[11:41] <Undead Sparkz> time and spae
[11:41] <UniPacific16> two actually 
[11:41] <Undead Sparkz> spae not space
[11:41] <YorkieWolf> [[James andwhatever the last name was]]
[11:41] <Undead Sparkz> keep in mind
[11:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I book marked it now Toxy
[11:42] <UniPacific16> [[Blake Yeves]] as well
[11:42] <A Son of Hades> tbh
[11:42] <A Son of Hades> unless you claim
[11:42] <YorkieWolf> [[James Spall]]
[11:42] <A Son of Hades> like
[11:42] <A Son of Hades> a 15 year old looks like a senior citizen
[11:42] <A Son of Hades> I don't think most people care
[11:42] <Toxyca> nah Really Sparky, do you remember any context to that :o
[11:42] <A Son of Hades> most folks are like
[11:42] <UniPacific16> i actually thought the dude was in his 20's when i found him
[11:42] <A Son of Hades> oh he/she is hot/ugly and move on
[11:42] <Undead Sparkz> due to "crab-looking-shit"
[11:42] <Undead Sparkz> I imagine
[11:43] <YorkieWolf> meet my new character, ricky landon, who is 9 years old
[11:43] <Undead Sparkz> it has to do with family echo avatars
[11:43] <Undead Sparkz> ;)
[11:43] <DrXax> lol
[11:43] <UniPacific16> what would i write on the Hestia cabin
[11:43] <Toxyca> nah that whole conversation was on steam tho
[11:43] <Undead Sparkz> claimed within minutes yorkie
[11:43] <Undead Sparkz> goes on to be the best character on the wikia
[11:43] <Undead Sparkz> surpassing even the likes of lillith
[11:43] <YorkieWolf> ^^^
[11:43] <A Son of Hades> tbh
[11:43] <Undead Sparkz> gets his own quest arc
[11:43] <A Son of Hades> number one
[11:43] <Undead Sparkz> it becomes a wikia-wide event
[11:43] <DaichiAoi> my dog is playing a milk jug again
[11:43] <A Son of Hades> york doesn't have to go through claiming anymore
[11:43] <YorkieWolf> ^^
[11:43] <A Son of Hades> number two
[11:43] <A Son of Hades> I don't think any one char will surpass lilith 
[11:43] <YorkieWolf> @sparks
[11:43] <Undead Sparkz> yorkie does tho
[11:43] <Undead Sparkz> e.o
[11:44] <A Son of Hades> admins don't go through claiming
[11:44] <YorkieWolf> nh
[11:44] <YorkieWolf> i dont
[11:44] <Nat25> o/ 
[11:44] <Undead Sparkz> wait srsly
[11:44] <DaichiAoi> yes
[11:44] <A Son of Hades> they have executive privilege 
[11:44] <Nat25> Wolfie, r u busy?
[11:44] <Qstlijku> btw Ash
[11:44] <Undead Sparkz> I find this to be quite absurd ngl o-o
[11:44] <A Son of Hades> ?
[11:44] <Qstlijku> Did you see your PM on Elemental Academy?
[11:44] <Undead Sparkz> this means a admin could pump out pure garbage and just put it through
[11:44] <A Son of Hades> no
[11:44] <Undead Sparkz> however
[11:44] <A Son of Hades> just saw it
[11:44] <Undead Sparkz> yorkie
[11:44] <Nat25> sparx
[11:44] <Undead Sparkz> make ricky
[11:44] <Nat25> if they abuse it
[11:44] <Undead Sparkz> MAKE RICKY
[11:44] <A Son of Hades> not exactly
[11:45] <A Son of Hades> @sparky
[11:45] <DaichiAoi> @undead-son well, they can't.
[11:45] <A Son of Hades> if they abuse it
[11:45] <Nat25> then they get talked to
[11:45] <A Son of Hades> they can have it taken from them
[11:45] <YorkieWolf> nah other admins are always checking to make sure that you got your shit together bc we like to do that @sparky
[11:45] <Nat25> Wolfie
[11:45] <Nat25> r
[11:45] <Undead Sparkz> yorkie
[11:45] <Undead Sparkz> ricky
[11:45] <Undead Sparkz> cmon
[11:45] <Undead Sparkz> rickyyyy
[11:45] <Nat25> u busy?
