[11:42] <AuRon the champion> test
[11:42] <AuRon the champion> chat became quiet for all the users in ehre..
[11:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted on skye aur
[11:42] <Narutofreak0> thats bcuzz the fun users aren't here/talking
[11:43] <AuRon the champion> meh
[11:43] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> which reminds me: *really needs Lele to show up*
[11:43] <Narutofreak0> why?
[11:43] <Rawr27> Posted blood
[11:43] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> <---- this taken?
[11:43] <Petiller Cheri> *throws a pringles can at Nar's head*
[11:43] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[11:43] <Narutofreak0> *kills cheri*
[11:44] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> cuz we have a date rp going on and i really want to finish it
[11:44] <Rawr27> Cheri you really want to beat up Nar today huh? :P
[11:44] <Petiller Cheri> :D Yay
[11:44] <Kaptep525> *eats nar*
[11:44] <Narutofreak0> *was for some reason planning on taking advantage of sarah*
[11:44] <Petiller Cheri> Maybe
[11:44] <Narutofreak0> o.O
[11:44] <Petiller Cheri> *throws another pringles can at Nar*
[11:44] <Petiller Cheri> :D
[11:44] <Rawr27> Nar are chu talking about my char? o.o
[11:44] <Narutofreak0> yes.....
[11:45] <Kaptep525> *pukes up nar* you taste like plastic bannana's
[11:45] <Petiller Cheri> XDD
[11:45] <Narutofreak0> you ate me?
[11:45] <Narutofreak0> thats weird
[11:45] <Rawr27> Why do you want to take advantage of her? :P
[11:45] <Narutofreak0> i dont remember that happening
[11:45] <Petiller Cheri> ^
[11:45] <Petiller Cheri> ^^*
[11:45] <Petiller Cheri> >.<
[11:45] <Narutofreak0> it was just a thought
[11:46] <Kaptep525> Kaptep525
[11:46] <Kaptep525> 7:44
[11:46] <Kaptep525> *eats nar*
[11:46] <Narutofreak0> oh i ignored that
[11:46] <Narutofreak0> therefore it did not happen
[11:46] <Kaptep525> Hi Moo
[11:46] <Narutofreak0> hey moo
[11:46] <Kaptep525> fine then
[11:46] <Moodle> Hey kap, hey nar
[11:46] <Petiller Cheri> MOODLE!!!!!!!!!!
[11:46] <Kaptep525> *eats nar*
[11:46] <Rawr27> Bro! *hugs*
[11:46] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[11:46] <Narutofreak0> ask moodle
[11:46] <Moodle> FIZZ *GLompz*
[11:46] <Moodle> SISTER *Hugs back*
[11:46] <Moodle> Sooo many people!!
[11:46] <Narutofreak0> my powers of ignoring are greater then any man
[11:46] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted Rawr
[11:46] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[11:46] <Moodle> Yes?
[11:47] <WonderfulTwilight> UNCLE MOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[11:47] <Kaptep525> *pukes up nar* you still taste like plastic bannana's
[11:47] <Moodle> Nar's powers ARE more than that of any mortal
[11:47] <Petiller Cheri> *throws a rock at nar* .__.
[11:47] <Moodle> NIECE!!!!!!!!!! *Glompz back*
[11:47] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai moo
[11:47] <Narutofreak0> thats weird
[11:47] <Moodle> Nar once ignored me, when he first met me, for two weeks, but that was just a sample of his power
[11:47] <Moodle> Hey nicki
[11:47] <Narutofreak0> according to botty i taste like chocolate
[11:47] <Moodle> O.o
[11:47] <Moodle> Odd
[11:47] <Petiller Cheri> XD lolz
[11:47] <Kaptep525> botty is a robot
[11:47] <Kaptep525> i is not
[11:47] <Moodle> I was on the Hershey`s chocolate website earlier
[11:48] <Moodle> for no apparent reason
[11:48] <Kaptep525> i is a martin
[11:48] <Narutofreak0> botty is a living breathing human being
[11:48] <Kaptep525> *noms on a (cookie) 
[11:48] <Petiller Cheri> According to Botty i taste like peanut butter :D
[11:48] <Moodle> I am flavourless! Huzzah
[11:48] <Narutofreak0> and thou shall not insult the spouse of my best friend
[11:48] <Kaptep525> i never did
[11:48] <Kaptep525> i said plastic bannana
[11:48] <Narutofreak0> yes
[11:49] <Narutofreak0> you insulted botty
[11:49] <Moodle> You said ze one and Honourable bot was a "robot" *Spits on the ground and then cleans it up*
[11:49] <Narutofreak0> by insulting her sense of taste
[11:49] <Petiller Cheri> ^
[11:49] <BachBot> *licks moodle*
[11:49] <Kaptep525> Oh. well some people hate muffins, but i love muffins, 
[11:49] <Petiller Cheri> muffins?
[11:50] <BachBot> awww I licked him out of chat
[11:50] <Narutofreak0> muffins are cupcake ripoffs
[11:50] <BachBot> (sad) 
[11:50] <Kaptep525> beauty is in the eye of the beholder
[11:50] <Kaptep525> and so is taste
[11:50] <Petiller Cheri> I agree with Nar
[11:50] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[11:50] <BachBot> beauty if often blurred when the beholder is intoxicated
[11:50] <Moodle> Bot...what do I taste like?
[11:50] <Petiller Cheri> ^^
[11:50] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[11:50] <Narutofreak0> kap is HIIIIIIIIGH
[11:50] <Moodle> not that I'm worth tasting
[11:50] <Kaptep525> but taste is not in your toung, not your eye.
[11:50] <WonderfulTwilight> Does anyone recognize this girl: 
[11:50] <Kaptep525> of course i am 
[11:50] <Moodle> hey jason, nephew
[11:51] <WonderfulTwilight> JASON!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[11:51] <Narutofreak0> then where dafuq is it jap
[11:51] <BachBot> @moodle you taste like Lucky Charms
[11:51] <Jrite10> I need wise to be on
[11:51] <Kaptep525> Hello jason, you need to post on the just
[11:51] <Narutofreak0> if it isn't in your mouth and eye
[11:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> hey, who will be the new Palaemon's counselor? the current one is up for adoption
[11:51] <Narutofreak0> botty what do i taste like?
[11:51] <Jason Yelloweagle> - gets up and tackle glompz WT -
[11:51] <BachBot> *licks nar*
[11:51] <Narutofreak0> *raises hand*
[11:51] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> replied wt sorry it took me so long
[11:51] <BachBot> hmmm
[11:51] <BachBot> like brownies
[11:51] <WonderfulTwilight> *is tackle glompzed*
[11:51] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[11:51] <WonderfulTwilight> k
[11:51] <Jrite10> And my self botty
[11:51] <Jrite10> ?
[11:51] <Rawr27> Posted blood
[11:51] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> how do i taste bachie? i think chu licked me sometime befire
[11:51] <Petiller Cheri> I am da only one that taste like Peanut Butter :DDDDDDDDD
[11:51] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *before
[11:52] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *bottie
[11:52] <BachBot> @bloom yes
[11:52] <Rawr27> According to Gyp I taste like toast xD
[11:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> yes what? I asked who >.>
[11:52] <Moodle> I'm...lucky charms?
[11:52] <Petiller Cheri> Wow bottie is da taste tester of people :D
[11:52] <Kaptep525> Lucky
[11:52] <BachLynn23> yes to the palaemon question
[11:52] <Moodle> How...ironic, I have little to no luck
[11:52] <WonderfulTwilight> Does anyone recognize her?
[11:52] <AuRon the champion> <span style="color:red;">bachbot</span> can't taste me
[11:52] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Nicki
[11:52] <AuRon the champion> she might eat me on accident...
[11:52] <Narutofreak0> but who will be the new councilor?
[11:52] <BachLynn23> I won't allow bot to lick auron
[11:52] <Rawr27> Hai Jenna 
[11:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, I asked who will be the next counselor
[11:52] <Moodle> Loreo's back on wikia!!
[11:52] <Jenna Fraen> hiyaz
[11:52] <Waterdaughter1> hi jennah
[11:52] <BachLynn23> the lt
[11:52] <AuRon the champion> counselor for where..?
[11:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> hai jenna
[11:53] <AuRon the champion> Loreo..?
[11:53] <Narutofreak0> palaemon
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> Palaemon
[11:53] <Petiller Cheri> TWINNERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:53] <Petiller Cheri> *uber glompz*
[11:53] <Kaptep525> Jason, i need you to post on the quest, as there was a question for your char
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> can I get lt?
[11:53] <Moodle> Loreofwings
[11:53] <BachLynn23> if the head counsellor leaves, Lt gets head
[11:53] <Moodle> oi
[11:53] <BachLynn23> and someone else gets Lt
[11:53] <AuRon the champion> oh
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> Twinny
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> !!!
[11:53] <Narutofreak0> then who will be the new lt?
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> *glompz back*
[11:53] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> Me!! me!!
[11:53] <BachLynn23> who's Lt now?
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> Oh, Paly
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> I put him up for adoption
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> [[Austin Irving]]
[11:53] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted and ended Rawr
[11:53] <BachLynn23> ok bloomm you may be head
[11:53] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> Bloomy's palaemon char is cool
[11:53] <BachLynn23> I mean
[11:53] <BachLynn23> O.O
[11:53] <BachLynn23> lt
[11:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> woot!
[11:53] <BachLynn23> crap, said that wrong
[11:53] <BachLynn23> actually wait
[11:53] <AuRon the champion> hahaha
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> for some reason I don't want Lorcan, he reminds me of Lowdy cuz he was Lowd's char
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> ; - ;
[11:54] <WonderfulTwilight> I'll ask this again, anyone recognize ?
[11:54] <Jenna Fraen> I do
[11:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'll change le page then
[11:54] <BachLynn23> yea, sorry bloom you get to be Lt
[11:54] <Jenna Fraen> It's....
[11:54] <Narutofreak0> why does bloom get to be the new lt?
[11:54] <Rawr27> Yeah WT
[11:54] <Jenna Fraen> I recognize her....
[11:54] <WonderfulTwilight> >.< Dammit
[11:54] <BachLynn23> cuz I said so
[11:54] <Jenna Fraen> maybe she's Jennifer Lawrence? idk, I just recognize her
[11:54] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[11:54] <Narutofreak0> meanie
[11:54] <BachLynn23> I don't recognise her
[11:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> cause I asked :P
[11:54] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted wt
[11:54] <Narutofreak0> jk
[11:55] <Kaptep525> i like to eat pie. Pot pie, and not pot pie like chicken pot pie
[11:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> and my char got one quest :D
[11:55] <Narutofreak0> lucky you
[11:55] <Kaptep525> i got two chars on a qwuest
[11:55] <BachLynn23> do I need to post anywhere?
[11:55] <Jrite10> Why is wise not one when ever i need her
[11:55] <Kaptep525> *quest
[11:55] <Narutofreak0> no
[11:55] <BachLynn23> I got distracted doing homework
[11:55] <BachLynn23> *tackle hugs hubby*
[11:55] <Narutofreak0> homework is stupid
[11:55] <Jenna Fraen> Can the next Char Contest be Eurus?
[11:55] <Jenna Fraen> Pwease
[11:55] <BachLynn23> we already did Eurus
[11:55] <Kaptep525> *eats's bach's homework(
[11:55] <BachLynn23> Phobos is next
[11:55] <Jenna Fraen> damn :C
[11:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> woot. I may do an entry 
[11:56] <AuRon the champion> what about Athena..?
[11:56] <Narutofreak0> NO
[11:56] <Jrite10> *Tackle hugs wifey*
[11:56] <Agnitowreck14> Oh gods I'm still in chat 0_0
[11:56] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> wrong template aur
[11:56] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> oooh imma enter
[11:56] <BachLynn23> Athena's always too full
[11:56] <AuRon the champion> ack!
[11:56] <BachLynn23> *is tackle hugged*
[11:56] <Jenna Fraen> ._____.
[11:56] <Narutofreak0> athena has over 30 members
[11:56] <BachLynn23> however
[11:56] <Jenna Fraen> I has a Eurus idea
[11:56] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> it's SkyeM
[11:56] <BachLynn23> I may do a popular cabin one month
[11:56] <BachLynn23> just to mix things up
[11:56] <AuRon the champion> :D
[11:56] <Jenna Fraen> maybe she could be Koios, but I want her to be Eurus
[11:56] <Narutofreak0> do aphrodite
[11:56] <BachLynn23> "may"
[11:56] <Jenna Fraen> no, do Posey
[11:56] <BachLynn23> no she's uber popular
[11:56] <Jrite10> Do hecate
[11:56] <BachLynn23> everyone wants aphro
[11:56] <Narutofreak0> fine
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> everyone seems to love Posey
[11:57] <Black Wolf of blood> Bloom? pm
[11:57] <Petiller Cheri> WHy u say that twin
[11:57] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> do... Zeus? i dont even know
[11:57] <Petiller Cheri> ??
[11:57] <WonderfulTwilight> @Bach More entries though :P
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> cuz of the series
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> Percy Jackson
[11:57] <Petiller Cheri> ohh
[11:57] <BachLynn23> so I'm not up anywhere?
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> son of Posey
[11:57] <Narutofreak0> as long as i have posey councilor or lt i am happy
[11:57] <Kaptep525> do Eurus if you want popular
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> Son of Neptune
[11:57] <Petiller Cheri> OOOo
[11:57] <BachLynn23> cuz I gotta finish a post on my homework if I"m not
[11:57] <BachLynn23> just ping me if I need to rp
[11:57] <Kaptep525> he also should make a mobil app
[11:57] <Narutofreak0> thats most people jenna
[11:57] <Kaptep525> *we
[11:57] <Agnitowreck14> Why does it say on Athena Cabin that Dan isn't year-round?
[11:57] <Jason Yelloweagle> Jenna, you wanna rp at MURP? (has new battle moves to own)
[11:57] <Kaptep525> for the wiki
[11:57] <Narutofreak0> poseidon is my patron
[11:57] <AuRon the champion> Athena
[11:57] <Rawr27> I gtg now peoples bye bye
[11:57] <BachLynn23> @ag cuz you were less active
[11:57] <AuRon the champion> ftw
[11:57] <Moodle> bye sis!
[11:57] <Agnitowreck14> Oh.
[11:57] <AuRon the champion> bai rawr
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> Hebey is mah patron!
[11:58] <Kaptep525> bye Rawr
[11:58] <WonderfulTwilight> *wants to use April on a rp but can't 'cause she's on a quest*
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> Hebey *hugs*
[11:58] <Black Wolf of blood> Bye Rawr
[11:58] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye
[11:58] <Agnitowreck14> lol *mega derp*
[11:58] <Rawr27> Bye
[11:58] <Narutofreak0> bye
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> WT
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> you can
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> rp her
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> :L
[11:58] <BachLynn23> all not year round is for, so that users who don't post much, and are officially "less active" don't take up space
[11:58] <Agnitowreck14> I gotcha lol
[11:58] <Jrite10> so wouldn't it be fun if there was like a demigod hunger games
[11:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> do Iris!
[11:58] <Agnitowreck14> And on an ironic note, afk
[11:58] <Petiller Cheri> Twin *pokes twin*
[11:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> damned lag >.>
[11:59] <WonderfulTwilight> Do Eros :P
[11:59] <AuRon the champion> do Athena!
[11:59] <WonderfulTwilight> O_O
[11:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> No Iris. she's more awesome
[11:59] <Waterdaughter1> do Nyx
[11:59] <AuRon the champion> It would awesome to enter Drake
[11:59] <Jenna Fraen> but, Aur
[11:59] <Jrite10> DO Jrite the god of internet
[11:59] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ^@bloom
[11:59] <Petiller Cheri> *pokes Twin again*
[11:59] <Jenna Fraen> Drake's already created
[11:59] <Petiller Cheri> .__.
[11:59] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Bloom* Where do you want me to post?
[11:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> ^
[11:59] <Narutofreak0> WAIT EVERBODY STOP
[11:59] <Jenna Fraen> oui, twin?
[11:59] <Black Wolf of blood> Boreas or Nessa?
[11:59] <Jenna Fraen> *STOPS*
[11:59] <Kaptep525> *starts
[11:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> nessa
[11:59] <Petiller Cheri> I wunt be on in like 2 week XP starting tuesday
[11:59] <Narutofreak0> who remembers which god he/she was during that whole rawr/jason/wt thing?
[11:59] <AuRon the champion> darn then...
[11:59] <Narutofreak0> *knows he was zeus*
[11:59] <Petiller Cheri> just a heads up for chuz
[12:00] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[12:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> mesa was Hera
[12:00] <Jenna Fraen> why nooooot?
[12:00] <Jenna Fraen> why chuz inactive, fizzie
[12:00] <Jenna Fraen> :C
[12:00] <Kaptep525> i was no one
[12:00] <Narutofreak0> and stay that way zak
[12:00] <Petiller Cheri> Cuz imma go to Tennessee and i wunt have a computer with me
[12:00] <Jenna Fraen> omg
[12:01] <Jenna Fraen> my friend lives in Tennessee now
[12:01] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[12:01] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[12:01] <Petiller Cheri> Imma visit family there
[12:01] <Kaptep525> Like SU
[12:01] <Narutofreak0> SU?
[12:01] <Jenna Fraen> If you meet a girl named Krisandra tell her Adi says hi from Saddle Rock
[12:01] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[12:01] <Petiller Cheri> XD kkz
[12:01] <Narutofreak0> kap su?
[12:01] <Kaptep525> Syracuse University, they are playing tonight
[12:01] <Petiller Cheri> Imma go to Cliton so idk if i will XD
[12:01] <Kaptep525> and are going to win the NCAA
[12:01] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[12:01] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pokes aur*
[12:02] <Narutofreak0> *pokes cheri*
[12:02] <Petiller Cheri> *pokes back*
[12:02] <BachLynn23> *pets auron*
[12:02] <BachLynn23> what ya dooooin/
[12:02] <BachLynn23> ?
[12:02] <AuRon the champion> *purrs*
[12:02] <AuRon the champion> talking to comic and leafwhisker
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> :O
[12:02] <Petiller Cheri> Dragons dunt purr ._.
[12:02] <AuRon the champion> they do
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> hell yeah now they do
[12:02] <Petiller Cheri> No they dunt
[12:02] <Narutofreak0> rp cheri?
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> :P
[12:02] <AuRon the champion> and if you don't agree, I'll burn your hair off
[12:03] <Narutofreak0> dragons purr
[12:03] <Petiller Cheri> Sure Nar :D
[12:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> aur? did chu fix the post?
[12:03] <AuRon the champion> hey lele!
[12:03] <Narutofreak0> hai lele
[12:03] <Jenna Fraen> *doesn't agree*
[12:03] <Petiller Cheri> No they dunt!
[12:03] <Kaptep525> *pokes a sleeping dragon with a stick*
[12:03] <AuRon the champion> yes I did nicki
[12:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> LELE! *glompz*
[12:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> LELE! *glompz*
[12:03] <Lele Mj> su`cuy gar y'all
[12:03] <Narutofreak0> uhm
[12:03] <Kaptep525> *gets eaten by the dragon*
[12:03] <Petiller Cheri> O.o what?
[12:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> whaa Le?
[12:03] <Narutofreak0> a little less star wars or whatever would be nice
[12:03] <Kaptep525> hello LeLe
[12:03] <Lele Mj> (loling at nicki and bloom greettin me the exact same way)
[12:03] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[12:03] <Kaptep525> lol
[12:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> XD
[12:03] <Kaptep525> X
[12:03] <Lele Mj> it`s mandoa 
[12:03] <BachLynn23> auron are you posting on lake?
[12:03] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted Bloom
[12:04] <Narutofreak0> yes
[12:04] <BachLynn23> and *tackle hugs lele*
[12:04] <Lele Mj> *glompz them back*
[12:04] <BachBot> WIFEY
[12:04] <Narutofreak0> becuse clearly i know what that is
[12:04] <BachBot> *tackle hugs wifey*
[12:04] <Lele Mj> *falls in the floor*
[12:04] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh gtg
[12:04] <Lele Mj> *hugs both baack*
[12:04] <WonderfulTwilight> Byez
[12:04] <Black Wolf of blood> *Glompz Lele*
[12:04] <Lele Mj> I kinda have four girls on top of me now...
[12:04] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *smiles and pushes Lele towards the [[Forest/Pond|rp]]*
[12:04] <Narutofreak0> *has gotten past glompz*
[12:04] <Lele Mj> and blood...
[12:04] <Black Wolf of blood> Ehat?
[12:04] <Black Wolf of blood> *What?
[12:04] <Kaptep525> really jason......
[12:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> *pulls blood away*
[12:05] <Narutofreak0> *shakes leles hand instead*
[12:05] <Kaptep525> are you sure?
[12:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> no glompzing my mom
[12:05] <Black Wolf of blood> Aww
[12:05] <Kaptep525> *send a glomp bot to glomp Nat
[12:05] <BachLynn23> best kinda pile
[12:05] <Black Wolf of blood> But Ley's a friend
[12:05] <Kaptep525> eats the hunger games
[12:05] <Kaptep525> *
[12:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> and she's my mom
[12:05] <Black Wolf of blood> And?
[12:05] <Lele Mj> *hugs blood back*
[12:05] <Narutofreak0> *destroys all things kap commands*
[12:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> no huggin my mom d*mnit!
[12:05] <Lele Mj> what can I say dear, I`m a great mother in law
[12:06] <Narutofreak0> *pokes lele*
[12:06] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[12:06] <Black Wolf of blood> ...
[12:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> XD
[12:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sweatdrop*
[12:06] <Kaptep525> I command Narutofreak0 so he destroys himself
[12:06] <Lele Mj> yes nar, I'll post
[12:06] <Kaptep525> lol
[12:06] <Black Wolf of blood> Why exactly can't I hug your MOTHER of all things?
[12:06] <Narutofreak0> danke
[12:06] <Kaptep525> i found a loophole
[12:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> because I say so :P
[12:06] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[12:06] <Narutofreak0> you do not command me mortal
[12:06] <Black Wolf of blood> If it was your sister, understandable, your friend, even more so, but your mother?
[12:06] <Narutofreak0> I AM LARGER THEN THE GODS
[12:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pokes Le*
[12:06] <Kaptep525> Ah what fools these mortals be
[12:06] <Orbstar> hey
[12:06] <Lele Mj> don`t be jealous honey, I`m married too
[12:06] <Kaptep525> heyyo
[12:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai emmett
[12:06] <Narutofreak0> *shifts to his true godly form and sits on a throne in valhalla*
[12:06] <Lele Mj> ;)
[12:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.>
[12:07] <Petiller Cheri> ORB!!!!!!!!!!
[12:07] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[12:07] <Kaptep525> *noms on a carrot* Your point nar?
[12:07] <Orbstar> CHERI!!!!!!! 
[12:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sighes* okay, whatever, hug her
[12:07] <Orbstar> *glompz back*
[12:07] <Jenna Fraen> Orbie!
[12:07] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[12:07] <Jenna Fraen> *glompz*
[12:07] <Orbstar> Jenna!
[12:07] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs Ley and Bloom at the same time*
[12:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> me is too tired to argue right now
[12:07] <Jenna Fraen> XP sowwies, late
[12:07] <Orbstar> *glompz back*
[12:07] <Orbstar> PM Wifey
[12:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs back*
[12:07] <Narutofreak0> *waves hand as kap flies into a dungeon stripped of all worldly poseesions*
[12:07] <Narutofreak0> and i mean ALL worldly possesions
[12:07] <Lele Mj> *hugs back*
[12:08] <Narutofreak0> even clothes
[12:08] <Black Wolf of blood> And your body
[12:08] <Petiller Cheri> O_O
[12:08] <Lele Mj> I watched John Carter today
[12:08] <Narutofreak0> i ran a shitton today
[12:08] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Bloom* I posted on Nessy
[12:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, I just replied
[12:08] <Narutofreak0> oh ley you will NEVER guess what happened today
[12:08] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[12:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> wtf was that "your body"?
[12:08] <Narutofreak0> i was on this game show representing my school with 2 other kids
[12:08] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *doesnt know what John Carter is* Cool Le
[12:08] <Kaptep525> *Goes into his true godly form and eats nar* 
[12:08] <Narutofreak0> when suddenly
[12:08] <Narutofreak0> topic history
[12:09] <Narutofreak0> question
[12:09] <Kaptep525> you got eaten
[12:09] <Black Wolf of blood> That was because your body is a "worldly possession"
[12:09] <Narutofreak0> who is the head god of the greeks
[12:09] <Black Wolf of blood> So we threw a soul into a dungeon
[12:09] <Black Wolf of blood> or rather 
[12:09] <AuRon the champion> gotta go make pizza and play lol
[12:09] <Black Wolf of blood> Nar did
[12:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> eh.....
[12:09] <Orbstar> bye auron
[12:09] <Petiller Cheri> ^
[12:09] <AuRon the champion> be back later!
[12:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> baii
[12:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya
[12:09] <Narutofreak0> then my opponent gets the question
[12:09] <Narutofreak0> who was the roman god of war
[12:09] <Narutofreak0> i was like
[12:09] <Kaptep525> your confusing me Black, speck normal french
[12:09] <Narutofreak0> SCOOOOOOORE
[12:10] <Black Wolf of blood> What the f*ck Kap`
[12:10] <Black Wolf of blood> *?
[12:10] <Narutofreak0> speck?
[12:10] <Narutofreak0> blood
[12:10] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm speaking ENGLISH you (censored for heavy cursing)
[12:10] <Black Wolf of blood> @Kap
[12:10] <Narutofreak0> you have permission to utterly pwn and destroy him
[12:10] <Black Wolf of blood> Nah, that's no fun
[12:10] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> Ley? y u no post?
[12:10] <Black Wolf of blood> Unless I can kick him
[12:10] <Narutofreak0> nah
[12:10] <Black Wolf of blood> And I can't do that
[12:11] <Black Wolf of blood> :(
[12:11] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sighes* and here we go again
[12:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Eh, no
[12:11] <Kaptep525> at least he has no arrows, and i have no knees
[12:11] <BachLynn23> wait, what did Kap do? * is lost*
[12:11] <Narutofreak0> nothing
[12:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Kap didn't do anything
[12:11] <Black Wolf of blood> He just annoyed me
[12:11] <Narutofreak0> he annoyed me is all
[12:11] <BachLynn23> oh
[12:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Which is why I can't kick him
[12:11] <Orbstar> brb
[12:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Since that would be abuse of power :(
[12:12] <Narutofreak0> you know how some people have the decency to at least stop being annpying after a month orso?
[12:12] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> yay changed my avvie
[12:12] <Narutofreak0> kap doesn't have that
[12:12] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pets her avvie*
[12:12] <Narutofreak0> still the same nic
[12:12] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted Bloom
[12:12] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> really? D:
[12:12] <BloomOfFairyTail> nope. it changed
[12:12] <Kaptep525> Not for me, now it is a girl with a camera
[12:12] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> yay :D
[12:13] <Jenna Fraen> *does a jig*
[12:13] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> epic avvie nar
[12:14] <Narutofreak0> SLYTHERINIANS
[12:14] <Jenna Fraen> brb
[12:14] <Narutofreak0> ASSEMBLE
[12:14] <Narutofreak0> test
[12:14] <Jenna Fraen> dere, I had changed my avvie like half an hour ago but it wasn't showing up
[12:14] <Kaptep525> i am a Huffelpuff, 
[12:14] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[12:14] <Kaptep525> Huffelpuff's are good finders
[12:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'm a slytherin
[12:14] <Jenna Fraen> omg Harry Potter
[12:14] <Jenna Fraen> *hides*
[12:14] <Kaptep525> I find that to be offensive
[12:15] <Black Wolf of blood> *Is a Slytherin*
[12:15] <Jenna Fraen> what?
[12:15] <Petiller Cheri> AFK XP
[12:15] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ravenclawesome here
[12:15] <Jenna Fraen> X{
[12:15] <Jenna Fraen> *X{P
[12:15] <Jenna Fraen> as in, I haven't read the books
[12:15] <Kaptep525> ^dude with a moostash!
[12:15] <Jenna Fraen> so I feel awkward turtle around HP fans
[12:15] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[12:15] <Jenna Fraen> *all of her friends are reading/have read HP*
[12:15] <Narutofreak0> WHAT
[12:16] <Narutofreak0> you haven't read HP?
[12:16] <Jenna Fraen> WAT
[12:16] <Jenna Fraen> OUI
[12:16] <Jenna Fraen> :3
[12:16] <Jenna Fraen> *does a jig*
[12:16] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> y u no read them?
[12:16] <Kaptep525> I read them
[12:16] <Jenna Fraen> idk
[12:16] <Jenna Fraen> no time
[12:16] <Kaptep525> hello Ninkjja
[12:16] <Narutofreak0> *writes a note to jennas parents telling them to disown them untill she has read the books*
[12:16] <Kaptep525> *ninja
[12:16] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[12:16] <Jenna Fraen> :O
[12:16] <Jenna Fraen> >:O
[12:17] <Jenna Fraen> *burns Nary's note*
[12:17] <Black Wolf of blood> Welcome back Ley *hugs*
[12:17] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pokes Lele again*
[12:17] <Moodle> Hey lele!
[12:17] <Kaptep525> RP anyone?
[12:17] <Moodle> *Is watching Born of Hope again*
[12:17] <Moodle> Eurgh
[12:17] <Kaptep525> Eurgh?
[12:17] <Moodle> Halbarad is a terrible fighter when he was young
[12:18] <Moodle> But even more so is gliraen
[12:18] <Narutofreak0> i always said i am slytherin no matter what any1, even JK Rowling has to say about it
[12:18] <Narutofreak0> i go to pottermore
[12:18] <Narutofreak0> after the sortingis finished
[12:18] <Moodle> My pottermore works no more
[12:18] <Narutofreak0> i end up as a slytherin
[12:18] <Moodle> I haven't been on it for too long
[12:18] <Narutofreak0> they've shut down for a week
[12:18] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *glues Ley to chat*
[12:18] <Narutofreak0> maintenence
[12:19] <Moodle> No nar
[12:19] <Lele Mj> posted nicki
[12:19] <Moodle> I haven't been on for several months
[12:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted Blood
[12:19] <Narutofreak0> so
[12:19] <Moodle> Oh dammit
[12:19] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> okie
[12:19] <Moodle> noooo
[12:19] <Narutofreak0> i didn't go on for like 4 to 5 months after i finished book 1
[12:19] <Moodle> Elberain dies
[12:19] <Lele Mj> aren`t they locking it up for a while?
[12:19] <Narutofreak0> yea
[12:19] <Kaptep525> locking what up?
[12:19] <Moodle> soab orcs,
[12:19] <Narutofreak0> 'till tomorrow i hope
[12:20] <BachLynn23> @lele did you see my new charie?
[12:20] <Narutofreak0> ^
[12:20] <Moodle> wb lele
[12:20] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted Bloom
[12:20] <BachLynn23> lele did you see my shiny new charie?
[12:21] <Lele Mj> posted nar
[12:21] <Lele Mj> I did not bach
[12:21] <Lele Mj> link me
[12:21] <Narutofreak0> *forgot if he showed lele his new char*
[12:21] <BachLynn23> [[Brock Garreth]]
[12:22] <Lele Mj> theone with the Hayden pic?
[12:22] <Moodle> wb lele
[12:22] <Narutofreak0> oh wait i did
[12:23] <BachLynn23> hayden?
[12:23] <Narutofreak0> anywayz working on a tenth and final one
[12:23] <Narutofreak0> should be up by monday
[12:23] <Narutofreak0> anakin skywalker
[12:23] <Lele Mj> yeah
[12:23] <BachLynn23> oh
[12:23] <Lele Mj> also, niiiiice new char
[12:23] <BachLynn23> nar tried to use a pick of him
[12:23] <BachLynn23> XD
[12:23] <BachLynn23> Brock's gotten around already
[12:23] <Narutofreak0> hey
[12:23] <Lele Mj> how are you gonna rp him in constant pain?
[12:24] <Narutofreak0> no one else noticed
[12:24] <Lele Mj> ik, I told him that
[12:24] <BachLynn23> he's going to have moody times
[12:24] <Black Wolf of blood> Brock's already been shown the showers and the tubs
[12:24] <BachLynn23> XD
[12:24] <Black Wolf of blood> And shown how to 'use' them
[12:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> ......wha?
[12:24] <Kaptep525> lol
[12:24] <BachLynn23> Brock's good at grinning and bearing it
[12:24] <BachLynn23> XD
[12:25] <Black Wolf of blood> And likes whips for some reason
[12:25] <Lele Mj> XD
[12:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> ...................................................
[12:25] <BachLynn23> and blind folds
[12:25] <Lele Mj> who`s on his list so far?
[12:25] <BachLynn23> don't forget the blind fold
[12:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> I am NOT reading this conversation
[12:25] <Lele Mj> XD
[12:25] <Black Wolf of blood> It's rather that he's on the other guy's list
[12:25] <BachLynn23> XD
[12:25] <Lele Mj> you`re too innocent honey
[12:25] <Waterdaughter1> good idea, bloom
[12:25] <Black Wolf of blood> Since Brock was preeeeeetty submissive
[12:25] <Lele Mj> XD
[12:25] <BachLynn23> little bit
[12:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> tell me something I don't know lele
[12:25] <BachLynn23> hey the guy did come out of a coma 7 months ago
[12:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> *closes her eyes so she won't read*
[12:26] <Black Wolf of blood> More than a little bit Bach, Ace practically lead al of it
[12:26] <Black Wolf of blood> *all
[12:26] <BachLynn23> XD ok a lot
[12:26] <Lele Mj> come on hon, in just a few years, you`ll be the one doin it
[12:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> Didn't he have a boyfriend?!
[12:26] <Black Wolf of blood> Yes
[12:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.<
[12:26] <Lele Mj> ooohhhh, cheating gays
[12:26] <Black Wolf of blood> And that's another rp we have going
[12:26] <Black Wolf of blood> Or rather
[12:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> *sighes* dear lords, this is just too messed up for me
[12:26] <Black Wolf of blood> And rp in continuation of the sex
[12:27] <Black Wolf of blood> Where Erion walked in on them
[12:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> ...................................
[12:27] <Black Wolf of blood> And Ace was hit with a glass door
[12:27] <Black Wolf of blood> And is in the infirmary
[12:27] <BachLynn23> OH, and Brock was making out with Tristan too
[12:27] <BachLynn23> who wasn't bi before
[12:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'm leaving >.>
[12:27] <Black Wolf of blood> That sounds like Ace and Skylar
[12:27] <BachLynn23> XD but Brock's just so damn irresistable
[12:27] <Moodle> O.O
[12:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> be back when the conversation is normal
[12:27] <Moodle> You're leaving bloom?
[12:27] <Moodle> oh, ok
[12:27] <Moodle> nvm
[12:27] <Waterdaughter1> bye bloom
[12:27] <Narutofreak0> DONT GO
[12:27] <BachLynn23> bloom, when has the wiki chat convo ever been "normal"
[12:27] <BachLynn23> XD
[12:27] <Moodle> ttyl bloom
[12:28] <Moodle> ^
[12:28] <Moodle> lol
[12:28] <Waterdaughter1> ^@bach
[12:28] <Narutofreak0> well
[12:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> when you weren't talking about cheating gays!! >.<
[12:28] <Black Wolf of blood> Well, dearest
[12:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> at least my kind of normal
[12:28] <Black Wolf of blood> That's not going to happen tonight
[12:28] <Lele Mj> OMIGOD
[12:28] <BachLynn23> actually that convo has come up before
[12:28] <Narutofreak0> there was the time when only me and LCO were on
[12:28] <BachLynn23> only irl
[12:28] <Lele Mj> Tristan as in Tristan Carter??????
[12:28] <BachLynn23> yea
[12:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> ......................
[12:28] <Narutofreak0> we had a pretty decent convo about the weather and politics
[12:28] <BachLynn23> as in soa's tristan
[12:28] <Narutofreak0> then comi entered cha
[12:28] <Black Wolf of blood> *Laughs*
[12:28] <Lele Mj> :OOOOOOO
[12:29] <Lele Mj> omfg when did that happen????
[12:29] <BachLynn23> Brock is going to help him get over Serena
[12:29] <Lele Mj> :OOOO
[12:29] <BachLynn23> scan down on Brock's page
[12:29] <BachLynn23> about half way down
[12:29] <BachLynn23> things get interesting
[12:29] <Black Wolf of blood> ...So, Brock f*cked Ace a lot, and then snogged Tristan?
[12:29] <BachLynn23> @blood pretty much
[12:29] <Waterdaughter1> wow...what whores
[12:29] <Black Wolf of blood> *Laughs* Sounds like Ace's first few days
[12:29] <Black Wolf of blood> Only it was Skylar and Miyuki, and a few others
[12:29] <Moodle> I love how in Born of Hope, Aragorn, even as a child, is too busy looking at the ring of barahor than to watch his father die
[12:30] <Moodle> Hey orb
[12:30] <Orbstar> Hey moodle
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> Well, what's going to happen with Brock and Ace, Bachie?
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> They can't be together, obviously
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> And fbw won't work
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> *fwb
[12:31] <BachLynn23> not sure, I mean, I thought he was pretty into Erion
[12:31] <Orbstar> wait Brock is gay?
[12:31] <BachLynn23> yea
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> Yeah, he is
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> Ace is veeeeeeeryyyyyy much into Erion, in several ways
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> ...
[12:31] <Lele Mj> XD
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> I didn't just say that
[12:31] <Orbstar> oh... and to think my girl character was totally giving him the signal
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> Did I?
[12:32] <Waterdaughter1> yeah, you did
[12:32] <Lele Mj> I didn`t know blood`s chars could have feelings 
[12:32] <Black Wolf of blood> Ouch'
[12:32] <Black Wolf of blood> That hurt you know
[12:32] <BachLynn23> Put it this way, he really likes Ace, but as he hasn't gotten to know Ace beyond, the bathroom..coughcough, romantically he's not on the same page yet
[12:32] <Waterdaughter1> aww, poor bro.
[12:32] <BachLynn23> all he knows is, he's met tow really hot, really nice guys, who are clearly into him
[12:32] <BachLynn23> *two
[12:32] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[12:32] <Waterdaughter1> *hands blood a (Cookie) *
[12:32] <Lele Mj> what can I do9 man, you know it`s true
[12:32] <Lele Mj> '
[12:32] <Lele Mj> they`re really dar
[12:33] <Black Wolf of blood> @Ley, I'll have you know that nearly all of my characters are in relationships
[12:33] <Lele Mj> *dark
[12:33] <Black Wolf of blood> I have a hard time keeping them out of relationships
[12:33] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted Ley
[12:33] <Orbstar> wb nickeh
[12:33] <Lele Mj> with which masochist girls???
