[11:52] <Devin11000> no ask you
[11:52] <Nhlott> That is complete and utter bullshit
[11:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> agreed Lott
[11:52] <Moodle> ^^
[11:52] <Moodle> Rubbish
[11:52] <MajinAbura> What's wrong Lott?
[11:52] <Moodle> Utter rubbish and garbage can
[11:52] <Comiclove> Misjudgement of a counsellor challenge
[11:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> seriously Majin, Ontario did not deserve that score
[11:52] <Moodle> ^
[11:52] <MajinAbura> I'm not saying that he did
[11:52] <Devin11000> what's going on?
[11:52] <Nhlott> he doesn't even know how half the f*cking powers work
[11:52] <Comiclove> lott totally had it, one of the judges screwed up royally
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> the only single thing he did was shoot arrows without aiming and he got 4 of creativity
[11:53] <Comiclove> :/
[11:53] <Moodle> Bull shit man like wtf is this>??? Arrow parade day?
[11:53] <Comiclove> Oui
[11:53] <Nhlott> *going completely thermo-nuclear*
[11:53] <MajinAbura> I'd probably agree if I knew more about what was going on
[11:53] <Moodle> If that was me
[11:53] <MajinAbura> But there there Lott
[11:53] <Moodle> I'd say creativity 2
[11:53] <Moodle> at best
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> 15 in effective char use -_-
[11:53] <Moodle> 2
[11:53] <Comiclove> there there won't help
[11:53] <Comiclove> XD
[11:53] <Comiclove> Baka
[11:53] <Moodle> Effective char use 5
[11:53] <Moodle> at most
[11:53] <MajinAbura> Well excuuuuuuuuuse me Comic
[11:53] <Comiclove> I'd been brutal
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> She had NO STRATEGY!!
[11:53] <Moodle> ^
[11:53] <Comiclove> it's a he apparently
[11:53] <Comiclove> idefk
[11:54] <Nhlott> I am SO f*cking sick of getting screwed by this judging system
[11:54] <Moodle> He was flying around shooting arrows like a turkey fesat
[11:54] <Moodle> Dude, who's the second judge?
[11:54] <Comiclove> *can judge the challenge*
[11:54] <Comiclove> no one
[11:54] <BachLynn23> yea I love ruby but I think she just goes with the underdog
[11:54] <Comiclove> I volunteer
[11:54] <Comiclove> :P
[11:54] <Moodle> No I do yo
[11:54] <Comiclove> yeah, same here
[11:54] <Comiclove> I do
[11:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> whatever, I'm calling him/her an it
[11:54] <Moodle> but I'd make it fair
[11:54] <Moodle> like not favour one side
[11:54] <Comiclove> so, it's a Crona?
[11:54] <Kingbirdy> I'll judge the other half
[11:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah >.>
[11:54] <Comiclove> K then
[11:54] <Kingbirdy> idk why ruby is even judging
[11:54] <Moodle> Actually yeah
[11:54] <Comiclove> XD
[11:54] <Kingbirdy> she isnt my dept
[11:54] <Moodle> king, you go
[11:54] <Kingbirdy> so no clue wtf is up with that
[11:54] <Comiclove> *dropkicks king to the challenge*
[11:54] <Comiclove> Yeah, wait
[11:55] <Nhlott> I even pointed that pout
[11:55] <BachLynn23> I think she did cuz I've always done stuff in all depts
[11:55] <Comiclove> King, since i'm in your department
[11:55] <Nhlott> 8out
[11:55] <Comiclove> can't I judge them?
[11:55] <BachLynn23> and as rb she could as well
[11:55] <Nhlott> **put
[11:55] <Comiclove> *i'm jw*
[11:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> shouldn't the judging be denied then and someone else do it?
[11:55] <Moodle> ah right, just remembered I'm in bach's department
[11:55] <Comiclove> idk
[11:55] <Comiclove> I'm in king's
[11:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> *forgot the better word for that*
[11:55] <Moodle> *Was just about to say apartment o.o*
[11:55] <AuRon the champion> who judges these?
[11:55] <AuRon the champion> XD
[11:55] <Nhlott> effective char use? Are you shittin me?
[11:55] <BachLynn23> I don't live in an apartment
[11:55] <Comiclove> *poins to shinigami badge notifying he's of UR*
[11:55] <BachLynn23> I live in a house
[11:55] <Moodle> ik
[11:55] <Moodle> but still
[11:55] <Comiclove> XD
[11:56] <Kingbirdy> sure comic
[11:56] <Moodle> that would've been awkward
[11:56] <Comiclove> That'd been awkward
[11:56] <Kingbirdy> overrite ruby's
[11:56] <Moodle> That's what I said
[11:56] <Comiclove> Sure
[11:56] <Kingbirdy> she shouldnt even be judging
[11:56] <Comiclove> *salutes*
[11:56] <BachLynn23> but Ruby go RB when we weren't doing a dept for RB's
[11:56] <Comiclove> Provide another link again
[11:56] <Nhlott> He just let her be trapped in a Labyrinth she has just as much control over
[11:56] <Kingbirdy> I'll get the other half later
[11:56] <BachLynn23> and even as admin I always did stuff in all depts
[11:56] <Devin11000> when I fight I have a strategy irl.
[11:56] <AuRon the champion> who is aloud to judge anyway?
[11:56] <BachLynn23> so she was just following suit
[11:56] <Comiclove> UR 
[11:56] <BachLynn23> and no one told her anything contrary
[11:56] <AuRon the champion> oh
[11:56] <Comiclove> Can someone provide another link again?
[11:56] <Comiclove> Sorry
[11:56] <Comiclove> :S 
[11:56] <AuRon the champion> *ish AD*
[11:56] <Moodle> [[Forum:Franco Monticello - Ariadne Lt. - Ready to Be Judged?t=20120423001601|Forum:Franco_Monticello_-_Ariadne_Lt._-_Ready_to_Be_Judged?t=20120423001601]]
[11:56] <Comiclove> it's fine
[11:57] <Comiclove> Danke
[11:57] <Moodle> je so prepared XD
[11:57] <Comiclove> ikr?
[11:57] <Comiclove> XP
[11:57] <Nhlott> *rubs temples*
[11:57] <BachLynn23> Judging falls under UR auron
[11:57] <Comiclove> At least i don't stab a lot with gunblades
[11:57] <Moodle> I'm like, Mr. Minor Organization
[11:57] <Comiclove> I nearly typed bun glades LOL
[11:57] <Moodle> lol
[11:57] <AuRon the champion> yeah, figured that out..
[11:57] <Comiclove> I'll just do what I did the first time:
[11:57] <Comiclove> Variate a bit 
[11:58] <Comiclove> :P
[11:58] <Comiclove> Oh god, Pers hated me when I judged his and queen's challenge XD
[11:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> eh, I'm still waiting for Flame to answer on the Nyx challenge
[11:58] <Nhlott> Anyone who would score it like that clearly wasn't reading the fight
[11:58] <BachLynn23> but seriously though, don't go too hard on Ruby for not knowing it wasn't her dept, she came in as RB while RB's weren't in depts, just helping wherever, and she got admin when I was admin and I've always done things in all depts, even as admin and bcrat, so she was following in the assumption anyone could, and no one told her anything contrary to that belief
[11:58] <Kingbirdy> I know, I know
[11:58] <Comiclove> ^
[11:58] <Comiclove> :P
[11:58] <Moodle> ^
[11:59] <AuRon the champion> I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't know
[11:59] <AuRon the champion> we don't use talk pages all that much
[11:59] <Moodle> yeah
[11:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, ruby is always trying to help everywhere. I'm pretty sure she doesn't
[11:59] <Comiclove> yeah
[11:59] <Kingbirdy> though I think Every challenge will be judged by the members of Users and Regulation, Kingbirdy, Windsword7, and selected RBs. is pretty specific
[11:59] <Moodle> chat and le skype are the main comm.
[11:59] <AuRon the champion> since most of the time, we're on chat at least once a day
[11:59] <Kingbirdy> even if wind is out of date
[11:59] <Comiclove> yeah
[12:00] <Kingbirdy> but no, I'll just have comic re-judge, and if someone will let her know when she's on
[12:00] <Nhlott> posted, a min ago, Aur
[12:00] <BachLynn23> yea but I've always ignored that too >.<
[12:00] <AuRon the champion> thanks lott
[12:00] <BachLynn23> and you let her judge the pers/ghost one
[12:00] <Comiclove> *dropkicks RHCP to king's house*
[12:00] <Comiclove> :P
[12:00] <BachLynn23> so she's probably never really looked at that since
[12:01] <Kingbirdy> eh, suppose so. I'm not gonna go off on her or anything, chill.
[12:01] <BachLynn23> *gets out the ice*
[12:01] <Comiclove> XD
[12:01] <BachLynn23> (bounce) yay ice
[12:01] <Comiclove> Classic Bach
[12:01] <Comiclove> My god, that emote
[12:01] <AuRon the champion> ...
[12:01] <Comiclove> e_e
[12:01] <AuRon the champion> you love to taunt me with ice, don't you
[12:01] <AuRon the champion> T_T
[12:02] <AuRon the champion> I dunno comic
[12:02] <BachLynn23> I've had too much sugar and soda again
[12:02] <Moodle> *Throws cyber ice at au*
[12:02] <AuRon the champion> that's what I'm doing right now, so I don't mind...
[12:02] <BachLynn23> but he's bouncy
[12:02] <BachLynn23> and me likey bouncey
[12:02] <Moodle> Eh don't worry
[12:02] <BachLynn23> you're doing ice right now?
[12:02] <Moodle> I once ain't some kinda chocolate pudding that was NASTY and then I got high
[12:02] <BachLynn23> didn't know she was on
[12:02] <AuRon the champion> ohaidereruby
[12:02] <Nhlott> *dips head in ice*
[12:02] <RubyRose17> heya aur
[12:03] <Moodle> Hey rose
[12:03] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderefire
[12:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo ruby
[12:03] <RubyRose17> Hey Moo :)
[12:03] <Moodle> oh and king, or someone, say what needs to be said
[12:03] <RubyRose17> hey Bloom
[12:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Heyo
[12:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo broken
[12:03] <RubyRose17> hey Ducks
[12:03] <RubyRose17> hey fire
[12:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> hai ducks
[12:03] <Broken fire> hi ^^
[12:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Ruby
[12:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> and Bloom
[12:03] <Kingbirdy> what needs to be said
[12:03] <AuRon the champion> erm.... lott?
[12:03] <Comiclove> Hey ducks and ruby
[12:03] <Comiclove> o/ 
[12:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Heyo Comico
[12:03] <AuRon the champion> I don't see your post
[12:03] <Comiclove> Updated the Judging
[12:03] <RubyRose17> hiya comi
[12:03] <Moodle> I would, if I remembered
[12:03] <Broken fire> Just to be very sure...is it anyone's birthday today?
[12:04] <Kingbirdy> oh, ruby, PM por favor
[12:04] <AuRon the champion> no?
[12:04] <RubyRose17> sure
[12:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Not that I know of
[12:04] <Comiclove> oh
[12:04] <Comiclove> hi broken fire
[12:04] <Broken fire> really?
[12:04] <Moodle> actually yes
[12:04] <Comiclove> *glompz broken fire(
[12:04] <Moodle> It's mine today
[12:04] <Comiclove> **
[12:04] <Broken fire> hi ya comic!
[12:04] <Comiclove> Hi
[12:04] <Comiclove> :D
[12:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Bach
[12:04] <Broken fire> Happy birthay moodle!
[12:04] <BachLynn23> *kicks chrome* hi
[12:04] <BachLynn23> wait, moodle's bday is today?
[12:04] <Comiclove> wb bach
[12:04] <Moodle> no
[12:04] <Broken fire> w8 whens bach 's bday?
[12:04] <Broken fire> 
[12:04] <Comiclove> ^@bach
[12:04] <Moodle> I was jk
[12:04] <BachLynn23> oh
[12:04] <Comiclove> ROFL
[12:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Happy Birthday mood!
[12:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Oh wait
[12:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> what?
[12:04] <AuRon the champion> XD
[12:04] <Moodle> ROFL
[12:04] <BachLynn23> mine's tomorrow
[12:05] <BachLynn23> well in 4 hours actually
[12:05] <Moodle> I'll say happy b-day then
[12:05] <Moodle> but not now
[12:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> ...is this another trick?
[12:05] <BachLynn23> no
[12:05] <BachLynn23> check my user page
[12:05] <BachLynn23> it says 24 april
[12:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Then happy early bday
[12:05] <Moodle> My true birthday's on February 02
[12:05] <Broken fire> Its 24 here!
[12:05] <BachLynn23> ruby pm?
[12:05] <Moodle> no jok
[12:05] <Moodle> e
[12:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Bach were Aries buddies!
[12:05] <BachLynn23> *pokes ruby*
[12:05] <Broken fire> so happy birthday!
[12:05] <BachLynn23> I'm Taurus
[12:05] <Kingbirdy> I'm so hungry
[12:05] <RubyRose17> *is poked* sure
[12:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Damn 
[12:06] <Comiclove> wb brokite
[12:06] <Nhlott> Rp anyone else?
[12:06] <Comiclove> XP
[12:06] <Kingbirdy> all there is for dinner is some pasta salad bullshit. mayo, macaroni noodles, and some peas does not a dinner make.
[12:06] <AuRon the champion> lottie
[12:06] <Comiclove> *is Sagittarius* 
[12:06] <Comiclove> :D
[12:06] <Nhlott> posted again
[12:06] <AuRon the champion> you havn't replied yet...
[12:06] <BachLynn23> all I had was cream cheese, cuz my sister in law had family over and I hate them, and didn't want to go in the kitchen
[12:06] <AuRon the champion> wait!
[12:06] <Nhlott> dude, I swear i posted like 10 min ago
[12:06] <AuRon the champion> nevermind...
[12:06] <Moodle> *hopes star will come onto chat*
[12:06] <BachLynn23> and the only thing I had to eat that didn't require cooking was cream cheese
[12:07] <AuRon the champion> well
[12:07] <Nhlott> *gives Bach 10 tacos*
[12:07] <AuRon the champion> if all you had for a entire week to eat was "Cream"
[12:07] <AuRon the champion> *tries to think of that as good or bad.*
[12:07] <Kingbirdy> you ate your sister in law's family?
[12:07] <Moodle> I like those craft cheese slices
[12:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.> don't start with that crap again
[12:07] <AuRon the champion> XD
[12:07] <BachLynn23> I wouldn't dare eat them
[12:08] <BachLynn23> in the off chance stupidity is contagious
[12:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> or else, I'll make sure you regret it
[12:08] <BachLynn23> they have a 14 year old with a 2 day old baby
[12:08] <BachLynn23> and
[12:08] <BachLynn23> an 11 year old son going on 2
[12:08] <Nhlott> that a no? anyone else?
[12:08] <BachLynn23> *noms tacos*
[12:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> no to what?
[12:09] <Nhlott> rp
[12:09] <AuRon the champion> posted lott
[12:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> sure 
[12:09] <Nhlott> who/where?
[12:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'll use Lara. you can pick the where
[12:10] <Nhlott> hmmm...link?
[12:10] <Travelg> How long will it take for baby to die of dehydration
[12:10] <Moodle> hmm.....might be semi-afc 
[12:10] <Moodle> I'm goin over to the Avatar wiki chat
[12:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> [[Lara Villafa%C3%B1e|Lara Villafañe]]
[12:10] <BachLynn23> lotttttie?!?!?!
[12:10] <BachLynn23> *pokes lottie*
[12:10] <Nhlott> yes, Bach?
[12:10] <BachLynn23> does disowning you as my wiki dad so I could marry del mean I can't sit on your lap anymore (sad) 
[12:10] <AuRon the champion> XD
[12:11] <Comiclove> :(
[12:11] <Comiclove> hey broken fire
[12:11] <Moodle> That's an honestly good question bach
[12:11] <Comiclove> *dropkicks someone*
[12:11] <Moodle> great ideology
[12:11] <MajinAbura> Hi Broken
[12:11] <Nhlott> well, you did it of your own volition....
[12:11] <BachLynn23> this is true
[12:12] <BachLynn23> *sits on lott*
[12:12] <Nhlott> *is sat on*
[12:12] <Moodle> *Tumbleweeds across chat*
[12:12] <BachLynn23> tbh, now that you aren't my wiki dad, sitting on your lap feels less awkward
[12:12] <BachLynn23> XD
[12:12] <Nhlott> XD
[12:12] <Comiclove> *dropkicks the tumbleweeds*
[12:12] <Ducks-r-homicidal> (tumbleweed)
[12:12] <Moodle> El bastardo! What dost thou have against tumbleweeds?
[12:13] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Its not the same
[12:13] <BachLynn23> since alej left I have a single guy again (sad) 
[12:13] <Comiclove> :(
[12:13] <Ducks-r-homicidal> And I'm single
[12:13] <Comiclove> *random question: Would Sadistic Urges be a good band name>*
[12:13] <Comiclove> ?*
[12:13] <AuRon the champion> ...
[12:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> maan, most of my chars are single o.o
[12:13] <Comiclove> :P
[12:13] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Same bloom
[12:13] <AuRon the champion> alright
[12:13] <AuRon the champion> I gotta get off for the night
[12:13] <Moodle> All of mine are bloom, so don't worry
[12:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya auron
[12:13] <AuRon the champion> continue were we left off tomorrow lottie?
[12:14] <BachLynn23> but Brock is gay
[12:14] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I have Damon
[12:14] <Comiclove> Bye Au
[12:14] <Comiclove> o/ 
[12:14] <BachLynn23> and there are very few single gay or bi guys on the wiki who aren't taken
[12:14] <Ducks-r-homicidal> he's bisexual
[12:14] <BachLynn23> OH
[12:14] <Comiclove> *Flagship Supreme?*
[12:14] <Comiclove> XP
[12:14] <BachLynn23> really?
[12:14] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Yep
[12:14] <BachLynn23> (panda) 
[12:14] <AuRon the champion> Drake's sexuality is confidential
[12:14] <Ducks-r-homicidal> ...but he's a ghost
[12:14] <AuRon the champion> lott
[12:14] <BachLynn23> (sad) 
[12:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> i have *counts*
[12:14] <AuRon the champion> continue with our RP tomorrow?
[12:14] <Comiclove> ROFL
[12:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> 8 single charries
[12:14] <Comiclove> Youch
[12:14] <BachLynn23> don't get my hopes up like that it's mean
[12:14] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I just remembered he was
[12:15] <BachLynn23> xD
[12:15] <BachLynn23> I forgive you
[12:15] <Nhlott> sure, Aur
[12:15] <Nhlott> Bloom, le dining Pavillion?
[12:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> sure
[12:15] <AuRon the champion> alright see you guys
[12:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Thanks Bach
[12:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Bye Ay
[12:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *Au
[12:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> who posts first?
[12:15] <Nhlott> can you?
[12:16] <Nhlott> crap, now I'm short an rp
[12:16] <Nhlott> anyone else?
[12:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> sure 
[12:16] <Moodle> *Tumbleweed*
[12:17] <Nhlott> aawwww :(
[12:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I kept bugging Bach about a tumbleweed emoticon
[12:17] <BachLynn23> I couldn't find a good one
[12:17] <BachLynn23> mememme
[12:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted Lott
[12:17] <Moodle> yeah, we should have a tumbleweeed emot
[12:17] <BachLynn23> I wanna rp
[12:17] <BachLynn23> I couldn't find a good pic of one
[12:17] <BachLynn23> that would look good 19x19
[12:17] <Nhlott> *picks Bach*
[12:17] <Nhlott> Si/Adie?
[12:18] <BachLynn23> yes please
[12:18] <BachLynn23> (happy) 
[12:18] <BachLynn23> I love rp'ing her
[12:18] <BachLynn23> the whole fire shit is just so cool
[12:18] <Nhlott> XD
[12:18] <BachLynn23> I want another fire nymph now
[12:18] <Nhlott> where at?
[12:18] <BachLynn23> ummmmmmmmm
[12:18] <BachLynn23> crap, have to ummmm....brb
[12:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> chu know Bach, the model for her is the same I was using before for Nessa
[12:18] <BachLynn23> *runs to the bathroom*
[12:18] <Comiclove> XD
[12:19] <BachLynn23> oh crap, I thought it looked familiar
[12:19] <BachLynn23> were you not using it anymore? cuz I can change it
[12:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> nah, I'm not using it anymore
[12:19] <BachLynn23> k
[12:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'm looking for another model
[12:19] <BachLynn23> brb
[12:19] <BachLynn23> check my favs on devian, I have like over 754 tagged just of girls
[12:20] <RubyRose17> what's your username?
[12:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> ^
[12:20] <BachLynn23> http://bachlynn23.deviantart.com/
[12:20] <Moodle> Moodle
[12:20] <Moodle> sorry
[12:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> thanks
[12:20] <BachLynn23> http://bachlynn23.deviantart.com/favourites/
[12:20] <Moodle> just testing to see if it pings
[12:21] <RubyRose17> can you ping yourself?
[12:21] <Moodle> no
[12:21] <Moodle> just tried XD
[12:21] <RubyRose17> oh XD
[12:21] <Comiclove> hey Pika
[12:21] <Pikapi> Hey
[12:21] <Nhlott> posted, Bloom
[12:21] <Comiclove> *flagship supreme dropkicks pika*
[12:21] <Comiclove> XP
[12:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> kay
[12:21] <Nhlott> dammit I was yearning to have Milo in a fight
[12:22] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hi Pika
[12:22] <Pikapi> It just occurred to me that I should be a level one user now. Does this mean I can create another character?
[12:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> challenge for counsellor
[12:22] <Nhlott> Ooooh >:)
[12:23] <Comiclove> Yes, lott?
[12:23] <BachLynn23> should be, I levelled you up yesterday
[12:23] <BachLynn23> it's on your user page
[12:23] <RubyRose17> ^
[12:23] <Comiclove> Yep
[12:23] <Comiclove> So now you can make 'nother char
[12:23] <Pikapi> alrighty then
[12:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted Lott
[12:24] <Pikapi> thx
[12:24] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hmmm... Should I make a badge of Approval for me?
[12:24] <MajinAbura> gtg guys
[12:24] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Bye Majin
[12:24] <Comiclove> bye majin
[12:24] <Comiclove> and sure, ducky
[12:25] <Comiclove> *is totally gonna get it first*
[12:25] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD Sure
[12:25] <Comiclove> :D
[12:25] <Comiclove> AWWW YEAH
[12:25] <RubyRose17> oooh yes you should
[12:26] <Moodle> If I accidentally spam something here, don't le kickban me
[12:26] <Moodle> I'm spamming my friend on steam
[12:26] <Moodle> .
[12:26] <Nhlott> Bloom YOU know what the munchies are, right?
[12:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> nope
[12:26] <Nhlott> ah
[12:27] <Comiclove> *pokes bach*
[12:27] <Nhlott> it's when you get REALLy hungry from being high
[12:27] <BachLynn23> *pokes comic*
[12:27] <Comiclove> Soooooo
[12:27] <Nhlott> Bach, where we le rp-ing?
[12:27] <Comiclove> Wassup?
[12:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> ah
[12:27] <BachLynn23> one minute
[12:27] <BachLynn23> I'm making a special page for us
[12:27] <Comiclove> us?
[12:27] <Comiclove> o.o
[12:28] <Nhlott> line thingy, por favor?
[12:28] <RubyRose17> hi hyu
[12:28] <Comiclove> |
[12:28] <RubyRose17> |
[12:28] <Comiclove> hey hyu
[12:28] <Nhlott> XD
[12:28] <Nhlott> thnx
[12:28] <Comiclove> Beatcha, Ruby
[12:28] <Comiclove> And Welcome
[12:28] <RubyRose17> :( lol
[12:28] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey hyu
[12:28] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey, have got a survey from community council? Hey everyone
[12:28] <Nhlott> why does everyone who meets Russ end up smokin with him? XF
[12:28] <Nhlott> *XD
[12:29] <RubyRose17> yeah @hyu, lots of us did
[12:29] <Moodle> lol lott
[12:29] <Comiclove> XDDDDDD
[12:29] <Comiclove> *is listening to BVB now*
[12:29] <Nhlott> posted, Bloom
[12:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> lara does not smoke anymore. she had some pretty scaring experiences in rehab ._.
[12:29] <Comiclove> Been so long since I've listened to a BVB Song
[12:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> poor thing *hugs Lara*
[12:29] <Comiclove> *such good memories*
[12:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> oooh watcha listening to Comic?
[12:30] <Moodle> scary experiences?
[12:30] <Comiclove> Perfect Weapon
[12:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> scarring*
[12:30] <Moodle> ah
[12:30] <Comiclove> *was somewhat odded out by the scream part*
[12:30] <Comiclove> :P
[12:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> nice choice. did chu ever listen to Rebel Yell?
[12:30] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Ruby:did you get it, ruby?
[12:30] <Comiclove> no
[12:30] <Comiclove> *looks that up*
[12:30] <RubyRose17> yeah
[12:30] <Comiclove> Oh, best way to sign a yearbook:
[12:31] <Comiclove> out of all this human filth, you're by far the dirtiest - Lots of love <3
[12:31] <Comiclove> :P
[12:31] <Hyugabyakugan12> Don't tell me that's just, what, testing or spam?
[12:31] <Comiclove> Well, to me it is, I got bored
[12:31] <Nhlott> Eh, Russ is a stoner and a cutter
[12:31] <Moodle> so bored atm
[12:31] <Comiclove> *resists dropkicking moodle*
[12:31] <Hgsanti> hey, who wants to look at my claim?
[12:31] <Comiclove> *so dropkicks P*
[12:31] <Comiclove> Not me :P
[12:31] <Comiclove> Claims are bloody murder to sort through
[12:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> coolio
[12:42] <Comiclove> Dah
[12:42] <Comiclove> Along with replacing the evil smile
[12:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> gods, chrome messed my all my codings -_-
[12:42] <Minxelfinforever> So, how could I get my character to join?
[12:42] <Comiclove> with a giant collage of every band that I love
[12:42] <Comiclove> and replacing the text
[12:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> just make a normal claim
[12:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> but instead of making it for a camp character, say it's for a hunter
[12:43] <Comiclove> ^
[12:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> so it'll count as a minor character
[12:43] <Nhlott> posted, BAch
[12:43] <RubyRose17> do i have your badge comi?
[12:43] <Comiclove> think so
[12:43] <Comiclove> check
[12:43] <RubyRose17> too lazy :P
[12:43] <Comiclove> and plus, it'll be renamed
[12:44] <Comiclove> Rock/Metal Knighting Certificate
[12:44] <Comiclove> :P
[12:44] <RubyRose17> mhmm fine *checks*
[12:44] <Comiclove> XP
[12:44] <Minxelfinforever> what if the chars already claimed?
[12:44] <Minxelfinforever> 
[12:44] <Comiclove> ummm, idk then
[12:44] <Comiclove> :/
[12:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> then you need to pledge your oath at their cabin
[12:44] <RubyRose17> ^
[12:44] <Comiclove> french heavy metal is very epic
[12:44] <Minxelfinforever> Ty, Bloom!
[12:45] <Minxelfinforever> and Ruby
[12:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> np Minx. I'm here to help
[12:45] <RubyRose17> *pokes comic* i no have your badge :(
[12:45] <Minxelfinforever> and Comic!
[12:45] <RubyRose17> np minx
[12:45] <Comiclove> Fakku
[12:45] <Comiclove> I'll add it after it gets revamped
[12:46] <RubyRose17> yay!
[12:46] <RubyRose17> Jen!
[12:46] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey jenna!
[12:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> Hai Jenna
[12:46] <Comiclove> *loves saying fakku so much he commissioned a drawing of a anime OC saying it with a big smile and the peace sign*
[12:46] <Comiclove> XDDDD
[12:46] <Hyugabyakugan12> *forgots ruby is my mom*
[12:46] <Jenna Fraen> hello
[12:46] <Comiclove> Hey Jenna
[12:46] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey motha
[12:46] <Comiclove> *dropkicks jenna*
[12:46] <Jenna Fraen> stupid lags >.>
[12:46] <Jenna Fraen> *jumps over dropkick*
[12:46] <Comiclove> Smart
[12:46] <Comiclove> *WHAT PERFECT SYMMETRY*
[12:46] <Jenna Fraen> :P
[12:46] <Comiclove> *Wait, no....*
[12:47] <Nhlott> posted, Bloom
[12:47] <Jenna Fraen> e,e wuh
[12:47] <Comiclove> Soul Eater reference XP
[12:47] <Comiclove> *read the new manga volume*
[12:47] <Comiclove> Now to wait another month for the next part
[12:47] <Comiclove> ....
[12:47] <Comiclove> e_e
[12:47] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[12:47] <Comiclove> Hey nyx
[12:48] <Nyxil> hi
[12:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted Lott
[12:48] <Nyxil> I'm trying to find a pic of a sword from Infinity Blade and cant find it with a white background
[12:48] <Nyxil> :(
[12:48] <Comiclove> color in the background?...
[12:48] <Nyxil> image in the background
[12:49] <Comiclove> Sorry, this Heavy metal's just too angelic, mind's not working XD
[12:49] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey nyx
[12:49] <Nyxil> hiiii
[12:49] <Ducks-r-homicidal> @Hyu http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lsezx4xpkZ1qejlczo1_500.gif
[12:49] <Comiclove> PM me the pic
[12:49] <Comiclove> or whatever
[12:49] <Comiclove> <_<
[12:49] <Comiclove> wtf XD
[12:49] <Comiclove> Ducky, PM
[12:49] <Comiclove> XP
[12:50] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Ducks: XD XD XD Oh epic!
[12:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> o.o *just saw a black rock shooter pic in bach's favorites*
[12:51] <Comiclove> o.o
[12:51] <Comiclove> Wait, is Black Rock Shooter a anime?
[12:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> vocaloid song, game, OVA, anime
[12:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> made in that order
[12:51] <Comiclove> Ah *sounds confused*
[12:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'll link you to the song in PM
[12:52] <Comiclove> Sweet
[12:52] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey bar
[12:52] <Barbett> hi
[12:53] <Comiclove> .
[12:53] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Jenna
[12:53] <Nhlott> posted, Bloom
[12:53] <Minxelfinforever> brb
[12:53] <Jenna Fraen> oi, vey, this comp
[12:53] <Comiclove> wb jenna
[12:53] <Comiclove> and hey barb
[12:53] <Jenna Fraen> oh, lookie my post on [[Reilly Maxwells]], the one with Ont's char
[12:53] <Jenna Fraen> and look at the last few posts
[12:53] <Barbett> hi comic
[12:53] <Ducks-r-homicidal> @Hyu http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lpzwlyJ0W61qb0585.gif
[12:54] <Nhlott> my god, I have such deep disdain for Ont
[12:54] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[12:54] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XP
[12:54] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Ducks: Hahahahahaha!!! XD XD
[12:54] <Comiclove> .
[12:54] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I divorced him cause he never talked about anything but rping
[12:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> oooh I also gave that char a lesson Jenna
[12:54] <Ducks-r-homicidal> and because i was having an affair with ale...
[12:54] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[12:54] <Jenna Fraen> *it's a him?*
[12:54] <Comiclove> Xd
[12:54] <Comiclove> XD*
[12:55] <Jenna Fraen> *always thought ont was a girl*
[12:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> it's an it
[12:55] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I did to
[12:55] <Ducks-r-homicidal> @jenna
[12:55] <Jenna Fraen> Reilly: Look at all the f*cks I give
[12:55] <Jenna Fraen> Bijiou: Um, did I do something wrong?
[12:55] <Jenna Fraen> Reilly: YES, existing
[12:55] <Jenna Fraen> 
[12:55] <Jenna Fraen> and your name is werd
[12:56] <Comiclove> .
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> *weird
[12:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> that gif was awesome XD
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> >:P
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> aw, I was just gonna tell comic something
[12:56] <Comiclove> Fakku
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> yay
[12:56] <Nhlott> creepy all his chars are female, no?
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> wait
[12:56] <Comiclove> This computer is so evil
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> omg i just realized that, lottie e.e
[12:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Well, I'm a chick but most of my charries are males
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> and comic *pokes*
[12:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> but I do have a female...
[12:56] <Comiclove> Yes?
[12:57] <BachLynn23> back
[12:57] <BachLynn23> btw, going afk
[12:57] <BachLynn23> btw back now
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> I'm reading a book where there's this teacher, and he's a sexual predator
[12:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> o.o
[12:57] <Ducks-r-homicidal> So you think of comic?
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> and I was thinking "This will probably be Comic if he ever becomes a teacher...."
[12:57] <Hyugabyakugan12> Really? Like perverted or something, jenna?
[12:57] <Comiclove> *why am I "so surprised?"*
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[12:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> *remembers of her math teacher*
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> He hits on all the senior girls
[12:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.<
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> because he's smart
[12:57] <Hyugabyakugan12> In our school, all male teachers are considered gays
[12:57] <Comiclove> ?
[12:58] <Jenna Fraen> soon they won't be his students anymore
[12:58] <Jenna Fraen> and over eighteen
[12:58] <Comiclove> rofl
[12:58] <Jenna Fraen> so he's free to screw with them
[12:58] <Comiclove> XD
[12:58] <Jenna Fraen> as creepy as it may be
[12:58] <Nhlott> we had one gay male teacher
[12:58] <Comiclove> *finds this humorous in a twisted way*
[12:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted Lott
[12:58] <Nhlott> everybody made fun of him
[12:58] <Comiclove> what 'bout you? :P
[12:58] <Nhlott> I didn't care, I never had him
[12:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> I have a bi perv teacher who hits on me ._.
[12:59] <Comiclove> ._.
[12:59] <Comiclove> WTF
[12:59] <Comiclove> *throws heavy metal CD's at them*
[12:59] <Ducks-r-homicidal> O_O
[12:59] <Jenna Fraen> My science teacher who looks like a a cross between Irish Vampire and pig
[12:59] <Jenna Fraen> he's strange
[12:59] <BachLynn23> OMG in my high school we had these 2 female teachers this one year, I swear they were lesbians/couple, and not the hot kind of lesbians, the rosie o'donnel kind
[12:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> meh, as long as I get a good grade, he can do whatever he wants with me XD
[12:59] <Comiclove> ROFL
[12:59] <Jenna Fraen> My French teacher is a Nazi, too
[01:00] <Jenna Fraen> or served in some war at sometime
[01:00] <Jenna Fraen> *she teaches like we're in military school*
[01:00] <Nyxil> wtfu.......................................................
[01:00] <Jenna Fraen> "what the f*ck you?"
[01:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> We had a lesbian gym teacher who got fired for coming to school from spring break with a tattoo of a naked chick on her arm
[01:00] <Jenna Fraen> that don't make sense
[01:00] <Nyxil> no
[01:00] <Jenna Fraen> wait, omg ducks
[01:00] <Nyxil> like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
[01:01] <Jenna Fraen> I want that teacher :P
[01:01] <Jrite10> @king pm
[01:01] <Nyxil> its just cutting it off
[01:01] <Jenna Fraen> she sounds badass
[01:01] <Comiclove> Yep
[01:01] <Nhlott> I remember this one dude, real douchebag, put a powerade bottle in his pants to make it look like he had a boner and walked by him.
[01:01] <Nhlott> He stared the entire way
[01:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> I like my PE teacher. she gives us dance classes
[01:01] <Comiclove> ROFLMAO
[01:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Like when she tried to talk to you
[01:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> in the locker room
[01:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> while were chaning
[01:01] <Sean187jr> Lmao
[01:01] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *changing
[01:01] <Nhlott> Ducks, I'm sorry the tattoo thing's hilarious
[01:02] <Comiclove> *puts on masquerade mask*
[01:02] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[01:02] <Jenna Fraen> I had a gym teacher in elementary who we all thought was a man, until we were old enough to realize her hair was far too long to be a man's
[01:02] <Comiclove> ROFLMMFAOOL
[01:02] <Jenna Fraen> and her veins popped out in her neck
[01:02] <Jenna Fraen> I swore, she could've been taking drugs, from the way she acted
[01:03] <Nhlott> our band director got moved to another school for sleeping with this one chick on the color guard
[01:03] <Nhlott> not fired
[01:03] <Nhlott> moved
[01:03] <Comiclove> Ahahaha, XD
[01:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> craaaaaap, I should've been in bed for an hour already O.O
[01:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *has a teacher who looks like a turkey with her 8 double chins*
[01:03] <Comiclove> rofl
[01:03] <Jenna Fraen> e,e
[01:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I went up to touch it once
[01:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> bad idea
[01:03] <Comiclove> and i have to go in a hour
[01:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> my mom is going to murder me
[01:03] <Comiclove> No she won't
[01:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> gtg, before that happens.
[01:03] <Jenna Fraen> My guidance counselor is really tall
[01:03] <Comiclove> bye bloom
[01:03] <Jenna Fraen> and she wears high heels
[01:03] <Comiclove> *hugs*
[01:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> she could do worse, take away my computer
[01:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs back*
[01:03] <Nhlott> byes, Bloom
[01:03] <Nhlott> *hugs*
[01:04] <Jenna Fraen> baiz bloom
[01:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> if I don't come back, it's because she took it away from me
[01:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> My guidance counselor recommended counseling
[01:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> bye *hugs back*
[01:04] <Jenna Fraen> brb
[01:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> and sensitivity training
[01:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> @Hyu
[01:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2i1gijBdh1rtjnmjo1_400.gif
[01:05] <Comiclove> for what, ducks?
