[01:56] <QueenChrysalisIsBestPony> Good but field trip waterpark of America so no phone all day
[01:56] <Nat25> ?
[01:57] <QueenChrysalisIsBestPony> Nvm
[01:57] <Nat25> >.> I think I just pissed my teacher off.....
[01:57] <QueenChrysalisIsBestPony> I might not respond
[01:58] <QueenChrysalisIsBestPony> Why and how are you here
[01:58] <Nat25> comp
[01:58] <QueenChrysalisIsBestPony> Ahmed
[01:58] <Nat25> like usual
[01:58] <Nat25> (fail) 
[01:58] <Nat25> o/ Ao
[01:58] <AoCatrene> Yoo~
[01:58] <Nat25> Shade, I have my computer
[01:58] <Dionitus> Hey Cat
[01:58] <Nat25> because I need it for school
[01:58] <QueenChrysalisIsBestPony> Wikia is banned in Bloomington WiFi >.<
[01:59] <Nat25> xD
[01:59] <Nat25> nice
[01:59] <AoCatrene> Hey Dionitus (wave) 
[01:59] <Nat25> let me guess
[01:59] <QueenChrysalisIsBestPony> Yes. Yup.
[01:59] <Dionitus> How are you?
[01:59] <Nat25> it bans proxies
[01:59] <QueenChrysalisIsBestPony> Ttyl
[01:59] <AoCatrene> i'm fine? xD
[01:59] <Nat25> bai Shade
[01:59] <Nat25> o/ 
[02:00] <Dionitus> That's great πŸ˜‚
[02:00] <Nat25> oh
[02:00] <Nat25> Hello DOn o/ 
[02:00] <Nat25> forgot to say that
[02:00] <AoCatrene> it's not possible to have no monster attacks for 2 years after turning the age of 13 right?
[02:01] <Nat25> well
[02:01] <Nat25> actually
[02:01] <Summer June> hello ao o/ 
[02:01] <Nat25> it's fine, BUT
[02:01] <Nat25> it also depends on the parent
[02:01] <AoCatrene> Heey summmeeer~
[02:01] <Nat25> who's the parent?
[02:01] <AoCatrene> deimos
[02:01] <Nat25> well
[02:01] <Summer June> oh, dion's claim
[02:01] <Nat25> you'd be fine
[02:01] <Nat25> but
[02:02] <Nat25> Don
[02:02] <Nat25> you should have a good reason
[02:02] <Dionitus> Hey Nat 
[02:02] <Summer June> i gave dion some pointers :)
[02:02] <Nat25> mk
[02:02] <AoCatrene> yeeep like
[02:02] <AoCatrene> shouldn't there be atleast a close encounter?
[02:02] <AoCatrene> oohh way to go summer~
[02:03] <Nat25> *shrugs*
[02:03] <Dionitus> Isn't deimos a minor god though?
[02:03] <Nat25> yes
[02:03] <Nat25> I have my own Deimos charrie
[02:03] <Summer June> yah, but that doesn't make him different from the major ones
[02:03] <Nat25> ^
[02:04] <AoCatrene> yup
[02:04] <AoCatrene> and
[02:04] <AoCatrene> 2 years seems too long
[02:04] <Nat25> hold on
[02:04] <Nat25> lemme check
[02:04] <Dionitus> I thought his children could live in the world of the mortals though because his aura isnt that strong
[02:04] <Summer June> he's still a demigod
[02:04] <Nat25> hold up
[02:04] <Nat25> Ao
[02:04] <Nat25> he's fine
[02:04] <Nat25> my charrie didn't get attacked till about 15
[02:04] <Summer June> uh why?
[02:04] <Nat25> >.> with a special reason
[02:04] <Nat25> but
[02:05] <Nat25> should be fine
[02:05] <AoCatrene> and the fact that he doesn't have anyone, like a satyr atleast
[02:05] <AoCatrene> uhm
[02:05] <Nat25> want to read the history summer?
