[11:41] <Hydrocarbon1997> sean how old are you?
[11:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> how
[11:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> did you know
[11:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Im a bearded 16 yr old who would touch abything but rum
[11:41] <Hydrocarbon1997> you told me a while ago
[11:41] <Hydrocarbon1997> @sean lucky
[11:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> no i didnt
[11:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I told you I'm not a virgin
[11:42] <Hydrocarbon1997> do you even get carded
[11:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> How am i lucky
[11:42] <Hydrocarbon1997> ?
[11:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> What do you mean
[11:42] <Hydrocarbon1997> like
[11:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> also hydro is your gay friend on yet
[11:42] <Hydrocarbon1997> "son i'll need to see some ID*
[11:42] <Hydrocarbon1997> bi friend and no
[11:42] <YorkieWolf> aye xerx long time no see
[11:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> If i drink i drink at hime
[11:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *hime
[11:42] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *home dammit
[11:42] <Hydrocarbon1997> eh
[11:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> i'm at home
[11:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> on here
[11:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and snapchat
[11:43] <Hydrocarbon1997> drinking with friends is way more fun tho
[11:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> with a bottle in one hand
[11:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and another bottle in the other
[11:43] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> But i mainly drink radlers sooo naturally im not that much of a drinker
[11:43] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> And shadow hydro's gay friend is hydro
[11:43] <Hydrocarbon1997> i'm gettin there
[11:43] <Hydrocarbon1997> *impales sean*
[11:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> really?
[11:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Hydro we should hook up
[11:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> &lt;3 
[11:43] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> XD
[11:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> i bet its big
[11:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> ;)
[11:44] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Nah its small
[11:44] <EvilhariboMadness> jfc
[11:44] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Hey oli XD
[11:44] <Hydrocarbon1997> @shadow ew...
[11:44] <EvilhariboMadness> yo
[11:44] <DaichiAoi> what
[11:44] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Hey drag
[11:44] <DaichiAoi> hey sean *punts*
[11:44] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Draaaag did you see mah new drunken powers
[11:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Hydroo
[11:45] <JustChase> Gollum 
[11:45] <JustChase> Clay and I are dating 
[11:45] <JustChase> c:
[11:45] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Nice
[11:46] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *hydro. Give me an idea. For gem nymph offensive*
[11:47] <DaichiAoi> they can uproot gems from the ground and use them telekinetically to attack people?
[11:47] <Hydrocarbon1997> covering their fists in stone to punch people
[11:47] <DaichiAoi> stone
[11:47] <DaichiAoi> is stone a gem?
[11:47] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *opens the doc*
[11:48] <Hydrocarbon1997> gemstone but y'know
[11:48] <DaichiAoi> maybe desired gemstone like ruby or sapphine?
[11:48] <DaichiAoi> and make it jagged?
[11:48] <Hydrocarbon1997> *smokes a cigar*
[11:48] <Hydrocarbon1997> i guess
[11:48] <DaichiAoi> better than stone
[11:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Hm nyx's char is assigned to a gemstine
[11:49] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Sooo if a nymph is assigned to a ruby
[11:49] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Id say they can use ruby weapons
[11:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> or no
[11:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> but like
[11:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> the harder the gem the harder it is to summon
[11:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> so Diamonds would be really hard
[11:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> to use
[11:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and maybe transmute their skin to the gemstone
[11:50] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Yh but i could give them the ability to make weapons out of all gemstones
[11:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> true
[11:50] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> And no turning in gems
[11:50] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *into
[11:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> but I wanna be able to make my nails Sapphires
[11:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> e.e
[11:50] <DaichiAoi> no
[11:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> wanna know what'd be cool
[11:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> is if each gem had a slightly different effect
[11:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Rubies are a little hotter
[11:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Sapphires a little colder
[11:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Onyx radiate an aura of death
[11:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> nothing
[11:51] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> But then we would have to think of all effects for all genstones
[11:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I could do it
[11:51] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> No need. They dont need it
[11:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> but
[11:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> why not
[11:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> e.e
[11:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I could make the list in about 5 minutes
[11:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> When i say all stones
[11:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> I mean all
[11:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> you mean all
[11:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and I can do that
[11:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> e.e
[11:52] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> You know how much stones exist
[11:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> a lot
[11:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> but it'ss GEMSTONES
[11:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> 
[11:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> not just stones
[11:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Yh im not typing gemstones
[11:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> just clarifying
[11:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> So stones
[11:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> yes
[11:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I know
[11:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I can do all of them
[11:53] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> But. Ill consider it
[11:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> :D
[11:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> shoudl I start on the list?
