[03:05] <StarlinSkyrim> Hey
[03:05] <LongClawTiger> allo claw and star
[03:06] <TheWiseOne> posted, harle
[03:06] <StarlinSkyrim> allo LCT
[03:06] <TheWiseOne> Ripped Away by This Wild Life
[03:06] <TheWiseOne> Star!
[03:06] <TheWiseOne> *glompz*
[03:06] <StarlinSkyrim> *is glompzed*
[03:06] <StarlinSkyrim> ohaiderewise
[03:06] <Iceclaw100> f*ckin laptop
[03:06] <LongClawTiger> I haz song for you wisey!
[03:07] <TheWiseOne> You do?
[03:07] <LongClawTiger> Yes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBToVS-BS2Y
[03:07] <TheWiseOne> I haz song for you, LCT!
[03:07] <TheWiseOne> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZweDwbJ_Ic
[03:07] <StarlinSkyrim> RP anyone?
[03:08] <Theharlequin> posted wise
[03:08] <StarlinSkyrim> J4?
[03:08] <TheWiseOne> Hmm. Don't like. :C
[03:08] <StarlinSkyrim> Hello?
[03:08] <StarlinSkyrim> *knocks on J4*
[03:08] <TheWiseOne> Hello?
[03:08] <LongClawTiger> *le gasp!*
[03:08] <LongClawTiger> No?
[03:08] <TheWiseOne> *picks up the phone* Hello?!
[03:08] <TheWiseOne> Nope.
[03:08] <StarlinSkyrim> *answers*
[03:08] <TheWiseOne> *le gasp*
[03:08] <StarlinSkyrim> No telemarketing please :P
[03:08] <TheWiseOne> Quoi?
[03:08] <StarlinSkyrim> Whaaa?
[03:09] <TheWiseOne> Salut, quelqu'un est la? Allo? Allo?!
[03:09] <TheWiseOne> French.
[03:09] <StarlinSkyrim> Oh, chu french
[03:09] <TheWiseOne> Yep.
[03:09] <Theharlequin> *breathes deeply on the other end of wise's phone line*
[03:09] <StarlinSkyrim> you must have le wrong number
[03:09] <StarlinSkyrim> *slaps Harle*
[03:09] <TheWiseOne> Ohai Harle ^_^
[03:09] <StarlinSkyrim> ignore mah brother
[03:09] <StarlinSkyrim> :PPPPP
[03:09] <Theharlequin> D*mnit
[03:09] <StarlinSkyrim> Go do chur school
[03:09] <StarlinSkyrim> little boy
[03:09] <TheWiseOne> Harle is chur bro?
[03:09] <StarlinSkyrim> not really
[03:09] <Theharlequin> what, you're my sister?
[03:09] <StarlinSkyrim> Whaaaa?
[03:09] <StarlinSkyrim> Nope
[03:10] <StarlinSkyrim> I just made that up
[03:10] <StarlinSkyrim> just because
[03:10] <StarlinSkyrim> I do taht
[03:10] <StarlinSkyrim> *that
[03:10] <Theharlequin> Ah
[03:10] <J4N3Y> *nods in agreement of her twin*
[03:10] <J4N3Y> (bounce) 
[03:10] <StarlinSkyrim> J4 is alive!
[03:10] <TheWiseOne> Posted, Harle
[03:10] <Iceclaw100> damned editor, damned laptop, im getting sick and tired that i cant comment at all with my laptop
[03:10] <LongClawTiger> what is it doing claw?
[03:10] <J4N3Y> Semi-afk-ish
[03:10] <Theharlequin> the only way you would be related to me is if wise or bach adopted you
[03:10] <J4N3Y> @Star
[03:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> vous êtes très belle madame
[03:10] <StarlinSkyrim> oh
[03:10] <J4N3Y> yuppers
[03:10] <BachLynn23> adopted who?
[03:11] <TheWiseOne> Bein, merci :D
[03:11] <StarlinSkyrim> no sprechen le french :P
[03:11] <Theharlequin> I am proud to be the pretty spawn of Bach and Wise
[03:11] <Iceclaw100> it wont load at 
[03:11] <StarlinSkyrim> Linguam Latinum
[03:11] <TheWiseOne> Hyu, you used Google translate, didn't you?
[03:11] <Hyugabyakugan12> yep
[03:11] <Hyugabyakugan12> vous êtes madame la bienvenue
[03:11] <StarlinSkyrim> Ego Latinum puellam
[03:11] <Hyugabyakugan12> i mean oui
[03:11] <TheWiseOne> Um
[03:11] <LongClawTiger> The editor won't load? Or something else?
[03:11] <StarlinSkyrim> Dang, I'm not male
[03:11] <Jrite10> good night everybody
[03:11] <StarlinSkyrim> Last time I checked
[03:11] <J4N3Y> o.o
[03:12] <TheWiseOne> Hyu, you just said, "You are madame the welcome"
[03:12] <StarlinSkyrim> I used the masculine noun form
[03:12] <StarlinSkyrim> :/
[03:12] <Iceclaw100> it just says that editor is loading, but never makes any progress no matter how long i wait
[03:12] <StarlinSkyrim> *slaps herself*
[03:12] <Hyugabyakugan12> f*ck the translator
[03:12] <TheWiseOne> Yep
[03:12] <StarlinSkyrim> LOL
[03:12] <Hyugabyakugan12> *faceplams
[03:12] <LongClawTiger> Try going into preferences and turning off the visual editor
[03:12] <StarlinSkyrim> I like it
[03:12] <TheWiseOne> Google translate can't be trusted
[03:12] <FloatingInDarkness> rp anyone
[03:12] <J4N3Y> ^^
[03:12] <TheWiseOne> Ice, log in and log back out?
[03:12] <Hyugabyakugan12> bwisit yang walang hiyang google translate
[03:12] <TheWiseOne> o.o
[03:12] <TheWiseOne> wu
[03:12] <LongClawTiger> I had the same issue a couple days ago Claw
[03:12] <TheWiseOne> *wut
[03:13] <Theharlequin> For full sentences, no, for a phase or two,. it's ok
[03:13] <Theharlequin> posted wise
[03:13] <Iceclaw100> it hasnt been just today its been like this for the past few days
[03:13] <FloatingInDarkness> herl you wanna rp
[03:13] <LongClawTiger> yeah, it started a few days ago. Like I said, try turning off the visual editor and it may let you poast
[03:13] <Hyugabyakugan12> i said filipino wise it means: damn that wretch google translate
[03:13] <Theharlequin> how's your internet connection ice?
[03:13] <Iceclaw100> its pretty good overal
[03:13] <Theharlequin> float, do you mean me?
[03:14] <FloatingInDarkness> yeah
[03:14] <FloatingInDarkness> harl*
[03:14] <TheWiseOne> Khrystos Rodyvsia
[03:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> eh? anu yun?
[03:14] <TheWiseOne> Ukranian.
[03:14] <Theharlequin> I can, I'm just sneaking on for a little to rp with wise, I may have to go any second, sorry
[03:14] <StarlinSkyrim> whaaa?
[03:14] <TheWiseOne> *Ukrainian.
[03:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> oh u undestand my filipino?
[03:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> *understand
[03:14] <FloatingInDarkness> its ok
[03:15] <FloatingInDarkness> anyone wanna rp
[03:15] <StarlinSkyrim> I hope I don't get in the poetry writing mood again tonight
[03:15] <TheWiseOne> posted, harle
[03:15] <StarlinSkyrim> :/
[03:15] <Hyugabyakugan12> we havent continued the rp float
[03:15] <Hyugabyakugan12> in the underworld
[03:15] <Theharlequin> *nods head to Spicy McHaggis Jig*
[03:16] <TheWiseOne> I still like Shippin' Up to Boston
[03:16] <BachLynn23> Elen sila lumenn omentilmo
[03:16] <Hyugabyakugan12> anu naman yan ha bach?
[03:16] <StarlinSkyrim> Latinum?
[03:16] <TheWiseOne> Quoi?
[03:16] <Theharlequin> I like that, Spicy, state of MA, and rocky road to Dublin
[03:16] <TheWiseOne> Latine?
[03:16] <TheWiseOne> I love state of Ma
[03:16] <TheWiseOne> *MA
[03:16] <Hyugabyakugan12> latrine is bathroom right?
[03:16] <BachLynn23> that is not latin
[03:16] <Theharlequin> I love the banjo opening 
[03:17] <BachLynn23> that is also no language spoken on our planet
[03:17] <BachLynn23> XD
[03:17] <Hyugabyakugan12> lumen = lumos = light
[03:17] <TheWiseOne> bathroom is salle de bain
[03:17] <Hyugabyakugan12> bat ba ang papanget niyu?
[03:17] <Theharlequin> posted wise
[03:17] <TheWiseOne> Lux aeterna cum sanctis tuis in aeternum puis es cum sanctis tuis
[03:17] <BachLynn23> Elen sila lumenn omentilmo = A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting
[03:18] <Theharlequin> What's the symbolic language in Dr. Who?
[03:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> bat ba ang papanget niyu? = bakit ba ang papanget ninyo? = why is it you're all ugly?
[03:18] <StarlinSkyrim> The light of Your saints in eternity with the saints, the eternal Thou art with Thy saints for Pais
[03:18] <StarlinSkyrim> that's what I got
[03:18] <StarlinSkyrim> :/
[03:18] <BachLynn23> got from what?
[03:18] <StarlinSkyrim> @Wise
[03:18] <TheWiseOne> Nope
[03:18] <TheWiseOne> Lux aeterna is eternal light
[03:18] <BachLynn23> is that latin?
[03:18] <StarlinSkyrim> Dangit
[03:18] <TheWiseOne> Yes
[03:18] <StarlinSkyrim> Google translate failed moi
[03:18] <BachLynn23> mine's not latin
[03:19] <BachLynn23> in theory, google translate shouldn't help with the one I put
[03:19] <BachLynn23> unless they added elven to google translate
[03:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> hoy tawag kita bach
[03:19] <BachLynn23> XD
[03:19] <StarlinSkyrim> Panis Angelicus, fit panis hominus 
[03:19] <StarlinSkyrim> le song
[03:19] <TheWiseOne> bach
[03:19] <TheWiseOne> Drem yol lok
[03:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> muzta na dago?
[03:19] <Theharlequin> oh elven, such a wonderful language
[03:19] <StarlinSkyrim> (bounce) 
[03:19] <FloatingInDarkness> harl we never rp in the underworld
[03:19] <StarlinSkyrim> Dovahkiin!
[03:19] <TheWiseOne> *doesn't know elven*
[03:19] <Theharlequin> Whaaa?
[03:19] <FloatingInDarkness> (bounce) 
[03:20] <BachLynn23> I only remember a few phrases off the top of my head
[03:20] <StarlinSkyrim> (dance) around Valenwood with Wise
[03:20] <Iceclaw100> damn it its still not working
[03:20] <Theharlequin> From what, LOR, Eragon, or some other fiction book?
[03:20] <StarlinSkyrim> Skyrim?
[03:21] <BachLynn23> Gurth gothrim Tel' Mithrim = death to the foes of the grey company
[03:21] <BachLynn23> actually the elven I know is from LOTR, I only know what wise said from skyrim
[03:21] <BachLynn23> greetings
[03:21] <Theharlequin> I see
[03:21] <TheWiseOne> Star
[03:21] <StarlinSkyrim> I wish I had thought of a more created username 
[03:22] <StarlinSkyrim> *creative
[03:22] <Kingbirdy> you know every actor who was in the fellowship has 9 in elven tattooed on their arm?
[03:22] <Hyugabyakugan12> check this if u can understand some: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/381053_10150454645173119_77710508118_8224337_287023044_n.jpg
[03:22] <Kingbirdy> except gimli, his stuntman has it instead
[03:22] <TheWiseOne> Call me Onik from now on?
[03:22] <StarlinSkyrim> Wise
[03:22] <FloatingInDarkness> * wirft Toten aus der Unterwelt und spielt mit ihnen Kontrolleure *
[03:22] <StarlinSkyrim> Sure Wise
[03:22] <StarlinSkyrim> I mean Onik
[03:22] <TheWiseOne> Onik is "wise" in Skyrim dragonspeak
[03:22] <StarlinSkyrim> I'll be....hold on....
[03:22] <TheWiseOne> *must find "star"*
[03:22] <StarlinSkyrim> Is looking up on ES wiki
[03:23] <Hyugabyakugan12> *totally ignored*
[03:23] <FloatingInDarkness> * tötet jeden *
[03:23] <FloatingInDarkness> 
[03:23] <TheWiseOne> http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Dragon_Language
[03:23] <Hyugabyakugan12> *cries*
[03:23] <Theharlequin> I got to go, later guys
[03:23] <StarlinSkyrim> Ice would be Iiss
[03:23] <LongClawTiger> bye harle
[03:23] <StarlinSkyrim> I can be Lok
[03:23] <TheWiseOne> Bye harle
[03:23] <StarlinSkyrim> means Sky
[03:23] <StarlinSkyrim> It is in mah name
[03:24] <TheWiseOne> Lok and Onik
[03:24] <TheWiseOne> *high five*
[03:24] <FloatingInDarkness> wanna rp king
[03:24] <Theharlequin> *Shouts* Fus-Ro-Dah!!!!
[03:24] <TheWiseOne> Nein
[03:24] <TheWiseOne> *shouts* Od-ah-viing!
[03:24] <TheWiseOne> Od - Snow
[03:24] <TheWiseOne> Ah - Hunter
[03:24] <TheWiseOne> Viing - Wing
[03:24] <Hyugabyakugan12> who speaks parseltongue?
[03:25] <TheWiseOne> Nope
[03:25] <Theharlequin> I have no idea what that does
[03:25] <StarlinSkyrim> *flies in to save the day*
[03:25] <StarlinSkyrim> *as Odahviing*
[03:26] <TheWiseOne> It calls the dragon, Odahviing to fight for you
[03:26] <StarlinSkyrim> Luv Mah Mahfearaak
[03:26] <TheWiseOne> *doesn't know that*
[03:27] <StarlinSkyrim> It means tears fall eternally
[03:27] <StarlinSkyrim> or something like that
[03:27] <StarlinSkyrim> Actually Tears fall Forever
[03:27] <TheWiseOne> Lok, we need a dragon translator 
[03:27] <Theharlequin> Wise, can you post?
[03:28] <TheWiseOne> Like, Google translate
[03:28] <TheWiseOne> Yeah
[03:28] <StarlinSkyrim> IKR Onik
[03:28] <TheWiseOne> posted
[03:29] <StarlinSkyrim> *high fives back since she forgot and wasn't here when Onik said that*
[03:29] <TheWiseOne> :D
[03:29] <StarlinSkyrim> :D
[03:29] <Hyugabyakugan12> *plays w/ a barbeque stick-turned wand*
[03:29] <StarlinSkyrim> You live in Canada, Onik?
[03:29] <TheWiseOne> *stupify*
[03:29] <TheWiseOne> Yush
[03:29] <StarlinSkyrim> Cool
[03:30] <Hyugabyakugan12> why dont u call me leonardo?
[03:30] <TheWiseOne> The (not-so) great white north
[03:30] <TheWiseOne> It's cold.
[03:30] <TheWiseOne> F*cking cold.
[03:30] <TheWiseOne> Why don't we?
[03:30] <StarlinSkyrim> I live in the (not so) great beaches where it is always 75 and sunny
[03:30] <LongClawTiger> trade you. It is too dang hot here
[03:30] <StarlinSkyrim> IKR LCT
[03:30] <StarlinSkyrim> I feel chur pain :P
[03:30] <TheWiseOne> In the US?
[03:31] <Hyugabyakugan12> my nickname is vince so it has relation to the great leonardo
[03:31] <LongClawTiger> We were in the upper 90s today and it is getting hotter over the weekend
[03:31] <StarlinSkyrim> Yup
[03:31] <StarlinSkyrim> @Wise
[03:31] <StarlinSkyrim> HOT
[03:31] <StarlinSkyrim> I hates it
[03:31] <TheWiseOne> I live in da plaines
[03:31] <Hyugabyakugan12> i survived 1 week w/o making a claim
[03:31] <TheWiseOne> Not in Spain.
[03:31] <TheWiseOne> We have rain, but it's not in Spain.
[03:31] <StarlinSkyrim> Rhyme much? :P
[03:31] <TheWiseOne> It's in OUR plaines.
[03:32] <LongClawTiger> I live in ze desert...with the cactus...and roadrunners...
[03:32] <TheWiseOne> No, My Fair Lady.
[03:32] <TheWiseOne> And the cayotes.
[03:32] <TheWiseOne> *coyotes
[03:32] <LongClawTiger> Them too. And Javelina
[03:32] <StarlinSkyrim> I live with the paparazzi and freaks
[03:32] <StarlinSkyrim> and actors. Which isn't so bad
[03:33] <TheWiseOne> LA?
[03:33] <LongClawTiger> We have actors, when they are hear to film westerns
[03:33] <StarlinSkyrim> Yep
[03:33] <TheWiseOne> We have bison.
[03:33] <TheWiseOne> And geese.
[03:33] <StarlinSkyrim> We have sushi....and I hate it
[03:33] <TheWiseOne> That's eeeeet.
[03:33] <TheWiseOne> I love sushi.
[03:33] <StarlinSkyrim> trade ya
[03:33] <Hyugabyakugan12> i dont eat sushi
[03:33] <TheWiseOne> *trades*
[03:33] <StarlinSkyrim> I'd take geese over sushi anyday
[03:34] <StarlinSkyrim> *accepts trade*
[03:34] <LongClawTiger> I hate the LA freeways, but Knott's Berry Farm almost makes it worth it
[03:34] <StarlinSkyrim> Has anyone here ever been filmed by TV cameras?
[03:34] <StarlinSkyrim> DISNEYLAND!
[03:34] <StarlinSkyrim> That is the epic part
[03:34] <TheWiseOne> Um
[03:34] <TheWiseOne> I think so
[03:34] <StarlinSkyrim> of mah life
[03:34] <StarlinSkyrim> When?
[03:34] <LongClawTiger> Woo! Love the Thunder Mountain Railroad! :)
[03:34] <StarlinSkyrim> @Onik
[03:34] <TheWiseOne> idk
[03:34] <StarlinSkyrim> THAT"S mah FAVORITE ride LCT !!!!!
[03:35] <TheWiseOne> When the olympic torch came through our city
[03:35] <TheWiseOne> I love Space Mountain
[03:35] <StarlinSkyrim> I was filmed for a show once, but I was soooo nervous for some reason
[03:35] <StarlinSkyrim> Me too Onik
[03:35] <StarlinSkyrim> I love all the mountains
[03:35] <LongClawTiger> I haven't been on Space Mountain in years. The lines are always too frickin long whenwe are there
[03:35] <StarlinSkyrim> Go on mah birthday aka Labor day
[03:36] <StarlinSkyrim> nobody is there
[03:36] <StarlinSkyrim> I mean after Labor Day
[03:36] <LongClawTiger> We usually go in Feb during our Rodeo Holiday
[03:36] <LongClawTiger> 1/3 of the people there are all from Tucson XD
[03:37] <LongClawTiger> We are going to hit Legoland on Memorial Day weekend
[03:37] <TheWiseOne> Star, hwo'd you learn so much Dragon Speak?
[03:37] <TheWiseOne> *Lok
[03:37] <TheWiseOne> 0.o
[03:37] <StarlinSkyrim> O_O ES Wiki
[03:37] <StarlinSkyrim> is mah savior
[03:37] <StarlinSkyrim> otherwise I'd be illeterate
[03:38] <TheWiseOne> Danke, Lok!
[03:38] <BachLynn23> es?
[03:38] <TheWiseOne> (For the star)
[03:38] <StarlinSkyrim> Welcomes!
[03:38] <StarlinSkyrim> :)
[03:38] <TheWiseOne> Lok = Star
[03:38] <TheWiseOne> Onik = me
[03:38] <FloatingInDarkness> are roleplaying characters sorta extensions of your own personality like alter egos
[03:38] <TheWiseOne> Lok means sky
[03:38] <TheWiseOne> Onik means wise
[03:39] <StarlinSkyrim> No name means Star (sad) but Sky is cool
[03:39] <StarlinSkyrim> And Kitty calls me Skyr
[03:39] <LongClawTiger> What is tiger?
[03:39] <StarlinSkyrim> hold on....
[03:40] <TheWiseOne> You said it means sky
[03:40] <StarlinSkyrim> Elf is Fahill
[03:40] <TheWiseOne> Lok	Sky
[03:40] <LongClawTiger> Faith Hill?
[03:40] <TheWiseOne> lol i thought that, too
[03:40] <StarlinSkyrim> It does
[03:40] <StarlinSkyrim> Chu are Kaaz LCT
[03:41] <StarlinSkyrim> Now we have Onik, Lok, and Kaaz
[03:41] <LongClawTiger> Kaaz? ok, I can live with that
[03:41] <StarlinSkyrim> It means Cat
[03:41] <StarlinSkyrim> There is no word taht means Tiger specifically
[03:41] <StarlinSkyrim> *that
[03:41] <LongClawTiger> Tis ok. I would have been insulted if there was no cat word though with all the sabercats running around.
[03:42] <StarlinSkyrim> It is actually a word for the Kajhiit, but it means Cat
[03:42] <TheWiseOne> Kaaz, Onik, Lok
[03:42] <LongClawTiger> Still works for me :)
[03:42] <TheWiseOne> We needs one for Hyu and Bach
[03:42] <LongClawTiger> Kaazonik...sounds powerful....
[03:42] <StarlinSkyrim> I don't think Dragon Language has Hyu and Bach in it
[03:42] <StarlinSkyrim> :P
[03:42] <StarlinSkyrim> Any other nicknames?
[03:42] <TheWiseOne> :P
[03:42] <TheWiseOne> bach?
[03:43] <TheWiseOne> Do chu have a nickname?
[03:43] <BachLynn23> yes my love
[03:43] <StarlinSkyrim> *knocks on Bach*
[03:43] <BachLynn23> I have lots
[03:43] <FloatingInDarkness> like what
[03:43] <StarlinSkyrim> Name it and it is but yours
[03:43] <StarlinSkyrim> :P
[03:43] <FloatingInDarkness> *remembers what her nicknames are*
[03:43] <TheWiseOne> Vulom = Darkness
[03:44] <TheWiseOne> Dark, chu'r now Vulom
[03:44] <StarlinSkyrim> Float, chu female???
[03:44] <BachLynn23> Snoopy, Potato Chip, Peanut, Bach, Bachy, Bachoo, Bacharoo,, Rooster, Beckster, Beck, Becca, Becky, Rebe, Crusty, Itchy, Boots, BootsieRay, ST, Lex, Lexi, Alexa ummmmm I'm missing a few
[03:44] <FloatingInDarkness> sorta 
[03:44] <BachLynn23> Lynn
[03:44] <BachLynn23> Chaunt Mi
[03:44] <BachLynn23> Sun Mi
[03:44] <StarlinSkyrim> *hides behind Onik*
[03:44] <BachLynn23> *Chaung
[03:45] <StarlinSkyrim> We need a noun kind of nickname
[03:45] <TheWiseOne> *looks for Boots in dragon speak*
[03:45] <FloatingInDarkness> my nickname at school is Nazi and Eva
[03:45] <LongClawTiger> Impressive array of names there...
[03:45] <StarlinSkyrim> *hides behind Bach and Kaaz*
[03:45] <BachLynn23> OH and yoda
[03:45] <BachLynn23> Lois
[03:46] <BachLynn23> 23
[03:46] <BachLynn23> ^ don't ask
[03:46] <StarlinSkyrim> I actually have no nickname IRL
[03:46] <LongClawTiger> I typically go by LCT (as here), Rukh, Mu Cao, or Mr. Tower.
[03:46] <BachLynn23> Jennifer
[03:46] <StarlinSkyrim> Peaches
[03:46] <StarlinSkyrim> That is mine
[03:46] <FloatingInDarkness> technically speaking their more like insults then actual nicknames
[03:46] <LongClawTiger> Sky Peaches?
[03:46] <BachLynn23> Taz
[03:47] <StarlinSkyrim> No, just Peaches. Starlin isn't really mah name and I don't go by it either
[03:47] <StarlinSkyrim> I just wrote a book with a charrie that was Starlin
[03:47] <StarlinSkyrim> and mah charrie in Skyrim was Starlin
[03:47] <StarlinSkyrim> Hence the username
[03:48] <LongClawTiger> Sometimes chars work their way into the mix. That is how I got Mu Cao.
[03:48] <BachLynn23> millions of peaches....peaches for me
[03:48] <StarlinSkyrim> My Cow?
