[12:37] <Mr.Suit> my less skilled son
[12:37] <A Son of Hades> is he even on chat enough to have a wife?
[12:38] <Mr.Suit> Because he needs a head start
[12:38] <A Son of Hades> tbh
[12:38] <Mr.Suit> No tbh
[12:38] <Mr.Suit> xD
[12:38] <Undead Sparkz> Suit of Suit, James of suit, Steven of suit ;-;
[12:38] <A Son of Hades> james and FP got together by nat's decree
[12:38] <Mr.Suit> It could be Suit Of Inferno
[12:38] <Mr.Suit> like speaking of the fact my house isnt really a house 
[12:38] <YorkieWolf> i came to die in pieces 
[12:38] <Flame Princess17> HEY YORKIE O/ 
[12:38] <Undead Sparkz> yyyorrrkiieee
[12:38] <YorkieWolf> aye o/ 
[12:38] <Flame Princess17> in a rabbit now
[12:38] <Undead Sparkz> dumbledore ripped itself ;-;
[12:38] <Mr.Suit> its justa lawless waste land that happens to be centralized by a military 
[12:39] <Undead Sparkz> its just me nin and toxy now
[12:39] <Flame Princess17> Nin is my Nephew 
[12:39] <Flame Princess17> Ninny
[12:39] <UniPacific16> i thought you weren't apart of it undead
[12:39] <Flame Princess17> Hey Brocky
[12:39] <Dj52102> Hey york
[12:39] <Flame Princess17> o/ 
[12:39] <YorkieWolf> BROCKY (SQUEEZE) 
[12:39] <Brocky292> Hi
[12:39] <Brocky292> MANOLO (Squeeze) 
[12:39] <A Son of Hades> hey brockington
[12:39] <Undead Sparkz> I am james e.o
[12:39] <Brocky292> Hi
[12:39] <Undead Sparkz> if I wasnt
[12:39] <Undead Sparkz> it would just be toxy
[12:40] <Dj52102> Heybrovky
[12:40] <A Son of Hades> brovky
[12:40] <A Son of Hades> that's a new one
[12:40] <A Son of Hades> I remember when I called him bricky
[12:40] <Mr.Suit> Thats what my tree looked like before everythig
[12:40] <Mr.Suit> the incest and such
[12:40] <Flame Princess17> New tree ?
[12:41] <Undead Sparkz> beatrice is dead
[12:41] <Mr.Suit> Si
[12:41] <UniPacific16> you're so many wives that you are related to ruined the tree suit
[12:41] <Mr.Suit> One of the weaker ones
[12:41] <Mr.Suit> Mreh my wifes
[12:41] <Mr.Suit> where basically all like cracks in a brick wall
[12:41] <Flame Princess17> Jam's my husband
[12:41] <Mr.Suit> when I connected them all
[12:41] <Mr.Suit> it crumbled
[12:41] <Mr.Suit> (sad2) 
[12:42] <Flame Princess17> (sad1)
[12:42] <Flame Princess17> (sad2) 
[12:42] <Flame Princess17> Where's sad ONe
[12:42] <Flame Princess17> one
[12:42] <A Son of Hades> idk
[12:42] <A Son of Hades> *picks up daughter*
[12:42] <Flame Princess17> weeeee
[12:42] <A Son of Hades> *and holds*
[12:42] <A Son of Hades> *and looks at*
[12:42] <Flame Princess17> *hugs daddy*
[12:43] <Dj52102> Well i feil left out family wis
[12:43] <Flame Princess17> *hugs new bro*
[12:43] <UniPacific16> that should be a good thing dj
[12:43] <Flame Princess17> I love you deg your awesome
[12:44] <UniPacific16> hey audrey
[12:44] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Hi Uni, Hey Ash
[12:44] <A Son of Hades> hi
[12:44] <Flame Princess17> Hey AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh 
[12:44] <Flame Princess17> o/ 
[12:45] <A Son of Hades> dj
[12:45] <A Son of Hades> I think your my son
[12:45] <A Son of Hades> *picks up daughter and son*
[12:45] <Flame Princess17> weeeeee
[12:45] <Dj52102> Well this is just 
[12:45] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> I have no idea what's happening O-O
[12:45] <Dj52102> Finr
[12:46] <UniPacific16> suit so when are we going to invade the world of the living 
[12:47] <Mr.Suit> *chokes of Coffee* 
[12:47] <Mr.Suit> We would never do that
[12:47] <Mr.Suit> neeeveer 
[12:47] <UniPacific16> since when
[12:47] <Mr.Suit> *narrows eyes at james*
[12:47] <Mr.Suit> ;-;
[12:48] <UniPacific16> oh yeah we dont
[12:48] <Mr.Suit> We are a happy group who loves the living
[12:48] <Mr.Suit> Yo Muse o/ 
[12:48] <~The Musician~> o/ 
[12:48] <A Son of Hades> dj
[12:48] <A Son of Hades> these are like
[12:48] <A Son of Hades> wiki families
[12:48] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Muse! :3 
[12:48] <A Son of Hades> its just something we do to like
[12:48] <A Son of Hades> pass the time and such
[12:48] <Mr.Suit> ^ Ye
[12:48] <A Son of Hades> those who are like
[12:48] <~The Musician~> Audrey! :3
[12:48] <A Son of Hades> wifes and husbands
[12:49] <A Son of Hades> usually are your like
[12:49] <A Son of Hades> close friends
[12:49] <Mr.Suit> It makes the slow days go by faster and such
[12:49] <A Son of Hades> things like that
[12:49] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Hello (wave) 
[12:49] <A Son of Hades> like the person who just came in
[12:49] <UniPacific16> usually
[12:49] <Flame Princess17> Hey Muse o/ 
[12:49] <Flame Princess17> Hey Broken
[12:49] <Flame Princess17> o/ 
[12:49] <Broken fire> (wave) hey flame
[12:50] <Broken fire> welcome to the wiki audrey
[12:50] <A Son of Hades> is
[12:50] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Thanks
[12:50] <A Son of Hades> my wiki sister
[12:50] <A Son of Hades> brokey
[12:50] <A Son of Hades> pm
[12:50] <A Son of Hades> now
[12:50] <A Son of Hades> *points to pm*
[12:50] <Broken fire> i dont see any PM
[12:50] <~The Musician~> Hai broken o/ 
[12:50] <Broken fire> >.<
[12:50] <Broken fire> (squeeze) hai music
[12:51] <~The Musician~> (SQUEEZE) \
[12:51] <Flame Princess17> click o
[12:51] <Flame Princess17> n
[12:51] <Flame Princess17> e hi
[12:51] <Flame Princess17> something wro
[12:51] <Flame Princess17> ng with comp
[12:51] <Flame Princess17> uter
[12:51] <Flame Princess17> Im gon
[12:51] <Flame Princess17> na
[12:51] <Flame Princess17> re
[12:52] <Flame Princess17> start brb
[12:52] <Flame Princess17> okay im on another omputer
[12:52] <Dj52102> Brb too
[12:54] <A Son of Hades> .
[12:55] <A Son of Hades> test
[12:55] <A Son of Hades> anyone there?
[12:55] <UniPacific16> yes
[12:55] <A Son of Hades> ok good
[12:55] <Flame Princess17> yes
[12:55] <Flame Princess17> Hey Phoniex o/ 
[12:55] <Phoniex the Neko killer> Hello
[12:55] <Flame Princess17> You new ?
[12:56] <Phoniex the Neko killer> I been here before just been off a while
[12:56] <Dj52102> I am back
[12:56] <Flame Princess17> My computer glitched 
[12:56] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> I'm so tired...
[12:56] <Phoniex the Neko killer> Ik how you feel audrey
[01:01] <A Son of Hades> same
[01:01] <Flame Princess17> same
[01:01] <UniPacific16> even though it is 11am im tired
[01:02] <Dj52102> what time zone do you live in uni
[01:02] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> I just love how the fact five minutes later people start responding. That's so unusual to me.
[01:02] <Dj52102> BC its 8:02 were I am
[01:02] <UniPacific16> im aussie
[01:02] <A Son of Hades> I did an hour and a half of strength and conditioning
[01:03] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Australia, ooh
[01:03] <DaichiAoi> australian eastern standard time
[01:03] <Flame Princess17> 9:03
[01:03] <Phoniex the Neko killer> I'm Japanese 
[01:03] <Flame Princess17> for me and Jam
[01:04] <DaichiAoi> time is nothing but an illusion
[01:04] <Dj52102> anyways
[01:04] <Flame Princess17> are you typing english
[01:04] <Dj52102> wait
[01:04] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> XD
[01:04] <Flame Princess17> JK
[01:04] <DaichiAoi> @fp she said she's japanese, she didn't say she lives in japan
[01:04] <UniPacific16> what about me
[01:04] <Flame Princess17> Same time Jam
[01:04] <Flame Princess17> Florida Miami
[01:05] <Flame Princess17> 9:04
[01:05] <UniPacific16> it isn't even close
[01:05] <Dj52102> this brings up a big Q were do the demigods go if they are outside the U.S
[01:05] <DaichiAoi> fp, james lives in australia
[01:05] <A Son of Hades> america
[01:05] <Flame Princess17> what time is it then oh that's Nin
[01:05] <DaichiAoi> he lives in the australian eastern standard time zone
[01:05] <Flame Princess17> nevermind
[01:06] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Lol, America. There are probably other demigod camps around the world, but they're unknown.
[01:06] <Dj52102> true
[01:06] <UniPacific16> hey nat and nin o/ 
[01:06] <RPKingNin> Hey 
[01:06] <Dj52102> hey King
[01:06] <Nat25> hi
[01:06] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Hey Nat and 
[01:06] <Dj52102> hey nat 
[01:06] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Nine
[01:06] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Nin*
[01:07] <Nat25> hey Audrey
[01:07] <Dj52102> or mom or something IDK XD
[01:07] <Flame Princess17> NAT (SQUEEZE) 
[01:07] <Nat25> what's up girl?
[01:07] <UniPacific16> this fight is becoming interesting nin
[01:07] <Flame Princess17> Say hi to your Mother in Law Jam
[01:07] <Flame Princess17> Hey o/ 
[01:07] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> The sky. Well, more specifically a dome because underground but eh.
[01:07] <YorkieWolf> hey audrey, you do realize in korean culture, what people may consider "last names" are actually placed first? Many asian countries put the family name before the given name
[01:07] <Flame Princess17> I don't have a nickname for you yet
[01:08] <YorkieWolf> just letting you know as you seem to have given your char a last name for his first?
[01:08] <Flame Princess17> Harle how long have you been here
[01:09] <Le Dernier Vache> Hey Princess (wave) 
[01:09] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Yeah, it confuses me though because I'm not used to it, I keep forgetting anyway XD
[01:09] <Dj52102> anyways 
[01:09] <YorkieWolf> its easier to think of them as given names and family names c:
[01:09] <Dj52102> hey just wonnring is there a cabin for Koios
[01:09] <UniPacific16> nope
[01:09] <YorkieWolf> nope there is not
[01:09] <UniPacific16> was but they got rid of it
[01:09] <Dj52102> why
[01:10] <UniPacific16> not many people from what ive read
[01:10] <Flame Princess17> Where did Mommy go
[01:10] <Dj52102> idk
[01:10] <Dj52102> fun fact
[01:10] <A Son of Hades> she has to do some work
[01:10] <A Son of Hades> and she will be back
[01:10] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> I'll switch around, thanks for reminding me Yorkie 
[01:11] <YorkieWolf> no problem
[01:11] <Dj52102> anyways 
[01:11] <Dj52102> you guys have any adive for me
[01:11] <Dj52102> RPing wise or other things too 
[01:11] <Flame Princess17> STEVEN UNIVERSE im 15 and I love Steven
[01:12] <RPKingNin> Back 
[01:12] <UniPacific16> that was random
[01:12] <Flame Princess17> Hey Nephew
[01:12] <Flame Princess17> o/ 
[01:12] <RPKingNin> Hey Auntie
[01:12] <RPKingNin> o/ 
[01:12] <A Son of Hades> dj
[01:12] <Flame Princess17> He's still my nephew right
[01:12] <A Son of Hades> you don't need advice
[01:12] <Dj52102> yes
[01:12] <RPKingNin> Yep 
[01:12] <UniPacific16> you like what i did for my last post nin
[01:12] <A Son of Hades> you learn as you go
[01:12] <A Son of Hades> you got to find your own style
[01:12] <RPKingNin> Yeah that was intense 
[01:13] <Dj52102> ok
[01:13] <A Son of Hades> modeling someone's style won't work
[01:13] <RPKingNin> Hello there again Dj o/ 
[01:13] <Flame Princess17> ok because Nat just adopted me and now im a Rabbit
[01:13] <Dj52102> hey king
[01:13] <A Son of Hades> cause that's not what's going to work in the long run
[01:13] <A Son of Hades> it won't feel natural
[01:13] <UniPacific16> im going to keep doing does kinds of posts with anja
[01:13] <Flame Princess17> Deg is your new uncle
[01:13] <A Son of Hades> so just rp with some people and you will get better as you go along
[01:13] <Undead Sparkz> nin
[01:13] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> I want to be in the wiki family :(
[01:13] <RPKingNin> Nice to meet you and welcome to the wiki@AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh 
[01:13] <Undead Sparkz> Dumbledore is to shambles again
[01:13] <Undead Sparkz> its just me you and toxy
[01:14] <RPKingNin> Dumbledore will rise like a phoenix 
[01:14] <UniPacific16> im so happy im out of that house
[01:14] <Flame Princess17> Did Phoenix leave
[01:14] <RPKingNin> I am content so I don't see it as shambles I see it as establishing a stronger foundation 
[01:14] <Undead Sparkz> James you are asking for war ;)
[01:14] <UniPacific16> i know
[01:14] <RPKingNin> James is really asking to catch these hands 
[01:15] <Undead Sparkz> A few strings pulled and there could easily be a war coming to inferno to re-unite houses
[01:15] <Undead Sparkz> ;)
[01:15] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> grins with bloodlust pouring through his aura his fist clenched pumped for a fight 
[01:15] <RPKingNin> I say we do it now 
[01:15] <Flame Princess17> Ninny backdown no wars
[01:15] <Undead Sparkz> cool your blood my child
[01:15] <UniPacific16> i don't think suit would like it
[01:15] <Undead Sparkz> for now we wait
[01:15] <Dj52102> hey when my char gets claimed could it be possalbe to start the Koios cabin if there are people that can join
[01:15] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> pouts 
[01:15] <Undead Sparkz> probably wouldnt james
[01:16] <UniPacific16> nin should i post or wait for drax
[01:16] <RPKingNin> Broken! Sup sis o/ 
[01:16] <RPKingNin> Hmm well I was speaking to your char more than Drax's so you can go 
[01:17] <A Son of Hades> *holds broken sis protectively*
[01:17] <A Son of Hades> you will leave my sister out of your petty wars
[01:17] <Le Dernier Vache> Start the Koios Cabin?
[01:17] <UniPacific16> it would be restart
[01:17] <Le Dernier Vache> Mistake me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that one chronically short on cabins back then?
[01:17] <Le Dernier Vache> Personally I feel you'd have a hard time doing so because there are other cabins that need feeling
[01:18] <Le Dernier Vache> filling*
[01:18] <RPKingNin> Broken is not going to be involved in my war. I don't involve people in my battles. 
