[11:40] <BachLynn23> >.< assuming I can remember bottie's password
[11:40] <BachLynn23> (facepalm) 
[11:40] <Mr.Mikachu> xD
[11:45] <Mr.Mikachu> *tackle hugs bachy*
[11:45] <BachLynn23> did I poof?
[11:46] <Mr.Mikachu> Nope
[11:46] <Mr.Mikachu> just wanted to
[11:46] <BachLynn23> ok ok (squeeze) 
[11:47] <Mr.Mikachu> Bottie! :O
[11:47] <Mr.Mikachu> *tackle hugs Bottie who's not here*
[11:47] <BachBot> yay
[11:47] <BachBot> I remembered the password
[11:48] <Mr.Mikachu> BOTTIE (squeeze) 
[11:48] <BachBot> (squeeze) 
[11:52] <StarbucksChick> hai
[11:55] <BachLynn23> hi
[11:55] <BachLynn23> hacks are back *dance around chat*
[11:56] <StarbucksChick> omg
[11:56] <StarbucksChick> YAY
[11:56] <BachLynn23> which means bottie's back
[11:56] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[11:56] <StarbucksChick> :D
[11:56] <BachBot> (bounce) 
[11:59] <BachLynn23> I can't stop staring at le bun bun, it's all wt's fault, I've had this web page up since saw it on her user page like 2 days ago >.<
[12:02] <StarbucksChick> XDD
[12:03] <BachLynn23> it's just so FREAKING adorable (omg) 
[12:04] <StarbucksChick> it iiiiiis *-*
[12:05] <BachLynn23> it's so FLUFFY and it's wittle paws and it's wittle ears and it's wittle poofy tail
[12:05] <BachLynn23> >.<
[12:16] <Hidden Magic> hi guys, and that pictures are adorable
[12:19] <BachLynn23> hi
[12:22] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Bach, people on quests can still rp on camp, right?
[12:22] <BachLynn23> yea at least after a week
[12:22] <BachLynn23> we figure in character time it would be a week
[12:23] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Does counselor challenges still apply for this?
[12:23] <BachLynn23> yea
[12:24] <BachLynn23> anything does
[12:24] <BachLynn23> I mean it's not realistic that a character would be on a quest for 3 months
[12:24] <BachLynn23> which is sadly sometimes how long or more it takes to do one
[12:24] <BachLynn23> real time
[12:28] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> You're planning to challenge Mnemosyne Cabin's... head, right?
[12:30] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Never mind, I was planning anyway.
[12:31] <Hidden Magic> that cool hy
[12:31] <BachLynn23> MINX
[12:31] <BachLynn23> (squeeze) 
[12:31] <BachLynn23> I have hacks again
[12:31] <Arteminx> BACH :DDD
[12:31] <Arteminx> 
[12:31] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> MINXIE!!!
[12:31] <BachLynn23> hacks are back
[12:31] <Arteminx> ME TO :DDD
[12:31] <BachLynn23> hacks are back
[12:32] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[12:32] <BachBot> which means I'm here
[12:32] <BachBot> (bounce) 
[12:32] <Arteminx> BOT!
[12:32] <Arteminx> (SQUEEZE) 
[12:32] <Arteminx> HYU!
[12:32] <BachLynn23> oh and [[Template:Gage Lila|Template:Gage_Lila]] I made a template for gage and Lila
[12:32] <BachLynn23> OH and did I give you the link to the one I made for padaeus and cass?
[12:33] <BachBot> (squeeze) 
[12:33] <Arteminx> nope
[12:33] <BachLynn23> [[Template:Padaeus Cass]] ?
[12:33] <BachLynn23> crap what did I call it
[12:33] <BachLynn23> >.<
[12:34] <BachLynn23> [[Template%3APadaeus Cassandra|Template:Padaeus_Cassandra]]
[12:34] <Arteminx> (squeeze) thank you!
[12:35] <BachLynn23> (squeeze) 
[12:35] <BachLynn23> I'm almost done with gage's page now
[12:35] <Mr.Mikachu> Back
[12:35] <Mr.Mikachu> OMG
[12:35] <Mr.Mikachu> HACKS
[12:35] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Here goes nothing... *challenges Megan*
[12:35] <Mr.Mikachu> Yaaay
[12:35] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> The hacks are on my other comp.
[12:36] <Hidden Magic> really?
[12:36] <Arteminx> ugh i gtg
[12:36] <Arteminx> (squeeze) baii bachie
[12:36] <Mr.Mikachu> Why Minxy?
[12:36] <Mr.Mikachu> Why?
[12:36] <BachLynn23> ttyl
[12:36] <Mr.Mikachu> *sobs*
[12:36] <Hidden Magic> bye minx
[12:36] <BachLynn23> I should be here
[12:36] <Arteminx> I'll make sure to email you
[12:36] <BachLynn23> 3pm your time right?
[12:36] <Arteminx> Yup
[12:36] <BachLynn23> k
[12:36] <Arteminx> (squeeze) aw you don't have to
[12:36] <BachLynn23> *puts note by computer*
[12:36] <Arteminx> I'll just wait for the weekend
[12:36] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Miggy came by a few hours, right? Where it's nighttime at you guys?
[12:36] <Arteminx> (wave) 
[12:36] <BachLynn23> I should be, I slept last n ight so
[12:38] <Hidden Magic> You didn't sleep last night bach
[12:38] <BachLynn23> yea I did, 8pm to 3am
[12:39] <Hidden Magic> Oh okay 
[12:39] <Hidden Magic> i must have read your post wrong
[12:39] <Mr.Mikachu> Hey Wolf
[12:39] <StarbucksChick> hai bloody *hugs*
[12:39] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey
[12:39] <Black Wolf of blood> *Picks Nicki up and places her on his lap* Hey hun
[12:40] <Black Wolf of blood> :p
[12:40] <StarbucksChick> i forgot how loud the pinging sound is >.<
[12:40] <StarbucksChick> it scared me ._.
[12:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Aww
[12:40] <Mr.Mikachu> Oooh
[12:40] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs Nicki*
[12:40] <Mr.Mikachu> Nicki
[12:40] <Mr.Mikachu> Ping me?
[12:40] <Mr.Mikachu> I wanna hear XP
[12:40] <StarbucksChick> *hugs back*
[12:40] <StarbucksChick> Mika
[12:40] <Mr.Mikachu> Yaaay
[12:40] <Mr.Mikachu> it sounds retarted
[12:40] <StarbucksChick> XD
[12:41] <StarbucksChick> slightly afc
[12:41] <Mr.Mikachu> [[Kye Jeffries|Ignore]]
[12:42] <BachLynn23> no
[12:42] <BachLynn23> XP
[12:42] <BachLynn23> I won't
[12:42] <Mr.Mikachu> Fine, die of the sexiness XP
[12:42] <Mr.Mikachu> [[Nothing|Don't Ignore]]
[12:42] <StarbucksChick> *ignores that*
[12:42] <BachLynn23> sexiness?! *clicks link*
[12:43] <BachLynn23> meh, he's so so
[12:43] <BachLynn23> nothing I'd die oer
[12:43] <BachLynn23> *over
[12:43] <BachLynn23> XD
[12:43] <Mr.Mikachu> *shrugs*
[12:43] <Mr.Mikachu> i love him XP
[12:43] <Mr.Mikachu> posted on Jaro
[12:43] <StarbucksChick> link?
[12:43] <Mr.Mikachu> [[Forum:Mika & Nicki%27s RPs|Forum:Mika_&_Nicki's_RPs]]
[12:44] <StarbucksChick> >.> nvm it didnt work >.>
[12:44] <StarbucksChick> [[Forum:Mika %26 Nicki%27s RPs|Forum:Mika & Nicki's RPs]]
[12:45] <Mr.Mikachu> oh right
[12:45] <Mr.Mikachu> Pings
[12:46] <Mr.Mikachu> posted on Rye
[12:49] <StarbucksChick> posted on jaro
[12:51] <Mr.Mikachu> le posted
[12:52] <StarbucksChick> posted on ryw
[12:52] <StarbucksChick> *rye
[12:54] <StarbucksChick> posted on jaro
[12:54] <Mr.Mikachu> posted on Rye
[12:54] <Mr.Mikachu> Hey Nar
[12:55] <Narutofreak0> PEEEPS
[12:55] <Narutofreak0> 
[12:55] <Narutofreak0> sup
[12:55] <Hidden Magic> hi nar
[12:55] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Heya Nar
[12:55] <StarbucksChick> posted on rye
[12:56] <Mr.Mikachu> posted
[01:00] <Mr.Mikachu> rye, le posted
[01:00] <StarbucksChick> la posted on jaro
[01:02] <StarbucksChick> posted on rye
[01:03] <TheDragonEmpress> Hola
[01:03] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Heya Fallen o/ 
[01:03] <TheDragonEmpress> Do I know you?
[01:03] <Mr.Mikachu> Hyu
[01:03] <TheDragonEmpress> OOOOH!
[01:03] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Me Hyu.
[01:03] <TheDragonEmpress> Hai
[01:03] <TheDragonEmpress> (wave) 
[01:04] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> *nth person to not find the Hyu* Lol. :D
[01:04] <BachLynn23> am I the only one who knew it was you right away?
[01:04] <BachLynn23> XD
[01:04] <Mr.Mikachu> posted Nicki
[01:05] <Mr.Mikachu> No, I was one also
[01:05] <BachLynn23> *high fives mika*
[01:05] <Mr.Mikachu> *licks hadn*
[01:05] <Mr.Mikachu> *hand
[01:05] <Mr.Mikachu> oooh, tasty
[01:05] <Mr.Mikachu> [[User:Mr.Mikachu/Sandbox]]
[01:05] <Mr.Mikachu> Can someone read the beginning and ask if its good?
[01:05] <Mr.Mikachu> *see
[01:05] <StarbucksChick> okay why the f does 'mika' ping me ._.
[01:05] <Mr.Mikachu> wtf
[01:05] <BachLynn23> well I was just eating mashed potatoes 
[01:06] <BachLynn23> o.o
[01:06] <TheDragonEmpress> xD
[01:06] <TheDragonEmpress> How did I find that funny?
[01:06] <Mr.Mikachu> posted on Jaro
[01:06] <WingsofLight> Hullo!
[01:06] <WingsofLight> :)))
[01:06] <Mr.Mikachu> anyone, good? >.<
[01:06] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Yeah. I think you two.
[01:06] <Mr.Mikachu> gtg
[01:07] <Mr.Mikachu> Byee (waves)
[01:07] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Though Miggy counts.
[01:07] <Mr.Mikachu> (wave) 
[01:07] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> Baiiiii
[01:08] <StarbucksChick> :(
[01:09] <BachLynn23> *gives nicki a large plushi size replica of mika*
[01:10] <StarbucksChick> *hugs plushie*danke
[01:11] <BachLynn23> (happy2) 
[01:14] <Mr.Mikachu> Plushie: Hola
[01:14] <StarbucksChick> my plushie talks o.o
[01:15] <Mr.Mikachu> Plushie: *eats nicki*
[01:16] <StarbucksChick> *punches plushie ...from inside...even though that sounds so creepy*
[01:16] <BachLynn23> O.O
[01:16] <BachLynn23> I realllllly don't want to know
[01:17] <BachLynn23> *closes eyes and hums*
[01:17] <Mr.Mikachu> Plushie:*eats Bachy*
[01:18] <BachLynn23> *eats plushie from the inside out*
[01:18] <Narutofreak0> oooh
[01:18] <Narutofreak0> firefox is working bachie?
[01:18] <Mr.Mikachu> yesh
[01:18] <BachLynn23> and hacks
[01:18] <BachLynn23> without hacks bottie couldn't log anyway
[01:18] <BachLynn23> so I wasn't really trying all that hard to get FF to work
[01:18] <BachLynn23> but with hacks back
[01:19] <Narutofreak0> hacks are back?
[01:19] <BachLynn23> they are
[01:19] <StarbucksChick> *gets out and burns the plushie*
[01:19] <Narutofreak0> how?
[01:19] <BachLynn23> no clue
[01:19] <Mr.Mikachu> why does Bottie need hacks....?
[01:19] <BachLynn23> al I know is I loged into chat today
[01:19] <BachLynn23> and poof
[01:19] <BachLynn23> hacks
[01:19] <BachLynn23> @mika the coding uses the clear to log
[01:20] <Narutofreak0> ooooooooooh
[01:20] <Mr.Mikachu> Oh!
[01:20] <Narutofreak0> hacks are back
[01:20] <Narutofreak0> (bounce) 
[01:21] <StarbucksChick> mika sparta's a girl, right?
