[04:25] <Arkavir> lol
[04:25] <Toxyca> wot
[04:25] <Toxyca> I typed that into a pm
[04:25] <Toxyca> but okay then
[04:25] <Toxyca> gg chat
[04:25] <Arkavir> m8
[04:25] <Arkavir> idek
[04:26] <Toxyca> Moo o/ 
[04:28] <Le Dernier Vache> Hey :D
[04:28] <Le Dernier Vache> Merry Christmas!
[04:30] <Toxyca> OOOOOOH MY GOOOOOOD
[04:31] <Theharlequin> Welcome back my wifeykinz *hugs and snuggles*
[04:32] <TheFabulousBarbie> danke
[04:36] <TheFabulousBarbie> *puts on her best snuggle kitten face with a very big yawn*
[04:37] <Theharlequin> *snuggles up to Barbiekinz*
[04:37] <TheFabulousBarbie> *purrs and nuzzles him looking for cookies*
[04:39] <Toxyca> *throws oreos at the couple doing weird romantic stuff in public*
[04:39] <Toxyca> o/ 
[04:39] <IPaige> Who has seen Aphrodite GoW3
[04:40] <IPaige> She's wow. I wish I was one of her maidens. I mean come on 
[04:40] <Arkavir> you wan to be a lesbian?
[04:41] <IPaige> I know my next demigod a daughter of Aphrodite inspired by Aphrodite GoW3 version 
[04:41] <IPaige> I'm bisexual 
[04:41] <Arkavir> oh k cool:)
[04:41] <IPaige> The way she talks motions her body and what not 
[04:41] <IPaige> No mortal norgod can resist Aphrodite. 
[04:42] <Arkavir> kratos can lol
[04:42] <Toxyca> except the asexuals
[04:42] <IPaige> Kratos had sex with her 
[04:42] <Toxyca> and the blind
[04:42] <IPaige> Besides the asexuals
[04:42] <Arkavir> but you have the option not to lol
[04:42] <Toxyca> and especially the blind asexuals
[04:42] <IPaige> She's goddess of beauty, you can't resist 
[04:42] <Arkavir> ive beat GoW3
[04:43] <Arkavir> WEELLL kratos can
[04:43] <IPaige> You said no, didn't you 
[04:43] <IPaige> Who would decline Aphrodite, that's like an insult to the Goddess 
[04:43] <Arkavir> you have the option to have sex and not to lol
[04:44] <IPaige> But in myth no man which is both female and male not even a god can resist. 
[04:44] <IPaige> Besides the Virgins
[04:44] <Arkavir> why not lol/
[04:44] <IPaige> Even Zeus himself wanted Aphrodite but that would cause a war 
[04:44] <Arkavir> ?*
[04:45] <IPaige> Her Beauty itself can cause a war between the gods so Zeus gave Hephaestus Aphrodite because typically Hes the hideous God ever in myth 
[04:46] <Arkavir> ik that
[04:46] <Arkavir> i meant why not virgins
[04:46] <IPaige> The Virgins to me i refer The Virgins to the Virgin Goddesses the main 3
[04:47] <IPaige> Athena Hestia and Artemis 
[04:47] <Arkavir> athena isnt a virgin goddess
[04:48] <TheFabulousBarbie> yes she is 
[04:48] <Arkavir> nvm
[04:48] <Arkavir> i was thinking of someone else
[04:48] <IPaige> Would it be weird if you have children who are twins but have separate parents as God's 
[04:48] <TheFabulousBarbie> I don't see how they could do it honestly the virgin goddesses
[04:49] <TheFabulousBarbie> alittle yes but not impossible
[04:49] <IPaige> I might just do that 
[04:49] <Arkavir> why could they not lol?
[04:49] <IPaige> The Virgins? 