[11:45] <Undead Sparkz> R I C K Y
[11:45] <YorkieWolf> it may happen
[11:45] <A Son of Hades> tbh
[11:45] <A Son of Hades> I don't think
[11:45] <A Son of Hades> their are that many admins
[11:45] <Nat25> *gives up*
[11:45] <Toxyca> but what's the point?
[11:45] <A Son of Hades> at this point
[11:45] <YorkieWolf> yes but ill look at your claim nat
[11:45] <A Son of Hades> now that I think of it
[11:46] <Nat25> (bounce) (squeal) 
[11:46] <Nat25> *wants to become an admin* **doesn't know how to start**
[11:46] <YorkieWolf> no your right ash, tbh we have very little. only like
[11:46] <YorkieWolf> 6
[11:47] <Undead Sparkz> step 1. find someone willing to train you and sponsor you
[11:47] <Undead Sparkz> step 2. wait until their is a pos open
[11:47] <Undead Sparkz> step 3. try getting elected in
[11:47] <Nat25> >.< everyone is busy
[11:47] <YorkieWolf> tbh admin is a lot harder than that
[11:47] <YorkieWolf> nat i said i would look at it
[11:47] <Nat25> ik
[11:47] <Undead Sparkz> ye but it sounds easy in 3 steps
[11:47] <Nat25> i saw
[11:47] <UniPacific16> am i allowed to look at claims 
[11:47] <A Son of Hades> lol
[11:47] <A Son of Hades> tbh
[11:47] <YorkieWolf> james are you a helper?
[11:47] <A Son of Hades> you need a lot of things to be an admin
[11:47] <UniPacific16> yeah 
[11:47] <Toxyca> Spakky pls
[11:47] <A Son of Hades> lot of things
[11:48] <Toxyca> where did you find that picture o.e
[11:48] <Nat25> but, I actually want to become an admin, but I honestly don't know how to start, cuz everyone is busy
[11:48] <YorkieWolf> ok pm me then
[11:48] <Undead Sparkz> toxxy pls
[11:48] <Undead Sparkz> skype logs
[11:48] <Undead Sparkz> ;)
[11:48] <Toxyca> w-what do you mean skype logs o.e
[11:48] <Undead Sparkz> s k y p e - l o g s
[11:48] <Toxyca> again
[11:48] <Toxyca> wth are you talking about o.e
[11:49] <Undead Sparkz> skype logs
[11:49] <Undead Sparkz> logs of skype
[11:49] <Undead Sparkz> of skype logs
[11:49] <Undead Sparkz> skype of logs
[11:52] <Nat25> hey Doctor
[11:53] <UniPacific16> drax what should the name of the rp be
[11:56] <DrXax> Drax, James and Panini's RP
[11:56] <DrXax> XD
[11:56] <DrXax> idk
[11:56] <Toxyca> goddamit Spackles
[11:57] <Undead Sparkz> ;)
[11:57] <Toxyca> what day did you find that on o.e
[11:57] <Toxyca> I've been scrolling up for ages
[11:57] <UniPacific16> anything else you want to add like where the rp will be
[11:57] <A Son of Hades> lol spackles
[11:57] <Undead Sparkz> kekekekekekek
[11:58] <Toxyca> heheheheh
[11:58] <Toxyca> okay
[11:58] <Toxyca> if you don't tell me what date that pic was from in skype
[11:59] <Toxyca> I'll start linking really incriminating out-of-context quotes
[11:59] <Toxyca> from our past skype conversations
[11:59] <Undead Sparkz> DO EETTT
[12:00] <Toxyca> w-wait
[12:00] <Toxyca> I just scrolled through
[12:00] <Toxyca> our entire skype history
[12:00] <Toxyca> and didn't find that o.e
[12:00] <Undead Sparkz> hehehehehehe
[12:00] <Toxyca> that's it, out of context quote time
[12:00] <Toxyca>
[12:00] <Undead Sparkz> maybe its not from OUR skype chats c:
[12:00] <Toxyca> starting out strong
[12:01] <Nat25> O.O
[12:01] <Undead Sparkz> lmao the fuck is that xD
[12:01] <Undead Sparkz> let me get some context here
[12:01] <Undead Sparkz> ohhhh
[12:01] <Undead Sparkz> lmao
[02:43] <UniPacific16> lol
[02:45] <EmeraldStag> Tfw you recall that previous feeling when you're now out of HS
[02:51] <UniPacific16> emerald do you need help with finding a picture for Gavin
[02:53] <EmeraldStag> I have considered getting him a picture, but I just don't currently feel like finding one.