[02:05] <Summer June> yo go
[02:05] <AoCatrene> the policies says the attack should occur at the age of atleast 14 
[02:05] <Summer June> and dion's out in the open for monsters
[02:05] <Summer June> yo dion sorry for talkin bout ur claim :)
[02:05] <Summer June> forgive us
[02:06] <AoCatrene> i think it would be much safer to say that he had a close encounter
[02:06] <AoCatrene> oh yeah sorry too dion ^^"
[02:06] <Nat25> *shrugs* I got easy with Windy I suppose
[02:06] <Dionitus> Its good to hear opinions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Œ
[02:06] <Dionitus> I like feedback
[02:06] <AoCatrene> children of the big three's first attack should occur at the age of 11
[02:06] <Summer June> i really wanna claim the other already
[02:06] <AoCatrene> and the others at 13-14
[02:06] <Dionitus> So just say that he had a close encounter?
[02:06] <Summer June> *others
[02:07] <AoCatrene> yep
[02:07] <Summer June> probably, but make sure he gets away fast
[02:07] <AoCatrene> ^
[02:07] <Nat25> xD I guess my charrie had a special reason for being attacked so late
[02:07] <Dionitus> Where do I need to put this in at? before or after he meets the Telkhine?
[02:08] <Summer June> when was the telkhine?
[02:08] <AoCatrene> before the scorpions hun
[02:08] <AoCatrene> woah, i still have the chat logs o.o
[02:08] <Nat25> xD
[02:09] <Summer June> cuckoo
[02:09] <Nat25> Mel killed me for having those >.>
[02:09] <Dionitus> Shortly after that Dionitus runs into a Telkhine. The telkhine, already in bad condition was no match for Dionitus as he slashed and gutted the monster with all fury. 1 year goes by before he has another monster attack. As Dionitus was walking home from school past the woods, he was thinking how he was about to turn 16 tomorrow and couldn't wait. When a massive scorpion comes crawling out the forrest, He smiled as this was what he had bee waiting for.
[02:10] <Summer June> ^ (y) 
[02:10] <Summer June> he was 14 when the telkhine attacked, right?
[02:10] <Dionitus> yeah
[02:12] <Summer June> maybe during the one year insert the encounter
[02:12] <Dionitus> Okay.. What monster?
[02:12] <Nat25> *wonders how Jennifer actually got claimed*
[02:12] <Dionitus> like what monster should he encounter
[02:13] <Nat25> *swears* her claim got deleted/archived
[02:13] <Summer June> a simple monster
[02:13] <Summer June> maybe a harpy, and he got away with a car in the city or something
[02:13] <Summer June> somewhere with lots of mortals
[02:14] <AoCatrene> wah i find your details in the monster attack amusing * - *
[02:14] <Dionitus> Okay like a park
[02:14] <Nat25> nvm, found it xD
[02:14] <AoCatrene> pretty much the claims that i have read yesterday were like
[02:14] <Nat25> xD Totally forgot she was originally Crystal Reed
[02:15] <Summer June> oohhh......crystal reed &lt;3 
[02:15] <AoCatrene> they encountered this monster and managed to run
[02:15] <Summer June> ^
[02:15] <AoCatrene> how do we suppose to understand xD
[02:15] <Nat25> Summer
[02:15] <Nat25> [[Claiming:Camp/Jennifer Aspin?t=20130921211456]]
[02:15] <Summer June> and worse, the monster was a fire-breathing ''horse''
[02:15] <AoCatrene> hahahahaha
[02:15] <Nat25> my very first claim
[02:15] <AoCatrene> u kept on telling them to give more details but like
[02:15] <AoCatrene> they changed nothing at all
[02:16] <Nat25> Dx ShadowGoddess commented on mine
[02:16] <AoCatrene> *hides my first calm*
[02:16] <AoCatrene> claim*
[02:16] <Summer June> they changed different parts, which lead to more things to fix yohoho
[02:16] <AoCatrene> aksjdhkajsdha calm
[02:16] <AoCatrene> wtf
[02:16] <AoCatrene> xD
[02:16] <AoCatrene> truueee summer xD
[02:17] <Nat25> Dx this is so horrible how did it get claimed?
