[04:57] <Summer June> audrey! (th) o/ 
[04:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> what's up
[04:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> the sky
[04:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ignore my dad jokes rip
[04:58] <Summer June> xD
[04:59] <Summer June> im practically doing nothing as of now
[04:59] <Summer June> im too lazy too check the claims
[04:59] <Summer June> yet im bored doing nothing ;-;
[05:00] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> aw can you check my dream spirit claim tho
[05:01] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> the history is legit three paragraphs
[05:01] <Summer June> haha
[05:01] <Summer June> im literally wrapped in bandages rn
[05:02] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh why
[05:02] <Summer June> just to waste em
[05:02] <Summer June> ;-;
[05:02] <Summer June> gods help me
[05:03] <Summer June> audrey help me w/ this one [[Claiming:Camp/George Capron|claim]] please
[05:03] <Summer June> then ill check yours
[05:04] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> okay
[05:05] <Summer June> arigatou guzaimasu|!!!
[05:06] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> what do i do here
[05:07] <Summer June> uh.. well, is the claim okay?
[05:07] <Summer June> my only problem is why hephaestus revived him
[05:07] <Summer June> why george
[05:07] <Summer June> but not the other heroic kids of his
[05:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ooooh
[05:10] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because he died at such a young age...?
[05:10] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> idk this is hard
[05:11] <Summer June> ik ;-;
[05:13] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ayo draco
[05:14] <The Damocles> Hey Audrey
[05:14] <The Damocles> Hello Summer
[05:15] <Summer June> damey! o/ 
[05:16] <Summer June> you can create damon's page now ;)
[05:16] <The Damocles> Yayyy xD 
[05:17] <Summer June> let's rp one time
[05:17] <The Damocles> Okay.. First thing he needs a mentor in camp, for control over his powers
[05:18] <Summer June> ooohhh
[05:18] <Summer June> lets rp that then
[05:19] <The Damocles> Okay
[05:19] <Summer June> do you need help in the page or nah?
[05:20] <Summer June> hey audrey about august
[05:21] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yeah
[05:21] <Summer June> he's not really 15 yrs old, is he?
[05:21] <Summer June> just physically?
[05:21] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yeah just physically
[05:21] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> biologically he'd be like half a month old rip
[05:22] <Summer June> yes yes
[05:22] <Summer June> oki doki
[05:22] <Summer June> just clear that up in his page ;)
[05:23] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> okay
[05:24] <Summer June> and he was brought to camp by morpheus?
[05:24] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yup
[05:25] <Summer June> oki
[05:25] <Summer June> well, mind if you add those two now?
[05:25] <Summer June> *some claimers nitpick on claimed ones
[05:26] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> sure
[05:26] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[05:26] <The Damocles> I have a problem
[05:27] <Summer June> yes, damey?
[05:27] <The Damocles> When I first came to the wikia I didnt understand that I had to go through the claiming process. I just created the character. Which was later put on lockdown.. It wont let me edit the page
[05:28] <The Damocles> Nvm
[05:28] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> done summer
[05:29] <Summer June> oki doki @audrey
[05:29] <Summer June> ey damey
[05:29] <The Damocles> Yes
[05:29] <Summer June> want me to remove it?
[05:29] <The Damocles> Yes please lol
[05:30] <Summer June> oki doki
[05:32] <Summer June> damey can u send the link?
[05:32] <Summer June> net sucks here
[07:13] <Summer June> wont u sleep?
[07:13] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> nah
[07:14] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> im not tired lol
[07:14] <Summer June> oh, help me find a good name for seokjin
[07:14] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> do seokjin
[07:14] <Summer June> what does do mean?
[07:15] <Rentarou Kou> it a verb
[07:15] <Rentarou Kou> *it's
[07:15] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> no it's not e.e
[07:16] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> do, is a last name
[07:16] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> or 도 because somEONE
[07:17] <Summer June> oops
[07:17] <Summer June> wrong move
[07:17] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[07:18] <Summer June> pulled the wire of his laptop
[07:18] <Summer June> accidentally tripped on mine
[07:18] <Summer June> ;-;
[07:19] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[07:19] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yas you go girl
[07:19] <Summer June> meh
[07:19] <Summer June> gotta tease him more for his eyes
[07:20] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> im dead
[07:20] <Summer June> no dont
[07:22] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> so do seokjin or a different last name
[07:23] <Summer June> hmm . . .
