[11:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *this is like the best anime i have ever watched*
[11:58] <Toxyca> ᴵ'ᵐ ᶫᵉᵍᶦᵗ ᵐᵒᵘʳᶰᶦᶰᵍ ᴬᶰᶦᵐᵉ ˢᵃᶰˢᵃ ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᶰᵒʷ ᵃᶰᵈ ʰᵉʳ ᵇʳᵘᵗᵃᶫ ᵈᵉᵃᵗʰ ᵃᶰᵈ ᶰᵒᵇᵒᵈʸ ˢᵉᵉᵐˢ ˢʸᵐᵖᵃᵗʰᵉᵗᶦᶜ
[11:58] <Windsword7> omg
[11:58] <Toxyca> ᶜʳʸ ʷᶦᵗʰ ᵐᵉ, ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒᶰᵉ
[11:59] <Toxyca> (sad2) 
[11:59] <Windsword7> the silence has returned (worship) 
[11:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> @nyx
[11:59] <Toxyca> I whisper all the time >.<
[11:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx read the plot
[11:59] <Windsword7> I hadn't seen it in a long time
[11:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *this is like the best anime i have ever watched*
[12:00] <Toxyca> Kane o/ 
[12:00] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx read it >.>
[12:01] <Kaneity> Hi
[12:01] <Toxyca> I'm busy
[12:01] <Toxyca> mourning the death of Anime Sansa
[12:01] <Toxyca> >m>
[12:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nu >.>
[12:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i read homestuck once cause you told me to, i'm callin up the the favor >.>
[12:02] <Mr.Suit> If yorkie comes on,can someone inform her that I need to talk to her asap......
[12:02] <Toxyca>
[12:02] <Toxyca> look at her
[12:02] <Toxyca> so graceful
[12:02] <Toxyca> beautiful, isn't she? <3 
[12:02] <Toxyca> WELL SHE ISN'T ANYMORE
[12:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> why@suit
[12:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx reeead it >.>
[12:03] <Toxyca> ffffff**************ckkkkkk
[12:03] <Mr.Suit> I really dont want to talk about it tbh mn.
[12:03] <Mr.Suit> *man
[12:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> did you die
[12:03] <Mr.Suit> Its just a really fuck ed up day.
[12:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i mean we'll find your body and bury it
[12:03] <Kaneity> aww I hope you get well soon
[12:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx will do most of the work
[12:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> cause it'd be funny that way
[12:04] <Mr.Suit> lol. Please just tell her I need to skype chat with her,if she gets on.
[12:04] <Mr.Suit> Thanks Kane
[12:04] <Mr.Suit> I
[12:04] <Mr.Suit> *ill be back later
[12:04] <Toxyca> *reloads save and spends over a month training swordmanship to kill that guy*
[12:04] <DrXax> MUSIC ping
[12:04] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> and we'll sing the campfire song in tribute >.<
[12:05] <Lopezsylvia45> Omfg MUSSY!!! (Th) 
[12:05] <~The Musician~> LOPEZ (th) 
[12:06] <Windsword7> I think you mean the campfire song song @Sean
[12:06] <Lopezsylvia45> *Gives Mussy a clarinet*
[12:06] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> yh
[12:06] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> the campfire song song
[12:07] <Windsword7> Let's gather 'round the campfire, and sing our campfire song
[12:07] <Lopezsylvia45> If you dot think we can sing it faster then you're wrong.~
[12:07] <~The Musician~> Omg i love that song XD
[12:07] <Lopezsylvia45> Don't*
[12:07] <Windsword7> Our C A M P F I R E S O N G song
[12:08] <Lopezsylvia45> Same 
[12:08] <Lopezsylvia45> xD
[12:08] <Windsword7> And if you don't think that we can sing it faster, then you're wrong
[12:08] <Windsword7> But it'll help if you just sing along
[12:08] <Windsword7> *BUM BUM BUM*
[12:08] <~The Musician~> Lopez PM??
[12:08] <Lopezsylvia45> Okay 
[12:08] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wind stop XD
[12:09] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *everyone knows the best patrick moment ever*
[12:09] <Lopezsylvia45> Not someone from Japan. @Gollum
[12:09] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *like seriously everyone should know that moment*
[12:09] <Windsword7> I think Squidward's part is the best tbh
[12:09] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> even the japanese know it
[12:10] <Windsword7> what's the best patrick star moment?
[12:10] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> >.>
[12:10] <Lumosknight> I THOUGHT YOU SAID WEAST
[12:10] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *when they were on the ghost ship and patrick couldnt stop saying leedle leedle lee*
[12:10] <Windsword7> no no no no
[12:11] <Windsword7> this is the best Patrick moment
[12:11] <Windsword7>
[12:11] <Lopezsylvia45> *Draws a crappy circle in the sand to word off sea bears.* 
[12:11] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> no that is the second best@wind
[12:12] <Windsword7> nope
[12:12] <Windsword7> you're wrong
[12:12] <Windsword7> your moment isn't even second best
[12:12] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i am right >.>
[12:12] <Lopezsylvia45> It's the best tbh @Gollum
[12:13] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *sits in the corner*
[12:13] <Windsword7>
[12:13] <Windsword7> this is number 2
[12:13] <Lumosknight> no guys
[12:14] <Lumosknight> Is this the Krusty Krab? NO THIS IS PATRICK
[12:14] <Windsword7> that's number 3
[12:14] <Lumosknight> uughhhh
[12:15] <Lopezsylvia45> The Krusty Krab pizza is the pizza for you and mean.~
[12:15] <Lopezsylvia45> Me*
[12:15] <Mr.Hufflepuff> how depressing is this, I just looked at an old rp I did, and both the users I did it with have left :(
[12:16] <DrXax> Mary!
[12:16] <YorkieWolf> xaxxx
[12:17] <Lopezsylvia45> THIS LITTLWNKID JUST POURED OUT MY SALT &VINEGAR CHIPS!!! *Goes on a rampage*
[12:17] <~The Musician~> Wolfie o/ 
[12:17] <YorkieWolf> music o/ 
[12:17] <Lopezsylvia45> (Angry) 
[12:18] <Windsword7> what's a littlewnkid 0.o
[12:18] <Lopezsylvia45> Little kid*
[12:18] <Windsword7> why is there a little kid in your house
[12:18] <Lopezsylvia45> It took me forever to find a place that sells salt and vinegar chips. (Sad2) 
[12:19] <Lopezsylvia45> Im at my friends house.
[12:19] <Lopezsylvia45> It's like my favorite thing to ratz
[12:19] <Windsword7> salt and vinegar chips are icky
[12:21] <Lopezsylvia45> No there the food of the gods!
[12:21] <Windsword7> not even close
[12:22] <Windsword7> I can think of like 1000 things I would eat before salt and vinegar chips
[12:22] <JamesD16> hello
[12:22] <Windsword7> hey James
[12:23] <Windsword7> wut
[12:23] <Kaneity> Scales
[12:23] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> he said i like doritos@wind
[12:23] <Lumosknight> posted @james
[12:23] <Windsword7> oh
[12:23] <Kaneity> Wind
[12:23] <Windsword7> Doritos are good
[12:23] <Windsword7> yes Kaneity?