[01:18] <Dj52102> Yorkie
[01:18] <RPKingNin> I was only saying hi calm down Ash ^.^
[01:18] <Flame Princess17> Broken your char's a doll so nice 
[01:18] <Undead Sparkz> although ash
[01:18] <Undead Sparkz> if a war was to start out between dumbledore and inferno
[01:18] <Undead Sparkz> I wouldnt doubt my father would call on yours for support
[01:18] <A Son of Hades> that's good
[01:18] <A Son of Hades> I don't need to waste resources
[01:19] <Dj52102> wait if Flame is your aunt then that means that I am your
[01:19] <Flame Princess17> So you'd fight my daddy and mommy
[01:19] <A Son of Hades> no
[01:19] <A Son of Hades> we would not be involved 
[01:19] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> O-O
[01:19] <A Son of Hades> @FP
[01:19] <Flame Princess17> yes daddy
[01:19] <A Son of Hades> uncle @dj
[01:19] <A Son of Hades> I am your dad
[01:19] <A Son of Hades> @dj
[01:19] <RPKingNin> Wait auntie flame is the daughter of Ash 
[01:19] <Dj52102> Dun dun dun
[01:19] <Flame Princess17> yup
[01:19] <A Son of Hades> assuming nat is your mom @dj
[01:19] <RPKingNin> which means she is a rabbit 
[01:19] <Le Dernier Vache> Wait what
[01:19] <Le Dernier Vache> I had grandchildren lol
[01:19] <A Son of Hades> yes
[01:19] <A Son of Hades> you have a grandchild father
[01:20] <UniPacific16> it gets worse cause nat forced me to marry flame
[01:20] <A Son of Hades> two grandchildren
[01:20] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> And now I'm completely lost...
[01:20] <RPKingNin> >.> fecking Easter bunnies 
[01:20] <A Son of Hades> lol james you act as if FP is a horrible person
[01:20] <Flame Princess17> your gonna like it hubby
[01:20] <Dj52102> now we are just one big family
[01:20] <Le Dernier Vache> Do yourself a favour and don't even try to begin understanding the wiki family tree @ Audrey
[01:20] <Le Dernier Vache> xD
[01:20] <RPKingNin> Wait Audrey is in who
[01:20] <A Son of Hades> dad
[01:20] <UniPacific16> i wanted to be single for the rest of the time im on the wiki
[01:20] <RPKingNin> o.o 
[01:20] <Flame Princess17> Audrey's my daughter now
[01:20] <A Son of Hades> what would grandpa ghost think of the tree now?
[01:21] <Dj52102> well
[01:21] <A Son of Hades> that would have to go through james
[01:21] <Le Dernier Vache> Eh, not much quite honestly
[01:21] <A Son of Hades> and that would make me a grandfather
[01:21] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> XD
[01:21] <A Son of Hades> and moo a great grandfather
[01:21] <Flame Princess17> James Audrey's our daughter now ok
[01:21] <A Son of Hades> dad we are aging quicker
[01:21] <A Son of Hades> than I expected
[01:21] <RPKingNin> I want to fight with my rival Akira but he isn't here (sad2) 
[01:21] <RPKingNin> What the hell. Auntie flame married James. 
[01:21] <Flame Princess17> yup
[01:21] <RPKingNin> What have I missed 
[01:21] <A Son of Hades> a lot
[01:21] <UniPacific16> it seems like i woudnt have a choice so yes
[01:22] <Le Dernier Vache> Wait, Nin, you're related to Flame?
[01:22] <A Son of Hades> tbh you do @james
[01:22] <Le Dernier Vache> Well Princess meaning*
[01:22] <A Son of Hades> james if I were you
[01:22] <RPKingNin> Yes because of grandma Nat 
[01:22] <A Son of Hades> let yourself be married
[01:22] <Flame Princess17> James Audrey's our daughter now
[01:22] <A Son of Hades> see how it is
[01:22] <A Son of Hades> try it out
[01:22] <Le Dernier Vache> Nat is the mother of Princess?
[01:22] <A Son of Hades> yes
[01:22] <Flame Princess17> yup
[01:22] <A Son of Hades> nat and me had FP @dad
[01:22] <Undead Sparkz> what house will audrey belong to tho
[01:22] <Undead Sparkz> rabbit suit ect?
[01:22] <Undead Sparkz> nah ash
[01:22] <A Son of Hades> mine probably
[01:23] <Undead Sparkz> you didnt have her
[01:23] <A Son of Hades> idk
[01:23] <Le Dernier Vache> Wait, who's your mum and dad Nin?
[01:23] <Flame Princess17> rabbit
[01:23] <Undead Sparkz> she was a orphan adopted by toxy
[01:23] <Undead Sparkz> then adopted by you and nat
[01:23] <A Son of Hades> FP
[01:23] <A Son of Hades> are you an orphan
[01:23] <Flame Princess17> yup
[01:23] <Undead Sparkz> was
[01:23] <A Son of Hades> I see
[01:23] <A Son of Hades> so I have an orphan brother
[01:23] <A Son of Hades> and an orphan kid
[01:23] <A Son of Hades> how nice
[01:23] <A Son of Hades> but still my kid
[01:23] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> I don't want to be an orphan 
[01:23] <A Son of Hades> your not an orphan unless you choose
[01:23] <Flame Princess17> no i had you
[01:23] <Dj52102> can anyone link me to nat's page plz
[01:23] <Le Dernier Vache> Hey SUit!
[01:24] <A Son of Hades> ?
[01:24] <A Son of Hades> what page?
[01:24] <Mr.Suit> Yo o/ 
[01:24] <Dj52102> her prfile
[01:24] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> So. Wait. Ash is my Grandfather?
[01:24] <A Son of Hades> [[User:Nat25]] ?
[01:24] <Flame Princess17> Hey Suit o/ 
[01:24] <Le Dernier Vache> [[User:Nat25|Nat's page here I think]]
[01:24] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> shakes his head and jumps reaching the top of his mountain easily. He walks to his courtyard and punches a training dummy hard. The punch obliterates the dummy leaving dust and burlap scraps 
[01:24] <A Son of Hades> yes
[01:24] <A Son of Hades> @audrey
[01:24] <Flame Princess17> yup
[01:24] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Okay
[01:24] <Dj52102> thanks
[01:24] <A Son of Hades> tbh
[01:24] <UniPacific16> suit our family is getting even worse
[01:24] <A Son of Hades> I am growing too old
[01:24] <Le Dernier Vache> <span class="me-username">* <span>Le Dernier Vache</span></span> observes casually and waves his hand, the dummy reconstructing itself
[01:24] <Dj52102> guys I have news 
[01:24] <Flame Princess17> What
[01:25] <A Son of Hades> did you get married too now?
[01:25] <Le Dernier Vache> What's up Dj?
[01:25] <Dj52102> I'm engaged 
[01:25] <Dj52102> jk
[01:25] <A Son of Hades> *already has to buy too many wedding presents*
[01:25] <Dj52102> or am I
[01:25] <A Son of Hades> are you son?
[01:25] <Flame Princess17> WHAT WITH WHO
[01:25] <A Son of Hades> dad and granddad would love to hear about it
[01:26] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> forces himself to be calm and uses his natural speed to throw a series of punches and kicks at the dummy. Each blow shaking the dummy with dull thuds sand and cotton begin coming out of it after around five of these hits and it is missing a limb after another five. 
[01:26] <A Son of Hades> dad
[01:26] <A Son of Hades> are you instructing nin on fighting right now?
[01:26] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> I'm dying with laughter over here. I'm gonna need some popcorn if this goes on.
[01:26] <A Son of Hades> lol
[01:26] <A Son of Hades> at least sparky isn't here
[01:26] <Le Dernier Vache> (popcorn) 
[01:26] <A Son of Hades> he would be at war with someone by now
[01:27] <A Son of Hades> last time him and my dad over here went to war
[01:27] <A Son of Hades> and sparky lost his hand
[01:27] <Flame Princess17> *pulls up chair and eats popcorn with daughter
[01:27] <Undead Sparkz> sparky
[01:27] <Le Dernier Vache> <span class="me-username">* <span>Le Dernier Vache</span></span> The dummy reconstructs itself again after Nin finishes his series of strikes against it
[01:27] <Undead Sparkz> is here
[01:27] <A Son of Hades> *teleports both his daughter and granddaughter to the pool at his home*
[01:27] <Flame Princess17> Hey mommy I had a kid
[01:27] <Undead Sparkz> Nin you are to stop training with the man who maimed your father\
[01:27] <A Son of Hades> and no FP the hot tub is off limits
[01:27] <Flame Princess17> Mommy I had a kid
[01:27] <Flame Princess17> ah
[01:28] <A Son of Hades> the hot tub is for me and your mom
[01:28] <RPKingNin> Why are there no challenges!! 
[01:28] <A Son of Hades> but you and granddaughter can swim in the pool
[01:28] <A Son of Hades> wifey
[01:28] <Dj52102> anyone what to be mine
[01:28] <Flame Princess17> Hey (cookie) 
[01:28] <Nat25> what?
[01:28] <RPKingNin> Also, I am not training with him he keeps reconstructing the dummies for some reason. 
[01:28] <Nat25> pm me
[01:28] <Nat25> quickly
[01:28] <Nat25> now
[01:28] <A Son of Hades> your what? @dj
[01:28] <Nat25> please
[01:28] <Le Dernier Vache> Hey Sylv
[01:28] <Dj52102> not to sound werid
[01:28] <RPKingNin> I have like thousands of them so I don't know why 
[01:28] <Nat25> wife Ash
[01:28] <JustChase> DEREK (SQUEEZE) 
[01:28] <Nat25> that's what he's asking
[01:28] <Theharlequin> Hey Emma *hugs8
[01:28] <Theharlequin> **
[01:29] <Flame Princess17> Hey Harle o/ 
[01:29] <JustChase> [[Jadon Choi|Jadon's]] model scares me 
[01:29] <Nat25> bbiab
[01:29] <JustChase> He's scary good at acting, but he always has that look in his eyes. 
[01:29] <A Son of Hades> tbh dj
[01:30] <A Son of Hades> their are two females in chat right now
[01:30] <A Son of Hades> one is your sister
[01:30] <A Son of Hades> one is your niece
[01:30] <Dj52102> good to know
[01:30] <JustChase> The 'I'm gonna year you apart' look. The murderous one. 
[01:30] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> moves a few steps back and channels aura into his fist. He throws a right straight and the aura launches off his body ripping a hole through the dummies midsection 
[01:31] <Flame Princess17> Hey Tiderem o/ 
[01:31] <UniPacific16> i just noticed something
[01:31] <Le Dernier Vache> Hey Tiderem!
[01:31] <Tiderem> Hi :D
[01:31] <JustChase> Manhattan is really smelly 
[01:31] <A Son of Hades> hi :D
[01:31] <Dj52102> Hi
[01:31] <Flame Princess17> Who's his family
[01:31] <JustChase> XD
[01:31] <A Son of Hades> whose family? @daughter
[01:31] <RPKingNin> Hello Tiderem o/ 
[01:31] <Flame Princess17> Triderem
[01:31] <RPKingNin> Nice to meet you and welcome to the wiki 
[01:32] <A Son of Hades> idk
[01:32] <JustChase> I gtg I only stopped in for a moment 
[01:32] <A Son of Hades> he/she is new
[01:32] <Tiderem> Thanks :)
[01:32] <A Son of Hades> Tiderem
[01:32] <A Son of Hades> you are a female or male?
[01:32] <A Son of Hades> if you don't mind me asking
[01:32] <Flame Princess17> Male
[01:32] <Flame Princess17> I bet
[01:32] <Tiderem> Female
[01:32] <Tiderem> XD
[01:32] <Flame Princess17> Oh sorry
[01:32] <A Son of Hades> ok
[01:32] <Undead Sparkz> (it says on their profile you guys)
[01:32] <Undead Sparkz> (y not check there before asking)
[01:32] <Dj52102> Tid I can show you a whloe new world
[01:32] <A Son of Hades> "on their profile"
[01:32] <Tiderem> Lol it's okay :)
[01:32] <A Son of Hades> dj
[01:33] <A Son of Hades> cool yourself
[01:33] <Dj52102> what
[01:33] <A Son of Hades> she doesn't even know what a wiki family is
[01:33] <Flame Princess17> Dj stop hitting on her
[01:33] <Dj52102> I mean RP wise
[01:33] <A Son of Hades> oh
[01:33] <A Son of Hades> ok
[01:33] <A Son of Hades> was about to say
[01:33] <A Son of Hades> slow down their 
[01:33] <A Son of Hades> so yes
[01:33] <A Son of Hades> FP daughter
[01:33] <A Son of Hades> you and my granddaughter are not allowed to use the hottub
[01:33] <Dj52102> so Tiderem what are your plans
[01:33] <A Son of Hades> unless your mom lets you
[01:34] <Flame Princess17> ok lets go daughter
[01:34] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> runs at the wall around his house ad then leaps over it plummeting the thousands of meters before hitting the ground of chat hard. He rises out of the kneeling position large cracks spreading from the spot he landed and walks away like nothing happened. 
[01:34] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Whhhhhy. 
[01:34] <Tiderem> I have a question, when we are making a claim, for the Godly parent, can we suggest Gods and Goddesses of different genders or do they all have to be the same?
[01:34] <A Son of Hades> you can do different genders
[01:34] <Le Dernier Vache> They can be of different genders
[01:34] <Tiderem> oh okay thanks!
[01:34] <A Son of Hades> but you might have to adapt your history
[01:34] <A Son of Hades> if it needs to be
[01:34] <A Son of Hades> cause mom vs. dad stuff like that
[01:35] <Tiderem> Mhmm 
[01:35] <Le Dernier Vache> Any three gods/goddesses that you like, though it's recommended you try using gods/goddesses who have very few campers in their cabins (we're trying to fill the relatively emptier cabins)
[01:36] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> walks east heading for the plains and deserts of chat looking for something to do. 
[01:36] <Tiderem> Yea, I already have 3 in mind but 1 I believe is in the low cabin count
[01:37] <Flame Princess17> HADES 
[01:37] <Le Dernier Vache> Up to you, which ones you want to pick, but we're grateful for that, thank you
[01:37] <Le Dernier Vache> @ Tiderem
[01:37] <A Son of Hades> *is pinged*
[01:37] <A Son of Hades> what daughter?
[01:37] <UniPacific16> i would like to see the family tree now
[01:37] <A Son of Hades> we don't have a full one
[01:37] <YorkieWolf> oh boy
[01:37] <Flame Princess17> Jam is my hubby 
[01:37] <UniPacific16> considering it is even more confusing 
[01:37] <YorkieWolf> we no longer do the three god thing
[01:38] <Tiderem> Thanks so much for the help everyone c:
[01:38] <Flame Princess17> remember and add Audrey
[01:38] <YorkieWolf> and cabin count is not an important thing anymore
[01:38] <Flame Princess17> Bye Tiderem
[01:38] <Flame Princess17> o/ 
[01:38] <Tiderem> Bye!
[07:27] <UniPacific16> you can undead
[07:27] <Undead Sparkz> really? o.o
[07:28] <UniPacific16> yeah ive done it heaps of times
[07:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> CoO?