[03:48] <StarlinSkyrim> *eats peaches* mah peaches
[03:48] <LongClawTiger> Mu Cao, like Moo Cow
[03:48] <StarlinSkyrim> Ohohohohohohoh I see
[03:48] <TheWiseOne> Simon, Mona, Mony, Lightbulb, Momo, Dayna, Mo, Shmo, Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Spamoney, Joey
[03:48] <TheWiseOne> I'm missing a few, I know it/
[03:48] <StarlinSkyrim> I used to be called Retch
[03:48] <StarlinSkyrim> (sad) 
[03:48] <LongClawTiger> This the greastest freaking general to ever conquer ancient China! God that campaign was epic!
[03:49] <StarlinSkyrim> cause I would throw up all the time
[03:49] <TheWiseOne> oooh
[03:49] <FloatingInDarkness> WG you wanna rp
[03:49] <StarlinSkyrim> I was a colicy baby
[03:50] <StarlinSkyrim> and even now I have a gag reflex that triggers at the slightest thing (angry) 
[03:50] <LongClawTiger> Mu Cao was suppossed to be a joke character that my friend Mike and I created. He was suppossed to suck at everything, but through some loophole in the game he ended up rocking everything.
[03:50] <StarlinSkyrim> Which is just stupid
[03:50] <StarlinSkyrim> I mean at what I said
[03:50] <TheWiseOne> We could call Bach "Miin"
[03:50] <StarlinSkyrim> not chu LCGT
[03:50] <StarlinSkyrim> *LCT
[03:50] <TheWiseOne> Miin means eyes
[03:50] <TheWiseOne> Bach like pictures of eyes
[03:50] <StarlinSkyrim> Does Kwani sound male or female?
[03:50] <BachLynn23> true
[03:50] <TheWiseOne> Unisex
[03:51] <BachLynn23> what about the word for time?
[03:51] <TheWiseOne> Hmm
[03:51] <BachLynn23> time = time lord = david tennant = awesome
[03:51] <TheWiseOne> Looking...
[03:51] <StarlinSkyrim> I know Patience is Krosis......but IDK about time
[03:51] <LongClawTiger> Is any of the claim team on tonight?
[03:51] <TheWiseOne> Kel is Elder Scroll
[03:52] <LongClawTiger> Guess it doen't matter too much. Need to go in a min
[03:52] <StarlinSkyrim> Did I give chu star LCT?
[03:52] <TheWiseOne> Drog is lord
[03:53] <LongClawTiger> Not that I know of
[03:53] <StarlinSkyrim> :O
[03:53] <LongClawTiger> *goes to look*
[03:53] <TheWiseOne> Bach, Time Lord is
[03:53] <TheWiseOne> Drog Tiid
[03:53] <BachLynn23> oooooo
[03:54] <TheWiseOne> I'm ready for Comic-Con :D
[03:54] <TheWiseOne> (bounce) 
[03:54] <StarlinSkyrim> Lok, Onik, Kaaz, and Drog Tiid.
[03:54] <StarlinSkyrim> We should be superheroes or something
[03:54] <TheWiseOne> and Vulom
[03:54] <StarlinSkyrim> whadda heck? Template major fail
[03:54] <TheWiseOne> FloatingInDarkness
[03:55] <LongClawTiger> Yay! it didn't appear right, but I still appreciate the badge. :)
[03:55] <StarlinSkyrim> Welcomes
[03:55] <StarlinSkyrim> fixed it 
[03:55] <LongClawTiger> Shiny!
[03:55] <StarlinSkyrim> Hi Outsider
[03:55] <StarlinSkyrim> Shiny?
[03:55] <TheWiseOne> Uh-oh
[03:55] <StarlinSkyrim> Poofy?
[03:55] <TheWiseOne> No
[03:55] <StarlinSkyrim> Whatwhatwaht?
[03:55] <TheWiseOne> According to ES wiki, "wise" is Wuth
[03:56] <LongClawTiger> What? The star isn't suppossed to shine?
[03:56] <TheWiseOne> not Onik
[03:56] <StarlinSkyrim> ohh.
[03:56] <FloatingInDarkness> @wise yeah
[03:56] <StarlinSkyrim> @Onik/Wuth
[03:56] <StarlinSkyrim> whadda chu want to be called?
[03:56] <StarlinSkyrim> Onik or Wuth?
[03:56] <TheWiseOne> Onik is "old"
[03:56] <Outsider8357> holy sh** i missed alot
[03:56] <TheWiseOne> >.<
[03:56] <StarlinSkyrim> :O
[03:56] <LongClawTiger> what is wolf in dragonese?
[03:56] <StarlinSkyrim> LOL
[03:56] <StarlinSkyrim> hold on
[03:56] <Outsider8357> stupid houseguests
[03:56] <TheWiseOne> Grohiik
[03:56] <TheWiseOne> is wolf
[03:57] <StarlinSkyrim> Too fast for moi, Wuth/Onik
[03:57] <StarlinSkyrim> Any other nickname chu want
[03:57] <StarlinSkyrim> ??
[03:57] <LongClawTiger> that doesn't really roll off the tongue
[03:57] <StarlinSkyrim> Grohiik. Sounds like crotch kick
[03:57] <StarlinSkyrim> Maybe it's just me
[03:57] <FloatingInDarkness> @outsider you have no idea 
[03:57] <LongClawTiger> Or a redneck farmer
[03:57] <TheWiseOne> Norok grohiik is "fierce wolf"
[03:58] <LongClawTiger> No rock! Grow hick!
[03:58] <TheWiseOne> XD
[03:58] <Outsider8357> no idea what
[03:58] <Outsider8357> what i missed?
[03:58] <TheWiseOne> Dragon speak, Outsider
[03:58] <Outsider8357> dragon speak?!?!
[03:58] <LongClawTiger> we are giving nicknames in dragonese
[03:59] <TheWiseOne> Kaaz, chu'r my ahmul
[03:59] <Hyugabyakugan12> how bout me? can some1 give me dragonese nickname?
[03:59] <Outsider8357> i have clearly missed some fundamental idea while i was in my leave of absense
[03:59] <TheWiseOne> "husband"
[03:59] <StarlinSkyrim> Nicknames, Hyu?
[03:59] <Hyugabyakugan12> yep
[03:59] <Hyugabyakugan12> my nicknamw
[03:59] <Outsider8357> dragonese??????
[03:59] <TheWiseOne> Star, we need.... A BLOG
[03:59] <Hyugabyakugan12> *nickname
[03:59] <LongClawTiger> Kaaz-Ahmul...sounds Egyptian...I like it!
[03:59] <StarlinSkyrim> Yes Wuth
[03:59] <StarlinSkyrim> we do
[03:59] <Outsider8357> J4, you still there? 
[03:59] <TheWiseOne> We can add everyone's nicknames in Dragonese
[03:59] <Outsider8357> pm
[04:00] <StarlinSkyrim> Yeah....
[04:00] <TheWiseOne> King?
[04:00] <Outsider8357> i feel that i missed too much]
[04:00] <LongClawTiger> anyhoo...must be off now, See you all later!
[04:00] <Outsider8357> can someone give me something to do>
[04:00] <TheWiseOne> Bye Kaaz-Ahmul
[04:00] <Outsider8357> see yah
[04:00] <FloatingInDarkness> same 
[04:01] <LongClawTiger> Bye Wuth!
[04:01] <TheWiseOne> Bye
[04:01] <BachLynn23> so do I get to be Drog Tiid?
[04:01] <StarlinSkyrim> King, your name is Jun in Dragonspeak
[04:01] <StarlinSkyrim> if you see this
[04:01] <FloatingInDarkness> whats mine
[04:01] <StarlinSkyrim> Sure Drog Tiid
[04:01] <TheWiseOne> I am a grohiik sivaas
[04:01] <Hyugabyakugan12> how bout me?
[04:02] <TheWiseOne> "wolf beast"
[04:02] <TheWiseOne> Wuth, the grohiik sivaas!
[04:02] <Outsider8357> *just sits with nothing to say because does not understand what is going on*
[04:02] <StarlinSkyrim> Nice Wuth
[04:02] <StarlinSkyrim> I like it
[04:02] <Hyugabyakugan12> whats mine?
[04:03] <TheWiseOne> What's "queen"?
[04:03] <TheWiseOne> Hyu, waht's chur nicknames?
[04:03] <Hyugabyakugan12> vince
[04:03] <TheWiseOne> Nouns
[04:03] <Outsider8357> *is sad*
[04:03] <TheWiseOne> Like, sky or mountain
[04:03] <StarlinSkyrim> Whenever a troll come on, call him... Ufiik
[04:03] <TheWiseOne> Why, Outsider?
[04:03] <Hyugabyakugan12> noun.....noun....triangle
[04:04] <StarlinSkyrim> *that sounded wrong*
[04:04] <StarlinSkyrim> Ufiik
[04:04] <TheWiseOne> Triangle?
[04:04] <Outsider8357> cause, i used to remember the time when i was part of all the conversations in chat, but school has actually turned me into a frendly outsider
[04:04] <Hyugabyakugan12> yeah 
[04:04] <TheWiseOne> Outsider, got any nicknames?
[04:04] <Outsider8357> not really
[04:04] <TheWiseOne> Think of another one, Hyu?
[04:04] <Hyugabyakugan12> sure
[04:05] <Outsider8357> wait, what do you mean, wise
[04:05] <Outsider8357> like, real nicknames
[04:05] <TheWiseOne> Yeah
[04:05] <StarlinSkyrim> Should I make le blog, Wise?
[04:05] <TheWiseOne> Like, "Vinny" or "Scout"
[04:05] <TheWiseOne> Sure
[04:05] <StarlinSkyrim> kk
[04:05] <Outsider8357> um... do mean nicknames count
[04:05] <TheWiseOne> Lok, open it with, "Drem yol lok, erveyone!"
[04:05] <TheWiseOne> Or something
[04:05] <TheWiseOne> @Outsider, no, of course not
[04:06] <Outsider8357> then, i can't really think of any
[04:06] <Hyugabyakugan12> me too
[04:06] <TheWiseOne> http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Language
[04:06] <TheWiseOne> Look on there
[04:07] <TheWiseOne> Me = Wuth, grohiik sivaas
[04:07] <TheWiseOne> Star = Lok
[04:07] <TheWiseOne> LCT = Kaaz
[04:07] <TheWiseOne> Bach = Drog Tiid
[04:07] <TheWiseOne> Dark = Vulom
[04:07] <TheWiseOne> King = Jun
[04:08] <Outsider8357> i still cant really think of one, cause they don't have mean names on them
[04:08] <StarlinSkyrim> what does Grohiik sivass mean again, Wuth?
[04:08] <TheWiseOne> Wolf beast
[04:09] <Hyugabyakugan12> call me konahrik = warlord
[04:09] <StarlinSkyrim> oh yeah
[04:09] <TheWiseOne> Okay then
[04:10] <FloatingInDarkness> can mine be Dinok, Grohiik, Nahkriin, Sos
[04:10] <FloatingInDarkness> one of those
[04:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> sos is great
[04:10] <TheWiseOne> Dark, chur Valom
[04:10] <FloatingInDarkness> it means blood
[04:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> since it lessens typing duration
[04:10] <TheWiseOne> *Vulom
[04:10] <TheWiseOne> Darkness
[04:10] <TheWiseOne> Blood is Sos
[04:10] <Outsider8357> could i make one that describes me/
[04:10] <Outsider8357> *?
[04:11] <TheWiseOne> make?
[04:11] <Outsider8357> phrase a nickname?...
[04:11] <StarlinSkyrim> Making blog post, feel free to edit it for anything Wuth
[04:11] <StarlinSkyrim> Crapo
[04:12] <FloatingInDarkness> Qo
[04:12] <Outsider8357> you know what, wise or wuth, whatever you want me to call you, why don't you give me a nickname yourself
[04:12] <FloatingInDarkness> is means lightning 
[04:12] <Outsider8357> its not gonna make much of a difference
[04:12] <FloatingInDarkness> why not 
[04:12] <TheWiseOne> Um
[04:12] <TheWiseOne> Lemme look
[04:13] <TheWiseOne> Stin?
[04:13] <StarlinSkyrim> [[User blog:StarlinSkyrim/Your Name in Dragon Language]]
[04:13] <TheWiseOne> It means Free
[04:13] <TheWiseOne> Lok?
[04:13] <TheWiseOne> PM?
[04:13] <Outsider8357> cause I'm always gonna be the awkward nerdy-ish kid with cool talents that no one really likes, try to be friends with but end up despising, and bullied
[04:14] <FloatingInDarkness> welcome to the club buddy
[04:14] <StarlinSkyrim> >.>.> Wuth
[04:14] <Outsider8357> um... ok
[04:14] <TheWiseOne> Outsider?
[04:14] <BachLynn23> but you're my son, so I'll kill all the bullies
[04:14] <Outsider8357> yup
[04:14] <TheWiseOne> You're Mulaag
[04:15] <TheWiseOne> It means "strength"
[04:15] <FloatingInDarkness> I hate bullies so I'll help
[04:15] <Outsider8357> strength?
[04:15] <FloatingInDarkness> yup
[04:15] <StarlinSkyrim> *eats bullies*
[04:15] <Outsider8357> i can hardly see how i am strong
[04:15] <FloatingInDarkness> you've survived everything this long 
[04:15] <StarlinSkyrim> You aren't dead
[04:15] <FloatingInDarkness> that represents strength
[04:16] <Outsider8357> EVERYONE i know underestimates me, my strength, and my brainpower, which is the stongest of them all
[04:16] <Outsider8357> i guess
[04:16] <FloatingInDarkness> Its because you challenge them
[04:16] <FallenBlackAngel> Hai
[04:16] <TheWiseOne> Hai
[04:16] <StarlinSkyrim> FALL!
[04:16] <StarlinSkyrim> Hai
[04:17] <FallenBlackAngel> I'm back from being grounded
[04:17] <Outsider8357> hey
[04:17] <FloatingInDarkness> people are always scared of intelligence
[04:17] <TheWiseOne> Fall! We must find your Dovahkiin name!
[04:17] <FloatingInDarkness> Fallen (hugs) 
[04:17] <FallenBlackAngel> My whuza name?
[04:17] <Outsider8357> *takes some time to search deep inside his soul*
[04:18] <FallenBlackAngel> Whos soul?
[04:18] <StarlinSkyrim> [[User blog:StarlinSkyrim/Your Name in Dragon Language]]
[04:18] <StarlinSkyrim> that should explaino
[04:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> now i know why some are afraid of me @float
[04:18] <FloatingInDarkness> Tuz
[04:18] <TheWiseOne> Fall is Mah
[04:18] <StarlinSkyrim> Hi Dem
[04:18] <TheWiseOne> Hunter?
[04:18] <FloatingInDarkness> whats that mean
[04:18] <TheWiseOne> That's Ah
[04:18] <Demi-hunter13> Hey Star
[04:19] <Outsider8357> hi demi
[04:19] <TheWiseOne> Tuz is blade
[04:19] <FloatingInDarkness> hey demi
[04:19] <Demi-hunter13> hi. I don't think we've met before.. @Outsider
[04:19] <FallenBlackAngel> Out, who's sul were you looking for?
[04:19] <TheWiseOne> Damn, it's getting late 0.0
[04:19] <Outsider8357> nope
[04:19] <FloatingInDarkness> outsider you wanna rp
[04:19] <FallenBlackAngel> soul*
[04:19] <Outsider8357> i haven't been around lately because of school
[04:19] <Outsider8357> sure
[04:19] <Demi-hunter13> well then it's nice to meet you
[04:20] <Hyugabyakugan12> wifey!!!!! *hugs*
[04:20] <FloatingInDarkness> sweet
[04:20] <Demi-hunter13> Hubby! :D
[04:20] <FallenBlackAngel> What's my name in Dragon Language?
[04:20] <FloatingInDarkness> which char
[04:20] <FloatingInDarkness> who/where
[04:20] <Hyugabyakugan12> i can approve ur char at kane demi since wuth gave me permission
[04:20] <Outsider8357> um, just go to my userpage to see my chars
[04:20] <TheWiseOne> @Fall, Your dragon name is Mah
[04:20] <Demi-hunter13> wuth?
[04:20] <FallenBlackAngel> Mah?
[04:20] <TheWiseOne> Yes?
[04:20] <FallenBlackAngel> Hunter?
[04:21] <Outsider8357> i wonder if im the only single one here right now
[04:21] <StarlinSkyrim> gtg
[04:21] <StarlinSkyrim> (sad) 
[04:21] <TheWiseOne> Mah is fall
[04:21] <TheWiseOne> Ah is Hunter
[04:21] <Demi-hunter13> *ish confused now* -.-
[04:21] <StarlinSkyrim> Krosis everyone
[04:21] <Weirdo Guy> bye
[04:21] <TheWiseOne> Bye Lok
[04:21] <Hyugabyakugan12> bai lok
[04:21] <StarlinSkyrim> bah Wuth
[04:21] <Outsider8357> auf wiederzen
[04:21] <TheWiseOne> Drem yol lok
[04:21] <FallenBlackAngel> Bai Lok
[04:21] <StarlinSkyrim> (wave) 
[04:21] <FallenBlackAngel> (waves)
[04:21] <FallenBlackAngel> Wave)
[04:21] <FallenBlackAngel> Dammit!
[04:21] <TheWiseOne> (wave) 
[04:21] <FallenBlackAngel> (wave) 
[04:21] <Outsider8357> (wave) 
[04:21] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[04:22] <Outsider8357> hehe, i can do it!
[04:22] <BachLynn23> @wise posted on ronan
[04:22] <FallenBlackAngel> All the (wave) 's are in sync
[04:22] <TheWiseOne> Ok
[04:22] <Outsider8357> FID, you pick yet?
[04:22] <Outsider8357> vulom?
[04:22] <FloatingInDarkness> oh yeah sorry can you use Adam and I'll use Luna
[04:23] <Outsider8357> k
[04:23] <Outsider8357> where?
[04:23] <FloatingInDarkness> you can post on my page 
[04:23] <Outsider8357> ooh! minigolf!
[04:23] <Outsider8357> when did they add that?
[04:24] <Outsider8357> you wanna do that?
[04:24] <Hyugabyakugan12> ohaiderelucy
[04:24] <FloatingInDarkness> [[Luna Francesca Williams|Luna_Francesca_Williams]]
[04:25] <FallenBlackAngel> I'm a Hunter in DL
[04:25] <FallenBlackAngel> Float, Luna looks...
[04:25] <FallenBlackAngel> Wow
[04:25] <TheWiseOne> Fall, you're Ah, then?
[04:25] <TheWiseOne> Or mah?
[04:25] <FallenBlackAngel> Yeah
[04:25] <FallenBlackAngel> Mah
[04:26] <FloatingInDarkness> what?
[04:26] <FloatingInDarkness> is her picture taken?
[04:26] <FloatingInDarkness> oh and fall I posted at the pub so.
[04:26] <FallenBlackAngel> Sean! *tackle hugs*
[04:27] <FallenBlackAngel> @Float k
[04:27] <Sean187jr> *is hugged* hey
[04:27] <FloatingInDarkness> Sean *takes out gun*
[04:27] <TheWiseOne> *puts Vulom's gun away*
[04:27] <Sean187jr> Shoot me go I will have no regrets.
[04:27] <Outsider8357> i posted
[04:27] <FallenBlackAngel> *sees gun*
[04:27] <FloatingInDarkness> kk
[04:27] <TheWiseOne> Guys, no fighting, okay?
[04:27] <FallenBlackAngel> I am Mah. Hunter
[04:27] <FloatingInDarkness> *shoots sean the homophobe down*
[04:27] <TheWiseOne> Mah is Fall
[04:27] <TheWiseOne> Ah is Hunter
[04:28] <Outsider8357> ...
[04:28] <Demi-hunter13> -.- I'm getting pinged again 
[04:28] <TheWiseOne> Sorry
[04:28] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[04:28] <Demi-hunter13> S'okay
[04:28] <Outsider8357> *waiting if the fighting resumes*
[04:28] <FallenBlackAngel> What's Demi's name mean in DL?
[04:28] <Demi-hunter13> DL?
[04:28] <TheWiseOne> Hunter
[04:28] <TheWiseOne> Ah
[04:28] <FallenBlackAngel> K
[04:28] <Sean187jr> Float what the heck is your prob?
[04:29] <TheWiseOne> Hey, guys, what did I say about the fighting?
[04:29] <Demi-hunter13> No fighting allowed? :)
[04:29] <FallenBlackAngel> Yesh
[04:29] <FallenBlackAngel> No fight
[04:29] <Sean187jr> *never did anything*
[04:29] <TheWiseOne> Sean187jr
[04:29] <TheWiseOne> Shoot me go I will have no regrets.
[04:29] <TheWiseOne> 11:27
[04:29] <TheWiseOne> 
[04:30] <FallenBlackAngel> Or my Dark side will show
[04:30] <FallenBlackAngel> *eyes Float and Sean*
[04:30] <Demi-hunter13> ROFL!!! :DDD
[04:30] <Sean187jr> Wait no fighting?*realizes* that's bad for me.
[04:30] <RofLFERBERG> Hai
[04:30] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[04:30] <Sean187jr> Hola Rofl
[04:30] <Demi-hunter13> you changed your awie....
[04:30] <TheWiseOne> You're just catching on now?
[04:30] <FloatingInDarkness> *continues to shoot sean*
[04:30] <Hyugabyakugan12> ohaidererainboworganicfoodsandlifestyles
[04:30] <TheWiseOne> Float, cut it out
[04:31] <RofLFERBERG> Herro Hyu
[04:31] <Outsider8357> float, you post
[04:31] <Hyugabyakugan12> hai issey
[04:31] <Outsider8357> *yet
[04:31] <FloatingInDarkness> yeah 
[04:31] <TheWiseOne> Hello Issey
[04:31] <Outsider8357> hi
[04:31] <FloatingInDarkness> was just about to tell you
[04:31] <Sean187jr> Wise um I enjoy pain it's funny. I'm sadistic
[04:31] <Issey3789> Hey
[04:31] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[04:31] <Kingbirdy> sean, float, what is it with you two?
[04:31] <TheWiseOne> Well, I don't.
[04:31] <FallenBlackAngel> Okaaaaaaaay?
[04:31] <Issey3789> What is Float and Sean agruing about
[04:31] <FloatingInDarkness> no thats masochist 
[04:32] <TheWiseOne> I haven't a clue
[04:32] <Kingbirdy> and sean, that's masochistic, if you want to be stupid, be grammatically correct about it.
[04:32] <Issey3789> Arguing
[04:32] <FallenBlackAngel> @Float did u post at the Pub?
[04:32] <Sean187jr> @King I don't know what the bloody hell you are talking about.
[04:32] <Issey3789> Stop arguing please
[04:32] <Issey3789> bye
[04:32] <TheWiseOne> Sean, seriously?
[04:32] <FloatingInDarkness> seriously I am a sadist because I enjoy peoples pain
[04:32] <Kingbirdy> sadistic is enjoying inflicting pain on others
[04:32] <Kingbirdy> masochistic is enjoying it yourself
[04:32] <FloatingInDarkness> yeah
[04:32] <FallenBlackAngel> Har har har (sarcastic laugh)
[04:32] <FloatingInDarkness> just look at Albert Fish
[04:33] <FloatingInDarkness> I wasn't joking
[04:33] <FallenBlackAngel> This is awkward
[04:33] <FallenBlackAngel> J4
[04:33] <FallenBlackAngel> I read number letters
[04:34] <BachLynn23> *licks someone*
[04:34] <FallenBlackAngel> Like my name in number letters will be F4ll3n
[04:34] <TheWiseOne> *is licked*
[04:34] <BachLynn23> ;)
[04:34] <J4N3Y> That awkward moment when you see the chat after being afk and someone's talking about you...
[04:34] <Outsider8357> posted
[04:34] <J4N3Y> XP
[04:34] <Sean187jr> *just meditates*
[04:34] <TheWiseOne> I'm clean, Bach.
[04:34] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[04:34] <RofLFERBERG> *pours ketchup on Sean*
[04:34] <Kingbirdy> float, sean, from now on you guys need to tone it down, alright? every time you two are in chat together, you're fighting, and it disturbs everyone else.
[04:35] <J4N3Y> ^
[04:35] <FallenBlackAngel> *rips hair off of Sean's head*
[04:35] <FloatingInDarkness> *sulks*
[04:35] <FloatingInDarkness> Yay go fallen
[04:35] <FallenBlackAngel> *polishes Sean's bald head*
[04:35] <TheWiseOne> Fall, seriously?
[04:35] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[04:35] <TheWiseOne> It's not funny
[04:35] <Sean187jr> *grows hair in anime form*
[04:35] <FallenBlackAngel> Whaaaat?!
[04:35] <TheWiseOne> Ripping his hair out?
[04:35] <FloatingInDarkness> *shaves seans head again*
[04:35] <Sean187jr> *chases Rofl*
[04:35] <FloatingInDarkness> anywho
[04:35] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[04:35] <Outsider8357> hi
[04:36] <Outsider8357> sfsaf?
[04:36] <FallenBlackAngel> Sfsaf?