[12:24] <Kaneity> have you thought of ideas for your cult character?
[12:24] <Mr.Hufflepuff> what does a human resources person even do on this
[12:24] <Windsword7> not really
[12:24] <Toxyca> GOD FUCK ING DAMNIT
[12:24] <~The Musician~> what a cult character?? *Music is bored and curios* XD
[12:25] <Kaneity> just cult stuff
[12:25] <Kaneity> you can join if you want
[12:25] <Kaneity> [[User:Kaneity/Cult]]
[12:25] <Toxyca> died to poisoned chocolates...
[12:25] <Toxyca> poor sansa is2g
[12:25] <Windsword7> shut up about Sansa already XD
[12:26] <YorkieWolf> now if you'd killed jon
[12:26] <YorkieWolf> /that/ wouldve been a tragedy
[12:26] <~The Musician~> hmmm maybe ^.^ 
[12:27] <Lopezsylvia45> Hey, I have a question pertaining to the cult. @Kane
[12:27] <Kaneity> Ye
[12:28] <YorkieWolf>
[12:28] <YorkieWolf> heh
[12:29] <Kaneity> What is your question?
[12:29] <Lopezsylvia45> I was wondering if maybe during the twins first monster attack a BC kid had been hunting the monster that that attacks them. They destroy it and it angers the BC kid. The bC kid then just attacks them or something over it. @Kane
[12:29] <JamesD16> posted lumos
[12:29] <Kaneity> Yorkie are you working on your cult char after Sophie?
[12:29] <Kaneity> Hmm lopez
[12:30] <Lopezsylvia45> Would that work? @Kane
[12:30] <Kaneity> Maybe
[12:30] <Kaneity> I would have to read it or get Yorkie to help me xD
[12:30] <YorkieWolf> im just souring in an ice bowl of sorrow atm @kane
[12:30] <Kaneity> its ok yorkie
[12:30] <Kaneity> * pat pat *
[12:30] <YorkieWolf> *nice
[12:31] <Lopezsylvia45> Okay I'll on the section to ou when I get done writing it.
[12:32] <Lopezsylvia45> PM you*
[12:32] <YorkieWolf> u kno
[12:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx
[12:32] <YorkieWolf> if the bc kid was an araidne kid
[12:32] <Kaneity> ok
[12:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> give me the link to this simlator you playin
[12:32] <YorkieWolf> they could summon a hellhound to attack them
[12:32] <Kaneity> Oh?
[12:33] <YorkieWolf> mhm
[12:33] <Lopezsylvia45> Eww!! Karri and nick are talking about there sex life. It's so gross. 
[12:33] <Mr.Hufflepuff> Later guys!
[12:33] <~The Musician~> Posted at lopez :3
[12:33] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> talk about yours
[12:33] <Lopezsylvia45> Kl
[12:33] <Lumosknight> posted @jamews
[12:33] <YorkieWolf> sex life is easy to talk about if you have none
[12:33] <Kaneity> Is there somebody named Clay in this wiki
[12:33] <Lumosknight> Bye Puff o/ 
[12:33] <Kaneity> True Yorkie
[12:33] <YorkieWolf> ye @kane
[12:33] <Theharlequin> Yea
[12:33] <Kaneity> Long story short: no
[12:33] <Kaneity> Who is Clay again
[12:33] <Lopezsylvia45> Yes, because I want to talk about my non existent sex life @Gollum
[12:33] <Kaneity> I wrote Clay here and I'm confused
[12:33] <YorkieWolf> clay=daichiaoi
[12:34] <YorkieWolf> i wrote it XD
[12:34] <Kaneity> Oh yeah
[12:34] <Kaneity> Ok
[12:34] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> exactly@sylvi
[12:34] <Lopezsylvia45> No thanks 
[12:35] <YorkieWolf> silvie dont talk about your sex life
[12:35] <Kaneity> Give me the basic info on the twins Lopez
[12:35] <YorkieWolf> just talk about cereal
[12:35] <Kaneity> how old they are/parents/names/predjuce
[12:35] <YorkieWolf> but make it sound rlly dirty
[12:35] <YorkieWolf> then they will then you are talking about your sex life
[12:35] <YorkieWolf> for exactly
[12:35] <Kaneity> hi scales
[12:35] <~The Musician~> Fate <3 
[12:36] <YorkieWolf> i had some in the morning. quite crunchy. had to brush my teeth after, if you know what i mean
[12:36] <Kaneity> Cereal?
[12:36] <YorkieWolf> cereal XD
[12:36] <Kaneity> O_O yeah you have to brush cause you get crap in your teeth duhh.
[12:36] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> york has been around us too much
[12:36] <YorkieWolf> thats tru
[12:37] <YorkieWolf> i used to be so innocent
[12:37] <YorkieWolf> wtf happened
[12:37] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> like we broke her man
[12:37] <YorkieWolf> i blame aff's outlines and vagina and dick lifting
[12:37] <YorkieWolf> aka, suit
[12:38] <Kaneity> wtf
[12:38] <Kaneity> good thing i don't hang around you guys PSH
[12:38] <YorkieWolf> uh oh
[12:38] <YorkieWolf> kane run!
[12:38] <YorkieWolf> save yourself!
[12:39] <Kaneity> OHH NO
[12:39] <Kaneity> Run Kane Run!
[12:39] <YorkieWolf> runnn!!!!!
[12:39] <Kaneity> * runs and trips over rock *
[12:39] <YorkieWolf> nuuu!
[12:39] <Kaneity> D:::
[12:39] <Kaneity> * bleeds and still runs to the wilderness * 
[12:39] <YorkieWolf> now someone will eat you, like xerx at nin
[12:40] <YorkieWolf> heh
[12:40] <YorkieWolf> *ate
[12:40] <Lopezsylvia45> Posted @Mussy
[12:40] <YorkieWolf> #neverforget
[12:40] <Lumosknight> :O
[12:40] <Kaneity> oh D:
[12:40] <Kaneity> Lopez
[12:40] <Kaneity> Who is your firned
[12:40] <Kaneity> friend*
[12:40] <DrXax> Music
[12:40] <~The Musician~> yea?
[12:41] <DrXax> PM
[12:41] <DrXax> 
[12:42] <YorkieWolf> the awkward is real
[12:42] <Lopezsylvia45> Foxstar16 @Kane
[12:42] <YorkieWolf> i mean silence
[12:42] <YorkieWolf> has anyone seen my phone :/
[12:43] <YorkieWolf> or can like someone skype me so can hear it vibrate tbh
[12:43] <Lopezsylvia45> *Wants to be a copycat mine*
[12:43] <Lopezsylvia45> mime 
[12:43] <YorkieWolf> nvm found it
[12:44] <JamesD16> 
[12:45] <~The Musician~> Posted @Sylvia
[12:45] <~The Musician~> 
[12:45] <ScalesofFate> Oh shit
[12:45] <ScalesofFate> Just did it Yorks
[12:45] <~The Musician~> Fate <3 
[12:47] <YorkieWolf> s'okay fate XD
[12:50] <YorkieWolf> kaneeee (squeeze) 
[12:50] <Kaneity> hi
[12:50] <Lopezsylvia45> Posted @Mussy
[12:51] <YorkieWolf> no hug? :/ *out*
[12:51] <ScalesofFate> Muse <4
[12:51] <Kaneity> * hug *
[12:51] <Kaneity> (hug)
[12:51] <Kaneity> (hug2)
[12:52] <Kaneity> (hugfail)
[12:52] <Lumosknight> same
[12:52] <Lopezsylvia45> *Tackles bast to the ground* Hi xD
[12:52] <YorkieWolf> try squeeze, backhug, th, hugs, hugs2, or snuggle @kane
[12:53] <YorkieWolf> *gets tackled to the ground and breaks spine*
[12:53] <YorkieWolf> hai der XD
[12:53] <Lopezsylvia45> WHY! *Does a meatier surgery on Basts back*
[12:53] <Kaneity> (squeeze) 
[12:54] <DrXax> They erased hug2?