[12:33] <BachLynn23> @orb, if you had read his history, you woulda known he was gay
[12:33] <Black Wolf of blood> Nope
[12:33] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> stupid internet *kicks her internet*
[12:33] <Narutofreak0> but their pics make it hard to take romantic things they sau seriously
[12:33] <Orbstar> @bach i didn't read his history... oops :P
[12:33] <BachLynn23> but being gay doesn't mean he doesn't have friends with girls
[12:33] <BachLynn23> so obviously he wouldn't say no to hanging out
[12:34] <Lele Mj> I still haven`t decided on Sam`s sexuality, so Brock might have another interest later bach
[12:34] <BachLynn23> XD
[12:34] <BachLynn23> ooooo a love square, or, what's the 5 sided one
[12:34] <Orbstar> pentagon?
[12:34] <BachLynn23> brock - ace - erion - Tristan - Sam
[12:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Lucius-->Ariana Solis
[12:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Hunter-->Aqua
[12:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Nathan-->Vanessa
[12:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Damian-->Rose
[12:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Nicholas--->Callisto
[12:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Edward--->Callista
[12:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Ace--->Erion
[12:34] <Lele Mj> XD
[12:34] <Narutofreak0> pentagon?
[12:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Killain--->Melody
[12:35] <Black Wolf of blood> Eh, I think I'm forgetting someone
[12:35] <BachLynn23> I only have like 7 charies in official relationships, and like 3 not even close
[12:35] <Kaptep525> i only have one in relationship :(
[12:35] <Lele Mj> Lucius and Ariana are so different as chars that it`s amazing you and jake can pull it off
[12:35] <Narutofreak0> at least you guys aren't desperate
[12:35] <Orbstar> i have two in relationships...i think
[12:35] <Black Wolf of blood> Yeah
[12:35] <Lele Mj> I have two single guys
[12:35] <Black Wolf of blood> You should have seen how they got together
[12:35] <Lele Mj> one usually just goes around
[12:35] <Narutofreak0> blood your poseidon kid and riley i think
[12:36] <Lele Mj> and the other is sorta depressed
[12:36] <Moodle> bbl
[12:36] <Black Wolf of blood> They nearly tried to kill each other
[12:36] <Moodle> shower
[12:36] <Moodle> bai
[12:36] <Lele Mj> I imagine
[12:36] <Black Wolf of blood> Gabriel--->Riley
[12:36] <Waterdaughter1> uh blood, the relationship your missing is kylie/etta?
[12:36] <Black Wolf of blood> Oh, right
[12:36] <Black Wolf of blood> Etta-->Kylie
[12:36] <BachLynn23> I have a single lesbian, a single bi nymph
[12:37] <Black Wolf of blood> @Ley, but then they pretended to be together, to get another girl's attention, and kissed a bit and such, and after a while they found out they weren't faking
[12:37] <Orbstar> i just made a lesbian hunter.... wait, bach, are the hunters allowed to fall in love with girls?
[12:37] <BachLynn23> love in general
[12:37] <Lele Mj> that was good blood
[12:37] <BachLynn23> doesn't mean they can't play
[12:37] <Kaptep525> I would think so, orb
[12:37] <BachLynn23> but if my hunter falls in love, she may leave the hunters
[12:38] <Black Wolf of blood> It was a lot more complicated, but that was the simple version
[12:38] <Orbstar> oh ok thanks guys
[12:38] <BachLynn23> if they fall in love they leave the hunt
[12:38] <BachLynn23> She broke Althea's heart, and Althea has moved on
[12:38] <Orbstar> but they can play around right?
[12:38] <BachLynn23> so she's back on the market
[12:38] <Black Wolf of blood> @Ley
[12:38] <BachLynn23> orb, yep
[12:38] <Orbstar> kk
[12:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Actally
[12:38] <Black Wolf of blood> *Actually
[12:39] <Black Wolf of blood> I think it happened on a quest
[12:39] <Narutofreak0> *is bored*
[12:39] <Narutofreak0> replied ley
[12:39] <Black Wolf of blood> And the quest turned from a quest-ish quest to a romance-ish quest
[12:39] <Orbstar> posted bach
[12:39] <Orbstar> hey Jrite
[12:39] <Black Wolf of blood> And failed
[12:40] <Lele Mj> posted nar
[12:40] <Black Wolf of blood> And Hunter used to be with Kiara. *Sniffs* That was a nice pairing
[12:40] <Lele Mj> very elaborate
[12:40] <BachLynn23> what happened to Kiara?
[12:40] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> why did the break up?
[12:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Kit gave her to someone else
[12:40] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> oh right
[12:41] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> to Goldy
[12:41] <Black Wolf of blood> So, I decided it wouldn't be as good a pairing as it was with Kit
[12:41] <Black Wolf of blood> So they broke up
[12:41] <Black Wolf of blood> And Hunter damn near committed suicide
[12:41] <BachLynn23> (sad) 
[12:41] <Black Wolf of blood> *Thinks* Then there was the original Nathan/Vanessa...that was just f*cked up
[12:41] <Orbstar> *wants to pair his creepy pirate dude up with someone* >:P
[12:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> emoticon! *kills it*
[12:42] <Black Wolf of blood> I have no idea what I was thinking
[12:42] <Black Wolf of blood> Hm...
[12:42] <Black Wolf of blood> What else? Oh, the Nicholas/Callisto and the Edward/Callista
[12:42] <Narutofreak0> posted ley
[12:43] <Black Wolf of blood> Those are nice
[12:43] <Kaptep525> *eats a cookie*
[12:43] <Black Wolf of blood> Hm...Then we have the....
[12:43] <Black Wolf of blood> *Thinks* I have too many couples
[12:43] <Black Wolf of blood> Too many couples.
[12:44] <Black Wolf of blood> But I can't bear to creak them up :(
[12:44] <Narutofreak0> *sings loveless in seatle*
[12:45] <Narutofreak0> lag test?
[12:45] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ley? chu posted?
[12:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> ....
[12:46] <Narutofreak0> welcome to a normal dull convo on CHBRPW chat
[12:46] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> wibbles bloomy
[12:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.>
[12:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> thanks nicki
[12:46] <Kaptep525> if you board, want to RP, nar?
[12:46] <Lele Mj> posted nicki
[12:46] <Narutofreak0> why in hells name would i be board?
[12:47] <Lele Mj> XDDDD
[12:47] <Kaptep525> cuz you said so
[12:47] <Lele Mj> oh bachie?
[12:47] <Narutofreak0> i said i was board?
[12:47] <Black Wolf of blood> No, he said "Welcome to a normal dull CHBRPW chat"
[12:47] <Kaptep525> Narutofreak0
[12:47] <Kaptep525> *is bored*
[12:47] <Kaptep525> replied ley
[12:48] <Kaptep525> and i was late
[12:48] <Narutofreak0> how dos that have anything to do with me being "board"
[12:48] <Kaptep525> nvm
[12:48] <BachBot> test?
[12:48] <BachBot> weird, my chrome crashed again
[12:48] <Narutofreak0> you PASSED
[12:48] <Kaptep525> mine did the same thing
[12:48] <Lele Mj> do you wanna do the bachelor partay now?
[12:48] <Narutofreak0> i have this theory that chrome hates CHB
[12:49] <Lele Mj> or should we wait for lotto?
[12:49] <BachBot> lottie's not on
[12:49] <Narutofreak0> we could start now
[12:49] <BachBot> nar's on though
[12:49] <Kaptep525> what party?
[12:49] <BachBot> we could what he said
[12:49] <BachBot> Evan and Coral got engaged
[12:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted Bach
[12:49] <Kaptep525> Oh 
[12:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> who?
[12:49] <Narutofreak0> if my clock is working correctly lott is either asleep or at work
[12:49] <Narutofreak0> acolytes
[12:49] <Black Wolf of blood> *Yawns*
[12:49] <Lele Mj> 
[12:50] <Narutofreak0> wait
[12:50] <Narutofreak0> between the 3 of us we have over half the gang
[12:50] <Lele Mj> yeah
[12:50] <Narutofreak0> kool
[12:50] <Lele Mj> so, should we start now?
[12:50] <Narutofreak0> meh
[12:50] <Lele Mj> :/ bach left
[12:50] <Lele Mj> hey J
[12:50] <Narutofreak0> chrom crashed
[12:50] <Narutofreak0> again
[12:50] <Narutofreak0> *chrome
[12:51] <Lele Mj> yeah, thought so
[12:51] <Narutofreak0> as you can see botty is still here
[12:51] <Jrite10> hello
[12:51] <Kaptep525> Chrome is being dumb. i had to uninstall and reinstall it 5 times to get it to work
[12:51] <Kaptep525> hey Jay
[12:51] <Narutofreak0> thats bcuzz you're an idiot at software
[12:52] <Narutofreak0> no offense
[12:53] <Kaptep525> I gtg yall
[12:53] <Kaptep525> Bye
[12:53] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted Ley
[12:53] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bai
[12:53] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> oh she left
[12:53] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> rp anyone?
[12:54] <BachBot> chrome crashed again
[12:54] <BachBot> wtf
[12:54] <Narutofreak0> chrome is eeeeeeeeevil
[12:54] <Black Wolf of blood> *Is on chrome*
[12:54] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i use chrome and its completely fine
[12:54] <Narutofreak0> ^
[12:54] <Narutofreak0> *^^
[12:54] <Narutofreak0> ^@blood anyway
[12:55] <Narutofreak0> chrome keeps crashing for me
[12:55] <Narutofreak0> but only on chbrpw pages
[12:55] <Lele Mj> posted nar
[12:55] <Lele Mj> ok guys, now, I want opinions
[12:56] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> O.O
[12:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> on what?
[12:56] <Lele Mj> I have like this char planned, and one of his distinctions is that he loves to write and read
[12:56] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ley chu are invisible
[12:56] <Lele Mj> so, I`m torn
[12:56] <Lele Mj> Eurus or Mnemo?
[12:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> Eurus
[12:56] <Black Wolf of blood> Mnemo
[12:56] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> Hmm... I have to say Eurus
[12:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> chu could hook him up with my mnemo kid :P
[12:57] <Narutofreak0> idc
[12:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> who also loves both of that stuff
[12:57] <BachBot> I wonder wh.......nm
[12:57] <Lele Mj> sounds like a plan then
[12:57] <Lele Mj> Eurus
[12:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> yay :D
[12:58] <Black Wolf of blood> *Yawns* I'm going to sleep
[12:58] <Black Wolf of blood> Wanna join me Bloom?
[12:58] <Lele Mj> g'nigh blood
[12:58] <BachBot> *buys bloom a plane ticket to Europe*
[12:58] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> g'night
[12:58] <Waterdaughter1> night blood
[12:58] <Lele Mj> *oh god overdose of things to say on that line blood*
[12:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> *laughs* I wish dear
[12:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> G'night
[12:58] <Black Wolf of blood> Night love
[12:58] <BachBot> If I were rich, I'd buy you a plane ticket
[12:59] <Black Wolf of blood> *Kisses Bloom's cheek* I'll see you tomorrow
[12:59] <BachBot> so if I ever hit the lotto
[12:59] <BachBot> be prepared
[12:59] <BachBot> xD
[12:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> and I'd be forever thankful Bach :D
[12:59] <Jrite10> Bach SCQ
[12:59] <BachBot> wait, unless blood would rather be the one to fly
[12:59] <Lele Mj> it`s just around 1000 bucks :P
[12:59] <BachBot> well, whichever, if I win the lotto I'll buy you guys plane tickets
[12:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> even if her did, I'd go
[12:59] <Narutofreak0> to HAWAII
[12:59] <BachBot> I'll also buy queen and flame plane tickets
[01:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> he*
[01:00] <Narutofreak0> to HAWAII
[01:00] <Lele Mj> you should buy us all tickets to go somewhere cool and have a meet up
[01:00] <Lele Mj> like, california
[01:00] <Lele Mj> or hawaii
[01:00] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> or new york
[01:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> not california, it's too hot >.>
[01:00] <BachBot> not New York
[01:00] <Narutofreak0> not new tork
[01:00] <Jrite10> Philadelphia
[01:00] <Narutofreak0> cali sounds good
[01:00] <BachBot> Bahamas
[01:00] <Narutofreak0> jinx btw bach
[01:00] <Lele Mj> NYC would be cool\
[01:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> anywhere that's not as hot as here
[01:01] <BachBot> anywhere north of you then
[01:01] <BachBot> XD
[01:01] <BachBot> Bahamas has a nice oceany heat
[01:01] <BachBot> not humid
[01:01] <BachBot> just breezey
[01:01] <BloomOfFairyTail> well, that'd be nice
[01:01] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ugh i hate the new comment thing -_-
[01:02] <BloomOfFairyTail> I hate the weather here. it's dry and hot during the winter and wet and rainy during the summer
[01:02] <Narutofreak0> i kinda like it
[01:02] <BachLynn23> yea Bahamas are gorgeous, been there like 3 times
[01:02] <Lele Mj> that would be cool
[01:02] <BachLynn23> you can swim with dolphins
[01:02] <BachLynn23> XD
[01:02] <Lele Mj> but is the internet there good?
[01:02] <BloomOfFairyTail> ooh dolphins
[01:02] <Narutofreak0> let us go
[01:02] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> awesome
[01:02] <Lele Mj> it is a must in any meet up for us XD
[01:02] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> XD
[01:02] <Narutofreak0> TO CURACAU
[01:02] <Lele Mj> NO 
[01:03] <BachLynn23> yep, internet is good
[01:03] <Narutofreak0> why not lele
[01:03] <BachLynn23> we'll stay at the Atlantis Hotel and Resort
[01:03] <Narutofreak0> ?
[01:03] <Lele Mj> no no no, no south america unless it's bariloche
[01:03] <BachLynn23> I'll rent an entire floor for us
[01:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> Bach, go win le lottery!
[01:03] <BachLynn23> xD
[01:03] <Lele Mj> ^^
[01:03] <Narutofreak0> curacau isn't SA
[01:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> bariloche! I always wanted to go there :D
[01:03] <Narutofreak0> it's the caribbean
[01:04] <Lele Mj> same bloom
[01:04] <Lele Mj> blah, anywhere near us
[01:04] <Narutofreak0> what's that again?
[01:04] <Lele Mj> um, Argentina, snow, ski?
[01:04] <Lele Mj> I wanna see snow
[01:04] <Lele Mj> beaches I see every day
[01:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> me too
[01:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> *doesn't see beaches*
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> i don't do snow
[01:05] <Lele Mj> I see them constantly]
[01:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> I don't like beaches much. the ocean is so dirty
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> i almost died in the winter in netherlands once
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> coldest
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> freakin
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> year of my life
[01:05] <Lele Mj> I mean, my school-home route is in the leblon beach
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> [[File:Image012.jpg]]
[01:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> woow
[01:05] <BachLynn23> how about we have 2 weeks of a meet up, 1 week in the Bahamas, 1 week where it's cold and snowy
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> ^my art project
[01:05] <BloomOfFairyTail> that'd be awesome Bach
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> bahamas and alaska
[01:05] <Lele Mj> I like that plan
[01:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> fixed my post ley
[01:06] <Lele Mj> ooohhh we could go to switzeland
[01:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> CHOCOLATE
[01:06] <Lele Mj> * Switzerland 
[01:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> so now, everyone needs to try the lottery! who wins pays for it :D
[01:06] <Moodle> Hey everyone
[01:06] <Lele Mj> yep!
[01:06] <Moodle> back
[01:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> hai moodle
[01:06] <Lele Mj> everyone over 18, at least
[01:06] <Narutofreak0> even if i do win the lottery minus taxes i'll have like 900 US
[01:06] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, which means not me
[01:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> not me then :P
[01:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai mood
[01:07] <Moodle> Hey bloom, hey nicki
[01:07] <Lele Mj> well, I believe the mega sena here is in about 5 million
[01:07] <Lele Mj> right bloom?
[01:07] <Narutofreak0> so all 18+ers will win the lottery untill we have ammased 5 billion bucks
[01:07] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah
[01:08] <Jrite10> So bored who wants to rp
[01:08] <Narutofreak0> and they will pay for a week in the bahamas and a week in geneva
[01:08] <BachLynn23> me
[01:08] <Narutofreak0> sure J
[01:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> I can rp
[01:08] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i want to rp too
[01:08] <Lele Mj> XD
[01:08] <Lele Mj> got a bit more than you were plannin, J?
[01:08] <Narutofreak0> are we still diong the bachelor party?
[01:08] <Lele Mj> if bach's in, yeah
[01:08] <Narutofreak0> lele
[01:08] <BachLynn23> yep
[01:08] <Narutofreak0> what you think [[File:Image012.jpg]]?
[01:08] <Lele Mj> oh nicki, link to our rp please?
[01:09] <Lele Mj> I went to the pc
[01:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> [[Forest/Pond]]
[01:09] <Lele Mj> looks awesome nar
[01:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> there ya go
[01:09] <Lele Mj> thx
[01:09] <Lele Mj> so, where should we do it
[01:09] <Jrite10> ok [[Remi LeBlanc]] [[Ozai Hadeed]] [[Carlyn Whelan]] or [[Jayce]]
[01:09] <Jrite10> you guys can pm me and let me know who you wanna rp
[01:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> oh i posted on oz a while ago
[01:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya
[01:10] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> and it's [[Ozai Hadeeb]]
[01:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> anyone up for rp?
[01:10] <Narutofreak0> rp forums le
[01:10] <Narutofreak0> wait
[01:10] <Narutofreak0> let's head to cali while we're at it
[01:11] <Jrite10> thanks nikki
[01:11] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *nicki
[01:11] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> np
[01:11] <Lele Mj> nicki pm
[01:12] <Lele Mj> head to cali? as in for the engagement party?
[01:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> Moodle
[01:12] <BachLynn23> where should we party?
[01:12] <Moodle> Yes?
[01:12] <Moodle> What is it?
[01:12] <Moodle> 
[01:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> do you want to finish the rp on my page?
[01:12] <Lele Mj> I was asking the same bach
[01:12] <Moodle> sure
[01:12] <BachLynn23> xD
[01:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Tyler Prada]]
[01:12] <Moodle> I posted on the dining pavilion
[01:12] <Moodle> fyi
[01:12] <BachLynn23> well as I don't think any of us can shadow travel
[01:12] <BachLynn23> not sure we'd get to Cali
[01:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> k
[01:13] <Narutofreak0> it was an idea
[01:13] <Lele Mj> well, liam can light travel
[01:13] <Lele Mj> and evan is mnemo
[01:13] <Lele Mj> but vic wouldn't be able to make it
[01:13] <Narutofreak0> liam can't light travel anymore iirc
[01:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> I just got back from O' town :D
[01:13] <BachLynn23> how would Mnemo get there?
[01:13] <Lele Mj> idk, open a door?
[01:14] <BachLynn23> ?
[01:14] <Narutofreak0> you're conusing mnemo with janus
[01:14] <BachLynn23> huh?
[01:14] <BachLynn23> *opens the bathroom door*
[01:14] <BachLynn23> what's supposed to happen?
[01:14] <Lele Mj> XD
[01:14] <BachLynn23> o.O
[01:14] <BachLynn23> XD
[01:14] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> XD
[01:14] <BachLynn23> legit, I opened teh bathroom door
[01:14] <BachLynn23> XP
[01:14] <BachLynn23> *the
[01:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[01:14] <Lele Mj> well, then let's have it on the camp
[01:14] <Lele Mj> XD
[01:15] <Narutofreak0> i legit looked at the bathroom door when you said that
[01:15] <BachLynn23> I'm watching HOP
[01:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> Moodle Posted
[01:15] <BachLynn23> bunnies are SO ADORABLE
[01:15] <Narutofreak0> chickens
[01:15] <Narutofreak0> are not
[01:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> @Water: do you want to rp with celia?
[01:16] <Waterdaughter1> *shrugs* i guess. where?
[01:16] <Moodle> k hal
[01:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> uhm, I don't know.
[01:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> bach, chu must be happy, Nessa and Nate just got together :P
[01:17] <BachLynn23> I am
[01:17] <BachLynn23> love won
[01:17] <BachLynn23> XD
[01:17] <BachLynn23> *is gooey*
[01:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[01:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[01:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> water: I don't care where.
[01:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> Jenna!
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> Slay
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> !
[01:18] <Petiller Cheri> *pokes twin*
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> *is poked*
[01:18] <Petiller Cheri> *repetitively*
[01:18] <Waterdaughter1> erg, i'll just post on his page
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> mein got!
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> *dies*
[01:18] <Lele Mj> ten points to who guesses which artist am I listening to right now
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> Young the Giant
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[01:18] <Lele Mj> nope
[01:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> glee?
[01:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> Jenna: do you want to finish up at the subway?
[01:18] <Lele Mj> nope
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> er
[01:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> I think its your turn to post.
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> Walk the Moon
[01:18] <Petiller Cheri> *keeps poking twin*
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> kkz, Slay
[01:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> but Ill go check
[01:18] <Lele Mj> nope
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> *is poked*
[01:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> evanescence?
[01:18] <BachLynn23> 3 days grace
[01:19] <Petiller Cheri> Grrr *pokes twin*
[01:19] <Lele Mj> *shakes head negatively*
[01:19] <Narutofreak0> some brazilian artist we don't know?
[01:19] <Lele Mj> nooo
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> Walk the Moon, Walk off the Earth
[01:19] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> umm... Kelly Clarkson?
[01:19] <Lele Mj> nope
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> Hunger Games soundtrack?
[01:19] <Lele Mj> come on guys
[01:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> er..... lady gaga?
[01:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> I broke my toenail today....
[01:19] <Narutofreak0> rock?
[01:19] <Lele Mj> noo
[01:19] <Lele Mj> yep nar
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> .___.
[01:19] <Lele Mj> I'll give you a hint
[01:19] <Lele Mj> most people like it
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> *erases Nar from existence*
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> *cuz is bored*
[01:19] <BachLynn23> Ghandi
[01:19] <BachLynn23> XD
[01:19] <Narutofreak0> oh great lele
[01:19] <Lele Mj> XD
[01:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[01:20] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:20] <BachLynn23> Adele
[01:20] <Petiller Cheri> *sighs and pokes twin one more time*
[01:20] <Lele Mj> no
[01:20] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> XD
[01:20] <Narutofreak0> that only narrows it down to 7 MILLION
[01:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> Adele isn't rock!?
[01:20] <Lele Mj> Adele is so not rock
[01:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> she is pop
[01:20] <Jenna Fraen> WAT
[01:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> and nasty pop at that,
[01:20] <BachLynn23> please for the love of all things sane, say it's not bieber
[01:20] <Jenna Fraen> what, twin
[01:20] <Jenna Fraen> ._,
[01:20] <Jenna Fraen> *._.
[01:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> hm.... linkin park?
[01:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> she sounds like she is dying!
[01:20] <Narutofreak0> ^^
[01:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> JB ain't rock
[01:20] <Lele Mj> um, since when is bieber rock too?
[01:20] <Jenna Fraen> SELENA GOMEZ *trollface*
[01:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[01:20] <Narutofreak0> not rock
[01:20] <Lele Mj> ^
[01:20] <BachLynn23> Staind
[01:20] <BachLynn23> POD
[01:20] <Narutofreak0> linkin park lele?
[01:20] <BachLynn23> Puddle of Mudd
[01:20] <Petiller Cheri> .__. jeez i just wanted to ask you if you wanted to rp Brook and sawyer
[01:20] <Lele Mj> ALELUIA
[01:20] <Lele Mj> ten points to nar
[01:20] <Jenna Fraen> otay, Fizzie
[01:20] <Jrite10> gtg
[01:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> I said it first!!!
[01:21] <Jenna Fraen> DAMN
[01:21] <Petiller Cheri> Where tho?
[01:21] <Waterdaughter1> bach....question from earlier...
[01:21] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bloom said it first
[01:21] <Lele Mj> oh yeah
[01:21] <Narutofreak0> which is weird
[01:21] <Jenna Fraen> *erases nar from existence*
[01:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> >:P
[01:21] <Waterdaughter1> why do i look like selina gomez to you?
[01:21] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> 4:20
[01:21] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> BloomOfFairyTail
[01:21] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hm.... linkin park?
[01:21] <Lele Mj> *ten points goes to blooom*
[01:21] <Narutofreak0> i'm listening to one step closer atm
[01:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> yay!
[01:21] <Narutofreak0> NOOOOOOOOOOO
[01:21] <Narutofreak0> first you take the lt councilor spt
[01:21] <Narutofreak0> now this?
[01:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> >:D 
[01:21] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[01:21] <Narutofreak0> *shuns bloom*
[01:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> Jenna posted
[01:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> what can I say, I'm just that awesome
[01:21] <Lele Mj> my next hint was going to be "Transformers"
[01:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> *isn't shunned*
[01:22] <Petiller Cheri> JENNA
[01:22] <Narutofreak0> oh sure lele
[01:22] <Petiller Cheri> Where?
[01:22] <Jenna Fraen> HM
[01:22] <Jenna Fraen> how about
[01:22] <Jenna Fraen> la....
[01:22] <Jenna Fraen> la....
[01:22] <Jenna Fraen> BROOK
[01:22] <Jenna Fraen> :P
[01:22] <Narutofreak0> there's only so many bands that performed for transformers
[01:22] <Petiller Cheri> Mkayz
[01:22] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[01:22] <Moodle> posted hal
[01:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> Moodle your post failed.
[01:22] <Moodle> ik that
[01:22] <Lele Mj> exactly nar
[01:22] <Moodle> I was like: -_-
[01:22] <Moodle> when that happened
[01:22] <Narutofreak0> ♫EVERYTHING YOU SAY TO ME takes me 1 step closer to the edge♫
[01:22] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[01:23] <Jenna Fraen> Nar + Singing = No, thank you.
[01:23] <Moodle> Nar, one more step, and you're off the edge
[01:23] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[01:23] <Narutofreak0> *takes 1 more step*
[01:23] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i ish working on my claim. if you need me ping me. *realizes her hacks arent working* f*ck
[01:23] <Narutofreak0> *doesn't fall bcuzz of awesomeness
[01:23] <Moodle> you're now officially off the edge of nothing
[01:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> Moodle it still failed.
[01:23] <Moodle> No f*cking way
[01:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> ooh lele, only chu could guess what I'm listening to
[01:23] <Moodle> No it didn't hal
[01:23] <Moodle> you should refresh
[01:23] <Moodle> It's fine right now
[01:24] <Jenna Fraen> I'm on the edge, of glory, and I really wish Gaga would stfu :3
[01:24] <Lele Mj> only me?
[01:24] <Moodle> I changed it a minute ago
[01:24] <Lele Mj> brazilian then?
[01:24] <Narutofreak0> guys
[01:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> yep
[01:24] <Lele Mj> hmm, Céu Azul?
[01:24] <Waterdaughter1> posted slay
[01:24] <Narutofreak0> 500 respect points to the person who guesses which song i'm listening to
[01:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> kk
[01:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> who?
[01:24] <Lele Mj> that new song
[01:24] <Jenna Fraen> THE SONG
[01:24] <Jenna Fraen> :P
[01:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[01:24] <Narutofreak0> no
[01:24] <Narutofreak0> hint
[01:24] <Jenna Fraen> It's that song
[01:24] <Jenna Fraen> That one
[01:24] <Jenna Fraen> Y'know?
[01:25] <Narutofreak0> the title is something that goes boom
[01:25] <Lele Mj> hmmm, idk, nx zero?
[01:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> eh.... nah
[01:25] <Jenna Fraen> glub
[01:25] <Jenna Fraen> >:P
[01:25] <Narutofreak0> no
[01:25] <Jenna Fraen> Nuclear Powerplants!
[01:25] <Lele Mj> dynamite ?
[01:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> hint, it's not active anymore
[01:25] <Waterdaughter1> dynamite?
[01:25] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[01:25] <Narutofreak0> ^^
[01:25] <Lele Mj> mamonas?
[01:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> nope
[01:25] <Jenna Fraen> dy-na-mite?
[01:25] <Jenna Fraen> NOOOOOO
[01:25] <Lele Mj> legião Urbana?
[01:25] <Narutofreak0> *gives lele extra RP to her already infinity stockpile*
[01:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> Yep
[01:26] <Lele Mj> awesome choice
[01:26] <Moodle> lool, watch this video:
[01:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> I know :P
[01:26] <Moodle> "Mom I'm NOT smoking marijuana"
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> 300 points to you can guess what song I'm listening to right ow
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> *now
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> :3
[01:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> my tumblr was full of their songs
[01:26] <Moodle> Mom: "If I got caught on a piss test with Marijuana I would get fired!"
[01:26] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[01:26] <Narutofreak0> *is listening to michael telo for some reason now*
[01:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> O.O
[01:27] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> like 3000 points if you guess what song im listening right now.
[01:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> TURN THAT DOWN NAR!
[01:27] <Narutofreak0> what
[01:27] <Narutofreak0> i like the beat.......
[01:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> Michel Telo is a plague
[01:27] <Narutofreak0> but the beat is so addictive
[01:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> I need to kill him for that f*cking song
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> lol
[01:27] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> he's famous in greece :P
[01:27] <Petiller Cheri> Jenna are you going to post or not????????????????????/
[01:27] <Waterdaughter1> *listens to paramore*
[01:27] <Petiller Cheri> O.o
[01:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> you've been brainwashed
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> ouuuuuuuui
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> SLOW COMP
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> oops
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> caps
[01:28] <Petiller Cheri> kkz XP
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> =_=
[01:28] <Narutofreak0> but the beat is so awesome........
[01:28] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ^
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> Who knows what I am listening to right now :3
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> I said the artist before
[01:28] <Narutofreak0> shush nicki
[01:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> I've heard that crap for two hours straight at a party, it isn't addictive
[01:28] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:28] <Narutofreak0> you've prolly only heard the english version
[01:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> it's the portuguese version
[01:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> he's from here you know?
[01:28] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> there's an english version? o.O
[01:28] <Narutofreak0> yea
[01:29] <Narutofreak0> but it's in english now 2
[01:29] <Narutofreak0> and not surpisingly in dutch
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> gtg
[01:29] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> well there's a greek version
[01:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> no normal brazilian will hear the worst version
[01:29] <Waterdaughter1> bye jennah
[01:29] <Narutofreak0> i'm listening to the dutch version bcuzz i like to make fun of it
[01:29] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> which i absolutely hate
[01:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> then again, no decent brazilian would HEAR it
[01:29] <Lele Mj> OMG
[01:29] <BachLynn23> you can't ignore me forever senior bunny
[01:29] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> Nar
[01:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> *points to nar*
[01:29] <Lele Mj> *hdjkegfjkasdgfkwjebcdnsefawjlrbfvnkaf*
[01:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> ^
[01:30] <BachLynn23> *senor
[01:30] <Narutofreak0> oh sure
[01:30] <Waterdaughter1> *pokes slay lazily* posting?
[01:30] <Narutofreak0> insult me
[01:30] <Lele Mj> *lkdshgdsjvjhdvbjawdropsinaninfiniteabyssjgoqudwhgfkqwefg*
[01:30] <Narutofreak0> it's not like i have feelings or something
[01:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> nar, that thing is absolute crap
[01:30] <Lele Mj> MICHEL TELÓ??
[01:30] <Lele Mj> seriously????
[01:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> stop listening to it and go listen to ACDC or something
[01:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> crap he left
[01:31] <Lele Mj> or a GOOD brazilian ban
[01:31] <Lele Mj> *band
[01:31] <Lele Mj> like bloom
[01:31] <BloomOfFairyTail> yep
[01:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> Legiao Urbana is epic
[01:32] <Lele Mj> (btw bloom I got para nooooossaaaaaaa alegria on autoreplay XD)
[01:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> chu know my grandmas friend was renato russo mom
[01:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[01:32] <Lele Mj> *gfahgfahgfahgfahgfahgf*
[01:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> I was like that when I heard that too
[01:33] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> chu posting Ley?
[01:33] <Slayingthehalcyon> Water Posted
[01:33] <Narutofreak0> hey lott
[01:33] <BachLynn23> *tackle hugs lott*
[01:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> hai Lott
[01:33] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai lottie *hugs*
[01:33] <Nhlott> *is tackle hugged*
[01:33] <Nhlott> hey pplz
[01:33] <Nhlott> *hugs back*
[01:33] <Lele Mj> LOOOOOTT
[01:33] <BachLynn23> PARTY TIM
[01:33] <Lele Mj> why do you have to get on as I'm leaving?
[01:34] <BachLynn23> *TIMe
[01:34] <BachLynn23> oh
[01:34] <Nhlott> LEEEEEEELE!
[01:34] <Nhlott> *glompz*
[01:34] <BachLynn23> (sad) 
[01:34] <Lele Mj> D:
[01:34] <Narutofreak0> wait you're leaving?
[01:34] <Moodle> Hey lott!
[01:34] <Lele Mj> *is crushed*
[01:34] <Lele Mj> *hugs back*
[01:34] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> no one will evr guess what im listening to
[01:34] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *ever
[01:34] <Moodle> what?
[01:34] <Lele Mj> yeah, it's late, I had class today, I'm real tired
[01:34] <Moodle> bye lele
[01:34] <Moodle> ttyl
[01:34] <Lele Mj> some greek thing?
[01:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> aww *hugs lele*
[01:34] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ya
[01:34] <Narutofreak0> on of these i'm dragging the whole crew online at the same time
[01:34] <Lele Mj> *hugs bloom back*
[01:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya then
[01:34] <Lele Mj> bye guys
[01:34] <Moodle> wb lott
[01:34] <Lele Mj> cya 
[01:34] <Narutofreak0> and force them to stay for at least 5 hours
[01:34] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> aww noo D: *hugs lele* 
[01:35] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> chu posted?
[01:35] <Moodle> bye
[01:35] <Lele Mj> *hugs back*
[01:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> Water: posted :P
[01:35] <Narutofreak0> *is stil mad at some people*
[01:35] <Moodle> like who?
[01:35] <Moodle> Have you posted hal?
[01:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> ya
[01:35] <Jenna Fraen> Derp, mother was yelling >.<
[01:35] <Moodle> forgot to check chat
[01:35] <Narutofreak0> they shal not be named
[01:35] <Jenna Fraen> Fizzie and Slay, posted
[01:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> Lott: will you check the armory? please?
[01:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> k
[01:35] <BachLynn23> lott I posted on doh
[01:35] <BachLynn23> ....
[01:35] <Narutofreak0> doh?
[01:35] <Moodle> doh?
[01:35] <Moodle> ^
[01:35] <BachLynn23> he left
[01:35] <Narutofreak0> the thing homer says?
[01:36] <Moodle> %^
[01:36] <Moodle> *^
[01:36] <BachLynn23> fjdka;sl
[01:36] <BachLynn23> "you talk and you poop candy"
[01:36] <Waterdaughter1> posted slay
[01:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> Jenna posted
[01:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> kk
[01:38] <Moodle> posted
[01:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> Posted Water
[01:39] <Nhlott> ok, NOW I'm back
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> welcome back
[01:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> Moodle posted
[01:40] <Nhlott> damn, I missed glomping Lele
[01:40] <BachLynn23> LOTTTTTT
[01:40] <BachLynn23> posted on kendra
[01:40] <Narutofreak0> you also missed out on a sweet party
[01:40] <Narutofreak0> that never really happened
[01:40] <Nhlott> BAAAAAAAAAAAAACH!
[01:40] <Nhlott> kk
[01:41] <Waterdaughter1> ped slay
[01:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> k
[01:41] <Waterdaughter1> *posted
[01:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[01:42] <Waterdaughter1> *has decided to dye her hair blood red* :D
[01:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> Water Posted
[01:46] <Waterdaughter1> *is enjoying the awkward turtle scilence*
[01:46] <Narutofreak0> *isn't*
[01:46] <Moodle> be back tommorow
[01:46] <Moodle> bye
[01:46] <Narutofreak0> *is still mad at some people who will not be named*
[01:46] <Petiller Cheri> *silence
[01:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> *is waiting for water to post*
[01:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> *was thinking it was lag*
[01:46] <Moodle> bye
[01:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya mood
[01:46] <Petiller Cheri> bai Moo
[01:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> *is thinking about poking her in the face until she posts*
[01:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye moodle
[01:47] <Waterdaughter1> i posted
[01:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> k
[01:47] <Waterdaughter1> you touch me, i shall shove your finger somewhere unpleasent
[01:47] <Petiller Cheri> O_O
[01:48] <Waterdaughter1> amd trust me, i don't make hollow treats
[01:48] <Waterdaughter1> *and
[01:48] <Narutofreak0> water no threaths
[01:48] <Waterdaughter1> *crosses arms and pouts*
[01:48] <Waterdaughter1> U no fun, nar
[01:49] <Narutofreak0> shut up
[01:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> Water posted
[01:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> *gets ready to poke water*
[01:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> *pokes a stream*
[01:49] <Waterdaughter1> *death glares chu*
[01:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> *begins smiling uncontrollably* O.O
[01:50] <Narutofreak0> slay if you annoy water one more time i will take your fnger and shove it where the sun don't shin
[01:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> okay.
[01:50] <Waterdaughter1> *raises eyebrow* slay, i have never got that reaction from threatining someone...
[01:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[01:50] <Waterdaughter1> so quit smiling!
[01:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> Threats don't scare me.
[01:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> I will just keep smiling.
[01:51] <Waterdaughter1> you know celia and lacie are two ppl in one, right slay?
[01:51] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes.
[01:51] <Waterdaughter1> ok,jw.
[01:51] <Narutofreak0> *scoffs and mutters under his breath*rank amateur
[01:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> oh and water, you know that they can't really know what the other just said right?
[01:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> *looks at Nar, and smiles*
[01:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> slay, stop smiling or I will smack it out of your face
[01:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> :)
[01:52] <Waterdaughter1> yes please, bloom.
[01:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> whats wrong with smiling?
[01:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> it's annoying everyone!
[01:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> so stop it
[01:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> you cant tell me to stop smiling, because it doesn't hurt anything
[01:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> and you cant see me smiling :P
[01:53] <Narutofreak0> just stop
[01:53] <Narutofreak0> now
[01:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> but, because everyone seems to want me to stop... :| ill stop...
[01:54] <BloomOfFairyTail> thank you
[01:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> ....
[01:54] <Narutofreak0> good
[01:54] <Narutofreak0> now no more annoying anyone
[01:54] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bachie?
[01:54] <BachLynn23> nickiiiiiiiiiiiiii?
[01:54] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> chu busy?
[01:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> hy
[01:56] <Waterdaughter1> posted slay
[01:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> kk
[01:57] <BachLynn23> just watching a bunny play drums
[01:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> you messed up the second half
[01:57] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> can you check my claimy then?
[01:57] <Narutofreak0> you mean a bunny play drums while a guy thinks he's gonna go insane
[01:58] <Nhlott> I hate my job so so much
[01:58] <Waterdaughter1> fxed slay
[01:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> k
[01:58] <BachLynn23> awwww *hugs*
[01:58] <Narutofreak0> which one?
[01:58] <Waterdaughter1> *fixed
[01:58] <BachLynn23> @nickiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii link?
[01:58] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> [[Forum:India Jordan]]
[01:59] <Nhlott> *hugs back*
[01:59] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> you know there's only 12 i's in my username
[01:59] <Narutofreak0> why?