[07:28] <Undead Sparkz> its a new event/faction thingy
[07:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> ....
[07:28] <Undead Sparkz> check olis blog 
[07:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> Oh.
[07:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> that
[07:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[07:33] <Dj52102> hey yorkie
[07:33] <Dj52102> aguin
[07:33] <YorkieWolf> aye
[07:34] <UniPacific16> can someone answer a question for me about a weapon being OP
[07:34] <YorkieWolf> sure
[07:35] <UniPacific16> 
[07:35] <UniPacific16> staff made of petrified wood that has symbols and runes that have minor over control the wind, change it into a necklace and many more things. Each symbol or rune can be used 3 times and when it has been used three times the symbol or rune has to recharge for 4 hours. Is that OP
[07:35] <UniPacific16> 
[07:35] <UniPacific16> 
[07:35] <Dj52102> I want you to check my claim for me Before things get to busy I 
[07:35] <Dj52102> Aguin I dont want you to be worryed about me 
[07:36] <YorkieWolf> ill start checking claims at 4pm eastern time
[07:36] <YorkieWolf> which is in 30 min ish
[07:36] <Dj52102> ok\
[07:36] <Dj52102> good to know and I have a few Q too
[07:37] <UniPacific16> so is it too op or not even op
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yorkshire
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> will you check my claim?
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> ;)
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> My 
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> Claim to power?
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> :P
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> JK 
[07:39] <Dj52102> BRB in a few mins also Slay I will
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> ....
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> DJ
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> that was a joke which pretense is well before your time here :P
[07:40] <Dj52102> hey
[07:40] <YorkieWolf> james pm?
[07:41] <Dj52102> again who the heck is james 
[07:41] <UniPacific16> me
[07:41] <Dj52102> O
[07:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yo Oli
[07:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I've officially played dota so much I suck dick at league
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ggwp
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> I play league on a track pad
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> and am...
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> gold
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> I land hooks like a mother fuck ing sniper
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I was Gold IV I think
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> and then I started playing dota
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> and if I don't land it
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> I take everything you hold dear
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> and stopped playing league
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> in my hand
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> and ye
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> and crush it like it's dookie
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I give up
[07:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> this is too hard
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder, let me train you
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> in the ways of runescape
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> I mean
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> league
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> *cough*
[07:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> nah it'd fine
[07:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> lmao
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> totally not run.escape
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> I mean. RUNescape
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> god
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> that keeps coming out like that
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> runeEESSCCAAPPEE
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> wow
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> that's kinda bad for my health
[07:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I think I pride my almost 4k mmr over my Gold IV >.<
[07:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[07:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> also my meepo's shit I found that out 
[07:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ooo got got renewed for a 7th season
[07:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> >.<
[07:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> Gah
[07:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> today was paycheck day
[07:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> a glorious 900$
[07:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> for 72 hours of work
[07:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> what are you gonna buy?
[07:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> drugs and alcohol?
[07:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> No
[07:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> Going to paint my car
[07:51] <Slayingthehalcyon> And then fix my fookin phone
[07:53] <UniPacific16> then by the drugs and alcohol
[07:53] <UniPacific16> *buy
[07:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> Uhm no
[07:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm not spending anymore money on drugs
[07:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> already spent 20grand on that 
[07:56] <YorkieWolf> need to spend some 20 old now
[07:57] <UniPacific16> youre all about terrible puns aren't you wolf
[07:57] <DaichiAoi> DID SOMEONE SAY
[07:57] <DaichiAoi> TERRIBLE PUNS
[07:57] <YorkieWolf> but i didnt finish it
[07:57] <YorkieWolf> i also need 20 party
[07:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> Hey
[07:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> I need to 20 to uhm
[07:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> get...
[07:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> funky?
[07:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> chunky
[07:58] <YorkieWolf> 2ogop
[07:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> damn that's rank
[07:58] <YorkieWolf> *20gop
[07:58] <YorkieWolf> clunky
[07:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> pterodactyl dunky
[08:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> hydraulic press channel
[08:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> jesus
[08:02] <Dj52102> I am back
[08:03] <YorkieWolf> hi there back
[08:03] <YorkieWolf> CHASE MEH POPS (SQUEEZE) 
[08:03] <JustChase> MANOLI MEH SON (SQUEEZE) 
[08:03] <~The Musician~> LOPEZ MEH TWIN (SQUEEZE) 
[08:04] <Dj52102> good greft
[08:04] <JustChase> MUSSY MEH TWIN (SQUEEZE) 
[08:05] <JustChase> So, I was watching this show & this guy didn't know this person was a girl for 10 episodes. TEN EPISODES. When he found out he looked really really mad, but then after a few seconds he giggled and kissed her. XD 
[08:05] <JustChase> I couldn't stop laughing 
[08:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> tf?
[08:06] <JustChase> Why are you here? 
[08:06] <JustChase> >.> 
[08:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> Am I not allowed to be here?
[08:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> No-one else has even complained that I'm here
[08:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> except for nat
[08:07] <JustChase> Yea, well maybe you should pay attention more to the mood
[08:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> Ironically, it's been quite fine while I've been here
[08:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> However, if it makes, you, feel better, I can leave.
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> NO
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> YOU ARE NOT LEAVING
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> no
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *clings*
[08:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> *has a clingon now*
[08:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> I shall name it Wonder
[08:08] <YorkieWolf> that clingon sure is a wonder
[08:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes the puns are punnie
[08:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> "If the camera adds ten pounds, do Ethiopian kids even exist?" LMAO
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> O.O
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> Woah
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> rude af
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> I was at work the other day
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> and this customer asked me to turn sidewasy
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> and I did
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> and the motherfuck er goes, "Huh, he does disappear when he turns sideways"
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> and all my coworkers started bawling laughing. ._.
[08:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> "Why did Princess Diana cross the road? She wasn't wearing her seat belt."
[08:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> had some time
[09:09] <Undead Sparkz> ah I see 
[09:09] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> pulls out his ninjato blades
[09:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> and figured I'd come hang for a bit
[09:09] <Toxyca> and you aren't Av :o
[09:09] <YorkieWolf> nah slay i toldhim i would at 4 but music was doing them atm
[09:09] <YorkieWolf> so i didnt
[09:09] <Undead Sparkz> I just noticed that O-O
[09:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm debating coming back
[09:09] <Akira of the Tarot> Ninjato are not a real thing. XD
[09:10] <RPKingNin> I would have to find new blades then 
[09:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yah
[09:10] <YorkieWolf> hey someone ping me for a sec?
[09:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> each time I've come back
[09:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> I've come back as Slay
[09:10] <Dj52102> anyways
[09:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> Except for like the first time
[09:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[09:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> that and I've been using slay for almost 5 months now
[09:10] <Dj52102> can anyone talk to me 
[09:10] <Toxyca> *jumps off Slay's head to try and land on Nin's*
[09:10] <YorkieWolf> can someone ping me tbh
[09:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> *grabs toxy by the ankle and smashes him into yorkie*
[09:11] <Dj52102> whta does ping mean
[09:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> oh shit
[09:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> my bad
[09:11] <Toxyca> ow ;-;
[09:11] <Akira of the Tarot> @Nin You probably wanting Wakizashi not Ninjato.
[09:11] <YorkieWolf> works
[09:11] <Toxyca> dammit Slay, I need to jump onto Nin
[09:11] <RPKingNin> but why ;-; 
[09:11] <Toxyca> this is
[09:11] <Toxyca> very important
[09:11] <RPKingNin> what did I do 
[09:11] <YorkieWolf> okay if anyone needs me ping me XD
[09:11] <Toxyca> *tries to jump onto Nin again*
[09:11] <Undead Sparkz> [[user:Avingnon| (panda) ]]
[09:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ye or ne?
[09:11] <RPKingNin> Also, GO POST ON THE RP 
[09:11] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> flash steps 
[09:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> *spins toxy around and smashes him into sparkles*
[09:11] <Dj52102> WHAT IS PING
[09:11] <Undead Sparkz> ow ;~;
[09:11] <Toxyca> oW ;-;
[09:11] <Undead Sparkz> (sad2) 
[09:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> *grabs sparkles and toxy by the ankles and smashes them together like cymbals*
[09:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[09:12] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> hits Slaying from his pressure point on the back.
[09:12] <Toxyca> don't worry mah boy, we'll be okOW
[09:12] <Toxyca> ;_;
[09:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> Skeletons don't have pressure points
[09:12] <Undead Sparkz> wai
[09:12] <Undead Sparkz> ;-;
[09:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> *smashes akira with Toxy and Sparkles*
[09:12] <Undead Sparkz> waaaiiii
[09:12] <Undead Sparkz> (sad2) 
[09:13] <Toxyca> *flashsteps out of Slay's hand, pulling Sparky away too*
[09:13] <Toxyca> nuh
[09:13] <Undead Sparkz> yay~
[09:13] <Toxyca> now, for the third time
[09:13] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> I just realized I still had this open. XD I'm back anyway.
[09:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> *shadow steps and grabs both of them back*
[09:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> *smashes them both into Audrey*
[09:13] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> siderolls out of the way and kicks slaying on the side of hs knee-cap.
[09:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> Hah I don't have patella's anymore
[09:13] <Toxyca> *flashsteps away before Slay can grab and tries to jump onto Nin's head again * let me stand on you o.e
[09:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> those were held on by muscle tissue
[09:13] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Heeeeey. That hurt.
[09:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> *throughs his finger into Toxy's eye*
[09:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> or at least... at toxy's eye
[09:14] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> flash steps out of the way 
[09:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> the fook is a flash step?
[09:14] <Toxyca> *finger bounces off cybernetic eye*
[09:14] <Akira of the Tarot> Slaying, it would still break your knee-cap.
[09:14] <Toxyca> pseudo-teleportation
[09:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> Mother fuck er
[09:14] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Lol, I dunno 
[09:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> if I don't have a knee cap
[09:14] <Toxyca> dashing really, really quick
[09:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> I haven't got a fuck ing knee cap
[09:14] <Toxyca> so you practically teleport
[09:14] <RPKingNin> A flash step is a step so fast you miss it 
[09:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> what part of "was held on by muscle tissue" don't you get?
[09:14] <RPKingNin> or what granddad said 
[09:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> Your knee cap doesn't stay once all the muscle tissue is gone
[09:14] <RPKingNin> and I am the only one on chat who can do it >.>
[09:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> I can shadow step m8
[09:15] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> does a tornado kick to where the head meets the spinal column.
[09:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> I am one with the shadows
[09:15] <Toxyca> I can do it too, just not quite as quickly
[09:15] <Toxyca> I can be hit out of it
[09:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> You realize that skeletons literally just pick parts back up, and smack them back on?
[09:15] <Akira of the Tarot> I don't like to use Void powers unless I need to get serious.
[09:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> M8
[09:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> wake up
[09:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> you ain't got no void powers
[09:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> you in a dream baby
[09:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> you just need to wake uo
[09:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> up*
[09:15] <Toxyca> idk, Akira's an orphan
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> opinions guize plz
[09:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> RIP
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:16] <Akira of the Tarot> Says the skeletons.
[09:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder
[09:16] <Toxyca> his chat-rp powers aren't defined
[09:16] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> runs his hands down his blades one at a time and they morph into double edged katana 
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm thinking of using her as a model
[09:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> it says I don't have permission
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[09:16] <Le Dernier Vache> Bad link Wonder haha
[09:16] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> pulls slays hand off
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;-;
[09:16] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> glues hand to ground
[09:16] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> runs away
[09:16] <Akira of the Tarot> Toxyca actually I was disowned,
[09:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> *pulls his hand off his wrist*
[09:16] <Toxyca> you had birth parents? o.o
[09:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> *runs down sparkles and tries to stab him with his forearm*
[09:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> True story
[09:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> your mother was a cow
[09:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> that's not a portion of my life I'd like to relive
[09:17] <Undead Sparkz> ;~;
[09:17] <Akira of the Tarot> Yeah.
[09:17] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> runs faster than Slay and grabs his dad then leaves slay in the dust with his increased speed
[09:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> ._.
[09:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> You what main?
[09:17] <RPKingNin> I am legit faster than lighting homie 
[09:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> Alright... Gettem skelloceraptors!
[09:17] <Toxyca> Nin is generally accepted to be the fastest person around
[09:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> You're faster than lighting homie?
[09:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> bro
[09:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> all I gotta do is turn off the power and you're soiled
[09:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> >:D
[09:18] <Akira of the Tarot> But my dad was apparently possessed? If that count for anything. Inany case my mother disowned me because I do not follow Christianity at 16.
[09:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> Akira, shhh your mother was a cow
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame>
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[09:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> No wonder
[09:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> I like the other one you sent me
[09:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> she wayyyy cuter
[09:18] <Akira of the Tarot> The sad part is I am not joking.
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> which one
[09:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> ;)
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> it's the same person
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> lmao
[09:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> YOU WHAT
[09:18] <RPKingNin> I believe I am also the strongest but that is debatable. 
[09:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> send me the first picture again then
[09:18] <Toxyca> she looks like she's in her mid thirties
[09:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> I must compare
[09:18] <Le Dernier Vache> Child of what? @ Wonder
[09:18] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> sets dad down as he stops 
[09:18] <Undead Sparkz> suiitt bae
[09:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> Hello future future me
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idk
[09:19] <Toxyca> oh, that reminds me
[09:19] <Toxyca> Nin
[09:19] <Le Dernier Vache> Do you have the first picture you linked?
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> No
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame>
[09:19] <RPKingNin> yes gdad
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder, the other model before that
[09:19] <Toxyca> *throws bagel*
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> The more cuter one
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy is me
[09:19] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> tries to roundhouse Nin.
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> and then Suit is toxy
[09:19] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> eats bagel
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> which is me....
[09:19] <Mr.Suit> Yo Slay o/ 
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> which is awkward....
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> because wtf suit is an RB?
[09:19] <Undead Sparkz> suit I am offended
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> when did this happen?
[09:19] <Akira of the Tarot> Sup Suit.
[09:19] <Le Dernier Vache> Personally I'd go with the second one in the red dress @ Wonder
[09:19] <Toxyca> he worked for it
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder
[09:19] <Undead Sparkz> I said hello first ;-;
[09:19] <Undead Sparkz> and you didnt respond
[09:19] <Toxyca> I too did not expect that
[09:19] <Mr.Suit> Oh
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> I want the girl befooooore the asian girl
[09:19] <Mr.Suit> Hello sparky 
[09:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> ;~;
[09:19] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> uses the bagel to block the roundhouse kick 
[09:20] <Mr.Suit> (panda) 
[09:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> the cute caucasian one
[09:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> :3
[09:20] <Undead Sparkz> suit deleted a buncha red links
[09:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> that was the first pic I linked
[09:20] <Undead Sparkz> they expected praise for it 
[09:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[09:20] <Undead Sparkz> >:c
[09:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> Bullshit
[09:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> earlier in chat
[09:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> it was
[09:20] <Mr.Suit> ;-;
[09:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> you linked to the white girl
[09:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> blue eyes
[09:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> black dress
[09:20] <Toxyca> (panda) 
[09:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> and dark brown hair
[09:20] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> unsheathes his new katana blades and looks at Akira with a grin. 