[12:54] <DrXax> (hugs2) 
[12:54] <DrXax> Oh, nvm
[12:54] <YorkieWolf> its hugs2 tho
[12:54] <Lopezsylvia45> Ameature*
[12:54] <DrXax> Got it :)
[12:54] <YorkieWolf> with an s xax
[12:54] <DrXax> yas the bid is the first
[12:54] <DrXax> (hugs) 
[12:54] <YorkieWolf> meatier surgery XD
[12:54] <Lopezsylvia45> *Fixes Bast back*
[12:54] <Lopezsylvia45> Shh!
[12:54] <YorkieWolf> yay
[12:56] <YorkieWolf> scared em with meatier surgery
[12:56] <ScalesofFate> oh Wolfie, I was also gonna say
[12:56] <ScalesofFate> Kane is welcome to join the Playa's RP if she wants
[12:56] <YorkieWolf> yayyy
[12:56] <Lopezsylvia45> *Gives bast a grape lollipop* Thanknyou for using the Amature surgeon services provided by Sylvy. Please Tell Omina that I'm qualified to take her tonsils out. xD
[12:56] <YorkieWolf> oki XD thats a scary thought silvie
[12:57] <YorkieWolf> which reminds me
[12:57] <Lopezsylvia45> She just tell her! I wanna take tonsils out. >~>
[12:57] <YorkieWolf> i think i have a hella ton of rps to reply to
[12:57] <Lopezsylvia45> Go reply ten.
[12:57] <YorkieWolf> i'll go to that other wikis chat and tell her for you k
[12:58] <Lopezsylvia45> Wait is she there. *Goes to DARP to see Milk*
[12:58] <YorkieWolf> but damn she's not on so nvm
[12:58] <Lopezsylvia45> Aww
[12:58] <YorkieWolf> i'll tell her later
[12:58] <Lopezsylvia45> Ill be up to tell her.
[12:59] <YorkieWolf> tfw you have an rp that you havent replied to in ten days
[12:59] <DrXax> Been there, done that
[01:00] <ScalesofFate> ^
[01:00] <YorkieWolf> but you were extremely active all ten days XD
[01:01] <ScalesofFate> Also know that feel xD
[01:02] <DrXax> ^^^
[01:02] <Kaneity> I WANT TO JOIN
[01:02] <Kaneity> The player's ;)
[01:03] <ScalesofFate> Tbh sometimes I quit an rp bc it gets dull xD
[01:03] <~The Musician~> ^
[01:04] <Kaneity> How can I jump in?
[01:05] <YorkieWolf> [[Roleplay:Main Forum/Camp Locations/4th July 2015/Picking Up Girls Like Playa%27s#Helpin a bro out on fourth of July|Roleplay:Main Forum/Camp Locations/4th July 2015/Picking Up Girls Like Playa's#Helpin a bro out on fourth of July]]
[01:05] <ScalesofFate> Anyon here like twilight?
[01:06] <YorkieWolf> if its a forum rp i wont quit, but if its comment rp its easy to forget it tbh
[01:06] <YorkieWolf> i used to fate?
[01:06] <Kaneity> Where are they anyway?
[01:06] <YorkieWolf> not like i dislike it now, i just grw out of it
[01:07] <YorkieWolf> kane, its the 4th of july camp celebration on de beach
[01:07] <ScalesofFate> Um, anyone want to see a load of short films done by female directors on various chars in the twilight saga?
[01:07] <ScalesofFate> xD
[01:07] <Kaneity> too lazy
[01:09] <Lopezsylvia45> Posted back @Mussy
[01:09] <Kaneity> Posted
[01:10] <Lopezsylvia45> *Sits down and eats a personal angel food cake.*
[01:10] <ScalesofFate> I think the boys need a female influence tbh xD
[01:10] <Kaneity> LOL
[01:11] <YorkieWolf> yes they do XD
[01:11] <Lopezsylvia45> I miss AlisaKat (sad2) 
[01:11] <ScalesofFate> Even if they are kinda the cool kids at camp xD
[01:11] <YorkieWolf> should i post back or wait for you or aff or laike wut? XD
[01:11] <YorkieWolf> i honestly felt like they were more fo the nerds of camp tbh
[01:12] <Kaneity> DO IT
[01:12] <YorkieWolf> cept benny and tyler
[01:12] <~The Musician~> posted back @Sylvia
[01:12] <Lopezsylvia45> Kk
[01:12] <YorkieWolf> in that case i axtually feel like wil is the dork of camp XD
[01:12] <Kaneity> Lennon will always be the cool one
[01:12] <YorkieWolf> yus
[01:12] <YorkieWolf> swag
[01:13] <ScalesofFate> omg Lennon is so hipster
[01:13] <ScalesofFate> xD
[01:13] <ScalesofFate> um, I can post unless you have a reply in mind?
[01:13] <ScalesofFate> Shh Benny's a nerd x
[01:14] <YorkieWolf> go ahead fate XD
[01:14] <DrXax> Music
[01:14] <Kaneity> Lennon is the coolest young teen you will ever meet.
[01:15] <YorkieWolf> lennon really is hipster tbh
[01:15] <Kaneity> she brings aviator too
[01:15] <Kaneity> tru 
[01:15] <YorkieWolf> pilot will make a move more than likely
[01:15] <YorkieWolf> be all like, "lemme shwo you how to talk to the ladies" to wil
[01:16] <Kaneity> omfg
[01:16] <Kaneity> tru
[01:18] <ScalesofFate> posted
[01:19] <ScalesofFate> I imagine Benny helped heal Wil up at the Ares cabin, on your comments rp and he already knows Lennon soo... :)
[01:19] <Kaneity> Yeah
[01:19] <Kaneity> Is it okay if I post?