[01:21] <Mr.Mikachu> boy
[01:22] <StarbucksChick> oh okay
[01:22] <StarbucksChick> posted
[01:28] <BachLynn23> >.<
[01:29] <Mr.Mikachu> *love sTakye
[01:31] <StarbucksChick> >.>
[01:31] <BachLynn23> *loves fudge*
[01:33] <Mr.Mikachu> b-b-but they're SO SEXY
[01:33] <BachLynn23> fudge?
[01:33] <Mr.Mikachu> yes, but also Takye >.<
[01:34] <BachLynn23> he should eat fudge
[01:34] <TheDragonEmpress> I was gonna say: "Since when is fudge sexy?" Well...... it's sexy cause it's good....... I read that wrong O.o
[01:35] <BachLynn23> I want fudge now
[01:35] <BachLynn23> (sad2) 
[01:35] <StarbucksChick> mikaaaa post >.<
[01:35] <TheDragonEmpress> I'm now very hungry o.o
[01:36] <Mr.Mikachu> cant
[01:36] <Mr.Mikachu> hw
[01:36] <Mr.Mikachu> and histroy
[01:36] <Mr.Mikachu> can someone read it in 5 minutes?
[01:37] <BachLynn23> sure?
[01:39] <Mr.Mikachu> yaay
[01:39] <Mr.Mikachu> ive only got like 1/15 of it done >.>
[01:39] <Mr.Mikachu> maybe 1/10
[01:39] <Mr.Mikachu> [[User:Mr.Mikachu/Sandbox]]
[01:58] <TheDragonEmpress> So quiet...
[01:59] <BachLynn23> shhhh *hides behind a tree* I'm hunting wabbits
[01:59] <BachLynn23> XD
[01:59] <TheDragonEmpress> xD
[01:59] <TheDragonEmpress> It's Duck Season!
[02:00] <TheDragonEmpress> Awh man. Gtg I'll be back at noon!
[02:01] <BachLynn23> and then there were 2
[02:24] <BachLynn23> she has a flower on her bum
[02:25] <BachLynn23>
[02:34] <BachBot> test
[02:34] <BachBot>
[02:40] <TheWiseOne> Hey :)
[02:40] <BachLynn23> (wave) 
[02:40] <BachLynn23> how's florida?
[02:40] <TheWiseOne> I missed chu, Bach :(
[02:40] <TheWiseOne> Its hot
[02:40] <TheWiseOne> And rainy
[02:41] <TheWiseOne> And my feet are on the verge of bleeding 
[02:41] <BachLynn23> O.o how?
[02:41] <TheWiseOne> Walking
[02:41] <TheWiseOne> For hours
[02:42] <BachLynn23> ouchie, orlando?
[02:42] <TheWiseOne> They're going to proclaim mutiny 
[02:43] <TheWiseOne> No, walking around Downtown Disney, Animal Kingdom and Magic kingdom 
[02:44] <TheWiseOne> And noe Epcot
[02:44] <TheWiseOne> *now
[02:44] <TheWiseOne> I gotta go abuse my feet now-_-
[02:45] <TheWiseOne> Bbl
[02:45] <BachLynn23> ttyl
[02:45] <BachLynn23> and what do you mean no? orlando is hwere you are if you're at disney in florida
[02:45] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:45] <BachLynn23> *where
[03:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> haiiii
[03:18] <BachBot> WTWTWT
[03:18] <BachBot> I bot gottie working
[03:18] <BachBot> I mean
[03:18] <BachBot> I got bottie working
[03:18] <BachBot> >.<
[03:18] <BachBot> *licks WT*
[03:18] <Rawr27> Hai..three peoples..:P
[03:19] <BachBot> hi rawry
[03:19] <Rawr27> Hai Bachy
[03:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> RAWREH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs* *licks bach back*
[03:20] <Rawr27> WONDREH!!! *tackle hugs back*
[03:20] <BachBot> I also coded Raven for chu [[Raven Piracello]]
[03:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> sorting out my books for tomorrow so semiafk
[03:21] <BachBot> still staring at the gif bunny from your user page
[03:21] <BachBot> >.<
[03:21] <BachBot> have been since 2 days ago
[03:21] <BachBot> >.<
[03:22] <Rawr27> xD
[03:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ffoqjgwfujhSCCMUn hfdgieef #
[03:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[03:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Dammiy 
[03:25] <Audrey Campbell> HI o/ 
[03:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> my brother attacked my keyboard
[03:26] <BachBot> *smacks brother* bad brother, naughty
[03:26] <Rawr27> xD
[03:26] <Rawr27> Lol
[03:26] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[03:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Okay officially back now XD
[03:27] <Audrey Campbell> wb officially!
[03:27] <BachBot> no way I'd walk across that >.<
[03:27] <BachBot> @WT did you see Raven's page?
[03:28] <Rawr27> Omg that would be so scary o.o
[03:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yeah
[03:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm actually using it for the base of Anthony's page >.<
[03:29] <BachBot> xD
[03:30] <Audrey Campbell> me neither@bachie
[03:31] <BachBot> O.O 
[03:32] <Rawr27> Dafuq? xD
[03:32] <Audrey Campbell> O.O
[03:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[03:33] <BachBot>
[03:34] <Audrey Campbell> hi nicki
[03:35] <StarbucksChick> hai
[03:35] <Rawr27> WIFEYYYY *tackle hugs*
[03:36] <StarbucksChick> WIFEEEEH! *hugs back*
[03:37] <Audrey Campbell> gtg bbl
[03:38] <Audrey Campbell> o/ byez
[03:38] <StarbucksChick> wifeeeh do you have a single charrie?
[03:39] <Rawr27> Err..nope but I'm making a new charrie soon
[03:39] <~Rose Witch~> No one said hai to meh 3:
[03:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I DIBS RAWR <.<
[03:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[03:40] <Rawr27> o.o
[03:40] <Rawr27> Wonder chu already have like loads of my charries xP
[03:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Still
[03:40] <StarbucksChick> noooooooooooooooooooooo wt
[03:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> we have to make an army of couples
[03:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[03:40] <Rawr27> Wondereh xP
[03:41] <BachBot> *dibs all of you in chat*
[03:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yay
[03:41] <Rawr27> o.o..
[03:41] <Rawr27> I've been dibsed by Bachy..o.o
[03:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Rawr Skylen are the like.....Commanders XD
[03:42] <Rawr27> xDD
[03:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Though Glen does all the work
[03:42] <BachBot> XD I've actually never dibsed before
[03:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[03:42] <~Rose Witch~> No one said hai to meeeeeeeeh!
[03:42] <Rawr27> YAAAAY I feel so special xP
[03:42] <Rawr27> Hai Jas
[03:42] <BachBot> well I dibsed some famous actors to boink if I get a chance but that's not the same thing
[03:42] <~Rose Witch~> Yaaaay!
[03:42] <~Rose Witch~> *hugs rawr*
[03:42] <~Rose Witch~> Rawrs awesome
[03:42] <~Rose Witch~> O.O
[03:43] <Rawr27> *Hugs back* I know I am xP
[03:43] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[03:43] <~Rose Witch~> [[Johanna Larsen]] Welcome plzy
[03:43] <StarbucksChick> hai jasseh :P
[03:43] <StarbucksChick> does chu have a single charrie?
[03:44] <BachBot>
[03:44] <~Rose Witch~> Yesh
[03:45] <StarbucksChick> YAY pm
[03:49] <LittleWiseOwlz> hello
[03:49] <~Rose Witch~> wooolz!
[03:49] <LittleWiseOwlz> JASSS!
[03:51] <StarbucksChick> jaaaaas
[03:51] <StarbucksChick> *pokes and points to pm*]
[03:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bach
[03:52] <BachBot> yes?
[03:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Did Anthony die at the scene of the accident or at the hospital?
[03:52] <BachBot> apparently where people with acrobatic skills and upper body strength sleep
[03:52] <BachBot> hmmmm
[03:52] <BachBot> good question
[03:52] <BachBot> I'm thinking........
[03:52] <StarbucksChick> meh gtg
[03:52] <StarbucksChick> bbl
[03:53] <LittleWiseOwlz> bye nicki (wave) 
[03:53] <BachBot> dead enroute to the hospital maybe
[03:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> k XP
[03:54] <BachBot> that reminds me, I'm going to have another single male charie if I ever get around to having Ianto break up with Remi
[03:54] <BachBot> >.<
[03:55] <LittleWiseOwlz> ooh, dibs?
[03:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmm can he have a revolver which causes other ghosts to disappear for a while?
[03:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> or is that bending the rules slightly
[03:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[03:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> like it can only be used on other ghosts <.<
[03:55] <BachBot> how would he hold it?
[03:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Telekinesis?
[03:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[03:56] <~Rose Witch~> back
[03:56] <BachBot> not sure that would work XD
[03:56] <LittleWiseOwlz> yay!
[03:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmm :|
[03:57] <BachBot> not saying it wouldn't, just not sure how it would work
[03:57] <BachBot> if it would
[03:57] <LittleWiseOwlz> mika's lanning a nother charrie
[03:58] <BachBot> I think he still had a spot from his last round of turning things into minors and shit
[03:58] <BachBot> presuming the user/char forum is correct
[03:58] <LittleWiseOwlz> * (facepalm) * can't he ever take a break?
[03:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Mika's a bit of a charrie whore imo
[04:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Not that I'm any better but XD
[04:00] <BachBot> and coing from WT that's saying something
[04:00] <BachBot> *coming
[04:00] <BachBot> XD
[04:00] <LittleWiseOwlz> XD
[04:00] <LittleWiseOwlz> am i whore chu think?
[04:00] <BachBot> I think you have toned down some
[04:00] <BachBot> from when you frist started here
[04:00] <BachBot> same with WT
[04:00] <BachBot> but mika still isn't the worst charie whore the wiki has experienced
[04:01] <LittleWiseOwlz> leno ._.
[04:02] <LittleWiseOwlz> i think i am, a bit :/
[04:02] <BachBot> yea but it's not as bad, really, I mean compared to like 8 months ago
[04:02] <BachBot> and yea leno was the worst
[04:02] <TheDragonEmpress> Hola
[04:02] <BachBot> especially considering she used her admin power to hide/break rules
[04:02] <BachBot> *hide charies/break rules
[04:02] <BachBot> just to have more charies
[04:03] <TheDragonEmpress> Hello <span style="color:red;">BachBot</span>. How are you doing today?
[04:05] <LittleWiseOwlz> *nods* hey <span style="color:red;">bach</span>, can i dibs ianto when he's single?
[04:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> What'd she do?
[04:05] <~Rose Witch~> back
[04:05] <TheDragonEmpress> WB! =D
[04:07] <BachBot> what did who do?
[04:07] <BachBot> @owlz not sure, I haven't decided yet if I want him with another guy or a girl
[04:07] <LittleWiseOwlz> nvm
[04:07] <LittleWiseOwlz> well, i have a guy
[04:07] <LittleWiseOwlz> and iam planning another guys so
[04:07] <LittleWiseOwlz> gtg, dinnfer, bbl
[04:08] <TheDragonEmpress> dinnfer xD
[04:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @<span style="color:red;">Bach</span> can you help me find pics for Anthony plus help me with his history XD
[04:08] <BachBot> sure
[04:09] <BachBot> hmmmm
[04:09] <BachBot> which to do first
[04:09] <BachBot> >.<
[04:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> He has an addiction to chocolate btw js >.<
[04:09] <BachBot> must suck being dead XD
[04:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yeah XD
[04:10] <LittleWiseOwlz> <span style="color:red;">bach</span>, chu find me a few pics while i'm gone?
[04:10] <BachBot> >.< ya know eventually you could develop him from a ghost to a nature spirit, after like a quest or something
[04:10] <BachBot> @owlz sure what ya need?
[04:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I was thinking of doing that
[04:11] <BachBot> XD I'd love to see the look on Brock's face to have his first bf alive again at some point
[04:11] <BachBot> float and I do really love screwing with that couple
[04:11] <BachBot> XD
[04:11] <LittleWiseOwlz> a cat automaton/steampunk cat for my charrie, ara, i wanna find a new piccie for her cat made by tears
[04:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[04:12] <TheDragonEmpress> Awh! Kitty automation!
