[12:10] <Moodle> ^
[12:10] <Comiclove> *has CC*
[12:10] <Comiclove> CC is the easy shit
[12:10] <Barbett> oh ok yea cause I would know that
[12:11] <Comiclove> you didn't
[12:11] <Comiclove> XD
[12:11] <Minxelfinforever> Posted bloom
[12:11] <Barbett> I'm not teh video game nerd in my house my husband is
[12:11] <Barbett> er the
[12:11] <Comiclove> it's fine, at least you corrected it xD
[12:11] <Comiclove> and, moo, I might be getting FFIV
[12:11] <Moodle> You know you're evil when you march into the Jedi Temple with a legion of top notch 501st Legion soldiers and you're out to murder everyone in there
[12:12] <Comiclove> Pretty much
[12:12] <Comiclove> and your eyes are yellow
[12:12] <Moodle> Starwars is pretty inspirational
[12:12] <Comiclove> Yes
[12:13] <Comiclove> Wait, Wow
[12:13] <Moodle> Like I just had an idea that after the end of WW3 in some story on CU I'm making, the ultranationalist-communists will unleash Triton gas, which makes people turn into Zombies, on the whole world
[12:13] <Comiclove> I should totally check that making of and art of TFU book I own
[12:13] <Comiclove> It's like, right beside my hand xD
[12:13] <Moodle> Then the governments of some countries, weakened by the war side with some aliens 
[12:13] <Moodle> and they form the IIPA
[12:14] <Moodle> International Infected Purge Organization
[12:14] <Moodle> IIPO*
[12:14] <Moodle> And then they purge everyone and then WW4
[12:14] <Comiclove> Ah, cool
[12:14] <Moodle> with a confederation of human nations against the aliens and the rogue nations
[12:14] <Comiclove> my story's that Wolk drives up to the outpost and meets the future main chars
[12:14] <Comiclove> and some of the supporting ones
[12:14] <Comiclove> like, 5 years after his original squad died
[12:15] <Comiclove> so it's his new one
[12:15] <Comiclove> and they go raid some bigass bunker
[12:15] <Moodle> yeah
[12:15] <Moodle> and when he leads them, you could have him have some controversial/"stop and think" moments and during those moments he could have flashbacks
[12:15] <Moodle> like in parts
[12:15] <Moodle> just like in Final Fantasy 13
[12:15] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya
[12:15] <Moodle> How all the chars have flashbacks
[12:15] <Comiclove> and ACC, Moo
[12:15] <Comiclove> XP
[12:15] <Moodle> yeah, that too
[12:16] <Comiclove> Never forget the amount of emo moments cloud has
[12:16] <Comiclove> XD
[12:16] <Barbett> hiya slay please don't be a video game nerd
[12:16] <Moodle> ikr?
[12:16] <Comiclove> I counted them with a friend
[12:16] <Comiclove> we got up to 50
[12:16] <Comiclove> and barb
[12:16] <Comiclove> he can
[12:16] <Moodle> He's just sooo wanting to cut himself at some parts with scissors
[12:16] <Comiclove> there's no policy against it
[12:16] <Comiclove> I was waiting for him to "Accidentally"
[12:16] <Moodle> He looks like he's just so...etc*
[12:16] <Comiclove> fall of Shinra HQ
[12:16] <Comiclove> and stab himself
[12:16] <Comiclove> off*
[12:16] <Moodle> ikr?
[12:16] <Slayingthehalcyon> Be a video game nerd? :D
[12:16] <Barbett> I know but it would be nice to not half my night full of video game nerdery
[12:16] <Comiclove> Me: HURRY UP AND DIE ALREADY
[12:17] <Comiclove> Then go escape somewhere else
[12:17] <Comiclove> ESCAPE THE FATEEEE
[12:17] <Comiclove> Sorry, had to xD
[12:17] <Moodle> Hello pic
[12:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> Comic who you cilling?
[12:17] <Moodle> *pig
[12:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya pig
[12:17] <Moodle> though that sounds rude
[12:17] <Minxelfinforever> I'm gonna go get a blowpop brb
[12:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> killing*
[12:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> kk at minxel
[12:17] <Comiclove> Nah
[12:17] <Comiclove> wait, what?
[12:17] <Comiclove> @Minx
[12:17] <Comiclove> We're talking about how emo Cloud Strife was
[12:17] <Moodle> Don't worry comic, you're thinking was fine when you saw minx's comment
[12:17] <Comiclove> in Advent Children Complete
[12:17] <Slayingthehalcyon> I want a new charrie, but don't want to make one.
[12:17] <Comiclove> Adopt?
[12:17] <Moodle> You WOULD NOT believe what I initially though she said
[12:17] <Minxelfinforever> baack
[12:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> welcome back minxel
[12:18] <Comiclove> Same
[12:18] <Comiclove> XD
[12:18] <Comiclove> Anyways, moo
[12:18] <Moodle> I though she said "job"
[12:18] <Comiclove> I loved the Reno and Rude moments in ACC?
[12:18] <Minxelfinforever> He thought dirty when i said my hands were wet and sticky
[12:18] <Slayingthehalcyon> OMG lol
[12:18] <Moodle> yeah
[12:18] <Comiclove> and other stuff, minx
[12:18] <Comiclove> you phrase words so dirty, it's funny as hell
[12:18] <Minxelfinforever> oh yea
[12:18] <Comiclove> yeah, moo
[12:18] <Moodle> well the most DIRTIEST Minx related phrase was when you "sat on me and was wet apparentlY"
[12:18] <Minxelfinforever> when i said i swallow all the time
[12:18] <Comiclove> I don't understand
[12:19] <Comiclove> How Yazoo flew through the helicopter
[12:19] <Moodle> I was like, awkwardness beyond belief
[12:19] <Comiclove> and shot the stick out of reno's hand
[12:19] <Comiclove> in like
[12:19] <Comiclove> 3 seconds
[12:19] <Comiclove> I'm like
[12:19] <Minxelfinforever> I was reffering to how the word swallow isn't dirty
[12:19] <Comiclove> WTH
[12:19] <Comiclove> 
[12:19] <Moodle> awkwardness and dirtiness
[12:19] <Comiclove> Cause that's barely possible, even in FF Terms
[12:19] <Moodle> Watch this shit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X9NFknjTRE&feature=related
[12:19] <Comiclove> yeah, LOL@Moo
[12:19] <Comiclove> I'm like
[12:19] <Comiclove> O_O
[12:19] <Slayingthehalcyon> @ minxel LOL
[12:19] <Moodle> It's the funiest f*cked up sw ever
[12:19] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted Minx
[12:19] <Moodle> funniest*
[12:20] <Comiclove> wtf@moo
[12:20] <Comiclove> XD
[12:20] <Minxelfinforever> Lol, I'm gonna go tell my brother what I learned
[12:20] <Moodle> Female Lord oVader
[12:20] <Moodle> in pink!
[12:20] <Minxelfinforever> he's gonna be all mad at me
[12:20] <Comiclove> O_O
[12:20] <Minxelfinforever> heehee
[12:20] <Comiclove> How old is he?
[12:20] <Minxelfinforever> 17
[12:20] <Comiclove> O_________O
[12:20] <Minxelfinforever> I'm gonna ask him if he gives *******
[12:20] <Minxelfinforever> lolol
[12:21] <Comiclove> O_O
[12:21] <Minxelfinforever> I'm dying of laughter
[12:21] <Comiclove> Whoa, Hold up
[12:21] <Minxelfinforever> brb
[12:21] <Comiclove> Stop this
[12:21] <Comiclove> *adjusts screw in head*
[12:21] <Comiclove> There we go, just the right amount of soul wavelength
[12:21] <Barbett> bbl 
[12:21] <Comiclove> bye barb o/ 
[12:21] <Moodle> lol, love this youtuber comment
[12:21] <Moodle> :
[12:21] <Moodle> 44 people dont like Darth Vader. BURN THE HERETICS!
[12:21] <Moodle> 
[12:21] <Comiclove> ROFL
[12:21] <Moodle> Bye barb, daughter *Hugs*
[12:22] <Barbett> *hugs* I will be back after I am clean
[12:22] <Minxelfinforever> :cc
[12:22] <Moodle> It's like Darth Vader's a religion
[12:22] <Moodle> darth vaderism
[12:22] <Moodle> ROSE!!!!!
[12:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> rubeh
[12:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> :D
[12:22] <Moodle> *Tackleglompz*
[12:22] <Comiclove> Hey Ruby
[12:22] <Slayingthehalcyon> *barks*
[12:22] <Comiclove> omg, Ruby
[12:22] <RubyRose17> hey comic
[12:22] <Comiclove> I had to teach minx sexual terms e_e
[12:22] <RubyRose17> omg what?
[12:22] <Moodle> lol
[12:22] <Minxelfinforever> RRRRRUUUUBYYY!
[12:22] <Comiclove> *never wants to do that with minx again*
[12:22] <Moodle> So true
[12:22] <RubyRose17> ...wait what?
[12:22] <Moodle> ^
[12:22] <Minxelfinforever> I learned a bunch of new things
[12:22] <Moodle> *^^
[12:22] <Comiclove> *realizes how dirty that sounds*
[12:22] <Moodle> *^^^
[12:22] <Moodle> *^^^^
[12:22] <Comiclove> *facedesk*
[12:22] <Comiclove> *sighs*
[12:22] <RubyRose17> hi minx
[12:22] <Moodle> *^^^^^^^
[12:22] <Moodle> I think
[12:22] <Comiclove> My god, My mind's so F*cking diryt
[12:22] <Minxelfinforever> Hi Ruby!
[12:22] <Comiclove> ROFLMAOOL moo
[12:22] <Comiclove> xDDDDDD
[12:23] <Moodle> don't worry my friend
[12:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> why chu complaining? Blood explains things to me all the time, just like Bach
[12:23] <Moodle> some girl in my grade once asked what a dildo was, twice
[12:23] <Comiclove> my friend Nicole
[12:23] <Moodle> and my friends and I had to explain twice
[12:23] <Comiclove> had to explain it to her class
[12:23] <Minxelfinforever> I'll probably forget everything I learned today and remember like next week.
[12:23] <BloomOfFairyTail> dildo? *tilts head* what's that?
[12:23] <Moodle> well in fact, quadruple times
[12:23] <Comiclove> now everyone thinks she owns 4
[12:23] <Comiclove> e_e
[12:23] <Comiclove> XD
[12:23] <Moodle> Gods no bloom
[12:23] <Comiclove> That's the sad part
[12:23] <Moodle> I simply REFUSE to explain
[12:23] <Comiclove> the funny part is,
[12:23] <Black Wolf of blood> Bloom, don't go there
[12:23] <Moodle> ^
[12:23] <Comiclove> she's a slut, so befitting
[12:23] <Comiclove> ^@Blood
[12:23] <Moodle> That's like the dark side of the force
[12:23] <Comiclove> ^
[12:23] <Comiclove> it is
[12:23] <Moodle> except no cookies
[12:23] <Comiclove> it's rock bottom
[12:24] <Moodle> and only incest and rock bottomism
[12:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> ._. is it that bad?
[12:24] <Moodle> Yes
[12:24] <Comiclove> yes
[12:24] <Comiclove> VERY
[12:24] <Moodle> And it's girl related
[12:24] <Comiclove> and don't get a slut to explain it, also
[12:24] <Comiclove> XD
[12:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> uhuh....... 
[12:24] <Comiclove> then they go in depth about it
[12:24] <Comiclove> <_<
[12:24] <BloomOfFairyTail> *is a bit freaked out*
[12:24] <Comiclove> it's freaky
[12:24] <Comiclove> very
[12:24] <Comiclove> XD Moo
[12:24] <Moodle> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Re5bH9J1Xk&feature=related
[12:25] <Comiclove> that vid
[12:25] <Moodle> Duel of the Fates
[12:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> I'm talking more about you >.>
[12:25] <Comiclove> the Chris guy's so unexpectingdeath
[12:25] <Comiclove> XD Bloom
[12:25] <Moodle> from Star Wars Episode 1, Darth Maul battle 
[12:25] <Comiclove> I freak everyone out
[12:25] <Moodle> music
[12:25] <Comiclove> in one way
[12:25] <Comiclove> or another
[12:25] <Moodle> So intensely epic
[12:25] <Moodle> 
[12:25] <Moodle> Qui-Gon DID NOT deserve to die
[12:25] <Moodle> I wanted to see more of his beard
[12:25] <Moodle> :(
[12:25] <Comiclove> ^
[12:25] <BloomOfFairyTail> then again I don't even know why I'm that freaked out. at least you haven't had sex like the brats in my school ._.
[12:25] <Comiclove> Obi was such a freaking idiot
[12:26] <Comiclove> Yeah..
[12:26] <Comiclove> <_<
[12:26] <Comiclove> That'd be more disturbing
[12:26] <Comiclove> *Way more*
[12:26] <Minxelfinforever> pm comic
[12:26] <Comiclove> O_O
[12:26] <Moodle> There's been rumours in my school that some girl in my grade has given a wide variety of jobs to guys in my grade iirc
[12:26] <Comiclove> Oh god
[12:26] <BloomOfFairyTail> there's a girl in 5th grade that was talking about how it went with her 20 year old boyfriend last week ._.
[12:26] <Comiclove> O_O@Moo
[12:26] <Moodle> Yeah yo
[12:26] <Comiclove> Whoa, WHAT?!