[11:54] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> here, are you doing it on a doc?
[11:56] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> share it
[11:56] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> with me
[12:27] <JustChase> o.o 
[12:28] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> "your girlfriend told me to call you to..set up our thing"
[12:28] <JustChase> o.o 
[12:28] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> it was a private number
[12:28] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> HOE
[12:28] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> IM GAY
[12:29] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> omg
[12:29] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I'm gay
[12:29] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> jfc I don't want you to come to my place
[12:29] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> or me go to yours
[12:29] <YorkieWolf> yoyoyo
[12:29] <YorkieWolf> i need
[12:29] <YorkieWolf> 3 more brave level fives
[12:30] <YorkieWolf> [[Voting:Level 5%27s and Up/Cocytus Powers?t=20170116165249|Voting:Level 5's and Up/Cocytus Powers?t=20170116165249]]
[12:30] <YorkieWolf> to vote ehre
[12:30] <YorkieWolf> *here
[12:30] <JustChase> Have I not voted on that yet?
[12:30] <JustChase> test 
[12:30] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> nope
[12:30] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and I made it
[12:30] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> myself
[12:37] <DaichiAoi> wb topaz (squeeze) &lt;3 (heart2) 
[12:37] <JustChase> danke dak &lt;3 (squeeze) (heart2) 
[12:39] <JustChase> MILK (SQUEEZE) 
[12:39] <Hydrocarbon1997> @shadow maybe
[12:39] <YorkieWolf> SHEEEEPPPPPYYYYY &lt;3 
[12:39] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> maybe what
[12:39] <Omnia Lesvos> ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ &lt;3 
[12:40] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Hey o/ 
[12:41] <YorkieWolf> sup audrey o/ 
[12:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Yorkshire o/ 
[12:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> REBEEEE o/ 
[12:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> (nom) 
[12:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Slim Shades (th) 
[12:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> CHASE (squeeze) 
[12:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> [[Voting:Level 5%27s and Up/Cocytus Powers|Voting:Level 5's and Up/Cocytus Powers]]
[12:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> vote please
[12:43] <JustChase> <span class="me-username">* <span>JustChase</span></span> tosses computer into the Han river*
[12:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh
[12:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> T-T lol
[12:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> DOLT
[12:44] <Thatwittledolt> HOI
[12:44] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> SQUIRTLEEEEEEEEEEEEE (squeeze) (nom2) 
[12:45] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> how is sis doing
[12:45] <Thatwittledolt> SCALEYYYY
[12:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh btw
[12:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> is your avie the chick from Wreck It Ralph that Felix marries in the end?
[12:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Just curious because the picture lol
[12:48] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> .-,
[12:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Dolt's in class
[12:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh
[12:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> makes sense
[12:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> she must be in tuesday
[12:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> yah
[12:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Dolt's in class
[12:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh
[12:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> makes sense
[12:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> she must be in tuesday
[12:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> yah
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> ⊂_ヽ
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>   \\ _
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>    \( •_•) F
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>     < ⌒ヽ A
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>    /   へ\ B
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>    /  / \\ U
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>    レ ノ   ヽ_つ L
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>   / / O
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>   / /| U
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>  ( (ヽ S
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>  | |、\
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>  | 丿 \ ⌒)
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>  | |  ) /
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> `ノ )  Lノ
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> (_/
[12:52] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> no
[12:52] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> I am fabulous
[12:52] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> get out
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Rebe is
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> ⊂_ヽ
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>   \\ _
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>    \( •_•) F
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>     < ⌒ヽ A
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>    /   へ\ B
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>    /  / \\ U
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>    レ ノ   ヽ_つ L
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>   / / O
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>   / /| U
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>  ( (ヽ S
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>  | |、\
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>  | 丿 \ ⌒)
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119>  | |  ) /
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> `ノ )  Lノ
[12:52] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> (_/
[12:53] <YorkieWolf> coolit with the spam pls
[12:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> twice = spam
[12:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> k
[12:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> seems legit
[12:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> HAPPY THE DRAGON (squeeze) 
[12:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Xerxes
[12:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Hi
[12:55] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Chase wibba (th) 
[12:55] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> back
[12:55] <YorkieWolf> its the amount of spacing those require
[12:55] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> ?