[04:12] <~Rose Witch~> :3
[04:12] <LittleWiseOwlz> pm them me please <span style="color:red;">bach</span>, any you find, afk for dinner
[04:12] <BachBot> -_- my internet won't let me load images right now
[04:12] <BachBot> *kicks internets*
[04:12] <LittleWiseOwlz> maybe later
[04:12] <LittleWiseOwlz> afk
[04:13] <BachBot> ok on the count of 3 we'll all kick my internets at the same time
[04:13] <BachBot> 1
[04:13] <BachBot> 2
[04:13] <BachBot> 2 1/2
[04:13] <BachBot> 2 3/4
[04:13] <BachBot> >.<
[04:13] <BachBot> 3
[04:13] <BachBot> *kicks internets*
[04:13] <Rawr27> *Kicks <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>y's internets* :P
[04:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *kicks internets*
[04:14] <TheDragonEmpress> *kicks <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>ie's internet*
[04:14] <TheDragonEmpress> internets*
[04:14] <BachBot> (cry) 
[04:15] <TheDragonEmpress> My mum had to quit her old job
[04:16] <~Rose Witch~> My mum has no job
[04:16] <~Rose Witch~> She can't even work :(
[04:16] <TheDragonEmpress> So, my mum is now working at BJ's
[04:16] <Rawr27> o.o..
[04:16] <TheDragonEmpress> Awww. (sad2) 
[04:16] <Rawr27> BJ's?
[04:16] <FabuLouis Poser> xD
[04:16] <FabuLouis Poser> BJ
[04:16] <FabuLouis Poser> :P
[04:16] <BachBot> the store?
[04:17] <FabuLouis Poser> I have a friend called BJ
[04:17] <TheDragonEmpress> It's a brewhouse
[04:17] <Rawr27> There's a store called BJ's? o.o
[04:17] <TheDragonEmpress>
[04:17] <BachBot> yea there's a store too
[04:17] <Rawr27> o.o
[04:17] <BachBot>
[04:18] <BachBot> one of those wholesale clubs
[04:18] <TheDragonEmpress> My mum is getting a raise just for taking the test I think. And she never had a raise!
[04:18] <BachBot> where everything comes in super size to save money
[04:18] <BachBot> XD
[04:18] <Rawr27> xD
[04:18] <TheDragonEmpress> xD
[04:20] <~Rose Witch~> O.O
[04:21] <BachBot> @wt which do you want first pic help or hhistory help?
[04:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I don't mind
[04:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> whatever chu prefer
[04:25] <BachBot> lollipops and root beer
[04:25] <BachBot> >.<
[04:25] <Rawr27> xD
[04:26] <TheDragonEmpress> the baasking shark is the most weirdest shark in the world.
[04:26] <TheDragonEmpress> basking*
[04:27] <LittleWiseOwlz> ..
[04:27] <LittleWiseOwlz> i see a lot has happened :/
[04:27] <BachBot> OH I found a few pics
[04:27] <~Rose Witch~> wooolz!!!!
[04:27] <~Rose Witch~> *glompz*
[04:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yay
[04:28] <BachBot> for owlz
[04:28] <BachBot> >.<
[04:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> wah
[04:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> DX
[04:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[04:28] <BachBot> you're next though
[04:38] <BachBot> *kicks internets*
[04:38] <TheDragonEmpress> Back
[04:38] <TheDragonEmpress> I burnt my tounge
[04:38] <BachBot> eat honey
[04:39] <TheDragonEmpress> Thank yew! :)
[04:39] <BachBot>
[04:39] <BachBot> honey is the best for burns, on skin as well
[04:39] <BachBot> butter works but it goes away faster
[04:39] <BachBot> honey stays on
[04:40] <TheDragonEmpress> I did not know that. Learn something new everyday.
[04:42] <LittleWiseOwlz> *kicks stuff* why there no steampunk (decent) cat pics not in use :/
[04:42] <BachBot> wt?
[04:43] <LittleWiseOwlz> ll!
[04:43] <BachBot> *licks WT*
[04:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> huh?
[04:43] <Yaminogaijin> Yo!
[04:43] <BachBot> what do you think of him?
[04:44] <LittleWiseOwlz> hey tami!
[04:44] <LittleWiseOwlz> *yami
[04:44] <Yaminogaijin> Ur turn to post Owlz
[04:44] <LittleWiseOwlz> k
[04:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Looks a little bit insane o_o
[04:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Like Conor-insane XD
[04:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Except without the blood >.<
[04:45] <BachBot> xD
[04:45] <TheDragonEmpress> @Owlz do you like this pic I found
[04:45] <LittleWiseOwlz> It's okay...
[04:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> He looks kinda like a pedo now that I look at it
[04:45] <BachBot> xD
[04:45] <TheDragonEmpress> That's alright
[04:45] <TheDragonEmpress> xD
[04:46] <BachBot> what about him @WT
[04:46] <LittleWiseOwlz> o.o he's hawt
[04:46] <TheDragonEmpress> Does anyone else define this as creepy?
[04:46] <LittleWiseOwlz> Yes.
[04:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *puts him on the maybe pile*
[04:47] <~Rose Witch~> Wolz, continue RP?
[04:48] <LittleWiseOwlz> sure
[04:49] <BachBot> @Wt
[04:49] <Yaminogaijin> Owlz u added yet?
[04:50] <LittleWiseOwlz> nah, not yet
[04:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @<span style="color:red;">Bach</span> Don't like his hair <.<
[04:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> or his eyes
[04:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> or his nosr
[04:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> nose*
[04:50] <Yaminogaijin> Ok
[04:50] <~Rose Witch~> kk Wolz [[Hecate%27s Cabin|Hecate's Cabin]] Post when chu like
[04:51] <LittleWiseOwlz> kk
[04:52] <Narutofreak0> peeps
[04:52] <BachBot> @owlz random but I know you look for red heads a lot for future reference if you ever need some
[04:52] <Narutofreak0> sup
[04:52] <LittleWiseOwlz> ooh, me likey
[04:54] <LittleWiseOwlz> i love that model <span style="color:red;">bach</span>, thanks :)
[04:54] <BachBot> yw, came across it looking for male models, figured I'd pass it along
[04:55] <BachBot> XD figured if I didn't I'd forget next time you need a red head
[04:55] <LittleWiseOwlz> XD
[04:55] <LittleWiseOwlz> no, seriously, her model is excellent
[04:56] <BachBot> I'm always finding shit like this when people aren't looking XD
[04:56] <LittleWiseOwlz> this is like a street dance/dance thing i was looking for yesterday
[04:56] <BachBot> OH I thought you wanted like literally, a girl dancing on the street
[04:56] <BachBot> XD
[04:56] <BachBot> or at least dancing
[04:57] <LittleWiseOwlz> meh, just some kind of music thing
[04:58] <~Rose Witch~> gtg, bbl
[04:58] <Yaminogaijin> *waiting to add* :)
[04:59] <Narutofreak0> *pokes bottie*
[05:03] <BachBot> @Wt?
[05:04] <BachBot> pssst is chu there
[05:04] <BachBot> *licks wt*
[05:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> My computer acts up
[05:04] <BachBot>
[05:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_o
[05:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ME WANT
[05:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[05:05] <Narutofreak0> *pokes <span style="color:red;">bach</span>ie*
[05:05] <BachBot> O.O
[05:05] <BachBot> soooo you like that model?
[05:05] <BachBot> >.<
[05:05] <BachBot> *pokes nar*
[05:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yeah XD
[05:05] <BachBot> sooo should i stop looking?
[05:05] <BachBot> XD
[05:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Isn't that model being used though >.<
[05:05] <TheDragonEmpress> Gtg
[05:06] <BachBot> idk, there's 21000 images plus on the wiki
[05:06] <BachBot> XD
[05:06] <Yaminogaijin> *pokes random people*
[05:06] <BachBot> like I can keep track of all of them
[05:06] <LittleWiseOwlz> [[Gil Talbot]]?
[05:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> [[Nicolaus Fleming|Nicolaus_Fleming]]
[05:07] <BachBot> can't be gil, this guy has no tat on his chest
[05:07] <BachBot> but it is him
[05:07] <LittleWiseOwlz> til the one, knew i t was one of gel's charrie
[05:07] <BachBot> the question is, we know she's not coming back
[05:07] <BachBot> her accounts were disabled
[05:07] <BachBot> and she didn't really rp him that much
[05:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I will use him then >.<
[05:08] <BachBot> I mean if it were a really old charie of hers I'd feel differently but
[05:08] <LittleWiseOwlz> i'm so sad she left
[05:08] <BachBot> I mean
[05:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Unless you can find a different one
[05:08] <BachBot> oh well I can keep looking, that's not a problem
[05:08] <BachBot> it's up to you
[05:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Like if you could I'd feel less nooby >.>
[05:08] <Yaminogaijin> Owlz u added wanna see how this is gonna go :3
[05:09] <LittleWiseOwlz> oh no, sorry, i gtg soon
[05:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Due to the fact I've seen noobs use pics that've been used by old charries >.>
[05:09] <Yaminogaijin> TT-TT
[05:09] <BachBot> XD I'll keep looking
[05:09] <BachBot> we still ahve that one maybe too
[05:09] <Yaminogaijin> Zero only just arrived at the camp and already someone has started flirting with him.....has to be a record
[05:10] <LittleWiseOwlz> XD
[05:10] <BachBot> not really but if it makes you feel good XD
[05:10] <Narutofreak0> keith urban........
[05:10] <Yaminogaijin> And he's not even activly looking for a girlfriend....which is ironic
[05:11] <BachBot> yea but it's a wiki full of users in their teen years XD
[05:11] <Yaminogaijin> Lol
[05:11] <BachBot> though no offence to you, I couldn't rp seriously with someone using tek tek pics
[05:11] <BachBot> makes me feel like my character is a pedo
[05:11] <BachBot> cuz they look 5
[05:11] <LittleWiseOwlz> ^
[05:11] <Narutofreak0> i haven't used tektek in.....
[05:11] <Yaminogaijin> Owl cna u add quickly so i can add
[05:11] <Narutofreak0> a year?
[05:11] <BachBot> I never did
[05:11] <BachBot> I'd rather not use an image
[05:12] <BachBot> than use tek tek
[05:12] <BachBot> I see those I want to go up with one of my charie's and be like "oh wittle icky kins is using sharp pointy objects"
[05:12] <BachBot> XD
[05:13] <LittleWiseOwlz> link me yami
[05:13] <BachBot> actually I did ask in character once when someone did a random rp on one of my pages, and they were using a tek tek pic, if they were like 5 years old or something
[05:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I read Lick me yami o_o
[05:13] <Rawr27> xDD
[05:13] <BachBot> icr what user it was now though XD
[05:13] <Yaminogaijin> [[Forest#Photo Album|Forest#Photo_Album]]
[05:13] <Yaminogaijin> Well thats close enough :P saves havint to scroll down for 30 minutes
[05:14] <BachBot> if you click the comments button at the top of every page, it goes down to the comment section automatically
[05:15] <Yaminogaijin> Hmmm touche
[05:16] <Narutofreak0> or put #comments at le end of link
[05:16] <LittleWiseOwlz> posted yami
[05:16] <Yaminogaijin> cooo!!
[05:16] <BachBot> @wt are you there?
[05:16] <Narutofreak0> [[Forest%23comments|Forest#comments]]
[05:16] <BachBot> *licks* I hae another link for chu
[05:16] <BachBot> *have
[05:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yeah
[05:17] <BachBot>
[05:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> no
[05:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[05:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> The hair
[05:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> is too >.<
[05:18] <Yaminogaijin> added
[05:18] <LittleWiseOwlz> huh?
[05:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm picky about hair
[05:18] <Narutofreak0> accorrding to her the hair should be all slick and covering your face
[05:18] <Narutofreak0> like emos
[05:18] <BachBot> @WT
[05:19] <LittleWiseOwlz> what cha think of the girls named 'Beck'
[05:19] <Yaminogaijin> I added Owlz :)
[05:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Becka maybe
[05:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Beck sounds a bit stupid imo
[05:19] <Yaminogaijin> I always think Jeff Beck the guitarist
[05:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> or Becks
[05:19] <BachBot> Beck is a girls name?
[05:19] <LittleWiseOwlz> yea, unisex
[05:19] <Narutofreak0> short for Rebeccq
[05:20] <Narutofreak0> *Rebecca
[05:20] <BachBot> sounds like a nick name of Becca or Becky
[05:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @<span style="color:red;">Bach</span> you're getting better >.<
[05:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> But still no
[05:20] <Rawr27> I dislike my internet >.<
[05:20] <Narutofreak0> *pokes rawr*
[05:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm so picky
[05:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[05:20] <Rawr27> *Pokes back* Yes?