[01:05] <Minxelfinforever> back
[01:05] <Jrite10> so who wants to rp for a little while
[01:05] <Comiclove> hey minx
[01:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> being more sensitive
[01:05] <Comiclove> not me, J
[01:05] <Minxelfinforever> hey comic!
[01:05] <Comiclove> :P
[01:05] <Comiclove> ah
[01:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> to others feelings
[01:05] <Comiclove> Bah
[01:05] <Comiclove> That's bullshit
[01:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Apparently I have a black hole for a heart
[01:05] <Comiclove> I have a 3-barreled gun for mine XD
[01:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XDD
[01:05] <Comiclove> My friends put it that way, as I have like 3 sides of me xD
[01:05] <Head of Ravenclaw> Omg
[01:06] <Comiclove> Oh, the joys of Schizophrenia
[01:06] <RubyRose17> hey raven
[01:06] <BachLynn23> hey J, were we stil rp'ing Celinda with crap what's his name
[01:06] <Nhlott> I love rping Russs
[01:06] <Head of Ravenclaw> Did everyone get an alert saying they're selected to apply for council?
[01:06] <Comiclove> Yep
[01:06] <BachLynn23> I didn't but I already am a member
[01:06] <RubyRose17> pretty much
[01:06] <Comiclove> I'm not going for it
[01:06] <Comiclove> Cause I have duties in the
[01:06] <Head of Ravenclaw> I am (laughing) 
[01:06] <Comiclove> Rock/Metal Monarchy
[01:06] <Comiclove> :P
[01:06] <RubyRose17> me too
[01:06] <Jrite10> ok bach
[01:06] <Comiclove> Ruby's part of the monarchy?
[01:06] <BachLynn23> sweet
[01:06] <Jrite10> I will post
[01:06] <Comiclove> :OOOOOOOO
[01:07] <Comiclove> *never knew*
[01:07] <Comiclove> for SOA's story thing
[01:07] <BachLynn23> she's still single
[01:07] <Nhlott> posted,Bach
[01:07] <Comiclove> I have one of the most screwed up character appearances planned for The Dominion
[01:07] <RubyRose17> that was at raven @comic
[01:07] <Comiclove> Oh
[01:07] <Comiclove> :(
[01:07] <Jrite10> and bach how could you marry someone else without telling you were divorcing me first *tears start streaming down his face*
[01:07] <BachLynn23> (sad) 
[01:08] <BachLynn23> I sowwy
[01:08] <Nhlott> Anyone else, rp?
[01:08] <Nhlott> I wanna have at least 2 goin at once
[01:08] <BachLynn23> I'm bi-polar
[01:08] <Comiclove> nein
[01:08] <Comiclove> I'm Tripolar
[01:08] <BachLynn23> yes but I also have borderline personality disorder
[01:08] <Comiclove> you do?
[01:08] <BachLynn23> yea
[01:08] <Jrite10> its no problem I am just a drama king
[01:08] <BachLynn23> XD
[01:08] <Comiclove> Oh, right
[01:08] <BachLynn23> but I saved you celinda
[01:08] <Comiclove> *remembers*
[01:08] <BachLynn23> I didn't bone you in that
[01:08] <Comiclove> *dirty thought*
[01:08] <Comiclove> *facedesk*
[01:08] <BachLynn23> XD
[01:08] <Nhlott> But I can bone-nvm
[01:08] <Comiclove> now, repeat!
[01:08] <BachLynn23> *sits on lott*
[01:09] <Comiclove> *facedesk*
[01:09] <BachLynn23> what were you saying?
[01:09] <Comiclove> *double facedesk*
[01:09] <Comiclove> *triple facedesk*
[01:09] <Comiclove> C-C-Combo Breaker
[01:09] <Jrite10> and lott I will rp, do wanna rp on here, x-men, or Hunger
[01:09] <Nhlott> ooh... >:)
[01:09] <Comiclove> *quadruple facedesk*
[01:09] <Nhlott> X-men's not dead?
[01:09] <Jrite10> no 
[01:09] <Comiclove> I'm not a headbanger
[01:09] <Nhlott> O.O
[01:09] <Comiclove> I'm a facedesker
[01:09] <Comiclove> O.O
[01:09] <BachLynn23> O.O
[01:09] <Comiclove> Whoa, it's still alive?
[01:09] <Comiclove> O.O
[01:09] <Jrite10> drag is apparently coming back
[01:09] <BachLynn23> *didn't want to feel left out*
[01:09] <Comiclove> Oh, right
[01:09] <Comiclove> XD
[01:10] <BachLynn23> drag says he's coming back like every 2 weeks
[01:10] <BachLynn23> and never does
[01:10] <Comiclove> then i'll dropkick him
[01:10] <Comiclove> with the power of FLAGSHIP SUPREME
[01:10] <Comiclove> XP
[01:10] <Nyxil> bye all peoples!
[01:10] <Comiclove> IDK, FGSS is a new theme for me
[01:10] <Comiclove> bye nix
[01:10] <Comiclove> nyx*
[01:10] <Jrite10> so lott is that a yes or a no??
[01:10] <Comiclove> I'll try to get that sword pic to you by thursday
[01:10] <Comiclove> nvm
[01:11] <Jrite10> posted bach
[01:11] <BachLynn23> yay (bounce) 
[01:11] <Jrite10> hopefully this relationship sticks
[01:11] <Comiclove> *hopes for that too*
[01:11] <Comiclove> *and i'll never tell you why*
[01:11] <BachLynn23> I hope so, I've tried rp'ing her with others, and just hasn't clicked with anyone
[01:11] <Comiclove> wb lott
[01:11] <Comiclove> *dirty thought*
[01:11] <BachLynn23> and the last time we rp'd them it seemed to go well
[01:11] <Comiclove> Wowwwww
[01:11] <Barbett> wb Lott
[01:12] <Comiclove> Ducky, PM
[01:12] <Comiclove> xP
[01:12] <Nhlott> thnx
[01:12] <BachLynn23> but now that Alej left I have a single guy again, poor brock
[01:12] <BachLynn23> *kicks chrome*
[01:12] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *has a bisexual ghost that teases bach*
[01:12] <BachLynn23> XP
[01:12] <Comiclove> *smashes guitar over someone's head*
[01:13] <Nhlott> Bach chu posted on le fire?
[01:13] <BachLynn23> *smashes comic over someone's head*
[01:13] <BachLynn23> trying to, hence my kicking of chrome
[01:13] <BachLynn23> *limps to lott*
[01:13] <Comiclove> WOOOOOOOOO
[01:13] <Nhlott> *bandages Bach's toes*
[01:13] <Kingbirdy> dammit, bach, that was a new head too
[01:13] <Comiclove> XD
[01:13] <Comiclove> Sorry king
[01:13] <Comiclove> *uses alchemy to give king a metalhead*
[01:13] <Comiclove> :P
[01:13] <BachLynn23> O.O *thought wrong*
[01:13] <Comiclove> XDDD
[01:14] <BachLynn23> ya know, when guys talk about their heads, they really need to specify which one
[01:14] <Jrite10> so that is one problem solved
[01:14] <BachLynn23> it would marginally make my mind less in the gutter
[01:14] <Nhlott> Speaking of fire, is it bad I want there to be a massive fire at camp in which only all of Ont's chars dies?
[01:14] <Comiclove> No
[01:14] <Kingbirdy> you didnt specify either bach ;D
[01:14] <BachLynn23> XD true
[01:14] <Comiclove> just like I want a missile to wipe out all of pikapi's friends and family
[01:14] <Comiclove> and him
[01:14] <Barbett> you probly would have to kill off afew randoms so no one got suspicious
[01:15] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Lott why do you hate Ont so much?
[01:15] <Nhlott> that's a bit much, Comi
[01:15] <Nhlott> He's a creeper and is just in general annoying
[01:15] <Comiclove> Not as much as what blood wants
[01:15] <Comiclove> XP
[01:15] <Comiclove> and nah, I love hate
[01:15] <BachLynn23> @lott I posted but I had a hard time describing how she's sitting
[01:15] <Comiclove> *dirty thought*
[01:16] <Comiclove> is she sitting on him?
[01:16] <Comiclove> :P
[01:16] <Jrite10> so I had a dream i was in the hunger games last night
[01:16] <BachLynn23> not quite
[01:16] <Comiclove> *sorry, had to*
[01:16] <Comiclove> ah, lap?
[01:16] <Nhlott> did you die?
[01:16] <BachLynn23> OMG I did too J
[01:16] <Comiclove> *is feeling badass today*
[01:16] <Comiclove> I had a dream...
[01:16] <Barbett> did you win?
[01:16] <BachLynn23> only cuz I started reading the book last night
[01:16] <Comiclove> where..
[01:16] <Comiclove> Wait, too explicit
[01:16] <Comiclove> ...
[01:16] <Comiclove> Yeah, ducks might know who's in it
[01:16] <Comiclove> ;P
[01:16] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Wait what?
[01:16] <Jrite10> and you guys were in there too, bach, lott, and king made up the career pack
[01:16] <Comiclove> Nothing
[01:16] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I didn't do it!
[01:16] <Comiclove> ROFL
[01:16] <Kingbirdy> dd I win?
[01:17] <Comiclove> I won
[01:17] <Comiclove> :D
[01:17] <Jrite10> and no i did not win but i did not die at the bloodbath
[01:17] <Nhlott> I wanna say I won, or was close
[01:17] <Comiclove> who won?
[01:17] <Comiclove> and was I in it?
[01:17] <Jrite10> i gtg
[01:17] <Comiclove> Die J
[01:17] <Nhlott> No, who won?
[01:17] <Barbett> well as long as you survived the bloodbath people shoud respect your memory
[01:17] <Comiclove> *has grim reaper death scythe and gun blade out*
[01:17] <Comiclove> :P
[01:17] <Nhlott> damn chu!!!
[01:17] <Comiclove> *damns pikachu*
[01:17] <Comiclove> May the gods have no mercy on you, Pick-a-chu
[01:18] <Comiclove> oh, for a History project
[01:18] <Comiclove> I have to dress as a priest
[01:18] <Comiclove> Me: .........do I get a knife and shit like from the movie Priest or whatever?
[01:18] <Comiclove> *totally loved it*
[01:19] <Comiclove> .
[01:19] <BachLynn23> *gives comic some little boys for props*
[01:19] <BachLynn23> you'll need those
[01:19] <BachLynn23> >.<
[01:19] <Nhlott> XD
[01:19] <Comiclove> Thanks
[01:19] <Comiclove> XD
[01:20] <Barbett> I'm speechless
[01:20] <Comiclove> ..
[01:20] <Comiclove> I'm speechful now
[01:20] <Nhlott> ♫I'm gonna make love to ya woman. I'm gonna lay ya down by the fiiiiire......♫
[01:20] <Comiclove> :P
[01:20] <Comiclove> ROFLMAO
[01:21] <Barbett> uh nice song lott good luck with that
[01:21] <Nhlott> Ah, I miss ya, Issac Hayes
[01:21] <Comiclove> omg, I totally want to start a heavy metal/post-grunge band
[01:21] <Comiclove> and a prog rock/hard rock supergroup
[01:21] <Comiclove> DX
[01:21] <Nhlott> I'm in a indie/hipster rock/folk band
[01:22] <Nhlott> we're a very indecisive band
[01:22] <Comiclove> *orlynao*
[01:22] <Comiclove> Hey Ob
[01:22] <Oblivion26> hey guys
[01:22] <Barbett> hello
[01:22] <Comiclove> *dropkicks ob*
[01:22] <Oblivion26> O.O
[01:22] <Oblivion26> why did you do that??
[01:22] <Comiclove> Kon-CHO!
[01:22] <Comiclove> idefk
[01:22] <Oblivion26> Kon what?
[01:22] <Comiclove> XP
[01:23] <Comiclove> IDK, it's a school prank saying
[01:23] <Sean187jr> *jump kicks comic*
[01:23] <Oblivion26> oh...
[01:23] <Comiclove> when you shove the 2 index fingers into someone's anal region
[01:23] <Comiclove> *dodges*
[01:23] <Oblivion26> *still doesnt get it*
[01:23] <Comiclove> e_e
[01:23] <Comiclove> nearly had that happen to me today 
[01:23] <Oblivion26> :P
[01:23] <Comiclove> But I'm like
[01:23] <Comiclove> WTF are you doing, man?!
[01:23] <Nhlott> yea, we be the Outlaus
[01:23] <Comiclove> Cool
[01:23] <Sean187jr> *punches comic in the face*
[01:24] <Oblivion26> *Outlaws
[01:24] <Oblivion26> grammar lott :P
[01:24] <Oblivion26> XD
[01:24] <Oblivion26> and Sean, stop
[01:24] <Comiclove> *dodges*
[01:24] <Oblivion26> comic has enough to worry about
[01:24] <Nhlott> No, we spell it Outlaus
[01:24] <Oblivion26> O.o
[01:24] <Comiclove> yes, I have various psychological personas all chanting
[01:24] <Oblivion26> but thats wrong.....
[01:24] <Comiclove> eat it, eat it
[01:24] <Comiclove> So?
[01:24] <Nhlott> that's the point
[01:24] <Comiclove> It's a awesome way to spell it
[01:24] <Nhlott> like Korn
[01:24] <Comiclove> *loves Korn*
[01:25] <Comiclove> That band is F*cking epic
[01:25] <Oblivion26> O.O
[01:25] <Oblivion26> its....its Corn........
[01:25] <Comiclove> ROFLMAO
[01:25] <Comiclove> Poor Ob, he might have a meltdown
[01:25] <Barbett> definitly shows the inde/hipster rock/ folk vibe o the band though
[01:25] <Oblivion26> wait, these are BANDS?
[01:25] <Comiclove> yes
[01:25] <Oblivion26> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[01:25] <Comiclove> ROFL
[01:25] <Oblivion26> omg, i thought thats how people actually spelled things where you were
[01:25] <Comiclove> you realize this now?
[01:25] <Comiclove> roflmao
[01:25] <Oblivion26> i was like e.e
[01:26] <Comiclove> xDDDDDD
[01:26] <Theharlequin> Hey
[01:26] <Comiclove> Hey Harle
[01:26] <Oblivion26> holas harle
[01:26] <Barbett> hi harle
[01:26] <Comiclove> *hands harle a drink*
[01:26] <Comiclove> :P
[01:26] <Comiclove> 
[01:26] <Oblivion26> so who got a invitation to the Community Council thing?
[01:26] <Comiclove> Everyone
[01:26] <Comiclove> *not going*
[01:26] <Nhlott> ROFL
[01:26] <Nhlott> 
[01:26] <Oblivion26> seriously?
[01:26] <Oblivion26> everyone did?
[01:26] <BachLynn23> I've already been a member for a year
[01:26] <Oblivion26> O.O
[01:27] <Comiclove> yeah
[01:27] <Nhlott> I think so?
[01:27] <Oblivion26> awwwwwwwww, i thought i was special XP
[01:27] <Comiclove> yeah
[01:27] <Comiclove> i'm like
[01:27] <BachLynn23> they tried being selective about it last year
[01:27] <Comiclove> *rolls eyes* whatever
[01:27] <Nhlott> Oh, and I just got word, apparently we do Ska too -_-
[01:27] <BachLynn23> and half the people who actually signed up
[01:27] <Oblivion26> Ska?
[01:27] <BachLynn23> never showed up
[01:27] <Comiclove> Ska Punk, or just Ska?
[01:27] <Comiclove> *likes Ska Punk more*
[01:27] <Nhlott> Just Ska
[01:27] <Comiclove> e_e
[01:27] <Oblivion26> Ska?
[01:27] <Comiclove> I can stand it if it's Ska Punk
[01:27] <Comiclove> type of music, ob
[01:27] <Nhlott> Ska's like uber happy rock with a brass section
[01:27] <Minxelfinforever> Do demigods lose anything if they become a huntress?
[01:28] <Comiclove> ^@Lott
[01:28] <Oblivion26> damn
[01:28] <Barbett> wow lott that is some band bet you have awsome music
[01:28] <Nhlott> their demi powers
[01:28] <BachLynn23> technically I'm more special, cuz I got an actual email off wiki about continuing to be a member
[01:28] <Comiclove> Ska Punk is Ska, but with Punk rock thrown in
[01:28] <BachLynn23> :-P
[01:28] <Comiclove> ROFLMAO
[01:28] <Comiclove> Lucky Bach
[01:28] <Comiclove> :P
[01:28] <Oblivion26> hmph
[01:28] <Oblivion26> XP
[01:28] <Comiclove> XD
[01:28] <BachLynn23> >.<
[01:28] <Minxelfinforever> @Lott Can they still reside in their godly parents cabin?
[01:28] <Nhlott> no
[01:28] <Oblivion26> nope
[01:28] <BachLynn23> *thought minx said ride*
[01:28] <BachLynn23> O.O
[01:28] <Oblivion26> XD
[01:28] <Minxelfinforever> omg
[01:28] <Comiclove> OB, Dream Drop Distance come out in North America yet?
[01:28] <Minxelfinforever> cx
[01:28] <Nhlott> They live in Artemis' Cabin
[01:28] <Comiclove> and Bach
[01:28] <Comiclove> XDDDD
[01:28] <Comiclove> ROFLMAO
[01:29] <Oblivion26> wait.....why would they f*ck thier cabin? O.O
[01:29] <BachLynn23> >.<
[01:29] <BachLynn23> hence my confusion
[01:29] <Comiclove> XD
[01:29] <BachLynn23> and my O.O
[01:29] <Comiclove> Ob
[01:29] <BachLynn23> and then...oh read that wrong
[01:29] <BachLynn23> nm
[01:29] <Comiclove> Did Dream Drop Distance come out in North America?
[01:29] <Oblivion26> i just realized why it was so wrong....
[01:29] <Comiclove> XPPPP
[01:29] <Minxelfinforever> Thank you so much for the info, Lott!
[01:29] <Oblivion26> not yet comic :(
[01:29] <BachLynn23> technically I didn't see cabin
[01:29] <Nhlott> np
[01:29] <BachLynn23> just can they...........ride............their godly parent
[01:29] <Comiclove> Awwww@Ob
[01:29] <Oblivion26> O.o
[01:29] <Comiclove> ROFLMAO
[01:29] <Comiclove> That'd been interesting
[01:30] <BachLynn23> that'd be gross
[01:30] <Oblivion26> did it come out where you are comic?
[01:30] <BachLynn23> >.<
[01:30] <Comiclove> Wait, maybe Rowan's mom did that XD
[01:30] <BachLynn23> even if the gods don't have dna
[01:30] <Comiclove> *sorry, had to*
[01:30] <Comiclove> no, ob
[01:30] <Comiclove> I think one of my friends, Erica
[01:30] <BachLynn23> it wasn't her parent god
[01:30] <Comiclove> she's gonna get it from japan
[01:30] <Oblivion26> what does Rowan have to do with this?
[01:30] <Comiclove> relatives are there
[01:30] <Comiclove> nothing <_<
[01:30] <Comiclove> XD
[01:30] <Oblivion26> ohh
[01:30] <Oblivion26> luck b*tch
[01:30] <Comiclove> yeah, I'm jealous of Erica
[01:30] <Comiclove> >_>
[01:30] <BachLynn23> Rowan's mum who was a child of Apollo had sex with morpheus
[01:30] <Comiclove> I'd kill bach to get DDD
[01:30] <Nhlott> What?
[01:30] <Nhlott> Rowan's mom's dad was Apollo
[01:31] <Comiclove> Yep
[01:31] <Comiclove> XP
[01:31] <Comiclove> *i got lost*
[01:31] <Comiclove> XP
[01:31] <Oblivion26> whoa.....
[01:31] <Nhlott> so what are you talkin about?
[01:31] <BachLynn23> *buys comic a map*
[01:31] <Oblivion26> a bit....extreme comic?
[01:31] <Comiclove> *has a map*
[01:31] <Oblivion26> XD
[01:31] <Comiclove> *throws it over his shoulder*
[01:31] <Nhlott> omfg, Ont has made yet another char
[01:31] <Comiclove> It doesn't have Nibelheim or Midgar DX
[01:31] <Comiclove> XP
[01:31] <Comiclove> Wait, wow
[01:31] <Comiclove> -_-
[01:31] <Comiclove> XP
[01:32] <Comiclove> ..
[01:32] <Barbett> uh who is Ont?
[01:32] <Oblivion26> whats wrong with Ont's chars?
[01:32] <Comiclove> Ontario101
[01:32] <Nhlott> that's what like 3 in the past week?
[01:32] <Oblivion26> O.O
[01:32] <Comiclove> O_O
[01:32] <Comiclove> Whoaaaaa
[01:32] <Oblivion26> wait what now
[01:32] <Oblivion26> what level is he?
[01:32] <Comiclove> Char Spam
[01:32] <Oblivion26> ^
[01:32] <Oblivion26> a new cloe
[01:32] <BachLynn23> he's a 5
[01:32] <Oblivion26> oh god....
[01:32] <Comiclove> That's like the LCO or WST Thing
[01:32] <BachLynn23> he's been a 5 for awhile
[01:32] <Nhlott> 5, he's all set there
[01:32] <Oblivion26> ohh, ok
[01:32] <Comiclove> e_e
[01:32] <Nhlott> but it's like wtf, dude
[01:32] <Oblivion26> new cloe, im telling you
[01:32] <Comiclove> yes
[01:33] <Comiclove> a new Cloe, LCO, and WST
[01:33] <Comiclove> e_e
[01:33] <Barbett> I thought you had a limit on char. as you do have to play with all of them
[01:33] <Oblivion26> LCO and WST?
[01:33] <Comiclove> RP*, not play
[01:33] <Nhlott> limit's 12
[01:33] <Comiclove> that sounded wrong to me
[01:33] <Bctcz> Ello My Loverlies
[01:33] <Nhlott> he has 9
[01:33] <Oblivion26> isnt the limit 8?
[01:33] <Nhlott> B!!!
[01:33] <Nhlott> *glompz*
[01:33] <BachLynn23> Ontario is pulling an annawise
[01:33] <Comiclove> LoveCatsOwls, and WisdomShowsTruth, ob
[01:33] <Oblivion26> hey B :D
[01:33] <Barbett> hello bctcz
[01:33] <Bctcz> LOTTIE!
[01:33] <BachLynn23> he has like 29 images of diff red heads
[01:33] <Nhlott> BC are now expendable
[01:33] <BachLynn23> all on one charie
[01:33] <Comiclove> WTF
[01:33] <Bctcz> *glompz back*
[01:33] <Comiclove> WTMF
[01:33] <Oblivion26> ohh
[01:33] <BachLynn23> [[Victoria Rigg|Victoria_Rigg]]
[01:33] <Nhlott> B, I posted on Bren :P
[01:33] <Oblivion26> he has to take some off
[01:33] <Comiclove> What kind of last name is Rigg?
[01:33] <Bctcz> OBBIE!
[01:33] <Oblivion26> hey :D
[01:34] <Comiclove> *read some as something*
[01:34] <Bctcz> Okie
[01:34] <Comiclove> *thought dirty*
[01:34] <Comiclove> Hey B
[01:34] <Comiclove> wb Ruby
[01:34] <Bctcz> Ello Comi
[01:34] <RubyRose17> thanks
[01:34] <Nhlott> More than 10 pics, and I'm like "Really?"
[01:34] <Comiclove> *hugs B awkwardly*
[01:34] <Comiclove> Welcome, obviously
[01:34] <BachLynn23> Lethal Weapon, the black guy's last name is Riggs
[01:34] <Bctcz> So many redheads in Eris. 
[01:34] <BachLynn23> and they aren't even the same model
[01:34] <Bctcz> *tackles Comi*
[01:34] <Comiclove> wtbh
[01:34] <BachLynn23> I mean if they were at least all the same model I'd maybe udnerstand
[01:34] <Comiclove> *is tackled*
[01:34] <BachLynn23> but they aren't
[01:34] <Comiclove> Hello there >_>
[01:34] <Comiclove> *already taken*
[01:34] <Nhlott> Money says he challenges within a week
[01:34] <Oblivion26> id say a day
[01:34] <Bctcz> Booo
[01:35] <Comiclove> why the tackle also?
[01:35] <Comiclove> XD
[01:35] <Comiclove> *uncomfortable*
[01:35] <Comiclove> Hey Cam o/ 
[01:35] <Bctcz> Tackles are fun. Watch.
[01:35] <Nhlott> Julio's willing to put a hurtin on her
[01:35] <Bctcz> *tackles Obbie*
[01:35] <Bctcz> Do it!
[01:35] <Cameron.johnson12> long time so see
[01:35] <Comiclove> So True B
[01:35] <Comiclove> So True
[01:35] <Comiclove> Yep@Cam
[01:35] <Comiclove> *tackle dropkicks ruby*
[01:35] <Oblivion26> owwwww......
[01:35] <Nhlott> oh, you tackle him, but not your husband?
[01:35] <RubyRose17> owww :P
[01:35] <Comiclove> XDDDDDDDDD
[01:35] <Bctcz> *tackles Lottie*
[01:35] <Bctcz> But I hug you? Isnt that better than a tackle?
[01:36] <Cameron.johnson12> *punches Comic in the balls*
[01:36] <Comiclove> nope
[01:36] <Nhlott> that all depends
[01:36] <Comiclove> *dodges*
[01:36] <Bctcz> I wanna change Rylee's name. There are like three rylee's in Eris cabin
[01:36] <Comiclove> *in Undertaker sing song voice*
[01:36] <Oblivion26> what is with everyone wanting to hurt comic today?
[01:36] <Cosmiggy> Hey guys
[01:36] <Bctcz> Depends on what?
[01:36] <Comiclove> Hissy Hissy, Someone's Pissy!
[01:36] <Nhlott> y'know ;)
[01:36] <Comiclove> >:3
[01:36] <Comiclove> ROFLMAO
[01:36] <Comiclove> idk Ob
[01:36] <Comiclove> Noobs love picking fights with me
[01:36] <Oblivion26> XD
[01:36] <Comiclove> but they have not experienced my ninja skills
[01:36] <BachLynn23> 3 rylee's where?
[01:36] <BachLynn23> I only see one
[01:36] <Comiclove> 
[01:36] <Comiclove> XD
[01:36] <Oblivion26> so ur like a mini ghost?
[01:37] <Comiclove> Pretty much
[01:37] <Bctcz> Eris. All spelled differently though
[01:37] <Comiclove> XP
[01:37] <Oblivion26> XD
[01:37] <Bctcz> Rylee Rylie and Rielly
[01:37] <Comiclove> I just realized that O.O
[01:37] <Comiclove> I'm somewhat like Ghost...
[01:37] <Nhlott> .....and I just got Julio.........I feel left out
[01:37] <Oblivion26> only with chill pills XD
[01:37] <Comiclove> lots
[01:37] <Bctcz> Awww 
[01:37] <Nhlott> *changes his name to Reily*
[01:37] <Comiclove> and schizophrenia
[01:37] <Bctcz> XD
[01:37] <Comiclove> and kleptomania
[01:37] <Oblivion26> XD
[01:37] <Comiclove> :P
[01:37] <BachLynn23> yea but didn't gypsy make hers first?
[01:37] <Comiclove> What else?
[01:38] <Nhlott> I think so
[01:38] <Oblivion26> hey, im a klepto too!
[01:38] <Comiclove> oCD
[01:38] <Oblivion26> :D
[01:38] <Comiclove> :D
[01:38] <Oblivion26> XD
[01:38] <Comiclove> KLEPTOS, UNITE
[01:38] <Nhlott> Gyps' is like old
[01:38] <Bctcz> That she did.
[01:38] <Oblivion26> XD *steals everyone's pants*
[01:38] <Oblivion26> WHOOOO
[01:38] <Comiclove> O_O
[01:38] <Comiclove> DUDE
[01:38] <Oblivion26> wait...
[01:38] <Oblivion26> O.O
[01:38] <Comiclove> Perv
[01:38] <Oblivion26> no!
[01:38] <Comiclove> TPYLE's a Klepto, too
[01:38] <BachLynn23> soooo if you knew there was a riley already
[01:38] <Oblivion26> thier belts are shiny....
[01:38] <Comiclove> she steals a lot of quarters
[01:38] <BachLynn23> why use the name
[01:38] <Comiclove> *read belts as balls*
[01:38] <Comiclove> *facesword*
[01:38] <Oblivion26> *facepalm*
[01:39] <Bctcz> I thought two was okay, but now I regret the decision. But I can live
[01:39] <Barbett> maybe riley is like Jennifer just really poplar as a name
[01:39] <Nhlott> Bach, you get rid of Isaiah?
[01:39] <Comiclove> Oh, ob, moodle's using cloud cosplay for a character claim/char XD
[01:39] <Barbett> I found out there was another Annastasia in another cabin after I made mine
[01:39] <Bctcz> Althought Rylee/Rylie/Rielly does suit an Eris girl as a name
[01:39] <Oblivion26> XD cool
[01:39] <BachLynn23> I just said he's missing
[01:39] <Comiclove> He found a loophole for recognizable pictures, doesn't apply to cosplay
[01:39] <Comiclove> but i'm thinking
[01:39] <Nhlott> kks
[01:40] <Comiclove> whoever shows up at camp in cloud cosplay
[01:40] <Comiclove> is badass
[01:40] <Oblivion26> XD
[01:40] <Comiclove> cause, imagine if there's a Fusion Sword made of every CHB metal
[01:40] <Oblivion26> with the giant sword?
[01:40] <Comiclove> That'd be sick as hell
[01:40] <Nhlott> ooh, my name's gold in recent activity
[01:40] <Comiclove> Yeah, Fusion Swords
[01:40] <Minxelfinforever> :D
[01:40] <Oblivion26> XD
[01:40] <Oblivion26> cool
[01:40] <Comiclove> I'd be all
[01:40] <Comiclove> O.O
[01:40] <Comiclove> Cause that'd be badass to pull that off
[01:41] <Comiclove> *licks someone*
[01:41] <RubyRose17> *is that someone* :P
[01:41] <Oblivion26> *not him*
[01:41] <Nhlott> *wants pizza*
[01:41] <Comiclove> Smart boy
[01:41] <Comiclove> and
[01:41] <Comiclove> *shoves pizza down lott's throat*
[01:41] <Nhlott> I think I'm gonna give up on the phobos contest
[01:41] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[01:42] <Comiclove> Thank me later
[01:42] <Oblivion26> why lott?
[01:42] <Comiclove> ^
[01:42] <Bctcz> OH Lottie posted on Brennan
[01:42] <Barbett> * sits quietly in a corner and pulls out a book to read*
[01:42] <Oblivion26> its really intreting with everyone in :D
[01:42] <Oblivion26> *in it
[01:42] <Comiclove> *peaks over barb's shoulder*
[01:42] <Nhlott> Can't f*ckin focus
[01:42] <Comiclove> What book is it?
[01:42] <Barbett> what now you pay attention to me?
[01:43] <Minxelfinforever> I'm gonna make a new char ^-^
[01:43] <Nhlott> My Aphro entry is like 65% done so I'm too invested
[01:43] <Oblivion26> you're doing aphro too?
[01:43] <Nhlott> yea
[01:43] <Oblivion26> i would do it, but i already have an aphro kid
[01:43] <Oblivion26> i would never want two chars same cabin
[01:43] <Nhlott> with work it's hard to find the time to work on then and the guild
[01:43] <Nhlott> *them
[01:43] <Oblivion26> the guild?
[01:44] <Nhlott> rp wiki I made
[01:44] <Nhlott> finished yesterday
[01:44] <Oblivion26> cool :D
[01:44] <Oblivion26> actually, speaking of rp wiki
[01:44] <Oblivion26> has lele been on recently?
[01:44] <Barbett> with other people? cause playin with yourself is going to get people talkin
[01:44] <Nhlott> it's the only thing that it didn't give me a headache to work on
[01:44] <Oblivion26> Bar....just no...
[01:45] <Nhlott> I'm considering takin some of my friend's Adderall
[01:45] <Comiclove> wait, what?
[01:45] <Comiclove> o.o
[01:45] <Barbett> *goes back to her book* I think I said that wron
[01:45] <Comiclove> very
[01:45] <Oblivion26> adderall?
[01:45] <Barbett> er wrong
[01:45] <Nhlott> That ADD drug
[01:45] <Nhlott> makes you focus on shit
[01:45] <Bctcz> That stuff keeps people like WIRED.
[01:45] <Oblivion26> ^
[01:46] <Bctcz> Like one girl I know hasn't slept for like two days.
[01:46] <BachLynn23> addarall is poor man's crack
[01:46] <Comiclove> Oh, my friend has Addarall 
[01:46] <Comiclove> i think
[01:46] <Comiclove> idk
[01:46] <Comiclove> but he's really hyper
[01:46] <Comiclove> and annoying
[01:46] <Comiclove> makes me seem mute, also
[01:46] <Comiclove> >_>
[01:46] <Comiclove> and I talk alot
[01:46] <Minxelfinforever> http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2p17seY2s1rpm8jvo1_250.gif What should I name her?
[01:46] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[01:47] <BachLynn23> scary spice?
[01:47] <Comiclove> what the
[01:47] <Barbett> isn't she on the voice? Lindsey something or other?
[01:47] <Minxelfinforever> Yes!
[01:47] <Nhlott> The guy, he took it the first time and filled a notebook with doodles in like 2 houts
[01:47] <Nhlott> *hours
[01:47] <Minxelfinforever> She's amazing!
[01:47] <Minxelfinforever> Lindsey Pavao
[01:47] <Comiclove> WHOA
[01:47] <Comiclove> O_O
[01:48] <Comiclove> That's...........
[01:48] <Minxelfinforever> I love her more than anything in the world! (not a relationship type of love)
[01:48] <Minxelfinforever> She's so perfect
[01:48] <Comiclove> rofl
[01:48] <Comiclove> Nothing's Perfect
[01:48] <Barbett> I just ment you might get some trouble about the pic
[01:48] <Comiclove> if it was, that'd be pathetic then :P
[01:48] <Barbett> hello cameron
[01:48] <Minxelfinforever> I will? 
[01:49] <Cameron.johnson12> yes
[01:49] <Comiclove> wb
[01:49] <Barbett> I saw a message board about it. something about not using pics of well known people
[01:49] <BachLynn23> it only has to be world wide well known
[01:49] <Comiclove> ^
[01:49] <BachLynn23> and even then put to vote
[01:49] <Barbett> ok my mistake
[01:49] <Minxelfinforever> Well, she's not that well kniwn.
[01:49] <Comiclove> *loves Image Voting Panel*
[01:50] <Barbett> hi jake
[01:50] <Minxelfinforever> known*
[01:50] <Comiclove> not really,barb
[01:50] <BachLynn23> though some are generally more obvious
[01:50] <Comiclove> hey jake
[01:50] <ItsjustJake> hey
[01:50] <Oblivion26> hey Jake
[01:50] <ItsjustJake> uh... anyone know what the community counsel is?
[01:50] <BachLynn23> like I hope we don't need a vote to know that Daniell Radcliffe is too famous
[01:50] <Cameron.johnson12> hi jake
[01:50] <Comiclove> *wants hair ruffled by jake*
[01:50] <Kingbirdy> hey jake
[01:50] <Comiclove> or are you in serious shinigami mode?
[01:50] <Cameron.johnson12> thats is guy
[01:50] <Cameron.johnson12> gay
[01:50] <ItsjustJake> *rffles comiccs hair*
[01:50] <Minxelfinforever> @Bach So I can use her?
[01:50] <ItsjustJake> nah im in a good mood today
[01:50] <Comiclove> Thanks
[01:50] <BachLynn23> I don't really watch that show
[01:50] <BachLynn23> so I'd say it's fine
[01:50] <Comiclove> *totally loves his hair*
[01:50] <Kingbirdy> it's a council of wikia members, jake
[01:50] <Minxelfinforever> Thanks!
[01:51] <BachLynn23> if people feel different then they can put it up for voting
[01:51] <ItsjustJake> @King on this wiki?
[01:51] <Kingbirdy> they consult wiki wikia as a whole
[01:51] <RubyRose17> just in general
[01:51] <Kingbirdy> nope, it's all of wikia
[01:51] <Comiclove> ^
[01:51] <RubyRose17> and hey jake
[01:51] <Cameron.johnson12> i think that is a good ida
[01:51] <Kingbirdy> they've been sending out invites
[01:51] <ItsjustJake> oh, does everyone get invited?
[01:51] <Comiclove> pretty much
[01:51] <Cameron.johnson12> yes
[01:51] <Kingbirdy> this is initial screening?
[01:51] <Oblivion26> i gtg guys XP
[01:51] <ItsjustJake> or am i... special?
[01:51] <Oblivion26> bye
[01:51] <Comiclove> XD
[01:51] <ItsjustJake> :P
[01:51] <Comiclove> Bye ob
[01:51] <Kingbirdy> minus the ?
[01:51] <Minxelfinforever> Bye!
[01:51] <Barbett> nope just special peopel
[01:51] <RubyRose17> bye ob
[01:51] <Kingbirdy> some people got them
[01:51] <Barbett> by ob
[01:51] <Comiclove> see you on the Sora Pilalrs
[01:51] <Comiclove> XP
[01:51] <Comiclove> Pillars*
[01:51] <Kingbirdy> not rare, but not common, either
[01:51] <Comiclove> What is that place in KH called?
[01:52] <ItsjustJake> ...
[01:52] <Comiclove> XP
[01:52] <Comiclove> 
[01:52] <Comiclove> hey orb
[01:52] <Minxelfinforever> Ok, so back to the first question, what should I name her?
[01:52] <Barbett> hi orb
[01:52] <Orbstar> hey
[01:52] <RubyRose17> hey orb
[01:52] <ItsjustJake> King just say "yes you are Jake! Youre incredible!"