[12:55] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> it only counts as one line
[12:55] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> if you refresh it'll only show up as one thing
[12:55] <YorkieWolf> if it was a pic fine but thats like hosh going space space space
[12:56] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> you have to admit it's pretty damn funny
[12:56] <YorkieWolf> CHASE WB (SQUEEZE) 
[12:56] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> DOLT WB
[12:56] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> (nom) 
[12:56] <Thatwittledolt> XD
[12:56] <JustChase> CHASE (SQUEEZE) 
[12:56] <Thatwittledolt> advancaned math is killing me
[12:56] <JustChase> CHASE
[12:56] <JustChase> TF
[12:56] <Thatwittledolt> And no scaley
[12:56] <JustChase> BRAIN WHY 
[12:56] <Thatwittledolt> It's from a game
[12:56] <JustChase> i'm gonna go kms
[12:56] <JustChase> manolo* 
[12:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> I was posting I'm sorry Squirtle T-T
[12:57] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> why does nobody welcome me back e.e (sad2) 
[12:57] <Thatwittledolt> CD
[12:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because you're not special
[12:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> jk jk
[12:57] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> e.e
[12:59] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> [[Voting:Level 5%27s and Up/Cocytus Powers|Voting:Level 5's and Up/Cocytus Powers]]
[12:59] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> post
[12:59] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> all of ya'll
[12:59] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> vote
[12:59] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> naow
[12:59] <Nopity nope nope> Hoi
[01:00] <Omnia Lesvos> LMAO
[01:00] <Omnia Lesvos> that coincidence
[01:00] <Nopity nope nope> I has an idea
[01:00] <Nopity nope nope> for some avatars of OC
[01:00] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> what idea
[01:00] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> oh
[01:00] <Nopity nope nope> we can use kisekae
[01:00] <Nopity nope nope> depending on opinion, of course
[01:01] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Nope wassup o/ 
[01:01] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I want
[01:01] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> a dick pick so bad e.e
[01:02] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> *pic
[01:02] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> jfc I cant type
[01:02] <YorkieWolf> idk what kisekae is
[01:02] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> ^
[01:03] <Nopity nope nope> Kisekae is a doll maker thingy
[01:03] <Nopity nope nope> but it has dicks
[01:03] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> wait what
[01:03] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> link
[01:03] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> naow
[01:03] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Jaye o/ 
[01:03] <Nopity nope nope> if you use nswpfw
[01:03] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> LINK
[01:03] <Nopity nope nope> but they have an sfw 
[01:03] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> LINK IT NOW DAMNIT
[01:03] <Nopity nope nope> wait a min
[01:03] <JayeMalik'> hiii o/ 
[01:04] <YorkieWolf> JAYE (SQUEEZE) 
[01:04] <Nopity nope nope> I'll link the Wikia page with both sfw and nsfw
[01:04] <Nopity nope nope> hoiii
[01:04] <JayeMalik'> YORKIE (squeeze) 
[01:04] <Omnia Lesvos> lAYI (SQUEEZE) 
[01:04] <YorkieWolf> hey guys your dick convo specifically wanting dick pics are making people uncomfortable can you please stop
[01:04] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> just link it e.e
[01:04] <JayeMalik'> LOKI (squeeze) 
[01:04] <Nopity nope nope> But it's all anime
[01:04] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I like anime
[01:04] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> sometimes
[01:04] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> on occassion
[01:04] <Nopity nope nope>
[01:04] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> >.<
[01:04] <Nopity nope nope> Hoi wittle
[01:05] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> o/ 
[01:05] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> 
[01:05] <Nopity nope nope> ^_^
[01:05] <Thatwittledolt> I am gonna cry
[01:05] <Thatwittledolt> ;;
[01:05] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh
[01:05] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> why
[01:06] <Nopity nope nope> (o^^o)
[01:06] <Nopity nope nope> Why
[01:06] <Hydrocarbon1997> *holds a coffee mug under dolt's face*
[01:06] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> whyyy
[01:06] <Hydrocarbon1997> come on
[01:06] <Nopity nope nope> i is feeling sad
[01:06] <Hydrocarbon1997> gimme a nice drink
[01:06] <Nopity nope nope> is it because you spilt your coffee
[01:06] <Thatwittledolt> ;;;;
[01:06] <Thatwittledolt> Math
[01:06] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh
[01:06] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol
[01:06] <Hydrocarbon1997> come on, you gonna start cryin?