[04:36] <FallenBlackAngel> wtf?
[04:36] <RofLFERBERG> You don't know what that means?
[04:36] <FallenBlackAngel> No
[04:36] <Outsider8357> float, your reply was "sfsaf"
[04:36] <Outsider8357> 
[04:37] <Outsider8357> what the heck
[04:37] <RofLFERBERG> Well me neither =P
[04:37] <J4N3Y> XD
[04:37] <FallenBlackAngel> xDDD
[04:37] <FloatingInDarkness> no I have to do that
[04:37] <FloatingInDarkness> my computer glitches
[04:37] <Outsider8357> why, exactly
[04:37] <Outsider8357> oh
[04:37] <FallenBlackAngel> ROTFLOL
[04:37] <Sean187jr> KML
[04:37] <FloatingInDarkness> so I need to post again to see you original message
[04:37] <Outsider8357> ok
[04:37] <Outsider8357> i got time
[04:38] <Sean187jr> *stands on a tree*
[04:38] <Sean187jr> Its so quiet.
[04:38] <FallenBlackAngel> Float, post at the Training Arena
[04:39] <TheWiseOne> Not really
[04:39] <Outsider8357> stupid hand
[04:39] <FloatingInDarkness> k
[04:39] <Outsider8357> "why u no stop hurting!?!?"
[04:39] <TheWiseOne> G2g guys
[04:39] <Sean187jr> Bye Wise
[04:39] <Weirdo Guy> bye
[04:39] <TheWiseOne> Ttyl
[04:39] <J4N3Y> byw wise (wave) 
[04:39] <Outsider8357> i broke my hand 2 weeks ago
[04:39] <Outsider8357> bye
[04:39] <J4N3Y> *bye
[04:40] <Sean187jr> You okay outsider?
[04:40] <FallenBlackAngel> Bye! Feel better soon! (wave) 
[04:40] <Demi-hunter13> cya wise
[04:40] <FloatingInDarkness> I did post
[04:40] <FallenBlackAngel> Training Arena....wait I'm an idiot.
[04:40] <Outsider8357> yup, im fine
[04:41] <Sean187jr> *gets ready to pound Rofl for putting ketchup on hair*
[04:41] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey wifey, PM? nothing that special
[04:41] <Demi-hunter13> okie 
[04:41] <FloatingInDarkness> *is watching old Disney classics*
[04:41] <FloatingInDarkness> 
[04:41] <Outsider8357> float, its not changing
[04:41] <Sean187jr> *shudders at the word disney*
[04:41] <FloatingInDarkness> what isn't
[04:42] <Demi-hunter13> What's wrong with Disney? *glares at Sean*
[04:42] <RofLFERBERG> The "new" Disney
[04:42] <Demi-hunter13> new disney?
[04:42] <FloatingInDarkness> the "new" sucks
[04:42] <Outsider8357> disney+pixar= (thumbs up)
[04:42] <Demi-hunter13> *doesn't know about it*
[04:42] <Outsider8357> wow
[04:42] <RofLFERBERG> The ones after Suite Life, Wizards, etc.
[04:42] <FloatingInDarkness> they ruined Disney 
[04:43] <Outsider8357> disney-pixar=eh, yuckl
[04:43] <RofLFERBERG> *shudders*
[04:43] <FallenBlackAngel> @Float Posted
[04:43] <FloatingInDarkness> have you posted out
[04:43] <Outsider8357> disney comedies shows= *i just exploded*
[04:43] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[04:43] <Sean187jr> I love Disney classics. They were cool. *fires rockets at new Disney*
[04:44] <Outsider8357> float, its not changing
[04:44] <Outsider8357> all i see is the sfsaf thing
[04:44] <RofLFERBERG> Hey Hyu can I be your estranged nephew twice removed?
[04:45] <Outsider8357> i gotta go now
[04:45] <Sean187jr> Bye Outsider.
[04:45] <RofLFERBERG> Bye 
[04:45] <Outsider8357> sider out! (live long and prosper)
[04:45] <Outsider8357> my friends
[04:45] <FloatingInDarkness> bye out you just have to type something and post then change it
[04:46] <Outsider8357> what?
[04:46] <Sean187jr> Wb Outsider.
[04:46] <Outsider8357> howd i get back in!?!?!?!??!
[04:46] <FloatingInDarkness> the same thing happens to me
[04:46] <Sean187jr> XD
[04:46] <FallenBlackAngel> Float. My charrie's greeted Luna
[04:46] <Outsider8357> ok, so while i'm still here, ill stay for 5 more min
[04:47] <Outsider8357> hey kitty
[04:47] <KittyInASheepsClothes> heyo
[04:47] <Sean187jr> Hola 
[04:47] <Weirdo Guy> Hi Kitty
[04:47] <Demi-hunter13> hi Kitty
[04:47] <Outsider8357> float, can you explain what you mean
[04:48] <Sean187jr> *drinks mayonnaise*
[04:48] <RofLFERBERG> NO my mayo!
[04:48] <RofLFERBERG> That took a week to make!
[04:48] <Sean187jr> *finishes the mayo*
[04:48] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[04:48] <Outsider8357> i made this up yesterday: the common reaction to someone without real intellect watching Inception
[04:48] <Sean187jr> That was refreshing.
[04:49] <RofLFERBERG> *cries in a corner*
[04:49] <Sean187jr> XD
[04:49] <FloatingInDarkness> kk
[04:49] <RofLFERBERG> My friend will get so mad at me. He missed a funeral to help me make it
[04:49] <Outsider8357> Fu**! It's a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream! HOLY S*I*
[04:49] <FloatingInDarkness> @both fallen and outsider
[04:49] <FallenBlackAngel> kays
[04:50] <Sean187jr> *shoots seven wind turbines from fingers at Rofl*
[04:50] <FloatingInDarkness> its like a glitch were the other persons message doesn't load so you need to post another message
[04:51] <Hyugabyakugan12> what things are related to soul and memory?
[04:51] <RofLFERBERG> *takes out Escrima sticks and thumps Sean*
[04:52] <Hyugabyakugan12> ohaiderecourtney
[04:52] <FallenBlackAngel> Posted Float
[04:52] <Demi-hunter13> Hey Courtney. Nice to meet you :)
[04:52] <Courtney di Angelo> hi
[04:52] <Courtney di Angelo> nice to meet you too
[04:53] <FallenBlackAngel> Demi
[04:53] <Demi-hunter13> yesh?
[04:53] <FallenBlackAngel> Wanna RP w/ my newest charrie?
[04:53] <Demi-hunter13> sure
[04:53] <Demi-hunter13> link?
[04:53] <Courtney di Angelo> anyone wanna rp?
[04:53] <FallenBlackAngel> k
[04:53] <Sean187jr> Rofl PM.
[04:54] <FallenBlackAngel> [[Alana Seafard|Alana_Seafard]]
[04:55] <FloatingInDarkness> posted
[04:55] <FloatingInDarkness> I will di
[04:55] <Demi-hunter13> Fall, pick: Layla or Zach
[04:56] <FallenBlackAngel> Zach
[04:56] <Demi-hunter13> kk
[04:57] <RofLFERBERG> I really wanna see a tarsier
[04:57] <Demi-hunter13> why a tarsier?
[04:57] <RofLFERBERG> No reason. They've always bee one of my fav animals
[04:57] <Sean187jr> I'm gonna live my life it doesn't matter if we party tonight.
[04:58] <RofLFERBERG> Right after rooks and tigers. Tied with Platypi
[04:58] <Demi-hunter13> ok....
[04:58] <Demi-hunter13> posted fallen
[04:58] <Hyugabyakugan12> tarsiers are in the phils rofl
[04:58] <Sean187jr> Rofl I send you a link in PM.
[04:59] <RofLFERBERG> I know. (to sean and hyu)
[04:59] <Sean187jr> k
[04:59] <Courtney di Angelo> *sigh* i gotta leave now. if you know of anyone that remembers me, tell them i was on and that i'll be on again soon. some examples would me: bach, pers, ghost, soa, comic
[04:59] <RofLFERBERG> kk bye
[04:59] <FloatingInDarkness> kk will do
[04:59] <BachLynn23> hi
[04:59] <Sean187jr> Bye di Angelo
[04:59] <BachLynn23> I'm here
[04:59] <BachLynn23> was afk
[04:59] <BachLynn23> hey court
[04:59] <Courtney di Angelo> oh hey
[05:00] <Courtney di Angelo> i can get a little more time
[05:00] <BachLynn23> what's goin on? long time no see
[05:00] <BachLynn23> (happy) 
[05:00] <Hyugabyakugan12> wibbles bach
[05:00] <Courtney di Angelo> i know, it's been so long
[05:00] <BachLynn23> sweet sounds awesome
[05:00] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey what things are related to soul and memory?
[05:00] <BachLynn23> eh, less than some longer than others
[05:00] <BachLynn23> your mother
[05:00] <BachLynn23> ....
[05:00] <BachLynn23> sorry that was mean
[05:00] <BachLynn23> XD
[05:01] <BachLynn23> crap biscuits are done, I'll see you round the wiki court, good to know you'll be around more
[05:01] <BachLynn23> (squeeze) 
[05:01] <Hyugabyakugan12> :P
[05:01] <FallenBlackAngel> Posted Float xD
[05:01] <FallenBlackAngel> Watching a hilarious show
[05:01] <Courtney di Angelo> i will. finished a play and felt the urge to come back here
[05:02] <Courtney di Angelo> well. i gotta get going now too. bye. hope to get to know some of the new users
[05:02] <FallenBlackAngel> The Late Late Night show
[05:02] <RofLFERBERG> Well hi Court. I'm Ferb
[05:04] <FloatingInDarkness> Posted
[05:04] <Demi-hunter13> brb
[05:05] <Sean187jr> Rofl if your Ferb where is Phineas?
[05:05] <RofLFERBERG> Probly at the mall
[05:07] <Sean187jr> Or building a rocket.
[05:07] <FallenBlackAngel> Posted Demi
[05:07] <Demi-hunter13> k
[05:07] <RofLFERBERG> Nah those bore him now. He's moved on to space bridges
[05:08] <Hyugabyakugan12> Rainbow Organic Foods and Lifestyles For Excessive Rheumatism But Excludes Real Gastritis - awful
[05:08] <RofLFERBERG> o.o
[05:08] <Demi-hunter13> XD Nice
[05:08] <RofLFERBERG> Want me to talk to Iris about our acronym?
[05:09] <Hyugabyakugan12> Nah she'll give us ding-dongs
[05:09] <Demi-hunter13> or wheat germ tea
[05:09] <RofLFERBERG> *shudder*
[05:10] <Demi-hunter13> I wonder how it tastes like
[05:10] <RofLFERBERG> Ding dongs- okay
[05:10] <Sean187jr> Demi just don't try it.
[05:10] <Demi-hunter13> ..... ok
[05:10] <RofLFERBERG> Tea-*pukes*
[05:10] <Sean187jr> It tastes horrible.
[05:10] <Demi-hunter13> posted fallen
[05:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> or cupcake simulations or macrobiotic jerky
[05:10] <RofLFERBERG> Jerky- Oddly good
[05:11] <Sean187jr> *mesmorized* Jerky....
[05:11] <RofLFERBERG> It's spelled mesmerized
[05:11] <Sean187jr> I don't care.....
[05:12] <RofLFERBERG> I do
[05:12] <Sean187jr> Annnnnd the problem is.
[05:12] <RofLFERBERG> That you spelled it incorrectly
[05:13] <Sean187jr> Not my problem.
[05:13] <RofLFERBERG> Still in denial? 
[05:14] <Sean187jr> *is dead serious now* I don't care if words are spelled correctly or incorrectly 
[05:15] <FallenBlackAngel> It matters in High School and College
[05:15] <FloatingInDarkness> oh just warning you sean if anyone tells you to check out red tube DON'T
[05:15] <FloatingInDarkness> 
[05:15] <RofLFERBERG> Okay then. Matters in my life. Sorry to disturbe you
[05:15] <RofLFERBERG> o.o
[05:15] <FloatingInDarkness> She's right 
[05:15] <Sean187jr> Why shouldn't I check red tube?
[05:15] <FallenBlackAngel> I got a 11th grade average in my grammer in 5th grade
[05:16] <FallenBlackAngel> @Sean DON'T!
[05:16] <FloatingInDarkness> Theirs this kid in 7th grade who still can't spell Iran 
[05:16] <FallenBlackAngel> Oh wow!
[05:16] <FallenBlackAngel> That's stupid
[05:16] <FloatingInDarkness> Dude you'll never be the same
[05:16] <Sean187jr> Im gonna look at red tube you two girls are making me curious.
[05:16] <RofLFERBERG> I got a 13th grade average in 5th grade
[05:16] <FallenBlackAngel> I knew what stubborn meant when I was 2
[05:16] <RofLFERBERG> Sean
[05:16] <RofLFERBERG> just dont
[05:16] <FallenBlackAngel> Don't
[05:16] <RofLFERBERG> Wait!
[05:16] <Sean187jr> Too late.
[05:17] <FallenBlackAngel> It's horrible
[05:17] <FallenBlackAngel> Oh god
[05:17] <RofLFERBERG> Fallen and Float?!
[05:17] <RofLFERBERG> 
[05:17] <FallenBlackAngel> Don't say we didn't warn you
[05:17] <FloatingInDarkness> now you know what I have to put up with the kids at my school (except for a few) simpletons
[05:17] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[05:17] <RofLFERBERG> You went there?! T.T
[05:17] <FallenBlackAngel> Oh wow
[05:17] <FloatingInDarkness> he didn't
[05:17] <Kingbirdy> I'm off
[05:17] <FallenBlackAngel> They must be dumb
[05:17] <Kingbirdy> ngiht
[05:17] <FloatingInDarkness> night
[05:17] <RofLFERBERG> Night
[05:17] <FallenBlackAngel> Sean?
[05:17] <FallenBlackAngel> Oh god!
[05:17] <Sean187jr> *drops to knees*
[05:17] <RofLFERBERG> *facepalm*
[05:18] <FallenBlackAngel> (facepalm) 
[05:18] <FloatingInDarkness> nasty right
[05:18] <RofLFERBERG> His innocent mind has been corrupted
[05:18] <Sean187jr> My eyes!
[05:18] <FallenBlackAngel> Ikr!?
[05:18] <RofLFERBERG> We told you
[05:18] <FloatingInDarkness> I thought how bad could it be then I saw the first page
[05:18] <RofLFERBERG> You went on?!
[05:18] <RofLFERBERG> 
[05:18] <Sean187jr> Hahahahaha. I found that a long time ago.
[05:18] <FallenBlackAngel> Lemon Party is the worst!
[05:18] <RofLFERBERG> o.o
[05:18] <FallenBlackAngel> my friend showed me
[05:18] <FloatingInDarkness> yeah you should have seen the convo this morning
[05:19] <FallenBlackAngel> I was like, "O.e"
[05:19] <FloatingInDarkness> same
[05:19] <FallenBlackAngel> I was mortifyed for a week
[05:19] <FloatingInDarkness> the images are burnt into my mind
[05:19] <Sean187jr> Your freaking out. Wow just wow. I watched all that when I was nine.
[05:19] <FloatingInDarkness> I will never look at two people kissing the same again
[05:19] <FallenBlackAngel> WTF?!
[05:19] <FloatingInDarkness> see creepy
[05:19] <RofLFERBERG> I did when I was 11- I mean what?! Who said that?
[05:20] <RofLFERBERG> Nah just iddin
[05:20] <RofLFERBERG> *kiddin
[05:20] <FloatingInDarkness> and yes the kids at my school are idiots to the point where I have trouble talking to them because they are so stupid
[05:20] <Sean187jr> I know it's weird but when I first saw it the memories were in my mind I couldn't stop.
[05:20] <RofLFERBERG> I got to a nerd school
[05:20] <FloatingInDarkness> lucky
[05:20] <FloatingInDarkness> I want to get into a gifted school
[05:21] <FloatingInDarkness> but their aren't many in my state
[05:21] <RofLFERBERG> I used to be the "smartest" now I'm considered "dumb"
[05:21] <FloatingInDarkness> really
[05:21] <FloatingInDarkness> I am still in the top 5
[05:21] <Sean187jr> Ha. We made Fallen Bail.
[05:21] <FloatingInDarkness> have been since 5th grade
[05:21] <RofLFERBERG> A bunch of people skipped Pre-Algebra and went straight to Algebra
[05:22] <FloatingInDarkness> I can't even do pre algebra
[05:22] <FloatingInDarkness> ironically my reading skill are over college level
[05:22] <RofLFERBERG> I'm so close to not making Honors next year
[05:22] <FloatingInDarkness> anyone on the Duke TIP program here
[05:22] <RofLFERBERG> Mine too =)
[05:23] <Weirdo Guy> gtg
[05:23] <Weirdo Guy> bye
[05:23] <RofLFERBERG> bye
[05:23] <FloatingInDarkness> I swear I have more friends in books then I do in real life
[05:23] <FloatingInDarkness> (high five)
[05:23] <Sean187jr> What reading level did you guys have when you were little?
[05:23] <FloatingInDarkness> (high-five) 
[05:23] <RofLFERBERG> I had a 12.8 cuz that was our max
[05:23] <RofLFERBERG> *high five*
[05:24] <FloatingInDarkness> by 1st grade I was reading 4rth grade books
[05:24] <FloatingInDarkness> maturity wise anyway
[05:24] <FloatingInDarkness> I read many of the classics in that grade
[05:25] <Sean187jr> Dude my reading level was so high i was at a high school reading level even better than that.
[05:25] <FloatingInDarkness> Now many books seem dull 
[05:25] <RofLFERBERG> I wasn't accepted into a private school because I couldn't write, but the principal interviwed me and saw my potential
[05:25] <FloatingInDarkness> I past that level when I was in 4rth grade
[05:25] <RofLFERBERG> *interviewed
[05:25] <Demi-hunter13> wb fallen
[05:25] <Sean187jr> Wb Fallen.
[05:25] <FloatingInDarkness> I'm in private school trust me its not all that good
[05:25] <FloatingInDarkness> great*
[05:25] <FallenBlackAngel> ty
[05:26] <RofLFERBERG> It was an actual good one though. Then we moved
[05:26] <FloatingInDarkness> my school is known for its sports but its academics aren't that good
[05:26] <Sean187jr> Im in a private school too. But Float and Rofl if you went there you would change.
[05:27] <RofLFERBERG> How so?
[05:27] <RofLFERBERG> 
[05:27] <FloatingInDarkness> all the kids are rich stuck up snobs just waiting for their inheritance to kick in
[05:27] <FloatingInDarkness> at least I don
[05:27] <FloatingInDarkness> dont have to worry about peer pressure
[05:27] <FallenBlackAngel> How to I make my own Badge of Approval? Like for friendship and stuff?
[05:28] <RofLFERBERG> Yeah I want one too
[05:28] <FloatingInDarkness> cuze I have no peers to pressure me
[05:28] <Sean187jr> I used to be a pain hating social kid who loves games. But when entered the school I turned into a pain loving kid who still loves games and is social at times.
[05:29] <RofLFERBERG> Well gtg. I have a busy day tommorow
[05:29] <Sean187jr> Bye Rotfl.
[05:30] <Comiclove> Just came to say hi
[05:30] <Comiclove> hi
[05:30] <Comiclove> ....
[05:30] <Demi-hunter13> Hey Comic
[05:30] <Comiclove> :P
[05:30] <Comiclove> hey demi
[05:30] <Comiclove> o/ 
[05:30] <Sean187jr> Hola Comic.
[05:30] <Comiclove> hola Sean
[05:30] <Comiclove> o/ 
[05:31] <Comiclove> or Shalom
[05:31] <Comiclove> gtg again
[05:31] <FallenBlackAngel> Shalom Comic
[05:31] <Comiclove> need me sleep
[05:31] <Comiclove> :P
[05:31] <Comiclove> Night
[05:31] <FallenBlackAngel> Night
[05:31] <Demi-hunter13> Night
[05:31] <Sean187jr> Night Drik.
[05:32] <Sean187jr> Fallen Shalom is my word don't take it.
[05:32] <FallenBlackAngel> xP
[05:33] <Sean187jr> BRB
[05:34] <FloatingInDarkness> thank god he's gone
[05:35] <FallenBlackAngel> -.-
[05:35] <FallenBlackAngel> He's back brohan
[05:35] <Demi-hunter13> brohan?
[05:35] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[05:35] <FallenBlackAngel> Brohon I think
[05:36] <Sean187jr> Don't say the hell bringer is gone yet.
[05:36] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[05:38] <FallenBlackAngel> Demi posted on Alana
[05:39] <Demi-hunter13> kk
[05:39] <FallenBlackAngel> My dad siad f*ck to me like 3 times
[05:39] <Demi-hunter13> o.o
[05:39] <FallenBlackAngel> He was frustrated at me idk why
[05:40] <Demi-hunter13> posted
[05:41] <Sean187jr> XD
[05:41] <FloatingInDarkness> rp anyone
[05:41] <FallenBlackAngel> Were still RPing Float
[05:42] <Sean187jr> Ask your Boyfriend Rofl Float.
[05:42] <FloatingInDarkness> yesh but you haven't replied
[05:42] <FallenBlackAngel> Yeah
[05:42] <FallenBlackAngel> Wait hold on
[05:42] <FallenBlackAngel> Posted Demi
[05:44] <FallenBlackAngel> k NOW posted Float
[05:44] <Demi-hunter13> fallen, you sure? I don't see it
[05:44] <FallenBlackAngel> Refresh or clear your cache
[05:45] <FallenBlackAngel> I posted
[05:45] <Demi-hunter13> ah. there we go
[05:46] <Demi-hunter13> posted
[05:47] <FallenBlackAngel> Posted
[05:47] <FloatingInDarkness> I dont see
[05:48] <FallenBlackAngel> I meant Demi
[05:48] <FallenBlackAngel> Did you refresh Float?
[05:49] <FloatingInDarkness> yes several times
[05:50] <FallenBlackAngel> Did you clear your cache?
[05:50] <FloatingInDarkness> whats that
[05:50] <FallenBlackAngel> do u use Google Chrome?
[05:50] <FloatingInDarkness> yeah
[05:50] <FallenBlackAngel> Go to that little Wrench beside the browser
[05:51] <FallenBlackAngel> Click and go to Settings
[05:51] <FallenBlackAngel> The go to Under the Hood
[05:51] <FallenBlackAngel> Click Clear Browsing Data
[05:52] <FallenBlackAngel> Make sure there's only a Check mark beside Empty the Cache
[05:52] <FallenBlackAngel> Then click Clear browsing Data
[05:53] <FallenBlackAngel> Demi!! *tackle (hug) *
[05:53] <Demi-hunter13> *ish tackle hugged* Hi
[05:53] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[05:53] <Hyugabyakugan12> wibbles wifey
[05:53] <Demi-hunter13> thanks Hubby
[05:53] <FallenBlackAngel> wtf?
[05:53] <Demi-hunter13> ?
[05:53] <FallenBlackAngel> Awkward
[05:53] <Demi-hunter13> .....
[05:54] <Sean187jr> Fallen you had to be there.
[05:54] <FloatingInDarkness> posted
[05:54] <FallenBlackAngel> Be where?
[05:54] <Demi-hunter13> ^
[05:54] <Sean187jr> Demi you tell her.
[05:55] <Demi-hunter13> Last Monday (it was monday right?) Hyu and I had a wiki chat wedding ministered by Posey (or was it Elfie?)
[05:55] <FallenBlackAngel> Oh
[05:55] <Demi-hunter13> I can't remember the details since it was rushd
[05:55] <Demi-hunter13> *rushed
[05:56] <Sean187jr> *blood comes from eyes*
[05:56] <FallenBlackAngel> wtf?!
[05:57] <Sean187jr> Whats wrong?
[05:57] <Demi-hunter13> ARGH! *kicks internet* Why u so slow?
[05:57] <Demi-hunter13> >.<
[05:57] <FallenBlackAngel> Blood...eyes...*faints*
[05:57] <Sean187jr> Ha.
[05:58] <FloatingInDarkness> posted fallen
[05:58] <Demi-hunter13> anyone wanna rp?
[05:59] <FloatingInDarkness> I will
[05:59] <Demi-hunter13> just post here: [[Layla Collins]]
[06:00] <FallenBlackAngel> Posted Float
[06:00] <FloatingInDarkness> kk
[06:04] <FloatingInDarkness> *kills internet*
[06:04] <Demi-hunter13> Gyps! :D
[06:04] <GypsyThief> Hunter! :D
[06:05] <GypsyThief> 'Sup guys>?
[06:06] <FallenBlackAngel> Hey Float, can I butt in te RP with u and Moodle?
[06:06] <FallenBlackAngel> Aqua is my Half-Naiad Sis
[06:10] <Demi-hunter13> wb Cone
[06:10] <Demi-hunter13> -.-
[06:10] <GypsyThief> Hey Sean
[06:11] <Sean187jr> Lott what's up?