[04:49] <Arkavir> yes
[04:51] <IPaige> They took an oath to never fall in love or get married which is technically not having sexual intercourse because they sworn to forever be a virgin 
[04:51] <Arkavir> you dont lose your virginity in lesbian intercourse
[04:52] <TheFabulousBarbie> well yes you kinda do
[04:52] <IPaige> Their not lesbians
[04:52] <Arkavir> no you dont lmfao
[04:52] <TheFabulousBarbie> that would be like saying I only did anal so I am still a virgin
[04:52] <IPaige> Their forever single. They don't need someone 
[04:52] <Arkavir> its not the samelol
[04:53] <IPaige> That's a Virgin
[04:53] <Arkavir> thats actually not
[04:54] <IPaige> To choose to not have children or fall in love and get married is a Virgin 
[04:54] <Toxyca> ... no though
[04:54] <Arkavir> no it isnt omfg
[04:54] <IPaige> By the Gods yes 
[04:54] <Arkavir> vir·vir·gin
[04:54] <Arkavir> ˈvərjən/Submit
[04:54] <Arkavir> noun
[04:54] <Arkavir> 1.
[04:54] <Arkavir> a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
[04:54] <IPaige> Hestia is one of them 
[04:55] <Arkavir> nope sry
[04:55] <Toxyca> the virgin goddesses never have kids
[04:55] <TheFabulousBarbie> I thought it was sex of any kind
[04:55] <Toxyca> or have sex for fun
[04:55] <Toxyca> or take spouses
[04:55] <Toxyca> etc.
[04:55] <IPaige> That's what im saying they can't get married 
[04:55] <Zer0TheNinja> .
[04:55] <Arkavir> they can get married but no sex lmao
[04:56] <IPaige> The Virgin Goddesses sworn an oath to forever stay single 
[04:56] <Toxyca> by the definition of virgin, they can get married
[04:56] <Arkavir> vir·gin
[04:56] <Arkavir> ˈvərjən/Submit
[04:56] <Arkavir> noun
[04:56] <Arkavir> 1.
[04:56] <Arkavir> a person who has never had sexual intercourse.vir·gin
[04:56] <Arkavir> ˈvərjən/Submit
[04:56] <Arkavir> noun
[04:56] <Arkavir> 1.
[04:56] <Arkavir> a person who has never had sexual intercourse.vir·gin
[04:56] <Arkavir> ˈvərjən/Submit
[04:56] <Arkavir> noun
[04:56] <Arkavir> 1.
[04:56] <Arkavir> a person who has never had sexual intercourse.vir·gin
[04:56] <Arkavir> ˈvərjən/Submit
[04:56] <Arkavir> noun
[04:56] <Arkavir> 1.
[04:56] <Arkavir> a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
[04:56] <Toxyca> but the "virgin" goddesses
[04:56] <Toxyca> aka the maiden goddesses
[04:56] <Arkavir> ^
[04:56] <IPaige> But in Greek God term no
[04:56] <Toxyca> never have relationships at all
[04:56] <Arkavir> they have sex with mortals....
[04:57] <Toxyca> especially no
[04:57] <IPaige> The Maidens don't 
[04:57] <Arkavir> tyes they do
[04:57] <Arkavir> athena does
[04:57] <Toxyca> they don't have sex with gods or mortals, nor do they fall in love with gods or mortals, nor do they get married and whatnot
[04:57] <IPaige> No they don't 
[04:57] <Toxyca> Athena doesn't have sex to reproduce
[04:57] <TheFabulousBarbie> when does athena have sex Ark?
[04:57] <Toxyca> it's different
[04:57] <IPaige> Athena is technically in myth a virgin 
[04:58] <Arkavir> then how is there a athena cabin with kids in it???