[02:54] <UniPacific16> nin your turn to post on the three way rp
[02:57] <RPKingNin> Did Doc post 
[02:57] <UniPacific16> yes
[03:00] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> emerges from the shadows.
[03:00] <RPKingNin> posted
[03:01] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> looks towards the shadows and raises an eyebrow. 
[03:01] <RPKingNin> Who are you?
[03:01] <Akira of the Tarot> Sup York.
[03:01] <Akira of the Tarot> I was here a while back Nin.
[03:01] <Dj52102> Hey york
[03:01] <RPKingNin> Hidden is that you 
[03:01] <RPKingNin> o.o
[03:01] <Akira of the Tarot> Hidden?
[03:01] <UniPacific16> everyone thought that was you nin once
[03:01] <RPKingNin> Why 
[03:02] <Akira of the Tarot> Nope my name Akira.
[03:02] <RPKingNin> My name Nin
[03:02] <UniPacific16> Akira acts so much like you
[03:02] <RPKingNin> Anywho. Nice to meet you. Akira 
[03:02] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> extends hand
[03:02] <Akira of the Tarot> No one acts like me.
[03:02] <RPKingNin> True. No one could be me 
[03:03] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> takes his hand but posions Nin with a hidden blade.
[03:03] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> laughs and applies force to the hand enough to crush the all the bones in the hand of a normal human
[03:03] <RPKingNin> I am not affected by some weak stuff like that 
[03:04] <UniPacific16> <span class="me-username">* <span>UniPacific16</span></span> blows everyone up
[03:04] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira uses taijutsu skills to move his hand out of the way and instead kicks the side of Nin's knee cap.
[03:04] <DaichiAoi> <span class="me-username">* <span>DaichiAoi</span></span> is literally space. You can't blow up space.
[03:05] <YorkieWolf> <span class="me-username">* <span>YorkieWolf</span></span> gives everyone a time out so JOHN CENA can do his special performance
[03:06] <Akira of the Tarot> Sup York?
[03:06] <YorkieWolf> sup
[03:06] <Dj52102> Good
[03:07] <UniPacific16> nin your char is so going to get his ass kicked by Anja
[03:08] <Akira of the Tarot> This is how I introduced myself back from break on the wiki I am making.
[03:09] <Akira of the Tarot> Shadows condense and a vampire looking guy wearing all black emerges from them. 
[03:09] <Akira of the Tarot> 
[03:09] <Akira of the Tarot> "I live again!" Akira, the Harbinger of Dark Justice says as the sun becomes eclipsed and then subsequently covered by storm clouds and red lightning. 
[03:09] <Akira of the Tarot> 
[03:09] <Akira of the Tarot> Akira's shinobi shozoku materializes around him out of the shadows along with the rest of his equipment. 
[03:09] <Akira of the Tarot> 
[03:09] <Akira of the Tarot> Akira then notices Torrun and smiles menacingly. 
[03:09] <Akira of the Tarot> 
[03:09] <Akira of the Tarot> "Sup Torrun?" 
[03:09] <Akira of the Tarot> 
[03:09] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> uses aura to protect his knee cap and throws a punch,, now interested in this guy.
[03:10] <Dj52102> Anyone busy
[03:10] <Dj52102> Harle
[03:10] <Dj52102> Undead
[03:10] <UniPacific16> Anja could so easily send Nin to Tartarus 
[03:10] <RPKingNin> Akira. what is going on with you
[03:10] <Dj52102> Anyone
[03:11] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> rolls to Nin's left and then jabs at the pressure point on Nin's left thigh to try to make him go dead-legged.
[03:11] <Akira of the Tarot> Me?
[03:11] <Akira of the Tarot> Where do I start, care to be more specific?
