[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> what
[11:53] <AuRon the champion> yeah, he kinda does moodle...
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> Nary?
[11:53] <RubyRose17> cool then
[11:53] <Alejandro231> anyone wanna rp
[11:53] <Moodle> "17!!!! 18!!! 19!!!!"
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[11:53] <Narutofreak0> nary or narynary
[11:53] <Moodle> The orcs are so stupid
[11:53] <Narutofreak0> you will die
[11:53] <Moodle> they climb up the ladders to be killed by him
[11:53] <Narutofreak0> or suffer ignoring
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> oh, Narnary
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> right
[11:53] <Narutofreak0> whichever im in the mood for
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> kkz
[11:53] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[11:53] <Narutofreak0> ask moodle
[11:53] <Narutofreak0> you don't want to be ignored by me
[11:54] <Moodle> He'll ignore you for more than 2 months
[11:54] <Narutofreak0> i'll ignore you and make you feel bad at the same time
[11:54] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[11:54] <Moodle> and guilt trip you at the same time
[11:54] <Jenna Fraen>
[11:54] <Jenna Fraen> :3
[11:54] <Narutofreak0>
[11:55] <Moodle> lol jen
[11:55] <Moodle> I love how the Galadrim knights, the Elven Knights of Lorien, are wearing kilt like navy blue skirts into battle
[11:56] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[11:56] <Moodle> It's an epic scene alright, but it's kinda funny
[11:56] <Jenna Fraen> *head explodes at Galadrim*
[11:56] <Theharlequin> he must be Scottish 
[11:56] <Moodle> Galadrim isn't a person
[11:56] <Black Wolf of blood> NIght everyone
[11:56] <Narutofreak0> when you visit scotland
[11:56] <Moodle> night
[11:56] <Jenna Fraen> nighty
[11:56] <Theharlequin> later blodd
[11:57] <Narutofreak0> why are you wearing jeans? REAL MEN wear KILTS
[11:57] <AuRon the champion> nigh-
[11:57] <Narutofreak0> you're like
[11:57] <AuRon the champion> wait
[11:57] <VintageCamera45> /
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[11:57] <Narutofreak0> dafuq is up with this country
[11:57] <AuRon the champion> I have something to say about this...
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> so true
[11:57] <Moodle> The Galadrim Knights are the knights of the High Elves, the Knights of Galadriel
[11:57] <VintageCamera45>
[11:57] <Moodle> saw that pic XD
[11:57] <Jenna Fraen> I actually think kilts are particularly sexy :3
[11:57] <Narutofreak0> of courae you do
[11:57] <AuRon the champion> wait!
[11:58] <Narutofreak0> then you can upskirt guys
[11:58] <AuRon the champion> I have something to say about kilts!
[11:58] <Slayingthehalcyon> *pokes jenna* post
[11:58] <AuRon the champion>
[11:58] <Theharlequin> I had a guy at my school wear a kilt to school a few times
[11:58] <Moodle> lol, what if Saruman failed in his speech to the Dunlending men?
[11:58] <Moodle> "THEY TOOK OUR!"
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> derp
[11:58] <AuRon the champion> I wanted to say that...
[11:58] <AuRon the champion> *halo ftw*
[11:58] <Daughter of posiedion> SLAYDUDE!!
[11:58] <Nhlott> *rubs temples*
[11:58] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[11:58] <AuRon the champion> lott
[11:58] <AuRon the champion> what have we learned today?
[11:58] <Daughter of posiedion> i mean.... Hi!
[11:59] <Narutofreak0> that chat is depressing at 9 pm?
[11:59] <Moodle> We've learned that Elves can surf on shields
[11:59] <AuRon the champion> no
[11:59] <Moodle> and that Gimli and dwarves spawn kill
[11:59] <Alejandro231> ooh...fancy
[11:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> posie! *hugs*
[11:59] <AuRon the champion> that if you take drugs
[11:59] <Theharlequin> Scottish dudes are manly men
[11:59] <Nhlott> that you shouldn't preach to me about my use of narcotics as I see fit?
[11:59] <VintageCamera45> posted ale
[11:59] <Moodle> AND that they can fly
[11:59] <AuRon the champion> you get one hell of a hangover
[11:59] <Daughter of posiedion> *hugsback* 
[11:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[11:59] <Moodle> lol lott
[11:59] <VintageCamera45> Lott wanna join the Warehouse 14 chat party?
[11:59] <VintageCamera45> hi shad
[11:59] <Theharlequin> you all get hangovers from alcohol
[11:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> posie pm
[11:59] <Nhlott> sure, I guess
[11:59] <Theharlequin> hey shad
[11:59] <ShadowGoddess> hey guys
[11:59] <Daughter of posiedion> kk
[11:59] <Slayingthehalcyon> shadow your my aunt!
[11:59] <Alejandro231> Warehouse 14?
[11:59] <Alejandro231> Hey Shad
[11:59] <ShadowGoddess> O.O
[12:00] <Narutofreak0> you get hangovers from chocolate and soda 2
[12:00] <VintageCamera45> it's a rp wiki for warehoouse 13
[12:00] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[12:00] <AuRon the champion> true about the chocolate part...
[12:00] <AuRon the champion> I've never been a fan of soda
[12:00] <ShadowGoddess> *faints*
[12:00] <AuRon the champion> but whiskey, that's some good stuff
[12:00] <Alejandro231> @vint, link
[12:00] <VintageCamera45>
[12:00] <Theharlequin> I drink soda almost everyday
[12:01] <VintageCamera45> u watch Warehouse 13 ale?
[12:01] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow: since your my aunt and WT/my mom isn't here. do I have permission to ask for posie's hand in chat marriage?
[12:01] <ShadowGoddess> :O
[12:01] <Daughter of posiedion> :D
[12:01] <Moodle> What's the show about?
[12:01] <AuRon the champion> *coils up on bach's head*
[12:01] <AuRon the champion> fiding WMDs
[12:01] <ShadowGoddess> um.... Slay PM
[12:01] <AuRon the champion> 'cept they're not WMDs
[12:01] <Alejandro231> not at all @vint, and posted
[12:01] <BachLynn23> *pets auron and feeds him a crisp*
[12:01] <Slayingthehalcyon> okay?
[12:01] <VintageCamera45> kk
[12:01] <AuRon the champion> *noms on crisp*
[12:01] <AuRon the champion> you know
[12:01] <AuRon the champion> stuff like
[12:01] <AuRon the champion> camoliean landmines
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> derp, back
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> had to go talk
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> with
[12:02] <AuRon the champion> hitler's microphone
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> humans
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> *shivers*
[12:02] <AuRon the champion> abe lincon's hat
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[12:02] <AuRon the champion> @jenna iknorite?
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[12:02] <ShadowGoddess> JENNA! *tackle glompz*
[12:02] <VintageCamera45> posted ale
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> Shampoo!
[12:02] <Jenna Fraen> *glompz back*
[12:03] <Moodle> Keep spamming the 8 button on this video and it looks like the elves are firing volleys of arrows
[12:03] <Jenna Fraen> who knows of the show the Office?
[12:03] <AuRon the champion> wut..?
[12:03] <Moodle>
[12:03] <VintageCamera45> I know!
[12:03] <AuRon the champion> SVENTEAN!
[12:04] <AuRon the champion> SE-Se-se-se-sventean!
[12:04] <Jenna Fraen> lol, I forgot what episode it was but Michael was saying to Toby
[12:04] <AuRon the champion> *abused the timeskip button*
[12:04] <Jenna Fraen> "If I had two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Toby, I would shoot Toby twice!!"
[12:04] <ShadowGoddess> rp anyone?
[12:04] <AuRon the champion> toby?
[12:04] <Alejandro231> Who doesn't know the show the office @Jenna
[12:04] <Daughter of posiedion> sure
[12:04] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[12:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> *gets down on one knee in front of posie* will you marry me?
[12:05] <BachBot> lott
[12:05] <BachLynn23> lott
[12:05] <Alejandro231> posted Vint, @Jenna that is one of the top 5 funniest scenes
[12:05] <Daughter of posiedion> YESS!!!!
[12:05] <Narutofreak0> nar
[12:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[12:05] <AuRon the champion> *stares at slay*
[12:05] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[12:05] <AuRon the champion> FOOS! ROH DAH!
[12:05] <Daughter of posiedion> :D
[12:05] <Daughter of posiedion> 
[12:05] <Daughter of posiedion> :D
[12:05] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[12:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> No skyrim at this moment 
[12:05] <AuRon the champion> *the joys of being a dragon*
[12:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> posie :D
[12:05] <AuRon the champion> D:
[12:05] <Daughter of posiedion> Slaydude:D
[12:05] <AuRon the champion> *coils up on bach's head*
[12:05] <Theharlequin> *uppercuts auron's jaw before he can shot*
[12:05] <AuRon the champion> *pouts*
[12:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> Posie :D
[12:06] <Daughter of posiedion> slaydude:D
[12:06] <AuRon the champion> *wtf harle, I'm on bach's head*
[12:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[12:06] <VintageCamera45> posted ale
[12:06] <BachLynn23> *pets auron and sticks a marshmallow in front of him to toast*
[12:06] <AuRon the champion> *minidragons no like being uppercutted*
[12:06] <Theharlequin> I uppercutted with my thumb
[12:06] <BachLynn23> *punches harle in the gut* NO PUNCHING MY AURON
[12:06] <Daughter of posiedion> want to rp slaydude?
[12:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> shadow? are you going to make it officiial since your my closest family member here?
[12:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> sure
[12:06] <AuRon the champion> *sniffs and exhales fire at the mashmellow*
[12:06] <Travelg> why are you on bach head Auron?
[12:06] <AuRon the champion> because lele isn't here
[12:07] <Narutofreak0> *punches a different auron*
[12:07] <Travelg> Oh okay. Bach i pm you.
[12:07] <Moodle> What'd you eat AuRon?
[12:07] <BachLynn23> *gives a piece of the toasted marshamllow to auron, eats the rest myself*
[12:07] <Theharlequin> *flexes his stomach and walks away from the punch*
[12:07] <AuRon the champion> *noms on peice of mashmellow*
[12:07] <AuRon the champion> what did AuRon eat?
[12:07] <BachLynn23> mmmmm stomach muslces
[12:07] <VintageCamera45> *Cheers* Ready OK
[12:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:07] <AuRon the champion> nothing...
[12:07] <BachLynn23> o.O
[12:07] <Alejandro231> posted Vint
[12:07] <BachLynn23> I mean
[12:07] <BachLynn23> *coughcough*
[12:07] <VintageCamera45> kk
[12:07] <Moodle> *gives au a lifetime's supply of marshmallows
[12:07] <Theharlequin> abs, bach?
[12:07] <ShadowGoddess> wait what did I miss?
[12:07] <BachLynn23> xD
[12:07] <BachLynn23> nice abs
[12:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> me proposing!? :U
[12:08] <ShadowGoddess> oh right
[12:08] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[12:08] <AuRon the champion> stomach are fun to stare at....
[12:08] <Jenna Fraen> wait
[12:08] <Jenna Fraen> what?
[12:08] <Narutofreak0> *secretly shoots auron*
[12:08] <Daughter of posiedion> :D
[12:08] <Jenna Fraen> OMG GUN
[12:08] <AuRon the champion> as long as they aren't too large...
[12:08] <Theharlequin> I'm told I have a brick walk for a gut
[12:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> you have to make it official your my closest family member
[12:08] <Jenna Fraen> *tackle glompz the gun*
[12:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> @posie :D
[12:08] <Daughter of posiedion> @slaydude :D
[12:08] <Moodle> I'm watching boromir die
[12:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[12:08] <Narutofreak0> bach
[12:08] <Narutofreak0> wanna rp?
[12:08] <BachLynn23> sure who?
[12:08] <Daughter of posiedion> <3 :D
[12:08] <AuRon the champion> "One does not simply walk into mordor"
[12:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> posie: did you post?
[12:09] <AuRon the champion> Boromir got that right!
[12:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[12:09] <VintageCamera45> posted ale
[12:09] <Jenna Fraen> Slay *poke*
[12:09] <Jenna Fraen> i posted
[12:09] <Jenna Fraen> :P
[12:09] <Narutofreak0> don't really care
[12:09] <Jenna Fraen> it was always chur turn
[12:09] <Moodle> Boromir was a jerk, but he was a brave and true Man of Gondor in the end
[12:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> okay
[12:09] <Daughter of posiedion> one momento
[12:09] <ShadowGoddess> *starts doin a happy dance* YAYZ!
[12:09] <ShadowGoddess> 
[12:09] <AuRon the champion> so...
[12:09] <BachLynn23> well idr who your charies are anymore
[12:09] <BachLynn23> XP
[12:09] <AuRon the champion> Men of Gondor are jerks..?
[12:09] <Jenna Fraen> Gondor?
[12:09] <AuRon the champion> *will never go out with them*
[12:10] <Moodle> No
[12:10] <Jenna Fraen> O_O
[12:10] <Jenna Fraen> omg
[12:10] <Moodle> Men of Gondor are easily corrupted
[12:10] <AuRon the champion> ?
[12:10] <Moodle> BUT they are true and brave men
[12:10] <Jenna Fraen> *read Gondor as boner for a sec*
[12:10] <AuRon the champion> yeah, another reason AuRon wont go out with them....
[12:10] <Theharlequin> auron, you bi or something?
[12:10] <Narutofreak0> on my userpage bach
[12:10] <Theharlequin> hey hunter
[12:10] <AuRon the champion> yesh
[12:11] <Moodle> Ah I see
[12:11] <Daughter of posiedion> ok now I posted slaydude.
[12:11] <Theharlequin> ok, don't know
[12:11] <AuRon the champion> AuRon likes guys, just not as much as girls
[12:11] <Narutofreak0> *sings stayin' alive*
[12:11] <Theharlequin> I see
[12:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> kk
[12:11] <Jenna Fraen> harle, aren't we all?
[12:11] <Narutofreak0> i like guys
[12:11] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[12:11] <Theharlequin> I'm not
[12:11] <Narutofreak0> but im more of a cat person myseld
[12:11] <Narutofreak0> *myself
[12:11] <Narutofreak0> if y know what i mean
[12:11] <AuRon the champion> we dont
[12:11] <BachLynn23> I like guys and girls ;)
[12:11] <GypsyThief> ^
[12:11] <BachLynn23> cat = pussy
[12:12] <AuRon the champion> oh
[12:12] <Theharlequin> mmm
[12:12] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[12:12] <Jenna Fraen> i got that
[12:12] <Theharlequin> pussy
[12:12] <Jenna Fraen> like, immediately
[12:12] <BachLynn23> *purrs*
[12:12] <BachLynn23> XD
[12:12] <AuRon the champion> *joking* I'm my chat mom's son!
[12:12] <AuRon the champion> *minithumbs up*
[12:12] <Narutofreak0> *just came into exsistence out of none*
[12:12] <ShadowGoddess> YAYZ! my quest got claimed!
[12:12] <Narutofreak0> YAY
[12:12] <Jenna Fraen> YAY
[12:12] <Narutofreak0> wait why are we yaying?
[12:12] <Daughter of posiedion> YAY!
[12:12] <Theharlequin> sweet shad
[12:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow: :| you haven't made it official... 
[12:35] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[12:35] <Daughter of posiedion> I will be right back
[12:35] <Daughter of posiedion> i'm back and i have an icon!
[12:35] <Jenna Fraen> Jakez, do you know of Florence and the Machine?
[12:35] <Nhlott> N-A-R-'S-C-O-O-L-F-R-I-E-N-D-L-O-T-T
[12:35] <Daughter of posiedion> it says rainbows, btw.
[12:36] <Narutofreak0> NYAN CAT
[12:36] <Narutofreak0> nyan
[12:37] <Daughter of posiedion> I have a sticky named steve :) he's yellow.
[12:37] <Narutofreak0> nyan?
[12:38] <Theharlequin> .
[12:38] <ItsjustJake>
[12:38] <ItsjustJake> SO beautiful
[12:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> nice rainbow?
[12:38] <Jenna Fraen> Jakez *poke*
[12:38] <Narutofreak0> jake
[12:38] <Theharlequin> posted lott
[12:38] <ItsjustJake> yes?
[12:39] <Narutofreak0> replied on ariadne
[12:39] <Jenna Fraen> do you know of Florence and the Machine?
[12:39] <BachLynn23> @nar posted
[12:39] <ItsjustJake> @nar i know
[12:39] <ItsjustJake> @jenna nope
[12:39] <Nhlott> @Bach, No le chase?
[12:39] <Jenna Fraen> D:
[12:39] <Narutofreak0> i mentioned it b4?
[12:39] <Jenna Fraen> you seem like you would
[12:39] <Daughter of posiedion> thanks! I loveeeee rainbows.
[12:39] <BachLynn23> @lott,, depends on if he would or not, but pushing her too much at this point, with her current emotional state, could end badly for him
[12:40] <Jenna Fraen> Jakez, go on youtube and search up "florence and the machine no light" right now
[12:40] <Theharlequin> wb vinte
[12:40] <Jenna Fraen> it reminds me of the G
[12:40] <Jenna Fraen> *HG
[12:40] <Nhlott> He's content with giving himself a concussion
[12:40] <Nhlott> posted
[12:41] <Daughter of posiedion> slaydude, are we still rping?
[12:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> dinner
[12:41] <Daughter of posiedion> kk
[12:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> Posie: i can't my friends computer sucks ass
[12:41] <Daughter of posiedion> :(
[12:42] <VintageCamera45> posted ale
[12:42] <Daughter of posiedion> *sighs* rp anyone?
[12:43] <Nhlott> hmmmm.... I want him to hit jack, but I'm unsure how
[12:43] <Kingbirdy> with a spade
[12:43] <Narutofreak0> posted bach
[12:43] <ItsjustJake> My god, my dad just brought a brownie sundae to me room.. Its like he knew i was upset telepathically
[12:43] <Narutofreak0> it's usually moms that have that power
[12:43] <Theharlequin> What you upset about?
[12:43] <Jenna Fraen> ^
[12:43] <ItsjustJake> It's that song... the Hunger games one by taylor swift
[12:44] <Daughter of posiedion> the sun goes down
[12:44] <ItsjustJake> I finally realized why I connect to it
[12:44] <VintageCamera45> Jake can we talk
[12:44] <Narutofreak0> why?
[12:44] <ItsjustJake> it reminds me of Sammy everytime I hear it
[12:44] <ItsjustJake> and now im like bawling
[12:44] <Jenna Fraen> who's Sammy?
[12:44] <Theharlequin> 6
[12:44] <ItsjustJake> and laughing because im telling you guys that
[12:44] <Theharlequin> ^*
[12:44] <Narutofreak0> sammy being your dog?
[12:44] <ItsjustJake> @Vinny sure thing, PM me
[12:44] <ItsjustJake> @Nar the girl I wroe the blog about, the one who had cancer
[12:44] <Narutofreak0> ah
[12:44] <Daughter of posiedion> the sun goes edown, the stars come out, and all that counts is here and now, my universe willnever be the same, I'm glad you came.
[12:44] <Theharlequin> oh her
[12:44] <Narutofreak0> you wrote a blog about that?
[12:44] <Narutofreak0> when?
[12:45] <ItsjustJake> yeah
[12:45] <ItsjustJake> back in december
[12:45] <ItsjustJake> right after she...
[12:45] <ItsjustJake> yaeh
[12:45] <Theharlequin> I remember that blog
[12:45] <ItsjustJake> ill find it, nar
[12:45] <Daughter of posiedion> rp anyone?
[12:45] <GypsyThief> *hugs jake*
[12:45] <ItsjustJake> thanks Gyps :)
[12:45] <ItsjustJake> Nar
[12:45] <ItsjustJake>
[12:46] <Theharlequin> *offers jake a bro hug*
[12:46] <Narutofreak0> ah december
[12:46] <ItsjustJake> *accepts*
[12:46] <Narutofreak0> a very bad month for me
[12:46] <Nhlott> posted, Harle
[12:46] <ItsjustJake> Us too
[12:46] <Nhlott> *hugs Jake*
[12:46] <ItsjustJake> FIrst, Sammy died. Then, Molly died
[12:46] <ItsjustJake> I didn't know Molly, but all my friends did
[12:46] <Daughter of posiedion> nvmind
[12:47] <Jenna Fraen> *hugs Jakez*
[12:47] <Narutofreak0> i actually lost my sense of self that month
[12:47] <BachLynn23> lott w14 chat
[12:47] <Theharlequin> hello cosmo
[12:47] <ItsjustJake> thanks Lott, Jenna
[12:48] <Kingbirdy> jake, as always, if you ever want/need to talk, I'm here for you man
[12:48] <ItsjustJake> Had Elfie been on?
[12:48] <Narutofreak0> yea
[12:48] <BachLynn23> @nar posted
[12:48] <ItsjustJake> Thanks King
[12:48] <ItsjustJake> Im better now
[12:48] <Narutofreak0> hey jake
[12:48] <Narutofreak0> you ever need me for something
[12:48] <Narutofreak0> anything
[12:48] <Narutofreak0> just holler
[12:48] <ItsjustJake> Its one of those things where you have to keep playing the song, even though it makes you miserable
[12:48] <ItsjustJake> thanks nar
[12:48] <Kingbirdy> yeah. I hate those songs.
[12:48] <Moodle> Back everyone
[12:49] <Kingbirdy> mine used to be californication, but that stage of my life passed, dont really want to find a new one
[12:49] <Jenna Fraen> For me, I'll hear a song with a slightly sad tone to it and it reminds me of something and I'll start sobbing
[12:49] <ItsjustJake> Love that song
[12:49] <Nhlott> haehehehe, Sandman's on Disney Channel
[12:49] <ItsjustJake> Sandman?
[12:49] <Jenna Fraen> and then I either start screaming whenever it comes on or listen to it all the time
[12:50] <ItsjustJake> Enter Sandman?
[12:50] <Daughter of posiedion> im watching the disney channel right now. I was bored. 
[12:50] <ItsjustJake> Im eating fatty foods and sniffling and currently typing, but i wont be anymore when you read this
[12:50] <Nhlott> The guy who was sandman in Spidey 3 is playing some chick's dad
[12:50] <Jenna Fraen>
[12:51] <Jenna Fraen> I love this, it's a cover of the song Pretend by Lights
[12:51] <Jenna Fraen> HG version
[12:51] <Moodle> ah
[12:51] <Daughter of posiedion> lott, its your turn to post on gavin
[12:51] <Moodle> wtf
[12:51] <Narutofreak0> is it weird that the ib\\only memory i have of my grandpa is of him locking me in a bathroom for punishment?
[12:52] <Moodle> Why is Rue's Lullaby, Kiss the Rain?
[12:52] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[12:52] <Moodle> Dude, as much as like rue
[12:52] <Jenna Fraen> omg, Jakez, now that you brought up those songs
[12:52] <Moodle> it was poorly sung
[12:52] <Moodle>
[12:52] <Jenna Fraen> I'm listening to Flightless Bird, American Mouth
[12:52] <ItsjustJake> I like the piano version of Rue's lullaby
[12:52] <Jenna Fraen> and I'm getting all teared u[
[12:52] <Jenna Fraen> *up
[12:52] <Jenna Fraen> Damn you >.>
[12:52] <Moodle> Yiruma and Rue are both much more worthy than that person singing
[12:52] <Moodle> imo
[12:52] <Jenna Fraen> *hugs*
[12:53] <Moodle> linkage jake?
[12:53] <ItsjustJake> @Moodle some random youytube user made this, this isnt the real song
[12:53] <ItsjustJake> hold on
[12:53] <Moodle> ik
[12:53] <Moodle> Still
[12:53] <Nhlott> posted on Bull
[12:53] <Nhlott> King, Gyps, if you'd like
[12:53] <ItsjustJake>
[12:53] <Theharlequin> posted lott
[12:53] <ItsjustJake> beautiful
[12:53] <ItsjustJake> awh, RUUUUUUUUUUUUUE </3
[12:54] <ItsjustJake> I havent seen the movie
[12:54] <ItsjustJake> but I finished rereading the book today
[12:54] <GypsyThief> Same
[12:54] <Moodle> Why did they use Kiss the Rain?
[12:54] <GypsyThief> At not seeing the movie
[12:54] <ItsjustJake> I want Catching Fire. My sister has it on her Kindle, so i must steal it from her
[12:54] <Theharlequin> i probably won't see the movie
[12:54] <Moodle> Did the movie people actually use kiss the rain as rue's theme
[12:54] <Jenna Fraen> no, it was just four notes
[12:54] <ItsjustJake> @Moodle did they I thought they amde that song up
[12:54] <Narutofreak0> easy enuff jake
[12:54] <Jenna Fraen> the one from the preview
[12:54] <Moodle> Obviously not
[12:54] <ItsjustJake> @Jenna that was only her whistl
[12:54] <Narutofreak0> you know her password or what it could b?
[12:54] <Moodle> It's Kiss the Rain by Yiruma
[12:54] <ItsjustJake> *whistle
[12:54] <Jenna Fraen> oh
[12:55] <ItsjustJake> which happens to be my ring tone
[12:55] <ItsjustJake> my "Mockingtone" if you will
[12:55] <Moodle> the first song of Yiruma's that I ever listened to before I fell in love with his music
[12:55] <Moodle> ik most of the song by heart
[12:55] <ItsjustJake> I taught myself... well wrote... a song to acopompany the four notes of Rue's Whistle
[12:55] <Daughter of posiedion> im listening to the hanging tree from the hunger games. it rocks
[12:55] <Moodle> I feel sooo bad for Yiruma
[12:56] <ItsjustJake> I fel bad for Rue
[12:56] <Nhlott> posted, Harle
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> oh, god
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> Rue
[12:56] <Moodle> First his song, "River Flows in You" was used as Bella's lullaby
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> don't even say her name
[12:56] <ItsjustJake> Btw, who ever plays katniss is perfeeeeeeeeect
[12:56] <Moodle> and now Kiss the Rain is being used as Rue's Lullaby
[12:56] <ItsjustJake> can't imagine a better actress for that role
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> Jennifer Lawrence, I agree
[12:56] <ItsjustJake> Yeah
[12:56] <Moodle> But I must agree
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> I thought she was going to f*ck it up SO bad
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> And she was amazing
[12:56] <Moodle> I LOVE Kiss the Rain as Rue's lullaby
[12:56] <Jenna Fraen> she overdid it slightly, just a tad
[12:56] <ItsjustJake> Thats exactly what I pictured katniss to look like when reading it a while ago
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> she like didn't smile ONCE in the movie
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> Nah
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> well, idrk
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> havent seen it
[12:57] <Moodle> Oh go away katniss, I'm on team rue!