[05:20] <Narutofreak0> just pokin
[05:20] <Narutofreak0> *poke*
[05:21] <Rawr27> *Pokes back*
[05:21] <BachBot> XD good thing I don't mind pic hunting
[05:21] <BachBot> XD
[05:21] <BachBot>
[05:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> OMG 
[05:22] <Rawr27> Oooh that guy's cute xP
[05:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Me likey
[05:22] <Rawr27> Well done <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>y, chu got her to say yes xP
[05:22] <ShadowGoddess> Hai guys
[05:22] <BachBot> XD I've gotten pretty good at that lately
[05:22] <BachBot> XD
[05:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[05:22] <Rawr27> xD
[05:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Oh <span style="color:red;">bach</span> continue RP?
[05:23] <BachBot> sure
[05:23] <BachBot> who's up
[05:23] <BachBot> oh and I'll uplaod all the poses on your talk page, and you can just use the ones you want
[05:23] <BachBot> k?
[05:23] <ShadowGoddess> <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>? I have a question
[05:23] <LittleWiseOwlz> gtg
[05:23] <BachBot> yes shad?
[05:23] <ShadowGoddess> Am I a terrible RB?
[05:23] <BachBot> I don't think so
[05:24] <ShadowGoddess> okay
[05:24] <Yaminogaijin> bye bye cya soon
[05:24] <BachBot> I mean maybe there were times you didn't do as much, but a lot of rb's can say the same so
[05:24] <BachBot> I'd say you're about average, not bad, kinda middle of the road
[05:24] <Rawr27> Who said you were bad Shady? o.o
[05:25] <ShadowGoddess> Minx :(
[05:25] <Rawr27> ...
[05:25] <Rawr27> >.<
[05:25] <BachBot> Minx is under a lot of stress being one of the few user's who do a lot
[05:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Meh Shady minx hates me
[05:25] <Rawr27> Don't worry about it too much Shady
[05:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> That I'm almost 100% sure of it
[05:25] <LittleWiseOwlz> hacks are back!
[05:25] <Rawr27> You're a good rb okay?
[05:25] <ShadowGoddess> okay
[05:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> remove it
[05:25] <BachBot> XD yea but I don't think she hates you cuz of rb stuff WT
[05:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idefk why she hates me XD
[05:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm motherf*cking awesome XD
[05:26] <BachBot> not 100% sure why / what it is, but don't think it's that XD
[05:26] <BachBot> RB wise you and shad are about the same
[05:26] <BachBot> you can be very helpful
[05:26] <BachBot> but at times you don't do as much
[05:26] <Narutofreak0> you're epic-ish wonder
[05:26] <Rawr27> Chu ish epic Wonder
[05:26] <Narutofreak0> epic-ish
[05:27] <Rawr27> Minx has made if obvious that she doesn't like chu though :P
[05:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I categorized pics for half an hour last night <.<
[05:27] <LittleWiseOwlz> cya soon, gtg
[05:27] <LittleWiseOwlz> thats my thing wonder :/
[05:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I got a sticker for that
[05:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Still
[05:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> It's work
[05:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[05:27] <BachBot> XD it is WT and if you do some of that each week
[05:27] <Narutofreak0> i used to do the pic gallery and cabin count
[05:27] <BachBot> you'll be fine
[05:27] <Narutofreak0> and pet claims
[05:27] <LittleWiseOwlz> bye (wave) 
[05:27] <BachBot> you've sort found your niche Wt, the thing you like doing that helps out as well so
[05:28] <BachBot> as long as you can manage to do that a bit each week
[05:28] <Yaminogaijin> Cya Owlz
[05:28] <Narutofreak0> i was like
[05:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I did like over 100 last night >.<
[05:28] <Narutofreak0> prolly the laziest rb at the time
[05:28] <Rawr27> I didn't mind pet claims, I hated normal claims though >.<
[05:28] <Rawr27> Idk why I just did
[05:28] <BachBot> the problem the last couple of months has been that there's like 4 to 6 crat/admins/rbs who help out consistently every day/week
[05:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I do pet claims once in a while
[05:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I hate doing normal claims
[05:28] <BachBot> and then there's like 1/2 of the rest who helped sporadically and 1/2 who almost never do anything
[05:29] <BachBot> which puts a lot of work on a daily basis on a small number of people
[05:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> whcih one am I?
[05:29] <BachBot> basically minx is where I was 8 months ago
[05:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> which*
[05:29] <Rawr27> Maybe you need to do a blog <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>y >.<
[05:29] <BachBot> stressed out and feeling alone
[05:29] <BachBot> like I did/do everything
[05:29] <BachBot> @WT you kinda ping between the two groups, you usually help some, but it is/was kinda sporadic
[05:30] <Rawr27> I mean everyone knows that there's rbs who do like no work but nobody's really done something about
[05:30] <BachBot> well that's why we passed that new policy
[05:30] <BachBot> to try and even out the work load
[05:30] <Rawr27> Ahh
[05:30] <Narutofreak0> i did mention not running for rb for another year?
[05:31] <BachBot> so if all our current rb's do at least 3 to 7 helpful dept type edits a week
[05:31] <BachBot> we should start weeding out the ones who do help versus the ones who never help
[05:31] <BachBot> and if we can get all 14 to 20 rb's all doing that much a week
[05:32] <BachBot> see that's the thing, if everyone does a little something, that's less work on the few who do a lot
[05:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm still in the middle though
[05:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> <.<
[05:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[05:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I live in the middle
[05:32] <Rawr27> Hmm I get what chu mean <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>y
[05:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I thrive in the middle
[05:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[05:32] <Narutofreak0> The Middle
[05:32] <Rawr27> That would work
[05:32] <BachBot> but WT you've also found somthing you kinda like doing
[05:32] <Narutofreak0> by Jimmy Eat World
[05:33] <BachBot> and is quick and easy and technically helps
[05:33] <BachBot> and you aren't here
[05:33] <BachBot> XD
[05:33] <Rawr27> Jimmy Eat World is amazing js
[05:33] <BachBot> there you are
[05:33] <BachBot> see before you didn't know what you liked doing
[05:33] <BachBot> now you've found an area you don't mind doing so
[05:33] <BachBot> run with it
[05:33] <BachBot> XD
[05:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *runs with categorizing*
[05:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[05:33] <Rawr27> xD
[05:33] <Narutofreak0>
[05:34] <BachBot> just try and remember at least once or twice a week to check in and do a few categorising
[05:35] <Rawr27> LOTT *tackle hugs*
[05:35] <Nhlott> RAWR *hugs back*
[05:35] <Narutofreak0> yo lott
[05:35] <Yaminogaijin> Yo Lott
[05:36] <BachBot> @Wt oh so I"ll upload the various poses on your talk page and you just use which ones you want?
[05:36] <Nhlott> hey hey
[05:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yeah
[05:36] <BachBot> k brb
[05:42] <Yaminogaijin> gonna go guys cya later
[05:50] <Son.Of.Khione> Hi
[05:50] <Narutofreak0> ♫DON'T STAY!♫
[05:51] <Rawr27> SOK *tackle hugs*
[05:51] <Son.Of.Khione> *Is tackled* Hi rawr o/ 
[05:52] <BachBot> @wt you'e got mail
[05:53] <Son.Of.Khione> hi jas
[05:53] <~Rose Witch~> hai
[05:54] <Audrey Campbell> hai o/ 
[05:55] <~Rose Witch~> SISSSY!
[05:55] <Audrey Campbell> SIS!!!
[05:55] <Audrey Campbell> *hug*
[05:55] <BachBot>
[05:57] <BachBot>
[06:04] <StarbucksChick> hola
[06:06] <Rawr27> WIFEEEEEY! *tackle hugs*
[06:08] <StarbucksChick> hai *hugs back*
[06:11] <BachBot> *wants huggles* (sad2) 
[06:12] <Rawr27> *Huggles <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>y* :D
[06:12] <StarbucksChick> ^
[06:13] <BachBot> (bounce) yay huggles
[06:15] <暗い> hello people
[06:15] <Rawr27> xD
[06:15] <BachBot> hello person
[06:15] <BachBot> xP
[06:16] <Son.Of.Khione> gtg and do homework, sorry guys
[06:16] <Rawr27> Bye byes *hugs*
[06:16] <BachBot> @WT I still have that bunny gif up >.<
[06:15] <Rawr27> xD
[06:15] <BachBot> hello person
[06:15] <BachBot> xP
[06:16] <Son.Of.Khione> gtg and do homework, sorry guys
[06:16] <Rawr27> Bye byes *hugs*
[06:16] <BachBot> @WT I still have that bunny gif up >.<
[06:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[06:18] <暗い> None of you can see this but RTE is on in the background......
[06:18] <暗い> It's sooooooooo dry..............
[06:19] <暗い> aghh!!! come back!!! I'm sorrry!!!
[06:23] <BachBot> *pokes chat* did it let me back in
[06:23] <BachBot> O.O
[06:23] <BachBot> (bounce) 
[06:23] <BachBot> yay
[06:23] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[06:23] <Rawr27> xD
[06:24] <BachBot> (omg) I can't stop looking at the bunny gif
[06:24] <BachBot> >.<
[06:24] <BachBot> of all things to be addicted to
[06:25] <BachBot> XD
[06:25] <BachBot> 
[06:25] <Rawr27> I can't stop looking at my YMAS gifs xP
[06:25] <BachBot> but they aren't fluffy
[06:25] <BachBot> well
[06:25] <BachBot> O.o
[06:25] <BachBot> I hope not anyway
[06:25] <BachBot> >.<
[06:26] <Rawr27> xDDD No
[06:26] <Rawr27> They are just an epic rock band xP
[06:26] <BachBot> "he's so FLUFFY" is just NOT a term you want to use to describe a guy you like
[06:26] <BachBot> XD
[06:26] <Rawr27> xD That would be disturbing
[06:27] <BachBot> on more than one level
[06:27] <BachBot> XD
[06:27] <Rawr27> xD
[06:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @<span style="color:red;">Bach</span> I call my boyfriend fluffy D:
[06:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Seriously I do
[06:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> <.<
[06:31] <Yaminogaijin> Yoho!
[06:32] <BachBot> yoohoo
[06:33] <Yaminogaijin> Hows things?
[06:34] <BachBot> up, down all around
[06:34] <BachBot> u?
[06:34] <Yaminogaijin> i'm ok getting pestered by a cat
[06:34] <BachBot> I'm getting pestered by a dog
[06:34] <BachBot> XD
[06:35] <Yaminogaijin> I'd love a dog but with 7 cats would be intresting
[06:35] <BachBot> depends on the dog
[06:36] <BachBot> my dog thinks she's a cat
[06:36] <Yaminogaijin> i want a husky or wolfdog
[06:36] <BachBot> and one time I had 2 cats that thought they were dogs
[06:36] <BachBot> >.<
[06:36] <Yaminogaijin> lol u pick the weird ones then
[06:37] <BachBot> it's a bit odd when your cats become the dominant alpha "dog" in the pack (1 pitt bull 1 latese 2 cats, the cats were the dominant animals in the house)
[06:37] <BachBot> and the latese was 2nd
[06:37] <BachBot> somehow the pittbull was last in the chain
[06:37] <BachBot> >.<
[06:37] <Yaminogaijin> lol
[06:38] <Yaminogaijin> i've noticed here there is a distinct lack of metal bands that use the studio
[06:41] <Yaminogaijin> I know we got teens here but still i know 13 year olds that listen to death metal
[06:43] <BachLynn23> well the bands aren't really active either
[06:43] <BachLynn23> people have fun making the page and that's really all there is
[06:43] <BachLynn23> not a lot of depth
[06:44] <BachLynn23>
[06:44] <Yaminogaijin> lol well Zero can be a one man band
[06:44] <BachLynn23> XD I don't think that counts as a band XD
[06:45] <Yaminogaijin> technicly it is he can record the band by himself
[06:45] <Yaminogaijin> several artists do it
[06:45] <BachBot> their still a solo artist XD just a multi talented one
[06:46] <BachLynn23> keep forgetting which browser has which account open
[06:46] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:46] <BachLynn23> on the other hand it makes chat look chattier
[06:46] <BachLynn23> XD
[06:46] <Yaminogaijin> true and hold the dog, bone and everything else there are 2 <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>s
[06:46] <BachLynn23> XD you just caught on?
[06:47] <BachLynn23> <span style="color:red;">bachbot</span> is my bot account, I use it to make mass edits with AWB sometimes and it logs chat now that chat hacks are back up
[06:47] <Yaminogaijin> noooo......
[06:48] <ShadowGoddess> back'
[06:48] <Yaminogaijin> hmm need to get Zero permission for the studio at somepoint
[06:48] <Yaminogaijin> wb
[06:48] <BachLynn23> the really confusing part, I'm married to del, J and minx (we practise pologamy xD) and <span style="color:red;">Bachbot</span> is married to Lele
[06:48] <Yaminogaijin> lol
[06:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm married to Jake :3
[06:49] <BachLynn23> I thought you were married to....