[04:58] <IPaige> She IS a virgin in myth 
[04:58] <Toxyca> what I was just saying
[04:58] <TheFabulousBarbie> it is a meeting of the minds her children are born the same way she was in the mind
[04:58] <Toxyca> it's a really weird subject, but basically, Athena "merges minds" with people
[04:58] <TheFabulousBarbie> no sex says so in the books
[04:58] <Toxyca> and a baby appears
[04:58] <IPaige> In rl mythology of the Greeks Athena is one of the Virgins 
[04:58] <Arkavir> yeah but there is still fertilization
[04:58] <TheFabulousBarbie> sounds painful to be honest
[04:58] <Toxyca> tada~ the miracle of childmaterialization
[04:58] <Toxyca> no, there isn't
[04:59] <Toxyca> they never have intercourse at all
[04:59] <Arkavir> kk im done back to kittens
[04:59] <Toxyca> ;_;
[04:59] <Arkavir> (happy) 
[04:59] <IPaige> We know what we're talking about 
[04:59] <TheFabulousBarbie> not kittens please not kittens I don't want to know where they come from
[04:59] <Arkavir> i know more^-^
[04:59] <IPaige> Really that's ironic 
[05:00] <Toxyca> in the books it almost directly states that Athena doesn't have kids through sexual reproduction
[05:00] <Arkavir> define ironic
[05:00] <Toxyca> and that she is still a virgin
[05:00] <TheFabulousBarbie> I thought the subject was changed
[05:00] <Toxyca> ;=;
[05:00] <Arkavir> ^
[05:04] <Toxyca> I did that wrong xD
[05:05] <Toxyca> onto http://community.wikia.com/wiki/User:Arkavir/global.css *
[05:05] <TheFabulousBarbie> I got jewlery and stuff from bath and body works
[05:05] <Zer0TheNinja> nice
[05:06] <TheFabulousBarbie> it had to be at least as good as that
[05:06] <TheFabulousBarbie> or books
[05:06] <TheFabulousBarbie> I friken love books
[05:06] <Arkavir> me too &lt;3 
[05:07] <TheFabulousBarbie> yes but I am a big nerd that reads up to three books at a time
[05:07] <Arkavir> what.....
[05:08] <TheFabulousBarbie> well right now I am working through the Harry Potter books again, reading the land of stories series, and reading Alice through the looking glass for book club
[05:09] <Arkavir> i loveeee harry potter
[05:09] <TheFabulousBarbie> I am very good at compartmentalizing things in my head
[05:09] <TheFabulousBarbie> oh crap have to remeber to find a ride to book club
[05:09] <Arkavir> goblet of fires the best
[05:10] <TheFabulousBarbie> just about done with that one
[05:10] <Toxyca> (angry) 
[05:10] <TheFabulousBarbie> what toxy?
[05:11] <Toxyca> nothing, it's just the sexy mountains are burning my retinas
[05:11] <Arkavir> link me
[05:11] <Arkavir> i want them
[05:12] <Toxyca> I explained how to get the above @-@
[05:12] <Toxyca> them*
[05:12] <Arkavir> kk but i dunno which 2 lines
[05:13] <TheFabulousBarbie> yes i was very confuseled
[05:13] <Toxyca> @import "<a href="http://community.wikia.com/index.php?title=User:2Actimv/MountainChatSkin.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css" ;*="" "="">http://community.wikia.com/index.php?title=User:2Actimv/MountainChatSkin.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css";*/</a>
[05:13] <Toxyca> just that one line would work actually
[05:13] <IPaige> I love Ariadne
[05:13] <Toxyca> that whole thing I just typed into chat
[05:13] <Toxyca> @import "<a href="http://community.wikia.com/index.php?title=User:2Actimv/MountainChatSkin.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css" ;*="" "="">http://community.wikia.com/index.php?title=User:2Actimv/MountainChatSkin.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css";*/</a>
[05:13] <Toxyca> all of it
[05:13] <IPaige> I'm glad Dionysus is faithful to her 
[05:14] <TheFabulousBarbie> nope nothing
[05:14] <Toxyca> ?