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> and Katniss DOES smile, but it was good
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> but from clips, she looks good
[12:57] <Petiller Cheri> Hi dere :P
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> I saw the movie
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> She def looks the aprt
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> TWINNY!
[12:57] <Theharlequin> wb cheri *hugs*
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> *glompz*
[12:57] <Petiller Cheri> TWINNERZ!!
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> Jakez, she's blonde
[12:57] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> especially in the opening scene of the games, when she's running
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> and green-eyed
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> she looks nothing the part
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> ooh and when she's holding her bow
[12:57] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[12:57] <Petiller Cheri> Thanks Harle *hugsback*
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> Wait, she's actually a blonde?
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> but her hair is brown
[12:58] <Moodle> Too bad Yiruma's too little know
[12:58] <Moodle> *known
[12:58] <Petiller Cheri> -.- Nice to see you to HUbbs
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> WIFEY!
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> 
[12:58] <Daughter of posiedion> she dyed it.
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> *ZGLOMPSESSESESESE!*
[12:58] <Petiller Cheri> HUBBY!!
[12:58] <Petiller Cheri> 
[12:58] <BachLynn23> @nar posted
[12:58] <Moodle> Hey fizz *Glompz*
[12:58] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz back*
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> Well it looks brown
[12:58] <Petiller Cheri> Hi Moo*glompz*
[12:58] <Moodle> Idk if you were related to me, so I glompzed anyways
[12:58] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> Dude, she was kind of a hot blond
[12:59] <Narutofreak0> i'd hug you cheri but there's still the restraining order jake filed
[12:59] <ItsjustJake>
[12:59] <Petiller Cheri> Who da hell are ya talking about??
[12:59] <Jenna Fraen> she is
[12:59] <ItsjustJake> *cough* no offence wifey
[12:59] <Petiller Cheri> >.>
[12:59] <Moodle> lol
[12:59] <ItsjustJake> Jennifer Lawrence
[12:59] <Jenna Fraen> I was talking to my mom about it before the movie came out
[12:59] <Moodle> You put a restraining order on nar?
[12:59] <Petiller Cheri> Yea he did
[12:59] <Jenna Fraen> she said she would be good, becuz she was in a drama before this
[12:59] <Jenna Fraen> some indie thing called Wintersbone or something
[01:00] <Jenna Fraen> omgwhyIamlisteningtothis*facedesk*
[01:00] <Theharlequin> My brother read that book like a week ago for English class
[01:00] <Petiller Cheri> XD lolz Twin
[01:00] <Jenna Fraen> :'( i feel like an idiot
[01:01] <Jenna Fraen> cuz Flightless Bird, American Mouth makes me cry
[01:01] <Jenna Fraen> and APPARENTLY
[01:01] <Jenna Fraen> it was in the Twilight soundtrack
[01:01] <Narutofreak0> posted bach
[01:01] <Jenna Fraen> of this, i did not know
[01:01] <RubyRose17> yeah
[01:01] <Daughter of posiedion> i'm listening to kiss the rain
[01:01] <RubyRose17> well the songs are really good i have the whole soundtrack
[01:01] <Daughter of posiedion> ...where are the words?
[01:01] <RubyRose17> it's just the movie i didn't like
[01:01] <Petiller Cheri> Mah sister is visiting :D but im in aother room XP
[01:01] <Petiller Cheri> another*
[01:01] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[01:01] <Narutofreak0> i'm listening to just the way you are
[01:02] <Jenna Fraen> ....
[01:02] <Jenna Fraen> *kills nar*
[01:03] <Theharlequin> posted lott
[01:03] <BachLynn23> @nar posted
[01:03] <Narutofreak0> *isn't killed*
[01:03] <Narutofreak0> jen dafuq is your prob
[01:03] <Jenna Fraen> Bruno Mars
[01:03] <Moodle> NOOO 
[01:03] <Jenna Fraen> :P
[01:03] <Jenna Fraen> He's hot
[01:03] <Jenna Fraen> but annoying
[01:03] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[01:03] <Moodle> WHY is my movie theatre nearest to me so SPED?
[01:04] <Petiller Cheri> My cousin looks like Bruno Mars :D
[01:04] <Jenna Fraen> saywhat
[01:04] <Slayingthehalcyon> back!!
[01:04] <Petiller Cheri> Heeellllll nah
[01:04] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[01:04] <Jenna Fraen> >:C
[01:04] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[01:04] <Slayingthehalcyon> *hugs posie*
[01:04] <Daughter of posiedion> YAYY!! hi slaydude!
[01:04] <Daughter of posiedion> *hugs back*
[01:04] <Moodle> Dammit
[01:04] <Moodle> I can't watch the HG
[01:04] <Moodle> 
[01:04] <Moodle> ;(
[01:04] <RubyRose17> :(
[01:04] <Moodle> Kill me please
[01:04] <GypsyThief> Why not?
[01:04] <Daughter of posiedion> that sucks it rocked.
[01:04] <Jenna Fraen> why not?!
[01:04] <Moodle> kill me
[01:05] <Jenna Fraen> *kills moodly*
[01:05] <Jenna Fraen> *slowly*
[01:05] <Daughter of posiedion> *gets gun* right now?
[01:05] <Jenna Fraen> *and painfully*
[01:05] <RubyRose17> xD
[01:05] <Jenna Fraen> >:DDD
[01:05] <Moodle> Becuz my movie theatre doesn't have it on the day "I can watch movies"
[01:05] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:05] <Jenna Fraen> LOL
[01:05] <Moodle> I COULD watch it on Tuesday but my mom won't let me as it's a "weekday"
[01:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> By the powers invested in me, I hereby kill one Mr. Moodle with a shovel
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> posted bach
[01:05] <Theharlequin> just wait until next weekend 
[01:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> :DS
[01:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[01:06] <Petiller Cheri> Geez twin what crawled up your *ss and died?
[01:06] <Daughter of posiedion> and then i shoot moodle *hus slaydude* We did it!!
[01:06] <Moodle> gtg
[01:06] <Moodle> bye
[01:06] <Petiller Cheri> Killing moodle XP
[01:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye moodle
[01:06] <Petiller Cheri> Bai Moo
[01:06] <Moodle> ;(
[01:06] <GypsyThief> cya
[01:06] <Daughter of posiedion> bye bye moodle
[01:06] <Moodle> bai
[01:06] <RubyRose17> bai moo
[01:06] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs Moo*
[01:06] <Jenna Fraen> bai moodly
[01:06] <Moodle> *hugs back*
[01:06] <Moodle> I want to watch HG
[01:06] <Moodle> Must....
[01:07] <Jenna Fraen> *sings*The girl with the bird she found in the snow, that flew up her gown and that's how she knows, that God made her eyes for crying at birth, then left the ground to circle the earth...
[01:07] <Nhlott> posted, harle
[01:07] <Daughter of posiedion> THATS SO FREAKIN SAD!
[01:07] <Theharlequin> no caps
[01:07] <ItsjustJake> posted team one
[01:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> Hunger games was open down here two days ago
[01:07] <Petiller Cheri> *randomly tackle hugs Hubby*
[01:08] <Jenna Fraen> o_o
[01:08] <Jenna Fraen> why is it sad, DoP?
[01:08] <Jenna Fraen> it's a song...
[01:08] <Daughter of posiedion> idk it just sound sad.
[01:08] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[01:08] <Jenna Fraen> YAY abraham's daughter
[01:08] <Daughter of posiedion> somebody dies.. I think
[01:08] <Jenna Fraen> ....
[01:08] <Jenna Fraen> it's from Boy With a Coin
[01:09] <Jenna Fraen> it's literally saying
[01:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> John carter was amazing :D
[01:09] <BachLynn23> @nar posted
[01:09] <Jenna Fraen> a bird flew up this girl's dress in the snow
[01:09] <Jenna Fraen> and she had an epiphany
[01:09] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[01:09] <Daughter of posiedion>
[01:09] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:09] <Jenna Fraen> wow
[01:09] <Daughter of posiedion> wow
[01:09] <Petiller Cheri> Twin please tell me
[01:09] <Jenna Fraen> ...Iron and Wine must've been high when they wrote that song
[01:09] <Daughter of posiedion> or having an epiphany
[01:09] <Petiller Cheri> What dafuq crawled up your arse and died???????
[01:10] <Jenna Fraen> O_O
[01:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[01:10] <Jenna Fraen> say WHAAAAA?
[01:10] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[01:10] <Daughter of posiedion> :D
[01:10] <Petiller Cheri> Thats my fav quote
[01:10] <Jenna Fraen> *bitchslaps fizzie*
[01:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> Cheri: Amazing!
[01:10] <Petiller Cheri> *bitchslaps back*
[01:10] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[01:10] <Petiller Cheri> Biatch
[01:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> Awww hell...
[01:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> I kicked da table with my toe.
[01:11] <Petiller Cheri> I AM amazing :D
[01:11] <Jenna Fraen> *bitchslaps back*
[01:11] <Theharlequin> *pulls Jenna and Cheri apart*
[01:11] <Jenna Fraen> ...harle
[01:11] <Petiller Cheri> *bitchslaps twin twice as hard*
[01:11] <Jenna Fraen> that makes it sounds as if we were makin out XP
[01:11] <ItsjustJake> oh, who wants to help me to judge the band contest?
[01:11] <Jenna Fraen> and ^^^
[01:11] <Petiller Cheri> Mothaf*cka >:D
[01:11] <Daughter of posiedion> nice going slaydude
[01:11] <Narutofreak0> no thanks jake
[01:12] <Petiller Cheri> Owwwwww
[01:12] <Petiller Cheri> *slaps twin again*
[01:12] <Daughter of posiedion> i would but i dont know what that is...
[01:12] <Jenna Fraen> ^
[01:12] <Jenna Fraen> *^^
[01:12] <ItsjustJake> jenna, you signed up for it
[01:12] <ItsjustJake>
[01:12] <Jenna Fraen> Tomorrow will be kinder, bitch >:D
[01:12] <Petiller Cheri> >:|
[01:12] <Theharlequin> Making out I have np with, but this slapping this is crazy
[01:12] <Petiller Cheri> *keeps bitch slapping twin*
[01:12] <Jenna Fraen> O>O
[01:12] <Jenna Fraen> OMFG JAKEZ
[01:13] <Jenna Fraen> I never said I wanted to judge
[01:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> *restrains Cheri*
[01:13] <Jenna Fraen> and you said I couldn't 
[01:13] <Jenna Fraen> READ MY MIND
[01:13] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:13] <ShadowGoddess> backerz
[01:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> shadow!
[01:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> aunt!
[01:13] <Petiller Cheri> *bites SLay's arm*
[01:13] <ShadowGoddess> Cherry posted
[01:13] <Petiller Cheri> kkz
[01:13] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[01:13] <ItsjustJake> oh Jenna, you made the " ^ " when Posie said "i would but i dont know what that is... "
[01:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> *is bitten* 
[01:13] <Petiller Cheri> *bitch slaps twin*
[01:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> *Starts crushing cheri arms behind his back*
[01:14] <Petiller Cheri> O_O
[01:14] <Petiller Cheri> Ow
[01:14] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[01:14] <Petiller Cheri> *kicks twin's shins*
[01:14] <Petiller Cheri> >:D
[01:14] <Jenna Fraen> *is kicked in the shins*
[01:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> double team! >:D
[01:14] <Jenna Fraen> DAMN CHUZ
[01:14] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[01:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> wait a minute D:
[01:14] <Jenna Fraen> *kicks in the face*
[01:14] <Theharlequin> *throws slay off of cheri and holds cheri and Jenna on either side of him*
[01:14] <Petiller Cheri> ;O
[01:14] <Theharlequin> just stop
[01:15] <Petiller Cheri> *kickks twin back*
[01:15] <Daughter of posiedion> oo I wanna fight!
[01:15] <Theharlequin> No DoP
[01:15] <Petiller Cheri> She started it XP
[01:15] <Daughter of posiedion> aww 
[01:15] <Petiller Cheri> All i did was ask a question
[01:15] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:15] <Petiller Cheri> and she got all butthurt about it XP
[01:15] <Theharlequin> posted lott
[01:15] <Daughter of posiedion> shadow is here i believe
[01:15] <Jenna Fraen> I hate chuz, twin
[01:15] <Jenna Fraen> *hugs*
[01:15] <Jenna Fraen> OH
[01:15] <ShadowGoddess> I right here ya know
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> Love you tooz :DDDDDD♥♥♥
[01:16] <Jenna Fraen> this reminds me of the scene in the HG movie
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs back*
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> DONT
[01:16] <Theharlequin> *is in the middle of the hug*
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> SAY
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> A
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> WORD
[01:16] <Jenna Fraen> when Peeta wanders off and she's like "PEETA?! PEETA, WHERE ARE YOU"
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> TWIN
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> >.<
[01:16] <Jenna Fraen> and then she finds him
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> *bitch slaps twin really hard*
[01:16] <Jenna Fraen> and she's like "Damn you *sobs and hugs*"
[01:16] <Jenna Fraen> ^^
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> HOW DARE YOU O_O
[01:16] <Jenna Fraen> HOW DARE YOU XD
[01:16] <Petiller Cheri> I HAVENT WATCHED DA MOVIE DDD;
[01:16] <ShadowGoddess> BOO DA HUNGER GAMES!
[01:17] <Theharlequin> * separates cheri and jenna again*
[01:17] <Petiller Cheri> I HATE YOU DX
[01:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> WTH *grabs cheri throws into a chair and ties him up*
[01:17] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs harle*
[01:17] <ShadowGoddess> I love chu too! :D
[01:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> her*
[01:17] <Petiller Cheri> AH!
[01:17] <Petiller Cheri> Dafuq O.o
[01:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> Stop smacking jenna!
[01:17] <Daughter of posiedion> hi
[01:17] <Petiller Cheri> Shes mah twin
[01:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> its not nice. 
[01:17] <Petiller Cheri> Im allowed
[01:17] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[01:17] <Jenna Fraen> SHAMPOO
[01:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> Nu-uh
[01:17] <Jenna Fraen> !!!!@!!!
[01:17] <Head of Ravenclaw> Cheri i pmed chu
[01:17] <Theharlequin> slay, first she is a girl and second *knocks him upside the head*
[01:17] <Jenna Fraen> DAMN
[01:17] <Jenna Fraen> YOU
[01:17] <Jenna Fraen> SHAM
[01:17] <Jenna Fraen> POO
[01:18] <Petiller Cheri> XD hehe
[01:18] <Daughter of posiedion> shadow you missed jake confirming our marriage :D
[01:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> *lands on his @ss*
[01:18] <ShadowGoddess> :O
[01:18] <Theharlequin> *unties cheri and hugs her back*
[01:18] <Petiller Cheri> O.o what...?
[01:18] <Daughter of posiedion> yup you missed it.
[01:18] <Nhlott> *hugs Cheri*
[01:18] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs back*
[01:18] <ShadowGoddess> LoL I'm watching Abduction
[01:18] <Jenna Fraen> *slaps Shampoo again*
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> HOW DARE YOU!
[01:19] <ShadowGoddess> what did I DO?
[01:19] <Theharlequin> Cheri, PM?
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> JACOB
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> JACOB IS FULLY IN THAT MOVIE
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> Traitor >:CCCCCCC
[01:19] <Petiller Cheri> .__. o...okay...
[01:19] <ShadowGoddess> Jacob?
[01:19] <ItsjustJake> what?
[01:19] <ItsjustJake> me?
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> BABY CHEEKS
[01:19] <Daughter of posiedion> posted lott
[01:19] <Jenna Fraen> whatever his name is
[01:19] <Petiller Cheri> *is uber confused*
[01:19] <ShadowGoddess> Who in the name of cookies and cream is Jacob?!
[01:20] <Theharlequin> Jenna no caps
[01:20] <ItsjustJake> me
[01:20] <ItsjustJake> CAPS is allowed
[01:20] <Daughter of posiedion> taylor lautner
[01:20] <Jenna Fraen> ^
[01:20] <ItsjustJake> why does everyone say it isnt?
[01:20] <ShadowGoddess> oh
[01:20] <Daughter of posiedion> cheri what are you confused about?
[01:21] <Petiller Cheri> Nvmd >.<
[01:21] <Daughter of posiedion> :D slaydude
[01:21] <ShadowGoddess> cherry posted?
[01:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> :? si?
[01:21] <Petiller Cheri> Not yet >.<
[01:21] <Daughter of posiedion> :D <3
[01:22] <ShadowGoddess> heres the link cherry
[01:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> oh :D
[01:22] <ShadowGoddess> [[Forest/Deep Forest]]
[01:22] <Jenna Fraen> hmmmm
[01:22] <Jenna Fraen> the Ruler and the Killer is weird
[01:22] <Daughter of posiedion> HELLO WORLD
[01:22] <Jenna Fraen> for half of the song he's making weird sounds, like "HMMMMBLAHHAHAHA"
[01:22] <Petiller Cheri> *is going to make her FB tab HUGE again*
[01:23] <Daughter of posiedion> i dont like pickles.
[01:23] <Jenna Fraen> hm
[01:23] <Jenna Fraen> you will in a few years
[01:23] <Jenna Fraen> :3
[01:23] <Narutofreak0> who has a satyr they want to loan nar for a claim?
[01:23] <RubyRose17> sure
[01:23] <Jenna Fraen> sure
[01:23] <Daughter of posiedion> *whines* No i wont!!
[01:23] <Jenna Fraen> [[Ross]] or [[Juno]]
[01:24] <Narutofreak0> who you got rub?
[01:24] <RubyRose17> [[Frederick Rayne]]
[01:24] <Nhlott> Or Colin, cuz he's a Boss
[01:24] <Nhlott> [[Colin Moss]]
[01:24] <RubyRose17> btw, nar you ever reply at the skate park?
[01:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> @jenna :D
[01:24] <Narutofreak0> shit no
[01:24] <Narutofreak0> hold on
[01:24] <Theharlequin> lott, you posting?
[01:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> your mind is in the gutter :D
[01:24] <Daughter of posiedion> who has a quest they want me on? *winks*
[01:24] <RubyRose17> k
[01:24] <Jenna Fraen> ikr, slay
[01:24] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> XD
[01:25] <Daughter of posiedion> no seriously
[01:25] <Theharlequin> *gives Jenna a jar of pickles* have fun
[01:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[01:25] <Jenna Fraen> >:3
[01:25] <Daughter of posiedion> dangit no one.
[01:25] <Theharlequin> Or you could og for the real thing
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[01:26] <Jenna Fraen> bit young there, don't you think, harle?
[01:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[01:26] <Theharlequin> Who, you?
[01:26] <Theharlequin> oh sh*t right
[01:26] <Petiller Cheri> XDDDDDDD
[01:26] <Narutofreak0> PICKLES?
[01:26] <Narutofreak0> WHERE?
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> GOOD JOB :3
[01:27] <Theharlequin> *throws jar of pickles at nar's head*
[01:27] <Petiller Cheri> *Stands next to Nar, poking him with a stick*
[01:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> Me and Jenna have gutter mind :D
[01:27] <Jenna Fraen> *happy jig*
[01:27] <Nhlott> posted DoP and Harle
[01:28] <Daughter of posiedion> kk
[01:28] <Theharlequin> Slay, you haven't seen wise's then
[01:28] <Petiller Cheri> ^
[01:28] <Daughter of posiedion> and my mind has purple sparkly unicorns and they poop double rainbows!
[01:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> hmmm... TIme to find out :D
[01:28] <ItsjustJake> afk
[01:28] <ItsjustJake> SF pages being made
[01:28] <ItsjustJake> that rhymed haha
[01:29] <Daughter of posiedion> posted lott
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> o_O
[01:29] <Petiller Cheri> I was wondering why u werent hugging back!!
[01:29] <Jenna Fraen> did it?
[01:29] <RubyRose17> the k and made
[01:29] <GypsyThief> No it didn't jake...
[01:29] <GypsyThief> ...did it? o.o
[01:29] <Daughter of posiedion> soo.... about that quest...
[01:29] <RubyRose17> well close enough, slant rhyme
[01:29] <RubyRose17> what quest?
[01:30] <Narutofreak0> posted rub
[01:30] <RubyRose17> k
[01:30] <Daughter of posiedion> haha I while ago i was like.. ' anybody got a quest they want me on' so now i'm like soo... about that quest...
[01:31] <Jenna Fraen>
[01:31] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[01:31] <Nhlott> posted, DoP
[01:31] <Narutofreak0> posted bach
[01:31] <Daughter of posiedion> kk
[01:32] <Daughter of posiedion> post lott
[01:32] <Theharlequin> posted lott
[01:32] <Theharlequin> gtg, later
[01:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye harle
[01:32] <Daughter of posiedion> bye
[01:33] <RubyRose17> bye harle
[01:33] <RubyRose17> posted nar
[01:33] <Jenna Fraen> bai harle
[01:33] <Narutofreak0> IT IS DONE
[01:33] <ShadowGoddess> backerz
[01:33] <Narutofreak0> my masterpiece is done
[01:33] <Narutofreak0> :D
[01:33] <ShadowGoddess> what has happened while I was gone?
[01:34] <Daughter of posiedion> me and slaydude are talking about how me and him are the best chat couple ever and all the others are going down.
[01:34] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[01:34] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[01:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> ......................................................................................
[01:34] <Narutofreak0> posted rub
[01:34] <ShadowGoddess> Cherry posted?
[01:34] <Daughter of posiedion> we bomb them.
[01:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> ..
[01:34] <Narutofreak0> dop
[01:34] <Jenna Fraen> brb
[01:34] <Narutofreak0> there's no way you're gonna beat flamequeen
[01:35] <Daughter of posiedion> SHES GOING DOWN!!
[01:35] <Daughter of posiedion> whose flamequeen?
[01:35] <GypsyThief> ^@Nar
[01:35] <Narutofreak0> flame and queen
[01:35] <GypsyThief> Flame et Queen
[01:35] <Daughter of posiedion> who are they?
[01:35] <Narutofreak0> and she won't take 2 kindly to that
[01:35] <BachLynn23> idk, I think blood and bloom are a cuter couple
[01:35] <GypsyThief> Or Bloom et Blood
[01:35] <BachLynn23> I mean flame and queen are cute, but there's just something about blood/bloom
[01:35] <Narutofreak0> [[User:Flamefang]] and [[user:Queen.Bee]]
[01:36] <GypsyThief> Yeah, I get what you mean
[01:36] <Daughter of posiedion> whatevs. Have i said that im hyper on CUPCAKES??!?!?!
[01:36] <Narutofreak0> opposites attract bach
[01:36] <Daughter of posiedion> I likkkkeeeee cupcakes.
[01:36] <Narutofreak0> blood/bloom is nature at work
[01:36] <ShadowGoddess> CHERRY!
[01:36] <BachLynn23> *gives dop a shot of adavan*
[01:36] <ShadowGoddess> *bangs on cherry's screan*
[01:36] <Daughter of posiedion> ......what did i do!!!
[01:36] <Narutofreak0> *hands dew lovers dew*
[01:36] <Daughter of posiedion> what is adavan?
[01:37] <Daughter of posiedion> CUPCAKES!
[01:37] <Daughter of posiedion> SPRINKLES!
[01:37] <Daughter of posiedion> ICING!
[01:37] <Narutofreak0> no screaming
[01:37] <Daughter of posiedion> FOOD WITH SUGARR!
[01:37] <GypsyThief> Dop, calm down please.
[01:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> Posie stop yelling
[01:38] <Petiller Cheri> *shoves chill pills down Shadys throat*
[01:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> please
[01:38] <ShadowGoddess> cherry posted?
[01:38] <Orbstar> hey
[01:38] <ShadowGoddess> ORBIE!
[01:38] <RubyRose17> ORB! *hugs*
[01:38] <ShadowGoddess> *tackle glompz*
[01:38] <RubyRose17> posted nar
[01:38] <Daughter of posiedion> have you seen my unijdfdfjdfjk sorry my stupid friend got on while I was in the kitchen. what did i miss?
[01:38] <Petiller Cheri> Ill tell chuz when i have Shady XP
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> backerz
[01:38] <RubyRose17> wb jen
[01:38] <Orbstar> *is hugged and taklce hugged*
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> danle
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> *danke
[01:38] <Orbstar> hey jenna
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> like my new avvie?
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> oh, hello orbie
[01:38] <Petiller Cheri> Si :D
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> ._.
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> YOLO
[01:38] <Jenna Fraen> :D
[01:39] <Orbstar> @jenna totally :3
[01:39] <Jenna Fraen> X{P
[01:39] <Daughter of posiedion> so did i not miss anything?...
[01:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> ORB!
[01:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> pm
[01:39] <Orbstar> SLAY. ok
[01:39] <Narutofreak0>
[01:39] <Narutofreak0> ^i can use that image rite?
[01:40] <RubyRose17> think so
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> nope
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> taken
[01:40] <Jenna Fraen> by [[Brandom Davies]]
[01:40] <Petiller Cheri> BERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[01:40] <Petiller Cheri> *uberglompz*
[01:40] <Blueberrycupcake> Im going to graduate ELEMENTARY!!!
[01:40] <Blueberrycupcake> CHERRRIIII!!!!!!!!
[01:40] <Daughter of posiedion> your in elementary school?
[01:41] <Blueberrycupcake> *uberglompzback*
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> BLUE!!!
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> *glompz*
[01:41] <Blueberrycupcake> im 11 years old grade six the smallest in the batch
[01:41] <Blueberrycupcake> JENNA!!!! 
[01:41] <Blueberrycupcake> *glompz back*]
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> 11 yr olds *hi fives*
[01:41] <Daughter of posiedion> mm.. i may be younger... but who knows.