[09:20] <RPKingNin> You looking for a fight 
[09:20] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> recoils and attempts a jumping roundhouse to Nin's other side.
[09:20] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> UNCLE SLAY
[09:20] <Mr.Suit> why are you bringing up my great slaughter of red links from August @Sparkola
[09:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> omg
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> snufflelumpagus
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wait
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> Suitypatootie
[09:21] <Undead Sparkz> >:c>:c>;c
[09:21] <Undead Sparkz> you god damn butcherer
[09:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I didn't
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> did you kill any of my red links?
[09:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> what
[09:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> because uhhh
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> I might have to fookin kill yah
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> WONDER
[09:21] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> jumps and meets the roundhouse with a kick of his own clashing with Akira in mid-air 
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> scroll up
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> you savage woman
[09:21] <Mr.Suit> Idts 
[09:21] <Mr.Suit> I think I mainly killed sparky''s
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> Suit you know I have a particular set of skills
[09:21] <Undead Sparkz> >:c
[09:21] <RPKingNin> As a daemon, I will never hold back fighting you 
[09:21] <Undead Sparkz> >:c>:c>:c
[09:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> a set of skills that make me uhm
[09:22] <Toxyca> *waits for the exact moment Nin commits to his kick to shoot a pebble from a slingshot at his back*
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> excellent for running an ice cream truck
[09:22] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> akira rolls backwards and throwswa dagger at Nin.
[09:22] <Akira of the Tarot> 
[09:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I didn;t link it
[09:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I scrolled up
[09:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[09:22] <Mr.Suit> Lol
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> *snaps toxy's neck*
[09:22] <Toxyca> *dodges*
[09:22] <Toxyca> xD
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder it must have passed the scrollback limit
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> YOU WHAT?
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> *sits on toxy*
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> *falls apart on toxy*
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> *leaving dust everywhere*
[09:22] <Toxyca> ew
[09:22] <Toxyca> *sweeps Slay into an urn*
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> Oh no you didn't!
[09:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> OH LINDSAY
[09:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I KNOW NOW
[09:22] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> 40% of chat is talking, the other 60% is either watching the conversation, afk, or doing something else 
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> YES
[09:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> IM SMART
[09:22] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> grabs urn
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> LINK ME TO HER
[09:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> @ wonder
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> before I die
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> plz
[09:23] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> locks it in the house attic
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> let me see her beautiful face one more time before --- damnit
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> this is worse than death
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> oh well
[09:23] <Toxyca> don't make Slay break our house
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> at least I have all of Sparkles old porno mags
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> nvm
[09:23] <Undead Sparkz> ;~;
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> children are still here
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> >.<
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> my bad
[09:23] <Undead Sparkz> those are for collecting dust you arse ;~;
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> I mean, I still have all of Sparkles and Hydro's lovely comic books!
[09:23] <Toxyca> xD
[09:23] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> senses a pebble coming at him and catches it falling to the ground and then spins and throwing the pebble at the incoming dagger 
[09:23] <Undead Sparkz> nopls
[09:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> At least I won't eeeever get bored while I'm up here
[09:24] <Undead Sparkz> ;-;
[09:24] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> gets a broom
[09:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> I think I could read for 40 days and 40 nights
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame>
[09:24] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> slams broom handle on roof
[09:24] <Undead Sparkz> QUIET UP THERE
[09:24] <Undead Sparkz> YOU SILLY URN
[09:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> Hey
[09:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> why are you on the roof?
[09:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> are you shouting at the sky?
[09:24] <Undead Sparkz> jfc wonder
[09:24] <Undead Sparkz> that cleavage
[09:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> OMG
[09:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> wonder
[09:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> she's gorge
[09:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'd uhm
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idk I find her hotter than jessica nigri
[09:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> YES
[09:24] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *i assume that is wonder*
[09:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> definitely better looking than nicki heaton
[09:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> nah bruh
[09:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I wish
[09:25] <Mr.Suit> Whats that girls name
[09:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> you what?
[09:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> you think niykee heaton looks better?
[09:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> Oh nvm
[09:25] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *just realized. wonder let me see your face*
[09:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> Lindsay Elyse
[09:25] <Undead Sparkz> ngl that imgur album is ugly af to undead
[09:25] <Undead Sparkz> he has weird tastes trufact
[09:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> ...
[09:25] <Toxyca> o.e
[09:25] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> burn >.>
[09:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> toxy
[09:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> it's time for
[09:26] <Undead Sparkz> I am hetero tho
[09:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> the look test
[09:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> to see if we still look alike
[09:26] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> sighs and kicks the ground lightly creating large cloud of dust by accident 
[09:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame>
[09:26] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:26] <Undead Sparkz> THAT CLEAVAGE THO JFC
[09:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> that's a league cosplay?
[09:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> no?
[09:26] <Akira of the Tarot> /me's eyes trun crimson nad he bares his teeth.
[09:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> debonair or ezereal?
[09:26] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *wonder i wanna seeeee your face*
[09:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> can I use slay as a model plz danke
[09:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes
[09:27] <Toxyca> nnnnnnnnnope
[09:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> just as long as I get to take part in the rp's
[09:27] <Toxyca> we don't look alike anymore
[09:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yea I think it is slay
[09:27] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> bares his teeth as his eyes turn crimson.
[09:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> toxy, whhyyyyyyaiiaiaiia
[09:27] <Toxyca> though iirc, we didn't even look alike when we noticed the connection
[09:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame>
[09:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> oh yah
[09:27] <Toxyca> you showed me an older picture of you
[09:27] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> sees this and his eyes become amber he bares his teeth as well feeling challenged 
[09:27] <Toxyca> and that was what looked like me
[09:27] <Theharlequin> Genderbent debonair Ezrael, I like
[09:27] <RPKingNin> you got a problem 
[09:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> ?
[09:28] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> says "We all are feeling like a real fight".
[09:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> RPKing bro take a chil
[09:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> chill*
[09:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> Akira, take a chill you giant tangerine
[09:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> fap material if you need it
[09:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> Are those fake?
[09:28] <Toxyca> nah, your hair was longer in the older pic
[09:28] <Mr.Suit> Yay
[09:28] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *is ignored by wonder* TT^TT
[09:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> They look fake...
[09:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy, have you seen my hawk pic?
[09:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> I feel like I've probably shown it too yah before
[09:28] <Toxyca> don't think so
[09:29] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> throws a dagger into Slay's throat before walking up to Nin again.
[09:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> rip you 'bout to see it
[09:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> Akira, I'm a fuck ing skeleton
[09:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame>
[09:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> I don't have a throat
[09:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> she's who I aim to be in life
[09:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> Those boobs are fake
[09:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder, nothing is worse than fake boobs
[09:29] <Akira of the Tarot> yeah she even likes Kingdom Hearts.
[09:29] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> says "Fighting is something I am good at Akira."
[09:29] <Toxyca> very fake
[09:29] <Akira of the Tarot> And my favorite keyblade.
[09:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> nah bruh
[09:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> she's hot af
[09:30] <Toxyca> *cough* Nin, we've been dueling for two days now and I don't intend to continue any longer
[09:30] <Toxyca> so tell me
[09:30] <Theharlequin> could just be the bra
[09:30] <Toxyca> where would you like to be shot
[09:30] <Flame Princess17> Hey o/ 
[09:30] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> tries to grab Nin by the throught.
[09:30] <Dj52102> hey sis
[09:30] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Hey
[09:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> Harle maybe
[09:30] <Toxyca> FP (squeeze) :D
[09:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> but I doubt it
[09:30] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:30] <Flame Princess17> Nyxil (squeeze) 
[09:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> @ toxy
[09:31] <Akira of the Tarot> Slay, are there bones in your throat?
[09:31] <Toxyca> definitely no
[09:31] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> raises his eyebrow and punches at Akira's elbow intending to break it before turning briefly to Grandad. "You couldn't old man" 
[09:31] <Toxyca> it was you and a couple other people iirc
[09:31] <Toxyca> in a school or something
[09:31] <Flame Princess17> Is my Daddy here
[09:31] <Toxyca> but there were rows of chairs like an auditorium maybe?
[09:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> WONDER
[09:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> was this the ex that you remember?
[09:31] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:31] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *pokes nyx's eye*
[09:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yea
[09:31] <Toxyca> *tosses FP a bagel* you don't want to be Ash's kid
[09:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Rabbit Joe won that fight.@nyx
[09:32] <RPKingNin> Panda Kim won that fight 
[09:32] <Toxyca> they both were knocked out simultaneously >o>
[09:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> Oh Toxy that one
[09:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[09:32] <RPKingNin> >.>
[09:32] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> smirks as his elbow turns into shadow, allowing the attack to pass through, before grabbing Nin by the throat and lifting him up from the ground.
[09:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> no they died almost at the same time@nyx
[09:32] <Toxyca> there were no witnesses
[09:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> but
[09:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> wonder
[09:32] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> panda kim died first
[09:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> you wish this was you
[09:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> ;)
[09:32] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:32] <Toxyca> your claims that Kim died sooner
[09:32] <Toxyca> are baseless >n>
[09:33] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> kim died first
[09:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ugh plz
[09:33] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> Joe brought great honor
[09:33] <Toxyca> says the propaganda machine
[09:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> im too sexually frustrated for this lmao
[09:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:33] <Toxyca> xD
[09:33] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[09:33] <Toxyca> welcome to my life, Wonde
[09:33] <Akira of the Tarot> Need some WONDER-ful help?
[09:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> Who said you can't be an asshole AND straight up fabulous?
[09:34] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:34] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> grins and releases his aura with enough force to blow a crater into the ground more than enough for his opponent to let go . "That was good but you should work on your follow up". 
[09:34] <Toxyca> definitely putting that in the screenshot photo album
[09:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> wow
[09:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> look mum im on tv
[09:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy
[09:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> at some point in your life
[09:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> this will happen
[09:35] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> when that happens you'll realize you're a losere
[09:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> loser*
[09:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> fuk bitches get money
[09:35] <Toxyca> xD
[09:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> who can't actually get a girlfriend
[09:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> and has to take two girls to prom
[09:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> one of which has a boyfriend
[09:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> and the other, prettier one has no fuck ing interest in you what so ever
[09:36] <Slayingthehalcyon> and then months later when you try to talk to her again, she won't respond to you
[09:36] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> yawns as he absorbs the aura again "And you need to remember our last fight" he said before jumping into the air with his hand still on Nn's theought and landing on the ground with Nin underneath him. 
[09:36] <Slayingthehalcyon> leaving you heart broken and crushed that you could invest so much time in someone
[09:36] <Slayingthehalcyon> then you end up doing drugs
[09:36] <Slayingthehalcyon> and you remember that when you took your last girlfriend to a rachel platten concert
[09:36] <Slayingthehalcyon> that 4 days later when she threatened to kill herself because you never listened to her
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> if you ever come to ireland I will love you
[09:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> You'll ultimately not feel like an asshole for telling her you'll get her a knife if you can cam cord the whole thing
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:37] <Toxyca> *tosses a live grenade at Nin, configured to explode on contact with any outside force* That wasn't an answer to my question, kiddo 
[09:37] <Akira of the Tarot> Wonder, what kind of people are you open to?
[09:37] <Toxyca> jesus, Slay o.o
[09:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> Sorry for ruining the next couple months of your life man
[09:37] <Toxyca> this is all very heavy
[09:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> but that's my advise
[09:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> don't do drugs
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> kind?
[09:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> and don't have sex with a girl on the first date
[09:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> UNLESS
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> care to explain
[09:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> it's ownder
[09:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder*
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> thx
[09:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> If it's ownder
[09:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder*
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ownder
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> cuz I own you
[09:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;)
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> then you might as well own.....
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> own up to the fact that she will own you 
[09:38] <Toxyca> I could never date Wonder, she's helllllllllllla out of my league o.o
[09:38] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> actually feels that when he hits the ground and his teeth grit. He uses a technique from when he was a ninja and does a body switch replacing himself with the bomb granddad Toxy threw.
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> and she will own every inch of you
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> TOXy
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> remember, you're ME!
[09:38] <Akira of the Tarot> @Wonder, what sexual organs if any do you find attractive?
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder is in, YOUR league
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> well techincally my league
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> but that makes her in your... league as well
[09:38] <RPKingNin> You are indeed worthy of being my rival 
[09:38] <RPKingNin> *says from a rooftop
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> but she's mine
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> so you can't have her ;)
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> wonder
[09:38] <Toxyca> *shrug*
[09:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> will you do me a favor and come play with my jar?
[09:39] <RPKingNin> Grandad you could always just lose
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> dicks @akira
[09:39] <Toxyca> pick a non-vital organ for me to shoot out of you already =.=
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> vaginas creep me out
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> unless it's my own
[09:39] <RPKingNin> refused 
[09:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> WONDER Look
[09:39] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> WHAT
[09:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> that's my dad
[09:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> do you see the similarty?
[09:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> just give me a haircut
[09:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> YOU LOOK JUST LIKE HIM
[09:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> and you've literally got my Dad
[09:39] <RPKingNin> you could just lose 
[09:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[09:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> AND PEOPLE SAY I LOOK LIKE MY MOM
[09:40] <Toxyca> come on, just pick somethingggg
[09:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> I show them this picture and they're like "oh, sorry my bad"
[09:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> nah you look like your dad
[09:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> She wouldn't even hold my hand.... ;~;
[09:40] <Toxyca> if you don't I'm shooting you in the colon
[09:40] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira is enveloped by shadows and sinks into the ground as one himself before reemerging away from the bomb. He raises his hand to the sky and storm clouds appear above he then lowers his hand an lightning strikes where Nin currently is. 
[09:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> you look so awkward lol
[09:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> Because she made it awkward
[09:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> I didn't know how to respond
[09:41] <Toxyca> I wouldn't try that, Akira
[09:41] <Toxyca> Nin is a demigod of storms
[09:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *slay it's all your fault*
[09:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> Oooh
[09:41] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:41] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *hits nyx* rabbit joe won 
[09:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> Snuffalumpagus
[09:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> don't worry
[09:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> that picture and what follows will happen to you soon
[09:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> when you stop mating with rabbits
[09:42] <Akira of the Tarot> And three of the Daemons in this body are pretty good at electro-kenisis. 
[09:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder
[09:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> ....
[09:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> do you remember this?
[09:42] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:42] <Akira of the Tarot> Hey Wonder, what do you feel about the people who have both or a mixture?
[09:42] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> smiles widely and is enveloped by the lighting. He then stands atop the building replenished of aura and shines with an ethereal golden light. He augments his body with chi and reaches around seventy percent of his full power. 
[09:43] <RPKingNin> That was a mistake on your part 
[09:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> meh
[09:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> vaginas creep me out
[09:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[09:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shh wonder I have a dick
[09:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> I was crossdressing
[09:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> tbh you're hotter than like 90% of girls out there so
[09:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:44] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira smiles as he then creates polarity between the lightning in Nin and himself causing much of Nins lightning to come into Akira.
[09:44] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> fires dragun at Grandad Toxy all the bullets charged with aura but his eyes still trained on Akira. 
[09:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder
[09:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> I fuck ed a donkey
[09:44] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm gonna call your drag alter ego Margaret 
[09:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> I was also my father's father
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> did you bring him out for dinner first
[09:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> Can we nickname her maggie for short?