[12:26] <Moodle> not just ONE kinda job
[12:26] <Moodle> different kinda jobs
[12:27] <Moodle> but it's only a rumour hopefully
[12:27] <Comiclove> Shit, this is actually funny to me
[12:27] <Comiclove> XD
[12:27] <Comiclove> I'm so twisted
[12:27] <Moodle> but we all know that girl is a slut
[12:27] <Comiclove> ^
[12:27] <Comiclove> Same with a girl at our school
[12:27] <Comiclove> XD
[12:27] <Moodle> and she lives on my street
[12:27] <Moodle> o.o
[12:27] <Comiclove> wait
[12:27] <Comiclove> who knows
[12:27] <Moodle> Everyone in my grade
[12:27] <Comiclove> maybe my school slut and yours might know each other
[12:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> just a note, I study at a catholic school >.>
[12:27] <Moodle> some in previous grade
[12:27] <Comiclove> Ah, cool@Bloom
[12:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> and we have 10 year olds doing it
[12:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> and talking about it
[12:27] <Moodle> whoa
[12:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> all the time 
[12:27] <Moodle> that's just, really f*cked up
[12:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> >.>
[12:27] <BloomOfFairyTail> yup
[12:27] <Moodle> no offence
[12:28] <Comiclove> O_O
[12:28] <Comiclove> Really
[12:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> I totally agree. I was disturbed when I found out a 14 year old in my class had
[12:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> mhm
[12:28] <Moodle> legit 10 year olds "doing it" 
[12:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> but when I heard that I was like
[12:28] <Comiclove> ^
[12:28] <Comiclove> @moo
[12:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> I heard of a kid in the seventh grade that had a baby.
[12:28] <BloomOfFairyTail> "WTF HAPPENED TO INNOCENCE?!"
[12:28] <Comiclove> O_O
[12:28] <Moodle> Ik 
[12:28] <Comiclove> WTF Happened to Innocence?!
[12:28] <Slayingthehalcyon> I was like O.O what the f*cking hell
[12:29] <Moodle> but suprisingly, that happens a lot in Catholic schools
[12:29] <Comiclove> ^
[12:29] <Moodle> like no stereotypism intended but it's true
[12:29] <Comiclove> actually, not for me where I live
[12:29] <Comiclove> Sadly <_<
[12:29] <Minxelfinforever> lolol
[12:29] <Minxelfinforever> oh comic
[12:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> catholics are just trying to steal our money ._.
[12:29] <Comiclove> Yeah
[12:29] <BloomOfFairyTail> it's a fact
[12:29] <Narutofreak0> ^^^
[12:29] <Moodle> catholic schools can be some of the dirtiest schools around
[12:30] <Narutofreak0> they want the world order to go back to like it was in the16th century
[12:30] <Moodle> That in essence and ideology is f*cked up
[12:30] <Comiclove> Nar, PM
[12:30] <Comiclove> ^@nar and moo
[12:30] <Moodle> Like if you want that, might as well ban guns
[12:30] <BloomOfFairyTail> nah, mine is fine with the way it is now, but they make anything become a way to extort money from us
[12:30] <Moodle> And we all know THAT will never happen
[12:30] <Moodle> Yeah @ bloom
[12:30] <Comiclove> Nar, PM
[12:31] <Comiclove> Please
[12:31] <Moodle> Some schools are legit cheaper than asians
[12:31] <Comiclove> ^
[12:31] <Comiclove> Mine's sport-obsessed
[12:31] <Moodle> and I'm not stereotyping/anything cuz I'm asian myself
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> I have to go
[12:31] <Black Wolf of blood> Night everyone
[12:31] <Moodle> Mine is, money obessed
[12:31] <Comiclove> so the only subjects that're focused on hard
[12:31] <Moodle> Bye blood
[12:31] <Moodle> *Bows to the Emporer*
[12:31] <Comiclove> are math, LA, History, and French
[12:31] <Comiclove> e_e
[12:32] <Moodle> *Emperor
[12:32] <Minxelfinforever> My worst subject is Math
[12:32] <Moodle> I love math
[12:32] <Moodle> it's fun
[12:32] <Comiclove> ^
[12:32] <Comiclove> That sounded SO Stereotypical, moo
[12:32] <Moodle> especially grade 10 math
[12:32] <Comiclove> XD
[12:32] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey everybuddy
[12:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> my religion teacher actually gave us an A+ for 10 bucks ._.
[12:32] <Comiclove> Sorry, had to point that out there
[12:32] <Comiclove> o_o epic@Bloom
[12:32] <Minxelfinforever> ,but it's mainly because I seem to get stuck with the worst teachers
[12:32] <Moodle> It's SOO fun to move things around
[12:32] <Minxelfinforever> Hi Hyu!
[12:32] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey minx!!
[12:32] <Comiclove> Moodle's interior designing now?
[12:32] <Hyugabyakugan12> My worst subject is music
[12:32] <Moodle> Dammit bloom
[12:32] <Minxelfinforever> I'm in 7th and taking 8th grade math
[12:32] <Comiclove> WHAT PERFECT SYMMETRY
[12:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> what?
[12:32] <Moodle> where did you say your school was again?
[12:32] <Minxelfinforever> My best is band
[12:32] <Moodle> XD I'm jk
[12:32] <BloomOfFairyTail> Brazil?
[12:32] <Comiclove> Whoa, cool
[12:32] <Comiclove> XD moo
[12:33] <Minxelfinforever> anad science
[12:33] <Comiclove> I'm in 7th grade too, minx
[12:33] <Comiclove> XD
[12:33] <Comiclove> I do fairly well in band, but it's where I doodle alot
[12:33] <Moodle> If I went there right now, instant Valedictorian there
[12:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> go stalk my fb like Lele and find it out :P
[12:33] <Comiclove> and randomly pick up a guitar and just thrash and shred alot
[12:33] <Minxelfinforever> oh yea i posted bloom
[12:33] <Hyugabyakugan12> I was only 3rd honorable in 6th grabe
[12:33] <Moodle> I have like 60-80 bucks from doing newspapers on me
[12:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> but it's just the religion teacher that does that
[12:33] <Moodle> oh
[12:33] <Moodle> nvm then
[12:33] <Hyugabyakugan12> brb
[12:33] <BloomOfFairyTail> I wish my physics teacher did it though T^T
[12:33] <Comiclove> minx, PM
[12:33] <Comiclove> e_e
[12:34] <Moodle> Science is ok
[12:34] <Moodle> in general I mean
[12:34] <Moodle> Like, you just need to know and remember a lot of shiz and you're good
[12:34] <Moodle> if you can apply it to real life situations
[12:34] <Comiclove> ^
[12:34] <Comiclove> *sweatdrops*
[12:34] <Comiclove> Bloom
[12:34] <Comiclove> Teach me how to be clean-minded
[12:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> yesh?
[12:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> go back to the time you were still innocent
[12:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> and stay there 
[12:35] <Comiclove> *tries to find it*
[12:35] <Comiclove> Nope, Nope, Nope
[12:35] <Comiclove> *shreds one up*
[12:35] <Comiclove> Don't need to see that >_>
[12:35] <Moodle> For me, that'd be in 5/6 grade
[12:35] <BloomOfFairyTail> ._. not even when you were 2 or something?
[12:35] <Comiclove> No
[12:35] <Moodle> Yo, is it creepy that my teacher winked at me?
[12:36] <Comiclove> what gender?
[12:36] <Comiclove> and did they say anything?
[12:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> dear sh*t comic, you're really screwed up
[12:36] <Moodle> Like my teacher's not hot, she's an old woman
[12:36] <Minxelfinforever> I'm gonna award Comic with teacher of the year
[12:36] <Comiclove> O_O
[12:36] <Comiclove> No
[12:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> my math teacher does worse
[12:36] <Moodle> And she's fat
[12:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> and he's a gay guy
[12:36] <Comiclove> I am not gonna enter education ever
[12:36] <Moodle> That's just so pedo yo
[12:36] <Comiclove> Really?@Bloom
[12:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> yup
[12:36] <Comiclove> Yeah
[12:36] <Comiclove> ik I am
[12:36] <Minxelfinforever> In a Catholic school?
[12:36] <Comiclove> I was born to be screwed up
[12:36] <Minxelfinforever> that's new.
[12:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> but I don't care as long as he talks good about me to the other teachers ._.
[12:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> yeah
[12:36] <Comiclove> Moodle
[12:37] <Comiclove> kill all my friends
[12:37] <Minxelfinforever> i thought catholic people hated lgbt
[12:37] <Comiclove> they're making the dirty KH jokes again
[12:37] <Comiclove> DX
[12:37] <BloomOfFairyTail> they do
[12:37] <BloomOfFairyTail> but they needed a teacher
[12:37] <Comiclove> They just ruined one of my innocent things for me
[12:37] <Moodle> In the Jedi purge/ Order 66 one of the saddest deaths was Ki-Adi-Mundi's
[12:37] <Comiclove> ^
[12:37] <Minxelfinforever> @bloom oh
[12:37] <Moodle> He was epic
[12:37] <Comiclove> *throttles moo*
[12:37] <Comiclove> Moodle
[12:37] <Minxelfinforever> deep
[12:38] <Moodle> leading a charge against the Sepertists and then getting fired on by his own soldiers
[12:38] <Comiclove> Help
[12:38] <Moodle> what?
[12:38] <Moodle> Anakin was just an angst ridden son of a bitch near the end of Episode 3
[12:38] <Comiclove> .
[12:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> back
[12:39] <Moodle> Oh I killed my pregnant wife, oh well
[12:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> hya ruby
[12:39] <Moodle> whatta retard anakin was
[12:39] <Moodle> Hey rose
[12:39] <Minxelfinforever> I'm trying to come up with a tongue twister that has to do with the word deep and water
[12:39] <Minxelfinforever> Ruby!!
[12:39] <RubyRose17> test
[12:39] <Comiclove> ^
[12:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> wtf it didn't put out my text.
[12:39] <RubyRose17> hey slay
[12:39] <Moodle> Ever watched starars rose?
[12:39] <Moodle> *starwars
[12:39] <Slayingthehalcyon> *barks*
[12:39] <RubyRose17> hey moo, hey minx
[12:39] <RubyRose17> yup
[12:40] <Minxelfinforever> I liked Aayla Secura
[12:40] <Moodle> Would you say Ki-Adi-Mundi's death was the most dramatic and saddest
[12:40] <Minxelfinforever> She was pretty.
[12:40] <Comiclove> @moo
[12:40] <Minxelfinforever> @Moo Was that the pinhead?
[12:40] <Moodle> The huge head dude that lead the attack on the bridge
[12:40] <Moodle> and then got fired on by his own troops
[12:40] <Minxelfinforever> That happened to Aayla too
[12:40] <RubyRose17> oh, um well it was sad, not sure about the saddest though
[12:40] <Moodle> yeah minx
[12:40] <Minxelfinforever> Aayla's was the saddest for me
[12:40] <Comiclove> .
[12:41] <Moodle> Yeah but she died in a jungle
[12:41] <Moodle> I was just like: ......................
[12:41] <Minxelfinforever> did Shaak die?
[12:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> well imma go
[12:41] <Moodle> She didn't even fight
[12:41] <Slayingthehalcyon> bye
[12:41] <Moodle> bye
[12:41] <Minxelfinforever> I remember she lived in felicia
[12:41] <Moodle> Aayla was all like: Oh my troops are about to kill me, oh well
[12:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> posted Minx
[12:41] <StarlinSkyrim> Hi everyone
[12:41] <BloomOfFairyTail> and now I gtg
[12:41] <Minxelfinforever> Bye Bloom
[12:41] <Moodle> Shaak Ti didn't die officially cuz we didn't see it
[12:41] <RubyRose17> bye bloom
[12:42] <Minxelfinforever> ,but what happened to her?
[12:42] <StarlinSkyrim> bye Bloom
[12:42] <Moodle> But Shaak Ti does die at the hands of Starkiller
[12:42] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya people
[12:42] <Moodle> in The Force Unleashed
[12:42] <RubyRose17> hey anyone want to check this really long claim? [[Forum:Anna Harris]]
[12:42] <StarlinSkyrim> Starkiller...who does that? :P
[12:42] <Moodle> but that's kinda non-canon
[12:42] <StarlinSkyrim> I will
[12:42] <StarlinSkyrim> @Ruby
[12:42] <Minxelfinforever> Me!
[12:42] <Moodle> It's a book/video game series
[12:42] <RubyRose17> if you're approved to, then please do
[12:42] <StarlinSkyrim> gracious goodness, and I am
[12:42] <Moodle> Oh right star, have ya posted?
[12:43] <Minxelfinforever> ok star can do it
[12:43] <Minxelfinforever> @Moo what happens to her
[12:43] <StarlinSkyrim> yes
[12:43] <Moodle> k
[12:44] <Moodle> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RKONrE4j_U
[12:46] <Moodle> Oh
[12:46] <Moodle> Ik how Ki Adi Mundi died
[12:47] <Moodle> He was initially wounded by a repeating blaster rifle, then finished off by the troopers
[12:47] <Moodle> That was pretty unfair
[12:47] <Comiclove> .
[12:48] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey minx, got the badge? And posted at le quest too
[12:48] <Moodle> The clone troopers used a repeating blaster rifle against Ki-Adi Mundi to initially wound him and then they finished him off
[12:48] <StarlinSkyrim> Anyone here have a quest that needs questors?