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> but i am in middle :P
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> I KNEW CHUZ WERE YOUNGER
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> ha
[01:41] <Daughter of posiedion> im 10
[01:41] <Blueberrycupcake> *high fives back*
[01:41] <Jenna Fraen> with the whole "I don't like pickles" thing
[01:42] <Daughter of posiedion> yeah i said it.
[01:42] <Jenna Fraen> I COULD TELL
[01:42] <Jenna Fraen> *trolllface*
[01:42] <Blueberrycupcake> haha
[01:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[01:42] <Jenna Fraen> buttrustmeyouwillsoon
[01:42] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[01:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> ^
[01:42] <Petiller Cheri> <---- :DDDDDD
[01:42] <Daughter of posiedion> and I have to wake up at 6 in the morning!
[01:42] <Nhlott> I finished making my char
[01:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> XD
[01:42] <Narutofreak0> [[Forum:Donovan Woodrum]]
[01:42] <Daughter of posiedion> and I freakin hate it.
[01:42] <Narutofreak0> imma go sleep now
[01:42] <Petiller Cheri> DoP
[01:42] <Narutofreak0> cya 2morrow
[01:42] <Petiller Cheri> I have to wake up
[01:42] <Petiller Cheri> at
[01:42] <Petiller Cheri> 4:30
[01:42] <Petiller Cheri> In the morning
[01:42] <RubyRose17> :O why?
[01:43] <Petiller Cheri> Just to to to Tennessee
[01:43] <Narutofreak0> i have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning
[01:43] <Jenna Fraen> XP
[01:43] <Jenna Fraen> i gtg, too
[01:43] <Petiller Cheri> go to*
[01:43] <Narutofreak0> the wonders of no tests
[01:43] <Blueberrycupcake> byee jen
[01:43] <Petiller Cheri> Bai Twin
[01:43] <Jenna Fraen> baiz
[01:43] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs*
[01:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye jenna
[01:43] <Narutofreak0> laterz suckers
[01:43] <Jenna Fraen> *hugs back*
[01:43] <Jenna Fraen> LATAH
[01:43] <Daughter of posiedion> i dont care! i'm young waking up sucks.
[01:43] <Blueberrycupcake> *hugs jen*
[01:43] <Petiller Cheri> Im only 13 .__.
[01:43] <Jenna Fraen> same, DoP
[01:43] <Jenna Fraen> waking
[01:43] <Jenna Fraen> up
[01:43] <Jenna Fraen> sucks
[01:43] <Jenna Fraen> XD
[01:43] <Blueberrycupcake> ahh!! same age of my brother!
[01:43] <Narutofreak0> fine
[01:43] <Daughter of posiedion> i
[01:43] <Petiller Cheri> Its not like i havent don it b4
[01:44] <Narutofreak0> don't say goodbye
[01:44] <Daughter of posiedion> ikr?
[01:44] <Nhlott>
[01:44] <Nhlott> *Pride*
[01:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> I wake up at 3 almost every morning
[01:44] <Daughter of posiedion> byebye!
[01:44] <Narutofreak0> it's not like I exsist
[01:44] <Petiller Cheri> Ive been woken up at 3:30
[01:44] <Blueberrycupcake> brb
[01:44] <Daughter of posiedion> sorry slaydude it shucks to be u
[01:44] <Petiller Cheri> Cuz my friend had text me
[01:44] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[01:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> nah.
[01:44] <Jenna Fraen> Nar
[01:44] <Narutofreak0> that awkward moment when you txt some1 that you're going to sleep
[01:44] <Jenna Fraen> can't use that pic
[01:44] <GypsyThief> I like chu charrie lott
[01:45] <Daughter of posiedion> YESSS!!!!!
[01:45] <Jenna Fraen> taken by [[Brandon Davids]]
[01:45] <Narutofreak0> and they text you an hour later waking you up
[01:45] <Jenna Fraen> I already told chuz
[01:45] <Daughter of posiedion> im so happy!
[01:45] <Jenna Fraen> >_>
[01:45] <Narutofreak0> saying ok
[01:45] <Narutofreak0> why not jen?
[01:45] <Daughter of posiedion> an idiot in our class texted me that an idiot in our class texted her that an idiot in our class is moving!
[01:46] <Petiller Cheri> I hate it when my friends do that Nar XP
[01:47] <Daughter of posiedion> there are a lot of idiots in our class.
[01:48] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[01:48] <Petiller Cheri> Same
[01:48] <Petiller Cheri> In all my classes
[01:49] <Petiller Cheri> One of the idiots is mah friend tho
[01:49] <Daughter of posiedion> haha slaydude
[01:49] <Daughter of posiedion> oops wrong thing.
[01:49] <Nhlott> rp anyonw?
[01:50] <Daughter of posiedion> sure
[01:50] <ShadowGoddess> Iwill 
[01:50] <Daughter of posiedion> we already are tho..
[01:50] <ShadowGoddess> *I will
[01:50] <Nhlott> I knwo we are
[01:50] <Nhlott> posted, btw
[01:50] <Nhlott> who/where, Shady
[01:51] <ShadowGoddess> you can chose
[01:52] <Narutofreak0> gonna go 4 real now
[01:52] <Narutofreak0> bye
[01:52] <Daughter of posiedion> kk
[01:52] <Nhlott> no, you choose :P
[01:54] <BachLynn23> @nar posted
[01:54] <BachLynn23> crap
[01:54] <BachLynn23> he left
[01:54] <BachLynn23> nm
[01:54] <BachLynn23> o.o
[01:54] <Daughter of posiedion> i wish i had a monkey.
[01:54] <BachLynn23> *waves hand in front of everyone*
[01:54] <BachLynn23> I was never here
[01:54] <Daughter of posiedion> and some chocolate..
[01:54] <BachLynn23> *poof*
[01:54] <Daughter of posiedion> ok.
[01:54] <Daughter of posiedion> everyone bach was never here.
[01:55] <Blueberrycupcake> ?
[01:55] <Daughter of posiedion> 10 and 11 year olds rule, btw.
[01:55] <BachBot> BachLynn23 *waves hand in front of everyone*
[01:55] <BachBot> I was never here 
[01:56] <Blueberrycupcake> i have 1,000 edit but i don't recieve anything...
[01:56] <Daughter of posiedion> i know
[01:56] <ShadowGoddess> fine which one Sarah or Cori?
[01:56] <Daughter of posiedion> i have 100 edits. i dont know.. bach could do it.
[01:56] <Nhlott> *pokes Bach*
[01:56] <Nhlott> but you're right here
[01:56] <Nhlott> Sarah'll do
[01:56] <BachLynn23> I could do what?
[01:57] <Daughter of posiedion> i must go. i shall see everyon tomorrow!
[01:57] <ShadowGoddess> kkz lets meet at the woods or campfire
[01:57] <Blueberrycupcake> ............
[01:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> good bye
[01:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya trav
[01:57] <Travelg> hi
[01:57] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye posie*
[01:57] <Nhlott> kk
[01:57] <Nhlott> you post first , though
[01:57] <Nhlott> gotta hit the john
[01:58] <ShadowGoddess> so where campfire or forest?
[01:58] <ShadowGoddess> posted HH
[01:59] <HadesHero> yo whens spring fling?
[01:59] <HadesHero> and kk
[01:59] <ShadowGoddess> 28th
[01:59] <Petiller Cheri> Replied SHad :P
[01:59] <ShadowGoddess> YAYZ!
[01:59] <BachLynn23> bach could do what?
[02:00] <Travelg> bach could fly *gives bach the ability to fly*
[02:00] <Nhlott> campfire
[02:00] <Nhlott> OMG
[02:00] <Nhlott> *is scared*
[02:00] <BachLynn23> ?
[02:01] <Travelg> *gives bach superspeed*
[02:01] <Zakzedd> woot!
[02:01] <Nhlott> I think my mom's gf wants me.....
[02:01] <BachLynn23> can you blame her?
[02:02] <BachLynn23> o.o
[02:02] <Zakzedd> hey bach, rem, one of my charrs photos is still in the up for grabs, chu delete pls?
[02:02] <Zakzedd> *erm
[02:02] <Nhlott> Nice XD
[02:02] <BachLynn23> pretty sure I said to do that when I told you to go ahead and use the pic
[02:04] <Zakzedd> wait, SHADY!!!
[02:04] <Zakzedd> *super duper uber glompz*
[02:04] <ShadowGoddess> *glompz back*
[02:04] <ShadowGoddess> Sup Yak?
[02:04] <Zakzedd> chur cabk!
[02:04] <Zakzedd> *back
[02:05] <Zakzedd> dis compuert is wired
[02:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya zak
[02:05] <Zakzedd> *weird
[02:05] <Zakzedd> *computer
[02:05] <Petiller Cheri> So is your typing Zak XP
[02:05] <ShadowGoddess> posted cherry
[02:05] <Zakzedd> not my typing! i swear i am doing it right!!!
[02:05] <Petiller Cheri> kkz Shady
[02:05] <Petiller Cheri> And ssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure Zack
[02:05] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[02:05] <ShadowGoddess> yo lott
[02:06] <Zakzedd> really!
[02:06] <Nhlott> hmmm?
[02:06] <ShadowGoddess> just post on the one I posted five days ago.
[02:06] <Nhlott> hmm?
[02:06] <Zakzedd> hmm, bach?
[02:06] <BachLynn23> zak?
[02:07] <Zakzedd> chu have any good pics for palamon girls?
[02:07] <ShadowGoddess> -_-
[02:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> is going to try to rp.
[02:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow you up for rp?
[02:07] <BachLynn23> idk, what defines a palaemon god pic?
[02:08] <ShadowGoddess> surez slay
[02:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Tyler Prada]]
[02:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> post there
[02:08] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[02:08] <Zakzedd> *good, surprise me, but keep to a theme of blue
[02:08] <Nhlott> posted, shady
[02:09] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[02:09] <Zakzedd> wait, gtg. can u leave the links on my talk page instead?
[02:09] <Zakzedd> baiz
[02:10] <Nhlott> yea, he wasn't demanding or anything...
[02:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> hello
[02:11] <GypsyThief> Hey Flame
[02:11] <Flamefang> Hey guys
[02:12] <Kingbirdy> hey flame
[02:12] <Nhlott> Yo Flame
[02:12] <ItsjustJake> lawl sorry for afk
[02:12] <ItsjustJake> made a few spring fling pages
[02:12] <ItsjustJake> i gtg to bed now
[02:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> HOLY SHIZ!!!!!!!! Shadow. your character looks like one of my friends! :O
[02:12] <ItsjustJake> night guys!
[02:12] <ItsjustJake> 
[02:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> by jake
[02:13] <Petiller Cheri> DDDDDDDDDD:
[02:13] <ShadowGoddess> brbz
[02:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> k
[02:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> shadow I posted
[02:16] <Shrshot> ello
[02:17] <BachLynn23> @cheri *hugs* he had a tournament today, so he's probably really tired
[02:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya
[02:17] <Shrshot> ha
[02:17] <Shrshot> hya
[02:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> hows life?
[02:18] <Shrshot> good
[02:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> thats good
[02:20] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs back*
[02:20] <Petiller Cheri> Poor thing XP
[02:21] <BachLynn23> XP
[02:25] <Petiller Cheri> That WAS meant in a sarcastic tone tho >.>
[02:26] <BachLynn23> hence the XP
[02:26] <BachLynn23> in response
[02:26] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[02:26] <Petiller Cheri> Oh
[02:27] <BachLynn23> yea, had I thought you were serious I wouldn't have stuck my tongue out at you
[02:27] <BachLynn23> lol
[02:27] <ShadowGoddess> backerz
[02:27] <Nhlott> yea she woulda XD
[02:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> shadow. Posted
[02:28] <ShadowGoddess> posted lott
[02:30] <Petiller Cheri> Lolz Lottie XD
[02:30] <Nhlott> Ain't I a stinker?
[02:30] <ShadowGoddess> posted slay
[02:30] <BachLynn23> nuh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *sticks tongue out at lott*
[02:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> kk
[02:31] <Petiller Cheri> haha XD
[02:31] <Nhlott> What do we say about sticking out our tongues, Bahc?
[02:31] <Nhlott> *Bach
[02:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow I have a friend that looks just like your character O.O
[02:32] <BachLynn23> and what did I tell you last time you asked that XP
[02:32] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[02:32] <ShadowGoddess> yo cherry posted
[02:32] <Nhlott> "Don't stick it out unless you're prepared to use it" :P
[02:33] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow posted
[02:34] <Petiller Cheri> O_O dang lottie XD
[02:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> LOL
[02:35] <Nhlott> What? That's what she told me that one time
[02:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> XD
[02:36] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[02:36] <BachLynn23> no I mean, nm
[02:36] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:36] <BachLynn23> *licks lott*
[02:36] <BachLynn23> o.o
[02:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> hello
[02:37] <Nhlott> *licks back*
[02:37] <Nhlott> posted, shady
[02:37] <ShadowGoddess> posted slay
[02:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> I noticed
[02:38] <GypsyThief> Hey Windy
[02:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow posted
[02:40] <ShadowGoddess> posted lotti
[02:40] <ShadowGoddess> *lottie
[02:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya ale
[02:40] <Nhlott> kk
[02:40] <Alejandro231> hey slay
[02:41] <GypsyThief> If anyone who can claim is not busy, can they please check mine.
[02:43] <ShadowGoddess> posted slay
[02:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> i noticed :D
[02:44] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[02:45] <Kingbirdy> lott, skype
[02:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow posted
[02:47] <Nhlott> I'm there, just not being addressed
[02:47] <Kingbirdy> okay, just didnt know if you wanted to chip something in
[02:48] <Nhlott> Nah, you got it covered
[02:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> Ruby :D
[02:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya
[02:48] <RubyRose17> hello
[02:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> rp?
[02:48] <RubyRose17> can't, have to go soon
[02:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> okay
[02:49] <ShadowGoddess> posted slay
[02:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> k
[02:50] <RubyRose17> actually now, be back tomorrow :)
[02:50] <ShadowGoddess> wait Ruby
[02:50] <Nhlott> posted, Shady
[02:50] <ShadowGoddess> *kicks the ground*
[02:54] <ShadowGoddess> posted lott
[02:54] <Nhlott> kk
[02:55] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow posted
[03:00] <Nhlott> posted, Shady
[03:03] <ShadowGoddess> posted slay
[03:03] <ShadowGoddess> brbs
[03:04] <Slayingthehalcyon> kk
[03:12] <Nhlott> *pokes Queen and runs away*
[03:12] <Queen.Bee> lott!!!!!!!!!!
[03:12] <GypsyThief> Hai Queen
[03:13] <Queen.Bee> hi gyps :D
[03:13] <Nhlott> Queeen!!
[03:13] <Nhlott> *glompz*
[03:13] <ShuiChen91> hello
[03:13] <ShuiChen91> do any of you know when Oblivion is going to let me adopt his character?
[03:14] <Nhlott> did you message him?
[03:14] <ShuiChen91> yea a few days ago
[03:15] <Nhlott> He message you back yet?
[03:15] <ShuiChen91> no
[03:15] <Nhlott> hmmm
[03:15] <ShuiChen91> its ok if he doesnt want me to have her but its kind of rude not to message me back and tell me :(
[03:16] <Queen.Bee> lott, i posted on bc team 3
[03:16] <Nhlott> after me?
[03:16] <Nhlott> 
[03:16] <Nhlott> 
[03:17] <Nhlott> Damn, Idk what to tell ya
[03:17] <Nhlott> What char was it?
[03:17] <ShuiChen91> ummmm
[03:17] <ShuiChen91> i wrote it down somewhere
[02:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Which is why I don't really hate most things/people
[02:38] <Black Wolf of blood> It's not worth the effort
[02:38] <Nhlott> Ah, Dad extortion XD
[02:39] <Nhlott> True, I have a 2 strike system
[02:39] <Nhlott> you f*ck me over or cross me in general to the point of making me want to kill you twice, you're done
[02:39] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[02:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Well, with me, it's more like, you f*ck me over enough to actually make me furious at you, you're done
[02:40] <Nhlott> But it takes more than most ppl have to get me to that point
[02:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Since I keep my temper on a tight leash most of the time, it's quite hard to actually make me furious
[02:41] <Black Wolf of blood>
[02:42] <Starke21> i posted, lott
[02:43] <Black Wolf of blood> hey Bachy
[02:43] <Black Wolf of blood> I posted on the pond :D
[02:43] <BachLynn23> hey bloody
[02:43] <BachLynn23> sweet
[02:43] <Nhlott> kk
[02:43] <BachLynn23> crap, lott I'm still up on the restaurant aren't i?
[02:43] <Starke21> bach!!! *hugs*
[02:43] <Nhlott> yes, yes you are
[02:43] <BachLynn23> XD I can never remember how to spell the stupid thing
[02:43] <BachLynn23> *is hugged* hey starke
[02:43] <Nhlott> I no get hugs?
[02:43] <Starke21> *hugs lott*
[02:43] <BachLynn23> *tackle hugs to floor*
[02:44] <BachLynn23> @lott
[02:44] <Nhlott> oof!
[02:44] <Nhlott> *hugs back*
[02:44] <BachLynn23> sorry I was so horrified at myself I hadn't posted for you yet, I forgot to hug you
[02:44] <BachLynn23> X{
[02:44] <BachLynn23> XP
[02:44] <Starke21> *Is hugging lott when bach tackle hugged him and is crushed*
[02:44] <Starke21> ow
[02:44] <BachLynn23> Starke sandwich
[02:44] <BachLynn23> ...
[02:44] <Nhlott> This is the worst hug orgy ever.....
[02:44] <Starke21> XD
[02:44] <BachLynn23> that doesn't sound as well as it did in my head
[02:44] <BachLynn23> XD
[02:44] <Black Wolf of blood> <-----Ouch
[02:45] <Starke21> *mentally pokes blood*
[02:45] <Black Wolf of blood> *Isn't poked since Starke doesn't exist to him*
[02:45] <Nhlott> ROFL
[02:45] <Starke21> why don't i exsist to you?
[02:45] <BachLynn23> cuz you're a nargle
[02:45] <Nhlott> I posted a while back, Starke
[02:45] <Black Wolf of blood> To what Lott?
[02:46] <Starke21> k
[02:46] <Nhlott> that smartphwned
[02:46] <Starke21> interesting convo, helena and russell.. O.o
[02:46] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[02:46] <BachLynn23> hey lott, which user that starts with an A is your friend?
[02:47] <Nhlott> Idr
[02:47] <Nhlott> Azul-something
[02:47] <Nhlott> though I think it's safe to say she left
[02:47] <BachLynn23> OH right, I always get that chick mixed up with the arabellita chick
[02:47] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi
[02:47] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Wonder
[02:47] <Jason Yelloweagle> WT!!!!!!!!!!! - tackle glompz -
[02:47] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs Wonder*
[02:47] <WonderfulTwilight> *is tackle glompzed*
[02:47] <Starke21> WT!! *hugs*
[02:47] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs back*
[02:47] <Nhlott> *Glomz WT*
[02:47] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs back*
[02:47] <WonderfulTwilight> *is glompzed* O.o
[02:47] <Apolloskid> Yo
[02:48] <WonderfulTwilight> WTF is up with all these hugs and glompz?
[02:48] <WonderfulTwilight> O.o
[02:48] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi
[02:48] <Nhlott> Starke, Russ is.....complicated in general
[02:48] <Starke21> you're well loved, WT
[02:48] <Jason Yelloweagle> Popularity...
[02:48] <Starke21> ohh k
[02:48] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[02:48] <Apolloskid> Hi everybody
[02:48] <Black Wolf of blood> *Kicks Skype* Yes, I know Queen is online
[02:48] <Black Wolf of blood> You don't have to tell me every 3rd minute
[02:48] <WonderfulTwilight> My mum just "accidently, kinda" told me her pin number XP
[02:48] <Starke21> blood, why the heck are you mad at me?!
[02:48] <ShadowGoddess> elloz
[02:49] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi
[02:49] <Starke21> SHADY! your BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:49] <Black Wolf of blood> That's great WT
[02:49] <Jason Yelloweagle> Yo Shadow
[02:49] <Black Wolf of blood> *Wonder
[02:49] <ShadowGoddess> Sup pplz!
[02:49] <WonderfulTwilight> Free moneyz XP
[02:49] <Starke21> *tackle hugs shad*
[02:49] <ShadowGoddess> *hugs everyone*
[02:49] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs back*
[02:49] <Black Wolf of blood> Reminds me *goes to check how much money he has on his account*
[02:49] <ShadowGoddess> WT I posted
[02:49] <Nhlott> posted, Starke
[02:49] <ShadowGoddess> Yo yello guess what
[02:49] <Starke21> k
[02:49] <Starke21> what?
[02:50] <Jason Yelloweagle> What?
[02:50] <Nhlott> posted, Shady as well
[02:50] <Nhlott> brb
[02:50] <ShadowGoddess> My quest got approved
[02:50] <Starke21> yays!
[02:50] <Black Wolf of blood>
[02:50] <Jason Yelloweagle> Cool
[02:50] <Apolloskid> blood tell me why you are angry at starke
[02:50] <BachLynn23> @blood posted, and just a heads up, it's my first post of the day since getting up, and I only have half a mtn dew in me, so not quite awake yet XD
[02:50] <Starke21> yes, tell me blood!
[02:50] <Black Wolf of blood> It's alright Bachy
[02:50] <Apolloskid> stay out of this starke
[02:51] <Starke21> um, he's mad at ME, i'm already in it
[02:51] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[02:51] <BachLynn23> when did this happen?
[02:51] <WonderfulTwilight> Blood is epic thats why XP
[02:51] <Apolloskid> k fine but im trying to stop it
[02:51] <ShadowGoddess> hey starkey guess what
[02:51] <BachLynn23> stop what?
[02:51] <Starke21> what?
[02:51] <BachLynn23> no one's fighting
[02:51] <ShadowGoddess> Starke is a pirite from Peter Pan the book
[02:52] <Apolloskid> really?
[02:52] <BachLynn23> all I've seen blood do is ignore starke who was "poking" him
[02:52] <Apolloskid> oh.....k then
[02:52] <BachLynn23> pretty sure he's well within his rights to ignore whomever he wants, for whatever reason he wants
[02:53] <BachLynn23> whenever he wants
[02:53] <Apolloskid> now i understand
[02:53] <BachLynn23> k good *gives apollo a (cookie) *
[02:53] <WonderfulTwilight> *loves the word 'whom' for some reason* O.o
[02:53] <Nhlott> *takes bite of cookie*
[02:53] <Jason Yelloweagle> Whom might you be Starke? (XD)
[02:53] <Apolloskid> *noms cookie*
[02:54] <ShadowGoddess> *noms on skittles*
[02:54] <Apolloskid> *starts reading a book*
[02:54] <WonderfulTwilight> @Jason XP
[02:54] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted Bachy
[02:54] <Jason Yelloweagle> Guess who just got books 2 and 3 of a very popular trilogy?
[02:55] <ShadowGoddess> posted lott
[02:55] <Black Wolf of blood>
[02:55] <Jason Yelloweagle> Oh and Shadow - starts to beg - Please, please, PLEASE, don't let Ontario's char in the band
[02:55] <ShadowGoddess> why?
[02:55] <WonderfulTwilight> *noms on Jason's arm*
[02:56] <WonderfulTwilight> *groans*
[02:56] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[02:56] <ShadowGoddess> okay........
[02:56] <Apolloskid> yumm im watching a program on chocolate cloths
[02:56] <Black Wolf of blood>
[02:56] <Nhlott> Omtario in general annoyinf
[02:57] <ShadowGoddess> i g2g do my stupid math
[02:57] <ShadowGoddess> ttyl
[02:57] <Apolloskid> ok bye
[02:57] <WonderfulTwilight> He/she is trying to get one of my charries to date one of theirs -_-
[02:57] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye
[02:58] <Nhlott> she did the sameto Russ when he welcomed her char
[02:58] <Apolloskid> has anyone seen Orbstar?
[02:58] <BachLynn23> I lucked out, my latest charie is both gay, and a half brother to ontario's charie
[02:58] <BachLynn23> so I didn't have to deal with it
[02:58] <BachLynn23> xD
[02:58] <Nhlott> UBER lucky
[02:58] <Black Wolf of blood>
[02:58] <Nhlott> She like forced Russ on a daye
[02:58] <Nhlott> *date
[02:58] <WonderfulTwilight> Basically 'cause she's an Aphro kid their having her charm my char into feeling attracted to her -_-
[02:59] <Jason Yelloweagle> Yo Cats
[02:59] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi Catsie
[02:59] <Black Wolf of blood> ....For some reason I REALLY want to be in Ace's place right now....lucky b*stard
[02:59] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[02:59] <LoveCatsOwls> Hai
[02:59] <WonderfulTwilight> Blooo chu really sure
[02:59] <Apolloskid> Mum
[02:59] <LoveCatsOwls> orbie no here...again :(
[02:59] <BachBot> O.O
[02:59] <LoveCatsOwls> hai kid
[02:59] <Nhlott> Then she goes around trying to hook ppl up
[02:59] <BachBot> chrome just up and crashed
[02:59] <WonderfulTwilight> blood*
[02:59] <BachBot> lottie can you send that last pm to me here?
[02:59] <Black Wolf of blood> Am I sure about what Wonder`
[02:59] <Nhlott> sure
[02:59] <BachBot> my chrome decided it hates me
[02:59] <Jason Yelloweagle> Hmm... I think I'm gonna check for Ontario and my chars pages o_o
[02:59] <Black Wolf of blood> *?
[02:59] <WonderfulTwilight> That chu wanna switch places with Ace?
[02:59] <Apolloskid> Orbie no here?
[03:00] <LoveCatsOwls> *summons orb on*
[03:00] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[03:00] <LoveCatsOwls> no :((
[03:00] <Apolloskid> Miss him
[03:00] <LoveCatsOwls> *misses him* :*(
[03:00] <Black Wolf of blood> @Wonder, nah, not really
[03:00] <Black Wolf of blood> He is a lucky b*stard though
[03:00] <WonderfulTwilight> Good XP
[03:00] <Black Wolf of blood> Had Erion been an actual guy, he would have been HOT
[03:00] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[03:00] <Apolloskid> Mum is Eel on?