[07:23] <Summer June> do might do
[07:24] <The Damocles> Why doesn't Dionysus or Chiron lead the camp again?
[07:25] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> idk
[07:26] <Summer June> well, mr d was sent back to olympus
[07:26] <Summer June> and chiron was off to another 'business'
[07:26] <Summer June> whatever that is
[07:26] <The Damocles> Lol I bet Mr.D won't chase after that nymph again
[07:26] <Summer June> hmm...koutaro probably got annoyed\
[07:26] <Summer June> oh yes @damey
[07:27] <Summer June> posted btw
[07:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> can you save my
[07:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> can you save my
[07:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> can you save my heavydirtysoul
[07:31] <Summer June> eh?
[07:32] <Summer June> now what do i do
[07:32] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> sorry sorry
[07:32] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> giant twenty one pilots fan
[07:32] <Summer June> sokaaaaa
[07:33] <Summer June> my classmate is one
[07:33] <Summer June> kept playing songs of theirs during breaks
[07:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> k so
[07:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> do you have a sandbox
[07:34] <Summer June> i have
[07:34] <Summer June>
[07:34] <Summer June> my own wikia to explore c:
[07:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> don't mind me
[07:35] <Summer June> lel he disappeared
[07:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> just planning my revenge
[07:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yoon seokjin will forever trigger me rip
[07:35] <Summer June> haha XD
[07:36] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh where'd you get the hangul from
[07:36] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> it's accurate :D
[07:37] <Summer June> lel kou's help
[07:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> honestly still want to hurt ren but tell him i said thank you
[07:41] <Summer June> haha sure
[07:41] <Summer June> you can go spam him
[07:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> really where
[07:43] <Summer June> start in his talk page here
[07:43] <Summer June> he'd mind it so much xD
[07:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> there i feel satisfied now
[07:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> now to talk about the collab
[07:51] <Summer June> xD
[07:52] <Summer June> alright
[07:52] <Summer June> so ill do seokjin's history based on jaxson's
[07:52] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> that's fine
[07:52] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> the advantage of having kyuhah
[07:53] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> he isn't a big part of jaxson's life until jax becomes a trainee 
[07:53] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> free range everywhere let's go
[07:53] <Summer June> ahh kill me
[07:54] <Summer June> now, about seokjin and kyuyah
[07:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> kyuyah
[07:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> IM DEAD I CAN'T
[07:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> #dadjokes
[07:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ignore me
[07:55] <Summer June> xD
[07:56] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i love kyuhah's quote with a burning passion
[07:57] <Summer June> oi we have work to do
[07:57] <Summer June> let us ignore dad jokes and quotes
[07:57] <Summer June> oohhhh that rhymed
[07:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> niccceee
[07:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> so ik i mention seokjin has a dad in jaxson's history
[07:59] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> which either seokjin is adopted or ares temporarily become female?
[07:59] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> became*
[07:59] <Summer June> ares as a female is just . . . 
[07:59] <Summer June> *laughs*
[07:59] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ikr
[07:59] <Summer June> ill go for adopted
[08:00] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> sounds good
[08:01] <Summer June> better, you'd say
[08:01] <Summer June> well anyway
[08:02] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[08:02] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because laziness
[08:03] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> seokjin's mother ran into ares at a party while drunk?
[08:05] <Summer June> hmm...yas
[08:05] <Summer June> ill do it the easy way
[08:05] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yeah
[08:05] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> 
[08:06] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i feel like all my histories somehow end up with the other parent getting drunk
[08:06] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> well except hana lol
[08:06] <Summer June> *drinks up some vodka*
[08:07] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[08:07] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> kyuhah is seokjin's teddy bear
[08:07] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> headcanon confirmed
[08:07] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> moving on
[08:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> so seokjin's mother gives him up but she can't financially support the both of them
[08:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because*
[08:08] <Summer June> yes
[08:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i give up on life
[08:08] <Summer June> and then a couple adopts him
[08:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yeah
[08:09] <Summer June> but the wife died so its just the dad left
[08:09] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> to make it more angsty
[08:09] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> they adopt seokjin because the wife can't have children
[08:09] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and then a year after that the wife dies leaving the father behind
[08:09] <Summer June> yasss
[08:10] <Summer June> then lets say this dad has a stepbro who is a demigod
[08:10] <Summer June> and he knows about demigods
[08:10] <Summer June> but not camp
[08:10] <Summer June> or he knows, but forgot about it
[08:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yas
[08:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and his stepbro comes over for a few days when seokjin is 10?