[06:11] <GypsyThief> LOTTIE! *glompz*
[06:11] <Nhlott> GYPS!!
[06:11] <Nhlott> *glompz*
[06:11] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[06:13] <FloatingInDarkness> posted
[06:13] <FloatingInDarkness> demi you wanna rp
[06:13] <Nhlott> Bach!! *glompz*
[06:13] <Demi-hunter13> sure
[06:13] <GypsyThief> Hey Bach
[06:13] <FloatingInDarkness> which char
[06:13] <BachLynn23> *glompzedsed*
[06:13] <BachLynn23> hi
[06:13] <Sean187jr> Hola Bach (wave) 
[06:13] <Demi-hunter13> Layla for me
[06:13] <BachLynn23> I finally joined tumblr today
[06:13] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:13] <Demi-hunter13> Hi Bach :)
[06:13] <FloatingInDarkness> Draco
[06:14] <FloatingInDarkness> post on the page 
[06:14] <BachLynn23> hi
[06:14] <FloatingInDarkness> [[Draco Einar Wolfganghttp://camphalfbloodroleplay.wikia.com/wiki/Draco Einar Wolfgang|Draco_Einar_Wolfganghttp://camphalfbloodroleplay.wikia.com/wiki/Draco_Einar_Wolfgang]]
[06:14] <FloatingInDarkness> [[Draco Einar Wolfgang|Draco_Einar_Wolfgang]]
[06:15] <FallenBlackAngel> Hai HH
[06:15] <HadesHero> *rides a kangaroo into chat*
[06:15] <Sean187jr> Hola Hades (wave) 
[06:15] <HadesHero> Hello :P
[06:15] <FallenBlackAngel> Float, your Template.
[06:16] <BachLynn23> *noms kantaroo*
[06:16] <HadesHero> Anyone else like the movie/book the outsiders? jw
[06:16] <BachLynn23> ]*kangaroo
[06:16] <Sean187jr> *kicks someone to Greenland*
[06:16] <HadesHero> No not Hank!
[06:16] <HadesHero> @bach
[06:16] <Demi-hunter13> posted Float
[06:16] <BachLynn23> *spits out hank*
[06:16] <BachLynn23> O.O
[06:16] <BachLynn23> *waves hand*
[06:17] <BachLynn23> this is not the kanga you are looking for
[06:17] <HadesHero> XD
[06:17] <Sean187jr> XD
[06:17] <FallenBlackAngel> wtf happened to Float?
[06:18] <BachLynn23> she floated away?
[06:18] <Sean187jr> Yep she did.
[06:18] <HadesHero> ah....I new that was coming
[06:18] <HadesHero> Is it strange I dream about the hunger games ? XD
[06:19] <Sean187jr> Nope
[06:19] <FallenBlackAngel> Anyone want to RP? I already posted at the Park
[06:19] <Sean187jr> Ok I will.
[06:19] <FallenBlackAngel> My charrie, Alana, Shadow Traveled for the first time
[06:19] <FallenBlackAngel> She fainted like Nico did in the Percy Jackson books
[06:19] <HadesHero> *recording what everyone is saying now*
[06:20] <FallenBlackAngel> oh god
[06:20] <Sean187jr> *hits Hades*
[06:20] <Nhlott> *wants a taco*
[06:20] <Sean187jr> Whats wrong Fallen?
[06:20] <FallenBlackAngel> HH
[06:20] <HadesHero> * wherein a Wire*
[06:21] <Sean187jr> *points a gun at Hades Hero*
[06:21] <Sean187jr> You heard to much.
[06:22] <HadesHero> Meh ill be back XD
[06:22] <HadesHero> 
[06:22] <Sean187jr> XD
[06:22] <HadesHero> *epic momment*
[06:23] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[06:24] <FallenBlackAngel> Sean, di u post?
[06:24] <FallenBlackAngel> did*
[06:24] <Sean187jr> Oh sorry.
[06:24] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[06:25] <FallenBlackAngel> Forget about Alana as she slips into acoma
[06:26] <Sean187jr> Brb some fool lock me out my hotel.
[06:26] <FallenBlackAngel> oh god i hate that
[06:27] <HadesHero> Dude you know something strange?
[06:27] <FallenBlackAngel> wut?
[06:27] <FallenBlackAngel> Wait who?
[06:27] <FallenBlackAngel> Some people mistake me by a boy
[06:27] <HadesHero> im in a college program O.O idk how ...................
[06:27] <HadesHero> XD
[06:27] <FallenBlackAngel> Oh no! xD
[06:28] <HadesHero> For 3 years too XD
[06:28] <HadesHero> 
[06:28] <FallenBlackAngel> Bwahahahaha!
[06:28] <HadesHero> Pick the dyslexic boy for the program I guess lmao
[06:28] <FallenBlackAngel> I'm ADHD
[06:28] <FallenBlackAngel> Hai Float
[06:28] <FallenBlackAngel> I posted
[06:28] <Demi-hunter13> Wb Float
[06:28] <HadesHero> High five! were demigods in the making :P
[06:29] <FloatingInDarkness> same I have ADHD dyslexia 
[06:29] <Demi-hunter13> >.< *wishes she had either one of the two*
[06:29] <FloatingInDarkness> dyscalculia 
[06:29] <HadesHero> Demi...its horrible
[06:29] <FloatingInDarkness> and OCD
[06:29] <FloatingInDarkness> 
[06:29] <Demi-hunter13> :( Still....
[06:29] <HadesHero> I see words all I cant even explain it
[06:30] <HadesHero> And it can hurt your grades big time
[06:30] <FallenBlackAngel> Demi, you don't want ADHD nor dyslexia
[06:30] <FallenBlackAngel> I have a friend who has dyslexia
[06:30] <HadesHero> if you dont put in more effort than most people would have to
[06:30] <FallenBlackAngel> She hates it
[06:30] <FloatingInDarkness> ADHD is awesome 
[06:30] <Demi-hunter13> ok ok. She?
[06:30] <HadesHero> We all do Angel theres no benfits
[06:31] <HadesHero> xD
[06:31] <FallenBlackAngel> ik
[06:31] <FloatingInDarkness> I love having it
[06:31] <FallenBlackAngel> Yeah..not me.
[06:31] <HadesHero> whats it like?
[06:31] <FloatingInDarkness> although it might just be Asperges Syndrome
[06:32] <FallenBlackAngel> I have to take drops for me to focus
[06:32] <FloatingInDarkness> I have to take meds
[06:32] <FallenBlackAngel> Even with the drops, I still don't focus.
[06:32] <FloatingInDarkness> drops?
[06:32] <Sean187jr> Fallen I posted. Guy let me back in he is a jackass.
[06:32] <FallenBlackAngel> xD
[04:42] <Comiclove> I have dominance over my friends now with NGE XD
[04:42] <Narutofreak0> gods......
[04:42] <Narutofreak0> so..........
[04:42] <Narutofreak0> tiiiireeeeeeed....
[04:42] <Comiclove> ?
[04:42] <Comiclove> Ah
[04:42] <Narutofreak0> *collapses on the floor*
[04:42] <Comiclove> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ghzBgqIYPY <------ That band I was talking about
[04:44] <Comiclove> :P
[04:45] <Comiclove> brb, gotta get ready for a band meeting XD
[04:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hai Icy
[04:46] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Ice
[04:46] <Ducks-r-homicidal> BACHIE
[04:46] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *glompz ice and bach*
[04:46] <BachLynn23> DUCKSIE
[04:46] <Theharlequin> hey ice
[04:46] <BachLynn23> *is glompzed*
[04:46] <Theharlequin> hey bach *hugs*
[04:46] <BachLynn23> hi (wave) *hugs*
[04:47] <Iceclaw100> damnit
[04:47] <Comiclove> Hey ice, <span style="color:red;">Bachbot</span>, and Bach
[04:47] <BachLynn23> *damns it*
[04:47] <Iceclaw100> god damn laptop
[04:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> BACHY! *glompz*
[04:47] <Comiclove> Elfie, you still disturbed?
[04:47] <Iceclaw100> hi everyone
[04:47] <Comiclove> :P
[04:47] <Comiclove> hey check person
[04:47] <Comiclove> o/ 
[04:47] <BachLynn23> *damns the laptop*
[04:47] <Comiclove> long time, no see
[04:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yes, Comic >.>
[04:47] <Comiclove> XDDD
[04:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> Mentall
[04:47] <Comiclove> Sorry, Elfie
[04:47] <Comiclove> :P
[04:47] <Comiclove> But I warned you
[04:47] <Iceclaw100> why is elf disturbed?
[04:47] <Check Reversal> hello
[04:47] <Check Reversal> oh i was wondering
[04:47] <Comiclove> Neon Genesis Evangelion clip, Ice
[04:47] <Iceclaw100> ok
[04:47] <Check Reversal> I need help
[04:48] <Comiclove> Whatcha need now?
[04:48] <Check Reversal> oh if a pictur is aproved
[04:48] <Check Reversal> check Skye Berry Roca's profile pic
[04:48] <Comiclove> picture*
[04:48] <Theharlequin> Ducks?
[04:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> God damn stupid internet >.<
[04:49] <Theharlequin> wb elfie
[04:49] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Yes?
[04:49] <Comiclove> wb elfie
[04:49] <Comiclove> Elfie Lied...
[04:49] <Comiclove> o.o
[04:49] <Theharlequin> Post?
[04:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> Danke
[04:49] <Ducks-r-homicidal> @Check isn't dat Emma Roberts?
[04:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> I lied? o.o
[04:49] <Comiclove> little parody of Elfen Lied
[04:49] <Comiclove> XP
[04:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> xP
[04:49] <Comiclove> one of my friends is obsessed with Elfen Lied e_e
[04:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> brb
[04:50] <Comiclove> brb
[04:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> back
[04:50] <Ducks-r-homicidal> wibbles
[04:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> danke
[04:51] <BachLynn23> *damns stupid internet*
[04:51] <Comiclove> *watches*
[04:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> Danke, Bachy :P
[04:51] <Comiclove> *still has that extra 32gig brain lying around*
[04:51] <BachLynn23> xD
[04:51] <Comiclove> Now, where did it go?... >_>
[04:52] <Comiclove> <_<
[04:52] <Narutofreak0> *has to go*
[04:52] <Comiclove> *accidentally steps on it*
[04:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> Byebye N---nvm
[04:52] <Comiclove> Awwww, I broke my extra brain XD
[04:52] <Iceclaw100> *is very bored, and imagines auron wearing a cowboy outfit*
[04:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> I really have to stop following people >.<
[04:52] <BachLynn23> well I'm not buying you another one
[04:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> That make me depressed anyway
[04:52] <BachLynn23> if you couldn't even take care of that one
[04:52] <Comiclove> XD
[04:52] <Comiclove> You make it sound so casual
[04:52] <Comiclove> XD
[04:53] <BachLynn23> I finally made a tumblr account
[04:53] <BachLynn23> XD
[04:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> Link, Bachy!
[04:53] <Comiclove> Cool Story, Doc
[04:53] <Comiclove> :P
[04:53] <Iceclaw100> i havnt
[04:53] <BachLynn23> http://bachlynn23.tumblr.com/
[04:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> Danke :D
[04:53] <BachLynn23> and a wattpad account
[04:53] <Theharlequin> hey ale
[04:53] <Comiclove> Cool
[04:53] <Comiclove> Hey Ale o/ 
[04:53] <BachLynn23> I made a watt pad account and transferred all my stuff from the CU wiki to it
[04:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> Follo---------ALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *glompz*
[04:53] <Comiclove> Cool@Bach
[04:53] <Comiclove> Elfie
[04:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> -wed, Bachy :3
[04:53] <Ducks-r-homicidal> ALEEEEEE
[04:54] <Alejandro231> Hey Everyone *is glompzed*
[04:54] <Iceclaw100> hi ale
[04:54] <Comiclove> Do you want me to link another NGE?
[04:54] <Comiclove> :P
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> >.>
[04:54] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *licks ale*
[04:54] <BachLynn23> OMG you're my first follower on tumblr
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> <.<
[04:54] <BachLynn23> XD
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> <.>
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> >.<
[04:54] <Comiclove> XD
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD Bachy
[04:54] <BachLynn23> you should get a prize for that
[04:54] <Comiclove> Seizure xD
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> YAY! 
[04:54] <Comiclove> gtg
[04:54] <BachLynn23> *gives elfie an endless supply of (cookie) s*
[04:54] <Comiclove> ;_;
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yes, Comic xP
[04:54] <Comiclove> bbl in like 2 hours
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yay!
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> Byebye
[04:54] <Comiclove> D:
[04:54] <Comiclove> Oh, XD
[04:54] <Comiclove> Bye
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> *noms cookies*
[04:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> xD
[04:54] <Comiclove> Bye everyone
[04:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> Laters
[04:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey J4
[04:55] <J4N3Y> hey elfie
[04:55] <J4N3Y> (wave) 
[04:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> Typing something and then deleting it again.... What I do everyday
[04:56] <J4N3Y> ^
[04:57] <Iceclaw100> <3 1D
[04:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yes, Ice!
[04:58] <Iceclaw100> haha
[04:59] <BachLynn23> *is following elfie now*
[04:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> :D
[04:59] <Ducks-r-homicidal> BACH chu must follow meh
[04:59] <Iceclaw100> louis is super cute too
[05:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> ikr?!
[05:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> But Niall... omg
[05:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> [[hotguysandshit.tumblr.com]]
[05:01] <BachLynn23> I thought you're supposed to chase the goose, not the duck
[05:01] <BachLynn23> XP
[05:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[05:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> (duck) 
[05:01] <BachLynn23> *has an overwhelming urge to pat someone on the head, yell goose and run away quickly*
[05:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[05:01] <BachLynn23> *irl, not here*
[05:01] <BachLynn23> I did that once on a dare
[05:01] <BachLynn23> in walmart
[05:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh, god, good times :')
[05:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[05:02] <BachLynn23> went up behind someone, touched their head, and yelled goose
[05:02] <BachLynn23> XD
[05:02] <Iceclaw100> *pats bach's head* goose *runs away*
[05:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> XDD
[05:02] <BachLynn23> *is following ducks*
[05:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Yay!
[05:03] <Iceclaw100> *starts to play with a ball of yarn*
[05:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I now have 50 followers!
[05:03] <BachLynn23> xD *suddenly wants to change user name to Geese-r-pathological*
[05:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XP
[05:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> Shat ap, Duckling
[05:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[05:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> I only have 17 >.>
[05:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XP
[05:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I hate it when someone follows you on tumblr and you follow back cuz its polite but then they end up posting porn all the time 
[05:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[05:05] <BachLynn23> *takes porn down*
[05:05] <BachLynn23> haha just kidding
[05:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> I never get that xP
[05:05] <BachLynn23> it wasn't me
[05:05] <BachLynn23> XD
[05:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[05:05] <Iceclaw100> O.O guy on guy, or guy on girl, or girl on girl???
[05:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> Following 71 people, 17 people followed...
[05:06] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I should change my tumblrs theme
[05:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ugh, brb, eating
[05:06] <Iceclaw100> *wants auron to get on*
[05:08] <BachLynn23> *wants lottie to get on*
[05:08] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *wants shadeh to get on*
[05:09] <J4N3Y> *wants everybody to get on...besides the annoying people*
[05:09] <Iceclaw100> *curls up at bach's feet*
[05:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *wishes pretty little liars was on* (sad) 
[05:10] <J4N3Y> ^
[05:10] <BachLynn23> *pets icey reassuringly on the head* it's ok, he'll be on soonish
[05:10] <Theharlequin> ducks, are you able to post?
[05:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I shall no
[05:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> link?
[05:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> J chu watch pll
[05:11] <Theharlequin> [[Ryurik Konstantivoz]]
[05:11] <Iceclaw100> hi moo, and thanks bachie
[05:11] <J4N3Y> Yes!
[05:11] <J4N3Y> @Ducks
[05:11] <Ducks-r-homicidal> YAYA
[05:12] <Moodle> Hey everyone
[05:12] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Whose chur favorite chick?
[05:12] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I'm in love with Emily (love) 
[05:12] <J4N3Y> ^
[05:12] <J4N3Y> YES!
[05:12] <Ducks-r-homicidal> And my favorite male is Jason cuz he's sex on legs...
[05:13] <J4N3Y> XD
[05:13] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Well, its true
[05:13] <J4N3Y> It sure is...
[05:14] <Iceclaw100> picture please
[05:14] <J4N3Y> of Jason?
[05:14] <Iceclaw100> yes
[05:14] <Ducks-r-homicidal> http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3wtla2Sle1r4kae2o1_500.jpg
[05:14] <Ducks-r-homicidal> ^that
[05:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> and OMFG spencer, jason and allie are all half siblings 
[05:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *dies*
[05:15] <Iceclaw100> *faints from pure hotness of Jason*
[05:15] <J4N3Y> XD
[05:15] <J4N3Y> *revives Ducks*
[05:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[05:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I love Jason
[05:16] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Aria should just dump creepy mr. fitz and love jason already
[05:16] <Iceclaw100> and its even better because hes just in underwear *faints again*
[05:16] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XP
[05:16] <J4N3Y> Amen Ducks!
[05:16] <Ducks-r-homicidal> He used to be a model
[05:16] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I don't get why people find Ezra hot...
[05:16] <Iceclaw100> *steals him away*
[05:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> OMFG J
[05:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I just realized something
[05:17] <Iceclaw100> *imagines a hot smexy seen between Jason, me and auron*
[05:17] <J4N3Y> What?
[05:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> jason and spencer are half-siblings
[05:18] <J4N3Y> :O
[05:18] <Ducks-r-homicidal> melissa is spencer's sister
[05:18] <Theharlequin> ...*hits head against a wall*
[05:18] <J4N3Y> Mind blow!!! (squeal) 
[05:18] <Iceclaw100> whats wrong harle???
[05:18] <Ducks-r-homicidal> didn't Jason like bang melissa?
[05:18] <J4N3Y> I thought so..
[05:18] <Iceclaw100> incest
[05:18] <J4N3Y> XD
[05:18] <Theharlequin> did not need that image ice
[05:19] <Ducks-r-homicidal> ^
[05:19] <Moodle> ^^
[05:19] <J4N3Y> 6
[05:19] <J4N3Y> *^
[05:19] <Moodle> *Shoots himself in the foot*
[05:19] <Theharlequin> *returns to hitting head on wall
[05:19] <Iceclaw100> *shoots moodle in his other foot*
[05:19] <Moodle> *Dodges*
[05:20] <Ducks-r-homicidal> http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3pue0mCOC1rv5isoo1_250.gif
[05:20] <Ducks-r-homicidal> jason smile
[05:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> backers
[05:20] <Theharlequin> *pokes ducks*
[05:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[05:20] <Theharlequin> wb elfie *hugs*
[05:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> Danke *hugs back*
[05:21] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I shall post now harle
[05:21] <Ducks-r-homicidal> jason sexyness got me distracted
[05:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[05:21] <Theharlequin> i guessed
[05:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> semi-afk a sec, checking my emails >.>
[05:22] <FloatingInDarkness> hey 
[05:23] <Petite'likkle'elf> *pokes Duckling*
[05:23] <FloatingInDarkness> hey sean I say we call a truce before we both get kicked off this chat
[05:24] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Yes Elf?
[05:24] <Sean187jr> Way ahead of you.
[05:24] <Ducks-r-homicidal> posted Harle
[05:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> Posty-y on Jace?
[05:24] <Ducks-r-homicidal> sure
[05:24] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Imma link myself
[05:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> danke
[05:24] <Ducks-r-homicidal> [[Jace Bradley]]
[05:25] <FloatingInDarkness> moodle I posted
[05:25] <Ducks-r-homicidal> posted on Jace
[05:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> k
[05:25] <Moodle> k float
[05:25] <FloatingInDarkness> I posted elf and harl
[05:25] <FloatingInDarkness> harle*
[05:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> k, err, where?
[05:26] <FloatingInDarkness> *has no idea*
[05:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> On Draco?
[05:27] <Theharlequin> where float?
[05:27] <FloatingInDarkness> yes
[05:27] <FloatingInDarkness> Underworld
[05:28] <Theharlequin> RUBY *glompz too*
[05:28] <RubyRose17> ELFIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! *glompz back* :D
[05:28] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Ruby
[05:28] <FloatingInDarkness> hey ruby
[05:28] <RubyRose17> HARLEEE! *glompz back too*
[05:28] <RubyRose17> hey Ducks!
[05:28] <Iceclaw100> oh hi ruby
[05:28] <RubyRose17> hey Float!
[05:28] <RubyRose17> hey Ice!
[05:28] <RubyRose17> i like chu new avie elfie
[05:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> Danke :D
[05:29] <Theharlequin> posted ducks
[05:30] <Ducks-r-homicidal> kk
[05:30] <Iceclaw100> i feel like a nico fic, but i dont want to read another nicoXpercy, im not sue what i should look for though
[05:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Duckling? Where to go?
[05:31] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I ish here
[05:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> No, where is Jace and Loz gonna go?
[05:32] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Ohh
[05:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> xP
[05:32] <Theharlequin> fixed post ducks
[05:32] <Ducks-r-homicidal> You choose I'm doing some model hunting for meh and ale's future chars
[05:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> Okay....
[05:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> Posted, Duckling
[05:34] <FloatingInDarkness> moodle you posted yet
[05:34] <Moodle> posted
[05:34] <Moodle> wait
[05:34] <Moodle> hold on, editor
[05:34] <Moodle> ok, NOW posted
[05:36] <Moodle> .
[05:36] <Moodle> lag test
[05:37] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Harle the post is the same
[05:38] <Theharlequin> you reload the page
[05:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[05:39] <Moodle> wb sean
[05:39] <RubyRose17> hello sean
[05:40] <Sean187jr> Thanks. Crap they found us again! Hey Ruby
[05:41] <Iceclaw100> god my sister cant stop talking
[05:41] <Iceclaw100> she always rambles on
[05:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> Same >.>
[05:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> Actually, I haven't a clue where she is
[05:44] <Iceclaw100> god, edito hates me
[05:44] <FloatingInDarkness> @moodle posted
[05:44] <Moodle> just curious, no rush float, but have you posted?
[05:44] <Iceclaw100> editor*
[05:44] <Moodle> Oh, nvm
[05:45] <Iceclaw100> brb, need to get lunch
[05:45] <FloatingInDarkness> *continues to watch Michael Jackson video*
[05:45] <Moodle> Float, pm
[05:46] <FloatingInDarkness> i dont have any pm
[05:46] <Moodle> I just pmed you
[05:47] <Iceclaw100> back
[05:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> wb
[05:48] <Ducks-r-homicidal> anyone recognize him
[05:48] <Ducks-r-homicidal> http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn70/awsomeross/CamGigandet2.jpg
[05:48] <Petite'likkle'elf> No, but o.o
[05:48] <RubyRose17> i know he's an actor
[05:48] <Petite'likkle'elf> he is?
[05:48] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Yep
[05:48] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Cam Gigandet
[05:48] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[05:48] <Petite'likkle'elf> Never heard of him xP
[05:48] <Ducks-r-homicidal> He was in burlesque
[05:48] <Rawr27> Hai peoples
[05:49] <Ducks-r-homicidal> RAWR
[05:49] <Ducks-r-homicidal> [[Blaze Acosta]]
[05:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> *ultra mega uber tackle glompz*
[05:49] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Go there 
[05:49] <RubyRose17> RAWRRRRRR! :D *glompz*
[05:49] <Ducks-r-homicidal> bow
[05:49] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *now
[05:49] <Iceclaw100> hi rawr
[05:49] <Rawr27> *Hugs back Ruby and Elfiee* Okays
[05:49] <Moodle> SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[05:49] <Rawr27> BRO!
[05:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> You, *pokes Duckling* need to post on Blaze
[05:49] <Moodle> *Jumps, Dolphin Dives in midair and tackle hugs sis*
[05:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> And on Jace
[05:50] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Waiittt
[05:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> *waits*
[05:50] <Rawr27> Stupid chat froze -.-
[05:50] <Rawr27> *Hugs Bro back*
[05:51] <Rawr27> Has it froze again? o.o
[05:51] <Moodle> nope
[05:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wibbles
[05:51] <Rawr27> Why confuse me like that? :P
[05:51] <Moodle> *Hugs rawr* wb
[05:51] <Rawr27> *Hugs back*
[05:52] <Ducks-r-homicidal> so that pic I showed you before
[05:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yes?
[05:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> @Duckling
[05:52] <Ducks-r-homicidal> do you think i could use him?