[05:15] <TheFabulousBarbie> I tryed it just gave me red numbers and nothing happened
[05:15] <Toxyca> copypaste that line into http://community.wikia.com/wiki/User:TheFabulousBarbie/global.css
[05:15] <TheFabulousBarbie> Oh RL husband says it is bed time
[05:16] <TheFabulousBarbie> http://community.wikia.com/wiki/User:TheFabulousBarbie/global.css
[05:16] <Toxyca> correct
[05:16] <IPaige> I need Scales
[05:16] <Toxyca> now put @import "<a href="http://community.wikia.com/index.php?title=User:2Actimv/MountainChatSkin.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css" ;*="" "="">http://community.wikia.com/index.php?title=User:2Actimv/MountainChatSkin.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css";*/</a> on that page
[05:16] <TheFabulousBarbie> yea it gives me an erro page and nothing happens
[05:16] <Toxyca> "@import "<a href="http://community.wikia.com/index.php?title=User:2Actimv/MountainChatSkin.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css" ;*="" ""="">http://community.wikia.com/index.php?title=User:2Actimv/MountainChatSkin.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css";*/"</a> everything between the quotation marks?
[05:18] <Theharlequin> Night Wifeykinz
[05:18] <Toxyca> oh yeah, do it in classic editor
[05:18] <Toxyca> that might be important
[05:18] <Arkavir> .Chat .you {
[05:18] <Arkavir> background: transparent;
[05:18] <Arkavir> }
[05:18] <Arkavir> oops
[05:18] <Arkavir> not here dammit
[05:19] <Jeon Jungkookie> Me no sleepy
[05:19] <Jeon Jungkookie> OMGS 
[05:19] <TheFabulousBarbie> I see nothing
[05:19] <TheFabulousBarbie> oh pretty
[05:19] <Toxyca> did it work? :O
[05:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> My bias in GOT7 has the same size gages as I do, and the same design too, along with he type.
[05:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> The*
[05:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm dying rn. Dx
[05:20] <TheFabulousBarbie> how do I change it back?
[05:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> This just makes me laugh
[05:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wait, I changed?
[05:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> What changed?
[05:20] <Jeon Jungkookie> It*
[05:20] <Arkavir> you have gages?
[05:20] <Toxyca> just delete that line
[05:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> Mmhm 
[05:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> Size 4 
[05:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> My ears are badly damaged now. Dx
[05:21] <Arkavir> how can you live with thoughs things in your ears???
[05:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> I don't sleep with them in.
[05:21] <Arkavir> those*
[05:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> I don't know, I'm used to them I guess. XD
[05:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> I've had them for almost 6 months
[05:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> I have the tapper style gages
[05:22] <IPaige> Who has a child of Hades 
[05:22] <Toxyca> in the words of this baby
[05:22] <Toxyca> http://i.imgur.com/yNlQWRM.jpg
[05:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> Though I'm switching them out for pluges.
[05:22] <TheFabulousBarbie> RL Hubby has told me it is bed time
[05:22] <Arkavir> arent they kinda ugly?
[05:22] <TheFabulousBarbie> I think I shall go
[05:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> Depends on the kind
[05:23] <IPaige> Who's ugly? 
[05:23] <Toxyca> o/ 
[05:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> I have a few pairs that look like regular ratings. 
[05:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> So, no they're not ugly.
[05:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> No one said anyone was ugly. @Paige
[05:23] <Jeon Jungkookie> Regular earrings*****
[05:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> JB slays me. XD
[05:24] <Arkavir> oh k
[05:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> :D*
[05:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> Like quite looking so sexy. Dx
[05:24] <Jeon Jungkookie> Quit***
[05:25] <Arkavir> who? lol
[05:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> Same with Chenyeol, though the world would probably end. XD
[05:25] <Theharlequin> Mel?
[05:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> http://www.dramafever.com/st/news/images/jb-got7-a-eu-un-accident-de-voiture.jpg him
[05:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> MELLY MEH WIFE (TH) 
[05:26] <Arkavir> they all try justin bieber hair lmao
[05:26] <Jeon Jungkookie> I really need to find my siral gages.
[05:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> They've had it way before that idiot was even a star
[05:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> Their*
[05:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> (Angry) 
[05:27] <Toxyca> which Justin Beiber hair, v1 or v2?