[01:59] <BachLynn23> yea, but I like to over exagerate the i
[01:59] <Nhlott> I constantly smell like raw meat, I'm tired, and I often wanna beat the shit out of all but 2 of my co-workers
[02:00] <BachLynn23> I'd still............nm
[02:00] <Nhlott> hmm?
[02:00] <Narutofreak0> something tells me i don't wanna know
[02:01] <Waterdaughter1> something tells me bachie gots a crush on littie :PP
[02:01] <BachLynn23> @NickiX1000 checked
[02:01] <Waterdaughter1> *lottie
[02:01] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> XD
[02:01] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> thanks
[02:01] <Narutofreak0> nic i'm a bit confused
[02:01] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> why is chu confused?
[02:01] <Narutofreak0> you mention he's dating perseph for a while then he gets a baby from aphro
[02:01] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> oops
[02:01] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i forgot to change that
[02:01] <Slayingthehalcyon> water posted
[02:01] <Slayingthehalcyon> I gtg
[02:01] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bai
[02:02] <BachLynn23> I also have a crush on Hughe Laurie, Gary Oldman and Jessica Biel
[02:02] <Waterdaughter1> peace out slay
[02:02] <Waterdaughter1> dammit.
[02:02] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i wanted her to be a child of persephone then i changed my minf
[02:02] <Narutofreak0> and then there was silence
[02:02] <BachLynn23> and it fell
[02:02] <Narutofreak0> peacefull blissfull silence
[02:03] <Nhlott> I need to write a history but I got nothing
[02:03] <BachLynn23> for?
[02:03] <BachLynn23> OH did you post
[02:03] <BachLynn23> *gives lott puppy dog eyes*
[02:03] <BachLynn23> *bats eye lashes*
[02:03] <Nhlott> Hunger Games RP
[02:03] <Nhlott> oh shit, with my net f*cking up i didn't
[02:03] <BachLynn23> *gives chu (cookie) anyway*
[02:04] <Narutofreak0> something tells me it f*cked up a lot
[02:04] <Nhlott> *noms cookie*
[02:04] <Petiller Cheri> Bachie bachie bachie bachie 
[02:04] <BachLynn23> cheri cheri cheri cheri
[02:04] <Petiller Cheri> hehe x3 can you do me a favor and help me look for a pic?
[02:05] <BachLynn23> sure
[02:05] <BachLynn23> what of?
[02:05] <Petiller Cheri> a girl with brown hair and green eyes 
[02:05] <Petiller Cheri> x3
[02:06] <BachLynn23>
[02:06] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs bach* I will love you foreva
[02:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> what colors should i use for dia's page...? *thinks*
[02:06] <Petiller Cheri> :DDDDDD
[02:06] <Petiller Cheri> Danke chuz
[02:06] <AuRon the champion> *partially afk for hours on end*
[02:06] <BachLynn23> is that one ok?
[02:07] <BachLynn23> cuz I can look for more
[02:07] <Narutofreak0> gonna go get some sleep
[02:07] <AuRon the champion> night nar
[02:07] <Narutofreak0> best i can do at the moment
[02:07] <Petiller Cheri> Will you? :DDD
[02:07] <BachLynn23> si
[02:08] <Petiller Cheri> Oooo danke chuuuuz XD
[02:08] <AuRon the champion> *flies onto bach's head*
[02:08] <AuRon the champion> *coils up there*
[02:08] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ugh.. i'll just do a simple page -_-
[02:08] <BachLynn23> she's pretty but I can't tell if her eyes are green or not
[02:08] <BachLynn23> *pets auron and gives him a crisp*
[02:08] <AuRon the champion> *noms on crisp*
[02:08] <BachLynn23>
[02:08] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> they are.. green-isg=h
[02:08] <Petiller Cheri> I love that one O_O
[02:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *green-ish
[02:09] <BachLynn23>
[02:09] <Nhlott> le posted, Bach
[02:09] <BachLynn23>
[02:09] <BachLynn23> yayayaya
[02:09] <AuRon the champion> bach, don't you love miniauron?
[02:09] <BachLynn23> I do
[02:10] <BachLynn23>
[02:10] <BachLynn23>
[02:11] <BachLynn23>
[02:11] <BachLynn23>
[02:11] <Petiller Cheri> More like the one
[02:11] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[02:12] <AuRon the champion> *AuRon no able to see T_T*
[02:12] <BachLynn23> oh sowwy
[02:12] <BachLynn23> forgot to do the source thing
[02:12] <Petiller Cheri> oh XD
[02:12] <Waterdaughter1> bach....question from earlier...why to you i look like selina gomez?
[02:13] <Waterdaughter1> jw.
[02:13] <BachLynn23> lott posted
[02:13] <AuRon the champion> JW..?
[02:13] <BachLynn23> idk, cuz....idk, I think the first day I met you I was watching Wizards of Waverly place
[02:13] <AuRon the champion> hahahah
[02:13] <BachLynn23> that may have had something to do with it
[02:13] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:14] <Waterdaughter1> 0_o
[02:14] <Waterdaughter1> ok....
[02:14] <BachLynn23>
[02:14] <BachLynn23> my brain is rarely logical
[02:14] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:14] <BachLynn23> just go with it
[02:14] <BachLynn23>
[02:14] <BachLynn23>
[02:14] <Nhlott> that's what she said
[02:15] <BachLynn23> and oh did she go with it
[02:15] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:15] <AuRon the champion> replied bach
[02:15] <BachLynn23> replied lott
[02:15] <AuRon the champion> *thumps tail on her head*
[02:15] <BachLynn23> oh wait
[02:15] <Waterdaughter1> *facepalms*
[02:15] <BachLynn23> I already told you I did
[02:15] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:15] <AuRon the champion> nicki
[02:16] <Nhlott> yes yes you did XD
[02:16] <AuRon the champion> ....
[02:16] <Nhlott> little excited, are we? :P
[02:16] <AuRon the champion> now I have nobody to RP with again... T_T
[02:16] <AuRon the champion> *no characters*
[02:17] <BachLynn23> @auron posted
[02:17] <BachLynn23> noooooooooooooooooo not me
[02:17] <BachLynn23> nuh uh
[02:17] <BachLynn23> XP
[02:17] <Nhlott> ROFL 
[02:17] <Nhlott> posted
[02:17] <BachLynn23> though I almost forgot I was posting with a girl
[02:17] <BachLynn23> after the rp's with soa and blood earlier
[02:17] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:17] <AuRon the champion> hahaha
[02:17] <AuRon the champion> er
[02:17] <AuRon the champion> where is this..?
[02:17] <BachLynn23> that coulda been a bit embarassing
[02:18] <Nhlott> Nah, Franc don't swing that way :P
[02:18] <BachLynn23> XD wouldn't THAT be a surprise
[02:18] <BachLynn23> considering they'd already done it more than a few times
[02:18] <AuRon the champion> where this be..?
[02:18] <BachLynn23> "honey, I used to be a guy"
[02:18] <BachLynn23> [[Kendra Crawford]]
[02:19] <AuRon the champion> heheh
[02:20] <Nhlott> he'd react violently, especially as he's put his mouth on it now
[02:20] <BachLynn23>
[02:20] <AuRon the champion> well... depends, what would you do..?
[02:21] <BachLynn23>
[02:21] <AuRon the champion> mmhmm
[02:21] <BachLynn23>
[02:21] <BachLynn23> Cheri?
[02:21] <BachLynn23> do you still need images?
[02:21] <AuRon the champion> looks good to AuRon
[02:21] <BachLynn23> cuz seriously I could go all night
[02:21] <BachLynn23> ...
[02:21] <Nhlott> Damn right ;)
[02:21] <AuRon the champion> but, I already have someone for all that stuff
[02:22] <BachLynn23>
[02:22] <BachLynn23> you're also under 18
[02:22] <AuRon the champion> so were you
[02:22] <Waterdaughter1> *laughs like a psyco coz her friend is givin' her the "wtf" face at bach/lottie*
[02:22] <BachLynn23> <---- is it just me or is she kinda scary looking?
[02:22] <Nhlott> ROFL
[02:23] <BachLynn23> O.O
[02:23] <Waterdaughter1> gawd, ya'll gotta scare him, huh?
[02:23] <AuRon the champion> I'd say...
[02:23] <AuRon the champion> possessed
[02:23] <BachLynn23>
[02:23] <AuRon the champion> still, AuRon approves
[02:23] <Nhlott> I'd say she look like she just stepped on a mine
[02:23] <AuRon the champion> yeah... that would definatly be mein expression
[02:23] <Nhlott> like that "Oh, shit" face
[02:24] <BachLynn23>
[02:24] <Waterdaughter1> Watah approves of your second to last one, bachie
[02:24] <BachLynn23>
[02:24] <BachLynn23> Cheri hasn't told me to stop yet
[02:24] <BachLynn23> so I'm just gonna keep going
[02:24] <BachLynn23> so if you want any
[02:24] <BachLynn23> feel free
[02:24] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:24] <Waterdaughter1> that last one, i'm stealing
[02:25] <Waterdaughter1> *runs away with pic* :P
[02:25] <BachLynn23>
[02:25] <BachLynn23>
[02:25] <BachLynn23>
[02:25] <BachLynn23>
[02:25] <BachLynn23>
[02:26] <BachLynn23> <---- another "oh shit" face
[02:26] <Waterdaughter1> cheri! did you find one yet?
[02:26] <Nhlott> that;'s like "Mein Gott" face
[02:26] <BachLynn23>
[02:26] <BachLynn23>
[02:26] <BachLynn23>
[02:27] <AuRon the champion> aww kitty kat...
[02:27] <BachLynn23>
[02:27] <AuRon the champion> any guys..?
[02:27] <BachLynn23>
[02:27] <AuRon the champion> *seems legit*
[02:27] <Waterdaughter1> accually, ima steal that one instead
[02:28] <BachLynn23> steal away
[02:28] <BachLynn23> don't know where cheri went
[02:28] <BachLynn23> so I justa keepa posting
[02:28] <Zakzedd> heyall
[02:28] <AuRon the champion> can you post some pictures of guys..?
[02:28] <Petiller Cheri> Oh im here :D
[02:28] <BachLynn23>
[02:28] <Waterdaughter1> wssup zak
[02:28] <BachLynn23>
[02:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> hey bach, can chu find a pic for a red head girl that isn't emo?
[02:29] <Zakzedd> my ceiling @wt
[02:29] <AuRon the champion> mmmhhhmmm
[02:29] <BachLynn23>
[02:29] <BachLynn23>
[02:29] <BachLynn23> @cheri, did you find one
[02:29] <BachLynn23> @bloom red red, or like auburn red?
[02:29] <Zakzedd> i like the 1st
[02:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> any of them is fine
[02:29] <BachLynn23>
[02:30] <BachLynn23> ok well I'm switching to red hair now
[02:30] <Zakzedd> dat has a siggie on it
[02:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> it's called watermark zak
[02:30] <BachLynn23> brb
[02:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> kay
[02:31] <Petiller Cheri> i was about to say... you may stop now XD
[02:31] <Nhlott> dammit, I'm drawing a blank
[02:31] <AuRon the champion> any pictures of guys bach..?
[02:32] <BachLynn23> tons
[02:32] <BachLynn23> what colour
[02:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> new avvie :)
[02:32] <AuRon the champion> AuRon just wants to look...
[02:32] <Nhlott> but, but, Y U no post?
[02:32] <AuRon the champion> for reasons AuRon keep to self...
[02:33] <Waterdaughter1> o_0
[02:33] <BachLynn23> did you post?
[02:33] <BachLynn23> sowwy
[02:33] <BachLynn23> got distracted
[02:33] <BachLynn23>
[02:33] <BachLynn23> ^ starting on red headed girls for bloom now
[02:33] <BachLynn23> of the non emo sort
[02:33] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> yay
[02:34] <BachLynn23>
[02:34] <BachLynn23>
[02:34] <BachLynn23>
[02:34] <BachLynn23>
[02:34] <BachLynn23>
[02:34] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> did someone call me?
[02:34] <Zakzedd> too many!
[02:34] <AuRon the champion> yeah
[02:34] <AuRon the champion> reply please nicki
[02:34] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> link?
[02:35] <AuRon the champion> Skye m
[02:35] <AuRon the champion> *can't remember last name*
[02:35] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> and sorry, im making my new charrie's page
[02:35] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> morris -_-
[02:35] <Petiller Cheri> thats my Pe teachers name :D
[02:35] <Petiller Cheri> Mr. Morris :D
[02:35] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[02:35] <Zakzedd> O.O ^^
[02:36] <Zakzedd> me too!
[02:36] <Zakzedd> but ms
[02:36] <BachLynn23>
[02:36] <BachLynn23>
[02:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> ooh that second before last was nice
[02:37] <Petiller Cheri> Lolz Zak XD
[02:38] <AuRon the champion> mom
[02:39] <BachLynn23> my internet is being poofy again
[02:39] <BachLynn23> *kicks internet*
[02:39] <Zakzedd> *is affected by bach's kick*
[02:39] <BachLynn23>
[02:39] <BachLynn23>
[02:39] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> POSEH!
[02:39] <Poseidon Child> Hey guys
[02:40] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *glompz*
[02:40] <Poseidon Child> NICKIEH!
[02:40] <Waterdaughter1> posey!!!! *glompz*
[02:40] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo posey
[02:40] <Poseidon Child> *glompz back*
[02:40] <Zakzedd> *glompz*
[02:40] <Zakzedd> Posy!
[02:40] <Poseidon Child> water! *glompz back*
[02:40] <Poseidon Child> haii bloom
[02:40] <Poseidon Child> *glompz back* Yak!
[02:40] <Zakzedd> hey
[02:40] <BachLynn23>
[02:41] <BachLynn23>
[02:41] <Nhlott> le posted, Baxch
[02:41] <Nhlott> *Bach
[02:41] <BachLynn23>
[02:41] <BachLynn23>
[02:42] <Petiller Cheri> Some of these red head look like my hair in the sun light XD
[02:42] <Petiller Cheri> heads*
[02:42] <BachLynn23>
[02:43] <BachLynn23> <---- that one looks familiar though, like I've seen it on trhe wiki
[02:43] <BachLynn23> *the
[02:43] <Petiller Cheri> I like that one O_O
[02:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, I think I saw it too
[02:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> but it's emo :(
[02:43] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[02:44] <Poseidon Child> She pretty :P
[02:44] <Poseidon Child> *shes
[02:44] <Petiller Cheri> ^^
[02:44] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[02:44] <BachLynn23> wait, what's emo about her?
[02:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> the hair style
[02:45] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> nah
[02:45] <BachLynn23> huh, apparently you and I have different definitions of emo then
[02:45] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:45] <BachLynn23>
[02:45] <Zakzedd> :O pretty
[02:45] <Flamefang> That's not emo
[02:45] <Flamefang> How is that emo?
[02:45] <Zakzedd> wibbles flame
[02:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> I've seen plenty of emo girls with that hair style on events
[02:46] <BachLynn23> <--- that's what I think of when I think emo
[02:46] <Flamefang> I've seen plenty of non-emo people with that oo
[02:46] <Flamefang> too*
[02:46] <AuRon the champion> gothic *cough*
[02:46] <BachLynn23> yea but hair cut doesn't define emo
[02:46] <Flamefang> ^
[02:46] <BachLynn23> cuz I am soooo not emo, but have had that hair cut
[02:46] <BloomOfFairyTail> *shrugs* 
[02:47] <Flamefang> Maybe things are different in Brazil idk
[02:47] <Poseidon Child> Err
[02:47] <BachLynn23>
[02:47] <Poseidon Child> She looks like
[02:47] <Poseidon Child> An eskimo
[02:47] <BachLynn23>
[02:47] <Poseidon Child> ^ that ones pretty as weell
[02:47] <BachLynn23> emo is usually a combination of cut, colour, make up, body piercings, tattoos, and clothes/shoes
[02:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> well, here emo is a punk with more make-up
[02:48] <BloomOfFairyTail> and usually with black hair or something black on their hair
[02:48] <BachLynn23>
[02:48] <Poseidon Child> OMG
[02:48] <BachLynn23>
[02:48] <Poseidon Child> that has to be the prettiest
[02:49] <Flamefang> lol that last one...
[02:49] <BloomOfFairyTail> I think lele used that one
[02:49] <Kingbirdy> emo is so loosely defined anyway
[02:49] <Flamefang> those colors are unrealistic
[02:49] <Flamefang> pretty but unrealistic
[02:49] <Poseidon Child> XD 
[02:49] <Flamefang> Clearly edited
[02:49] <Poseidon Child> The second last one
[02:49] <Kingbirdy> I have a friend who calls herself emo, who wears blue short shorts and bright t-shirts
[02:49] <Poseidon Child> Is verrryyy pretty
[02:49] <BachLynn23>
[02:49] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[02:49] <Kingbirdy> the only dark colored things she wears is a batman wristband
[02:49] <BachLynn23>
[02:49] <Poseidon Child> Batman!
[02:49] <Poseidon Child> Nanananana
[02:50] <Zakzedd> ^^ *likes*
[02:50] <Flamefang> I seem to remember someone on here not knowing who Batman was
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[02:50] <Zakzedd> O_O
[02:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> O.O
[02:50] <Flamefang> Yeah it was a big deal
[02:50] <Zakzedd> ^^
[02:50] <Flamefang> May have been cats
[02:50] <Poseidon Child>
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> I still think
[02:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> [[India Jordan]]
[02:50] <BachLynn23> posted auron
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> Thisnisnthe prettiest
[02:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> go welcome heeeerrr
[02:50] <Poseidon Child> *this is the
[02:50] <Zakzedd> poss, churs scares me
[02:50] <BachLynn23> @posey well whatever bloom doesn't want you can have
[02:50] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, but lele used that one I think
[02:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> shame, it's a pretty pic
[02:51] <Poseidon Child> :O
[02:51] <Poseidon Child> Yay!
[02:51] <Poseidon Child> Aww
[02:51] <Poseidon Child> Nvrm
[02:51] <Poseidon Child> :P
[02:51] <AuRon the champion> can we have sexy guy pics now..?
[02:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> can I use pics that were used but aren't being used anymore Bach?
[02:51] <BachLynn23>
[02:51] <BachLynn23> @bloom yep, just take them off the forum when you do
[02:51] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i like this one
[02:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> wow, that one is great
[02:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> not sure if it's on the forum
[02:52] <Poseidon Child> D
[02:52] <Poseidon Child> *XD
[02:52] <BachLynn23> ok, you good bloom?
[02:52] <Poseidon Child> love the dads name nicki
[02:52] <BachLynn23> cuz as I told cheri
[02:52] <Poseidon Child> :P
[02:52] <BachLynn23> I could keep going all night
[02:52] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> ja
[02:52] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i do too pose XD
[02:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'm getting and
[02:53] <Poseidon Child> :P
[02:53] <Nhlott> *juggles melons*
[02:53] <Poseidon Child> Good choice :D
[02:53] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[02:53] <Poseidon Child> That sounded
[02:53] <AuRon the champion> melons..?
[02:53] <Poseidon Child> A bit 
[02:53] <Poseidon Child> Wrong?
[02:53] <AuRon the champion> AuRon suggests other thingds
[02:53] <Zakzedd> *noms the melons in mid air*
[02:53] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[02:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> chu can have any of the others if you want posey
[02:54] <Poseidon Child> :D yayzers
[02:54] <BachLynn23> @auron so guys, any specifics beyond male?
[02:54] <BachLynn23> and hot
[02:54] <AuRon the champion> no...
[02:54] <AuRon the champion> and posted
[02:54] <Waterdaughter1> hot black haired emo guy?
[02:54] <BachLynn23> @auron you want emo?
[02:55] <AuRon the champion> nah, emo people sometimes scare AuRon how they look...
[02:55] <Poseidon Child> Lol
[02:55] <BachLynn23> OH
[02:55] <Waterdaughter1> can i havie a pic like dat, bachie?
[02:55] <AuRon the champion> *how could they ever stand getting all those peircings..?*
[02:55] <BachLynn23> sure, but I told auron I'd do him next
[02:55] <Waterdaughter1> *its quite easy, auron...*
[02:55] <Poseidon Child> XD
[02:55] <Poseidon Child> do him next
[02:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> I looked emo few months ago
[02:56] <Waterdaughter1> *thought wrong*
[02:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> stopped with the piercings though
[02:56] <BachLynn23>
[02:56] <BachLynn23>
[02:56] <Poseidon Child> Ehh
[02:56] <BachLynn23>
[02:56] <BachLynn23>
[02:57] <BachLynn23>
[02:57] <BachLynn23>
[02:57] <BachLynn23>
[02:57] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> replied on dia
[02:57] <BachLynn23>
[02:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> wow, that third one is hottt
[02:57] <AuRon the champion> ^
[02:57] <Waterdaughter1> that last one awesome
[02:57] <BachLynn23> blah, internet is being poofy again
[02:57] <Zakzedd> semi afk, work
[02:57] <Waterdaughter1> i'll take it
[02:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> sooooo hott
[02:58] <Nhlott> @Bach hmmmm.... I can't say any of the things I want him to say in response....
[02:58] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:58] <BachLynn23> that's what she said
[02:59] <AuRon the champion> true...
[02:59] <AuRon the champion> and I must go in two minutes!
[02:59] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bai
[02:59] <AuRon the champion> now one...
[02:59] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya
[02:59] <BachLynn23>
[02:59] <AuRon the champion> but yeah, see you all tomorow
[02:59] <BachLynn23> ttyt
[02:59] <Waterdaughter1> goodbye, dear friend, auron
[03:00] <BachLynn23> ok, so water, did you need pics?
[03:00] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i need pics...
[03:00] <Waterdaughter1> yeah, but i got one
[03:01] <BachLynn23> what ya need nickiiiiiiiiiiiii?
[03:01] <Nhlott> Zack and Miri make a gets progressively less funny the more I watch it....
[03:01] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[03:01] <Waterdaughter1> o_0....
[03:02] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> Brunette, green eyes.
[03:02] <Nhlott> it's a movie, you noobs :P
[03:02] <Poseidon Child> Oh
[03:02] <Poseidon Child> Right
[03:02] <Waterdaughter1> callin' me a noob?
[03:02] <Poseidon Child> Aw hell naww
[03:02] <Poseidon Child> :P
[03:02] <Nhlott> If anyone can call you a noob, I think it'd be me
[03:02] <Waterdaughter1> *death glare chuz*
[03:03] <BachLynn23>
[03:03] <Poseidon Child> I gtg now piano lesson >.<
[03:03] <Poseidon Child> baiii
[03:03] <BachLynn23>
[03:03] <Zakzedd> byez *hugs*
[03:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> didn't bach link a bunch of brunette's with green eyes earlier?
[03:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bai poseh *hugs*
[03:03] <BachLynn23> brown, but yea
[03:03] <BloomOfFairyTail> love that pic
[03:03] <BachLynn23> was Nickiiii here then?
[03:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i was afk
[03:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> and i love the second one
[03:04] <BachLynn23>
[03:04] <BachLynn23>
[03:04] <BachLynn23>
[03:04] <BachLynn23>
[03:05] <Zakzedd> ello rite
[03:05] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> okay, i'll take the second one and the fourth one
[03:05] <Nhlott> Le posted, Bach
[03:05] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> thanks bachie
[03:05] <BachLynn23> yw
[03:05] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai J
[03:08] <BachLynn23> posted nm
[03:08] <BachLynn23> lott left
[03:08] <BachLynn23> (sad) 
[03:08] <Jrite10> RP anyone
[03:08] <Nhlott> I le returned
[03:08] <BloomOfFairyTail> wb Lott
[03:09] <Nhlott> Aw, f*ck, I smell like ketchup -_-
[03:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> i posted on on oz J
[03:09] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> wibbles lottie
[03:09] <Jrite10> ok 
[03:09] <Zakzedd> *noms a puppy*
[03:09] <BloomOfFairyTail> I posted on Carlyn J
[03:10] <BloomOfFairyTail> not sure if you saw my PM earlier
[03:11] <BachLynn23> *licks the ketch....nm*
[03:11] <Nhlott> XD
[03:12] <Waterdaughter1> you opinion....should i dye my hair red? or keep it blonde? :P
[03:12] <BachLynn23> hmmmm
[03:12] <Zakzedd> blonde!
[03:13] <BachLynn23> well as a dyed red head myself
[03:13] <BachLynn23> XD
[03:13] <BachLynn23> you could join us red heads
[03:13] <Zakzedd> -__-
[03:13] <BachLynn23> *kchooo kchoooo *Come to the red side
[03:13] <Jrite10> Bach! SCQ
[03:13] <Zakzedd> its not natrual
[03:13] <Waterdaughter1> i shall, bach
[03:13] <BachLynn23> scq?
[03:13] <BachLynn23> OH
[03:13] <BachLynn23> nm
[03:13] <BachLynn23> I get it
[03:13] <Waterdaughter1> idc zak, i want to stand out
[03:14] <Zakzedd> then make it...
[03:14] <Jrite10> I like my new sig
[03:14] <Waterdaughter1> and uber red haor shall make me different
[03:14] <Waterdaughter1> *hair
[03:14] <Zakzedd> bright yellow!
[03:14] <Waterdaughter1> hellz no!!
[03:14] <Zakzedd> XD
[03:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> ouch, that'd look horrible
[03:14] <Zakzedd> pink if you really want to stand out
[03:14] <BloomOfFairyTail> or green
[03:14] <Zakzedd> not green
[03:14] <Waterdaughter1> i'm dying it the red of the singer of paramore
[03:15] <Zakzedd> dont let others influence you!
[03:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> what red? she has plenty of different reds
[03:15] <Zakzedd> *wigs
[03:15] <Waterdaughter1> like....uber bright red
[03:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> like in Decode?
[03:15] <Waterdaughter1> yeah
[03:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> ooh nice choice
[03:15] <BloomOfFairyTail> but I like her hair best in CrushCrushCrush
[03:16] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'd love to have a hair like that
[03:16] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted J
[03:17] <Waterdaughter1> *her friend is already calling her "flame head" even though i haven't dyed it yet*
[03:17] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[03:17] <Nhlott> Though, I think I may have to take out the last part
[03:19] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[03:19] <Zakzedd> *throws an orange in the air and catches it with his mouth*
[03:19] <Jrite10> i gtg
[03:19] <Zakzedd> byez
[03:19] <Zakzedd> any quest commenters/approvers?
[03:20] <Nhlott> ROFL
[03:20] <BachLynn23> xD
[03:20] <Zakzedd> hey silva
[03:20] <Silver Love> hai
[03:20] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai silv
[03:20] <Silver Love> hai
[03:20] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted on india
[03:20] <BloomOfFairyTail> *yawns* I'm leaving for today people
[03:20] <Zakzedd> *pokes all that can approve quests*
[03:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> it's midnight and I want to wake up early tomorrow
[03:21] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bai bloomy
[03:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> Cya'll~
[03:21] <BachLynn23> that would be none of us
[03:21] <Silver Love> bai
[03:22] <Nhlott> le posted, Bahc
[03:22] <Nhlott> *BAch
[03:22] <Zakzedd> really bahc
[03:22] <Zakzedd> *sighs*
[03:22] <BachLynn23> really what?
[03:22] <Zakzedd> wait, chu can still approve quests right?
[03:23] <Zakzedd> cause about 60% are approved by you
[03:23] <Waterdaughter1> hii ale. *hugs*
[03:23] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[03:24] <Silver Love> Oh yea Bach I'm not gonna do Santana's claim anymore
[03:24] <BachLynn23> link?
[03:24] <BachLynn23> and zak, huh?
[03:24] <Silver Love> k
[03:24] <Alejandro231> heyy water *hugs*
[03:24] <BachLynn23> pretty sure I've only approved a few, and that was ages ago
[03:24] <BachLynn23> back when flame was head of that dept, and kept "forgetting" that it was part of his dept
[03:24] <Zakzedd> semi afk, working on an aussie claim that uses boomerang :)
[03:25] <Silver Love>
[03:25] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted silv
[03:25] <Silver Love> k
[03:25] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai ale
[03:25] <Alejandro231> hey nickii
[03:26] <Silver Love> posted nicki
[03:27] <Zakzedd> hey hey, we hit 12500 photos :D
[03:27] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[03:29] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted silv
[03:29] <Zakzedd> hey wayne
[03:29] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai wai
[03:30] <Waiyenoo111> hi
[03:30] <Silver Love> hi
[03:30] <Waiyenoo111> hey
[03:31] <Silver Love> posted nicki
[03:31] <Iceclaw100> hey everyone
[03:31] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai icy
[03:31] <Waiyenoo111> hi ice
[03:32] <BachLynn23> lostt posted
[03:33] <Nhlott> We had to have crossed a line somewhere along there, but idc XD
[03:34] <Zakzedd> [[User:Zakzedd]] woots happily at his new look for profile
[03:34] <Zakzedd> **
[03:34] <Nhlott> Cool story, bro
[03:34] <Zakzedd> no, really
[03:35] <Nhlott> again, cool story, bro
[03:35] <Zakzedd> -_-
[03:36] <Silver Love> um can someone help me with a claim
[03:36] <Iceclaw100> zak my advice would be to just leave it alone
[03:36] <Zakzedd> *leaves alone*
[03:36] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> sure silv, pm me
[03:36] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[03:36] <Silver Love> k
[03:37] <BachLynn23> sweet
[03:37] <BachLynn23> XD
[03:38] <BachLynn23> posted lott
[03:38] <Nhlott> hmmmmm......I want Rivers
[03:39] <BachLynn23> the kind that flow?
[03:39] <Nhlott> no, she's a creation of mine
[03:41] <Apollobuddy> Hey my younger sister (she is 13) she found out im on this website and wants to join.Would this be okay? She has readall the books and wont stop messiing with me until she can
[03:41] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> icy i posted on luca
[03:41] <Iceclaw100> ok
[03:41] <BachLynn23> as long as she uses a diff account obviously
[03:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> silv? chu posting?
[03:42] <Apollobuddy> kk i was just didnt know if you guys let anyone younger than 14 on the site
[03:42] <Nhlott> I .......I guess you can call it welcoming, but welcomed India
[03:42] <BachLynn23> we have like 12 users who are under 14
[03:42] <BachLynn23> if not more
[03:43] <BachLynn23> comic only just turned 13 a month or so ago
[03:43] <BachLynn23> Gel was only 12
[03:43] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> im 13
[03:43] <BachLynn23> technically you aren't supposed to have an account if you are 12 or younger, but people just lie
[03:43] <BachLynn23> but that's not our rule
[03:43] <BachLynn23> that's wikia's
[03:43] <Zakzedd> ^^
[03:45] <Iceclaw100> also i just remembered that my mom mentioned that i have been working on chars for this site to my english teacher
[03:46] <Iceclaw100> and shes thought the idea of others sort of reviewing the charrs was a great idea
[03:46] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted lott
[03:46] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> and same with my mum.. though, i started out on hrpg
[03:47] <Iceclaw100> my mom doesnt like the chat, but i think that she will start to warm up to the site
[03:47] <BachLynn23> we try to keep it pg in chat
[03:47] <BachLynn23> for the sake of kids with over protective parents
[03:47] <Iceclaw100> just because i was told that i was giving to much detail in my english class
[03:47] <BachLynn23> too much detail about your real life, or about characters?
[03:48] <Iceclaw100> in my english class
[03:48] <Iceclaw100> as in my school work
[03:48] <BachLynn23> oh, wait
[03:48] <BachLynn23> huh?
[03:48] <BachLynn23> XD
[03:48] <Iceclaw100> i have never been told that by a teacher before
[03:48] <BachLynn23> isn't that like a good thing, lots of detail?
[03:49] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> silv your post is messed up
[03:49] <Iceclaw100> both me and my mom were shocked
[03:49] <Iceclaw100> also posted nicki
[03:49] <Silver Love> I know and fixed it
[03:49] <BachLynn23> yea, one of the reasons I like the set up we have, it definitely helps people learn to write and create, in an environment that's fun
[03:49] <Nhlott> someone wanna post a line thingy?
[03:49] <BachLynn23> ----
[03:49] <Iceclaw100> i have always been told that i dont have enough detail, still a bit shocked
[03:49] <Nhlott> no, the vertical one
[03:49] <BachLynn23> |
[03:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> |
[03:50] <Nhlott> le thank ya
[03:50] <Iceclaw100> why?
[03:50] <Nhlott> *used Bach's cuz she posted it first*
[03:50] <Nhlott> XD
[03:50] <BachLynn23> XD
[03:50] <BachLynn23> lott's | key doesn't always work
[03:50] <Iceclaw100> ok
[03:50] <Iceclaw100> also my world history class is worse than this
[03:51] <Nhlott> posted, nicki
[04:41] <Moodle> It's quite some complicated shiz
[04:41] <VintageCamera45> XD
[04:41] <Moodle> k hal
[04:41] <Orbstar> ok nickeh, no need to block me
[04:41] <Orbstar> -_-
[04:41] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[04:41] <Poseidon Child> XD
[04:41] <Poseidon Child> wait
[04:41] <Poseidon Child> wrong face
[04:41] <Poseidon Child> moment
[04:41] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted pose
[04:41] <Poseidon Child> ._.
[04:41] <Poseidon Child> Botteh!
[04:41] <VintageCamera45> hi bot
[04:41] <Moodle> Oh and when Elberain and her "newfound bf and long time best friend" kissed, they were only a couple for about 10 seconds until orcs killed him
[04:41] <Poseidon Child> *hugs*
[04:41] <Head of Ravenclaw> Hi BB
[04:41] <Alejandro231> @jenna she does have grubby hands
[04:42] <Orbstar> hey bot
[04:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bottie! *hugs*
[04:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> hello
[04:42] <Moodle> hazzuh bot!
[04:42] <Poseidon Child> Haii Sig
[04:42] <Poseidon Child> *hugs*
[04:42] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[04:42] <Moodle> hey sig
[04:42] <VintageCamera45> hi sig
[04:42] <Signatural> hey all
[04:42] <Rawr27> Hai Sig
[04:42] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai siggie *glompz*
[04:42] <Orbstar> nickeh, unblock me
[04:42] <Orbstar> -_-
[04:42] <BachBot> hi
[04:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya jas
[04:42] <Poseidon Child> hey Jass
[04:42] <BachBot> bach gave me the night off 
[04:42] <BachBot> XD
[04:42] <OceanKing> anyone up for rp
[04:42] <Orbstar> ello everyone that just joined chat
[04:42] <Moodle> lol
[04:42] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[04:42] <Poseidon Child> 
[04:42] <Poseidon Child> good job yoo
[04:42] <Moodle> you gave your alter persona a break?
[04:42] <Poseidon Child> shhh
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> mood
[04:43] <BachLynn23> my alter gets tired
[04:43] <Moodle> I see
[04:43] <VintageCamera45> XD
[04:43] <BachLynn23> needs a break once and awhile
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> XD
[04:43] <Moodle> What do bots do during breaks? jw
[04:43] <BachLynn23> no, actually it was really my computer t hat needed a break
[04:43] <BachLynn23> I hadn't shut it down in 5 days
[04:43] <Moodle> ah
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[04:43] <Moodle> O.o
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> 5
[04:43] <Moodle> Hey ob
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> woah
[04:43] <Oblivion26> hey guys
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> Haii ob
[04:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> I never shut my computer down.
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> wb sig
[04:43] <VintageCamera45> hi ob
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> wb jas
[04:43] <Oblivion26> hey posei
[04:43] <Moodle> a.k.a. My...somehow relative
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> *posey
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> :P
[04:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> its been on since the day my parents bought it.
[04:43] <Signatural> When i try to reply the edit window starts "loading editor" and it can go on for hours
[04:43] <Poseidon Child> lol
[04:43] <Moodle> ik
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> it goes for
[04:44] <Jasmine Campbell> rp anyone?
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> a few secs
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> :D
[04:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> @jas sure
[04:44] <Moodle> The editor is a hinderance as well as a blessing
[04:44] <Signatural> I waited 20 minutes today
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> time
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> for a new
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> computer
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> !
[04:44] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> XD
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> let me introduce y'all
[04:44] <Signatural> posey, my PC can outrun your mac
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> to some
[04:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> I has a macbook! :D its do best
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> :O
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> HELL NAWW
[04:44] <OceanKing> hey water want to rp
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> B*tch
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> Mac's
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> are
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> better
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> than
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> any
[04:44] <Signatural> You call me a bitch? aren't you a mod or smth?
[04:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> posey what mac do you have?
[04:44] <Moodle> posted
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> f**king pc
[04:44] <Poseidon Child> Pro
[04:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> ^^
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> mod
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> yes
[04:45] <Moodle> Mac?
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> but 
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> i censor mah words
[04:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> I have the last model before they came out with the air
[04:45] <Moodle> Were you referring to McDonalds?
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> XD
[04:45] <Moodle> Crap
[04:45] <Jenna Fraen> bitch?
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> thats cool slay
[04:45] <Orbstar> *sits in the emo corner and refuses to move*
[04:45] <Moodle> I just had a brain fart moment there
[04:45] <Moodle> Jenna, censor
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[04:45] <Jenna Fraen> bitch has to be censored?
[04:45] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> yea
[04:45] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *goes next to orb* sowwy
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> it doesn't?
[04:45] <Moodle> well actually, no
[04:45] <OceanKing> whos a bitch
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[04:45] <Jenna Fraen> ...since when?
[04:45] <Jasmine Campbell> back
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> really?!
[04:45] <Moodle> Only the word f*ck, has to be censor 
[04:45] <Jenna Fraen> o_O
[04:45] <Moodle> censored*
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[04:45] <Orbstar> @nickeh its not chu, tis.... YKW
[04:45] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[04:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> this is getting damn confusing.
[04:46] <Poseidon Child> f**k
[04:46] <Moodle> It's only bad if you spam those words too much
[04:46] <Poseidon Child> i just
[04:46] <Jenna Fraen> I never censored anything, 'cept f*ck
[04:46] <Poseidon Child> knocked mah knee on a cupboard
[04:46] <Poseidon Child> and now
[04:46] <Poseidon Child> mah dad;s gonna come
[04:46] <Poseidon Child> soon
[04:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> Jas: do you still want to rp?
[04:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[04:46] <Poseidon Child> shit
[04:46] <Moodle> If I were in my true nature, I wouldn't censor at all
[04:46] <Orbstar> hey wolf
[04:46] <Poseidon Child> k im on ninja mode now
[04:46] <Moodle> ah
[04:46] <Jenna Fraen> same, moodly
[04:46] <Black Wolf of blood> Hello
[04:46] <Rawr27> Hai blood
[04:46] <Poseidon Child> wb blood
[04:46] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi Blood
[04:46] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai bloob
[04:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya
[04:46] <WonderfulTwilight> ....
[04:46] <Moodle> Have I said I posted hal?
