[12:30] <BebeRexha> Hi
[12:31] <RPKingNin> Hey 
[12:37] <Nata Roebot> Aloha! o/ 
[12:37] <Nata Roebot> Nintendooooooooooo
[12:38] <RPKingNin> NATARI!!!!!
[12:38] <Nata Roebot> Eyyyyy
[12:38] <Nata Roebot> Just the two of us in chat
[12:38] <Nata Roebot> How do you feel about the election results?
[12:38] <RPKingNin> I feel like we are mostly screwed 
[12:39] <Nata Roebot> Tbh at the beginning of campaign season I was hoping that Trump was secretly a Democrat agent
[12:39] <Nata Roebot> Purposely infiltrating the Republicans to make them look bad
[12:40] <Nata Roebot> That's apparently not the case now, but I'm still hopeful that most of his campaign antics were a bluff
[12:40] <Nata Roebot> A bluff designed to get him voter support
[12:40] <RPKingNin> Haha that is what my friend said bt i doubt it 
[12:40] <Nata Roebot> And now as president he'll be a lot less angry and extreme
[12:41] <RPKingNin> still probably not 
[12:41] <Nata Roebot> Let's just hope he doesn't turn out to be like the Philippines' president Duterte
[12:42] <RPKingNin> Or hitler
[12:42] <Nata Roebot> That guy's sending around death squads to kill his political opponents
[12:42] <Nata Roebot> According to one of his campaign aides, Trump's keeping a list of everyone who opposed him
[12:42] <RPKingNin> O.o fuck he is mad with power
[12:44] <Nata Roebot> Despite all that, I'm not as worried about Trump as I am about Pence
[12:45] <Nata Roebot> Doesn't believe men and women need equal pay
[12:45] <Nata Roebot> Believes stop-and-frisk is a great solution
[12:46] <Nata Roebot> Doesn't believe anti-gay hate crimes should be PERSECUTED
[12:46] <RPKingNin> hmmmm
[12:46] <Nata Roebot> Doesn't want increased public school funding
[12:46] <RPKingNin> yep screwed
[12:46] <Nata Roebot> Doesn't believe in climate change
[12:47] <RPKingNin> hey igotta brb man 
[12:47] <Nata Roebot> Cya o/ 
[04:48] <Nata Roebot> Aloha! o/ 
[04:48] <Nata Roebot> ping if you need me
[04:51] <Tiny Genie> Hello again
[04:52] <Tiny Genie> how do you do that yellow wavy thing
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> Hey Genie! o/ 
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> o and /
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> no space inbetween
[04:52] <Tiny Genie> o/ 
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> you got it xD
[04:52] <Tiny Genie> ooh thats so cool!
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> There's some other emotes too
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> &lt;3 :)
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> (th) 
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> (squeeze) 
[04:52] <Tiny Genie> haha cute
[04:53] <Tiny Genie> (th) 
[04:53] <Nata Roebot> those are the more common ones we use
[04:53] <Tiny Genie> (squeeze) 
[04:53] <Tiny Genie> &;|t
[04:53] <Tiny Genie> oops wait I did that last one wrong
[04:53] <Tiny Genie> anywho
[04:53] <Nata Roebot> (fly) 
[04:54] <Tiny Genie> I have a question, Nata Roebot
[04:54] <Nata Roebot> ask away
[04:54] <Tiny Genie> Is their like a god/goddess of animals?
[04:54] <Nata Roebot> Not of animals in general
[04:54] <Tiny Genie> oh
[04:54] <Nata Roebot> There are deities of specific animals
[04:55] <Tiny Genie> ooh like what
[04:55] <Nata Roebot> Like in mythology, Poseidon = horses
[04:55] <Tiny Genie> ah, ok, I see
[04:55] <Nata Roebot> We also have Animal Nymphs here
[04:55] <Tiny Genie> I wanted to do an animal nymph but Natalia said I should do a demigod first
[04:55] <Tiny Genie> so I'm trying to find a good god parent
[04:55] <Nata Roebot> What kind of character are you envisioning?
[04:56] <Tiny Genie> I want her to have some connection to animals I suppose
[04:56] <Tiny Genie> almost like she prefers them to people
[04:56] <Nata Roebot> That's something that could work with any demigod, regardless of godparent
[04:57] <Nata Roebot> But a nature god(dess) would be more likely
[04:57] <Tiny Genie> like Cybele?
[04:57] <Tiny Genie> or Lyssa or something
[04:57] <Nata Roebot> Tbh lots of the nature ones are more plant life than animal life xD
[04:57] <Tiny Genie> yeah
[04:57] <Tiny Genie> :P
[04:57] <Tiny Genie> 
[04:57] <Nata Roebot> Honestly, if you want to surprise people or be unconventional, go for the one that seems least animal-related
[04:58] <Tiny Genie> ooh I like your thinking
[04:58] <Tiny Genie> XD
[04:58] <Nata Roebot> "Hello I'm a son of Ares and I have a cat army"
[04:58] <Nata Roebot> "Fite me"
[04:58] <Tiny Genie> lmao
[04:58] <Tiny Genie> maybe... hm..