[03:01] <WonderfulTwilight> Yes....o_o did I just say that?
[03:01] <WonderfulTwilight> O.o
[03:01] <Black Wolf of blood> Yes, you did
[03:01] <Nhlott> She tried to hook Merci up with some Dallas guy
[03:01] <WonderfulTwilight> *facedesks into the past*
[03:01] <LoveCatsOwls> sont call me mum, its weird.
[03:01] <LoveCatsOwls> *don't
[03:01] <Apolloskid> ok but awnser my question
[03:01] <Jason Yelloweagle> - is glad that his new chars are being ignored so that Ontario can't find them -
[03:01] <Black Wolf of blood>
[03:02] <Black Wolf of blood> <---- *Facepalms*
[03:02] <WonderfulTwilight> *puts "make a Hebe kid" on her bucket list*
[03:02] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[03:02] <LoveCatsOwls> why?
[03:02] <Jason Yelloweagle> ROFL
[03:03] <WonderfulTwilight> I wanna Hebe kid
[03:03] <LoveCatsOwls> ohh
[03:03] <Black Wolf of blood> *Puts "Have one of your characters add a hunter to their 'list'" on his mental bucket list*
[03:03] <BachBot> @blood posted
[03:03] <Apolloskid> cats awnser my question?
[03:03] <LoveCatsOwls> no
[03:03] <Apolloskid> !*
[03:03] <WonderfulTwilight> But the contest is near over and I'm pretty sure I'm flat outta ideas >.>
[03:03] <WonderfulTwilight> *just had one* o_o
[03:03] <LoveCatsOwls> i could help!
[03:03] <Jason Yelloweagle> o_o
[03:03] <Apolloskid> g2g
[03:03] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh better get typing XP
[03:03] <LoveCatsOwls> bya
[03:04] <LoveCatsOwls> *bye
[03:04] <Apolloskid> Seeya
[03:04] <LoveCatsOwls> *wants a new charrie*
[03:04] <LoveCatsOwls> oh, bach?
[03:04] <LoveCatsOwls> */ lott?
[03:05] <WonderfulTwilight> Why would Hypnos curse someone into a sleep for 30 years?
[03:05] <LoveCatsOwls> no idea
[03:05] <Jason Yelloweagle> Hmm...
[03:05] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Bottie* Posted
[03:05] <Nhlott> omfg, why do ppl always try to use that?
[03:05] <WonderfulTwilight> What?
[03:05] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[03:05] <Nhlott> That sleep shit
[03:05] <Jason Yelloweagle> I have no clue... Because they can easily copy off the one who started it?
[03:06] <WonderfulTwilight> It mean idk WTF to do XP
[03:06] <Nhlott> dude, sleeping 30 years would kill you
[03:06] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[03:06] <LoveCatsOwls> lott? could i help check claims please? 
[03:06] <BachBot> *licks blood* 
[03:06] <BachBot> o.o
[03:06] <Black Wolf of blood> ...
[03:06] <LoveCatsOwls> brb
[03:06] <BachBot> *tastes like chicken*
[03:06] <Black Wolf of blood> *Licks Bottie as revenge*
[03:06] <BachBot> XP
[03:06] <WonderfulTwilight> Sleeping Beauty would've died then :P
[03:06] <Black Wolf of blood> *Tastes...strange*
[03:06] <Nhlott> Cats, no we got enough ppl already
[03:07] <BachBot> crap, now I'm craving chicken
[03:07] <BachBot> XD
[03:07] <WonderfulTwilight> *licks bottie*
[03:07] <WonderfulTwilight> .....Tastes like......METAL
[03:07] <WonderfulTwilight> O.O
[03:07] <Nhlott> Exactly, she would have, WT
[03:07] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[03:07] <WonderfulTwilight> Dammit
[03:07] <WonderfulTwilight> Idea ruined by lott XP
[03:07] <Black Wolf of blood>
[03:07] <Nhlott> Me?
[03:07] <Nhlott> hardly
[03:08] <BachBot> wow, I need to drink more soda, cuz I thought that link said Awkward something else that starts with P and ends with S
[03:08] <BachBot> O.O
[03:08] <Jason Yelloweagle> ROFL
[03:08] <Black Wolf of blood> <-----Smart guys
[03:08] <Black Wolf of blood> *guy
[03:08] <Nhlott> Jason, you see the PM?
[03:08] <Jason Yelloweagle> Yeah I did
[03:09] <LoveCatsOwls> well, what can i do to help get me in the 'good books' for helping etc?
[03:09] <Nhlott> The user/char forum needs work
[03:09] <Nhlott> OMFG ------_____---------
[03:09] <Nhlott> 
[03:09] <Nhlott> gtg
[03:10] <Jason Yelloweagle> Bye Lott
[03:10] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye
[03:10] <Nhlott> Gods I hate these f*cking ppl....
[03:10] <BachLynn23> @blood posted
[03:10] <LoveCatsOwls> bye seriously work you mean?
[03:10] <LoveCatsOwls> *by
[03:11] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o I just drunk a whole can of soda in 30 seconds...O.o
[03:11] <BachLynn23> well we still have issues with newly claimed charies and new users not getting added
[03:11] <BachLynn23> then there's just keeping people levelling up on time
[03:11] <LoveCatsOwls> ok
[03:11] <LoveCatsOwls> so,what could i add?
[03:11] <LoveCatsOwls> 
[03:11] <BachLynn23> newly claimed charies
[03:11] <BachLynn23> a lot of users will accept them
[03:11] <BachLynn23> but they never get added
[03:11] <LoveCatsOwls> kk
[03:11] <BachLynn23> and if they don't get added, having a limit becomes rather pointless
[03:11] <LoveCatsOwls> OK, can you list me in PM?
[03:12] <BachLynn23> list you?
[03:12] <BachLynn23> I don't have a list
[03:12] <WonderfulTwilight> @LCO Just check the claiming forum
[03:12] <BachLynn23> it's just under the claimed section on the claiming page
[03:12] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[03:12] <WonderfulTwilight> I was rightish XP
[03:12] <LoveCatsOwls> OK, but which ones will it be??
[03:12] <LoveCatsOwls> 
[03:12] <BachLynn23> the ones that aren't on the user/char forum
[03:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Ones that weren't added
[03:12] <LoveCatsOwls> kk
[03:12] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted Bach
[03:13] <BachLynn23> yay
[03:13] <BachLynn23> *goes to post*
[03:14] <WonderfulTwilight> I love the fact it takes me a whole 7 days to write an almost acceptable history -_-
[03:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Thats not coming up with le idea, just writing it out
[03:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi lott
[03:15] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Rawr
[03:15] <WonderfulTwilight> RAWR!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[03:15] <Rawr27> Hai peoples *tackle hugs back* :P
[03:15] <WonderfulTwilight> Quack is very happy at his new home XP
[03:15] <Nhlott> hi
[03:15] <LoveCatsOwls> gtg, bbl
[03:15] <Jason Yelloweagle> Yo Rawr
[03:15] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye
[03:15] <Rawr27> Hehe bye cats
[03:15] <Jason Yelloweagle> Bye Cats
[03:17] <LoveCatsOwls> actually, afk
[03:17] <Jason Yelloweagle> Posted on the [[The Quest to Protect Memory|quest]] Bach
[03:17] <Nhlott> *rubs temples*
[03:17] <WonderfulTwilight> *loves April's new pic for some reason* O.o
[03:17] <WonderfulTwilight> Her WB one :P
[03:18] <Nhlott> posted on the restaurant, Bach
[03:19] <Jason Yelloweagle> - goes to see it -
[03:19] <Jason Yelloweagle> It looks cool WT
[03:20] <WonderfulTwilight> Danke
[03:21] <WonderfulTwilight> .....My friend had a dream that she was a fish last night O.o
[03:22] <BachLynn23> @blood posted
[03:22] <Dr. Sonya> my character
[03:22] <Dr. Sonya> Moe Lester
[03:23] <Nhlott> wtf are you talking about?
[03:24] <BachLynn23> for the record, they have no charie, at least not according to the contribs
[03:24] <Nhlott> that's why I asked
[03:24] <Nhlott> they don't even have a claim
[03:24] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted Bach
[03:24] <Jason Yelloweagle> There's no proof at all they exist
[03:24] <IceFireWarden14> BOO!
[03:25] <IceFireWarden14> Back.
[03:25] <IceFireWarden14> What doesn't exist?
[03:25] <IceFireWarden14> Hello everyone.
[03:25] <Dr. Sonya> my character
[03:25] <IceFireWarden14> Wasup Doc?
[03:25] <Dr. Sonya> i am going to make one
[03:25] <BachLynn23> you have to make a claim first
[03:26] <IceFireWarden14> Okay.
[03:26] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[03:26] <IceFireWarden14> Hi Bach
[03:26] <BachLynn23> hi IFW
[03:26] <Dr. Sonya> and his name is Moe Lester
[03:26] <Dr. Sonya> of lester services
[03:26] <Dr. Sonya> i saw him on a commercial
[03:27] <IceFireWarden14> o.o o.o O.O o.o o.o Which one is the odd one out?
[03:27] <BachLynn23> that' long as you make a claim, before making the character
[03:27] <WonderfulTwilight> Wow *that awkward moment your brother attacks you with a spoon O.o*
[03:28] <IceFireWarden14> *The awkward moment when IFW turns Evil*
[03:28] <WonderfulTwilight> *noms ice cream*
[03:28] <WonderfulTwilight> It's sooooo sunny outside :P
[03:28] <IceFireWarden14> >:D *pulls out butcher knife*
[03:29] <IceFireWarden14> *stabs Jason*
[03:29] <IceFireWarden14> Hello Jason
[03:29] <WonderfulTwilight> :O
[03:29] <Jason Yelloweagle> - pulls out the butcher knife and stabs it into the wall so hard, that IFW won't be able to pull it out
[03:29] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[03:29] <IceFireWarden14> *good side and evil side of IFW are fighting*
[03:29] <BachLynn23> posted blood
[03:29] <IceFireWarden14> Good Side: Stop hurting my friends
[03:30] <WonderfulTwilight> How darest you killest my hubbyest! *tackles IFW into a firepitest* XP
[03:30] <IceFireWarden14> Bad Side: Your friends are my enemies!
[03:30] <IceFireWarden14> Good Side: WT, it's not me!!
[03:30] <Jason Yelloweagle> - walks up and slaps IFW'S bad side -
[03:30] <WonderfulTwilight> >..
[03:30] <Dr. Sonya> ummm
[03:30] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>*
[03:30] <Dr. Sonya> how do i make a claim....
[03:30] <IceFireWarden14> *is hanging on a firepit*
[03:30] <IceFireWarden14> I'll help Doc
[03:30] <Dr. Sonya> thank you
[03:31] <IceFireWarden14> [[Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki:Getting Started|Camp Half-Blood Role_Playing_Wiki:Getting_Started]]
[03:31] <IceFireWarden14> There you go.
[03:31] <IceFireWarden14> It should be on there.
[03:31] <Dr. Sonya> ok....
[03:31] <Dr. Sonya> thanks
[03:31] <Rawr27> MUMMY! *tackle hugs Wise*
[03:31] <Jason Yelloweagle> Yo Wise
[03:31] <IceFireWarden14> Hello Intelligent One
[03:31] <IceFireWarden14> :P
[03:31] <TheWiseOne> *hugs Rawr* Hello child
[03:32] <Jason Yelloweagle> Wait... Wise is my grandmother in law? o_o
[03:32] <TheWiseOne> Idk
[03:32] <Rawr27> Yep :P
[03:32] <IceFireWarden14> Jason is the Quest going?
[03:32] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[03:32] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted Bachie
[03:32] <Nhlott> Hey Wise
[03:32] <Nhlott> *weakly hugs*
[03:32] <Black Wolf of blood> *Just signed his own death warrant*
[03:32] <IceFireWarden14> Sweet Wolf
[03:32] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Wise
[03:32] <Jason Yelloweagle> It should be IFW
[03:32] <TheWiseOne> Weakly hugs?
[03:33] <TheWiseOne> You okay?
[03:33] <TheWiseOne> Hi Blood, Hi jason
[03:33] <Jason Yelloweagle> - tries to go get the books so he can begin reading -
[03:34] <Nhlott> Not exactly
[03:34] <Nhlott> But I'm not going into it
[03:34] <Dr. Sonya> moe lester
[03:34] <Dr. Sonya> nevermind
[03:34] <TheWiseOne> Ok...
[03:34] <TheWiseOne> Hello Dr. Sonya
[03:34] <Dr. Sonya> that name sounds dirty to me now :3
[03:34] <Dr. Sonya> new name...
[03:34] <Dr. Sonya> Sonya Isley!
[03:35] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[03:35] <IceFireWarden14> Jason look at the Quest XP
[03:35] <IceFireWarden14> SuP Nickii
[03:35] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai
[03:36] <Nhlott> Hey Nicki
[03:36] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi Nicki
[03:36] <Rawr27> Hai Nicki
[03:36] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai hai and hai :)
[03:36] <IceFireWarden14> Bad Side: I shall eat you flesh
[03:37] <IceFireWarden14> Good Side: Stop that
[03:37] <IceFireWarden14> Bad Side: No!!
[03:37] <WonderfulTwilight> Wonder Side: STFU! XP
[03:37] <IceFireWarden14> Good Side: Help me!!
[03:37] <Rawr27> Can I slap IFW?
[03:37] <Jason Yelloweagle> Yes
[03:37] <Nhlott> Omg, will you chill?
[03:37] <Dr. Sonya> i want my character to be a witch
[03:37] <Jason Yelloweagle> >.<
[03:37] <Dr. Sonya> there was witches in the olden times
[03:37] <IceFireWarden14> Bad Side: Yes, slap him.
[03:38] <Nhlott> -_--
[03:38] <Jason Yelloweagle> It can't be a witch....
[03:38] <Dr. Sonya> y
[03:38] <WonderfulTwilight> *pushes IFW off a cliff*
[03:38] <TheWiseOne> @Sonya, Closest thing to a witch would be a child of Hecate
[03:38] <Jason Yelloweagle> Hold on, have you even READ the PJ and the Olympians books?????
[03:38] <WonderfulTwilight> Also the closest chu can ge......Ditto Wise XP
[03:38] <Dr. Sonya> ok, than thats what it will be
[03:38] <TheWiseOne> Jason, cool it
[03:38] <Rawr27> Hey I was going to say that Mum xD
[03:38] <Shrshot> ello
[03:38] <Nhlott> It's kinda the rules
[03:38] <Nhlott> and what does "The old times" have to do with anything
[03:39] <TheWiseOne> Witches in Ancient Greece, I think she means
[03:39] <IceFireWarden14> Good Side: * irritated* Instead of trying to kill ME, how about getting rid of the BAD SIDE.
[03:39] <Nhlott> Again, that's ancient Greece
[03:39] <Dr. Sonya> anciet greek magic
[03:39] <TheWiseOne> IFW, please cut it out with the goos side/bad side stuff?
[03:39] <WonderfulTwilight> Wonder Side: IFW just stfu! :P
[03:39] <Nhlott> we're talkin Long Island
[03:39] <Dr. Sonya> it exists you know
[03:39] <TheWiseOne> Not in real life...
[03:39] <BachLynn23> and "witches" in ancient Greece, weren't like what most think of as witches
[03:40] <BachLynn23> more like what today would be called wiccans
[03:40] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Bachie* You posting?
[03:40] <BachLynn23> sorry my dog was being adorable
[03:40] <Dr. Sonya> of course its real....
[03:40] <BachLynn23> XP
[03:40] <Nhlott> So like worshiping nature and shit?
[03:40] <BachLynn23> yea
[03:40] <BachLynn23> they weren't that powerful
[03:40] <TheWiseOne> Like priestesses? 
[03:40] <Dr. Sonya> not always, usually wiccans gave sacrifices to the gods
[03:40] <BachLynn23> not like harry potter stuff
[03:40] <Nhlott> Doc, either way, you can't have like a legit witch
[03:40] <BachLynn23> any power wiccans had in myth, was from the gods
[03:41] <Dr. Sonya> no harry potter is wizards
[03:41] <Nhlott> like with spells, potions, brroms and shit
[03:41] <Jason Yelloweagle> - facepalm -
[03:41] <Black Wolf of blood> Wizard is the male word of witch
[03:41] <Dr. Sonya> i think it exists, i just thin k that power is evil
[03:41] <BachLynn23> actually harry potter is wizards AND witches
[03:41] <IceFireWarden14> I hate PE class. Don't know why i'm going there
[03:41] <BachLynn23> if you'd read the books you'd know that
[03:41] <Rawr27> The guys are Wizards and the girls are Witches actally..
[03:41] <Dr. Sonya> wizards arent male witches
[03:41] <TheWiseOne> Warlocks, wiccans, witches and wizards
[03:41] <Black Wolf of blood> Of course they are
[03:41] <Dr. Sonya> warlocks are, fuh
[03:41] <BachLynn23> actually wizards refers to both
[03:41] <BachLynn23> warlocks are male
[03:41] <BachLynn23> witches are female
[03:41] <BachLynn23> but witches are in harry potter
[03:42] <Dr. Sonya> wiccas are female
[03:42] <Dr. Sonya> look it up on wiccapedia
[03:42] <BachLynn23> no wiccans is an actual group of people
[03:42] <IceFireWarden14> Say wha?
[03:42] <BachLynn23> both male and female
[03:42] <Black Wolf of blood> ^
[03:42] <Rawr27> Yep I know someone who is a Wicca
[03:42] <BachLynn23> Wiccans are not just female
[03:42] <Black Wolf of blood> Hm, got to go do my chores
[03:42] <Nhlott> And wicca is the religion itself
[03:42] <Black Wolf of blood> bbl
[03:42] <TheWiseOne> I have two wiccan friends
[03:42] <Rawr27> And hes a guys so yeah. Bye blood
[03:42] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye Blood
[03:42] <Dr. Sonya> sonya has the power to orb, AWSOME
[03:42] <Jason Yelloweagle> o_o
[03:42] <Nhlott> omfg
[03:43] <Nhlott> I refuse to deal with this
[03:43] <BachLynn23> ok, again, if it's a demigod it has to be the powers from the cabin page
[03:43] <BachLynn23> no orbing
[03:43] <BachLynn23> this isn't chared
[03:43] <BachLynn23> *charmed
[03:43] <Jason Yelloweagle> I feel like leaving chat... But I also feel like it's jsut getting funny...
[03:43] <Dr. Sonya> orb is the same thign as teleporting....
[03:43] <BachLynn23> and they aren't white lighters
[03:43] <BachLynn23> orbing is what white lighters did on Charmed
[03:43] <Dr. Sonya> YES THEY ARE
[03:43] <BachLynn23> don't yell
[03:43] <Dr. Sonya> im not
[03:43] <Dr. Sonya> im making a statement
[03:43] <BachLynn23> you typed in all caps
[03:43] <TheWiseOne> Sonya, calm down
[03:43] <BachLynn23> that is yelling
[03:43] <TheWiseOne> *down
[03:44] <BachLynn23> you can't just have any type of random charie here
[03:44] <Dr. Sonya> why cant my character teleport, what is it against the law?
[03:44] <BachLynn23> it's the Percy Jackson wiki
[03:44] <Nhlott> Dude, wha part of you can't have a char with Charmed powers aren't you gettig?
[03:44] <Rawr27> This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians RP wiki, not Charmed.
[03:44] <Rawr27> We have Demigods, not Witches
[03:44] <Nhlott> it's against policy, yes
[03:44] <TheWiseOne> @Sonya, [[Hecate%27s Cabin|Hecate's Cabin]]
[03:44] <BachLynn23> some demigods have travelling powers
[03:44] <BachLynn23> but it's not called orbing
[03:44] <Dr. Sonya> ....
[03:44] <BachLynn23> like Nyx kids can shadow travel
[03:44] <Dr. Sonya> well, if you haet everythign i do, than what am i supposed to do
[03:44] <TheWiseOne> Thanatos' kids, Nyx's kids and Hades's kids
[03:44] <BachLynn23> Poseidon kids can water travel
[03:44] <BachLynn23> etc etc etc
[03:44] <Dr. Sonya> and she is a water nymph
[03:45] <Jason Yelloweagle> - facepalm -
[03:45] <BachLynn23> water nymphs can't orb
[03:45] <WonderfulTwilight> I wanna charrie that can shadow travel >.>
[03:45] <BachLynn23> they would be able to water travel
[03:45] <Nhlott> no one can orb
[03:45] <TheWiseOne> A water nymph witch?
[03:45] <Dr. Sonya> sill child
[03:45] <Dr. Sonya> you can do whatever you want
[03:45] <Dr. Sonya> as long as you say i think i can, i think i can!!!
[03:45] <TheWiseOne> What?
[03:45] <BachLynn23> if you want to rp a witch, why not try one of the rpg wiki's that actually have witches
[03:45] <Nhlott> -_-
[03:45] <Jason Yelloweagle> I'm confused... o_o
[03:45] <Dr. Sonya> charmed dont have a roleplay wiki
[03:46] <TheWiseOne> Yeah, there are some
[03:46] <BachLynn23> well regardless
[03:46] <Dr. Sonya> and its all legit magic here
[03:46] <BachLynn23> that doesn't mean you can go to just any rpg wiki, and make whatever you want
[03:46] <Dr. Sonya> what should i do
[03:46] <TheWiseOne> Find another wiki?
[03:46] <BachLynn23> if you aren't going to make a type of character that is on this wiki
[03:46] <Dr. Sonya> but i liekt his one
[03:46] <Nhlott> idk, make something within our perameters?
[03:46] <TheWiseOne> Well, if you like it, follow the rules
[03:46] <BachLynn23> well the wiki is for the Percy Jackson books and does not have the type of charie you want
[03:46] <BachLynn23> so either change the type of charie you want
[03:46] <Nhlott> Which you'd know if you'd read the guide
[03:46] <BachLynn23> or there's not much else we can do for you
[03:47] <Dr. Sonya> but i want my persont o freeze time and orb....
[03:47] <Nhlott> too bad
[03:47] <Dr. Sonya> i came on here to talk to slaying
[03:47] <TheWiseOne> Sonya, read this: [[Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki:Getting Started|Camp Half-Blood Role_Playing_Wiki:Getting_Started]]
[03:47] <BachLynn23> again, Percy Jackson wiki
[03:47] <BachLynn23> well this chat is for people who are users here
[03:47] <Nhlott> can't if you aren't going to make a character
[03:47] <Dr. Sonya> and then people told me to make a character
[03:47] <Dr. Sonya> so i made a nymph
[03:47] <TheWiseOne> Yeah, a DEMIGOD
[03:47] <Dr. Sonya> then they deleted it becuase they said it was stupid
[03:48] <Dr. Sonya> so i have to make another one
[03:48] <Rawr27> That was most likely, only your claim
[03:48] <BachLynn23> well if it was a nymph that could do all the things you said here in chat
[03:48] <BachLynn23> it would be against our rules
[03:48] <WonderfulTwilight> Can we make Harpies? O.o
[03:48] <BachLynn23> no
[03:48] <WonderfulTwilight> Awww
[03:48] <Nhlott> no, they're monsters
[03:48] <TheWiseOne> We can make Cyclopes
[03:48] <BachLynn23> cuz some cyclopes are good
[03:48] <Nhlott> I'm against that personally
[03:48] <Dr. Sonya> what can nymphs do? i think i saw them on a episode of charmed... AIA: - facepalm -
[03:48] <BachLynn23> like in the boks
[03:48] <BachLynn23> ok, first off
[03:48] <BachLynn23> stop talking about Charmed
[03:48] <BachLynn23> this is not the charmed wiki
[03:48] <Nhlott> You can't use Charmed as a reference
[03:49] <Dr. Sonya> but its kewl
[03:49] <BachLynn23> charies there have no basis here
[03:49] <BachLynn23> you can't make a character based on Charmed
[03:49] <LoveCatsOwls> m'back
[03:49] <BachLynn23> of Harry POtter, or any thing else that isn't the Percy Jackson books
[03:49] <Dr. Sonya> nymphs can fly
[03:49] <Dr. Sonya> now i know thats true
[03:49] <BachLynn23> only air nymphs
[03:49] <BachLynn23> not all nymphs can fly
[03:49] <BachLynn23> water nymphs can't fly
[03:49] <BachLynn23> tree/flower nymphs can't fly
[03:50] <LoveCatsOwls> has orb been on?
[03:50] <Jason Yelloweagle> Noep
[03:50] <Jason Yelloweagle> Nope*
[03:50] <BachLynn23> not that I've seen
[03:50] <Nhlott> not, he hasn't
[03:50] <LoveCatsOwls> noo :(
[03:50] <BachLynn23> look, Sonya, if you aren't going to take this seriously, I'm going to have to ask you to leave
[03:50] <BachLynn23> cuz this is disrupting chat
[03:50] <Dr. Sonya> then why did i see a nymph orb on charmed
[03:50] <BachLynn23> again
[03:50] <Dr. Sonya> i am
[03:50] <BachLynn23> this isn't charmed
[03:50] <Dr. Sonya> im trying
[03:50] <TheWiseOne> This isn't Charmed!
[03:50] <BachLynn23> how many times
[03:50] <LoveCatsOwls> wt pm
[03:50] <BachLynn23> do I have to tell you
[03:51] <BachLynn23> this isn't charmed
[03:51] <Dr. Sonya> ok
[03:51] <Nhlott> Charmed has nothing to do with anything that happens here
[03:51] <WonderfulTwilight> He was on at about......10am UTC cats :P
[03:51] <BachLynn23> have you read the Percy Jackson books?
[03:51] <WonderfulTwilight> and k
[03:51] <LoveCatsOwls> damn...
[03:51] <Dr. Sonya> i read one in middle school
[03:51] <BachLynn23> well those are the books this wiki is based on
[03:51] <Dr. Sonya> are you goignt o kick me
[03:51] <Nhlott> thinking about it
[03:51] <BachLynn23> not Charmed, not Harry Potter, but the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan
[03:52] <Dr. Sonya> fine no charmed
[03:52] <Dr. Sonya> and i hate harry ;potter
[03:52] <Nhlott> You sure?