[05:52] <Rawr27> My baby bro has measles D:
[05:52] <Rawr27> Just thought I'll randomly say that :P
[05:52] <Iceclaw100> *pokes rawr* you never said hi
[05:52] <Rawr27> HAI ICE
[05:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> Well, Idk him, Duckling
[05:52] <Iceclaw100> *hugs rawr*
[05:52] <Theharlequin> RAWR *glompz*
[05:52] <Rawr27> o.o
[05:52] <Ducks-r-homicidal> So yes/no...?
[05:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> Awww, Rawr :(
[05:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[05:53] <Rawr27> *Hugs back Harlee and Ice*
[05:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> Well, tbh, This is just me, I'm one person, there's a whole load of other people her
[05:53] <Sean187jr> Moodle if there is a bunch of dudes surrounding you with water balloons and hot sauce balloons what would you do?
[05:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> here
[05:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> **
[05:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wait
[05:53] <Dduffurg48> ruby check privet message
[05:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> Why am I saying tbh? o.o
[05:53] <Moodle> Hot sauce balloons
[05:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wibbles
[05:53] <Rawr27> Gah my chat keeps freezing -.-
[05:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> private*
[05:53] <Moodle> I would, shoot the hot sauce ballons
[05:54] <RubyRose17> oh okay
[05:54] <Theharlequin> ducks, you post?
[05:54] <Moodle> hopefully blinding them
[05:54] <Rawr27> *Sits on Harleee*
[05:54] <Sean187jr> Help! 
[05:54] <Dduffurg48> hi moodle
[05:54] <Theharlequin> Hey rawr *hugs*'
[05:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> *sits on---* Wait, am I already sitting on him? o.o
[05:54] <Moodle> hey
[05:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> idek xP
[05:54] <Moodle> Then beat them
[05:54] <Rawr27> Hai hai Harlee *hugs back*
[05:54] <Theharlequin> I think you are *hugs elfie*
[05:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> Okay then xP *hugs Harle*
[05:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wait
[05:54] <Ducks-r-homicidal> http://i2.listal.com/image/536368/600full-cam-gigandet.jpg
[05:54] <Ducks-r-homicidal> recognize him?
[05:54] <Rawr27> Oh btw Ducks I shall post soon, I'm changing Sarahs pic
[05:55] <Rawr27> NICKI *tackle hugs*
[05:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> Last I remember----NICKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! *ultra mega uber tackle glompz*
[05:55] <Theharlequin> NICKI *glompz*
[05:55] <RubyRose17> SISSY!!!!!!!!!!! *uber glompz*
[05:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> -------I was sitting in the corner, after meing metally scarred >.>
[05:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> being*
[05:55] <StarbucksChick> RAWR! *hugs back*
[05:55] <Rawr27> :D
[05:56] <StarbucksChick> ELFIEEEEE! *ultra mega uber tackle glompz back*
[05:56] <StarbucksChick> HARLE *glompz back*
[05:56] <StarbucksChick> RUBZ! *uber glompz back*
[05:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> :D
[05:56] <Rawr27> Oh Elfiee did chu post on le Coffee shop?
[05:56] <FloatingInDarkness> posted
[05:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> Link me?
[05:57] <Moodle> lol, good timing there
[05:57] <Moodle> I just noticed right when you said that
[05:57] <Moodle> hey ob
[05:57] <Oblivion26> Hola guys
[05:57] <Rawr27> [[Nearby Town/Coffee Shop]]
[05:57] <RubyRose17> hey Ob
[05:57] <Rawr27> DAD *hug*
[05:57] <Theharlequin> hey ob
[05:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> Danke
[05:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> OBBEH *glompz*
[05:57] <Sean187jr> Hey Oblivion
[05:57] <Oblivion26> Hey rawr *hugs*
[05:58] <Oblivion26> Hi everyone who said hi
[05:58] <Rawr27> Oh btw are they in a relationship now Elfiee? :P
[05:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> Errrm xP
[05:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> Maybe?
[05:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> idk xP
[05:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> LOAAAAAD you stooooooooooooopid page >.<
[05:58] <Rawr27> Lets just assume they are :P
[05:58] <Oblivion26> XD
[05:58] <Rawr27> I do have dibs so yah know :P
[05:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> Okay XD
[05:59] <Moodle> posted
[06:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'll be a few, Rawrie, post no coming up -_-
[06:00] <Rawr27> Okays
[06:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ruby
[06:00] <Sean187jr> Brb
[06:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> PM me please
[06:00] <RubyRose17> Elfie?
[06:00] <RubyRose17> k
[06:00] <Moodle> g2g
[06:00] <Moodle> bye le ppl
[06:00] <RubyRose17> bye Moo
[06:00] <Rawr27> Bye bye Bro *hugs*
[06:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> Byebye Moooooooo *hugs*
[06:00] <Moodle> bye *hugs all 3 of them*
[06:01] <StarbucksChick> bye bye uncle moo
[06:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> NickiNickiNickiNickiNickiNicki?
[06:01] <StarbucksChick> *sits on harle* rp anyone?
[06:01] <StarbucksChick> ElfieElfieElfieElfieElfieElfie?
[06:02] <Theharlequin> hey nicki *hugs*
[06:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> Errm, work on Jackiiiii?
[06:02] <StarbucksChick> *hugs back* on ittt
[06:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> Cool
[06:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> I need the history xP
[06:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ugh, my head still hirys
[06:03] <Theharlequin> Ruby, there's always room for you
[06:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> hurts*
[06:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> *falls asleep*
[06:03] <Theharlequin> *holds elfie up*
[06:03] <RubyRose17> *sits on Harle* XD
[06:04] <Theharlequin> Hey ruby *hugs*
[06:04] <RubyRose17> Hello harle *hugs back*
[06:05] <Rawr27> Posted on le Blaze Ducks
[06:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> Nicki?
[06:05] <StarbucksChick> Elfie?
[06:05] <Rawr27> Just making it clear everyone..I have dibs on Blaze :P
[06:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> Reblog some 1D-y stuff pwease? Li'l depressed again >.<
[06:05] <StarbucksChick> *nods and walks to her tumblr corner*
[06:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> kk rawr
[06:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> Danke :D
[06:06] <Theharlequin> i replied too ducks
[06:07] <RubyRose17> brb
[06:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> Posted on Draco, Float
[06:09] <StarbucksChick> better elfo?
[06:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hmm
[06:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> semi afk
[06:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh, I do love my Niall :')
[06:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> brb, 
[06:12] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Ob
[06:12] <Iceclaw100> posted bach
[06:12] <Iceclaw100> actually its just loading
[06:12] <Iceclaw100> and now its posted
[06:12] <Iceclaw100> and my laptop is finally working
[06:14] <StarbucksChick> o.o ALE! *uber mega tackle glompz*
[06:14] <StarbucksChick> lol i just realized that you're here
[06:14] <Rawr27> Ale? o.o
[06:14] <Rawr27> I thought he left?
[06:14] <StarbucksChick> but he's here!
[06:14] <Rawr27> ALE
[06:14] <Rawr27> hai :P
[06:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> bacl
[06:15] <StarbucksChick> pmmm elfieeee
[06:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> back*
[06:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> k
[06:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Bloomeh *hugs*
[06:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> Hai Elfeh *hugs back*
[06:16] <Rawr27> BLOOM *hugs*
[06:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> RAWR! *hugs back*
[06:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.< is my avvie loading?
[06:16] <Rawr27> Yeah
[06:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.< it's not loading for me
[06:17] <StarbucksChick> hai bloomeh *hugs*
[06:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> argh, I'm going to change it
[06:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> hai nickeh *hugs back*
[06:17] <Iceclaw100> hi bloom
[06:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> allo ice
[06:18] <Theharlequin> hey bloom
[06:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo harle
[06:19] <Theharlequin> Ducks?
[06:20] <StarbucksChick> bloomeh? post on iris?
[06:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> oh yeah, just a sec
[06:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted nicki
[06:24] <StarbucksChick> kk
[06:25] <Rawr27> Ducks ducks, chu posted on Blaze?
[06:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> Duckling, Posted on Blaze
[06:28] <Ducks-r-homicidal> What?
[06:28] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Oh yeah
[06:28] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XP
[06:28] <Rawr27> xD
[06:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[06:30] <Ducks-r-homicidal> @Rawr posted
[06:30] <Ducks-r-homicidal> @Elf i can't see ur post
[06:30] <Theharlequin> Ducks, you post?
[06:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[06:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> on Blaze?
[06:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> And you need to post on Jace :P
[06:31] <Ducks-r-homicidal> ohhhh
[06:31] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XP
[06:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> XP
[06:32] <What'sNewOwlz?> hai :D
[06:32] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Ont is really bad at putting in a charries name and pic on a cabin page XP
[06:32] <Ducks-r-homicidal> He didn't realize i already put Blaze on the page XP
[06:32] <Theharlequin> hey owls
[06:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hi Owlz *hugs*
[06:32] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Owlz
[06:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[06:33] <Rawr27> Hai Owlz
[06:33] <What'sNewOwlz?> *hugs elfie* hai all
[06:34] <Rawr27> Posted Ducks
[06:34] <Ducks-r-homicidal> kk
[06:36] <Ducks-r-homicidal> posted
[06:36] <Ducks-r-homicidal> i gtg
[06:36] <Ducks-r-homicidal> bye
[06:36] <Rawr27> Brb
[06:38] <Theharlequin> hey wonder *hugs*
[06:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi
[06:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is glompzed*
[06:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[06:38] <Iceclaw100> *tackle hugs wonder* hi
[06:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *tackle hugs back*
[06:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I drunk WAY too much.....I feel like I'm gonna die >.<
[06:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> DELLY! *glompz*
[06:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Del
[06:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[06:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> WONDER! *tackle hugs*
[06:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> Allo Del
[06:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *tackle hugs back*
[06:40] <Theharlequin> what alcohol have you drunk this time wonder?
[06:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> .
[06:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> Posted Rawrie
[06:40] <What'sNewOwlz?> hai del
[06:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Harle Maybe it wasn't alcohol >.>
[06:41] <Theharlequin> was it?
[06:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No XP
[06:41] <Theharlequin> so what did you drink?
[06:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Cola >.>
[06:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> Gah, I'm going to kill Comic later
[06:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> and like a lot of it
[06:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> In a moving car
[06:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> why are you going to kill him elf?
[06:42] <Theharlequin> like a liter or 2?
[06:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> V_V
[06:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 2
[06:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> He sent me this link and now my head is killing me >.<
[06:42] <Theharlequin> damn
[06:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> *tilts head*
[06:42] <Theharlequin> I commend 
[06:43] <Petite'likkle'elf> you what?
[06:43] <Petite'likkle'elf> oh nvm
[06:43] <Petite'likkle'elf> And my right eye hurts >.<
[06:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I cannot drink cola again V_V
[06:44] <Theharlequin> Bloom, ever heard of Neon Genesis Evangelion?
[06:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Even though we have a shitton of it in the house
[06:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> V_V
[06:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> I still have the link u[
[06:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> yes >.>
[06:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> it sucks
[06:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> up*
[06:44] <Petite'likkle'elf> Comic sent me a clip of that
[06:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> one of the few mangas I really don't like
[06:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> And with all the flipping flashing knji, my head hurts >.<
[06:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> kanji*
[06:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> *pats elf in the back* don't worry, comic will soon give up on it
[06:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Kanji Tatsumi? jk jk XP
[06:45] <Theharlequin> Haha, i've seen the series and the movie
[06:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> *is patted on the back* Yeah
[06:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> did you understand everything when you first watched it? >.>
[06:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> Subs xP
[06:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> or did you need to watch something again?
[06:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> But I learn Japanese at school anyway
[06:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> Meh, I'm not watching that again
[06:46] <Theharlequin> i had it explained to me by a guy who completely understood it
[06:47] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.> that guy is a freak
[06:47] <BloomOfFairyTail> NO ONE I know understood that crap
[06:47] <Theharlequin> He does
[06:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> .
[06:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> lag ch----nvm
[06:50] <Iceclaw100> damn chat
[06:51] <Rawr27> bACKERS
[06:51] <Rawr27> :P *backers
[06:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> wibbles
[06:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bubbles Rawr
[06:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Star
[06:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *throws up* >.<
[06:51] <Rawr27> STAR *hugs* WONDER *hugs*
[06:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[06:52] <What'sNewOwlz?> hai star
[06:52] <StarlinSkyrim> Hai
[06:52] <StarlinSkyrim> *hugs back*
[06:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hi Star
[06:52] <StarlinSkyrim> Hai Elfie
[06:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *dies in someone's arms*
[06:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[06:53] <Rawr27> Elfieee chu posted yet?
[06:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah xP
[06:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> methinks
[06:53] <StarlinSkyrim> *buries Wonder under a lilac bush*
[06:53] <StarlinSkyrim> I'm feeling in a poetic mood today
[06:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Rawr Continue on the Gym?
[06:54] <Rawr27> Okays
[06:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is buried under a lilac bush*
[06:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Very peaceful under here
[06:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lkwx9hY1V11qbus3go1_250.gif
[06:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> Link me the reblog link NOW
[06:55] <Rawr27> Wonder whos turn was it to post?
[06:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> ugh, brb, I have to go play bloody badminton -_-
[06:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Elfie Just reblog it from me XP
[06:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> afk
[06:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Aww :P
[06:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> Me cba, PM me the reblog link xP
[06:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yours rawr I think
[06:56] <Rawr27> Okays
[06:57] <Iceclaw100> damned chat
[06:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *throws up on Icy's shoes*
[06:58] <Rawr27> Posted Elfieee
[06:59] <Rawr27> Brb
[06:59] <Iceclaw100> *steps back quickly*
[06:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I drunk too much >.<
[06:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> er... I come back to see wonder throwing up on ice?
[06:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yeah
[06:59] <Iceclaw100> *takes shoes off and throws them out*
[06:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Pretty much
[07:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> how can you throw up cola? >.>
[07:00] <StarlinSkyrim> *is caught in the face by Ice's shoes*
[07:00] <StarlinSkyrim> ohaidereicesshoes
[07:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> You just can
[07:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[07:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I have several times
[07:01] <StarlinSkyrim> *throws shoes in trash can*
[07:01] <Iceclaw100> wonder, what do you think about me and auron getting married on wiki??
[07:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :O
[07:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :O
[07:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[07:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (squeal) 
[07:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sorry XP
[07:03] <Iceclaw100> hi jas
[07:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Also 25 followers (squeal) 
[07:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Jas
[07:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Half way to 50 :P
[07:03] <StarlinSkyrim> I WISH Kay was a guy name
[07:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> allo jass o/ 
[07:03] <Iceclaw100> and wonder, i take it that you approve of me and auron
[07:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> It can be
[07:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hell yesh Icy
[07:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *claps*
[07:03] <StarbucksChick> back
[07:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *like a maniac*
[07:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> wb nicki
[07:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bubbles Nicki
[07:04] <StarbucksChick> danke
[07:04] <StarbucksChick> wttt? chu posted?
[07:04] <Rawr27> Back
[07:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I think so Nickiiiiiiiiii
[07:04] <Weirdo Guy> Hello Camp Half-Blood!!!
[07:04] <StarbucksChick> hai wei
[07:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Also Post rawr >.<
[07:04] <What'sNewOwlz?> sorry, was afk
[07:04] <Rawr27> Sorry :P
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *pokes Jas*
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *pokes harder*
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *pokes harder*
[07:05] <Rawr27> o.o
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *and harder*
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *and even harder*
[07:05] <Rawr27> *Dirty thought*
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O_O
[07:05] <StarlinSkyrim> Hai Wierd
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Damn you rawr
[07:05] <~Rose Witch~> Yes WT?
[07:05] <StarlinSkyrim> *slaps Rawr's dirty thought away*
[07:05] <Rawr27> xD
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> RP?
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :3
[07:06] <~Rose Witch~> Sure
[07:06] <What'sNewOwlz?> *sits in her depressed corner*
[07:06] <~Rose Witch~> Rimon and Skylar
[07:06] <Iceclaw100> *pokes bach*
[07:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Eros' Cabin?
[07:06] <StarlinSkyrim> |:{o
[07:06] <StarlinSkyrim> Guy with a mustache
[07:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Singing Soft Kitty?
[07:06] <BachLynn23> *is poked*
[07:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:07] <StarbucksChick> posted wt
[07:07] <Iceclaw100> i posted on the beach
[07:07] <StarlinSkyrim> Wishes Wuth was here (sad) 
[07:07] <BachLynn23> yaaaaaay
[07:07] <BachLynn23> (woohoo) 
[07:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *pokes Jas* Who posts first?
[07:07] <What'sNewOwlz?> *noms a cookie and sits in her depressed corner.* *gives a cookie to wonder and bach and everyone else*
[07:07] <StarlinSkyrim> Bach is happy that I'm sad
[07:07] <StarlinSkyrim> :P
[07:07] <~Rose Witch~> Chu WT
[07:07] <BachLynn23> no I"m happy that ice posted
[07:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *attackle noms cookie*
[07:07] <BachLynn23> xD
[07:07] <StarlinSkyrim> XP
[07:08] <BachLynn23> *noms (cookie) and sits next to owlz*
[07:08] <What'sNewOwlz?> *hugs bach* 
[07:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Attackle = Attack + Tackle
[07:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *tackle hugs Owlz*
[07:08] <What'sNewOwlz?> my family was being a bittch today
[07:08] <BachLynn23> hmmmmm I know what'll cheer you up owlz *goes to find something*
[07:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Be Happy!
[07:08] <What'sNewOwlz?> *today
[07:08] <What'sNewOwlz?> *is tackle hugged*
[07:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Jas Can chu post first?
[07:08] <What'sNewOwlz?> i don't DO happy, i have depression
[07:08] <What'sNewOwlz?> hai pers
[07:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Pers
[07:08] <PerseusJackson> ello
[07:08] <PerseusJackson> heya owlz
[07:09] <PerseusJackson> heya madame
[07:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bow
[07:09] <Iceclaw100> hi pers, also bach, i think that me and auron are going to get wiki married
[07:09] <StarbucksChick> hai pers
[07:09] <PerseusJackson> dream on
[07:09] <PerseusJackson> hola ice
[07:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> If you wanna call me madame you'll have to bow XP
[07:09] <BachLynn23> yay I want to be there
[07:09] <PerseusJackson> heya star
[07:09] <Rawr27> Posted Wonder and hai Pers
[07:09] <PerseusJackson> *bows to madame*
[07:09] <PerseusJackson> heya rawr
[07:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[07:09] <What'sNewOwlz?> *waits for bach to find the thing to cheer her up*
[07:09] <StarlinSkyrim> Hai Pers
[07:10] <Theharlequin> hey pers
[07:10] <PerseusJackson> hola star
[07:10] <PerseusJackson> heya harle
[07:10] <PerseusJackson> *goes to the climbing wall*
[07:10] <StarlinSkyrim> *has been listening to melancholy piano music for like two hours*
[07:10] <PerseusJackson> lol
[07:10] <PerseusJackson> *puts on some rock music*
[07:10] <StarlinSkyrim> *and is trying to hold it together over the keyboard*
[07:10] <StarlinSkyrim> :P
[07:10] <Rawr27> Ooh what band Pers?
[07:11] <PerseusJackson> who cares
[07:11] <StarlinSkyrim> NO Rock Crap while I'm trying to write a moving poem/book
[07:11] <PerseusJackson> it's loud and annoying
[07:11] <StarlinSkyrim> :P
[07:11] <PerseusJackson> what more do you want?
[07:11] <What'sNewOwlz?> my. dad. is. singing >.<
[07:11] <Rawr27> :P 
[07:11] <PerseusJackson> star pm pls
[07:11] <PerseusJackson> hola b
[07:11] <Bctcz> Ello My Loverlies
[07:11] <Rawr27> Hai B
[07:11] <Bctcz> Ello
[07:11] <StarlinSkyrim> Whaaa? @Pers
[07:11] <Iceclaw100> hi B
[07:11] <What'sNewOwlz?> hai b
[07:11] <PerseusJackson> pm
[07:11] <Bctcz> Ello
[07:11] <Bctcz> Ello
[07:12] <StarlinSkyrim> Oh, gotcha
[07:12] <BachLynn23> (bounce) (worship) @B
[07:12] <PerseusJackson> ...
[07:12] <PerseusJackson> bouncey worship lol
[07:12] <Rawr27> I gtg now peoples bye bye
[07:12] <What'sNewOwlz?> bachie? you said you'd cheer me up *sits in her corner, listening to her dad sing* >.< happy days
[07:12] <What'sNewOwlz?> bye rawry *hugs*
[07:12] <PerseusJackson> bye rawr
[07:12] <StarlinSkyrim> Bye Rawry
[07:12] <BachLynn23> you'll have to refresh chat to see it
[07:12] <BachLynn23> brb
[07:12] <Rawr27> Bye *hugs back*
[07:12] <StarlinSkyrim> BTW if I suddenly go afk chu now I have had inspiration
[07:12] <BachLynn23> (owl) 
[07:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Comic
[07:13] <Comiclove> Hai
[07:13] <Comiclove> o/ 
[07:13] <BachLynn23> (owlz)
[07:13] <PerseusJackson> hola comic
[07:13] <BachLynn23> ( owlz )
[07:13] <~Rose Witch~> COMI!
[07:13] <Comiclove> (owlz)
[07:13] <~Rose Witch~> *glompz*
[07:13] <Comiclove> *is glompzed*
[07:13] <PerseusJackson> (owl) 
[07:13] <Comiclove> o.O
[07:13] <StarlinSkyrim> Hai Coimc 
[07:13] <StarlinSkyrim> *Comic
[07:13] <BachLynn23> owlz is the one that blinks
[07:13] <BachLynn23> ( owlz)
[07:13] <StarlinSkyrim> (owl) 
[07:13] <What'sNewOwlz?> :D awesome
[07:13] <BachLynn23> ( owlz )
[07:13] <What'sNewOwlz?> (owlz)
[07:13] <PerseusJackson> (owls)
[07:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is sad she doesn't have an emoticon* ._.
[07:13] <PerseusJackson> (owlz)
[07:13] <What'sNewOwlz?> my little owl *hugs her owl*
[07:13] <Weirdo Guy> wb
[07:13] <PerseusJackson> ( owlz)
[07:14] <~Rose Witch~> I don't ever ._.
[07:14] <PerseusJackson> (owlz )
[07:14] <PerseusJackson> (Owlz)
[07:14] <What'sNewOwlz?> no spaces
[07:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (owlz)
[07:14] <~Rose Witch~> (owl) 
[07:14] <Comiclove> Hey Bloom
[07:14] <Comiclove> o/ 
[07:14] <~Rose Witch~> I win
[07:14] <What'sNewOwlz?> danke bachie *hugs*
[07:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> allo comic o/ 
[07:14] <PerseusJackson> (Owl) 
[07:14] <BachLynn23> owl no blink owlz blinks
[07:14] <BachLynn23> *hugs*
[07:14] <Weirdo Guy> (owl) 
[07:14] <PerseusJackson> oh whatev
[07:14] <PerseusJackson> (owlz)
[07:14] <Weirdo Guy> (panda) 
[07:14] <~Rose Witch~> Chu guys kept typing owlz
[07:14] <BachLynn23> panda dances
[07:14] <StarlinSkyrim> (owlz)
[07:14] <StarlinSkyrim> (owls)
[07:14] <Weirdo Guy> Pandas are awesome....
[07:14] <What'sNewOwlz?> *moves to her happy corner with her owls*
[07:14] <StarlinSkyrim> (squeal) 
[07:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> o.o it blinks
[07:14] <StarlinSkyrim> I like that one
[07:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> back
[07:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> Damn my wrist >.<
[07:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> wb elfeh
[07:15] <PerseusJackson> hmm
[07:15] <What'sNewOwlz?> ^
[07:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Postedddddd Nickiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[07:15] <What'sNewOwlz?> *^^
[07:15] <PerseusJackson> i wonder.........
[07:15] <PerseusJackson> (sexy)
[07:15] <What'sNewOwlz?> why elfie?
[07:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> danke
[07:15] <PerseusJackson> oh well
[07:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[07:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> Just been playing badminton, Owlz
[07:15] <StarbucksChick> 'kayyyyy wonderfultwilight
[07:15] <What'sNewOwlz?> ouch -_-
[07:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted Rawr
[07:15] <What'sNewOwlz?> (owlz)
[07:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *slaps Nicki*
[07:15] <StarlinSkyrim> (star)
[07:16] <StarlinSkyrim> (sad) 
[07:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> and now my damn wrist hurts -_-
[07:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> (elf)
[07:16] <StarbucksChick> *slaps wt*
[07:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> xP
[07:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *slaps Nicki back*
[07:16] <PerseusJackson> (lilith) 
[07:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[07:16] <PerseusJackson> (yoda) 
[07:16] <What'sNewOwlz?> i gotta go, see ya soon (owlz) 
[07:16] <PerseusJackson> (pirate) 
[07:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> Byebye Owlz
[07:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (lilith) (bounce) 's on (yoda) XP
[07:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[07:16] <PerseusJackson> ..........................