[08:11] <Summer June> yaah
[08:12] <Summer June> and he sees a monster and be like
[08:12] <Summer June> omg i think ur kids like me
[08:12] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[08:12] <Summer June> yessss
[08:12] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and dad be like
[08:12] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yo that's cool, just hook him up with a sword and we good
[08:12] <Summer June> xD
[08:13] <Summer June> the bros tell seokjin to go to camp, but seokjin says no bcos he has a friend
[08:13] <Summer June> so they w8 for 4 more years b4 going
[08:15] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> before that on valentines day
[08:15] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> seokcheol becomes canon for a day
[08:15] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and then seokjin has to leave because safety and stuffs
[08:16] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and in new york seokjin keeps stalling so they move to a town close to montauk
[08:17] <Summer June> yass
[08:17] <Summer June> then he goes to school there first
[08:18] <Summer June> texting cheolie and stuff
[08:18] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and more monsters show up because 
[08:18] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> don't text and walk at the same time kids
[08:19] <Summer June> haha xD
[08:19] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and some random demgiod
[08:19] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> we'll call him randy jb
[08:20] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> randy who is also a demigod because why not??? swoops in and helps seokjin
[08:22] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> so they become friends and stuff but seokjin will not stop texting and walking godsdangit
[08:22] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ahem back to scheduled programming
[08:24] <Summer June> pggt xD
[08:24] <Summer June> *pfft
[08:25] <Summer June> and the dad dies yehey
[08:25] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because more angst
[08:25] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> dad dies from cancer
[08:25] <Summer June> lets say seokjin got into really deep trouble and then kyuyah comes to save the day
[08:25] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yas :D
[08:26] <Steven Winterson> Hello guyzz
[08:26] <Summer June> stevie! o/ 
[08:26] <Steven Winterson> Juniiii &lt;3 
[08:26] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yo steven o/ 
[08:26] <Steven Winterson> Sly THere In &lt;3 
[08:26] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i see what you did there
[08:26] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> nicccceee
[08:26] <Steven Winterson> ikr XD
[08:26] <Steven Winterson> guys
[08:27] <Steven Winterson> i need advice
[08:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> turns out im more chill at 3 am in the morning than at 3 pm in the afternoon
[08:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[08:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> sure what for
[08:27] <Steven Winterson> there's this guys
[08:27] <Steven Winterson> guy*
[08:27] <Summer June> being up early in the morning is good
[08:27] <Steven Winterson> and i think i like him and he likes me 
[08:27] <Steven Winterson> but
[08:27] <Summer June> nocturnal people hooray
[08:27] <Summer June> stevie no
[08:28] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> #nocturnallife
[08:28] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> but is a bad sign
[08:28] <Steven Winterson> we live in different cities fot at least another few months
[08:28] <Steven Winterson> and idk whtat to do 
[08:28] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> the struggle
[08:28] <Summer June> long distance
[08:28] <Summer June> #hoorayfornocturnalpeople
[08:28] <Steven Winterson> we'r not together 
[08:28] <Summer June> you might be ;)
[08:28] <Steven Winterson> we're waiting to spend some time together before taking that strp
[08:29] <Summer June> #sociallyawkward
[08:29] <Summer June> see, it'll really happen
[08:29] <Steven Winterson> his city is just next to mine but far enaugh so we cant hang
[08:29] <Steven Winterson> xD
[08:29] <Summer June> #animelife
[08:29] <Summer June> you're gonna decide to have vid calls
[08:29] <Steven Winterson> #NightOwlPeopleAreTheBest
[08:29] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol ren replied
[08:30] <Summer June> #miraculouslynotgettingeyebags
[08:30] <Summer June> xD what did he say?