[04:46] <Moodle> 
[04:46] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted Wonder
[04:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes
[04:46] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> pose
[04:46] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> fix chur post
[04:46] <Moodle> *randomly tackle hugs someone*
[04:46] <Poseidon Child> :D
[04:47] <Poseidon Child> k
[04:47] <WonderfulTwilight> *though there was no l in bloob for a sec*
[04:47] <Poseidon Child> *falls to the ground*
[04:47] <Poseidon Child> owwie
[04:47] <Moodle> ah, sorry posey
[04:47] <Waterdaughter1> XD bellaz
[04:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> *helps posey up*
[04:47] <Lele Mj> baaack
[04:47] <VintageCamera45> wb lele
[04:47] <Orbstar> i gotta go
[04:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye orb
[04:47] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Ley
[04:47] <Poseidon Child> danke slay
[04:47] <Jasmine Campbell> Ohai blood!
[04:47] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs Lele
[04:47] <Poseidon Child> bye orbeh
[04:47] <Black Wolf of blood> *
[04:47] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bai orb *hugs*
[04:47] <Waterdaughter1> bye orb
[04:47] <VintageCamera45> brb
[04:47] <Jasmine Campbell> Bai orboie
[04:47] <Poseidon Child> *hugs orb*
[04:47] <Jasmine Campbell> orbie*
[04:47] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Jassy
[04:47] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> wibbles Le
[04:47] <Orbstar> *hugs back*
[04:47] <Moodle> Orcs, DIE, HAHA, DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[04:48] <Black Wolf of blood> pm please Jas?
[04:48] <Orbstar> bye
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> wb lele
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> o.O
[04:48] <Jasmine Campbell> yesh
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> orcs
[04:48] <Rawr27> Wb lele
[04:48] <Lele Mj> *hugs blood back*
[04:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> moodle posted
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> Mood
[04:48] <Lele Mj> um, wha?
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> calm down
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> shhh
[04:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> Yesh!!!! @ moo
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> inner voices please
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> :D
[04:48] <Moodle> Damn ass noooo
[04:48] <Moodle> f*ck you mage
[04:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> XD
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[04:48] <Moodle> just confound it all
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> now 
[04:48] <Jenna Fraen> :P
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> no vulgar
[04:48] <Moodle> Now that she's dead
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> language
[04:48] <Poseidon Child> :D
[04:48] <Moodle> Damn, now my other ally's dead
[04:49] <Moodle> oh shiz
[04:49] <Moodle> It's 1 against 50 enemies
[04:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> @Moo: damned dwarves, their so short you cant see'em coming
[04:49] <Poseidon Child> nicki
[04:49] <Moodle> gtg
[04:49] <Moodle> bye
[04:49] <Moodle> *bbl
[04:49] <Poseidon Child> chuz didn't change it
[04:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye mooodle
[04:49] <Poseidon Child> :P
[04:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> moodle*
[04:49] <Rawr27> Bye bro *hugs*
[04:49] <Poseidon Child> byeee mooddd
[04:49] <Poseidon Child> chu killer
[04:49] <Moodle> bye
[04:49] <Moodle> *hugs back*
[04:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> is anyone up for rp?
[04:49] <Lele Mj> *pokes nicki*
[04:49] <Poseidon Child> nope
[04:49] <Poseidon Child> ;D
[04:49] <Poseidon Child> wb cammeh
[04:49] <OceanKing> poseidon want to rp
[04:49] <Waterdaughter1> wb vinny
[04:49] <VintageCamera45> thx
[04:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya vintage
[04:49] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ouch
[04:49] <Poseidon Child> *posey
[04:49] <Poseidon Child> not poseidon
[04:49] <Lele Mj> hey
[04:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> what was that for Le?
[04:50] <Lele Mj> wanna continue 
[04:50] <Lele Mj> ?
[04:50] <OceanKing> posey want to rp
[04:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> YES
[04:50] <Poseidon Child> nope
[04:50] <Poseidon Child> ;D
[04:50] <Poseidon Child> well
[04:50] <Poseidon Child> i could
[04:50] <Poseidon Child> :P
[04:50] <Poseidon Child> 
[04:50] <Poseidon Child> who/where?
[04:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> hello
[04:50] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> its chur turn Le
[04:51] <Slayingthehalcyon> is anyone else up for rp?
[04:51] <DragoonFlareJR> heyy
[04:51] <OceanKing> you choose
[04:51] <Lele Mj> ik
[04:51] <Lele Mj> I'll post right away
[04:51] <Poseidon Child> er
[04:51] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> yay *claps*
[04:51] <Poseidon Child> [[Louis Jeffries]]
[04:51] <Poseidon Child> Just post there :D
[04:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya orb
[04:52] <Alejandro231> anyone want a bc rp
[04:52] <Alejandro231> WB orb
[04:52] <Poseidon Child> ORBEH!
[04:52] <Orbstar> back
[04:52] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> wibbles orb
[04:52] <Poseidon Child> *hugs*
[04:52] <Orbstar> *is hugged*
[04:52] <Orbstar> hai
[04:52] <VintageCamera45> I'll rp ale
[04:52] <DragoonFlareJR> heya orb
[04:52] <Petiller Cheri> ALLOZ!!
[04:52] <Petiller Cheri> :DDDDDDDDDDD
[04:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> hello pet
[04:52] <Orbstar> Hey Drago
[04:52] <Lele Mj> nicki, she jkust dyed her hair magically in the pond!
[04:52] <VintageCamera45> CHERI
[04:52] <Orbstar> CHERI!
[04:52] <Petiller Cheri> VIN!!
[04:52] <Petiller Cheri> ORB!!
[04:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> petil*
[04:52] <Orbstar> *hugs cheri*
[04:52] <Petiller Cheri> *hubs back*
[04:52] <Jenna Fraen> TWINNYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[04:52] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs Vun*
[04:53] <Petiller Cheri> Vin*
[04:53] <VintageCamera45> *is hugged*
[04:53] <Petiller Cheri> TWINNERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
[04:53] <WonderfulTwilight> ....WTF is a hub? O.o
[04:53] <Jenna Fraen> *glompz*
[04:53] <VintageCamera45> Ale pm
[04:53] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz back*
[04:53] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> Ley it's the same girl just a different pic
[04:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> O.O rp anyone?
[04:53] <Poseidon Child> FIZZIE!
[04:54] <Petiller Cheri> POSEY!!!!
[04:54] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[04:54] <Poseidon Child> *glompz back*
[04:54] <DragoonFlareJR> Hmm...I havent been able toe dit for a couple days now....
[04:54] <Poseidon Child> long taimeee nno chat
[04:54] <Poseidon Child> :P
[04:54] <Petiller Cheri> Ikr!
[04:54] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[04:54] <OceanKing> posted
[04:54] <Poseidon Child> k
[04:54] <Poseidon Child> xD
[04:54] <Poseidon Child> how's it going
[04:54] <Poseidon Child> ?
[04:54] <Petiller Cheri> Twin twin twin *pokes twin*
[04:54] <Petiller Cheri> Oh its good :D
[04:55] <Rawr27> Oh hai Cheri :P
[04:55] <Petiller Cheri> Hi Rawr 
[04:55] <Petiller Cheri> :D
[04:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> Jenna: rp?
[04:55] <Rawr27> Sorry I was le semi afk :P
[04:55] <Petiller Cheri> Jeeeeeennnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa
[04:55] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[04:55] <Petiller Cheri> Brook and sawyer Si????????
[04:55] <DragoonFlareJR> This is irksome....
[04:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> /feels like he is being shunned *goes and sits in the corner*
[04:56] <Lele Mj> posted nicki
[04:56] <Poseidon Child> psoted ok
[04:56] <Poseidon Child> *posted
[04:56] <Lele Mj> and on James' page too
[04:56] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> okie
[04:56] <Petiller Cheri> *headbutts twin*
[04:56] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[04:56] <Poseidon Child> XD
[04:56] <DragoonFlareJR> grrrr
[04:56] <Poseidon Child> @slay
[04:56] <Jenna Fraen> *is headbutted*
[04:56] <Jenna Fraen> owchiez
[04:56] <Petiller Cheri> hehe XP
[04:56] <Poseidon Child> *shuts the corner*
[04:57] <Jenna Fraen> did chuz post on [[Forest/Brook]] yet, fizzles?
[04:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> :/
[04:57] <Petiller Cheri> No :P
[04:57] <Petiller Cheri> Imma go
[04:57] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[04:57] <Petiller Cheri> now
[04:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> *opens the corner*
[04:57] <Jenna Fraen> brb, ppls, lunch
[04:57] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[04:57] <Petiller Cheri> kkz
[04:57] <Poseidon Child> kk
[04:57] <VintageCamera45> bye
[04:58] <Poseidon Child> boop
[04:58] <Poseidon Child> a whoop
[04:58] <Waterdaughter1> *is so happy, she could die and not care*
[04:58] <VintageCamera45> posey I love your avvie
[04:58] <Waterdaughter1> :DDD
[04:58] <Jasmine Campbell> semi-afk
[04:58] <DragoonFlareJR> what teh heck!!!!
[04:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> *begins poking everyone till they say yes* anyone up for rp?
[04:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[04:58] <Lele Mj> sure
[04:58] <Waterdaughter1> *breaks slays finger*
[04:58] <Lele Mj> but a short one
[04:58] <Poseidon Child> nicki!
[04:59] <Poseidon Child> pm!
[04:59] <DragoonFlareJR> I ahve perfefct internet, but none of the wiias im on are letting me dit!!!
[04:59] <Poseidon Child> XD
[04:59] <DragoonFlareJR> *edit
[04:59] <Poseidon Child> danke vint
[04:59] <Lele Mj> whaaaaa
[04:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Tyler Prada|@ lele]]
[04:59] <Poseidon Child> i love him as well
[04:59] <Poseidon Child> :D
[04:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> post there.
[04:59] <Lele Mj> huge spelling fail drag
[04:59] <Poseidon Child> XD
[04:59] <DragoonFlareJR> Lol, it was a fast tping rant
[04:59] <Poseidon Child> ^^
[04:59] <DragoonFlareJR> Same as that
[04:59] <Lele Mj> XD
[04:59] <Rawr27> I'm amazed I understood what chu wrote Drag xD
[04:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> *looks at broken finger* - tobad it wasn't on his hand- -water broke her own finger-
[04:59] <Poseidon Child> vintt
[04:59] <OceanKing> posted posey
[04:59] <Poseidon Child> pM!
[05:00] <Poseidon Child> k
[05:00] <VintageCamera45> kk
[05:00] <DragoonFlareJR> I has skills to write like crap...but its still understandable
[05:00] <Slayingthehalcyon> I don't have the skills to write like that O.O
[05:00] <Poseidon Child>
[05:00] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:01] <Moodle> Back
[05:01] <Slayingthehalcyon> welcome back
[05:01] <Moodle> Well
[05:01] <Moodle> I managed to win
[05:01] <Poseidon Child> posted ok
[05:01] <Rawr27> Wb bro
[05:01] <Lele Mj> posted slay
[05:01] <Poseidon Child> *OK
[05:01] <DragoonFlareJR> maybe I can switch to the old editor
[05:01] <Moodle> against those frightful odds
[05:01] <Slayingthehalcyon> k
[05:01] <Poseidon Child> moodeh
[05:01] <Poseidon Child> wb
[05:01] <Lele Mj> also, just for you to know, in case you didn't already, pierre is their half0brother
[05:01] <Moodle> And I smashed some troll in the nuts with a hammer o.O
[05:01] <Poseidon Child> (y) 
[05:02] <Moodle> Not making that up
[05:02] <Lele Mj> you use rich text drag?
[05:02] <Poseidon Child> good job
[05:02] <Moodle> true story
[05:02] <Moodle> (y) it is
[05:02] <Moodle> (n) 
[05:02] <Moodle> for the troll
[05:02] <VintageCamera45> (yes) 
[05:02] <Moodle> Whenever a troll drops its hammer and the critical strike sign appears
[05:02] <OceanKing> hey rawr pm
[05:02] <Poseidon Child>
[05:02] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:02] <Moodle> you know the char's gonna hit in in the nuts first, then jump on its back and kill it
[05:03] <Rawr27> Okays
[05:03] <DragoonFlareJR> You know...freak you wiki editor...freak you
[05:03] <VintageCamera45> holy sh*t it's 10;00 already
[05:03] <Moodle> yeah
[05:03] <Moodle> ik drag ik
[05:03] <Slayingthehalcyon> okay.
[05:03] <Slayingthehalcyon> its like 1:03 here
[05:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted on pond and james lele
[05:03] <Slayingthehalcyon> lele posted
[05:03] <Poseidon Child> its
[05:03] <Poseidon Child> 1:03
[05:03] <Poseidon Child> AM
[05:03] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[05:03] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:03] <Slayingthehalcyon> pm over here
[05:03] <Slayingthehalcyon> PM
[05:03] <DragoonFlareJR> Pm here
[05:03] <VintageCamera45> for me it's 10:03 am
[05:03] <DragoonFlareJR> 1:03
[05:03] <DragoonFlareJR> pm
[05:04] <Slayingthehalcyon> I live in florida :D
[05:04] <Petiller Cheri> Same Vin XD
[05:04] <VintageCamera45> California
[05:04] <VintageCamera45> :D
[05:04] <Poseidon Child> HK
[05:04] <Petiller Cheri> Heck Ya!!
[05:04] <WonderfulTwilight> It's 6:04pm O.o
[05:04] <Moodle> Ahah!!! Take a crossbow bolt to the face ye Uruk Hai!
[05:04] <Petiller Cheri> Cali girl XD
[05:04] <VintageCamera45> Yeah
[05:04] <Moodle> Hey, I'm Canadian
[05:04] <Rawr27> Same as WT for me :D
[05:04] <DragoonFlareJR> OHio!
[05:04] <Slayingthehalcyon> Florida girls are better. :P
[05:04] <Rawr27> UK peoples ftw xD
[05:04] <Moodle> Where people "wear parkas all year long" according to popular belief
[05:04] <Poseidon Child> Hong Kongian!
[05:04] <VintageCamera45> cheri, nor cal or so cal?
[05:04] <Poseidon Child> or
[05:04] <WonderfulTwilight> Ja B) 
[05:04] <DragoonFlareJR> I like Michigan better
[05:04] <Poseidon Child> something
[05:05] <Moodle> So much stereotype against canada
[05:05] <Petiller Cheri> SO CAL :D
[05:05] <Poseidon Child> i like England :3
[05:05] <VintageCamera45> Me TOO
[05:05] <VintageCamera45> :D
[05:05] <Petiller Cheri> :DDD
[05:05] <OceanKing> Posted Posey
[05:05] <Moodle> I've been to England!
[05:05] <Petiller Cheri> Im in corona tho XP
[05:05] <DragoonFlareJR> Canada is cool
[05:05] <DragoonFlareJR> you get ffree healthcare right?
[05:05] <Moodle> But only heathrow Airport! XD
[05:05] <Moodle> yep
[05:05] <Rawr27> England is boring at times for me xD
[05:05] <Moodle> in a sense drag
[05:05] <Moodle> even if it's "free" you still kinda pay for it in taxes
[05:05] <VintageCamera45> yeah
[05:05] <Rawr27> We get crap weather -__-
[05:05] <Moodle> I live in a small town in Ontario
[05:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> I love canadian bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!
[05:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> *begins to freak out*
[05:06] <Poseidon Child> ehh
[05:06] <Poseidon Child> i like
[05:06] <Poseidon Child> the food
[05:06] <Poseidon Child> in england
[05:06] <Moodle> Dude
[05:06] <Poseidon Child> mmm
[05:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> bacon!!!
[05:06] <Moodle> our bacon is legendary
[05:06] <Petiller Cheri> So cal has sh*tty weather :P
[05:06] <VintageCamera45> ^
[05:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> Canada's bacon is the bested damned bacon in the universe!!!!!
[05:06] <VintageCamera45> ^
[05:06] <Petiller Cheri> ^
[05:06] <Rawr27> My family wanted to move to Canada at one point, sadly we didn't move in the end :(
[05:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> I can say that without even having tasted space bacon XD
[05:07] <VintageCamera45> Bacons of the world 
[05:07] <VintageCamera45> Canadian
[05:07] <VintageCamera45> Applewood
[05:07] <DragoonFlareJR> No Im sorry, But I LOVE AMERICAN BACON!!!
[05:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> :O
[05:07] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:07] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[05:07] <Poseidon Child> There's no bacon in the house
[05:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> @ dragoon: I daresay "DIe"
[05:07] <DragoonFlareJR> Lol, yes I consider all the bacon in america as one kind
[05:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> die*
[05:08] <DragoonFlareJR> and its the best
[05:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> canadian bacon is better. 
[05:08] <VintageCamera45> what about the canadian bacon in America?
[05:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> no.
[05:08] <Poseidon Child> o.O
[05:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> has to come from canada
[05:08] <Poseidon Child> maple syrup anyone?
[05:08] <Moodle> Hamma threw the CHEST ORC!!!!
[05:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> I have had canadian bacon mabye 4 times in my life
[05:09] <Poseidon Child> no? 
[05:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> malpe syrup is good
[05:09] <DragoonFlareJR> America....freak yeah!
[05:09] <Poseidon Child> no one?
[05:09] <Poseidon Child> yay!
[05:09] <Poseidon Child> *maple
[05:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[05:09] <Poseidon Child> :D
[05:09] <OceanKing> posey i posted
[05:09] <OceanKing> lele pm
[05:09] <Moodle> Maple syrup's da best 
[05:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> But I like my macbook better than pancakes :D
[05:09] <Moodle> I have yet to put it on toast
[05:09] <Rawr27> I have never tried Maple Syrup :(
[05:09] <DragoonFlareJR> So, Im writing a paper about hitler
[05:09] <Rawr27> Hai Cats
[05:10] <LoveCatsOwls> hello
[05:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> and maple syrup put together
[05:10] <Moodle> Why would you drag?
[05:10] <Moodle> 
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> D:
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> CAtzy!
[05:10] <LoveCatsOwls> hai
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> never?
[05:10] <LoveCatsOwls> nicki? 
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:10] <Rawr27> Never :(
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> Hitler!
[05:10] <Moodle> Of all the people to write about, why hitler?
[05:10] <Moodle> 
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> his mustache
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> is awesome
[05:10] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> pm cat
[05:10] <LoveCatsOwls> kk
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> but not him
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> i mean he's
[05:10] <Petiller Cheri> OWLS!!!!
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> horrible
[05:10] <Black Wolf of blood> Well, Hitler is an interesting person
[05:10] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[05:10] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> yet his mustache is cool
[05:10] <Poseidon Child> :D
[05:10] <DragoonFlareJR> Because, My history teacher wants us to...
[05:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> hitler is is awful 
[05:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> awfully intersesting
[05:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Evil as f*ck, but interesting
[05:11] <VintageCamera45> I want Hitlers mustache to use as a small broom
[05:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> but he was a really bad person
[05:11] <Moodle> Mustasche, that's more like dirty sanchez on his lip
[05:11] <DragoonFlareJR> Its like going into the mind of genious, and figuring out how to to conquer the world
[05:11] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:11] <Poseidon Child> Mood
[05:11] <Rawr27> Lool bro xD
[05:11] <Poseidon Child> did you get that
[05:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> and he did quite a bit of stuff that people didn't find out about.
[05:11] <Poseidon Child> from nicepeter?
[05:11] <Moodle> ERBOH quote
[05:11] <Poseidon Child> yea
[05:11] <Poseidon Child> :DDD
[05:11] <VintageCamera45> :DDDD
[05:11] <Poseidon Child> i love hs voice
[05:11] <DragoonFlareJR> Like, How he became dictator is amazing
[05:11] <Poseidon Child> *his
[05:11] <Poseidon Child> in the vid
[05:11] <Poseidon Child> its just amazing
[05:12] <Poseidon Child> :')
[05:12] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pokes lele*
[05:12] <VintageCamera45> OMG I really wanna see Dark Shadows
[05:12] <Black Wolf of blood> He rode on the political wave at the time he became a dictator
[05:12] <LoveCatsOwls> bach?
[05:12] <Moodle> Yes
[05:12] <Rawr27> I like learning about Hitler in history, he had a terrible childhood o.o
[05:12] <Moodle> and many people in germany were unemployed due to super inflation
[05:12] <Moodle> In other words, everyone was pretty poor
[05:12] <Poseidon Child> i eh
[05:12] <DragoonFlareJR> Yeah, burning money was better than spending
[05:13] <Poseidon Child> history's
[05:13] <Poseidon Child> not mah subject
[05:13] <DragoonFlareJR> thats how bad it was
[05:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> people in germany at that time used money to start their fires
[05:13] <BachLynn23> cats?
[05:13] <Poseidon Child> PE and Maths and 
[05:13] <Poseidon Child> er
[05:13] <VintageCamera45> What did Jews ever do to Hitler
[05:13] <LoveCatsOwls> pm bach
[05:13] <Rawr27> Yep a loaf of bread went from 1 mark to like 1 million mark o.o
[05:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> they poured millions of bank notes onto fires
[05:13] <BachLynn23> k
[05:13] <Moodle> even if they had wads of cash, as during super inflation, the more money you print, but don't have enough gold to back it up, the less its worth becomes
[05:13] <Poseidon Child> something
[05:13] <Moodle> And Germany had to pay vast sums of moneys to the first world war allies
[05:13] <Moodle> like france
[05:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> A smart person would have saved the bank notes and waited till the government got more goldz and then could have been rich
[05:13] <DragoonFlareJR> I thought it was quite interesting when he betrayed is former friends and had them all killed
[05:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> gold*
[05:14] <Moodle> hal
[05:14] <Moodle> One does not "Wait for gold"
[05:14] <Moodle> 
[05:14] <Rawr27> Plus they had to pay the loan back to the USA
[05:14] <DragoonFlareJR> That came later
[05:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> here we go again * gets earmuffs*
[05:14] <DragoonFlareJR> around the late 1920's
[05:14] <Moodle> They couldn't even GET gold to back up their money at that time
[05:14] <DragoonFlareJR> right before the crash
[05:14] <Moodle> if they had any, they'd have to pay it off
[05:14] <DragoonFlareJR> ^
[05:14] <Poseidon Child>
[05:14] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:14] <Moodle> to countries like france
[05:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> - is still wearing earmuffs-
[05:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> :P
[05:15] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pokes lele again*
[05:15] <Moodle> Hal, you're just refusing to listen to solid facts
[05:15] <VintageCamera45> *slaps WD*
[05:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> Moodle I knew that when I said that.
[05:15] <Rawr27> I feel kinda bad for Germany at that time. They got blamed for the war when they didn't start it, they just sort of added to it
[05:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> Twas being facetious
[05:15] <Rawr27> First world war btw
[05:16] <VintageCamera45> gtg
[05:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye
[05:16] <LoveCatsOwls> bye
[05:16] <LoveCatsOwls> jas? pm
[05:16] <Rawr27> Bye Vin
[05:16] <DragoonFlareJR> Yeah...stupid serbia
[05:16] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> bai
[05:16] <Poseidon Child> byee cammeh
[05:16] <Poseidon Child> nooo
[05:16] <Poseidon Child> too late
[05:16] <Moodle> It wasn't TOTALLY serbia's fault
[05:16] <Poseidon Child> D:
[05:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> Posey: rp?
[05:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> maybe?
[05:16] <DragoonFlareJR> Well...they sorta made the first shot
[05:16] <DragoonFlareJR> not govt backed
[05:17] <Poseidon Child> nope
[05:17] <Moodle> Mostly yes, for not letting the Austro-Hungarians make an investigation
[05:17] <Poseidon Child> :D
[05:17] <DragoonFlareJR> but pblically backed
[05:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> :O
[05:17] <Moodle> No drag, you're wrong
[05:17] <Moodle> it was member of a CULT/group that shot the archduke
[05:17] <Moodle> not some ordinary serbian
[05:17] <DragoonFlareJR> Yeah, but wasnt it a serbian cult?
[05:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> * is going to start poking people until the rp*
[05:17] <Rawr27> Yep the Black Hands or something
[05:17] <Moodle> Yes but is a cult a country?
[05:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> they*
[05:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> @moo no
[05:17] <Moodle> exactly
[05:17] <Moodle> that's my point
[05:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> a cult is a group of people that don't like what something/someone is doing
[05:18] <DragoonFlareJR> no, but publically. Most serbians wanted it
[05:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> and they form a rioting group and kill people
[05:18] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> lele?
[05:18] <Moodle> And after that, the Serbians refused to let the Austro-Hungarians investigate by going into Serbian territory, and so they declared war on serbia
[05:18] <Lele Mj> sorry, dozed off
[05:18] <Black Wolf of blood> *Feels like telling Slay what a cult actually is, but thinks it' too troublesome*
[05:18] <LoveCatsOwls> wt?
[05:18] <Lele Mj> I'll post
[05:18] <Moodle> and then all the military treaties came into act
[05:18] <WonderfulTwilight> Ja
[05:18] <Moodle> And THAT's how ww1 started
[05:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> *doesn't need Blood to tell him what a cult is, because he isn't lazy*
[05:19] <Moodle> They may have wanted but did they dare?
[05:19] <DragoonFlareJR> Yeahh, So blame on both countries
[05:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> - can look it up on his own if he wants -
[05:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> drag
[05:19] <LoveCatsOwls> i sacrificed the challenge
[05:19] <Rawr27> Yep, everybody made pacts behind each others back then..BOOM WW1 
[05:19] <Moodle> Well, mostly on the Serbian side one could say
[05:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> it was germany's fault that WW1 happened
[05:19] <WonderfulTwilight> Really?! :O
[05:19] <Moodle> for refusing the investigation
[05:19] <Moodle> which is part of the reason
[05:19] <DragoonFlareJR> ^
[05:19] <Moodle> Hal, IT WASN'T
[05:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> WTH
[05:20] <Rawr27> It wasn't Germanys fault o.o
[05:20] <DragoonFlareJR> Look up some facts
[05:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> *im going to go kill my dad*
[05:20] <Moodle> Germany only had a military treaty with the other side, not the serbians
[05:20] <Petiller Cheri> Moodle!!!!! XD
[05:20] <Petiller Cheri> *tackle hugs*
[05:20] <Moodle> They went to war because their ally was attacked
[05:20] <Moodle> *Hugs back*
[05:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> or my mom, whichever one of them told me that.
[05:20] <Moodle> Again fizz, how did I deserve this XD
[05:20] <Lele Mj> posted on james
[05:20] <Moodle> Well, I'm sad to say, they may be wrong hal
[05:21] <LoveCatsOwls> really wt
[05:21] <Petiller Cheri> IDK Moodle XD
[05:21] <DragoonFlareJR> Than america came and was awesome! lo
[05:21] <DragoonFlareJR> l
[05:21] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> okie le
[05:21] <Poseidon Child> wb bloom
[05:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> WWI: I looked it up :Political tensions over the rise of the German Empire were the war's principal cause, although it was set off by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by a Bosnian Serb nationalist in Sarajevo, an event used as a pretext by Austria for declaring war on Serbia. Most of the fighting took place on land in Europe and was generally characterized by long periods of bloody stalemate; the balance eventually shifted in the Allies' favor in 1917 when the U.S. joined the war. Total casualties of the war are estimated at 10 million killed. One of the consequences of the war was the collapse of the German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, and Ottoman empires.
[05:21] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[05:21] <Moodle> Fizz, aren't you chat married?
[05:21] <WonderfulTwilight> Thanks LCO
[05:21] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[05:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> thanks posey
[05:21] <Rawr27> America came late in the war though and wb Bloom
[05:21] <Petiller Cheri> Si XP
[05:21] <Poseidon Child> np
[05:21] <Jasmine Campbell> wibbles bloom
[05:21] <LoveCatsOwls> np
[05:21] <Moodle> That IS correct hal
[05:21] <Jasmine Campbell> who wants some tea?
[05:21] <Orbstar> back
[05:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> welcome back orb
[05:22] <Petiller Cheri> ORB!!
[05:22] <Poseidon Child> ORBEEHH!
[05:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> dank rawr, thanks jass
[05:22] <Orbstar> CHERI!!!
[05:22] <Poseidon Child> haiii
[05:22] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[05:22] <Moodle> There was some paranoia and fear over Germany's increasing military might
[05:22] <Orbstar> POSEY!!!!
[05:22] <Orbstar> hai
[05:22] <Orbstar> *is glomped*
[05:22] <Orbstar> hai
[05:22] <LoveCatsOwls> hai orb
[05:22] <Moodle> Especially after they defeated the french in the Prusso-Franco war
[05:22] <Orbstar> hai cats
[05:22] <Moodle> or whatever it was called
[05:22] <Orbstar> *hugs cats*
[05:22] <LoveCatsOwls> *hugs back*
[05:22] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai orb *polishes her katana*
[05:22] <LoveCatsOwls> pm?
[05:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> uh oh
[05:22] <Lele Mj> posted on le date
[05:22] <Lele Mj> sup ob
[05:22] <Orbstar> sure cats
[05:22] <Orbstar> hey lele
[05:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> she has a sword O.O
[05:22] <Poseidon Child> :D
[05:22] <Orbstar> @slay no worried
[05:22] <Poseidon Child> doesn't everyone?
[05:22] <Orbstar> *worries
[05:23] <DragoonFlareJR> Yayyy
[05:23] <Moodle> Nonetheless hal, it wasn't germany's fault
[05:23] <Moodle> They just had an alliance with Austro-Hungary
[05:23] <DragoonFlareJR> Germany was responsible for ww2 though
[05:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> I was just repeating what my mom said.
[05:23] <Moodle> still hal
[05:23] <Rawr27> Am I poofing again?..
[05:23] <Moodle> she's wrong, I'm sad to say
[05:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> I know. and I told her that too
[05:23] <LoveCatsOwls> Semi-AFK
[05:23] <OceanKing> anyone want to rp
[05:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> sure @ OK
[05:23] <Moodle> Germany DEFINITELY was the main cause of WW3
[05:23] <Moodle> *WW2
[05:23] <Moodle> XD
[05:23] <Moodle> I failed
[05:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[05:23] <Petiller Cheri> *randomly licks Moodles face* :P
[05:23] <Moodle> Fizz
[05:23] <Black Wolf of blood> Nah, they won't be the cause of WW3
[05:23] <Petiller Cheri> Moo
[05:24] <Moodle> aren't you married to someone in chat?
[05:24] <Moodle> 
[05:24] <Petiller Cheri> Si
[05:24] <OceanKing> whoo and where
[05:24] <Black Wolf of blood> That'll be China, Russia or the US
[05:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> america will most likely be the cause of WW3
[05:24] <Lele Mj> posted slay
[05:24] <Moodle> pray tell me who petill?
[05:24] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted on james
[05:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> @ ocean: [[Tyler Prada]] You pick where
[05:24] <DragoonFlareJR> Well, france and england deserve some partial blame for that
[05:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> k 
[05:24] <Petiller Cheri> Jakie XP
[05:24] <Moodle> Yes drag
[05:24] <Moodle> They didn't do much before declaring war on Germany
[05:24] <Moodle> they only appeased germany and hitler
[05:24] <Rawr27> They let Germany take over loads of countries
[05:24] <Jasmine Campbell> I'm pretty dure there was a treaty
[05:25] <Moodle> by giving them places like the Sudetenland
[05:25] <DragoonFlareJR> Nah, ww3 will be caused by some crazy radical islamists(no offense to any muslims) or china
[05:25] <Rawr27> Like Poland
[05:25] <Moodle> and Austria and poland
[05:25] <Petiller Cheri> Moodle, Im married to Jake
[05:25] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[05:25] <DragoonFlareJR> PLus, they pissed off germany after ww1
[05:25] <Jasmine Campbell> My great grand father was a polish refuge
[05:25] <Moodle> I don't think he'd be appreciative of you if you keep randomly hugging me and licking me
[05:25] <Poseidon Child> wb Jenna
[05:25] <Petiller Cheri> TWINY!!
[05:25] <Rawr27> Hai Jenna
[05:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> Lele Posted
[05:25] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[05:25] <Jenna Fraen> danke
[05:25] <Orbstar> wb jenna
[05:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> welcome back jenna
[05:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya water
[05:25] <Petiller Cheri> He wouldnt mind XP
[05:26] <Jenna Fraen> Twinny! *glompz back*
[05:26] <OceanKing> never mind i gtg sorry
[05:26] <Waterdaughter1> damn exit window button'
[05:26] <Jenna Fraen> i only have a few mins
[05:26] <Jenna Fraen> going to a party
[05:26] <Petiller Cheri> D:
[05:26] <Petiller Cheri> I replied twin 
[05:26] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[05:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye OK
[05:26] <Orbstar> brb
[05:26] <Moodle> lol fizz, that sounds soo much like what people say in those dramas 
[05:26] <Rawr27> Wait..Cheri chu is married to my ex son-in-law? :P
[05:26] <OceanKing> bye
[05:26] <Moodle> on tv
[05:26] <DragoonFlareJR> Hitler was born on a farm in austria right?
[05:26] <LoveCatsOwls> *pushes nicki to pm*
[05:26] <Petiller Cheri> I guess rawr XD
[05:26] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[05:26] <Moodle> He was born poor drag, that's correct
[05:26] <Rawr27> Huh :P
[05:26] <Moodle> though idk about the farm part
[05:26] <WonderfulTwilight> Yes she is rawr :P
[05:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes on a farm.
[05:27] <Petiller Cheri> And really Moodle sounds like dem tv shows?
[05:27] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[05:27] <Moodle> yeah
[05:27] <Jenna Fraen> fizzie
[05:27] <Rawr27> Cheri..WHY DID YOU TAKE MY AMAZING SON-IN-LAW? xD
[05:27] <Jenna Fraen> *poke*
[05:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> he was a poor boy and I am pretty positive that his parents were killed and then something happened to him after that.
[05:27] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:27] <Jenna Fraen> chu no reply
[05:27] <Petiller Cheri> Cuz hes mine >:D
[05:27] <Jenna Fraen> D:
[05:27] <Moodle> like: "He's not arround....he won't mind >:)"
[05:27] <LoveCatsOwls> nicki nicki pm pm
[05:27] <Rawr27> *Sobs* Now I'm stuck with Jason :(
[05:27] <Petiller Cheri> I did twin >.>
[05:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> I forget whether he was an orphan or his grandmother took him in...
[05:27] <Moodle> @fizz
[05:27] <Petiller Cheri> Lolz Rawr XD
[05:27] <Black Wolf of blood> Well, Rawr
[05:27] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> posted on date
[05:27] <WonderfulTwilight> Oi Jason's not THAT bad XP
[05:27] <Lele Mj> posted on james, nicki
[05:27] <Black Wolf of blood> Wasn't it Jake who 'took' her?
[05:27] <LoveCatsOwls> wb orb
[05:27] <Petiller Cheri> Oi XD
[05:28] <DragoonFlareJR> man if that art school had excepted him, ww1 and the holocaust would never of happened
[05:28] <Rawr27> Meh :P and I don't know 
[05:28] <Petiller Cheri> Oui*
[05:28] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[05:28] <Rawr27> Cheri did chu propose to Jake? :P
[05:28] <Jasmine Campbell> rawr, no insulting mah sonny!
[05:28] <Petiller Cheri> No visa versa
[05:28] <Rawr27> Wait..whos your son?
[05:28] <Petiller Cheri> And lolz Moodle XD
[05:28] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *throws a party*
[05:28] <WonderfulTwilight> Cheri is Jake's aunt, YAY for incest -_-
[05:28] <Petiller Cheri> XDD
[05:28] <Jasmine Campbell> drag, hitler had nothing to do with ww1
[05:28] <Black Wolf of blood> *Just realized that Jake has been both his son and his son-in-law*
[05:28] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[05:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> /is never going to propose to anyone. O.O incest
[05:28] <Jasmine Campbell> Jason rawr
[05:28] <Lele Mj> MORE incest???
[05:29] <Jenna Fraen> lots of incest
[05:29] <WonderfulTwilight> Yes lele
[05:29] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[05:29] <Jasmine Campbell> orb and jake >.<
[05:29] <Jenna Fraen> *happy dance*
[05:29] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[05:29] <Lele Mj> oh god, what's wrong with this users??
[05:29] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:29] <Rawr27> O.O..WE ARE RELATED JAS :D
[05:29] <Jasmine Campbell> they shouldn't fancy my sisters
[05:29] <Petiller Cheri> Everything Le
[05:29] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[05:29] <Moodle> Darth Vader: "Luke...I am your father."
[05:29] <WonderfulTwilight> @Jas At least Jason got it right XP
[05:29] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:29] <Rawr27> Thats quite weird considering you married my ex husband at one point :P
[05:29] <Jasmine Campbell> yeah
[05:29] <Jenna Fraen> My step-son had an affair with my affair's wife
[05:29] <DragoonFlareJR> lol ww2
[05:29] <WonderfulTwilight> Right-ish* XP
[05:29] <Moodle> Luke: ":O. O bitch pleaaase!"
[05:29] <Jenna Fraen> that was strange
[05:29] <DragoonFlareJR> I emant
[05:29] <Petiller Cheri> Me jenna jake and orb have this lil circle XP
[05:29] <Orbstar> jenna PM
[05:30] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> f*ck
[05:30] <Petiller Cheri> Circle of Brothers and sisters :DD
[05:30] <WonderfulTwilight> @Cheri Which I set fire to :P
[05:30] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> brb, dishes
[05:30] <Petiller Cheri> NO!
[05:30] <Petiller Cheri> D:
[05:30] <Rawr27> This is so confusing o.o
[05:30] <WonderfulTwilight> *insert evil laugh here*
[05:30] <Petiller Cheri> O.o
[05:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> nope
[05:30] <Petiller Cheri> o.O
[05:30] <Poseidon Child> set fire to the raiinn
[05:30] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[05:30] <DragoonFlareJR> Actually the quote is "No, I am your father
[05:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> @Water: rp?
[05:30] <DragoonFlareJR> "
[05:30] <Rawr27> I barely could keep up with the Wiki family before xD
[05:30] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[05:30] <DragoonFlareJR> I gave up
[05:30] <DragoonFlareJR> Brotherhood of bachelors ftw!!!1
[05:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[05:31] <Rawr27> So whos kid are chu Cheri? :P
[05:31] <Lele Mj> brb
[05:31] <BloomOfFairyTail> you talking about the wiki family again?
[05:31] <Black Wolf of blood> Yup
[05:31] <Petiller Cheri> Bachie :P
[05:31] <DragoonFlareJR> actually i think it was playas
[05:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> @water: rp? maybe?
[05:31] <Rawr27> Okay I don't think your related to me then xD
[05:31] <Waterdaughter1> not right now, slay
[05:31] <Petiller Cheri> XD lolz
[05:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> okay.
[05:31] <Waterdaughter1> busy for the moment
[05:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> mk.
[05:31] <Poseidon Child> vamos a la playa
[05:32] <Poseidon Child> dee do dee do dee 
[05:32] <Poseidon Child> me gusta
[05:32] <Poseidon Child> :D
[05:32] <WonderfulTwilight> *randomly attacks cheri with a wine bottle* O.o
[05:32] <Rawr27> Although my mum is married to your mum I think Cheri o.o
[05:32] <Petiller Cheri> *dodges*
[05:32] <Jenna Fraen> i gtg guys
[05:32] <Petiller Cheri> :D
[05:32] <Jenna Fraen> bai
[05:32] <Petiller Cheri> Bai Twin DX
[05:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> who's you mom Rawr?