[01:52] <Comiclove> *hugs orb*
[01:52] <Comiclove> ROFLMAO
[01:52] <Comiclove> Jake is
[01:52] <ItsjustJake> hey broski!
[01:52] <Orbstar> *hugs back*
[01:52] <Orbstar> hey jake :D
[01:52] <Kingbirdy> oh, sorry. yes you are King! Youre incredible!
[01:52] <Kingbirdy> :P
[01:52] <Comiclove> *thinks of orb as a little brother*
[01:52] <Barbett> why don't you go to one of those name websites and look
[01:52] <Comiclove> even though he's one year older then me
[01:52] <Comiclove> XD
[01:52] <Kingbirdy> only 3 people here have gotten one, afaik. me, you, and blood.
[01:53] <RubyRose17> i got one
[01:53] <Comiclove> Gotten one what?
[01:53] <Kingbirdy> hey bach, how big was the CC at last count?
[01:53] <Comiclove> *thinks dirty*
[01:53] <Comiclove> *cleans mind*
[01:53] <Barbett> they are talking about counsil invites comic
[01:53] <Nhlott> XD
[01:53] <BachLynn23> well not sure how many they originally messaged last year, but I think the most I ever saw in one meeting was like 7
[01:53] <BachLynn23> no
[01:53] <BachLynn23> 5
[01:53] <BachLynn23> or something like that
[01:53] <BachLynn23> there was one meeting that like no one showed up except me
[01:53] <BachLynn23> >.<
[01:53] <BachLynn23> so it was just me talking to staff
[01:54] <Nhlott> no, you're not special, I got one, and I think a shitton of ppl did
[01:54] <Comiclove> XD
[01:54] <Comiclove> Nice way to put it
[01:54] <Nhlott> well, it's apt
[01:54] <Orbstar> yea i got one too
[01:54] <Kingbirdy> yeah, it was probably just like "oh, you have more than 1000 combined edits? have a popup"
[01:54] <ItsjustJake> ---
[01:54] <Cameron.johnson12> tick tock
[01:54] <ItsjustJake> * -_-
[01:54] <Comiclove> XD
[01:54] <ItsjustJake> thankssssssssss guyssssssssss
[01:55] <Comiclove> Jake the snake
[01:55] <Cameron.johnson12> your welcome
[01:55] <Comiclove> :P
[01:55] <ItsjustJake> You're all AWESOME ego boosters
[01:55] <Comiclove> ikr?
[01:55] <Comiclove> XP
[01:55] <Barbett> we try
[01:55] <Cameron.johnson12> calm down guys
[01:55] <ItsjustJake> ?
[01:55] <Comiclove> Such chaos is nonexistent XO
[01:55] <ItsjustJake> Who isn't calm, exactly?
[01:55] <Comiclove> if he's referring to me
[01:55] <Comiclove> then i'm never calm
[01:55] <Cameron.johnson12> me!!!!!!!!!!
[01:55] <Comiclove> i'm just acting calm
[01:55] <Comiclove> :P
[01:55] <Bctcz> Lottie? You ever reply on Brennan?
[01:56] <BachLynn23> http://priteeboy.deviantart.com/art/Vue-it-Christmas-Village-190720438 <----- coolest christmas deviation I've ever seen
[01:56] <BachLynn23> well maybe not ever, but it's really cool
[01:56] <Nhlott> trying to
[01:56] <Nhlott> Chrome's bein a bitch
[01:56] <ItsjustJake> lawl I just replied TO brennan on Brute's page
[01:56] <ItsjustJake> Bach, thats so pretty
[01:57] <Cameron.johnson12> i love chrome
[01:57] <Barbett> nice bach
[01:57] <Comiclove> Google Chrome FTW
[01:57] <BachLynn23> it's sooooo perty
[01:57] <Comiclove> gtg now
[01:57] <Cameron.johnson12> and sleek
[01:57] <Comiclove> night 'veryone
[01:58] <Cameron.johnson12> bye
[01:58] <Comiclove> see you 'round
[01:58] <Comiclove> *salutes*
[01:58] <Comiclove> *needs to tell jake something quick*
[01:58] <Barbett> *goes back to her corner with her book and a package of cookies*
[01:58] <Barbett> bye cameron
[01:58] <Comiclove> nah, i'm leaving
[01:58] <Comiclove> XP
[01:58] <RubyRose17> bye comic
[01:58] <Comiclove> nvm, tell you tomorrow jake
[01:58] <Barbett> bye comic
[01:58] <Orbstar> bye comi
[01:58] <Minxelfinforever> BYE
[01:58] <Minxelfinforever> sorry caps
[01:58] <Comiclove> *backflips out* Ruby, you tell ;P
[01:59] <RubyRose17> wait, really?
[01:59] <RubyRose17> now?
[01:59] <Comiclove> Sure XP
[01:59] <Nhlott> posted, B
[01:59] <Comiclove> Not in public XP
[01:59] <Cameron.johnson12> gtg guys
[01:59] <Comiclove> I can't hold it in too long, it's against my own character
[01:59] <Comiclove> bye cam
[01:59] <Orbstar> bye cameron
[01:59] <Barbett> bye cam
[01:59] <Comiclove> Pm it, Ruby
[01:59] <Comiclove> :PPPP
[01:59] <RubyRose17> to who?
[01:59] <ItsjustJake> Ruby, congrats btw
[01:59] <Comiclove> dare tell the whole cant, i'm not coming on for a week
[01:59] <Comiclove> Jake in PM
[01:59] <Comiclove> now, bye!
[01:59] <Comiclove> Chat*
[01:59] <RubyRose17> oh k
[01:59] <RubyRose17> and bye
[02:00] <RubyRose17> for what? @jake
[02:00] <ItsjustJake> ?
[02:00] <ItsjustJake> what?
[02:00] <ItsjustJake> RUBY!
[02:00] <ItsjustJake> Tell me, you must.
[02:00] <RubyRose17> pm @jake
[02:00] <BachLynn23> it's my bday in 2 hours
[02:00] <ItsjustJake> 'Twas comic's final wish before departing...the chat
[02:00] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[02:00] <ItsjustJake> @BACH OMG IT IS!
[02:00] <Barbett> happy early birthday Bach
[02:01] <ItsjustJake> shitfugfugshit I need an amazing rpesent
[02:01] <BachLynn23> thanks barb
[02:01] <Kingbirdy> I am going to be asleep at that point and time, so happy b-day
[02:01] <Minxelfinforever> Happy birthday Bach!
[02:01] <Minxelfinforever> 
[02:01] <BachLynn23> danke
[02:01] <Barbett> hope it's great and all that bs
[02:01] <Orbstar> HAPPY BIRTHDAY BACH!!!!!
[02:01] <BachLynn23> danke
[02:01] <RubyRose17> oh really? happy birthday Bach!!!!!!!! :D
[02:01] <BachLynn23> danke
[02:01] <Theharlequin> Happy near birthday bach *hugs*
[02:01] <Minxelfinforever> gtg
[02:01] <ItsjustJake> Bach, how old are you turning? 21, you said?
[02:01] <BachLynn23> danke
[02:01] <ItsjustJake> ;)
[02:01] <Minxelfinforever> bye friends!
[02:01] <Minxelfinforever> 
[02:01] <Orbstar> *shoots confetti*
[02:01] <BachLynn23> yes, that's it 21, and you are my new bestie
[02:01] <Orbstar> *gives bach a cake*
[02:01] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:01] <Kingbirdy> if skype reminds me tomorrow, I'll probably tell you again
[02:01] <Barbett> my minxel
[02:01] <ItsjustJake> wait...NEW bestie?
[02:02] <ItsjustJake> I thought I was always ur bestie?!
[02:02] <ItsjustJake> D:
[02:02] <ItsjustJake> ;)
[02:02] <BachLynn23> it's just a saying
[02:02] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:02] <ItsjustJake> haha
[02:02] <ItsjustJake> i knows
[02:02] <Orbstar> :O
[02:02] <BachLynn23> *tackle hugs alej*
[02:02] <Orbstar> ALE!!!!!!
[02:02] <Barbett> hello alejandro
[02:02] <Orbstar> chu came back!
[02:02] <ItsjustJake> hey Ale!
[02:02] <Orbstar> *hugs ale*
[02:02] <BachLynn23> (sad) 
[02:02] <Orbstar> D:
[02:02] <ItsjustJake> oh.,..
[02:02] <BachLynn23> *sniffs and pouts in the corner*
[02:02] <Barbett> *offers back a cookie*
[02:03] <BachLynn23> *noms cookie*
[02:03] <LongClawTiger> mew
[02:03] <ItsjustJake> how the hell do i only have 2,777 edits?
[02:03] <ItsjustJake> I friggin edit a ton of stuff!
[02:03] <ItsjustJake> hey LCT!
[02:03] <Barbett> hi tiger
[02:03] <RubyRose17> well if the pages get deleted the edits do too
[02:03] <Bctcz> Posted Lottie
[02:03] <RubyRose17> hey LCT!
[02:04] <LongClawTiger> allo allo :)
[02:04] <Barbett> wb ducks
[02:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey
[02:04] <RubyRose17> hey ducks!
[02:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Ruby
[02:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey hyu
[02:05] <Barbett> hi hyu
[02:05] <Kingbirdy> I always feel the same jake
[02:05] <Kingbirdy> I'm on every day, but I only have 2k edits
[02:05] <BachLynn23> I'm about to hit 40.000 in like 700 edits
[02:06] <ItsjustJake> I have less than 250 edits till gold :)
[02:06] <RubyRose17> i have like 7,500
[02:06] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey ducks, barbett anf everyone else, got discon
[02:06] <RubyRose17> and wow, i need to make you a badge for that bach :D
[02:06] <ItsjustJake> I looka t Ruby, and im like "WTF?!" :O
[02:06] <Hyugabyakugan12> ugh 1000 more until silver soul
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> Being shown up when im twice as old as she is on here
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> ;)
[02:07] <BachLynn23> I never got a badge when I hit 30.000 (sad) 
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> no way
[02:07] <RubyRose17> haha it's all those claims jake 
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> CAN I GIVE IT TO YOU?!
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> please?
[02:07] <BachLynn23> sure
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> YESSS!
[02:07] <BachLynn23> you'll have to make it first
[02:07] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> -_-
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> oh.
[02:07] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> uh
[02:07] <Barbett> wb travel
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> well
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> you see
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> fine, its no ym to do list
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> tomorrow Ill have it done
[02:07] <BachLynn23> see I set the levels around here, as I go higher, more badges have to be made for me
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> haha
[02:07] <ItsjustJake> cocky much? ;)
[02:08] <ItsjustJake> you should be ahaha
[02:08] <ItsjustJake> Bach, ima make one for you
[02:08] <ItsjustJake> but ym dad is about to come ina scream at me for being on the comp after 10 any minute now
[02:08] <ItsjustJake> so i gtg
[02:08] <Barbett> bye jake
[02:09] <RubyRose17> bye jake! 
[02:09] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Bye jake
[02:09] <ItsjustJake> wiat
[02:09] <ItsjustJake> Bach, did you make le page yet?
[02:09] <ItsjustJake> Por las ideas?
[02:10] <BachLynn23> what?
[02:10] <ItsjustJake> Por AD?
[02:10] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[02:10] <ItsjustJake> Idea and Developement page for AD?
[02:10] <BachLynn23> OH no but I ca
[02:10] <BachLynn23> n
[02:10] <BachLynn23> can
[02:10] <ItsjustJake> I wasnt sure if you made it
[02:10] <BachLynn23> wasn't sure what to call it
[02:10] <ItsjustJake> No no no
[02:10] <Nhlott> posted, B
[02:10] <ItsjustJake> I can do it
[02:10] <BachLynn23> k
[02:10] <ItsjustJake> It's on my to do list, so i was checking
[02:10] <BachLynn23> we should link it on the nav bar
[02:10] <BachLynn23> after you do
[02:10] <ItsjustJake> TO DO:
[02:10] <ItsjustJake> -Thank you SF Page
[02:10] <ItsjustJake> -Idea and Developement page for AD
[02:11] <ItsjustJake> -Collab w/ Flame
[02:11] <ItsjustJake> -New General Admins?
[02:11] <ItsjustJake> -Bach 30,000 edits badge
[02:11] <ItsjustJake> 
[02:11] <ItsjustJake> All for tmrw
[02:11] <ItsjustJake> :D
[02:11] <BachLynn23> and then ruby will make the 40000 one
[02:11] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:11] <ItsjustJake> fun day. lots of idea making :)
[02:11] <RubyRose17> yess
[02:12] <ItsjustJake> Ruby should announce le news, which I will not say anything else about other than its EXCITING!
[02:12] <ItsjustJake> THE NEWS RUBY, THE NEWS!
[02:12] <ItsjustJake> lawl gtg
[02:12] <ItsjustJake> bye!
[02:12] <Travelg> What news
[02:12] <RubyRose17> haha comic told me not to though...
[02:12] <BachLynn23> @lott postede
[02:12] <Travelg> oh i am confused
[02:12] <BachLynn23> comic and ruby are dating?
[02:13] <Kingbirdy> as comic's CO, it's fine to tell :P
[02:13] <RubyRose17> haha noooo
[02:13] <Ducks-r-homicidal> brb
[02:13] <BachLynn23> >.< damn
[02:13] <BachLynn23> that was my guess
[02:13] <RubyRose17> but he's dating... someone
[02:13] <Kingbirdy> he's dating jake?
[02:14] <BachLynn23> ....lag?
[02:14] <BachLynn23> ok, just checking
[02:14] <RubyRose17> no
[02:14] <LongClawTiger> Is the bonfire a limited time location? Or is it going to stick around?
[02:14] <Travelg> is he dating lct
[02:14] <BachLynn23> no it's not lag, or no he's not dating jake?
[02:14] <BachLynn23> or no to both
[02:15] <RubyRose17> no to both :P
[02:15] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:15] <BachLynn23> WT?
[02:15] <Travelg> well i still think he is dating ruby
[02:15] <BachLynn23> idk, he was checking a girl's ass out the other day walking home from school so
[02:15] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:15] <RubyRose17> no... hmm i guess i'll just tell you
[02:15] <Travelg> queen
[02:15] <RubyRose17> he's dating jas 
[02:15] <Travelg> really that is cool
[02:16] <LongClawTiger> nice :)
[02:16] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[02:16] <LongClawTiger> oh, forgot to say I posted on the forest lott
[02:17] <Kingbirdy> wait, how do you know who comic is checking out?
[02:17] <Nhlott> I saw and am posting
[02:17] <BachLynn23> I was thinking, if a posey kid, can just touch someone else, and make it so they don't get wet or drown in the ocean, would it be that far fetched for a heph kid or a fire nymph to be able to keep someone from burning?
[02:17] <BachLynn23> he told me
[02:18] <LongClawTiger> I would say that is reasonable bach
[02:18] <BachLynn23> comic usually tells me a lot, so I was kinda surprised I didn't know about Jas
[02:18] <Kingbirdy> well, with pos, that's continuous touch
[02:18] <BachLynn23> well what if this was continuous touch?
[02:18] <Kingbirdy> I guess so, but it'd have to be continuous touch
[02:19] <Nhlott> *is scared*
[02:19] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:19] <Barbett> why you scare lott?
[02:19] <BachLynn23> he's rp'ing with my fire nymph
[02:19] <Nhlott> well, how many ppl can say they had sex in a bonfire?
[02:20] <BachLynn23> 1?
[02:20] <LongClawTiger> 2!
[02:20] <BachLynn23> 3 times a lady
[02:20] <Barbett> ah ok.... wait sex in the bonfire not by the bonfire. weird
[02:20] <Nhlott> somehow I knew you'd say that
[02:20] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:20] <Nhlott> posted, LCT
[02:21] <LongClawTiger> kk
[02:21] <BachLynn23> I wonder what that would feel like
[02:21] <Nhlott> hot XD
[02:21] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:21] <Travelg> unless you have an hepathseus kid and a fire nympth than it may make some sense
[02:22] <BachLynn23> you missed the part earlier about how posey kids can keep someone from drowning or getting wet if continously touched
[02:22] <BachLynn23> so I asked if the concept would be potentially the same for fire
[02:22] <BachLynn23> if continuously touching
[02:22] <Travelg> although that contant touch in thjat situation would not be a problem
[02:22] <BachLynn23> xD
[02:22] <BachLynn23> nope one body part would most definitely be touching at all times
[02:22] <Nhlott> that's kinda the point
[02:23] <Travelg> lag test
[02:23] <RubyRose17> hey bach what's your favorite color? 
[02:23] <RubyRose17> so i know what to do for le 40000 edit badge
[02:23] <BachLynn23> *please keep your "bllllllleeee" within the fire nymph at all times while on fire"
[02:23] <LongClawTiger> posted lott
[02:23] <Barbett> well in that case sounds like it would be hot. have fun you two
[02:23] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:23] <BachLynn23> ummmm I like blue and yellow
[02:23] <RubyRose17> okay
[02:24] <Barbett> *walks away muttering to herself about the strangeness of boys*
[02:25] <LongClawTiger> *has vision of Tim form Monty Python's holy grsil* What is your name? What is your post count? What is your favorite color?
[02:25] <Travelg> the reason why beacause i am still thinking about if a technology can use the other metal that the armor and weapons are made of
[02:26] <Barbett> wb ducks
[02:26] <Ducks-r-homicidal> hey
[02:26] <LongClawTiger> allo ducks
[02:27] <BachLynn23> hey ducks, wanna buy a duck?
[02:27] <Nhlott> Trav, that sentence made no sense, grammatically
[02:27] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Sure Bachie
[02:27] <BachLynn23> fail
[02:27] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I still want the duck
[02:27] <LongClawTiger> ♫Red Solo cup♫ I fill you up ♫ Let's have a party!♫ Let's have a party!♫
[02:27] <BachLynn23> >.< but you no play the game right
[02:27] <Nhlott> line thingy, plz
[02:27] <BachLynn23> |4
[02:27] <BachLynn23> |
[02:28] <BachLynn23> hey ruby, wanna buy a duck?
[02:28] <RubyRose17> um sure?
[02:28] <BachLynn23> fail
[02:28] <BachLynn23> no one knows the duck game *cries*
[02:28] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *I am not for sale*
[02:28] <RubyRose17> what is le duck game?
[02:28] <Nhlott> *hugs Bach*
[02:28] <Nhlott> I sowwy
[02:28] <BachLynn23> *hugs and sits on lott*
[02:28] <LongClawTiger> ♫Well a duck walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the man running the stand ♫ Hey! Got any grapes? ♫
[02:29] <Nhlott> *is sat on*
[02:29] <BachLynn23> Me: wanna buy a duck
[02:29] <BachLynn23> you: a what
[02:29] <BachLynn23> me: a duck
[02:29] <BachLynn23> you: does it quack?
[02:29] <BachLynn23> me: of course it quacks?
[02:29] <BachLynn23> you: wanna buy a duck?
[02:29] <BachLynn23> person: a what?
[02:29] <BachLynn23> you: a duck
[02:29] <BachLynn23> person: does it quack
[02:29] <BachLynn23> you: of course it quacks
[02:30] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *quacks*
[02:30] <Barbett> never heard of this game
[02:30] <Barbett> sounds like the henaway game though
[02:31] <BachLynn23> http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Want%20to%20buy%20a%20duck%3F
[02:31] <Barbett> that's why I don't drink
[02:32] <Ducks-r-homicidal> ...Who's on first XP
[02:33] <BachLynn23> you don't drink cuz of ducks?
[02:34] <Barbett> no that's why I haven't heard of the game. when I did drink I just got drunk and passed out then I quite hense no drinking game
[02:34] <LongClawTiger> posted lott
[02:34] <BachLynn23> see I never played it as a drinking game
[02:34] <Nhlott> kk
[02:35] <Nhlott> Why do I love Hurt by Johnny Cash?
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> t0rbad> so there i was in this hallway right
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> BlackAdder> i believe i speak for all of us when i say...
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> BlackAdder> WRONG BTICH
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> BlackAdder> IM SICK OF YOU
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> BlackAdder> AND YOUR LAME STORIES
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> BlackAdder> NOBODY HERE THINKS YOURE FUNNY
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> BlackAdder> NOBODY HERE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR STORIES
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> BlackAdder> IN FACT
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> BlackAdder> IF YOU DIED RIGHT NOW
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> BlackAdder> I DON"T THINK NOBODY WOULD CARE
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> BlackAdder> SO WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THAT FAG
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> *** t0rbad sets mode: +b BlackAdder*!*@*.*
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> *** BlackAdder has been kicked my t0rbad ( )
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> t0rbad> so there i was in this hallway right
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> CRCError> right
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> heartless> Right.
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> r3v> right
[02:35] <BachLynn23> now a**hole, that I played as a drinking game
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> because who doesnt love johhny cash?
[02:35] <BachLynn23> O.O
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> http://bash.org/?top
[02:35] <Kingbirdy> funniest place on the internet
[02:36] <Barbett> hmmm maybe I'm just too old to get the references then
[02:37] <BachLynn23> O.O are you older than me?
[02:37] <Barbett> how old are you?
[02:37] <BachLynn23> cuz if you are that would be cool, I don't like being the oldest
[02:37] <LongClawTiger> ahem
[02:37] <BachLynn23> I'll be 32 in 1 hour and 23 minutes
[02:37] <BachLynn23> OH right lct is back
[02:37] <BachLynn23> I'm only the 2nd oldest
[02:37] <BachLynn23> *hugs LCT*
[02:37] <LongClawTiger> *hugs back*
[02:37] <Barbett> nope I'm only 26
[02:38] <BachLynn23> eh, close enough
[02:38] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:38] <BachLynn23> I think that makes you the 3rd oldest
[02:38] <Barbett> good for me I guess
[02:38] <LongClawTiger> anyone else a fan of Frank Caliendo?
[02:38] <BachLynn23> although your statement of being too old to know the reference is out the window now
[02:39] <BachLynn23> >.< 
[02:39] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *is probably the youngest*
[02:39] <Barbett> guess I'm just too much of a good girl to get the refrence then
[02:39] <RubyRose17> how old are you ducks?
[02:40] <Nhlott> Meh, Frank Caliendo......what does he call himself these days?
[02:40] <Nhlott> an actor, a comedian, what?
[02:40] <BachLynn23> I know we have 12 year olds here
[02:40] <BachLynn23> we used to have 11, but comic got older
[02:40] <LongClawTiger> Mostly comedian or impressionist I think
[02:40] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I turned 13 in April
[02:40] <Ducks-r-homicidal> April 7th
[02:40] <BachLynn23> yea, not the youngest
[02:40] <BachLynn23> pretty sure we still have a 12 year old somewhere around here
[02:40] <Nhlott> Ppl from Mad TV have fallen so far....smh
[02:41] <Kingbirdy> we used to have a 9 year old
[02:41] <Kingbirdy> sky ran her off real fast, though
[02:41] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Who was it?
[02:41] <Kingbirdy> this was long before you were here
[02:41] <LongClawTiger> I love his impressions. He does so many people dead on. :)
[02:41] <Barbett> yea I've noticed there are alot of youngsters. the person I was Rping with had to quit for awhile cause he's grounded
[02:41] <Kingbirdy> idr her name
[02:42] <BachLynn23> chloe?
[02:42] <Kingbirdy> maybe
[02:42] <Barbett> wb sean
[02:42] <BachLynn23> was it the charie whore, cloe was a charie whore too
[02:42] <Kingbirdy> I remember she had a friend come on
[02:42] <Kingbirdy> and it turned out this girls nickname was "titties". I shit you not, her friends called her titties.
[02:42] <Kingbirdy> sky didnt let that go real easy.
[02:42] <Barbett> hello jenna
[02:43] <Jenna Fraen> hey
[02:43] <RubyRose17> hey jen
[02:43] <LongClawTiger> allo
[02:43] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Motha
[02:43] <Jenna Fraen> Did someone say titties?
[02:43] <Jenna Fraen> *has a titties radar*
[02:43] <Nhlott> wtf calls their friend titties?
[02:43] <Jenna Fraen> >:P
[02:43] <Kingbirdy> hell if I know
[02:43] <Kingbirdy> when your nine, that shit happens, I guess
[02:43] <Jenna Fraen> Well, me and my friend call each other bitch
[02:43] <BachLynn23> technically I had a nick name ST for awhile
[02:43] <BachLynn23> by a few "friends"
[02:44] <BachLynn23> *st stands for something*
[02:44] <BachLynn23> S.T.
[02:44] <Nhlott> Sugar tits?
[02:44] <BachLynn23> close
[02:44] <BachLynn23> sweet
[02:44] <Jenna Fraen> Super tits?
[02:44] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[02:44] <Nhlott> XD
[02:44] <BachLynn23> >.< well they've been called big before
[02:44] <BachLynn23> but never super
[02:44] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[02:44] <Nhlott> Sweet tits.....ROFL
[02:44] <Kingbirdy> I knew a guy named BJ
[02:44] <BachLynn23> I know 2 guys named BJ
[02:45] <BachLynn23> 1 was actually gay and liked.....nm
[02:45] <Barbett> way to show the class Bach
[02:45] <Nhlott> We used to call this one girl who grew huge tits at like 8 tough titties, cuz they were immensely solid
[02:45] <Jenna Fraen> I know a guy who everyone calls MJ, but his name is NOT Mary Jane
[02:46] <BachLynn23> I have an uncle whose nick name was Mari, cuz his first name is Maridoc or however it's spelled
[02:46] <Nhlott> line thingy?
[02:46] <RubyRose17> |
[02:46] <BachLynn23> |
[02:46] <Nhlott> thnx
[02:46] <BachLynn23> |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
[02:46] <BachLynn23> more for later
[02:46] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:46] <Barbett> I have an uncle Jane real name though
[02:46] <Nhlott> XD
[02:46] <RubyRose17> XD
[02:46] <Kingbirdy> lott, it's shift+the key above backspace
[02:46] <LongClawTiger> The techincal term is "pipe" lott :p
[02:46] <BachLynn23> his is broke
[02:46] <BachLynn23> the key
[02:46] <RubyRose17> oh and btw, i made le template in case you didn't see @bach
[02:46] <Kingbirdy> below backspace*
[02:46] <BachLynn23> I did
[02:46] <BachLynn23> I'm excited now
[02:46] <Nhlott> it's broken, King
[02:46] <RubyRose17> :D
[02:47] <Kingbirdy> oh. mine did for a while. then it changed its mind, apparently
[02:47] <BachLynn23> I lost my enter key once
[02:47] <BachLynn23> I think the dog ate it
[02:47] <Jenna Fraen> Do dogs like keyboard keys?
[02:47] <Jenna Fraen> O_e
[02:47] <BachLynn23> my dog will eat anything
[02:47] <LongClawTiger> Mine likes to press them
[02:48] <BachLynn23> mine likes to lick the screen
[02:48] <Nhlott> posted, LCT
[02:48] <BachLynn23> many many times I've been in chat, and y'all have been licked by my dog
[02:48] <LongClawTiger> kk
[02:48] <Jenna Fraen> My old cat tried to learn to touch type by walking across my mom's keyboard while she was working
[02:49] <Nhlott> I feel so dirty now......
[02:50] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[02:50] <Barbett> that's why you don't allow animals and children around your keyboard
[02:50] <Kingbirdy> well, after that shocking revelation, I'm done with the internet for the day
[02:50] <Kingbirdy> goodnight
[02:50] <Barbett> night king
[02:50] <Nhlott> Bach, the guildmaster didn't happen did it?
[02:51] <LongClawTiger> night king
[02:51] <LongClawTiger> posted lott
[02:51] <BachLynn23> O.O
[02:51] <BachLynn23> crap I knew I forgot something today
[02:52] <Pbre> Hey?
[02:52] <Jenna Fraen> Oi, parents stomping around, gtg
[02:52] <LongClawTiger> Chu can see my dog on my user page :)
[02:52] <Barbett> hello pbre
[02:53] <Pbre> How are you Barbett?
[02:53] <Barbett> good you?
[02:53] <Pbre> Pretty good
[02:54] <Barbett> I was looking for an RP but have given up
[02:54] <Nhlott> I can rp if ya like
[02:54] <Pbre> I can too I guess.
[02:54] <Barbett> ok I only have the one character though
[02:54] <Pbre> Im brand spankin new here, but ya....
[02:54] <Nhlott> link?
[02:54] <LongClawTiger> I can start one tomorrow, but I am about to wrap up for the night today.
[02:55] <Pbre> How do we do this.
[02:55] <Pbre> Im so confused.
[02:55] <BachLynn23> [[Guide]]
[02:55] <BachLynn23> read that
[02:55] <BachLynn23> then [[Forum:Claiming|go here]]
[02:56] <Pbre> Thank you :)
[02:56] <LongClawTiger> Ugh, time for me to go. Night everyone! *wave wave*
[02:56] <Nhlott> 'night
[02:56] <Barbett> [[Annastasia Pobanz|Annastasia_Pobanz]] it's my characters page k?
[02:56] <Nhlott> kk
[02:56] <Barbett> nite LCT
[02:59] <Nhlott> posted,Barb
[03:01] <Barbett> thanx
[03:05] <Pbre> So were all leaving.
[03:05] <Pbre> Goodbye all
[03:41] <BachBot> shhhhhhhhhhh
[03:41] <BachBot> I'm hunting wabbits
[02:56] <Nhlott> kk
[02:56] <Barbett> nite LCT
[02:59] <Nhlott> posted,Barb
[03:01] <Barbett> thanx
[03:05] <Pbre> So were all leaving.
[03:05] <Pbre> Goodbye all
[03:41] <BachBot> shhhhhhhhhhh
[03:41] <BachBot> I'm hunting wabbits
[03:49] <BachBot> shhhhhhhhh
[03:49] <BachBot> I'm hunting wabbits
[03:50] <BachBot> http://vz.iminent.com/vz/4459abe4-da50-4ce3-b48a-e5a95c10bee7/1/funny-smiley.gif
[03:51] <Nhlott> ..........
[04:04] <BachBot> shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[04:04] <BachBot> I'm hunting wabbits
[04:05] <Nyxil> Wow nearly empty chat
[04:05] <Nyxil> That's a first...
[04:06] <BachBot> yea havent' had this in awhile
[04:08] <Nhlott> boob
[04:27] <Hyugabyakugan12> is there a rollback spot available?
[04:32] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey del
[04:47] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey bar
[04:47] <Barbett> gi
[04:47] <Barbett> er hi
[04:49] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[04:49] <Barbett> hello bach
[04:49] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey bach!
[04:49] <BachLynn23> hi
[04:49] <Hyugabyakugan12> The camper list on claiming really needs updating, bach
[04:50] <BachLynn23> it's in constant flux
[04:50] <BachLynn23> even a day after it's updated it's usually out of date
[04:50] <Hyugabyakugan12> i'll try to update it
[04:50] <BachLynn23> you mean the cabin counts right?
[04:50] <Hyugabyakugan12> yup
[04:50] <BachLynn23> yea there's users who update that on a weekly basis
[04:50] <BachLynn23> to do it every day would be pointless and a waste of time
[04:51] <BachLynn23> cuz the next day or hour even it'll just be out of date again
[04:51] <Hyugabyakugan12> but can i update it now?
[04:51] <BachLynn23> sure
[04:51] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay thanks
[04:51] <BachLynn23> it's part of the to do list that doesn't require permission
[04:51] <Nhlott> *noms knife*
[04:52] <Hyugabyakugan12> do camper who are not year round counted?
[04:52] <Hyugabyakugan12> *campers
[04:52] <BachLynn23> no, only counsellors and members
[04:52] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay
[04:52] <BachLynn23> I'm curious though
[04:53] <BachLynn23> on the user rights you said you've been working on claims
[04:53] <BachLynn23> who gave you permission?
[04:53] <BachLynn23> cuz you aren't on the list of non rb's who have permission to help comment on claims
[04:54] <Hyugabyakugan12> no, i'm making claims and putting comments
[04:54] <BachLynn23> putting comments on other people's claims?
[04:55] <BachLynn23> cuz to do that requires permission
[04:55] <Hyugabyakugan12> oh, sorry
[04:55] <BachLynn23> [[Forum:To Do List 2012|Forum:To_Do_List_2012]]
[04:55] <BachLynn23> 
[04:55] <BachLynn23> this list separates it by things only admins can do, things you need permission to do, and things anyone can do without permission
[04:56] <Hyugabyakugan12> i read a bit of it but didnt covered that part, big sorry
[04:56] <Hyugabyakugan12> a long time ago btw
[04:56] <BachLynn23> and I'm going to be politely blunt, you are still fairly new, and there are a lot of level five user's who aren't rb, who have been working hard the last 6 months on the to do list, to eventually get an rb spot
[04:57] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay, i understand
[04:58] <BachLynn23> I mean you seem dedicated so I think that at some point you could have a good shot
[04:58] <BachLynn23> I just feel there's a few users who have been working harder longer
[04:58] <BachLynn23> ya know
[04:58] <Hyugabyakugan12> i greatly notice that
[04:58] <BachLynn23> I just don't want you to get disheartened to not get it so soon
[04:59] <Hyugabyakugan12> At least I tried, right? I still got a long way to go on that cabin count update
[04:59] <BachLynn23> I mean, get your name up on some tasks for the to do list, and in a few weeks you could have a real shot
[05:00] <Hyugabyakugan12> Yeah
[05:00] <Hyugabyakugan12> Maybe I'll take care of the cabin count update
[05:06] <Cosmiggy> Hey guys
[05:07] <BachLynn23> hi
[05:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey miggy
[05:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> busy at ze moment
[05:08] <Barbett> hi
[05:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> wow cabin counts really need updating
[05:15] <Barbett> so what are you up to miggy?
[05:16] <Cosmiggy> nothing much.
[05:16] <Cosmiggy> I just want to help around.
[05:18] <Barbett> sounds better then what I'm doing
[05:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> ugh my mind is cramming
[05:18] <Cosmiggy> why?
[05:18] <Cosmiggy> @Vince: I will be happy if you win the Rollback Rights
[05:19] <Cosmiggy> You see, I also signed up but I am okay if ever I lose. I can just try again next time. Good Luck.
[05:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> I tried the cabin count update and thanks
[05:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> gud luck too
[05:19] <Cosmiggy> Thanks.
[05:19] <Barbett> I got bored so I'm doing a walking tour of camp (actually it's just hitting random page and saying hi or doing an activity where ever I land)
[05:20] <Cosmiggy> Wibbles Lott
[05:20] <Cosmiggy> I mean, master Lott
[05:20] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey lott!
[05:20] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Bar: you'll get the hang of it after some time
[05:21] <Hyugabyakugan12> bye lott!
[05:21] <Hyugabyakugan12> wb lott!
[05:21] <Cosmiggy> Wibbles Lott
[05:21] <Barbett> I think I did get teh hang of it get bored, hit random page, say something, repeat until tired or not bored
[05:21] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey miggy let's rp w/ my new notus char
[05:21] <Barbett> hi lott
[05:21] <Nhlott> hey
[05:22] <Cosmiggy> @Vince: Maybe Later, I need to do something.
[05:22] <Hyugabyakugan12> Okay
[05:22] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey bar, wanna roleplay?
[05:23] <Nhlott> oh, I finally posted, btw, Barb
[05:24] <Barbett> thanx lott sure Hyu
[05:25] <Hyugabyakugan12> where and who's ur char to use?
[05:25] <Barbett> up to you and I only have one char Annastasia
[05:26] <Hyugabyakugan12> at ze lake, wanna?
[05:27] <Barbett> ok
[05:27] <Barbett> meet you there
[05:27] <Hyugabyakugan12> who posts first?
[05:28] <Barbett> me I guess
[05:29] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay
[05:30] <Barbett> posted
[05:30] <Cosmiggy> Demi!!
[05:30] <Demi-hunter13> Miggy! :D
[05:30] <Cosmiggy> :D
[05:31] <Demi-hunter13> can't stay for long :( 
[05:31] <Barbett> hello demi
[05:31] <Demi-hunter13> hello!
[05:31] <Cosmiggy> why? :(
[05:31] <Demi-hunter13> what do I call you?
[05:31] <Demi-hunter13> my brother's pestering me.
[05:32] <Demi-hunter13> oh well.. gtg now. DX I'll only be away though.
[05:32] <Barbett> bye demi
[05:32] <Nhlott> posted, Barb
[05:34] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay bar
[05:34] <Barbett> I saw
[05:35] <Barbett> ypu know it's funny I have never seen so many shortened forms of my name in my life. most people call me Barbett
[05:36] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted, well thats new
[05:37] <Barbett> what?
[05:37] <Hyugabyakugan12> the "shortened forms of my name" part
[05:39] <Barbett> well Barbett is my name it's on my birth certificate and everything
[05:39] <Barbett> the only person who has ever shortened it called me B and the little old lady who I work for can't remeber it so she calls me Anne
[05:40] <Hyugabyakugan12> Anne... I'm gonna call you that
[05:40] <Barbett> ok
[05:41] <Barbett> oh yea I posted again
[05:42] <Hyugabyakugan12> sure
[05:42] <LoveCatsOwls> has gypsy been on?
[05:42] <Cosmiggy> I haven't seen her
[05:43] <Cosmiggy> Anyway, hai cats. :D
[05:43] <LoveCatsOwls> hai :D
[05:43] <Barbett> hi cats
[05:43] <LoveCatsOwls> did anyone else get the 'You've been selected to apply for Wikia's Community Council - a special user group who tests new features and provides early stage feedback. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below and we will contact you if you are selected. If you have any questions, please email the community support team at community@wikia.com. '
[05:43] <LoveCatsOwls> ?