[12:48] <Minxelfinforever> @Hyu Yup, I'll post too
[12:48] <Moodle> nope
[12:48] <Hyugabyakugan12> Okay minx
[12:50] <Minxelfinforever> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Syt-j5hkpGY omg lololololol
[12:50] <StarlinSkyrim> Hmm, should I make a new charrie now I'm level 3?
[12:50] <Moodle> go ahead!
[12:50] <Minxelfinforever> *punch punch punch punchpunchpunchpunch*
[12:50] <Minxelfinforever> Watch the vid moo
[12:50] <Moodle> lol 
[12:50] <Moodle> ik
[12:50] <Hyugabyakugan12> I'm having second thoughts on making a claim too
[12:50] <Minxelfinforever> and wait till the end for a funny pic
[12:51] <Narutofreak0> damn
[12:51] <Narutofreak0> tenten is friggin hard to nail
[12:51] <Narutofreak0> and i mean that both ways
[12:51] <StarlinSkyrim> Chu making a claim Hyu?
[12:52] <Minxelfinforever> lol I think aayla tripped before she died
[12:52] <Moodle> ik
[12:52] <Hyugabyakugan12> Maybe star
[12:53] <StarlinSkyrim> When can you have BC charries?
[12:53] <Hyugabyakugan12> Upon level 5
[12:53] <Hyugabyakugan12> Its a bc char i'm gonna claim
[12:53] <RubyRose17> i thought it was level 3
[12:53] <ItsjustJake> I need you all, right now, in my arms
[12:53] <RubyRose17> Jake!
[12:53] <StarlinSkyrim> five seems a bit high to me... I think it's four
[12:53] <StarlinSkyrim> Hi Jake
[12:53] <ItsjustJake> I'm so stressed
[12:53] <Moodle> General Gree was a bitch
[12:53] <ItsjustJake> *Hugs everyone*
[12:53] <StarlinSkyrim> *gives a chill pill*
[12:53] <Moodle> hey jake
[12:54] <ItsjustJake> Hey mood, star, ruby
[12:54] <ItsjustJake> good tos ee everyone
[12:54] <RubyRose17> *hugs Jake* stressed about what?
[12:54] <Moodle> Gree was like: "I will kill my commander in cold blood my lord because I'm a clone Commander bitch that I am
[12:54] <StarlinSkyrim> ? @ Moo
[12:54] <ItsjustJake> I have created, organized, plajnned, prepared for, trained others, and worked myyself for a karate demo
[12:54] <StarlinSkyrim> Real life dude?
[12:54] <Moodle> nope
[12:54] <ItsjustJake> It's a demonstration, performed at a field
[12:54] <StarlinSkyrim> k good
[12:55] <Moodle> not irl
[12:55] <StarlinSkyrim> I didn't recognize
[12:55] <ItsjustJake> Baseball opening day
[12:55] <ItsjustJake> And no one can listen enough
[12:55] <Minxelfinforever> @moo did you see the picture at the end of the punches
[12:55] <ItsjustJake> And if we fail, its on me
[12:55] <Moodle> yeah
[12:55] <StarlinSkyrim> I need a god parent...
[12:55] <ItsjustJake> I organized everything, from forms and movement, to coordination, to music
[12:55] <ShadowGoddess> back. I just finished makin my new claim
[12:55] <ItsjustJake> I need a martini
[12:55] <StarlinSkyrim> Saw it Shady
[12:55] <RubyRose17> hi bryans
[12:55] <StarlinSkyrim> Hi Bry
[12:55] <ItsjustJake> and THATS why im stressed
[12:55] <StarlinSkyrim> *gives martini*
[12:56] <StarlinSkyrim> sorry virtual style :P
[12:56] <Hyugabyakugan12> Whats the time gap shady?
[12:56] <Minxelfinforever> I'm stressed out about band auditions. This guy Joshua is like tied with me, we both know the same things, though he has more experience with the higher register since he played first part. I know I can beat him auditions though.
[12:57] <StarlinSkyrim> I'm stress free...actually nvm :P
[12:57] <RubyRose17> well I hope everything goes as planned, Jake :)
[12:57] <ShadowGoddess> what time gap?
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> Thank Ruby
[12:57] <ItsjustJake> me too
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> Gah I want a drink so badly
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> But none of you heard anything, riiiiiiiiiiiight?
[12:58] <Hyugabyakugan12> When's ur last claim b4 this?
[12:58] <StarlinSkyrim> wb Comic
[12:58] <ShadowGoddess> um.....lemme look
[12:58] <Hyugabyakugan12> Wibbles comic
[12:58] <Comiclove> Gah, blasted mac
[12:58] <Comiclove> Y_Y
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> HAHA
[12:58] <Comiclove> IKR?
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> Mac users... *scoff*
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> get what you deserve
[12:58] <Comiclove> Yeah
[12:58] <Comiclove> XD
[12:58] <RubyRose17> wb comic
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> Trying to run a wiki on a man
[12:58] <ItsjustJake> *mac
[12:59] <ItsjustJake> haha GOOD ONE
[12:59] <Comiclove> *hugs jake awkwardly*
[12:59] <Comiclove> *still is recovering from that PM with minx*
[12:59] <StarlinSkyrim> HI Br
[12:59] <StarlinSkyrim> *Bar
[12:59] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey anna
[12:59] <RubyRose17> hey Bach
[01:00] <Comiclove> *kicks jake in the shins*
[01:00] <Barbett> hi hyu
[01:00] <StarlinSkyrim> *wishes her hubby were here*
[01:00] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey bach!
[01:00] <Comiclove> hey bach
[01:00] <Comiclove> o/ 
[01:00] <Comiclove> Wait
[01:01] <Comiclove> I'm supposed to be doing math
[01:01] <Comiclove> ._.
[01:01] <Comiclove> *not gonna even bother*
[01:01] <Bryans1008> hi bach
[01:01] <BachLynn23> hi
[01:01] <StarlinSkyrim> hi
[01:01] <BachLynn23> *does comic's math*
[01:01] <Barbett> hi bach
[01:01] <Minxelfinforever> @Comic What was so bad about it
[01:01] <Comiclove> about what?
[01:01] <ItsjustJake> *does comics sister*
[01:01] <Comiclove> our PM?
[01:01] <StarlinSkyrim> Mth stinks
[01:01] <BachLynn23> I'm only a few hundred edits from hitting the big 40.000
[01:02] <ItsjustJake> >:)
[01:02] <Comiclove> Oh, thanks jake
[01:02] <Comiclove> which?
[01:02] <Comiclove> Older?
[01:02] <Comiclove> Younger?
[01:02] <Comiclove> Both are fat
[01:02] <ItsjustJake> ...uh
[01:02] <Barbett> posted hyu
[01:02] <ItsjustJake> well
[01:02] <ItsjustJake> the uh.
[01:02] <Comiclove> so no satisfaction there
[01:02] <Comiclove> XD
[01:02] <ItsjustJake> invisible one?
[01:02] <Barbett> wow jake is a chubby chaser
[01:02] <Comiclove> and don't you even think about touching my friends <_<
[01:02] <Comiclove> XD Jake
[01:02] <Hyugabyakugan12> Okay anna
[01:02] <Comiclove> *gets gun blade*
[01:02] <ShadowGoddess> @Hyu this was when my last claim was claimed 21:43, April 12, 2012
[01:02] <RubyRose17> and i call giving bach her 40.000 edit badge :D
[01:03] <Moodle> posted star
[01:03] <Comiclove> I call giving minx a pat on the back for learning sexual terms XP
[01:03] <StarlinSkyrim> k
[01:03] <StarlinSkyrim> Moo, chu used Roy
[01:03] <StarlinSkyrim> Not Alcyron
[01:03] <Hyugabyakugan12> I just made a claim less than a week ago and I want another
[01:03] <Hyugabyakugan12> -_-
[01:03] <Minxelfinforever> *gets patted*
[01:03] <Comiclove> :P
[01:03] <Moodle> ah sorry
[01:03] <Comiclove> Wait, whoa
[01:03] <Minxelfinforever> brb
[01:03] <StarlinSkyrim> it's cool
[01:03] <Moodle> XD
[01:03] <Comiclove> *thinks dirty for a sec*
[01:03] <Moodle> too used to roy
[01:04] <Comiclove> *then squeaky cleans that thought*
[01:04] <Minxelfinforever> the terms thing distracted me from my work
[01:04] <Comiclove> No, No, No
[01:04] <Comiclove> Yeah
[01:04] <Comiclove> lol
[01:04] <Moodle> El bastardo @ comic
[01:04] <Comiclove> what work?
[01:04] <ItsjustJake> gah there is a hole where my stomache should be
[01:04] <Minxelfinforever> I got to get back to updating the cabins
[01:04] <ItsjustJake> Im gonna eat
[01:04] <Comiclove> Thank you, Mr. XIII
[01:04] <Minxelfinforever> brb
[01:04] <ItsjustJake> I promise ill be back
[01:04] <ItsjustJake> OH AND I NEED COFFEE!
[01:04] <Comiclove> :P
[01:04] <Barbett> bye jake
[01:04] <Comiclove> Wait, jake
[01:04] <ItsjustJake> Be back soon ;)
[01:04] <Comiclove> Hold it
[01:04] <Comiclove> *injects coffee*
[01:04] <Comiclove> *into jake's bloodstream*
[01:04] <Hyugabyakugan12> brb
[01:04] <Comiclove> XP
[01:05] <ItsjustJake> wait wait wait
[01:05] <ItsjustJake> one minute
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> yo jake
[01:05] <Comiclove> *has finished most of his char hairstyles*
[01:05] <Moodle> posted
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> your post on azi just fyi
[01:05] <StarlinSkyrim> k
[01:05] <ItsjustJake> its posting right now
[01:05] <ItsjustJake> comps being slow tonight
[01:05] <ItsjustJake> {{Aziza|~~~~~|That is up to you. Show me something good you Americans do, and you might get a.... reward...}}
[01:05] <ItsjustJake> 
[01:05] <ItsjustJake> Aziza smiles softly.
[01:05] <ShadowGoddess> Ruby mah fixed my claim
[01:05] <Narutofreak0> kk
[01:05] <Minxelfinforever> Only 32 more cabins to go (sad) 
[01:05] <Comiclove> :(
[01:05] <Comiclove> Say
[01:05] <Comiclove> Challenge Acceptec
[01:05] <StarlinSkyrim> LOL Moo
[01:06] <Comiclove> Accepted*
[01:06] <ItsjustJake> oh haha wrong paste
[01:06] <Comiclove> And I'll be there
[01:06] <StarlinSkyrim> Forgot he already introduced himself
[01:06] <ItsjustJake> GAH 
[01:06] <Comiclove> roflmaool
[01:06] <Moodle> Ik
[01:06] <Comiclove> XD
[01:06] <ItsjustJake> Y U NO LOAD, WIKI?
[01:06] <Moodle> He's just repeating
[01:06] <StarlinSkyrim> you aren't american Comic
[01:06] <Moodle> Yes comci
[01:06] <ItsjustJake> no sheep sherlock
[01:06] <Moodle> you're CANADIAN
[01:06] <StarlinSkyrim> IK, I'm the stupid one @ Moo :P
[01:06] <Minxelfinforever> now i need 31
[01:06] <Moodle> You're sooo nice to yourself XD
[01:07] <Minxelfinforever> comic how do you look irl
[01:07] <StarlinSkyrim> IKR :P
[01:07] <Moodle> There's a pic of him on his page
[01:07] <Moodle> js
[01:07] <Moodle> @ minx
[01:07] <Ninja-Tash> Ello
[01:07] <Comiclove> 2
[01:07] <Comiclove> I might take a pic of me tomorrow
[01:07] <Comiclove> idk
[01:07] <Comiclove> XD
[01:07] <ItsjustJake> [[Spring Fling/Thank You|Spring_Fling/Thank_You]]
[01:07] <Moodle> In that case
[01:07] <Comiclove> My Hair's looking better now
[01:07] <Moodle> still 1
[01:07] <Comiclove> starting to get a bit longer
[01:07] <ItsjustJake> Everyone who helped with spring fling, visit
[01:07] <ItsjustJake> that is all
[01:07] <StarlinSkyrim> posted
[01:07] <ItsjustJake> Adios
[01:07] <Moodle> well 2
[01:07] <ItsjustJake> :)
[01:08] <ItsjustJake> [[Spring Fling/Thank You|Spring_Fling/Thank_You]]
[01:08] <ItsjustJake> bye!
[01:08] <Minxelfinforever> comic ^-^
[01:08] <Comiclove> DIE
[01:08] <RubyRose17> hey shady i approved, but now you can only have 2 bc chars
[01:08] <Comiclove> Yes, Minx?
[01:08] <RubyRose17> bye jake!
[01:08] <Barbett> bye jake
[01:08] <Minxelfinforever> i saw how u look irl
[01:08] <Comiclove> *you
[01:08] <Comiclove> and?
[01:08] <Comiclove> Give me a exotic spanish name, someone
[01:08] <Comiclove> male name, also
[01:08] <Comiclove> :P
[01:08] <Comiclove> *can't think of any*
[01:08] <Comiclove> >_<
[01:08] <Minxelfinforever> jose
[01:08] <StarlinSkyrim> Rodriguez 
[01:09] <Comiclove> *puts both together*
[01:09] <Minxelfinforever> esteban
[01:09] <Comiclove> not that XD
[01:09] <Minxelfinforever> milly?