[05:32] <Rawr27> Wise
[05:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> Esta familia de wiki es una locura.
[05:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> <span style="color:red;">BachBot</span> is one of my moms o.0
[05:33] <WonderfulTwilight> >.< *hasn't saw Jason today so is getting worried*
[05:33] <Moodle> Rawr and I are half sis'
[05:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> thank you captain obvious
[05:33] <Petiller Cheri> lolz 
[05:33] <Moodle> Yw
[05:33] <BachBot> lele and I had kids?
[05:33] <Rawr27> Yeah..are we bro? :P
[05:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> ja. me
[05:33] <Moodle> lol sis
[05:33] <Poseidon Child> xD
[05:33] <BachBot> sweeet
[05:33] <BachBot> *gives daughter a (cookie) *
[05:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> and other people I don't know
[05:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> *noms (cookie) *
[05:33] <Petiller Cheri> Arent Me and Moo Half siblings??
[05:33] <LoveCatsOwls> Guys! Listen up please
[05:33] <Petiller Cheri> O.o
[05:33] <Petiller Cheri> o.O
[05:33] <Slayingthehalcyon> Esta familia de wiki es una locura. y yo no lo entiendo.
[05:33] <Poseidon Child> yeapp?
[05:33] <Poseidon Child> @catszy
[05:33] <LoveCatsOwls> nvm
[05:33] <Rawr27> Wait are you? That means you are related to me Cheri o.o
[05:34] <Moodle> ♫His sword was long, his lance was keen,
[05:34] <Moodle> his shining helm afar was seen;
[05:34] <Moodle> the countless stars of heaven's field
[05:34] <Moodle> were mirrored in his silver shield.♫
[05:34] <Petiller Cheri> XDDD
[05:34] <Black Wolf of blood> @Bottie, Soa seems to be your son
[05:34] <Poseidon Child> i am not related
[05:34] <Orbstar> brb
[05:34] <Poseidon Child> to anyone here ;D
[05:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> oh yeah soa is my bro
[05:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Since he tried to play the "Scary older brother"
[05:34] <LoveCatsOwls> OK, now listen please
[05:34] <BachLynn23> wise and I had comic, lowdy and...and...
[05:34] <BachLynn23> and
[05:34] <Poseidon Child> i think
[05:34] <Rawr27> Moo..has mummy Wise remarried?
[05:34] <BachLynn23> crap, who's our 3rd child?
[05:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD
[05:34] <Moodle> ♫Gil-galad was an Elven-king.
[05:34] <Moodle> Of him the harpers sadly sing:
[05:34] <Moodle> the last whose realm was fair and free
[05:34] <Moodle> between the Mountains and the Sea.
[05:34] <Moodle> 
[05:34] <Moodle> His sword was long, his lance was keen,
[05:34] <Moodle> his shining helm afar was seen;
[05:34] <Moodle> the countless stars of heaven's field
[05:34] <Moodle> were mirrored in his silver shield.
[05:34] <Moodle> 
[05:34] <Moodle> But long ago he rode away,
[05:34] <Moodle> and where he dwelleth none can say;
[05:34] <Moodle> for into darkness fell his star
[05:34] <Moodle> in Mordor where the shadows are. ♫
[05:34] <DragoonFlareJR> Lol, I prefer to stay the bachelor of the wiki
[05:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> Im related to anyone related to WT 
[05:34] <Black Wolf of blood> And I had to tell him that he wasn't scary at all
[05:34] <Poseidon Child> *nods*
[05:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> i think?
[05:34] <Poseidon Child> yeap
[05:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> chu had lots of kids Bach
[05:34] <DragoonFlareJR> Im related to none!!!!
[05:34] <BachLynn23> so the entire wiki
[05:34] <LoveCatsOwls> After much pm' and orb are well...*coughs*together*coughs*
[05:34] <BachLynn23> 13 kids
[05:34] <BachLynn23> with 4 users
[05:34] <BachLynn23> XD
[05:34] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:34] <Moodle> lol
[05:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> wait
[05:35] <Black Wolf of blood> Hm
[05:35] <Petiller Cheri> O_O
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> aren't
[05:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> congrats
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> jenna
[05:35] <Moodle> Do you feel motherly bach?
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> and orb
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> together?
[05:35] <BachLynn23> I do
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[05:35] <Jasmine Campbell> *claps for catsie*
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> o.O
[05:35] <Black Wolf of blood> *Flirts with Bachie, just for the heck of it*
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> O.o
[05:35] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs Catzie*
[05:35] <LoveCatsOwls> *smiles*
[05:35] <WonderfulTwilight> :D
[05:35] <LoveCatsOwls> *hugs* 
[05:35] <Jasmine Campbell> wait, aren't you married to kapt?
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> congratz anyways!
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> o.O
[05:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hits blood in the head*
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> right
[05:35] <LoveCatsOwls> and it's all thanks to the awesomest nicki!
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> forgot
[05:35] <Moodle> No need to make that 5 users blood
[05:35] <Black Wolf of blood> *Rubs his head*
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> YAY@
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> go nicki!
[05:35] <Jasmine Campbell> *smaps blood* No flirting with ma mamma when your gf in le room
[05:35] <Black Wolf of blood> That hurt love
[05:35] <Petiller Cheri> D: my circle is ruined
[05:35] <Poseidon Child> what happened?
[05:35] <Black Wolf of blood> @Bloom
[05:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> * is slowly walking away before he gets dragged into a bigger part of this family circle thing*
[05:35] <Jasmine Campbell> no flirting with ma mamma at all *smaps everyone for fun :P*
[05:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> hnf. no flirting with other people
[05:36] <Black Wolf of blood> *Rubs the place Jas smapped him*
[05:36] <Jasmine Campbell> *excet bach*
[05:36] <Jasmine Campbell> except*
[05:36] <Black Wolf of blood> *Flirts heavily with Bloom*
[05:36] <LoveCatsOwls> so, yea.
[05:36] <Rawr27> Oh thanks Jas xD
[05:36] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:36] <Petiller Cheri> DDD: My circle is ruined!!!!!!
[05:36] <DragoonFlareJR> This iki has alot of incest
[05:36] <Poseidon Child> haii hades
[05:36] <LoveCatsOwls> me and orbie are <3
[05:36] <DragoonFlareJR> *wiki
[05:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> eh... okay that's allowed
[05:36] <Poseidon Child> CONGRATZ CATSY!
[05:36] <Petiller Cheri> ^
[05:36] <Poseidon Child> *hugs catzy*
[05:36] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[05:36] <Poseidon Child> though
[05:36] <Black Wolf of blood> ..You're supposed to flirt back dearest
[05:36] <Poseidon Child> i am confuzed
[05:36] <Petiller Cheri> My circle is still ruined
[05:36] <Poseidon Child> *confused
[05:36] <WonderfulTwilight> Congratz :P
[05:36] <Rawr27> Cats...aren't chu married to le Kap?
[05:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> *shrugs* me is too tired for that
[05:36] <Jasmine Campbell> who wants a cupcake?
[05:36] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh!
[05:37] <BloomOfFairyTail> Me!
[05:37] <Petiller Cheri> ME!
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> meh!
[05:37] <Waterdaughter1> mesa does
[05:37] <DragoonFlareJR> MAHHHH
[05:37] <LoveCatsOwls> Yes, but this is kinda-IRL
[05:37] <Jasmine Campbell> *gives everyone one*
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> Cupcakes!!!
[05:37] <Rawr27> ME :D
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> ;D
[05:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> WT pm
[05:37] <BloomOfFairyTail> *noms cupcake*
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> yay!
[05:37] <WonderfulTwilight> k
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> *noms cupcake*
[05:37] <Petiller Cheri> *noms the cupcake*
[05:37] <DragoonFlareJR> Yeahh *turns into ddragoon and eats it*
[05:37] <DragoonFlareJR> omnomnom
[05:37] <WonderfulTwilight> O.O *tackle hugs Catzie*
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> O.O
[05:37] <Rawr27> Yay! Cupcake *nom noms cupcake* :P
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> IRL?!
[05:37] <Jasmine Campbell> *has no more left :(*
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> Lol
[05:37] <Petiller Cheri> ^^^
[05:37] <LoveCatsOwls> *is tackle-hugged*
[05:37] <DragoonFlareJR> nahhhhh
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> CONGRATZ x2
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[05:37] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Del*
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> howw?
[05:37] <LoveCatsOwls> i kinda had a crush on him and yea...
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> oh
[05:37] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Del again*
[05:37] <Poseidon Child> you guysz
[05:37] <Jasmine Campbell> *wishes she had more cupcakes*
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> know each other
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> irl?
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[05:38] <WonderfulTwilight> @LCO Are chu getting wiki married as well?
[05:38] <GirlofDelusion> uh what huh
[05:38] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> thats soooooooo cool!
[05:38] <GirlofDelusion> O>O
[05:38] <Petiller Cheri> I ish so confuzzled :DDDDD
[05:38] <Rawr27> Wait..are you together IRL? :D
[05:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> WT pm
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> OMG
[05:38] <Rawr27> @Cats
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Del, it's your post on the date
[05:38] <LoveCatsOwls> idk...kinda...i had a crush on the REAL him and...
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> Cats?
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> er
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> o.O
[05:38] <Petiller Cheri> ^
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> wait
[05:38] <Rawr27> Aww :D The third RL wiki couple 
[05:38] <Poseidon Child> how er
[05:38] <BachLynn23> @del and blood did you see my post on the infirmary?
[05:39] <Petiller Cheri> *is still so confused* :DDDD
[05:39] <Poseidon Child> did you know him?
[05:39] <Poseidon Child> ^^
[05:39] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:39] <Black Wolf of blood> Yup, I did
[05:39] <BachLynn23> k
[05:39] <Poseidon Child> Congratz!
[05:39] <Poseidon Child> anyways
[05:39] <Black Wolf of blood> Oh, right, Del, you're up at the infirmary as well
[05:39] <GirlofDelusion> Yeah I did... no clue what to say
[05:39] <Poseidon Child> why am i repeating
[05:39] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[05:39] <Rawr27> Pose to be fair this is the third RL couple on this wiki :P
[05:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> WT pm
[05:39] <BachLynn23> XD
[05:39] <Petiller Cheri> Cuz ur awesome like that posey XD
[05:39] <LoveCatsOwls> no, i dont know him irl...but he's soooooo cute
[05:39] <BachLynn23> wait, what?
[05:39] <BachLynn23> we have a new couple?
[05:39] <Moodle> gtg
[05:39] <Black Wolf of blood> And the first and second Rawr?
[05:39] <Moodle> bye
[05:39] <GirlofDelusion> Yup
[05:39] <Petiller Cheri> Bai Moo
[05:39] <GirlofDelusion> Orb and Cats
[05:39] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs*
[05:39] <Moodle> bye fizz
[05:39] <BachLynn23> O.O
[05:39] <Moodle> *hugs back*
[05:39] <Petiller Cheri> :DS
[05:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> they're the fourth actually
[05:39] <BachLynn23> technically they'd be the 4th couple
[05:40] <Petiller Cheri> :D*
[05:40] <BachLynn23> but one couple didn't work out
[05:40] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:40] <Rawr27> Bye bro 
[05:40] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:40] <LoveCatsOwls> who was that?
[05:40] <GirlofDelusion> Which couples
[05:40] <Rawr27> Who bach?
[05:40] <GirlofDelusion> and which didn't work out?
[05:40] <BloomOfFairyTail> wings and juno broke up?
[05:40] <Poseidon Child> oh
[05:40] <Black Wolf of blood> ^
[05:40] <LoveCatsOwls> ^^^
[05:40] <BachLynn23> pretty much
[05:40] <Black Wolf of blood> *^@Bloom
[05:40] <BachLynn23> Juno hasn't talked to her in ages
[05:40] <GirlofDelusion> IK Flame and Queen
[05:40] <BloomOfFairyTail> ah
[05:40] <BachLynn23> she has no idea what happened to him
[05:40] <Jasmine Campbell> Juno is a jerk
[05:40] <Poseidon Child> oh
[05:40] <LoveCatsOwls> OoO
[05:40] <GirlofDelusion> and Wings and Juno
[05:40] <Rawr27> :O They did o.o
[05:40] <GirlofDelusion> but that's it
[05:40] <Poseidon Child> never met JUno
[05:40] <Poseidon Child> *juno
[05:40] <GirlofDelusion> who else is there?
[05:40] <BachLynn23> bloom/blood
[05:40] <Poseidon Child> cant say
[05:40] <BloomOfFairyTail> ^^
[05:40] <Jasmine Campbell> ^@bach
[05:40] <LoveCatsOwls> ^
[05:40] <GirlofDelusion> Wait... they're RL?
[05:40] <Petiller Cheri> Same Posey
[05:40] <GirlofDelusion> I'm so late
[05:40] <BachLynn23> yea
[05:40] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[05:40] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah
[05:40] <BachLynn23> XD
[05:41] <Rawr27> Wait..BLOOM CHU IS WITH BLOOD? o.o
[05:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> yep
[05:41] <GirlofDelusion> I thought it was just a wiki thing
[05:41] <Rawr27> Why didn't anybody tell me this?!
[05:41] <LoveCatsOwls> blood and bloom, flame and queen, juno and wings and moi and orbie <3333
[05:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> chu surprised?
[05:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> So who am I related to?
[05:41] <Rawr27> Nah not really, I expected it :P
[05:41] <Poseidon Child> :DDD
[05:41] <GirlofDelusion> You guys make for a good couple ♥
[05:41] <Poseidon Child> congratz on y'all
[05:41] <LoveCatsOwls> @del who?
[05:41] <Rawr27> CONGRATS BLOOM :D *hugs bloom*
[05:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> *hugs back* thanks Rawr
[05:41] <Petiller Cheri> ^^
[05:41] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> Bloom and Blood
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> ^^^
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> oh
[05:42] <Rawr27> Although its most likely very late but yah :P
[05:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> thanks Del
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> ^^^^^
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> but I think you and Orb suit
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> DX
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> cant figure out how many ^ i should put
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> DX
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> ORBEHHH
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:42] <Jasmine Campbell> *is annoyed with someone atm*
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> CONGRATZZ!
[05:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo Orb
[05:42] <WonderfulTwilight> ORB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> *jealous of all the happy couples*
[05:42] <Orbstar> POSEY!!!!!!!
[05:42] <Rawr27> CONGRATS ORB!
[05:42] <Orbstar> WONDER!!!!!
[05:42] <WonderfulTwilight> ^@Del
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> Congratulationnss
[05:42] <Rawr27> *Hugs*
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> and jubilationss
[05:42] <Orbstar> thanks
[05:42] <Petiller Cheri> ORB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *glompz*
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> dah dah dah dah
[05:42] <LoveCatsOwls> I said it Orbie :)
[05:42] <Jasmine Campbell> SONNY CONGRAT-YOUR-VERY-LATIONS!
[05:42] <Orbstar> XD tahnks mum
[05:42] <Orbstar> *thanks
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> :DDD
[05:42] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:42] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[05:43] <Petiller Cheri> >.> Be good to her Orb
[05:43] <Jasmine Campbell> There's this boy who keeps staring at my eyes because I have big pupils >.<
[05:43] <Petiller Cheri> Ill be watching you
[05:43] <LoveCatsOwls> i gtg
[05:43] <Jasmine Campbell> I can't get him to moooooove!
[05:43] <Poseidon Child> ^^^^^
[05:43] <Petiller Cheri> Bai Owls
[05:43] <Orbstar> Bye cats
[05:43] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye Catzie
[05:43] <Orbstar> *hugs*
[05:43] <Rawr27> Bye cats
[05:43] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs Owlz*
[05:43] <Jasmine Campbell> Soon I'll get mah lawyer involved
[05:43] <Poseidon Child> byee catzy!
[05:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> /is related to shadow and jas.
[05:43] <Jasmine Campbell> bai catsie
[05:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> O.O
[05:43] <LoveCatsOwls> *hugs back* love ya
[05:43] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:43] <Poseidon Child> @jas
[05:43] <Jasmine Campbell> even though I don't have a lawyer >.<
[05:44] <LoveCatsOwls> bai all!
[05:44] <WonderfulTwilight> Jason get chur ass on here >.<
[05:44] <Petiller Cheri> Bai Owlz
[05:44] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[05:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> Orb is my uncle!?
[05:44] <LoveCatsOwls> cya orbie x
[05:44] <Poseidon Child> o.O
[05:44] <WonderfulTwilight> Yes Slay
[05:44] <Jasmine Campbell> Seriously, how should I get him off my arse?
[05:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> O.O
[05:44] <Orbstar> bye catsie
[05:44] <Poseidon Child> stare back!
[05:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> kool
[05:44] <Orbstar> *hugs*
[05:44] <Poseidon Child> like
[05:44] <Poseidon Child> intensely
[05:44] <Poseidon Child> like
[05:44] <LoveCatsOwls> xx
[05:44] <DragoonFlareJR> well gtg
[05:44] <Petiller Cheri> Wait im related to Slay?
[05:44] <Poseidon Child> O.O
[05:44] <DragoonFlareJR> laterrrr
[05:44] <Jasmine Campbell> this is at WT, he's not on my actual arse!
[05:44] <Poseidon Child> im not
[05:44] <Poseidon Child> i think
[05:44] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[05:44] <Petiller Cheri> Im soooooooooooo confused DX
[05:44] <Jasmine Campbell> just to say :P
[05:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> that makes bach my grandmother of some sort
[05:44] <DragoonFlareJR> Have dun deciding the wikia...familiy...thinggg
[05:44] <Orbstar> I'm related to slay?
[05:44] <WonderfulTwilight> Yes Cheri
[05:44] <BachLynn23> I lost track of the family
[05:44] <WonderfulTwilight> Yes Orb
[05:44] <BachLynn23> it's so large and overlapping
[05:44] <Orbstar> how?
[05:44] <Rawr27> are chu all related to slay?
[05:44] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[05:44] <Poseidon Child> wait
[05:45] <Poseidon Child> what happened?
[05:45] <WonderfulTwilight> Aunts and Uncles :P
[05:45] <Rawr27> Cos that means you are related to me too?
[05:45] <Petiller Cheri> How am i related to ihm????
[05:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> aunts and uncles and then cousins. O.O and then grandparents
[05:45] <Petiller Cheri> him*
[05:45] <WonderfulTwilight> Cheri chur his aunt
[05:45] <Poseidon Child> to who?
[05:45] <Petiller Cheri> Oh O_O
[05:45] <Orbstar> oh...
[05:45] <Poseidon Child> to what O.O
[05:45] <Orbstar> wait
[05:45] <WonderfulTwilight> /great aunt XP
[05:45] <Orbstar> oh....
[05:45] <Jasmine Campbell> and great aunt!
[05:45] <Poseidon Child> oh god
[05:45] <Rawr27> Oh my gosh..CHERI YOUR RELATED TO ME :D
[05:45] <Oblivion26> wait, who's getting married?
[05:45] <Oblivion26> O.O
[05:45] <Poseidon Child> ORBEHH!
[05:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> no-on
[05:45] <Petiller Cheri> YAY @rawr
[05:45] <Poseidon Child> and CATZY!
[05:45] <Oblivion26> me missed it...
[05:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> no-one
[05:45] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[05:45] <Orbstar> oh wait i need to go edit le tree
[05:45] <Jasmine Campbell> posted WT
[05:45] <Poseidon Child> Slay
[05:45] <Poseidon Child> where have chu been?
[05:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> Im just about practiaclly related to everyone?
[05:45] <Petiller Cheri> Hai Ob :D
[05:46] <Rawr27> Oh Ob, Cats and Orb are together IRL xD
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> orbeh and slay just got married
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> oops
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> i mean
[05:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> WHAT?!?!?!
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> catz
[05:46] <Orbstar> O.O
[05:46] <Oblivion26> ohh
[05:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> Nuh-uh
[05:46] <WonderfulTwilight> o_o
[05:46] <Petiller Cheri> XDDDDDD
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> *CATZY!
[05:46] <Orbstar> no me and cats
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> yea
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> that was w
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> *what
[05:46] <Rawr27> Oh wait..HAI DADDY OB xD
[05:46] <Oblivion26> i thought it was orb and bloom for a sec...
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> i meant to say
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> but
[05:46] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[05:46] <Oblivion26> hey rawr
[05:46] <Orbstar> O.O
[05:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> so cats is my aunt?
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> my fingers
[05:46] <Jasmine Campbell> *smaps Ob*
[05:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> or my cousin?
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> no
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> oO.O
[05:46] <Orbstar> no... cats AND orb
[05:46] <WonderfulTwilight> Yes Slay :P
[05:46] <Oblivion26> smaps?
[05:46] <Oblivion26> wtf is a smaps?
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> XDD
[05:46] <Jasmine Campbell> slap.smack
[05:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> O.O this is complicated.
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> sorry for the typo
[05:46] <WonderfulTwilight> Slap/Smak
[05:46] <Oblivion26> O.O
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> SLAY!
[05:46] <Oblivion26> oh shit
[05:46] <WonderfulTwilight> Smack*
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> just ignore mah typo
[05:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> extrremely complicated
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> its wrongs1
[05:46] <Poseidon Child> *!
[05:47] <Petiller Cheri> Wait Catz is my daughter tho..... IM SO CONFUSED DX
[05:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> I noticed posey
[05:47] <WonderfulTwilight> ....
[05:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> that means that somehow I am related to cheri? i think
[05:47] <Petiller Cheri> *facekeyboard*
[05:47] <Rawr27> Oh Ob..Slay is your..great grandson :P
[05:47] <WonderfulTwilight> Cats and orb are cousins.....O.o
[05:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> NO.
[05:47] <WonderfulTwilight> Incest o.o
[05:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> orb is my uncle
[05:47] <Jasmine Campbell> *is sad .-.*
[05:47] <Petiller Cheri> WAIT I GOTTA RIGHT THIS DOWN!!
[05:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> jas is my grandmother :D
[05:47] <Rawr27> Why chu sad Jas?
[05:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> *hugs jas*
[05:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> that makes bach and ghost my great grand parents
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> o.O
[05:48] <Petiller Cheri> Lets start off with bach..
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> *WRITE
[05:48] <Jasmine Campbell> not ghost. He's not here anymore, so he no count
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> @cheri
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> :P
[05:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> okay.
[05:48] <BachLynn23> bloom posted on brock
[05:48] <Orbstar> back from editing le tree :P
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> :DDD
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:48] <Petiller Cheri> Omg Posey stfu XD MY TYPOS ROCK
[05:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> bach down to jas
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> (y) 
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> XDDD
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> mah typos
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> ar AWESOMER!
[05:48] <BachLynn23> wait, does that mean I have to find a new father for my 8 kids I had with ghost?
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> *are
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> cuz they
[05:48] <Petiller Cheri> No Posey!
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> mess up
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> more
[05:48] <Petiller Cheri> No XD
[05:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> to shadow
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> yes
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> they do
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> :D
[05:48] <Poseidon Child> they cause
[05:49] <Poseidon Child> weird stuff
[05:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> to jason
[05:49] <Poseidon Child> to happen
[05:49] <Poseidon Child> ;D
[05:49] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Jas
[05:49] <Orbstar> oh wait.... what do i do with the 20 kids that live in my house that i had with jenna?
[05:49] <Petiller Cheri> Can some one PM this sheeet D:
[05:49] <Orbstar> O.o
[05:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> to me
[05:49] <Orbstar> *10
[05:49] <Orbstar> 10 not 20
[05:49] <Orbstar> :P
[05:49] <Petiller Cheri> Slpit em up Orb XD
[05:49] <Petiller Cheri> Split*
[05:49] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[05:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> okay so, Bach then Jas, then Jason then me.
[05:49] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:49] <Poseidon Child> 20 5
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> *5
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> *facedesk*
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> so
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> 5
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> go to Jenna
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> 5 to orbeh
[05:50] <Petiller Cheri> SOME ONE Please PM me this family tree sh*t so im not so god dammed confused
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> then WB JAS!
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:50] <Petiller Cheri> >.<
[05:50] <WonderfulTwilight> @Posey I got all mine I think.......o.o
[05:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> Cheri: sure
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[05:50] <Petiller Cheri> Thank you Slay .__.
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> got wha?
[05:50] <Orbstar> i choose.....
[05:50] <Orbstar> siggy, waiyenoo, broken, OK, and.... raven
[05:50] <Poseidon Child> o.O
[05:50] <Petiller Cheri> XD lolz
[05:50] <Orbstar> :P
[05:50] <WonderfulTwilight> There was a legal battle though
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> :O
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> we should
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> get a lawyer!
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> OMG
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> that would be awesome!
[05:51] <Petiller Cheri> *facedesks 20 times*
[05:51] <Orbstar> *faceantartica*
[05:51] <WonderfulTwilight> I call being orbie's lawyer! XP
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> noo
[05:51] <Orbstar> yesh!
[05:51] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> i call being
[05:51] <Orbstar> i get the best lawyer ever!
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> the prosecutor
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> what ever that is
[05:51] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[05:51] <WonderfulTwilight> Judge?
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> :P
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> yes
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> JUDGE
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> mEHH
[05:51] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:52] <Poseidon Child> MEHH
[05:52] <Poseidon Child> no steal
[05:52] <Poseidon Child> *hugs judge chair8
[05:52] <Poseidon Child> **
[05:52] <Petiller Cheri> XD lolz
[05:52] <Orbstar> *whispers something into his lawyer's ear*
[05:52] <WonderfulTwilight> .....O.o
[05:52] <Poseidon Child> *puts on wig*
[05:52] <Poseidon Child> XD
[05:52] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[05:52] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[05:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> this is damn confusing
[05:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> I don't think that I am related to Cheri
[05:52] <WonderfulTwilight> @Slay She's chur aunt XP
[05:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> Im like god~related to ruby.
[05:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> wiki-wise
[05:53] <Petiller Cheri> ORB!! Be good to Owlz... And if you arent.... lets just say if i were you i would sleep with one eye open >:D
[05:53] <Poseidon Child> ^
[05:53] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[05:53] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:53] <Poseidon Child> and a hammer
[05:53] <WonderfulTwilight> Like a shark O.o
[05:53] <Poseidon Child> on your table
[05:53] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[05:53] <Poseidon Child> oo
[05:53] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[05:53] <Poseidon Child> sharky
[05:53] <Orbstar> @cheri understood
[05:53] <Petiller Cheri> Better be >:P
[05:53] <Orbstar> wb del
[05:53] <Orbstar> OMFG!
[05:54] <Orbstar> imma gonna go see the hg... NOW!
[05:54] <Orbstar> k bye then
[05:54] <Orbstar> *waves*
[05:54] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye
[05:54] <Petiller Cheri> Bai
[05:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye
[05:54] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs*
[05:54] <Orbstar> *hugs back*
[05:54] <Petiller Cheri> >XP
[05:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> So im like pretty much related to everyone?
[05:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> O.O wow.
[05:54] <Petiller Cheri> O_O WOW
[05:54] <Slayingthehalcyon> this is odd.
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> no
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> you're not
[05:55] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> back
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> related 
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> to moi
[05:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> hence pretty much
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> never ever ever ever
[05:55] <Petiller Cheri> hahaZS
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> wb nicki
[05:55] <Waterdaughter1> back. what i miss?
[05:55] <Petiller Cheri> XD*
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> this
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> whole
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> family
[05:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> Water you rmy aunt O.O
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> debate
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> and 
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> kinda
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> yea
[05:55] <Waterdaughter1> sayf*ckingWHAT NOW?
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> oh ad
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> *and
[05:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> XD
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> OWLZY AND ORBEH GOT MARRIED!
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> ;D
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:55] <Jasmine Campbell> Anyone here have a single char or someone who wants to flirty with mah shiny new charie?
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> your brotehr
[05:55] <Petiller Cheri> brb imma edumacate mah self on this family
[05:55] <Poseidon Child> *bro
[05:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> @jas sure why not
[05:55] <Waterdaughter1> olzy?
[05:56] <Rawr27> Lool poor Cheri xD
[05:56] <Waterdaughter1> *owlzy?
[05:56] <Petiller Cheri> ikr .__.
[05:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> owllovescats
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> Catzy
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> *lovescatsowls
[05:56] <Petiller Cheri> ^
[05:56] <Waterdaughter1> oh....SAY WHAT?
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> :P
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> they
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> got
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> married
[05:56] <Waterdaughter1> glad ya'll keep me informed :P
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> you know
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> like 
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> ding ding
[05:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> I gotta go.
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> dong dong
[05:56] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye.
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> ?
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> byee
[05:56] <Poseidon Child> slay
[05:56] <Rawr27> Bye Slay
[05:56] <Jasmine Campbell> ok, link slay?
[05:57] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:57] <WonderfulTwilight> *wants to see Jenna's reaction for some reason O.o*
[05:57] <Petiller Cheri> SHady Is Mah Step sis :DDDDDDD
[05:57] <Poseidon Child> :P
[05:57] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:57] <Poseidon Child> ^^^
[05:57] <Waterdaughter1> ^@bellaz
[05:57] <Petiller Cheri> ^
[05:57] <Poseidon Child> ^
[05:57] <Poseidon Child> :D
[05:57] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[05:58] <WonderfulTwilight> Wibbles Orbie
[05:58] <Orbstar> i have to wait 40 minutes to go to le movie ._.
[05:58] <Orbstar> so i came back here
[05:58] <Orbstar> :P
[05:58] <Petiller Cheri> Shady is also my... Niece
[05:58] <Petiller Cheri> O_O
[05:58] <Jasmine Campbell> *smaps Jmouse* No JB!
[05:59] <Orbstar> Jmouse is here?
[05:59] <Jasmine Campbell> >.< She's blasting baby in her room, which is next to the living room
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> :D
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> JB
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> lol
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> baby babeh babeh ohhhhhh
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> laike
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> babeh
[05:59] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> lele? *pokes*
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> :P
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> 
[05:59] <Petiller Cheri> Heads side of the tree is confusing O_O
[05:59] <Jasmine Campbell> I'm close to just walking in there and breaking her radio
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> GO JAS!
[05:59] <Rawr27> Noo! Pose your hurting my ears xD
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> FOLLOW YOUR HEART!
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> :D
[05:59] <Jasmine Campbell> *runs*
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> sowwy
[05:59] <Poseidon Child> rawr
[05:59] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[05:59] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[05:59] <Petiller Cheri> 
[06:00] <Poseidon Child> now
[06:00] <Poseidon Child> i shall sing
[06:00] <Poseidon Child> Opera
[06:00] <Poseidon Child> LAR LAR LAR
[06:00] <Poseidon Child> 
[06:00] <Rawr27> Oh dear lord xD
[06:01] <WonderfulTwilight> Jason better get his ass in here soon >.<
[06:01] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:01] <Rawr27> quiet xD
[06:01] <Rawr27> No more singing
[06:01] <WonderfulTwilight> ._. Wrong spell >.>
[06:01] <Poseidon Child> :D
[06:01] <Poseidon Child> i did
[06:01] <Poseidon Child> like
[06:01] <Poseidon Child> er
[06:01] <Petiller Cheri> *Wants Jake on* XP
[06:01] <Poseidon Child> 2 minutes
[06:01] <Poseidon Child> ago
[06:01] <Petiller Cheri> *to hug*
[06:01] <Jasmine Campbell> back
[06:01] <Petiller Cheri> WB
[06:01] <WonderfulTwilight> wibbles
[06:01] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[06:01] <Jasmine Campbell> *smaps pose* Not Opera!
[06:01] <Poseidon Child> *wants Mika on so she can use him as a shield*
[06:01] <Jasmine Campbell> Sounds nothing like that!
[06:02] <Poseidon Child> oh
[06:02] <Poseidon Child> i stopped
[06:02] <Poseidon Child> :P
[06:02] <Poseidon Child> lol
[06:02] <Poseidon Child> what does it sound like
[06:02] <Poseidon Child> ?
[06:02] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ugh.. lele? are chu here? *pokes lele*
[06:02] <Waterdaughter1> *wonders why her friend is laughing like a giddy littl girl* O_O
[06:02] <Jasmine Campbell> Normally it's italian
[06:02] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[06:03] <Waterdaughter1> well....looks like i made her loose her sanity as well.
[06:03] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi Wind
[06:03] <Jasmine Campbell> *sings Carmen*
[06:03] <Rawr27> Hai Wind
[06:03] <Rawr27> Why is everyone singing? :P
[06:03] <Windsword7> heyo
[06:03] <Jasmine Campbell> I'm showing Pose true opera
[06:04] <Head of Ravenclaw> Hi wind
[06:04] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai wind
[06:04] <BachLynn23> @blood there's about to be a new development on the infirmary page, I need Samara to meet Brock to help her with something, so figured it would be a good way to break the tension
[06:04] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> rp anyone? *pokes lele*
[06:05] <Petiller Cheri> God >.< Orb divorced my SISTER for mah DAUGHTER
[06:05] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[06:05] <Rawr27> O.O..
[06:05] <Black Wolf of blood> Well
[06:05] <Black Wolf of blood> I just asked Del
[06:05] <Black Wolf of blood> If she was going to post
[06:05] <Black Wolf of blood> So I don't know when she'll post -_-
[06:05] <Black Wolf of blood> It usually takes some time :(
[06:05] <Poseidon Child> lol
[06:05] <BachLynn23> is she on skype?
[06:05] <Black Wolf of blood> Yeah
[06:05] <BachLynn23> I'll run it by her just so she knows
[06:07] <Head of Ravenclaw> Test
[06:08] <Poseidon Child> thank you jas
[06:08] <Poseidon Child> for that
[06:08] <Poseidon Child> amazing
[06:08] <Poseidon Child> performance
[06:08] <Jasmine Campbell> np (cool) 
[06:08] <Jasmine Campbell> *phones the boy that stares at her to stop stalking and staring at her*
[06:09] <Jasmine Campbell> If only I had his number, I would do that in RL
[06:10] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[06:10] <Poseidon Child>
[06:10] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:10] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[06:11] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[06:12] <Jasmine Campbell> *sits in corner*
[06:12] <Head of Ravenclaw> Test
[06:12] <Jasmine Campbell> rp anyone?
[06:12] <Petiller Cheri> Sure :D
[06:12] <Poseidon Child>
[06:12] <Poseidon Child> :P
[06:12] <Poseidon Child> 
[06:12] <Waterdaughter1> surez
[06:12] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> me jas
[06:13] <Waterdaughter1> jas.who/where?
[06:13] <Petiller Cheri> ^
[06:13] <Jasmine Campbell> link to your char list cheri?
[06:13] <Petiller Cheri> Mkay
[06:13] <Jasmine Campbell> I can only rp with cheri 'cos she said rist
[06:13] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> k
[06:13] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> rp water?
[06:14] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pokes lele*
[06:14] <Waterdaughter1> surez. who/where?
[06:14] <Petiller Cheri> [[User:Petiller Cheri/Characters| Her you go :D]]
[06:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Logic:
[06:14] <Poseidon Child> Rossy!
[06:14] <Poseidon Child> haii
[06:14] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:14] <Poseidon Child> @bella
[06:15] <Petiller Cheri> Totally WT XD
[06:15] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> [[India Jordan]] just welcome her wd
[06:15] <Poseidon Child>
[06:15] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:15] <Waterdaughter1> k]
[06:15] <Waterdaughter1> *kk
[06:16] <Petiller Cheri> lolz Poset XD
[06:16] <Poseidon Child>
[06:16] <Poseidon Child> ^
[06:16] <Poseidon Child> so trueee
[06:16] <Petiller Cheri> posey*
[06:16] <Poseidon Child> :D
[06:16] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[06:16] <Jasmine Campbell> BC rp cheri?
[06:16] <Petiller Cheri> Sure :D
[06:16] <Petiller Cheri> lolz WT XD
[06:17] <Poseidon Child>
[06:17] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[06:17] <Petiller Cheri> it says unsafe XD
[06:17] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[06:17] <Poseidon Child>
[06:17] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:17] <Poseidon Child> @bella
[06:17] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:18] <Jasmine Campbell> I'll post on Garett
[06:18] <WonderfulTwilight>
[06:19] <Jasmine Campbell> posted cheri
[06:19] <WonderfulTwilight> XD Posey
[06:19] <WonderfulTwilight> Sevensome! o.o
[06:19] <Petiller Cheri> OMG POSEY O_O
[06:19] <Petiller Cheri> I was laughing sooooooooooooo hard
[06:19] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[06:19] <Petiller Cheri> @WT As ling as harry is therre ;_
[06:19] <Petiller Cheri> ;)*
[06:19] <Poseidon Child>
[06:19] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:19] <Waterdaughter1> posted nick
[06:19] <Petiller Cheri> long*
[06:20] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:20] <Petiller Cheri> DAMM YOU TYPOS!!
[06:20] <Poseidon Child> Poor Draco
[06:20] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[06:20] <Poseidon Child> and Harry
[06:20] <Petiller Cheri> Seventhsome as long as Harry is there ;)
[06:20] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[06:20] <Petiller Cheri> I HAVE to show my sister that XD
[06:21] <WonderfulTwilight> Wouldn't that not make it a eightsome?
[06:21] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[06:21] <Petiller Cheri> She is IN LOVE with the hp series
[06:21] <Petiller Cheri> IDK WT XD
[06:21] <Jasmine Campbell> posted WT
[06:21] <Poseidon Child>
[06:21] <Poseidon Child> xD
[06:21] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> *pokes lele*
[06:21] <Poseidon Child> goo mac!
[06:21] <Poseidon Child> 
[06:22] <Poseidon Child>
[06:22] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[06:23] <Petiller Cheri> Wibbles Wind
[06:23] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[06:23] <Poseidon Child>
[06:23] <Poseidon Child> Dad?
[06:23] <Poseidon Child> DAD!
[06:23] <Poseidon Child> noo
[06:23] <Poseidon Child> dady left
[06:23] <Poseidon Child> :(
[06:23] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Jasseh
[06:24] <Lowdy345> *spins into chat*
[06:24] <WonderfulTwilight> LOWDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[06:24] <Lowdy345> sup
[06:24] <WonderfulTwilight> Le Sky
[06:24] <Waterdaughter1> lowds!!!! *hugs*
[06:24] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[06:24] <Lowdy345> Hey
[06:24] <Rawr27> Hai Lowdy
[06:24] <Petiller Cheri> LOWDY!!!!!!!
[06:25] <Petiller Cheri> MY RETARDED FISHIE!!!
[06:25] <GirlofDelusion> Lowdy?
[06:25] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[06:25] <WonderfulTwilight> XDDD
[06:25] <Lowdy345> Del?
[06:25] <Waterdaughter1> *pokes nick* posting?
[06:25] <Poseidon Child> LOWDY!
[06:25] <Poseidon Child> haii
[06:25] <Poseidon Child> wb
[06:25] <Jasmine Campbell> LOWDY!
[06:25] <Jasmine Campbell> OMFG!
[06:25] <Jasmine Campbell> *clings to lowd
[06:25] <GirlofDelusion> You in for a visit? =]
[06:25] <Petiller Cheri> ^^
[06:25] <Jasmine Campbell> *
[06:25] <Lowdy345> I'm not back, I won't come back..... just kinda visting
[06:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> LOWDY!!