[01:06] <Nopity nope nope> Wow
[01:06] <Nopity nope nope> want me to help
[01:06] <Nopity nope nope> i am a nerd
[01:07] <Nopity nope nope> kinda
[01:07] <Thatwittledolt> <span class="me-username">* <span>Thatwittledolt</span></span> cri
[01:07] <Hydrocarbon1997> yay
[01:07] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> nu
[01:07] <Hydrocarbon1997> *drinks her tears*
[01:07] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> stahp crying squirtle
[01:08] <Thatwittledolt> I'm on advanced math
[01:08] <Hydrocarbon1997> dolt
[01:08] <Hydrocarbon1997> *puts down a gun in front of her*
[01:08] <Hydrocarbon1997> there's only one way out 
[01:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> hydro
[01:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> nu
[01:08] <Thatwittledolt> Ya're right
[01:08] <Thatwittledolt> <span class="me-username">* <span>Thatwittledolt</span></span> holds gun
[01:08] <Nopity nope nope> Put a question
[01:09] <Nopity nope nope> let me seè your pain
[01:09] <YorkieWolf> one more person vote on cocytus pls
[01:09] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> SQUIRTLE NO
[01:09] <Nopity nope nope> i did
[01:09] <Nopity nope nope> i voted
[01:09] <Hydrocarbon1997> squirtle yes!
[01:09] <Nopity nope nope> i have a bad sig
[01:09] <Thatwittledolt> Later Nopity XD
[01:09] <Thatwittledolt> <span class="me-username">* <span>Thatwittledolt</span></span> hugs gun and cri
[01:09] <Hydrocarbon1997> NO!
[01:09] <Hydrocarbon1997> you're supposed to shoot your teacher!
[01:10] <JustChase> o.
[01:10] <JustChase> o.o*
[01:10] <Nopity nope nope> Who wants to Roleplay about taking a dump 
[01:10] <Hydrocarbon1997> @chase what? what did you think i gave her the gun for?
[01:10] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> XD
[01:10] <JustChase> Idk man, but it reminded me of that new dorkly bit 
[01:11] <Hydrocarbon1997> the one with team rocket?
[01:11] <JustChase> YES 
[01:11] <Hydrocarbon1997> i gotta admit dorkly was getting a lil stale
[01:11] <JustChase> And the guy gives the kid the gun 
[01:11] <Hydrocarbon1997> OH THAT ONE
[01:11] <JustChase> and he gets killed by the kid 
[01:11] <JustChase> XD
[01:11] <JustChase> The new one 
[01:12] <Hydrocarbon1997> oh oh k
[01:12] <Hydrocarbon1997> for a sec i thought you meant
[01:12] <Hydrocarbon1997>
[01:12] <Thatwittledolt> ;;
[01:12] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> squirtle hug
[01:12] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> <span class="me-username">* <span>TheRebelOfSlytherin</span></span> hugs Squirtle
[01:12] <JustChase> <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
[01:12] <JustChase> ^that's the one I meant 
[02:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> TONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT
[02:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Hold ooon
[02:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Just hoooold on
[02:42] <ReesesPeaces> heyo
[02:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> REESE WIFEY! (NOM) :BLACK: 
[02:42] <ReesesPeaces> SHADE HUBBY! (nom) :black: 
[02:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> did you start the history
[02:43] <ReesesPeaces> omg this food place
[02:43] <ReesesPeaces> took three hours
[02:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> wtf
[02:43] <ReesesPeaces> ikr
[02:43] <ReesesPeaces> they didn't say anything but, "we lost a ticket"
[02:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> WTF
[02:43] <ReesesPeaces> The food was amazing
[02:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> [[Voting:Level 5%27s and Up/Cocytus Powers|Voting:Level 5's and Up/Cocytus Powers]]
[02:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Daichi, Oli, Omni, please all vote
[02:44] <ReesesPeaces> it was like 35 minutes away, but we got there around 6:40
[02:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> XD
[02:44] <ReesesPeaces> like boi XD
[02:44] <ReesesPeaces> I just got home
[02:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> well do it now then XDDDDD
[02:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> 
[02:45] <ReesesPeaces> do what now
[02:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> idk
[02:45] <ReesesPeaces> .