[02:17] <Summer June> haha nat
[02:17] <Nat25> ;.;
[02:18] <AoCatrene> i bet my first claim was more worst
[02:18] <Nat25> compare that
[02:18] <Summer June> if ur claim was placed today, that's a lot of comments xD
[02:18] <Nat25> to
[02:18] <AoCatrene> hahahhahahahaa
[02:18] <Nat25> my latest claim
[02:19] <Nat25> #willforeverworshipraid
[02:19] <AoCatrene> i miss raideeeh
[02:19] <Nat25> ^
[02:19] <Nat25> he comes on one in a while
[02:19] <Nat25> *once
[02:20] <Summer June> he appeared once, was away, then left
[02:20] <Nat25> and then appeared
[02:20] <Nat25> then went away
[02:20] <Nat25> guys
[02:20] <Summer June> anyhow, id like to say i dont like what's going on with the wiki
[02:21] <Nat25> what is the meaning of s2g
[02:21] <AoCatrene> were friends in facebook but 
[02:21] <AoCatrene> we never talk xD
[02:21] <Summer June> srsly
[02:21] <Nat25> what do you mean June
[02:21] <Summer June> everyone's inactive yohohohoho
[02:21] <Nat25> oh
[02:21] <Nat25> right
[02:21] <Summer June> little of the admins are active
[02:22] <AoCatrene> *stepped down as chot mod huehue*
[02:22] <Nat25> *lots
[02:22] <Dionitus> Why aren't you an admin June?
[02:22] <AoCatrene> when i was 12 
[02:22] <AoCatrene> i used to stay up all night
[02:23] <Nat25> JUUUUNNNNEEEE
[02:23] <Nat25> NUUU
[02:23] <AoCatrene> just to catch the users in diff time zone xD
[02:23] <Dionitus> πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
[02:23] <AoCatrene> *summons back summer*
[02:24] <AoCatrene> :<
[02:24] <Nat25> ^
[02:25] <Dionitus> I hate Language Arts
[02:25] <AoCatrene> they don't put 3 gods/goddess now do they?
[02:26] <Nat25> no
[02:26] <Nat25> i don't think so
[02:26] <Nat25> but
[02:26] <Nat25> I promised to never touch a claim again
[02:26] <AoCatrene> but it's in le policy xD
[02:26] <Nat25> so idk
[02:26] <AoCatrene> meh most of the users are inactive 
[02:26] <Nat25> >.> Brocky changed le policy 
[02:26] <AoCatrene> so like
[02:26] <AoCatrene> few campers
[02:26] <AoCatrene> few cabin count
[02:26] <AoCatrene> meh
[02:27] <AoCatrene> xD
[02:27] <Nat25> yee
[02:29] <Nat25> (panda) 
[02:30] <Nat25> did you get my pm?
[02:30] <AoCatrene> yaay
[02:30] <AoCatrene> wb summer
[02:30] <Summer June> omg sorry net's suuuuuper slow
[02:30] <Nat25> si, wibbles
[02:31] <AoCatrene> summer can i call you natsu?
[02:31] <Nat25> ;.;
[02:35] <Nat25> ;.; June
[02:35] <Nat25> did you get my pm?
[02:36] <EvilhariboMadness> dying @ seungri
[02:36] <AoCatrene> SEUNGRI WAS SO FAB AT
[02:36] <AoCatrene> LET'S NOT FALL INLOVE
[02:36] <AoCatrene> LIKE
[02:36] <AoCatrene> oh wait sorry caps
[02:36] <AoCatrene> xD
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