[08:30] <Steven Winterson> ugh sometimes i think being straight is way easier thn being gay dang
[08:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> it's not
[08:30] <Summer June> #confusedofownsexuality
[08:30] <Summer June> cuz guys are pretty and girls are pretty
[08:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> he kept talking about how cookies are invincible rip
[08:31] <Summer June> XD
[08:31] <Summer June> he's a doll who worships cookies
[08:31] <Steven Winterson> be bi then XD @JuniperWand15inchesUnicornHairString
[08:31] <Summer June> oooohhhh
[08:31] <Summer June> stevie made me a wand
[08:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> *is dreaming up kyujin headcanon about how they met*
[08:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> nicccccccceeee
[08:31] <Steven Winterson> And being gay is hard but damn sometimes i wish i was straight
[08:32] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> there's no difference
[08:32] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> legit same feelings rip
[08:32] <Summer June> there should be a sexuality in which u fall in love with fictional people
[08:32] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ikr
[08:32] <Steven Winterson> Mine is Yew18inchesFlexibleDragonHeartstring
[08:33] <Summer June> unicorns!!!
[08:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> #Rosewood15InchesFlexiblePhoneixFeather
[08:33] <Summer June> i dont see nata anymore
[08:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> nata roebot
[08:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> rip
[08:33] <Steven Winterson> robot
[08:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> 20XX - 2017
[08:33] <Steven Winterson> my unitato friend
[08:33] <Steven Winterson> we were the tato squad
[08:33] <Steven Winterson> me and nata
[08:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> tears
[08:34] <Steven Winterson> and we were recruiting other tatoes
[08:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i was a tato 
[08:34] <Steven Winterson> nata was unitato and i was a khiotato
[08:34] <Steven Winterson> Khione - i n her potato form
[08:34] <Summer June> why 'was', audrey?
[08:34] <Summer June> xD stevie
[08:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because i forgot my tato name
[08:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[08:34] <Steven Winterson> Sly there in i remember you being one but i dont remeber your name XD
[08:34] <Steven Winterson> OMG XD
[08:35] <Steven Winterson> Juney wanna be a tato?
[08:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> summer im going to write a fanfic about kyuhah and seokjin's first encounter
[08:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because reasons
[08:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because otp
[08:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> #gone
[08:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> down the rabbit hole
[08:36] <Steven Winterson> i remember
[08:36] <Steven Winterson> making a reverse Alice fanfic once
[08:36] <Steven Winterson> it was going good untill i accidently deleted the file
[08:37] <Summer June> yes audrey cuz why not
[08:37] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[08:37] <Summer June> im gonna be a tato
[08:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> seokhah
[08:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol im dead
[08:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> kyujin looks more aesthetically pleasing
[08:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> but SEOKHAH
[08:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i can't breath
[08:39] <Summer June> kyujin sounds like kyojin
[08:39] <Summer June> titans!!!!
[08:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> YES
[08:40] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> SNK CONFIRMED
[08:40] <Summer June> SNK!!!
[08:40] <Summer June> seokhah sounds like hyouka
[08:40] <Summer June> oreki &lt;3 
[08:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol excuse me i need to go write fanfics
[08:41] <Summer June> fanfics
[08:41] <Summer June> why are some of em so exaggerated
[08:42] <Summer June> like i wanna rip the brain of the author out of his/her skull
[08:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> true true
[08:43] <Summer June> *sie sind essen und dir wind sir die jaeger!*
[08:44] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> :D
[08:44] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> plot twist
[08:44] <Summer June> (cookie) 
[08:45] <Summer June> plot twist:erwin died
[08:45] <Summer June> wahahaha
[08:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[08:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> how did we get from discussing seokjin's history to snk plot twists
[08:48] <Summer June> bcos the ship name sounds like kyojin
[08:48] <Summer June> and armin bcomes titan wahahaha
[08:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol
[08:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> we should probably get back on topic or we'll get no where
[08:52] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> so
[08:53] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> let me scroll up because i honestly forgot where we were
[08:54] <Summer June> uh how they met?
[08:55] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh yeah rip
[08:55] <Summer June> oh w8
[08:55] <Summer June> the random demigod names randy
[08:55] <Summer June> *named
[08:56] <Summer June> ah yes how they met
[08:56] <Summer June> *kyujin
[08:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because this is new york and tbh new york
[08:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> seokjin runs into a bad part of town
[08:57] <Summer June> hai
[08:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and kyuhah happens to be passing by
[08:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> so he does the logical thing, he picks seokjin up and he runs
[08:57] <Summer June> *falling in love with uverworld's takuya's voice
[08:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> XD
[08:58] <Summer June> bcos why not
[08:58] <Summer June> i wanna marry his voice
[08:58] <Summer June> anyway
[08:58] <Summer June> yah the same thing happens w/ kyuyah and seokjin like wthat one with seokjin and cheolie
[09:00] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> at this point they're like 18 and 19?
