[11:36] <DrXax> I lava you...
[11:36] <DrXax> <3 
[11:38] <JamesD16> The Jurassic world movie would have never happened if they put the tracker in the dinosaur's head
[11:38] <Windsword7> I have a dream I hope will come true, that you're here with me and I'm here with you. I pray to the earth and the sky up above-a, to send me someone to lava.
[11:39] <DrXax> <3 
[11:39] <DrXax> Lava ftw
[11:40] <JamesD16> Can't wait for batman vs superman
[11:41] <DrXax> ^^
[11:41] <JamesD16> Or ff reboot 
[11:41] <DrXax> Whoin here likes Cher Lloyd?
[11:44] <JamesD16> Hey tox
[11:44] <Toxyca> yo
[11:44] <DrXax> Toxy!
[11:44] <DrXax> o/ 
[11:44] <Toxyca> hey Xax
[11:46] <Toxyca> I'm in the mood to fight someone...
[11:46] <Toxyca> anybody feel like a near-death experience?
[11:46] <Windsword7> what's teh matter Sexyca
[11:46] <Toxyca> boredom, Windeh
[11:46] <Toxyca> sheer boredom
[11:46] <Toxyca> for a week
[11:47] <JamesD16> Hey Astrid
[11:47] <AsteriaNyx> Hey james 
[11:47] <AsteriaNyx> (Wave) 
[11:47] <DrXax> Asteria!
[11:47] <Toxyca> o/ 
[11:47] <Toxyca> *but cereally though, boredom is a bitch*
[11:48] <Toxyca> rp fight, anone?
[11:48] <Toxyca> anyone*
[11:48] <JamesD16> Having a bit of a break from hydro astrid
[11:48] <AsteriaNyx> Oh he annoyed you? lol
[11:48] <AsteriaNyx> XAX! 
[11:49] <JamesD16> Sort of
[11:49] <Toxyca> Fawl o/ 
[11:50] <Toxyca> *throws characters at Fawl* I challenge you to a d-d-d-d-duel!
[11:50] <DaichiAoi> nyx o/ 
[11:51] <DaichiAoi> *screeches*
[11:51] <AsteriaNyx> Hey (Wave) 
[11:51] <AsteriaNyx> If course I gotta go now >.< Ugh I hate when 30 minutes suddenly becomes 5 >..
[11:51] <DaichiAoi> hi astrid o/ 
[11:52] <Toxyca> *channels the spirit of Hulk Hogan* LET'S SETTLE IT IN THE RING, BROTHURRRRRRR
[11:53] <DaichiAoi> confused
[11:53] <DrXax> If no one RPs with you Toxy, I can RP :)
[11:53] <DaichiAoi> i wanna rp
[11:53] <DaichiAoi> just post on any of my chars on my userpage c:
[11:53] <Toxyca> *runs off to pick a character to start shit with*
[11:53] <Toxyca> there will be fightsies
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