[09:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> Welll
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yes
[09:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> I let him eat mary?
[09:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> He liked that
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> lmao
[09:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> said it tasted like fish and angel dust
[09:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> but other than that he said it was a fine dish
[09:45] <Akira of the Tarot> Hey I didn't know you liked riding ass.
[09:45] <Toxyca> <span class="me-username">* <span>Toxyca</span></span> draws the 4D.50 and shoots Nin's bullets from the air with a frown*
[09:45] <Toxyca> rude
[09:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yah, and I'm about to ride yours into the ground
[09:45] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> being a storm deity he simply increases the amount of ozone around his body making him the better conductor of electricity. With that established he flash steps behind Akira and throws a punch at his neck from his position in the air with the intent to separate them both. 
[09:45] <Toxyca> Grandson, I'll let you win the duel if you can answer a series of semi-useless trivia facts about me xD
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I hate steven for showing me this song
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> it's so good
[09:46] <RPKingNin> That wouldn't be winning then 
[09:46] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *puts nin into a jar*
[09:46] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> uses the body switching technique so that a doll is sitting in the jar 
[09:47] <RPKingNin> ;)
[09:47] <Toxyca> it's combat-related knowledge
[09:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> Oh wonder
[09:47] <Toxyca> and knowing the answers would mean you'd be more suited to winning
[09:47] <Toxyca> so I'd count it
[09:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> you have to find this app
[09:47] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> *wait so nin is a doll*
[09:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> it makes your teeth really white
[09:47] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[09:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> it's called brushing your god damn teeth :D
[09:47] <RPKingNin> Okay give me the questions 
[09:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> the guy on the right is me
[09:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy
[09:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> eventually you will look lik eme in that picture
[09:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> no
[09:48] <Toxyca> first off, is the 4D.50 a single-action or double-action revolver? you only get fifteen seconds to answer
[09:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> like me*
[09:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wonder IKR?
[09:48] <RPKingNin> No I am not a doll I switched places with the doll. I.e leaving it in my place when you tried to put me in the jar 
[09:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx's nerdiness is beyond all things
[09:48] <RPKingNin> Double action 
[09:48] <Toxyca> correct
[09:48] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nin you do know what body switching is
[09:48] <RPKingNin> Yes and it is not the sense that you think 
[09:49] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> it really is XD
[09:49] <Toxyca> does the 4D.50 consume ammunition when misfired?
[09:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> 4D.50?
[09:49] <RPKingNin> Yes 
[09:49] <Xerxestheb-rabbit> nyx you have to accept that joe won
[09:49] <Toxyca> correct o.o
[09:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> no it consumes $.50
[09:49] <Mr.Suit> muse o/ 
[09:49] <RPKingNin> You tried putting me in the jar, I moved 
[09:49] <~The Musician~> o/ 
[09:50] <RPKingNin> Why did he leave 
[09:50] <Toxyca> alright, then: does the 4D.50 produce gunsmoke when misfired?
[09:50] <Toxyca> the killer
[09:50] <RPKingNin> No 
[09:50] <Toxyca> GOD DAMNIT
[09:50] <Toxyca> xD
[09:50] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Muse! :3
[09:50] <Toxyca> ugh
[09:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> *attempts to grab toxy*
[09:50] <Toxyca> I could ask what real-life revolver its appearance is based off of
[09:50] <RPKingNin> Did Akira die
[09:50] <~The Musician~> Audrey! :3
[09:50] <Toxyca> but that would be unfair
[09:51] <Undead Sparkz> back internet shut off
[09:51] <Slayingthehalcyon> *reaches towards toxy's face*
[09:51] <Undead Sparkz> but omg holy shit
[09:51] <RPKingNin> yes yes it would 
[09:51] <Undead Sparkz> I am not a smart man
[09:51] <Undead Sparkz> I forgot how pinning a tab works
[09:51] <Toxyca> *deflects Slay's hand with a baseball bat swing that pulverizes his bones*
[09:51] <Undead Sparkz> I was using it to hide a torrent list for a buncha weeb shit
[09:51] <Undead Sparkz> and that was going to be the first tab
[09:51] <Slayingthehalcyon> *shadow steps*
[09:51] <Slayingthehalcyon> *reaches towards toxy's nuts*
[09:51] <Slayingthehalcyon> prepare to be.... smashed
[09:51] <Undead Sparkz> I had grab the mouse and click my youtube bookmark really fuck in fast ;-;
[09:51] <Toxyca> don't pull a Bow >n>
[09:51] <Slayingthehalcyon> Boney down there you are
[09:51] <Undead Sparkz> also wonder that was not fap material btw
[09:51] <Undead Sparkz> that was traash
[09:51] <Slayingthehalcyon> are you sure you aren't.... looking forward to this?
[09:51] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> breaks the attraction force between them and dissolves into shadow once more. he then makes an incantation with in addition to his own voice, a male and two female voices echoed after his as his eyes began to glow an even deeper crimson. "Lhim siem subiriv rutneget ecton anul los!" He chanted as the sun becomes eclipsed by the moon."
[09:52] <Toxyca> you aren't grabbing my nuts >n>
[09:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> Akira
[09:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> how many fuck ing drugs are you doing?
[09:52] <Toxyca> *backflips away*
[09:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[09:52] <Akira of the Tarot> Translation: Sun be covered by the moon of night to grant me my right by might.
[09:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> *shoots toxy with a bone saw*
[09:52] <Toxyca> "shoots"?
[09:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yah
[09:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> it's like projectile vomit?
[09:52] <RPKingNin> He is a daemon like me Slay he can do stuff you couldn't grasp 
[09:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> RP
[09:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> see that's the thing about toxy
[09:52] <Akira of the Tarot> Not enterilly true Nin.
[09:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> I am his future self
[09:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> he is the present me
[09:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> and suit is the pre present him and I
[09:53] <Akira of the Tarot> We are Daemons, ne human, and one host melded as one.
[09:53] <Undead Sparkz> slay btw
[09:53] <Undead Sparkz> nin is my son
[09:53] <Undead Sparkz> also he is nin not RP o-o
[09:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> Well then
[09:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> see this is the thing
[09:53] <Mr.Suit> I am the Prequel of Prequels 
[09:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> Sparkles, you are... toxy's son
[09:53] <Undead Sparkz> I have tried explaining the suit-toxy-slay thing to him
[09:53] <Undead Sparkz> it goes over his head
[09:53] <Undead Sparkz> ;-;
[09:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> which makes you my nephew
[09:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> and that makes Nin my great nephew
[09:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> therefore I own his ass
[09:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[09:53] <RPKingNin> I understand it I just ignore it
[09:53] <Undead Sparkz> that logic is clearly unflawed
[09:54] <Toxyca> that logic is highly flawed
[09:54] <Toxyca> xD
[09:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> SHHHH
[09:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm at the top of the patriarchal tree
[09:54] <Undead Sparkz> nah thats moo
[09:54] <Undead Sparkz> m8
[09:54] <Toxyca> Moo isn't even on our family tree
[09:54] <Undead Sparkz> he is if you include every tie to us
[09:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm the beginning of all this shit
[09:54] <Undead Sparkz> he is ash's dad
[09:54] <Undead Sparkz> ._.
[09:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[09:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> Ash is my step son
[09:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[09:55] <Undead Sparkz> ash has like 8 parents
[09:55] <Undead Sparkz> I dont get it
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yah
[09:55] <Akira of the Tarot> Suit is a demi-daemon, slay is a skeleton, Nin is a inner deamon by ascendance, I am a outer daemon-host meld, and I do not now what Toyxc is.
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> that makes him a step son of mine
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy is uhm
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> the rabbit lord
[09:55] <Undead Sparkz> a panda
[09:55] <Undead Sparkz> OI
[09:55] <Undead Sparkz> RABBIT LORD?
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> >:D
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> YES
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[09:55] <Toxyca> (panda) 
[09:55] <Undead Sparkz> FITE ME BRO
[09:55] <Toxyca> I'm the panda god ;-;
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> Ahem
[09:55] <Toxyca> Sean is the rabbit one
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> don't fight this
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> my fuck ing lawyer spent a lot of time writing this shit
[09:55] <Toxyca> Wind and I are the panda guys
[09:55] <Toxyca> (panda) (panda) 
[09:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> And I spent a shit ton of money on this shit
[09:56] <Undead Sparkz>
[09:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy you are the rabbit lord
[09:56] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> reigns in his aura containing it in his body which causes his strength and speed to increase but makes him silent as eternal night falls. He unsheathes his katana and slashes at Akira both blades heading for either shoulder with the intent to cut through Akira. 
[09:56] <Undead Sparkz> toxy is the red panda god ;-;
[09:56] <Toxyca> I've never been a rabbit lord xD
[09:56] <Undead Sparkz> slay do you want me to get your nephew on here
[09:56] <Undead Sparkz> who is the rabbit lord
[09:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> Hmmm
[09:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> snuffalumpagus?
[09:56] <Undead Sparkz> xer @_@
[09:56] <Toxyca> you're mixing up Sean and I
[09:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> Nah
[09:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> you guys look the same
[09:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm a fuck ing skeleton...
[09:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> I haven't got fuck ing eyeballs
[09:56] <RPKingNin> I am just a Nin
[09:56] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> gets some coal
[09:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> Oh no you don't
[09:57] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> sticks lumps of coal into slays eye sockets
[09:57] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira catches his swords in midair and tries to push kick Nin away before following up with a flying front kick.
[09:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> You little shit
[09:57] <Toxyca> I could give you a cybernetic
[09:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> Hmmm
[09:57] <Toxyca> *currently has robot eyes*
[09:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> cybernetic eyes
[09:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> Hmmm
[09:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> I shall become the cybernetic skeleton
[09:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[09:57] <Toxyca> well, not *a* cybernetic
[09:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> >.>
[09:57] <Toxyca> my cybernetics
[09:57] <Akira of the Tarot> So Toxycs is a cyborg?
[09:57] <Toxyca> somebody else made them so i can't exactly make more
[09:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> The cyboreleton
[09:57] <Toxyca> but I can totally rip out one of my eyes and give it to you
[09:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> Woah
[09:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> keep your pants on man
[09:58] <Akira of the Tarot> Revenants are better than skeletons?
[09:58] <Undead Sparkz> Slay I can perform bootleg black-market surgery on you and some unsuspecting child
[09:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'll find me own eyes
[09:58] <Undead Sparkz> for half the price
[09:58] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> tucks his knees to his chest and jumps off Akira's leg flipping over him in an attempt to free his swords and cut through Akira's hand or bring him to the ground. 
[09:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> Uhm, sparkles...
[09:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'd rather not.....
[09:58] <Undead Sparkz> why not D:
[09:58] <RPKingNin> Revenants are beast man 
[09:58] <Undead Sparkz> you know eyes dont grow
[09:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> I don't want some prepubescent's eyes
[09:58] <RPKingNin> so awesome 
[09:58] <Undead Sparkz> so like it would be the same size
[09:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> UHm
[09:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> they would burst at all the stuff I've seen
[09:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> they wouldn't be able to handle the things I've.... uhm... learned
[09:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> because while I may be just a skeleton
[09:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> I have a fuck ing brain
[09:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> Also
[09:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> I really want projector eyes
[09:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> so that I can project what I've seen :D
[10:00] <Undead Sparkz> the best I can do is beetles
[10:01] <Slayingthehalcyon> the fuck , do I look like beetlejuice? xD
[10:01] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> 's hands briefly fade into shadow to allow the blades to pass through, then Akira backs off and smiles. testa de Azaroth , da mihi potestatem, vacuum , a qua derivantur , quae ad aerumnas .
[10:01] <Toxyca> oi, latin incantations
[10:02] <Toxyca> I used to do those
[10:02] <Toxyca> to summon users
[10:02] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> becomes a goth
[10:02] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> sacks rome
[10:02] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> retreats to Crimea
[10:02] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira then holds a hand towards Nin's feet to freeze the ground at his feet and then tries to spinning back kick him while he cannot move.
[10:03] <Undead Sparkz> toxy I just noticed
[10:03] <Slayingthehalcyon> <span class="me-username">* <span>Slayingthehalcyon</span></span> summons sparkles inside of toxy inside of suit inside of akira inside of nin inside of a cryogenic freeze tube inside of a freezer, inside of a napalm grenade
[10:03] <Undead Sparkz> you know the peres power set
[10:03] <Akira of the Tarot> Also the translation is: Shard of Azaroth, grant me power over the void from which all things stem. 
[10:03] <Undead Sparkz> teh vote
[10:03] <Undead Sparkz> everyone voting for is either in the dumbledore family or affiliated with it
[10:03] <Undead Sparkz> neat
[10:04] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira briefly fades to shadow to avoid the attack and moves to the side before rematerlizing.
[10:04] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> uses his superior agility and bends all the way backwards his body parallel with the ground as Akira's feet pass over him. 
[10:04] <Undead Sparkz> <span class="me-username">* <span>Undead Sparkz</span></span> turns into a microscopic panda and burrows outside of the hellish contraption of summoning inside things
[10:04] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> flashsteps into the air feeling like he is being mocked by that attack 
[10:04] <Toxyca> *steps out through a dimensional door*
[10:05] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira summons a sword made of shadow in mid-flight to try to slash at Nin's throat.
[10:05] <Undead Sparkz>
[10:05] <Undead Sparkz> I may have a problem perhaps
[10:06] <Toxyca> <span class="me-username">* <span>Toxyca</span></span> pulls out a set of ancient keys, prompting a doorframe to appear in mid-air in Akira's path, sending him to a perfectly pitch-black room with stone walls*
[10:06] <Toxyca> Nin
[10:06] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> crosses his blades to block the blow. He uncrosses them forcing himself and Akira away from each other. He lands on a high rooftop 
[10:06] <Toxyca> our duel
[10:06] <Toxyca> tell me where to shoot you
[10:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> Rip I just asked my dad when his shooting was
[10:06] <RPKingNin> I won by getting the questions right 
[10:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> and then I see "tell me where to shoot you"
[10:06] <Toxyca> I didn't ask the final question
[10:06] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira's eyes glow crimson before sprouting black wings and uses them to stop his flight before entering the door.
[10:07] <Toxyca> because I realized it was too hard
[10:07] <RPKingNin> Then ask 
[10:07] <Toxyca> and there would be no fun in settling it that way
[10:07] <Theharlequin> Wb Audrey
[10:07] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Hey
[10:07] <Undead Sparkz> hey toxy adopt slay e.o
[10:07] <Toxyca> wot o.e
[10:07] <Toxyca> no
[10:07] <Undead Sparkz> make the family inflate
[10:07] <Undead Sparkz> cmon
[10:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> Oh hell no
[10:07] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> says "You could have just asked you know?" as he descend from the air with his wing and lands on the ground.
[10:08] <Mr.Suit> Nin you know your daughter PIchu o.o
[10:08] <Toxyca> I only raised Suit because he's younger than me, technically
[10:08] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> jumps off building with a flip heel kicking through the door floating in the air and landing on the ground near Akira. 