[05:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> UGGH
[05:27] <Arkavir> Both lmfao
[05:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> Toxy XD
[05:28] <Jeon Jungkookie> Okay, lets drop it before I say something really mean and get kicked or banned.
[05:28] <Arkavir> (ban) 
[05:28] <Toxyca> so aggressive :O
[05:29] <Toxyca> because k-pop drama is artificial and meaningless
[05:30] <Jeon Jungkookie> https://40.media.tumblr.com/295de7ca2d1a5c9922e7af5f036946ef/tumblr_mrouhlH6Pu1qmqb3ho1_500.png My bae
[05:30] <Arkavir> exo then
[05:30] <Jeon Jungkookie> Pm @Toxy
[05:30] <Arkavir> He has edward hair
[05:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> Please stop making fun of their hair, obviously he will forever and always have better hair then you.
[05:32] <Toxyca> he looks like he just had a really unfortunate realization
[05:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> He probably did
[05:33] <Toxyca> http://i.imgur.com/aVUl0Lm.png
[05:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> The life of a KPop idol is actually quite harsh. Barely any sleep, always dieting.
[05:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> Not much money if you work for TS.
[05:33] <Jeon Jungkookie> That made me laugh so hard lmfao
[05:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm crying from laughter. Dx
[05:35] <Zer0TheNinja> <span class="me-username">* <span>Zer0TheNinja</span></span> dies
[05:35] <Arkavir> better hair then me.......?
[05:35] <Zer0TheNinja> no one has better hair than me (sarcasm)
[05:35] <IPaige> Igtg 
[05:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> Obviously @Ark
[05:36] <Arkavir> k lol:D
[05:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> OMGS
[05:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm near the end of Dream Knight. (Sad2) 
[05:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> Only one episode left 
[05:39] <Arkavir> brb
[05:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ill just have a (cookies) 
[05:40] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll
[05:40] <Jeon Jungkookie> ****
[05:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> (Headdesk) ?
[05:41] <Mr.Suit> Is that
[05:41] <Mr.Suit> a shrip
[05:41] <Mr.Suit> (cookie) 
[05:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> Shrip?
[05:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> Xd
[05:41] <Mr.Suit> e.e
[05:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD*
[05:41] <Mr.Suit> *fades away*
[05:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> Shake?
[05:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> If so, then yes.
[05:41] <Mr.Suit> e.e yes
[05:41] <Mr.Suit> xD
[05:41] <Mr.Suit> 
[05:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> It's my emote
[05:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> I really want a JungKook emote now. Dx
[05:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> Melly
[05:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> Melt
[05:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> Melly**
[05:42] <Meloney> *uploaded some more new emots* cookies you need to wait a while for me to put the head bang one..
[05:42] <Meloney> huh? 
[05:42] <Meloney> who is that?
[05:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[05:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> JungKook? 
[05:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> He's a Kpop star XD
[05:42] <Meloney> if you can find me one that actually fits chat...
[05:42] <Meloney> i'll add it
[05:43] <Meloney> (something) 
[05:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> Okay, I will (wink) 
[05:43] <Meloney> good luck
[05:43] <Meloney> i tried it failed
[05:43] <Toxyca> EY SUIT
[05:43] <Meloney> maybe you can get some better luck
[05:43] <Toxyca> dammit
[05:43] <Zer0TheNinja> Are you looking for some specific emote?
[05:43] <Meloney> i dont really mind what emot raid
[05:43] <Meloney> just give me a picture that you want as an emot
[05:43] <Meloney> and i'll put it for you~
[05:44] <Toxyca> cybernetic eyes are painful o.e
[05:44] <Meloney> it is?