[05:43] <Cosmiggy> I do!
[05:43] <Cosmiggy> I am just awaiting my email
[05:44] <Cosmiggy> @Vince; So, when can I come over to your house??
[05:45] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted
[05:45] <Hyugabyakugan12> I got it cats
[05:45] <Hyugabyakugan12> I still dont know, miggy. mom's not here
[05:46] <Cosmiggy> okike
[05:46] <Cosmiggy> xD
[05:46] <Hyugabyakugan12> XD u still got it
[05:48] <Hyugabyakugan12> oh gawd, many people are joing persona fanfic
[05:49] <LoveCatsOwls> @Cos ~ how many votes for do i need on DA?
[05:49] <Barbett> posted
[05:50] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted too
[05:50] <Cosmiggy> @Vince:I'mma promote Aeinai Sago for Rollback, Is that okay? In the persona fanfic
[05:50] <Cosmiggy> He's been active a lot and I see that he's helping many users as well as interacting with them.
[05:51] <Hyugabyakugan12> Sure
[05:51] <LoveCatsOwls> cos?
[05:51] <Cosmiggy> @Cats: I don't know.
[05:51] <Cosmiggy> In a normal voting, that would be enough
[05:52] <LoveCatsOwls> this isnt normall voting?
[05:52] <LoveCatsOwls> *normal
[05:52] <Cosmiggy> but since the Merge is still progressing, it's up to the bureaucrats to approve it
[05:52] <Silver Love> Hai
[05:52] <Barbett> posted
[05:52] <Cosmiggy> But if you gain more Agree's than Denies, I am sure you'll get the spot soon.
[05:52] <Hyugabyakugan12> ♪but here's my number, so call me maybe♪
[05:52] <Barbett> hi silver
[05:52] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey silver
[05:52] <Silver Love> hai
[05:53] <Cosmiggy> Hey Silver
[05:53] <LoveCatsOwls> silver :DDD *glompz*
[05:53] <Silver Love> CATZIE!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[05:53] <Silver Love> :D
[05:53] <Silver Love> 
[05:53] <LoveCatsOwls> i missed you D:
[05:53] <Silver Love> Same 
[05:54] <LoveCatsOwls> i have chars up if chu wanna look :D
[05:55] <Silver Love> kk!!
[05:56] <LoveCatsOwls> wanna linky?
[05:56] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted bar
[05:56] <Silver Love> Yes pwease
[05:57] <Hyugabyakugan12> wibbles lott
[05:57] <Silver Love> Hai Lott
[05:57] <LoveCatsOwls> [[Catherine Bellard]]
[05:57] <Nhlott> hey
[05:57] <LoveCatsOwls> [[Lilias Jeffries]]
[05:57] <LoveCatsOwls> hey lott
[05:58] <Silver Love> okay
[05:59] <Silver Love> Catherine Bellard
[05:59] <LoveCatsOwls> ya sure?
[05:59] <LoveCatsOwls> me have permission to rp?
[05:59] <Silver Love> Yeap!
[05:59] <Silver Love> and for both :D
[05:59] <Silver Love> 
[06:00] <LoveCatsOwls> :D *huggies* 
[06:00] <Silver Love> *hugs back*
[06:00] <Barbett> posted Hyu
[06:00] <LoveCatsOwls> i'll sort out the user/char forum, and her wb is Catherine
[06:00] <Silver Love> Okay
[06:00] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay bar
[06:01] <LoveCatsOwls> if you see me editing her page from time to time, im just playing with the coding 
[06:01] <Barbett> wb miggy
[06:01] <Silver Love> Okay
[06:01] <Cosmiggy> thanks
[06:03] <LoveCatsOwls> gotta go *hugs silver and cos
[06:03] <LoveCatsOwls> **
[06:03] <Barbett> bye cats
[06:03] <Cosmiggy> *hugs back*
[06:03] <Cosmiggy> Bye Cats!
[06:03] <Silver Love> Bye D:
[06:03] <Silver Love> *hugs*
[06:03] <Cosmiggy> @Silver: I posted at Jin
[06:04] <Silver Love> kk
[06:04] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted bar
[06:05] <LoveCatsOwls> i cant find your section,silv
[06:05] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Bar: Do you want them be bf & gf or somethin?
[06:05] <LoveCatsOwls> eel!
[06:05] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey eel
[06:05] <Legend1eel> Yo people
[06:05] <Silver Love> Hiya
[06:05] <LoveCatsOwls> i was just leaving D:
[06:05] <Silver Love> Ya :(
[06:06] <Legend1eel> oh:(
[06:06] <Mikalmt> hai!
[06:06] <LoveCatsOwls> mika!
[06:06] <Mikalmt> *waves like crazy*
[06:06] <Cosmiggy> Mika!
[06:06] <Silver Love> MIKA!!! *tackle hugs*
[06:06] <Legend1eel> i only just woke up
[06:06] <Cosmiggy> *hugs*
[06:06] <Mikalmt> SILVER!!!!!!!!!!
[06:06] <Mikalmt> OMG
[06:06] <Legend1eel> yo mika
[06:06] <Mikalmt> UR BACK!
[06:06] <Silver Love> YEAH!!
[06:06] <Mikalmt> :DDDD
[06:06] <Mikalmt> Drews x Kye :P
[06:06] <Mikalmt> ?
[06:06] <Silver Love> Oh yea happy birthday!
[06:06] <LoveCatsOwls> i gotta go *hugs mika and legend and silver and cos*
[06:06] <Silver Love> Late sorta
[06:07] <Cosmiggy> *hugs Cats*
[06:07] <Mikalmt> danke
[06:07] <Cosmiggy> Bye!
[06:07] <Mikalmt> bai Cats
[06:07] <Mikalmt> x(
[06:07] <Silver Love> Wait one more thing *huggies cats* Bye D:
[06:07] <Cosmiggy> @Mika: Wanna continue the rp at Gale?
[06:07] <LoveCatsOwls> oh @Mika, want me to get rid of royale {the one u have) because Raliegh is a hunter
[06:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted silver
[06:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> Bai cats
[06:07] <Mikalmt> sure
[06:07] <Silver Love> ok
[06:07] <Mikalmt> i was gonna ask chu
[06:07] <Legend1eel> cya cats
[06:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey mika! *hi-5s mika*
[06:07] <Silver Love> Oh yea posted all of em
[06:07] <Cosmiggy> Posted Silver
[06:07] <LoveCatsOwls> bye bye bye xx
[06:07] <Barbett> posted Jyu
[06:07] <Barbett> er Hyu
[06:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay bar
[06:07] <Mikalmt> Hyu!
[06:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> Mika!!!!
[06:07] <Mikalmt> which pic do chu want?
[06:08] <Mikalmt> hai Mass
[06:08] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey mass
[06:08] <Cosmiggy> Hai Mass
[06:08] <Mikalmt> Wolf!
[06:08] <Mikalmt> *shakes hand vigorously*
[06:08] <Black Wolf of blood> Mik!
[06:08] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hand isn't shaken*
[06:08] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Bar: so whatcha think?
[06:08] <Cosmiggy> Hai Blood!
[06:08] <Mikalmt> Silver
[06:08] <Barbett> hi mass, wolf, and Bach
[06:08] <Mikalmt> PM for a sec?
[06:08] <Silver Love> kk
[06:09] <Barbett> about what?
[06:09] <Silver Love> wait me?
[06:09] <Mass Destroyer> Hi Mika HI Hyu and Hi Miggy
[06:09] <Silver Love> Heya
[06:09] <Mass Destroyer> Hi Bar
[06:09] <Hyugabyakugan12> About anna and johannes being, um, bf gf
[06:09] <Mikalmt> yupperz
[06:09] <Barbett> sounds intersting
[06:09] <Silver Love> kk
[06:09] <Cosmiggy> @Mika: Chur turn to post at Gale.
[06:09] <Hyugabyakugan12> We'll just let things unfold for the moment, bar
[06:09] <Mikalmt> oh sh*t
[06:09] <Mikalmt> sry
[06:10] <Mikalmt> ive been gone
[06:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted bar
[06:35] <GypsyThief> I bought^^
[06:36] <Cosmiggy> brb
[06:36] <Hyugabyakugan12> *floats in front of miggy* sure, miggy
[06:36] <Cosmiggy> *sucks Vince in his Ghost Catcher* That's for the Mud Pie!
[06:37] <Jasmine Campbell> *hugs sosmeone*
[06:37] <Hyugabyakugan12> *shouts at the ghost catcher* I'll be back miggy, remember that!
[06:37] <Barbett> No miggy don't do that I'll give you cookies
[06:37] <Demi-hunter13> D*aan! *kicks internet*
[06:37] <Demi-hunter13> *D*mn
[06:37] <Cosmiggy> *laughs evily* I don't want cookies! I want chocolate!
[06:38] <Barbett> I can get you chocolate
[06:38] <Cosmiggy> *Destroys Demi's Modem* Stupei Internet!
[06:38] <Demi-hunter13> You just made it worse! 
[06:38] <Cosmiggy> gimme chocholate!
[06:38] <Demi-hunter13> My poor modem..
[06:38] <Cosmiggy> *chocolate
[06:38] <Barbett> *hold out a box of Russel Stovers*
[06:38] <Jasmine Campbell> *hugs someone*
[06:38] <Cosmiggy> *points wand at modem* Reparo
[06:38] <Cosmiggy> There
[06:38] <Demi-hunter13> *rolls eyes* 
[06:38] <Demi-hunter13> Hi Bach
[06:38] <GypsyThief> Hey Bach
[06:39] <Cosmiggy> Hey Bach
[06:39] <BachLynn23> hi
[06:39] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[06:39] <Jasmine Campbell> BACHIE!
[06:39] <Jasmine Campbell> *glompz*
[06:39] <BachLynn23> JASIE
[06:39] <Demi-hunter13> you hyper again? :D
[06:39] <BachLynn23> *glompzed*
[06:39] <Barbett> hi bach
[06:39] <BachLynn23> I'm allowed to be, it's my bday
[06:39] <Cosmiggy> RB's an up: [[Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki:Requesting User Rights]]
[06:39] <Cosmiggy> Wibbles Atlas
[06:40] <Cosmiggy> Your birthday's today Bachie?
[06:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Bachy
[06:40] <BachLynn23> yep
[06:40] <BachLynn23> hey bloody
[06:40] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hi Bach 
[06:40] <BachLynn23> hi atlas
[06:41] <Cosmiggy> Happeh Birthday!!
[06:41] <Cosmiggy> :D
[06:41] <AtlasSisterno.1> Happy birthday then Bach!
[06:41] <BachLynn23> danke (panda) 
[06:41] <GypsyThief> Omg HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *glompz*
[06:41] <Demi-hunter13> Happy Birthday! :-D
[06:41] <AtlasSisterno.1> Yay!!!! Panda!!!!!
[06:41] <Jasmine Campbell> Happy birthday!
[06:41] <Jasmine Campbell> *Hugs*
[06:41] <BachLynn23> (squeeze) 
[06:41] <Barbett> happy birthday bach I'm not hugging you
[06:42] <BachLynn23> that's ok, and thanks
[06:42] <BachLynn23> :-)
[06:42] <AtlasSisterno.1> Awwww. That emoticon is like me with my bro...
[06:42] <Barbett> miggy I gave you chocolate we had a deal
[06:42] <AtlasSisterno.1> Can I have chocolate? Please?
[06:42] <Mass Destroyer> Happy Birthday Bcah
[06:43] <Jasmine Campbell> *Hugs someone*
[06:43] <BachLynn23> thanks (happy) 
[06:43] <AtlasSisterno.1> Bcah?
[06:43] <Mass Destroyer> I mean Bach
[06:43] <Jasmine Campbell> *Gives Atlas chocolate*
[06:43] <Cosmiggy> Okay! danke *eats all the chocolate*
[06:44] <AtlasSisterno.1> Yay! *noms chocolate very noisily and when migfy details it all starts (crying) *
[06:44] <AtlasSisterno.1> oops meant and when miggy steals it all...
[06:45] <Barbett> aww poor atlas *gives Atlas a new box of CHocolate*
[06:45] <Demi-hunter13> wb miggy
[06:45] <Barbett> wb miggy
[06:46] <Barbett> wb atlas
[06:46] <AtlasSisterno.1> Mmmmmmmmm *noms chocolates* thanks
[06:46] <Usaroxthalia12> Hey!!
[06:47] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hi
[06:47] <Cosmiggy> @Atlas: I never stealed your chocolate. Barbett also gave me one. Right?
[06:47] <Barbett> ur welcome yup I did give miggy chocolate
[06:47] <Barbett> to bring bac kHyu
[06:47] <Usaroxthalia12> I've got a question I need to put my picture in the gallery of Zeus cabin. how do i do that
[06:47] <AtlasSisterno.1> U said ALL the chocolate. That means mine aswell...
[06:47] <Jasmine Campbell> gtg ._.
[06:47] <Cosmiggy> I mean all in the box
[06:48] <Jasmine Campbell> stole*
[06:48] <AtlasSisterno.1> Noooo bye jas
[06:48] <Black Wolf of blood> Bye Jade *snuggles*
[06:48] <Barbett> bye Jas
[06:48] <Demi-hunter13> bye Jas
[06:48] <Cosmiggy> Bye Jas
[06:48] <Jasmine Campbell> Atlas I gave chu chocolate >.<
[06:48] <Jasmine Campbell> *snuggles back*
[06:48] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3895899
[06:48] <Mass Destroyer> Bye Jas
[06:48] <Cosmiggy> @Jasmine: I understand your reply
[06:49] <AtlasSisterno.1> Ohh yeahhhhh. Thanks jas (happy) 
[06:49] <Jasmine Campbell> *Finishes her will* If I die Atlas get's all mah chocolate
[06:49] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3892663
[06:49] <AtlasSisterno.1> Yay!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOO much!!!!!
[06:49] <Jasmine Campbell> And Bach get's what ever she wants
[06:49] <BachLynn23> your soul?
[06:49] <Jasmine Campbell> O.o
[06:49] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:49] <Jasmine Campbell> Nope
[06:49] <AtlasSisterno.1> Not the chocolate though...
[06:49] <Jasmine Campbell> Not mah soul
[06:49] <Black Wolf of blood> *Kisses Jas' cheek*
[06:49] <Jasmine Campbell> Yeah, not the chocolate of mah soul
[06:49] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[06:50] <AtlasSisterno.1> Thanks :)
[06:50] <Jasmine Campbell> or*
[06:50] <AtlasSisterno.1> G2g
[06:50] <AtlasSisterno.1> --
[06:50] <AtlasSisterno.1> -.-*
[06:50] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O *Slaps Blood*
[06:51] <Black Wolf of blood> *Is slapped*
[06:51] <Black Wolf of blood> Why're you slapping me?
[06:51] <Jasmine Campbell> idk...
[06:51] <Jasmine Campbell> O.o
[06:51] <Jasmine Campbell> *Dives out of chat*
[06:51] <BachLynn23> * (bounce) 's jas back in chat*
[06:52] <BachLynn23> oops
[06:52] <BachLynn23> apparently I bounced her out instead of in
[06:52] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:53] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3898310
[06:53] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3899907
[06:54] <Barbett> bye all! as it is 3 am I need my beauty sleep so good night/morning/ whatever
[06:55] <Cosmiggy> RB's an up: [[Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki:Requesting User Rights]]
[06:55] <Cosmiggy> By the way, I got you a prezzie Bachie! :D:D
[06:55] <BachLynn23> really?
[06:55] <Cosmiggy> Check your talk page :D
[06:57] <Barbett> bye all
[06:57] <Cosmiggy> Bye
[06:58] <Barbett> *leaves alittle stack of chocolate boxes and walks out the door*
[06:58] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3900783
[07:00] <BachLynn23> thanks migs
[07:00] <BachLynn23> >.< I must be tired, I actually was waiting
[07:00] <Black Wolf of blood> He left chat Bachy
[07:00] <BachLynn23> thinking something else was going to happen
[07:00] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3902897
[07:01] <Black Wolf of blood> @Bachy, http://9gag.com/fast#3892707 *Has too much time right now*
[07:01] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[07:01] <Cosmiggy> Back
[07:02] <BachLynn23> is she my bday present?
[07:02] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:02] <Black Wolf of blood> Could be :P
[07:03] <Black Wolf of blood> I just thought it was a nice pic
[07:03] <Black Wolf of blood> 1) It's a redhead
[07:03] <Black Wolf of blood> 2) She's bound
[07:03] <Black Wolf of blood> 3) She's hot
[07:03] <Black Wolf of blood> *Has a thing for redheads and ropes :P *
[07:03] <BachLynn23> yea, can't go wrong with that combo
[07:04] <Black Wolf of blood> Which is strange, since Bloom is brunette :P
[07:06] <Black Wolf of blood> My ex was a red-head though
[07:06] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3902168
[07:06] <GypsyThief> My gf is a blonde :/
[07:07] <BachLynn23> I dated a red head girl, a blonde girl, a reallly sexy black girl
[07:08] <Cosmiggy> Wibbles Mika
[07:08] <Mikalmt> ack
[07:08] <Mikalmt> *back
[07:08] <GypsyThief> Hey Mika
[07:08] <Demi-hunter13> Hi Mika
[07:08] <Mikalmt> *needs to post*
[07:09] <GypsyThief> Who's post is it on Gale?
[07:09] <Black Wolf of blood> Then again, I do like when girls have tempers too :P
[07:09] <Mikalmt> mine
[07:09] <GypsyThief> kk
[07:09] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3894631
[07:09] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3900080 <----True
[07:09] <GypsyThief> lol bach
[07:09] <GypsyThief> I've seen that before Bloodeh :P
[07:10] <Black Wolf of blood> *Shrugs* Still true
[07:10] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3890659
[07:11] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3895403 <---- XD
[07:11] <Mass Destroyer> Hi Mika
[07:11] <Mikalmt> haiz
[07:12] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3867517 <----!Warning! May be above PG-13 !Warning!
[07:12] <Mikalmt> o_o
[07:12] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3892613
[07:12] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3903029 
[07:13] <Mikalmt> posted Smiggy
[07:13] <Black Wolf of blood> I kinda have to go
[07:13] <Black Wolf of blood> I'll see you later
[07:13] <Mikalmt> bai
[07:13] <Cosmiggy> Okay
[07:13] <BachLynn23> ttyl
[07:13] <GypsyThief> Kinda?
[07:13] <GypsyThief> Bye 
[07:13] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles with Gyps* :P
[07:14] <Mikalmt> wait
[07:14] <Mikalmt> nvm
[07:14] <GypsyThief> *Snuggles back*
[07:14] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3889863
[07:14] <BachLynn23> hey gyps, just curious, so does whatshernamecharie of yours go both ways?
[07:14] <Mikalmt> ooh Bach
[07:15] <Mikalmt> do u need to test meh?
[07:15] <BachLynn23> OH right
[07:15] <BachLynn23> hang on
[07:15] <Mikalmt> brb
[07:15] <Mikalmt> need to change browsers
[07:15] <BachLynn23> k
[07:15] <Mikalmt> *ish now on Safari*
[07:16] <BachLynn23> and a ghost
[07:16] <BachLynn23> apparently
[07:16] <BachLynn23> [[Forum:Zola Momoku?t=20120424053737|Forum:Zola_Momoku?t=20120424053737]]
[07:16] <BachLynn23> check that claim, pm me what you would leave for ntotes
[07:16] <Mikalmt> *nods*
[07:16] <Mikalmt> kay
[07:16] <BachLynn23> awww they remembered my bday on the harry potter encyclo wiki
[07:16] <BachLynn23> (happy) 
[07:16] <Cosmiggy> Posted Mika
[07:17] <Mikalmt> wens ur bday?
[07:17] <Mikalmt> Lott and Queen
[07:17] <Mikalmt> told me but it went through one ear and went out the other
[07:17] <BachLynn23> right now
[07:17] <BachLynn23> today
[07:17] <BachLynn23> 24th
[07:17] <Mikalmt> :OO
[07:17] <Mikalmt> *tackle hugs and gives GIANT cake*
[07:17] <Mikalmt> Happy Birthday!!!!
[07:17] <Mikalmt> :D
[07:17] <BachLynn23> *is hugged and noms cake*
[07:17] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[07:17] <Mikalmt> it was mine on the 19th
[07:18] <Mikalmt> i can barely read it...
[07:18] <Mikalmt> -_-
[07:19] <BachLynn23> welcome to my world
[07:19] <Mikalmt> are mine bad...?
[07:19] <Mikalmt> o_o
[07:19] <BachLynn23> http://images.wikia.com/harrypotter/images/1/1f/Free_Hugs.jpg
[07:19] <BachLynn23> not nearly
[07:19] <Mikalmt> yea! *victory dance*
[07:20] <Mikalmt> posted Gyps
[07:21] <GypsyThief> Link me please?
[07:21] <Mikalmt> [[Gabriel Woods|Gabriel_Woods]]
[07:21] <GypsyThief> Thanks
[07:21] <Mikalmt> Bach, do u think that a charrie can have a pet baby lion?
[07:22] <BachLynn23> not realistically no
[07:22] <BachLynn23> as it grows up
[07:22] <Mikalmt> aw...
[07:22] <BachLynn23> into a man eating beast
[07:22] <Mikalmt> is a vegetarian lion too unrealistic?
[07:22] <GypsyThief> Yeah
[07:22] <GypsyThief> Lions are carnivores 
[07:23] <Mikalmt> damn.
[07:23] <BachLynn23> more like biologically impossible
[07:23] <BachLynn23> I mean, cats aren't vegetarian's they just happen to be small and tamed for the last like 2000 years
[07:24] <Mikalmt> x( kay
[07:24] <Mikalmt> danke
[07:24] <GypsyThief> Posted
[07:24] <Cosmiggy> I posted btw Mika
[07:24] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3891543 >.<
[07:24] <Mikalmt> saw it...
[07:24] <Mikalmt> too many flirting x(
[07:24] <Mikalmt> much
[07:25] <GypsyThief> I haven't seen my cat in like a week lol
[07:25] <Mikalmt> y?
[07:25] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3887620
[07:25] <GypsyThief> Idk, it keeps running away
[07:26] <Mikalmt> can i laugh?
[07:26] <GypsyThief> Yup 
[07:26] <GypsyThief> It's practically feral though, always attacking me and my dogs
[07:26] <Mikalmt> posted
[07:26] <Mikalmt> Gyps
[07:26] <GypsyThief> kk
[07:27] <Mass Destroyer> Hi Wai
[07:27] <Mikalmt> Wai!
[07:27] <GypsyThief> brb
[07:27] <GypsyThief> Hai Wai
[07:27] <Mikalmt> *tackle glopmz*
[07:27] <Mikalmt> posted
[07:27] <Mikalmt> Smiggy
[07:27] <Waiyenoo111> hi everyone
[07:27] <Cosmiggy> Hey Wai
[07:28] <Cosmiggy> kk
[07:28] <Mikalmt> posted Wai
[07:29] <Waiyenoo111> k
[07:29] <Mikalmt> *is scarred o_o*
[07:29] <Mikalmt> was looking up blue beat and saw a naked santa x(
[07:30] <GypsyThief> o.O
[07:31] <Mikalmt> *is so scarred*
[07:31] <Mass Destroyer> scared of what?
[07:31] <Mikalmt> a naked santa...
[07:31] <Cosmiggy> Posted Mika
[07:32] <Mass Destroyer> A naked santa? Creepy.....
[07:32] <Mikalmt> ikr...
[07:35] <Mikalmt> o_o
[07:36] <Demi-hunter13> entered chat and the first word I see is naked... -_-
[07:37] <BachLynn23> not nearly as disturbing as the word that goes with it
[07:37] <Demi-hunter13> true
[07:38] <Mikalmt> lol
[07:38] <Mikalmt> they made 1D dolls...
[07:38] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3887564
[07:38] <Mikalmt> gotta show Posey
[07:39] <Mass Destroyer> But Posey is not here
[07:39] <GypsyThief> I saw them at the 1D store here in Sydney
[07:39] <GypsyThief> $50 each
[07:40] <GypsyThief> The line was soooo f*cking long
[07:41] <Mass Destroyer> f*cking long?
[07:42] <GypsyThief> Yesh 
[07:43] <Mikalmt> MAss
[07:43] <Mikalmt> u cant use watermarked photos
[07:43] <Mass Destroyer> yes?
[07:43] <Mass Destroyer> k
[07:44] <GypsyThief> Hey Queen
[07:44] <Demi-hunter13> hey Queen
[07:44] <Mikalmt> hai Queen
[07:44] <Queen.Bee> hai
[07:44] <Mass Destroyer> Thanks for the tip Miks
[07:44] <Mikalmt> no prob
[07:45] <Mass Destroyer> I mean Mika
[07:45] <Mikalmt> Miks
[07:45] <Mikalmt> is fine
[07:45] <Mikalmt> :P
[07:45] <Mass Destroyer> Hi Queen
[07:45] <Cosmiggy> Hi Queen!
[07:45] <Queen.Bee> hi :D
[07:46] <Queen.Bee> how are you people?
[07:46] <Mikalmt> good
[07:46] <Mikalmt> but scarred
[07:46] <Mikalmt> POSEY!!!
[07:46] <Demi-hunter13> fine
[07:46] <Mikalmt> OMFG
[07:46] <Mikalmt> *tackle hugs*
[07:46] <Demi-hunter13> hey Lucy
[07:46] <Mikalmt> I MISSED CHU!
[07:46] <Poseidon Child> MIKAAAA!
[07:46] <Poseidon Child> *hugs back*
[07:46] <Mikalmt> SILVER!
[07:46] <Poseidon Child> I miss chu too :)
[07:46] <Cosmiggy> Hi Poseyy!!! :D
[07:46] <Mikalmt> Kye and Drew IM?
[07:46] <Poseidon Child> Hola silverr
[07:46] <GypsyThief> Hey Posey and Silver
[07:46] <Poseidon Child> Omg
[07:46] <Mikalmt> Poseyposey
[07:46] <Silver Love> KK
[07:46] <Poseidon Child> MIGGY!
[07:46] <Mikalmt> *noms Posey's head*
[07:46] <Poseidon Child> *hugs*
[07:46] <Silver Love> POSEY!!! *tackle hugs*
[07:46] <Silver Love> 
[07:46] <Poseidon Child> danke for le badge :)
[07:46] <Demi-hunter13> hey Posey! :D
[07:46] <Mikalmt> *Doesn't let go*
[07:47] <Poseidon Child> *hugs silver back*
[07:47] <Silver Love> MIKA *tackle hugs*
[07:47] <Mikalmt> i missed chu....
[07:47] <Mikalmt> SILVER
[07:47] <Mass Destroyer> Posey!*hugs*
[07:47] <Mikalmt> *hugs back*
[07:47] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:47] <Poseidon Child> MASSEEH!
[07:47] <Poseidon Child> *hugs*
[07:47] <Silver Love> :D
[07:47] <Silver Love> 
[07:47] <Poseidon Child> Mika...
[07:47] <Poseidon Child> I would like my head to be fine.
[07:47] <Mikalmt> did u see
[07:47] <Mikalmt> the 1D dolls?
[07:47] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:47] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[07:47] <Mikalmt> i saw them on a talk show
[07:47] <Poseidon Child> Now what was I doing?
[07:47] <Queen.Bee> hello posey
[07:47] <Mikalmt> and they were like strippin themselves (the dolls_
[07:48] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:48] <Poseidon Child> Hola queen!
[07:48] <Poseidon Child> OMGG
[07:48] <Mikalmt> it was SHO funneh
[07:48] <Poseidon Child> yesh I did!
[07:48] <Poseidon Child> Louisssss <33333
[07:48] <Poseidon Child> omfg
[07:48] <Poseidon Child> The dolls
[07:48] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:48] <Poseidon Child> Gah they're like £19 
[07:48] <Mikalmt> so fake
[07:48] <Poseidon Child> Well
[07:48] <Poseidon Child> Duh
[07:48] <Poseidon Child> They ARE dolls :P
[07:48] <Mikalmt> :P
[07:49] <Poseidon Child> ... Gab I forgot what I was doing.
[07:49] <Mikalmt> :P
[07:49] <Mikalmt> Louis?
[07:49] <Poseidon Child> Dx
[07:49] <Mikalmt> RP?
[07:49] <Poseidon Child> Yesh later for the first one
[07:49] <Silver Love> Mika the Drew and Kye thing
[07:49] <Poseidon Child> Nope for the second :P
[07:49] <Mikalmt> yesh Silv?
[07:49] <Poseidon Child> Oh
[07:50] <Poseidon Child> Right!
[07:50] <Poseidon Child> I remember now XD
[07:50] <Silver Love> Should I post first?
[07:50] <Mikalmt> *drools*
[07:50] <Silver Love> or you?
[07:50] <Mikalmt> sure!
[07:50] <Silver Love> k
[07:51] <Silver Love> posted
[07:51] <Cosmiggy> Posted Silver
[07:51] <Mikalmt> POSEY!
[07:51] <Silver Love> kk
[07:51] <Mikalmt> Welcome [[Gabriel Woods]]
[07:52] <Silver Love> Miggy I don't want to do the thing anymore
[07:52] <Poseidon Child> I'll pass :)
[07:52] <Poseidon Child> Jkjk
[07:52] <Mikalmt> *glares and tackles wifey*
[07:52] <Cosmiggy> It's okay Silver.
[07:52] <Mikalmt> take it back!!!
[07:52] <Poseidon Child> Omgggggg
[07:52] <Silver Love> kk
[07:52] <Silver Love> well they can be friends
[07:54] <Silver Love> Mika I posted on Kye's page
[07:55] <Mikalmt> posted
[07:55] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:55] <Silver Love> kk
[07:55] <Mikalmt> its gonna be funneh
[07:55] <Silver Love> ya
[07:55] <Silver Love> :D
[07:56] <Silver Love> posted
[07:56] <Mikalmt> posted Smiggy
[07:56] <Silver Love> Hiya!
[07:57] <Mass Destroyer> Hi
[07:57] <Mikalmt> wibbles
[07:57] <Silver Love> Wibbles Posey
[07:57] <Mass Destroyer> Posey!
[07:57] <Mass Destroyer> *hugs Posey*
[07:57] <Poseidon Child> Dankkee
[07:58] <Poseidon Child> *hugs back*
[07:58] <Poseidon Child> Oh and Mika
[07:58] <Poseidon Child> Seriously?
[07:58] <Mikalmt> what?!
[07:58] <Mass Destroyer> I have posted on Elisa Woo and Louis I think?
[07:58] <Poseidon Child> Gale and Primrose?
[07:58] <Mikalmt> :P
[07:58] <Poseidon Child> Sooo original buddy
[07:58] <Poseidon Child> Great mass
[07:58] <Silver Love> Wait wait Posey are you in HK?
[07:58] <Poseidon Child> I'll check :)
[07:58] <Poseidon Child> Yeap
[07:58] <Mikalmt> hardy har har
[07:58] <Silver Love> Same!
[07:59] <Poseidon Child> Omfg
[07:59] <Poseidon Child> Which school?
[07:59] <Silver Love> OMG
[07:59] <Silver Love> WIS
[07:59] <Silver Love> but I'm sick
[07:59] <Poseidon Child> OMGG
[07:59] <Mikalmt> brb.
[07:59] <Poseidon Child> im STC
[07:59] <Poseidon Child> Omg mah friend goes to WIS
[07:59] <Silver Love> kk and OMGS!!
[07:59] <Poseidon Child> which year?
[04:30] <Rawr27> Poor Wonder do chu want a hug from your great mother? :P
[04:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *throws a shoe at nar*
[04:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No *pouts*
[04:31] <Narutofreak0> and stop throwing stuff at my automatons
[04:31] <Rawr27> Nar..just hug her before she has a tantrum or something :P
[04:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi bottie
[04:31] <Rawr27> Hai Bottie
[04:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sits in corner*
[04:32] <Narutofreak0> *collapses on his la-z-boy*
[04:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *throws another shoe at nar*
[04:33] <Narutofreak0> *is his with a shoe*
[04:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[04:33] <Narutofreak0> i paid for those
[04:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Now hug me!
[04:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[04:34] <Narutofreak0> too tired
[04:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :(
[04:35] <Rawr27> Chur efforts failed Wonder :P
[04:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sadness*
[04:36] <Rawr27> Wibbles Trav
[04:37] <Travelg> yes rawr i am leaving
[04:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs trav*
[04:37] <Rawr27> :( I will miss chu Trav *hugs*
[04:37] <Travelg> not before doing on last rp
[04:37] <Travelg> (hugs back*
[04:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Bach
[04:37] <Rawr27> Hai Bach and Queen
[04:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Queen
[04:37] <BachLynn23> hi
[04:38] <BachLynn23> hi
[04:38] <Travelg> which you and anyone are more than welcome to participate 
[04:38] <Queen.Bee> wait, who's leaving?
[04:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Trav
[04:38] <Travelg> hi bee and back
[04:38] <Queen.Bee> what? serious?
[04:38] <Travelg> bach
[04:38] <Queen.Bee> but, why?
[04:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Queeny *hugs* Hey Bachy *hugs*
[04:38] <Travelg> yeah i need to consentrate on school
[04:38] <BachLynn23> hey bloody *hugs*
[04:38] <Travelg> and the momment i graduate by summer end i will be back
[04:38] <Narutofreak0> hey bee
[04:38] <Narutofreak0> happy bday bach
[04:39] <BachLynn23> thanks nar
[04:39] <Queen.Bee> oh well, i'll miss you
[04:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :D I have 6 followers on Tumblr
[04:39] <Rawr27> Bach its your birthday? o.o Happy birthday :D *throws confetti*
[04:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^@Queen
[04:39] <Queen.Bee> hey blood, nar, bach, rawr, wt
[04:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :O
[04:39] <BachLynn23> yes, yes it is and thank you (bounce) 
[04:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *gives bach a ton of cool shizz*
[04:39] <Narutofreak0> ask skype
[04:39] <Narutofreak0> skype knows all
[04:39] <BachLynn23> *noms all the cool stuff*
[04:39] <Queen.Bee> *gave bach high heels and lingerie*
[04:39] <BachLynn23> >.< I is hungry
[04:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[04:40] <Travelg> Happy birthday bach and sorry giving you the bad news today *Gives bach a hug*
[04:40] <BachLynn23> no you gave me high heels and a pretty hot girl in lingerie 
[04:40] <BachLynn23> >.<
[04:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Why am I not surprised that's what you're giving her Queen?
[04:40] <Narutofreak0> *hasn't eaten since 10 this morning*
[04:40] <Queen.Bee> the heels or the lingerie?
[04:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *cookies rapes nar*
[04:40] <BachLynn23> *hugs trav* that's ok, happens to the best of us, but school has to come first
[04:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Both
[04:40] <Narutofreak0> *it's 2 in the evening now*
[04:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 2pm?
[04:40] <Rawr27> Nar go eat -.-
[04:40] <Narutofreak0> no food
[04:41] <Narutofreak0> .-.
[04:41] <Queen.Bee> xD did the lingerie come useful bach? xD
[04:41] <Rawr27> Eat..something, I dunno :P
[04:41] <BachLynn23> maaaaaybe 
[04:41] <Queen.Bee> ramen
[04:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Eat crayons
[04:41] <BachLynn23> 2 in the evening?
[04:41] <Queen.Bee> brb
[04:41] <Narutofreak0> idk
[04:41] <Narutofreak0> im tired
[04:41] <Narutofreak0> ok
[04:42] <Narutofreak0> and no ramen sadly
[04:42] <BachLynn23> since when is 2 described as evening?
[04:42] <BachLynn23> *2pm
[04:42] <Narutofreak0> since i said so
[04:42] <Travelg> besides i am doing an rp having my character leave where ther a possibility that all of them are alive and the moment i come back their will be another rp where the campers will save them
[04:42] <Black Wolf of blood> 2pm is morning in my books
[04:42] <Travelg> 12:42 in mine
[04:42] <BachLynn23> hey Trav, do me a favour one last time?
[04:42] <Black Wolf of blood> Anything before 3pm is morning in my books actually
[04:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^
[04:43] <Travelg> okay
[04:43] <BachLynn23> switch {{My Character|Travelg}} for {{User Left|Travelg}} and take off all categories?
[04:43] <Narutofreak0> yes but then you get confused with a in the morning
[04:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Actually anything before 5pm XP
[04:43] <Rawr27> How do you survive at school Blood? :P
[04:43] <Black Wolf of blood> Me?
[04:43] <Black Wolf of blood> I don't
[04:43] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm a ghost
[04:43] <Narutofreak0> i don't survive
[04:43] <Narutofreak0> i pwn
[04:44] <Rawr27> *Facepalm* :P
[04:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I do somehow
[04:44] <Narutofreak0> Whats the worst thing to do to a blind person? Leave the plunger in the toilet.