[07:16] <StarlinSkyrim> (yoda) 
[07:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> o.o
[07:16] <PerseusJackson> LOL
[07:16] <StarlinSkyrim> (darth) 
[07:16] <~Rose Witch~> Man chu were late effie
[07:16] <StarlinSkyrim> oh yeah baby
[07:17] <~Rose Witch~> *sits on comi's lap*
[07:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> ik, just realised he was here
[07:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> and I've been afk >.<
[07:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> if that actually happened, it'd be really weird
[07:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah
[07:17] <Weirdo Guy> (yoda) 
[07:17] <What'sNewOwlz?> ^
[07:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (darth) (squeeze) 's (lilith) 
[07:17] <What'sNewOwlz?> *^ @bloom
[07:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[07:17] <What'sNewOwlz?> :P
[07:17] <What'sNewOwlz?> bye den
[07:17] <Comiclove> Wait
[07:17] <Comiclove> why elfin glompz me?
[07:17] <Comiclove> o_o
[07:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> Cuz I did :P
[07:17] <Comiclove> ....
[07:17] <Comiclove> Well, k then
[07:17] <Comiclove> <.<
[07:18] <PerseusJackson> heya comic
[07:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> >.>
[07:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> * (hug) s elfie*
[07:18] <PerseusJackson> (cool) 
[07:18] <~Rose Witch~> *licks comi's cheek*
[07:18] <StarlinSkyrim> (squeeze) 
[07:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> * (hug) s Wonder*
[07:18] <StarlinSkyrim> that is violent
[07:18] <Weirdo Guy> (stop2) 
[07:18] <PerseusJackson> (stop) 
[07:18] <PerseusJackson> ok i'm stopping now lol
[07:18] <StarlinSkyrim> (stop) criminal scum
[07:18] <StarlinSkyrim> :P
[07:19] <StarlinSkyrim> (Skyrim joke)
[07:19] <PerseusJackson> *stops*
[07:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0e5axk1z81rpuv0io1_250.gif
[07:19] <PerseusJackson> i's surry gov'nor
[07:19] <Weirdo Guy> (epic fail) 
[07:19] <Petite'likkle'elf> My friend does, Wonder xP
[07:19] <PerseusJackson> ...
[07:19] <PerseusJackson> (sorry)
[07:19] <StarbucksChick> posted wt
[07:19] <PerseusJackson> muahahahahaaa
[07:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> (stop) 
[07:20] <PerseusJackson> *turns off the rock music)
[07:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wonder, what's your nymph? a lemon nymph?
[07:20] <PerseusJackson> (turns the temperature up to 35 degrees celcius*
[07:20] <StarlinSkyrim> Thank goodness
[07:20] <StarlinSkyrim> My feet are freezing
[07:20] <StarlinSkyrim> :P
[07:20] <PerseusJackson> lol
[07:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Orange elfie
[07:21] <PerseusJackson> *puts the temperature at 38 degrees*
[07:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> Okay
[07:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> She was gonna be a Banana Nymph buttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
[07:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:21] <PerseusJackson> perfect weather for swimming
[07:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> er... what?
[07:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Banana Nymphs =_=
[07:21] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:21] <StarlinSkyrim> Whaa?
[07:21] <Comiclove> XD
[07:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> uhuh.... a tree nymph right?
[07:21] <Comiclove> Yeah
[07:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yes
[07:21] <PerseusJackson> *creates a chat pool and starts swimming*
[07:21] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah
[07:22] <StarlinSkyrim> *dives in chat pool and is swimming with the fishes*
[07:22] <PerseusJackson> ugh
[07:22] <PerseusJackson> i remeber when i messed up a back flip into pool
[07:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3rwn20kXn1rq25bto1_500.jpg XP
[07:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> *lowers the temperature to -5 celsius*
[07:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_o
[07:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD Wonder
[07:22] <PerseusJackson> it felt like landing on concrete
[07:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> brb
[07:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> U mad bloom?
[07:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> no
[07:22] <PerseusJackson> *jumps out of pool quickly*
[07:22] <PerseusJackson> bloom
[07:23] <PerseusJackson> i'm cold
[07:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> it's just too hot already and pers is only making me feel worse >.>
[07:23] <PerseusJackson> bad bloomie
[07:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> grab a coat
[07:23] <PerseusJackson> oh sorry
[07:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, yeah, I'm terrible
[07:23] <PerseusJackson> *grabs a leather jacket*
[07:23] <PerseusJackson> hey
[07:23] <PerseusJackson> 25 degrees in fairly common here
[07:23] <PerseusJackson> 35*
[07:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> so is here >.>
[07:23] <PerseusJackson> well 32 really
[07:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> but my pool is dirty
[07:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> so I can't go in
[07:23] <PerseusJackson> that's why AC's exist
[07:24] <PerseusJackson> hate that
[07:24] <StarlinSkyrim> *freezes to death*
[07:24] <StarlinSkyrim> *amputates her legs from frostbite*
[07:24] <PerseusJackson> espesciually when you realize a cockroach is racing you
[07:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> back
[07:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bubbles
[07:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> er... our cockroach problem was solved thank to the gods
[07:24] <Weirdo Guy> http://www.caption-of-the-day.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/help-desk-thinks-your-question-is-stupid.jpg
[07:24] <PerseusJackson> i almost drowned myself when i saw this big evil cockroach racing me
[07:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> danke
[07:24] <Petite'likkle'elf> Nicki, PM
[07:25] <StarlinSkyrim> What? You drowned yourself?
[07:25] <PerseusJackson> almost
[07:25] <Black Wolf of blood> Back
[07:25] <StarbucksChick> just replied :P
[07:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> bur I've seen some huge spiders on my pool
[07:25] <PerseusJackson> hola wolf
[07:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> ik xP
[07:25] <StarlinSkyrim> I almost drowned when I was 3
[07:25] <PerseusJackson> spiders are okay
[07:25] <Black Wolf of blood> 'lo Pers
[07:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Blood
[07:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Bloody Mary
[07:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> *tackle glompzes wolfy*
[07:25] <PerseusJackson> evil cockroaches racing you is a different story
[07:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o/ 
[07:25] <StarlinSkyrim> Worst injury ever?
[07:25] <~Rose Witch~> Hai blood
[07:25] <~Rose Witch~> (wave) 
[07:25] <PerseusJackson> for me......
[07:25] <PerseusJackson> hmmm
[07:25] <PerseusJackson> not much
[07:25] <Black Wolf of blood> *Falls to the ground with Fairy on top of him*
[07:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> For me, my arm -_-
[07:25] <PerseusJackson> i never injure myself
[07:26] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pulls Fairy into a heated kiss*
[07:26] <PerseusJackson> .........
[07:26] <StarlinSkyrim> I once knocked my two front teeth through my lip and got fifteen stiches in my face...
[07:26] <PerseusJackson> (stop) 
[07:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[07:26] <Weirdo Guy> http://www.funnyearth.com/Photos/Private_Parking_Sign.jpg
[07:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Spraining my ankle was my worst
[07:26] <PerseusJackson> no 14+ romance please
[07:26] <StarlinSkyrim> I still have the scar...but thankfully it's not so bad
[07:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> I did full turning tuck off the beam and did something to my arm
[07:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> *rolls her eyes* it's just a kiss pers
[07:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> Was in a sling for weeks -_-
[07:26] <StarlinSkyrim> Did it break?
[07:26] <StarlinSkyrim> I have only broken mah toe
[07:27] <Black Wolf of blood> Technically, we could be doing a lot more than kissing
[07:27] <PerseusJackson> i have only scarred my knees
[07:27] <Black Wolf of blood> And it'd still be PG-13
[07:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> No, a hair line fracture/pulled ligament
[07:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> stretched*
[07:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> or whatever it was
[07:27] <StarlinSkyrim> Ouch
[07:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wibbles Bloom
[07:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Sucked :/
[07:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> thanks
[07:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_o
[07:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Still hurts sometimes
[07:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> Like when I stretch at gym
[07:28] <StarlinSkyrim> Yeah, when I knocked my teeth out and had a hole in mah face I could only eat soft food and even now the scar sometimes aches :/
[07:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[07:28] <StarlinSkyrim> all because of a stupid accident when I was 4 :/
[07:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ouch
[07:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> *snuggles with wolfy*
[07:28] <Black Wolf of blood> *Puts his arms around Bloom and strokes her hair*
[07:28] <StarlinSkyrim> *snuggles herself*
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *snuggles with star*
[07:29] <StarlinSkyrim> ohaidereWonder
[07:29] <StarlinSkyrim> *gives (cookie) *
[07:29] <StarlinSkyrim> RP anyone?
[07:29] <PerseusJackson> *eats cookie*
[07:29] <StarbucksChick> *sits on harle* where's leleeee?
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *attackle noms cookie*
[07:30] <StarlinSkyrim> *chews cookie thoughfully*
[07:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Aren't you already sitting on Harle, Nici dearest?
[07:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> Nicki*
[07:30] <Theharlequin> Hey nicki *hugs* Idk, sorry
[07:30] <PerseusJackson> lag check
[07:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *plays guitar*
[07:31] <StarlinSkyrim> *sings*
[07:31] <PerseusJackson> *plays piano*
[07:31] <StarlinSkyrim> Band time!
[07:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> Atlas says "Hi everyone :)"
[07:31] <StarbucksChick> nope elfie dearest, i was sitting in my tumblr corner :P *hugs harle back*
[07:31] <StarlinSkyrim> Hai Atlas
[07:31] <PerseusJackson> heya atlas
[07:31] <StarbucksChick> haiiii atlas
[07:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh yeah xP
[07:31] <BloomOfFairyTail> http://this-band-is-my-therapy.tumblr.com/post/22917254735/reblog-if-youre-on-tumblr-everyday XD
[07:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yay for Tumblr XP
[07:32] <StarbucksChick> yay!
[07:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[07:32] <StarlinSkyrim> LOL Bloom
[07:32] <StarlinSkyrim> that creepy guy with the creepy typing is mesmerizing me
[07:32] <StarlinSkyrim> *mesmerize mode initiated*
[07:33] <Sean187jr> Shalom Ladies and Dudes
[07:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *reblogs dat*
[07:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> Already reblogged :P
[07:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm reblogging anyway >><
[07:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<*
[07:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'd reblog it but it's colored D:
[07:34] <StarlinSkyrim> Elf or Wonder, can chu post on suicide forum sometime when chu can?
[07:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Why chu not reblog coloured things?
[07:34] <BachLynn23> @WT if you were to say, in theory, have your very own little special emoticon
[07:34] <BachLynn23> what would you like it to be of?
[07:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> because my blog is strictly b&w
[07:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Will do, Star, link?
[07:35] <StarlinSkyrim> [[Forum:Shae%27s Suicide Attempt|Forum:Shae's Suicide Attempt]]
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmmm
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> A....
[07:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> Dibs posty first :P
[07:35] <BachLynn23> OMG you haven't changed your avie
[07:35] <BachLynn23> O.O
[07:35] <StarlinSkyrim> *is still listening to melancholy piano music while being sentimental*
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O.O
[07:35] <Weirdo Guy> @Star: *stares(
[07:35] <Weirdo Guy> **
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[07:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Well
[07:36] <StarlinSkyrim> Why chu stare at me?
[07:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> Atlas says "I MISS CHAT!! ;("
[07:36] <Weirdo Guy> can I rejoin? 
[07:36] <BachLynn23> I think this is a new record
[07:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I honestly don't know
[07:36] <StarlinSkyrim> Um, sure
[07:36] <Weirdo Guy> k
[07:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> xD
[07:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yeah
[07:36] <Comiclove> ...
[07:36] <Comiclove> Atlas is...
[07:36] <Comiclove> *not gonna say it(
[07:36] <BachLynn23> hasn't it beena week now?
[07:36] <Comiclove> XP
[07:36] <Comiclove> **
[07:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yeah
[07:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'm not gonna tell her xP
[07:36] <Comiclove> Thanks XD
[07:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> Teelllll meeeeeeeeeeee
[07:36] <Weirdo Guy> Should I bring in an dangerous person or a helpful one?
[07:37] <BachLynn23> hmmmm *goes to find a suitable emoticon for WT*
[07:37] <StarlinSkyrim> Either
[07:37] <StarlinSkyrim> chur choice
[07:37] <StarbucksChick> wttttt?
[07:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'm posting!
[07:37] <StarlinSkyrim> *sobs over melancholy piano music*
[07:37] <StarlinSkyrim> :P
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yesh?
[07:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> Comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic, tell meeeeeeeee please
[07:37] <Weirdo Guy> alright, vicious wolf wanting to chew your head off it is
[07:37] <Sean187jr> Comic say nothing.
[07:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> posted
[07:37] <Black Wolf of blood> Eh, I don't chew people's head of
[07:38] <Weirdo Guy> my turn to post
[07:38] <Black Wolf of blood> I cut them off
[07:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Or rip them off
[07:38] <PerseusJackson> no no
[07:38] <PerseusJackson> you bash them in
[07:38] <Comiclove> ..
[07:38] <Comiclove> What?
[07:38] <Comiclove> o_o
[07:38] <PerseusJackson> then slice it halfway through
[07:38] <StarlinSkyrim> o_o
[07:38] <Comiclove> I'm just surfing through SOAD and Sum 41 songs
[07:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> Comic, tell me what you were gonna say about Atlas :P
[07:38] <Comiclove> ._.
[07:38] <PerseusJackson> then rip off the rest
[07:38] <StarlinSkyrim> I'm starting to dislike Shae (angry) 
[07:38] <PerseusJackson> hmm
[07:39] <StarlinSkyrim> Buck up, woman!
[07:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> er, why are you talking about slicing heads?
[07:39] <PerseusJackson> *shrugs*
[07:39] <PerseusJackson> lady, i'm a violent fourteen year old, what do you expect?
[07:39] <Comiclove> XD
[07:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:39] <Weirdo Guy> posted
[07:40] <StarlinSkyrim> kk
[07:40] <StarlinSkyrim> Wonder?
[07:40] <StarlinSkyrim> *pokes*
[07:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yesh?
[07:40] <StarbucksChick> chu posted yet wt?
[07:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idk XP
[07:40] <BloomOfFairyTail> I never expected anything from you actually
[07:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I honestly don't know XP
[07:40] <StarlinSkyrim> Post on suicide forum? 
[07:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> Comic, tell
[07:40] <Weirdo Guy> @Star: yep
[07:40] <Weirdo Guy> XD
[07:40] <StarlinSkyrim> I was talking to Wonder WG :)
[07:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> In a min star
[07:41] <Weirdo Guy> WG es stupido...
[07:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> :O I'm reaching 2000 posts
[07:41] <Comiclove> :0
[07:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> Nicki, Wonder, finished the claim for you :)
[07:41] <StarlinSkyrim> kk
[07:41] <Sean187jr> No Hablo ingles
[07:41] <Black Wolf of blood> Where on?
[07:41] <StarbucksChick> i saw elfie *hugs*
[07:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> *hugs back* Okies
[07:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Icy
[07:42] <StarbucksChick> tumblr bloom?
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wait what V_V
[07:42] <Weirdo Guy> Sean habla Ingles
[07:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> yesh
[07:42] <~Rose Witch~> *Licks comi's cheek again*
[07:42] <PerseusJackson> ........
[07:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> The nymph claim, Wonder xP
[07:42] <StarbucksChick> iceeee *hugs*
[07:42] <Sean187jr> Hola señor Ice
[07:42] <PerseusJackson> uh ok
[07:42] <PerseusJackson> oh*
[07:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> Imma go make mine now :P
[07:43] <Theharlequin> gtg, later guys
[07:43] <StarbucksChick> they're claimed?
[07:43] <StarlinSkyrim> posted
[07:43] <StarlinSkyrim> later Harle
[07:43] <Petite'likkle'elf> Byebye Harle
[07:43] <StarbucksChick> bai harlee :( *hugs*
[07:43] <Sean187jr> Bye Harle
[07:43] <PerseusJackson> bye harle
[07:43] <Petite'likkle'elf> *hugs*
[07:43] <Iceclaw100> damn laptop
[07:43] <Theharlequin> *hugs back* 
[07:43] <StarlinSkyrim> (wave) 
[07:43] <Iceclaw100> hi everyone
[07:43] <Comiclove> bye harle
[07:43] <Comiclove> o/ 
[07:43] <Comiclove> nvm
[07:43] <Comiclove> XD
[07:43] <Comiclove> Hi Ice
[07:43] <Iceclaw100> *hugs everyone that hugged me*
[07:43] <PerseusJackson> hi
[07:43] <PerseusJackson> (wave) 
[07:43] <PerseusJackson> (hug) 
[07:43] <StarlinSkyrim> *is now hiccuping from potato chips*
[07:44] <StarbucksChick> anyone who can check claims?
[07:44] <StarlinSkyrim> I can check
[07:44] <StarlinSkyrim> but not claim
[07:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> I can
[07:45] <Comiclove> *found another band he likes*
[07:45] <PerseusJackson> wb wolfo
[07:45] <Comiclove> wb Blood
[07:45] <Sean187jr> Brb I'm playing Skyrim.
[07:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> wibbles dearest *hugs*
[07:45] <StarlinSkyrim> SKYRIM!?!?
[07:45] <StarlinSkyrim> :P
[07:45] <Comiclove> have fun@Sean
[07:46] <StarlinSkyrim> That is mah homeland
[07:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> wb Bloodeh
[07:46] <Comiclove> Elly's trying to claw my eyes out
[07:46] <Comiclove> just to type
[07:46] <Comiclove> Skyrim
[07:46] <Comiclove> e_e
[07:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o Why?
[07:46] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:46] <StarlinSkyrim> o.o Skyrim?
[07:46] <StarlinSkyrim> Elly plays it?
[07:46] <Comiclove> Yes
[07:46] <StarlinSkyrim> or chu Comic?
[07:46] <Comiclove> I used to play it
[07:46] <StarlinSkyrim> *virtual high fives Elly*
[07:46] <Comiclove> but I sold my copy for extra cash
[07:46] <StarbucksChick> bloomeh? can chu pwease check my and wt's claim? pretty please?
[07:46] <Comiclove> Elly: *mega virtual high fives back*
[07:46] <StarlinSkyrim> XD
[07:47] <BloomOfFairyTail> eh, sure. link?
[07:47] <StarbucksChick> [[Forum:Zest, Jacki and Glimmer Hale|Forum:Zest,_Jacki_and_Glimmer_Hale]]
[07:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh, Bloomy, I just put mine there for the sake of it
[07:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> xP
[07:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> They're all the same history
[07:47] <StarbucksChick> wt? post on la theater pwease?
[07:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> k
[07:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> semi-afk, skype me if you need
[07:50] <Iceclaw100> *pokes bach* you post yet?
[07:50] <Comiclove> Hello, Elly here XP
[07:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Elly o/ 
[07:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Elly :P
[07:50] <StarlinSkyrim> *sigh* I should get back to book writing.....afk.....
[07:50] <StarlinSkyrim> Hai Elly
[07:50] <Comiclove> o/ 
[07:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> ELLY! *hugs*
[07:50] <Comiclove> O_O
[07:51] <Comiclove> *hugs back, startled*
[07:51] <Comiclove> Too loud >.<
[07:51] <StarbucksChick> hai elly
[07:51] <Iceclaw100> hi comic friend
[07:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> sorry 
[07:51] <Comiclove> Hi
[07:51] <Comiclove> Ice...
[07:51] <Comiclove> I has a name
[07:51] <Comiclove> :P
[07:51] <Comiclove> it's fine, Bloom
[07:51] <Iceclaw100> i know, i like to call you comic friend though
[07:51] <StarlinSkyrim> *clouts Ice*
[07:51] <StarlinSkyrim> Rude :P
[07:51] <StarlinSkyrim> now I really have to afk
[07:52] <StarlinSkyrim> actually I'll just leave for now
[07:52] <StarlinSkyrim> (wave) 
[07:52] <StarlinSkyrim> bye
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bye o/ 
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :(
[07:52] <Comiclove> *makes wonder's frown go upside-down*
[07:52] <Comiclove> :P
[07:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_o
[07:53] <Iceclaw100> *hugs wonder* whats wrong???
[07:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted Nicki
[07:53] <StarbucksChick> kk
[07:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back* Star left before I got to day bye :(
[07:53] <Weirdo Guy> posted on the forum
[07:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> say*
[07:54] <Comiclove> lol
[07:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0q22qdBui1qaobbko1_500.jpg
[07:54] <Iceclaw100> *flips wonder upside down* well no frowning
[07:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :)
[07:55] <Comiclove> XD
[07:55] <Comiclove> Wait
[07:55] <Comiclove> I made her frown upside-down
[07:55] <Comiclove> so doesn't that mean
[07:55] <Comiclove> when ice flipped her upside down
[07:55] <Comiclove> she frowned?
[07:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Icy's actually worked :P
[07:55] <Comiclove> O.o
[07:55] <Iceclaw100> yeah
[07:55] <PerseusJackson> anyone here multilingual?
[07:55] <PerseusJackson> ello travel
[07:55] <Comiclove> ...
[07:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3xdcya3251rnwnhjo1_500.gif
[07:55] <Comiclove> idk
[07:55] <Comiclove> XD
[07:55] <Travelg> Hi people 
[07:55] <Travelg> and Pers
[07:55] <Comiclove> XD
[07:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Trav
[07:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah, Pers
[07:56] <StarbucksChick> posted wt
[07:56] <PerseusJackson> elf pm?
[07:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah, k
[07:57] <Iceclaw100> hi travel
[07:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is drinking more cola just 'cause*
[07:57] <Iceclaw100> *stands away from wonder*
[07:57] <Sean187jr> *coughs blood*
[07:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm drinking it slow icy
[07:57] <BachLynn23> ok WT I made you an emoticon but you'll have to refresh to see it, I made B and Queen one as well, to share
[07:58] <PerseusJackson> ugh
[07:58] <PerseusJackson> sorry elf
[07:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> YAY
[07:58] <BachLynn23> (nom)
[07:58] <Iceclaw100> still i dotn want you to vomit on my feet
[07:58] <BachLynn23> it's tiny though
[07:58] <PerseusJackson> ello?
[07:58] <BachLynn23> stupid 19x19 requirements
[07:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> What is it o.o
[07:58] <BachLynn23> http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/camphalfbloodroleplay/images/8/85/Nomnomnom.gif
[07:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[07:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom)
[07:59] <Sean187jr> *sleeps* must help Kronos destroy Percy Jackson
[07:59] <BachLynn23> there was too much dead space in it, so when it resized it became tiny
[07:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.> that is soo small
[07:59] <BachLynn23> (queen)
[07:59] <Travelg> O.o
[07:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Mine's bettah XP
[07:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> Pers, did you PM me?
[07:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> o.o
[07:59] <PerseusJackson> one sec
[07:59] <PerseusJackson> i blocked you
[07:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> what's B's?
[07:59] <PerseusJackson> and unblocked
[08:00] <PerseusJackson> and had two pm's with you
[08:00] <PerseusJackson> and reloaded
[08:00] <PerseusJackson> soo gimme a sec
[08:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah, okay
[08:00] <BachLynn23> (queen)
[08:00] <BachLynn23> for her to rule her (bounce) s with
[08:00] <BachLynn23> but she'll have to share the emoticon with queen
[08:00] <BachLynn23> XD
[08:00] <BachLynn23> (bounce) (worship) (queen)
[08:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[08:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Mine is still better :P
[08:01] <Iceclaw100> and what was wonders?
[08:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom)
[08:01] <BachLynn23> oooo I wonder if this nomnom will resize better
[08:01] <BachLynn23> *goes to try it*
[08:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hold on, refreshing chat
[08:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> wb
[08:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Mine looks so wrong when it's small o_o
[08:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> I'll PM you, Pers
[08:02] <BachLynn23> brb must refresh
[08:02] <PerseusJackson> uh uh
[08:02] <BachLynn23> (nom2)
[08:02] <PerseusJackson> pm'ed at the same time
[08:02] <BachLynn23> yay
[08:02] <Sean187jr> *is still asleep*
[08:02] <BloomOfFairyTail> Wonder, Elf and Nicki, your nymphs are approved
[08:02] <BachLynn23> nom2 works better
[08:02] <PerseusJackson> so i has two pms
[08:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> What?
[08:02] <BachLynn23> so WT you can use the mini nom or the big nom
[08:02] <BachLynn23> XD
[08:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> Ugh
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[08:02] <BachLynn23> (nom2)
[08:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> This fails Pers xP
[08:02] <StarbucksChick> yayyyy thanks bloom
[08:02] <Comiclove> Wait
[08:02] <Comiclove> What did I miss?
[08:02] <PerseusJackson> ok
[08:02] <PerseusJackson> elf?
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *has the best emoticon*
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom2)
[08:02] <PerseusJackson> can i pm"
[08:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yes?
[08:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> Yeah, go on
[08:03] <Comiclove> .