[05:45] <Toxyca> well, having the chat history suddenly vanish every ten minutes is @-@
[05:45] <Meloney> (tears) 
[05:45] <Toxyca> but at least I'm helpful
[05:45] <Toxyca> (bounce) 
[05:45] <Meloney> (medal) 
[05:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> https://d.wattpad.com/story_parts/91364122/images/13b4591f34b9aacc.jpg lmfao
[05:45] <Meloney> its pink but oh well
[05:46] <Meloney> *is on laptop*
[05:46] <Arkavir> cancer awareness medal lol
[05:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> http://orig09.deviantart.net/fb38/f/2015/357/8/a/u_cannot_get_away_from_jungkook_by_winterplanet-d9l7k4i.gif I don't think I'd try. XD
[05:48] <Meloney> too big cookies 
[05:48] <Meloney> cant put it on as emots
[05:49] <Jeon Jungkookie> That was just a random note. XD
[05:49] <Jeon Jungkookie> http://49.media.tumblr.com/a8f7a87dd84a77d3390743f4b7637a85/tumblr_nf005kFKlv1tr4zgxo2_250.gif how about this one? :o
[05:49] <Arkavir> there all asian people... 
[05:50] <Meloney> I doubt it can fit..
[05:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> Damn xD
[05:50] <Theharlequin> And so? @Ark
[05:50] <Meloney> cause its gonna blur out a ton of stuff
[05:50] <Arkavir> just weird
[05:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'll have to find one when I get on my computer.
[05:50] <Meloney> welp time to go back to editing
[05:50] <Meloney> afk
[05:50] <Jeon Jungkookie> It's not weird. -.-
[05:51] <Theharlequin> Mel, Pm?
[05:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> My boyfriend's asian.
[05:51] <Toxyca> Brocky o/ 
[05:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> Would you like me to flash pictures of him instead? @Ark
[05:51] <Brocky292> o/ 
[05:51] <Toxyca> smile at the cybernetic-implant-camera
[05:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> Tbh what you said was deeply offensive.
[05:51] <Toxyca> *my chatlogger script is working again*
[05:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> @Ark
[05:51] <Theharlequin> If I just missed Mel again, holy fuck 
[05:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> Hey Brocky o/ 
[05:51] <Arkavir> just stop
[05:52] <Arkavir> driop it
[05:52] <Arkavir> drop
[05:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> I did. e.e
[05:52] <Jeon Jungkookie> Anyways, how's everyone?
[05:52] <Toxyca> good, good
[05:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> Have you seen Dream Knight? @Brocky
[05:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> The KDrama with GOT7m
[05:53] <Theharlequin> I literally cannot be on chat the same time as Mel apparently 
[05:53] <Brocky292> not yet
[05:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> ?*
[05:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> It's really good
[05:53] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm on the last episode rn.
[05:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> I should actually be sleeping tbh.
[05:54] <Jeon Jungkookie> I have a flight I have to leave for at 5:30 a.m.
[05:55] <Theharlequin> I have one like that in a few days
[05:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> BamBam and his damned lollipop
[05:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> He had it in almost every scene. XD
[05:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> They go to get food, lollipops' gone. Thennit mysteriously appears.
[05:56] <Jeon Jungkookie> Really? :o @Harle
[05:57] <Jeon Jungkookie> Then it***
[05:58] <Theharlequin> Yea, I have to leave the house at like 4:30 for the flight
[05:59] <Jeon Jungkookie> The flight doesn't take off until 7:15 iirc
[06:00] <Jeon Jungkookie> I have a feeling traffick will be fun. 
[06:02] <Theharlequin> Mine will be 6 AM
[06:02] <Theharlequin> Lots of fun
[06:07] <Jeon Jungkookie> Tbh I'll be surprised if I don't start freaking out when the plane takes off.
[06:09] <Arteminx> brocks brocks
[06:09] <Arteminx> i have a question
[06:09] <Brocky292> ?
[06:09] <Toxyca> Arte :O o/ 
[06:10] <Arteminx> hii toxyca
[06:11] <Jeon Jungkookie> Yo Krissy (TH) (cookies) 
[06:13] <Jeon Jungkookie> After schoop: Lucky or Not. >.<
[06:13] <Toxyca> actually, Brocky :| 
[06:13] <Jeon Jungkookie> Hmmm
[06:13] <Jeon Jungkookie> Should I watch it? XD
[06:13] <Jeon Jungkookie> School***
[06:13] <Toxyca> I should probably ask, am I still allowed to use the chatlogger without a star?