[09:01] <Summer June> hmm ya
[09:01] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> kyuhah eventually departs from Wake Up because monsters apparently don't have off buttons
[09:02] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and because kyuhah is basically rich
[09:02] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> he invites seokjin to live with him while they go to college
[09:02] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> in a penthouse
[09:02] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because wtf not
[09:03] <Summer June> more angst
[09:04] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> um
[09:05] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> kyuhah ends up in a car accident
[09:05] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because goshdangit monsters wtf
[09:06] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and he has a 40% chance of living
[09:06] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and if he does live he may end up paralyzed for the rest of his life
[09:06] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> how is that more angst
[09:06] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> for*
[09:07] <Summer June> haha
[09:08] <Summer June> cuz why not
[09:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yeah let's go #angstforlife
[09:09] <Summer June> #gogetmoretroubles
[09:09] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> so seokjin spends like two weeks paranoid because kyuhah needs to get surgery
[09:09] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and he kind of realizes that he likes kyuhah during this period because kyujin
[09:09] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> 
[09:10] <Summer June> yesss
[09:10] <Summer June> and then some time ago kyuyah helped a kid of apollo
[09:10] <Summer June> so this time apollo helps him
[09:10] <Summer June> and yey
[09:10] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yay :D
[09:10] <Summer June> then angst again xD
[09:10] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> so good news kyuhah is good and well and stuff
[09:10] <Summer June> yesss
[09:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> bad news *cackles* love triangle because idk i just feel like making seokjin more paranoid
[09:11] <Summer June> TIME! O/ 
[09:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ayo time (th) 
[09:11] <TimeLord15> Hellooo o/ 
[09:11] <Summer June> who's the other one, then?
[09:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> um um ummmmmmm
[09:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> let me think of a name
[09:11] <Summer June> is that a cat in ur avatar??
[09:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> cameron
[09:12] <Summer June> oooohhh cameron orayt
[09:12] <Summer June> uh, who's the head of this triangle
[09:13] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> wdym
[09:16] <Summer June> top of triangle
[09:16] <Summer June> the one the other two likes
[09:18] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ah
[09:18] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> kyuhah because he's a son of aphrodite = naturally flawless
[09:20] <Summer June> ah
[09:20] <Summer June> AHYES
[09:20] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[09:20] <Summer June> the seokjin be like omg wat to do dis demons killing me
[09:21] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> rip seokjin
[09:21] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> whatever time he was born to now
[09:21] <Summer June> omg kyuyah is mine and mine alone
[09:21] <Summer June> u dont dare touch a hair on his head
[09:21] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yes let's go #yanderemode
[09:22] <Summer June> #beyandereking
[09:22] <Summer June> #belikeyunogasai bcos why not
[09:22] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ikr
[09:23] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> half tempted to suggest seokjin murders cameron and gets away with it
[09:23] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol nope suggesting it
[09:23] <Summer June> xD
[09:23] <Summer June> he be yuno's king
[09:23] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yas
[09:24] <Summer June> w8...if yuno's yandere queen
[09:24] <Summer June> who's the yandere king??
[09:24] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> hm
[09:24] <Summer June> *i wanna watch that*
[09:24] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> that's a good question
[09:25] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> so cameron mysteriously disappears
[09:25] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and no one suspects seokjin bcos #haironfleek
[09:26] <Summer June> #prettyhairdeniesallsuspections
[09:26] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yas let's go
[09:26] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> so cameron is dealt with
[09:26] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and now seokjin has to do the hardest thing of all
[09:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> actually confess
[09:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> nah seokjin hides under his pillow and complains about how complicated life is first
[09:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and then gets a latte from starbucks
[09:28] <Summer June> yes
[09:28] <Summer June> and then he tells kyuyah
[09:28] <Summer June> so kyuyah throws latte at him
[09:28] <Summer June> #angst
[09:28] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> im dead kyuyah tho
[09:28] <The Damocles> Sorting Hat Quizzes be like: How do you brush your teeth?