[04:44] <Narutofreak0> hai bloom
[04:44] <Rawr27> BLOOM *tackle hugs*
[04:44] <Black Wolf of blood> Bloom! *Glompz*
[04:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> hai nar
[04:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> RAWR!! *tackle hugs back*
[04:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> Blood! *glompzed*
[04:45] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3883961
[04:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> BLOOM!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[04:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> WONDER!! *tackle glompzed again*
[04:45] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles with Bloom*
[04:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> gods, you like to glomp me huh? >.> I'm going to break one day
[04:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> *snuggles back*
[04:45] <Black Wolf of blood> I've seen that one Bachy :P
[04:45] <Black Wolf of blood> It's true :P
[04:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^
[04:46] <BachBot> it's sooooo true
[04:46] <BachBot> >.<
[04:46] <Black Wolf of blood> Women call for equal rights, yet they actively discriminate men
[04:46] <BachBot> *kicks chrome*
[04:46] <BachBot> why does chrome suddenly hate me
[04:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3967123
[04:46] <BachBot> (sad) 
[04:46] <Narutofreak0> use firefox
[04:46] <Narutofreak0> or safari
[04:46] <BachLynn23> never used safari before
[04:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> I don't call for equal rights. I call for domination over the men
[04:46] <BachLynn23> bottie runs on FF
[04:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> which would be much nicer
[04:47] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3892707 <----Your birthday gift Bachy
[04:47] <Black Wolf of blood> As long as you share with Bloom and I, that is :P
[04:47] <BachLynn23> >.< I have to share?
[04:47] <BachLynn23> XP
[04:47] <BloomOfFairyTail> ..........
[04:47] <Black Wolf of blood> What? I have a thing for redheads
[04:47] <Black Wolf of blood> And ropes
[04:47] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hits blood in the head*
[04:47] <Black Wolf of blood> And stuff
[04:47] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hard*
[04:47] <Black Wolf of blood> *Rubs his head*
[04:48] <Narutofreak0> make that your bday present to yourself
[04:48] <Rawr27> :O Bach I know what I can give chu..*Gives Bach David Tennant* but we must share him :P
[04:48] <Black Wolf of blood> That hurt love...
[04:48] <Narutofreak0> using safari
[04:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> yes, well do that far away from me
[04:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> no really?
[04:48] <Black Wolf of blood> Yes, really
[04:48] <BachLynn23> yaaaaaaaaay *takes David Tennant*
[04:48] <BachLynn23> *shares with Rawr*
[04:48] <Rawr27> Yay :D *huggles David Tennant*
[04:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> *gives Bach a rainbow pony and 50000 dollars* just because I don't know what else to give you XD
[04:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> My bday prezzie sucks compared to all these ones :(
[04:49] <BachLynn23> MUMMY *hugs*
[04:49] <Black Wolf of blood> *Steals the girl from the pic and does....stuff*
[04:49] <BachLynn23> *plays with pony*
[04:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[04:49] <BachLynn23> *swims in money*
[04:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Bar
[04:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs back*
[04:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ....
[04:49] <Rawr27> Hai Bar
[04:49] <Black Wolf of blood> *Prepares to be killed*
[04:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *takes a drink from bar*
[04:49] <Travelg> posted wt
[04:49] <Narutofreak0> *gives bach a check for 700K*
[04:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hits blood in the head again with her frying pan*
[04:49] <Black Wolf of blood> *Dies*
[04:49] <Narutofreak0> that my interest for today
[04:49] <Barbett> hi
[04:49] <Narutofreak0> so spend it wise
[04:49] <Rawr27> Yay the frying pan is back :D
[04:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> hnf. did you learn anything now, dear?
[04:50] <Black Wolf of blood> *Revives*
[04:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> yup.
[04:50] <StarbucksChick> heya
[04:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> I love my frying pan
[04:50] <Black Wolf of blood> Nah, *steals the girl again*
[04:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *gives bach half a cookie*
[04:50] <Rawr27> NICKI *tackle hugs*
[04:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[04:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I ate the other half
[04:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi nicki
[04:50] <Travelg> *gives Bach the ability manipulate and create the earth*
[04:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> *kill Blood and sends him to Hueco Mundo*
[04:50] <Rawr27> Bachie I believe I gave the best present :P
[04:50] <Narutofreak0> noooooooooo
[04:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> NICKI! *hugs*
[04:50] <Black Wolf of blood> *Takes the girl with him*
[04:50] <Narutofreak0> not Hueco Mundo
[04:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sends the girl to soul society*
[04:51] <Narutofreak0> what's hueco mundo btw?
[04:51] <Black Wolf of blood> *POuts*
[04:51] <BachLynn23> yea....wellllllll......maybe throw in the tardis with David Tennant
[04:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> no whores in my domain
[04:51] <Black Wolf of blood> **Pouts*
[04:51] <BachLynn23> then it would be the best gift
[04:51] <BachLynn23> >.<
[04:51] <Black Wolf of blood> *Steals the girl again*
[04:51] <Rawr27> Okays *gives Bach the tardis as well* :D
[04:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> hueco mundo is from Bleach nar
[04:51] <StarbucksChick> *hugs rawr and bloomy back*
[04:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.> Blood....
[04:51] <BachLynn23> sweet *plays with David Tennant in the tardis*
[04:51] <Black Wolf of blood> Sweetheart?
[04:51] <Rawr27> I want Doctor Who to hurry up and come back on -.- I miss it
[04:51] <BachLynn23> me too
[04:52] <BachLynn23> even if it is Matt Smith
[04:52] <Rawr27> Although Matt Smith isn't as amazing as David Tennant
[04:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> you better like the nothingness if you touch that whore. because you'll spend a loooong time there if you do
[04:52] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pales*
[04:52] <Black Wolf of blood> *Backs away slowly* Now now, no rash decisions, right`
[04:52] <StarbucksChick> ooooh happy birthday bachy! *hugs and gives her this http://globalgeeknews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Doctor-Who-TARDIS-Cake.jpeg*
[04:52] <Black Wolf of blood> *?
[04:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.> now, what were you going to do?
[04:52] <Narutofreak0> http://9gag.com/gag/3963440
[04:53] <BachLynn23> thanks nicki
[04:53] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[04:53] <Narutofreak0> *makes it rain*
[04:53] <Rawr27> I gave her the best present k? David Tennant and the Tardis..those are epic presents :P
[04:53] <Black Wolf of blood> Why're you asking Darling?
[04:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3967123
[04:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> just because I have a one way ticket for you to nothingness if you do the wrong thing :3
[04:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> That's basically how you get married on sims 3 :/
[04:54] <Narutofreak0> http://9gag.com/gag/3968476
[04:54] <Black Wolf of blood> I haven't done anything... *destroys the whip and the ropes and the duct tape and a few other things*
[04:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> uhuh. now send the whore back
[04:54] <Black Wolf of blood> Nope
[04:55] <Narutofreak0> *makes a whipping motion with his phone producing a whipped sound*
[04:55] <Black Wolf of blood> I don't see no whore
[04:55] <Black Wolf of blood> Only a redhead
[04:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi LCO
[04:55] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[04:55] <LoveCatsOwls> hello 
[04:55] <Rawr27> Hai Cats
[04:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.> send the b*tch back then
[04:55] <Rawr27> And blood chu is sooo going to die :P
[04:55] <Black Wolf of blood> See no b*tch either
[04:55] <LoveCatsOwls> bach?
[04:56] <BachLynn23> cats?
[04:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> uhuh....... you have one more chance to send her back. or else... *glares at him*
[04:56] <Black Wolf of blood> Hm....
[04:56] <LoveCatsOwls> pm please
[04:56] <BachLynn23> *steals her away from bloody*
[04:56] <Black Wolf of blood> To be, or not to be....
[04:56] <BachLynn23> there problem solved
[04:56] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey!
[04:56] <BachLynn23> XP
[04:56] <LoveCatsOwls> 8sighs*
[04:56] <LoveCatsOwls> brb
[04:56] <Black Wolf of blood> I stole her, so she's mine
[04:56] <Black Wolf of blood> *Steals her back*
[04:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> and your chance was wasted
[04:56] <Black Wolf of blood> *Then puts her in a locked room*
[04:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sends blood to nothingness*
[04:57] <BachLynn23> *picks lock and steals girl back*
[04:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> *which means no skype with bloom*
[04:57] <BachLynn23> *puts anti-stealing jinx on her*
[04:57] <Black Wolf of blood> *Goes insane from the nothingness* 
[04:57] <Black Wolf of blood> O.O
[04:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> *or PM*
[04:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> *or main chat*
[04:57] <Black Wolf of blood> *Dies*
[04:57] <Black Wolf of blood> *Cries*
[04:57] <Barbett> *feels alittle sorry for wolf*
[04:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> sooo... how is your day people? *ignores him*
[04:58] <Black Wolf of blood> *Curls up into a ball and sobs heavily*
[04:58] <Barbett> I feel like death
[04:58] <BachLynn23> *cries cuz mummy and daddy are fighting*
[04:58] <Narutofreak0> http://9gag.com/gag/3968526
[04:58] <BachLynn23> (sad) 
[04:58] <Rawr27> Brb
[04:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'm not fighting Bach. 
[04:58] <Barbett> @ Wolf are you ok?
[04:58] <Narutofreak0> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLN8ZQ8I5m4
[04:58] <Barbett> hi jas
[04:59] <BachLynn23> >.< nope bloom, you are most definitely winning
[04:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi jas
[04:59] <LoveCatsOwls> back
[04:59] <BachLynn23> "fighting" would imply you didn't have the upper hand
[04:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> he had his shot *pops gum*
[04:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> and he wasted it
[04:59] <Jasmine Campbell> >.< Dang it
[04:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> Hai Jass
[04:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Cookies ;P
[04:59] <BachLynn23> *dangs it*
[05:00] <Jasmine Campbell> >.<
[05:00] <Jasmine Campbell> Audreh and Comeh no on DX
[05:01] <Jasmine Campbell> It's 6, Audreh should be back DX
[05:01] <Jasmine Campbell> back home*
[05:01] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3968526
[05:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3963358
[05:02] <Jasmine Campbell> http://9gag.com/fast#3967250
[05:04] <Rawr27> Back
[05:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wibbles
[05:04] <LoveCatsOwls> ^
[05:04] <Rawr27> Oh hai Jas *hugs*
[05:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sits on ____'s lap*
[05:05] <LoveCatsOwls> bbl, diner
[05:05] <Barbett> bye cats
[05:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Byez
[05:05] <Barbett> wb wolf
[05:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wibbles Blood.....y Mary
[05:05] <Black Wolf of blood> *Glompz Bloom*
[05:05] <Rawr27> Wibbles Blood
[05:05] <Jasmine Campbell> *Ish sad ._.*
[05:06] <Black Wolf of blood> Congrats btw Jas. Comic told us about it earlier
[05:06] <Rawr27> Oh yeah I saw on le facebook :D Congrats
[05:07] <Jasmine Campbell> :3
[05:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3961477
[05:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> *ignores blood*
[05:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Congratz XP
[05:07] <Jasmine Campbell> Audrey kept teasing meh >.<
[05:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> congrats on what?
[05:07] <Travelg> did you posted yet wt?
[05:07] <Rawr27> Well I think its sweet :D
[05:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No Trav
[05:08] <BachLynn23> congrats on the newest wiki couple
[05:08] <BachLynn23> jas/comic
[05:08] <Jasmine Campbell> *Dances*
[05:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> o.o
[05:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Send a fruit basket to Jas and comic's room XP
[05:08] <Rawr27> So many couples o.o
[05:08] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[05:08] <Jasmine Campbell> O.o WT
[05:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> congrats
[05:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> *seriously didn't expect that*
[05:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *spins around in chair and continues to work*
[05:08] <Jasmine Campbell> :P
[05:09] <BachLynn23> aren't there only like 3 or 4 couples?
[05:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> We're a ducking dating site
[05:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[05:09] <BachLynn23> well like 3 still together that is
[05:09] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[05:09] <Jasmine Campbell> *Loves English money*
[05:09] <Jasmine Campbell> We have a f*cking puzzle on le back!
[05:09] <Jasmine Campbell> What chu guys have?
[05:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *forever alone*
[05:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_O
[05:09] <BachLynn23> OMG ghost is freaking messaging me on the freaking Harry Potter encyclo wiki now
[05:10] <BachLynn23> -__-
[05:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[05:10] <Black Wolf of blood> We have crowns :P 
[05:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, I think there are only three couples together now
[05:10] <Black Wolf of blood> @Jas
[05:10] <Black Wolf of blood> Wings and Juno broke up
[05:10] <Black Wolf of blood> Cats and Orb ditto
[05:10] <Jasmine Campbell> We can play with out money :P
[05:10] <BachLynn23> harle/gyps
[05:10] <BachLynn23> broke up
[05:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> o.o they were together?
[05:10] <Jasmine Campbell> ^
[05:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^
[05:10] <Rawr27> Yep Harle told me they was together at one point
[05:10] <BachLynn23> o.o you didn't know/
[05:10] <BachLynn23> ?
[05:10] <Jasmine Campbell> *Did not know that*
[05:10] <BachLynn23> oops
[05:10] <Rawr27> I did :D
[05:11] <BloomOfFairyTail> I didn't
[05:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^
[05:11] <BachLynn23> phew, was afraid maybe it was that big a secret
[05:11] <BachLynn23> I think queen knew too
[05:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *forever alone* XP
[05:11] <Jasmine Campbell> *Loves Holy Musical B@man*
[05:11] <BachLynn23> but Harle was pretty broken up about it
[05:11] <BachLynn23> cuz it was gypsy who did the breaking up
[05:11] <BachLynn23> (sad) 
[05:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Awwww
[05:11] <Black Wolf of blood> I kinda knew 
[05:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (sad) 
[05:12] <Black Wolf of blood> Not when it happened, but Gyps told me later on
[05:13] <Jasmine Campbell> *skips around chat*
[05:13] <Rawr27> Harle told me they was together at one point
[05:13] <BloomOfFairyTail> were*
[05:13] <Jasmine Campbell> *lols at Holy Musical B@man*
[05:13] <Rawr27> Meh at my terrible grammar :P
[05:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/575078_364330400286542_194379223948328_1087007_795218047_n.jpg
[05:14] <LoveCatsOwls> backerz
[05:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> PX
[05:14] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[05:15] <Rawr27> Lool xD Thats is so true
[05:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> yup. I had to post that XD
[05:15] <Queen.Bee> g2g sleep. 'night
[05:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya queen
[05:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Night
[05:15] <Black Wolf of blood> Night Queen
[05:15] <Rawr27> Night Queen
[05:15] <Rawr27> Dang I was late -.-
[05:16] <Jasmine Campbell> *Was way later*
[05:16] <Jasmine Campbell> *Swings legs and draws*
[05:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> brb
[05:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> o.o
[05:20] <Rawr27> o.o
[05:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> sh*t
[05:20] <Rawr27> WTF?
[05:20] <Black Wolf of blood> Who in the world did that?
[05:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> I was going to PM her!!
[05:20] <Black Wolf of blood> Just a se
[05:20] <Black Wolf of blood> *Sec
[05:20] <Black Wolf of blood> I'll unban her
[05:20] <Rawr27> *Facepalm*
[05:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> aaah, I didn't mean to do that >.<
[05:20] <BachLynn23> that's ok, happens to us all at least once
[05:21] <Rawr27> Its okay Bloom :P
[05:21] <Rawr27> Art nearly did that with me once
[05:21] <Black Wolf of blood> It's alright love *hugs*
[05:21] <LoveCatsOwls> *hugs bloom* it's alright
[05:21] <Black Wolf of blood> I've done that too
[05:21] <Black Wolf of blood> More than once I believe
[05:21] <Black Wolf of blood> Or just once
[05:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs back* I know... Kitty did it twice with me
[05:21] <Black Wolf of blood> Still
[05:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs cats back*
[05:22] <Jasmine Campbell> *Curls up in corner*
[05:22] <Jasmine Campbell> *Watches Holy Musical B@man*
[05:23] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3892613
[05:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bacl
[05:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Back*
[05:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> ..........
[05:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sighes*
[05:24] <Black Wolf of blood> *Imagines Bloom in those*
[05:24] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[05:24] <Black Wolf of blood> Nah, not really
[05:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[05:24] <Jasmine Campbell> ^
[05:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> good, because hell will freeze before that happens >.>
[05:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *freezes hell* XP
[05:24] <Jasmine Campbell> *Sits on someone's head*
[05:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> *glares at Wonder*
[05:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> don't freeze my house wonder!
[05:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is glared at*
[05:25] <Jasmine Campbell> *Unfreezes hell*
[05:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :(
[05:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> thank you jass
[05:25] <BachLynn23> yea but the superman ones are kinda cute
[05:25] <BachLynn23> >.<
[05:25] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[05:25] <Black Wolf of blood> *Freezes hell and hands her the panties* 
[05:25] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[05:25] <Jasmine Campbell> O.o
[05:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.>
[05:26] <Jasmine Campbell> Chu want meh to unfreeze it again bloom?
[05:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> just a sec
[05:26] <Jasmine Campbell> *Runs a unfreeze and freeze company*
[05:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hits blood with her frying pan*
[05:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> now please Jass :3
[05:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[05:26] <Jasmine Campbell> *Unfreezes it*
[05:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Poor frying pan XP
[05:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> thanks
[05:26] <Rawr27> Lool xD
[05:26] <Black Wolf of blood> *Rubs his head, then freezes hell again and hands Bloom the last ones*
[05:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[05:26] <Jasmine Campbell> *Get's ready to unfreeze it for Bloom*
[05:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Blood Chu really wanna hurt more frying pans?
[05:27] <Jasmine Campbell> ^
[05:27] <Black Wolf of blood> Nah, I want to see her in those
[05:27] <Jasmine Campbell> Think of the frying pans!
[05:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> Blood... do you remember my ticket? I still got one more
[05:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> and please Jass
[05:27] <Black Wolf of blood> Hm...
[05:27] <Rawr27> Blood..you seriously freak me out sometimes :P
[05:27] <Jasmine Campbell> *Unfreezes it*
[05:27] <Jasmine Campbell> *Puts a thing that makes sure it can't be frozen*
[05:27] <Black Wolf of blood> Remember that I could always just leave and go off both chat and skype?
[05:28] <Black Wolf of blood> I mean, I wouldn't technically need to be on in evenings
[05:28] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm mostly on to talk to you
[05:28] <Black Wolf of blood> I could just stop doing that, and actually get some sleep
[05:28] <Black Wolf of blood> So I wouldn't need to be half asleep in class
[05:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sighes* do what you want dear
[05:29] <BachLynn23> bloody bloody bloody, point of advice, that logic rarely works when arguing with woman
[05:29] <BachLynn23> >.<
[05:29] <Black Wolf of blood> *Shrugs*
[05:29] <Black Wolf of blood> I am VERY good at ignoring people
[05:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> he can do what he wants. it's his life and his sleep after all.
[05:30] <BachLynn23> exactly, which is why his plan isn't working
[05:30] <Audrey Campbell> hey!
[05:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi
[05:30] <Jasmine Campbell> AUDREH!
[05:30] <Jasmine Campbell> *huggles*
[05:30] <Barbett> hi audrey
[05:30] <Rawr27> Hai Audrey
[05:30] <LoveCatsOwls> 'lo aud
[05:30] <Audrey Campbell> *hugs back*
[05:30] <LoveCatsOwls> @audrey ~ I started your picture today :D
[05:31] <Audrey Campbell> cool!
[05:31] <Jasmine Campbell> *Picks up Audreh*
[05:31] <LoveCatsOwls> It looks ok
[05:31] <Audrey Campbell> *is picked up*
[05:31] <LoveCatsOwls> and that also reminds me, anyone who wants a pic, want it coloured?
[05:31] <LoveCatsOwls> TRAV! ART!
[05:31] <Rawr27> ART *tackle hugs*
[05:31] <Artemisgirl> hey cats :D
[05:31] <Jasmine Campbell> I want it coloured
[05:31] <BloomOfFairyTail> trav!!! *hugs*
[05:31] <LoveCatsOwls> kk
[05:31] <Audrey Campbell> me too
[05:31] <LoveCatsOwls> kk
[05:31] <Artemisgirl> *is tackle hugged* 
[05:31] <Rawr27> Wibbles Trav *hugs*
[05:31] <Travelg> why was i sent to tartarus
[05:31] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'm so sorry I banend you >.<
[05:31] <LoveCatsOwls> hand-done or on gimp?
[05:31] <BloomOfFairyTail> it was an accident
[05:32] <LoveCatsOwls> bloom meant to pm you
[05:32] <Travelg> it okay
[05:32] <Rawr27> Art..why chu no hug me back?
[05:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> thanks. now I'll PM you without a ban >.>
[05:32] <Artemisgirl> sorry, sorry, *hugs Rawr*
[05:32] <Rawr27> :D Thats what I thought
[05:32] <Jasmine Campbell> Hai Robin!
[05:32] <Jasmine Campbell> *Waves At Audreh*
[05:32] <Jasmine Campbell> at*
[05:32] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Arty *hugs*
[05:32] <Narutofreak0> http://9gag.com/gag/3967008
[05:33] <Artemisgirl> hey Wolfy :D
[05:33] <Artemisgirl> *hugs back*
[05:33] <Audrey Campbell> ZD
[05:33] <Audrey Campbell> *XD
[05:33] <Travelg> *hugs rawr* I just came to say the special rp is starting, and since it is the last one i am going to be in a long time i was wondering if any of you would like to participate
[05:33] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles with Arty*
[05:33] <LoveCatsOwls> my. f*cking. god. my life is a shi*y mess.
[05:33] <LoveCatsOwls> special rp?
[05:34] <Travelg> since i am leaving i have to have my character have a good exit
[05:34] <Artemisgirl> O.e Is that Bach?? *didn't recognise new avvie*
[05:34] <LoveCatsOwls> sweet
[05:34] <BachLynn23> I was in a david mood the other day
[05:34] <BachLynn23> >.<
[05:34] <Rawr27> The new avvie is amazing :D
[05:34] <LoveCatsOwls> he is hot
[05:34] <Artemisgirl> I approve Bach :D
[05:34] <Jasmine Campbell> ^
[05:35] <BachLynn23> he is definitely the hottest doctor
[05:35] <BachLynn23> of the 11
[05:35] <Jasmine Campbell> *Watched Dr.Who in school*
[05:35] <Jasmine Campbell> Oui
[05:35] <Rawr27> Yesh he is
[05:35] <Artemisgirl> coincidently, my younger brother's watching Midnight at the moment XD
[05:35] <LoveCatsOwls> agreed
[05:35] <LoveCatsOwls> even my mum wanted to s*x him
[05:35] <LoveCatsOwls> *shivers at the thought*
[05:35] <LoveCatsOwls> she said that when she was drunk:/
[05:35] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[05:35] <LoveCatsOwls> ikr?
[05:36] <LoveCatsOwls> *me at the time: 0.0 WTF?*
[05:36] <Jasmine Campbell> *Doesn't want to f*ck him*
[05:36] <AtlasSisterno.1> Which
[05:36] <AtlasSisterno.1> One?
[05:36] <Travelg> so Demetria, ruth, lexi, dragona, and holly were kidnapped and homer has been running around like crazy discovering this as it lead him to the cave where lexi is staying at where he discovers a priest of zeus is the one who lead the kidnapper to the girls
[05:36] <LoveCatsOwls> http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/189926_187698474608088_182368381807764_475243_3915114_n.jpg XD
[05:36] <Rawr27> Lool xD
[05:37] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[05:37] <Travelg> all for the purpose of bring resources to protect the camper. Ironic. hommer will kill the priest
[05:37] <AtlasSisterno.1> Loooool
[05:37] <LoveCatsOwls> http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/189622_187698587941410_182368381807764_475249_1928932_n.jpg XDDDDD
[05:37] <LoveCatsOwls> http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/207416_187698601274742_182368381807764_475250_923157_n.jpg XD
[05:37] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[05:38] <LoveCatsOwls> http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/190350_188088491235753_182368381807764_477288_6317748_n.jpg XD
[05:38] <AtlasSisterno.1> Won't load!!!! :(
[05:38] <LoveCatsOwls> http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/207015_188088501235752_182368381807764_477289_2914623_n.jpg XD
[05:38] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[05:38] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[05:38] <LoveCatsOwls> *has found a ton of potter pics*
[05:38] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[05:38] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[05:38] <Travelg> and there will be a few surprices for any one who enagages since your character may be set up against a adult demigod. Who you will kill for your own delight.
[05:38] <LoveCatsOwls> http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/199548_188088531235749_182368381807764_477291_1012010_n.jpg XD
[05:38] <Barbett> *is doing a walk about camp*
[05:38] <BloomOfFairyTail> Bach? did you see my skype?
[05:38] <Travelg> [[Forum:The Forgotten|Forum:The_Forgotten]]
[05:39] <LoveCatsOwls> http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/207564_188314384546497_182368381807764_478768_599148_n.jpg
[05:39] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[05:39] <LoveCatsOwls> http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/196582_188314437879825_182368381807764_478773_8110954_n.jpg XDDD
[05:39] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[05:39] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[05:40] <LoveCatsOwls> can i post next trav?
[05:40] <Travelg> sure
[05:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Want a sugar cube?
[05:40] <LoveCatsOwls> danke
[05:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *noms sugar cube*
[05:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2zkaf86pu1qbm63wo1_500.png
[05:41] <AtlasSisterno.1> Are you Finnick!?
[05:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yes, yes I am
[05:42] <LoveCatsOwls> posted trav
[05:42] <AtlasSisterno.1> Right... That actually might explain a lot...
[05:43] <AtlasSisterno.1> Btw. Team Peeta or Team Gale?
[05:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Team..........Rue :D
[05:43] <Jasmine Campbell> TEAM NO ONE!
[05:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No Team Thresh
[05:43] <AtlasSisterno.1> (facepalm) 
[05:43] <Jasmine Campbell> This is not f*cking Twilight DX
[05:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Thresh is hot
[05:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Very hot
[05:43] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[05:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *drools*
[05:44] <Audrey Campbell> nope its not
[05:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2x7hjpCGM1rrue3to1_500.png
[05:44] <AtlasSisterno.1> Yeah... And rues cute. I sing her lullaby to my bro...
[05:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Thresh is hot
[05:44] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[05:44] <Jasmine Campbell> O.o
[05:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :D
[05:44] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[05:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *marries Thresh*
[05:45] <Jasmine Campbell> That's what I do when I go to Denmark Atlas
[05:45] <AtlasSisterno.1> 0.0
[05:45] <BachLynn23> [[Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki:Requesting User Rights#Rollbacks|Camp_Half-Blood_Role_Playing_Wiki:Requesting_User_Rights#Rollbacks]] rb's and up please vote
[05:45] <AtlasSisterno.1> Wonder (or Finnick), you gay then?
[05:45] <Travelg> okay wt it your turn
[05:45] <Travelg> \
[05:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[05:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> If I was a guy, I'd go bi/gay for Thresh XP
[05:46] <Travelg> i was talking about the rp
[05:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[05:46] <AtlasSisterno.1> U are a guy. Ur Finnick
[05:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.> Do I have to post
[05:47] <Travelg> no never mind
[05:47] <AtlasSisterno.1> G2g again
[05:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I was Finnick now I'm wonder again
[05:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bye
[05:47] <AtlasSisterno.1> Ok
[05:47] <Jasmine Campbell> *doesn't know where to post*
[05:47] <Jasmine Campbell> vote*
[05:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> LCO
[05:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> That's where chu vote
[05:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[05:48] <Jasmine Campbell> *Wants comi to come on DX*
[05:48] <Travelg> give me guy name
[05:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmmm
[05:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> James
[05:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Jas Also HoR's demotion was passed
[05:49] <Jasmine Campbell> Cool
[05:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Lott said he should have been demoted earlier
[05:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[05:50] <LoveCatsOwls> oh,great
[05:50] <Jasmine Campbell> He shoulda
[05:50] <LoveCatsOwls> ^
[05:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Now how the f*ck chu demote a bcrat
[05:51] <Jasmine Campbell> I know
[05:51] <BachLynn23> bcrats have to uncheck it themselves
[05:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmmmm we have to wait then
[05:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[05:51] <Travelg> replied cats
[05:51] <LoveCatsOwls> ok, re-link me?
[05:52] <LoveCatsOwls> *actually, nvm
[05:52] <Jasmine Campbell> Is he gonna be regular user or admin or RB?
[05:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> RB
[05:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> At least
[05:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[05:53] <Jasmine Campbell> Yeah
[05:53] <LoveCatsOwls> posted
[05:53] <LoveCatsOwls> :P
[05:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Only 2 claims need checking :/
[05:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Sig
[05:55] <Signatural> Hi there
[05:55] <Signatural> Have you seen Nicki on today?
[05:55] <LoveCatsOwls> siggy!
[05:55] <LoveCatsOwls> nope, sorry
[05:55] <Signatural> meh =/
[05:55] <LoveCatsOwls> wheere wonder?
[05:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, Nicki was on earlier
[05:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> On CJ
[05:56] <Signatural> Thanks bloom
[05:56] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3891701
[05:57] <Barbett> *sits on the couch wrapped in a blanket, drinking tea, and watching the room*
[05:57] <LoveCatsOwls> is boreas in roman forum aquilo or aquilon?
[05:58] <LoveCatsOwls> *form
[05:58] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[06:02] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[06:02] <Jasmine Campbell> *Isn't like the ladehs*
[06:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm like the dude
[06:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[06:03] <Jasmine Campbell> If someone says they kissed someone I just continue doing what I was doing
[06:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Jas.....I've never kissed anyone XP
[06:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[06:03] <Jasmine Campbell> :O
[06:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sad but true ._.
[06:04] <Jasmine Campbell> *Has :P*
[06:04] <Black Wolf of blood> *Has kissed someone*
[06:04] <Black Wolf of blood> *And kissed that someone quite a few times*
[06:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> *denied kissing anyone who asked*
[06:05] <LoveCatsOwls> *hasn't*
[06:05] <Black Wolf of blood> *The one he kissed was....his ex...*
[06:05] <LoveCatsOwls> *though has a crush on this super hot cute guy*
[06:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *has a crush on no one*
[06:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[06:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm meant to be forever alone
[06:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I sense it
[06:06] <LoveCatsOwls> should i ask him out?
[06:06] <Jasmine Campbell> Sweet Tooth in Holy Musical B@man=So badass he can kill by licking a lollypop and stabbing chu with it
[06:07] <BachLynn23> *buys mummy a brand new shiny cast iron frying pan*
[06:07] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> oooh so cool *hugs daughter* thanks
[06:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> can't wait to try it out :3
[06:07] <Jasmine Campbell> *Hides in Pillow Fort waiting for comi >.<*
[06:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :/ *wonders if she's related to Bloom*
[06:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> why?
[06:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idk XP
[06:08] <LoveCatsOwls> hai j
[06:08] <Jrite10> hello
[06:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Chur my great aunt....apparently o.o
[06:08] <LoveCatsOwls> who here has one of le circus charries?
[06:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> hai J
[06:08] <Jrite10> not on for long 
[06:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> what?
[06:09] <Rawr27> Hai J
[06:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wait
[06:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Chur brother is ob right?
[06:09] <Jrite10> just don't feel like going to get a tux rental
[06:09] <Rawr27> Doesn't that make Bloom my aunt or something?
[06:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[06:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> I don't know ._. I know Soa is my bro
[06:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[06:09] <Rawr27> Soa is my grandpa
[06:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> great-great aunt then
[06:09] <Rawr27> So your my..great aunt? :P
[06:10] <Artemisgirl> n'awwww, Bloom, chu're my sister *hugs*
[06:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> grand niece! :D
[06:10] <Rawr27> *Hugs Bloom* Great Aunt :D
[06:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs Arte back* yaay
[06:10] <Jasmine Campbell> *has no best friends other than Audreh and Comeh but those two are obvious*
[06:10] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[06:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> brb
[06:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Jas What do I go under?
[06:11] <Artemisgirl> dinner, g2g, mbbl
[06:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Friend? Good Friend? Servant? XP
[06:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Maid?
[06:11] <Rawr27> Bye bye Arty *hugs*
[06:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Byez
[06:11] <LoveCatsOwls> bye art *hugs*
[06:11] <Jasmine Campbell> Maid
[06:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >..
[06:12] <Jasmine Campbell> Like Alfred and Batman :P
[06:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>*
[06:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No I'm Robin
[06:12] <Jasmine Campbell> So chu mah butle
[06:12] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[06:12] <Jasmine Campbell> Actually Audreh is
[06:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2s931oL9X1r3vam9o1_500.jpg
[06:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :(
[06:13] <Jasmine Campbell> XD pic
[06:13] <LoveCatsOwls> *needs pic help*
[06:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2zf1rUuum1rpvlpio1_500.png XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[06:13] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[06:14] <LoveCatsOwls> :DDD
[06:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2zelg3ex91qhgwf7o2_250.png They look like clowns >.>
[06:14] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[06:14] <Audrey Campbell> http://marvel.com/games/play/31/create_your_own_superhero
[06:14] <Rawr27> Wibbles Nar
[06:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wibbles Nar
[06:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs*
[06:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[06:15] <Narutofreak0> *is hugged*
[06:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[06:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *forever alone*
[06:15] <Narutofreak0> what is it with requesting rights and chat
[06:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *slumps in corner*
[06:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmmmm?
[06:16] <Narutofreak0> i mean like everytime someone says no to a request somewhere in the reasoning you see i don't see you on chat that much
[06:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idk
[06:16] <Jasmine Campbell> brb
[06:16] <BachLynn23> I told hghdgahsdghehai my reason in a pm for not voting
[06:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[06:17] <BachLynn23> ^can't remember his nick name or their how to spell their user name
[06:17] <BachLynn23> ^^
[06:17] <LoveCatsOwls> piccy help please?
[06:17] <Narutofreak0> hyugabyuakugan12
[06:17] <Rawr27> I gtg now peoples bye bye
[06:17] <BachLynn23> my computer still won't load images
[06:17] <BachLynn23> and you sooo copy pasted that
[06:17] <LoveCatsOwls> ^
[06:17] <Narutofreak0> nop
[06:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Byez
[06:17] <Narutofreak0> you see the spelling error there
[06:17] <LoveCatsOwls> that's why i didn't ask make
[06:17] <LoveCatsOwls> *bach
[06:18] <LoveCatsOwls> wonder, could chu help?
[06:18] <Barbett> bye rawr
[06:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hyugabyakugan12
[06:18] <Narutofreak0> it's actually HyugaByakugan12
[06:18] <LoveCatsOwls> http://s3.favim.com/orig/45/cruz-england-girl-london-shoes-Favim.com-404631.jpg < this taken?
[06:18] <Narutofreak0> *is a narutofreak so knows how to spell therse things*
[06:18] <LoveCatsOwls> shady! 8tackle glompz*
[06:18] <Barbett> hello shadow
[06:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *just copys and pastes*
[06:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> copies*
[06:19] <Narutofreak0> *is too awesome for copy/paste*
[06:19] <LoveCatsOwls> is the pic taken?
[06:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is less awesome*
[06:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[06:19] <LoveCatsOwls> i thought i recognised it from [[Isabella Simone Cleola]]
[06:20] <BachLynn23> http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs44/i/2009/067/4/c/Pure_by_ohmygoditsmerle.jpg
[06:20] <ShadowGoddess> hey guys
[06:21] <LoveCatsOwls> @ bach ~ i kinda like the pic i found, it's just whether it is taken or not
[06:22] <Jasmine Campbell> back
[06:22] <Narutofreak0> oh this is just priceless
[06:22] <Narutofreak0> my friend, whom i sorta-hate
[06:22] <Jasmine Campbell> Link pic?
[06:22] <Narutofreak0> went to miami
[06:23] <LoveCatsOwls> http://favim.com/image/404631/
[06:23] <Narutofreak0> and got me a gryffondor cup
[06:23] <Jasmine Campbell> I'll know since she's mah charie
[06:23] <Narutofreak0> then she heard i was a slytherin
[06:23] <Jasmine Campbell> Nope, meh not using it
[06:23] <Jasmine Campbell> *Wants to use it now and dies*
[06:23] <Narutofreak0> so she gave me a thor goes hollywood comic instead
[06:23] <LoveCatsOwls> well, you cant jas, it is mois
[06:23] <LoveCatsOwls> thanks anyway bach
[06:24] <Jasmine Campbell> DX
[06:24] <Jasmine Campbell> Bachie, meh needs help finding pic
[06:24] <BachLynn23> hmmmm?
[06:24] <LoveCatsOwls> sorry
[06:24] <BachLynn23> pic for what?
[06:24] <BachLynn23> or of what
[06:24] <Jasmine Campbell> Brown haired girleh British flag somewhere if possible
[06:24] <Narutofreak0> http://twitpic.com/9dg70h
[06:25] <Jasmine Campbell> British Flag=Isabella's signiture thing
[06:26] <Barbett> nice naruto
[06:27] <BachLynn23> https://encrypted-tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTmfbsixOvEt3y5Kl6BzBegEypLl3j1Bsikv52yZLdoN5ANfgiKPQ
[06:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Tick tock, this is a clock
[06:27] <Jasmine Campbell> *Has found an awesome couple pic...now needs to find a guy for Isabella DX*
[06:27] <Jasmine Campbell> Cool bachie
[06:27] <LoveCatsOwls> link jas?
[06:27] <LoveCatsOwls> 
[06:27] <BachLynn23> http://data.whicdn.com/images/18220347/18e044314a126fb9868726cd60a71381_large.jpg
[06:27] <Jasmine Campbell> I saved it alreadeh
[06:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Romeo volunteers as tribute jas!