[08:03] <Sean187jr> *wakes with golden eyes and a scythe*
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Lott
[08:05] <Nhlott> hey pplz
[08:05] <Iceclaw100> bach, have you posted on the beach yet?
[08:05] <Iceclaw100> hi lott
[08:05] <StarbucksChick> LOTTIIIIIEEEEEE! *tackle glompz*
[08:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hi Icy, Lottie
[08:05] <BachLynn23> oops
[08:06] <Nhlott> NICKI!! *tackle glompz back*
[08:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> Hai Lott o/ 
[08:06] <Nhlott> Hey Bloom
[08:06] <Comiclove> Hey Lottie
[08:06] <Comiclove> o/ 
[08:06] <Nhlott> Hi hi
[08:07] <BachLynn23> @icey I have opsted now
[08:07] <Sean187jr> Hola señor Lott (wave) 
[08:07] <BachLynn23> (nom2) s lottie
[08:07] <Iceclaw100> ok bach
[08:07] <BachLynn23> XD
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[08:07] <Nhlott> hey hey-AH!
[08:07] <BachLynn23> xD
[08:07] <Iceclaw100> O.O bach, why are you nomming lott???
[08:08] <Nhlott> I know I'm chocolatety and delicious, but plz, contain yourself :P
[08:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[08:08] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[08:08] <Sean187jr> XD
[08:09] <Weirdo Guy> WTF?
[08:09] <StarbucksChick> XDDD
[08:09] <Weirdo Guy> wanna continue Lott on da brook?
[08:10] <BachLynn23> OH I almost forgot, I was making an emoticon for WG too
[08:11] <Nhlott> not really
[08:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> can I have one? :D
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Mine is still epicest
[08:11] <Weirdo Guy> @Bach: ?
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom2)
[08:11] <Iceclaw100> i think (queen) is the epicest
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :(
[08:11] <Weirdo Guy> (nom)
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Mine is most useful
[08:11] <Sean187jr> *goes back to sleep*
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:11] <BloomOfFairyTail> I think (bounce) is the epicest :P
[08:12] <StarbucksChick> ^
[08:12] <Nhlott> le line thingy, por favor?
[08:12] <Sean187jr> |
[08:12] <Iceclaw100> (bounce) (queen)
[08:12] <Nhlott> danke
[08:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> The mini one looks wrong (nom)
[08:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> indeed it does
[08:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> it looks like a pacifier ._.
[08:13] <StarbucksChick> o.o true
[08:14] <Comiclove> ^@Bloom
[08:14] <Nhlott> omg, I see it now 
[08:14] <Nhlott> O.O
[08:14] <BachLynn23> must refresh to see wg's new shiny emoticon
[08:14] <BachLynn23> (explode)
[08:15] <BachLynn23> (explode)
[08:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Cool
[08:15] <BachLynn23> he always explodes
[08:15] <BachLynn23> I felt he needed an emoticon for it
[08:15] <BachLynn23> XD
[08:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Mine is bettah >.>
[08:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom)
[08:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> or
[08:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom2)
[08:16] <BachLynn23> now WG can explode in style
[08:16] <BachLynn23> XD
[08:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> Bachy? Can I have one pwease?
[08:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[08:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wibbles Bloom
[08:16] <Weirdo Guy> WG will no longer explode
[08:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3wdo9Iiq51r94p3ko1_500.jpg XD
[08:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> danke
[08:16] <~Rose Witch~> *pokes comi*
[08:16] <BachLynn23> sure what kind would you like elfie?
[08:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> Surprise me, Bachy :3
[08:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> ooh can I have one too? :D
[08:16] <Weirdo Guy> (explode)
[08:17] <BachLynn23> hmmmmm
[08:17] <BachLynn23> sure bloomy any special request or?
[08:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> chu pick :P
[08:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> Wibbles Icy
[08:18] <Iceclaw100> (explode)
[08:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom2)
[08:18] <Iceclaw100> haha, thats so cool
[08:18] <Weirdo Guy> dafuq?
[08:18] <Weirdo Guy> (nom) (nom2)
[08:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> chur nomming a pacifier?
[08:18] <Iceclaw100> also posted bachie
[08:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Mine is cool too
[08:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> and useful
[08:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:19] <~Rose Witch~> *Wants an emoticon Dx*
[08:19] <Iceclaw100> i wonder what mine would be?
[08:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> An Ice cube
[08:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> PX
[08:20] <~Rose Witch~> What would mine be?
[08:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Jas' would be a unicorn
[08:20] <Sean187jr> (skull) 
[08:20] <~Rose Witch~> :O
[08:20] <~Rose Witch~> NEVER!
[08:20] <Iceclaw100> actually (ice) 
[08:20] <Iceclaw100> damn their isnt one already
[08:21] <Sean187jr> My research shows unicorns are not actually favored
[08:21] <~Rose Witch~> Mine would never be a unicorn >.<
[08:21] <Sean187jr> If you say so
[08:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Jas Posted?
[08:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> it'd be a rose :P
[08:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> A witch :P
[08:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> or a witxh
[08:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> HA!
[08:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> witch*
[08:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> Beat you xP
[08:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Elfie http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3vmeb63LC1qc91k6o1_400.gif
[08:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> O_O XDDDDDD
[08:22] <~Rose Witch~> It would be a rose
[08:23] <~Rose Witch~> Witch's tend to be drawn ugly DX
[08:23] <Sean187jr> True
[08:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Jas Posted? >.<
[08:23] <~Rose Witch~> Nearly
[08:23] <Petite'likkle'elf> [[Glimmer Hale]] Her page is still WIP a bit, but welcome her please :D
[08:24] <~Rose Witch~> Now I have WT
[08:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3vf5wWmdu1qzi9gco1_500.jpg
[08:25] <Nhlott> shit
[08:25] <Nhlott> gtg
[08:25] <Nhlott> work 
[08:25] <Nhlott> -__-
[08:25] <Nhlott> bbl
[08:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bye
[08:25] <Petite'likkle'elf> Byebye
[08:25] <Iceclaw100> bye lott
[08:25] <BachLynn23> ok must refresh to see elfie and bloomy's emoticons
[08:25] <BachLynn23> *hugs& bye lottie
[08:25] <Sean187jr> Ciao
[08:26] <BachLynn23> I did 2 for bloom cuz I couldn't pick
[08:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> yay :D
[08:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Lets seeeeee
[08:26] <Nhlott> byes
[08:26] <BachLynn23> elfie (one direction) ( one direction ) or ( onedirection )
[08:26] <BachLynn23> bloomy (sweat) and (sweat2)
[08:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> :D
[08:26] <BachLynn23> ( sweat ) ( sweat2 )
[08:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> OHMIGOD I LOVE YOU BACH!
[08:27] <BachLynn23> XD I take it you like my choice
[08:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (sweat2)
[08:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> :DD (sweat2)
[08:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> HELLZ YAH
[08:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> (sweat)
[08:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom2) is still awesomer XP
[08:27] <Iceclaw100> bach, what would be mine???
[08:27] <Comiclove> XD
[08:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> Nope, mine is awesomer :P
[08:27] <StarbucksChick> (onedirection) i loooove it :D
[08:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> :D
[08:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted Jas
[08:28] <BachLynn23> ummmmmm something with ice?
[08:28] <BachLynn23> XD
[08:28] <~Rose Witch~> kk
[08:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> An ice cube
[08:28] <~Rose Witch~> *Ish bored DX*
[08:28] <Sean187jr> Booooooooo. (explode)
[08:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> ah, shiz, g2g
[08:28] <Sean187jr> Worth a try
[08:28] <BachLynn23> I can't believe I actually found that emoticon for one direction
[08:28] <BachLynn23> XD
[08:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya elfeh
[08:28] <Sean187jr> Bye Elf
[08:28] <StarbucksChick> bye elfie :( *hugs*
[08:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[08:28] <~Rose Witch~> Bai
[08:28] <Comiclove> *wants a emote for self*
[08:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> I can't believe it either
[08:28] <Comiclove> Elly demands one
[08:28] <Comiclove> XP
[08:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Elly = Elephant XP
[08:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[08:28] <StarbucksChick> XD
[08:28] <Petite'likkle'elf> *hugs*
[08:29] <Petite'likkle'elf> back*
[08:29] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:29] <~Rose Witch~> I want a rose
[08:29] <~Rose Witch~> A blue rose!
[08:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3vbvp8Pfe1rvm3ofo1_500.png
[08:29] <BachLynn23> so elly elephant, rose blue rose
[08:29] <BachLynn23> anyone else?
[08:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Ice Cube
[08:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> 'Kay, byebye everyone
[08:30] <BachLynn23> icey ice cube
[08:30] <Comiclove> Noo
[08:30] <BachLynn23> nooo not an elephant?
[08:30] <Comiclove> I don't want a freaking elephant
[08:30] <BachLynn23> XD
[08:30] <Comiclove> >_<
[08:30] <Comiclove> I want a...
[08:30] <Comiclove> UNICORN
[08:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> A unicorn and an elepahnt
[08:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> elephant*
[08:30] <~Rose Witch~> Unicorns = Suck
[08:31] <Iceclaw100> also before you get destracted bach, i posted on beach
[08:31] <~Rose Witch~> I was gonna have a unicorn because WT said I should have one
[08:31] <BachLynn23> oooo sweet
[08:31] <BachLynn23> and rose I can do a blue rose, but it probably won't move
[08:31] <~Rose Witch~> kk
[08:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3v8lc3BhY1r1tctyo1_500.jpg
[08:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3tvxe9cof1qf9mevo1_500.gif XD
[08:32] <Comiclove> I don't want a elephant
[08:32] <Comiclove> >_<
[08:33] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:33] <Weirdo Guy> (explode)
[08:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom2)
[08:33] <Weirdo Guy> (woohoo) 
[08:33] <Weirdo Guy> (squeal) 
[08:33] <BachLynn23> @icey posted
[08:34] <Iceclaw100> ok bach
[08:34] <BachLynn23> don't worry elly will get a unicorn
[08:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> (sweat)
[08:34] <Weirdo Guy> (woohoo) (squeal) (bounce) 
[08:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> yay new skype pic :D
[08:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *doesn't have bloom's skype*
[08:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :/
[08:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> aw, what's chur skype?
[08:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> blue-panda3000 I think
[08:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[08:35] <Weirdo Guy> (explode)
[08:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> sent chu a request
[08:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :O Cool pic bloom
[08:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[08:37] <BloomOfFairyTail> danke :)
[08:37] <Comiclove> *hugs someone*
[08:38] <Iceclaw100> bloom, my skype is ryan.gayton100
[08:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[08:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Oh @Icy can I add chu too
[08:38] <Iceclaw100> yes wonder
[08:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sent
[08:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[08:39] <Iceclaw100> ok
[08:40] <BachLynn23> can I?
[08:40] <BachLynn23> I mean, may I?
[08:40] <~Rose Witch~> Posted WT
[08:41] <BachLynn23> @comic/elly do you care if the unicorn moves?
[08:41] <Travelg> Hi bach
[08:41] <Travelg> i didn't see you
[08:41] <BachLynn23> hi trav
[08:41] <Iceclaw100> yes bach
[08:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted Jas
[08:42] <Travelg> who care how a unicorn moves just seeing one would be great 
[08:42] <Theharlequin> Hey
[08:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Harle
[08:42] <Sean187jr> Harle! What's up?
[08:43] <StarbucksChick> harleee! *hugs*
[08:43] <Travelg> offcourse in some cultures you have to have a virgin woman naked to capture there atten6tion. if not a virgin the unicorn will stab the woman in the stomach with its horn
[08:43] <Iceclaw100> hi harle
[08:43] <Theharlequin> Just mowed my front lawn, nm
[08:43] <Travelg> hi harle
[08:43] <Theharlequin> *hugs back*
[08:43] <Travelg> *hugs harle*
[08:43] <BachLynn23> *pokes comic/elly*
[08:43] <Theharlequin> *hugs trav back
[08:44] <StarbucksChick> [[Jacki Hale|welcome her pwease?]]
[08:44] <BachLynn23> http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/218/f/e/Agnes___IT__S_SO_FLUFFY_by_loveelectric.gif haha I wish I could use this one, but it would look awful sized down to 19x19
[08:44] <Black Wolf of blood> Yay, just uploaded 4th chapter
[08:45] <Iceclaw100> oh yeah, werent you writing a dark harry fanfic blood
[08:45] <Iceclaw100> or gray harry
[08:45] <Theharlequin> posted nicki
[08:46] <StarbucksChick> replied :P
[08:46] <~Rose Witch~> posted WT
[08:47] <Iceclaw100> posted bach
[08:47] <Black Wolf of blood> I was
[08:47] <Black Wolf of blood> But that isn't the one
[08:47] <Iceclaw100> ok
[08:47] <Black Wolf of blood> This is my Inheritance Fanfic
[08:47] <Iceclaw100> one sec, i have your profile faved
[08:47] <StarbucksChick> gtg
[08:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bye o/ 
[08:48] <StarbucksChick> cya tomorrow
[08:48] <~Rose Witch~> n-nvm >.<
[08:48] <HadesHero> Hey anyone wanna make twin charries with me?
[08:48] <HadesHero> if so Pm if interested 
[08:50] <StarbucksChick> meh, back for a few :P
[08:50] <Black Wolf of blood> http://www.wattpad.com/4492333-the-fate-of-a-rider-prologue <---The fanfic
[08:51] <StarbucksChick> posted harle
[08:51] <StarbucksChick> posted sean
[08:51] <Sean187jr> kk
[08:52] <Comiclove> Oh, sorry
[08:52] <Comiclove> what you need, bach?
[08:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> back for a bit
[08:53] <LongClawTiger> mew?
[08:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Why is my charrie of triplets/families always made last? ._.
[08:53] <Sean187jr> Hey Elf and claw. 
[08:53] <Iceclaw100> hi LCT
[08:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hai TLC
[08:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hey Sean
[08:53] <LongClawTiger> allo allo everyone
[08:54] <StarbucksChick> tigah! *hugs* 
[08:54] <StarbucksChick> gtg for good now, 'night everyone
[08:54] <BachLynn23> uploading new emoticons now
[08:54] <BachLynn23> brb
[08:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> Nightnight--nvm
[08:54] <Iceclaw100> my sister is so dumb
[08:55] <Iceclaw100> i am watching a show about different prehistoric predetors 
[08:55] <Iceclaw100> and she keeps on calling it dumb
[08:56] <Comiclove> ...
[08:56] <Comiclove> Cool story
[08:58] <Iceclaw100> blood, do you and bloom share an account on fanfic now??
[08:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> eh? no
[08:58] <Iceclaw100> because i dont remember the fairy tail part of your username
[08:58] <Iceclaw100> or im just going crazy
[08:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> ah, I think he changed it some time ago
[08:59] <Iceclaw100> ok
[09:00] <Black Wolf of blood> I changed my penname, 'cause I felt like it
[09:00] <Black Wolf of blood> Oh, and the new story isn't on fanfiction.net
[09:00] <Black Wolf of blood> It's on watppad
[09:00] <BachLynn23> ok new emoticfons made, time to refresh chat
[09:00] <Black Wolf of blood> *wattpad
[09:00] <Iceclaw100> ok
[09:01] <Black Wolf of blood> http://www.wattpad.com/4492333-the-fate-of-a-rider-prologue
[09:01] <BachLynn23> rose I made you 2 roses
[09:01] <BachLynn23> (rose) and (rose2)
[09:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> Nice
[09:01] <BachLynn23> comic/elly (unicorn) and for those who wanted the other (elephant)
[09:01] <~Rose Witch~> yay!
[09:02] <Black Wolf of blood> Bach?
[09:02] <~Rose Witch~> Pweety :D
[09:02] <BachLynn23> actually wait there's 2 unicorns I need to fis it
[09:02] <Black Wolf of blood> You want the link to chapter 4?
[09:02] <~Rose Witch~> (nom)
[09:02] <~Rose Witch~> (rose)
[09:02] <BachLynn23> yes please
[09:02] <Black Wolf of blood> http://www.wattpad.com/4564819-the-fate-of-a-rider-chapter-4-the-master
[09:02] <BloomOfFairyTail> (sweat)
[09:02] <BloomOfFairyTail> I just love this emoticon *hugs emoticon*
[09:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> (onedirection)
[09:03] <BachLynn23> (unicorn2)
[09:03] <Black Wolf of blood> (wolf) 
[09:03] <BachLynn23> crap
[09:03] <BachLynn23> yea that's right
[09:03] <Black Wolf of blood> (wolf2) 
[09:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (elephant)
[09:03] <BachLynn23> so unicorn and unicorn2
[09:03] <BachLynn23> Icey I made you 2 as well
[09:03] <BachLynn23> one you can't really see as well though
[09:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom2)
[09:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> Oh, refresh again?
[09:03] <BachLynn23> (yuri) and (yuri2)
[09:03] <Black Wolf of blood> It could be interesting if someone made an emoticon of every single word
[09:03] <Comiclove> (unicorn) 
[09:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[09:03] <Black Wolf of blood> Without the parentheses 
[09:03] <Comiclove> :D
[09:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD Blood
[09:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> didn't Ice like yaoi more?
[09:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^
[09:04] <BachLynn23> oh right forgot the difference
[09:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I wanna Yaoi emoticon now ._.
[09:04] <BachLynn23> *goes to make a yaoi one too*
[09:04] <BachLynn23> Oh and for funsies I made
[09:04] <BachLynn23> (pwease)
[09:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> YAY!
[09:04] <BachLynn23> (kitten)
[09:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Awwwww
[09:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Cute
[09:04] <Black Wolf of blood> brb
[09:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> (sweat2) you're making a yaoi emoticon?
[09:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> Hi StepDad
[09:05] <BachLynn23> well I made a yuri one
[09:05] <BachLynn23> but I forgot there's a diff
[09:05] <BachLynn23> XD
[09:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> g2g :/
[09:05] <Petite'likkle'elf> Night all
[09:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> HORIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hug) s
[09:06] <Head of Ravenclaw> WTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:06] <Head of Ravenclaw> (hug) 
[09:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120508211105/camphalfbloodroleplay/images/f/ff/Tumblr_m3q073BenL1r7wa2go1_500.jpg or http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120508210702/camphalfbloodroleplay/images/c/cf/Def66e1f664e3eec4c4a9b4ca3b7c342_large.jpg for the Word Bubble pic
[09:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> X3
[09:06] <Iceclaw100> wait there is a yaoi icon????
[09:06] <BachLynn23> 1st one
[09:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No
[09:06] <Head of Ravenclaw> holy crap is bach poofy
[09:06] <BachLynn23> I am?
[09:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bach's making one
[09:06] <Comiclove> Hot
[09:07] <Comiclove> O_O
[09:07] <BachLynn23> I always forget which one is which
[09:07] <BachLynn23> I know there's a diff between yuri and yaoi
[09:07] <BachLynn23> but I mix them up
[09:07] <Comiclove> The first one's hot, Wonder
[09:07] <Comiclove> :PPP
[09:07] <Iceclaw100> yaoi is guys, yuri is girls
[09:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> ^
[09:08] <Iceclaw100> the one that sounds like a russin name is for girls
[09:08] <BachLynn23> yea, I know one is one and one is the other
[09:08] <Head of Ravenclaw> well you are on my screen, my chat customization has people poof when their connection quits for a second and rejoins
[09:08] <BachLynn23> but I mix them up in my head
[09:08] <BachLynn23> in my defence I'd never heard of them before meeting you guys, so I haven't had as much time to memorise
[09:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> yuri is a common name in japan actually ._.
[09:08] <BachLynn23> XD
[09:08] <BachLynn23> 
[09:08] <Iceclaw100> i have to get dinner
[09:08] <Iceclaw100> brb
[09:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya
[09:09] <BachLynn23> and I mean half the guys in yaoi look like girls until they take their clothes off
[09:09] <BachLynn23> XD
[09:09] <BachLynn23> and half the girls look like boys if they didn't have boobies
[09:09] <Iceclaw100> actually i will just be on skype if im needed
[09:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> that's true bach
[09:11] <Travelg> O.o
[09:11] <Comiclove> ^
[09:11] <Comiclove> @Bloom and trav
[09:11] <Travelg> i don't want to know
[09:13] <Head of Ravenclaw> bach?
[09:13] <BachLynn23> yaoi, yuri, anime, manga, it's really hard to tell anyone apart imo
[09:13] <BachLynn23> they all are drawn damn near identical, diff eye/hair colour/clothes
[09:13] <BachLynn23> but beyond that
[09:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3t4wrThnV1rpmqp6o1_400.gif
[09:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> well, each author has their own way of drawing eyes/hair/clothes/etc
[09:14] <Black Wolf of blood> You learn to tell them apart after a while
[09:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> anime are the animated versions
[09:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> manga is the "comic book"
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3t0zw76BM1r978hdo1_400.gif
[09:15] <BachLynn23> (yaoi)
[09:15] <BachLynn23> there now there's a yaoi one
[09:16] <Sean187jr> Brb these dudes keep chasin me
[09:16] <Travelg> you know for a second there bloom i thought i was read that manga was a coloring book
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (yaoi) (yaoi) (yaoi) (yaoi) (yaoi) (yaoi)
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :D
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> YAY!
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *dances*
[09:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> (sweat) gosh, we really have that emoticon
[09:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (yuri)
[09:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> *is so glad the picture is too small for her to make up what they're doing*
[09:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> So many =_=
[09:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (nom2)
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (pwease)
[09:18] <Comiclove> gtg
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bye o/ 
[09:18] <Comiclove> bbl
[09:18] <Comiclove> :P
[09:18] <~Rose Witch~> Bai
[09:18] <~Rose Witch~> >.<
[09:18] <BachLynn23> don't worry bloom, the worst in any of that is kissing
[09:19] <Travelg> (lol)
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Jas Posted in Eros?
[09:19] <BachLynn23> I wouldn't put anything R rated even if it was tiny
[09:19] <~Rose Witch~> Not yet >.<
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Lumos!
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Lumos Maxima!
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[09:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> thank the gods >.>
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Actually it's my post o_o
[09:20] <~Rose Witch~> YEAH!
[09:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Skylar and Rimon have the best couple name evarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[09:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[09:20] <~Rose Witch~> Yeah
[09:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted
[09:22] <~Rose Witch~> Posted
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Skylar loves pomegranates XP
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> and Posted
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[09:25] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[09:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (yaoi)
[09:29] <Sean187jr> Bienvinuti Comic
[09:30] <Comiclove> *Elly
[09:30] <Comiclove> :P
[09:30] <Sean187jr> *goes underground to hide* 
[09:31] <~Rose Witch~> Hey Elly
[09:31] <Sean187jr> Dont kill me!
[09:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3mrbjA6aH1qeoht7o1_500.jpg oihgoiashdoiljsa *dies*
[09:32] <Comiclove> I'm not gonna
[09:32] <Comiclove> XD
[09:32] <Sean187jr> Ohh.(explode)
[09:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Is Palaemon full?
[09:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:33] <Sean187jr> I don't think so let me check.
[09:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> YAY it's not
[09:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Okay so name
[09:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Swansea?
[09:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ik ik It's a welsh city >.>
[09:34] <Sean187jr> Palaemon is so cool
[09:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wait....I don't have a charrie space :(
[09:34] <Sean187jr> What level are you wonder?
[09:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 5
[09:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[09:35] <Sean187jr> You used all those spaces?
[09:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yes
[09:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yes I did
[09:35] <Sean187jr> Wow...... Just wow.
[09:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Most people have sean
[09:35] <Comiclove> I didn't :P
[09:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *doesn't really RP Amelia, Romeo, Miyuki or Gabriel*
[09:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> V_V
[09:36] <~Rose Witch~> Don't get rid of Gabriel!
[09:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm not
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> js
[09:37] <~Rose Witch~> YAY!
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Maybe Romeo
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Not Miyuki
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> She's an Aphro kid
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[09:37] <Sean187jr> I'm running from dudes who are trying to hit me with water balloons. Help!
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[09:37] <~Rose Witch~> Never!
[09:38] <~Rose Witch~> *Helps the dudes*
[09:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Might get rid of Dalinda but she's too epic =_=
[09:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> and she's unique
[09:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[09:38] <~Rose Witch~> Yeah
[09:39] <~Rose Witch~> And if she left Ro would destroy the universe
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yeah XP
[09:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I guess I can stick it out till July
[09:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :/
[09:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> It's not that long away XP
[09:40] <~Rose Witch~> What happens in July?
[09:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I get mah 1 year thang :P
[09:41] <~Rose Witch~> And?
[09:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Chu get a charrie spot
[09:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[09:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://www.blogcdn.com/www.luxist.com/media/2011/01/794181.jpg is she famous?
[09:42] <~Rose Witch~> Posted
[09:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> who's she?