[06:25] <Jasmine Campbell> >.<
[06:25] <Poseidon Child> oh
[06:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> Aww
[06:25] <Poseidon Child> oops
[06:25] <Petiller Cheri> D: Awwww
[06:25] <Waterdaughter1> awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[06:25] <GirlofDelusion> Thought so... things never repair so easily.
[06:25] <Lowdy345> Sowwy
[06:25] <Poseidon Child> aww
[06:26] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs Lowdy*
[06:26] <Kingbirdy> hey
[06:26] <Petiller Cheri> Hai King
[06:26] <Lowdy345> *hugs back*
[06:26] <Lowdy345> Nooo
[06:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo king
[06:26] <WonderfulTwilight> KING!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[06:26] <Lowdy345> bach?
[06:26] <BachLynn23> LOWDY
[06:26] <BachLynn23> *tackle hugs*
[06:26] <WonderfulTwilight> *likes to tackle hugs king for some reason O.o*
[06:26] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[06:26] <Lowdy345> Hey Bach :D
[06:26] <BachLynn23> I've missed you
[06:26] <BachLynn23> (sad) 
[06:27] <Lowdy345> Likewise
[06:27] <BachLynn23> I'm rp'ing more right now
[06:27] <BachLynn23> XD
[06:27] <BachLynn23> I like rp'ing him, it reminds me of you
[06:27] <Lowdy345> Congrats
[06:27] <Rawr27> Hai King
[06:27] <BachLynn23> *Mord
[06:27] <Waterdaughter1> *whispers to bach* dare you to show lowds the nyx cabin rp XD
[06:27] <Petiller Cheri>
[06:27] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[06:27] <BachLynn23> I will NOT scar my son like that
[06:27] <BachLynn23> XD
[06:27] <Lowdy345> I miss this place
[06:27] <Kingbirdy> this is what I imagine tackle hugs like:
[06:27] <Waterdaughter1> please bachie?
[06:28] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[06:28] <BachLynn23> XD that's awesome king XD
[06:28] <Petiller Cheri> Same King XD
[06:28] <Waterdaughter1> the reaction i imagine would be epic
[06:28] <BachLynn23> water, it's pretty traumitising, not sure Lowdy could handle it
[06:28] <BachLynn23> xD
[06:28] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[06:28] <BachLynn23> OH king I need to ask you somehing
[06:28] <Waterdaughter1> show him anyways! XD
[06:28] <Lowdy345> Oh, am I not supposed to be reading it?
[06:28] <Kingbirdy> the answer is 3
[06:28] <Petiller Cheri> *tip toes to the Nyx Cabin*
[06:29] <BachLynn23> times the square root of?
[06:29] <BachLynn23> XD
[06:29] <Kingbirdy> now what is the question?
[06:29] <Waterdaughter1> you are, arn't you lowds?
[06:29] <BachLynn23> pm or skype?
[06:29] <Lowdy345> The one with ace?
[06:29] <Kingbirdy> skype
[06:29] <Waterdaughter1> yeah
[06:29] <Waterdaughter1> funny as hell, huh lowds???! XD
[06:29] <Jasmine Campbell> huh?
[06:30] <Lowdy345> Yeah
[06:30] <Jasmine Campbell> What's going on peoples?
[06:30] <Waterdaughter1> talkin to lowds about the nyx cabin rp
[06:30] <Jasmine Campbell> :O
[06:30] <Waterdaughter1> XD
[06:30] <Jasmine Campbell> Linky?
[06:30] <Jasmine Campbell> Hasn't seen it yet
[06:30] <Waterdaughter1> [[Nyx%27s Cabin|Nyx's Cabin]]
[06:30] <WonderfulTwilight> It's very.......
[06:30] <Lowdy345> Mord is single and looking!
[06:30] <Jasmine Campbell> who?
[06:30] <Jasmine Campbell> *pets Natalie*
[06:30] <Waterdaughter1> very pornographic, jas
[06:30] <Waterdaughter1> be careful
[06:30] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[06:31] <Lowdy345> [[Mord]]
[06:31] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[06:31] <Jasmine Campbell> *and gives Natalie some cookies*
[06:31] <Poseidon Child> lol
[06:31] <Jasmine Campbell> *pushes natalie towards Mord* Talk!
[06:31] <Waterdaughter1> *pushes jas toward the nyx cabin* :P
[06:33] <Waterdaughter1> ...
[06:33] <Waterdaughter1> *wowbeenalongtimesinceicommitedsicalsuicide..interesting.*
[06:33] <Lowdy345> What happened to Orb and Jen
[06:33] <Poseidon Child> oh god
[06:33] <Poseidon Child> oh
[06:34] <Poseidon Child> CATZY AND ORBEH GOT MARRIED!
[06:34] <Poseidon Child> :D
[06:34] <Waterdaughter1> XD
[06:34] <Waterdaughter1> *:D
[06:35] <Orbstar> :o
[06:35] <Orbstar> LOWD!!!!!
[06:35] <Waterdaughter1> speak of le devil
[06:35] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[06:35] <Poseidon Child> 
[06:35] <Orbstar> *hugs lowd*
[06:35] <Lowdy345> sup
[06:35] <Orbstar> dude!
[06:35] <Poseidon Child> i have magic words
[06:35] <Poseidon Child> :D
[06:35] <Orbstar> XD
[06:35] <Orbstar> wb lowd!
[06:35] <Waterdaughter1> h ain't coming back orb
[06:36] <Waterdaughter1> just visiting
[06:36] <Orbstar> DX
[06:36] <Orbstar> oh well
[06:36] <Waterdaughter1> *he
[06:36] <Orbstar> good to see ya bro
[06:36] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> yay catzy and orbie are married :D *hugs orb*
[06:36] <Orbstar> *gus back*
[06:36] <Orbstar> *hugs
[06:36] <Orbstar> si
[06:36] <Poseidon Child> vamos a la playa
[06:36] <Poseidon Child> :D
[06:36] <Poseidon Child> 
[06:37] <Waterdaughter1> jas. *pokes* jas.*pokes*
[06:37] <Waterdaughter1> mom...jas...cookie goddess...
[06:37] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[06:37] <Waterdaughter1> *pokes jas*
[06:37] <Jasmine Campbell> *cries* I lost the link
[06:38] <Jasmine Campbell> re-link?
[06:38] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:38] <Poseidon Child> i posted that 
[06:38] <Poseidon Child> ;D
[06:38] <Poseidon Child> Torres
[06:38] <Poseidon Child> oh Torres
[06:38] <Poseidon Child> he's funnyy
[06:38] <Poseidon Child> :D
[06:38] <Waterdaughter1> [[Nyx%27s Cabin|Nyx's Cabin]] jas, this one?
[06:38] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh bbl I have shizz to do >.<
[06:38] <Lowdy345> Good news guys...
[06:38] <WonderfulTwilight> Like 30 mins
[06:39] <Waterdaughter1> jas, wanna rp julie and mark reaaalz quick?
[06:39] <WonderfulTwilight> *waits for the news*
[06:39] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[06:39] <Jasmine Campbell> sure
[06:39] <Poseidon Child> ^^
[06:39] <Waterdaughter1> yay! forest?
[06:39] <Lowdy345> I'm gonna come back.... kinda...
[06:39] <Orbstar> ^ @wonder
[06:39] <Orbstar> :O
[06:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> chu are?
[06:39] <WonderfulTwilight> :O
[06:39] <Orbstar> yesh!
[06:39] <BloomOfFairyTail> :D
[06:39] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[06:39] <Orbstar> *air fist*
[06:39] <WonderfulTwilight> *tackle hugs lowdy*
[06:39] <Poseidon Child> yay!
[06:39] <WonderfulTwilight> anyways bbl
[06:39] <Poseidon Child> *hugs lowdy*
[06:39] <Poseidon Child> :P
[06:39] <WonderfulTwilight> like 30-45 mins max
[06:39] <Waterdaughter1> YAY!!! *tackleglompz lowds*
[06:40] <Rawr27> Bye for now WT *hugs*
[06:40] <Waterdaughter1> *tackle glompz
[06:40] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya wonder
[06:40] <Orbstar> bye wt
[06:40] <Jasmine Campbell> *glompz lowd*
[06:40] <Waterdaughter1> i post first or you, jas?
[06:41] <Waterdaughter1> i'll take that as a "neither"
[06:41] <Waterdaughter1> :P
[06:41] <Lowdy345> I'll be on maybe once every two days, not everyday
[06:42] <Petiller Cheri> Hai Bee
[06:42] <Petiller Cheri> :D
[06:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> chur taking your chars back then?
[06:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> Hai Queen
[06:42] <Queen.Bee> Blood's Ace is gay?
[06:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah
[06:42] <Rawr27> Hai Queen
[06:42] <BachLynn23> bi
[06:42] <Queen.Bee> hi guys :)
[06:42] <Waterdaughter1> lowds, your opinion, colors-midnight black, or bloodred?
[06:42] <BachLynn23> he's bi
[06:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> he's having sex with every gay guy on the wiki
[06:42] <Lowdy345> No, I'm sharing with bach Mord
[06:42] <Jasmine Campbell> O.O
[06:42] <Jasmine Campbell> *vomits at the rp XD*
[06:42] <Jasmine Campbell> you
[06:42] <BachLynn23> XD he had sex with a girl though too
[06:43] <Lowdy345> blood red WD
[06:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> really? who?
[06:43] <Queen.Bee> we have gay sex rp now???
[06:43] <Poseidon Child> lol
[06:43] <BachLynn23> can't remember
[06:43] <Waterdaughter1> yes bee
[06:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah. lots of it
[06:43] <BachLynn23> @queen, we've had gay couples before
[06:43] <Waterdaughter1> thanks to blood
[06:43] <Queen.Bee> anyway, that's very unexpected of blood
[06:43] <Lowdy345> [[Mord[[
[06:43] <Lowdy345> *[[Mord]]
[06:43] <Queen.Bee> who's mord?
[06:43] <Lowdy345> and maybe one or two more
[06:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> tell me about it queen
[06:43] <BloomOfFairyTail> lowdy take Lorcan back D: and Zod
[06:44] <Jasmine Campbell> Lowdy, I posted on mord :P
[06:44] <Waterdaughter1> jas. i post first at the forest, or you?
[06:44] <Lowdy345> I'll talk to the owners
[06:44] <BloomOfFairyTail> lorcan was put for adoption
[06:44] <Jasmine Campbell> you
[06:44] <Queen.Bee> aren't most of you under 17?
[06:44] <Waterdaughter1> kk
[06:45] <Waterdaughter1> yeah, some of us bee
[06:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah
[06:45] <Jasmine Campbell> I am
[06:45] <Lowdy345> I'll adopt Lorcan then
[06:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> yay :D
[06:45] <Rawr27> I am too :P
[06:45] <Queen.Bee> aren't you guys a little too young for that many sex rp's?
[06:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> I don't rp sex >.<
[06:45] <BloomOfFairyTail> but Blood does
[06:45] <Queen.Bee> *shrugs* he's legal
[06:46] <Lowdy345> What happened too orb and Jen?
[06:46] <BachLynn23> actually per the pg 13 guide line, as long as parts are bleeped out, sex in general is ok
[06:46] <Queen.Bee> so the foreplay is ok, the sex has to be censored?
[06:46] <Jasmine Campbell> who has a char willing to flirty with mah shiny new charrie?
[06:47] <BachLynn23> nothing says sex can't be implied
[06:47] <BachLynn23> just not graphically explained
[06:47] <Waterdaughter1> i guess,
[06:47] <Jasmine Campbell> [[Natalie Frank]]
[06:47] <Waterdaughter1> oh, i already did :P
[06:47] <Jasmine Campbell> :P
[06:47] <Jasmine Campbell> I saw
[06:47] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[06:48] <Jasmine Campbell> who else wants to post o [[Natalie Frank|Natalie]]?
[06:48] <Jasmine Campbell> on*
[06:48] <Poseidon Child> oh damnn
[06:48] <Poseidon Child> my male char
[06:48] <Poseidon Child> is like
[06:48] <Poseidon Child> her bro
[06:48] <Poseidon Child> ;P
[06:48] <Poseidon Child> 
[06:48] <Jasmine Campbell> :P
[06:48] <Waterdaughter1> posted at the forest jas
[06:48] <Poseidon Child> ehhposted
[06:48] <Poseidon Child> *ehh posted
[06:48] <Jasmine Campbell> link WD?
[06:49] <Waterdaughter1> [Forest]]
[06:49] <Waterdaughter1> *[[forest]]
[06:50] <BachLynn23> hey lowdy, wanna add to the top of Mord's page that we share him?
[06:51] <Poseidon Child>
[06:51] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:51] <Lowdy345> Sure, I can do it
[06:51] <Lowdy345> Posted on there btw
[06:52] <Rawr27> Brb
[06:53] <Lowdy345> *yawns*
[06:54] <Queen.Bee> going to bed
[06:54] <Waterdaughter1> *isnowbreakingawkwardturtlescilence* :P
[06:54] <Queen.Bee> 'night guys
[06:54] <Waterdaughter1> night bee
[06:54] <GirlofDelusion> So what?
[06:54] <Lowdy345> Nighty
[06:54] <GirlofDelusion> I'm 15
[06:54] <Jasmine Campbell> posted WD
[06:54] <GirlofDelusion> I'm not an idiot
[06:54] <GirlofDelusion> oh, night
[06:54] <Jasmine Campbell> pose, pm
[06:55] <GirlofDelusion> g2g too
[06:55] <GirlofDelusion> bbl
[06:55] <Jasmine Campbell> bai
[06:55] <Lowdy345> Bai
[06:56] <Petiller Cheri>
[06:56] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[06:57] <Rawr27> Backers
[06:57] <Poseidon Child> XD
[06:58] <Waterdaughter1> posted jas...mark is just a wittle bit jumpy today XD
[06:58] <Poseidon Child> hardcore biking
[06:58] <Waterdaughter1> yah, i watched that video cheri
[06:59] <Petiller Cheri> I tagged my sister in this photo-->
[06:59] <Petiller Cheri> Her Reaction: OMG Thats disturbing!>_<
[06:59] <Petiller Cheri> My Reaction to her reaction: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LOL!!!!!!!
[06:59] <Petiller Cheri> Video? O.o
[06:59] <Poseidon Child> posted jas
[07:00] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:00] <Poseidon Child> mah pics
[07:00] <Poseidon Child> are awesome
[07:00] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[07:00] <Poseidon Child> or rather
[07:00] <Poseidon Child> the pics
[07:00] <Poseidon Child> i found
[07:00] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[07:00] <Petiller Cheri> My sister is SOOOOO funny XD
[07:00] <Jasmine Campbell> k
[07:00] <Petiller Cheri> I love her to death
[07:00] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[07:01] <Poseidon Child> Dumbledore won't be bringing his "Elder Wand" to the party then?
[07:01] <Poseidon Child> 
[07:01] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:01] <Waterdaughter1> *randomly clutches her back and falls down* ow ow ow OW!
[07:01] <Poseidon Child> luvv that comment
[07:02] <Petiller Cheri> O_O
[07:02] <Petiller Cheri> Woah there Posey
[07:02] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[07:02] <Waterdaughter1> unless you WANT him too posey..XD
[07:02] <Poseidon Child> *smiles*
[07:02] <Poseidon Child> who wouldn't?
[07:02] <Poseidon Child> :D
[07:02] <Waterdaughter1> O_0
[07:03] <Waterdaughter1> *O_O
[07:03] <Poseidon Child> :DDDD
[07:03] <Signatural> posey
[07:03] <Signatural> go on skype
[07:03] <Waterdaughter1> just creeped me out more than comic can...
[07:03] <Signatural> I have to send you le pic
[07:03] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:04] <Poseidon Child> oh
[07:04] <Jasmine Campbell> *reloads Natalie*
[07:04] <Jasmine Campbell> posted WD
[07:04] <Poseidon Child> Sig!
[07:05] <Poseidon Child> thats the biggest dilema of all time!
[07:05] <Poseidon Child> 
[07:05] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> pic? what pic
[07:06] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> ?
[07:06] <Waterdaughter1> screwed up your post jasseh
[07:06] <Rawr27> Lol Pose, I only just realised your avvie is of Louis from 1D. My friend is completely and utterly obessed with him xD
[07:06] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> so am i
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> :D
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> <3
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> he's soooo hot
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> and cute
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> and amazing
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> not to mentino fabulous
[07:07] <Rawr27> I prefer Zayn..:D
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> :)
[07:07] <Jasmine Campbell> XDni WAS USING HER NOT LONG AGO SO :p
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> Zayn?!
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> mah friend
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> loves him
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> :D
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> but now
[07:07] <Waterdaughter1> no needs to shouts at moi, jasseh!
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> she loves NIall
[07:07] <Jasmine Campbell> TYPO!
[07:07] <Poseidon Child> *Niall
[07:07] <Waterdaughter1> CAPS! :P
[07:08] <Rawr27> Haha xD My friend has even got a bracelet that says 'I love Louis' :P
[07:08] <Jasmine Campbell> by accident
[07:08] <Rawr27> Soa *hugs*
[07:09] <Jasmine Campbell> fixed WD
[07:10] <Poseidon Child> >.<
[07:10] <Poseidon Child> me gusta
[07:10] <Poseidon Child> that bracelet
[07:10] <Poseidon Child> and i want it :P
[07:10] <Rawr27> Lool xD
[07:10] <Poseidon Child> >.<
[07:10] <Rawr27> Her mum even got her a doll of Liam Payne, I was just like *facepalm*
[07:11] <Jasmine Campbell> posted pose
[07:11] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi...
[07:11] <Jasmine Campbell> WT!
[07:11] <Rawr27> Shes obessed with 1D, I'm obessed with You me at six :D An amazing band and WT!!
[07:11] <Rawr27> *hugs WT*
[07:11] <Jasmine Campbell> I posted on Romeo with a new post :P
[07:11] <Anna Leigh Johnson> Hola :)
[07:11] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs back*
[07:11] <WonderfulTwilight> k
[07:11] <Rawr27> HAI ALJ!
[07:11] <Anna Leigh Johnson> HAI!
[07:11] <Rawr27> Sorry went slightly hyper xD
[07:12] <Anna Leigh Johnson> Btw, 1D=BEST BAND EVER!!!!
[07:12] <Petiller Cheri>
[07:12] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:12] <Poseidon Child> weXDDD
[07:12] <Poseidon Child> ALJ!
[07:12] <Poseidon Child> I LOVE YOU!
[07:12] <Rawr27> Lol xD YMAS for moi
[07:12] <Poseidon Child> YOU'RE AWESOMEE
[07:12] <Poseidon Child> *tackle hugs ALJ*
[07:12] <Poseidon Child> lol
[07:12] <Anna Leigh Johnson> :D I'M LOVEDDDD!!! *Is tackle hugged*
[07:12] <Anna Leigh Johnson> xD
[07:13] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:13] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Jasseh
[07:13] <Poseidon Child> and TOTS!
[07:13] <Poseidon Child> 1D is awesomeeehh
[07:13] <Poseidon Child> haii soa
[07:13] <WonderfulTwilight> SOA!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[07:13] <Sonofapollo> hi
[07:14] <Anna Leigh Johnson> ....I saw Hunger Games Yesterday and I found out I'm gonna be an aunt again!!! :)
[07:14] <Rawr27> Soa chu has returned :P *hugs*
[07:14] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:14] <Poseidon Child> lol
[07:14] <Waterdaughter1> 1D friggen sucks
[07:14] <Sonofapollo> how did i know posey was the user with the 1D avie?
[07:14] <Sonofapollo> XD
[07:14] <Waterdaughter1> posted jas
[07:14] <Sonofapollo> @rawr, ja
[07:14] <Rawr27> Fine hug back..again :P I see how it is
[07:14] <Sonofapollo> -hugs-
[07:15] <Sonofapollo> sowweh
[07:15] <Sonofapollo> im getting old
[07:15] <BachLynn23> SOA
[07:15] <BachLynn23> *tackle hugs soa*
[07:15] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:15] <Poseidon Child> @soa
[07:15] <Rawr27> Yay I got le hug xD
[07:16] <Sonofapollo> Bachy? -is tackle hugged-
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> you knew!
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[07:16] <BachLynn23> hi
[07:16] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> :O
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> Water
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> no
[07:16] <BachLynn23> I rp'd brock on tristan's page
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> just no
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> :P
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> 
[07:16] <Sonofapollo> hai xP
[07:16] <Sonofapollo> ok bach
[07:16] <Waterdaughter1> no what?
[07:16] <Petiller Cheri>
[07:16] <Petiller Cheri> hehe XD
[07:16] <Rawr27> Pose calm down xD
[07:16] <Jasmine Campbell> posted pose?
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> right
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> im calm
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> calm
[07:16] <Waterdaughter1> if your talkin about 1D, i ain't afraid to admit my opinion
[07:16] <Poseidon Child> chilled
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> like a cucumber
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> cucumber style
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> chill
[07:17] <Waterdaughter1> XD
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> right
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> keep chill
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> ice cream
[07:17] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[07:17] <Rawr27> Personally like I said before, the best band ever is You me at six :P
[07:17] <Sonofapollo> O,O
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> chill
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> okay
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> im done
[07:17] <Sonofapollo> i thought it's cool like a cucumber?
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> :D
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> 
[07:17] <Poseidon Child> F**K LOGIC!
[07:17] <BachLynn23> I'd rather not
[07:18] <Poseidon Child>
[07:18] <Rawr27> Lool xD
[07:18] <Jasmine Campbell> XD
[07:18] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:18] <Sonofapollo> XD bach
[07:18] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:18] <Poseidon Child> you never know :P
[07:18] <Rawr27> Bach chu come out with the most amazing stuff xD
[07:18] <BachLynn23> lol
[07:18] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:18] <BachLynn23> I try
[07:18] <BachLynn23> sometimes
[07:18] <Waterdaughter1> julie, posted
[07:18] <BachLynn23> other times it just sorta falls out
[07:18] <Waterdaughter1> *jas
[07:19] <Waterdaughter1> wow...friggen EPICEST FAIL EVAH
[07:19] <BachLynn23> is julie the charie?
[07:19] <Poseidon Child>
[07:19] <Waterdaughter1> yeah XD
[07:19] <Poseidon Child> look at that face
[07:19] <Poseidon Child> :D
[07:19] <Jasmine Campbell> posted WT
[07:19] <Sonofapollo> omg i wanna make a new charrie XP
[07:19] <BachLynn23> that's ok, in an rp, I accidentally asked lele to marry me, instead of Coral
[07:19] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:19] <Sonofapollo> i even made le name
[07:19] <Sonofapollo> O,O
[07:19] <Sonofapollo> XD
[07:19] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:19] <Waterdaughter1> o_o
[07:19] <Rawr27> Lool xD
[07:19] <Waterdaughter1> XDD
[07:19] <Waterdaughter1> interesting...
[07:20] <Poseidon Child> and then she goes like
[07:20] <Poseidon Child> :O
[07:20] <Poseidon Child> you're cheating
[07:20] <Poseidon Child> on moi??
[07:20] <Poseidon Child> 
[07:20] <Poseidon Child> wb ALJ
[07:20] <Poseidon Child> 
[07:20] <Waterdaughter1> i have learned so much since i came her in nov
[07:20] <Rawr27> Like I said, amazing stuff bach :P
[07:20] <Waterdaughter1> *here
[07:20] <Waterdaughter1> *is having a bad typo day*
[07:21] <Sonofapollo> replied bach
[07:21] <BachLynn23> another time, cuz I was looking at the other charie's name I was rp'ing with, I accidentally responded with their word bubble
[07:21] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:21] <Poseidon Child> xD
[07:21] <Sonofapollo> i do that
[07:21] <Sonofapollo> XD
[07:21] <Rawr27> I nearly did that :P
[07:21] <Poseidon Child>
[07:21] <Poseidon Child> :P
[07:21] <Waterdaughter1> omg...*is watching her dad fix the fence he busted with a dirt bike* XD
[07:21] <Poseidon Child>
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> i love the last gif
[07:22] <Waterdaughter1> er...*i busted, with a dirt bike
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> 
[07:22] <Sonofapollo> Hey guys, do you think the name "Charlize Adelaide" sounds South African?
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> lol
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> errmm
[07:22] <Anna Leigh Johnson> I GO ON THAT'S SO TRUE TOO!!!!
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> Adelaide!
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:22] <Sonofapollo> cause le first name is, but not sure about Adelaide
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> OMG!
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> hmm
[07:22] <Sonofapollo> what about adelaide?
[07:22] <Waterdaughter1> *pokes* posting julie?
[07:22] <Waterdaughter1> *jas
[07:22] <Sonofapollo> XD
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> its.. nice?!
[07:22] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[07:22] <Anna Leigh Johnson> I thought I was the only one!!!
[07:22] <Waterdaughter1> dammit!!
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> XDD
[07:22] <Poseidon Child> haha
[07:22] <Sonofapollo> oh rofl
[07:22] <Sonofapollo> X
[07:22] <Waterdaughter1> second time!
[07:22] <Sonofapollo> XP*
[07:22] <Waterdaughter1> *headdesks*
[07:23] <Anna Leigh Johnson> Oh, before I forget to ask, who here has heard the song Eyes Open by Taylor Swift???
[07:23] <Poseidon Child> thatssotrue
[07:23] <Poseidon Child> is awesome
[07:23] <Sonofapollo> i have
[07:23] <Waterdaughter1> yes anna!!
[07:23] <Poseidon Child> boop
[07:23] <Poseidon Child> nope
[07:23] <Poseidon Child> boop
[07:23] <Sonofapollo> its not as good as safe n sound
[07:23] <Anna Leigh Johnson> I LOVE THAT EFFIN SONG!!!!
[07:23] <Rawr27> Ergh..not Taylor Swift -__-
[07:23] <Waterdaughter1> WOOT!
[07:23] <Poseidon Child> well
[07:23] <Poseidon Child> she's nice
[07:23] <Sonofapollo> but, tbh, "long live" is much better suited to HG
[07:23] <Waterdaughter1> *hi fives anna*
[07:23] <Sonofapollo> even though its not a HG song
[07:23] <Poseidon Child> eh i like Teardrops on my guitar
[07:23] <Sonofapollo> but it is taylor swsift
[07:23] <Poseidon Child> it nicee
[07:23] <Anna Leigh Johnson> To me they're the same, I'm just happy because they're not all centered around a break up that she's gone through
[07:23] <Poseidon Child> hai dragon
[07:24] <Waterdaughter1> pose, i loves that song too
[07:24] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:24] <WonderfulTwilight> o_o F*********************ck
[07:24] <Dragongirl1111> Can an administrator check my character thing again?
[07:24] <Poseidon Child> ohgod
[07:24] <WonderfulTwilight> Hannah -Child of Aphrodite 
[07:24] <WonderfulTwilight> -The Beautiful One 
[07:24] <WonderfulTwilight> – 19:15, March 25, 2012 (UTC)
[07:24] <WonderfulTwilight> 
[07:24] <WonderfulTwilight> Oh, you're cute. Got a girlfriend sweetheart? *Winks*	
[07:24] <Poseidon Child> i was gonna say
[07:24] <Poseidon Child> please
[07:24] <Dragongirl1111> [[Forum:Celia Fane]]
[07:24] <Sonofapollo> @ALJ, have chu heard long live?
[07:24] <Poseidon Child> dont
[07:24] <Poseidon Child> tell us
[07:24] <Poseidon Child> to
[07:24] <WonderfulTwilight> o_o
[07:24] <Dragongirl1111> ok
[07:24] <Poseidon Child> check your char
[07:24] <Jasmine Campbell> posted WD
[07:24] <Poseidon Child> but nvrm
[07:24] <Rawr27> Too late pose xD
[07:24] <Anna Leigh Johnson> Yes! 
[07:24] <Waterdaughter1> nooo not another celia!!
[07:24] <Dragongirl1111> ?
[07:24] <Sonofapollo> omg dragongirl, did you like le last book of the inheritance cycle?
[07:24] <Jasmine Campbell> posted pose?
[07:24] <Dragongirl1111> YES!
[07:24] <Waterdaughter1> jk dragoon
[07:24] <Anna Leigh Johnson> I love that song, too!
[07:25] <Sonofapollo> @ALJ, freakin' love that song!
[07:25] <Poseidon Child> lol
[07:25] <Sonofapollo> @Dragon, i didnt like the ending as much
[07:25] <Sonofapollo> :(
[07:25] <Waterdaughter1> *pokes JAS* posting?
[07:25] <Dragongirl1111> I LOVE the last book! It is totally AWESOME!
[07:25] <Poseidon Child> i
[07:25] <Sonofapollo> still love the series
[07:25] <Waterdaughter1> yeah! got dat right!
[07:25] <Poseidon Child> was halfway through the book
[07:25] <Dragongirl1111> Oh, he's going to make another series
[07:25] <Poseidon Child> then
[07:25] <Poseidon Child> i was like
[07:25] <Sonofapollo> HE IS?
[07:25] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[07:25] <Sonofapollo> oooh tell me more
[07:25] <Dragongirl1111> yes!
[07:25] <Sonofapollo> about dragons?
[07:25] <Sonofapollo> and riders?
[07:25] <Sonofapollo> XD
[07:26] <Jasmine Campbell> I already said I posted WD
[07:26] <Poseidon Child> posted jas
[07:26] <Waterdaughter1> is punching and yelling at someon flirting? jw
[07:26] <Jasmine Campbell> k
[07:26] <Waterdaughter1> kk jas
[07:26] <Dragongirl1111> Dragons never stop growing and can breath fire at the age of 5 months
[07:26] <Sonofapollo> if i had a dragon, i want her to be purple
[07:26] <Sonofapollo> XP
[07:26] <Sonofapollo> or orange
[07:26] <Sonofapollo> :O or yellow
[07:26] <Dragongirl1111> Same here!!!!
[07:26] <Sonofapollo> XD
[07:27] <Sonofapollo> white would look nice though
[07:27] <Dragongirl1111> XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
[07:27] <Poseidon Child> lol
[07:27] <Poseidon Child> Dragon talk
[07:27] <Poseidon Child> :P
[07:27] <Dragongirl1111> Vrael's dragon was white
[07:27] <Sonofapollo> tbh, i wouldnt care, i just wanna dagon
[07:27] <Sonofapollo> oui, c'est vrai
[07:27] <Dragongirl1111> I want to BE a dragon
[07:27] <Rawr27> I want a blue Dragon :P that dragon would be epic
[07:27] <Jasmine Campbell> posted pose
[07:27] <Poseidon Child> i want Saphire
[07:27] <Poseidon Child> whats her name?
[07:27] <Sonofapollo> i want a brown dragon *being awkward*
[07:27] <Poseidon Child> :P
[07:27] <Sonofapollo> Saphira
[07:27] <Sonofapollo> XP
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> yea
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> :D
[07:28] <Dragongirl1111> actually, I'd want a really nice sea green dragon
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> typo
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> :D
[07:28] <Dragongirl1111> Fírnen!
[07:28] <Dragongirl1111> Thorn!
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> erp
[07:28] <Sonofapollo> like Arya's
[07:28] <Dragongirl1111> Glaedr
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> i forgot everything
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> about the book
[07:28] <Dragongirl1111> Shruiken!
[07:28] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> gtg.. bai everyone
[07:28] <BachLynn23> @soa posted
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> like all i know
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> byee nicki
[07:28] <BachLynn23> let's pretend it's like almost dusk
[07:28] <Dragongirl1111> gtg
[07:28] <Rawr27> Lol Pose xD bye nicki
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> *hugs*
[07:28] <Sonofapollo> kk
[07:28] <Sonofapollo> bye nicki
[07:28] <BachLynn23> as you and I usually aren't on at night
[07:28] <Poseidon Child> is that
[07:28] <BachLynn23> well night both of our times that is
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> theres a blue dragon called saphire
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> and she has this rider
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111> bye! I'll be on soon though! then we can continue to talk about dragons
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> called something
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> starts with an E
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> :p
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> oh god
[07:29] <Rawr27> I want that Dragon then :P
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111> Wait I have an Eragon Roleplay Wiki!
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> i really forgot
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> right
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> Eragon
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111>
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> i rmb!
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> :DD
[07:29] <Rawr27> If its blue..:D
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111>
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111>
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111>
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111>
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111>
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111>
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111>
[07:29] <Dragongirl1111>
[07:29] <Poseidon Child> lol
[07:29] <Rawr27> Err..thats advertising right?
[07:30] <Poseidon Child> who sent her
[07:30] <Kingbirdy> spamming for sure
[07:30] <Poseidon Child> ?
[07:30] <Waterdaughter1> posted ja-damn
[07:30] <Kingbirdy> she's been here a while
[07:30] <Poseidon Child> oh
[07:30] <Poseidon Child> wow
[07:30] <Rawr27> You can't advertise other wikis on chat
[07:30] <Sonofapollo> oh, i thought she was new
[07:30] <BachLynn23> the spamming was almost worse than the advertising
[07:30] <Poseidon Child> kin
[07:30] <Poseidon Child> ^^
[07:30] <Poseidon Child> @soa
[07:30] <Head of Ravenclaw> @Soa ^
[07:30] <Kingbirdy> you can a little, rawr, so long as it fits the flow of the convo
[07:30] <Kingbirdy> but sure as hell not lik that
[07:30] <Poseidon Child> go with the flow
[07:30] <Poseidon Child> haii lott
[07:31] <Rawr27> Oh fair enough hai lott
[07:31] <Waterdaughter1> *waits for jas to come back on*
[07:31] <Nhlott> hey hey
[07:31] <Poseidon Child> ^^
[07:32] <Rawr27> I wish Bloom came back on..I was pming her about something very imporant :(
[07:32] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[07:32] <Waterdaughter1> yay! i posted juli-JAS!
[07:32] <Poseidon Child> it's 3:32AM
[07:32] <Poseidon Child> hmm
[07:32] <Waterdaughter1> dammit, keep wanting to call jas julie :P
[07:32] <Poseidon Child> should i or should i not go to bed?
[07:32] <Poseidon Child> that is the question :P
[07:32] <Poseidon Child> 
[07:32] <Kingbirdy> hm, what's a fair cooldown on her chat ban?
[07:32] <Waterdaughter1> naw. if your tired, yes, if not, no
[07:32] <BachLynn23> first chat ban?
[07:32] <BachLynn23> if it's first I'd say maybe 30 minutes
[07:33] <Kingbirdy> think so
[07:33] <BachLynn23> max
[07:33] <Kingbirdy> but idk
[07:33] <Poseidon Child> lol
[07:33] <Poseidon Child> hmm
[07:33] <Kingbirdy> yeah, I was gonna go 30-1hr
[07:33] <Poseidon Child> aw c'mon king
[07:33] <Poseidon Child> go easy on her
[07:33] <Poseidon Child> like 15?
[07:33] <WonderfulTwilight> *pokes WD*
[07:33] <Poseidon Child> eh
[07:33] <Poseidon Child> don't listedn to moi
[07:33] <Waterdaughter1> eh?
[07:33] <Poseidon Child> *listen
[07:33] <Poseidon Child> wb ALJ!
[07:33] <Waterdaughter1> who dares pokeh moi?
[07:33] <WonderfulTwilight> I wanna break Romeo and Lacie up :P
[07:34] <Waterdaughter1> awww, why?
[07:34] <WonderfulTwilight> 'Cause :P
[07:34] <Waterdaughter1> 'least give me a reason?
[07:34] <Poseidon Child>
[07:34] <Poseidon Child> :P
[07:34] <Poseidon Child> 
[07:34] <Jasmine Campbell> oh WD, I;m helping to break your chars up :P
[07:34] <Jasmine Campbell> I'm*
[07:35] <Waterdaughter1> what if i no want my charries broken up?
[07:35] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[07:35] <Poseidon Child> posted jaseh!
[07:35] <WonderfulTwilight> <.<
[07:35] <Poseidon Child> >.>
[07:35] <Poseidon Child> :P
[07:36] <Poseidon Child> XD
[07:37] <Waterdaughter1> *sighs and waits for jas to come back AGAIN*
[07:37] <Poseidon Child> she
[07:37] <Poseidon Child> i here
[07:38] <Poseidon Child> *is
[07:38] <Poseidon Child> :P
[07:38] <Waterdaughter1> it said she left.....?
[07:38] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[07:38] <Poseidon Child> no
[07:38] <Poseidon Child> but im leaving :P
[07:38] <Poseidon Child> night guys
[07:38] <Poseidon Child> o.o
[07:38] <Poseidon Child> well
[07:39] <Waterdaughter1> night niece
[07:39] <Poseidon Child> i should sayy mornin'
[07:39] <Rawr27> Bye pose
[07:39] <Poseidon Child> :P
[07:39] <Poseidon Child> byee guys
[07:39] <Waterdaughter1> posted jas
[07:40] <Rawr27> Well I gtg now too, bye bye peoples
[07:40] <Jasmine Campbell> posted WD
[07:40] <Jasmine Campbell> bai rawr
[07:40] <WonderfulTwilight> Byez
[07:40] <Waterdaughter1> bye rawr
[07:42] <Waterdaughter1> soo...*stabs comp*
[07:42] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[07:43] <Waterdaughter1> *coz she can and it's pissing her off*
[07:45] <Waterdaughter1> posted jas
[07:46] <Jasmine Campbell> gtg
[07:46] <Waterdaughter1> bye 
[07:46] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye
[07:48] <Sonofapollo> hai trav
[07:50] <Waterdaughter1> .
[07:51] <Waterdaughter1> *breaksawkwardturtlescilenceAGAIN*
[07:51] <Travelg> hi
[07:51] <Waterdaughter1> yo trav
[07:52] <Waterdaughter1> gtg.if jas comes back on, tell her i posted
[07:52] <Petiller Cheri> *pokes lottir ramdomly*
[07:52] <Petiller Cheri> Bai water
[07:52] <Petiller Cheri> lottie*
[07:55] <Petiller Cheri> LOYYIE!!!!!!!
[07:55] <Petiller Cheri> LOTTIE*
[07:55] <Nhlott> CHERI!!
[07:55] <Nhlott> 
[07:55] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[07:55] <Nhlott> *glompz back*
[07:55] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:57] <Sonofapollo> hai cheri#
[07:57] <Petiller Cheri> Hai Soa
[07:58] <WonderfulTwilight> ...
[07:58] <Petiller Cheri> Alloz WT XP
[07:58] <WonderfulTwilight> :P *waves*
[07:58] <Petiller Cheri> XD hehe
[07:59] <WonderfulTwilight> OMFG Jelly Tots o_o
[07:59] <WonderfulTwilight> *drools*
[07:59] <Nhlott> .....?
[08:00] <Petiller Cheri> XDDDDD
[08:00] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[08:01] <WonderfulTwilight> I have a tiny bit of an addiction to them :P
[08:01] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[08:01] <Petiller Cheri> 
[08:01] <Petiller Cheri> A tiny bit?