[03:12] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> uses his chi to counter the resulting blood loss and cramps then augments his leg. He stomps on the floor flipping the pavement Akira is on into the air. 
[03:12] <RPKingNin> Possibly 
[03:12] <RPKingNin> I mean what are you. 
[03:13] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> lets the motion carry him up so he can deliver a spinning axe kick to the top of Nin's head.
[03:13] <Akira of the Tarot> Im a Hybrid Vampire that uses Chaos Magick.
[03:13] <Akira of the Tarot> How abut you?
[03:14] <UniPacific16> Nin is probably going to piss Anja off and he is going to end up in the pit 
[03:14] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> flash steps and appears a couple feet back from that position. He throws an aura punch and sends a shockwave a force at Akira. 
[03:15] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> says "Time to step up a notch." as he absorbs the aura based attacks and tries to land a tornado kick to the left side of Nin's head.
[03:16] <RPKingNin> I am the Deity of battle and a martial god, son of a storm deity and panda god. I use Aura, chi, panda powers and lightning from time to time. Got a pet dragon but that is another power that is way to hard to use. 
[03:16] <Akira of the Tarot> I was talking about real life.
[03:16] <RPKingNin> So was i 
[03:17] <JustChase> OLIBEAR (SQUEEZE) 
[03:17] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> does the same and corkscrews into the air using his right leg to overpower Akira's kick 
[03:17] <YorkieWolf> CHASE MEH POPS (SQUEEZE0
[03:17] <Akira of the Tarot> (Insert witty skeptical remark)
[03:17] <JustChase> Manoli meh son (squeeze) 
[03:17] <YorkieWolf> * (SQUEEZE) 
[03:17] <DaichiAoi> topaaaaaaaaaaaaz (squeeze) 
[03:18] <JustChase> Brocky (SQUEEZE) sorry for the ping, but I wanted to say hi. 
[03:18] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> twist at the last minute to go under the kick and lands on the ground. Reigns in a deal with Azaroth to disappear for now.
[03:18] <JustChase> Mussy meh twin (th) 
[03:18] <RPKingNin> (Insert sarcastic but serious response)
[03:18] <JustChase> My teeth D: 
[03:19] <Akira of the Tarot> (Insert belief that gods do not have physical forms remark)
[03:19] <JustChase> I'm getting those one teeth in the last ones coming and it's actually starting to become extremely painful. 
[03:19] <EmeraldStag> (insert rant about how gods used to be really creepy and horrible beings)
[03:19] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> grins and does an aura pulse trying to send Akira through the ground 
[03:19] <Dj52102> So can anyone tell me what is going on
[03:20] <EmeraldStag> things
[03:20] <EmeraldStag> and stuff as well
[03:20] <RPKingNin> (Insert laugh and one word remark) 
[03:20] <Akira of the Tarot> Still you do seem to be touched by what I call a Daemon and what your probably called gods.
[03:20] <Mr.Suit> Chat is so alive compared to 
[03:20] <Mr.Suit> this weekend
[03:20] <JustChase> Mostly, because there's no room for that one to come in so it's push in the other teeth and it Fuck ing hurts. 
[03:20] <Dj52102> York
[03:20] <JustChase> SULLY MWH SLUT (SQUEEZE) .
[03:20] <Dj52102> Suit
[03:20] <RPKingNin> Funny because my last name is Daemon 
[03:20] <JustChase> Meh*
[03:20] <Mr.Suit> CHASE :D &lt;3 
[03:20] <Mr.Suit> Yo Dj
[03:20] <Mr.Suit> whatcha need homie?
[03:20] <Akira of the Tarot> If that is true then that would make me know of 4 of our kind.
[03:21] <RPKingNin> Nin Daemon although my father would say Nin J Osprey 
[03:21] <Akira of the Tarot> Counting you.
[03:21] <Dj52102> Nothing really just someone to talk to
[03:21] <RPKingNin> Oh and who are the others. 
[03:21] <Mr.Suit> How are you ? @DJ
[03:21] <RPKingNin> I have been looking for someone to fight 
[03:21] <JustChase> I need a cool middle name 
[03:21] <Akira of the Tarot> Their first names are Landon and Montanna.