[06:28] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[06:28] <Jasmine Campbell> Maybeh :P
[06:29] <LoveCatsOwls> gtg
[06:29] <Jasmine Campbell> bai
[06:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Byez
[06:29] <LoveCatsOwls> bye
[06:29] <LoveCatsOwls> luamu
[06:29] <Jasmine Campbell> http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=Xp24yIiMVbo
[06:30] <BachLynn23> http://th08.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2011/194/c/f/british_clothes_by_tonuti-d3ougqh.jpg
[06:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Me: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2z323kR1S1run9e4o1_400.png
[06:30] <LoveCatsOwls> s;P
[06:30] <LoveCatsOwls> *:p
[06:30] <LoveCatsOwls> *:P
[06:30] <LoveCatsOwls> thats what happens when you try to text and type atst
[06:30] <Jasmine Campbell> XD WT
[06:30] <Jasmine Campbell> Meh took le first one bachie
[06:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2z2yaLM1p1run9e4o1_400.png XD
[06:31] <BachLynn23> ik, but the one with the girl making the hand sign is kewl
[06:31] <BachLynn23> and I just like finding pics
[06:31] <BachLynn23> idc if no one wants them
[06:31] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[06:31] <AuRon the champion> *I'm totally not at school*
[06:32] <Jasmine Campbell> O.o *Wants to make twins, one who likes Superman and one who likes Batman O.o*
[06:32] <LoveCatsOwls> anyway, lulmua
[06:32] <AuRon the champion> *ignored* T_T
[06:33] <Jasmine Campbell> :P
[06:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *Is totally not at school too*
[06:33] <LoveCatsOwls> ^
[06:33] <LoveCatsOwls> ohaidereau
[06:33] <Jasmine Campbell> *Wants to know what time it is Canada*
[06:33] <AuRon the champion> XD
[06:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 2:33pm I think
[06:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[06:33] <BachLynn23> depends on where in Canada
[06:34] <LoveCatsOwls> 14:33 Tuesday (EDT) - Time in Ottawa, ON, Canada
[06:34] <LoveCatsOwls> Newfoundland 16:03 NDT
[06:34] <LoveCatsOwls> Halifax 15:33 ADT
[06:34] <LoveCatsOwls> Winnipeg 13:33 CDT
[06:34] <LoveCatsOwls> Regina 12:33 CST
[06:34] <LoveCatsOwls> Edmonton 12:33 MDT
[06:34] <LoveCatsOwls> Vancouver 11:33 PDT
[06:34] <LoveCatsOwls> 
[06:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2z1d4eKYc1run9e4o1_500.jpg O_O *dies*
[06:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sooooooooo hotttttttttttttt
[06:34] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[06:34] <AuRon the champion> eh...
[06:34] <AuRon the champion> I liked the guy with the stars on his waist better
[06:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *reblog*
[06:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2z0stkGj71rur219o1_500.jpg
[06:36] <Black Wolf of blood> http://lettersfromtributes.tumblr.com/ <----Hunger Games lovers :P
[06:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Already following blood B) 
[06:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[06:37] <BachLynn23> http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs31/f/2008/209/e/6/David_Tennant_2_by_reignoffire86.jpg David Tennant's head on Jake Gyllenhaal's body
[06:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O_O
[06:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *runs*
[06:37] <AuRon the champion> bach
[06:37] <AuRon the champion> can chu put that in a window by itself?
[06:37] <BachLynn23> auron?
[06:37] <BachLynn23> I did
[06:37] <AuRon the champion> oh
[06:37] <AuRon the champion> *hits school computer*
[06:37] <AuRon the champion> derp
[06:37] <AuRon the champion> can u save it please mom?
[06:37] <BachLynn23> yes, yes I can, OH I could screen shot it
[06:38] <BachLynn23> http://screencast.com/t/Sd3YZ4a3Zn8
[06:39] <BachLynn23> http://verydemotivational.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/demotivational-posters-naked-david-tennant.jpg
[06:39] <AuRon the champion> XD
[06:41] <AuRon the champion> *insert awkward silence here*
[06:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2yxwi79as1qiikcuo1_500.jpg
[06:41] <BachLynn23> *shoots awkward silence here*
[06:41] <Black Wolf of blood> brb
[06:42] <AuRon the champion> XD
[06:42] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:42] <BachLynn23> that's awesome
[06:42] <Jasmine Campbell> XD WT
[06:42] <Jasmine Campbell> Audrey
[06:42] <Jasmine Campbell> *Pokes Audrey*
[06:43] <AuRon the champion> I ate her
[06:43] <Jasmine Campbell> DX
[06:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> It's the Hunger Game o_o
[06:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Games*
[06:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Damn that s
[06:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I curse you to......Africa!
[06:45] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[06:45] <AuRon the champion> africa is already cursed
[06:46] <AuRon the champion> we don't need anyting worse there
[06:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[06:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2yuibVVaS1rtst3bo1_500.jpg XD
[06:47] <AuRon the champion> XD
[06:48] <StarbucksChick> hai
[06:48] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderenicki!
[06:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Nicki
[06:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2yuhk23Vw1qkzslfo1_500.jpg XD
[06:48] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[06:49] <Jasmine Campbell> *Can't remember what 9 does O.o*
[06:49] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3968335
[06:50] <AuRon the champion> XD
[06:50] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3965141
[06:50] <AuRon the champion> jas
[06:50] <AuRon the champion> chu do know it means the movie district nine
[06:50] <AuRon the champion> not the actual HG district
[06:50] <Jasmine Campbell> orlynao?
[06:51] <Jasmine Campbell> I did not know dat
[06:51] <Jasmine Campbell> *Ish sad*
[06:51] <AuRon the champion> yeah
[06:51] <AuRon the champion> because tthat movie had big robots and spaceships
[06:52] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3961936
[06:52] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3962320
[06:54] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[06:54] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3960785
[06:54] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3948920
[06:55] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3961384
[06:55] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3954592 <----Creeeeeepy kid
[06:56] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[06:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O_O
[06:57] <Black Wolf of blood> Could be interesting to see what happened if he succeeded though
[06:57] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3961990
[06:57] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[06:57] <Jasmine Campbell> *shoots the thought*
[06:57] <AuRon the champion> XD
[06:58] <AuRon the champion> *pokes nicki*
[06:58] <StarbucksChick> yesh?
[06:58] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3960911
[06:58] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3960565
[06:58] <AuRon the champion> ish leyla single?
[06:59] <StarbucksChick> yea... why?
[06:59] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[06:59] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3952427
[06:59] <AuRon the champion> no reason...
[07:00] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3960770
[07:00] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:00] <Barbett> *leans back on the arm of the couch and closes her eyes*
[07:00] <AuRon the champion> holyjeans!
[07:01] <Jasmine Campbell> *Hides in pillow fortress and sulks*
[07:01] <AuRon the champion> somebody who mixed barbie and boba fett!
[07:01] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[07:01] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3959677 <------*Chuckles*
[07:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/3963051_460s.jpg
[07:02] <AuRon the champion> XD
[07:02] <Black Wolf of blood> Eternal life ftw
[07:02] <Black Wolf of blood> Since it is theorized
[07:02] <Jasmine Campbell> xd
[07:02] <Jasmine Campbell> XD*
[07:02] <Black Wolf of blood> That by breaking the speed of light, time would reverse :P
[07:03] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderecomic
[07:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Comic
[07:04] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3961530
[07:04] <Comiclove> ..
[07:04] <Barbett> hi comic
[07:04] <Comiclove> Hi
[07:04] <Jasmine Campbell> COMI!
[07:04] <Jasmine Campbell> *Glompz*
[07:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/gag/3931921
[07:04] <Comiclove> *is glompzed*
[07:04] <Comiclove> Hi Honey
[07:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Now kiss!
[07:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:04] <Comiclove> I showed that to jas, yesterday wonder
[07:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *likes saying that*
[07:04] <Comiclove> and quit it
[07:04] <Comiclove> -_-
[07:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idc
[07:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[07:04] <Comiclove> ..
[07:05] <Comiclove> Just stfu and quit it
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[07:05] <Jasmine Campbell> *Kisses comi*
[07:05] <Black Wolf of blood> Get a room!
[07:05] <Comiclove> *is kissed*
[07:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *forever alone level increased* ;P
[07:06] <AuRon the champion> ... they don't need a room unless they do something frisky
[07:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *Lols at random guy in Holy Musical B@man*
[07:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/gag/3943819
[07:06] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm saying they need a room, so they need a room
[07:06] <Black Wolf of blood> *Gives Jas and Comic a room, aka pm*
[07:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sips tea*
[07:06] <AuRon the champion> and yet ice never uses this chat...
[07:06] <AuRon the champion> says we shouldn't =/
[07:07] <Jasmine Campbell> Guy:Chu guys better get on twitter *leaves* Peoples:Why? Guy:*Returns* Because Batman just tweeted. And I don;t think chur gonna like it! O.O
[07:07] <Jasmine Campbell> But Superman's cooler
[07:07] <AuRon the champion> meh
[07:07] <AuRon the champion> I like marvel better
[07:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/gag/3967123
[07:08] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:08] <Jasmine Campbell> It's true :P
[07:08] <AuRon the champion> eh
[07:09] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3951184
[07:09] <Jasmine Campbell> I made some guy marry his neighbour barely after they me
[07:09] <Jasmine Campbell> met*
[07:09] <Jasmine Campbell> She was pregers le next day
[07:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[07:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sims 3 is fun
[07:09] <AuRon the champion> @black XD
[07:09] <AuRon the champion> ohaidereamber
[07:09] <Black Wolf of blood> Meh, that's nothing. I had my char marry, THEN go f*ck some other girl :P
[07:09] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:09] <AuRon the champion> XD
[07:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[07:10] <Jasmine Campbell> On what?
[07:10] <Jasmine Campbell> *Remembers she did something weird once O.O*
[07:10] <AuRon the champion> here
[07:10] <Black Wolf of blood> And a few other girls as well
[07:10] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:10] <Barbett> stepsons home have to go correct homework bbl
[07:10] <AuRon the champion> stepson?
[07:11] <BachLynn23> http://9gag.com/fast#3955590
[07:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2ys3m9o041r1e7v8o1_250.png
[07:11] <Jasmine Campbell> Made girl f*ck some guy, marry other guy, f*ck his bro, divorce her hubbeh and then f*ck his sister
[07:11] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3955847
[07:11] <Barbett> yesas in my son through marriage
[07:11] <Comiclove> rofl
[07:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Rofl Jassy :P
[07:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Bar What age are chu?
[07:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[07:11] <Amberrose> backs away slowly 
[07:12] <Jasmine Campbell> *Loved that family*
[07:12] <Barbett> 26 his father is 39 he is 12
[07:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sweet
[07:12] <AuRon the champion> well
[07:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Chur 12 years older than me
[07:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :/
[07:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Fun
[07:12] <AuRon the champion> bach, you've been outclassed in age
[07:12] <Jasmine Campbell> Now she has a kid who she basicly went 'Food's in the fridge' when he became a kid
[07:12] <Jasmine Campbell> And now she's a criminal :P
[07:12] <Amberrose> 12 years older than me too
[07:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Amber and I are so alike O_O
[07:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[07:13] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:13] <AuRon the champion> some years older than me!
[07:13] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3955364
[07:13] <StarbucksChick> *pokes aur*
[07:13] <AuRon the champion> yeah?
[07:13] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3955998
[07:13] <StarbucksChick> wanna continue the rp?
[07:13] <AuRon the champion> yeah
[07:14] <AuRon the champion> AuRon think it is your turn to post
[07:14] <AuRon the champion> and...
[07:14] <AuRon the champion> black!
[07:14] <BachLynn23> how is one outclassed in age?
[07:14] <AuRon the champion> stop spamming with 9gag!
[07:14] <Amberrose> 
[07:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> God damn right click >.<
[07:14] <AuRon the champion> barbett is older dan chu i think...
[07:14] <BachLynn23> no she's not
[07:14] <BachLynn23> she's only 26
[07:14] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:14] <BachLynn23> the only user here older than me is LCT
[07:14] <AuRon the champion> *feels stupid again*
[07:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Her hubby's 39
[07:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> What age is he o.o
[07:14] <BachLynn23> eh, I dated a 43 year old when I was 19
[07:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[07:15] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[07:15] <AuRon the champion> er...
[07:15] <Jasmine Campbell> Orlynao?
[07:15] <AuRon the champion> *has heard this before*
[07:15] <Amberrose> O.O
[07:15] <Amberrose> ..............................O.O
[07:15] <BachLynn23> Jerry, my husband is the youngest guy I've ever dated (that's dated, not "been" with) and he's the same age
[07:16] <Amberrose> whos jerry
[07:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is forever alone, and proud*
[07:16] <AuRon the champion> bach's actual husband
[07:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *flies flag*
[07:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Nyx
[07:16] <Amberrose> ohhhhhhhh
[07:16] <Nyxil> hello people
[07:16] <Amberrose> hi ny
[07:16] <Amberrose> hey that rhymes hi ny hi ny
[07:17] <Nyxil> :/
[07:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sets someone on fire*
[07:17] <Jasmine Campbell> *Is htat someone*
[07:17] <Jasmine Campbell> that*
[07:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Jas is Katniss
[07:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> The girl on fire
[07:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:18] <Amberrose> *realises how truly weird she is *
[07:18] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:18] <Jasmine Campbell> Who's Peeta den?
[07:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idk
[07:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *throws bread at someone*
[07:18] <Nyxil> XD and THAT is how you break a silence
[07:18] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:18] <Amberrose> i am not really mmmmmmmmm bread
[07:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Amber.....did chu catch that?
[07:18] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3690336
[07:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> please say no
[07:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[07:19] <Amberrose> just missed it by an inch
[07:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Who caught the bread
[07:19] <Amberrose> a ghost ?
[07:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No
[07:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Someone has to have caught it
[07:20] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3685222
[07:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sets whoever caught the bread on fire*
[07:21] <Amberrose> *looks around to see if anyones munching bread*
[07:21] <Amberrose> *or on fire*
[07:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Jas is on fire
[07:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> She's Katniss
[07:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Now we need Peeta
[07:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is Cinna, obviously*
[07:22] <Amberrose> im a small bit too female
[07:22] <Nyxil> Oooh me! I wanna be hijacked and try to kill her!
[07:22] <Jasmine Campbell> No DX
[07:22] <AuRon the champion> wuh..?
[07:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Nyx >.<
[07:22] <Amberrose> just a tiny bit
[07:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> One is not simply catch the bread
[07:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> does*
[07:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *chucks another loaf at someone*
[07:23] <Nyxil> How much bread is in one place?
[07:23] <AuRon the champion> *waits for nicki to post*
[07:23] <AuRon the champion> ohaideredevin
[07:24] <Devin11000> yo
[07:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Dev
[07:24] <Amberrose> wohh watch whear your aiming those things *ducks*
[07:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Who has the god damn bread >.<
[07:24] <Devin11000> hii
[07:24] <Amberrose> hey dev
[07:24] <Devin11000> hi
[07:24] <Nyxil> The bird. he has it. Thats why hes the word recently
[07:24] <Jasmine Campbell> *Sits on someone's lap*
[07:25] <Nyxil> bird bird bird. bird is the word!
[07:25] <Devin11000> *is sat on*
[07:25] <AuRon the champion> >_>
[07:25] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3685875
[07:25] <Black Wolf of blood> *Is bored, so is doing homework and looking at 9gag*
[07:25] <Nyxil> Ooohnana Ooohnana oo oo oo oohnanah ooohnanana
[07:26] <Nyxil> Surfing bird! :D
[07:26] <Jasmine Campbell> *Jumps of Devin's lap*
[07:26] <Nyxil> Really? No response to that?
[07:26] <Devin11000> yayy
[07:26] <Amberrose> *sneezes sending ninja kick straight up nearly kicking her eye *
[07:26] <StarbucksChick> posted aur
[07:27] <Nyxil> :|
[07:27] <AuRon the champion> thanks nicki
[07:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Okay I'll ask again, who caught the bread?
[07:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> RP anyone?
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Aud
[07:29] <Devin11000> me! @Wonder
[07:29] <Jasmine Campbell> Peeta's Version of flowers at a wedding:Bread
[07:29] <Audrey Campbell> hi!
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[07:29] <Jasmine Campbell> Hai Audreh
[07:29] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3695132
[07:29] <Comiclove> Hi aud
[07:29] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Audrey 
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *throws the bread again*
[07:29] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles with AUdrey*
[07:29] <Jasmine Campbell> Sisseh!
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Someone catch it
[07:29] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:30] <Devin11000> ?
[07:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I need a Peeta >.>
[07:30] <AuRon the champion> *bread hits head and goes flying*
[07:30] <AuRon the champion> man
[07:30] <AuRon the champion> those things,
[07:30] <AuRon the champion> they indeed are dangerous!
[07:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Future me can handle my homeword
[07:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> homework*
[07:31] <AuRon the champion> *awkward drake is awkward*
[07:31] <AuRon the champion> posted nicki
[07:31] <Audrey Campbell> sorry computer froze
[07:31] <StarbucksChick> k
[07:31] <Amberrose> bye guys
[07:31] <Devin11000> :/
[07:31] <AuRon the champion> bai amber
[07:31] <Audrey Campbell> bye
[07:31] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles with Audrey again*
[07:31] <Black Wolf of blood> Bye Amber
[07:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *wants to eat someone*
[07:32] <Audrey Campbell> *not me*
[07:32] <Jasmine Campbell> *takes sisseh and gives her a piggybackride*
[07:32] <Black Wolf of blood> *Waits for Audrey to snuggle back or something*
[07:32] <Jasmine Campbell> piggy back ride*
[07:33] <Audrey Campbell> *8is given a piggy back ride and snuggles back*
[07:33] <Jasmine Campbell> How is zat possible
[07:33] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pulls Audrey onto a couch after the piggy back ride and snuggles*
[07:33] <Audrey Campbell> don't know how i can do to things at once!
[07:33] <Comiclove> *picks audrey off, and pulls jas towards him*
[07:33] <Comiclove> Hi :)
[07:34] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Oi no pulling Katniss
[07:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Unless chur Peeta O.o
[07:34] <AuRon the champion> I'm starting to see a pattern develop...
[07:34] <Jasmine Campbell> Hai :)
[07:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Which is Auron?
[07:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sighs*
[07:34] <Devin11000> blahh
[07:34] <AuRon the champion> *looks at audrey and blood*
[07:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sits in forever alone corner*
[07:34] <AuRon the champion> *then looks at jas and comic*
[07:35] <AuRon the champion> *then look at wonder in corner*
[07:35] <AuRon the champion> *then looks at <span style="color:red;">bachbot</span>
[07:35] <AuRon the champion> *
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.O
[07:35] <Jasmine Campbell> What is it Auron DX
[07:35] <AuRon the champion> hmm
[07:35] <Black Wolf of blood> Eh, I'm just snuggling with a friend
[07:35] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[07:35] <Jasmine Campbell> *Kisses Comi's cheek*
[07:35] <AuRon the champion> I have NO idea!
[07:35] <Black Wolf of blood> While Bloom isn't here
[07:35] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[07:35] <AuRon the champion> </sarcasm>
[07:35] <Jasmine Campbell> *Picks up Audreh and puts her in crib*
[07:35] <AuRon the champion> ohaideretravel
[07:35] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles closer to Audrey, using her chest as a pillow*
[07:35] <Black Wolf of blood> ;P
[07:35] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:35] <AuRon the champion> *points at trav's blog*
[07:35] <Black Wolf of blood> Yes, I'm tired
[07:35] <Jasmine Campbell> Now go to sleep lil sisseh
[07:36] <Jasmine Campbell> *Ish older den Audreh :P*
[07:36] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:36] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[07:36] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[07:36] <Jasmine Campbell> *Loves being older than all her sibs ever*
[07:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sighs in corner*
[07:36] <AuRon the champion> mom!
[07:36] <BachLynn23> *cuddles with WT*
[07:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I am in le corner
[07:36] <BachLynn23> O.O
[07:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *cuddles bach*
[07:36] <BachLynn23> *stops bouncing*
[07:36] <AuRon the champion> have you been drinking coffe again!?
[07:36] <BachLynn23> sorry were you on my head?
[07:36] <AuRon the champion> oh
[07:36] <AuRon the champion> no
[07:36] <Black Wolf of blood> *Joins Audrey in the crib and snuggles*
[07:36] <BachLynn23> XD ok just making sure
[07:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> (squeal) 
[07:36] <Black Wolf of blood> *Using Audrey as a pillow*
[07:36] <BachLynn23> don't want to bounce you off
[07:36] <Devin11000> bach!
[07:37] <Audrey Campbell> *snuggles back*
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmmm
[07:37] <Jasmine Campbell> No sqishy sissy!
[07:37] <AuRon the champion> *ice isn't here...*
[07:37] <BachLynn23> (squeeze) s someone
[07:37] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[07:37] <Devin11000> is squeezed
[07:37] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles closer*
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is (squeeze) 'd*
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> It was me Dev
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[07:37] <Jasmine Campbell> *Takes baby sissy and makes her play with other baby's her age*
[07:37] <Devin11000> NO
[07:37] <Comiclove> rofl
[07:38] <Audrey Campbell> *is not a baby*
[07:38] <Black Wolf of blood> How old are you Audrey?
[07:38] <Black Wolf of blood> 15, right?
[07:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Or something
[07:38] <Jasmine Campbell> Yeah chu are sissy
[07:38] <Jasmine Campbell> Now play with baby's chur age!
[07:38] <Jasmine Campbell> Sissy can't talk she baby
[07:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Blood is her age o.o
[07:38] <Audrey Campbell> am not!
[07:38] <Devin11000> Who's 15?
[07:38] <Jasmine Campbell> *Picks up baby sissy*
[07:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Audrey, how old are you?
[07:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Then I can seduce you as well :P
[07:38] <Audrey Campbell> U first!
[07:38] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm 15
[07:39] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I love being 14 ;P
[07:39] <Black Wolf of blood> *Is joking with the seducing thing*
[07:39] <AuRon the champion> I dunno wonder...
[07:39] <Jasmine Campbell> *Slaps blood*
[07:39] <Devin11000> I'm 15.
[07:39] <Jasmine Campbell> Mah baby sissy
[07:39] <Black Wolf of blood> *Is slapped*
[07:39] <AuRon the champion> I'm turning sixteen in a few months...
[07:39] <AuRon the champion> I think being sixteen is better
[07:39] <AuRon the champion> *looks at learners permit*
[07:39] <AuRon the champion> much better..
[07:39] <Black Wolf of blood> Jassy, did you know why I wanted to seduce her? *Winks* Then I'd have gotten both :P
[07:39] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:39] <Comiclove> ROFLMAO
[07:39] <Comiclove> Don't you try
[07:39] <AuRon the champion> blood
[07:40] <Jasmine Campbell> O.o
[07:40] <AuRon the champion> are you sure you're not drunk?
[07:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^
[07:40] <Black Wolf of blood> *Laughs* Quite sure
[07:40] <Jasmine Campbell> Chu wouldn't have got le whole set though
[07:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Haven't had a drink in months
[07:40] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:40] <Black Wolf of blood> I know Jassy
[07:40] <Jasmine Campbell> *Gives chu drink*
[07:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *wants to see drunk blood now* >.>
[07:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> <.<
[07:40] <AuRon the champion> that might be interesting
[07:40] <Black Wolf of blood> You have a brother after all, and I don't swing that way
[07:40] <Comiclove> http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/3947979_700b.jpg
[07:40] <Comiclove> :P
[07:40] <Jasmine Campbell> And another sister
[07:41] <Jasmine Campbell> But she's to young
[07:41] <Jasmine Campbell> And an idiot
[07:41] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:41] <Devin11000> how old are you Jasmine?
[07:41] <Black Wolf of blood> *Puts Audrey on his lap and hugs her from behind*
[07:41] <Jasmine Campbell> Who when was a toddler said, and I quote, 'I want to marry Fireman Sam!'
[07:41] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:41] <Comiclove> roflmaool
[07:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[07:41] <Comiclove> Anyone here listen to Hail The Villain
[07:41] <Jasmine Campbell> *Picks up sissy and puts her in safe*
[07:41] <Black Wolf of blood> *Steals Audrey and pulls her to pm*
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sits in forever alone corner, playing with matches*
[07:42] <AuRon the champion> matches!
[07:42] <Jasmine Campbell> NOOOOOOOO!
[07:42] <AuRon the champion> *tackle hugs wonder*
[07:42] <Jasmine Campbell> *Pulls sissy out* Bad place sisseh DX
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is tackle hugged*
[07:42] <Jasmine Campbell> *Scoops sissy up to meet Superman*
[07:43] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[07:43] <AuRon the champion> if I spend time with you, can I has matches?
[07:43] <Black Wolf of blood> You're remembering some of our pm's or what Jas?
[07:43] <Travelg> give me a guys name
[07:43] <Jasmine Campbell> Nope
[07:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> James
[07:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yes Auron
[07:43] <Jasmine Campbell> I told chu I erased does memorys
[07:43] <Jasmine Campbell> Somehow
[07:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yes chu can
[07:43] <Jasmine Campbell> memories*
[07:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:43] <AuRon the champion> *hugs wonder* ohkay then!
[07:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[07:44] <Black Wolf of blood> Hm...
[07:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *gives Auron matches*
[07:44] <Black Wolf of blood> *Restores Jas' memories*
[07:44] <Jasmine Campbell> *Flips hair back* Meh=Awesome
[07:44] <Jasmine Campbell> NOOOOO!
[07:44] <Jasmine Campbell> *Dies*
[07:44] <Comiclove> *revives jas*
[07:44] <Comiclove> >_> Who killed her?
[07:44] <Jasmine Campbell> *Points at Blood*
[07:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Memories apparently o.o
[07:44] <Audrey Campbell> jas?
[07:44] <Jasmine Campbell> *Hides behind Comi*
[07:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Sunny
[07:45] <AuRon the champion> *is also sitting on wonder*
[07:45] <Jasmine Campbell> Say it in pm sissy
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sunshine
[07:45] <AuRon the champion> ohaideresun
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *has auron sitting on her*
[07:45] <Black Wolf of blood> @Comic, I made her remember some stuff :P
[07:45] <Comiclove> Hey Sunny
[07:45] <Comiclove> ROFL
[07:45] <Jasmine Campbell> *Huggles with comi and get's rid of memories again*
[07:45] <Black Wolf of blood> *Makes her remember the stuff*
[07:46] <Jasmine Campbell> *Can't*
[07:46] <Jasmine Campbell> *'Cos is hugging with comi*
[07:46] <Comiclove> *huggles back*
[07:46] <Black Wolf of blood> *Forces her to remember*
[07:47] <Black Wolf of blood> o.o 
[07:47] <Comiclove> NOOOO
[07:47] <Black Wolf of blood> I did not expect that
[07:47] <Comiclove> ^
[07:47] <Comiclove> *starts swearing in irish*
[07:47] <Black Wolf of blood> I suppose it was some rather intense memories
[07:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Comic....
[07:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Why Irish?
[07:47] <AuRon the champion> wha?
[07:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O.o
[07:48] <Comiclove> wb jas
[07:48] <AuRon the champion> my somewhat chubby friend sais hai
[07:49] <Comiclove> my goth/emo friend says hi
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> My dog says woof ._.
[07:49] <AuRon the champion> he says hes gunno kill me >_>
[07:49] <Jasmine Campbell> No one I know says hai
[07:49] <AuRon the champion> he says:
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> My teddy says hi
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :P
[07:49] <AuRon the champion> "Tell them all to go to he- I'm kidding"
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *goes to he*
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Bar
[07:50] <AuRon the champion> he also is spouting things minecraft related
[07:50] <Barbett> hi
[07:50] <AuRon the champion> ohaidere barbie fett
[07:51] <Jasmine Campbell> *Dances with someone*
[07:51] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:51] <Comiclove> *is danced with*
[07:51] <Comiclove> XD
[07:51] <Comiclove> http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/3946033_700b.jpg
[07:51] <Comiclove> ^Me
[07:51] <Barbett> did you just call me Barbie fett?
[07:51] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:51] <AuRon the champion> yes
[07:52] <Barbett> how did you come up with that?
[07:52] <Comiclove> http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/3945385_700b.jpg
[07:52] <Comiclove> ^xD
[07:52] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> OMFG My friend just came up and saw Esme's pic and was like: "Whore" and I was like "How right you are my friend." XP
[07:53] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:53] <Comiclove> http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/3944125_700b.jpg
[07:53] <Comiclove> rofl
[07:53] <AuRon the champion> barbe
[07:53] <AuRon the champion> fett
[07:53] <AuRon the champion> *ett
[07:53] <AuRon the champion> *makes the weirdest connections*
[07:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *forever alone*
[07:54] <Barbett> nice you take a name that is pronounce Bar Bet and turn me into a star wars char. thanx
[07:54] <AuRon the champion> *is sitting on wonder, giving wonder a hug*
[07:54] <AuRon the champion> yep
[07:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is hugged*
[07:55] <Jasmine Campbell> *Sits with comi*
[07:55] <AuRon the champion> tall spiny person next to me sais hai
[07:55] <Black Wolf of blood> *Wonders if Audrey's leave has anything to do with a question she asked him which he then asked her about*
[07:55] <AuRon the champion> ...
[07:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> What was le question?
[07:55] <Jasmine Campbell> Oh I'm pretty sure it won't be
[07:55] <Barbett> hello tall spiny person do you have a name?
[07:55] <Black Wolf of blood> I'll pm it to you Wonder
[07:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> k
[07:55] <AuRon the champion> "maybe, no"
[07:55] <Jasmine Campbell> She might be back later but she might have to help her
[07:55] <Jasmine Campbell> her dad*
[07:56] <AuRon the champion> I never knew men could make such unmanly screams...
[07:56] <AuRon the champion> now, I must go!
[07:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :( HoR's not on >.<
[07:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *does epic summoning powers*
[07:58] <Jasmine Campbell> Didn't work :P
[07:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Jasseh can chu help me pic hunt?
[07:59] <Jasmine Campbell> Maybeh
[07:59] <Comiclove> .
[07:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Girl with red hair
[08:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Make her look as.......slutty as possible XP jk jk
[08:00] <Jasmine Campbell> Ginger or like blood red?
[08:00] <Comiclove> *gets another irish person*
[08:00] <Comiclove> :P
[08:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Blood Red
[08:00] <Comiclove> Oh, stereotypes
[08:00] <Comiclove> XD
[08:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[08:00] <Black Wolf of blood> Blood red...Now that's a nice hair colour for a girl :P
[08:00] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:00] <Comiclove> xP
[08:01] <Jasmine Campbell> *Had it...then dyed it back to brown*
[08:01] <Jasmine Campbell> I used mah stash of dem WT
[08:01] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Audrey
[08:01] <Jasmine Campbell> Wibbles Audreh
[08:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wibbles Aud
[08:01] <Jasmine Campbell> *Huggles*
[08:01] <Audrey Campbell> hi computer froze again
[08:01] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pushes Audrey to pm*
[08:02] <Jasmine Campbell> *Picks up Audreh and swings her around*
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *picks up google* and eats it*
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Poofies
[08:02] <BachLynn23> poofies?
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idk
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *feels drunk*
[08:02] <Audrey Campbell> *is swung around*
[08:03] <BachLynn23> *cuddles with WT*
[08:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *cuddles back*
[08:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I love it when bach hugs chu 'cause den if chu miss spell back as bach chu can get away with it XP
[08:03] <BachLynn23> XD ikr
[08:04] <Jasmine Campbell> *Hugs Comi tight*
[08:04] <BachLynn23> *pictures jas hudding comic looks like this (squeeze) *
[08:04] <BachLynn23> *hugging
[08:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> UNCLE MOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[08:05] <Jasmine Campbell> *Is shot by someone*
[08:05] <Comiclove> *revives jas again*
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *was shooting*
[08:05] <Comiclove> *hugs jas back*
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Shit *runs*
[08:05] <Comiclove> *dropkicks wonder*
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *dodges*
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:05] <Moodle> Hey everyone
[08:05] <Jasmine Campbell> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmZhMeY5L44
[08:05] <Moodle> Niece! *hugs*
[08:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[08:05] <Jasmine Campbell> *Falls into Comi's arms*
[08:06] <Moodle> ......
[08:06] <Comiclove> *catches*
[08:06] <Comiclove> :P
[08:06] <Moodle> what's le going on?
[08:06] <Jasmine Campbell> *Is dying*
[08:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :/
[08:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *finishes jas off with a knife*
[08:06] <Comiclove> why chu dying, ja-
[08:07] <Comiclove> *kicks wonder*
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *then runs*
[08:07] <Comiclove> *revives jas*
[08:07] <Comiclove> :PPP
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *dodges*
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:07] <Jasmine Campbell> *Is revived*
[08:07] <Comiclove> xP
[08:07] <Jasmine Campbell> *Kisses comi's nose*
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *forever......alone*
[08:07] <Jasmine Campbell> :P
[08:07] <Jasmine Campbell> 
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> TT_TT
[08:08] <Comiclove> *is kissed on the nose*
[08:08] <Comiclove> *forever NOT alone, bitch*
[08:08] <Comiclove> :P
[08:08] <Moodle> so nice
[08:08] <Moodle> XD
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *kicks someone*
[08:09] <Jasmine Campbell> Owww!
[08:09] <Jasmine Campbell> *Ish kicked*
[08:09] <Moodle> Would that be me?
[08:09] <Comiclove> DX
[08:09] <Comiclove> *dropkicks wonder*
[08:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *runs*
[08:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[08:09] <Comiclove> Stop harming mah jassy
[08:09] <Comiclove> DX
[08:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is not dropkicked*
[08:09] <Comiclove> Hey Nar
[08:09] <Moodle> hey nar
[08:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> NAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[08:09] <Barbett> hi nar
[08:09] <Moodle> hey audrey
[08:09] <Barbett> het audrey
[08:10] <Jasmine Campbell> *Tackles Comi from behind*
[08:10] <Jasmine Campbell> Audreh left chat silly peoples
[08:10] <Comiclove> *is tackled from behind*
[08:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Jas Got any piccies yet?
[08:10] <Comiclove> Oh, hi there
[08:10] <Barbett> srry i'm ill got confused
[08:10] <Comiclove> sorry*
[08:10] <Comiclove> e_e
[08:11] <Narutofreak0> oh chat was open?
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yes
[08:11] <Moodle> is saying: "Het" a brit thing? I mean no offence, jw
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Now hug me!
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[08:11] <Narutofreak0> no
[08:11] <Moodle> k
[08:11] <Narutofreak0> still tired
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Worth a try
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sadness*
[08:11] <Jasmine Campbell> Het isn't british
[08:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2yncqPCoQ1qfyoi1o1_500.jpg Likey?
[08:11] <Moodle> k
[08:11] <Comiclove> Lovey
[08:12] <Jasmine Campbell> ^
[08:12] <Comiclove> :*not as much as ___* though
[08:12] <Comiclove> :P
[08:12] <Jasmine Campbell> :3
[08:12] <Moodle> *Is too tired to comment on the pi*
[08:12] <Moodle> *pic
[08:12] <Jasmine Campbell> But chur awake enough to say that?
[08:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> First nar's too tired, now chu?!
[08:12] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[08:13] <Comiclove> *has http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V7KKzCR03A on repeat*
[08:13] <Barbett> guess it's yawns tireds contagious
[08:13] <Moodle> What do you expect from me wonder?
[08:13] <Moodle> I have had a long day and I have a shitton of hw
[08:13] <Comiclove> only have like French
[08:13] <Comiclove> :P
[08:13] <Moodle> That's depressing enough to get me tired
[08:13] <Barbett> er like yawns
[08:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O_O
[08:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *dies due to the awesome music*
[08:13] <Comiclove> thanks wonder
[08:13] <Comiclove> I love it
[08:14] <Barbett> hi bjorn
[08:14] <Comiclove> I think of either Death Note or D.Gray-man when i'm listening
[08:14] <Comiclove> *plays guitar to that song*
[08:14] <Moodle> ur music is making me even more tired comic
[08:14] <Narutofreak0> *your
[08:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *plays recorder*
[08:14] <Comiclove> rofl
[08:14] <Moodle> wow, what's with this insurgence of no uring
[08:14] <Comiclove> wait
[08:14] <Comiclove> that a compliment
[08:14] <Comiclove> or insult?
[08:14] <Moodle> neither
[08:14] <Comiclove> and you look dumb, moodle
[08:14] <Comiclove> XP
[08:14] <Comiclove> Oh, thanks
[08:14] <Moodle> It's a comment
[08:14] <Comiclove> XD
[08:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> An complisult?
[08:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> a*
[08:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[08:15] <Moodle> sure
[08:15] <Comiclove> xDDDDDDD
[08:15] <Moodle> if thou wish
[08:15] <Comiclove> ROFL
[08:15] <Moodle> I'm too tired to think properly
[08:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> RP anyonez?
[08:15] <Barbett> sure
[08:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'll use Esme ;P
[08:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> [[Esmer%C3%A9e Dunsany|Esmerée_Dunsany]]
[08:16] <Narutofreak0> *just saw the newest young justice ep*
[08:16] <Narutofreak0> 'tis epic
[08:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *feels empty*
[08:17] <Comiclove> .
[08:17] <Comiclove> oui
[08:18] <Barbett> i only have the one so it's [[Annastasia Pobanz|Annastasia_Pobanz]] or nothing
[08:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> k
[08:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Post on Esme's page
[08:20] <Moodle> .
[08:21] <Barbett> k
[08:22] <Narutofreak0> im shocked at the number of unclaimed claims
[08:22] <Moodle> ik
[08:23] <Moodle> .