[01:19] <Kaneity> I LOVE POSTING
[01:20] <YorkieWolf> go ahead XD
[01:20] <YorkieWolf> tfw you find a good model who is not taken
[01:20] <YorkieWolf> praise tbh
[01:21] <Kaneity> ty
[01:21] <ScalesofFate> It's nice to have a kid who avoids the Ares stereotypes cc:
[01:21] <Kaneity> lol ty
[01:22] <Kaneity> "buff, athletic, hot, cocky"
[01:23] <ScalesofFate> Well I imagine she'll be strong as hell, even if she looks petite xD
[01:23] <ScalesofFate> Um we may want Aff to post :3
[01:23] <Kaneity> lol ok
[01:24] <Kaneity> :D
[01:24] <Kaneity> She did carry Wilbur so yeah
[01:28] <YorkieWolf> she is strong af tbh- nuuu dont goo
[01:28] <YorkieWolf> yay
[01:32] <YorkieWolf> welp imm go for a bit and then maybe come back tbh
[01:32] <DrXax> Nuuuuuuuuuu
[01:32] <DrXax> Music
[01:33] <Theharlequin> Hey Sylvia
[01:33] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *drivin a car in sleeping dogs and the license plate says FAP*
[01:34] <ScalesofFate> Sorry my wifi died!
[01:37] <Foxstar16> hey guys lol, whats up?
[01:38] <Theharlequin> Hello Fox
[01:40] <ScalesofFate> Hi Foxy c:
[01:45] <DrXax> Omnia o/ 
[01:45] <Omnia Lesvos> o/ hallo
[01:45] <Windsword7> Om nom nom nia
[01:46] <ScalesofFate> Sheepy o/ 
[01:49] <Omnia Lesvos> o/ Fateeee, Wind no just no
[01:49] <Omnia Lesvos> no calling me om nom ><
[01:49] <ScalesofFate> omfg
[01:49] <Theharlequin> Hey Clay, wind, and Omnia
[01:49] <ScalesofFate> I'm getting old twilight feels
[01:49] <DaichiAoi> hi!!!!
[01:50] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *twilight. was. horrible.*
[01:51] <ScalesofFate> True
[01:51] <ScalesofFate> BUT
[01:51] <ScalesofFate> The lore is really good
[01:51] <ScalesofFate> and there are new short films about the awesome minor chars
[01:54] <Toxyca> jesus fuck ing christ
[01:54] <Toxyca> this game is rigged as shit
[01:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> hey >.>
[01:54] <Toxyca> I... I just... I just got nuked by a badass sorcerer
[01:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx stop playing it
[01:54] <Toxyca> my dad died
[01:54] <Toxyca> goddamnit
[01:54] <Toxyca> whyyyyyyyy
[01:54] <Lopezsylvia45> Darn it!!! MUSSY!!! She left ;-;
[01:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *i bet i could be this game*
[01:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *beat
[01:55] <Toxyca> if you think you can beat Sansa Stark Simulator
[01:55] <Toxyca> you are gravely mistaken
[01:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> sylvi you mean bella or muse
[01:55] <Toxyca> hell, I'm not even sure the game has a win condition at this point xD
[01:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> it does
[01:55] <Lopezsylvia45> *Goes back to posting on Foxys wall*
[01:56] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i play games like this >.<
[01:56] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> sylvi who is mussy
[01:56] <Lopezsylvia45> MILK (th) (hugs2) (squeeze) 
[01:56] <Windsword7> I like Om nom nom nia though :/
[01:56] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *is ignored* (sad2) 
[01:56] <Lopezsylvia45> Musician @Gollum 
[01:57] <ScalesofFate> I'm not okay
[01:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> then why you callin muse a girl >.<@sylvi
[01:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> fate
[01:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> too much shots?
[01:57] <Lopezsylvia45> Wait what? Mussy isn't a girl?
[01:57] <ScalesofFate> No
[01:57] <Lopezsylvia45> When did Mussy get a sex change?
[01:58] <ScalesofFate> All the short films except one rock
[01:58] <ScalesofFate> and I MUST vote for one
[01:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> muse was never girl XD
[01:58] <Foxstar16> da fuq?
[01:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *never a girl
[01:58] <Foxstar16> *backs away very slowly* 
[01:58] <Lopezsylvia45> *Is determined to prove that Mussy is a girl*
[01:58] <Zer0TheNinja> Sean
[01:58] <Zer0TheNinja> Muse told me their name
[01:58] <Windsword7> I think you should quit while you're ahead
[01:58] <Zer0TheNinja> irl
[01:58] <Zer0TheNinja> She's a girl, haha
[01:59] <ScalesofFate> Muse is a boy
[01:59] <ScalesofFate> I have seen photos of him xD
[01:59] <ScalesofFate> I have his insta
[01:59] <Lopezsylvia45> Thank, love. @Raid
[01:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> muse is a dude XD@raid
[01:59] <Zer0TheNinja> Chloe >.<
[7/12/2015 1:23:32 AM] Cookie David: why does every emoticon everywhere look terrible
[01:59] <Zer0TheNinja> A dude with the name Chloe? o,o
[02:00] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *men have been named weirder*
[02:00] <Windsword7> here's a crazy idea
[02:00] <Lopezsylvia45> Idc I'm going to call Mussy a girl until Mussy tells me otherwise.
[02:00] <Windsword7> we could ask Mus next time Mus is on
[02:01] <ScalesofFate> Mussy is a girl
[02:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wind
[02:01] <ScalesofFate> Muse is male
[02:01] <ScalesofFate> >.<
[02:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> stop reading my mind wind
[02:01] <Omnia Lesvos> SADIEEE (th) (squeeze) (hugs2) 
[02:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> like damn
[02:01] <Lopezsylvia45> Okay, I'll ask Mussy. >~>
[02:01] <Windsword7> but it's such an interesting read
[02:01] <Lopezsylvia45> Mussy is female 
[02:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *wind says what i am thinking before i get to type*
[02:01] <Zer0TheNinja> Wait
[02:01] <DaichiAoi> muse???
[02:01] <Zer0TheNinja> Which is Muse and which is Mussy?
[02:01] <Zer0TheNinja> Can we get actual usernames here?
[02:01] <Windsword7> we're talking about TheMusician
[02:01] <Lopezsylvia45> Musician
[02:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> musician XD
[02:02] <Zer0TheNinja> -.-
[02:02] <Zer0TheNinja> Musician is a man
[02:02] <Zer0TheNinja> Lumos is a girl
[02:02] <Windsword7> XDD
[02:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> XD
[02:02] <DaichiAoi> omg
[02:02] <Lopezsylvia45> No is le girl.
[02:02] <Windsword7> failure
[02:02] <Omnia Lesvos> (facepalm) 
[02:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> sylvi admit defeat XD
[02:02] <Zer0TheNinja> Not my fault I call users by their usernames >.<
[02:02] <Omnia Lesvos> What diid I walk back into
[02:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> canada
[02:02] <Lopezsylvia45> NO NOT UNTIL I ASK
[02:03] <Foxstar16> GIRL!!!!!!!! AH RUN AWAY
[02:03] <Windsword7> your fault for backing Lopez without knowing what you were really backing XD
[02:03] <DaichiAoi> wtf??