[03:21] <Mr.Suit> Rodham
[03:21] <Mr.Suit> Hillary Rodham Clinton
[03:21] <DaichiAoi> wh y
[03:21] <RPKingNin> Interesting
[03:21] <Dj52102> Fine @ suit
[03:22] <DaichiAoi> @chase elijah
[03:22] <DaichiAoi> try elijah
[03:22] <Mr.Suit> Rodham
[03:22] <Akira of the Tarot> Montanna is even moe unstable than use though.
[03:22] <Akira of the Tarot> If you fight him you got to kill him or knock him out to make him stop.
[03:22] <RPKingNin> Akira you are, in my eyes, a challenge. 
[03:22] <JustChase> How does Chase Elijah Lopez sound? XD
[03:22] <JustChase> I feel like that sounds horrible 
[03:22] <RPKingNin> Montanna is not my focus i am enjoying this fight 
[03:22] <Akira of the Tarot> Been learning how to fight since I was 6.
[03:22] <Mr.Suit> You guys dont get it but like if you ever meet me in person you will realize I mumble like weird shit under my breath
[03:23] <Mr.Suit> one of the things is
[03:23] <Mr.Suit> Hillary Clintons middle name
[03:23] <Mr.Suit> xD
[03:23] <RPKingNin> Started at seven but i am a prodigy in MMA
[03:24] <Akira of the Tarot> I use Bujikan Taijutsu, Krav Maga, Hapkido, Kajukenbo, Kenpo, Tai Chi, Muy Thai, and Pankration.
[03:25] <Akira of the Tarot> I know some basics from other martial arts and a lot from Taekwondo but I do not use them.
[03:27] <RPKingNin> I do Muay Thai, Krav maga, Ninjutsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kenpo, Sumo, karate, and boxing 
[03:27] <RPKingNin> I am thinking about capoeira 
[03:27] <Akira of the Tarot> Which ryu of Ninjutsu?
[03:27] <Akira of the Tarot> Because I do Bujikan Ryu.
[03:28] <RPKingNin> I do Budo Ryu
[03:30] <Akira of the Tarot> Interesting, are you more focused on striking or grappling?
[03:31] <RPKingNin> Grappling to tell you the truth if only because you can force someone to listen and calm down. My mom was a massage therapist though and when I learned of the different points in the body that connect to different nerves I started to become interested in striking 
[03:32] <Akira of the Tarot> I worded my question wrong.
[03:32] <Akira of the Tarot> Does Budo Ryu focus more on grappling or striking?
[03:32] <RPKingNin> Oh
[03:34] <RPKingNin> It more striking than grappling in my opinion but you will be told differently depending on who you talk to because of the five areas of budo 
[03:35] <UniPacific16> back
[03:36] <Akira of the Tarot> Bujikan ryu focuses mainly on stand-up grappling.
[03:36] <Akira of the Tarot> But we do plenty of strikes to nerves and vulernable places.
[03:36] <UniPacific16> what did I come into
[03:37] <RPKingNin> It would be interesting to face you on the mat 
[03:37] <RPKingNin> You came into the beginning of something,
[03:37] <RPKingNin> something new 
[03:37] <Mr.Suit> Im not sure James
[03:37] <RPKingNin> ^
[03:37] <RPKingNin> That too
[03:38] <UniPacific16> if your talking about material arts I did judo for a few years 
[03:38] <Mr.Suit> Tbh Nin you look strong
[03:38] <Mr.Suit> Like I bet money you could kick my ass
[03:38] <Akira of the Tarot> Not a big fan of Judo.
[03:39] <Akira of the Tarot> I use Bujikan Taijutsu, Krav Maga, Hapkido, Kajukenbo, Kenpo, Tai Chi, Muy Thai, and Pankration. 
[03:40] <RPKingNin> Thanks Uncle but I don't fight without reason irl 
[03:40] <RPKingNin> Judo has it's plusses but there are martial arts that offer more while covering the basis of Judo 
[03:40] <UniPacific16> i like how no one likes judo
[03:41] <RPKingNin> I didn't say I didn't like it ^.^
[03:41] <UniPacific16> it is harder then you think
[03:41] <Mr.Suit> When I was a kid
[03:41] <Mr.Suit> a young kid
[03:41] <RPKingNin> I know but I prefer sumo to judo 
[03:41] <Mr.Suit> I was into ATA and I got to black belt
[03:42] <Mr.Suit> so my 8 year old self
[03:42] <Mr.Suit> was more qualified to fight
[03:42] <Mr.Suit> then me
[03:42] <Akira of the Tarot> Well what is the reason for me to learn Judo if I can learn the same movements in a more balanced system.