[03:52] <BachLynn23> so if you can't manage to make a character based on the Percy Jackson books and the guide lines say on the getting started page
[03:52] <BachLynn23> then there's really no point in us having this conversation
[03:52] <Dr. Sonya> ok
[03:52] <Dr. Sonya> i have a water nymmph
[03:52] <Dr. Sonya> she lives in canada
[03:52] <Dr. Sonya> she is immortal
[03:52] <TheWiseOne> On here?
[03:52] <BachLynn23> all nymphs are immortal
[03:52] <Jason Yelloweagle> o_o....
[03:53] <Dr. Sonya> well duh
[03:53] <BachLynn23> and they are tied to the water, so they can't go far from the water
[03:53] <Dr. Sonya> what was i supposed to put for the age?
[03:53] <TheWiseOne> Immortal
[03:53] <Dr. Sonya> exactly, thats what im doing
[03:53] <BachLynn23> just not clear why you are saying that all here
[03:53] <BachLynn23> this is not a claim
[03:53] <BachLynn23> this is chat
[03:53] <TheWiseOne> Then why'd you ask?
[03:54] <Dr. Sonya> nevermind
[03:54] <Nhlott> Yea, you still have to type it out and make a claim
[03:54] <Dr. Sonya> i am
[03:54] <Dr. Sonya> imt yping the thing right now
[03:54] <TheWiseOne> Are you on the claiming forum
[03:54] <Dr. Sonya> yes
[03:55] <TheWiseOne> Ok
[03:55] <LoveCatsOwls> nicki?
[03:56] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hai catzy
[03:56] <LoveCatsOwls> hi
[03:56] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> 'sup?
[03:56] <LoveCatsOwls> you're good with names, i need one for mah new CJ charrie
[03:56] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> hmm.. pm me
[03:56] <TheWiseOne> I can help if you want
[03:57] <LoveCatsOwls> that @ me wise? 
[03:57] <Dr. Sonya> my nymph has healing powers, is that legit enough?
[03:57] <WonderfulTwilight> Water Nymphs do
[03:57] <Dr. Sonya> well thats my species
[03:57] <TheWiseOne> Yes
[03:57] <Dr. Sonya> she can aslo make the sea calm or wild
[03:58] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[03:59] <Nhlott> kk
[04:02] <WonderfulTwilight> ...
[04:02] <Jason Yelloweagle> Is chat actually... Quiet? o_o
[04:03] <WonderfulTwilight> Quite :P
[04:03] <Jason Yelloweagle> lol
[04:03] <Jason Yelloweagle> - pokes Cats -
[04:03] <LoveCatsOwls> *is poked*
[04:03] <WonderfulTwilight> *pokes Jason for poking cats*
[04:03] <TheWiseOne> Nicki?
[04:03] <Jason Yelloweagle> - pokes WT for poking me for poking Cats - XD
[04:03] <Nickiiiiiiiiiiii> Yea?
[04:04] <WonderfulTwilight> *poke Jason for poking her for poking him for poking cats* XP
[04:04] <WonderfulTwilight> pokes*
[04:04] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[04:04] <LoveCatsOwls> *pokes wt for poking jason for poking etc*
[04:04] <WonderfulTwilight> *pokes Cats for poking etc*
[04:04] <Jason Yelloweagle> Lol, I wonder how long that could get XD
[04:04] <WonderfulTwilight> Yes
[04:04] <TheWiseOne> Nicki, PM
[04:05] <Dr. Sonya> you want a war? ill give you a war alright....
[04:05] <Jason Yelloweagle> o_O
[04:05] <WonderfulTwilight> *gets war by herself* O.o
[04:05] <Dr. Sonya> please tell me why you hate me so much anyways
[04:05] <Dr. Sonya> am i that stupid?
[04:06] <TheWiseOne> Sonya, wth are you talking about?
[04:06] <Dr. Sonya> nothing, nevermind, i have to create this damn character anyways
[04:06] <Nhlott> wtf?
[04:07] <WonderfulTwilight> Curtains :P
[04:08] <WonderfulTwilight> ...
[04:08] <Nhlott> hmmmm..... two hatchets or a big-ass Axe?
[04:09] <Jason Yelloweagle> Hmm...
[04:09] <LoveCatsOwls> big-ass axe
[04:09] <Jason Yelloweagle> Two Hatchets
[04:09] <WonderfulTwilight> Axe
[04:09] <WonderfulTwilight> Nooooo
[04:09] <Dr. Sonya> Daughter of Hecate
[04:09] <TheWiseOne> hatchets
[04:09] <WonderfulTwilight> One Hatchet to be awkward XP
[04:09] <Nhlott> no, I'm no Juggalo :P
[04:09] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[04:10] <TheWiseOne> Sonya, did you finish your claim
[04:10] <Dr. Sonya> not yet
[04:10] <Dr. Sonya> but hecate is the the one for most likey i can get to a witch right?
[04:11] <BachLynn23> a daughter of hecate would be a demigod
[04:11] <BachLynn23> not a witch
[04:11] <TheWiseOne> Not a witch
[04:11] <LoveCatsOwls> gotta go
[04:11] <TheWiseOne> Bye Cats
[04:11] <Dr. Sonya> okey dokey
[04:11] <Dr. Sonya> but they would have powers too
[04:11] <Dr. Sonya> right?
[04:11] <Jason Yelloweagle> Yes
[04:12] <BachLynn23> all demigods have powers
[04:12] <Jason Yelloweagle> - pokes Cats - Did you post?
[04:12] <Rawr27> All Demigods have powers
[04:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye Cats
[04:12] <BachLynn23> but they would be the powers listed on [[Hecate%27s Cabin|Hecate's Cabin]] page
[04:12] <WonderfulTwilight> Rp anyone?
[04:12] <BachLynn23> you can't make them up
[04:12] <Jason Yelloweagle> Sure, WT
[04:12] <Dr. Sonya> basically
[04:12] <BachLynn23> they have to be those specific powers, minus the counsellor pwer
[04:12] <Dr. Sonya> its kind of liek a witch
[04:12] <WonderfulTwilight> @Jason Who/where
[04:12] <TheWiseOne> Sonya, are you making a water nymph or a demigod?
[04:12] <Jason Yelloweagle> Hmm....
[04:12] <Dr. Sonya> demigod
[04:12] <TheWiseOne> Ok
[04:12] <Nhlott> if that's what you have to ell yourself to get it done, yea
[04:12] <Dr. Sonya> the daughter of Hecate/Trivia
[04:13] <Nhlott> *tell
[04:13] <WonderfulTwilight> I'll use [[Skylar Lune]] :P
[04:13] <Jason Yelloweagle> I'll use a new char, you choose your char and the place
[04:13] <TheWiseOne> It's Hecate
[04:13] <WonderfulTwilight> Chu charrie's page? XP
[04:13] <TheWiseOne> This is a Greek camp, not Roman
[04:13] <WonderfulTwilight> chur*
[04:13] <Nhlott> no, you can't mention Trivia, as that is her Roman counterpart and has nothing to do with anything
[04:13] <Jason Yelloweagle> Ok
[04:13] <Dr. Sonya> kk
[04:13] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi Blood
[04:13] <BachLynn23> Trivia would be the Camp Jupiter rpg wiki
[04:13] <BachLynn23> not this one
[04:13] <Jason Yelloweagle> [[Matthew McNeil]] Post there
[04:13] <ElanorTheFairest> Hello!
[04:13] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey
[04:14] <Jason Yelloweagle> Yo Elanor
[04:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi Ella
[04:14] <Nhlott> Dammit, my headphones shorted out -_-
[04:14] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[04:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Jason
[04:14] <BachLynn23> blood you're back
[04:14] <BachLynn23> yay
[04:14] <BachLynn23> I posted
[04:14] <ElanorTheFairest> Whats up?
[04:14] <BachLynn23> btw
[04:14] <Black Wolf of blood> Yup
[04:15] <Black Wolf of blood> But only for about 20 mins or so
[04:15] <Nhlott> I just can't catch a f*ckin break today
[04:15] <Black Wolf of blood> Perhaps less
[04:15] <BachLynn23> that's ok
[04:15] <TheWiseOne> What brand of headphones, Lott?
[04:15] <Nhlott> skullcandy
[04:15] <ElanorTheFairest> Sorry Nhlott
[04:15] <TheWiseOne> Ouch
[04:15] <Nhlott> ikr?
[04:15] <TheWiseOne> Mine shorted out two weeks after buying them
[04:16] <Nhlott> paid 60 for 'em
[04:16] <Rawr27> Ooh..I have Skullcandy earphones. Unlucky lott :/
[04:16] <Dr. Sonya> [[Forum:Sonya Isley]]
[04:16] <Dr. Sonya> heres a little
[04:16] <Dr. Sonya> please dont laugh at me lol
[04:16] <TheWiseOne> And I couldn't return them because I bought them in a different country
[04:16] <Nhlott> ----____----
[04:16] <Dr. Sonya> sorry.....
[04:17] <Black Wolf of blood> Posted Bachie
[04:17] <Jason Yelloweagle> I don't think laughing is appropriate for this....
[04:17] <TheWiseOne> How is she immortal?
[04:17] <Dr. Sonya> i try, really
[04:17] <Rawr27> I gtg now peoples bye bye
[04:17] <TheWiseOne> Really
[04:17] <TheWiseOne> Bye Rawr
[04:17] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye
[04:17] <Dr. Sonya> im doignt he best can....
[04:17] <BachLynn23> ok but demigods aren't immortal
[04:18] <Black Wolf of blood> ^
[04:18] <WonderfulTwilight> ^
[04:18] <ElanorTheFairest> I was checking out the cabins, and I noticed that f the muses had them. Anyone know why not?
[04:18] <Black Wolf of blood> Not usually anyway, and most definitely not without a good reason
[04:18] <BachLynn23> @elanor because there's literally hundreds of gods and it isn't reasonable to have hundreds of cabins
[04:18] <Dr. Sonya> ok then shes 34
[04:18] <BachLynn23> then you have 34 years of history to explain then
[04:18] <Dr. Sonya> i guess i forgot to change it when i switched over from a nymph
[04:19] <Nhlott> isn't 34 way too old to be at camp?
[04:19] <Black Wolf of blood> And how she survived 'till 34 years of age, which is quite a feat for most demis
[04:19] <BachLynn23> how the parents met, birth, early childhood, when they came into their powers at 12 or so, how they escaped monsters, how they found out they are a demigod, etc etc etc
[04:19] <Dr. Sonya> well, how old should she be?
[04:19] <Jason Yelloweagle> 13-18
[04:19] <BachLynn23> OH and how she got to camp
[04:19] <WonderfulTwilight> 12-23....I think O.o
[04:19] <BachLynn23> and again, the only powers she would have are on teh cabin page
[04:19] <Dr. Sonya> oh hellll no
[04:19] <BachLynn23> you can't just have any powers
[04:19] <Dr. Sonya> you can just delte the page now
[04:19] <Dr. Sonya> bye
[04:20] <TheWiseOne> What?
[04:20] <Dr. Sonya> [[Forum:Sonya Isley]]
[04:20] <Black Wolf of blood> Apparently, she doesn't want one since we have limits
[04:20] <Black Wolf of blood> *a character
[04:20] <Dr. Sonya> there it is, go ahead and delte it bye
[04:20] <Dr. Sonya> (wave) 
[04:20] <Nhlott> omfg
[04:20] <Nhlott> bye
[04:20] <Nhlott> you shan't be missed
[04:20] <ElanorTheFairest> Sorry. What I ment to ask is whether or not it was reasonable to try for a character whose godly parent was not on the lists.
[04:20] <Dr. Sonya> maybe i will be back, have to touch up on my history honeychild
[04:21] <BachLynn23> @elanor for BC but not camp
[04:21] <Nhlott> Yea, you're still here.
[04:21] <Nhlott> To be leaving you're doing a lot of sticking around
[04:21] <WonderfulTwilight> @Ella BC
[04:21] <Nhlott> good girl
[04:21] <ElanorTheFairest> Thank god.
[04:21] <ElanorTheFairest> *Gods
[04:21] <TheWiseOne> *sigh of relief*
[04:21] <Jason Yelloweagle> WHEW
[04:21] <WonderfulTwilight> Yay! *gets party stuff outta closet* XP
[04:21] <TheWiseOne> I needs a hug. :i
[04:21] <BachLynn23> if she comes back and still doesn't have a claim, kick her and leave a message on her talk page, that until she has one, she won't be allowed in chat
[04:21] <WonderfulTwilight> *tackle hugs Wise*
[04:22] <Nhlott> I am so inconcievably sick of ppl acting like that
[04:22] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs Wisey*
[04:22] <TheWiseOne> *hugs* Tanks, gaiz
[04:22] <Nhlott> *Hugs Wise*
[04:22] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi nar
[04:22] <Narutofreak0> salud
[04:22] <Black Wolf of blood> *Rubs his hands gleefully* Oh, I'll be happy to kick her if she returns
[04:22] <Nhlott> I call it
[04:22] <Black Wolf of blood> Not if you're not on
[04:22] <Nhlott> le DIBS
[04:22] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm not going to wait for you
[04:22] <Narutofreak0> who?
[04:22] <Nhlott> Then you sir, must be quick on the draw
[04:23] <Black Wolf of blood> *Chuckles* That I am
[04:23] <Nhlott> hmmm
[04:23] <Nhlott> but in any case,I must feed
[04:23] <Nhlott> bb in 30
[04:23] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye lott, have fun
[04:23] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[04:23] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Bachie* You posting?
[04:23] <TheWiseOne> I already called it!
[04:23] <BachLynn23> yea
[04:23] <ElanorTheFairest> Oh my gods I really love this keyboard.
[04:24] <BachLynn23> working out which places I need "bleeps" on
[04:24] <BachLynn23> XD
[04:24] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[04:24] <Black Wolf of blood> Just pm me the words, 'kay?
[04:24] <WonderfulTwilight> Where is this RP?
[04:24] <WonderfulTwilight> Link?
[04:24] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[04:24] <ElanorTheFairest> Είναι οι τύποι στα ελληνικά!
[04:24] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o
[04:24] <Black Wolf of blood> [[Forest Pond]]
[04:24] <Black Wolf of blood> What's with people and stalking my rp's these days?
[04:24] <ElanorTheFairest> I am a greek geek.
[04:25] <Jason Yelloweagle> [[Forest/Pond]]*
[04:25] <BachLynn23> @blood I think I bleeped that right
[04:25] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[04:25] <BachLynn23> but I'm still on my first dew
[04:25] <ElanorTheFairest> Anyone care to RP? 
[04:25] <BachLynn23> caffine hasn't cleared all the cob webs away yet
[04:25] <BachLynn23> XD
[04:25] <BachLynn23> *caffeine 
[04:26] <Black Wolf of blood> pm the words?
[04:26] <LoveCatsOwls> AFK
[04:26] <ElanorTheFairest> May I have a definition please?
[04:27] <Narutofreak0> posted on liam bach
[04:27] <BachLynn23> yaaaaaaaaaay
[04:27] <Narutofreak0> jason there's an auto-redirect
[04:27] <Narutofreak0> there was no need to fix the link
[04:28] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[04:28] <WonderfulTwilight> *pokes Jason* Posted? O.o
[04:28] <Jason Yelloweagle> Posted where? Oh nvm....
[04:28] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[04:28] <TheWiseOne> WT!
[04:29] <WonderfulTwilight> wibbles lott
[04:29] <WonderfulTwilight> and ....
[04:29] <WonderfulTwilight> what did I do?
[04:29] <Nhlott> I realized too late that I lent my friend my car -_-
[04:29] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[04:29] <Nhlott> like I said, can't catch a break today
[04:29] <TheWiseOne> WT< i must rp with Louis!
[04:29] <Jason Yelloweagle> Posted WT
[04:29] <ElanorTheFairest> Anyone care to RP?
[04:29] <Narutofreak0> how did you not realize that?
[04:29] <TheWiseOne> Or a ride
[04:30] <Nhlott> Cuz I don't just randomly give my car away?
[04:30] <WonderfulTwilight> >.> Louis Rayne.....?
[04:30] <TheWiseOne> Yes
[04:30] <WonderfulTwilight> I gave him to Orb XP
[04:31] <TheWiseOne> Damn...
[04:31] <ElanorTheFairest> Men are illogical. Anyone else agree?
[04:31] <Narutofreak0> no
[04:31] <TheWiseOne> Sort of
[04:31] <Nhlott> Excuse me>
[04:31] <Narutofreak0> how are men illogcal?
[04:31] <TheWiseOne> Wait, I read that wrong
[04:32] <ElanorTheFairest> Well, some are.
[04:32] <TheWiseOne> Some
[04:32] <WonderfulTwilight> >.> My brother is but XP
[04:32] <BachLynn23> @nar posted
[04:32] <TheWiseOne> Myabe
[04:32] <TheWiseOne> *Maybe
[04:32] <Narutofreak0> then say some
[04:32] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[04:33] <ElanorTheFairest> Men are illogical, because some will say one thing but mean another. But so do females, so correction, people are illogical. 
[04:33] <Nhlott> Making such broad generalizations is often frowned up
[04:33] <Narutofreak0> afk
[04:33] <Nhlott> *upon
[04:33] <Narutofreak0> foodstuffs
[04:33] <ElanorTheFairest> At least my boy friend is illogical.
[04:33] <Nhlott> There you go
[04:34] <TheWiseOne> So dump him?
[04:34] <Nhlott> Wtf are Jinkies?
[04:34] <TheWiseOne> Jinkies?
[04:34] <TheWiseOne> It's Velma's catchphrase
[04:34] <Nhlott> I know that
[04:34] <Nhlott> but wtf does it mean?
[04:34] <LoveCatsOwls> back
[04:34] <TheWiseOne> Like, "zounds!"
[04:34] <Nhlott> Zounds?
[04:35] <TheWiseOne> OMG
[04:35] <TheWiseOne> Whoa!
[04:35] <TheWiseOne> Holy shit!
[04:35] <ElanorTheFairest> Not my boyfriend, my friend who is a boy. My boyfriend is logical, my boy friend is not.
[04:35] <LoveCatsOwls> pm nicki
[04:35] <TheWiseOne> I see?
[04:35] <WonderfulTwilight> Everyone is illogical lets just say that -_-
[04:35] <ElanorTheFairest> Correct.
[04:35] <LoveCatsOwls> nicki nicki pm pm
[04:35] <LoveCatsOwls> 'tis urgent
[04:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> hy
[04:36] <Nhlott> I think it's safe ti sat you have a skewed opinion, elanor
[04:36] <TheWiseOne> Ugh, I am in a writing rut today -_-
[04:36] <ElanorTheFairest> I have not been exposed to enough guys.
[04:36] <Nhlott> *grits teeth*
[04:36] <Slayingthehalcyon> anyone up for rp?
[04:36] <TheWiseOne> How does that make a difference?
[04:36] <ElanorTheFairest> Yes.
[04:36] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh Sometime's your illogical and sometimes your logical lets just leave it at that -_-
[04:36] <ElanorTheFairest> Ok.
[04:36] <Slayingthehalcyon> Momm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[04:36] <Slayingthehalcyon> PM
[04:36] <WonderfulTwilight> Sonn!!!!!!!
[04:36] <WonderfulTwilight> k
[04:37] <BachLynn23> @lott posted XP
[04:37] <TheWiseOne> Right now, you're being illogical, Elanor. -_-
[04:37] <Jason Yelloweagle> The moment when you realize... You think your popular because of all your PM's when yo urealize you sent more then half of them and nobody's answered.
[04:37] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[04:37] <Jason Yelloweagle> your*
[04:37] <Jason Yelloweagle> you*
[04:37] <WonderfulTwilight> XD
[04:37] <BachLynn23> I answered
[04:37] <BachLynn23> XP
[04:37] <ElanorTheFairest> I'm on a ton of medication, so probably.
[04:38] <BachLynn23> *steals elanor's meds and sells them on the black market*
[04:38] <TheWiseOne> Wtf?
[04:38] <Jason Yelloweagle> But how do you know I don't have other PM's to people who won't answer? Like Cats XD
[04:38] <Jason Yelloweagle> - helps Bach - :P
[04:38] <ElanorTheFairest> Antihistimens make me weird.
[04:39] <Jason Yelloweagle> - finds that hard to believe -
[04:39] <TheWiseOne> Well, I think I
[04:39] <TheWiseOne> *I'm gonna skedaddle
[04:39] <TheWiseOne> Bbl
[04:39] <Nhlott> enough antihisitimens and you're passed out within minutes
[04:39] <Jason Yelloweagle> Bye Wise
[04:39] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye
[04:39] <Jason Yelloweagle> - needs to buy some antihisitimens for Rawr... - XD
[04:39] <ElanorTheFairest> %0 mlligrams of antihisimenes make me wierd.
[04:40] <BachLynn23> brb
[04:40] <Nhlott> ♫Me and my friends get no respect
[04:40] <Nhlott> We're not really rude, nor do we neglect
[04:40] <Nhlott> We don't to yell, and we're not really mean
[04:40] <Nhlott> But we like to mix it up, just if you know just what I mean ;)♫
[04:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> Dad
[04:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> pm
[04:41] <LoveCatsOwls> gotta go
[04:41] <LoveCatsOwls> bbl
[04:41] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye cats
[04:41] <ElanorTheFairest> Sleepy...
[04:41] <LoveCatsOwls> bai
[04:41] <ElanorTheFairest> by cats
[04:42] <WonderfulTwilight> *yawns*
[04:42] <Nhlott> ♫Who's gonna talk like Porkchop? The F*cker isn't here!
[04:42] <Nhlott> He's drivin my Camaro, not gonna buy me gas, I fear
[04:42] <Nhlott> Who'd buyin our f*ckin lunch? How the hell we gonna pay?
[04:42] <Nhlott> "Let's go in the back and bust some suds up them" I say
[04:42] <Nhlott> ☺4
[04:43] <WonderfulTwilight> I like that dress :/
[04:43] <Nhlott> ♫Wash some dished then we're out,
[04:43] <Nhlott> "Where's my f*ckin car" I shout
[04:43] <Nhlott> Gonna kill him there's no doubt,
[04:43] <Nhlott> GRAB MY GUN!♫
[04:43] <Jason Yelloweagle> - buys it for WT -
[04:43] <Nhlott> it's kinda grunge meets ska
[04:43] <WonderfulTwilight> *walks around house wearing dress and being a lady* XP
[04:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> elanor you messed up your post...
[04:44] <ElanorTheFairest> My boyfriend is so nice. 
[04:44] <WonderfulTwilight> I found mah oreos o_o Om Nom Nom
[04:44] <Nhlott> cool story, bro
[04:44] <ElanorTheFairest> I justfixed the post. sorry.
[04:45] <ElanorTheFairest> Jacob gave me a teddy bear 'cause he knew I am sick. It's soft and cuddley
[04:46] <ElanorTheFairest> Heya "Cats
[04:46] <LoveCatsOwls> hehehe sneaking on
[04:47] <Kingbirdy> hey
[04:47] <WonderfulTwilight> KING!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[04:47] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[04:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> i cant post
[04:47] <LoveCatsOwls> hai king
[04:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> my friends computer is being a d*ck
[04:47] <Narutofreak0> posted bach
[04:48] <Narutofreak0> hey kb
[04:49] <BachLynn23> @nar posted
[04:49] <Black Wolf of blood> Just on to say I've posted Bachie
[04:50] <Black Wolf of blood> Since I have to leave for fencin
[04:50] <Black Wolf of blood> *fencing
[04:50] <Black Wolf of blood> So, cya all when I get back
[04:50] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye
[04:50] <ElanorTheFairest> bye
[04:51] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[04:53] <ElanorTheFairest> I feel sleepy. MUST STAY AWAKE!!!
[04:53] <Narutofreak0> posted bach
[04:53] <Narutofreak0> ela go sleep
[04:53] <BachLynn23> *injects elanor with caffeine *
[04:53] <Slayingthehalcyon> *pours a gallon of coffee down elanor's throat*
[04:54] <ElanorTheFairest> If I go to sleep I'll be up all noght.
[04:54] <ElanorTheFairest> *night
[04:56] <ElanorTheFairest> Anyone care to review my english paper?
[04:56] <BachLynn23> @lott posted
[04:56] <BachLynn23> @nar I don't see your post
[04:56] <Jason Yelloweagle> When did we become school helpers? o_o
[04:57] <LoveCatsOwls> my foot is numb
[04:57] <BachLynn23> *stomps on cats foot*
[04:57] <ElanorTheFairest> Just wondering. 
[04:57] <BachLynn23> did that help?
[04:57] <BachLynn23> XP
[04:57] <LoveCatsOwls> not particually
[04:57] <BachLynn23> I tried
[04:57] <BachLynn23> XP
[04:57] <ElanorTheFairest> I ment to say anyone want to read it
[04:57] <Nhlott> yea, Bach?
[04:57] <Nhlott> wrong template
[04:58] <LoveCatsOwls> afk
[04:58] <ElanorTheFairest> y7u6iuujh yrtg5f ... What my head writes while hitting the keyboard.
[05:00] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[05:00] <Narutofreak0> just made that up
[05:00] <Slayingthehalcyon> who wants to see what happens when I finger walk the keyboard?
[05:00] <Narutofreak0> when your head hits the keyboard multiple keys are hit at once and only one is registered
[05:01] <Narutofreak0> ergo you have to hit your head multiple times for that to happen
[05:01] <FastredOfGreenholm> Hi
[05:01] <LoveCatsOwls> hai
[05:01] <Narutofreak0> yo
[05:01] <LoveCatsOwls> welcome!
[05:01] <Narutofreak0> see it now bach?
[05:01] <FastredOfGreenholm> Hi
[05:02] <LoveCatsOwls> need help?
[05:02] <BachLynn23> @nar si
[05:02] <Slayingthehalcyon> hello
[05:03] <FastredOfGreenholm> I'm new here, and havn't benn claimed yet. Is it okay for me to chat?
