[02:03] <Ultra-Violet-Flare> o/ Ninny
[02:06] <UniPacific16> nin you there?
[02:08] <RPKingNin> what up
[02:08] <UniPacific16> did you get my message on skype?
[02:09] <RPKingNin> no
[02:09] <RPKingNin> Reese said she is cool with you crashing 
[02:09] <UniPacific16> i know
[02:09] <RPKingNin> What'd you say on skype 
[02:09] <UniPacific16> so skype doesnt work at school
[02:09] <UniPacific16> just hey
[02:10] <RPKingNin> ........
[02:11] <RPKingNin> anyways go crash 
[02:12] <UniPacific16> doing it right now
[02:13] <RPKingNin> Who are you crashing with?
[02:15] <UniPacific16> james
[02:19] <UniPacific16> nin posted
[02:21] <RPKingNin> Kk hold on 
[02:22] <Ultra-Violet-Flare> o/ heya uys
[02:22] <Ultra-Violet-Flare> *guys
[02:24] <ReesesPeaces> o/ 
[02:24] <UniPacific16> hey reese o/ 
[02:24] <Ultra-Violet-Flare> o/ CRACKERS :black: 
[02:24] <YorkieWolf> it's a full chat!
[02:24] <YorkieWolf> XD
[02:24] <ReesesPeaces> James (Th) o/ 
[02:24] <ReesesPeaces> NAT THY CAT o/ :black: (th) 
[02:24] <UniPacific16> [[Roleplay:Main Forum/General/Couple meeting their %27child%27|Roleplay:Main Forum/General/Couple meeting their 'child']] @reese
[02:24] <ReesesPeaces> Yorkie o/ 
[02:24] <Ultra-Violet-Flare> o/ Wolfie
[02:24] <ReesesPeaces> mk
[02:24] <YorkieWolf> reese! (th) :black: 
[02:24] <YorkieWolf> nat ayo o/ 
[02:24] <ReesesPeaces> (th) :black: :)
[02:25] <ReesesPeaces> brb
[02:26] <UniPacific16> im so not original cause im making another cousin of James
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