[01:09] <Minxelfinforever> courtney?
[01:09] <Comiclove> i'm ok
[01:09] <Comiclove> XDDDD
[01:09] <Comiclove> Ummmm, need a FFVII-Sounding name, moo
[01:09] <Moodle> posted star
[01:09] <Comiclove> XD
[01:09] <Moodle> but i gtg
[01:09] <StarlinSkyrim> k
[01:09] <Moodle> Ok how bout
[01:09] <Moodle> For a protagonist?
[01:10] <Comiclove> yeah
[01:10] <Comiclove> that's what I need
[01:10] <Comiclove> it's one of the support/main
[01:10] <Minxelfinforever> I want to be lt. hunter 
[01:10] <Minxelfinforever> xD
[01:10] <Minxelfinforever> 
[01:10] <Moodle> Radion
[01:10] <Comiclove> Thanks
[01:10] <Moodle> Radiion*
[01:10] <StarlinSkyrim> posted
[01:11] <Comiclove> someone give a welsh last name
[01:12] <StarlinSkyrim> Dujannas
[01:12] <Comiclove> or something from New Zealand
[01:12] <Minxelfinforever> welchers?
[01:13] <Comiclove> Sorry
[01:13] <Comiclove> comp crash
[01:13] <Comiclove> XD
[01:14] <StarlinSkyrim> SO...BC, level you need to be?
[01:14] <Minxelfinforever> knickknackpaddywackdingdonghobo
[01:15] <StarlinSkyrim> What the heck Minx?
[01:15] <Ninja-Tash> ...
[01:16] <Barbett> comic here ae some welsh last names http://www.amethyst-night.com/names/welshsurs.html
[01:16] <Comiclove> GAH DX
[01:16] <Comiclove> Thanks Barb
[01:16] <Bctcz> Ello My Loverlies
[01:16] <Barbett> Hi nyxil
[01:17] <Nyxil> hi
[01:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey 
[01:17] <Barbett> hiya ducks
[01:17] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey 
[01:17] <Nyxil> What happens if I put metal in a microwave?
[01:17] <Comiclove> idefk
[01:17] <Comiclove> hey ducks
[01:17] <StarlinSkyrim> It sparks
[01:18] <Comiclove> *has mae up a couple of names*
[01:18] <Comiclove> All good
[01:18] <Barbett> it will spark and eventually ruin your microwave
[01:18] <Nyxil> seriously, I just microwaved a taco bell packet and my microwave wont work
[01:18] <Ninja-Tash> it goes kaboom
[01:18] <Nyxil> D:
[01:18] <Ninja-Tash> sometimes anyway
[01:18] <Comiclove> Minxy, PM
[01:18] <Comiclove> XP
[01:18] <Nyxil> it was flashing bluey so I turned it off
[01:19] <Nyxil> it made a jacobs later sound
[01:19] <Nyxil> *jacob's Ladder
[01:19] <Kingbirdy> congrats, you put metal in the microwave
[01:19] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *is bored*
[01:19] <Comiclove> ^
[01:19] <Comiclove> @king
[01:19] <Kingbirdy> creating electricity
[01:19] <Comiclove> Ducky, PM
[01:20] <Ducks-r-homicidal> K
[01:20] <Kingbirdy> because radiation + metal doesnt work that well
[01:20] <Barbett> yup it sparks flashes and then wrecks the microwave wich is why you don't do it
[01:20] <Nyxil> yeah... i learned that now...
[01:20] <Nyxil> [:(]
[01:20] <Comiclove> :(
[01:20] <Barbett> didn't you cover that in science class?
[01:21] <Comiclove> *attacks someone like Cloud Strife*
[01:21] <Comiclove> :P
[01:21] <Ninja-Tash> ....
[01:21] <Minxelfinforever> what happened
[01:21] <Kingbirdy> that sounds so much more exciting than my chem class
[01:21] <Comiclove> idk, minx
[01:21] <Kingbirdy> what science did you take that you got to put stuff in the microwave, then learn about it?
[01:21] <Comiclove> Minx, PM
[01:21] <Comiclove> :P
[01:22] <Barbett> freshmen chemestry I beleive. we put stuff in the microwave like peeps and metal. we also played with chemicals
[01:22] <Comiclove> Cool
[01:23] <Barbett> wait isn't that what you guys did?
[01:23] <Kingbirdy> yet again, so much more interesting than my chem class
[01:23] <Kingbirdy> no, our teacher stands at the front of the room and lectures with his eyes closed
[01:23] <Barbett> it was the teachers first year
[01:23] <Barbett> he wanted to be our friend
[01:24] <Barbett> and I learned that micro peeps are awsome
[01:24] <Nyxil> o,o the users/characters says I'm level five.
[01:24] <Nyxil> oh wait...
[01:25] <Nyxil> omg I really am.
[01:25] <Comiclove> xD
[01:25] <Nyxil> math ftw
[01:25] <Barbett> congrats Nyxil *hugs*
[01:25] <Nyxil> *reminds that he doesn't like hugs*
[01:25] <Barbett> *offers cookies*
[01:26] <Comiclove> *forgives barb XP*
[01:26] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *is really really bored*
[01:26] <Comiclove> RP ducks?
[01:26] <Comiclove> and jw, anyone here listen to Bullet For My Valentine?
[01:26] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Sure Comic
[01:26] <Barbett> how can you not like hugs?
[01:27] <Comiclove> ^
[01:27] <Comiclove> Hugs are Universal
[01:27] <Comiclove> They also help in assassination
[01:27] <Minxelfinforever> Yup
[01:27] <Minxelfinforever> You twist their neck before you let go
[01:27] <Comiclove> or
[01:27] <Minxelfinforever> I learned that from my fave movie
[01:28] <Comiclove> you stab them in the back
[01:28] <Comiclove> Literally
[01:28] <Comiclove> omg, when the epic guitar solo starts 
[01:28] <Comiclove> a wiki page loads
[01:28] <Comiclove> XDDDD
[01:28] <Barbett> or if you don't want to kill them you can just knee them in the junk
[01:28] <Barbett> I learned that from my sister
[01:28] <Comiclove> posted ducks
[01:29] <Nyxil> this conversation started with me, and ended with being kicked in the junk.
[01:29] <Nyxil> *is scared*
[01:29] <Comiclove> Yep
[01:29] <Ducks-r-homicidal> K comic
[01:29] <Narutofreak0> gonna go laterz
[01:29] <Barbett> Iwouldn't kick you in the junk Nyxil
[01:29] <Barbett> bye nar
[01:30] <StarlinSkyrim> Hi Ducks
[01:30] <StarlinSkyrim> Just made me claim
[01:30] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Star
[01:30] <Ducks-r-homicidal> posted Comic
[01:30] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Did I already tell you that?
[01:31] <Barbett> hi cam
[01:31] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Vin
[01:31] <VintageCamera45> Hi
[01:31] <Comiclove> Hey Prussia
[01:31] <Comiclove> :P
[01:31] <StarlinSkyrim> Hi vin
[01:31] <VintageCamera45> ?COmi
[01:31] <VintageCamera45> Hi star
[01:31] <VintageCamera45> *Comi
[01:31] <Comiclove> posted ducks
[01:32] <VintageCamera45> Comi why am I Prussia?
[01:32] <Comiclove> Cause, he's awesome
[01:32] <Comiclove> my friend asked me what he's like in hetalia
[01:32] <StarlinSkyrim> Prussia, like the color :P
[01:32] <Comiclove> Me: o_o oh god *thinks of how to explain it*
[01:32] <VintageCamera45> oh
[01:32] <Comiclove> my friend hates hetalia
[01:32] <Comiclove> e_e
[01:32] <VintageCamera45> I'm in a rut
[01:32] <Nyxil> Question of the Day: Why wasn't Rome smited for naming a god Uranus?
[01:32] <Comiclove> then who's our slut?
[01:33] <Comiclove> are they making a cut?
[01:33] <Comiclove> do they have a big butt?
[01:33] <Comiclove> :P
[01:33] <Nyxil> .........
[01:33] <Comiclove> Sorry, just rhyming 
[01:33] <Comiclove> XD
[01:33] <VintageCamera45> a rut, a problem
[01:33] <Comiclove> ik
[01:33] <Comiclove> XD
[01:33] <Comiclove> I'm just joking
[01:33] <Barbett> probly one of he girls in he room
[01:33] <Comiclove> PM, Vinny
[01:33] <Ninja-Tash> byes
[01:34] <Comiclove> Bye o/ 
[01:34] <Barbett> bye
[01:34] <VintageCamera45> because iDK what god parent Catherine the Great should have for the historical demigod contest
[01:34] <Ducks-r-homicidal> posted Comic
[01:34] <Comiclove> kk
[01:35] <Comiclove> I'm the best
[01:35] <Comiclove> at RP'ing Justas
[01:35] <VintageCamera45> I was thinking Athena but I forgot about her tendency to sleep around
[01:35] <Comiclove> aren't I?
[01:35] <VintageCamera45> yes
[01:35] <VintageCamera45> :D
[01:35] <Comiclove> :P
[01:35] <Comiclove> brb
[01:35] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Its so much fun Rping them togther
[01:35] <Comiclove> ^
[01:36] <Ducks-r-homicidal> He's so creeped out by him XD
[01:36] <StarlinSkyrim> Anyone wanna check me claim?
[01:36] <RubyRose17> link?
[01:37] <VintageCamera45> I wish I could just copy it all from Wikipedia
[01:38] <StarlinSkyrim> Um, I dunno how to link to forum pages, but it's Kora - Nymph
[01:38] <StarlinSkyrim> on normal claiming
[01:38] <RubyRose17> same way as regular pages
[01:38] <RubyRose17> but okay
[01:38] <Ducks-r-homicidal> brb
[01:39] <VintageCamera45> Hi J4
[01:39] <RubyRose17> hey J4
[01:39] <VintageCamera45> gtg bye
[01:39] <J4N3Y> hey (wave) 
[01:39] <Comiclove> hey J4
[01:39] <Comiclove> :D
[01:39] <J4N3Y> (wave) 
[01:39] <StarlinSkyrim> J4!!!!
[01:39] <VintageCamera45> peace out my homies (peace) 
[01:39] <J4N3Y> Star!
[01:40] <J4N3Y> *hugs*
[01:40] <RubyRose17> J4, your claim is reallyyyyy long
[01:40] <StarlinSkyrim> *hugs back* Hi Twin
[01:40] <J4N3Y> sorry about the history XP
[01:41] <Barbett> hiya Bach 
[01:41] <RubyRose17> lol :P
[01:41] <BachLynn23> hi
[01:41] <RubyRose17> hey bach
[01:41] <StarlinSkyrim> Yeah, I read it all :P
[01:41] <StarlinSkyrim> @J4
[01:41] <J4N3Y> I wrote it all :P
[01:41] <Barbett> *tackle hugs Bach*
[01:41] <J4N3Y> @Star
[01:41] <BachLynn23> *is tackle hugged* why hello there
[01:41] <BachLynn23> XD
[01:42] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Back
[01:42] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Bach
[01:42] <J4N3Y> @Star Have you watched the movie Anastasia?
[01:42] <BachLynn23> hey ducks
[01:42] <BachLynn23> I finally finished updating my charie/relationship chart
[01:42] <BachLynn23> >.<
[01:42] <BachLynn23> I colour coordinated it
[01:42] <RubyRose17> @star, you want to check it again maybe? :P
[01:43] <Comiclove> oh, ducky
[01:43] <Comiclove> posted
[01:43] <Ducks-r-homicidal> K
[01:43] <Comiclove> my mom's having a spaz over her glasses
[01:43] <Comiclove> $400 gone
[01:44] <Comiclove> and yet she calls me a money waster
[01:44] <Comiclove> or clumsy
[01:44] <Comiclove> XD
[01:44] <StarlinSkyrim> fixed Ruby
[01:44] <Nyxil> hm I just had wikia delete my failed rp wiki
[01:44] <RubyRose17> k
[01:44] <Comiclove> *licks someone*
[01:44] <Ducks-r-homicidal> posted Comic
[01:45] <RubyRose17> *is not licked*
[01:45] <Nyxil> what should I make the new one about xD
[01:45] <ShadowGoddess> guys can ya'll welcome my new charrie?
[01:45] <BachLynn23> *licks your new charie**
[01:45] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Link?
[01:45] <ShadowGoddess> [[Essence Knight]]
[01:46] <Comiclove> posted ducks XD
[01:46] <Comiclove> Prepare for a showdown xD
[01:46] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[01:46] <ShadowGoddess> where?! I wanna watch!
[01:46] <Comiclove> Dun Dun Dunnnnn
[01:47] <RubyRose17> hi sean
[01:47] <J4N3Y> hey sean (wave) 
[01:47] <Comiclove> Santiago Berraz, Sean
[01:47] <Comiclove> I mean Shadow
[01:47] <Comiclove> :P
[01:47] <Comiclove> Damn you, S
[01:47] <Comiclove> Such a epic letter
[01:47] <StarlinSkyrim> Hi Sean
[01:47] <Comiclove> but such a trickster
[01:47] <StarlinSkyrim> Oh yeah it is Coimc
[01:47] <StarlinSkyrim> SSS
[01:47] <StarlinSkyrim> S
[01:47] <Nyxil> *lightbulb* i got it! a Z-Day RP!