[09:42] <~Rose Witch~> No WT
[09:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Rosie Huntington Whiteley
[09:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> never heard of her
[09:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> wb wolfy *hugs*
[09:44] <Comiclove> she's that transformers chick or whatever, right?
[09:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosie_Huntington-Whiteley
[09:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yeah
[09:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> never watched that one. only the first
[09:46] <Sean187jr> Dark of the moon was epic
[09:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> .
[09:49] <Sean187jr> Crap!
[09:49] <Black Wolf of blood> http://www.wattpad.com/4565455-harry-potter-and-the-wonders-of-fandom
[09:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *pokes Jas* Posted?
[09:50] <~Rose Witch~> Yep WT
[09:50] <~Rose Witch~> A few mins ago meh thinks
[09:50] <Black Wolf of blood> *Points at his link* My newest fic
[09:51] <~Rose Witch~> I posted 8 mins ago WT
[09:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted Jas
[09:53] <Comiclove> nice Fanfic, Blood
[09:53] <Black Wolf of blood> Thank yo
[09:53] <Black Wolf of blood> *you
[09:53] <Black Wolf of blood> I have a bunch of other ideas for that one
[09:54] <Black Wolf of blood> And I have three other fanfics on my profile :)
[09:55] <Black Wolf of blood> Oooh, and my only original fic (so far)
[09:55] <Black Wolf of blood> The one called "Angels?"
[09:55] <Comiclove> Niceee
[09:55] <Black Wolf of blood> It's a oneshot though
[09:57] <Comiclove> Oh XP
[09:57] <Comiclove> oh, who likes this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e-eECgvOeU
[09:57] <Comiclove> :PP
[09:59] <Black Wolf of blood> *Has heard a song 78 times in a row*
[10:00] <Comiclove> Which?
[10:02] <Black Wolf of blood> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76RbWuFll0Y
[10:02] <Black Wolf of blood> 79 now
[10:04] <Comiclove> Hey Jacque o/ 
[10:04] <StandingInTheSunshine> hi :D
[10:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Sunny
[10:11] <J4N3Y> ...
[10:11] <Comiclove> Hello J4 o/ 
[10:11] <J4N3Y> hey Comic
[10:11] <J4N3Y> (wave) 
[10:11] <J4N3Y> *thought chat was lagging*
[10:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> finally!!! *dances around chat* 
[10:13] <Comiclove> *watches*
[10:13] <Comiclove> What?
[10:13] <Comiclove> o_o
[10:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *turns into a kitten and curls up on Bloom's lap*
[10:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> *is still dancing so wonder falls off*
[10:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> finally posted my stories second chapter :D
[10:15] <Comiclove> Cool :D
[10:15] <Comiclove> LINK ME NAO
[10:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> http://www.wattpad.com/story/1304195-say-hello-to-malice
[10:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :(
[10:15] <Comiclove> Or Face the wrath of the Hipocorn
[10:15] <Comiclove> Oh, thanks
[10:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> *pets wonder*
[10:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> sorry
[10:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *purrs*
[10:20] <Comiclove> wb bloom
[10:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> danke
[10:20] <Comiclove> Welcome
[10:21] <Weirdo Guy> BC charrie done
[10:22] <~Rose Witch~> Wibbles bloom
[10:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> thanks jass
[10:23] <~Rose Witch~> np
[10:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> gosh, I'm going nuts o.o I looked at the clock and could swear it was midnight but it's 7
[10:25] <Comiclove> o_o
[10:25] <Comiclove> Somebody's going sweats, not nuts
[10:25] <Comiclove> :P
[10:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> It's 11:25pm here
[10:25] <~Rose Witch~> ^
[10:25] <Comiclove> 6:25
[10:26] <Comiclove> scratch that, now it's 6:26
[10:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> 7:27
[10:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Soo late
[10:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> But then again I went on a 4 hour road trip today o.o
[10:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> ah, Elly, I have another story on my profile
[10:27] <Weirdo Guy> rp Rose? 
[10:28] <~Rose Witch~> Nah
[10:28] <~Rose Witch~> (rose)
[10:29] <Weirdo Guy> (explode)
[10:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> (sweat2)
[10:29] <Black Wolf of blood> *Is looking at his wattpad profile and is still surprised he managed to upload two oneshots, 1 prologue and 4 chapters in just a few days*
[10:30] <Comiclove> XD
[10:30] <Comiclove> Creativity motivates :P
[10:30] <Black Wolf of blood> *And five covers*
[10:30] <Black Wolf of blood> *One for each of his stories on wattpad*
[10:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> all my one-shots are in portuguese
[10:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> sooo much work to translate it
[10:30] <Weirdo Guy> (darth_
[10:30] <Weirdo Guy> (darth) 
[10:31] <Black Wolf of blood> I don't ever write in Danish unless I'm forced to 
[10:31] <BloomOfFairyTail> meh, I'm a better writer in portuguese
[10:31] <BloomOfFairyTail> I write faster too
[10:31] <Black Wolf of blood> I write faster in English than in Danish...
[10:31] <Black Wolf of blood> And Danish is my first language...
[10:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[10:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> *shrugs*
[10:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'm more familiar with our grammar
[10:32] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm not sure which language I write better
[10:32] <Black Wolf of blood> I've never really written in Danish
[10:33] <Black Wolf of blood> Unless it was for school
[10:33] <Sean187jr> Wait how did I get back in here? Peace out.
[10:34] <Black Wolf of blood> *Randomly links to one of his stories* http://www.wattpad.com/4492333-the-fate-of-a-rider-prologue
[10:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (squeal) 27 followers
[10:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *feels loved*
[10:35] <Comiclove> ...
[10:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> congrats
[10:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> *has 54*
[10:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Last time I checked I have 25 O.o
[10:35] <Black Wolf of blood> *Mentally compares fanfiction.net to wattpad*
[10:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I like gained like 2 in 2 hours o.o
[10:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> had*
[10:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Shit I gtg >.<
[10:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya
[10:36] <~Rose Witch~> aww >.<
[10:36] <~Rose Witch~> Bai
[10:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bye (nom2)
[10:36] <~Rose Witch~> I better go too actually
[10:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bye o/ 
[10:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya jass
[10:37] <Weirdo Guy> Jas... >:)
[10:37] <Weirdo Guy> bye
[10:37] <Weirdo Guy> (wave) 
[10:37] <Black Wolf of blood> *Harry Potter and the Civil war of Hogwarts: 
[10:37] <Black Wolf of blood> Fanfiction.net: 7359 reads, 55 reviews, 68 favs and 100 alerts
[10:37] <Black Wolf of blood> Wattpad: 293 votes, 11 votes and 1 comment*
[10:37] <Black Wolf of blood> *293 reads
[10:37] <Weirdo Guy> (nom2)
[10:38] <Comiclove> Hey Gypsy o/ 
[10:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Conclusion: Wattpad=Meh
[10:38] <Comiclove> *hugs awkwardly*
[10:38] <Weirdo Guy> Gypsy!
[10:38] <Weirdo Guy> *glompz*
[10:38] <GypsyThief> Hey
[10:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Gyps! *Glompz* 
[10:38] <GypsyThief> *Bites Comic* no hug
[10:39] <GypsyThief> *Bites WG and Bloody too*
[10:39] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pouts*
[10:39] <HadesHero> ok guys who wants a challenge?
[10:39] <Black Wolf of blood> And I even uploaded a new chapter and a one-shot HP fanfic
[10:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> allo gyps
[10:39] <GypsyThief> Bloody, wattpad is all about who you're friends with and how you advertise
[10:39] <Black Wolf of blood> Uh-huh
[10:40] <Comiclove> *is bitten*
[10:40] <Black Wolf of blood> *Goes to sign the "deactivate account" document" 
[10:40] <Comiclove> But I'm Elly ._.
[10:40] <Comiclove> Not Comic
[10:40] <Comiclove> <.<
[10:40] <GypsyThief> Welllll still
[10:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> aaargh, I need a new chapter for my vampire hunter story >.<
[10:41] <Comiclove> Sowwy 3:
[10:41] <Black Wolf of blood> You really should make your own account Elly...
[10:41] <Weirdo Guy> (explode)
[10:41] <GypsyThief> Noo Bloody, if chu deactivate your account I'll lose a fan
[10:41] <Comiclove> Meh, I don't think I have the time to
[10:41] <Comiclove> and plus, most of my chars are unoriginal :/
[10:41] <Black Wolf of blood> Meh, I'm the guy no one likes, so the "friends" thing is out
[10:41] <Travelg> my character are original
[10:41] <Travelg> then again i am creative :D
[10:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> eeeh? you have me >.<
[10:42] <Black Wolf of blood> And I'm too proud to do more than I've already done in advertising thing
[10:42] <Black Wolf of blood> I know Love, I'm generalising 
[10:42] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs Bloom*
[10:42] <Weirdo Guy> gtg
[10:42] <Weirdo Guy> bye
[10:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs back*
[10:42] <Black Wolf of blood> And I'm talking about wattpad
[10:43] <Sean187jr> *hates everyone in Miami now*
[10:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> *pouts* I read your stories there
[10:43] <Black Wolf of blood> I know Love
[10:43] <Head of Ravenclaw> ooh, im still here (silly) 
[10:43] <Travelg> oh blood i don't where it is, but if i did i would read it
[10:43] <Black Wolf of blood> But you're óne person
[10:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> KITTY! *hugs*
[10:43] <BachLynn23> well it gets more then CU wiki had, and that's where I originally had all mine, so it's still a step up for me
[10:43] <Sean187jr> Hola 
[10:43] <Black Wolf of blood> Kit! *Glompz*
[10:43] <KittyInASheepsClothes> FAIRY!
[10:43] <KittyInASheepsClothes> WOLFO!
[10:43] <KittyInASheepsClothes> *glompz both*
[10:44] <GypsyThief> I got someone with like 600 fans to dedicate a chapter to me and I instantly got more popular 
[10:44] <GypsyThief> Hey Sheep
[10:44] <Comiclove> Hey Kitty
[10:44] <KittyInASheepsClothes> what we talking bout?
[10:44] <KittyInASheepsClothes> hi
[10:44] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm too proud to ask people to do stuff like that as well.......
[10:44] <BachLynn23> wattpad
[10:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> *glompzed*
[10:44] <Travelg> now excuse me a second. *Turns to Sean and glares* what is wrong with Miami, because I am from miami
[10:44] <Black Wolf of blood> Wattpad, and how it's annoying
[10:44] <Black Wolf of blood> ^That's my point anyway
[10:44] <KittyInASheepsClothes> errr wait but your on there so why the sudden annoyingness
[10:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> oh well, I'm only there so you can read my stories
[10:45] <BachLynn23> it's a step up for me, so I have little to compare it to
[10:45] <BachLynn23> at least that's better
[10:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'd be writing it in portuguese and getting more people to read it
[10:45] <Travelg> i helping a writer write fanfic 
[10:45] <GypsyThief> You wouldn't be saying it was annoying if you had lots of fans Blood :P
[10:45] <Black Wolf of blood> *Shrugs* Unless you're already "big" with mountains of votes and fans, you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of coming up
[10:45] <Sean187jr> Travel I don't hate you. I just got chased by these dudes in Miami with water balloons from 5:00 in the morning to now.
[10:45] <KittyInASheepsClothes> *shrugs* at least you have talent Wolfo
[10:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> ^
[10:46] <Travelg> well then okay just don't generalize
[10:46] <Black Wolf of blood> *Facepalms* I've went through that discussion with you already Kit. You can write, don't downgrade yourself
[10:46] <Black Wolf of blood> And the same to you Bloom
[10:46] <KittyInASheepsClothes> o.o wasn't going there, i meant as in, some peoples stories are shit on thre
[10:46] <KittyInASheepsClothes> there*
[10:46] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[10:46] <Black Wolf of blood> Sorry
[10:47] <Black Wolf of blood> Just gotten too used to people being like that...
[10:47] <KittyInASheepsClothes> XP
[10:47] <KittyInASheepsClothes> The only thing I hate about wattpad
[10:47] <GypsyThief> I like the chat thing on wattpad 
[10:47] <Travelg> blood i am sure your story is great, but it takes time to build a fan based
[10:47] <KittyInASheepsClothes> is that
[10:47] <KittyInASheepsClothes> some of the stories freak me XP
[10:47] <Travelg> Like what kitty
[10:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> the good thing about wattpad is that I find nice horror stories there
[10:48] <KittyInASheepsClothes> there was one i read
[10:48] <KittyInASheepsClothes> bout some stalker
[10:48] <Black Wolf of blood> I don't even read much on fanfic
[10:48] <KittyInASheepsClothes> who was her best friend
[10:48] <Black Wolf of blood> *wattpad
[10:48] <KittyInASheepsClothes> weird one
[10:48] <Black Wolf of blood> I read more on fanfiction.net
[10:48] <KittyInASheepsClothes> afk
[10:49] <Sean187jr> *gets up quickly at the word horror*
[10:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> *raises an eyebrow*
[10:49] <Travelg> me to
[10:49] <Travelg> blood
[10:50] <Sean187jr> Horror where?
[10:50] <GypsyThief> I don't have time to read much
[10:50] <Travelg> *Hugs random person*
[10:52] <Sean187jr> *kicks someone in the face*
[10:53] <GypsyThief> Woah Bach, all your stories are on the what's hot list o.o
[10:53] <Hudhouse> aloha
[10:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> o.o
[10:53] <Sean187jr> Aloha Hud
[10:53] <Comiclove> Hey Hudhouse person
[10:53] <Comiclove> o/ 
[10:54] <BachLynn23> @gypsy huh?
[10:54] <BachLynn23> how did that happen?
[10:54] <Travelg> *gets kick in the face*
[10:54] <Travelg> bloom i pm you
[10:55] <Sean187jr> *gulps* why did it have to be travel
[10:55] <Travelg> oh who is travel again?
[10:55] <Sean187jr> *kicks someone else*
[10:56] <Travelg> and who I>?
[10:56] <GypsyThief> Basically it means heaps of people are looking at chu stories in a short time
[10:56] <GypsyThief> So they are on the what's hot list for certain categories 
[10:57] <BachLynn23> huh
[10:57] <Sean187jr> Trav I ain't sayin nothin.
[10:57] <GypsyThief> Liek chu 'Book of Poems' is 78th on the list called 'other'
[10:57] <GypsyThief> *Like
[10:58] <BachLynn23> is that good?
[10:58] <GypsyThief> http://www.wattpad.com/stories/other?view=hot&page=5 Look there
[10:58] <GypsyThief> Yes
[10:58] <GypsyThief> More people will see it
[10:58] <BachLynn23> O.o it's had 22 votes
[10:58] <GypsyThief> Which is a lot in a short time
[10:59] <BachLynn23> that must be each one though, I can't imagine that's 22 people
[10:59] <BachLynn23> one person musta voted on each chapter/poem
[10:59] <Black Wolf of blood> *Shudders from the sheer amount of 1D fanfics*
[10:59] <Black Wolf of blood> How in the blazes can people write fanfics about bands?
[10:59] <Comiclove> ^
[11:00] <Hudhouse> Can anyone help me? i need to get my claim acceptied
[11:00] <Hudhouse> Then i can finally become a level 5...
[11:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> I wrote a band fanfic
[11:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> about BVB obviously
[11:00] <Black Wolf of blood> Level 5 has nothing to do with claims
[11:01] <GypsyThief> Oooh I love BVB
[11:01] <Hudhouse> i know, but i'm the entrey level
[11:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> yesh, BVB is awesome
[11:01] <Hudhouse> AND I WANT TO GET OUT OF IT!!!!
[11:01] <Black Wolf of blood> Stop with the caps
[11:01] <Black Wolf of blood> Or you'll be kicked
[11:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> the chill because you won't for at least a week after your character is accepted
[11:01] <Hudhouse> srry
[11:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> then*
[11:02] <BachLynn23> @Hud what is the BL virus?
[11:02] <Hudhouse> ill tell you in private
[11:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> hm.. the bad thing about portuguese stories is the poor grammar of most people
[11:04] <Travelg> i didn' know you write in portuguese bloom
[11:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> I do.
[11:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> most of my stories were first written in portuguese
[11:05] <Travelg> dang i can't read them since i don't know prtuguese
[11:06] <Travelg> the story that help with or co-write are in english
[11:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> I translated some. want the link?
[11:06] <Travelg> sure 
[11:06] <Travelg> i will give you the link to the one i help co-write
[11:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> http://www.wattpad.com/story/978861-the-vampire-hunter and http://www.wattpad.com/story/1304195-say-hello-to-malice
[11:07] <Black Wolf of blood> *Yawns*
[11:07] <Comiclove> Weird, Got disconnected
[11:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> going to sleep dear?
[11:07] <Black Wolf of blood> Bach, when you become a huge star on wattpad, mention Bloom's stories to everyone :P They're good
[11:07] <Black Wolf of blood> Not yet love
[11:08] <BachLynn23> really?
[11:08] <BachLynn23> O.O
[11:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> *blushes a bit*
[11:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> his are better though
[11:08] <Black Wolf of blood> *Covers Bloom's mouth with his hand* Don't listen to her
[11:08] <BachLynn23> I did pin one of blooms stories
[11:08] <BachLynn23> on pinit
[11:08] <Comiclove> *watches*
[11:08] <BachLynn23> the vampire hunter
[11:08] <Black Wolf of blood> Hers are better
[11:08] <Black Wolf of blood> By far
[11:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> *muffled* liar. and get your hand off my mouth or I'll bite it
[11:09] <Black Wolf of blood> Hm, kinky. Why don't you save stuff like that for skype?
[11:09] <Black Wolf of blood> XP
[11:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> *bites his hand*
[11:10] <Travelg> i pm you the link bloom
[11:10] <Black Wolf of blood> *Keeps covering her mouth*
[11:10] <Black Wolf of blood> *This time with his own lips*
[11:10] <Black Wolf of blood> *Sets up a screen as he kisses her*
[11:10] <Black Wolf of blood> *To shield them from the rest of chat*
[11:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> *blushes deeply*
[11:12] <FloatingInDarkness> *jawdrops* am i interrupting something
[11:12] <BachLynn23> nah, not at all
[11:12] <Comiclove> ^
[11:12] <Comiclove> *picks up float's jaw*
[11:13] <Comiclove> You dropped this, be careful >.<
[11:13] <FloatingInDarkness> §∞¢£™¡œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøππ““‘‘‘‘«æ…¬˚∆˙©ƒ∂ßåΩ≈ç√∫˜µ≤≥÷`≠
[11:13] <Black Wolf of blood> *Comes out from behind the screen, the first few buttons of his shirt opened, the shirt itself crumpled, the tie hanging loosely around his neck and his hair even more unruly than usually*
[11:14] <Travelg> http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/fe/Ailurus_fulgens_RoterPanda_LesserPanda.jpg/220px-Ailurus_fulgens_RoterPanda_LesserPanda.jpg&imgrefurl=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_panda&h=268&w=220&sz=14&tbnid=7aRzj-5JuxPKcM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=74&zoom=1&docid=eZgHij_3CD1I2M&sa=X&ei=n-6uT6ffMouk8gTmoO3iCA&ved=0CI8BEPUBMAE&dur=677
[11:14] <FloatingInDarkness> ¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπ“‘«åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…æΩ≈ç√∫˜µ≤≥÷
[11:14] <FloatingInDarkness> victory
[11:14] <Black Wolf of blood> Stop spamming
[11:14] <Black Wolf of blood> Or I shall kick thee
[11:14] <Travelg> what i was showing a picture of a red panda
[11:15] <Travelg> or were taking to floating darkness
[11:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> are you going to keep trying to make me shut up?
[11:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> @blood
[11:15] <Black Wolf of blood> Maybe
[11:15] <GypsyThief> Awww Shovel, I love pandas
[11:15] <Travelg> yeah this one is a cute one
[11:16] <Black Wolf of blood> So long as you keep insisting that my stories are better than yours, I'll keep you quiet
[11:16] <GypsyThief> alksfjlaisj it's adorable
[11:16] <Black Wolf of blood> One way or another
[11:16] <Black Wolf of blood> Because yours are better
[11:16] <Black Wolf of blood> By far
[11:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> but they are.
[11:16] <Comiclove> Hello Wise
[11:16] <TheWiseOne> Hello, loves
[11:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> allo Wise
[11:16] <Travelg> hi wise
[11:17] <BachLynn23> but I like your stories bloomy
[11:17] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pulls Bloom back behind the screen and kisses her deeply* 
[11:17] <Black Wolf of blood> *Muffled* Hey Wisey
[11:17] <TheWiseOne> Hai Blood
[11:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> *blushes again and kisses him back*
[11:18] <TheWiseOne> hai Comi, hai Bloom, hai Trav
[11:18] <TheWiseOne> Hai bach
[11:20] <GypsyThief> Ohai Wisey
[11:20] <Sean187jr> *hangs from a tree sleeping* Zzzzzzzz......
[11:21] <TheWiseOne> Hai Gyps
[11:21] <TheWiseOne> *throws a water balloon at Sean*
[11:21] <TheWiseOne> *puts a balloon in Gyps' hand* It was her!
[11:21] <Comiclove> XD
[11:22] <GypsyThief> *Noms balloon* 
[11:22] <Sean187jr> *falls* Gypsy!
[11:23] <GypsyThief> Thanks for the snack wisey
[11:23] <Sean187jr> *erupts into a column of fire and appears on another tree*
[11:24] <Sean187jr> *sleeps and hangs from tree* Zzzzzzzz......
[11:28] <Comiclove> ...
[11:29] <Head of Ravenclaw> test
[11:35] <Weirdo Guy> Hello Camp Half-Blood!
[11:37] <Sean187jr> Hello crazy shouting guy
[11:40] <Travelg> do elephants have fingers?
[11:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, all mammals have fingers
[11:42] <Travelg> yay someone responded *hugs bloom*
[11:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs back*
[11:43] <GypsyThief> I love elephants, they are my favourite animal
[11:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> my favorite are frogs
[11:44] <Travelg> *gives gypsy an elephant and bloom a frog*
[11:44] <GypsyThief> Frogs?
[11:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> yesh, frogs
[11:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs her frog*
[11:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> then spiders
[11:45] <GypsyThief> I used to have a pet spider
[11:45] <GypsyThief> My cat ate it 
[11:46] <Travelg> O.o
[11:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> my mother killed my spider and threw my frog out to the street TT^TT
[11:46] <Comiclove> o_o
[11:47] <Travelg> gee your mom sound lovely
[11:47] <Comiclove> I still have my cat
[11:47] <Comiclove> :3
[11:47] <BloomOfFairyTail> my mom doesn't like frogs and spiders
[11:47] <BloomOfFairyTail> I have.... 11 cats
[11:48] <GypsyThief> 11?
[11:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> 11 :3
[11:48] <Travelg> in the same house
[11:48] <GypsyThief> I have 1 cat and 2 dogs
[11:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> the mate like bunnys >.>
[11:48] <Travelg> i have 2 dogs
[11:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> everyday I can hear them going at it
[11:48] <GypsyThief> I used to have a snake and a horse too
[11:48] <Travelg> O.O
[11:48] <Comiclove> O_O
[11:49] <Comiclove> Good to know?@Bloom
[11:49] <Travelg> Yeah
[11:49] <GypsyThief> Why not get them desexed?
[11:49] <Travelg> what do you feed them?
[11:49] <Travelg> maybe it something in the food
[11:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> because we can't touch them >.< they run away from us when we try to get near
[11:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> well, they eat my dogs food ._.
[11:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> instead of theirs
[11:50] <Travelg> maybe you should try meow mix
[11:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> and the dog eats my cats food
[11:50] <Travelg> rofl
[11:50] <Travelg> are you for real
[11:50] <FloatingInDarkness> rp anyone
[11:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, for real
[11:50] <Comiclove> No thank you =]
[11:51] <FloatingInDarkness> (cookie) 
[11:51] <Comiclove> Lag check
[11:52] <Travelg> dogs that eat cats food an cats that eat dogs food. What is the world coming too?
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> *shrugs* that isn't the worst thing happening to the world
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> JB is e.e
[11:53] <Travelg> true but it isn't strange
[11:53] <Travelg> the strangest and weirdest thing that happen to me recently is my 90 aunt getting lost in disney world
[11:54] <Travelg> 90 year old
[11:54] <Black Wolf of blood> Night everyone
[11:54] <Travelg> we told her to stay put, but she wander off
[11:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> ouch 
[11:55] <Travelg> yes I call this the teenage old people rebellion
[11:55] <Travelg> stage
[11:55] <BachLynn23> cat food and dog food isn't all that different as far as ingredients
[11:55] <Travelg> you looked it up
[11:55] <Comiclove> Hey Kitty
[11:55] <Travelg> bach
[11:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> KITTY! *tackle hugs*
[11:55] <Travelg> hi kitty
[11:55] <BachLynn23> don't have to, I've owned both dogs and cats
[11:56] <Travelg> Oh okay
[11:56] <KittyInASheepsClothes> test
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