[10:08] <Toxyca> I don't even want Slay in the tree xD
[10:08] <RPKingNin> I don't have any kids 
[10:08] <Mr.Suit> ><
[10:08] <Mr.Suit> on this old family tree
[10:08] <Mr.Suit> it said you didlmao
[10:08] <RPKingNin> Moo left so I.....oh you mean her 
[10:08] <RPKingNin> Yea 
[10:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> You son of a bitch
[10:08] <Undead Sparkz> hey slay wanna be my son ;)
[10:08] <Mr.Suit> and I married your daughter apparently 
[10:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> Fuck you sparkles
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm a god compared to you :D
[10:09] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> asks "Is she going to interrupt again or should we keep going?""
[10:09] <RPKingNin> the fuck 
[10:09] <Undead Sparkz> its not like I even want you to be on the tree :3
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> I literally fuck ed... uhm... wonder
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> and bach
[10:09] <Mr.Suit> She was one of my may wives 
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> and a few other people
[10:09] <Undead Sparkz> oh well then
[10:09] <Undead Sparkz> shit
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> ;)
[10:09] <Mr.Suit> Oh Slay idt you know but I 
[10:09] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> shrugs and kicks at Akira's head 
[10:09] <Undead Sparkz> my wife divorced me ;-;
[10:09] <Mr.Suit> had like 4 or wifes
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> Suit
[10:09] <Mr.Suit> and I messed up the tree
[10:09] <Undead Sparkz> I am married to scales now o-o
[10:09] <Mr.Suit> with Incest
[10:09] <Mr.Suit> :(
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> ....
[10:09] <Undead Sparkz> hey toxy im married to scales
[10:09] <Undead Sparkz> did you know that
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> you're no longer a part of me ;~;
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> however
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> I will say
[10:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> I had two wives at one time
[10:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> simply because one went inactive
[10:10] <Undead Sparkz> hey slay
[10:10] <Undead Sparkz> take this into mind
[10:10] <Undead Sparkz> I am your son
[10:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> and then I married another untainted girl who hadn't been married before
[10:10] <Undead Sparkz> ;)
[10:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> you what?
[10:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> Well
[10:10] <Undead Sparkz> toxy is your previous self and I am toxys son
[10:10] <Undead Sparkz> thus I am suit and your son as well
[10:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> my great^8 grandson
[10:10] <Undead Sparkz> I am also your brother
[10:10] <Undead Sparkz> via-adoption
[10:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> You're not my brother
[10:10] <Toxyca> for familial purposes the different iterations of us are different people
[10:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> ^
[10:11] <Undead Sparkz> damnit
[10:11] <Undead Sparkz> xD
[10:11] <Undead Sparkz> 
[10:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> yah, nice try bro
[10:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> I actually had quite the family of my own
[10:11] <Toxyca> and yeah, if Slay enters house dumbledore
[10:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> I was the patriarchal head of a family that had three branches
[10:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> ...
[10:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> fuck it
[10:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm going to go find that family tree
[10:11] <Toxyca> our house will be 75% me myself and I
[10:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[10:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> are you sure it isn't, us ourselves and we?
[10:12] <Toxyca> true
[10:12] <Toxyca> xD
[10:12] <Undead Sparkz> nah it would be 25%
[10:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Wiki Family Tree]]
[10:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> AHAH
[10:12] <Undead Sparkz> me nin toxy slay
[10:12] <Undead Sparkz> 50% you and yourself
[10:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> still this thing is super fuck ed up
[10:13] <Undead Sparkz> wait slay
[10:13] <Undead Sparkz> you fuck ed your mom
[10:13] <Undead Sparkz> thats fuck ed up slay
[10:13] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> blocks it with one of his wings and then jumps backwards. "Dominus lucifer qui cecidit datur verum lumen tenebraeque humanitatis scintilla remittat vobiscum intus concedit ." Akira incites as his hair jey black smooth hair grows down to his knees and his eyes become slitted. His form becomes slightly more muscled and his wing span is around 9 feet now.
[10:13] <Undead Sparkz> thats really fuck ed up
[10:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Wiki Family Tree#User:Slayingthehalcyon]]
[10:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wait
[10:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> who did I fuck ?
[10:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> oh yah
[10:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> I have an odepius complex bro
[10:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> WONDER
[10:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> what about floaty!?!?!?
[10:13] <Akira of the Tarot> Translation: Lord Lucifer, who has fallen from light and given truth and darkness to humanity, allow me to release your spark inside me.
[10:13] <Undead Sparkz> dont release me inside of you
[10:13] <Undead Sparkz> pls
[10:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[10:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> Sparkles, don't worry
[10:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> I put you in an anti release bag
[10:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> And that also... unfortunately means... I can't let you out...
[10:14] <Undead Sparkz> I dunt think thats a good thing attic-urn
[10:14] <Toxyca> @Slay
[10:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> of the bag...
[10:14] <Akira of the Tarot> I think you are more like Satan than Lucifer Spark
[10:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> WTF
[10:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> you stole my child?
[10:14] <Undead Sparkz> this is a out-dated dead tree
[10:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> darkie is my son
[10:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> ;~;
[10:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> Hidden was my grandson
[10:14] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> grins at his rivals power boost. He calls upon his panda heritage and his own white hair stripes like a panda's fur. He becomes more muscled as well and his amber eyes now glow. 
[10:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> starro was my grand daughter
[10:14] <RPKingNin> That all you got 
[10:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> and I had like 6 other granddaughters
[10:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> and 7 kids
[10:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> and like.... freaking.....
[10:15] <Undead Sparkz>
[10:15] <Undead Sparkz> this is the current
[10:15] <Undead Sparkz> non-cancer family tree
[10:15] <Undead Sparkz> of dumbledore
[10:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> RIp fam
[10:15] <RPKingNin> Because I have more and I have never used it against anyone. I am tempted though my rival I am tempted 
[10:15] <Toxyca> at its height the tree was
[10:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> Also uhm whoever was wondered about me fuck ing my mom...
[10:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> I have three mothers
[10:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> and I've fuck ed all of them
[10:16] <Undead Sparkz> that tree is so fuck ed up
[10:16] <Undead Sparkz> jfc
[10:16] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> flies forward causing a sonic boom in his wake attempting to grab hold of the back of Nin's neck.
[10:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> WTF
[10:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> you guys stole my mother
[10:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> and my father
[10:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> you bastardas
[10:16] <Toxyca> ?
[10:16] <Akira of the Tarot> id let Toxyca adopt me.
[10:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> IFW and Starke were my parents after wonder and Jason
[10:17] <Toxyca> w-wait
[10:17] <Toxyca> Idea
[10:17] <Undead Sparkz> akira you arent going to be my brother O-O
[10:17] <Toxyca> Akira, Nin, keep dueling
[10:17] <Toxyca> form a complete understanding of eachother through combat
[10:17] <Toxyca> then
[10:17] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> throws a void knife at spark.
[10:17] <Toxyca> nah, I'll reveal that later
[10:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm not even on that family tree
[10:17] <Toxyca> just keep at it
[10:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy
[10:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> I have an issue with your taxidermy
[10:18] <Toxyca> does that make you Starlin's brother?
[10:18] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> steps off with force causing a sonic boom as well but he slides under Akira reaching behind him to grab his feet 
[10:18] <Toxyca> because Starlin is Sean's mom
[10:18] <Toxyca> and my adoptive mom
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> Starke
[10:18] <Toxyca> or oath-mom
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> not starlin
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> Starke21
[10:18] <Toxyca> yeah
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> that's my mom
[10:18] <Toxyca> Starke and IFW are Starlin's parents
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> And I'm her brother
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm starlins brother
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> >.>
[10:18] <Toxyca> huh o.o
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> Starke and IFW are my parents
[10:18] <Toxyca> that's interesting
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> read this shit
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Wiki Family Tree#User:Slayingthehalcyon]]
[10:18] <Undead Sparkz> slay also slept with all his moms
[10:18] <Undead Sparkz> slay is scary
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes I did
[10:19] <Toxyca> you're my oath/adoptive something-uncle
[10:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> uyhm
[10:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> Well see
[10:19] <Undead Sparkz> 2muchincestonthesedamntrees4me
[10:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> Jason and wonder had me
[10:19] <Toxyca> yeah, uncle
[10:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> the first night I joined the wiki
[10:19] <Toxyca> exactly uncle
[10:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> then Mom killed fuck ing Jason
[10:19] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira uses his wings to do a flip in midair, dragging Nin with him and slamming Nin into the ground before ladning on his chest and summoning a void knife to try to stab him with.
[10:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> and then mom disowned me for float
[10:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> because float wanted a no baggage marriage
[10:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> so theeen
[10:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> IFW adopted me
[10:19] <Flame Princess17> ry evil sis stole computer hey o/ 
[10:19] <Undead Sparkz> ayye sister
[10:19] <Toxyca> wb FP (th) :D
[10:19] <Undead Sparkz> toxy flame isnt your daughter anymore
[10:19] <Undead Sparkz> ;-;
[10:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> and DucksRHomicidal was my mom apart from IFW
[10:19] <Flame Princess17> (SQUEEZE) FAM
[10:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> and then IFW married Starke
[10:20] <Toxyca> Ash doesn't deserve more children =.=
[10:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> And then IFW and Starke are my parents
[10:20] <Toxyca> w-what if I
[10:20] <Toxyca> okay, this is going to sound awful
[10:20] <Flame Princess17> Nat's my mommy now sorry Nyxil
[10:20] <Undead Sparkz> audrey
[10:20] <Undead Sparkz> hey audrey
[10:20] <Toxyca> but what if I go back in time and imprenate Nat when we're still married
[10:21] <Toxyca> then take the fetus
[10:21] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> uses his speed to phase through the ground appearing a few feet away. 
[10:21] <RPKingNin> Hmm nice
[10:21] <Toxyca> and put it in Nat a few weeks ago
[10:21] <Toxyca> and that fetus is FP
[10:21] <Flame Princess17> ?
[10:21] <RPKingNin> seems I might have to stepit up 
[10:21] <Flame Princess17> that's wrong
[10:21] <Undead Sparkz> toxy is too late
[10:21] <Toxyca> believe me, I know
[10:21] <Undead Sparkz> ash has accepted flame as his daughter
[10:21] <Undead Sparkz> there is no budging now
[10:21] <Undead Sparkz> she is gone
[10:21] <Undead Sparkz> ;-;
[10:21] <Toxyca> too bad, I can make FP my biological kid xD
[10:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> You what the hell?
[10:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy
[10:21] <Toxyca> but it's a matter of should I
[10:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> you are one fuck ed up mother fuck er
[10:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> Did I mention I'm a skeleton? D:
[10:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D*
[10:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> *does the skelly welly dance*
[10:22] <Toxyca> you don't understand, Slay
[10:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy see the thing is not
[10:22] <Toxyca> Ash literally took the vast majority of my family
[10:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> Should I
[10:22] <Undead Sparkz> ash has eaten our family
[10:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> it's
[10:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> would it be morally right
[10:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> and if someone has taken thy shit
[10:22] <Undead Sparkz> he married my mom adopted my ex-wife
[10:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> beat thy shit out of that man
[10:22] <Undead Sparkz> my daughter went with my wife
[10:22] <Flame Princess17> Hi Slay im Flame o/ 
[10:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> and fuck his shit until his shit looks like your shit
[10:23] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> lands on the ground once more and smiles at Nin. "So do we want to stop at this level of power? Because I do not feel like going all out so soon, it will kill the suspense for later."
[10:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> and then take all that shit back to thy own palace and OWN that shit
[10:23] <Toxyca> I can't, he's a cunt waffle about chat rp
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> ^ tbh
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> he has to win
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> o-o
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> .
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> .
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> .
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> .
[10:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> This has been your daily dose of Slay
[10:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> also
[10:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> that sounds like Hydro
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> like last night
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> him and toxy
[10:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> wonder where he learned that from.
[10:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> fought over a fish
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> being in his hotob
[10:23] <Toxyca> if anyone even casually tries to do anything he doesn't like in chat rp, he'll get incredibly butthurt about refusing it
[10:23] <RPKingNin> I was ready to go all out right now but if you feel like waiting then we can. 
[10:23] <Akira of the Tarot> Hydro is a dick.
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> hot tub*
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> for like
[10:23] <Undead Sparkz> 10 minutes
[10:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> Sparkles
[10:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> it's because Ash is really a hot headed person
[10:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> honestly it's the internet
[10:23] <Toxyca> I tossed a fish in his hot tub and he spent the next fifteen minutes arguing with me about how I couldn't
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> Oh see
[10:24] <Flame Princess17> Audrey's my daugter and James is my hubby now
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> that's asholish
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> ....
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> my typo
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> is glorious
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> asholish
[10:24] <Toxyca> xD
[10:24] <Undead Sparkz> omg
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[10:24] <Undead Sparkz> lmao
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm trying not to cry I'm laughing so hard
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> Someone screen cap that
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> and then say... "hey ashole"
[10:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> "Look at this shit"
[10:25] <Undead Sparkz> omg
[10:25] <Undead Sparkz> I swear to god
[10:25] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> Akira looks over at Toxyca while his eyes fade back to a light amber and his form changes back to normal as shadow emanates from him and the moon stops eclipsing the sun. 
[10:25] <Undead Sparkz> I will get one of my friends
[10:25] <Undead Sparkz> to make a fake account
[10:25] <Undead Sparkz> and say that to him on chat
[10:25] <Undead Sparkz> and link this screenshot to him
[10:25] <Toxyca> Sparky, you're going to get another son
[10:25] <Toxyca> real fekkin quick
[10:25] <Undead Sparkz> O-O
[10:25] <Toxyca> jsyk
[10:25] <Undead Sparkz> who
[10:25] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> does that satisfy you?
[10:25] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> lets himself power down though augmented by aura and chi still 
[10:25] <RPKingNin> Why are we pausing
[10:26] <Toxyca> you two are too close in power
[10:26] <Toxyca> it seems to me like you're effectively equals
[10:26] <Undead Sparkz>
[10:26] <Undead Sparkz> saved forever
[10:26] <RPKingNin> your point being 
[10:26] <Undead Sparkz> toxy I refuse to adopt akira
[10:26] <Undead Sparkz> nor have you adopt akira
[10:26] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> "I don't feel like going all out yet."
[10:26] <Undead Sparkz> nor nin adopt akira
[10:26] <Undead Sparkz> I am sorry
[10:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> So 
[10:26] <Toxyca> so... Nin, I propose you do what Panda tradition dictates must be done between two natural rivals like you two
[10:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> I need a new family
[10:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy
[10:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> you are my son
[10:26] <Toxyca> nah xD
[10:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> go forth and make me the father of a family as vast as the fuck ing stars and sand on the beach
[10:27] <Undead Sparkz> slay we will stay dumbledorians
[10:27] <Undead Sparkz> o-o
[10:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> YOU DARE DEFY ME?!?!?!
[10:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> :P
[10:27] <RPKingNin> Why will you not adopt Akira dad 
[10:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> JK
[10:27] <Undead Sparkz> reasons of skype group
[10:27] <Mr.Suit> Slay
[10:27] <Mr.Suit> If you would like
[10:27] <Undead Sparkz> suit you are not adopting him
[10:27] <Undead Sparkz> HE WILL NOT BE OF INFERNO
[10:27] <Toxyca> he doesn't ahve to adopt him, SParky
[10:27] <Undead Sparkz> THAT IS THAT
[10:27] <Toxyca> Nin*
[10:27] <Flame Princess17> Akira I could adopt you if you want
[10:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> Sh shhh I'm not going to ruin anyone's family tree
[10:27] <Mr.Suit> You could become a honorary member of Inferno
[10:27] <Toxyca> Nin, tell me
[10:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> Ahem
[10:27] <Toxyca> what did I do when I met my eternal rival
[10:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> why would I want to be a member of inferno?