[02:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> [[User:ShadowOfOblivion7119/Sandbox]]
[02:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Let's work on the history &lt;3 
[02:46] <ReesesPeaces> ok what do you have so far
[02:46] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> his mom's name is
[02:46] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Julianne Phoenix
[02:46] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> (laugH) 
[02:46] <ReesesPeaces> did you right it down?
[02:47] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> nope
[02:47] <ReesesPeaces> all I see on your sandbox is Abaddon
[02:47] <ReesesPeaces> oh
[02:48] <ReesesPeaces> writing things down XD
[02:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> XDDD
[02:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> will you like
[02:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> help me
[02:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and I write it
[02:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I guess
[02:48] <ReesesPeaces> sure
[02:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> altho you could write it XD
[02:48] <ReesesPeaces> I could
[02:48] <ReesesPeaces> but I'm sure you'd like to do it
[02:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> no I wouldnt
[02:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> you do it
[02:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> what hint
[03:01] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> lol
[03:02] <ReesesPeaces> so
[03:02] <ReesesPeaces> age?
[03:03] <ReesesPeaces> Wittie! (squeeze) o/ :black: 
[03:04] <ReesesPeaces> @Shade you still here man?
[03:04] <ReesesPeaces> because I gtg real soon
[03:04] <ReesesPeaces> ...
[03:04] <ReesesPeaces> test
[03:08] <Frostleaf1615> bbl
[03:09] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> ok back
[03:10] <Nata Roebot> Aloha! o/ 
[03:10] <Nata Roebot> OMNIVERSE MY MTCDLNGIT! (th) (bounce) (squeeze) 
[03:10] <Nata Roebot> I won't be on chat as much over the next two weeks due to frantic studying for midterms
[03:11] <Nata Roebot> If you see me on here, I'm procrastinating and thus not supposed to be here xD
[03:11] <Nata Roebot> (night) (star) (stars) o/ 
[02:49] <ReesesPeaces> and then I say "if you insist"
[02:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> but I don't want to
[02:49] <ReesesPeaces> :T
[02:49] <ReesesPeaces> 
[02:50] <ReesesPeaces> um well
[02:50] <ReesesPeaces> I can write down SOME stuff
[02:50] <ReesesPeaces> but this your char not mine XD
[02:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> ok
[02:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> write "some" stuff down
[02:50] <ReesesPeaces> name?
[02:51] <ReesesPeaces> Shade
[02:51] <ReesesPeaces> name?
[02:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> what
[02:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> oh
[02:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Ashton Phoenix
[02:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Julianne Phoenix
[02:51] <ReesesPeaces> god parent spelling? XD
[02:52] <ReesesPeaces> but won't give me a correction
[02:52] <ReesesPeaces> anywho
[02:53] <ReesesPeaces> so is he a titan or god
[02:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> idk
[02:53] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> he's a river dude
[02:53] <ReesesPeaces> :T help me out bruh
[02:53] <ReesesPeaces> look it up on the wiki or google
[02:54] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I think god
[02:54] <ReesesPeaces> so
[02:54] <ReesesPeaces> you can add images later
[02:54] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> yah
[02:54] <ReesesPeaces> for appearance I'm saying "see images"
[02:55] <ReesesPeaces> weapons?
[02:55] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> um
[02:55] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and warhammer
[02:55] <ReesesPeaces> what is a warhammer?