[01:47] <StarlinSkyrim> StarlinSkyrim
[01:47] <StarlinSkyrim> :P
[01:47] <Comiclove> Shadman "Comiclove" Alam
[01:47] <Comiclove> :P
[01:47] <Comiclove> One S
[01:47] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Comic I am laughing my ass off at them
[01:47] <Comiclove> ikr?
[01:47] <Ducks-r-homicidal> and posted
[01:47] <Comiclove> Battle of Sexiness, GO!
[01:48] <Nyxil> whadayathinkbutnotcomicbecausecomicwontcare?
[01:48] <J4N3Y> wb Sean (wave) 
[01:48] <Comiclove> Z-day?
[01:48] <Comiclove> as in Zombie day?
[01:48] <Sean187jr> Whats up
[01:48] <Comiclove> That's actually col
[01:48] <Barbett> what?
[01:48] <Nyxil> Zombie Apocalypse
[01:48] <Comiclove> cool*
[01:48] <Nyxil> yes
[01:48] <Comiclove> Even better
[01:48] <Comiclove> I'd love it, nyx
[01:48] <Comiclove> but how'd it work?
[01:49] <StarlinSkyrim> K thanks Ruby...can she work in the infirmary? My new charrie?
[01:49] <RubyRose17> i suppose so, yeah
[01:49] <Nyxil> I have an idea but its hard to explain. I'll explain it once I get the basics set up, so about a week
[01:49] <StarlinSkyrim> cool
[01:49] <Comiclove> Ah, cool
[01:50] <ShadowGoddess> mah replied to all welcomes on Essence
[01:50] <J4N3Y> @Star Oh and I responded to your questions on my claim...
[01:51] <RubyRose17> hi harle
[01:51] <Theharlequin> Hey
[01:51] <RubyRose17> *hugs*
[01:51] <Theharlequin> *hugs back*
[01:51] <RubyRose17> *pings bach*
[01:51] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Harle *hugs*
[01:51] <Barbett> hey ya Harle *offers cookies*
[01:51] <BachLynn23> *looks at chat 5 seconds before being pinged*
[01:52] <Theharlequin> *hugs back and passes on cookies*
[01:52] <RubyRose17> can i delete/deny those quest requests that are like months old?
[01:52] <Comiclove> hey harle
[01:52] <BachLynn23> yes, if the user is still active on the wiki deny, if the user has left, delete
[01:52] <RubyRose17> okay
[01:52] <Theharlequin> hey comic
[01:53] <Nyxil> New problem, what to name it...
[01:53] <Comiclove> Quick,
[01:53] <Comiclove> someone give a badass wolf name
[01:53] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Wolf!
[01:53] <J4N3Y> Lycan!
[01:53] <Comiclove> No, and no
[01:53] <Nyxil> Lycan? no he sucks
[01:53] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Lycus
[01:53] <J4N3Y> I tried XP
[01:54] <Comiclove> Meh
[01:54] <Nyxil> it has to be zombie-ey
[01:54] <Comiclove> Lycan'll do
[01:54] <Nyxil> Just ZDay Rp?
[01:54] <ShadowGoddess> hey harle can you welcome my new char?
[01:54] <Comiclove> yeah
[01:55] <Nyxil> btw ShadowGoddes I responded on the cabin page
[01:55] <Nyxil> so ZDay Rp it is
[01:55] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Comic Posted
[01:56] <StarlinSkyrim> WHo wants to greet [[Kora]]. She's new, 
[01:57] <Comiclove> posted ducks
[01:58] <Theharlequin> I wish I could shad, but I can right now
[01:58] <Comiclove> gtg 
[01:59] <Comiclove> ducks, we'll continue tomorrow
[01:59] <Comiclove> bte everyone
[01:59] <Comiclove> ight
[01:59] <Comiclove> *night
[01:59] <Barbett> bye comi
[01:59] <Comiclove> ttyl tomorrow
[01:59] <Comiclove> <3 you all
[01:59] <Ducks-r-homicidal> K comic
[01:59] <J4N3Y> bye Comic (wave) 
[01:59] <RubyRose17> bye comic
[02:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> brb
[02:00] <StarlinSkyrim> gtg
[02:01] <Barbett> I have that annoying song from Madigascar stuck in my head
[02:04] <Theharlequin> hey j
[02:04] <Jrite10> hello
[02:04] <Barbett> hi ya J
[02:05] <BachLynn23> *tackle hugs J*
[02:06] <BachLynn23> *pokes J*
[02:07] <Jrite10> yes bach
[02:07] <BachLynn23> hi
[02:07] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[02:07] <Jrite10> hi
[02:08] <BachLynn23> what ya dooooin?
[02:08] <Jrite10> sittin on my couch
[02:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Back
[02:10] <Theharlequin> wb ducks
[02:10] <BachLynn23> * (bounce) s around chat*
[02:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Harle
[02:11] <Theharlequin> bach, you like that bouncing pea, don't you?
[02:11] <BachLynn23> I do (happy) 
[02:11] <BachLynn23> (woohoo) 
[02:12] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hy Ruby
[02:12] <RubyRose17> hi ducks
[02:12] <Theharlequin> wbruby
[02:12] <Theharlequin> wb ruby*
[02:12] <RubyRose17> thanks harle
[02:14] <RubyRose17> hey nyx
[02:14] <RubyRose17> oh gotta go, night everyone :)
[02:14] <Theharlequin> night ruby
[02:16] <Barbett> *goes in the corner and dances to teh song stuck in her head*
[02:16] <Theharlequin> wb shad
[02:19] <ShadowGoddess> I replied to all the welcomes on essence
[02:21] <Theharlequin> i gtg, cya guys
[02:21] <ShadowGoddess> bye harle!
[02:22] <Theharlequin> oh I posted on the lake, if you could, I'll reply later
[02:22] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[02:22] <Barbett> bye harle *hugs*
[02:22] <Theharlequin> *hugs back*
[02:22] <Kingbirdy> I really want to RP, but I have to go here in like 8 min
[02:23] <BachLynn23> you could try and break the shortest rp record
[02:23] <BachLynn23> >.<
[02:23] <Barbett> we could start one and just finish it anouther night
[02:23] <Barbett> if you want just post on Laurelia's page
[02:26] <Barbett> hi ya demi
[02:26] <Demi-hunter13> hey
[02:28] <Barbett> hi ya J
[02:30] <Demi-hunter13> Barb, wanna rp?
[02:30] <Barbett> sure who and where
[02:30] <Demi-hunter13> you pick. I'll use Zach
[02:31] <Barbett> k I'll use Laurelia just post on her page k?
[02:31] <Demi-hunter13> ok
[02:32] <Kingbirdy> adios
[02:33] <Demi-hunter13> posted
[02:34] <Barbett> posted
[02:35] <Minxelfinforever> Hi, Shady!
[02:35] <Minxelfinforever> 
[02:35] <ShadowGoddess> elloz!
[02:35] <ShadowGoddess> Minx wanna meet my new char?
[02:35] <Demi-hunter13> posted
[02:37] <BachLynn23> OH I should respond to that
[02:37] <Barbett> posted
[02:40] <Demi-hunter13> posted
[02:41] <Demi-hunter13> Hey Hyu!
[02:41] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Demi: Demi!!!!
[02:41] <Hyugabyakugan12> ♪Forever young, I wanna live forever young...♪
[02:41] <Minxelfinforever> @Shady link? I can't rp though i'm updating cabins
[02:42] <Demi-hunter13> You're listening to 1D right now, aren't you?
[02:42] <Hyugabyakugan12> Yeah
[02:42] <Demi-hunter13> knew it.
[02:42] <ShadowGoddess> [[Essence Knight]]
[02:42] <Hyugabyakugan12> I listened to about five 1D songs today
[02:42] <Minxelfinforever> Demi I forgot which char it was
[02:42] <Minxelfinforever> but he was really hot
[02:42] <Minxelfinforever> xD
[02:42] <Minxelfinforever> 
[02:43] <Demi-hunter13> .... how hot? 
[02:43] <Demi-hunter13> on a scale of 1 to 10
[02:43] <Minxelfinforever> 12
[02:43] <Demi-hunter13> XD I wanna see!
[02:44] <Minxelfinforever> It was one of yours!
[02:44] <Demi-hunter13> O_O
[02:44] <Demi-hunter13> Zach?
[02:44] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hotness beyond measure?
[02:44] <Minxelfinforever> link?
[02:45] <Demi-hunter13> [[Zach Rodriguez|Zach_Rodriguez]]
[02:45] <Demi-hunter13> him?
[02:46] <Minxelfinforever> omg yes!
[02:46] <Minxelfinforever> 
[02:46] <ShadowGoddess> rp anyone?
[02:46] <Minxelfinforever> <333333333
[02:46] <Minxelfinforever> I want to marry him
[02:46] <ShadowGoddess> O.O
[02:46] <BachLynn23> I'd give him an 8 maybe
[02:46] <Minxelfinforever> @Shady Your char's awesome shady
[02:47] <ShadowGoddess> thanks
[02:47] <ShadowGoddess> and I would give zach a six or seven
[02:47] <Minxelfinforever> I swear, he is the most gorgeous guy in the world.
[02:47] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[02:47] <Barbett> posted
[02:48] <BachLynn23> I mean he's definitely cute, but I've seen hotter
[02:48] <Minxelfinforever> I am now updating my relationship status to: In a polyamorous relationship with Zach Rodriguez.
[02:48] <Demi-hunter13> XD
[02:48] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[02:48] <Demi-hunter13> I'm not really going for "hotness" just attractive
[02:48] <Demi-hunter13> posted Barb
[02:48] <Minxelfinforever> Well he's all of that and everything in between!
[02:49] <Minxelfinforever> (drools)
[02:49] <Minxelfinforever> aw
[02:49] <Demi-hunter13> *wipes drool of Minx's face*
[02:49] <Demi-hunter13> girls don't drool in public!
[02:49] <Minxelfinforever> Lol
[02:50] <Minxelfinforever> Wait
[02:50] <Minxelfinforever> Can someone explain the Lillith thing to me?
[02:50] <Demi-hunter13> *points to Bach*
[02:51] <BachLynn23> the missions or the character?
[02:51] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Heyo
[02:51] <Demi-hunter13> hiya Ducks
[02:52] <Ducks-r-homicidal> hey
[02:52] <Hyugabyakugan12> Heya ducks
[02:52] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey hyu
[02:52] <Minxelfinforever> Both
[02:52] <Ducks-r-homicidal> semi afk looking at pics for charries
[02:52] <Minxelfinforever> Hi Ducks
[02:52] <BachLynn23> me toooooo
[02:53] <BachLynn23> the mission, I believe is explained in the letter [[User blog:Flamefang/Lilith%27s Letter|User blog:Flamefang/Lilith's Letter]] <-----there
[02:54] <Minxelfinforever> brb
[02:54] <Barbett> did you guys know that you can make a web page take over your whole screen so you can't go anywhere elese?
[02:54] <Hyugabyakugan12> Can u still join lilith's letter?
[02:54] <Hyugabyakugan12> wibbles minx
[02:54] <Minxelfinforever> Hi
[02:54] <BachLynn23> not sure you'd have to ask flame
[02:54] <Minxelfinforever> argh
[02:54] <Minxelfinforever> nvm
[02:55] <Minxelfinforever> brb
[02:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I want everyone opinion on something
[02:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> which pic should I use for my charrie
[02:56] <Hyugabyakugan12> ♪Do you really want to live forever, forever or never?♪
[02:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> dis one
[02:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_CxmI2G3cJ4k/S89QhwrAoPI/AAAAAAAAARE/u9WBNIOeKho/s400/mat+gordon+4.jpg
[02:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> or dis one
[02:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-AIBzlnLQslw/TZOkklfKFhI/AAAAAAAAA-c/EEERuQx3QWE/s1600/andrew-cooper-male-model-mondays-photos-01182010-43.jpg
[02:56] <Demi-hunter13> son of?
[02:56] <Hyugabyakugan12> the 1st one
[02:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> K
[02:57] <Demi-hunter13> posted Barb
[02:57] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Ducks: not planning to make le bc char?
[02:57] <Barbett> posted
[02:58] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Thats what I was going to use it for XP
[02:58] <ShadowGoddess> second one
[02:58] <Hyugabyakugan12> What parent, ducks?
[02:58] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I'm deciding
[02:58] <Hyugabyakugan12> what faction?
[02:59] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I think Lycaon
[02:59] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I dunno
[02:59] <Ducks-r-homicidal> or Charon
[03:00] <Barbett> posted demi
[03:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> What do you guys think?
[03:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> actually
[03:00] <Ducks-r-homicidal> never mind, I'm going with Lycaon
[03:01] <Hyugabyakugan12> for faction, i hope u join ortu
[03:02] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Wait so who for the pic?
[03:02] <Ducks-r-homicidal> BTW the models names are Mat Gordon and Andrew Cooper
[03:03] <Hyugabyakugan12> i think i heard the mat gordon somewhere
[03:03] <Ducks-r-homicidal> He was in that cologne commercial
[03:04] <Hyugabyakugan12> what cologne?
[03:04] <Demi-hunter13> posted Barb
[03:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Paco something
[03:05] <Barbett> posted Hyu
[03:06] <ShadowGoddess> rp anyone?
[03:07] <Cosmiggy> Hey Guys!