[03:42] <JustChase> How did that name sound xD @Clay
[03:42] <JustChase> I dropped my phone while I was eating a bagel. 
[03:42] <DaichiAoi> it sounds p nice :0
[03:42] <JustChase> That bagel had so much salt on it 
[03:43] <UniPacific16> bagels are salty 
[03:43] <JustChase> Though it was called a salted bagel 
[03:43] <JustChase> Danke @Robin
[03:43] <JustChase> Nah this bagel had tons of sea salt on it. 
[03:43] <UniPacific16> does anyone have a priest/ess and wants to rp
[03:43] <DaichiAoi> *slowly backs away*
[03:44] <JustChase> Our priests are occupied currently, right? @Robin
[03:44] <DaichiAoi> yup
[03:44] <JustChase> Btw did ya post? If not I'll just shut up xD
[03:45] <JustChase> Omgs did you know 
[03:45] <JustChase> There's such thing as a plum bagel? 
[03:45] <DaichiAoi> they're water bagels
[03:45] <DaichiAoi> and egg bagels
[03:45] <JustChase> Like this bagel shop I went to had Sony iferent kinds like 
[03:45] <JustChase> So many different kinds*
[03:45] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> gets bored and reaches around to his side. He pulls out three knives and throws them one after the other at Akira in rapid succession 
[03:46] <JustChase> I just got something that'll probably kill me later on xD
[03:46] <JustChase> I think I might buy one more 
[03:46] <JustChase> So much salt though 
[03:46] <JustChase> I love salt though hmmm 
[03:46] <Undead Sparkz> salt water fish
[03:46] <Undead Sparkz> are
[03:46] <Undead Sparkz> colorful
[03:47] <Undead Sparkz> T H E E N D
[03:47] <UniPacific16> undead you posted on Jacob yet
[03:47] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> akira causally reaches down to stretch causing the knives to miss him and comes back up.
[03:47] <JustChase> Or should I just go and get a sundae somewhere 
[03:48] <JustChase> It's almost midnight though ugggghhhhh 
[03:48] <JustChase> Someone just say one food 
[03:48] <JustChase> Other then vegemite
[03:48] <Akira of the Tarot> The flesh and blood of Yeshua.
[03:48] <UniPacific16> come on
[03:48] <JustChase> If you say vegemite I will end you @Jammy
[03:48] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> turns away with his nose upturned secretly impressed. 
[03:49] <JustChase> Dude what? @Akira 
[03:49] <UniPacific16> if you eat it for like a week it starts to taste good
[03:49] <RPKingNin> Where have you been all of this time that I have been bored on this chat Akira 
[03:49] <JustChase> I'm just gonna get a doughnut 
[03:49] <JustChase> *backs away from chat slowly*
[03:49] <Akira of the Tarot> /akira points upwards to his response from earlier.
[03:50] <RPKingNin> I will forgive you if we can rp sometime this week. This fight had best be glorious
[03:51] <Akira of the Tarot> Ill be on pretty much everyday around this time. 
[03:51] <RPKingNin> The loser has to accept the other as superior in nearly anyway.
[03:51] <JustChase> Oh gods o.o
[03:51] <JustChase> I'm getting a PIG 
[03:51] <JustChase> c: 
[03:51] <JustChase> YAY 
[03:51] <Akira of the Tarot> I don't fight with strings attached.
[03:51] <JustChase> His name's Cedric the pig 
[03:52] <JustChase> Wth 
[03:52] <RPKingNin> Fine then we fight for glory 
[03:52] <YorkieWolf> cedric the sexually frustrated pig
[03:52] <JustChase> Cedric the chained pig
[03:52] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> clenches his fist and smiles his eyes beginning to glow. 