[10:27] <Undead Sparkz> blood brothers toxy
[10:27] <Undead Sparkz> xer and you
[10:27] <Akira of the Tarot> Who is all in Inferno?
[10:28] <RPKingNin> He will be my brother by oath then. 
[10:28] <RPKingNin> *He cuts his palm and extends his hand to Akira*
[10:28] <Mr.Suit> Inferno=Hell and cool stuff
[10:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> You gotta sell this shit too me if you want me in it
[10:28] <RPKingNin> Shake with me 
[10:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> You do realize
[10:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> way back when
[10:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> I was the father of the empyrian skies
[10:28] <RPKingNin> and become my brother and fellow daemon 
[10:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> Which basically meant I ruled everything in the sky and above... including heaven
[10:28] <Flame Princess17> Want to be a Rabbit Akira
[10:28] <Undead Sparkz> flame
[10:28] <Akira of the Tarot> No.
[10:28] <Toxyca> hush, Flame
[10:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> and all of it's angels and sepharim and justices
[10:28] <Undead Sparkz> you arent even a rabbit
[10:28] <Undead Sparkz> I made a mistake
[10:28] <Toxyca> FP*
[10:28] <Toxyca> ^^
[10:28] <Undead Sparkz> you are in the rabbit clan
[10:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> Ask toxy
[10:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> he would remember if he has that picture still
[10:28] <Undead Sparkz> but your surname is De Chevaller
[10:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> Back when Rachel was here ;)
[10:29] <Flame Princess17> I know
[10:29] <Undead Sparkz> rachel
[10:29] <Undead Sparkz> e.o
[10:29] <Mr.Suit> Inferno is weak right now,they fear the inferno because of its brutality but you could helpp make it powerful again 
[10:29] <Akira of the Tarot> So there is Rabbit, Inferno, and Panda?
[10:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yah, I'mma own up to that
[10:29] <Undead Sparkz> I dunt think you should be poking sleeping dogs slay
[10:29] <Undead Sparkz> js
[10:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> that was me. xP
[10:29] <Undead Sparkz> yeee
[10:29] <Toxyca> it's not that simple, Akira
[10:29] <Toxyca> but
[10:29] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> shrugs and his hand heals back up 
[10:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> half the people here weren't even there when that went down
[10:29] <Toxyca> the most sacred offering was made to you
[10:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> anywho.
[10:29] <Flame Princess17> Dont forget Dumbeldorians 
[10:29] <Toxyca> you don't accept?
[10:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy, you still got that picture?
[10:29] <Toxyca> what picture o.o
[10:29] <Akira of the Tarot> I need to know more first.
[10:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> The one where I was the god of heaven?
[10:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> or the king of heaven or w/e
[10:29] <Flame Princess17> We need a Family tree 
[10:43] <Flame Princess17> Nat's my mom forever
[10:43] <Toxyca> I took on Sean's surname for a while
[10:43] <Undead Sparkz> I refuse to be of rabbit
[10:43] <Akira of the Tarot> Akira Umbra is my full name.
[10:43] <Undead Sparkz> ngl
[10:43] <Toxyca> not particularly formally, but I have the right to be a Skyrim
[10:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> Um bra?
[10:43] <Undead Sparkz> uhh ngl
[10:43] <Undead Sparkz> I dislike the name skyrim o-o
[10:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> Woah
[10:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> Toxy you don't have the right to be a skyrim....
[10:43] <Flame Princess17> Call me Karina now
[10:43] <Flame Princess17> Hey Yorkie o/ 
[10:43] <Toxyca> I'll be back later, gtg
[10:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> Venarayon.... tis my name
[10:44] <YorkieWolf> hey o/ 
[10:44] <Toxyca> but Slay, I'm Starlin's son indirectly
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> Cya toxicsicles
[10:44] <Toxyca> o/ 
[10:44] <Flame Princess17> Karina got it
[10:44] <RPKingNin> My name from hence forth shall be Nin Shadow Daemon
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> But slay I'm indirectly IFW and starke's son
[10:44] <Akira of the Tarot> So there is Rabbit, Flame, Dumbledore, Panda, and Shadow?
[10:44] <RPKingNin> o/ 
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> Wait
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> wtf
[10:44] <Dj52102> hey wyorkie
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> I just said "but slay"
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> >.<
[10:44] <Undead Sparkz> Akira
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> my head hurts like hell
[10:44] <Undead Sparkz> there are two clans in the Pandabbit empire
[10:44] <Undead Sparkz> Panda and Rabbit
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> Sparkles
[10:44] <Undead Sparkz> under the clan of panda there is
[10:44] <RPKingNin> io
[10:44] <Undead Sparkz> of Inferno
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> you're fogretting about heaven
[10:44] <Undead Sparkz> of Shadow
[10:44] <Undead Sparkz> Dumbledore
[10:44] <Flame Princess17> Dabbit
[10:44] <Undead Sparkz> you arent in pandabbit tho slay
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> xD
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> I know
[10:44] <Flame Princess17> Hey Suit o/ 
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm above it
[10:44] <YorkieWolf> hey DJ
[10:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[10:44] <Undead Sparkz> and tmk
[10:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> >:D
[10:45] <Undead Sparkz> in the rabbit clan
[10:45] <Undead Sparkz> there is
[10:45] <Undead Sparkz> of rabbit
[10:45] <Undead Sparkz> de Chevaller
[10:45] <Flame Princess17> me
[10:45] <Flame Princess17> Im of All of them
[10:45] <Undead Sparkz> you are only a de chevaller @_@
[10:45] <Dj52102> Yorkie are you busy
[10:45] <Flame Princess17> oh
[10:45] <Flame Princess17> ok
[10:45] <YorkieWolf> yep
[10:46] <Dj52102> ok just makeing sure I wount bother you
[10:46] <Akira of the Tarot> So we me and Nirn is of the shadohouse of the panda clan, of the pandabbit empire?
[10:46] <Le Dernier Vache> De Chevalier*
[10:47] <RPKingNin> Akira should we just become the third clan 
[10:47] <Undead Sparkz> here let me get this sorted out
[10:47] <Akira of the Tarot> Yeah I agree.
[10:47] <Le Dernier Vache> Wait, Prin, did you marry someone?
[10:47] <RPKingNin> I am panda but no longer Dumbledore 
[10:47] <RPKingNin> so there are no three clans
[10:47] <Akira of the Tarot> We will cut all ties to the other clans and make our own.
[10:47] <RPKingNin> now*
[10:47] <RPKingNin> Panda, Rabbit, and Shadow 
[10:47] <Flame Princess17> Yes James
[10:47] <Flame Princess17> @moo
[10:48] <Undead Sparkz> nin and akira
[10:48] <Akira of the Tarot> I agree.
[10:48] <Le Dernier Vache> James is a Rabbit?
[10:48] <RPKingNin> Sir 
[10:48] <Undead Sparkz> I must ask a question
[10:48] <Le Dernier Vache> Or is he a Panda?
[10:48] <RPKingNin> Yes
[10:48] <Undead Sparkz> will your clan serve under Clan Panda of Pandabbit
[10:48] <RPKingNin> No 
[10:48] <Undead Sparkz> then I am sorry to say
[10:48] <Undead Sparkz> but you are exiled from panda island
[10:48] <RPKingNin> ;-; father 
[10:48] <Undead Sparkz> Nin
[10:48] <Undead Sparkz> as a parting gift acknowledging you as my son
[10:49] <Akira of the Tarot> Okay lets put it this way.
[10:49] <Undead Sparkz> I accept you as a minor panda deity and give you a Osprey Messenger bird to send messages to me
[10:49] <Undead Sparkz> now go forth my son
[10:49] <Flame Princess17> Ninny is my Nephew *Flame Princess17 kisses her nephew on the head
[10:49] <Flame Princess17> *
[10:49] <Akira of the Tarot> There is the pandabbit empire, which has the rabbit clan and the panda clan.
[10:49] <Le Dernier Vache> Wait, that makes Nin my...great nephew?
[10:49] <Le Dernier Vache> o.o
[10:49] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> is kissed by auntie and smiles bitter sweetly when he accepts the bird and his new divination 
[10:50] <Le Dernier Vache> Wait no no
[10:50] <Flame Princess17> yup
[10:50] <Le Dernier Vache> Prin is my grandchild
[10:50] <Flame Princess17> ya
[10:50] <RPKingNin> Nin is now bound to no one but Lumo and Akira
[10:50] <Le Dernier Vache> Well screw you too family tree xD
[10:50] <Akira of the Tarot> The rabbit caln has the house of CEvlair and the panda clain has the house of Dumbledore.
[10:50] <RPKingNin> and Dad who will always be mah dad
[10:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> That moment when you get deep down into the booie train
[10:50] <Flame Princess17> Hey Granddaddy o/ 
[10:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yo
[10:50] <RPKingNin> The shadow clan has no houses as of yet 
[10:50] <Flame Princess17> Great
[10:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> Great^8granddaddy ;)
[10:50] <Akira of the Tarot> But The Shadow Clan has no houses and does not serve the Pandabbit empire.
[10:51] <Flame Princess17> ya great
[10:51] <Undead Sparkz> the shadow clan has 1 house
[10:51] <Undead Sparkz> itself
[10:51] <Flame Princess17> Th
[10:51] <Undead Sparkz> Shadow clan has the Clan of Shadow serving under it
[10:51] <RPKingNin> I suppose
[10:51] <Undead Sparkz>
[10:53] <Flame Princess17> DADDY (SQUEEZE) 
[10:53] <Flame Princess17> BRO (SQUEEZE) 
[10:53] <A Son of Hades> hi daughter
[10:53] <A Son of Hades> (squeeze) 
[10:53] <Akira of the Tarot> The shadow clan wishes to be spate from the panrabbit empire.
[10:53] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Ello Granddad
[10:53] <Le Dernier Vache> Hey Ash
[10:54] <A Son of Hades> hi granddaughter hi dad
[10:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> Hello Ash
[10:54] <RPKingNin> The Shadow Clan is it's own clan 
[10:54] <Undead Sparkz> ye
[10:54] <Undead Sparkz> Cadet house means it formed from another house
[10:54] <Akira of the Tarot> Nin, we should call the house we are in the housof Daemons and then later we can have a house for any non-dameic people.
[10:55] <A Son of Hades> brockington
[10:55] <A Son of Hades> ping brocky
[10:55] <A Son of Hades> pm
[10:55] <Flame Princess17> Who adopted Aki
[10:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> WOAH
[10:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> brockington?
[10:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> that was my name for le brockleye
[10:56] <Brocky292> no it wasn't xD
[10:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> Then what was it...
[10:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> this is cocerning to me
[10:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> Concerning*
[10:56] <RPKingNin> Clan shadow 
[10:56] <RPKingNin> House of Daemon 
[10:56] <RPKingNin> Yes 
[10:56] <Brocky292> idk
[10:57] <Akira of the Tarot> I am blood-brothers with nin. 
[10:57] <RPKingNin> I am blood brother to Akira
[10:57] <Le Dernier Vache> Oh right
[10:57] <Le Dernier Vache> Your new house should probably claim some lands up @ Nin and Akira
[10:58] <Undead Sparkz> ^ you can have my old obliterated crusade fort
[10:58] <RPKingNin> We already have a mountain and an island I claimed a while back inhabited by ape creatures. 
[10:58] <Undead Sparkz> xD
[10:58] <Undead Sparkz> nin name your lands
[10:58] <RPKingNin> I killed them and now the island is empty 
[10:58] <Flame Princess17> Is Brocky like my Grandmother
[10:58] <Brocky292> ...
[10:58] <Brocky292> I'm a guy
[10:59] <Flame Princess17> oh ya
[10:59] <Flame Princess17> I forgot
[10:59] <Undead Sparkz> nin what will your island be called
[10:59] <Flame Princess17> Is he related to me @Brocky
[10:59] <A Son of Hades> uh
[10:59] <Flame Princess17> you
[10:59] <A Son of Hades> no
[10:59] <A Son of Hades> I don't think so
[10:59] <Flame Princess17> oh ok
[10:59] <Brocky292> what? >.<
[11:00] <A Son of Hades> nothing brockington
[11:00] <A Son of Hades> pm
[11:00] <Le Dernier Vache> What is your nationstate called? @ Nin and Akira
[11:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> oooohh nationstates
[11:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[11:02] <Flame Princess17> Hey o/ 
[11:02] <Le Dernier Vache> Still on nationstates
[11:02] <YorkieWolf> nationstates is like a seasonal fad that comes and goes every few months
[11:02] <Le Dernier Vache> 3.4 billion and still counting haha
[11:02] <YorkieWolf> at least on the wiki
[11:02] <YorkieWolf> XD
[11:02] <Brocky292> my nation died lmao rip
[11:02] <Flame Princess17> Haven"t seen TheWondefulMaskedMadame since I waas a newbie
[11:02] <YorkieWolf> idek what happened to mine
[11:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> mine
[11:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 1.7 billion ;-;
[11:03] <Brocky292> I would create a new nation
[11:03] <Brocky292> but like
[11:03] <Brocky292> effort
[11:03] <Brocky292> and time
[11:03] <Brocky292> that I don't have
[11:03] <Undead Sparkz>
[11:03] <Undead Sparkz> rip
[11:04] <Undead Sparkz> hagmue
[11:04] <Undead Sparkz> my first shit nation
[11:04] <A Son of Hades> *has never played nationstates*
[11:04] <YorkieWolf> sparks
[11:04] <YorkieWolf> can you link the page for the old nationstates group there was?
[11:04] <YorkieWolf> the one thats old but not the first 
[11:05] <Le Dernier Vache> Didn't people all leave it?
[11:05] <Undead Sparkz> erh
[11:05] <Brocky292> ye
[11:05] <Flame Princess17> brb gonna get (sugarcookie)
[11:05] <Le Dernier Vache> Or well their nations died
[11:05] <Undead Sparkz> no I cant
[11:05] <Undead Sparkz> its dead
[11:05] <Undead Sparkz> I can link you the current-inactive one
[11:05] <Flame Princess17> (cookie) 
[11:05] <Le Dernier Vache> I was one of the last to leave so I can attest to its being dead
[11:05] <YorkieWolf> sure sparks
[11:05] <Undead Sparkz>
[11:05] <Undead Sparkz> a buncha people went inactive
[11:05] <Undead Sparkz> rip
[11:05] <UniPacific16> hello
[11:05] <Brocky292> I said I wouldn't make a new nation
[11:05] <Brocky292> yet here I am
[11:06] <Brocky292> making a new nation
[11:06] <A Son of Hades> hey son in law
[11:06] <A Son of Hades> everybody is getting into nationstates again
[11:06] <A Son of Hades> ready set go
[11:06] <UniPacific16> ive never played it
[11:07] <A Son of Hades> same
[11:07] <YorkieWolf> omg i shouldve made a nation yesterday
[11:07] <YorkieWolf> in memory of my old nation
[11:07] <Le Dernier Vache> Alright, I moved to the region
[11:07] <YorkieWolf> who smoked weed everyday
[11:07] <Brocky292> 420 bless
[11:07] <UniPacific16> I might have a go
[11:07] <UniPacific16> undead link me
[11:07] <A Son of Hades> is making a nation that hard?