[08:02] <Nhlott> I see XD
[08:02] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[08:02] <Petiller Cheri> Understatement XP
[08:02] <WonderfulTwilight> Talk about it :P
[08:02] <Sonofapollo> lott, i replied on splendora
[08:02] <Sonofapollo> sorryif she's a beetch
[08:04] <Petiller Cheri> My dooor opened and closed all by it self O_O
[08:04] <Sonofapollo> O,O
[08:04] <Sonofapollo> its the woman in black
[08:04] <Sonofapollo> XD
[08:04] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[08:04] <Petiller Cheri> O___________O
[08:04] <WonderfulTwilight> DX I got sugar in mah keyboard
[08:04] <Petiller Cheri> *hides behind Soa*
[08:05] <Sonofapollo> XD
[08:05] <WonderfulTwilight> God dammit Jelly Tots, Y U so tasty DX
[08:05] <Sonofapollo> @Wtsy, would you like a sugar cube *Does finnicks provocative smile*
[08:05] <Sonofapollo> -insert smexy smile-
[08:05] <WonderfulTwilight> Ja :P
[08:05] <WonderfulTwilight> ....
[08:05] <Sonofapollo> xD
[08:05] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[08:08] <WonderfulTwilight> 
[08:09] <Sonofapollo> wb lott
[08:09] <WonderfulTwilight> Wibbles lott
[08:10] <Nhlott> thnx
[08:10] <Sonofapollo> has ghost made his own rp wiki?
[08:12] <Theharlequin> Hey
[08:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi Harle
[08:13] <Theharlequin> Hey J
[08:13] <Sonofapollo> hi harle, hai j
[08:14] <Theharlequin> hey blood
[08:14] <Sonofapollo> hi blood
[08:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi blood
[08:15] <Nhlott> posted, Soa
[08:15] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Harle, Soa, Wonder
[08:17] <WonderfulTwilight> ...
[08:17] <Sonofapollo> ok lott
[08:17] <Theharlequin> hey rawr
[08:17] <Sonofapollo> hai rawr
[08:17] <Petiller Cheri> *noms on popcorn*
[08:17] <WonderfulTwilight> RAWR!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[08:18] <Rawr27> Hai *is tackled* :P
[08:18] <Sonofapollo> @lott ,sorry for her beetchiness
[08:18] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Rawr
[08:18] <Rawr27> *hugs back*
[08:18] <Sonofapollo> DX its just so unlike me
[08:18] <Sonofapollo> she
[08:18] <Sonofapollo> 'she'll like him after she realises theyre related
[08:18] <Sonofapollo> XP
[08:18] <WonderfulTwilight> Boreas or Hermes *is trying to choose* >.>
[08:18] <Petiller Cheri> Omg mu bro in law is familiar with 9gag XP
[08:18] <Petiller Cheri> my*
[08:19] <Sonofapollo> hermes, wtsy
[08:19] <Sonofapollo> hermes = awesome
[08:19] <WonderfulTwilight> Name....*drums table*
[08:20] <Sonofapollo> replied lott
[08:20] <Sonofapollo> male or female, wtsy?
[08:20] <WonderfulTwilight> Female :P
[08:20] <Sonofapollo> fancy name, normal name or ghetto name? XD
[08:20] <WonderfulTwilight> Hmmmmm XP
[08:21] <Petiller Cheri> Mike B. Bereiter: Silly, Silly 9gag, that could of been done better
[08:21] <Petiller Cheri> Dharma Kay: OMG your familiar with 9gag?
[08:21] <Petiller Cheri> Mike B. Bereiter: Under penalty of death, I can't tell you of the original bad-assery. and least until you are of age.
[08:21] <Petiller Cheri> Dharma Kay: XDDDDDDDDD FINE THEN
[08:21] <Petiller Cheri> 
[08:21] <Sonofapollo> i specialise in ghetto and fancy
[08:21] <WonderfulTwilight> Just a name XP
[08:21] <Kingbirdy> lott, skype
[08:21] <Sonofapollo> oh fine, go for boring XD
[08:21] <Sonofapollo> hmm
[08:21] <Sonofapollo> Tilly Longman?
[08:22] <WonderfulTwilight> Nah....
[08:22] <Sonofapollo> Nicola Brookes?
[08:22] <WonderfulTwilight> Nope :P
[08:22] <Sonofapollo> any specific letter?
[08:22] <Nhlott> y'see, one of the cool functionalites of Skype is that that little S lights up when you get a message 
[08:23] <WonderfulTwilight> Not really :P
[08:23] <Sonofapollo> XD lott
[08:23] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[08:23] <Nhlott> I was being sarcastic
[08:23] <Sonofapollo> oh -feels stupid-
[08:23] <Sonofapollo> XD
[08:24] <Nhlott> I said all that to say "Yea, I saw"
[08:24] <BachLynn23> xD
[08:25] <Black Wolf of blood> *Sighs deeply*
[08:25] <Nhlott> posted, soa
[08:25] <Rawr27> Why chu sighing blood?
[08:25] <Nhlott> hmmm....
[08:26] <BachLynn23> what's wrong blood?
[08:26] <Sonofapollo> ok lott
[08:26] <Sonofapollo> ^^
[08:26] <Black Wolf of blood> 'Cause 1) I had to work on a presentation for the last hour and a half
[08:26] <Black Wolf of blood> And that means
[08:26] <Black Wolf of blood> 2) I very nearly didn't get to say good night to Bloom
[08:26] <BachLynn23> awwww but you did get to?
[08:26] <Black Wolf of blood> And I didn't get to talk to her, other than a quick good night
[08:26] <Black Wolf of blood> Yeah
[08:27] <Black Wolf of blood> But she had to go :(
[08:27] <Black Wolf of blood> And since it's summertime here
[08:27] <BachLynn23> awwww that stinks *friendly hug*
[08:27] <Black Wolf of blood> It means that I'm now 5 hours ahead of her instead of 4
[08:27] <Black Wolf of blood> *friendly hugs back*
[08:28] <Rawr27> Aww yeah she was telling me in pm that she wanted to talk to you :/
[08:28] <Black Wolf of blood> yeah, I wanted to talk to her as well :(
[08:28] <Sonofapollo> replied lott
[08:28] <Sonofapollo> aww chu guys are too cute :3
[08:28] <Rawr27> But her evil skype wasn't working sadly :/
[08:28] <WonderfulTwilight> Anyone like the name Ruthanne Lomartire?
[08:29] <Nhlott> sounds old lady-ish
[08:29] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[08:29] <Sonofapollo> XD
[08:29] <WonderfulTwilight> Maybeshe is an old lady XP
[08:29] <Sonofapollo> to tell ya the truth, ruth, i think it sounds cool
[08:29] <Nhlott> What? It does :P
[08:29] <WonderfulTwilight> Maybe she*
[08:30] <Sonofapollo> (haha, another funny soa joke)
[08:30] <Sonofapollo> replied bach
[08:30] <Sonofapollo> ((i was being sarcastic))
[08:30] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[08:30] <BachLynn23> oh and apparently an intended innocent conversation with Brock's half sibling, has turned her into an over protective sister and went off on Erion O.O
[08:30] <Rawr27> It reminds me of a Martian/Tyre..:P
[08:30] <Rawr27> @WT
[08:31] <WonderfulTwilight> .....
[08:31] <Rawr27> Eh I have a weird brain WT xD
[08:31] <Nhlott> Liza?
[08:34] <ShadowGoddess> elloz lottie!
[08:34] <Sonofapollo> ok lott
[08:34] <Sonofapollo> rofl, she has no clue wtf an earbud is
[08:34] <Nhlott> Hey hey
[08:34] <Sonofapollo> being a tudor and all
[08:34] <Sonofapollo> XD
[08:34] <Black Wolf of blood> @Bachy, but still, 
[08:34] <Black Wolf of blood> 
[08:34] <Black Wolf of blood> 
[08:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Erion -Son of Aeolus 
[08:34] <Black Wolf of blood> -The Berserk 
[08:34] <Black Wolf of blood> – 18:32, March 25, 2012 (UTC)
[08:34] <Black Wolf of blood> 
[08:34] <Black Wolf of blood> You never even bothered to tell the guy you had a boyfriend? Am I that minor a detail in your life? 
[08:34] <Black Wolf of blood> 
[08:34] <Black Wolf of blood> That was below the belt
[08:34] <WonderfulTwilight> brb
[08:35] <BachBot> wow
[08:35] <BachBot> I mean Erion and Ace haven't been dating that long
[08:35] <Sonofapollo> rofl, ace goes IN
[08:35] <Sonofapollo> XD
[08:35] <BachBot> it's easy to slip into old habits
[08:35] <Sonofapollo> i mean, erion*
[08:35] <BachBot> believe me, I know
[08:35] <Nhlott> hmmmm..... I can diffuse Liza pretty quick. She listens to Nolan
[08:35] <BachBot> I used to be like Ace, once upon a time
[08:35] <Sonofapollo> @lott, replied
[08:35] <Black Wolf of blood> That's kinda what Ace said
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> "He shakes his head, tears in his eyes,
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> 
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> 
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> 
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> Ace -Child of Hecate 
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> -The Dark Magician 
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> – 20:21, March 25, 2012 (UTC)
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> 
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> "I'm not...I'm not used to things like this. I'm used to being able to do whatever I want, with whomever I want. I...I guess I didn't think it through. I'm sorry." 
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> "
[08:36] <Petiller Cheri> *tackle hugs <span style="color:red;">BachBot</span>*
[08:36] <BachBot> *is tackle hugged*
[08:36] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[08:36] <BachLynn23> but yea, I mean, I used to be him, literally, anyone, whomever, whenever, whereever
[08:36] <BachLynn23> it's a hard habit to break
[08:37] <Black Wolf of blood> Most habits are hard to break
[08:37] <Sonofapollo> blood, is this rp in le infirmary?
[08:37] <Black Wolf of blood> Yup
[08:38] <Sonofapollo> rofl, mind if i have brad eavesdrop and be there like "O,"
[08:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Sure
[08:38] <BachLynn23> @soa posted
[08:38] <Sonofapollo> ok
[08:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Hell, have him kiss Ace, for all I care
[08:38] <Sonofapollo> @bach
[08:38] <Nhlott> how does one react to being curtsied by someone they just met
[08:38] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[08:38] <BachLynn23> O.O
[08:38] <WonderfulTwilight> Back
[08:38] <BachLynn23> in real life or on the wiki?
[08:38] <Sonofapollo> XD
[08:38] <Nhlott> Well, CJ
[08:38] <Sonofapollo> it was me
[08:38] <Sonofapollo> XD
[08:38] <BachLynn23> rofl
[08:38] <BachLynn23> that's hilarious
[08:38] <BachLynn23> although
[08:39] <BachLynn23> tbf
[08:39] <BachLynn23> it would have been more hilarious in real life
[08:39] <QueenHelios> Hello,if you haven't met me im Apollobuddys sister ^_^ i was on at like 2:00 am last night
[08:39] <Sonofapollo> basically, the char's from a renaissance period
[08:39] <Nhlott> first she snatched an earbud out of his ear then she stares at it then surtsies
[08:39] <Nhlott> *curtsies
[08:39] <ShadowGoddess> @lott what in the name of cookies and cream is curtsied?
[08:39] <WonderfulTwilight> ......
[08:40] <Sonofapollo> hai queen helios
[08:40] <WonderfulTwilight> Chu don't know? *tilts head*
[08:40] <Sonofapollo> @shady, chur kiffing, right?
[08:40] <Sonofapollo> O,O
[08:40] <Sonofapollo> kidding*
[08:40] <Sonofapollo> er bach
[08:40] <Sonofapollo> wrong template, 
[08:40] <Sonofapollo> it says brooklyn
[08:40] <Sonofapollo> XD
[08:40] <BachLynn23> oops
[08:40] <BachLynn23> XD
[08:40] <Nhlott> He's been high like everyday for like 2 years
[08:40] <Nhlott> In his mind, he's like "OMFG, she's shrinking!"
[08:40] <QueenHelios> if anyone can ,can someone check my claim out?
[08:41] <BachLynn23> brock and brook are just so close
[08:41] <BachLynn23> @lott ROFLMFAO
[08:41] <Sonofapollo> xD
[08:42] <Sonofapollo> lott, i cant breathe
[08:42] <Nhlott> Ah, stoner humor XD
[08:43] <Theharlequin> hey ruby
[08:43] <Rawr27> Hai Ruby
[08:43] <RubyRose17> hey everyone
[08:44] <BachLynn23> *tackle hugs ruby*
[08:44] <BachLynn23> hi
[08:44] <RubyRose17> sorry i wasn't on earlier, my internet just started working
[08:44] <Nhlott> posted, Soa
[08:44] <Sonofapollo> hai ruby
[08:44] <RubyRose17> *tackle hugs bach* :D
[08:44] <Sonofapollo> ok lott
[08:44] <Sonofapollo> posted bach
[08:44] <BachLynn23> xD 
[08:44] <ShadowGoddess> hey does anyone know when the springfling is?
[08:44] <WonderfulTwilight> RUBY!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[08:44] <Black Wolf of blood> Rp Bachy?
[08:44] <RubyRose17> starts the 28th
[08:44] <Sonofapollo> i think tris' reply is kinder than erions XD
[08:44] <BachLynn23> @blood sure
[08:44] <RubyRose17> Wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs back*
[08:44] <Black Wolf of blood> Erion is Erion
[08:44] <Sonofapollo> as in, erions to aces XD
[08:44] <Nhlott> Ok, I have an odd question
[09:01] <Lowdy345> Lott, where is this HG wiki?
[09:01] <Lowdy345> That chu are kicking butt in?
[09:02] <Petiller Cheri> *is inside and can feel raindrops on her but isnt near a window....*
[09:02] <Nhlott>
[09:02] <Lowdy345> Sweet
[09:02] <Lele Mj> oh god I want in that
[09:02] <Nhlott> click home from there
[09:02] <Nhlott> that's what he said
[09:02] <ShadowGoddess> I got a really bad sunburn working yesterday and today
[09:02] <WonderfulTwilight> *still can't think of what to post*
[09:03] <Lele Mj> WIFEY!
[09:03] <BachBot> awww I missed soa
[09:03] <Lele Mj> *tackle glomp*
[09:03] <BachBot> WIFEY *hugs
[09:03] <BachBot> *
[09:03] <Lowdy345> <span style="color:red;">BACHBOT</span>
[09:03] <WonderfulTwilight> COOKIEY! *hugs cookie*
[09:03] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[09:03] <BachBot> brb
[09:03] <BachBot> if soa comes on, tell him I posted
[09:03] <BachBot> he may not though
[09:03] <BachBot> it's late where he is
[09:03] <GirlofDelusion> Wonder please post on Team Six
[09:03] <GirlofDelusion> ...
[09:04] <GirlofDelusion> SoA left so...
[09:04] <Lowdy345> I posted on MORD bach
[09:04] <WonderfulTwilight> idk what to post >.>
[09:04] <GirlofDelusion> try and find any clues
[09:04] <Lowdy345> *thinks*
[09:04] <GirlofDelusion> Wait Lowd
[09:04] <GirlofDelusion> you're RPing?
[09:04] <WonderfulTwilight> Are there shelves? O.o
[09:04] <Lowdy345> *calculates all kinds of time8
[09:04] <Lowdy345> Somewhat Del
[09:05] <GirlofDelusion> It's the outside of the building
[09:05] <GirlofDelusion> so presumably not
[09:05] <Lowdy345> Me and Bach are sharing Mord, and I adopted back Lorcan. I won't be on much tho :P
[09:05] <GirlofDelusion> Ah okay
[09:05] <HadesHero> Posted
[09:05] <GirlofDelusion> I have no clue what I'll do with Joan
[09:05] <HadesHero> Shadow
[09:05] <GirlofDelusion> I don't want her tbh
[09:05] <GirlofDelusion> =|
[09:05] <WonderfulTwilight> She can just check out the brick work :P
[09:06] <Lowdy345> Well, I guess you can give her back, just won't be doing much on here...
[09:06] <GirlofDelusion> sure, anything you'd like
[09:06] <GirlofDelusion> well it is minor
[09:06] <GirlofDelusion> should be good
[09:06] <Lowdy345> Ok
[09:07] <HadesHero> I love saying this Poofagaden ^____^
[09:07] <GirlofDelusion> Poof-fest
[09:07] <Rawr27> Wow Blood is beating my record of poofing o.o
[09:07] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh posted on le mision
[09:07] <Lele Mj> :O
[09:07] <WonderfulTwilight> Blood......*gets out Rawr's pills*
[09:07] <HadesHero> someone get the poof shots
[09:07] <Lele Mj> but you hold that record so dearly?
[09:07] <Lele Mj> *!
[09:08] <Black Wolf of blood> Wait, since when was I poofing?
[09:08] <Rawr27> I know :( Lets hope he doesn't beat it :P
[09:08] <Rawr27> You've been poofing for ages
[09:08] <Lowdy345> Ravenclaw stole Nolans pics lott!!!!
[09:08] <Black Wolf of blood> What the hell
[09:08] <Black Wolf of blood> I didn't know
[09:08] <Nhlott> All of them?
[09:09] <Lowdy345> No, but it IS the model
[09:09] <Nhlott> I know, I saw
[09:09] <Nhlott> Differnt wiki and he was there before me so I can't do anything
[09:11] <Black Wolf of blood> lag check
[09:11] <WonderfulTwilight> Rp anyone?
[09:11] <HadesHero> I will 
[09:12] <HadesHero> were at?
[09:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Who to use?
[09:12] <WonderfulTwilight> idc
[09:12] <Nhlott> hmmmm
[09:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Choose any of my charries :P
[09:12] <Rawr27> Did I poof?
[09:12] <HadesHero> how about at the cliffs and ill us raj guppta and let me .look at your chars XD
[09:12] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[09:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Yes Rawr....actually you left o.o
[09:13] <WonderfulTwilight> Wibbles XP
[09:13] <Rawr27> I think I refreshed the chat by accident xD
[09:13] <HadesHero> esme>
[09:13] <HadesHero> ?
[09:13] <WonderfulTwilight> Sure :P
[09:13] <HadesHero> who posts first>
[09:13] <HadesHero> ?
[09:13] <HadesHero> 
[09:13] <WonderfulTwilight> I'll post first
[09:13] <HadesHero> kk
[09:14] <WonderfulTwilight> It's night time btw :P
[09:14] <ShadowGoddess> posted Cherry
[09:14] <Petiller Cheri> kkz
[09:15] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted HH
[09:16] <HadesHero> kk
[09:17] <HadesHero> wait were are we rping at agian XD
[09:17] <HadesHero> 
[09:17] <WonderfulTwilight> [[Beach/Cliffs]]
[09:18] <ShadowGoddess> posted HH
[09:18] <HadesHero> 9h yea ^_^ XD
[09:18] <HadesHero> 
[09:18] <HadesHero> and kk
[09:18] <Nhlott> D2 for life!!
[09:19] <Lowdy345> Is there a games going on atm Lott?
[09:20] <Nhlott> idk, just joined
[09:20] <Nhlott> I'm just now making my first char
[09:20] <Lowdy345> Oh, I thought whats his face was already in it and winning
[09:20] <HadesHero> Posted wonder
[09:20] <Nhlott> no
[09:21] <Lowdy345> Oh, too bad
[09:21] <ShadowGoddess> LoL I had two band aids on my arm and I got a tan from working and now I have the peace fingers from the band aids cause it tan all around it
[09:21] <Lowdy345> FYI lott, I'm half way back
[09:21] <Nhlott> Kinda assumed
[09:21] <Lowdy345> Lol
[09:22] <Lowdy345> I'm sharing Mord with bach, and somewhat rping Lorcan, along with Joan
[09:23] <Nhlott> awesome
[09:23] <Nhlott> though, I saw you give Del the rundown
[09:24] <Theharlequin> bbl
[09:24] <Lowdy345> Huh?
[09:24] <Lowdy345> Rundown?
[09:24] <HadesHero> posted Shadow
[09:24] <GirlofDelusion> Huh? Hm? My name was mentioned?
[09:25] <Lowdy345> Yeah, I randown you
[09:25] <Lowdy345> or something :P
[09:25] <Nhlott> no, I saw when you explained to her
[09:25] <Lowdy345> Oh, ok
[09:25] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted HH
[09:26] <Rawr27> Hai Gyp
[09:26] <Petiller Cheri> what if i made my chat screen like HUGE :DDDDDDD
[09:27] <GypsyThief> hi
[09:27] <Petiller Cheri> HAI GYPSY!!
[09:27] <GypsyThief> Hey Soa
[09:27] <Rawr27> Wb soa
[09:27] <WonderfulTwilight> *starts nomming Rawr's ear*
[09:27] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs*
[09:27] <WonderfulTwilight> Wibbles soa
[09:27] <Sonofapollo> not on for long, hai
[09:27] <Rawr27> Why chu nomming my ear? o.o
[09:27] <Sonofapollo> @Del, i posted on BC team 6 vent
[09:27] <Petiller Cheri> *is going to make her chat screen huge >:D*
[09:27] <GypsyThief> Hey Cheri! *hugs back*
[09:28] <Nhlott>
[09:28] <WonderfulTwilight> XDDDDDDD
[09:28] <Nhlott> GYPS!
[09:28] <Nhlott> *hugs*
[09:28] <GypsyThief> LOTT! *hugs back*
[09:28] <GirlofDelusion> You should specify she transformed into a spider on the main page
[09:28] <Black Wolf of blood> GYPS! *Tackle hugs*
[09:28] <Petiller Cheri> ANd its lagging like no tomorrow -.-
[09:28] <GirlofDelusion> Flame is waiting for everyone to post what they're doing to post
[09:29] <GypsyThief> BLOOD! *hugs back*
[09:29] <Petiller Cheri> okay its done lagging :D
[09:29] <Sonofapollo> oh, i thought i did specify on le main page
[09:29] <ShadowGoddess> Cherry posted?
[09:29] <Petiller Cheri> Not yet! XDD
[09:29] <Rawr27> Everyone seems to be getting hugs from you I get one? :P
[09:29] <Petiller Cheri> Im to fasinated!!
[09:29] <Petiller Cheri> With Huge chat >:DDDDD
[09:29] <Nhlott> *glompz Rawr*
[09:30] <Rawr27> Yay I got glompzed :D
[09:30] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[09:30] <WonderfulTwilight> Here I go again on mah own.... *plays epic guitar solo* ._.
[09:31] <Sonofapollo> @Del , i did specify, Areana: Transforms into a spider and follows Alexis
[09:31] <ShadowGoddess> posted HH
[09:31] <GypsyThief> *hugs rawr*
[09:31] <GirlofDelusion> Oh okay good
[09:31] <GirlofDelusion> didn't see
[09:31] <GirlofDelusion> xD
[09:31] <Sonofapollo> :)
[09:31] <Sonofapollo> no problemo
[09:32] <Rawr27> Yay :D *hugs back*
[09:32] <Sonofapollo> i wonder what the greek grafitti is, though
[09:32] <WonderfulTwilight> No one cares about me...... D'X
[09:32] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[09:32] <GirlofDelusion> Flame's about to post it on the page
[09:32] <Rawr27> *Hugs WT and gives her a cookie* :D
[09:32] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[09:32] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs back and noms cookie*
[09:32] <HadesHero> pposted wonder
[09:33] <Rawr27> Should I give you another dinosaur WT? So Duck and Saw Saw aren't lonely? :P
[09:33] <ShadowGoddess> *does the Tango*
[09:33] <WonderfulTwilight> Ja
[09:33] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[09:33] <Rawr27> What do chu want to call it? :P
[09:35] <WonderfulTwilight> Hmmmmmmmm
[09:35] <WonderfulTwilight> Dramatica :P
[09:35] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted HH
[09:36] <Rawr27> Lol okays :P
[09:36] <Sonofapollo> OMG RAWR
[09:36] <Sonofapollo> tis late, go to sleep
[09:36] <Sonofapollo> XD
[09:36] <Rawr27> -__- hush xD
[09:36] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[09:36] <WonderfulTwilight> It is :P
[09:36] <Sonofapollo> chu too, wtsy!
[09:36] <WonderfulTwilight> 10:36 PM o.o
[09:36] <Sonofapollo> none of chur lip!
[09:36] <Sonofapollo> XD
[09:36] <Sonofapollo> jkjk
[09:37] <WonderfulTwilight> @soa I was on 'till 12am last night :P
[09:37] <Sonofapollo> im gonna go to sleep though
[09:37] <WonderfulTwilight> 'Nighttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
[09:37] <Sonofapollo> but tonights a school night
[09:37] <Sonofapollo> and ja
[09:37] <Rawr27> Night and so :P
[09:37] <Sonofapollo> -yawns- g'bye
[09:37] <HadesHero> pposted shadow
[09:37] <WonderfulTwilight> We have teacher training and shizz tomorrows so, HUZZAH! XP
[09:37] <Sonofapollo> O,O
[09:37] <WonderfulTwilight> tomorrow*
[09:37] <Sonofapollo> lucky!!!!!!!!!!1
[09:37] <Petiller Cheri> How do you screen shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:
[09:38] <Petiller Cheri> omfg!!!!!!!111
[09:38] <Petiller Cheri> DX
[09:38] <Rawr27> Meh to you WT xD
[09:38] <ShadowGoddess> CHERRY!
[09:38] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[09:38] <ShadowGoddess> posted?
[09:38] <Sonofapollo> last week of school, guys (brits only)
[09:38] <Petiller Cheri> IM WORKING ON IT SHADY XD
[09:38] <Sonofapollo> :D
[09:38] <ShadowGoddess> XD OKAYZ!
[09:38] <Rawr27> Woop :D
[09:38] <Sonofapollo> byes
[09:38] <Bryans1008> lucky you
[09:38] <Bryans1008> bye
[09:38] <Rawr27> Night night again xD
[09:39] <WonderfulTwilight> DX *finds Skylar's new pic soooooo attractive for some reason*
[09:39] <HadesHero> brb
[09:41] <HadesHero> bac
[09:41] <WonderfulTwilight> >.<
[09:41] <WonderfulTwilight> Still can't stop staring
[09:41] <WonderfulTwilight> o_o
[09:42] <GypsyThief> Link to le pic?
[09:42] <Head of Ravenclaw> Lol
[09:42] <WonderfulTwilight> [[File:Tumblr m1d619hTss1r7jth2o1 500.jpg]]
[09:42] <GypsyThief> He's delicious ;D
[09:42] <Rawr27> Ooh :D
[09:43] <Petiller Cheri> ^^
[09:43] <WonderfulTwilight> Now chu know why I drool XP
[09:44] <HadesHero> wait is he takeing his shirt off or is the hsirt to small? XD
[09:44] <Petiller Cheri> XDD
[09:44] <WonderfulTwilight> Taking it off probably :P
[09:44] <ShadowGoddess> posted HH
[09:46] <Petiller Cheri> wt do me a favor ja?
[09:46] <WonderfulTwilight> Okay.....
[09:46] <Petiller Cheri> FIND ME MORE PIC LIKE HIM!!
[09:46] <Petiller Cheri> XDDDDDD
[09:46] <WonderfulTwilight> XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[09:47] <WonderfulTwilight> On it *salutes Cheri* XP
[09:48] <HadesHero> Posted
[09:48] <HadesHero> SG
[09:48] <Petiller Cheri> *salutes back* Thank you
[09:48] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[09:48] <HadesHero> gtg swimming Peace out! *moon walks out of chat*
[09:48] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye
[09:49] <WonderfulTwilight> It may take......a while >.>
[09:50] <Nhlott> Del, posted on Encarna and Dante
[09:50] <ShadowGoddess> I look like a racoon right now
[09:50] <WonderfulTwilight> @Cheri XP 
[09:51] <Rawr27> O.O..give me that photo xD
[09:51] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[09:53] <Black Wolf of blood> Nope Rawr, that guy is MINE
[09:53] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[09:53] <WonderfulTwilight> ........
[09:53] <WonderfulTwilight> O.o
[09:53] <Black Wolf of blood> What?
[09:53] <GypsyThief> *steals the guy and shoves him in her basement*
[09:53] <WonderfulTwilight> Never knew chu were into guys blood XP
[09:53] <Rawr27> I claimed him first so MEH xD
[09:53] <GypsyThief> *swallows le key*
[09:54] <Black Wolf of blood> *Shrugs* 
[09:54] <Rawr27> NOOO why gyp? D:
[09:54] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm more into girls
[09:54] <Black Wolf of blood> But 
[09:54] <Black Wolf of blood> I appreciate a hot guy
[09:54] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o *watches as everyone fight over le pic*
[09:54] <WonderfulTwilight> *didn't know that*
[09:54] <Rawr27> Neither did I :P
[09:55] <GypsyThief> If I had to choose, I would probably put girls over guys.
[09:56] <Black Wolf of blood> ^
[09:56] <Black Wolf of blood> Though
[09:56] <Black Wolf of blood> I think
[09:56] <Black Wolf of blood> I would put a hot guy
[09:56] <Black Wolf of blood> over a not-so-hot girl
[09:57] <Black Wolf of blood> lag check
[09:58] <WonderfulTwilight> Cookies! :D
[09:59] <Nhlott> *plays with knives*
[09:59] <Black Wolf of blood> *Steals a few of Lott's knives and plays with them*
[10:00] <ShadowGoddess> *takes away all knives in buries them in a deep holez*
[10:00] <Nhlott> *stabs him in foot and takes them back*
[10:00] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pulls out few more knives and plays with them*
[10:00] <WonderfulTwilight> *plays with spoons* XP
[10:01] <WonderfulTwilight> Rp anybodyz?
[10:01] <Theharlequin> hey back
[10:01] <Rawr27> Wb Harle
[10:02] <GypsyThief> hi harle
[10:02] <Theharlequin> thnx
[10:02] <ShadowGoddess> WT I will
[10:02] <WonderfulTwilight> Wibbles Harle
[10:02] <WonderfulTwilight> I'll use [[Skylar Lune]] just 'cause he's hot :P
[10:02] <Nhlott> Yea, I'm gonna go
[10:02] <Nhlott> Not in the best of moods
[10:02] <Theharlequin> later lott
[10:02] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye lott
[10:04] <WonderfulTwilight> Me:
[10:04] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[10:05] <ShadowGoddess> I'll use [[Aura King]]
[10:05] <WonderfulTwilight> In le morning I NEVER get up before 11am, unless I have a weird temptation to come on chat >.>
[10:05] <Petiller Cheri> I screen shoted my HUGE fb screen :P
[10:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya
[10:05] <Rawr27> Sames Wt
[10:05] <WonderfulTwilight> SON!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[10:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow your my grandmother i think
[10:05] <ShadowGoddess> what?!
[10:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> either that or my aunt
[10:05] <Rawr27> Wait..what about for school? :P And GRANDSON *hugs slay*
[10:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> *is hugged/tackle hugged*
[10:06] <WonderfulTwilight> @Shady I'll post on Aura
[10:06] <ShadowGoddess> i g2g bye byez be back later after I do my math
[10:06] <WonderfulTwilight> >.> Bye
[10:06] <Theharlequin> later shad *hugs*
[10:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye
[10:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> anyone up for rp?
[10:06] <Petiller Cheri> Bai Shadt
[10:07] <Petiller Cheri> Shady*
[10:07] <ShadowGoddess> kkz but you can still post on Aura's page
[10:07] <WonderfulTwilight> k
[10:07] <ShadowGoddess> and Cherry chu better have posted when I get back!
[10:07] <Petiller Cheri> I DID!
[10:08] <Petiller Cheri> I posted!
[10:08] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[10:08] <ShadowGoddess> kkz I really quick reply
[10:08] <Petiller Cheri> kkz XP
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> harle: rp?
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> WT: rp?
[10:09] <WonderfulTwilight> Sure
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> yay!
[10:09] <Theharlequin> nah, I'm really tired
[10:09] <Petiller Cheri> <--- My HUGE fb screen XP
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Tyler Prada]] @ wt you pick where
[10:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> @harle okay
[10:10] <WonderfulTwilight> I'll just post on his page :P
[10:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> k
[10:10] <Petiller Cheri> Did anyone look?!?!? D:
[10:10] <WonderfulTwilight> I need
[10:10] <Theharlequin> I did
[10:10] <WonderfulTwilight> did*
[10:10] <WonderfulTwilight> O.o
[10:10] <Petiller Cheri> is huge huh XD
[10:10] <Theharlequin> you still have blonde hair in your pic
[10:10] <WonderfulTwilight> Why'd type need?
[10:10] <Petiller Cheri> IDK WT
[10:11] <Petiller Cheri> And ik Harle
[10:11] <Petiller Cheri> Ive been to lazy to take a pic
[10:11] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[10:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> you post yet?
[10:13] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted
[10:16] <Theharlequin> wb cheri
[10:16] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh my parents are bring b*tches
[10:16] <Head of Ravenclaw> Bach you here?
[10:16] <Rawr27> NOOO WT..don't leave me now D:
[10:16] <WonderfulTwilight> DX
[10:16] <WonderfulTwilight> I have to.......kinda
[10:16] <WonderfulTwilight> I can maybe get a few minutes
[10:16] <Petiller Cheri> Wait what? I poofed?
[10:17] <Petiller Cheri> O.o
[10:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> WT: posted
[10:17] <Rawr27> Yes please :D
[10:17] <Theharlequin> yes you did
[10:17] <Petiller Cheri> oh .__.
[10:17] <WonderfulTwilight> Mum: Clair get chur ass down here now
[10:17] <WonderfulTwilight> Me: .........No........
[10:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[10:18] <Rawr27> Tell chur mum that Rawr needs you xD
[10:18] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted
[10:18] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[10:18] <Petiller Cheri> *claps hands* WT More photos XP
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> tell your mom that your kid needs you :P
[10:18] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o XP
[10:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[10:19] <WonderfulTwilight> My mum is dragging me away from le computer >.>
[10:19] <WonderfulTwilight> so ja
[10:19] <WonderfulTwilight> gtg :P
[10:19] <Theharlequin> later wonder
[10:19] <WonderfulTwilight> Byes
[10:19] <WonderfulTwilight> ttyl
[10:19] <Kingbirdy> hey HoR
[10:19] <Rawr27> Bye WT D:
[10:19] <Petiller Cheri> Bai D:
[10:20] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs everyone*
[10:20] <Kingbirdy> what position do you have on hogwarts?
[10:20] <Head of Ravenclaw> Hey king
[10:20] <WonderfulTwilight> Bai
[10:20] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs back*
[10:20] <Head of Ravenclaw> Administrator
[10:20] <Daughter of posiedion> Hi!
[10:20] <Rawr27> *hugs back*
[10:20] <Head of Ravenclaw> Why?
[10:20] <Daughter of posiedion> Hello?
[10:20] <Kingbirdy> trying to get a couple of the crats from there together
[10:20] <Kingbirdy> got bryans, but cant get wind, and idk if zak has skype
[10:21] <Daughter of posiedion> rp anyone?....
[10:22] <Orbstar> hey
[10:22] <Daughter of posiedion> hi!
[10:22] <GypsyThief> Hey Orb!
[10:22] <Orbstar> Hey Gyps!
[10:23] <Daughter of posiedion> can people see my posts or...?
[10:23] <GypsyThief> I'll rp with chu!
[10:23] <Daughter of posiedion> Ok!
[10:23] <GypsyThief> Who and where?
[10:23] <Daughter of posiedion> whats your characters name?
[10:24] <Daughter of posiedion> umm her name is Soleil Martin and it could start at one of our pages.
[10:24] <GypsyThief> [[User:GypsyThief/Characters]] choose one
[10:24] <Daughter of posiedion> ok one minute
[10:25] <Jenna Fraen> hola
[10:26] <GypsyThief> Hai
[10:26] <Theharlequin> hey jenna
[10:26] <Daughter of posiedion> umm i would say either Alana or Chloe.
[10:26] <Rawr27> Hai Jenna
[10:26] <Jenna Fraen> hai *waves*
[10:26] <AuRon the champion> hullo
[10:26] <GypsyThief> K, just post on one of their pages :)
[10:26] <AuRon the champion> back from lego conventions!
[10:27] <Daughter of posiedion> kk.
[10:27] <AuRon the champion> :P
[10:27] <Petiller Cheri> TWINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:27] <GypsyThief> Hai
[10:27] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[10:27] <Jenna Fraen> TWINN!
[10:27] <Jenna Fraen> *glompz back*
[10:27] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[10:27] <Jenna Fraen> I is sad =_=
[10:27] <Petiller Cheri> Why??????
[10:27] <Jenna Fraen> Orbie divorced me...*whispers*
[10:27] <Jenna Fraen> for Cats
[10:27] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[10:28] <GypsyThief> Why would he do that?
[10:28] <GypsyThief> No offense to cats...
[10:28] <AuRon the champion> I'm not sure weither to laugh
[10:28] <AuRon the champion> or to comfort you
[10:28] <Jenna Fraen> She apparently has a crush on him
[10:28] <AuRon the champion> >_>
[10:28] <Jenna Fraen> and he didn't want to hurt her
[10:28] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[10:28] <GypsyThief> >.<
[10:28] <Jenna Fraen> dun laugh, if you please
[10:28] <Petiller Cheri> Im not
[10:28] <Jenna Fraen> >_>
[10:28] <GypsyThief> Awww *hugs*
[10:28] <Jenna Fraen> *hugs back*
[10:29] <Petiller Cheri> I was there when she told us
[10:29] <Petiller Cheri> but what i dont get
[10:29] <Petiller Cheri> is that
[10:29] <Petiller Cheri> he divorced my SISTER for my DAUGHTER
[10:29] <Petiller Cheri> .__.
[10:29] <Daughter of posiedion> I posted on alan
[10:29] <Daughter of posiedion> a
[10:29] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[10:29] <AuRon the champion> hahaha
[10:30] <Theharlequin> The dude like younger women
[10:30] <Petiller Cheri> O_O
[10:30] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[10:31] <Petiller Cheri> I know how to screenshot now :DDDDDD
[10:31] <Petiller Cheri> Im so happy for my self >.<
[10:31] <Daughter of posiedion> Prt Scr
[10:31] <Orbstar> back
[10:31] <GypsyThief> posted 
[10:31] <Theharlequin> Hey orb
[10:31] <GypsyThief> wb orb
[10:31] <AuRon the champion> hahahaha
[10:31] <Petiller Cheri> Hai Orb
[10:32] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[10:32] <AuRon the champion> this is gonna be good
[10:32] <Jenna Fraen> hola
[10:32] <Petiller Cheri> ^^
[10:32] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[10:32] <Jenna Fraen> >_>
[10:32] <Jenna Fraen> *hugs hubby*
[10:32] <Jenna Fraen> ex-hubby*
[10:32] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[10:32] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[10:32] <Jenna Fraen> I didn't do that on purpose
[10:32] <Theharlequin> There you go
[10:32] <Jenna Fraen> I swear
[10:32] <Orbstar> PM Jenna
[10:33] <AuRon the champion> heheheh
[10:33] <Daughter of posiedion> hey, Gypsy, I have to go.. can we continue this later?
[10:33] <GypsyThief> Sure
[10:33] <AuRon the champion> so, where the chell was I when Mord got hurt..?
[10:33] <Kingbirdy> who is mord?