[03:07] <Demi-hunter13> Miggy! *tacckle hugs*
[03:07] <Demi-hunter13> *tackle
[03:07] <Cosmiggy> *is tackle hugged*
[03:08] <Barbett> posted Demi
[03:08] <Barbett> MIGGY *glompz*
[03:08] <Cosmiggy> *ish glompzed*
[03:09] <Cosmiggy> Has Elfie or Posey been on??
[03:09] <Hyugabyakugan12> Miggy!!!!!!!!
[03:09] <Hyugabyakugan12> Nah
[03:09] <Cosmiggy> Vinciiii!!!
[03:09] <Cosmiggy> Aww...
[03:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> Im so excited for sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[03:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> (bounce) 
[03:10] <Demi-hunter13> why?
[03:10] <Demi-hunter13> posted barb
[03:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Ah s*it
[03:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> Miggy's coming to my house
[03:10] <Cosmiggy> @Demi: I'm going to Vince's house
[03:11] <Cosmiggy> Oh, there
[03:11] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I have to make a speech tommorrow
[03:11] <Demi-hunter13> ah
[03:11] <Hyugabyakugan12> For what ducks?
[03:11] <Ducks-r-homicidal> and I haven't planned it
[03:11] <Ducks-r-homicidal> My friends Bar Mitzvah
[03:11] <ShadowGoddess> Cos!
[03:11] <Cosmiggy> Shady!!
[03:11] <ShadowGoddess> *tackle glompz*
[03:11] <Cosmiggy> PM?
[03:11] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Miggy: I'll ask my dad to bring the portable dvd player so no one can butt in while we watch 
[03:11] <ShadowGoddess> sure
[03:11] <Barbett> posted Hyu
[03:11] <Hyugabyakugan12> Okay
[03:11] <Cosmiggy> *ish tackle glompzed*
[03:12] <Cosmiggy> @Vince:kk
[03:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> Posted anna
[03:14] <Barbett> posted demi
[03:15] <Hyugabyakugan12> Will you marry me? *proposes to someone*
[03:16] <Cosmiggy> No! *slaps vince*
[03:16] <Barbett> posted Hyu and yes I will marry you
[03:16] <Cosmiggy> xD
[03:16] <Hyugabyakugan12> For real anna?
[03:16] <Hyugabyakugan12> I'm serious 
[03:17] <Demi-hunter13> O_O aren't you a bit too young to marry Hyu?
[03:17] <Barbett> for the chat world yes in rl no my husband would kill me
[03:17] <Hyugabyakugan12> I've got 7 crushes in a row at grade school
[03:17] <ShadowGoddess> I CALL BEING THE PRIEST!
[03:17] <Cosmiggy> Me, I have 2 since Grade 3
[03:17] <Hyugabyakugan12> *remembers the best crush ever*
[03:17] <ShadowGoddess> :D
[03:17] <Cosmiggy> And I won't give em' up
[03:18] <Demi-hunter13> ........ Am I the ONLY one without a love life? -.- That's what I get for going to an all-girls school
[03:18] <Barbett> *has less then fond memories of her childhood crushes*
[03:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> I had a dream that I said "I like you" to the ex-gf of one of the boys
[03:18] <Ducks-r-homicidal> All my crushes can burn
[03:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> O_O
[03:18] <Barbett> eh demi I didn't meet my husband until I was 20
[03:18] <ShadowGoddess> hey Hyu! mah need your help
[03:18] <Cosmiggy> But one of mah friends also has a crush to that someone I like.
[03:18] <Ducks-r-homicidal> One of them is dating my best friend (angry) 
[03:18] <Demi-hunter13> ehhh
[03:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> What kinda help shady?
[03:19] <Cosmiggy> And i don't know what I can do!
[03:19] <Barbett> and the guys I dated in high school can burn in hell
[03:19] <ShadowGoddess> which name sounds better for an air bender?
[03:19] <Cosmiggy> Luna
[03:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> The name was on simsimi right, miggy?
[03:19] <ShadowGoddess> Luna
[03:19] <ShadowGoddess> or 
[03:19] <ShadowGoddess> Thalia?
[03:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> Aurea
[03:19] <Cosmiggy> @Vince: No, that was a joke
[03:19] <Cosmiggy> You know, C
[03:19] <Demi-hunter13> Luna
[03:19] <Cosmiggy> and B
[03:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> Figures, miggy but yes
[03:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> Aurora?
[03:20] <Hyugabyakugan12> I for once forgot who B was but yes
[03:20] <Cosmiggy> @Vince: No, she meant what is better, Luna or Thalia
[03:20] <Hyugabyakugan12> Luna
[03:20] <ShadowGoddess> kkz Monk Luna it is
[03:20] <Demi-hunter13> although Luna sounds more of a water bender doesn't it?
[03:20] <Cosmiggy> Actually for female monks they call em' sisters
[03:20] <Cosmiggy> So it's Sister Luna
[03:20] <Hyugabyakugan12> Since Luna is moon
[03:20] <ShadowGoddess> okay
[03:21] <Cosmiggy> @Vince:Who was on simsimi?
[03:21] <Cosmiggy> Erika?
[03:21] <Demi-hunter13> how's the site going?
[03:21] <Cosmiggy> Going smoothly
[03:21] <ShadowGoddess> wait which one 
[03:21] <ShadowGoddess> Luna
[03:21] <ShadowGoddess> or
[03:21] <ShadowGoddess> Thalia?
[03:21] <ShadowGoddess> for a female Air Bender
[03:21] <Cosmiggy> Progress is slow but they go smoothly
[03:21] <Cosmiggy> Well, Thalia, I guess
[03:21] <Barbett> posted Demi
[03:21] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[03:21] <Demi-hunter13> why not make it Talia?
[03:22] <Demi-hunter13> removing the H in Thalia
[03:22] <ShadowGoddess> naw i like Thalia
[03:22] <Hyugabyakugan12> Ta Lia maybe?
[03:22] <Hyugabyakugan12> to make it a bit chinese
[03:22] <Hyugabyakugan12> Posted anna
[03:23] <ShadowGoddess> some of the names in the avatar series there were no-chinese
[03:23] <Hyugabyakugan12> Lott!!!
[03:23] <Hyugabyakugan12> :D
[03:23] <Nhlott> hey hey
[03:23] <ShadowGoddess> Lottie!
[03:23] <Nhlott> hi
[03:23] <Cosmiggy> Lottiee!!
[03:23] <Nhlott> Hellp0
[03:23] <ShadowGoddess> *tackle glompz*
[03:23] <Hyugabyakugan12> On what?
[03:23] <Barbett> LOTT *jumps on you and hugs*
[03:23] <Nhlott> Ah!
[03:23] <Nhlott> *is hugged and hugs back*
[03:23] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Lott
[03:24] <Demi-hunter13> hi Lott
[03:24] <Hyugabyakugan12> what help lott?
[03:24] <Nhlott> hey hey
[03:24] <Cosmiggy> I think he means Hello
[03:27] <Cosmiggy> lag check
[03:27] <Barbett> posted hyu and demi
[03:27] <Hyugabyakugan12> Okay
[03:27] <ShadowGoddess> hey lottie can chu welcome my new charrie?
[03:28] <Hyugabyakugan12> I'll be out for a while since I found this diy myth wiki
[03:29] <Nhlott> sure, link
[03:29] <ShadowGoddess> [[Essence Knight]]
[03:30] <ShadowGoddess> can you too cos?
[03:30] <Cosmiggy> okay
[03:31] <Nhlott> godparent?
[03:31] <ShadowGoddess> Nyx
[03:31] <Nhlott> Nolan it is, then
[03:33] <Nhlott> line thingy?
[03:33] <ShadowGoddess> |
[03:33] <Cosmiggy> |
[03:33] <Cosmiggy> oh
[03:33] <Nhlott> danke twice XD
[03:33] <ShadowGoddess> hehe double line thingy
[03:34] <Nhlott> So would y'all be ready for my claim (not sure what you call it) on le Avatar wiki?
[03:34] <Barbett> posted demi
[03:34] <ShadowGoddess> yup
[03:35] <ShadowGoddess> Hey Cos can i be in charge of claims?
[03:35] <ShadowGoddess> on la avatar wiki?
[03:35] <Cosmiggy> In Avatar?
[03:35] <Cosmiggy> oh
[03:35] <Cosmiggy> Sure.
[03:35] <ShadowGoddess> sweet
[03:38] <Nhlott> welcomed, Shady
[03:39] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[03:41] <ShadowGoddess> replied lott
[03:43] <Demi-hunter13> posted Barb
[03:48] <Demi-hunter13> wb Hyu
[03:48] <Hyugabyakugan12> danke
[03:48] <Demi-hunter13> bitte
[03:48] <Nhlott> posted, Shady
[03:49] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[03:52] <Cosmiggy> @Lott: COntinue RP at Pizza Hut?
[03:52] <Nhlott> sure
[03:52] <Cosmiggy> kk, chur turn to post.
[03:52] <Nhlott> link?
[03:53] <ShadowGoddess> posted lott
[03:53] <Cosmiggy> [[Nearby Town/Plaza/Pizza Hut|Nearby_Town/Plaza/Pizza_Hut]]
[03:57] <Nhlott> posted, shagy
[03:57] <Nhlott> *Shady
[03:57] <Barbett> posted Hyu
[03:57] <Hyugabyakugan12> Okay
[03:58] <Cosmiggy> brb
[03:58] <Cosmiggy> Lunch time
[03:58] <Barbett> hope it's good Miggy
[04:00] <Nhlott> posted, Cos
[04:00] <Nhlott> .
[04:02] <ShadowGoddess> posted lott
[04:06] <Cosmiggy> back
[04:06] <Cosmiggy> Yummy Pork Steak.... :D
[04:06] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[04:06] <Nhlott> posted, Shady
[04:08] <Cosmiggy> Posted Lott
[04:08] <Cosmiggy> Hey Minx!
[04:08] <Cosmiggy> *tackle hug*
[04:08] <Barbett> MINX *goes to takle the ndecided to offer brownies instead*
[04:09] <Hyugabyakugan12> who wants to post on le quest nxt?
[04:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> shady? miggy?
[04:10] <Minxelfinforever> BarB!!!
[04:10] <Cosmiggy> w8
[04:10] <ShadowGoddess> posted lott
[04:10] <Minxelfinforever> '*hugs all*
[04:10] <ShadowGoddess> I will
[04:11] <Hyugabyakugan12> Danke
[04:11] <Cosmiggy> @Vince:Favor again?
[04:12] <Hyugabyakugan12> Huwat?
[04:12] <Cosmiggy> Can you help me make my char page again?
[04:12] <Hyugabyakugan12> On Vanessa?
[04:12] <Cosmiggy> Yes.
[04:12] <Cosmiggy> Just copy the coding on Amylla
[04:12] <Cosmiggy> Then change the colors
[04:12] <Hyugabyakugan12> Sure, le preferences?
[04:12] <Cosmiggy> orange for background
[04:12] <ShadowGoddess> posted on the quest 
[04:12] <Cosmiggy> gold for text color
[04:13] <ShadowGoddess> posted, lott
[04:13] <Cosmiggy> gold for borders
[04:13] <Cosmiggy> Thanks
[04:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey miggy, I think its ur turn, just to make the thinking go longer
[04:14] <Cosmiggy> okay
[04:14] <Nhlott> posted, Shady
[04:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> Lott, I know those lines merci said
[04:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> Backstreet boys, am i right?
[04:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> Heya mass
[04:15] <Nhlott> yupp
[04:15] <Minxelfinforever> @Hyu has Wai posted?
[04:16] <Hyugabyakugan12> Twice i think
[04:16] <Minxelfinforever> kk ^-^
[04:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> Um, miggy, le powers and font?
[04:18] <Cosmiggy> font:Perpetua
[04:18] <Cosmiggy> btw, posted on le quest
[04:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay thanks
[04:19] <ShadowGoddess> posted lott
[04:21] <Nhlott> kk
[04:21] <Cosmiggy> Powers: Can create and control fire with her mind
[04:21] <Cosmiggy> Is highly resistant to being burned by extreme heat/fire.
[04:21] <Cosmiggy> Can easily heal the burns of others
[04:21] <Cosmiggy> Turns into fire
[04:22] <Nhlott> posted, Shady
[04:23] <Hyugabyakugan12> Okay
[04:23] <Cosmiggy> @Lott: Chu posted?
[04:23] <Minxelfinforever> Hi, Lottie! *hugs*
[04:24] <ShadowGoddess> posted lott
[04:24] <BachLynn23> [[Rex Gadway|Rex_Gadway]] <---------------------Shiny new charie
[04:24] <Nhlott> Hey Minx *hugs back*
[04:25] <Nhlott> posted, Cos
[04:25] <Minxelfinforever> If two demigods had kids, what would that make the children?
[04:25] <Barbett> hyu Ithought you were posting at the infermery
[04:25] <Cosmiggy> kk
[04:25] <Hyugabyakugan12> i saw u posted 1st so i didnt
[04:25] <Nhlott> mortal
[04:26] <Hyugabyakugan12> The page is going well, miggy, just edit le relations
[04:26] <Cosmiggy> okay
[04:26] <Cosmiggy> thanks
[04:27] <Minxelfinforever> @Lott Thanks!
[04:27] <Barbett> yea I changed that when I saw you were posting I wanted to see what you were going to say
[04:27] <Barbett> greeted rex for ya bach
[04:27] <BachLynn23> sweet thanks (happy) 
[04:27] <Minxelfinforever> I finished checking Eris' cabin for updates
[04:29] <Barbett> np
[04:29] <Barbett> I'll bring my nymph around in a day or two as well
[04:30] <Cosmiggy> Posted Lott
[04:31] <BachLynn23> @barb posted
[04:31] <Demi-hunter13> lag check
[04:32] <Demi-hunter13> >.<
[04:33] <Minxelfinforever> Demi!