[03:52] <RPKingNin> Amazing 
[03:52] <RPKingNin> Name the pig Chris P Bacon 
[03:53] <JustChase> Cedric the pig on a heart shaped bed 
[03:53] <RPKingNin> lol 
[03:53] <JustChase> No omgs 
[03:53] <JustChase> He's a pet
[03:53] <JustChase> >.> 
[03:53] <JustChase> Well it could be a girl tbh
[03:53] <JustChase> XD
[03:53] <Akira of the Tarot> I knew a rednceck that was allagainst homosexuality, calling it abnormal. 
[03:53] <JustChase> Either it's name will be Cedric 
[03:53] <Akira of the Tarot> But then he was caught having sex with a pig.
[03:54] <JustChase> Um
[03:54] <JustChase> Okay 
[03:54] <RPKingNin> >.> dirty bastard 
[03:54] <DaichiAoi> what the fuck 
[03:54] <JustChase> <span class="me-username">* <span>JustChase</span></span> backs away from chat slowly*
[03:54] <Akira of the Tarot> Chase, you name is compleying me to chase you.
[03:54] <JustChase> My reaction O.O @Robin
[03:54] <JustChase> Okay @Akira 
[03:55] <DaichiAoi> compleying isn't a word omg
[03:55] <Akira of the Tarot> My keyboard is damaged.
[03:55] <JustChase> ^@Dak
[03:55] <DaichiAoi> seems fine to me
[03:55] <Akira of the Tarot> Smart ass.
[03:56] <DaichiAoi> that me
[03:56] <JustChase> Don't call him that 
[03:56] <JustChase> XD
[03:56] <DaichiAoi> i'm the smartest ass
[03:56] <Undead Sparkz> clay
[03:56] <Undead Sparkz> is that
[03:56] <RPKingNin> Calm down Akira no need to be that hye 
[03:56] <Undead Sparkz> a challenge?
[03:56] <Akira of the Tarot> I was talking to you York.
[03:56] <RPKingNin> hype 
[03:56] <RPKingNin> o.o 
[03:56] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> puts o n shades.
[03:56] <DaichiAoi> i'm so smart, i piss off relatively smarter acquaintances
[03:57] <DaichiAoi> with my smartass stupidity
[03:57] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> draws ninjato blades and settles into a stance then flash steps into a vertical spin his blades aimed to cleave through Akira
[03:59] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> looks disappointed as he flips over Nin's attack. "Ninjato are not historical." he says. 
[04:00] <JustChase> Everything went green 
[04:00] <JustChase> I have seen the gee
[04:00] <JustChase> Green*
[04:01] <RPKingNin> Still the greatest blades to exist. 
[04:01] <Akira of the Tarot> No, not at all.
[04:01] <RPKingNin> I seek no approval from you 
[04:02] <Akira of the Tarot> One handed stabbing: Rapier, One handed slashing: Kukri, One handed quick draw: Wakizashi, Two handed stabbing: Longsword, Two handed slashing: Kreigschmisher, Two handed quickdraw: Katana.
[04:03] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> imbues then with aura and does a series of slashes and jabs fast enough to just look like passing lights instead of blades.
[04:03] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> jumps away from the blows and draws his O-Wakizashi.
[04:06] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira walks away into the night.
[04:06] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> smiles and settles back into his stance "I made you draw your weapon". He augments his body and increases his flow of aura multiplying his power by fifty. He flash steps around Akira the copies throwing slashes and swipes n a beautiful combination of sword attacks 
[04:06] <RPKingNin> Why end the fight so soon 
[04:06] <Akira of the Tarot> Ive got two students in real life to train.
[04:06] <RPKingNin> I suppose I should get sleep
[04:07] <RPKingNin> Fine we save this for another day 
[04:09] <JustChase> Riiiiight 
[04:10] <JustChase> He left lmao 
[04:10] <JustChase> RAID (SQUEEZE(
[04:10] <JustChase> (SQUEEZE) *
[04:11] <JustChase> 6 days 
[04:12] <JustChase> Until the BAP concert. 
[04:12] <JustChase> Or is it 5 
[04:12] <JustChase> Yea it's 5 :3 
[04:12] <JustChase> Monday 
[04:12] <JustChase> I get to meeet them! :D 
[04:14] <JustChase> The Flash is on 
[04:14] <JustChase> Hulu 
[04:14] <JustChase> Bai bai 
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