[05:03] <Jason Yelloweagle> Yes
[05:03] <Jason Yelloweagle> For a couple days....
[05:03] <IceFireWarden14> Sup
[05:03] <Slayingthehalcyon> @ jason >.< mean ex-dad >.<
[05:03] <FastredOfGreenholm> Okay. I'm working on a claim in Microsoft word anyways
[05:03] <LoveCatsOwls> hai bloom, IFW
[05:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo cats
[05:04] <Jason Yelloweagle> Good
[05:04] <IceFireWarden14> Hello Chat People I come in peace for awesomeness. Have I reached the right place
[05:04] <Jason Yelloweagle> Nope
[05:04] <WonderfulTwilight> BLOOM!!!!!!! *only just saw bloom so tackle hugs* >.>
[05:04] <Slayingthehalcyon> /is leaving forever, and never coming back. :P
[05:04] <WonderfulTwilight> :O
[05:04] <BloomOfFairyTail> WONDER! *tackle hugged*
[05:04] <BachLynn23> fixed teh template lott
[05:04] <Jason Yelloweagle> You're looking for the hunger games rp chat
[05:04] <IceFireWarden14> :O
[05:04] <IceFireWarden14> No Slay
[05:04] <WonderfulTwilight> :O
[05:04] <Jason Yelloweagle> Well... Good luck then Slay...
[05:04] <IceFireWarden14> HUNGER RP?!!
[05:04] <Slayingthehalcyon> jk :P
[05:04] <Slayingthehalcyon> \
[05:04] <IceFireWarden14> No F*cking way!!
[05:05] <IceFireWarden14> Link
[05:05] <IceFireWarden14> me
[05:05] <IceFireWarden14> please
[05:05] <Slayingthehalcyon> IFW it sucks butt
[05:05] <IceFireWarden14> Oh
[05:05] <IceFireWarden14> nevermind then
[05:05] <Jason Yelloweagle> It's been around since December or so o_o And yeah, it does
[05:05] <BachLynn23> posted nar
[05:05] <FastredOfGreenholm> what do you do if you like a girl but she has a boyfriend? 
[05:05] <Jason Yelloweagle> I can't even figure it out...
[05:05] <Jason Yelloweagle> You try not to like her
[05:05] <LoveCatsOwls> :/
[05:05] <IceFireWarden14> Has the quest started finally?
[05:05] <WonderfulTwilight> Cookie rape = what in the urban dictionary?
[05:05] <IceFireWarden14> Like really started?
[05:05] <FastredOfGreenholm> I've triend
[05:06] <WonderfulTwilight> Answer le question
[05:06] <FastredOfGreenholm> tried
[05:06] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[05:06] <Jason Yelloweagle> Nope, all our questors aren't there yet
[05:06] <WonderfulTwilight> Cookie Rape = Where you force a cookie in someone's mouth to make them shut up. XP
[05:06] <Jason Yelloweagle> Well then... They last resort is to blurt out your feelings to them when their boyfriend isn't around
[05:06] <IceFireWarden14> Cookie Rape= The Action of capturing cookies and torturering them bye nibbling minute by minute. *looks at WT*
[05:06] <FastredOfGreenholm> am in friendzone
[05:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> :O
[05:06] <Jason Yelloweagle> You may get a girl, you may get a slap
[05:07] <IceFireWarden14> Who has girl problems
[05:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> you won't touch my ex-mom *stares at IFW*
[05:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> I have girl problems
[05:07] <IceFireWarden14> Cookie Rape Slay
[05:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> i Asked out like 11 girls in the past two years. and everyone of them said no
[05:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> except for one
[05:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> she was a whore...
[05:07] <Jason Yelloweagle> I don't have girl problems... I make them XD
[05:07] <FastredOfGreenholm> sorry
[05:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> :O
[05:08] <FastredOfGreenholm> I think I love her
[05:08] <IceFireWarden14> O.O
[05:08] <IceFireWarden14> @Fastred
[05:08] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh brb in like.....30 mins or so >.>
[05:08] <FastredOfGreenholm> What? 
[05:08] <IceFireWarden14> Do you mean it like? Like real love, or what?
[05:08] <LoveCatsOwls> no wt!
[05:08] <Jason Yelloweagle> I love how that most rps on char pages start with one of them bumping into the other XD
[05:09] <IceFireWarden14> Lanson usually starts an RP by dropping pizza on people XD
[05:10] <FastredOfGreenholm> I really really like her. I even read percy jackson cause i like her. turns out i love greek mythology though.
[05:10] <IceFireWarden14> Actually, the only way to stop Lanson from walking pass you is by shouting PIZZA!
[05:10] <IceFireWarden14> That's good Fastred
[05:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[05:11] <Narutofreak0> STUPID CHAT
[05:11] <Jason Yelloweagle> - starts a Fifa World Cup in chat -
[05:11] <IceFireWarden14> *puts arm around Jason* Let me go and tell you about my Best Friend!! NOT XD *but he is a friend*
[05:11] <FastredOfGreenholm> I even read lotr
[05:11] <Narutofreak0> 1700 pages on the wiki btw :D
[05:11] <Jason Yelloweagle> I'm not sure but I think I made the 1,700th page :P
[05:12] <Jason Yelloweagle> With [[Matthew McNeil]]
[05:13] <FastredOfGreenholm> I'm not sure, but I think she's on this wiki
[05:13] <LoveCatsOwls> user name?
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> Lanson: People are never late, time is just early. chuckles
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> Mark: I would totally believe that... If I ate 3 whole pizzas a day...
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> Catherine: sees them all there walks towards them . Am I late?
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> Mark: Apparently there is no such thing as "late..." Rolls his eyes and points at Lanson
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> Lanson: You got it. There is no such thing as early either.
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> 
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> Mark: Remind me that when we get to the Satyrs and it's too "late"
[05:13] <IceFireWarden14> He totally is XD
[05:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[05:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> anyone up for rp? 
[05:13] <FastredOfGreenholm> I dunno. :(
[05:14] <FastredOfGreenholm> I'll email and ask
[05:14] <FastredOfGreenholm> gtg, by
[05:14] <FastredOfGreenholm> e
[05:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye
[05:14] <Jason Yelloweagle> You can always ask her if you're in the friend zone Fastred
[05:14] <Jason Yelloweagle> You don't even have to tell her your's and then make her fall in love with you here
[05:14] <FastredOfGreenholm> She has a bf
[05:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> your doomed
[05:14] <IceFireWarden14> Hey Jason, we should have that every time Mark and Lanson have a rp, they argue over "late" and "early"
[05:14] <IceFireWarden14> Bye Fastred
[05:14] <Jason Yelloweagle> Is it a jock or something?
[05:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> Ive been in that boat before....
[05:14] <FastredOfGreenholm> oo... great idea
[05:15] <LoveCatsOwls> gtg
[05:15] <FastredOfGreenholm> no, he's a geek. but so am I.
[05:15] <Jason Yelloweagle> That would totally be funny IFW XD
[05:15] <Jason Yelloweagle> Well it shouldn't be hard to beat a geek to a girl...
[05:15] <IceFireWarden14> Hey!
[05:15] <IceFireWarden14> I'm a geek/jock
[05:15] <LoveCatsOwls> im a geek!
[05:15] <FastredOfGreenholm> they've been dating forever.
[05:16] <FastredOfGreenholm> like 3 years.
[05:16] <Jason Yelloweagle> You can totally break a 3 year relationship :P
[05:16] <FastredOfGreenholm> and we are 14 for gods sakes!
[05:16] <FastredOfGreenholm> Can I change my user name?
[05:16] <LoveCatsOwls> nope
[05:17] <LoveCatsOwls> gtg, bai bai
[05:17] <FastredOfGreenholm> aww.. cause she'll know its me
[05:17] <IceFireWarden14> bye
[05:17] <Jason Yelloweagle> Cats! How dare you lie to Fastred!!
[05:17] <Jason Yelloweagle> You can totally change your user name Fastred
[05:17] <LoveCatsOwls> well, i didnt know
[05:17] <FastredOfGreenholm> How?!?!?!?
[05:17] <Narutofreak0> you need to contact wikia for ht
[05:18] <LoveCatsOwls> ok, bbye all
[05:18] <Narutofreak0> or if you created the account for this wiki you can just create a new account
[05:18] <Jason Yelloweagle> If you don't know the answer, it is best to say nothing and look smart, then to say something and appear an idiot
[05:18] <Narutofreak0> since you have no contribs
[05:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> here
[05:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> Ill get a link for the user name
[05:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Special:Contact]]
[05:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> click there
[05:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> find the link for change your username.
[05:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> changin*
[05:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> then go thru the steps
[05:18] <IceFireWarden14> You can change your Username
[05:19] <FastredOfGreenholm> Thanks.
[05:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> depending on how many edits you have is how long it will take
[05:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> mine took 3 days.
[05:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> but I had 4000 edits
[05:20] <Narutofreak0> [[Donovan Woodrum]]
[05:20] <Narutofreak0> IT IS DONE
[05:21] <IceFireWarden14> Posting on it.
[05:21] <IceFireWarden14> Does Donovan like Pizza? XD
[05:21] <Jason Yelloweagle> I'm gonna go so I can finish my school and then try and finish the Hunger Games trilogy, cya everyone
[05:21] <IceFireWarden14> bye
[05:21] <IceFireWarden14> Coming back?
[05:21] <Jason Yelloweagle> Hmm.... Maybe tomorrow :'(
[05:21] <Narutofreak0> no ifw
[05:21] <Narutofreak0> he will kill you
[05:21] <FastredOfGreenholm> Is ir to creepy to name an account after a book or character she likes?
[05:21] <Jason Yelloweagle> Umm...
[05:21] <Jason Yelloweagle> Not if she doesn't know it's you XD
[05:22] <FastredOfGreenholm> Ok.
[05:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> kinda
[05:22] <FastredOfGreenholm> Ok.
[05:22] <IceFireWarden14> He's asking anyway Nar
[05:22] <Jason Yelloweagle> But if you tell her she'll think it's totally creepy o_o
[05:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> DON'T LISTEN TO JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[05:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> oops
[05:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> capslock
[05:22] <FastredOfGreenholm> Ok.
[05:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> its creepy anyways
[05:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> so don't do it
[05:22] <FastredOfGreenholm> Can you think of any good usernames?
[05:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> slayingmonstersisagame :D
[05:22] <Jason Yelloweagle> GreekGeek
[05:22] <IceFireWarden14> I agree with Jason
[05:22] <IceFireWarden14> GodofEpic
[05:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> fastred
[05:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> why not be outright. with her
[05:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> and no sneeky?
[05:23] <Narutofreak0> damn you lott
[05:23] <IceFireWarden14> Or, Epicnessisnotavirture
[05:23] <IceFireWarden14> but it is for me! XD
[05:24] <FastredOfGreenholm> I just don't know what to do. Probably i'll just change my name to summat else but tell her who I am
[05:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> don't change your name just for a girl
[05:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> thats where you go wrong
[05:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> what am I saying... I never actually sucedded.... do what you want...
[05:25] <Jason Yelloweagle> Well, I'm gone, bye everyone
[05:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> *cries in the corner*
[05:25] <IceFireWarden14> bye Jason
[05:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye jason
[05:25] <IceFireWarden14> *slaps Slay* Man up! XD
[05:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> *cries some more*
[05:25] <FastredOfGreenholm> But Fastred is her the guy married to her fave lotr character, so it's creepy
[05:25] <IceFireWarden14> *helps Slay up off the floor*
[05:25] <IceFireWarden14> *gives him a cig*
[05:26] <FastredOfGreenholm> you are all way too nice to me
[05:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> *stands up takes the cigar. smokes for a second and goes back to crying*
[05:26] <IceFireWarden14> O.o *since WT or Jason aren't on he puts Slay on Ebay for 1,000,000 dollars*
[05:26] <FastredOfGreenholm> Slay, its fine. You're so right. I'm just changing my name so not to be creepy
[05:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> they disowned me so it doesn't matter....
[05:27] <FastredOfGreenholm> You shouldn't sell slay
[05:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> go ahead.
[05:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> just as long as I get to take posie with me :D
[05:27] <IceFireWarden14> *Sells Posey too XD*
[05:27] <FastredOfGreenholm> Well, gtg. bye all of y'all.
[05:27] <IceFireWarden14> bye
[05:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye fastred
[05:27] <IceFireWarden14> O.O
[05:27] <IceFireWarden14> They disowned you!
[05:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes...
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> *adopts Slay*
[05:28] <FastredOfGreenholm> I think I'll change my name to GreekGeek.
[05:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> you now have a daughet in law.
[05:28] <FastredOfGreenholm> bye
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Yess
[05:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> because I married posie. and then they disowned me.
[05:28] <IceFireWarden14> Can I change the Wiki family tree?
[05:29] <IceFireWarden14> :D
[05:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya
[05:29] <IceFireWarden14> sup LOTR
[05:29] <ElanorTheFairest> 'sup.
[05:30] <IceFireWarden14> Can I get a link to the wiki family tree
[05:30] <ElanorTheFairest> Sorry I left suddenly.
[05:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Wiki Family Tree]]
[05:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[05:30] <IceFireWarden14> Do I just add my name?
[05:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes. I think so
[05:31] <ElanorTheFairest> Am v. mad.
[05:31] <ElanorTheFairest> right now.
[05:31] <ElanorTheFairest> just got an email from a friend asking me what wiki's I wason.
[05:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[05:32] <ElanorTheFairest> *am on
[05:33] <ElanorTheFairest> the friend is nice, but moderatly stalkerish
[05:33] <ElanorTheFairest> well, got to go, bai
[05:33] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye
[05:34] <TheWiseOne> Back for a bit
[05:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> hy'
[05:35] <IceFireWarden14> Whats Posey's username?
[05:35] <IceFireWarden14> Do you want me to take you out of WT's children, Slay?
[05:35] <Petiller Cheri> ALLOZ!!
[05:35] <Petiller Cheri> :D
[05:35] <IceFireWarden14> Hi!
[05:35] <Petiller Cheri> Hiyaz!!
[05:36] <TheWiseOne> hi Cheri
[05:36] <Petiller Cheri> Hai Wise
[05:36] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[05:36] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes IFW
[05:36] <Petiller Cheri> I only dropped in to say hi Cuz im like REALLY busy today
[05:36] <IceFireWarden14> What's Poseys username?
[05:36] <Puzzler29> Hello
[05:37] <Petiller Cheri> Which Posey?
[05:37] <IceFireWarden14> Hello
[05:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> User:Daughter of posiedion
[05:37] <Petiller Cheri> Theres like 2
[05:37] <IceFireWarden14> Okay
[05:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> Posie my wife :D
[05:37] <IceFireWarden14> Your new Puzzler hello
[05:37] <Puzzler29> Yes I am, could anyone help me?
[05:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> si
[05:37] <Petiller Cheri> [[User:Daughterofposidion]] ? i think XP
[05:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> como de tu need?
[05:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> no
[05:37] <Petiller Cheri> No Darn
[05:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> theres spaces
[05:37] <Petiller Cheri> XPPP
[05:37] <Petiller Cheri> Oh
[05:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[User:Daughter of posiedion]]
[05:38] <Petiller Cheri> [[User:Daughter of Posidion]]
[05:38] <TheWiseOne> I listen to weird music
[05:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[05:38] <Petiller Cheri> Ohh XD
[05:38] <Petiller Cheri> CHat lag -.-
[05:38] <TheWiseOne> Ik
[05:38] <TheWiseOne>
[05:38] <TheWiseOne> .
[05:38] <Puzzler29> Nevermind, I found the guide
[05:38] <TheWiseOne> Hello Puzzler
[05:39] <Puzzler29> Hello TheWiseOne
[05:39] <Petiller Cheri> When Gypsy or Blood comes on tell'em i posted at da park XP
[05:39] <IceFireWarden14> Direct link Slay
[05:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> ?
[05:39] <Petiller Cheri> For Now Bai Baiz
[05:39] <TheWiseOne> Bye Cheri
[05:39] <Petiller Cheri> Ill try ta be on later
[05:39] <Petiller Cheri> IF i have time
[05:39] <Petiller Cheri> >.<
[05:39] <IceFireWarden14> To her user
[05:40] <IceFireWarden14> Slay
[05:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[User:Daughter of posiedion]]
[05:40] <TheWiseOne> Time to multitask
[05:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> well I gotta go
[05:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye dad :D
[05:41] <TheWiseOne> bye slay
[05:42] <IceFireWarden14> bye son :D
[05:43] <Puzzler29> Could anyone help me make my claim?
[05:44] <TheWiseOne> I can
[05:44] <TheWiseOne> PM me
[05:44] <Puzzler29> How do you PM?
[05:45] <TheWiseOne> You clock on the user on this chat list, and a fly-out panel should, well, fly out.
[05:45] <IceFireWarden14> Click on the user on the bar and Private Message pops up.
[05:45] <TheWiseOne> Below, it says Private Message
[05:48] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi
[05:49] <Puzzler29> Hello
[05:49] <Narutofreak0> hi
[05:49] <Narutofreak0> rp any1?
[05:49] <TheWiseOne> I'm game
[05:50] <Narutofreak0> who/where?
[05:50] <WonderfulTwilight> *plays a sad song on her recorder*
[05:51] <TheWiseOne> Deirdre and Donovan?
[05:51] <WonderfulTwilight> BLOOM!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[05:51] <WonderfulTwilight> >.< Dammit
[05:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> WONDER! *tackle hugged*
[05:51] <TheWiseOne> o-o
[05:51] <BloomOfFairyTail> didn't you do this earlier?
[05:51] <TheWiseOne> Bloom.. chu left...
[05:51] <WonderfulTwilight> Yeah :P
[05:51] <WonderfulTwilight> ^
[05:51] <Narutofreak0> sure wise
[05:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> ooh really?
[05:52] <TheWiseOne> You pick where
[05:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> just a sec then
[05:52] <TheWiseOne> Chur a ghost!
[05:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> muahahaha fear me mortals
[05:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> >:D
[05:52] <WonderfulTwilight> Bloom's been revived :P
[05:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> XD yeah, the refresh button does miracles
[05:53] <WonderfulTwilight> XD Yes, yes it does
[05:53] <TheWiseOne> Tofreak, just let me know when you post
[05:53] <Narutofreak0> sure seon
[05:53] <WonderfulTwilight> Seriously someone get the duct tape
[05:53] <WonderfulTwilight> V_V
[05:54] <GirlofDelusion> Hey guys
[05:54] <GirlofDelusion> Wise does he mean through the window?
[05:54] <IceFireWarden14> Hey, I'm the only spirit on chat!
[05:54] <GirlofDelusion> 'cause they're outside in the yard
[05:55] <TheWiseOne> They could be walking around the grounds
[05:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> ....
[05:55] <BloomOfFairyTail> stupid lag
[05:56] <WonderfulTwilight> o.o Bloom's a ghost again
[05:56] <BloomOfFairyTail> *kicks wikia*
[05:56] <IceFireWarden14> I've been a ghost since WT killed me. Which is like a couple of centuries ago Chat Time. You shall not exist with me!
[05:56] <WonderfulTwilight> I wanna use mah siggie for something >.>
[05:56] <TheWiseOne> Damn it, it's times like these where I hate being a vampire.
[05:57] <GirlofDelusion> Grounds?
[05:57] <IceFireWarden14> *sends Bloom to heaven*
[05:57] <TheWiseOne> I'm vulnerable to fire
[05:57] <WonderfulTwilight> What am I? o_o
[05:57] <IceFireWarden14> A human
[05:57] <TheWiseOne> @Del, The grounds outside the parliment building
[05:57] <BloomOfFairyTail> eh? why am I in heaven?
[05:57] <TheWiseOne> *parliment 
[05:57] <WonderfulTwilight> Noooooooo I'm not a human
[05:57] <TheWiseOne> *parliament 
[05:57] <GirlofDelusion> Well Wise I don't think the group we be outside
[05:57] <GirlofDelusion> if all the congresspeople were
[05:57] <GirlofDelusion> would*
[05:57] <TheWiseOne> Not all of them, Del
[05:57] <GirlofDelusion> well
[05:57] <GirlofDelusion> they still are trying to go-
[05:58] <GirlofDelusion> wait
[05:58] <GirlofDelusion> they're under the illusion
[05:58] <GirlofDelusion> forgot
[05:58] <GirlofDelusion> nvm
[05:58] <BloomOfFairyTail> RAWR! *hugs*
[05:58] <WonderfulTwilight> RAWR!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[05:58] <Rawr27> Hai *hugs back*
[05:58] <GirlofDelusion> You'll need to wait for alexis to interview any of them though
[05:58] <GirlofDelusion> so she can take off the illusion
[05:58] <Narutofreak0> hi raw
[05:59] <Rawr27> Hai nar *hugs*
[05:59] <WonderfulTwilight> :O No hugs back for me?!
[05:59] <Narutofreak0> *is hugged*
[05:59] <Rawr27> *hugs WT* Sorry :P
[06:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> hm... I'm hungry. brb
[06:00] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs back*
[06:01] <TheWiseOne> Tofreak, chu posted?
[06:01] <Narutofreak0> trying to
[06:01] <Narutofreak0> the page is lagging
[06:02] <WonderfulTwilight> :/
[06:03] <Rawr27> Chu okay WT?
[06:05] <Narutofreak0> test
[06:05] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh Should April say: Yes, yes it is or Maybe >.<
[06:07] <Rawr27> Hai Emo
[06:09] <WonderfulTwilight> No one has an answer >.>
[06:09] <Emo wolf jason> hey
[06:09] <Puzzler29> To what?
[06:09] <Narutofreak0> wise
[06:09] <Narutofreak0> posted on the archery range
[06:09] <WonderfulTwilight> On what I should have mah charrie say >.<
[06:10] <TheWiseOne> Ok
[06:10] <Puzzler29> I don't know. It is yours, make it say whatever you want it to say
[06:10] <TheWiseOne> I don't see it, Tofreak
[06:10] <Rawr27> ELF! *tackle hugs*
[06:10] <WonderfulTwilight> ELFIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs into revolving door*
[06:10] <Petite'likkle'elf> RAAAWR! *tackle hugs back*
[06:11] <Petite'likkle'elf> WTeeeeeeeeeeee! *tackle hugs back*
[06:11] <Narutofreak0> weird
[06:11] <Narutofreak0> try again
[06:11] <Narutofreak0> raw
[06:11] <Narutofreak0> i haz a new charrie
[06:11] <Narutofreak0> wt no more maybes
[06:11] <Rawr27> Oh awesome
[06:12] <Narutofreak0> [[Donovan Woodrum]]
[06:12] <WonderfulTwilight> I hate my username >.>
[06:12] <Puzzler29> Why?
[06:12] <TheWiseOne> Anyone here from the claiming department?
[06:12] <Narutofreak0> she hates twilight
[06:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya
[06:12] <Rawr27> Lol my username is epic although I still have no idea why I chose Rawr :P
[06:13] <Narutofreak0> i help out every once in a while wise
[06:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> hi... slay
[06:13] <WonderfulTwilight> I used to like Twilight :P
[06:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> :P Rawr
[06:13] <Narutofreak0> my username describes me
[06:13] <Narutofreak0> a narutofreak
[06:13] <Rawr27> Oh Elf, Slay is chur brother
[06:13] <WonderfulTwilight> Ex-brother XP
[06:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> huh? O.o
[06:13] <Rawr27> Ex? o.o
[06:13] <WonderfulTwilight> We disowned him
[06:13] <Rawr27> Why? D:
[06:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> I've been away too long
[06:13] <WonderfulTwilight> We = jason and I
[06:14] <TheWiseOne> posted, nar
[06:14] <WonderfulTwilight> He got le married XP
[06:14] <Rawr27> Oh and chur new dad is..Jason -__-
[06:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> IFW adopted me 
[06:14] <Rawr27> @Elf
[06:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> i know Rawr :(
[06:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> I liked Dad
[06:14] <Narutofreak0> hey elf
[06:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Why does everyone dislike Jason -_-
[06:14] <Rawr27> I still prefer Jake..*hints at WT* :P
[06:14] <Puzzler29> Who's Jason?
[06:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> heya Nar
[06:14] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[06:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[06:15] <Narutofreak0> he goes around chat dancing like a fat guy
[06:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[06:15] <WonderfulTwilight> .....
[06:15] <Rawr27> ..Lool xD
[06:15] <Narutofreak0> of course we like him
[06:15] <WonderfulTwilight> :P It's just rawr that dislikes him then XP
[06:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> yeh, sure we do
[06:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[06:15] <Rawr27> Yep xD
[06:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> *wishes posie was here*
[06:15] <Narutofreak0> *was being sarcastic*
[06:15] <WonderfulTwilight> Remember the food fight o_o
[06:15] <Puzzler29> Can someone check my claim?
[06:15] <WonderfulTwilight> Wait....?!
[06:15] <Rawr27> I'm the mother-in-law, I'm supposed to hate my son-in-law :P
[06:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> Posey! I want Posey!
[06:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD Rawr
[06:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> you cant have posie
[06:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> She is mine. *glares at elf*
[06:16] <Rawr27> I hated Jake at first remember?
[06:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> O.o
[06:16] <WonderfulTwilight> Yeah
[06:16] <Narutofreak0> raw=demeter
[06:16] <Petite'likkle'elf> I haven't seen Pos in a while :(
[06:16] <Narutofreak0> wt=[erseph
[06:16] <Narutofreak0> jaspm-hades
[06:16] <Narutofreak0> *jason
[06:16] <Narutofreak0> *perseph
[06:16] <WonderfulTwilight> Elf = Melinoe XP
[06:17] <Rawr27> Yup xD
[06:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[06:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> no
[06:17] <Narutofreak0> mesa-zeus
[06:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> not that pos
[06:17] <Puzzler29> Can anyone check my claim?
[06:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> my posie.
[06:17] <Narutofreak0> his wife pos
[06:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[User:Daughter of posiedion]] :D
[06:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> who's that O.o (been away too long :()
[06:17] <WonderfulTwilight> Actually nar wouldn't Jake be Zeus?