[06:15] <Jeon Jungkookie> It would be funny to get tricked into joining a club.
[06:15] <Toxyca> ... Brocky..?
[06:15] <Toxyca> elo?
[06:15] <Brocky292> what
[06:15] <Toxyca> the chatlogger script works again
[06:16] <Toxyca> I dun have a star anymore
[06:16] <Brocky292> and?
[06:16] <Toxyca> may I still use it?
[06:16] <Brocky292> go ahead
[06:16] <Toxyca> kk, thanks
[06:18] <Jeon Jungkookie> The guy...
[06:18] <Jeon Jungkookie> Ripped a page out of a boom and just ate it with a straight face. o.o
[06:18] <Jeon Jungkookie> Book*
[06:19] <Arteminx> brocks >.<
[06:19] <Arteminx> another question
[06:19] <Brocky292> ?
[06:19] <Arteminx> is the
[06:19] <Arteminx> lotus hotel 
[06:19] <Arteminx> canon on the wiki
[06:19] <Arteminx> i forgot
[06:20] <Toxyca> yep
[06:20] <Brocky292> mhm
[06:21] <Arteminx> thanks ~
[06:21] <Jeon Jungkookie> I can't take life seriously anymore. O.O
[06:22] <Jeon Jungkookie> The guy was dressed as a dog and took the dog bone with a straight face. As if he was happy with the role he'd gotten. o.o
[06:25] <Jeon Jungkookie> D.O., from Exo, played in my favorite KDrama, how'd I not realize that till now? He played a v creepy character tbh.
[06:27] <Jeon Jungkookie> http://www.dramafever.com/st/news/images/its-okay-thats-love-poster3.jpg
[06:31] <Mr.Suit> (lightsaber)
[06:31] <Mr.Suit> YOU LIE TO ME MEL
[06:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> (Light saber) ?
[06:31] <Mr.Suit> YAY
[06:31] <Mr.Suit> Nvm
[06:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> (Lightsaber) ?
[06:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> >.>
[06:31] <Jeon Jungkookie> <.<
[06:31] <Mr.Suit> Refresh chat
[06:31] <Mr.Suit> (...)
[06:32] <Mr.Suit> Just testing the new emotes (bunny)
[06:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> (Headdesk)
[06:32] <Jeon Jungkookie> Dx
[06:33] <Mr.Suit> :bye:
[06:34] <Jeon Jungkookie> ICE CREAM (TH) 
[06:35] <AliasKit> CHOCOSHAKE (th) 
[06:35] <Windsword7> KITASTROPHE
[06:35] <AliasKit> EY GINGYYY
[06:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> OMGS O
[06:35] <Jeon Jungkookie> O.O*
[06:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> That guy just touched the....
[06:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> What's the meaning of life?
[06:36] <Jeon Jungkookie> MANNNNNNGO (TH) 
[06:36] <AliasKit> POTATOOOO AND YES LOL (if you can >:) ) (th) 
[06:36] <CattyTheOrchid16> 42
[06:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> I'm seriously questioning the universe rn. XD
[06:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> Good answer
[06:37] <CattyTheOrchid16> (SQUEEZES) LE BUNNY
[06:37] <CattyTheOrchid16> (squeeze) 
[06:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> Omg
[06:37] <Jeon Jungkookie> They're so blunt about everything in this KDrama
[06:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> This guy asked to hang out with this girl and he thought he was going to have 'fun' with her, but she invited everyone she knew to hang out with them. XD
[06:38] <Jeon Jungkookie> Lmao
[06:39] <Jeon Jungkookie> Btw did chu post? @Ice Cream
[06:40] <CattyTheOrchid16> LMAO SQUAD (JUMP) 
[06:40] <CattyTheOrchid16> oh.. Muffin's not here ;w;
[06:40] <AliasKit> ey potato potato
[06:40] <AliasKit> replied :)
[06:40] <Jeon Jungkookie> Omg omg 
[06:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> Zayden and Selena are going to be really good friends tbh. :3
[06:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> Idek why but that post made me giggle, because she'd been crying for almost 3 posts.