[08:24] <Jasmine Campbell> brb
[08:24] <Moodle> k
[08:24] <Narutofreak0> someone remind me to do cabin count wednesday
[08:26] <Comiclove> kk
[08:27] <BachLynn23> @barb congratulations I decided to level you up a few days early
[08:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *was just called babes by her mum* O.o
[08:27] <Jasmine Campbell> back
[08:27] <Barbett> thanx
[08:27] <Comiclove> wb
[08:27] <Barbett> now i have to think of a new char
[08:27] <BachLynn23> yw, I think you've shown you are more than active enough to handle another charie
[08:28] <BachLynn23> >.< considering you have like 250 edits in like 3 days
[08:28] <Barbett> yea I get around
[08:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bach how did chu get so many edits o.o
[08:29] <Jasmine Campbell> *Snuggles with Comi*
[08:29] <Narutofreak0> my firstr week was my most active on the wiki
[08:29] <Moodle> F*cking bitch of an internet
[08:29] <Moodle> wiki's down
[08:29] <Narutofreak0> 230 edits in 6 days
[08:29] <BachLynn23> so many edits here, or all over wiki in general?
[08:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> here
[08:29] <Narutofreak0> general
[08:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o like o.o
[08:29] <BachLynn23> cuz this isn't the only wiki I have over 10,000 edits on
[08:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Den general
[08:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[08:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Like o.o
[08:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Sooo many
[08:30] <Comiclove> *snuggles with jas*
[08:30] <BachLynn23> if you don't count deleted contribs I have about 75000 or so on all of wikia
[08:30] <Narutofreak0> *will make a special gift for bach when she reaches the big 50K*
[08:30] <BachLynn23> I hit 30,000 edits here on 19 January, and I'm about to hit 40,000 and it's April
[08:31] <BachLynn23> so that's like 10000 edits every 4 months or so
[08:31] <BachLynn23> just on this wiki
[08:31] <Comiclove> rofl
[08:31] <Comiclove> epic
[08:31] <Audrey Campbell> gtg will be back tomorrow
[08:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *has like almost 4000* >.>
[08:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bye
[08:31] <Jasmine Campbell> Bai sissy
[08:31] <Barbett> bye
[08:31] <Black Wolf of blood> Cya Audrey *snuggles*
[08:31] <Jasmine Campbell> *Hugs sissy*
[08:31] <Narutofreak0> *haz like 3000 something*
[08:32] <Comiclove> bye audrey
[08:32] <Comiclove> *loves how 2 of his friends argue over WoW*
[08:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I need like 7 to hit 4000
[08:32] <Comiclove> and one of them draws a lot about WoW
[08:32] <Comiclove> *thinks they need to get a DA*
[08:32] <Narutofreak0> y'know come to think of it
[08:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 6* XP
[08:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmmm?
[08:33] <Comiclove> Bachoo, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V7KKzCR03A
[08:33] <Comiclove> xP
[08:33] <Iceclaw100> hi everyone
[08:34] <BachLynn23> awww icey you missed auron
[08:34] <BachLynn23> he was on earlier
[08:34] <Narutofreak0> the only person i know with the HoO badge
[08:34] <Narutofreak0> is moodle
[08:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ^
[08:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[08:34] <Comiclove> o.o
[08:34] <Comiclove> Lucky bastard
[08:34] <Iceclaw100> i hope that auron gets on again
[08:35] <BachLynn23> *read that wrong*
[08:35] <Comiclove> oh, XD
[08:35] <Comiclove> classic bach
[08:35] <Comiclove> and bach, chu click my link?
[08:35] <Comiclove> :P
[08:35] <BachLynn23> .*read that wrong as well*
[08:35] <BachLynn23> *goes to find glasses before I do anything else on chat*
[08:35] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[08:35] <Iceclaw100> haha
[08:36] <Moodle> hey raven
[08:36] <Head of Ravenclaw> HAPPY B-DAY BACH
[08:36] <BachLynn23> I mean I know my mind is usually in the gutter, but it's worse when I can't read the words and I have a brain that plays mad libs when I can't see or hear something
[08:36] <BachLynn23> YAYYYY
[08:36] <Head of Ravenclaw> Hi moo
[08:36] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[08:36] <Moodle> Happy birthday bach!
[08:36] <Comiclove> hi HoR
[08:36] <Comiclove> rofl
[08:36] <Moodle> A late one from me cuz I'm not here for most of the day
[08:36] <Iceclaw100> happy b-day bach
[08:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> HOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz to death*
[08:37] <Comiclove> FLOCKIE
[08:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Flock
[08:37] <Comiclove> *tackle glompz flock*
[08:37] <BachLynn23> thanks (bounce) 
[08:37] <Head of Ravenclaw> *is glomped*
[08:37] <Iceclaw100> hi flock and hor
[08:37] <Head of Ravenclaw> *hugs wt*
[08:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[08:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lt9x2isgL11qa69wso1_r1_500.gif
[08:38] <Narutofreak0> *found the pic for jamba juice*
[08:38] <Moodle> Yo comic, I was playing ffxiii recently, guess what part I'm stuck on
[08:38] <Comiclove> rofl
[08:38] <Narutofreak0> (bounce) 
[08:38] <Comiclove> and what part?
[08:38] <Moodle> Lightning's Eidolon
[08:39] <Comiclove> Ah, lol
[08:39] <Comiclove> Odin, right?
[08:39] <Moodle> yeah
[08:39] <Moodle> He's so f*ckin annoying like would it hurt him to stop bsing me and have a gestaldt meter that goes faster?
[08:39] <Moodle> Like for him it takes a gazillion years 
[08:40] <Moodle> and that's just half the bar
[08:41] <Moodle> What the deuce?
[08:41] <Moodle> Some anon signed un message
[08:41] <Moodle> on the RfA page
[08:41] <BachLynn23> rfa?
[08:41] <BachLynn23> Rats for Anarchy?
[08:41] <Comiclove> XD
[08:41] <Moodle> The requests for adminship page
[08:42] <BachLynn23> oh, yea that would make more sense than Rats for Anarchy
[08:42] <Moodle> lol
[08:42] <BachLynn23> though I suddenly want to dress up 100 rats with anarchy flags
[08:42] <BachLynn23> >.<
[08:42] <Moodle> lol
[08:42] <Moodle> if u can find that many which won't bite you first
[08:42] <Narutofreak0> at least it was better then what i thought
[08:42] <Comiclove> o.o
[08:43] <Narutofreak0> and that would be jake
[08:43] <BachLynn23> it must be a user who isn't signed in though
[08:43] <BachLynn23> it sounds too specific to be a total anon
[08:43] <Moodle> ik
[08:43] <Narutofreak0> it's jake
[08:43] <Moodle> ah
[08:43] <Narutofreak0> *is awesome enough to know which anon is which*
[08:44] <Comiclove> XD
[08:44] <BachLynn23> well all you have to do is look at their contribs
[08:44] <Narutofreak0> -_-
[08:44] <Narutofreak0> gee
[08:44] <Narutofreak0> thanks for ruining my mood
[08:44] <Moodle> He's gonna come on chat any second and start mini-getting pissed at me for deleting his edits XD
[08:45] <Moodle> edits on that page*
[08:45] <BachLynn23> this should be interesting, never seen someone get "mini" pissed
[08:45] <Iceclaw100> oh im going to have fun with mika's char
[08:45] <Moodle> well it can be described as "a little angry"
[08:45] <Moodle> fun? *Is not thinking dirty*
[08:45] <Narutofreak0> *is thinking dirty*
[08:46] <Iceclaw100> in the dirty way
[08:46] <Moodle> ah
[08:46] <Moodle> in that case I was wrong
[08:46] <BachLynn23> *bowchickawowow*
[08:46] <Moodle> *Tumbleweed*
[08:46] <BachLynn23> (woohoo) 
[08:46] <Narutofreak0> that's what my baby says
[08:46] <Narutofreak0> and que jake any sec
[08:46] <Iceclaw100> one second coughing fit
[08:46] <Moodle> mom's home
[08:46] <BachLynn23> *gives ice cough drops*
[08:47] <Moodle> blast
[08:47] <Moodle> gtg
[08:47] <Iceclaw100> oh i gasped and laughed at the same time
[08:47] <Moodle> bye
[08:47] <Iceclaw100> it hurt
[08:47] <Iceclaw100> bye moodle
[08:47] <Moodle> cya
[08:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Back
[08:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Byez
[08:47] <Moodle> bye
[08:47] <Comiclove> Bye
[08:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I sense cookies >.>
[08:47] <Comiclove> I sense oral
[08:47] <Comiclove> <_<
[08:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Oral B toothpaste? XP
[08:48] <Comiclove> Nooo
[08:48] <Narutofreak0> what comes after 69?
[08:48] <Comiclove> 70
[08:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 70
[08:48] <Comiclove> oh, wait
[08:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[08:48] <Comiclove> sex question?
[08:48] <Narutofreak0> no
[08:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[08:48] <Narutofreak0> i forgot
[08:48] <Comiclove> XD
[08:48] <Comiclove> rofl
[08:49] <Narutofreak0> i legit forgot what comes after 69
[08:49] <Iceclaw100> nar, both 70 and s*x work for the answer of your question
[08:49] <Black Wolf of blood> 69 is s*x
[08:49] <Comiclove> oui
[08:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :( HoR left chat ._.
[08:49] <Narutofreak0> and i'm getting match.com mails up the wazoo for some reason
[08:49] <Black Wolf of blood> Just *ral s*x
[08:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *forever alone*
[08:50] <Narutofreak0> no need to censor oral
[08:50] <Iceclaw100> yeah
[08:50] <Comiclove> I just say oral
[08:50] <Comiclove> :P
[08:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Oral B toothpaste? ;P
[08:51] <Comiclove> Nope, oral sex
[08:51] <Comiclove> xP
[08:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:52] <Comiclove> xP
[08:53] <Comiclove> ,,
[08:53] <Iceclaw100> oral sex is very prominant really, like with freezies or popsicles
[08:53] <Comiclove> ..*
[08:53] <BachLynn23> wtf
[08:53] <Narutofreak0> thank you
[08:53] <Iceclaw100> well its true
[08:53] <BachLynn23> I look away from chat for 5 minutes and I see oral sex
[08:53] <Comiclove> rofl
[08:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:53] <Comiclove> wait, who's doing that?
[08:53] <Comiclove> o.o
[08:53] <Narutofreak0> for ruining the way i will look at little children eating posicles
[08:53] <Comiclove> ROFLMAOOL
[08:53] <BachLynn23> that....that's just......
[08:54] <BachLynn23> there aren't words
[08:54] <BachLynn23> >.<
[08:54] <ItsjustJake> hey guys
[08:54] <Narutofreak0> yo jake
[08:54] <ItsjustJake> I ned a quick favor
[08:54] <Narutofreak0> name it
[08:54] <ItsjustJake> [[Forum:Aven Grace|Forum:Aven_Grace]]
[08:54] <Iceclaw100> try being told that while eating a freezie
[08:54] <ItsjustJake> can someone categorize that as claimed for me?
[08:54] <Black Wolf of blood> Jakey! *Bro-hugs*
[08:54] <Black Wolf of blood> Sure
[08:54] <ItsjustJake> my laptop doesnt let me change categories
[08:54] <Narutofreak0> oh i know that one
[08:54] <ItsjustJake> and i cant get to my comp
[08:54] <Narutofreak0> i read the end part and i was like
[08:54] <Narutofreak0> i give up
[08:54] <ItsjustJake> great great char profile
[08:54] <ItsjustJake> I was super impressed
[08:54] <Comiclove> hey jake
[08:55] <ItsjustJake> oh, and read it too
[08:55] <Iceclaw100> hi jake
[08:55] <Comiclove> Jake, PM Broski
[08:55] <Comiclove> if you can
[08:55] <Narutofreak0> i liked it
[08:55] <ItsjustJake> It has perfect grammar and whatnot
[08:55] <Narutofreak0> but i was confused about the ending
[08:55] <Comiclove> :DDDDDDDD
[08:55] <ItsjustJake> Yeah, it was excellent
[08:55] <Narutofreak0> so i didn't wanna do anything
[08:55] <ItsjustJake> I havent been so pleased to read a newbies claim in a while
[08:55] <AuRon the champion> hai guys!
[08:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Auron
[08:55] <Comiclove> WB Au
[08:55] <ItsjustJake> Hey comic, ice, nar, bach
[08:55] <BachLynn23> hi
[08:55] <Comiclove> Jakey
[08:55] <AuRon the champion> ice!
[08:55] <ItsjustJake> and bloof
[08:55] <ItsjustJake> *blood
[08:55] <AuRon the champion> *hugs ice*
[08:55] <Comiclove> *points to PM*
[08:55] <Comiclove> XD
[08:55] <ItsjustJake> i see, comico
[08:55] <Comiclove> Bloof
[08:56] <Comiclove> :P
[08:56] <ItsjustJake> im going buddy
[08:56] <Comiclove> kk
[08:56] <Iceclaw100> *hugs auron*
[08:56] <Black Wolf of blood> Jakey, why didn't you use the template?
[08:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bloof sounds.....wrong-ish to me
[08:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[08:56] <ItsjustJake> what template?
[08:56] <ItsjustJake> oh
[08:56] <ItsjustJake> for claiming
[08:56] <Black Wolf of blood> Yes
[08:56] <ItsjustJake> haha idk it off the top of my head
[08:56] <ItsjustJake> and my laptop is slow to load the template page
[08:56] <ItsjustJake> does it NEED a template?
[08:56] <ItsjustJake> [[Forum:Aven Grace|Forum:Aven_Grace]]
[08:56] <ItsjustJake> I never use them haha
[08:57] <ItsjustJake> {{Template:Claimed}} ???
[08:57] <Black Wolf of blood> *Quirks an eyebrow*
[08:57] <Black Wolf of blood> Nope
[08:57] <ItsjustJake> did I guess right?
[08:57] <ItsjustJake> :D
[08:57] <ItsjustJake> I totally guessed right
[08:57] <Black Wolf of blood> {{Accept Claim|Daughter of Iris|~~~~}}
[08:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No It's Approve Claim >.>
[08:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> On
[08:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No*
[08:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Accepy claim >.<
[08:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Accept*
[08:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[08:57] <Narutofreak0> already put the template on
[08:57] <ItsjustJake> damn.
[08:57] <ItsjustJake> close?
[08:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> WTF is with my fingers
[08:57] <Narutofreak0> you can switch the sig if you want
[08:57] <ItsjustJake> thanks nar
[08:58] <ItsjustJake> lifesaver :)
[08:58] <Iceclaw100> *snuggles auron*
[08:58] <ItsjustJake> idc honestly haha
[08:58] <ItsjustJake> it was a great claim thought
[08:58] <Narutofreak0> replied on azi btw
[08:58] <ItsjustJake> I cant tell you how ecstatic I am to read that after so many bad newbie claims
[08:58] <ItsjustJake> fanks :)
[08:58] <Black Wolf of blood> Nar, you approved it as Iris
[08:58] <ItsjustJake> so im starting my to do list when I can get on my reg comp
[08:58] <Black Wolf of blood> Not a child of Iris :P
[08:58] <Narutofreak0> damn
[08:58] <Narutofreak0> fail
[08:58] <Black Wolf of blood> "This claim has been approved as Iris. You now need to make a page for them and a word bubble, if you aren't sure how to do this you can see here. Once you have done that you can add your character's name to the cabin list and start role playing with your new character. If you have any questions feel free to ask. "
[08:59] <ItsjustJake> So the Developement page will be amde later
[08:59] <Narutofreak0> *hasn't used the template in like forever*
[08:59] <ItsjustJake> as iris?
[08:59] <ItsjustJake> haha
[08:59] <ItsjustJake> SHE IS IRIS!
[08:59] <ItsjustJake> BOW!
[08:59] <Comiclove> XDDDD
[08:59] <Comiclove> rofl
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> yo is bach online right now?
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> Bach?
[09:00] <Black Wolf of blood> Nah, I only bow to the Protogenoi
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> or is she afk
[09:00] <Narutofreak0> someone needs to fix the template so you only have to add trhe godparent
[09:00] <Iceclaw100> wait the stars are back
[09:00] <BachLynn23> I'm somewhat here
[09:00] <Black Wolf of blood> I think she's here
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> BACH!
[09:00] <BachLynn23> reading 
[09:00] <BachLynn23> AKEYJ
[09:00] <BachLynn23> O.O
[09:00] <Narutofreak0> lol
[09:00] <BachLynn23> JAKEY
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> BACHBACHBACH!
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> *tackle hugs momma*
[09:00] <AuRon the champion> *snuggles ice*
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
[09:00] <AuRon the champion> no the stars aren't back...
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> WYV CHUUUUUUUUUUU!
[09:00] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> *WUV
[09:00] <Comiclove> *smashes guitar over bach's head*
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> (dance) 
[09:00] <BachLynn23> (squeeze) s jakey
[09:00] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Jakey and tells him to post on Ariana when he has time if he hasn't already*
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> YES! (cake)
[09:00] <ItsjustJake> damn haha
[09:00] <Narutofreak0> *smashes comi over a guitar*
[09:00] <Comiclove> :D
[09:01] <ItsjustJake> i will reply to everyone
[09:01] <Iceclaw100> auron i see the stars 
[09:01] <Narutofreak0> in an hour?
[09:01] <AuRon the champion> huh...
[09:01] <Comiclove> Anyone here listen to A7X?
[09:01] <ItsjustJake> :d
[09:01] <Narutofreak0> guessed right
[09:01] <ItsjustJake> She turns 21 today!
[09:01] <ItsjustJake> 
[09:01] <Narutofreak0> *:D
[09:01] <Iceclaw100> maybe im jsut crazy
[09:01] <Black Wolf of blood> *32
[09:01] <Narutofreak0> jake top failing
[09:01] <Narutofreak0> *stop
[09:01] <Black Wolf of blood> We know Jakey
[09:01] <AuRon the champion> >_>
[09:01] <AuRon the champion> and I'll be back in a bit, I need to do something,...
[09:01] <Narutofreak0> yo del
[09:01] <AuRon the champion> other mom!
[09:01] <Black Wolf of blood> Del! *Glompz*
[09:02] <AuRon the champion> now, be back in a bit!
[09:02] <GirlofDelusion> Bloodie!
[09:02] <GirlofDelusion> *glompz*
[09:02] <ItsjustJake> Delly!
[09:02] <Iceclaw100> get back soon auron
[09:02] <Comiclove> hey Del
[09:02] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles with Del*
[09:02] <Narutofreak0> i wanna be in AD
[09:02] <GirlofDelusion> *snuggle*
[09:02] <GirlofDelusion> Jakey!
[09:02] <GirlofDelusion> *hug*
[09:02] <Narutofreak0> but i don't wanna just focus on one thing
[09:02] <Narutofreak0> :/
[09:02] <GirlofDelusion> Well, Nar
[09:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *curls up in corner*
[09:03] <GirlofDelusion> you can always contribtue
[09:03] <GirlofDelusion> contribute*
[09:03] <GirlofDelusion> to other depts
[09:03] <Comiclove> aka GS
[09:03] <GirlofDelusion> but your main focus will always be AD
[09:03] <Narutofreak0> this is harder then choosing a job
[09:03] <GirlofDelusion> besides
[09:03] <GirlofDelusion> Development helps the entire wiki
[09:03] <ItsjustJake> Nar
[09:03] <ItsjustJake> Join me!
[09:03] <Narutofreak0> bu bu bu
[09:04] <Narutofreak0> bach has cookies
[09:04] <BachLynn23> (cookie) 
[09:04] <ItsjustJake> But I have eternal lvoe and gratitude
[09:04] <ItsjustJake> And ice cream
[09:04] <Narutofreak0> already have that
[09:04] <Narutofreak0> from bach
[09:04] <ItsjustJake> (ice cream)
[09:04] <ItsjustJake> -_-
[09:04] <Narutofreak0> but cookies
[09:04] <ItsjustJake> fine, then leave me alone'
[09:04] <ItsjustJake> traitor...
[09:04] <ItsjustJake> *huff*
[09:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> HOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[09:04] <Narutofreak0> *noms cookies*
[09:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0ns7k1TS11qhhqiho2_250.gif
[09:05] <ItsjustJake> whore! haha
[09:05] <ItsjustJake> HEY!
[09:05] <Narutofreak0> that will be my counterargument to anything from now on
[09:05] <Narutofreak0> "but cookies"
[09:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sadness*
[09:05] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ._.
[09:05] <Black Wolf of blood> @Jakey, I didn't join you either :P
[09:05] <Narutofreak0> bloodtraitor
[09:06] <Narutofreak0> .-.
[09:06] <Black Wolf of blood> *Shrugs* Rather a living bloodtraitor than a dead, loyal person
[09:06] <ItsjustJake> Ihateyouallsoverymucheventhoughiloveyouallsoverymuch
[09:06] <ItsjustJake> ;)
[09:06] <Comiclove> whoa
[09:06] <Narutofreak0> jake
[09:06] <Comiclove> o.o
[09:06] <Black Wolf of blood> *Quirks an eyebrow* Queen's English kid
[09:06] <Narutofreak0> hand over the sugar
[09:06] <Black Wolf of blood> *child
[09:07] <ItsjustJake> ?
[09:07] <ItsjustJake> english child?
[09:07] <Narutofreak0> who you talking to blood?
[09:07] <Black Wolf of blood> Jakey
[09:07] <ItsjustJake> about?
[09:07] <ItsjustJake> haha
[09:07] <Black Wolf of blood> *Sighs* No one understands it...
[09:07] <ItsjustJake> im confused by our speech sire!
[09:07] <ItsjustJake> 
[09:07] <ItsjustJake> *you
[09:07] <ItsjustJake> **YOUR DAMMIT!
[09:07] <ItsjustJake> stupid laptop...
[09:07] <Narutofreak0> jake
[09:07] <Black Wolf of blood> Thou art confused by my speech?
[09:07] <Narutofreak0> stop failing
[09:07] <ItsjustJake> Nar
[09:08] <Narutofreak0> or i may die of laughter
[09:08] <ItsjustJake> Stop failing at saying failing
[09:08] <ItsjustJake> Indeed noble sire. I believe you speech to be the of the utmost confusion-inducing elevation.
[09:08] <Narutofreak0> when have you ever seen me fail
[09:08] <ItsjustJake> *your
[09:08] <Black Wolf of blood> Would thee kindly stop expressing thy utter failure?
[09:08] <Black Wolf of blood> XP
[09:09] <ItsjustJake> I shall, if thou explains thy manner of speech
[09:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *curls up in corner*
[09:09] <ItsjustJake> @Nar all thee time har har har
[09:09] <Black Wolf of blood> My manner of speach?
[09:09] <Black Wolf of blood> *speech
[09:09] <Iceclaw100> if im right, it is victorian english
[09:09] <Black Wolf of blood> I merely asked thee to speak in the Queen's English, boy
[09:09] <Iceclaw100> possible in iambic pentameter
[09:09] <GirlofDelusion> Certainly not the current Queen's
[09:09] <ItsjustJake> Good man, am I not speaking in the tone you wish of me?
[09:09] <GirlofDelusion> *chuckles*
[09:10] <Narutofreak0> no
[09:10] <Narutofreak0> thy is not
[09:10] <Comiclove> XD
[09:10] <Narutofreak0> *say
[09:10] <Iceclaw100> what, iambic pentameter
[09:10] <ItsjustJake> shutthehellupgoodsire
[09:10] <ItsjustJake> Yeah
[09:10] <Narutofreak0> no
[09:10] <Black Wolf of blood> Thou art speaking in a way unfitting of a man of thy position 
[09:10] <ItsjustJake> I had to analize a line of poetryu. I think iot ended up being... annapestic tetrameter
[09:11] <ItsjustJake> ill see soon enough
[09:11] <Narutofreak0> http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/232/114/e39.png
[09:11] <Iceclaw100> *would give jake a shotgun, but likes saying iambic pentameter
[09:11] <ItsjustJake> Blood, is thou pressing an accusation of ignoble status upon me?
[09:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Thou would do thine self a favour by stopping to pronounce thy sentences as one long word
[09:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Nay
[09:12] <ItsjustJake> Thou would do thineself a favor to shut your face now, boy.
[09:12] <Comiclove> XD
[09:12] <ItsjustJake> Or I shan't reply to your whimsical nonsense
[09:12] <ItsjustJake> Your so called "Lucius"
[09:12] <Sean187jr> What the hell is going on here
[09:13] <ItsjustJake> So take that, dearest sh*thead. Rude english, indeed.
[09:13] <ItsjustJake> Rude. English. Indeed.
[09:13] <Black Wolf of blood> *Switches into inquisitor mode* I'll throw you into the pits of hell if you don't reply
[09:13] <ItsjustJake> :D
[09:13] <ItsjustJake> 
[09:13] <Comiclove> O_O *shit this band's epic*
[09:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *eats cookie*
[09:13] <Narutofreak0> he already has a reply ready by now
[09:13] <Iceclaw100> *starts playing with a ball of yarn*
[09:13] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *throws bread at someone*
[09:13] <Comiclove> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e-eECgvOeU
[09:14] <Comiclove> ^This is the song
[09:14] <Black Wolf of blood> I shall test you in the lake, interrogate you in front of a court, then burn you on the stake and deliver you to your lord Lucifer if you do not reply
[09:14] <Narutofreak0> *is hit by bread*
[09:14] <ItsjustJake> Blood, I'm afraid with arms as skimpy and estranged as yours appear to be, thou could not life a fork nor a blade.
[09:14] <Narutofreak0> wonder
[09:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yes?
[09:14] <Narutofreak0> you are not peeta
[09:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I am DX
[09:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *rocks*
[09:14] <ItsjustJake> I AM A WITCH. I CANNOT BURN OR DROWN
[09:14] <Comiclove> O_O
[09:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> .....
[09:14] <Comiclove> Ooooooooooooooooohhh
[09:14] <ItsjustJake> And a politician. COurt has no effect one me!
[09:14] <Narutofreak0> *whicpsers to blood*the chinise water torture
[09:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Chill chur tits
[09:14] <Comiclove> Shit got real
[09:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[09:14] <Iceclaw100> jake witches can burn and drown
[09:14] <ItsjustJake> (insert trollface here!)
[09:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ......
[09:14] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Orb
[09:14] <Orbstar> hey guys
[09:15] <Comiclove> *takes the winning side*
[09:15] <ItsjustJake> EN GAURDE!
[09:15] <Iceclaw100> though i dont want to test it with myself
[09:15] <Comiclove> Hey orb
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs and hides behind*
[09:15] <Sean187jr> Hey ord
[09:15] <Head of Ravenclaw> hi orb
[09:15] <ItsjustJake> BIOTCH!
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *cries and hides behind HoR*
[09:15] <Orbstar> O.O
[09:15] <Black Wolf of blood> IT'S "EN GUARDE". BOY!
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> .....Chillax
[09:15] <Orbstar> wtf is going on?!
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Typos are epic
[09:15] <Comiclove> rofl
[09:15] <Narutofreak0> shush wonder
[09:15] <Comiclove> idk orb
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No
[09:15] <Comiclove> it's warfare
[09:15] <ItsjustJake> Don't ask, simple brother
[09:15] <Black Wolf of blood> At least do it properly if you want to challenge me. *Hits Jake in the face with a glove*
[09:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[09:15] <Comiclove> *with metal core blaring in the background*
[09:15] <Head of Ravenclaw> *covers WT*
[09:15] <Orbstar> -.-
[09:15] <Comiclove> Always have Metalcore for a fight
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is covered*
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[09:16] <Comiclove> Especially The Gift of Ghosts
[09:16] <Orbstar> *hides in bomb shelter*
[09:16] <Comiclove> The Gift of Ghosts is now epic
[09:16] <Narutofreak0> *hits gong-thingy*
[09:16] <ItsjustJake> *Gets on le horse, rides to blood and smacks him with a polo mallet*
[09:16] <Black Wolf of blood> I shall see you at 2 pm in the courtyard 
[09:16] <ItsjustJake> SMASHING!
[09:16] <Comiclove> for only a few minutes ago, have I listened to them
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> .....
[09:16] <Black Wolf of blood> *Dodges*
[09:16] <Comiclove> *official eargasm*
[09:16] <ItsjustJake> YOULL BE SEEING STARS AT 2, MIND YOU!
[09:16] <Orbstar> *pulls wonder and rave into the bomb shelter too*
[09:16] <ItsjustJake> You cant dodge what cant be seen.
[09:16] <Orbstar> *raven
[09:16] <ItsjustJake> *goes invisible*
[09:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is in bomb shelter*
[09:17] <Narutofreak0> *kicks wonder out of his bomb shelter*
[09:17] <Black Wolf of blood> *Makes it rain fire* "BURN! Burn you greasy bat-faced bastards. BURN!"
[09:17] <ItsjustJake> *stops on bloods foot with regal footwear*
[09:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Noooooooooo
[09:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *dies*
[09:17] <Orbstar> O_O
[09:17] <ItsjustJake> lawl Axel reference!
[09:17] <ItsjustJake> "BURN BABY!":
[09:17] <Orbstar> yea this is way to crazy for me
[09:17] <Orbstar> i'll se you guys all later
[09:17] <Orbstar> bye
[09:17] <TheWiseOne> JAKE! JAKE! JAKE! JAKE! JAKE!
[09:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Byez
[09:17] <Black Wolf of blood> Actually it's a quote from Dresden Files
[09:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hai Wise
[09:17] <Iceclaw100> hi wise
[09:17] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Wisey
[09:17] <TheWiseOne> *glompz Jake*
[09:17] <ItsjustJake> Hello, dearest Wise One
[09:17] <Comiclove> Hi Wise
[09:17] <Narutofreak0> jake
[09:17] <Comiclove> Whoa
[09:17] <ItsjustJake> Dost thou wish to embrace me warmly?
[09:18] <Comiclove> some unsigned band
[09:18] <Narutofreak0> talk american english
[09:18] <Comiclove> made a SCREAMO cover
[09:18] <TheWiseOne> Um yes?
[09:18] <Comiclove> of Moves Like Jagger
[09:18] <Comiclove> :D
[09:18] <Narutofreak0> before i slap your teeth out of your face
[09:18] <TheWiseOne> *embraces Jake warmly?*
[09:18] <ItsjustJake> then embrace me, lvoed one!
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is unloved so curls up in corner*
[09:18] <Iceclaw100> *hugs wonder*
[09:18] <TheWiseOne> Embrace also means kiss, btw...
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[09:18] <TheWiseOne> Just... puttin' that out there...
[09:18] <TheWiseOne> ¬.¬
[09:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O.O
[09:18] <Black Wolf of blood> Speak proper English, Jake
[09:18] <Black Wolf of blood> If thou wish to keep thine head
[09:18] <Comiclove> rofl
[09:18] <ItsjustJake> Ah yes, that is just simply splendid. Nothing warms the heart like a reprieve with a friend.
[09:18] <ItsjustJake> Fine,.
[09:18] <TheWiseOne> BACH! HAPPY BURFFFFDAY!!!
[09:18] <Comiclove> XD
[09:18] <ItsjustJake> You guys suck
[09:18] <ItsjustJake> :p
[09:19] <ItsjustJake> aND SWALLOW!
[09:19] <ItsjustJake> heeeeeeeeeeey!
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_o
[09:19] <Comiclove> *dirty thought*
[09:19] <BachLynn23> YAY (bounce) thank you
[09:19] <Comiclove> Are you kidding me?
[09:19] <ItsjustJake> haha
[09:19] <Comiclove> XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[09:19] <ItsjustJake> -_-
[09:19] <Black Wolf of blood> No, we do not. That would be thee with thine boyfriend
[09:19] <ItsjustJake> nope
[09:19] <Iceclaw100> i know i do jake 
[09:19] <Narutofreak0> *pushes jake to a cliff tied and gagged*
[09:19] <Comiclove> O_O
[09:19] <Narutofreak0> reply or fie
[09:19] <Comiclove> *die
[09:19] <TheWiseOne> Bach, I believe I sent you a llama for you birthday
[09:19] <Narutofreak0> danke
[09:19] <ItsjustJake> NAR WANTS ME GAGGED!... thats kinky...
[09:19] <BachLynn23> I saw
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> .....
[09:19] <Comiclove> This scream cover of MLJ is F*cking Epic
[09:19] <BachLynn23> danke
[09:19] <Comiclove> .....
[09:19] <BachLynn23> me like le llamas
[09:19] <Comiclove> yes
[09:19] <Comiclove> yes it is
[09:19] <Narutofreak0> *kicks jake over the edge*
[09:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi LCT
[09:19] <Narutofreak0> hai lct
[09:19] <Black Wolf of blood> *Kicks Jake* Go reply on Ariana
[09:19] <Comiclove> hi LCT
[09:19] <ItsjustJake> *falls with a troll face*
[09:19] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm tired of waiting
[09:19] <Comiclove> *protects jake*
[09:19] <Iceclaw100> actually gags arnt that kinky in the over veiw of things
[09:20] <LongClawTiger> *splats on floor* I really need to kill my co-worker.....
[09:20] <ItsjustJake> I was, until you started warfare!
[09:20] <ItsjustJake> 
[09:20] <Comiclove> as Jake's Butler
[09:20] <Black Wolf of blood> Then go post again
[09:20] <ItsjustJake> @Ice uh...
[09:20] <Black Wolf of blood> And for the record
[09:20] <Comiclove> I mustn't let him take anymore damage anymore
[09:20] <Black Wolf of blood> I didn't start this war
[09:20] <Iceclaw100> well its true
[09:20] <TheWiseOne> Omg, Jen
[09:20] <TheWiseOne> [[File:Mar 11.jpg|File:Mar_11.jpg]]
[09:20] <TheWiseOne> XD
[09:20] <ItsjustJake> This is why comic is my favorite
[09:20] <ItsjustJake> so screw you all
[09:20] <Black Wolf of blood> I just told you to speak proper English ;P
[09:20] <ItsjustJake> cept wiose
[09:20] <Comiclove> ..
[09:20] <ItsjustJake> *cept wise
[09:20] <Comiclove> Ewwwww
[09:20] <ItsjustJake> and bach
[09:20] <Comiclove> I'm fine
[09:20] <Comiclove> XD
[09:20] <ItsjustJake> and... thats it
[09:20] <Comiclove> I had to sing Screamo today xD
[09:21] <TheWiseOne> Nobody wants to screw me :(
[09:21] <BachLynn23> (squeal) 
[09:21] <TheWiseOne> Forever alone! xC
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> I will Wisey :P
[09:21] <Comiclove> .
[09:21] <ItsjustJake> YOU ALL SUCKETH LARGE... lollipops. *hands out oversized lollies*
[09:21] <TheWiseOne> ...
[09:21] <LongClawTiger> ???
[09:21] <Comiclove> ...
[09:21] <BachLynn23> I would, if I were 18
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> Nah, just kidding
[09:21] <Comiclove> please don't make it suggestive
[09:21] <TheWiseOne> :C
[09:21] <Comiclove> o_o
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm in a relationship after all
[09:21] <Iceclaw100> lolipops are for shotas
[09:21] <ItsjustJake> I is in a weird mood
[09:21] <Comiclove> oh, jake
[09:21] <LongClawTiger> *huggles wifey* what is all this talk about?
[09:21] <ItsjustJake> \ICE!
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> If I wasn't, now that would be an entirely different story
[09:21] <TheWiseOne> *paints a forever alone face on her face*
[09:21] <Comiclove> wanna hear a Screamo cover for Moves Like Jagger?
[09:21] <ItsjustJake> NOT APPROPRIATE!
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles with Wise*
[09:21] <ItsjustJake> lawl but youre right
[09:22] <ItsjustJake> WISE IS MINE!
[09:22] <ItsjustJake> MEIN!
[09:22] <Iceclaw100> i didnt say anything wrong
[09:22] <TheWiseOne> Ohaidere Blood
[09:22] <ItsjustJake> haha 
[09:22] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Wisey
[09:22] <Narutofreak0> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_water_torture
[09:22] <ItsjustJake> Lollipops are for SHota
[09:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *curls up in corner again*
[09:22] <ItsjustJake> haha'
[09:22] <TheWiseOne> Three guys wanna shnuggle meh?
[09:22] <ItsjustJake> thats hilarious actually
[09:22] <Iceclaw100> well its true
[09:22] <Comiclove> wtf@Nar
[09:22] <ItsjustJake> @nar you thirsty bro?
[09:22] <TheWiseOne> Where are da chicks?!
[09:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[09:22] <Comiclove> and no
[09:22] <Comiclove> XD
[09:22] <ItsjustJake> for some chinese water?
[09:22] <Comiclove> I'm fine
[09:22] <Black Wolf of blood> *Steals Wise into a pm and snuggles with her*
[09:22] <Comiclove> Sorry, but I'm taken
[09:22] <Comiclove> :P
[09:22] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[09:22] <TheWiseOne> Bubble tea
[09:22] <TheWiseOne> Lol
[09:22] <Barbett> I have created a new claim hope it goes well
[09:22] <Iceclaw100> like honey from ouran high school host club
[09:22] <Comiclove> *goes back to finding the audio file for his screamo cover*
[09:22] <Comiclove> -_-
[09:22] <ItsjustJake> brb, replying to evryone
[09:22] <TheWiseOne> Blood, don't tell LCT
[09:22] <LongClawTiger> Are chu saying you don't want mah snuggles? *sad kitteh eyes*
[09:22] <ItsjustJake> gimme 5 minutes
[09:22] <Comiclove> Are you kidding me, it's gone?
[09:23] <Comiclove> D:
[09:23] <TheWiseOne> As long as you're okay with sharing with Jake and Blood, LCT
[09:23] <TheWiseOne> :)
[09:23] <LongClawTiger> No! My wolf girl!
