[05:21] <JustChase> Going to go see my friend and then it's off to the carnival, not that I can afford to keep procrastinating xD
[05:21] <Flamefang> Well, have fun
[05:21] <JustChase> What I've been doing since early last month I have 6 days left xD
[05:22] <Flamefang> It's nice to see that the Wiki is surviving in some shape or form
[05:22] <Flamefang> Though obviously I can't see the stats
[05:22] <Queen.Bee> So many gifs now.
[05:22] <JustChase> I'd have to agree, but it's slowly falling apart. I hate to admit it. :/ 
[05:22] <Queen.Bee> Wait flame, what stats?
[05:22] <Flamefang> Well, that'd be nothing new :p
[05:22] <Flamefang> The stats that admins and bcrats can see regarding activity
[05:23] <Flamefang> I mean the fact that it's survived this long is still frankly surprising to me
[05:23] <A Son of Hades> same
[05:23] <Queen.Bee> Whoa, I was admin and I didn't know this ><
[05:23] <Flamefang> We thought it was going to fall apart by the first winter
[05:23] <AoCatrene> Carameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel (squeeze) 
[05:24] <JustChase> Nope, we've had people come at the same rate as people have left. 
[05:24] <Flamefang> It was always "How can we get through the next 3 months"
[05:24] <Queen.Bee> When exactly did you leave?
[05:24] <A Son of Hades> ping wonder pm
[05:24] <Queen.Bee> @flame
[05:24] <Flamefang> Hmmmm I don't recall, a year and a half ago?
[05:24] <Flamefang> I can check my userpage
[05:25] <Flamefang> Ah, July 2nd
[05:25] <Flamefang> Approaching two years
[05:27] <JustChase> XAVIER (SQUEEZE) 
[05:27] <DrXax> Lopez
[05:28] <A Son of Hades> lol
[05:28] <A Son of Hades> that difference in emotion though
[05:29] <DrXax> (hugs) @Lopez
[05:30] <A Son of Hades> that looks like a bouncing whale
[05:30] <A Son of Hades> js
[05:30] <Queen.Bee> Hi Xax :)
[05:31] <JustChase> Sister: At least you go to touch luxury hair.
[05:31] <JustChase> Me: With that bad dye job I wouldn't be calling that luxury hair. Trash more like it. 
[05:31] <JustChase> Got*
[05:32] <DrXax> Hey Queen!
[05:33] <DrXax> Your name seems familiar, did I meet you before?
[05:33] <DrXax> *username
[05:34] <JustChase> So, I saw free state of Jones, I think that's what's called, and it's very graphic and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. First civil war movie I could sit through XD 
[05:35] <DrXax> lol
[05:37] <JustChase> I went and saw it and it had me crying near then end, because of what they did to the African-american gentlemen. He was helping people register to vote and they killed him ;-;
[05:38] <Queen.Bee> @Xax Maybe? I left back in 2012.
[05:38] <DrXax> Wow, that's intense
[05:38] <JustChase> That's Alabama for ya in the 1870's 
[05:39] <JustChase> The movie took place between 1863-1873 iirc 
[05:39] <A Son of Hades> well
[05:39] <A Son of Hades> thanks for spoiling it
[05:39] <JustChase> XD 
[05:39] <A Son of Hades> -_-
[05:39] <JustChase> Welp :p Didn't think anyone was gonna see it :P 
[05:39] <A Son of Hades> could ask
[05:40] <JustChase> Well, I'd imagine you'd probably be the only one to see it. So sorry for not asking. >e< 
[05:40] <JustChase> I'm not being passive-aggressive >~<
[05:42] <DrXax> Ahh, then I don't think so. I joined in 2014
[05:42] <DrXax> @Queen
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