[06:17] <WonderfulTwilight> O.o
[06:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> okay... one sec
[06:17] <Narutofreak0> no
[06:17] <BloomOfFairyTail> backers
[06:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> i need other Pos
[06:17] <Narutofreak0> because i was the one who was threathening jason remember
[06:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> heya Bloomy
[06:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> Heyz Petite
[06:18] <WonderfulTwilight> @Nar Yes, but if we were going family tree style he would be Zeus XP
[06:18] <Rawr27> Wb bloom *hugs*
[06:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> why have my "tornado"s been changed into "torando"? O.o
[06:18] <WonderfulTwilight> Wibbles bloom
[06:18] <Puzzler29> Can anyone here check my claim please?????
[06:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> thanks rawr *hugs back*
[06:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> danke wonder
[06:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> sure puzzle
[06:18] <BloomOfFairyTail> link?
[06:19] <Puzzler29> How do you do a link?
[06:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> with two [
[06:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> between the page
[06:19] <Narutofreak0> posted wise
[06:19] <Puzzler29> [[Forum:George Bundler|George Bundler]]
[06:19] <Narutofreak0> some1 pinged me b4 chat froze
[06:19] <Narutofreak0> who?
[06:19] <WonderfulTwilight> Me I think
[06:20] <Narutofreak0> with?
[06:20] <WonderfulTwilight> @Nar Yes, but if we were going family tree style he would be Zeus XP That XP
[06:20] <Narutofreak0> i'm not going damily tree style
[06:20] <Narutofreak0> i'm going order of fight style
[06:20] <WonderfulTwilight> Then chur Zeus
[06:20] <Rawr27> brb
[06:20] <WonderfulTwilight> How's Hera?
[06:21] <Narutofreak0> if we're going family tree style i'm either aether or ouranus
[06:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> hm... I think your claim is good Puzzle
[06:21] <Puzzler29> Cool
[06:21] <BloomOfFairyTail> but I can't accept claims. Ask Wonder or some rollback
[06:22] <WonderfulTwilight> Why did chu have to say "Wonder" for bloom? *tilts head*
[06:22] <Puzzler29> Wonder, can you accept my claim?
[06:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> 'cause chu can accept claims :P
[06:22] <Narutofreak0> aren't hellhounds the size of busses?
[06:22] <BloomOfFairyTail> I cant
[06:23] <WonderfulTwilight> brb
[06:23] <Narutofreak0> hellhounds are the size of busses
[06:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> it made a chimera seem like a chiuaua, I wouldn't be surprised if it could pass as one
[06:23] <Narutofreak0> climbing up on a rope won't really help in getting away
[06:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> or was it some other monster?...
[06:24] <Narutofreak0> kinda missing my point bloom
[06:24] <TheWiseOne> k, g2g
[06:24] <TheWiseOne> bbl
[06:24] <Rawr27> Sorry about that, my step dad wanted to use le laptop -__- bye bye Mum
[06:25] <Puzzler29> I don't really know the size of a hellhound...
[06:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> ex gramma :D
[06:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> *shrugs* I think it's good. Hellhounds wouldn't be able to catch him if he was very high and the mist could make it look like a small dog
[06:25] <Puzzler29> I just thought that they were the size of a regular big sized dog, but were more... Muscular looking
[06:25] <Rawr27> Nope they are HUGE 
[06:26] <Narutofreak0> Mrs O'leary took up an entire arena
[06:26] <Puzzler29> Hmm... Looks like the internet can't be trusted.... And good point
[06:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah, but on the first book, a huge monster was mistaken as a small dog
[06:26] <Narutofreak0> it's not the mist that's my probglem
[06:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> and Mrs. O'Leary was said to be larger than normal
[06:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> f*ck my chat
[06:26] <Narutofreak0> it's the fact he went up on a climbing rope and the hellhound went away
[06:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> Rawr do you still like meh?
[06:27] <Narutofreak0> when it could've easily catched him
[06:27] <Petite'likkle'elf> caught*
[06:27] <Rawr27> Yeah Slay :P
[06:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[06:27] <Slayingthehalcyon> youll stil keep me? :D
[06:28] <Rawr27> I can't really sadly, but I still like chu :P
[06:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> :)
[06:28] <Narutofreak0> The average size of hellhounds are about the size of a grizzly bear or a rhino, but can be as large as a garbage truck. (
[06:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> *wants posie* :O
[06:30] <Petite'likkle'elf> are all your chat hacks working? -_-
[06:31] <BloomOfFairyTail> dunno, turned mine off
[06:31] <Narutofreak0> mine works
[06:31] <Petite'likkle'elf> mine isn't working >.<
[06:32] <Puzzler29> There, I said it was the size of a lion
[06:32] <Rawr27> I don't have le chat hacks
[06:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> Im ognna go.
[06:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> byez
[06:32] <Petite'likkle'elf> bye slay
[06:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye ex gramma
[06:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye ex brother :D
[06:32] <Rawr27> Bye bye slay
[06:32] <Rawr27> brother? o.o..
[06:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> huh. i'm a boy now am i?
[06:33] <Rawr27> Hehehe xD
[06:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> -_-
[06:33] <Puzzler29> Will someone adopt me into this wiki family?
[06:33] <Rawr27> Considering you have a pink avvie, I don't know how he assumed chu was a boy :P
[06:33] <WonderfulTwilight> Back
[06:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> unless he wants a lecture on French grammar, I suggest he gets it right -_-
[06:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> wb mom
[06:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> ikr, gran!
[06:34] <WonderfulTwilight> WAIT! ...........He called mah daughter a bot o_o
[06:34] <WonderfulTwilight> boy*
[06:34] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[06:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> ik! -_-
[06:34] <WonderfulTwilight> *gets swords ready*
[06:34] <Petite'likkle'elf> *rolls eyes* XD
[06:35] <Rawr27> I gtg now, dinner. I may be back later bye byes
[06:35] <WonderfulTwilight> Bye
[06:35] <Rawr27> *hugs everyone*
[06:35] <WonderfulTwilight> *hugs back*
[06:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya Rawr *hugs back*
[06:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> bye Gran *glompz*
[06:35] <Petite'likkle'elf> hm.
[06:36] <WonderfulTwilight> Rp anyone?
[06:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> sure
[06:36] <WonderfulTwilight> Who/Where
[06:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> i havnt in a long time
[06:36] <WonderfulTwilight> I'll use Skylar :P
[06:36] <Signatural> oh god
[06:36] <Signatural> elfie
[06:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> u choose------------ SIG!
[06:36] <Signatural> !
[06:36] <Petite'likkle'elf> *glompz*
[06:36] <Signatural> Are you here? 
[06:36] <Signatural> *glompz back*
[06:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> yes! :D
[06:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> missed
[06:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> chu
[06:37] <Signatural> Are you here again? Or do you have to leave? :(
[06:37] <Signatural> 
[06:37] <WonderfulTwilight> Erm.......Zoe?
[06:37] <Signatural> Me too :3
[06:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> no, here for about another hour :D
[06:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> sure, mom
[06:37] <Signatural> And then you need to leave again? :(
[06:37] <WonderfulTwilight> I'll post on her pahe
[06:37] <Signatural> Can't you atleast go on skype?
[06:37] <WonderfulTwilight> page*
[06:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> maybe
[06:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> im on it now
[06:38] <Signatural> Yea, but I mean usually
[06:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> okaay
[06:38] <Signatural> awesome ! :D
[06:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> no :(
[06:38] <Signatural> :(
[06:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> but for the next 2 weeks, i can come on on mondays :D i think
[06:38] <Signatural> I hope so!
[06:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> and maybe thursdays :D
[06:39] <Signatural> awesome 
[06:39] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Elfiee
[06:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> oka
[06:39] <WonderfulTwilight> *goes back to drooling over Skylar's pic*
[06:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> skype me sig
[06:39] <Puzzler29> Well I'm going, bye everyone
[06:40] <Petite'likkle'elf> bye puzz
[06:41] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi Shady
[06:41] <Petite'likkle'elf> hey shad
[06:41] <ShadowGoddess> elloz!
[06:42] <WonderfulTwilight> I think I was born backwards o_o
[06:42] <Narutofreak0> wasn't every1?
[06:42] <WonderfulTwilight> idk
[06:42] <Petite'likkle'elf> posted mom
[06:44] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Elf
[06:45] <Petite'likkle'elf> okay
[06:45] <ShadowGoddess> del!
[06:47] <WonderfulTwilight> *gives copies of that to everyone*
[06:47] <Narutofreak0> *burns his*
[06:47] <WonderfulTwilight> :O
[06:47] <ShadowGoddess> WT posted on [[Aura King|Aura]]
[06:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[06:47] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[06:47] <Narutofreak0> rp any1?
[06:47] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Shady
[06:48] <ShadowGoddess> sure nar
[06:48] <Narutofreak0> just post [[Donovan Woodrum|here]]
[06:48] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[06:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> posted, mom
[06:50] <ShadowGoddess> posted nar
[06:50] <Petite'likkle'elf> have i already said that? O.o
[06:50] <WonderfulTwilight> I need this kitty!
[06:50] <WonderfulTwilight> No
[06:51] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted
[06:51] <Petite'likkle'elf> omg, WT! love it :D
[06:51] <ShadowGoddess> poor kitty
[06:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> hey er dude
[06:52] <HermesDude> Pokemon kitty :o
[06:52] <WonderfulTwilight> DX My friend (which I have a crush on, thank you very much) just tackle hugged me from behind O.o
[06:52] <HermesDude> Awesome....
[06:52] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[06:52] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD Wt
[06:52] <HermesDude> Like this? - tackle hugs WT from behind -
[06:52] <WonderfulTwilight> .........Yes, but wrong person XP
[06:53] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[06:53] <HermesDude> Surely you can have recognized me by now :P
[06:53] <WonderfulTwilight> o_o
[06:53] <WonderfulTwilight> *just realized*
[06:53] <WonderfulTwilight> *after clicking user page* XP
[06:54] <HermesDude> ROFL
[06:54] <Narutofreak0> if my mom tells me to get up and do something one more time i am gonna kill someone
[06:54] <HermesDude> Probably would have made it harder if I had changed the name on there by now :P
[06:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> who? O.o
[06:54] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[06:54] <WonderfulTwilight> Poor elfiee is clueless XP
[06:54] <Petite'likkle'elf> omg, jason? O.o
[06:55] <HermesDude> Maybe....
[06:55] <Narutofreak0> why dafuq does jason have 2 accounts?
[06:55] <WonderfulTwilight> No he just changed his username :P
[06:55] <Narutofreak0> replied shad
[06:55] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[06:56] <ShadowGoddess> posted WT
[06:56] <IceFireWarden14> OMG!!
[06:56] <WonderfulTwilight> Also.......did chu know Hermes was my fave god O.o?
[06:56] <IceFireWarden14> I fixed my computer!!
[06:56] <HermesDude> I actually didn't o_o
[06:56] <IceFireWarden14> On accident!!
[06:56] <Narutofreak0> woop deed doo
[06:56] <WonderfulTwilight> o_o Yes XP
[06:56] <Narutofreak0> *dee
[06:56] <ShadowGoddess> wait are chu new Dude?
[06:56] <WonderfulTwilight> Noooooooooooo
[06:56] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[06:56] <ShadowGoddess> he isn't?
[06:56] <WonderfulTwilight> Nah
[06:56] <Narutofreak0> he's jason
[06:56] <ShadowGoddess> :O
[06:56] <IceFireWarden14> *kneels to every God in existence* I owe you.
[06:57] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Shady
[06:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> posted mothaaar
[06:57] <Narutofreak0> when using god in a plural sentence we do not use a capital G
[06:57] <Petite'likkle'elf> oh, hey there ifw
[06:58] <IceFireWarden14> Hi great neice Petite
[06:58] <IceFireWarden14> Wow
[06:58] <IceFireWarden14> That kind of rhymed.
[06:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> great whaa? O.o
[06:58] <WonderfulTwilight> Hmmmmm if I ever change mah username I'm gonna keep wonder in it :P
[06:58] <IceFireWarden14> I'm WT's uncle so your my great neice.
[06:58] <Narutofreak0> go change it to wonderful dawn
[06:58] <IceFireWarden14> WonderfulExistence sounds cool.
[06:58] <Petite'likkle'elf> whoa.... since when?
[06:58] <Narutofreak0> bcuzz twilight just sucks
[06:58] <IceFireWarden14> Like a month ago.
[06:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> oh O.o
[06:59] <Petite'likkle'elf> okay, hey great uncle
[06:59] <IceFireWarden14> And I adopted Slay, so he's like my adopted son now.
[07:00] <ShadowGoddess> posted WT
[07:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> so... he's my uncle?
[07:00] <Petite'likkle'elf> no
[07:01] <IceFireWarden14> No, he's like...
[07:01] <Petite'likkle'elf> oh dont bother
[07:01] <ShadowGoddess> *watches MLP*
[07:01] <IceFireWarden14> What do you call someone who is the son of you great uncle?
[07:01] <IceFireWarden14> Cousin sort of removed?
[07:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> that's what i was thinking
[07:02] <Narutofreak0> you psted shad
[07:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> first cosin twice removed? O.o
[07:02] <IceFireWarden14> Nar your smarted than me. Help me out
[07:02] <IceFireWarden14> Wait O.O
[07:02] <Narutofreak0> i know im smarter then you
[07:02] <ShadowGoddess> posted nar
[07:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:02] <Narutofreak0> bcuzz i don't spell smaerter smarted
[07:02] <Narutofreak0> *smarter
[07:02] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:03] <IceFireWarden14> AHA
[07:03] <Narutofreak0> im also typing very fast
[07:03] <IceFireWarden14> FAIL
[07:03] <IceFireWarden14> 
[07:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> loads of people can type fast
[07:03] <IceFireWarden14> I type mildily
[07:03] <Narutofreak0> typing fast is my excuse 4 misspelling
[07:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> hmmm...
[07:03] <Petite'likkle'elf> mom, you posted?
[07:03] <IceFireWarden14> You guys want to know a great site to make cool char pics?
[07:04] <Narutofreak0> no
[07:04] <WonderfulTwilight> Ja Elfie
[07:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> maybe
[07:04] <Narutofreak0> and if you point me to tektek i will kill you
[07:04] <Petite'likkle'elf> okay
[07:04] <WonderfulTwilight> Yes IFW
[07:05] <Narutofreak0> posted shad
[07:05] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[07:05] <IceFireWarden14>
[07:05] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[07:06] <Petiller Cheri> RAWR!!
[07:06] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[07:06] <WonderfulTwilight> *kicks cheri*
[07:06] <Petiller Cheri> Owwie
[07:06] <Petite'likkle'elf> CHERIIIIIIII! *mega glompz*
[07:06] <IceFireWarden14> I've made so many cool chars with that site for my fanfiction
[07:06] <Petiller Cheri> ELFIE!!!!
[07:06] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[07:07] <Petite'likkle'elf> Heya stepmom/great aunt!
[07:07] <Petiller Cheri> *kicks WT*
[07:07] <ShadowGoddess> CHERRY!
[07:07] <Petiller Cheri> SHADY!
[07:07] <Petiller Cheri> *glompz*
[07:07] <ShadowGoddess> *tackle uber glompz*
[07:07] <IceFireWarden14> Hey, no body kicks my neice! *buys Petiller a ice cream cone*
[07:07] <Petiller Cheri> I came in to tell WT i posted but im guessing shes not to happy to see me
[07:07] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:08] <Petite'likkle'elf> S
[07:08] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD*
[07:08] <Petiller Cheri> *eats the ice cream cone*
[07:08] <Narutofreak0> 8slaps cheri*
[07:08] <Narutofreak0> no kicking
[07:08] <Petite'likkle'elf> 'specially since you stole dad off her :L
[07:08] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[07:08] <Petiller Cheri> *Slaps back twice as hard*
[07:08] <WonderfulTwilight> XP
[07:08] <IceFireWarden14> O.O
[07:08] <ShadowGoddess> posted cherry
[07:08] <Petiller Cheri> kkz
[07:08] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:08] <IceFireWarden14> Nar you okay?
[07:08] <IceFireWarden14> *checks on Nar*
[07:08] <Narutofreak0> *kills IFW*
[07:08] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[07:08] <Narutofreak0> i don't need a medic
[07:09] <IceFireWarden14> -_-
[07:09] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:09] <IceFireWarden14> I'm already dead
[07:09] <IceFireWarden14> You can't kill a spirit in a robot body.
[07:09] <WonderfulTwilight> *kills Cheri*
[07:09] <Narutofreak0> ifw
[07:09] <Petiller Cheri> :DDDD
[07:09] <ShadowGoddess> I'm a goddess so...
[07:09] <Narutofreak0> do i honestly look like i give a horse's arse?
[07:09] <Petiller Cheri> *floats around chat*
[07:09] <IceFireWarden14> Well can't really see you...
[07:09] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[07:09] <IceFireWarden14> but I'm guessing yah
[07:10] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:10] <Narutofreak0> well i don't
[07:10] <Narutofreak0> 8
[07:10] <Narutofreak0> so
[07:10] <Narutofreak0> *brutally destroys ifw*
[07:10] <IceFireWarden14> *brushes off his shoulders and sits down in his chair*
[07:10] <IceFireWarden14> Fail.
[07:10] <WonderfulTwilight> *kills cheri's spectre*
[07:11] <Petiller Cheri> ;O
[07:11] <Narutofreak0> *ignores IFW*
[07:11] <IceFireWarden14> *heals Cheri*
[07:11] <WonderfulTwilight> Now lets wait and see if she knows what a spectre is O.o
[07:11] <WonderfulTwilight> OI!
[07:11] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[07:11] <WonderfulTwilight> *pushes Cheri off a cliff*
[07:11] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh do I have a couple with anyone in chat?
[07:11] <Petiller Cheri> *freefalls*XP
[07:11] <WonderfulTwilight> Mah charries are.......nvm
[07:12] <Petiller Cheri> Ba da da da da Ba da da da da....
[07:12] <Petiller Cheri> BATMAN!!
[07:12] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:13] <IceFireWarden14> Batman sucks
[07:13] <Petiller Cheri> ;OOOOOOOOOO
[07:13] <ShadowGoddess> posted nar
[07:13] <WonderfulTwilight> >.< Why is Jas not on
[07:13] <Petiller Cheri> YOU SUCK!!!
[07:13] <Petite'likkle'elf> XD
[07:13] <IceFireWarden14> XD
[07:13] <WonderfulTwilight> I have like 8 couples with her
[07:13] <WonderfulTwilight> >.>
[07:13] <WonderfulTwilight> *groans*
[07:13] <Narutofreak0> cheri
[07:13] <Narutofreak0> who are you talking to?
[07:13] <Petiller Cheri> *b*tch slaps IFW*
[07:13] <Petiller Cheri> xP
[07:13] <Narutofreak0> andwho dafuq is ifw?
[07:14] <IceFireWarden14> That answer your question
[07:14] <Petiller Cheri> lolz Nar XD
[07:14] <IceFireWarden14> *signs* Wow, Nar is ignoring me. Oh well.
[07:14] <Narutofreak0> seriously who?
[07:14] <IceFireWarden14> I'm IFW. It's abbrev
[07:14] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[07:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya
[07:14] <Petiller Cheri> *stands Next to Nar* Do you still have that restraining order thing?
[07:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> IFW :D
[07:14] <WonderfulTwilight> Hai Slay
[07:14] <IceFireWarden14> Hey Son!
[07:14] <Petite'likkle'elf> JAS¬!
[07:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[07:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> 8glompz*
[07:15] <Petite'likkle'elf> **
[07:15] <WonderfulTwilight> JASSEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[07:15] <Narutofreak0> no
[07:15] <Petiller Cheri> Hai Jas!!
[07:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> brb
[07:15] <Narutofreak0> i burned it
[07:15] <Narutofreak0> :P
[07:15] <Petiller Cheri> Wow
[07:15] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[07:15] <WonderfulTwilight> Rp
[07:15] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[07:15] <ShadowGoddess> posted WT
[07:15] <Jasmine Campbell> why?
[07:15] <Narutofreak0> ok seriously who is this ifw you guys keep talking about
[07:15] <Petiller Cheri> WT why you no reply on Emily?????????
[07:15] <ShadowGoddess> JASSY!
[07:15] <IceFireWarden14> WT has OTHD: Obsessive Tackle Hugging Disorder
[07:15] <Petiller Cheri> D:
[07:15] <Narutofreak0> bcuzz i'm starting to think you guys are seeing ghosts
[07:15] <Jasmine Campbell> SHADY! wanna continue on CJ
[07:15] <ShadowGoddess> *tackle uber glompz jas*
[07:15] <ShadowGoddess> YEAH!
[07:16] <Narutofreak0> replied shad
[07:16] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[07:16] <WonderfulTwilight> 'Cause Jas, I want a couple rp :P and I never see comic anymore XP
[07:16] <Jasmine Campbell> chur turny :P
[07:16] <ShadowGoddess> btw jas mah posted already on CJ
[07:16] <IceFireWarden14> How long is Comic banned?
[07:16] <ShadowGoddess> two weeks
[07:16] <Petiller Cheri> *Pokes Nar*
[07:16] <Petiller Cheri> :D
[07:16] <Narutofreak0> *pokes cheri back*
[07:16] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Shady
[07:16] <Petiller Cheri> *repetitively pokes Nar*
[07:17] <IceFireWarden14> He should be back at the end of the week then WT.
[07:17] <Petiller Cheri> >.>
[07:17] <Petiller Cheri> <.<
[07:17] <WonderfulTwilight> 29th
[07:17] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[07:17] <WonderfulTwilight> 3 days
[07:17] <Petiller Cheri> D: I wont see him then
[07:17] <Petite'likkle'elf> my birthday is this thursday :D:D
[07:17] <ShadowGoddess> dude! Nar! You used the wrong bubble
[07:17] <WonderfulTwilight> *goes back to drooling over Skylar's new pic*
[07:17] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[07:17] <IceFireWarden14> I become Level 4 tomorrow.
[07:17] <Narutofreak0> *repetitively pokes cheri back*
[07:17] <Petiller Cheri> XD lolz WT
[07:18] <Petiller Cheri> *bites Nar's Arm*
[07:18] <Narutofreak0> damn you lott
[07:18] <Narutofreak0> *bites cheri's arm*
[07:18] <IceFireWarden14> Stop biting each other
[07:18] <IceFireWarden14> Germs
[07:18] <Jasmine Campbell> I didn't know comi was banned
[07:18] <Petiller Cheri> *Bites Nar's Hand*
[07:18] <Petite'likkle'elf> since when was comic banned?
[07:18] <WonderfulTwilight> *continues to drool over Skylar's new pic*
[07:18] <Narutofreak0> *licks cheri's hand*
[07:18] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[07:18] <IceFireWarden14> Hi HoR
[07:18] <IceFireWarden14> O.O
[07:18] <Petiller Cheri> WT!!!! Why you no relpy yet???????????
[07:19] <Petiller Cheri> ._.
[07:19] <IceFireWarden14> *has no comment on what Nar just did*
[07:19] <WonderfulTwilight> Link cheri?
[07:19] <IceFireWarden14> Wait.
[07:19] <Petiller Cheri> [[Emily Monroe]]
[07:19] <IceFireWarden14> That was a comment.
[07:19] <ShadowGoddess> CHERRY! Why YOU no reply yet?????????
[07:19] <Petiller Cheri> I VILL!!! XP
[07:19] <ShadowGoddess> -_-
[07:19] <Petiller Cheri> D: why you lick me Nar??????
[07:20] <Narutofreak0> why chu bite me?
[07:20] <Petiller Cheri> Cuz i can
[07:20] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[07:20] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Cheri
[07:20] <Petiller Cheri> kk
[07:20] <ShadowGoddess> jassy posted at the diner
[07:20] <Narutofreak0> well then there's your answer
[07:20] <Petite'likkle'elf> mom, chu posted?
[07:20] <Petiller Cheri> *licks Nars face* HA!!
[07:20] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:20] <Narutofreak0> now stop b4 someone talks to jake and accuses you of cheating
[07:20] <IceFireWarden14> Everytime I have a tough day, when I get on this chat it brings me up XD
[07:20] <Petiller Cheri> DDD;
[07:20] <Jasmine Campbell> I posted on Romeo WT
[07:20] <Narutofreak0> *licks cheri's........nm
[07:20] <WonderfulTwilight> @Nar Already gonna B) 
[07:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> back
[07:20] <Petiller Cheri> >.>
[07:21] <Narutofreak0> i never said anything
[07:21] <Narutofreak0> *whistles*
[07:21] <IceFireWarden14> Nar that sounded wrong
[07:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> ifw :D
[07:21] <Petiller Cheri> *slaps Nar*
[07:21] <IceFireWarden14> Yes Son, *looks at Slay*
[07:21] <Jasmine Campbell> WT, need helpy with Adam :/
[07:21] <Jasmine Campbell> I no have time >.<
[07:21] <WonderfulTwilight> PM!
[07:21] <Slayingthehalcyon> nothing :D
[07:21] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[07:22] <IceFireWarden14> *gives slay allowance*
[07:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[07:22] <ShadowGoddess> posted WT
[07:22] <IceFireWarden14> *it is 100 bucks*
[07:22] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Jas
[07:22] <Petite'likkle'elf> *cannot wait to see the Hunger Games tomorrow!!! :D:D*
[07:22] <ShadowGoddess> slay want to countinue our rp?
[07:22] <IceFireWarden14> It's out in America already
[07:22] <Petiller Cheri> *Keeps Slapping Nar out of bordom*
[07:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> sure @ shadow
[07:23] <IceFireWarden14> *grabs Cheri's hand* Stop.
[07:23] <Narutofreak0> you posted shad?
[07:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> shadow you post okay?
[07:23] <Petiller Cheri> *Bites ifw hand*
[07:23] <Jasmine Campbell> It's been out here since friday
[07:23] <Petiller Cheri> Dont touch me
[07:23] <WonderfulTwilight> Posted Shady
[07:23] <IceFireWarden14> OWWW
[07:23] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[07:23] <IceFireWarden14> *turns Cheri's hand to Ice
[07:23] <Petiller Cheri> *licks the ice off of hand*
[07:23] <Slayingthehalcyon> *kicks cher for biting his fathers hands*
[07:23] <Narutofreak0> why did you stop slapping me cheri?