[06:41] <Jeon Jungkookie> Probably because*
[06:42] <AliasKit> wait sorry Chocoshake >.< didn't see your message
[06:42] <AliasKit> posted where? D:
[06:42] <AliasKit> oh no
[06:42] <AliasKit> am I missing something ; - ;
[06:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> Wanna see the rp? @Ice Cream
[06:42] <AliasKit> please remind this lil ol' lad
[06:42] <AliasKit> yes pls ; - ;
[06:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> It's between Broken & I
[06:42] <AliasKit> I'm sorry
[06:42] <AliasKit> OOHHH
[06:42] <AliasKit> wait I hought
[06:42] <Jeon Jungkookie> Speak of the devil and she shall appear. XD
[06:42] <AliasKit> I thought you were asking me
[06:42] <Broken fire> *pokes Kit* Apparently, we're schoolmates xD
[06:42] <AliasKit> if I replied
[06:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> BROKEN (TH) 
[06:43] <AliasKit> HOLD IT
[06:43] <AliasKit> @Broken
[06:43] <Jeon Jungkookie> I did @Ice Cream xD
[06:44] <Jeon Jungkookie> I did ask if you posted
[06:44] <AliasKit> where?
[06:44] <CattyTheOrchid16> posted Kitkaaaat~!
[06:44] <AliasKit> link pls?
[06:44] <Jeon Jungkookie> On our RP. XD
[06:44] <AliasKit> thanks POtato :)
[06:44] <Broken fire> (squeeze) ello kookie
[06:44] <Jeon Jungkookie> Let me get it~
[06:44] <AliasKit> SORRY CHOCOSHAKE
[06:44] <AliasKit> ; - ;
[06:44] <AliasKit> I'm bad at keeping track of rps
[06:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> Its all good. :D
[06:45] <CattyTheOrchid16> saaame kitkat (high five)
[06:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> Tbh I only have 3 people I can keep track of rps with.
[06:45] <Jeon Jungkookie> Mussy, Broken, and Daichi.
[06:45] <CattyTheOrchid16> whoa there's no high five emote? o.o
[06:46] <AliasKit> (high five)
[06:46] <AliasKit> I tried
[06:46] <Toxyca> Lady Mangotato o/ 
[06:46] <CattyTheOrchid16> CAAAAAAAAAAKE (TH) 
[06:47] <Toxyca> late merry Christmas :D
[06:47] <Jeon Jungkookie> [[Roleplay:Main Forum/General/The Return of Ice Cream ft. Chocoshake?t=20151217204104]] @Ice Cream
[06:47] <CattyTheOrchid16> Belated Merry Christmas~!
[06:48] <Broken fire> merry christmas, pips (bounce) 
[06:48] <CattyTheOrchid16> *checks cake's talk page* whoa nelly, i didnt give you a christmas badge? *gasp* what is this monstrosity? must fix quick ><
[06:50] <Toxyca> so I got my chat scripts working again
[06:50] <Toxyca> *free editssss*
[06:51] <CattyTheOrchid16> the crisis has been averted
[06:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> I like Zayden, becuase he's a really cool character. @Broken
[06:51] <Jeon Jungkookie> XD
[06:51] <Toxyca> thanks Mango (bounce) 
[06:52] <CattyTheOrchid16> You're welcome, Solvay (bounce) 
[06:52] <CattyTheOrchid16> (bounce) emoticon looks really, really happy o.o
[06:53] <Toxyca> alrighty well, it's two in the morning almost
[06:53] <Toxyca> g'night peoples
[06:53] <Toxyca> chatlogger signing off o/ 
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