[04:59] <Tiny Genie> what about an apollo girl?
[04:59] <Nata Roebot> I like that idea xD
[04:59] <Nata Roebot> "Hello who's your godparent?"
[04:59] <Nata Roebot> "Apollo"
[04:59] <Tiny Genie> yup :P
[04:59] <Nata Roebot> "Oh nice do you like music? Poetry? Archery?"
[04:59] <Tiny Genie> "oh, animals"
[04:59] <Nata Roebot> "Go away and let me feed my ducks in peace"
[05:00] <Tiny Genie> XD haha yes
[05:00] <Nata Roebot> "Help me Apollo kid I'm bleeding out and need medical attention"
[05:00] <Nata Roebot> "Alright let me get the horse tranquilizer"
[05:00] <Nata Roebot> "Wait what"
[05:00] <Tiny Genie> lol ok
[05:00] <Tiny Genie> oh, also, isn't apollo connected to mice?
[05:01] <Nata Roebot> Apollo's a full cabin, though, so I'm not sure if they're still accepting new Apollo kids
[05:01] <Tiny Genie> oh D:
[05:01] <Nata Roebot> We've been more lenient about cabin fullness recently
[05:01] <Nata Roebot> Put an extra godparent choice in your claim just in case
[05:01] <Tiny Genie> I mean I guess I could choose something else
[05:02] <Nata Roebot> No if you like Apollo, stick with it! :D
[05:02] <Nata Roebot> I don't think the claim-checkers really care 
[05:02] <Tiny Genie> Maybe I'll do Hecate instead
[05:02] <Tiny Genie> she's got kitties on her side :3
[05:02] <Nata Roebot> Hahahaha yes
[05:02] <Tiny Genie> alright, I'll do Hecate
[05:03] <Tiny Genie> now for the hard part: history
[05:03] <Tiny Genie> I don't know how to make her stand out really
[05:03] <Nata Roebot> "Oh you're a Hecate kid? What's your favorite course at Hogwarts? Defense Against Dark Arts?"
[05:03] <Nata Roebot> "Screw you it's Care of Magical Creatures"
[05:03] <Tiny Genie> CMC for life
[05:03] <Nata Roebot> "My pet hippogriff takes offense"
[05:04] <Tiny Genie> (reading the powers)
[05:04] <Nata Roebot> "Hold up Hecate kid we're not allowed to mix the fictional universes"
[05:04] <Nata Roebot> "Don't tell me and my snowy owl what to do!!!!"
[05:05] <Tiny Genie> "Fluffy is perfect just the way he is"
[05:05] <Tiny Genie> Oh I have an idea
[05:06] <Tiny Genie> she does animal rescue for cats
[05:06] <Nata Roebot> ^^^
[05:06] <Nata Roebot> Or defy the status quo
[05:06] <Nata Roebot> "[insert name here] is an avid shelter dog supporter"
[05:06] <Tiny Genie> and maybe accidentally makes a potion instead of mix the right medicine or something
[05:07] <Nata Roebot> "Unfortunately, she is extremely allergic to cats"
[05:07] <Tiny Genie> wouldn't it be funny if she was like, a neat freak
[05:07] <Tiny Genie> since cats shed everywhere?
[05:08] <Tiny Genie> trust me my cat loves to leave fur everywhere
[05:08] <Nata Roebot> "As a dog person, [insert name here] worries about not fitting in with her cat-loving cabinmates, but not that much"
[05:09] <Nata Roebot> "If they have a problem with her, she just plans to throw spit-covered dog toys at her half-siblings until they admit defeat"
[05:09] <Tiny Genie> I am personally a cat person, and I think I'm going to make (whatever her name will be) a cat person too
[05:09] <Tiny Genie> XDD
[05:10] <Tiny Genie> anywho
[05:10] <Tiny Genie> where do I write this all down?
[05:10] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Konnichiwa o/ 
[05:11] <Nata Roebot> Hey Rebel! o/ 
[05:11] <Tiny Genie> Hola (wave) 
[05:11] <Nata Roebot> [[Claiming:Camp]]
[05:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> My name is Audrey >.>
[05:11] <Tiny Genie> Hi Audrey
[05:11] <Nata Roebot> There's a box in which you can type your character's name and make a page
[05:11] <Tiny Genie> oh I see
[05:11] <Nata Roebot> Sorry, Audrey o/ 
[05:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> It's fine xD
[05:11] <Nata Roebot> When creating a new character, click the create button, then actually create the page to where you are redirected. After that, click the link at the top (in edit mode) where it says "for creating a claim". Thank you.
[05:12] <Nata Roebot> ^ guidelines because we've been having weird issues with claims recently
[05:12] <Tiny Genie> oh ok
[05:12] <Tiny Genie> im looking at names for her rn
[05:12] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ~sigh~
[05:12] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> no one has edited my claim in two days
[05:15] <Tiny Genie> Oh and I'm Miriam, by the way :P
[05:16] <Tiny Genie> Nata Roebot, what about Fiona?