[07:23] <Petite'likkle'elf> same, ifw, ours was out on friday
[07:23] <Petiller Cheri> *growls at Slay*
[07:24] <Petiller Cheri> *stops slapping nar*
[07:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> *smiles* :D
[07:24] <Petiller Cheri> *Kicks Slay in the shin*
[07:24] <IceFireWarden14> Your whole hand is Ice, you just licked you hand away.
[07:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> *smiles(
[07:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> *smiles**
[07:24] <Slayingthehalcyon> *hides behind IFW, while rubbing his shin*
[07:24] <Petiller Cheri> >:D
[07:24] <Petiller Cheri> Biatch
[07:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> :O
[07:25] <IceFireWarden14> HEY!
[07:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> I am not. :D
[07:25] <IceFireWarden14> *pushes Cheri*
[07:25] <IceFireWarden14> Don't kick my son!
[07:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> *tackle hugs cheri*
[07:25] <Petiller Cheri> Just did
[07:25] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[07:25] <Petiller Cheri> *is tackle hugged*
[07:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[07:25] <Narutofreak0> *pokes cheri*
[07:25] <Slayingthehalcyon> *forgives cheri for kicking me*
[07:25] <IceFireWarden14> be right back
[07:26] <Petiller Cheri> *Flicks ifw on the nose* 
[07:26] <Petiller Cheri> dont tell me what to do
[07:26] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[07:26] <Petiller Cheri> *pokes Nar back*
[07:26] <Narutofreak0> *keeps poking cheri out of boredom*
[07:26] <Narutofreak0> rp?
[07:26] <ShadowGoddess> posted WT
[07:26] <Petite'likkle'elf> *cracking my back like a million times*
[07:26] <Petiller Cheri> Sure :D
[07:26] <Narutofreak0> [[Amado]]
[07:26] <IceFireWarden14> And while I'm gone can someone please get Nar to acknowledge my presence.
[07:26] <Petiller Cheri> Nien
[07:26] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:27] <Jasmine Campbell> semiafk
[07:27] <Petiller Cheri> Hm.... Who shall i use....
[07:28] <Petiller Cheri> >.<
[07:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> Cheri: my shin still hurts :P
[07:28] <Petiller Cheri> Oh Jas did you reply on Garett?
[07:28] <Petiller Cheri> And Slay guess what
[07:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> yes?
[07:28] <Petiller Cheri> IDGARA
[07:28] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:28] <Narutofreak0> lol
[07:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> ?! what the hell?
[07:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> is that supposed to be?
[07:29] <Jasmine Campbell> yes I did cheri
[07:29] <Petiller Cheri> kkz Jas
[07:29] <Narutofreak0> i dont give a rats ass
[07:29] <Petiller Cheri> And Slay^
[07:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> I'm being ganged up on :O
[07:29] <Narutofreak0> yes
[07:29] <Narutofreak0> get used to it
[07:29] <Slayingthehalcyon> :O
[07:29] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[07:30] <Narutofreak0> cheri you posting?
[07:30] <Petiller Cheri> Idk what charrie to use XP
[07:30] <Petiller Cheri> Dammit
[07:31] <Petiller Cheri> Urh >.>
[07:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow posted
[07:31] <Petiller Cheri> Ill Use Danny :D
[07:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> damn....
[07:32] <Petiller Cheri> *Headbutts Slay*
[07:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> *is headbutted*
[07:32] <Petiller Cheri> Roar
[07:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> *tackle hugs Cheri*
[07:32] <Petiller Cheri> *is tackle hugged*
[07:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[07:33] <Petiller Cheri> Nar i posted
[07:33] <Slayingthehalcyon> hello 
[07:33] <Slayingthehalcyon> shadow I postedd
[07:33] <Slayingthehalcyon> posted*
[07:33] <Petite'likkle'elf> wb Bloom, Shady
[07:33] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[07:33] <ShadowGoddess> ijid
[07:34] <Petiller Cheri> *Head butts Slay again*
[07:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> *is headbutted*
[07:34] <Petiller Cheri> hehe XD
[07:34] <Slayingthehalcyon> *tackle hugs cheri again*
[07:34] <Petiller Cheri> *is tackle hugged... Again*
[07:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> *sprays air freshener in his room for the 3 time today.* 
[07:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> damned bathroom is right next to my room....
[07:35] <Narutofreak0> posted cheri
[07:35] <Narutofreak0> sucks 2 be you slay
[07:35] <ShadowGoddess> backerz
[07:35] <Petiller Cheri> kkkz Nar
[07:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> kkk
[07:35] <ShadowGoddess> posted WT
[07:35] <Petiller Cheri> kkz*
[07:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> LD
[07:35] <Petiller Cheri> o_o
[07:35] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D*
[07:36] <ShadowGoddess> posted nar
[07:36] <ShadowGoddess> Cherry posted?
[07:36] <Rawr27> Hai peoples
[07:36] <Narutofreak0> posted shad
[07:36] <Jasmine Campbell> RAWR!
[07:36] <Jasmine Campbell> did I say I posted shady?
[07:36] <Narutofreak0> hey raw
[07:36] <Rawr27> JAS! *hugs*
[07:36] <Slayingthehalcyon> O.o I wasn't spraying air freshener in my room!!! That was Axe :D
[07:36] <Petiller Cheri> RAWR!!!!!!!!1
[07:36] <Petiller Cheri> *tackle hugs*
[07:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> *intercepts*
[07:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[07:37] <Rawr27> CHERI! *Is tackled* xD *hugs back*
[07:37] <Petiller Cheri> *Kicks Slay in the shin again *
[07:37] <Petiller Cheri> *but harder this time*
[07:37] <ShadowGoddess> slay linky to chur char plz
[07:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> WB Rawr
[07:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> *winces*
[07:37] <Narutofreak0> cheri
[07:37] <Petite'likkle'elf> *glompz*
[07:37] <Slayingthehalcyon> [[Tyler Prada]]
[07:37] <Narutofreak0> just kick em where it hurts
[07:37] <Petiller Cheri> :DDD REALLY?!?!?!?
[07:37] <Rawr27> *Is glompzed* xD *hugs back*
[07:37] <Narutofreak0> yes
[07:37] <Narutofreak0> just this once
[07:38] <Petiller Cheri> YAY!!!
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> /is changing gender for right now!!!!!
[07:38] <Narutofreak0> bcuzz he's annoying me
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> :O
[07:38] <Petiller Cheri> *Kicks Slay in the balls* 
[07:38] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:38] <Rawr27> Hehe xD
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> *falls over*
[07:38] <Narutofreak0> and i don't have the energy to ignore 2 ppl at once
[07:38] <Petiller Cheri> Blood!
[07:38] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs*
[07:38] <Slayingthehalcyon> *grabs the curtains and rips them off with his tip into the ground*
[07:38] <Petiller Cheri> Alloz
[07:38] <Rawr27> Hai Blood
[07:38] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey
[07:38] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs back*
[07:38] <Petite'likkle'elf> Heya Blood
[07:38] <Narutofreak0> hey blood
[07:39] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Elf, Nar
[07:39] <Petiller Cheri> I posted at the Park Blood
[07:39] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:39] <Jasmine Campbell> Ohai blood
[07:39] <Rawr27> AHEM..what about Rawr? :P
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> I just posted a smileyface :D
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:39] <Petiller Cheri> XD
[07:39] <Black Wolf of blood> hey Rawr, Jas
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> see?
[07:39] <Petiller Cheri> No i dunt see
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> hows about now?
[07:39] <Petite'likkle'elf> hey HoR
[07:39] <Narutofreak0> oh btw *hugs raw*
[07:39] <Petiller Cheri> NienSlay
[07:39] <Rawr27> Hai Raven
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:39] <Head of Ravenclaw> / o
[07:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> now?
[07:39] <Rawr27> Brb *hug back*
[07:39] <Petiller Cheri> No Slay!
[07:39] <Jasmine Campbell> I want chocolate but I has none ;_;
[07:39] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> XD
[07:40] <Jasmine Campbell> Sad times, sad times...
[07:40] <Petiller Cheri> Stop slay o_o
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> there is no smileyface
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> space bar
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:40] <Petiller Cheri> >.>
[07:40] <Petiller Cheri> *slaps Slay*
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> +enter = pissed off people 
[07:40] <Jasmine Campbell> brb
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> *is slapped*
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> 
[07:40] <Slayingthehalcyon> *tackle hugs cheri*
[07:41] <Narutofreak0> wanna see me run to the grand canyon and back?
[07:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> no
[07:41] <Narutofreak0> wanna see me do it again?
[07:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> no
[07:41] <Petiller Cheri> *bites Slays face*
[07:41] <Jasmine Campbell> back
[07:41] <Petiller Cheri> Wb
[07:41] <Petiller Cheri> :D
[07:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> *pokes Cheri in the sides*
[07:41] <Petiller Cheri> *growls*
[07:41] <Narutofreak0> *licks cheri's face*
[07:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[07:42] <Petiller Cheri> *Licks Nar's face*
[07:42] <Petiller Cheri> *Bites Slays arm*
[07:42] <Jasmine Campbell> *spins in dress*
[07:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> *pokes cheri in the sides*
[07:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> *looks at jas* :D
[07:42] <Petiller Cheri> *growls again*
[07:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> *hugs cheri*
[07:42] <Petiller Cheri> *kicks slay*
[07:42] <Petiller Cheri> Biatch XP
[07:42] <Slayingthehalcyon> *picks up cheri*
[07:43] <Petiller Cheri> PUT ME DOWN!
[07:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> nope
[07:43] <Petiller Cheri> -.-
[07:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> not until you stop kicking me
[07:43] <Petiller Cheri> Si
[07:43] <Petiller Cheri> No!
[07:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> and you have to promise
[07:43] <Petiller Cheri> Nope XP
[07:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> and you have to stop biting me
[07:43] <Petiller Cheri> Nope
[07:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> well then i guess your just going to be up here for a while 
[07:43] <Petiller Cheri> Dammit DDD;
[07:43] <Jasmine Campbell> *only likes cheri 'cos she was the only person to say wb*
[07:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> if you said please.
[07:43] <Slayingthehalcyon> I might put you down
[07:43] <Petiller Cheri> Nar Help me
[07:43] <Narutofreak0> *lets cheri down*
[07:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> :O
[07:44] <Petiller Cheri> :D
[07:44] <ShadowGoddess> posted slay
[07:44] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs Jas*
[07:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> Damnit.....
[07:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> kk
[07:44] <Narutofreak0> oh yea sure
[07:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> *picks up Cheri again*
[07:44] <Narutofreak0> i help you and you just ignore me
[07:44] <Petiller Cheri> >.>
[07:44] <Jasmine Campbell> *is hugged*
[07:44] <Jasmine Campbell> Cheri is awesome and none of you guys are :P
[07:44] <Narutofreak0> *kicks slay where it hurts*
[07:44] <Petiller Cheri> *bites slays face, hard*
[07:44] <Slayingthehalcyon> *drops cheri onto nar*
[07:44] <Petiller Cheri> YAY im Awesome!!!
[07:44] <Narutofreak0> now let her down before your mouth tastes my foot again
[07:45] <Petiller Cheri> xP
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> I already put her down!?
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> or did I *winks*
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[07:45] <Petiller Cheri> o_o
[07:45] <ShadowGoddess> *yells in cherry's ear* CHERRY POSTED?
[07:45] <Petiller Cheri> *hides behind Nar*
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> - is still holding cheri-
[07:45] <Petiller Cheri> No shady But i vill :P
[07:45] <Slayingthehalcyon> *falls over because he cant understand where everyone is at.*
[07:45] <Jasmine Campbell> posted finally shady
[07:46] <Petiller Cheri> *Kicks slay*
[07:46] <Petiller Cheri> Roar
[07:46] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:46] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> *is kicked*
[07:46] <Narutofreak0> *kicks slay in his mouth, then in his balls, then his anus, and when he pulls out his foot his shoe falls off and gets stuck halfway slay's anus*
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> *hugs cheri*
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> :O
[07:46] <Narutofreak0> no stalking cheri
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[07:46] <Rawr27> Backers
[07:46] <Narutofreak0> and i sure as hell aint taking you to no ER
[07:46] <Slayingthehalcyon> welcome back rawr
[07:46] <Narutofreak0> wb raw
[07:47] <Rawr27> Thank chu
[07:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> /is spraying more axe in his room
[07:47] <Petiller Cheri> WB Rawr :DDD
[07:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> wb rawr
[07:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> even tho it sash don't inhale
[07:47] <Slayingthehalcyon> says*
[07:47] <Rawr27> Thank chu Cheri and Elf :D
[07:47] <Petiller Cheri> Slay=Dumbass
[07:47] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[07:47] <Petite'likkle'elf> :D *glompz rawr*
[07:47] <ShadowGoddess> LoL
[07:47] <Rawr27> Hehe xD *is glompzed* 
[07:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> im not a dumbass!?
[07:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> lol
[07:48] <Petiller Cheri> Suuuuure
[07:48] <Petiller Cheri> you arent
[07:48] <ShadowGoddess> yes chu are!
[07:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> shower. :O
[07:48] <Petiller Cheri> What ever helps you sleep at Night Slay
[07:48] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[07:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> it doesn't help me sleep
[07:48] <Slayingthehalcyon> it helps you sleep at night
[07:49] <Slayingthehalcyon> brb
[07:49] <Petiller Cheri> XD lol
[07:49] <Jasmine Campbell> backs
[07:49] <Rawr27> Wb Jas
[07:49] <Petite'likkle'elf> wb nan
[07:50] <Petiller Cheri> Posted in da deep forest :P
[07:50] <ShadowGoddess> YAYZ!
[07:50] <Petiller Cheri> Wb Jas
[07:50] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[07:51] <Narutofreak0> ok no BC members in the deep forest
[07:51] <Petiller Cheri> Replied Jas
[07:51] <Jasmine Campbell> k
[07:53] <Petiller Cheri> ... o.o
[07:53] <ShadowGoddess> what do you mean nar?
[07:54] <Rawr27> What chu o.oing about Cheri? :P
[07:54] <Narutofreak0> check the deep forest
[07:54] <Petiller Cheri> Replied Nar
[07:54] <Petiller Cheri> And Rawr it got to quiet
[07:54] <Petiller Cheri> :P
[07:54] <Rawr27> Lol true xD
[07:55] <Petiller Cheri> Ja 
[07:55] <Petiller Cheri> :D
[07:55] <Petiller Cheri> HAI SOA!!
[07:55] <Petiller Cheri> *hugs*
[07:55] <WonderfulTwilight> Hi soa
[07:56] <Rawr27> Hai soa *hugs*
[07:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> heya Soa
[07:56] <Petite'likkle'elf> *glompz*
[07:56] <Sonofapollo> hi
[07:56] <Sonofapollo> ELFIE
[07:56] <Sonofapollo> O:
[07:56] <Sonofapollo> hai
[07:56] <Sonofapollo> -hugs rawr-
[07:56] <Rawr27> Hey..WT..why chu no greet me when I came in? :(
[07:56] <ShadowGoddess> posted at the deep forest
[07:57] <Sonofapollo> hai wtsy, rawr, everyone else
[07:57] <Petiller Cheri> Fine... Dont hug me T___T
[07:57] <Rawr27> Hahas I got a hug :P
[07:57] <Petiller Cheri> SHuddup Rawr XD
[07:57] <WonderfulTwilight> @Rawr I'm writing a history XP
[07:57] <Sonofapollo> -hugs cheri-
[07:57] <Petiller Cheri> Yay XD
[07:57] <Sonofapollo> -hugging my cat irl-
[07:57] <Rawr27> I knew that xD
[07:57] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[07:58] <Petiller Cheri> Replied WT
[07:58] <Rawr27> My cat hates being hugged..shes the only one out of the four who hates being hugged. Stupid cat -__-
[07:58] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[07:58] <Petiller Cheri> \Defected cat
[07:58] <Sonofapollo> one of my cats is too posh for hugs
[07:59] <Sonofapollo> my other one loves em
[07:59] <Petiller Cheri> Defected cats.... O_O
[07:59] <Rawr27> She only comes up to us for food, then she steals food from the other cats :P Shes getting way too fat..stupid cat xD
[07:59] <Sonofapollo> lol
[08:00] <Petiller Cheri> Rawr... You cat isnt very nice D:
[08:00] <Rawr27> I remember when my old cat got stuck in the cat flap xD
[08:00] <Sonofapollo> lol
[08:00] <Petiller Cheri> lolz XD
[08:00] <Rawr27> That was hilarous xD
[08:00] <Sonofapollo> -sings- just dance, itll be okay
[08:00] <Petiller Cheri> I bet
[08:00] <Petiller Cheri> XP
[08:00] <Rawr27> Yep, we had to push him out :P
[08:01] <Petiller Cheri> XDDDDDDDDD
[08:01] <Petiller Cheri> Fatty Cat
[08:01] <Sonofapollo> aww adorable fat cats
[08:01] <Rawr27> Eh he was annoying, he bit me just for stroking him -_-
[08:02] <Sonofapollo> hai hor
[08:02] <Head of Ravenclaw> 'ello
[08:02] <Petiller Cheri> Hai HoR
[08:03] <Sonofapollo> hai del
[08:03] <Petiller Cheri> Posted Shad
[08:03] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[08:03] <Rawr27> Hai Del and Raven
[08:03] <Petiller Cheri> Hai Del :P
[08:03] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Del *hugs*
[08:03] <Sonofapollo> -sing jordin sparks' songs-
[08:03] <Sonofapollo> im so cool
[08:04] <Jasmine Campbell> *twirls in dress*
[08:04] <Head of Ravenclaw> Hi del
[08:04] <Rawr27> *Facepalms* Chu have such terrible taste in music soa :P
[08:04] <Jasmine Campbell> This is the part of mee!!!
[08:04] <Jasmine Campbell> *is obsessed with that song >.<*
[08:04] <Petiller Cheri> Lolz Rawr XD
[08:04] <Sonofapollo> @jas, that chur never gonna ever take a way from me
[08:04] <Jasmine Campbell> Stupid let's dance for sports relief 
[08:04] <Sonofapollo> @rawr, i listen to ALL music :D
[08:05] <Narutofreak0> soa
[08:05] <Jasmine Campbell> I'm listing to it atm
[08:05] <Narutofreak0> i have a new charrie
[08:05] <Narutofreak0> again
[08:05] <WonderfulTwilight> Dubstep sucks
[08:05] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[08:05] <Rawr27> Fair enough soa xD
[08:05] <Jasmine Campbell> I feel deep
[08:05] <Sonofapollo> *agrees with wtsy*
[08:05] <Sonofapollo> i listen to all cept dubstep
[08:05] <WonderfulTwilight> ^ and country
[08:05] <Petiller Cheri> Nar did ya reply?
[08:05] <Sonofapollo> you let me drown
[08:05] <Rawr27> Dubstep seriously sucks..
[08:05] <Narutofreak0> not yet
[08:05] <Sonofapollo> but that was theeen and this is knowwww
[08:05] <Petiller Cheri> BACHIE!!!!!!!
[08:05] <Narutofreak0> dubstep=earrape
[08:05] <Sonofapollo> @nar, i saw
[08:05] <Sonofapollo> hai bach
[08:05] <Petiller Cheri> *tackle hugs bach*
[08:05] <Rawr27> Hai Bach
[08:06] <Sonofapollo> *Agrees with nar*
[08:06] <WonderfulTwilight> :O *makes a dubstep hate group*
[08:06] <WonderfulTwilight> *agrees with nar as well*
[08:06] <Rawr27> Woop *joins dubstep hate group* xD
[08:06] <Jasmine Campbell> But that was then and this is now!
[08:06] <WonderfulTwilight> We'll fight against the lovers....soon >.>
[08:06] <Narutofreak0> *is the presidentof the dubstep hate group*
[08:06] <Jasmine Campbell> Now look at me!
[08:06] <Slayingthehalcyon> heya
[08:06] <Petiller Cheri> *Is not joining da group XP*
[08:06] <Sonofapollo> this is the part of me
[08:06] <Petiller Cheri> *cuz she dunt like groups*
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> that youre never gonna ever take away from me
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> NO
[08:07] <ShadowGoddess> slay posted
[08:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> Is not in any group
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> this is the part of me
[08:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> Shadow I posted
[08:07] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> that your neer gonna take a way from me
[08:07] <Jasmine Campbell> *jumps whilst singing it*
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> throw your sticks and your stones
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> throw your bombs and your blowd
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> blows*
[08:07] <Jasmine Campbell> I'm after that :P
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> but youre not gonna get me
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> Ooohh sorry
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> chu go
[08:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> *gets sono*
[08:07] <Jasmine Campbell> :P
[08:07] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[08:07] <Jasmine Campbell> Naw
[08:07] <Sonofapollo> *Was hogging mic*
[08:08] <Jasmine Campbell> I got lost >.<
[08:08] <Head of Ravenclaw> Hey bach
[08:08] <Sonofapollo> hai slay
[08:08] <Sonofapollo> XD
[08:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[08:08] <Jasmine Campbell> *takes back mic and takes it out of the stand* Slick!
[08:08] <Jasmine Campbell> I love doing that. It's funny :P
[08:08] <WonderfulTwilight> ...... *breaks the mic*
[08:08] <Jasmine Campbell> NOOOO!
[08:08] <Petiller Cheri> brb
[08:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> ....
[08:08] <Jasmine Campbell> *kills WT*
[08:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> *fixes the mic*
[08:08] <WonderfulTwilight> *is not killed*
[08:08] <Jasmine Campbell> Who is feeling bored and tired?
[08:08] <Slayingthehalcyon> *kills WT*
[08:08] <Jasmine Campbell> Danke slay
[08:08] <WonderfulTwilight> *is not killed*
[08:08] <Jasmine Campbell> You are a good grandson
[08:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> :\
[08:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> about that
[08:09] <WonderfulTwilight> Actually he's chur ex-grandson
[08:09] <ShadowGoddess> posted at the deep forest
[08:09] <Jasmine Campbell> NOOOOO!
[08:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> WT disowned me.
[08:09] <Jasmine Campbell> *slaps WT*
[08:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> so did jason...
[08:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> I got married
[08:09] <WonderfulTwilight> *is slapped*
[08:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> and they got mad. 
[08:09] <Rawr27> Lol xD
[08:09] <Jasmine Campbell> To whom?
[08:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> Posie.
[08:09] <Jasmine Campbell> sweeeet!
[08:09] <Jasmine Campbell> *adopts slay :P*
[08:09] <Jasmine Campbell> You are a good son
[08:09] <WonderfulTwilight> We weren't invited, and we don't want grandkids XP
[08:09] <Slayingthehalcyon> you cant
[08:10] <Jasmine Campbell> :O
[08:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> IFW adopted me.
[08:10] <Jasmine Campbell> NOOOO!
[08:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> :O
[08:10] <Jasmine Campbell> *clings to slay* Chu has to be mah son! Or grandson!
[08:10] <WonderfulTwilight> and Slay are cousins o.o
[08:10] <Rawr27> O.O
[08:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> in your face @ WT
[08:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[08:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> serves you right. :P
[08:10] <Rawr27> How are chu cousins?
[08:10] <Jasmine Campbell> *kills IFW*
[08:10] <Slayingthehalcyon> *becomes Jas's son*
[08:10] <Jasmine Campbell> *even though IFW not on*
[08:10] <WonderfulTwilight> IFW is mah uncle :P
[08:10] <Jasmine Campbell> yay!
[08:11] <WonderfulTwilight> But not chur brother
[08:11] <Jasmine Campbell> *gives slay epic dragon*
[08:11] <WonderfulTwilight> or sok's
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[08:11] <WonderfulTwilight> :P
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> *takes epic dragon* :D
[08:11] <Rawr27> Huh :P
[08:11] <Jasmine Campbell> Is Sock inactive?
[08:11] <Jasmine Campbell> Ride it well slay
[08:11] <Jasmine Campbell> and name it :P
[08:11] <WonderfulTwilight> Meh he's mah uncle that is not actually related to me :P
[08:11] <Rawr27> Yeah I spoke to him on Facebook the other day, he said hes coming back soon.
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> names it. Ynos
[08:11] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[08:11] <ShadowGoddess> posted slay
[08:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> kk @ shadow
[08:12] <Jasmine Campbell> YAY!
[08:12] <Jasmine Campbell> *sits like a dog waiting*
[08:12] <Jasmine Campbell> *when Sock does return will probs chew on him*
[08:12] <Slayingthehalcyon> *jumps on the dragon and flies around the park*
[08:12] <Rawr27> You are going to chew my hubby Jas? o.o
[08:12] <Jasmine Campbell> He a sock
[08:13] <Jasmine Campbell> I'm a dog
[08:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> Comiclove left a comment on the wiki family tree :O
[08:13] <Jasmine Campbell> :O
[08:13] <WonderfulTwilight> :O
[08:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> it says. "what about me?"
[08:13] <Sonofapollo> why did comic get banned?
[08:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> dunno
[08:13] <Sonofapollo> -confused- O,o
[08:13] <Jasmine Campbell> :/
[08:13] <Jasmine Campbell> *flirts with random person*
[08:13] <Slayingthehalcyon> O>O
[08:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> JAS!!!>
[08:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> quit flirting. O.O
[08:14] <Jasmine Campbell> I didn't flirt wit chu
[08:14] <Jasmine Campbell> Chu mah sonny
[08:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> :P
[08:14] <Sonofapollo> was it me O,O
[08:14] <Jasmine Campbell> So be happy :P
[08:14] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[08:14] <Sonofapollo> ik im hawt, but im happiwy mawwied XP
[08:14] <Jasmine Campbell> maaaybe soa :3
[08:14] <Jasmine Campbell> It coulda been anyone
[08:14] <Jasmine Campbell> Except Slay for he mah sonny
[08:14] <Sonofapollo> it was.....RAWR
[08:15] <Rawr27> Say what? o.o
[08:15] <Jasmine Campbell> naw :P
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