[02:03] <Lopezsylvia45> Milk, my post or yours? @Molk
[02:03] <Omnia Lesvos> yours
[02:03] <Zer0TheNinja> No
[02:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> or you could just check his userpage? XD@sylvi
[02:03] <Zer0TheNinja> The only "Muse" or "Mussy" I know is Lumos
[02:03] <Zer0TheNinja> Since I call Musician Musician
[02:03] <Zer0TheNinja> Therefor I thought you were talking about Lumos who's a girl
[02:04] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *musician has been called muse for months*
[02:04] <Zer0TheNinja> So... not my fault at all
[02:04] <Foxstar16> RUN AWAY FROM THE GUY
[02:04] <Zer0TheNinja> @Sean not by me, nor have I seen people call him Muse
[02:04] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *yes it is, you dont pay attention* XD
[02:04] <ScalesofFate> Musician is commonly known as Muse
[02:04] <ScalesofFate> xD
[02:04] <Zer0TheNinja> That's def true @Sean
[02:04] <ScalesofFate> I call him Muse.
[02:04] <Windsword7> I call him Muse too
[02:04] <Windsword7> sometimes Mus
[02:04] <Lopezsylvia45> >~>
[02:04] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> the majority of us call him muse XD
[02:05] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> just check his userpage for the meantime@sylvi
[02:05] <Lopezsylvia45> No Mussy is a girl
[02:05] <Windsword7> I told you to quit while you were ahead
[02:05] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> XD
[02:05] <Windsword7> nobody listens to Wind though
[02:05] <Windsword7> he's just an old fool
[02:05] <Lopezsylvia45> Already have Foxy doing that on the computer. XD
[02:06] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> uhhh his userpage is confuzzling
[02:06] <DaichiAoi> *pets wind* i do
[02:06] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> just click show on eveything until you see his name XD
[02:06] <Lopezsylvia45> She agrees that Missy is a girl. Hs
[02:06] <Lopezsylvia45> Mussy*
[02:06] <DaichiAoi> muse.... is a male........
[02:06] <Windsword7> your friend joined like
[02:06] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *he isnt though, admit defeat. listen to the legendary words of wind*
[02:06] <Windsword7> two days ago
[02:06] <Lopezsylvia45> Js*
[02:06] <Windsword7> js
[02:07] <ScalesofFate> I transcend gender tbh xD
[02:07] <Lopezsylvia45> I know that. 
[02:07] <Toxyca> I died again
[02:07] <Toxyca> gg
[02:07] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx
[02:07] <Toxyca> foreign sorcerer dude OP
[02:08] <Toxyca> pls nerf
[02:08] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i could beat this for you
[02:08] <DaichiAoi> i'm transender c:
[02:08] <DaichiAoi> transgender*
[02:08] <Windsword7> damnit Drag
[02:08] <Windsword7> I thought you were being super clever for a sec
[02:08] <Windsword7> :/
[02:08] <Lopezsylvia45> But she just looked at Mussys user page and said that from the Wikias on there 'asked someone assume Mussy is a girl.
[02:08] <DaichiAoi> ???
[02:09] <Lopezsylvia45> Makes*
[02:09] <Windsword7> nvm XD
[02:09] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> oh cmon
[02:09] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> just cause of his wikis >.<
[02:10] <Lopezsylvia45> Yup.
[02:10] <DrXax> Music is a boy
[02:10] <Windsword7> can someone link to le userpage
[02:10] <DrXax> I know it
[02:10] <DrXax> He's told me like over 5 times
[02:10] <ScalesofFate> Bigger question
[02:10] <ScalesofFate> Do we care what gender he is?
[02:10] <ScalesofFate> xD
[02:10] <DrXax> Not really
[02:10] <ScalesofFate> Is it in any way relevant?
[02:10] <Lopezsylvia45> I do!
[02:11] <Windsword7> we have to know
[02:11] <Windsword7> the humiliation won't be complete otherwise
[02:11] <Lopezsylvia45> ^
[02:11] <DrXax> He's mah friend either way :)
[02:11] <Windsword7> *see even lopez agreed*
[02:11] <Windsword7> (giggle) 
[02:11] <Lopezsylvia45> Wait I don't feel humiliation.
[02:12] <Windsword7> *too late*
[02:12] <Lopezsylvia45> >~>
[02:12] <ScalesofFate> Weed. Police
[02:12] <ScalesofFate> @Syl
[02:12] <ScalesofFate> Js xD
[02:12] <Omnia Lesvos> supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
[02:12] <Omnia Lesvos> .w.
[02:12] <Omnia Lesvos> Baa
[02:12] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> [[User:~The Musician~]] @wind
[02:12] <Omnia Lesvos> (sheep) 
[02:13] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> fate
[02:13] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wth
[02:13] <Lopezsylvia45> I'm not humiliated over that @Fate
[02:13] <Windsword7> there's nothing on this userpage
[02:13] <Windsword7> that suggests male or female whatsoever
[02:13] <ScalesofFate> Oh thought you might be xD
[02:14] <ScalesofFate> I do smoke it so I can't say anything tbh >.>
[02:14] <Windsword7> it's just a nice musically userpage
[02:14] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> press show@wind
[02:14] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i got confused to
[02:14] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *too
[02:15] <Windsword7> it says male XDDDDDDD
[02:15] <DrXax> Ha! Told you guys
[02:15] <Windsword7> what do you mean guys
[02:15] <Windsword7> it's just Lopez XD
[02:16] <DrXax> Same >.<
[02:16] <Windsword7> if by same you mean like the opposite
[02:16] <Windsword7> he has a cool name
[02:17] <Toxyca> THIS GAME IS BULLSHIT
[02:17] <DrXax> Who?
[02:17] <Windsword7> Muse
[02:17] <DrXax> Oh
[02:17] <DrXax> Maickol?
[02:17] <Windsword7> no Chloe
[02:18] <DrXax> ???
[02:18] <Toxyca> I max out every single magic stat in the game just in time for the magic skill, and lose anyway because..
[02:18] <DrXax> What d you mean?
[02:18] <Toxyca> I don't know enough about decoration
[02:18] <Toxyca> what the hell
[02:18] <Windsword7> inside joke nvm XD
[02:19] <DrXax> lol, ok
[02:19] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx
[02:19] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> just tell me what you have to do
[02:19] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i could help you win this
[02:20] <Toxyca> I need to defeat this epic guy in a magical duel
[02:20] <Toxyca> while also convincing a power-crazed duchess to let me marry her son instead of going to war with me
[02:21] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> what all options do you have to train
[02:21] <Toxyca> and while having a high enough court etiquette skill to not just immediately swallow down poisoned chocolate
[02:21] <Windsword7> did you pay the 9 dollars for this?
[02:22] <Toxyca> yes
[02:22] <Windsword7> XD
[02:22] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> give me all the skills you can train
[02:22] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wind ikr
[02:23] <Toxyca>
[02:23] <Toxyca> that's all the skills
[02:24] <Toxyca> I can only train the magic skills after I have 80 presence
[02:24] <Toxyca> or else I can't get my pretty magical girl gem
[02:24] <Toxyca> because my dad is an overprotective bish
[02:24] <Toxyca> who stored it in the vault
[02:24] <Toxyca> and the guards won't let me in
[02:24] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> holy 
[02:24] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wtf is this
[02:25] <Toxyca> xD
[02:25] <Toxyca> impossible is what it is
[02:25] <Foxstar16> .............. sylvia!!!!!!!!