[02:56] <ReesesPeaces> idk but anywho
[02:56] <ReesesPeaces> I think the only things left are personality, history, and all the BC stuff
[02:56] <ReesesPeaces> which is more your decision 
[02:56] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> <img class="chatags-image" src="">
[02:56] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> is a warhammer
[02:56] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> just make it longer
[02:57] <ReesesPeaces> O.o
[02:57] <ReesesPeaces> make what longer
[02:57] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and you got a warhammer
[02:57] <ReesesPeaces> I'm lost
[02:57] <ReesesPeaces> here let me save the page so you can see it
[02:58] <ReesesPeaces> can you see it now?
[02:58] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> yah
[02:59] <ReesesPeaces> aswell as personality and history of course
[02:59] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> well for faction
[02:59] <ReesesPeaces> (I need to go in a couple of minutes)
[03:00] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Civitas Popularis
[03:00] <ReesesPeaces> Mari too XD
[03:00] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Believes everyone should be given a relatively equal opportunity
[03:00] <ReesesPeaces> but hey, I'm one of them too I guess
[03:01] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> lol
[03:02] <ReesesPeaces> age?
[03:03] <ReesesPeaces> Wittie! (squeeze) o/ :black: 
[03:04] <ReesesPeaces> @Shade you still here man?
[03:04] <ReesesPeaces> ...
[03:04] <ReesesPeaces> test
[03:08] <Frostleaf1615> bbl
[03:09] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> ok back
[03:10] <Nata Roebot> Aloha! o/ 
[03:10] <Nata Roebot> OMNIVERSE MY MTCDLNGIT! (th) (bounce) (squeeze) 
[03:10] <Nata Roebot> I won't be on chat as much over the next two weeks due to frantic studying for midterms
[03:11] <Nata Roebot> If you see me on here, I'm procrastinating and thus not supposed to be here xD
[03:11] <Nata Roebot> (night) (star) (stars) o/ 
[03:13] <DaichiAoi> why laptop why
[08:07] <Rentarou Kou> june?
[08:08] <Summer June> koutaro!!
[08:09] <Summer June> this is just a sliver of the internet
[08:09] <Summer June> ;-;
[08:10] <Summer June> lots of stuff to do, y'know?
[08:10] <Summer June> oh and btw
[08:10] <Summer June> thanks for the quest :)
[08:10] <Rentarou Kou> chappy
[08:11] <Rentarou Kou> mom's gonna kill me
[08:11] <Summer June> say hi to her xD
[08:11] <Rentarou Kou> you should have colden done
[08:11] <Rentarou Kou> o.o
[08:11] <Rentarou Kou> i forgot to tell you
[08:12] <Rentarou Kou> pm
[08:18] <Thatwittledolt> SUMMMMMIT
[08:23] <Summer June> wittyyy o!!!!
[09:50] <Thatwittledolt> XD
[09:50] <Summer June> kou how many do we have?
[09:52] <Summer June> test
[09:52] <Rentarou Kou> uhh four
[09:52] <Summer June> list?
[09:53] <Rentarou Kou> morpheus, thanatos, hecate, apollo
[09:53] <Thatwittledolt> I can spare a Kronos, Poseidon or Zephyrus kid
[09:53] <Thatwittledolt> B3
[09:54] <Summer June> witty o
[09:54] <Thatwittledolt> Yesh?
[09:54] <Summer June> ur chars are children of who?
[09:54] <Thatwittledolt> Kronos, Poseidon and Zephyrus
[09:55] <Summer June> hmmm
[09:55] <Summer June> kou..any ideas?
[09:55] <Rentarou Kou> uhh....definitely not kronos
[09:55] <Thatwittledolt> XD
[09:55] <Summer June> were going to the underworld :)
[09:56] <Rentarou Kou> no wind there . . . 
[09:57] <Summer June> poseidon?
[09:57] <Rentarou Kou> uh...styx?
[09:57] <Summer June> hmmm
[09:58] <Summer June> control styx?
[09:58] <Rentarou Kou> could be
[09:59] <Thatwittledolt> *Decides my ate*
[09:59] <Thatwittledolt> *fate
[09:59] <Summer June> xD
[10:00] <Rentarou Kou> can a child of poseidon control styx?