[11:08] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Oh, hey uni
[11:08] <Undead Sparkz>
[11:08] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Erm... Heroine?
[11:08] <UniPacific16> hey audrey
[11:08] <Brocky292> I'mma do Haiyin cause it looks cuter than Heroine xD
[11:08] <Flame Princess17> Hey Hubby o/ 
[11:09] <A Son of Hades> I am considering whether I should make a nation or not
[11:09] <YorkieWolf> aight XD
[11:09] <A Son of Hades> I have no idea how this works
[11:09] <Flame Princess17> Hey Hubby o/ 
[11:09] <YorkieWolf> mmm i have an idea
[11:09] <UniPacific16> hey wife
[11:09] <UniPacific16> im not good at nicknames
[11:09] <Brocky292> what Manolo o:
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> hard to believe 
[11:10] <YorkieWolf> the delicacy of my nation state will be
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> I had a daughter
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> then
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> five minutes later
[11:10] <YorkieWolf> pot meat flavored cock
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> my daughter
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> had a daughter
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> @FP
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> uh york
[11:10] <Brocky292> OMFG YES MANOLO
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> is making a nation state hard?
[11:10] <UniPacific16> so how do you make a nation
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> like
[11:10] <A Son of Hades> time consuming?
[11:10] <Brocky292> Manolo you should name yours Yuzhou then our nations can be sister nations
[11:10] <Undead Sparkz> guys
[11:10] <Undead Sparkz> okay
[11:10] <Brocky292> and share the same national food
[11:10] <YorkieWolf> YAS
[11:10] <Undead Sparkz> hold up ima give you a guide
[11:10] <YorkieWolf> you mean bro nations
[11:10] <Le Dernier Vache> It's time consuming if you want to cultivate your nation
[11:10] <YorkieWolf> if you geddit
[11:10] <Undead Sparkz>
[11:11] <Brocky292> touche :')
[11:11] <Flame Princess17> Call me Queen @Hubby
[11:11] <Brocky292> Undead this time I wont take over :P
[11:11] <Le Dernier Vache> 97% average income tax lol
[11:11] <YorkieWolf> omg brocky it was already taken ;-;
[11:11] <Brocky292> omg no ;-;
[11:11] <Flame Princess17> What
[11:11] <YorkieWolf> naming it GuBai
[11:12] <Brocky292> bless
[11:12] <UniPacific16> Audrey is our daughter right@queen
[11:12] <A Son of Hades> yes
[11:12] <Flame Princess17> Yup
[11:12] <A Son of Hades> I am your father in law
[11:12] <Brocky292> the currency is Yuzhou and I have no shame
[11:12] <A Son of Hades> *is growing rather old*
[11:12] <Flame Princess17> Pretty little girl *kisses daughter's head*
[11:12] <YorkieWolf> yassss
[11:12] <YorkieWolf> omgg
[11:12] <YorkieWolf> wait actually
[11:12] <Brocky292> what should the national animal be tho o:
[11:12] <YorkieWolf> my currency will be pot meat flavored cock
[11:13] <Flame Princess17> UNICORN
[11:13] <Flame Princess17> they rule
[11:13] <Flame Princess17> total 5 year ol
[11:13] <Flame Princess17> d
[11:13] <Dj52102> hey yorkie
[11:13] <UniPacific16> wait the default is the aboriginal flag
[11:13] <UniPacific16> that is so cool
[11:13] <Flame Princess17> Hey bro o/ 
[11:13] <Dj52102> hey sis
[11:13] <A Son of Hades> hi son
[11:13] <YorkieWolf> lmfao was scrolling in the type of nations and i thought i saw one that said "queerdom"
[11:14] <Dj52102> hey dad
[11:14] <A Son of Hades> *is wondering where your mom is*
[11:14] <Dj52102> or son of hades
[11:14] <A Son of Hades> queerdom
[11:14] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Mom. Not in front of the nation making people.
[11:14] <Dj52102> shes on a doc 
[11:14] <Dj52102> o wait no shes not
[11:14] <Flame Princess17> sorry sweetie 
[11:14] <Dj52102> I am thinking of something else
[11:15] <A Son of Hades> *is taking an ice bath*
[11:15] <Flame Princess17> dad can we go in the hot tube now
[11:15] <Flame Princess17> @Daddy
[11:15] <A Son of Hades> if your mom lets you
[11:16] <Flame Princess17> snap mom's not here
[11:16] <YorkieWolf> that shall be my national animal
[11:16] <Brocky292> I FORGET
[11:16] <Brocky292> 
[11:16] <Dj52102> yorkie
[11:16] <YorkieWolf> ye dj?
[11:16] <Brocky292> I'M TRYING TO FIND THE EPISODE
[11:16] <YorkieWolf> SAME
[11:16] <Dj52102> are you busy
[11:17] <Dj52102> and what ep
[11:17] <UniPacific16> my nation's name is so weird
[11:17] <Dj52102> what is it
[11:18] <UniPacific16> kingdom of radioactive mutated potatoes
[11:18] <A Son of Hades> *is listening to crazy by 4minute*
[11:18] <Dj52102> ok
[11:18] <YorkieWolf> AIGHT I WILL
[11:18] <Dj52102> @ wni
[11:18] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> feels like a new person 
[11:19] <Dj52102> anyone busy
[11:19] <UniPacific16> shit my people are violent
[11:19] <YorkieWolf> BROCKY
[11:19] <YorkieWolf> ITS ALANG
[11:19] <Flame Princess17> ALANG
[11:19] <Brocky292> Haiyin af tho :') @Manolo
[11:19] <Brocky292> AND I'MMA SAY ALANG THE DOG
[11:19] <UniPacific16> who is sending my stuff
[11:20] <UniPacific16> *me
[11:20] <Dj52102> glad you found out
[11:20] <Undead Sparkz> this is my nation btw
[11:20] <Undead Sparkz>
[11:20] <A Son of Hades> <span class="me-username">* <span>A Son of Hades</span></span> has no idea what's going on now
[11:20] <A Son of Hades> <span class="me-username">* <span>A Son of Hades</span></span> hasn't fell this way since newbhood
[11:20] <UniPacific16> 
[11:21] <UniPacific16> potatoes ftw
[11:21] <Flame Princess17> cool
[11:21] <Dj52102> what is this @ uni
[11:21] <YorkieWolf> i did long suffering but still optimistic pilgrims bc they are Departed godless homeland to found new spiritual paradise-on-Earth; some decades lost after following wild-eyed man into desert.@brocky
[11:21] <Brocky292> bless
[11:22] <YorkieWolf> now need to find cute haiyin quote for the motto
[11:22] <Brocky292> I want to pick the husband fuck ing his wife quote
[11:22] <Brocky292> but nah
[11:22] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> looks over the Umbrax Empire from one of the two twins thrones of obsidian from the capital in Niak
[11:23] <YorkieWolf> doing the gloves oen tbh
[11:23] <YorkieWolf> *one
[11:23] <Flame Princess17> Pizza Angle im on my knees 
[11:23] <Dj52102> can someone check my claim if they are not busy
[11:23] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> looks out through a large window that faces the city 
[11:23] <Dj52102> I am 
[11:23] <Dj52102> sorry
[11:24] <Brocky292> “You’ll be fine. I promise. My words can be trusted the most.” - Guhai MANOLO I'M SCREAMING I FOUND MY QUOTE
[11:24] <Dj52102> I am just one of those people right
[11:24] <YorkieWolf> OMFG 
[11:24] <Dj52102> now
[11:24] <Brocky292> ITS TOO LONG I'M CRYING
[11:25] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> O-O The screaming
[11:25] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> My ears are numb
[11:25] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Mooom
[11:25] <A Son of Hades> how do you delete a nation?
[11:25] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> looks at Nin "Brother, would you be opposed to eternal night?
[11:25] <Dj52102> can anyone tell me how to play this game
[11:25] <Flame Princess17> Stop screaming everyone your gonna make my daughter deaf 
[11:25] <Undead Sparkz> you dont really need to
[11:25] <Undead Sparkz> just make a new one
[11:25] <Undead Sparkz> and if your other one is in the W.A
[11:25] <Undead Sparkz> take them out
[11:25] <RPKingNin> Yes. 
[11:26] <RPKingNin> Everything is in an eternal balance brother. Night isn't meant to be forever 
[11:26] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Thank you :)
[11:26] <Undead Sparkz> audrey
[11:26] <Undead Sparkz> you are now
[11:26] <Undead Sparkz> Audrey Flame
[11:26] <Undead Sparkz> cool
[11:27] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> "Perhaps, I have a better idea." 
[11:27] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> looks at his brother "Oh, and what would that be"
[11:27] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> "Make it where it is always dusk."
[11:27] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Yay :3
[11:27] <Flame Princess17> o/ (cookie) 
[11:27] <JustChase> I can't take this show anymore xD
[11:28] <UniPacific16> ha my country is issue free
[11:28] <Flame Princess17> what show
[11:28] <JustChase> It's called: You're So Beautiful 
[11:29] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> "That would be perfect. The sun in a slow set to the west and the moon just rising in the east"
[11:29] <JustChase> Its too predictable
[11:29] <Flame Princess17> Probably bout me
[11:29] <JustChase> Like come on xD
[11:29] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> "Then let me cast the spell"
[11:30] <YorkieWolf> CHASE (SQUEEZE) 
[11:30] <JustChase> It's about a nun who helps her twin brother by taking his place in the band he's in while he gets corrective surgery on his eyes. 
[11:30] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> watches the sky 
[11:30] <JustChase> MANOLI (SQUEEZE) 
[11:31] <YorkieWolf> brocky my new quote actually "The pull ups you did, the stiches I sewed" -Bai Luo Yin
[11:31] <Brocky292> omg bless
[11:31] <UniPacific16> my quote is potatoes ftw 
[11:31] <JustChase> She glued her hands together and then she tried hiding it. 
[11:32] <JustChase> DEREK (SQUEEZE) 
[11:32] <Flame Princess17> Stupid
[11:32] <UniPacific16> sounds like a fun thing
[11:32] <JustChase> Nah she's clumsy asf 
[11:32] <JustChase> XD
[11:32] <Flame Princess17> I don't get a FP (squeeze) 
[11:32] <YorkieWolf> OMFG BROCKY
[11:32] <YorkieWolf> "The GuBaian economy, worth 253 billion pot meat flavored cock a year, is broadly diversified"
[11:33] <Brocky292> OMG
[11:33] <JustChase> She got drunk in the first episode and ended up kidding someone and yt? gen vomiting on them. It was gross. 
[11:33] <JustChase> And then vomiting*
[11:33] <JustChase> The person didn't know she was a girl either 
[11:33] <A Son of Hades> york
[11:33] <A Son of Hades> how do I join the like
[11:33] <A Son of Hades> group of nations
[11:33] <A Son of Hades> or whatever
[11:34] <YorkieWolf> ask sparky
[11:34] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> begins to chant and casts a ritual circle "Et lux, et tenebrae super ripam met occidente ad orientem et Luna sereno . Unum et medium luci atque umbris iam illo sponte sequor per noctem et diem unum !" He says as he raises his hands up towards the sky and his eyes glow crimson once again. The sun moves towards and stays half-way on the western horizon and the moon rises and is full on the eastern horizon.
[11:34] <UniPacific16> undead 
[11:34] <JustChase> OMFG XD @Manoli
[11:34] <UniPacific16> tell us
[11:34] <YorkieWolf> sparky should invite you
[11:34] <JustChase> Wait you're on nationstates? @Manoli
[11:34] <JustChase> Or nah? XD
[11:34] <YorkieWolf> now i am
[11:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yorkie
[11:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> you're on nationstates?
[11:34] <JustChase> I an as well 
[11:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> #late
[11:34] <YorkieWolf> now i am XD
[11:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> #late
[11:34] <JustChase> I am*
[11:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> been on that since Bach showed it too me.
[11:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> like a year and a half ago :D
[11:35] <JustChase> I should go check it out 
[11:35] <Flame Princess17> ya
[11:35] <JustChase> And see how bad my 
[11:35] <YorkieWolf> i had one but it died i think
[11:35] <A Son of Hades> sparky
[11:35] <UniPacific16> Kingdom of radioactive mutated Potatoes will die 
[11:35] <UniPacific16> maybe
[11:35] <JustChase> Country's economy is xD
[11:35] <A Son of Hades> link me @james
[11:35] <Brocky292> Manolo I can't find a quote :')
[11:35] <UniPacific16>
[11:35] <YorkieWolf> omg lemme help
[11:35] <JustChase> Omfg 
[11:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> I was ranked in the top 1% for most authoritarian. ;)
[11:35] <UniPacific16> I spelt mutated wrong on it
[11:35] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> smiles softly and whispers "Amazing". Then he smiles wide when his dragon flies by the building wrapping itself around the roof before raising it's head to the sky and blowing it's flame into the sky. 
[11:36] <Brocky292> pls do
[11:36] <JustChase> "Harry Potter books are banned, military spending is on the increase, and Iwaku Complaints Department has designated Delegate as its capital city."
[11:36] <JustChase> What have I done 
[11:37] <RPKingNin> Brother. Then name of our clan is in poor taste due to the negative feelings associated with the word. Why not a name that means shadow. I looked for a couple of them and found one. Zili 
[11:37] <RPKingNin> 
[11:37] <Akira of the Tarot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Akira of the Tarot</span></span> looks slightly tired after that spell. "Im going to sleep for an hour or two to get my strength back brother." Akira says as he goes to lay down.
[11:37] <UniPacific16> my currency is vodka 
[11:38] <Flame Princess17> cool
[11:38] <Akira of the Tarot> If they want to call shadows evil, that s there ignorance and not our fault.
[11:38] <RPKingNin> It is not because the shadows are evil 
[11:38] <AudreyTheAmazingLikesToLaugh> Can you give me the nations thing link, I want to make one
[11:39] <YorkieWolf> "even without you checking me, my capacity is great" - Bai Luo Yin @BROCKY
[11:39] <RPKingNin> Just because the word shadow is a distasteful word. 
[11:39] <RPKingNin> We could even be called the void clan 
[11:39] <Akira of the Tarot> Why, I love it?
[11:39] <Brocky292> TES
[11:39] <Brocky292> YES*
[11:39] <Le Dernier Vache> Back
[11:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> See I get shit like this
[11:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> After the kidnapping and murder of a young blond girl made national headlines in Eille, the concerned parenting organization Mothers Against Youth Doing Stupid Stuff (MAYDSS) has raised concerns over the use of social networking sites by the nation's teens.
[11:41] <YorkieWolf> OMG BROCKY LOOK AT MY FLAG
[11:41] <Brocky292> LINK
[11:42] <YorkieWolf>
[11:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yorkles
[11:43] <Brocky292> I LOVE IT
[11:43] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[11:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> O rip I missed the 0 on my 1% >.<
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