[10:34] <AuRon the champion> random satyr that bach controls
[10:35] <AuRon the champion> hey lott
[10:35] <Orbstar> hey lott
[10:35] <Theharlequin> wb lott
[10:35] <Theharlequin> hey flame
[10:35] <AuRon the champion> hey flame
[10:35] <Orbstar> hey flame
[10:35] <Flamefang> Hey guys
[10:35] <AuRon the champion> I see
[10:36] <AuRon the champion> new page for lilith letter
[10:36] <Flamefang> Just updated the special chars page, nothing overly important but there's a new pic and a small poem regarding Pagos
[10:36] <AuRon the champion> fancy
[10:36] <Flamefang> no
[10:36] <Flamefang> snazzy
[10:36] <Orbstar> hello emo
[10:36] <Emo wolf jason> hey
[10:36] <Theharlequin> *insert fun adjective her*
[10:36] <Theharlequin> here*
[10:36] <AuRon the champion> hullo emo
[10:36] <Emo wolf jason> hey
[10:37] <GypsyThief> Hey Flame et Jason
[10:37] <Nhlott> ooh!
[10:37] <GypsyThief> Ohai lottie
[10:37] <Nhlott> Who has a char that's a good hand to hand fighter?
[10:37] <AuRon the champion> <span style="color:red;">bachbot</span>!
[10:37] <Nhlott> Yo
[10:37] <BachBot> auron
[10:37] <BachBot> your mother will be here shortly, her chrome crashed
[10:37] <AuRon the champion> *refreshed chat accidently*
[10:37] <BachBot> XP
[10:37] <AuRon the champion> AuRon wants to know why Mord is hurt
[10:38] <AuRon the champion> and where Mord is
[10:38] <AuRon the champion> so then Kaitlyn can have appropriate response
[10:38] <AuRon the champion> hullo rawr
[10:39] <Orbstar> hey rawr
[10:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> hello?
[10:39] <AuRon the champion> hullo slay
[10:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> were is posie?!
[10:39] <Theharlequin> Lott, is it for a quest or rp?
[10:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
[10:39] <AuRon the champion> she just left
[10:39] <AuRon the champion> bad timing
[10:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> Damnit
[10:39] <AuRon the champion> *starts messing with legobricks*
[10:39] <Flamefang> Lego bricks are great
[10:39] <Theharlequin> ^
[10:39] <AuRon the champion> yeah
[10:39] <AuRon the champion> I just got back from kids-fest
[10:39] <Flamefang> Like... Lego Bricks = my childhood
[10:40] <AuRon the champion> :P
[10:40] <Flamefang> Early childhood anyway
[10:40] <Theharlequin> Same
[10:40] <AuRon the champion> AuRon still builds with lego
[10:40] <Flamefang> Good
[10:40] <Flamefang> It is manly
[10:40] <Flamefang> somehow
[10:40] <AuRon the champion> artistic
[10:40] <Jenna Fraen> Building with Legos is manly
[10:40] <AuRon the champion> it be manly
[10:40] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[10:40] <Theharlequin> I haven't messed with legos in, maybe two years
[10:41] <AuRon the champion> especially when you can build halo rings out of lego
[10:41] <Nhlott> Made swords from legos
[10:41] <AuRon the champion> or tanks
[10:41] <Jenna Fraen> I'm going to marry the man who says that to my face while playy with legos *trollface*
[10:41] <AuRon the champion> or working guns
[10:41] <Nhlott> Then smashed them on ppl
[10:41] <AuRon the champion> :P
[10:41] <Nhlott> then again, no matter what I made, I smashed it on someone's head
[10:41] <BachBot> Mord was kidnapped by sorin
[10:41] <Flamefang> lol
[10:41] <BachBot> see the rp forum, and the infirmary
[10:41] <AuRon the champion> Sorin?
[10:41] <AuRon the champion> well
[10:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> WT: posted
[10:41] <AuRon the champion> I guess Kaitlyn wont be going on her date...
[10:42] <AuRon the champion> why do you people try to kill my characters..?
[10:42] <Theharlequin> you were a destructive child, weren't you lott?
[10:42] <Nhlott> someone slaps my robot out of my hand
[10:42] <Nhlott> *pick it up*
[10:42] <Nhlott> F*ck you!
[10:42] <Nhlott> 
[10:42] <Nhlott> *SMASH*
[10:42] <Nhlott> Yes, yes I was
[10:42] <Nhlott> If I wasn't I'd have prolly died
[10:43] <AuRon the champion> and then bach wouldn't have someone to make her characters have sex with...
[10:43] <Flamefang> My my, look at the time! DINNER time
[10:43] <Flamefang> ttyl
[10:43] <Theharlequin> later
[10:43] <AuRon the champion> bye whoever is leaving
[10:43] <Nhlott> ......but breaking things is fun
[10:43] <Nhlott> Breaking ppl is a rush
[10:43] <Nhlott> breaking bread is delicious
[10:43] <Nhlott> and breaking bones makes for a trail of blood
[10:43] <Orbstar> bye flame
[10:44] <Nhlott> That was Xanex talking.....sorry
[10:44] <AuRon the champion> who?
[10:44] <Theharlequin> Xanex?
[10:44] <Nhlott> Or is it with a Z?
[10:45] <Nhlott> the "medication"
[10:45] <AuRon the champion> ...
[10:45] <AuRon the champion> I'm scared
[10:45] <Theharlequin> For what?
[10:45] <AuRon the champion> guininly scared
[10:45] <Theharlequin> are they painkiller?
[10:45] <Nhlott> Oh, not mine, I bought them
[10:45] <Theharlequin> cause those thing can mess with you
[10:46] <Nhlott> Oh I know
[10:46] <Nhlott> I think I've found a good balance
[10:46] <Nhlott> 
[10:46] <Nhlott> I stopped punching walls, it's all good
[10:46] <AuRon the champion> ...
[10:46] <Nhlott> anyway, Rp anyone?
[10:46] <Nhlott> 
[10:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> sure
[10:46] <AuRon the champion> *is scared*
[10:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> Lott: can you check the armor?
[10:46] <Theharlequin> I had to go to school while I was on those back in dec.
[10:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> please?
[10:46] <Nhlott> I found this kinda funny thing I wanna do with Russ now
[10:47] <Nhlott> Armor?
[10:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> armory*
[10:47] <Nhlott> Sure, I guess
[10:47] <AuRon the champion> mark my words
[10:47] <Nhlott> you put in a request?
[10:47] <AuRon the champion> I've started a kidnapping trend
[10:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes
[10:47] <Nhlott> Kidnapping....hhehehehehe
[10:47] <Theharlequin> lott, you needed a guy who was good and CQC?
[10:47] <Theharlequin> at*
[10:48] <Nhlott> yes
[10:48] <Nhlott> 
[10:48] <Nhlott> preferably unarmed though
[10:48] <Theharlequin> is it for a quest or rp?
[10:48] <Nhlott> just an rp
[10:48] <Theharlequin> I'll offer Jack then
[10:48] <AuRon the champion> travel
[10:48] <Nhlott> Y'see, Russ is still in kinda a haze from years of partaking in progressively more powerful weed
[10:48] <AuRon the champion> ...
[10:49] <Nhlott> Almost to the point of dulling he reflexes
[10:49] <Nhlott> His
[10:49] <Theharlequin> And a knock to the head is going to fix that
[10:49] <Nhlott> In theory
[10:49] <Nhlott> cuz he hasn't smoked in almost a month
[10:49] <Nhlott> it breaking up slowly
[10:50] <HadesHero> bck
[10:50] <HadesHero> back
[10:50] <Nhlott> He just needs the cobwebs knocked off of his brain
[10:50] <Kingbirdy> iirc, a month is about how long it takes for pot to totally pass through your system
[10:50] <Theharlequin> So you want me to post on Russ' page?
[10:50] <Kingbirdy> so he should be pretty set already, though I'm sure years of abuse might f*ck that number up
[10:50] <AuRon the champion> not unles they have ambrosia
[10:50] <AuRon the champion> or this is wikia rp after all
[10:51] <AuRon the champion> ten minutes is somewhere between an hour and a day here
[10:51] <Nhlott> it would
[10:51] <Nhlott> yes plz, Harle
[10:51] <Nhlott> maybe start a fight if you wanr
[10:51] <Nhlott> *want
[10:51] <AuRon the champion> start a war
[10:51] <Theharlequin> Just say something about his girlfriend, that'll set him off
[10:51] <AuRon the champion> call Conor to take prisoners
[10:51] <AuRon the champion> send Drake to kill everyone
[10:52] <AuRon the champion> it would work
[10:52] <Nhlott> perfect
[10:52] <Nhlott> Aur, I'm semi-high, not insane
[10:52] <Nhlott> well, not TOTALLY insane
[10:52] <AuRon the champion> I'm not high
[10:52] <AuRon the champion> and partially insane (maybe)
[10:53] <AuRon the champion> I just hate humans...
[10:53] <Theharlequin> Same as my friend
[10:53] <Nhlott> I ate humans :D
[10:54] <AuRon the champion> *eye roll*
[10:54] <Nhlott> :P
[10:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> Lott you gonna post on the armory?
[10:55] <AuRon the champion> high lott is high
[10:55] <Narutofreak0> salud
[10:55] <AuRon the champion> hey nar
[10:55] <Nhlott> oh shit, I forgot
[10:55] <AuRon the champion> lott is high..
[10:55] <Theharlequin> hey nar
[10:56] <Theharlequin> he is coming off of a high
[10:56] <GypsyThief> hai nar
[10:56] <Theharlequin> lott, posted
[10:56] <AuRon the champion> lott, taking illegal substances isn't good for you
[10:56] <HadesHero> depennds what iit is
[10:56] <Nhlott> I'm aware
[10:56] <Theharlequin> and taking alcohol and smoking is legal and not good for you
[10:57] <HadesHero> Marijuana is legal in calli if medical 
[10:57] <HadesHero> XD
[10:57] <Kingbirdy> pot really isnt bad for you except for the dumb shit it makes you want to do
[10:57] <HadesHero> yea ^
[10:57] <Kingbirdy> you have to smoke a blunt every 5 minutes for about a day solid to overdose, iirc
[10:57] <Theharlequin> pot is much better for you that cigarettes 
[10:58] <AuRon the champion> I would love to know how you all know this
[10:58] <Kingbirdy> teh interwebs
[10:58] <Theharlequin> I'm in highschool
[10:58] <AuRon the champion> ditto
[10:58] <Narutofreak0> stupid chat
[10:58] <Theharlequin> over half the guys in my school smoke it
[10:59] <AuRon the champion> why do you think my GF asks me to do weird things sometimes..?
[10:59] <Theharlequin> like let her friend do things to her?
[10:59] <Kingbirdy> weird how?
[10:59] <AuRon the champion> yep
[11:00] <Nhlott> brb
[11:00] <Theharlequin> bbl dinner
[11:00] <AuRon the champion> while on the phone with me
[11:00] <AuRon the champion> it was strange...
[11:01] <AuRon the champion> anyway
[11:01] <AuRon the champion> what's new with you guys?
[11:02] <Narutofreak0> my mom just got back from aruba
[11:02] <Narutofreak0> guess what she got me
[11:02] <AuRon the champion> something
[11:02] <AuRon the champion> there
[11:02] <AuRon the champion> I can't be wrong!
[11:03] <Narutofreak0> define something
[11:03] <AuRon the champion> I guessed
[11:03] <AuRon the champion> take it or leave it
[11:03] <Narutofreak0> anyway she got me toblerone
[11:03] <AuRon the champion> ..?
[11:03] <Narutofreak0> swiss dark chocolate
[11:03] <AuRon the champion> oh sweet!
[11:03] <AuRon the champion> dark chocolate is good for you!
[11:03] <Narutofreak0> ah if the swiss were ever good at anything it is at making chocolate
[11:04] <AuRon the champion> and peace
[11:04] <AuRon the champion> and not taking sides
[11:06] <Narutofreak0> *awkward turtle*
[11:07] <Rawr27> I thought Beligum chocolate was suppose to be the best?
[11:08] <Narutofreak0> swiss is better
[11:08] <AuRon the champion> MOM!
[11:08] <AuRon the champion> =D
[11:08] <Narutofreak0> hey bach
[11:08] <BachLynn23> AURON
[11:08] <BachLynn23> *waits for auron to take his spot*
[11:08] <AuRon the champion> *turns into minidragon and flies onto bach's head*
[11:08] <Rawr27> Hai Bach
[11:08] <BachLynn23> *pets auron and feeds him a crisp*
[11:08] <BachLynn23> xD
[11:08] <AuRon the champion> *noms crisp*
[11:09] <Narutofreak0>
[11:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> anyone up for rp?
[11:09] <AuRon the champion> maybe
[11:09] <Narutofreak0> ^^^best chocolate in the world
[11:09] <AuRon the champion> what characters you got slay?
[11:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Tyler Prada]] and [[Cyon Nargaroth]]
[11:10] <AuRon the champion> meh
[11:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> but I would rather use TYler
[11:10] <AuRon the champion> they're no fun...
[11:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> O.O
[11:10] <Narutofreak0> auron like saddisitc chars
[11:10] <Narutofreak0> like blood's charries
[11:10] <Black Wolf of blood> Someone pinged me?
[11:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> *points a nar*
[11:11] <Narutofreak0> i was explaining to slay aur's def of fun
[11:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> gtg
[11:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[11:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> wait
[11:11] <AuRon the champion> or characters that have unique personalities
[11:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> nevermind
[11:11] <GypsyThief> ohai there blood
[11:11] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Gyps *hugs*
[11:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> how do you set up a pin?
[11:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> [ping*
[11:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> ping*
[11:11] <GypsyThief> *hugs back*
[11:11] <Narutofreak0> you need hacks for one
[11:12] <Narutofreak0> hai gyps
[11:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> and I do that how?
[11:12] <GypsyThief> hey
[11:12] <Narutofreak0> by getting hacks and putting them on your globaljs
[11:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> where do I get hacks?
[11:13] <Narutofreak0> from monch
[11:13] <Narutofreak0> or someone who has hacjs
[11:13] <Narutofreak0> *hacks
[11:15] <Narutofreak0> bows and quivers can transform into earings rite?
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> erm...
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> in theory
[11:15] <AuRon the champion> ja
[11:18] <Theharlequin> Lott?
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> *is partially tempted to send Conor to the Mord kidnapping thing*
[11:18] <Narutofreak0> he doesn't have his hacks harlo
[11:18] <BachLynn23> xD
[11:18] <BachLynn23> you should ask ob
[11:18] <BachLynn23> he might be down with that
[11:18] <AuRon the champion> have him say:
[11:19] <BachLynn23> I am if he is
[11:19] <Theharlequin> just seeing if he's on
[11:19] <Nhlott> Hmmmm?
[11:19] <AuRon the champion> "I heard someone was kidnapping people without my permission?"
[11:19] <BachLynn23> basically Sorin thinks Samara is dead
[11:19] <BachLynn23> but she's not
[11:19] <Theharlequin> posted on Russ
[11:19] <BachLynn23> he's just really pissed
[11:19] <Nhlott> it's like I have internal chathacks sometimes
[11:19] <Theharlequin> cool story bro
[11:19] <Narutofreak0> *disables lott's internal hacks*
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> *is playing a lego game*
[11:20] <BachLynn23> *disables nar*
[11:20] <Narutofreak0> hey lott a bowand a quiver can transorm into a pair of earings rite?
[11:20] <Narutofreak0> *shoots bach*
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> hey!
[11:20] <Nhlott> wait what?
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> no shooting mom!
[11:20] <BachLynn23> *doesn't work because nar is disabled*
[11:20] <Narutofreak0> *with an MGK rifle*
[11:20] <Nhlott> neclace or bracelet I could see, but not ear rings
[11:20] <AuRon the champion> *flies over to nar's face and bites his nose*
[11:21] <BachLynn23> *doesn't matter what nar thinks he shot with, he's disabled*
[11:21] <RubyRose17> hello
[11:21] <Rawr27> Hai Ruby
[11:21] <Narutofreak0> heyo ruby
[11:21] <Theharlequin> Nar's a crip'
[11:21] <Narutofreak0> *distincly remembers some1 doing that once*
[11:21] <GypsyThief> Hey Ruby
[11:21] <Narutofreak0> meh who cares
[11:21] <Nhlott> but now I gotta brb for like 30 min
[11:22] <AuRon the champion> AuRon is gonna be partially afk
[11:22] <Narutofreak0> *is gonna go work on his latest claim*
[11:23] <VintageCamera45> *chugs water cause she just played Just Dance
[11:23] <VintageCamera45> **
[11:23] <Theharlequin> hey vinte
[11:23] <VintageCamera45> hey
[11:23] <Petiller Cheri> O.M.G. O_O
[11:23] <Theharlequin> What?
[11:23] <VintageCamera45> what
[11:23] <VintageCamera45> ?
[11:23] <Petiller Cheri> It. is. raining. out. side.
[11:23] <Narutofreak0> do you know ppl still have projects from desmember 2011?
[11:23] <Petiller Cheri> O_O
[11:23] <AuRon the champion> and?
[11:23] <Petiller Cheri> *runs out side*
[11:23] <Narutofreak0> cheri?
[11:23] <GypsyThief> Same cheri
[11:24] <Theharlequin> hey ale
[11:24] <VintageCamera45> hi ale
[11:24] <Alejandro231> Hey Harle, Vint, and everyone else
[11:24] <Narutofreak0> swimming in the rain is awesome
[11:24] <Petiller Cheri> *comes back* IKR!!
[11:24] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[11:24] <Theharlequin> I had enought rain last week
[11:24] <Theharlequin> enough*
[11:24] <Narutofreak0> tmai harlo
[11:25] <Narutofreak0> it's been raining here since dec
[11:25] <Petiller Cheri> *quietly tiptoes outside*
[11:25] <Narutofreak0> *awkward turtle*
[11:25] <Petiller Cheri> >:P
[11:25] <Narutofreak0> O......M.........G
[11:26] <Theharlequin> *ties cheri to chair*
[11:26] <GypsyThief> what?
[11:26] <Narutofreak0> THIS CHOCOLATE IS AWESOME
[11:26] <Petiller Cheri> AH!
[11:26] <Petiller Cheri> >.<
[11:26] <GypsyThief> I'm not a fan of chocolate.
[11:26] <Petiller Cheri> Untie muah!
[11:26] <Narutofreak0> swiss dark choloate
[11:26] <Narutofreak0> it does wonders for the skin
[11:26] <VintageCamera45> and the heart
[11:26] <Moodle> Hey everyone
[11:26] <Petiller Cheri> Moodle!!
[11:26] <Narutofreak0> and it tastes like EPIC
[11:26] <Petiller Cheri> :D
[11:26] <VintageCamera45> Hi Moodle
[11:26] <RubyRose17> hey moo
[11:26] <Rawr27> BRO! *hugs*
[11:26] <Narutofreak0> hey moo
[11:26] <Theharlequin> dak chocolate is meh
[11:26] <Moodle> Fizz *Glompz fizz*
[11:26] <GypsyThief> Hey Moodle
[11:26] <Theharlequin> hey moo
[11:26] <Petiller Cheri> Untie me Moodle D:
[11:26] <Moodle> SIS!!! *hugs back*
[11:27] <Moodle> *Unties fizz*
[11:27] <Moodle> Hey gyps
[11:27] <Petiller Cheri> Yesh!!
[11:27] <Moodle> .
[11:27] <Petiller Cheri> *runs outside*
[11:27] <Moodle> Hey gyps, hey harle
[11:27] <Moodle> Who tied you up and why?
[11:27] <Narutofreak0> harlo
[11:27] <GypsyThief> Chu said hey do meh twice :P
[11:27] <Narutofreak0> so she wouldn't go out and play in the rain
[11:27] <Petiller Cheri> *comes back wet*
[11:27] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[11:27] <Petiller Cheri> I love la raiiin
[11:28] <Moodle> *Instantly dries fizz's clothes with a snap of my fingers*
[11:28] <Narutofreak0> gyps waaaaat?
[11:28] <VintageCamera45> *sings a song on her gutair*'
[11:28] <GypsyThief> That was at moodle 
[11:28] <Petiller Cheri> D: NO FUN MOO!
[11:28] <Moodle> Sorry gyps
[11:28] <Moodle> My chat failed on me
[11:28] <Narutofreak0> hey do me?]
[11:28] <Petiller Cheri> *runs back outside*
[11:28] <Moodle> so I typed it a second type
[11:28] <Narutofreak0> he said he do me?
[11:28] <GypsyThief> -_- *to
[11:28] <Moodle> I'm doing you, wtf?
[11:28] <Moodle> O.o
[11:29] <Narutofreak0> not me
[11:29] <Narutofreak0> gyps
[11:29] <GypsyThief> *slaps nar*
[11:29] <VintageCamera45> XD
[11:29] <Petiller Cheri> *comes back wet... again*
[11:29] <Moodle> lol
[11:29] <Moodle> Hey fizz, wb from the rain
[11:29] <Theharlequin> wet...hehehehehehe
[11:29] <Moodle> *makes it rain indoors*
[11:29] <Narutofreak0> cheri i sooooo too that wrong
[11:29] <Petiller Cheri> Thanks :D
[11:29] <Moodle> Oh suz up harle
[11:29] <Moodle> *shut
[11:29] <Theharlequin> no
[11:29] <Petiller Cheri> >.>
[11:29] <Petiller Cheri> <.<
[11:29] <Moodle> *Takes harle's mind out of the gutter*
[11:30] <Narutofreak0> *is permanently glued to the gutter*
[11:30] <Petiller Cheri> I GET TO GO OUT IN DA RAIN AGAIN XDDDD
[11:30] <Petiller Cheri> I gotta go open da gate for mah momma
[11:30] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[11:30] <Petiller Cheri> brb
[11:30] <Theharlequin> *mind quickly dive back in out of moo's reach
[11:30] <Moodle> k fizz
[11:30] <Theharlequin> **
[11:30] <Narutofreak0> welcome back harlo
[11:30] <Moodle> *Locks up the gateway to the gutter*
[11:30] <Moodle> Hey raven
[11:30] <Moodle> Have fun in the gutter
[11:31] <VintageCamera45> wow I jus realized it's raining here too
[11:31] <Moodle> lol
[11:31] <VintageCamera45> *just
[11:31] <Moodle> It's beautiful weather here
[11:31] <VintageCamera45> *goes outsides and dances in the rance*
[11:31] <Narutofreak0> it's friggin hot over here
[11:31] <VintageCamera45> *rain
[11:31] <Head of Ravenclaw> Rain
[11:31] <Theharlequin> Damn you colleges and your stupid e-mails
[11:31] <Moodle> What's up harle?
[11:31] <Moodle> 
[11:31] <AuRon the champion> she's getting college applications
[11:31] <Narutofreak0> are you kidding me!!!
[11:31] <Moodle> Ah
[11:31] <Narutofreak0> 26 degress
[11:31] <Narutofreak0> yesterday it was a cool 20
[11:32] <Theharlequin> he dude
[11:32] <Narutofreak0> :(
[11:32] <Narutofreak0> *sometimes forgets harlo is a dude*
[11:32] <Theharlequin> -_-
[11:32] <Narutofreak0> must have something to do with your pic
[11:32] <Rawr27> Lol xD
[11:32] <Head of Ravenclaw> Oh 26 in celsuis :P
[11:32] <Narutofreak0> yes hor
[11:32] <Moodle> ♫the countless stars, of heaven's field, were mirrored in his silver shield♫
[11:32] <Narutofreak0> bcuzz i refuse to use fahrenheit
[11:32] <Head of Ravenclaw> I was like "how is that hot?" xD
[11:32] <Theharlequin> It's the ghost rider from spirit of vengeance 
[11:33] <Narutofreak0> rawr rp?
[11:33] <Moodle> 15 degrees celsius here
[11:33] <Moodle> with a slight breeze
[11:33] <Rawr27> I'm going to go soon so maybe tomorrow?
[11:33] <Moodle> the perfect weather
[11:33] <Narutofreak0> sure
[11:33] <Narutofreak0> wait b4 you leave final question
[11:33] <VintageCamera45> 16 hours of freedom left
[11:33] <Moodle> What do you mean wine?
[11:33] <Rawr27> I'm not going yet just soon :P
[11:34] <VintageCamera45> I'm gonna be a camp counselor tomorrow
[11:34] <Moodle> Oh, nice
[11:34] <Narutofreak0> i cannot take advantage of sarah rite?
[11:34] <VintageCamera45> yeah
[11:34] <AuRon the champion> no
[11:34] <AuRon the champion> you can take advanter of her
[11:34] <Moodle> I just yesterday went to an interview for a volunteer position for summer camps in my town
[11:34] <Rawr27> *Facepalm* No chu can't, cos she would most likely burn you 
[11:34] <Narutofreak0> lol
[11:34] <Moodle> What's your camp wine?
[11:34] <Moodle> 
[11:34] <AuRon the champion> where? Who?
[11:35] <Narutofreak0> *still wants 2 try*
[11:35] <VintageCamera45> *shaves Moodle's head*
[11:35] <Petiller Cheri> *comes back and shakes her wet hair* :DDD
[11:35] <Rawr27> Oh fine you can try Nar xD
[11:35] <Moodle> lol wine
[11:35] <Moodle> I JUST had a haircut today
[11:35] <Moodle> how'd you know?
[11:35] <Moodle> 
[11:35] <VintageCamera45> I'm a seer
[11:35] <VintageCamera45> I see the future
[11:35] <Moodle> But anyways vin, what camp are you counselor for?
[11:35] <Moodle> 
[11:36] <VintageCamera45> why?
[11:36] <Narutofreak0> dafuq is a neckless
[11:36] <Narutofreak0> ?
[11:36] <Moodle> Just curious
[11:36] <Moodle> Ah, nvm, if you don't want to say
[11:36] <Moodle> I won't force you to
[11:36] <VintageCamera45> uhhh it's in Anaheim 
[11:36] <Rawr27> I think they meant Necklace nar xD
[11:36] <Moodle> Anaheim?
[11:37] <VintageCamera45> California, where I live
[11:37] <Moodle> Or the person meant actually "neckless" as in no neck
[11:37] <Petiller Cheri> bbl mah sister is here XP
[11:37] <Narutofreak0> i don't like asuming rawr
[11:37] <Theharlequin> later
[11:37] <Moodle> I sooo wanted to go to cali this summer
[11:37] <Moodle> But my parents opted for Florida
[11:37] <Narutofreak0> i am sooooooooo not going anywhere this summer
[11:38] <Narutofreak0> DAMN YOU SCIENCE
[11:38] <Moodle> I am
[11:38] <Theharlequin> My friend was just in Florida
[11:38] <Rawr27> I haven't had a holiday in years D:
[11:38] <VintageCamera45> I'm going to Paris this summer :DDD
[11:38] <VintageCamera45> I'm so excited
[11:38] <Moodle> If I get the job, I might possibly be stuck for two weeks with brats in a soccer camp, if they allow me
[11:38] <Moodle> Oh sh*t, I said in the interview that I'm fine with swimming
[11:38] <Moodle> dammit
[11:38] <Narutofreak0> lol
[11:38] <Moodle> That's what I hate even more, swimming with brats
[11:38] <Rawr27> Kick the ball at the annoying brats heads bro xD
[11:39] <GypsyThief> I'm going to florida this year, and new york, canada and england.
[11:39] <Moodle> Yeah yo, the first brat to climb on my back, I'm going to flip him
[11:39] <VintageCamera45> I'm also going to Florida this summer
[11:39] <Moodle> or her
[11:39] <Moodle> I've been to France
[11:39] <Moodle> But only Marseilles
[11:39] <GypsyThief> I love france 
[11:39] <Narutofreak0> posted on sarah rawr
[11:39] <Moodle> I went to Barcelona
[11:39] <VintageCamera45> my friend has family there and I might get a summer job with her
[11:39] <GypsyThief> Same moo
[11:39] <Moodle> and Rome, and Florence
[11:39] <Rawr27> Okays 
[11:39] <Moodle> I love italy
[11:39] <GypsyThief> I went to rome et venice 
[11:40] <VintageCamera45> in two summers I'm going to Itaaly
[11:40] <Moodle> In barcelona, some local person tried to jack the purse of some woman beside me
[11:40] <AuRon the champion> I'm not going anywhere T_T
[11:40] <VintageCamera45> *Italy
[11:40] <Moodle> We were in a touring group
[11:40] <GypsyThief> They have good clothes in italy 
[11:40] <Moodle> ^
[11:40] <Rawr27> Same Au :(
[11:40] <VintageCamera45> I'm from Venice
[11:40] <Narutofreak0> i went to the netherlands belgium germany in one trip aruba 3 times curacau once
[11:40] <Moodle> You DEFINITELY should see Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City
[11:41] <Moodle> I was like: Holy damn...this is the moaap!
[11:41] <Rawr27> I could of gone Belgium with my school but my mum said no D:
[11:41] <VintageCamera45> wait Nar aren't you supposed to be in the Carribean?
[11:41] <Narutofreak0> yes
[11:41] <Moodle> poor toi rawr
[11:41] <Moodle> I mean sis
[11:41] <Narutofreak0> toi?
[11:41] <Moodle> you
[11:41] <VintageCamera45> wait are chu talking to us from the Carribean
[11:41] <Moodle> toi means you in french
[11:41] <Rawr27> Yesh poor me :(
[11:41] <Moodle> vin, he lives in suriname
[11:42] <Moodle> .
[11:42] <Narutofreak0> suriname is in the caribbean
[11:42] <Moodle> Ik
[11:42] <Moodle> I never said it wasn't, I was just saying the country
[11:42] <ElanorTheFairest> Hey
[11:42] <Moodle> Hey elanor!
[11:42] <VintageCamera45> I thought you were going on vacation or something sorry I'm stupid
[11:42] <RubyRose17> hey daughter!
[11:42] <GypsyThief> hai
[11:42] <VintageCamera45> hi elanor
[11:42] <Moodle> Oh, hey dere rose
[11:42] <Theharlequin> hey elanor
[11:42] <ElanorTheFairest> Hey Mum & moo
[11:42] <RubyRose17> ello moo 
[11:42] <Rawr27> Hai Elanor
[11:43] <ElanorTheFairest> and eeveryone
[11:43] <Moodle> Elanor:
[11:43] <Moodle> Heard it?:
[11:43] <ElanorTheFairest> *everyone
[11:43] <RubyRose17> hey zak
[11:43] <Moodle> The Fall of Gil Galad
[11:43] <Zakzedd> hey ruby :D
[11:43] <GypsyThief> hey yak
[11:43] <Alejandro231> Hey Elanor
[11:43] <Rawr27> Hai Zak
[11:43] <VintageCamera45> hi zak
[11:43] <Alejandro231> Hai Zak
[11:43] <ElanorTheFairest> I've heard it.
[11:43] <Moodle> ah
[11:44] <Moodle> I love this part: "the countless stars of heaven's field
[11:44] <Moodle> were mirrored in his silver shield."
[11:44] <Rawr27> Le posted nar
[11:44] <Zakzedd> hay all! 
[11:44] <ElanorTheFairest> gtg, but i'll be back. Bye!
[11:44] <Moodle> bye elanor
[11:44] <Theharlequin> later
[11:44] <RubyRose17> bbl, going to eat dinner
[11:44] <Moodle> ttyl rose
[11:44] <Rawr27> Bye Ruby
[11:44] <Moodle> Mother and daughter leave together
[11:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> heya
[11:45] <Moodle> Hey hal
[11:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> anyone up for rp?
[11:45] <Rawr27> Hai Grandson *hugs*
[11:45] <Moodle> O.O
[11:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> *hugs gramma*
[11:45] <Moodle> hal's my half grandson?
[11:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes
[11:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya vintage
[11:45] <Rawr27> Is he?
[11:45] <Moodle> yes
[11:45] <VintageCamera45> h
[11:45] <Moodle> he is
[11:45] <VintageCamera45> i
[11:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> im related to ruby
[11:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> she is like my great god cousin
[11:46] <Rawr27> Hes WTs son so hes like..your great nephew xD
[11:46] <Alejandro231> WB Ruby
[11:46] <Narutofreak0> *is an actual god*
[11:46] <Moodle> Gods I have too many nieces and nephes
[11:46] <AuRon the champion> back
[11:46] <Moodle> *nephews
[11:46] <Rawr27> How is he your grandson Bro? :P
[11:46] <Theharlequin> cool story bro
[11:46] <AuRon the champion> and no you aint nar
[11:46] <Narutofreak0> shut up aur
[11:46] <Narutofreak0> or im revoking your weapons rights
[11:46] <Moodle> I have no descendants
[11:47] <AuRon the champion> you can't do that
[11:47] <Moodle> AuRon, he's just kidding for crying out loud
[11:47] <Moodle> deal with it
[11:47] <Rawr27> Hai Jenna
[11:47] <Theharlequin> wb jenna
[11:47] <Narutofreak0> reps rawr
[11:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> jhya jenna
[11:47] <Jenna Fraen> hai
[11:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya*
[11:47] <Jenna Fraen> jhya XP
[11:47] <AuRon the champion> AuRon knows, but still, AuRon wants to know how he would be able to do that
[11:47] <VintageCamera45> Jennna
[11:47] <VintageCamera45> !!!!
[11:47] <Moodle> Hey jen
[11:47] <Jenna Fraen> hey hey
[11:47] <Jenna Fraen> ooo
[11:47] <Moodle> Jen, are you my half sister?
[11:47] <Moodle> 
[11:47] <Narutofreak0> *revokes aur's weapon rights*
[11:47] <Jenna Fraen> has Aur decided to talk in third person?
[11:47] <Moodle> If so, *Hugs*
[11:48] <Jenna Fraen> and Moodly, hmmmm
[11:48] <Jenna Fraen> who is chur mama?
[11:48] <Moodle> Wise
[11:48] <Narutofreak0> i hereby declare any attacks made by aur wth weapons null and void
[11:48] <Rawr27> Wait..does that make her my half sister too?
[11:48] <Moodle> ghost's my dad
[11:48] <Jenna Fraen> oh, then yes
[11:48] <Moodle> yes rawer
[11:48] <Moodle> *rawr
[11:48] <Theharlequin> Moo, I'm your step-bro then
[11:48] <Jenna Fraen> Ghostie's is my poppa and Bachie is mah mama
[11:48] <Rawr27> Yay! *hugs Jenna* :D
[11:48] <Jenna Fraen> :P
[11:48] <Moodle> Ah then in that case, *hugs jen*
[11:48] <Zakzedd> rawr, were all related to one another somehow
[11:48] <Jenna Fraen> *hugs Rawry and Moodly back*
[11:48] <Rawr27> Oh wait..shes my step sister then :P
[11:48] <Moodle> Step brother, my first brother
[11:48] <Jenna Fraen> Guys, I have an announcement.
[11:48] <Moodle> Da?
[11:48] <Jenna Fraen> *clears throat*
[11:48] <Jenna Fraen> I have decided
[11:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes?
[11:48] <Moodle> yes?
[11:48] <Jenna Fraen> That I shall call all of you
[11:49] <Jenna Fraen> By your names
[11:49] <Jenna Fraen> Twice.
[11:49] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[11:49] <Moodle> You know my name?
[11:49] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[11:49] <Kingbirdy> hello jenna henna
[11:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[11:49] <Narutofreak0> jen
[11:49] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[11:49] <Narutofreak0> i swear to god
[11:49] <Jenna Fraen> so Nary will be Narynary
[11:49] <Narutofreak0> you will die if you EVER utter those words
[11:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[11:49] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[11:49] <Moodle> In the name of the great Eru Illuvatar, how is this deviltry so?
[11:49] <Rawr27> Rawr will be? :P
[11:49] <Narutofreak0> *kills jen for calling him nary, then again for doing it three times*
[11:49] <Jenna Fraen> Rawryrawry
[11:49] <Narutofreak0> *with a minigun*
[11:49] <Rawr27> Yay xD
[11:49] <Jenna Fraen> :O
[11:49] <Theharlequin> *kicks nar*
[11:50] <Narutofreak0> *which fires flaming bullets at 700mph*
[11:50] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[11:50] <Narutofreak0> *filled with liquid nitrogen*
[11:50] <Rawr27> I'm Rawryrawry :D
[11:50] <Moodle> *Catches all the bullets and throws them back at nar at the same speed*
[11:50] <Theharlequin> Bull 
[11:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> Jenna: do you want to finish the rp at the subway?
[11:50] <Moodle> Bullets/shells
[11:50] <Rawr27> I gtg now peoples bye bye
[11:50] <Jenna Fraen> D:
[11:50] <Theharlequin> later
[11:50] <Moodle> Bye sis!!!!
[11:50] <GypsyThief> *Throws nar into le basement and locks the door*
[11:50] <Moodle> *Hugs*
[11:50] <Jenna Fraen> baiz....half-sis?
[11:50] <AuRon the champion> remember kiddies
[11:50] <Narutofreak0> *escapes*
[11:50] <Rawr27> Bye *hugs everyone*
[11:50] <Narutofreak0> i warned her didn't i
[11:50] <AuRon the champion> keep calm, and foos roh dah!
[11:50] <Moodle> bye D:
[11:50] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[11:50] <AuRon the champion> bye rawr
[11:51] <Theharlequin> Moo, shells eject out the side of a gun, they don't go done the barrel
[11:51] <Theharlequin> down*
[11:51] <Jenna Fraen> Aur shall by Auraur
[11:51] <Moodle> ok, then the bullets themselves
[11:51] <Jenna Fraen> and lele is lelelele XP
[11:51] <Moodle> that's what I meant
[11:51] <Moodle> I just didn't know what they were called
[11:51] <Jenna Fraen> Moodlymoodly
[11:51] <Moodle> Yes jenjen?
[11:51] <AuRon the champion> ..?
[11:51] <Moodle> Moodymoody fists more imo
[11:51] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[11:51] <Moodle> Moody Mad Eye Moody
[11:52] <Theharlequin> fists hehe
[11:52] <AuRon the champion> *has no idea wtf is going on*
[11:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> Jenna?
[11:52] <Zakzedd> hey hey, gtg ppl, bbl, bbz!
[11:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> do you want to?
[11:52] <Jenna Fraen> Slay
[11:52] <Jenna Fraen> oH
[11:52] <Theharlequin> later
[11:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes?
[11:52] <Jenna Fraen> yesh
[11:52] <AuRon the champion> bye zak
[11:52] <Zakzedd> baiz
[11:52] <Narutofreak0> STUPID CHAT
[11:52] <RubyRose17> back
[11:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> yay
[11:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> ruby!
[11:52] <Narutofreak0> GO TO HELL
[11:52] <Narutofreak0> on another words
[11:52] <Jenna Fraen>
[11:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> your my god aunt!
[11:52] <Moodle> In the battle of helm's deep, gimli spawn kills
[11:52] <RubyRose17> ello slay
[11:52] <Jenna Fraen> lol
[11:52] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[11:52] <RubyRose17> really?
[11:52] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[11:52] <Moodle> like the cheater he is
[11:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes
[11:53] <Narutofreak0> jen if you ever dare utter those words you will DIE
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