[04:33] <Minxelfinforever> I still think your char is hot
[04:33] <Demi-hunter13> XD
[04:34] <Nhlott> posted, Cos
[04:34] <Cosmiggy> okay
[04:36] <Hyugabyakugan12> Miggy, even the stats box perpetua?
[04:36] <Cosmiggy> Yes
[04:36] <Hyugabyakugan12> Okay
[04:36] <BachLynn23> @barb posted
[04:38] <Minxelfinforever> @Bach is the char Seth Frank in the BC?
[04:38] <BachLynn23> si
[04:38] <Minxelfinforever> Okay, then I'll edit him out of the cabin list. What caption do I put on his gallery pic?
[04:39] <Cosmiggy> Posted Lott
[04:39] <Nhlott> ........hmm... I didn't cook this pizza on a cookie sheet, so I refuse to eat it off of a plate :P
[04:40] <Barbett> @ bach posted
[04:41] <Minxelfinforever> Omg, Bach.
[04:41] <Minxelfinforever> Rex is hot. xD
[04:42] <Minxelfinforever> Why am I being so hormonal today xD
[04:42] <Cosmiggy> @Bach: I posted on Rex
[04:42] <Barbett> Rex is also a flirt
[04:42] <BachLynn23> cuz you're a teen?
[04:43] <BachLynn23> His inspiration is Captain Jack from Torchwood/Doctor Who
[04:43] <BachLynn23> and posted on rex lott/barb
[04:43] <Minxelfinforever> Cool
[04:43] <Hyugabyakugan12> Miggy i'm nearly finished
[04:43] <Cosmiggy> Thanks!
[04:43] <Cosmiggy> (panda) 
[04:44] <Minxelfinforever> @Bach What caption do I put for chars who left for bc
[04:44] <Cosmiggy> (bounce) 
[04:44] <Hyugabyakugan12> (squeeze) 
[04:44] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[04:44] <BachLynn23> Defector maybe
[04:44] <Barbett> posted bach
[04:44] <Barbett> come on be socialable Hyu greet rex
[04:45] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay i'll be
[04:45] <Nhlott> It's gotten to the point of pointing out in character how cliche the "You must be a child of Aphrodite" line is :P
[04:45] <Minxelfinforever> @Bach I'm just gonna put "Left" as the caption
[04:45] <BachLynn23> k
[04:45] <Hyugabyakugan12> Yeah lott
[04:46] <Barbett> it is rather cliche Bach
[04:46] <Mass Destroyer> Thanks on posting on Brent Miggy
[04:46] <Cosmiggy> No Problem
[04:46] <Nhlott> no, I mean a GOOD bit of ppl say it
[04:46] <Barbett> and did you even look at her page before deciding to hit on her
[04:46] <Hyugabyakugan12> I say it
[04:46] <BachLynn23> you haven't seen Torchwood or Doctor Who have you barb?
[04:46] <Barbett> no
[04:47] <Hyugabyakugan12> Is vanessa looking for someone?
[04:47] <Nhlott> I've determined Russ is a Wise stoner
[04:47] <Cosmiggy> @Vince: Yeah
[04:47] <BachLynn23> Rex is, what some refer to as Omnisexual, but most just call bi
[04:47] <BachLynn23> he is outgoing, and loves to flirt in general
[04:47] <BachLynn23> guys, girls, whatever
[04:47] <Barbett> ah he will hit on anyone? good to know I have just the nymph for him
[04:48] <Minxelfinforever> x)
[04:48] <BachLynn23> hell he'd flirt with a centaur if the centaur were hot
[04:48] <BachLynn23> >.<
[04:48] <Hyugabyakugan12> Le done miggy
[04:48] <Cosmiggy> kk. Thanks!
[04:48] <Cosmiggy> (bounce) 
[04:48] <Cosmiggy> *gives a (cookie) to Vince*
[04:49] <Hyugabyakugan12> *nom noms the cookie*
[04:49] <Hyugabyakugan12> np
[04:49] <Minxelfinforever> Ugh my appendix hurts
[04:49] <Hyugabyakugan12> Uh oh
[04:49] <Barbett> ok as long as you know he has no chance with Anna
[04:50] <Cosmiggy> @minx: Are you alright?
[04:50] <Minxelfinforever> @Bach I went to other cabin pages and noticed that the chars that left for BC are not even in the gallery. Do I just edit him out?
[04:50] <Cosmiggy> That's not a good sign
[04:50] <Nhlott> posted, Bach
[04:50] <Cosmiggy> You might have Appendicitis
[04:50] <BachLynn23> @migs,, barb and lott posted on Rex
[04:51] <Minxelfinforever> @Cos Yea it just has its few seconds of pain every few mins
[04:51] <Cosmiggy> kk
[04:51] <BachBot> chrome crashed
[04:51] <BachBot> sure, either way
[04:51] <Barbett> posted
[04:52] <Minxelfinforever> @Bach Do you control your bot?
[04:52] <BachLynn23> lately, had it on its own server but its down for maintenance
[04:52] <Minxelfinforever> Oh.
[04:53] <Minxelfinforever> What does Ariadne represent?
[04:53] <BachLynn23> labrynths, mazes, something else I can't remember
[04:53] <Nhlott> navigation?
[04:54] <BachLynn23> no that doesn't sound right
[04:54] <Minxelfinforever> She was a princess, right?
[04:54] <Hyugabyakugan12> Posted on le quest
[04:54] <Nhlott> puzzles?
[04:55] <BachLynn23> maybe that's it
[04:55] <BachLynn23> she was before she got with dionysus
[04:55] <Cosmiggy> posted Bach
[04:55] <Minxelfinforever> Oh.
[04:56] <Hyugabyakugan12> Don't u make johannes jealous, bach
[04:56] <Minxelfinforever> I thought she was the Goddess of fashion or something.
[04:56] <Nhlott> ......
[04:56] <BachLynn23> who's johannes?
[04:56] <Hyugabyakugan12> Anna's bf
[04:56] <Cosmiggy> Hey Broken!
[04:56] <Cosmiggy> *tackle hugs*
[04:56] <Hyugabyakugan12> Heya fire
[04:56] <BachLynn23> don't worry, he's not the girl friend stealing type
[04:56] <BachLynn23> just being friendly
[04:56] <Hyugabyakugan12> Okay, gud 2 know
[04:57] <Cosmiggy> But he is flirty
[04:57] <Broken fire> Hi *is tackled then hugs back* XD
[04:57] <Broken fire> Whose anna?
[04:57] <Hyugabyakugan12> *makes it look that I'm the one jealous*
[04:57] <Nhlott> One has to laugh at these PSAs about Cyber-bullyinh
[04:57] <Barbett> uh Anna would be my char Annastasia
[04:58] <Barbett> who by the way never made it to the infermery as I changed chars
[04:58] <Broken fire> Ahh sorry 
[04:58] <Hyugabyakugan12> Posted on le Rex, bach
[04:58] <Broken fire> Hi mass
[05:00] <BachLynn23> @barb just so I'm on the same page, we are giong with Laura knew him from a year ago?
[05:00] <Hyugabyakugan12> hey fire, there's some1 who needs healing
[05:00] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted at vanessa, miggy
[05:00] <Cosmiggy> kk
[05:01] <Barbett> Laura sees everybody she has been there since the camp formed
[05:01] <Broken fire> Ok hyu umm fourth floor?
[05:01] <Hyugabyakugan12> yup
[05:01] <Barbett> oh and you ca ndo whatever you want to her as she is still single
[05:02] <BachLynn23> XD ok good to know
[05:02] <Barbett> what can I say I aim ot please?
[05:03] <Nhlott> .....
[05:03] <Barbett> uh Hyu I have to put Anna back
[05:04] <Hyugabyakugan12> oh no, i posted on a seperate comment
[05:04] <Minxelfinforever> ..........
[05:04] <Cosmiggy> @Bachie: I posted on Rex
[05:04] <BachLynn23> crap which is the wind god of summer?
[05:04] <BachLynn23> is it notus or zeph?
[05:05] <Nhlott> Notus, I beleive
[05:05] <Minxelfinforever> @Hyu Do we start at Philly?
[05:05] <Nhlott> no, no, Notus was fall
[05:06] <Hyugabyakugan12> nah, on the trip going there minx
[05:06] <BachLynn23> no eurus was fall
[05:06] <BachLynn23> eurus fall, boreas winter
[05:06] <BachLynn23> zeph/notus spring/summer in some order
[05:06] <Minxelfinforever> I think it's Zephyrus
[05:06] <Minxelfinforever> @hyu whos gonna post first
[05:07] <Nhlott> shit, I'm so confused, now
[05:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> i posted already first minx
[05:07] <Minxelfinforever> Eurus' is fall
[05:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> notus is summer
[05:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> the only one i really know is boreas
[05:07] <BachLynn23> ok thought so
[05:08] <Hyugabyakugan12> who's the west wind?
[05:08] <Hyugabyakugan12> wibbles
[05:09] <Nhlott> Zeph
[05:09] <BachLynn23> posted a bunch
[05:09] <BachLynn23> lost track
[05:09] <Minxelfinforever> Ugh, a big cabin. (sad) 
[05:09] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Bach: Which involves screaming XD
[05:09] <Minxelfinforever> The smaller ones were so much faster to check.
[05:10] <BachLynn23> which what involves who now?
[05:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Bach: Which does in fact involve screaming (at serenity and merci)
[05:10] <BachLynn23> the censored
[05:10] <Hyugabyakugan12> Yeah
[05:10] <Minxelfinforever> They're both really pretty. They make a good couple.
[05:10] <BachLynn23> if I tell you, what's the point in having censored it
[05:11] <BachLynn23> >.<
[05:11] <Hyugabyakugan12> That was the first girl homo 6 rp i read
[05:11] <Barbett> posted bach
[05:12] <Barbett> awsome Hyu you put Anna in a cast
[05:12] <Hyugabyakugan12> in a cast what?
[05:12] <Nhlott> a Cast iron stove O.O
[05:12] <Barbett> yup it's what Heal did put her in a cast for 3 days
[05:13] <Sean187jr> I never want to talk about Apollo ever again
[05:13] <Cosmiggy> @Bach:Posted
[05:13] <Hyugabyakugan12> XO aw gawd what i have done to her!!!!!???
[05:14] <Barbett> she sprained her ankle trying to duck an arrow you shot at her remeber
[05:14] <Nhlott> shit! Dominique!
[05:14] <BachLynn23> O.O
[05:14] <BachLynn23> lottie, go make her
[05:14] <BachLynn23> now
[05:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> yeah
[05:14] <Nhlott> Nice reminding :P
[05:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> wait, i was too naive to think i shot her XP
[05:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!
[05:15] <BachLynn23> I posted abunch
[05:15] <BachLynn23> lost track
[05:15] <Minxelfinforever> What is going on? xD
[05:15] <Hyugabyakugan12> Can u post on le quest to keep my mind off things a bit minx?
[05:15] <BachLynn23> woohooo only 189 edits to go before I hit the big 40,000
[05:16] <Hyugabyakugan12> Congrats bach!
[05:16] <BachLynn23> (woohoo) 
[05:16] <Cosmiggy> Congrats Bachie!!
[05:16] <Cosmiggy> Hai Del
[05:16] <BachLynn23> WIFEY *tackle hugs wifey*
[05:16] <GirlofDelusion> MY LOVE! *falls back*
[05:16] <BachLynn23> I made a new charie
[05:16] <GirlofDelusion> *then glompz Bachiekinz*
[05:16] <GirlofDelusion> Oooooh 
[05:16] <GirlofDelusion> linkage?
[05:17] <BachLynn23> [[Rex Gadway|Rex_Gadway]]
[05:17] <Barbett> posted Bach
[05:17] <BachLynn23> you should take note of what's in the infobox under status
[05:17] <BachLynn23> XP
[05:17] <GirlofDelusion> YOU MADE A PANSEXUAL CHARRIE
[05:17] <GirlofDelusion> 
[05:17] <GirlofDelusion> o_o
[05:17] <Nhlott> posted
[05:17] <GirlofDelusion> okay sorry
[05:17] <GirlofDelusion> XD
[05:18] <Justafox> Hi.
[05:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey fox
[05:18] <BachLynn23> xD
[05:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> Ooohh new user, welcome!
[05:18] <BachLynn23> I finally get my captain jack like charie
[05:18] <GirlofDelusion> I was planning to make an androgynous/pansexual charrie
[05:18] <Minxelfinforever> Posted, Hyu.
[05:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay minx thanks
[05:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> whats pansexual?
[05:19] <GirlofDelusion> OH that's why his nickname is captain jack
[05:19] <GirlofDelusion> xD
[05:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> sex on a pan?
[05:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> XP
[05:19] <Barbett> no they will screw anything Hyu man woman sayter
[05:19] <BachLynn23> XD yea
[05:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> even animals!?