[06:49] <BachLynn23> to
[06:49] <BachLynn23> idr
[06:49] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:49] <BachLynn23> who haven't you been married to
[06:49] <BachLynn23> XD
[06:49] <ShadowGoddess> I'm married to Neo
[06:49] <Yaminogaijin> This is where a lesser mind would have an anurism from the confusion...but not me....*has an anurism*
[06:49] <BachLynn23> didn't bloom remarry?
[06:50] <Yaminogaijin> I'm married to my self cos i'm jsut sexy :P
[06:50] <Rawr27> To Float me thinks <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>y
[06:51] <BachLynn23> did blood remarry?
[06:51] <ShadowGoddess> yup to Float
[06:51] <~Rose Witch~> Hola?
[06:51] <~Rose Witch~> What's everyone talking 'bout?
[06:51] <Yaminogaijin> Hola Rose
[06:51] <Yaminogaijin> Remarrying
[06:51] <~Rose Witch~> Jas*
[06:51] <~Rose Witch~> Who's remarrying who?
[06:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I've got married 6 times
[06:51] <ShadowGoddess> Jas rp?
[06:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> twice to the same person
[06:52] <~Rose Witch~> Busy, sowwy
[06:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No joke
[06:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[06:52] <~Rose Witch~> I've been married three times
[06:52] <ShadowGoddess> I've gotten married once
[06:53] <ShadowGoddess> @<span style="color:red;">Bach</span> rp?
[06:53] <BachLynn23> sure
[06:53] <ShadowGoddess> who/where?
[06:53] <BachLynn23> ummm
[06:53] <BachLynn23> idk idk
[06:53] <BachLynn23> XD
[06:53] <Yaminogaijin> Hey what about me?! TT-TT
[06:53] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[06:53] <BachLynn23> @yamin who are you talking to?
[06:53] <Yaminogaijin> I may be new i'm i'm RPable
[06:53] <StarbucksChick> *snuggles with wifey*
[06:54] <~Rose Witch~> So who's remarrying who?
[06:54] <BachLynn23> @shad ummm ummmmmm Amlis?
[06:54] <BachLynn23> [[Amlis]]
[06:55] <BachLynn23> wait no not her
[06:55] <BachLynn23> [[Mayuri]]
[06:55] <Rawr27> *Snuggles back*
[06:55] <BachLynn23> her
[06:55] <Comiclove> I ship it
[06:55] <ShadowGoddess> kk I post on her
[06:56] <BachLynn23> k, she's one of me and minx's shared charies
[06:56] <Yaminogaijin> Was talking to Shadow <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>
[06:56] <BachLynn23> ah
[06:56] <~Rose Witch~> *le feels cold D:*
[06:56] <Yaminogaijin> *sits in a corner sobbing* (CRIES)
[06:56] <Yaminogaijin> (CRY) 
[06:57] <BachLynn23> *starts a bonfire in chat and gives jas marshmallows*
[06:57] <~Rose Witch~> :O
[06:57] <~Rose Witch~> BONFIRE!
[06:57] <Yaminogaijin> *tears put out the fire*
[06:57] <Comiclove> FIRE
[06:57] <~Rose Witch~> *jumps into bonfire and noms marshmallows*
[06:57] <BachLynn23> *has spell on fire, can't be put out*
[06:57] <~Rose Witch~> (cry) 
[06:57] <~Rose Witch~> The fire!
[06:57] <Yaminogaijin> THats simbple not cricket....
[06:57] <Yaminogaijin> Simpley*
[06:57] <StarbucksChick> *sits by the fire*
[06:58] <~Rose Witch~> O.o
[06:58] <~Rose Witch~> What's simply not cricket
[06:58] <~Rose Witch~> *Grabs cricket bat*
[06:58] <ShadowGoddess> posted <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>
[06:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *wants to finish Anthony tonight*
[06:58] <Yaminogaijin> Sorry old british expression
[06:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[06:58] <Yaminogaijin> Means it's not fair
[06:58] <~Rose Witch~> Never heard of it
[06:58] <ShadowGoddess> @<span style="color:red;">Bach</span> do any of your guys need dates to the dance?
[06:58] <Yaminogaijin> Its very old :P
[06:59] <~Rose Witch~> *le hugs cricket Bat*
[06:59] <~Rose Witch~> Which means I should have heard it
[06:59] <Yaminogaijin> Well that sucks jsut read the lake and i can't throw any annoyign campers into it
[06:59] <BachLynn23> nope, all my gu.....well I do want ianto to break up with Remi, but he hasn't officially broken up with him, and I haven't decided yet if he's going to go back to dating girls or still be bi or if it was just a phase
[06:59] <Yaminogaijin> Dance?
[06:59] <~Rose Witch~> Mah cricket bat has saved me many times :3
[06:59] <ShadowGoddess> kk
[07:00] <Yaminogaijin> Lol robers or bad relationships?
[07:01] <Yaminogaijin> robber*
[07:01] <BachLynn23> @shad posted
[07:01] <~Rose Witch~> From a creepy teacher in my first school, a scary guy who grabbed me by the skirt, bullies, robbers, and many more
[07:01] <StarbucksChick> omg i just realized where i heard ianto before ._. torchwood!
[07:01] <Yaminogaijin> Ahhh that old chestnut
[07:01] <BachLynn23> (omg) I know it's one of my fav shows
[07:01] <~Rose Witch~> :O
[07:02] <StarbucksChick> i haven't watched it, but he was on doctor who so :P
[07:02] <BachLynn23> I used Ianto's name for Ianto *(obvs xD) and I based Rex's personality on Captain jack
[07:02] <~Rose Witch~> (omg) 
[07:02] <~Rose Witch~> Torchwood!
[07:02] <StarbucksChick> captain jack harkness *dies*
[07:02] <BachLynn23> *licks* mmmmm
[07:02] <BachLynn23> I have gifs of him on like 3 of my charie pages
[07:02] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:02] <~Rose Witch~> I've met him in RL
[07:02] <BachLynn23> *licks jas* I'm jealous
[07:02] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:02] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:03] <StarbucksChick> me too jas ._.
[07:03] <~Rose Witch~> He's even better in RL :P
[07:03] <~Rose Witch~> He even shook mah hand
[07:03] <~Rose Witch~> And said I was awesome :3 He didn't say it to anyone else
[07:03] <BachLynn23> *licks hand he shook*
[07:03] <~Rose Witch~> O.O
[07:04] <~Rose Witch~> *smacks <span style="color:red;">bach</span>ie*
[07:04] <~Rose Witch~> *hugs <span style="color:red;">bach</span>ie's avvie*
[07:04] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:04] <BachLynn23> careful I like it ro............nm
[07:04] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:04] <~Rose Witch~> O.O
[07:04] <~Rose Witch~> *le faint*
[07:04] <StarbucksChick> *hugs jas' hand*
[07:04] <~Rose Witch~> *slaps nickeh*
[07:04] <ShadowGoddess> posted <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>
[07:04] <~Rose Witch~> MAH HAND!
[07:04] <~Rose Witch~> *clings to hand*
[07:04] <StarbucksChick> b-b-b-b-but
[07:04] <StarbucksChick> :(
[07:06] <~Rose Witch~> He met me and me only
[07:06] <BachLynn23> oh shad I posted
[07:06] <~Rose Witch~> RID!
[07:06] <~Rose Witch~> *glompz*
[07:07] <Rid3r98> JAS! *glompz*
[07:07] <Rid3r98> that is you right? XP
[07:07] <Yaminogaijin> Yo
[07:08] <Rawr27> *Kicks chat* >.>
[07:08] <Yaminogaijin> *kicks Rawr back*
[07:09] <~Rose Witch~> Yesh Rid
[07:09] <~Rose Witch~> O.o
[07:09] <~Rose Witch~> *kicks Yam*
[07:09] <~Rose Witch~> Don't kick Rawr!
[07:10] <Yaminogaijin> He kicked chat!
[07:10] <StarbucksChick> *She
[07:10] <~Rose Witch~> She*
[07:10] <StarbucksChick> >.>
[07:10] <Rawr27> >.>
[07:10] <StarbucksChick> and don't kick me wifey!
[07:10] <~Rose Witch~> And SHE didn't mean the people in chat
[07:10] <Comiclove> *blinks*
[07:10] <Comiclove> Is it really that big of a deal?
[07:11] <Rawr27> Ugh brb, gotta refresh this bloody chat >.<
[07:11] <~Rose Witch~> *hugs Rawr* Yam kicked rawr :(
[07:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>yyyy can chu help me with Anthony's history nowwww?
[07:14] <BachLynn23> yep
[07:14] <BachLynn23> pm?
[07:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yay
[07:15] <BachLynn23> I just need to change bot's avie real quick
[07:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> My chat f*cks up so >.<
[07:16] <~Rose Witch~> Le Me = Way more awesome than bach and nicki atm 'cos she hugged John :P
[07:16] <~Rose Witch~> [[Johanna Larsen]] Welcome her?
[07:18] <BachBot> there now I'm universally captain jack themed
[07:18] <BachBot> XD
[07:18] <BachLynn23> crap it didn't work
[07:18] <BachBot> test
[07:18] <BachBot> yay
[07:19] <~Rose Witch~> :O
[07:19] <BachLynn23> Ianto/Jack ftw
[07:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @<span style="color:red;">Bach</span> Chatango? 'cause my chat keeps annoying me <.<
[07:19] <BachLynn23> sure
[07:19] <~Rose Witch~> How does Bot Work? Le confused
[07:19] <BachLynn23> runs on firefox
[07:19] <BachLynn23> so it's just *points to side bar* right there
[07:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> link me?
[07:19] <StarbucksChick> HA
[07:19] <BachLynn23> and it uses the chat hacks to clear chat and log it to a page
[07:19] <StarbucksChick> wait
[07:20] <BachLynn23> ?
[07:20] <StarbucksChick> do you see my new avvie?
[07:20] <StarbucksChick> or the girl with the fire? >.>
[07:20] <~Rose Witch~> Nope
[07:20] <~Rose Witch~> girl with fire
[07:20] <StarbucksChick> >.>
[07:20] <BachLynn23> @WT http://<span style="color:red;">bach</span>
[07:20] <~Rose Witch~> Ah. Le smart
[07:20] <StarbucksChick> now?
[07:20] <~Rose Witch~> *already misses <span style="color:red;">bach</span>'s barney avvie :(*
[07:20] <~Rose Witch~> I don't
[07:20] <StarbucksChick> meeeeh
[07:21] <~Rose Witch~> I see it on chur user page
[07:22] <StarbucksChick> yayyyyyyyyyyy
[07:22] <StarbucksChick> it's soooo cute :DE
[07:22] <StarbucksChick> *ignore the E
[07:22] <Rawr27> My chat is actually terrible today >.>
[07:23] <~Rose Witch~> Points for anyone who knows what else Matt Smith has been in other than Doctor Who
[07:23] <BachLynn23> icr the name of the show
[07:23] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:23] <BachLynn23> I suck with names
[07:24] <~Rose Witch~> He's awesome
[07:24] <~Rose Witch~> O.O
[07:24] <StarbucksChick> he was on that show that billie piper was in
[07:24] <~Rose Witch~> OMG
[07:24] <~Rose Witch~> (omg) 
[07:24] <ShadowGoddess> WT rp?
[07:25] <BachLynn23> wasn't he in party animals?
[07:26] <~Rose Witch~> Oui
[07:26] <~Rose Witch~> *found le best pic of all time*
[07:26] <BachLynn23> @shad posted
[07:26] <BachLynn23> my fav docs are like 5, 6, 10 and 11
[07:26] <~Rose Witch~> So awesome, I can't show it to anyone
[07:27] <~Rose Witch~> *clings to pic*
[07:27] <BachLynn23> well 8 was ok, but he had a short stint
[07:27] <BachLynn23> 1 was just really old
[07:27] <BachLynn23> he's gotten younger over the years
[07:27] <BachLynn23> xD
[07:29] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:30] <~Rose Witch~> Mah Mums name for Matt Smith= Dr.Foot Face
[07:30] <RaidenTheNinja> Hola
[07:30] <~Rose Witch~> RAID!