[10:00] <Summer June> *shrugs*
[10:00] <Summer June> percy did with the lethe
[10:00] <Summer June> but i dunno in this wiki
[10:00] <Thatwittledolt> The power set sees no restriction of what type of water
[10:00] <Thatwittledolt> Owo
[10:01] <Rentarou Kou> so...pass with charon or nah?
[10:04] <Thatwittledolt> Test
[10:05] <Summer June> pass
[10:05] <Summer June> oki doki
[10:06] <Rentarou Kou> ur decision, ms leader?
[10:06] <Summer June> ur idiotic
[10:06] <Thatwittledolt> XD
[10:07] <Summer June> well witty
[10:07] <Summer June> once im done, ill tell you
[10:07] <Thatwittledolt> Wonderful!
[10:07] <Thatwittledolt> I'll be waiting
[10:07] <Summer June> im still not sure how it will go, really
[10:07] <Thatwittledolt> So to be sure
[10:07] <Thatwittledolt> Ya'll will take my Poseidon child?
[10:07] <Summer June> yup..if that is
[10:07] <Rentarou Kou> happy times
[10:08] <Summer June> so...what now?
[10:08] <Rentarou Kou> colden
[10:08] <Summer June> right!!!
[10:08] <Thatwittledolt> SUmmit
[10:08] <Thatwittledolt> Mind doing me a favour?
[10:08] <Thatwittledolt> owo
[10:08] <Summer June> yes?
[10:10] <Summer June> test
[10:11] <Rentarou Kou> im practically drooling for pork cutlet
[10:11] <Summer June> O.O
[10:11] <Thatwittledolt> Same
[10:11] <Thatwittledolt> Especially the ones in Japan
[10:11] <Summer June> why did u have to mention that??
[10:12] <Summer June> kou lives in japan
[10:12] <Thatwittledolt> ffs
[10:12] <Summer June> he can have some all he want
[10:12] <Thatwittledolt> FFS
[10:12] <Rentarou Kou> mean to give out info bout me
[10:12] <Summer June> for goodness sake
[10:12] <Summer June> ur username said as much
[10:12] <Rentarou Kou> cant be an otaku?
[10:12] <Summer June> -_-
[10:12] <Thatwittledolt> I want
[10:12] <Thatwittledolt> Katsu don
[10:12] <Rentarou Kou> &lt;3 
[10:12] <Thatwittledolt> And pork salt ramen
[10:13] <Summer June> even yakisoba sounds nice
[10:13] <Thatwittledolt> ^
[10:13] <Summer June> sukiyaki
[10:13] <Summer June> or just entirely sushi
[10:13] <Thatwittledolt> Takoyaki
[10:13] <Thatwittledolt> Gah
[10:13] <Thatwittledolt> I wanna go back to Japan
[10:13] <Summer June> kou's fault
[10:14] <Summer June> u should see kou in personal
[10:14] <Summer June> he's funny
[10:14] <Summer June> xD
[10:14] <Thatwittledolt> ?
[10:14] <Rentarou Kou> mmeaaan
[10:14] <Thatwittledolt> Ya have
[10:14] <Thatwittledolt> ?
[10:14] <Thatwittledolt> o.O
[10:14] <Summer June> yah
[10:14] <Summer June> i torture him anyway i want
[10:15] <Thatwittledolt> Oh god
[10:15] <Rentarou Kou> not that i submit -_-
[10:15] <Thatwittledolt> NowI want Singapore and Japanese cuisine
[10:15] <Summer June> xD
[10:15] <Summer June> im totally gonna need an rp with colden
[10:16] <Thatwittledolt> Lucifer is up for grabs
[10:19] <Rentarou Kou> my sister's rewatching httyd
[10:22] <Summer June> oh how id love to do so!
[10:22] <Thatwittledolt> XD
[10:22] <Thatwittledolt> I hafta go now though
[10:22] <Thatwittledolt> Bye everyone o/ 
[10:24] <Rentarou Kou> bye bye o/ 
[10:24] <Summer June> bye witty o! o/ 
[11:34] <Summer June> (skull) 
[11:50] <UniPacific16> Test
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