[07:15] <Arteminx> hyupooo
[07:15] <Arteminx> darlinnnnng
[07:16] <Arteminx> i've got news... can you notify the higher beings
[07:16] <Arteminx> i'll be on vacay until further notice
[07:17] <Arteminx> like away from wifi type of vacay
[07:17] <Arteminx> ty byebye
[07:18] <Summer June> posted on both
[07:21] <UniPacific16> What would be a good phobia for a child of Phobos
[07:23] <Brocky292> fear of fears
[07:25] <CupcakeParis> Hi o/ 
[07:26] <UniPacific16> Thanks brocky
[07:27] <CupcakeParis> JAMES.
[07:27] <CupcakeParis> (SQUEEZE) 
[07:27] <EvilhariboMadness> BLUEHYUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN (squeeze) 
[07:27] <UniPacific16> cupcake you posted on the RP with you me and summer yet 
[07:27] <CupcakeParis> (angry) 
[07:28] <CupcakeParis> you not yet posted in my char
[07:28] <CupcakeParis> kept on waiting for ya jammy
[07:29] <CupcakeParis> *james
[07:29] <CupcakeParis> *hohoho*
[07:29] <UniPacific16> Could whoever hasn't vote on this yet please vote [[Voting:Level 5%27s and Up/Keto Powers|Voting:Level 5's and Up/Keto Powers]]
[07:30] <CupcakeParis> i vote already
[07:31] <CupcakeParis> u post now
[07:31] <CupcakeParis> JAMES
[07:31] <CupcakeParis> NOW
[07:31] <CupcakeParis> I'll e waiting
[07:31] <CupcakeParis> HURRY
[07:31] <CupcakeParis> UP
[07:31] <CupcakeParis> NOW
[07:31] <CupcakeParis> PLZ
[07:32] <CupcakeParis> -__
[07:32] <CupcakeParis> -_-
[07:32] <CupcakeParis> (angry) 
[07:33] <UniPacific16> Calm down cause I just did
[07:34] <UniPacific16> Cupcake pm
[07:36] <UniPacific16> Hey eternal o/ 
[07:37] <AoCatrene> (SQUEEZE) 
[07:37] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> BAKS
[07:39] <UniPacific16> Wow I just got told the most dumbest reason for why a person finds me annoying
[07:39] <UniPacific16> it is because I rarely use emojis
[07:46] <CupcakeParis> U BACK AGAIN
[07:46] <CupcakeParis> (SQUEEZE) 
[07:46] <CupcakeParis> (NOM2) 
[07:46] <UniPacific16> Don't try to eat me I may taste like Vegemite 
[07:47] <Eternal Sterek> HI HI
[07:47] <Eternal Sterek> Blooooooo (squeeze) 
[07:47] <Eternal Sterek> BAKS
[07:49] <LyreOfOrpheHyus> (squeeze) 
[07:50] <CupcakeParis> -_-
[07:51] <CupcakeParis> try to eat me too i taste like salt
[07:51] <CupcakeParis> *hohoho*
[07:51] <UniPacific16> Salt is jice
[07:51] <UniPacific16> *nice
[07:51] <UniPacific16> Salt water is the best
[07:52] <CupcakeParis> -_-
[07:52] <CupcakeParis> wutever
[07:52] <CupcakeParis> it makes you freeze
[07:52] <CupcakeParis> and it makes me freeze
[07:54] <CupcakeParis> it kills me
[08:08] <Eternal Sterek> *pokes Brocky*
[08:11] <CupcakeParis> hi Eternal! o/ 
[08:11] <Eternal Sterek> hi
[08:19] <AoCatrene> Miggy can i call you Bingsu?
[08:19] <AoCatrene> idk why but the nickname is so cute 
[08:20] <Eternal Sterek> sure? xD
[08:20] <AoCatrene> my schedule sucks ;-;
[08:20] <AoCatrene> my class starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm
[08:20] <AoCatrene> were not allowed to eat outside the university during breaks ;-;
[08:25] <Eternal Sterek> omg
[08:25] <Eternal Sterek> that sucks
[08:25] <Eternal Sterek> not being allowed to eat outside
[08:25] <Eternal Sterek> and lol 9 am and 5 pm are both train rush hours XD
[08:25] <AoCatrene> no more lakwatsa to taft anymore ako ;-;
[08:25] <Eternal Sterek> we should hangout somewhere around taft avenue tho
[08:26] <Eternal Sterek> awww
[08:26] <AoCatrene> but maybe on weekends tho
[08:26] <Eternal Sterek> maybe
[08:26] <Eternal Sterek> but on weekends i'm always in mandaluyong
[08:26] <Eternal Sterek> and san juan
[08:26] <Eternal Sterek> cause i have church service 
[08:26] <Eternal Sterek> so most of the time i'll be in shangrila or greenfield
[08:27] <AoCatrene> text text na lang tayo hahahaha
[08:27] <AoCatrene> i doubt that i'll be going out at 5 naman eh
[08:28] <AoCatrene> some profs won't still come atleast on the first week
[08:29] <Eternal Sterek> hopefully haha sige
[08:32] <Summer June> cupcake
[08:32] <Summer June> ping cupcake
[08:33] <AoCatrene> natsuuu i posted on takumi c:
[08:33] <CupcakeParis> yes my love &lt;3 
[08:33] <Summer June> blueey (squeeze) 
[08:33] <Summer June> ill go check it
[08:33] <AoCatrene> (squeeze) (squeeze) 
[08:33] <Summer June> shuttup with the heart dummy
[08:33] <CupcakeParis> daww
[08:34] <CupcakeParis> but what?
[08:34] <Summer June> pm
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