[02:25] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> hmmmm
[02:25] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wield magic
[02:25] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> decoration
[02:25] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> because duchess
[02:25] <Toxyca> I absolute need to max out every single magic skill to make it through the fight
[02:25] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> exactly XD
[02:25] <Toxyca> to avoid the war with the duchess I need public speaking
[02:26] <Toxyca> during the fight tho
[02:26] <Foxstar16> ......
[02:26] <Toxyca> the guy is more experienced, so I need to do something unexpected
[02:26] <Toxyca> I can either through magic glitter in his face via decoation
[02:26] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> or
[02:26] <Toxyca> or I can conjure up a sword and use that, which of course requires sword skills
[02:26] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> hmmmmm
[02:27] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> go for sword
[02:27] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nobody would expect sword vs magic
[02:28] <Windsword7> *hums le Rains of Castamere*
[02:28] <Foxstar16> *shakes head slightly and walks away*
[02:28] <Toxyca> and who, are you, the proud lord said...
[02:28] <Toxyca> ♫
[02:28] <Windsword7> that I must bow so low
[02:28] <Toxyca> that's it
[02:28] <Toxyca> wind discovered the true solution
[02:29] <Windsword7> just sing the rains of castamere for her
[02:29] <Windsword7> :P
[02:29] <Toxyca> metamorphosize into Tywin lannister
[02:29] <Toxyca> xD
[02:29] <Windsword7> or that
[02:29] <Omnia Lesvos> What the hell
[02:29] <Omnia Lesvos> is my ex-dad playing
[02:29] <Omnia Lesvos> o.o
[02:29] <Toxyca> Sansa Stark Simulator 2015
[02:29] <Toxyca> aka Long Live The Queen
[02:29] <Omnia Lesvos> ...............................
[02:29] <Omnia Lesvos> See, this is why I question sanity's existence...
[02:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *this has nothing to do with sanity though*
[02:31] <Foxstar16> sanity hasn't existed in hundreds of years
[02:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *it has*
[02:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> so nyx
[02:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> do i have to school this game for you
[02:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> rule one to path games
[02:31] <Foxstar16> huh?
[02:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *never just focus on one thing* @nyx
[02:32] <Toxyca> I'm not
[02:32] <Toxyca> I'm saving the game, finding out what horrible fate awaits me
[02:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i mean attack wise rn
[02:32] <Toxyca> and then going for that
[02:32] <Toxyca> rinse and repeat until I stop duing :I
[02:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> you have divination skilled up but weaponry down
[02:32] <Toxyca> sying*
[02:32] <Toxyca> dying**
[02:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wait
[02:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> isnt divination something to do with water
[02:32] <Toxyca> I went for divination before my earliest save point
[02:33] <Toxyca> no, it's telling the future
[02:33] <Foxstar16> im so lost...
[02:33] <Toxyca> which is useless, because I've already played ahead and know what will happen
[02:33] <DrXax> MARYYYY
[02:33] <YorkieWolf> xerx that show is weird
[02:33] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> should have thought of that first@nyx
[02:34] <DrXax> (th) (backhug) (nom) (squeal) 
[02:34] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> what show@york
[02:34] <DrXax> James o/ 
[02:34] <JamesD16> hello
[02:34] <Foxstar16> ......
[02:34] <YorkieWolf> XAXXX (th) (snuggle) (nom) (squeal) 
[02:35] <YorkieWolf> xerx, assasination classroom 
[02:35] <YorkieWolf> im watching ep 1
[02:36] <JamesD16> wow I having cooking for school but I wont be actually cooking for 3 weeks 
[02:36] <Toxyca> GODDAMNIT
[02:36] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> it's actually good tbh@york
[02:36] <Toxyca> *died to the poisoned chocolate*
[02:37] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx buy it for me
[02:39] <Toxyca> OKAY um
[02:39] <Toxyca> so
[02:39] <Toxyca> I got the crystal
[02:39] <Toxyca> without having to grind presence
[02:39] <Toxyca> which saves me like three weeks
[02:39] <Lopezsylvia45> Back
[02:40] <Toxyca> but... I did it by telling my magic teacher to steal it from the vault
[02:40] <Toxyca> a quarter of the city guard is dead
[02:40] <Toxyca> and my father doesn't trust me
[02:40] <Toxyca> ;=;
[02:40] <Windsword7> what like
[02:40] <Windsword7> family are you
[02:41] <Toxyca> ?
[02:41] <Windsword7> aren't you playing the save sansa stark game?
[02:43] <JamesD16> hey lumo and nin
[02:43] <Toxyca> I call it Sansa Stark Simulator because a review compared the main character's life to Sansa in King's Landing
[02:43] <Toxyca> it's not actually GoT
[02:43] <RPKingNin> Hey James
[02:44] <JamesD16> your turn to post nin
[02:45] <Omnia Lesvos> OH MY GOD
[02:45] <Omnia Lesvos> O_O
[02:45] <Omnia Lesvos> smh smh smh
[02:45] <Toxyca> ugh.... so murdering the guards doesn't work, because it puts her in a bad mood
[02:45] <Toxyca> that makes it literally impossible to train both swords and magic
[02:45] <Toxyca> instant failure
[02:45] <DaichiAoi> rp anyone??
[02:47] <RPKingNin> 
[02:47] <RPKingNin> 
[02:47] <RPKingNin> 
[02:47] <DaichiAoi> ???
[02:49] <RPKingNin> sorry storm over here so wifi is in and out
[02:49] <JamesD16> omg so many fing test for one fing subject
[02:49] <Lopezsylvia45> Did you post yet? @Dai
[02:50] <DaichiAoi> yes
[02:50] <JamesD16> have you posted yet lopez
[02:50] <Lopezsylvia45> *Goes to post.*
[02:50] <Lopezsylvia45> Nope I have it pulled up though. @James
[02:50] <RPKingNin> Is it possible to get a weapon from a GP after a fight 
[02:50] <Lopezsylvia45> MILK MILK MILK 
[02:53] <RPKingNin> 
[02:53] <RPKingNin> 
[02:53] <Foxstar16> @lopez POST!!!!!!!!!!
[02:54] <Omnia Lesvos> SADIE SADIE SADIE
[02:56] <Zer0TheNinja> back
[02:56] <Windsword7> wb Raidy
[02:57] <Zer0TheNinja> danke
[02:57] <Toxyca> YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
[02:57] <Toxyca> killed fancy sorcerer king with a magic moonlight sword :D
[02:57] <Windsword7> good job
[02:57] <RPKingNin> So can I give him a weapon 
[02:57] <Toxyca> #prettyprettyprincesslikeaboss
[02:58] <Lumosknight> Omg does anyone here watch steven universe?
[02:58] <Windsword7> hey Lumos
[02:58] <Lumosknight> Hey Wind
[02:58] <DaichiAoi> we
[02:58] <DaichiAoi> are
[02:58] <DaichiAoi> the
[02:58] <DaichiAoi> crystal
[02:58] <DaichiAoi> gems
[02:58] <JamesD16> hey lumo
[02:58] <Lumosknight> YES
[02:58] <Lumosknight> Hi James o/ 
[02:58] <Lumosknight> Pisted
[02:59] <RPKingNin> Anyone seen Fate 
[02:59] <Windsword7> We are the watchers on the wall *dies*
[02:59] <Lumosknight> *huggles clay*
[02:59] <DaichiAoi> okay
[02:59] <Lumosknight> Did you see the new episode???