[05:17] <Nata Roebot> I like it :D
[05:17] <Nata Roebot> Which last name?
[05:17] <Tiny Genie> hmm
[05:17] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Hallo Miriam
[05:17] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> nice name
[05:17] <Tiny Genie> Oh thanks X3
[05:18] <Tiny Genie> Some of my friends call me Mir which might be easier for you to type
[05:18] <Tiny Genie> you have have any ideas for a last name?
[05:18] <Nata Roebot> Which ethnicity are you looking for Fiona to be?
[05:18] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> um um um...
[05:18] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> idk
[05:18] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i usually make up random last names or search them up depending on their ethnicity
[05:19] <Tiny Genie> probably caucasian
[05:19] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> then making up a random name should suit you fine
[05:19] <Tiny Genie> likumjnyfg?
[05:19] <Nata Roebot> Any specific nationality in mind? (British, Finnish, Russian, etc.)
[05:19] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> no, not like that
[05:19] <Tiny Genie> :3 lol
[05:19] <Nata Roebot> likumjnyfg looks like it could me an icelandic name xD
[05:19] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> like millerson or something
[05:20] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> omgosh xD
[05:20] <Tiny Genie> hmm, I guess American
[05:20] <Nata Roebot> America's a mix of nationalities
[05:20] <Tiny Genie> ooh or Israeli
[05:20] <Tiny Genie> thats where I was born before coming to America
[05:20] <Nata Roebot> Let's go name hunting for Israeli last names then :D
[05:20] <Tiny Genie> How about Katzovichz
[05:21] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> nice
[05:21] <Nata Roebot> Or in honor of the recently departed musician, Cohen
[05:21] <Tiny Genie> also, if she's israeli, then I think I might want to change her named to Yael
[05:21] <Tiny Genie> since that name is super trendy
[05:21] <Nata Roebot> Leonard Cohen passed away a few days ago :(
[05:21] <Tiny Genie> aww D:
[05:22] <Nata Roebot> You know Israeli names better than all of us xD
[05:22] <Tiny Genie> I should, Tel Aviv is pretty Israeli
[05:22] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> omgosh my kpop music is way louder then i thought it would be
[05:22] <Tiny Genie> Yael Goldblatt might work
[05:23] <Tiny Genie> but I think I like Katzovichz better
[05:24] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> (y) 
[05:24] <Tiny Genie> cool
[05:25] <Nata Roebot> Do you need any help model hunting? 
[05:25] <Tiny Genie> so Yael Katzovichx, daughter of Hecate, loves cats
[05:25] <Tiny Genie> YES PLEASE
[05:25] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol
[05:25] <Nata Roebot> One of chat's fav pastimes is model hunting xD
[05:25] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ikr
[05:25] <Nata Roebot> What age/general features are you looking for?
[05:25] <Tiny Genie> awesome I have no idea where to start
[05:25] <Tiny Genie> hmm
[05:26] <Tiny Genie> maybe 15
[05:26] <Tiny Genie> darkish brown hair
[05:26] <Tiny Genie> pretty natural looking, clean, not much makeup
[05:26] <Tiny Genie> is that too much?
[05:27] <Nata Roebot> That's good
[05:28] <Tiny Genie> ok thanks :3 
[05:28] <Nata Roebot> Odeya Rush?
[05:28] <Nata Roebot> http://wallpapersdsc.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Odeya-Rush-Images.jpg
[05:29] <Nata Roebot> https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/7a/af/a4/7aafa43e41414d7b43e8a5600dd10457.jpg
[05:29] <Tiny Genie> ooh
[05:29] <Nata Roebot> Some pics she has on more makeup, but you can find the ones she doesn't wear it
[05:29] <Tiny Genie> yeah lets go with her
[05:29] <Nata Roebot> https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/39/fe/d4/39fed4d03e85a5a78c90828b622e5521.jpg
[05:29] <Nata Roebot> Lemme check if anyone on the wiki is already using her
[05:30] <Tiny Genie> she looks suspiciously like me XD
[05:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yeah, she's already being used by Alias kit
[05:31] <Nata Roebot> Looks like she used to be in use but now she isn't
[05:31] <Nata Roebot> Wait
[05:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> the character has been deleted i think
[05:32] <Nata Roebot> ^
[05:32] <Nata Roebot> Strawberrywaters was using her but now she's free to use
[05:32] <Tiny Genie> oh yay
[05:32] <Tiny Genie> oh no I think I have to go now
[05:33] <Tiny Genie> see ya later Nata Roebot and Audrey! o/ 
[05:33] <Nata Roebot> Cya o/ 
[05:33] <Nata Roebot> You can call me Nata xD
[05:33] <Tiny Genie> ok Nata
[05:33] <Tiny Genie> bye
[05:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> bye
[05:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> RUNNNNN :D
[05:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> (bounce) 
[05:42] <Nata Roebot> o/ 
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