[09:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *forever alone*
[09:23] <Iceclaw100> *hugs wonder*
[09:23] <LongClawTiger> *shreds jake and blood*
[09:24] <Comiclove> oh, wise
[09:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[09:24] <Comiclove> think you might like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e-eECgvOeU
[09:24] <Iceclaw100> see wonder, your not alone
[09:24] <Narutofreak0> *you are not alone
[09:24] <Barbett> wb blood
[09:24] <Comiclove> wb blood
[09:24] <Narutofreak0> ♫i am here with you♫
[09:24] <Narutofreak0> ♫though you're far away♫
[09:24] <TheWiseOne> Meh.
[09:24] <Narutofreak0> ♫i am here to stay♫
[09:24] <Iceclaw100> nar, i really dont like people fixing my mistakes
[09:24] <Black Wolf of blood> Tiger, if she's a wolf girl, then it would be more appropriate if I cuddled with her :P
[09:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I am alone >.>
[09:25] <TheWiseOne> XD
[09:25] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm Black WOLF of blood after all
[09:25] <Narutofreak0> i wasn't fixing your mistake
[09:25] <TheWiseOne> *shifts into wolfy form*
[09:25] <Narutofreak0> i was epically opening an MJ song
[09:25] <Black Wolf of blood> *Shifts into wolf form and cuddles with Wisey*
[09:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sadness*
[09:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *just realized she is very moany*
[09:26] <LongClawTiger> *smacks blood across the room* My wifeh!!!
[09:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *meh*
[09:26] <Narutofreak0> *gives wonder a hor doll*
[09:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs hor doll*
[09:26] <Black Wolf of blood> *Goes back and cuddles more with Wisey* XP
[09:26] <Comiclove> hey at
[09:26] <TheWiseOne> *shrugs and sleeps in the fireplace*
[09:26] <AtlasSisterno.1> Is slay on?
[09:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> TRAV!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[09:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No
[09:26] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hi
[09:26] <Narutofreak0> obviously
[09:26] <Narutofreak0> no
[09:26] <LongClawTiger> *punts blood away and drags wise to ze tiger cave*
[09:26] <AtlasSisterno.1> Oh ok
[09:26] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pouts*
[09:27] <TheWiseOne> o.o
[09:27] <Black Wolf of blood> Meanie
[09:27] <TheWiseOne> I'll call ya later, Blood
[09:27] <Black Wolf of blood> That'll do
[09:27] <Black Wolf of blood> *Gives Wise his number*
[09:27] <TheWiseOne> We still on for fox hunting?
[09:27] <Black Wolf of blood> YEah
[09:27] <AtlasSisterno.1> You know what Nar. I don't care. Fine. You win. Well done! -.-
[09:27] <Black Wolf of blood> *Yeah
[09:27] <Black Wolf of blood> And some deer hunting later in the week too
[09:27] <Comiclove> ?@At
[09:27] <Comiclove> Why the major spaz?
[09:27] <Narutofreak0> did i do something wrong?
[09:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *just realized she is needy, moany, clingy, jealous and an attention whore* >.>
[09:28] <Comiclove> Pretty much, wonder
[09:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :/
[09:28] <Narutofreak0> are you by chance in your period?
[09:28] <Comiclove> I'd said that, actually, but I'm nice enough not yo
[09:28] <Comiclove> *to
[09:28] <TheWiseOne> Nar
[09:28] <Head of Ravenclaw> where a perfect match wt
[09:28] <TheWiseOne> ...
[09:28] <Comiclove> and o_o
[09:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yesh XP
[09:28] <TheWiseOne> o.o
[09:28] <Narutofreak0> why did i say that?
[09:28] <Iceclaw100> why does wiki hate me *facepalm*
[09:28] <Comiclove> o.o
[09:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[09:28] <Comiclove> why did I have to learn that?
[09:28] <Head of Ravenclaw> *claws bach*
[09:28] <Comiclove> *facemetalcore*
[09:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I was replying to HoR not nar
[09:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[09:28] <Comiclove> oh
[09:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> <.<
[09:28] <Comiclove> phewwwww
[09:28] <Narutofreak0> uhm guys
[09:29] <Narutofreak0> just a quick reminder
[09:29] <Black Wolf of blood> brb
[09:29] <Narutofreak0> i never said that
[09:29] <ItsjustJake> back
[09:29] <Comiclove> wb
[09:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[09:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wibbles
[09:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Meow
[09:29] <ItsjustJake> good news!
[09:29] <ItsjustJake> most of my emails are updating again!
[09:29] <Comiclove> cool
[09:29] <Comiclove> :D
[09:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> .....Yay?
[09:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[09:30] <Narutofreak0> *just watched barca strike out against chelsea*
[09:30] <TheWiseOne> Jakey, PM
[09:30] <ItsjustJake> sure
[09:30] <ItsjustJake> holy crap
[09:30] <ItsjustJake> PM's galore!
[09:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *dances to thriller*
[09:31] <TheWiseOne> P*ssy Galore?
[09:31] <TheWiseOne> That name
[09:31] <TheWiseOne> Oh my god
[09:31] <TheWiseOne> I loled
[09:31] <Narutofreak0> i can't heard the word galore without thinking of james bond for some reason
[09:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2z1d4eKYc1run9e4o1_500.jpg o_o *drools*
[09:31] <TheWiseOne> Meh
[09:31] <Narutofreak0> i've seen better
[09:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> That's him on my Xmas list >.>
[09:32] <Narutofreak0> posted jake
[09:43] <TheWiseOne> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuunY8BTqNs
[09:43] <LongClawTiger> You can find another snuggle partner then. The tiger clan snuggle pile is closed right now.
[09:44] <Black Wolf of blood> This is the wolf thingy
[09:44] <Black Wolf of blood> You aren't a wolf
[09:44] <Black Wolf of blood> But Wisey is
[09:44] <Black Wolf of blood> And so am I
[09:44] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[09:44] <LongClawTiger> <--is tiger/wolf
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is a kitten*
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Meow
[09:44] <Black Wolf of blood> Not anymore *turns Tiger into a tiger*
[09:44] <TheWiseOne> o.o
[09:44] <TheWiseOne> *bites LT again*
[09:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Meow
[09:44] <TheWiseOne> *LCT
[09:45] <Iceclaw100> *plays with a ball of yarn, while waiting for auron*
[09:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *pounces on Icy*
[09:46] <Narutofreak0> *hums auld lang syne*
[09:46] <Iceclaw100> *is pounced on*
[09:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Meow
[09:46] <Black Wolf of blood> http://awesomegifs.com/2012/03/like-a-boss-sitting-down-edition/
[09:46] <TheWiseOne> Damn
[09:47] <Narutofreak0> i tried that once
[09:47] <Narutofreak0> i couldn't sit down for a week
[09:47] <Black Wolf of blood> http://awesomegifs.com/2012/03/money-money-money/
[09:48] <Black Wolf of blood> http://awesomegifs.com/2012/03/lighting-a-fire-like-a-boss/ <---- ....Awesome...There is no other word for it
[09:48] <Comiclove> epi
[09:48] <Black Wolf of blood> http://awesomegifs.com/2012/03/girl-rips-off-clothes-magazine-cover/ <---Aww, we wanted to see the girl, not a blank paper
[09:48] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I gtg
[09:49] <Comiclove> roflmao same :P
[09:49] <TheWiseOne> Damn
[09:49] <Comiclove> bye ducky
[09:49] <Comiclove> hey ale
[09:49] <Comiclove> you just missed ducks
[09:49] <Comiclove> :P
[09:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz to death*
[09:49] <Iceclaw100> i am going to go, when auron gets back tell him im on skype
[09:50] <Comiclove> kk
[09:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Ale ale ale ale ale ale ale ale ale ale!
[09:50] <TheWiseOne> *dodges le glompz of death*
[09:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[09:50] <Comiclove> roflmao
[09:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *falls on knees*
[09:50] <Narutofreak0> faaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil
[09:50] <Comiclove> ^
[09:51] <Black Wolf of blood> http://awesomegifs.com/2012/02/stop-hammertime/
[09:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o_o It's almost 11pm
[09:52] <Narutofreak0> don't gooooo
[09:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *isn't going.....yet*
[09:52] <Narutofreak0> *remembers when vic said hammertime*
[09:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Shit, gave away my cover >.>
[09:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> HOR! *tackle glompz*
[09:53] <Comiclove> hey HOR
[09:53] <Comiclove> and rofl
[09:53] <Head of Ravenclaw> i poofing?
[09:53] <Black Wolf of blood> http://awesomegifs.com/2012/02/the-tiniest-hug/ <---- Aww
[09:53] <Narutofreak0> EVERYONE
[09:53] <Head of Ravenclaw> *is glompz*
[09:53] <Narutofreak0> STOP
[09:53] <Nhlott> rp, anyone?
[09:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yeah HoR
[09:53] <Narutofreak0> carry on
[09:53] <TheWiseOne> Ohai Lott
[09:53] <Narutofreak0> sure lott
[09:53] <Nhlott> Hey Wise
[09:53] <Nhlott> who/where
[09:54] <LongClawTiger> did you post on the forest, lott? Or just let that scene end in smokey bliss?
[09:54] <Narutofreak0> idrc
[09:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2zx1mxILw1r2f999o1_500.jpg *is it weird I find that slightly attractive* >.>
[09:54] <Comiclove> xD
[09:54] <Kingbirdy> hey
[09:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi King
[09:54] <LongClawTiger> allo birdy
[09:54] <Pig123456> Can someone please make me a word bubble
[09:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> gtg >.<
[09:55] <Comiclove> hi king
[09:55] <Nhlott> shit, was I up, LCT?
[09:55] <LongClawTiger> yep
[09:55] <Comiclove> bye wonder
[09:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Byez
[09:55] <Comiclove> and no, it's not weird
[09:55] <Comiclove> xPPPP
[09:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[09:55] <Comiclove> *hugs wonder*
[09:55] <Comiclove> Bye
[09:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[09:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Byez
[09:55] <Comiclove> *then throws a mic down king's throat*
[09:56] <Comiclove> Sing, Boy, Sing!! :P
[09:56] <LongClawTiger> darn it, mah browser doesn't want to load any pages right now. *grumble*
[09:57] <Narutofreak0> "stupid is as stupid does"
[09:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> ..
[09:59] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs Bloom* Hey love
[10:00] <Comiclove> Hi Bloom
[10:00] <Nhlott> Hey Bloom
[10:00] <Comiclove> o/ 
[10:00] <Nhlott> ooh, line-thingy, plz?
[10:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs back* hullo dear
[10:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> hai comic
[10:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo lott
[10:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> |
[10:01] <Comiclove> |
[10:01] <AuRon the champion> hey guys
[10:01] <AuRon the champion> lott
[10:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> hey auron
[10:01] <AuRon the champion> I'm gonna post on the beach...
[10:02] <Comiclove> ..
[10:02] <Comiclove> Lag check
[10:02] <LongClawTiger> 1...2....3....pass
[10:02] <Nhlott> kk
[10:02] <Comiclove> ..
[10:03] <Comiclove> thanks?
[10:03] <AuRon the champion> posted lott
[10:03] <Nhlott> posted, LCT
[10:04] <LongClawTiger> kk
[10:05] <Comiclove> *kicks chat*
[10:05] <Comiclove> By the gods of rock, my internet's having a spaz
[10:06] <Nhlott> posted, Aur
[10:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> Argh!! I need something to kill every mosquito that's alive in this house now! >.<
[10:07] <Comiclove> *blares metalcore*
[10:07] <Nhlott> Bloom, you post at the dining Pav-*hands a spatula*
[10:07] <Comiclove> :P
[10:07] <LongClawTiger> posted lott
[10:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> yep, I did
[10:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> *looks at the spatula*
[10:08] <Nhlott> it's magic :P
[10:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> er... I'm getting the electric racket >.>
[10:08] <Barbett> do I get nice points for helping someone with there word bubble?
[10:08] <Comiclove> Yep
[10:09] <Comiclove> *hands barb a cookie also*
[10:09] <Barbett> awww thanx *munches on cookie* it's not that hard to do
[10:09] <Comiclove> .
[10:10] <Comiclove> ik
[10:10] <Comiclove> XD
[10:10] <Comiclove> I'd help, but I prefer not to
[10:10] <Comiclove> :P
[10:11] <Barbett> I did it for selfish reasons I thought if she got what she wanted she would let her brother get on to finish our RP
[10:11] <AuRon the champion> XD
[10:12] <Nhlott> posted, LCT
[10:14] <Nhlott> posted, Bloom
[10:14] <LongClawTiger> kk
[10:15] <Head of Ravenclaw> hi lott
[10:16] <Barbett> *sits down with a bag of ginger snaps and a cup of tea
[10:16] <Comiclove> *reflects on his day*
[10:17] <Nhlott> hey Hor
[10:17] <Nhlott> posted, Aur
[10:17] <Nhlott> Why, did something sexy happen, Comi?
[10:17] <Comiclove> yep <_<
[10:17] <Comiclove> how did you know?
[10:17] <Comiclove> smart boy
[10:17] <Comiclove> >_>
[10:18] <Nhlott> I didn't, but I now know to use my telepathic powers for good and not evil
[10:18] <Comiclove> rofl
[10:20] <Comiclove> *flips the bird*
[10:22] <AuRon the champion> hmm
[10:23] <Comiclove> ..
[10:23] <AuRon the champion> posted lott
[10:24] <GirlofDelusion> anyways, I'm going to sleep guys
[10:24] <GirlofDelusion> bbl
[10:25] <AuRon the champion> night mom
[10:26] <Comiclove> bye del
[10:26] <Barbett> bye del
[10:27] <Black Wolf of blood> Night Del, sweet dreams
[10:27] <Nhlott> posted, Aur
[10:28] <Comiclove> wb moo
[10:28] <LongClawTiger> posted lott
[10:28] <Moodle> man, asian moms can be sucha bitch sometimes
[10:28] <Moodle> and ty comic
[10:29] <Nhlott> that's gotta suck
[10:29] <Moodle> yeah ik
[10:29] <Moodle> Like on the chance occasion they buy you a game you like and then you actually find out it's recycled because the price is "lower"
[10:30] <Moodle> I just had a 30 min discussion with my mom about not buying recycled games
[10:30] <Comiclove> then?
[10:30] <Comiclove> oh, wow
[10:30] <Comiclove> how did it go?
[10:30] <Moodle> Cheap assery, of course I won
[10:31] <Moodle> though she was talking trash like: I have little money
[10:31] <Moodle> when I KNOW that's not true
[10:34] <Moodle> .
[10:34] <Comiclove> .
[10:34] <Moodle> ..
[10:34] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3967032
[10:35] <Moodle> true but that's obvious @ blood
[10:35] <Moodle> Although he's saying that's true for humans too
[10:35] <Nhlott> posted, LCT
[10:35] <LongClawTiger> kk
[10:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted Lott
[10:37] <Moodle> http://9gag.com/fast#3966512
[10:37] <Nhlott> kk
[10:40] <AuRon the champion> posted lott
[10:40] <BloomOfFairyTail> hey Minx
[10:41] <Nhlott> posted Bloom
[10:42] <Minxelfinforever> hi
[10:42] <AuRon the champion> ohaideremin
[10:42] <LongClawTiger> posted lott
[10:42] <LongClawTiger> alloo minx
[10:43] <AuRon the champion> ohaidereatlas
[10:43] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hai
[10:43] <Nhlott> posted, Aur
[10:43] <LongClawTiger> allo atlas
[10:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted Lott
[10:44] <Comiclove> hey at
[10:45] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hellooorrrrr (sorry but hyper)
[10:45] <Comiclove> XD
[10:45] <Comiclove> it's fine
[10:46] <AtlasSisterno.1> ;) 
[10:46] <Nhlott> posted, LCT
[10:46] <LongClawTiger> kk
[10:46] <Minxelfinforever> hi lct
[10:46] <Comiclove> oh, hey minx
[10:46] <LongClawTiger> allo, minx's ghost? my cha said you left. XD
[10:47] <AuRon the champion> O_O
[10:47] <Comiclove> same xD
[10:48] <AtlasSisterno.1> Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!!!! Too tired to stay awake and too hyper to sleep!!!! What do I do!?!? :'(
[10:48] <Comiclove> get a rock opera
[10:48] <Comiclove> :P
[10:49] <AtlasSisterno.1> A whatywhat?
[10:49] <LongClawTiger> posted lott
[10:49] <Nhlott> posted, Bloom
[10:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> gtg
[10:49] <Nhlott> kk, byes 
[10:50] <AtlasSisterno.1> Bye bloom :(
[10:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'll be back later
[10:50] <LongClawTiger> @atlas, um, count turbo sheep?
[10:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> in like half an hour
[10:50] <LongClawTiger> bye bloom
[10:50] <Nhlott> Name a famous rock opera
[10:50] <AuRon the champion> bai bloom
[10:50] <Comiclove> bye bloom
[10:50] <AtlasSisterno.1> I'll be asleep by then... Hopefully...
[10:51] <Comiclove> The Black Parade :P
[10:51] <AtlasSisterno.1> LCT... now THAT'S my kind of sleepy thing... :)
[10:52] <AtlasSisterno.1> Comic I am lost.... It has no effect on me cuz I have 0 idea what ur on about. Soz hon :/
[10:52] <AuRon the champion> count turbo sheep?
[10:52] <AuRon the champion> comic's a girl!?
[10:52] <AuRon the champion> O_e
[10:52] <Comiclove> it's fine
[10:52] <Comiclove> and yes, I am
[10:52] <Comiclove> :P
[10:52] <AtlasSisterno.1> Not that I know of
[10:52] <AtlasSisterno.1> Really!?
[10:52] <Comiclove> Nope xD
[10:52] <Comiclove> Haha, Gotcha
[10:53] <AtlasSisterno.1> U actually scared me!!! I call everyone hon or babez. Ask elf...
[10:53] <Halofan11> hi there
[10:53] <LongClawTiger> allo halo
[10:53] <Comiclove> hey Halo
[10:53] <Comiclove> and ROFL Atlas
[10:53] <Comiclove> it's fine
[10:53] <Comiclove> and *You
[10:53] <Comiclove> Not U, You
[10:53] <AuRon the champion> HALO!
[10:53] <Comiclove> Welcome to the wiki, Halo
[10:53] <Comiclove> >_>
[10:53] <Halofan11> HI THERE
[10:53] <Comiclove> I'm Comic
[10:53] <Comiclove> No caps :P
[10:53] <Halofan11> actually i was here before
[10:53] <Comiclove> As?
[10:54] <Nhlott> posted, LCT
[10:54] <LongClawTiger> kk
[10:54] <AtlasSisterno.1> Ok comic. Sorry... I cba to type properly
[10:55] <Halofan11> so why is this wiki called camp half blood role play wiki if no ones roleplaying?
[10:55] <Comiclove> there's RP going on right now, "genius"
[10:55] <AuRon the champion> because we don't RP on chat
[10:55] <Moodle> ^
[10:55] <AuRon the champion> chat is for chat
[10:55] <AtlasSisterno.1> Um they are...
[10:56] <Halofan11> well some chats have roleplay
[10:56] <AuRon the champion> some do
[10:56] <AtlasSisterno.1> Comic, be nice...
[10:56] <Comiclove> Hard to
[10:56] <AuRon the champion> but we don't
[10:56] <Comiclove> being nice is for wimps
[10:56] <AuRon the champion> comic
[10:56] <AuRon the champion> shush
[10:56] <Comiclove> :P
[10:56] <Halofan11> shu
[10:56] <Comiclove> shushing can't work on me
[10:56] <Comiclove> :P
[10:56] <AuRon the champion> or I'm gonna kick your arse into next week!
[10:56] <Comiclove> kk
[10:56] <Black Wolf of blood> Comic, stand down
[10:56] <Halofan11> XD
[10:56] <AtlasSisterno.1> Comic... 
[10:56] <Comiclove> *waits till next week&
[10:56] <Comiclove> Oui, Blood
[10:56] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderej
[10:57] <Halofan11> hi
[10:57] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hi
[10:57] <Moodle> http://9gag.com/fast#3963358
[10:57] <Moodle> T'is random
[10:57] <Moodle> hey j
[10:57] <Jrite10> guess hunger games rp wiki has gone to the dogs
[10:57] <AtlasSisterno.1> Yay comics shut up!
[10:57] <AuRon the champion> really?
[10:57] <Moodle> Lol @ http://9gag.com/fast#3960785
[10:57] <Halofan11> you know what? im gonna open up my own RP wiki
[10:57] <AtlasSisterno.1> Y?
[10:57] <AuRon the champion> good luck halo
[10:57] <Jrite10> well ghost is there now
[10:57] <AuRon the champion> you'll need it
[10:57] <Halofan11> easy....
[10:58] <AtlasSisterno.1> I want to but iPod won't let me...
[10:58] <Moodle> Harry: "But sir, I thought you couldn't apparate within Hogwarts?"
[10:58] <Jrite10> i just don't like ghost at all
[10:58] <AuRon the champion> er, not really halo...
[10:58] <Comiclove> Easy?
[10:58] <AuRon the champion> noobs...
[10:58] <Moodle> Dumbledore: "I can do whatever the f*ck I want."
[10:58] <Comiclove> It's really hard
[10:58] <Comiclove> rofl
[10:58] <Moodle> LOL
[10:58] <AtlasSisterno.1> Ha. I don't think he liked you...
[10:59] <Moodle> Gotta look at this:
[10:59] <Moodle> http://9gag.com/fast#3949907
[10:59] <Moodle> so funnily disturbing
[10:59] <Nhlott> omfg
[10:59] <Jrite10> i know lott
[10:59] <Moodle> What's up lott?
[10:59] <AuRon the champion> XD
[10:59] <Comiclove> XD
[11:00] <AuRon the champion> also, posted lottie
[11:00] <Comiclove> *paints someone*
[11:00] <Minxelfinforever> back
[11:00] <AtlasSisterno.1> *is painted*?
[11:00] <AuRon the champion> ohaideremin
[11:00] <AtlasSisterno.1> hi
[11:01] <AtlasSisterno.1> Moo I can't see it :(
[11:01] <Nhlott> I cannot deal with him
[11:01] <AuRon the champion> with who?
[11:01] <Comiclove> wb min
[11:01] <Comiclove> who?
[11:01] <Minxelfinforever> ^-^
[11:01] <AtlasSisterno.1> Who?
[11:01] <Jrite10> ghost
[11:01] <LongClawTiger> posted lott
[11:01] <AtlasSisterno.1> Ohhhh. I don't like him... Scary.....
[11:01] <AuRon the champion> eh
[11:01] <Comiclove> meh
[11:01] <AuRon the champion> I've known him longer than you guys
[11:02] <AuRon the champion> he doesn't scare me
[11:02] <Jrite10> but look at the bright side lott you still have the power to kick him
[11:02] <AtlasSisterno.1> Loool
[11:02] <AtlasSisterno.1> I always was scared of him... 
[11:02] <AtlasSisterno.1> Even when I hadn't come on here
[11:03] <Comiclove> I used to be scared of him
[11:03] <Moodle> http://9gag.com/fast#3960565
[11:03] <Comiclove> but after he was removed of bureaucrat, he's not scary
[11:03] <AtlasSisterno.1> Then you grew up?
[11:03] <AtlasSisterno.1> When was this?
[11:03] <Comiclove> roflmao Moodle
[11:03] <Comiclove> and Huh?
[11:03] <Moodle> Ghost isn't scary, he just seems intimidating
[11:04] <Minxelfinforever> ?
[11:04] <Minxelfinforever> Im confused
[11:04] <Moodle> T'is epic"
[11:04] <Moodle> *:
[11:04] <Nhlott> I was never scared of him
[11:04] <Moodle> It's a nyan subway!
[11:04] <Moodle> http://9gag.com/fast#3961761
[11:04] <Comiclove> omg
[11:04] <Comiclove> I'm on that one
[11:04] <Comiclove> O.O
[11:04] <Nhlott> he's too damn pathetic to feasr
[11:04] <Moodle> He just likes to intimadate and bully
[11:04] <Moodle> Which never works
[11:04] <Nhlott> *fear
[11:05] <Comiclove> Yeah
[11:05] <Nhlott> just a sad little man, in all honesty
[11:05] <Comiclove> Yep
[11:05] <AtlasSisterno.1> I'm not good when it comes down to 'ignoring' bullies... Moo that was FUNNY!!!
[11:05] <Comiclove> Wait, why J no more have star?
[11:06] <Comiclove> *finds Atlas annoyingly cool*
[11:06] <Comiclove> :P
[11:06] <LongClawTiger> now that you mentoion stars...what happened to the tridents?
[11:06] <Kingbirdy> they're still there
[11:06] <Kingbirdy> for me at least
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> the tridents are still there
[11:06] <AtlasSisterno.1> Really!? *raises eyebrow*
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> I think there is a way to disable it
[11:06] <LongClawTiger> huh, mine reverted back to the default stars
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> or it depends on your browser
[11:06] <Comiclove> ^@King
[11:06] <LongClawTiger> I could see them before
[11:06] <AuRon the champion> what broswer are you guys using?
[11:06] <Comiclove> and a bit, at
[11:07] <Moodle> LOL
[11:07] <Comiclove> you're somewhat rude, but for good reasons
[11:07] <LongClawTiger> IE9
[11:07] <Moodle> Look at this
[11:07] <Moodle> http://9gag.com/fast#3961646
[11:07] <Moodle> Ezio Fat-ditore
[11:07] <Comiclove> rof
[11:07] <Comiclove> rofl*
[11:07] <AtlasSisterno.1> yay!! Mines tridents
[11:07] <Comiclove> just passed that one
[11:07] <AuRon the champion> XD
[11:07] <Moodle> Assasin's Creed III McDonalds Assasination
[11:07] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hang on. ME rude!?
[11:08] <AtlasSisterno.1> *smirks*
[11:08] <Comiclove> Well, to me
[11:08] <Comiclove> and plus, arrogance
[11:08] <Comiclove> :P
[11:08] <AtlasSisterno.1> yup that's me :)
[11:08] <Nhlott> I'm seriously considering being done with HG rp at this point
[11:08] <Comiclove> http://9gag.com/fast#3959598
[11:08] <AtlasSisterno.1> Nooooo I ain't gone on it in aaaaaages though
[11:09] <AuRon the champion> ohaidereruby
[11:09] <Comiclove> hi ruby o/ 
[11:09] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hi ruby
[11:09] <Moodle> What's up with HG rp?
[11:09] <RubyRose17> what about it?
[11:09] <LongClawTiger> allo ruby
[11:09] <RubyRose17> and hey everyone
[11:09] <Moodle> Why everyone leaving, though I haven't gone there before of which I remember
[11:09] <AtlasSisterno.1> Oi MY emoticons!!! No yours Comic!!! (laughing) 
[11:09] <Moodle> And hey dere rose! *Hugs*
[11:09] <RubyRose17> ohhhh we merged with the DA rp wiki
[11:09] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[11:10] <AtlasSisterno.1> Not*
[11:10] <RubyRose17> and hi :) *hugs moo*
[11:10] <AuRon the champion> mom!
[11:10] <AuRon the champion> *turns itno a dragon on mom's head*
[11:10] <BachLynn23> *stops bouncing*
[11:10] <Comiclove> ?@At
[11:10] <Comiclove> Your point?
[11:10] <BachLynn23> *pets auron and feeds him mini oreos*
[11:10] <AtlasSisterno.1> Ah don't matter...
[11:10] <AuRon the champion> *purrs and noms on oreos*
[11:11] <Comiclove> Yes, then why are you like flipping out over it?
[11:11] <AtlasSisterno.1> Oreos!? *perks up*
[11:11] <Comiclove> *wth face*
[11:11] <AtlasSisterno.1> *ignores comic because doesn't want to admit she doesn't have an answer*
[11:12] <AuRon the champion> wait
[11:12] <AuRon the champion> atlas is a girl?
[11:12] <AuRon the champion> *tilts head*
[11:12] <Moodle> So true: http://9gag.com/fast#3954420
[11:12] <Moodle> And I gtg
[11:12] <Moodle> bbl
[11:12] <Minxelfinforever> bye
[11:12] <AuRon the champion> bai moodle
[11:12] <Moodle> cya
[11:12] <AtlasSisterno.1> hey I like oreos! What's wrong with that!?
[11:12] <RubyRose17> bye moo
[11:12] <AtlasSisterno.1> Bye
[11:12] <RubyRose17> hey blood
[11:12] <AtlasSisterno.1> Yes I'm a girl... 
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> ...
[11:13] <Black Wolf of blood> 'lo Ruby
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> *adds that to list of things I did not know earlier*
[11:13] <AtlasSisterno.1> That's why I go to a GIRL school with elf
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> ...
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> *adds that to list too*
[11:13] <AtlasSisterno.1> And my profile says Lauren (which is a girl name)
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> I know so much, I'm starting a list
[11:13] <Black Wolf of blood> *Actually adds that to his "secret" database"
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> *doesn't read profiles*
[11:13] <Black Wolf of blood> **
[11:13] <AuRon the champion> *barre rolls black*
[11:13] <AtlasSisterno.1> Yeah same
[11:14] <Black Wolf of blood> *Ignores*
[11:14] <Nhlott> posted, LCT
[11:14] <LongClawTiger> kk
[11:14] <AtlasSisterno.1> Ok I g2g :( 
[11:14] <AuRon the champion> bai atlas
[11:15] <AtlasSisterno.1> Oh and my name is atlasSISTERno.1 aren't sisters girls...
[11:15] <AtlasSisterno.1> ?
[11:15] <AtlasSisterno.1> Bye
[11:15] <RubyRose17> bye atlas
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> bai
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> *just thought it was sisterno
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> *
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> *it's a last name wher eI live...*
[11:15] <RubyRose17> ^
[11:16] <Minxelfinforever> Anyone wanna rp?
[11:16] <Minxelfinforever> cuz I really want to ^-^
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> meh, I'm waiting for lott to reply at the beach
[11:18] <Minxelfinforever> ?
[11:18] <Minxelfinforever> o
[11:18] <Nhlott> oh, shit, my bad
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> s'okay
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> ice has been keeping me occupied while I wait for you
[11:19] <Black Wolf of blood> Cybering again?
[11:19] <Black Wolf of blood> XP
[11:19] <Black Wolf of blood> jk
[11:19] <Black Wolf of blood> It's none of my business
[11:19] <Minxelfinforever> Wanna rp wolf?
[11:19] <Black Wolf of blood> Nope
[11:19] <AuRon the champion> *barrel rolls black*
[11:19] <Nyxil> first person to say Coca~Cola gets 20 bottles of coke delivered to them.
[11:20] <Nyxil> oh wait nvm
[11:20] <Black Wolf of blood> *Sidesteps*
[11:20] <Nyxil> cancel that
[11:20] <Nyxil> my dad just gave it to our neighbor
[11:20] <LongClawTiger> posted lott
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderecomictrav
[11:21] <LongClawTiger> I will, Minx. What type of scene did you have in mind?
[11:21] <Nyxil> d**m neighbor, drinking my soda!
[11:22] <Nyxil> standing in my fence and looking at my flamingo!
[11:22] <Comiclove> *sips soda*
[11:22] <Nyxil> (that part's a smosh reference)
[11:23] <Nyxil> brb
[11:23] <AuRon the champion> everything is a reference nyx
[11:23] <Comiclove> Yes
[11:23] <Comiclove> yes it is
[11:23] <Comiclove> :P
[11:25] <Minxelfinforever> @ LCT whichever you'd like
[11:25] <LongClawTiger> would you prefer me to use a child of demeter or tyche?
[11:27] <Minxelfinforever> Tyche.
[11:27] <Nyxil> :( If my dad brings home one more bottle of Beverly I will die.
[11:27] <LongClawTiger> ok...is ther still a climbing wall? or is that gone now?
[11:27] <AuRon the champion> thats still there I think...
[11:27] <RubyRose17> there's still one
[11:27] <RubyRose17> oh and posted nar, if you're here
[11:28] <Nyxil> Anybody ever tasted Beverly?
[11:28] <AuRon the champion> and lott left without posting...
[11:28] <LongClawTiger> that work for location, minx?
[11:29] <RubyRose17> hi alicia
[11:29] <Alicia21> Hey ruby
[11:29] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderealicia
[11:29] <LongClawTiger> allo
[11:29] <Alicia21> hey
[11:29] <LongClawTiger> afk for a min
[11:30] <Alicia21> Hey ruby, wat r u goin to do with Valorie?
[11:30] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderebarbie fett
[11:31] <Comiclove> hey alicia and barb
[11:31] <Comiclove> xD
[11:31] <Alicia21> hey
[11:31] <Nyxil> omg my dad is trying ot give me a new Kenyan Coce product
[11:31] <Barbett> hi all
[11:31] <RubyRose17> um nothing?
[11:31] <RubyRose17> i mean she left right?
[11:31] <Nyxil> 0.o
[11:31] <RubyRose17> so
[11:31] <RubyRose17> i removed her from the user/char forum, and deleted her character page
[11:31] <AuRon the champion> kenyan coce?
[11:31] <Alicia21> k
[11:31] <AuRon the champion> *coke?
[11:32] <Minxelfinforever> Sorry, internet problems
[11:32] <Barbett> himinx
[11:32] <RubyRose17> hey minx
[11:32] <AuRon the champion> iknorite?
[11:32] <Alicia21> Oh, and the main reason Val's parents didn't let her go on the wiki anymore is something else
[11:32] <Minxelfinforever> Hi guys!
[11:33] <Minxelfinforever> Oh, LCT. You can use whoever you prefer
[11:33] <AuRon the champion> Val?
[11:33] <Alicia21> User Valorie99
[11:34] <Alicia21> Her parents are not letting her go on this wiki anymore
[11:34] <Comiclove> wb minx
[11:34] <AuRon the champion> oh
[11:34] <AuRon the champion> chu know her in real life?
[11:34] <Minxelfinforever> who
[11:34] <Minxelfinforever> is
[11:34] <Minxelfinforever> lexilexicat
[11:34] <Comiclove> ?
[11:34] <Alicia21> Yea, I know Val in real life
[11:34] <LongClawTiger> and back
[11:34] <AuRon the champion> =/
[11:34] <Minxelfinforever> wb lct
[11:35] <LongClawTiger> thx
[11:35] <Nyxil> *throws up on someone*
[11:35] <Comiclove> *is not that someone*
[11:35] <Minxelfinforever> @LCT You can use whoever you'd like
[11:36] <Nyxil> Kenya tastes gross
[11:36] <LongClawTiger> kk, going to post with Helena on the climbing wall then
[11:36] <LongClawTiger> if it will let me post...grrr.
[11:37] <Minxelfinforever> hold on
[11:38] <Nyxil> note to self: never drink Africa ever again
[11:38] <AuRon the champion> Africa?
[11:38] <AuRon the champion> dude
[11:38] <AuRon the champion> all of africa drinks
[11:38] <AuRon the champion> that's impossible
[11:38] <Nyxil> Kenya is in Africa right?
[11:38] <AuRon the champion> yea
[11:39] <Nyxil> My dad just gave me a Coke product from kenya
[11:39] <AuRon the champion> *grumbles* you spelled coke wrong originally, and you didn't let me correct you...
[11:39] <AuRon the champion> ohaideremoodle
[11:39] <AuRon the champion> ohaideregyp
[11:39] <GypsyThief> hi
[11:39] <LongClawTiger> "What did you like most about the zoo today, Timmy?" "A frickin elephant!" *points to African Elephant on map*
[11:39] <AuRon the champion> *messes with mom's hair waiting for lott to get back on.*
[11:39] <Moodle> Ezio Fatidore: Assasin's Creed III: McDonalds Assasination
[11:40] <RubyRose17> hey gyps
[11:40] <Moodle> and hey dere au
[11:40] <LongClawTiger> allo gyps
[11:40] <RubyRose17> wb Moo
[11:40] <Moodle> thanks rose
[11:40] <Moodle> GYPS!!!!! *Tacklehugs*
[11:40] <Nyxil> wow I suck. I cant even spell something writen on every object in my house. x(
[11:41] <GypsyThief> MOOOO!!!! *hugs back*
[11:41] <Minxelfinforever> posted lct
[11:41] <Minxelfinforever> GYPSSSYY!!
[11:41] <LongClawTiger> kk, still waiting for page to laod :
[11:41] <GypsyThief> MIN!
[11:42] <Minxelfinforever> :DD *hugs*
[11:42] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Gyps
[11:43] <Comiclove> Hey Gypsy
[11:43] <Comiclove> o/ 
[11:43] <AuRon the champion> blooms about to come on chat
[11:43] <Black Wolf of blood> That, Auron, is my thing to say
[11:43] <LongClawTiger> Sorry for the delay, Minx. It is not loading any wikia pages for me at the moment.
[11:44] <AuRon the champion> psha
[11:45] <Comiclove> Parental Sex Hazard Association?
[11:45] <Barbett> hi hyu
[11:45] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey anna, lets rp!
[11:45] <RubyRose17> XD comic
[11:45] <RubyRose17> and hi hyu
[11:46] <Comiclove> :P
[11:46] <Comiclove> hey hyu
[11:46] <Barbett> ok 
[11:46] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey ruby and comic
[11:46] <AuRon the champion> ohaiderekenji
[11:46] <Hyugabyakugan12> hai
[11:47] <Nyxil> Hi anyone that just joined! Never drink Kenyan Coca Cola!
[11:48] <LongClawTiger> yay! Posted Minx
[11:48] <Barbett> want to just contunue the rp where we left off last nite?
[11:48] <Nyxil> oh, and dont ever drink beverly.
[11:49] <Minxelfinforever> be right there lct
[11:49] <Nyxil> Unless you want to throw up your heart
[11:50] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Anna:sure
[11:50] <Barbett> well I posted 6 hrs ago then
[11:53] <Hyugabyakugan12> Okay
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