[07:30] <BachLynn23> he has an odd shaped chin, but it's grown on me
[07:30] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:30] <ShadowGoddess> posted <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>
[07:30] <ShadowGoddess> Hai Raid! *tackles*
[07:30] <BachLynn23> I first saw matt and was like O.o which turned to :/ which turned to (omg) 
[07:30] <Rawr27> Hai Raid *hugs*
[07:31] <BachLynn23> but it was the same with David's nose, I love david, love love (love) but he has such a small odd shaped nose
[07:31] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:31] <~Rose Witch~> Same <span style="color:red;">bach</span>ie
[07:31] <RaidenTheNinja> Jas! Heya Shady! (snuggle) and hola Rawr (backhug) 
[07:31] <~Rose Witch~> (omg) Matt ish awesome
[07:31] <RaidenTheNinja> (tackle hug) 's Jas
[07:31] <~Rose Witch~> Meh want Matt Smith ¬_¬
[07:33] <BachLynn23> xD I had a dream that I was the love child of Captain Jack and one of the other time lord's before they all died
[07:33] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:33] <~Rose Witch~> O.O
[07:33] <~Rose Witch~> OMG!
[07:33] <BachLynn23> yea I sorta have this fan fic around it but I haven't written it yet
[07:33] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:33] <BachLynn23> it's all in my head
[07:33] <~Rose Witch~> >.<
[07:33] <~Rose Witch~> Meh wants to read it now O.o
[07:33] <BachLynn23> ummm I could write it I guess XD
[07:34] <~Rose Witch~> :O
[07:34] <BachLynn23> but it's basically she realises the time lords are in trouble, and "I'm" still very young, like less than a year, and they find a way to do the whole watch thing
[07:34] <BachLynn23> so when the others die I don't
[07:34] <BachLynn23> and I'm hidden away in time
[07:34] <BachLynn23> being raised by adoptive parents
[07:34] <BachLynn23> as human
[07:34] <~Rose Witch~> *begs real hard* PLEASE!!!
[07:34] <RaidenTheNinja> rp anyone?
[07:34] <~Rose Witch~> *Bats eyelashes*
[07:35] <BachLynn23> >.< ok I mean I have so many fan fic's up in my head, if I don't get some out I may explode
[07:35] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:35] <BachLynn23> might as well start somewhere
[07:35] <~Rose Witch~> :3
[07:35] <BachLynn23> I mean I have 70 years 5 generations of a harry potter fan fic up there as well
[07:35] <~Rose Witch~> O.O
[07:35] <BachLynn23> yea I write a lot in my head
[07:35] <BachLynn23> I lucid dream
[07:35] <BachLynn23> so most of them start out as dreams
[07:35] <BachLynn23> and I work on them while I sleep
[07:35] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:36] <BachLynn23> hence why I don't get a lot of restful sleep
[07:36] <BachLynn23> I also have a doctor who fan fic where I'm the long lost child of the doctor and his wife hid me away for safety
[07:36] <BachLynn23> and another one where I'm actually his former wife from his home world
[07:36] <~Rose Witch~> :O
[07:37] <BachLynn23> and that's just my doctor who fan fics in my head
[07:37] <BachLynn23> there's also the hp ones, and the stargate ones and the torchwood only ones
[07:37] <~Rose Witch~> Meh has a seceret DW fan fic meh can't tell anyone about
[07:37] <BachLynn23> oh and robinhood ones from the british series
[07:37] <~Rose Witch~> Awesome
[07:37] <BachLynn23> so much in my head
[07:37] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:38] <BachLynn23> but first I have to help WT with Anthony [[Brock Garreth]]
[07:38] <Rid3r98> omg RAID
[07:38] <~Rose Witch~> But seriously, mah dr who fan fic is silly ._.
[07:38] <BachLynn23> should I write it out o wattpad? hmmm
[07:38] <BachLynn23> *on
[07:40] <RaidenTheNinja> Yeah Rid? :)
[07:40] <RaidenTheNinja> Yo Yam
[07:40] <Yaminogaijin> Hi....
[07:40] <Rid3r98> hi :)
[07:40] <BachLynn23> haha saying yo yam outloud sounds funny XD say it 10 times fast
[07:40] <Rid3r98> XD
[07:40] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:41] <Yaminogaijin> Normally called Yams...after the sweet potato.....
[07:41] <BachLynn23> *actually said yo yam out loud XD* 
[07:41] <BachLynn23> my dog looked at me funny
[07:41] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:41] <~Rose Witch~> O.o so did I<span style="color:red;">bach</span>ie!
[07:41] <~Rose Witch~> I <span style="color:red;">bach</span>ie*
[07:41] <BachLynn23> it's dead quiet and suddenly YOYAM
[07:41] <~Rose Witch~> Except it was my cat that was looking at me
[07:44] <Yaminogaijin> Dont' really like being called Yam though...prefer Yami
[07:45] <~Rose Witch~> [[Johanna Larsen]] Welcome her plz?
[07:46] <Yaminogaijin> I would but Zero keeps to himself and prefers others to start the convo
[07:47] <Rid3r98> welcomed Jas
[07:49] <~Rose Witch~> kk
[07:49] <RaidenTheNinja> welcomed Jasy
[07:50] <Yaminogaijin> Can have a Zero/Johanna RP if u like
[07:50] <TheDragonEmpress> Hai
[07:50] <Yaminogaijin> yo
[07:52] <~Rose Witch~> replied Raid et Rid
[07:52] <~Rose Witch~> Sure
[07:52] <~Rose Witch~> Link Yam
[07:52] <Yaminogaijin> To Zero?
[07:53] <~Rose Witch~> yeah
[07:53] <Yaminogaijin> [[Zero Kyoshina|Zero_Kyoshina]]
[07:53] <~Rose Witch~> wait, afk
[07:54] <TheDragonEmpress> RP anyone?
[07:55] <Yaminogaijin> Would but waiting for Rose to get bk
[07:55] <~Rose Witch~> back just for a min
[07:55] <~Rose Witch~> Chu can rp with Drag
[07:55] <~Rose Witch~> Imma be away for a while
[07:55] <Yaminogaijin> ok
[07:55] <~Rose Witch~> And it's jas FYI
[07:55] <~Rose Witch~> *does le dramatic pose*
[07:56] <Yaminogaijin> sry...i go by what i see cos i'm terrible with names
[07:56] <BachLynn23> @shad finally posted
[07:56] <Yaminogaijin> ok Drag who/where?
[07:56] <TheDragonEmpress> I made choco chip cookies!
[07:57] <TheDragonEmpress> Um.... Coffee Shop.
[07:57] <Yaminogaijin> sure
[07:58] <Yaminogaijin> u go first?
[07:58] <TheDragonEmpress> Yea
[07:58] <Rid3r98> omg thanks <span style="color:red;">Bach</span> :)
[07:58] <Yaminogaijin> kk
[07:58] <BachLynn23> (bounce) yw rid
[07:58] <TheDragonEmpress> Who wants a cookie?! Still warm from the oven?
[07:59] <BachLynn23> MEMEMEMEMEMEME
[07:59] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[07:59] <Yaminogaijin> i'm good....
[07:59] <TheDragonEmpress> xD Here you go <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>ie! *hands Bachie a cookie*
[07:59] <TheDragonEmpress> It's Chocolate Chip
[07:59] <BachLynn23> *noms*
[07:59] <Rid3r98> (cookie) 
[08:00] <Rid3r98> lol just checking to see if that still worked
[08:00] <TheDragonEmpress> Yup
[08:00] <TheDragonEmpress> (dance) 
[08:03] <Rid3r98> aww fudge!! I had awesome pics for my character but I just found out Jrite was using them >.<
[08:03] <Yaminogaijin> I hate that!!
[08:04] <BachLynn23> @rid which charie is he using them for?
[08:04] <Rid3r98> *head desks* these were the only ones that actually suited this character 
[08:04] <Rid3r98> [[Cooper Haines]]
[08:05] <BachLynn23> hmmm
[08:05] <BachLynn23> what specifically in those do you like the best? hair colour, facial hair? dog tags? body style?
[08:05] <BachLynn23> I pic hunt all the time I may have some similiar
[08:06] <Rid3r98> pretty much the hair, face, and body type
[08:06] <Rid3r98> If I talked to J and asked if he could take those of his page so I could use them (cuz he has dozens more) could I use them?
[08:07] <BachLynn23> wait all those on cooper aren't the same model?
[08:08] <Rid3r98> are they? O_o
[08:08] <BachLynn23> they look the same to me
[08:08] <~Rose Witch~> gtg
[08:08] <Rid3r98> oh damn i think they are...
[08:08] <Rid3r98> >.<
[08:08] <TheDragonEmpress> Bai Jas! (wave) 
[08:08] <Rid3r98> nvm I'll just find a new pic
[08:09] <Rid3r98> hi Unburnt
[08:09] <Unburnt> hello
[08:10] <TheDragonEmpress> Today, I was on my mum's laptop when her internet was slower. So, when I went to clear her cache, it took me 5 minutes for it to clear.... FIVE minutes! Isn't that outrageous?
[08:11] <Yaminogaijin> yeah lol
[08:11] <Yaminogaijin> Yo
[08:11] <TheDragonEmpress> WB WT
[08:11] <Unburnt> I have to write an essay on sylvia plath tomoro at school within 40 mins.....:/ any pointers
[08:12] <TheDragonEmpress> O.o
[08:12] <TheDragonEmpress> The what?
[08:12] <TheDragonEmpress> What grade are you in dude?
[08:12] <Unburnt> 5th
[08:13] <RaidenTheNinja> back
[08:13] <RaidenTheNinja> Hello Burnt
[08:13] <Unburnt> hi
[08:13] <TheDragonEmpress> I'm in 7th!
[08:13] <Unburnt> 7th.........?
[08:13] <RaidenTheNinja> I'm in 10th
[08:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^
[08:14] <RaidenTheNinja> Sophmore :P
[08:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wait
[08:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Maybe 9th not sure
[08:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[08:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Lemme check
[08:14] <RaidenTheNinja> How old are you Wonder?
[08:14] <Unburnt> ooh wait theres no grades in ireland its different
[08:14] <RaidenTheNinja> Usually people are 15/16 in 10th
[08:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 15
[08:14] <RaidenTheNinja> yeah 10th 
[08:14] <Rawr27> If I was in America, I would be 10th then >.<
[08:15] <RaidenTheNinja> 10th graders ftw!
[08:15] <BachLynn23> unless you're held back or skip ahead
[08:15] <RaidenTheNinja> yeah
[08:15] <BachLynn23> my cousin graduated at 15
[08:15] <BachLynn23> like high school
[08:15] <RaidenTheNinja> o.o
[08:15] <Unburnt> I'm in 5th year.... sorry for the confusion
[08:15] <Rawr27> o.o
[08:15] <Rawr27> Dang
[08:15] <BachLynn23> yea she skipped a few grades/years
[08:15] <BachLynn23> XD
[08:16] <TheDragonEmpress> Comic might be in 6th or 7th.
[08:16] <Unburnt> i m probz tenth
[08:16] <TheDragonEmpress> Shady! Want a warm chocolate chip cookie? I made them from scratch!
[08:17] <TheDragonEmpress> I'm not kidding. I did.
[08:17] <Unburnt> YES
[08:17] <Yaminogaijin> I'd proberly be in uni or something in the us
[08:18] <Unburnt> what age people leave secondary school in us?
[08:18] <RaidenTheNinja> High school?
[08:18] <RaidenTheNinja> Like 14 here
[08:18] <Yaminogaijin> It goes elementry, middle then high school i think
[08:19] <RaidenTheNinja> Yeah
[08:19] <BachLynn23> 14 is usually the age kids in the US enter 9th grade/year
[08:19] <Yaminogaijin> Then college/uni
[08:19] <BachLynn23> aka high school
[08:19] <Unburnt> k
[08:19] <Unburnt> we just go primary-secondary-college/Uni
[08:19] <BachLynn23> in US it's pre school age 4-ish to elementary ages 5 to 11/12 to middle school/junior high ages 12 to 13/14 and then high school ages 14 to like 18
[08:20] <BachLynn23> then 18+ it's university/college
[08:21] <Yaminogaijin> do get high-schools in the UK but thats certain areas
[08:22] <Yaminogaijin> Aww we scared him off....
[08:22] <Yaminogaijin> or not!
[08:26] <Comiclove> Hey WG
[08:27] <Comiclove> Wb :P
[08:27] <TheDragonEmpress> xd
[08:27] <TheDragonEmpress> xD
[08:27] <TheDragonEmpress> He keeps poofing
[08:28] <TheDragonEmpress> brb
[08:29] <TheDragonEmpress> Backs
[08:29] <Yaminogaijin> We call it "The Curse" on One Piece Fanon
[08:31] <Comiclove> Sooo
[08:32] <Comiclove> anyone here ever heard of the group Sky Eats Airplane?
[08:32] <Narutofreak0> yo gabba gabba
[08:32] <Yaminogaijin> Nope
[08:33] <Comiclove> Awww, they're good
[08:33] <Yaminogaijin> Heard of Raunchy?