[02:59] <DaichiAoi> nope
[02:59] <Lumosknight> Ruby and Sapphire make me cry tbh
[02:59] <DaichiAoi> i love peridot ngl
[03:00] <Lumosknight> Onion makes me tear up
[03:03] <DaichiAoi> was
[03:03] <DaichiAoi> was that a pun
[03:03] <Lumosknight> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
[03:04] <EvilhariboMadness> FINNY (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) 
[03:04] <Brocky292> JACKY (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) 
[03:06] <Lumosknight> o/ 
[03:16] <Lopezsylvia45> Posted @Dai
[03:17] <Zer0TheNinja> meow
[03:17] <Lopezsylvia45> Posted @Milk
[03:17] <Lopezsylvia45> Attempting to post @Janes
[03:17] <Lopezsylvia45> RAID!!! (Th) 
[03:17] <Lopezsylvia45> James*
[03:18] <Lopezsylvia45> Oh wait James isn't here
[03:18] <DaichiAoi> i almost started crying when sapphire was crying
[03:18] <Lopezsylvia45> Hey, Dr.Xax I'm the only one allowed to help my best friend. *Is actually very jealous.*
[03:19] <DaichiAoi> salty
[03:19] <DrXax> Oh. Sorry Lopez...
[03:19] <DrXax> I was just trying to help
[03:19] <EvilhariboMadness> jfc Lopez
[03:19] <EvilhariboMadness> he can help
[03:20] <DrXax> If you want me to stop helping Foxstar, I will
[03:20] <Zer0TheNinja> SYLVIA *Catches and kisses*
[03:21] <Toxyca> ᴵ ʷᵒᶰ⋅⋅⋅
[03:21] <Toxyca> guys, I won
[03:21] <Toxyca> I did it
[03:21] <Toxyca> I survived until my coronation
[03:21] <Toxyca> I became the prettiest princess of them all
[03:21] <Toxyca> (bounce) 
[03:23] <Omnia Lesvos> o.o
[03:23] <Omnia Lesvos> damn nice 
[03:24] <Toxyca> now I'm gonna get all the achievements
[03:24] <Toxyca> of which there are like fifty
[03:24] <Lopezsylvia45> I was kidding. xD
[03:24] <Toxyca> including
[03:25] <Toxyca> those two
[03:25] <Lopezsylvia45> I'm helping her in rl, and you're helping her via the inteenet
[03:25] <Lopezsylvia45> @Xax
[03:26] <Lopezsylvia45> I feel like crap now. (Sad2) 
[03:27] <Lopezsylvia45> Milk milk milk
[03:27] <Toxyca> Sean :D
[03:27] <Toxyca> I won
[03:28] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> you lost
[03:28] <Toxyca> I survived to my fifteenth birthday and became queen
[03:28] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> you lost
[03:28] <Toxyca> then I fund the achievements screen xD
[03:28] <Toxyca>
[03:28] <Toxyca> many things to do
[03:28] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wait stop
[03:29] <Lopezsylvia45> My post or yours? @Gollum
[03:29] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> tentacled monster?
[03:29] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> anime-esque game
[03:29] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx
[03:29] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> leave that achievement
[03:29] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i think yours@sylvi
[03:29] <Toxyca> don't worry. in true Sansa style
[03:29] <Toxyca> I won't actually be harmed
[03:29] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *you dont see what i am implying*
[03:30] <DaichiAoi> caps pls c:
[03:30] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> meh drag
[03:30] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> she isnt overusing
[03:31] <Foxstar16> huh?
[03:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> swears i saw a char named ratatouille 
[03:31] <DaichiAoi> roulette*
[03:31] <YorkieWolf> xerx
[03:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> ik
[03:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i rereard
[03:31] <YorkieWolf> im on episode 3
[03:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *reread
[03:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> york
[03:31] <Foxstar16> da fuq?
[03:31] <Toxyca> Sean
[03:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> do you like it@york
[03:31] <Toxyca>
[03:31] <Toxyca> I do :\
[03:31] <DaichiAoi> roulette is my rose spirit
[03:31] <YorkieWolf> i do xerx but like
[03:31] <DaichiAoi> precious bab
[03:32] <YorkieWolf> that teachers boobs
[03:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> NO >.>@nyx
[03:32] <YorkieWolf> technically assassin 
[03:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> her boobs are assassin's?
[03:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *assassins
[03:32] <DaichiAoi> ^
[03:32] <DaichiAoi> some powerful tits
[03:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> yes, all it takes is to bring one guy to her chest
[03:33] <YorkieWolf> her boobs are what kills him
[03:33] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> and then proceed to knock him out via chest suffocation
[03:33] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *that wouldnt be a bad way to be knocked out tbh*
[03:33] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wait, you see karma yet?@york
[03:34] <YorkieWolf> 25:18
[03:34] <YorkieWolf> yes i have xerx XD
[03:34] <YorkieWolf> im at 25:18
[03:34] <YorkieWolf> of that episode
[03:34] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> sub?
[03:35] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *only trusts youtube with one show*
[03:35] <YorkieWolf> the one you linked i didnt know how to open
[03:35] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> click it >.<
[03:35] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> ohhhhh
[03:36] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> why didnt you ask
[03:36] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *the dub is better*
[03:36] <YorkieWolf> but i already got used to sub XD
[03:36] <YorkieWolf> itll feel weird switching xd
[03:36] <YorkieWolf> *XD
[03:37] <YorkieWolf> lmao miss bitch XD
[03:38] <YorkieWolf> lmao she kissed nagisa and put him in her breasts. how classic. she will kill them all i swears
[03:38] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *you miss out on the dub then* >.<
[03:38] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> I need a jew~
[03:38] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> oh she did the death kiss
[03:39] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but it doesnt necessarily kill you
[03:39] <Zer0TheNinja> meow
[03:40] <YorkieWolf> damn son she is a beast
[03:40] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[03:40] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> they are making a live action attack on titan
[03:40] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *sits in a corner*
[03:42] <Omnia Lesvos> .....
[03:42] <YorkieWolf> miss bitch
[03:42] <YorkieWolf> apt nicname
[03:42] <YorkieWolf> for that teacher
[03:44] <Lopezsylvia45> Posted @Gollum
[03:44] <YorkieWolf> btw sheep apparently silvie is a good meatier sergion
[03:45] <Lopezsylvia45> Btw when did Russ obtain Lt. Of Persephone? @Gollum
[03:45] <YorkieWolf> she fixed my back with her meatier surgery
[03:45] <Lopezsylvia45> I meant Amature >~>
[03:45] <YorkieWolf> so i suppose i reccommend her?