[09:28] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ikr xD
[09:29] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> XD kyuhah throws the latte at him 
[09:29] <The Damocles> A) Bravely B) While making a sandwich C) While reading a book D) I'm a snake
[09:29] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> rest in piece super expensive starbucks latte
[09:29] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> 2017 - 2017
[09:29] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yes i meant piece
[09:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> D) I'M A SNAKE
[09:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> conspiracy theory confirmed
[09:30] <Summer June> xD
[09:30] <Summer June> naaahhh who's yandere king
[09:30] <Summer June> might fall in love w/ him
[09:30] <Summer June> bye latte
[09:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i need to find an anime with a yandere male godsdANGIT
[09:31] <Summer June> *latte falls in love with seokjin bcos why not
[09:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[09:31] <Summer June> i read some lists of top yandere guys
[09:32] <Summer June> and mr shuu tsukiyama seems to win it
[09:32] <Summer June> xD
[09:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> nice
[09:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> "In its last moments of final demise, the super expensive starbucks latte knew at that moment, it had found true love. And then it fell on its true love's face. The end."
[09:34] <Summer June> XD
[09:34] <Summer June> yes
[09:34] <Summer June> so seokjin ignores kyuyah and they live happily ever after in starbucks
[09:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[09:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> if life actually worked like that
[09:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> INSTEAD MORE ANGST
[09:35] <Summer June> haha bcos life says wtf not??
[09:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD life #youknowit'strue
[09:36] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> Kyuhah fakes accepting a phone call and leaves Seokjin in Starbucks covered in the remains of the super expensive starbucks latte
[09:36] <Summer June> yes
[09:37] <Summer June> but then all the latte gets used so seokjin goes to find kyuyah
[09:37] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[09:37] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and surprise
[09:37] <Summer June> plot twist: he finds him so that he can buy more latte
[09:37] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> XD
[09:37] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> "like bish better have my latte"
[09:38] <Summer June> haha
[09:38] <Summer June> ok were screwing up here
[09:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[09:38] <Summer June> byungcheol be like oh so dats wat happened to u 2 
[09:38] <Summer June> o.o
[09:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yeah
[09:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> super angsty story at starbucks with dead latte xD
[09:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> featuring monsters
[09:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because surprise
[09:39] <Summer June> yes
[09:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> they threw seokjin an early surprise birthday party
[09:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> by trying to eat him
[09:39] <Summer June> best story evah
[09:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ikr
[09:40] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and then they end up together at camp two weeks before byungcheol
[09:40] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and then they write a book about it called "The Life of a Starbucks Latte"
[09:40] <Summer June> xD
[09:40] <Summer June> yass cuz angst is life
[09:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> we can both agree that plotline made exactly no snese
[09:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> sense*
[09:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> I LOVE IT
[09:41] <Summer June> totally &lt;3 
[09:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> we probably should've written that down somewhere rip
[09:42] <Summer June> lel
[09:42] <Summer June> we gonna find it in chat logs xD rip
[09:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> if anyone finds that conversation tho xD
[09:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> they're going to be asking a lot of questions lol
[09:44] <Summer June> we be like: its too sassy so dont ask
[09:44] <The Damocles> Audrey can we RP after Summer and I finish up? 
[09:45] <Summer June> and our rp's be like: cheolie stop asking your brain cant perceive it
[09:45] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> sure
[09:45] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> XD im dead
[09:47] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i feel bad for byungcheol
[09:47] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> he won't understand the starbucks inside joke rip cheolie
[09:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> let me go put all of that on a doc
[09:50] <Summer June> xD
[09:50] <Summer June> ur docs gonna be messed up
[09:52] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yup
[09:52] <Summer June> nah lemme clear my head up b4 i write down seokjin's history rip
[09:53] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[09:54] <Summer June> *listening to core pride*
[09:55] <Summer June> ao no exorcist &lt;3 
[09:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[09:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> just typing up bullet points
[10:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin>
[10:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> here you go summer
[10:13] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> welp ima get an hour sleep because reasons
[10:14] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> an hour of sleep or more
[10:14] <The Damocles> Goodnight night/morning Audrey
[10:14] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> annyonggaseyo o/ 
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