[08:33] <Comiclove> Name seems familiar
[08:33] <Comiclove> is it metal?
[08:33] <Yaminogaijin> Yep
[08:33] <Yaminogaijin> Melodeath
[08:33] <Comiclove> Haha, nice
[08:33] <Comiclove> you know In Flames, right?
[08:34] <Yaminogaijin>
[08:34] <Yaminogaijin> Yeps!
[08:34] <Comiclove> Yes :D
[08:34] <Comiclove> what about Periphery?
[08:35] <Yaminogaijin> nope
[08:36] <Comiclove> They're Djent/ProgMetal, if you're into that kind of style
[08:37] <TheDragonEmpress> RP anyone?
[08:37] <Yaminogaijin> i'ma fan of Rush and Dream Theater so i don't mind Prog MEtal
[08:39] <Comiclove> Brb
[08:39] <Yaminogaijin> kk
[08:40] <FloatingInDarkness> .
[08:45] <Yaminogaijin> Comic Periphery are cool
[08:45] <Comiclove> *is
[08:45] <Comiclove> *amazing
[08:45] <ShadowGoddess> i g2g
[08:45] <Yaminogaijin> just heard Muramasa and listening to Masamune
[08:45] <Comiclove> It's a trilogy :P
[08:45] <Comiclove> Muramasa, Ragnarok, and Masamune
[08:45] <Yaminogaijin> Well those two name are famous in Japan
[08:45] <Comiclove> No duh XD
[08:46] <Yaminogaijin> Lol shush!
[08:46] <Comiclove> and they're all also weapons in Final Fantasy
[08:46] <Comiclove> Can't, it's my nature to not shush :P
[08:46] <Flamefang> Hey guys
[08:46] <Comiclove> but listen to Mile Zero, and Froggin' Bullfish
[08:46] <Yaminogaijin> Well Masamune made swords of honor and purity and Muramasa made dark and evil swords
[08:46] <Yaminogaijin> Yo
[08:46] <Comiclove> Yes, I know my japanese stories, Yamino
[08:46] <Comiclove> XD
[08:46] <Comiclove> No need for a mortal to teach me :P
[08:46] <Flamefang> Would any of you mind giving me a hand in looking for an image? Not a character one, it's for a powerpoint I'm doing.
[08:46] <Yaminogaijin> Well they both lived jsut at different times
[08:47] <Yaminogaijin> what ya need amigo?
[08:47] <Rawr27> Hai Flame
[08:48] <RaidenTheNinja> Hey Flame
[08:48] <Comiclove> Rawr, did I show you That's Outrageous! already?
[08:48] <Rawr27> Err..idk >.<
[08:48] <Rawr27> And I cba to get my earphones so xP
[08:48] <Comiclove> I think I showed you their New York Chainsaw Massacre songs
[08:48] <Flamefang> Well I'm currently looking for a large picture of barbarian warriors, celts or dacians or whatever
[08:48] <Comiclove> the one with Austin Carlile
[08:49] <Comiclove> and the other with the new screamer
[08:49] <Rawr27> Yeah you did with those ones
[08:49] <Comiclove> Yeah
[08:49] <Narutofreak0> large as in how many pixels
[08:49] <Narutofreak0> at least
[08:49] <Comiclove> Their old screamer's in Woe, Is Me now
[08:49] <Flamefang> At least 800x800 I'd say
[08:49] <Rawr27> Nice :D
[08:50] <FloatingInDarkness> Wibbles WT
[08:50] <Comiclove> Yeah
[08:50] <Comiclove> Doriano's awesome :P
[08:51] <Yaminogaijin> Yo
[08:51] <Narutofreak0> ?
[08:52] <FloatingInDarkness> Brb
[08:54] <Comiclove> Wb Wonder and WG
[08:54] <Comiclove> Rawr, pm :P
[08:54] <Rawr27> Okays xP
[08:54] <Rawr27> Ugh one sec
[08:55] <Comiclove> sorry :P
[08:55] <BachLynn23> bask in the cuteness that is bun bun
[08:55] <Comiclove> I ship it
[08:55] <Comiclove> Bun BunXFloor
[08:55] <Rawr27> xD
[08:55] <Rid3r98> omg hi Flame 
[08:55] <BachLynn23> I still have that image up >.< I've been looking at it for over 2 days now
[08:55] <BachLynn23> it's all wt's fault
[08:55] <Rawr27> Comic did chu get my PM this time? o.o
[08:56] <Yaminogaijin> Dragon cna u see what i've typed on the PM?
[08:56] <Comiclove> No
[08:56] <Comiclove> o.o
[08:56] <Rawr27> Uuuugh >.>
[08:57] <Rawr27> Err..Facebook? idk xP
[08:58] <BachLynn23> (sad2) minxie said she'd be here at 4pm my time
[08:58] <BachLynn23> she no here yet
[08:58] <BachLynn23> it's 5pm my time
[08:58] <BachLynn23> (sad2) 
[08:58] <Comiclove> did school finish for her?
[08:58] <Yaminogaijin> Might be busy
[08:58] <Narutofreak0> awww
[08:59] <Unburnt> g2g bye all
[08:59] <Narutofreak0> *hands <span style="color:red;">bach</span>ie free oreos and MtDew*
[08:59] <BachLynn23> *stares at bun bun*
[08:59] <BachLynn23> *noms mtn dew and drinks oreos*
[08:59] <BachLynn23> XD
[09:00] <Yaminogaijin> lol
[09:01] <Narutofreak0> comi
[09:01] <Flamefang> Hey sorry I was AFK
[09:01] <Flamefang> For a moment there
[09:02] <Rid3r98> <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>, can I keep the pics on Michael's page for just until I have time to find new pics for him? Like 2 days probably
[09:02] <Flamefang> How's it going Rid?
[09:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs <span style="color:red;">bach</span>y*
[09:02] <Rid3r98> pretty good. school's hard this year though. you?
[09:02] <Yaminogaijin> Yo Minx!
[09:02] <Arteminx> Yami!
[09:02] <Flamefang> Eh same more or less, though replace School with College
[09:02] <Rid3r98> lol haha
[09:02] <Yaminogaijin> Hmm i don't think Dragon cna see my PMs......
[09:02] <Rid3r98> what are you majoring in?
[09:03] <Arteminx> FLAME! <span style="color:red;">BACH</span>IE! (squeeze$
[09:03] <Yaminogaijin> ohhh ur in one of those specialist secondary schools...mine did that became a science one though
[09:03] <Comiclove> Oh, hey
[09:03] <Comiclove> 
[09:03] <Comiclove> *You're :P
[09:03] <Comiclove> and yes nar?
[09:03] <Yaminogaijin> Dragon if u cna hear me it's ur post!!! *waves from a distance*
[09:03] <Narutofreak0> i needz god music
[09:04] <Arteminx> Im on my phone, walking home so I'll get back on when I arrive
[09:04] <Flamefang> Hey Minx
[09:05] <Flamefang> I'm majoring in International Relations
[09:05] <Rid3r98> nice 
[09:06] <Rid3r98> lol I want to go for Criminal Justice and my mom totally freaked at that
[09:06] <Yaminogaijin> (pout) either Dragon is ignoring me or her chat is broke
[09:06] <Narutofreak0> ohaidere rid
[09:06] <Rid3r98> hey :)
[09:06] <Flamefang> My dad has a few pretty cool friends who've gone into t hat
[09:07] <Flamefang> that*
[09:07] <Flamefang> They're all doing well, so, as long as you enjoy it also I'm sure that's a good thing to go into
[09:07] <Rid3r98> yeah I have a friend who went into it. He says it's a ton of fun
[09:10] <Flamefang> Yeah enjoying whatever you do is what matters most, imo
[09:11] <Rid3r98> wibbles Minxie hi Hidden Magic
[09:12] <Yaminogaijin> Yo yo
[09:12] <Arteminx> hai
[09:12] <Arteminx> ty riddy
[09:12] <Rid3r98> yerp :)
[09:13] <BachLynn23> MINXIEE
[09:13] <BachLynn23> HCINGVNIDC
[09:13] <BachLynn23> oops
[09:13] <BachLynn23> dog jumped up at the same time
[09:13] <BachLynn23> >.<
[09:13] <Arteminx> <span style="color:red;">BACH</span>IEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SQUEEZE)
[09:13] <BachLynn23> she apparently also says hi
[09:13] <BachLynn23> XD
[09:13] <Arteminx> hi sammie!
[09:13] <BachLynn23> o.O she licked the screen
[09:13] <Arteminx> xD
[09:13] <Arteminx> o/ 
[09:14] <Hidden Magic> Hey <span style="color:red;">bach</span>
[09:18] <Yaminogaijin> Yo
[09:22] <Yaminogaijin> <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>ie stop scaring ppl off :P
[09:23] <BachLynn23> *licks yamin*
[09:24] <BachLynn23> mmm you taste like brownies
[09:24] <Arteminx> touch him
[09:24] <Arteminx> he doesn't like it xD
[09:24] <BachLynn23> I licked him, I think that constitutes as touching
[09:24] <BachLynn23> XD
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *licks <span style="color:red;">bach</span>*
[09:25] <Yaminogaijin> ............I like it when it's on my terms any other times it's annoying
[09:27] <BachLynn23> *licks wt*
[09:27] <BachLynn23> mmmm nutella
[09:28] <Neoshadow09> Someone kill me please?
[09:29] <Comiclove> you're asking for assisted suicide?
[09:29] <Comiclove> Bold move
[09:29] <Neoshadow09> Yesh comi yesh i am you want the honors?
[09:29] <Comiclove> Nah, it's more of a shame
[09:30] <FloatingInDarkness> .
[09:32] <Narutofreak0> test
[09:34] <Weirdo Guy> Where is the page that lists the users on the wiki and their characters?
[09:34] <Arteminx> [[Forum:Users/Characters]]
[09:36] <Weirdo Guy> thx
[09:54] <Yaminogaijin> i'm off all cya
[09:58] <Starostka> hi
[10:03] <Starostka> Meow
[10:04] <RaidenTheNinja> (snuggle) (snuggle2) (hug) (hug2) (tackle hug) (backhug) (squeeze) @Staro
[10:05] <Starostka> (snuggle) (snuggle2) (hug) (hug2) (th) (backhug) (squeeze) back
[10:07] <Starostka> posted on circe raid
[10:08] <RaidenTheNinja> Ok
[10:10] <RaidenTheNinja> Posted Staro
[10:10] <RaidenTheNinja> MINXY!
[10:10] <Narutofreak0> gonna go
[10:10] <Narutofreak0> laterz
[10:14] <Starostka> posted raid
[10:19] <BachBot> I am slowly
[10:19] <BachLynn23> going crazy
[10:19] <BachBot> 123456 switch
[10:19] <BachLynn23> crazy going
[10:19] <BachBot> slowly am I
[10:19] <BachLynn23> 654321 switch
[10:19] <BachBot> >.<
[10:20] <FloatingInDarkness> xD
[10:20] <FloatingInDarkness> not possible your already insane
[10:21] <BachBot> am
[10:21] <BachLynn23> I?
[10:21] <Yaminogaijin> Wibswabs
[10:21] <FloatingInDarkness> yesh >.<
[10:22] <Yaminogaijin> Hey guys u know what i've noticed
[10:23] <FloatingInDarkness> what?
[10:23] <Yaminogaijin> All my current RPs are with Nymphs
[10:24] <FloatingInDarkness> and...
[10:24] <Yaminogaijin> This keeps up Zero can be titled "Nymph magnet"
[10:24] <Yaminogaijin> Kinda weird i was expected atleast 1 Demigod RP
[10:25] <Yaminogaijin> Yo Star
[10:26] <Yaminogaijin> dang i gtg cya soon all
[10:27] <FloatingInDarkness> <span style="color:red;">bach</span> om
[10:27] <FloatingInDarkness> pm*
[10:38] <Arteminx> BLOOMY!! (SQUEEZE) (SNUGGLE) 
[10:38] <BloomOfFairyTail> MINXY! (squeeze) (snuggle) 
[10:41] <RaidenTheNinja> back
[10:42] <RaidenTheNinja> Bloomy! (snuggle) (snuggle2) (hug) (hug2) (squeeze) (backhug) (tackle hug) 
[10:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> Raid! *does all of that back*
[10:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> XP
[10:43] <RaidenTheNinja> o.o
[10:49] <BachLynn23> (squeeze) s bloomy*
[10:49] <FloatingInDarkness> <span style="color:red;">bach</span>y RP?