[03:46] <Lopezsylvia45> *Nods*
[03:46] <YorkieWolf> omfg that ass tho xrx
[03:46] <YorkieWolf> *xerx
[03:46] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> no idea@sylvi
[03:46] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> who's@york
[03:46] <YorkieWolf> miss bitch
[03:46] <Lopezsylvia45> Did you not know? I saw it when I was showing Karri the Persephone cabin @Gollum
[03:47] <YorkieWolf> miss bitch has surely is an asset 
[03:47] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *shrugs* boobs, remember?@york
[03:47] <YorkieWolf> *punny*\
[03:47] <YorkieWolf> *miss bitch sirely is an asset
[03:47] <YorkieWolf> *surely
[03:48] <Lopezsylvia45> So no one informed you then? @Gollum
[03:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> they could have
[03:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> whether i remember or not is the question
[03:49] <Lopezsylvia45> Lol xD there both Lts. I mean Russ and Ambrosine
[03:50] <YorkieWolf> omfg
[03:51] <YorkieWolf> that thing with his tentacles
[03:51] <YorkieWolf> x.x
[03:51] <Lopezsylvia45> Eww
[03:51] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> he massaged her@york
[03:51] <Lopezsylvia45> RAID (th) (hugs2) 
[03:51] <YorkieWolf> and then he did that thing with his tentacles xerx
[03:51] <YorkieWolf> and when they asked him
[03:51] <YorkieWolf> he was like "oh well, grown ups need grown up cares"
[03:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> pretty sure he wouldnt be tha stupid
[03:52] <YorkieWolf> and MADE A GUILTY FACE
[03:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *that
[03:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> he has no guilty face
[03:52] <Lopezsylvia45> >~<
[03:52] <YorkieWolf> im pretty sure it was his form of retaliation 
[03:52] <YorkieWolf> ye he does
[03:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> you mean the pink face?
[03:53] <YorkieWolf> no
[03:53] <YorkieWolf> hold on
[03:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> color
[03:53] <YorkieWolf> grey
[03:53] <Lopezsylvia45> Bbl going to read Fairy Tail got a bit.
[03:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> ah@york
[03:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> sylvi wait
[03:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i gots a huge plot twist
[03:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> fairy tail's biggest twist
[03:53] <YorkieWolf> 34:03 wait some and he makes the face
[03:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> as far as i can tell
[03:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> the video doesnt exist for me
[03:54] <Lopezsylvia45> >~>
[03:54] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i could just rewatch it on the website i gave you@sylvi
[03:55] <Lopezsylvia45> Lol xD I'm further ahead of the anime. I read the manga.
[03:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> do you know the plot twist
[03:55] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> do you know the major twist
[03:55] <Lopezsylvia45> No what is it?
[03:56] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> the major twist about zeref and natsu
[03:56] <Lopezsylvia45> If it pertains to the twin dragons layers then don't even mention it.
[03:56] <Lopezsylvia45> Yea they're brotwrs
[03:56] <Lopezsylvia45> Brothers*
[03:56] <YorkieWolf> lmao "down with big boobs"
[03:56] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> york i could tell you something about the one who said that
[03:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but major spoiler
[03:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> and natsu is a what? :D@sylvi
[03:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wait no what natsu is, it is nothing to smile about
[03:57] <Lopezsylvia45> I kinda figure they were related. 
[03:57] <YorkieWolf> she likes nagisa xerx?
[03:57] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> uhhh no
[03:58] <YorkieWolf> heyo noc o/ 
[03:58] <Lopezsylvia45> Like they look so much a like. It's weird
[03:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> wait you dont know what natsu is, do you?@sylvi
[03:58] <YorkieWolf> shes kuro sensei's kid?
[03:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> koro sensei has none
[03:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> well i have a spoiler about him too
[03:58] <Lopezsylvia45> I do know what he is. I thought ou were talking about relations.
[03:58] <YorkieWolf> no dip
[03:58] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> what is he, just to make sure i dont give you a useless spoiler@sylvi
[03:59] <Lopezsylvia45> You spoil it and ill cut your penis off. @Gollum
[03:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *i just aked you what he is*
[03:59] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *asked
[04:00] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *i'm not gonna tell, just asking*
[04:00] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *this is like one of the biggest shockers*
[04:00] <Lopezsylvia45> He's a creation of zeref the strongest too.
[04:00] <Lopezsylvia45> Okay spoil it if I'm incorrect.
[04:01] <Lopezsylvia45> I needs the spoiler.
[04:01] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *on second thought, we shouldnt have said this on main*
[04:02] <NoctemV> why are we cutting off penises?
[04:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> cause you keep drinking
[04:02] <NoctemV> its not a sin
[04:02] <Lopezsylvia45> Pm me it then @Golljm
[04:02] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> you are so wrong sylvi
[04:02] <Lopezsylvia45> Yes it is.
[04:03] <NoctemV> not unless youre mormon
[04:03] <Lopezsylvia45> Then I give you a free spoiler. Tell me in pm.
[04:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> noc
[04:03] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> your drinking is a sin
[04:03] <NoctemV> being drunk is a sin
[04:03] <NoctemV> but sins are forgiven anyways soo
[04:04] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *like this is just directly aimed at you*
[04:04] <NoctemV> besides. i think the big guy would have a lot more issues with me than sinning
[04:04] <YorkieWolf> you mean drinking
[04:04] <YorkieWolf> because if he has issues with you its to do with sin
[04:05] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *have you killed someone?*@noc
[04:05] <Lopezsylvia45> Go post! @Gollum
[04:05] <NoctemV> im not answering that question
[04:05] <Lopezsylvia45> That means he has
[04:05] <NoctemV> yes yorkie
[04:05] <NoctemV> thats what i meant
[04:05] <NoctemV> bless you child
[04:06] <YorkieWolf> *how you know nocs been drinking tbh*
[04:06] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *when are people gonna get smarter*
[04:06] <NoctemV> spakz thinks he knows. he doesnt
[04:06] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *like i'm waiting for that day*
[04:06] <NoctemV> people dont get smarter
[04:06] <NoctemV> trust me
[04:07] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *we will*
[04:07] <Lopezsylvia45> *Is waiting for the day when Gollum stops acting like he's older then everyone. He's like 14.
[04:07] <NoctemV> like xerx my padre would be so disappointed
[04:07] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *not acting*
[04:07] <NoctemV> i havent gone to confession in like a year and a half
[04:08] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i havent been to confession at all man
[04:08] <Lopezsylvia45> Eww Catholics 
[04:08] <NoctemV> ...
[04:08] <NoctemV> i thought you were catholic
[04:08] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> sylvi
[04:08] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> too far
[04:08] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i am noc
[04:08] <YorkieWolf> noc i havent gone to confession since my first communion
[04:08] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> we just dont have confessions
[04:08] <NoctemV> but youre catholic
[04:08] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> noc
[04:08] <NoctemV> are you confirmed?
[04:08] <Lopezsylvia45> I meant to type Catholicism sorry
[04:08] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nope@noc
[04:09] <YorkieWolf> nah @noc, not yet. ive been meaning to tho tbh
[04:09] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i was at the classes for like a week
[04:09] <YorkieWolf> i was supposed to last year
[04:09] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> i liked them
[04:09] <NoctemV> i got my confirmation..and then everything went downhill
[04:09] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> and like i wasnt dropped back
[04:09] <YorkieWolf> do you still consider yourself catholic tho noc?
[04:09] <NoctemV> i think ive broken 6 of the 10 commandments. i havent been to confession in like a year
[04:09] <NoctemV> idk tbh
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