[10:49] <FloatingInDarkness> >.<
[10:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> * (squeeze) <span style="color:red;">bach</span>y*
[10:49] <FloatingInDarkness> (sqeeze) 's bloom*
[10:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> baaachy, can chu welcome my new charrie? >.<
[10:50] <BachLynn23> maaaaaaaaaybe
[10:50] <BachLynn23> XP
[10:50] <BachLynn23> I see you got the link to the template I made for takeo/lara
[10:50] <BachLynn23> XD
[10:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> yup :P
[10:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> it's so cute, I didn't think you'd make one of those for us XD
[10:51] <FloatingInDarkness> wait was that a maybe to the RP or maybe to welcoming her character o.o
[10:53] <BachLynn23> oh, wait, idk >.<
[10:53] <FloatingInDarkness> >.<
[10:53] <FloatingInDarkness> both?
[10:54] <Bctcz> Ello My Loverlies!
[10:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> Hai B o/ 
[10:54] <Arteminx> Removed the Nymph category from her, Bloomy
[10:55] <Bctcz> Ello Bloomie
[10:55] <BachLynn23> @float oh we can get a bit further with the rex/brock/luther rp but once we hit alabama wt will join in as anthony
[10:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> from who? @minxy
[10:55] <RaidenTheNinja> rp anyone?
[10:56] <BachLynn23> @bloom linkage?
[10:57] <Arteminx> You're char
[10:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> [[Himawari Serizawa]]
[10:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> which char? I have tons of nymphs >.<
[10:57] <Bowenstrife> Hay guise.
[10:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> allo Bow
[10:58] <Arteminx> Himawari 
[10:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> ooh, thanks 
[10:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> we're not using the Nymph category anymore then?
[10:58] <Bowenstrife> If I suddenly dissapear/go afk, I'm doing homework. >_>
[11:00] <BachLynn23> well the nymph category is what has all the types of nymphs in it
[11:00] <BachLynn23> technically if you already have say the sleep nymph category
[11:00] <BachLynn23> using the nymph category too is redundant
[11:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> oh, I see 
[11:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> I just used it to make sure >.<
[11:01] <BachLynn23> just like using immortal is, nymphs, hunters are already in that category, so using it as well as the hunter or nymph type category is also redundant
[11:01] <BachLynn23> I started using them before we made specfici nymph categories
[11:01] <FloatingInDarkness> @<span style="color:red;">bach</span> okay
[11:05] <BachLynn23> @bloomm the colours in your word bubble make my eyes feel like they are going to explode
[11:05] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:05] <Bowenstrife> Lol
[11:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.< yeah I know I have to change it
[11:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> when I was doing it, it was late so I didn't have the time to fix it
[11:07] <Bowenstrife> Hey Flame and Weirdo
[11:07] <Arteminx> bloomy?
[11:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> yesh?
[11:07] <Flamefang> Hey guys
[11:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> Allo Flame
[11:07] <RaidenTheNinja> Hola Flame
[11:08] <BachBot> test
[11:08] <BachBot> ok weird,
[11:08] <BachBot> chrome hates me ff likes me
[11:08] <BachBot> what's the world coming to
[11:08] <BachBot> >.<
[11:09] <RaidenTheNinja> *gives <span style="color:red;">BachBot</span> oil*
[11:09] <BachBot> *noms raid*
[11:09] <BachBot> I mean *noms oil*
[11:09] <BachBot> >.<
[11:10] <RaidenTheNinja> ;-;
[11:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[11:12] <FloatingInDarkness> Xp
[11:12] <RaidenTheNinja> *dies*
[11:12] <FloatingInDarkness> xP*
[11:14] <BachBot> *spits raid back out*
[11:14] <RaidenTheNinja> *is still dead*
[11:16] <ShadowGoddess> Hai guys!
[11:16] <RaidenTheNinja> Shady! (snuggle2) 
[11:16] <ShadowGoddess> Raid! (snuggle2) 
[11:17] <ShadowGoddess> posted?
[11:18] <Arteminx> hi shad
[11:19] <ShadowGoddess> hiiii....
[11:19] <FloatingInDarkness> Posted <span style="color:red;">bach</span>
[11:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> [[Template:Himawari]] think it's better now <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>y? >.<
[11:21] <FloatingInDarkness> <span style="color:red;">Bach</span> welcome my new charrie?
[11:21] <FloatingInDarkness> .
[11:21] <BachLynn23> crap hacks are back so now if you link me when you say my name I can't click on it
[11:21] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:22] <Arteminx> they're gone for me
[11:22] <BachLynn23> still up for me
[11:22] <Arteminx> D:
[11:22] <BachLynn23> even when I left and came back into chat
[11:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> [[Template:Himawari]]
[11:22] <Arteminx> lucky 
[11:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> worked?
[11:22] <BachLynn23> yep
[11:22] <Arteminx> are they on for you bloomy?
[11:22] <FloatingInDarkness> [[Hikaru Serizawa|Hikaru_Serizawa]]
[11:23] <BachLynn23> much better
[11:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> nope
[11:23] <FloatingInDarkness> Welcome?
[11:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> but my hacks never worked that well anyway
[11:23] <FloatingInDarkness> XP
[11:23] <RaidenTheNinja> How can you get chat hacks?
[11:23] <Arteminx> Yay :D
[11:23] <Arteminx> I got them
[11:24] <RaidenTheNinja> wb Minxy :)
[11:24] <Arteminx> ty
[11:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> now can chu welcome her, pwease <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>y? >.<
[11:24] <BachLynn23> XD sure
[11:24] <FloatingInDarkness> Same but for my charrie xP
[11:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> yayayay (bounce) 
[11:25] <FloatingInDarkness> *is being obsessive again*
[11:25] <FloatingInDarkness> *goes in corner*
[11:26] <BachLynn23> that's ok float, i still wuv chu
[11:26] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:26] <Arteminx> ^
[11:26] <FloatingInDarkness> So you'll welcome him
[11:27] <FloatingInDarkness> >.< * is hit with a brock*
[11:27] <BachLynn23> I don't think I can lift brock to throw him at chu*
[11:27] <FloatingInDarkness> (squeeze) <span style="color:red;">bach</span>*
[11:27] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:27] <Neoshadow09> sigh i forgot this was open
[11:27] <FloatingInDarkness> XD brick*
[11:28] <RaidenTheNinja> XD
[11:28] <FloatingInDarkness> [[Hikaru Serizawa|Hikaru_Serizawa]]
[11:29] <FloatingInDarkness> Le 
[11:29] <FloatingInDarkness> Link
[11:29] <FloatingInDarkness> >.<
[11:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> [[Himawari Serizawa]]
[11:29] <TheDragonEmpress> Holaaaaaaaas!
[11:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> allo Fall
[11:30] <Arteminx> ^
[11:30] <TheDragonEmpress> ello Peeps!
[11:31] <FloatingInDarkness> So you'll welcome@<span style="color:red;">bach</span>
[11:31] <BachLynn23> I already posted
[11:31] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:32] <BachLynn23> on you and bloom's
[11:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> yaay 
[11:32] <FloatingInDarkness> (dance) 
[11:32] <FloatingInDarkness> Danke
[11:32] <BachLynn23> seriously I can't stop looking at the bunny bun bun
[11:32] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:33] <Arteminx> omg i saw it in the link you sent me this morning
[11:33] <RaidenTheNinja> Aw :)
[11:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>y
[11:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> omg how cuuuute
[11:33] <BachLynn23> I"ve had that page up for like 2 1/2 days now
[11:33] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> I now remembered the bunny I had when I was a kid >.<
[11:34] <RaidenTheNinja> XD <span style="color:red;">Bach</span> I still have that coding vid. up XD
[11:34] <TheDragonEmpress> Bunny!
[11:34] <BachLynn23> >.< *I hate my voice*
[11:35] <TheDragonEmpress> It's so CUTE!
[11:35] <RaidenTheNinja> Aw why?
[11:35] <BachLynn23> idk
[11:35] <RaidenTheNinja> You should be a telemarketer :P
[11:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> your voice is so good <span style="color:red;">bach</span>y 
[11:35] <RaidenTheNinja> ^
[11:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> mine sucks >.<
[11:35] <BachLynn23> really? it is? o.o
[11:36] <BachLynn23> is it deep or like?
[11:36] <BachLynn23> I've always wondered how it sounds to others
[11:36] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:36] <RaidenTheNinja> yours?
[11:36] <Arteminx> did i have my comp on mute o.o
[11:36] <BachLynn23> I know singing I usually sit like first alto
[11:36] <RaidenTheNinja> *has a meh voice*
[11:36] <RaidenTheNinja> I mumble to much XD
[11:37] <Arteminx> i wanna heaaaara
[11:37] <BloomOfFairyTail> I don't remember your voice very well but I remember how it seemed so cool
[11:37] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:37] <BachLynn23> (blush2) 
[11:37] <BachLynn23> crap I forgot that was the annoying blinking emoticon
[11:37] <RaidenTheNinja> XD <span style="color:red;">Bach</span> seriously has awesome voice
[11:37] <Arteminx> sg
[11:37] <Arteminx> gsg
[11:37] <Arteminx> sg
[11:37] <Arteminx> dg
[11:37] <Arteminx> gs
[11:37] <Arteminx> sg
[11:37] <Arteminx> g
[11:37] <Arteminx> g
[11:37] <Arteminx> gs
[11:37] <Arteminx> gs
[11:37] <Arteminx> he
[11:37] <Arteminx> h
[11:37] <Arteminx> h
[11:37] <Arteminx> hs
[11:37] <Arteminx> hs
[11:37] <Arteminx> hs
[11:37] <Arteminx> hs
[11:37] <Arteminx> h
[11:37] <Arteminx> h
[11:37] <Arteminx> sh
[11:37] <Arteminx> hs
[11:37] <Arteminx> hs
[11:37] <Arteminx> there it's gone
[11:37] <Arteminx> xD
[11:37] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:37] <BloomOfFairyTail> I don't mumble >.< my friends always complain that I talk too loudly
[11:38] <Arteminx> lol that was fun
[11:38] <BachLynn23> I like the pitch of your voice bloom
[11:38] <BloomOfFairyTail> really? o.o
[11:38] <RaidenTheNinja> I mumble so much that the teachers yell at me ;-;
[11:38] <BachLynn23> it's kinda this perfect not too low not too high pitch
[11:38] <RaidenTheNinja> and then when I do talk I am really blunt.
[11:38] <RaidenTheNinja> Same with yours <span style="color:red;">Bach</span> :P
[11:38] <BachLynn23> @raid do you still have the link to the video? for minx?
[11:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> omg, I still haven't recorded Nich's birthday present O.O
[11:39] <BachLynn23> but his bday was last weekend
[11:39] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:39] <FloatingInDarkness> Posted <span style="color:red;">bach</span>
[11:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> I know >.<
[11:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> I already told him happy b-day
[11:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> but he was on for such a short while
[11:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> and I haven't seen him since
[11:40] <BachLynn23> he's working I think
[11:40] <BloomOfFairyTail> and my mom won't leave me alone so I can record it for him
[11:40] <BachLynn23> can't remember doing what
[11:40] <BachLynn23> or what nights
[11:40] <BachLynn23> oh bloom I posted
[11:40] <RaidenTheNinja>
[11:40] <RaidenTheNinja> ^<span style="color:red;">Bach</span>'s amazing voice
[11:41] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, he's been working all the time :(
[11:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> I barely see him now
[11:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> and when I do, he leaves in like 5 minutes
[11:41] <BachLynn23> yea he got out early today so I actually got to rp with him for more than like 1 minutes
[11:41] <BachLynn23> *10
[11:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> :( I miss him
[11:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted <span style="color:red;">Bach</span>y
[11:43] <BachLynn23> I've been sleeping such odd hours, one day I sleep 11am to 6pm another day 5 pm to 12am another day 8pm to 3am
[11:44] <BachLynn23> >.<
[11:44] <ShadowGoddess> @Raid mah posted
[11:44] <RaidenTheNinja> Ok
[11:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> I haven't been sleeping at all lately
[11:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> it's so hot I can't sleep well
[11:45] <BachLynn23> at one point I went like 42 hours no sleep
[11:45] <BachLynn23> or I'd be up for like 12 to 24 and sleep for 4
[11:45] <RaidenTheNinja> Posted Shady
[11:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> <span style="color:red;">bach</span>y, how come you aren't on skype?
[11:46] <BachLynn23> oops was invisible
[11:47] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[11:50] <Arteminx> Is there a vote up? I wanna stick my sig on something xD
[11:50] <BachLynn23> xD
[11:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> I think this is the longest I've ever stayed with one sig o.o
[11:52] <Arteminx> All I did with mine was change the pic and border xD
[11:52] <Arteminx> 
[11:52] <Arteminx> it has a big effect, though
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