[05:19] <Nhlott> Way to be blunt
[05:19] <GirlofDelusion> oh my the smaller text on the infobox looks so much better
[05:19] <BachLynn23> I mean he's the most awesomely played omni/pan sexual I've ever seen
[05:20] <ShadowGoddess> brbz
[05:20] <BachLynn23> not animals
[05:20] <BachLynn23> that's beastality
[05:20] <BachLynn23> that's an entirely different thing
[05:20] <BachLynn23> well unless you consider a centaur an animal
[05:20] <Nhlott> *directs lazer focus on char*
[05:20] <BachLynn23> but technically they are half man
[05:20] <Hyugabyakugan12> wibbles fire
[05:20] <Broken fire> Thanks ^^
[05:21] <BachLynn23> it's hard to explain the differences between bi and pan/omni, but if you watched captain jack on torchwood, you'd understand
[05:21] <GirlofDelusion> No it's not, at least not to me
[05:21] <BachLynn23> yea but most don't get the differences
[05:21] <GirlofDelusion> Pan/Omni don't judge based on gender
[05:21] <GirlofDelusion> Oh, most
[05:21] <GirlofDelusion> that's a diffy
[05:21] <BachLynn23> which is why it's hard to explain, cuz it's 
[05:21] <GirlofDelusion> I think if one were to explain it well enough, people could understand
[05:21] <BachLynn23> what do you call it
[05:22] <GirlofDelusion> but people wouldn't necessarily accept it 
[05:22] <Barbett> posted bach
[05:22] <BachLynn23> just in general people just see it as bi, and don't see it as any more than that
[05:22] <BachLynn23> honestly I used to be one of those
[05:22] <BachLynn23> way back when
[05:22] <Cosmiggy> @Bachie: What do you mean by "clothes are optional"?
[05:22] <Minxelfinforever> I always thought bisexuals liked females and males and pansexuals likes both genders + gender queers, transexuals, and transgenders
[05:23] <BachLynn23> I knew there was a diff I just didn't entirely understand it
[05:23] <Nhlott> Cos, that's a bit self-explainitory
[05:23] <Cosmiggy> ohhh......ok
[05:23] <Barbett> I understand it I know some one who is (I looked up the definition)
[05:23] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Minx: posted on le quest, miggy if u want
[05:23] <Cosmiggy> I'll try
[05:23] <BachLynn23> but it's more than just what a person's "sex" is
[05:23] <BachLynn23> and more about just
[05:24] <GirlofDelusion> Minxel, that's not even nearly all those who they can turn to
[05:24] <GirlofDelusion> AND
[05:24] <Minxelfinforever> Bach, if a char is lost do I move them to the bottom
[05:24] <GirlofDelusion> pansexuals simply overlook
[05:24] <BachLynn23> yea, I think
[05:24] <GirlofDelusion> gender
[05:24] <Cosmiggy> Posted Bachie
[05:24] <BachLynn23> basically it's not about labels
[05:24] <BachLynn23> just who someone is
[05:24] <BachLynn23> like, really is, not colour, race, sex, gender
[05:24] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey icey
[05:24] <Minxelfinforever> icey
[05:24] <Minxelfinforever> !
[05:24] <Broken fire> Hi ice
[05:24] <GirlofDelusion> Well, that's more in depth
[05:25] <GirlofDelusion> most pansexuals are like that
[05:25] <Iceclaw100> hi everyone
[05:25] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Bach: this is off the topic, but, can i make advanced nominees for god/goddess of the month for may?
[05:25] <GirlofDelusion> but I've heard of racist pansexuals
[05:25] <GirlofDelusion> and such
[05:25] <Broken fire> Hi blood
[05:25] <Hyugabyakugan12> Heya wolf
[05:25] <Cosmiggy> Hey Blood
[05:25] <Iceclaw100> hi blood
[05:25] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Broken
[05:25] <Nhlott> posted on Serenity Bach
[05:25] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Icy
[05:26] <BachLynn23> bloody!!!! *hugs*
[05:26] <Black Wolf of blood> Bachy!!! *Hugs back*
[05:26] <Nhlott> is it odd every time I see/type Serenity, I hear the firefly themesong in my head?
[05:26] <Barbett> posted on your post Hyu
[05:26] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay
[05:27] <GirlofDelusion> BLOODIE!
[05:27] <GirlofDelusion> *tackle hugs*
[05:27] <BachLynn23> lott, why are you asking us if you hear the theme song in your head?
[05:27] <BachLynn23> XP
[05:27] <Iceclaw100> i should get to typing up my damn english thing
[05:27] <Black Wolf of blood> Del! *Falls to the ground with Del on top of him*
[05:28] <Nhlott> I asked if it was odd :P
[05:28] <Black Wolf of blood> Btw, Del, why did Erion react like that?
[05:28] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted anna
[05:28] <BachLynn23> posted a bunch on rex
[05:28] <GirlofDelusion> ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well idt someone would be very happy to hear their partner thinks they love 'em for the sex
[05:29] <GirlofDelusion> + his emotional state
[05:29] <GirlofDelusion> makes that
[05:29] <Black Wolf of blood> Ace has a rather low self-confidence, particularly about that
[05:29] <GirlofDelusion> In 'that', you refer to?
[05:30] <Iceclaw100> pretty sure it means sex
[05:30] <Black Wolf of blood> Love, relationships, etc
[05:30] <Iceclaw100> oh
[05:30] <Minxelfinforever> posted hyu
[05:30] <Iceclaw100> *fail*
[05:30] <BachLynn23> only 1/2 a fail
[05:30] <Black Wolf of blood> He doesn't think he's worthy of Erion
[05:30] <BachLynn23> technically sex is a factor in there
[05:30] <Iceclaw100> thats true
[05:30] <Barbett> posted bach
[05:30] <Iceclaw100> but really it more leads to feeling 
[05:31] <Iceclaw100> its like the fan that fans the flames
[05:31] <Hyugabyakugan12> Posted minx
[05:31] <GirlofDelusion> Yeah but think about it
[05:31] <GirlofDelusion> he went on and on
[05:31] <GirlofDelusion> during just this convo
[05:31] <GirlofDelusion> to hear that after he finally calmed
[05:31] <Minxelfinforever> @Lott If a char is lost do I put them at the bottom of the gallery?
[05:31] <GirlofDelusion> he'd need some time
[05:31] <Nhlott> lost?
[05:31] <GirlofDelusion> not as in a break in their relationship
[05:31] <ShadowGoddess> backerz
[05:31] <GirlofDelusion> but like, some space
[05:32] <Iceclaw100> hi shady
[05:32] <ShadowGoddess> Hiya ice!
[05:32] <Cosmiggy> posted on quest vince
[05:32] <Cosmiggy> Hey Shady!
[05:32] <Hyugabyakugan12> thanks wibbles shady
[05:32] <Black Wolf of blood> Ah
[05:32] <Black Wolf of blood> 'kay Del
[05:32] <GirlofDelusion> brb
[05:33] <Barbett> posted Hyu
[05:33] <Minxelfinforever> @lott Like it says they're lost and won't be rp'ed 
[05:33] <Minxelfinforever> also count as a minor char
[05:33] <Iceclaw100> blood i remember a rp we did with Sharon and Raphael, and Sharon had a break down at the movies
[05:34] <Nhlott> YEA,oh shit
[05:34] <Nhlott> Yea, bottom of the gallery's fine
[05:34] <Iceclaw100> then you went all love speach on me
[05:35] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted at le quest
[05:35] <Nhlott> Posted on Rex, Bach
[05:36] <Black Wolf of blood> ...That happened loads of times Icy
[05:36] <Iceclaw100> it may seem like i was really crule to Will with his history, but really its Sharon that has it worse with me, i have made two chars that both influence her
[05:36] <Nhlott> O.O
[05:36] <Nhlott> adding the quote "Wanna get stoned?" to Russ' wb XD
[05:36] <Black Wolf of blood> I've went all speech-y as Raphael lots of times
[05:36] <BachLynn23> @barb, wait there's a cast on a sprained ankle?
[05:37] <Hyugabyakugan12> that was somethin
[05:37] <Cosmiggy> @Bach: I post first at the Beach
[05:37] <BachLynn23> k
[05:37] <Broken fire> Wait what should be placed on a spanned ankle?
[05:37] <Iceclaw100> i have Jason who makes Sharon have a break down, and Mike her twin that wants to kill her
[05:37] <Minxelfinforever> posted hyu
[05:37] <Nhlott> a wrap, if anything
[05:37] <Iceclaw100> a tenser bandage
[05:38] <Iceclaw100> if i remember correctly
[05:38] <Broken fire> Ahh..well it's been done XD
[05:38] <Iceclaw100> i havnt done the first aid coruse since 2007
[05:38] <Barbett> ask heal she did it
[05:38] <Iceclaw100> so its not really my fault if i cant remember perfectly
[05:38] <Nhlott> .......I'm CPR certifed
[05:38] <Iceclaw100> i havnt been for two years
[05:39] <Nhlott> *that's nothing special*
[05:39] <BachLynn23> no, not really
[05:39] <BachLynn23> XP
[05:39] <BachLynn23> but yea you only put casts on breaks
[05:39] <Iceclaw100> it feels like it when your 11
[05:39] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted anna
[05:39] <Nhlott> I guess, but they gave me something to put in my wallet, so I'm like "Seems legit"
[05:39] <Broken fire> Ahhh..didn't know that my dad spanned his ankle a week ago n the doctor placed a cast
[05:40] <Iceclaw100> well i need to get to work, afk
[05:40] <Cosmiggy> Posted at le beach Bachiee
[05:41] <Nhlott> laser......focus.....fai-Oooh, shiny!
[05:41] <BachLynn23> @broken you mean "sprained?"
[05:41] <BachLynn23> or broken?
[05:41] <BachLynn23> broken broken
[05:41] <BachLynn23> XD
[05:41] <BachLynn23> *smacks lott*
[05:41] <BachLynn23> make her make her make her
[05:41] <BachLynn23> *sounds wrong*
[05:41] <BachLynn23> *goes back to posting*
[05:41] <Nhlott> ow!
[05:42] <Nhlott> jeeze, love you too .... :P
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> Wow, neither Rolland nor Catarina seem to mind that Althea can't hear them
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> well, ik why Rolland
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> since Lott explained
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> >~<
[05:42] <Iceclaw100> i think that bach has gone crazier
[05:42] <BachLynn23> why can't she hear them?
[05:42] <ShadowGoddess> rp ayone?
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> she's inside a box of thick stone
[05:42] <Nhlott> *sneak attack hugs Del*
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> made by Rolland
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> Ah!
[05:42] <BachLynn23> I thought it was just 4 walls
[05:42] <GirlofDelusion> no a box
[05:42] <BachLynn23> but unless the stone is like 5 feet thick
[05:43] <BachLynn23> I doubt it's sound proof
[05:43] <BachLynn23> and she's not the only one in the room
[05:43] <BachLynn23> there's that caelo kid too
[05:43] <ShadowGoddess> rp anyone?
[05:43] <Nhlott> who's prolly f*cked now
[05:43] <GirlofDelusion> yeah considering that she asked for answers, though
[05:43] <Barbett> posted bach and Hyu
[05:43] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay
[05:43] <Hyugabyakugan12> le quest, shady
[05:44] <Black Wolf of blood> Hm... I've got to go, cya
[05:44] <GirlofDelusion> Bye Bloodie
[05:44] <Nhlott> y chu no hug back :(
[05:44] <BachLynn23> but again, unless this "box" is like 5 feat thick, I doubt it's sound proof
[05:45] <GirlofDelusion> I was suprised
[05:45] <GirlofDelusion> lemme calm
[05:45] <GirlofDelusion> *hug*
[05:45] <GirlofDelusion> *veddy tightly*
[05:45] <Nhlott> *slowly suffocates*
[05:45] <LoveCatsOwls> has gypsy been on?
[05:45] <GirlofDelusion> *lets breath with powerz*
[05:46] <Nhlott> you can let go whenever you're ready :P
[05:46] <GirlofDelusion> XP
[05:46] <GirlofDelusion> not yet
[05:46] <GirlofDelusion> *continues*
[05:46] <GirlofDelusion> wait, nao u need 2 post
[05:46] <GirlofDelusion> so
[05:46] <GirlofDelusion> [[Lilith%27s Letter: Sydney Intersection#Intersection|Lilith's_Letter:_Sydney_Intersection#Intersection]]:
[05:47] <GirlofDelusion> *lets go*
[05:47] <LoveCatsOwls> hai broken
[05:47] <Cosmiggy> Catsy!!
[05:47] <LoveCatsOwls> cos!
[05:47] <Cosmiggy> I just watched iGo One Direction!
[05:47] <Cosmiggy> *tackle hugs*
[05:47] <BachLynn23> [[Forest]] @barb posted
[05:47] <BachLynn23> @migs posted on ocean
[05:47] <Cosmiggy> kk
[05:47] <BachLynn23> @lott posted on rex
[05:47] <BachLynn23> @barb posted on rex
[05:47] <LoveCatsOwls> *tackle hugs* awesome! i'm listening to their album on my iPod now
[05:48] <BachLynn23> @whomever totally lost track of what I'm posting on who
[05:48] <Barbett> ok
[05:48] <Nhlott> I wanna have him say "F*ck your questions" and crush her in the boix
[05:48] <Nhlott> But that's not "fair" :P
[05:48] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted anna
[05:49] <Cosmiggy> @Bachie:Posted on Ocean
[05:50] <BachLynn23> @migs posted
[05:50] <ShadowGoddess> hey lott?
[05:50] <Cosmiggy> kk
[05:50] <LoveCatsOwls> lott, rp on cj?
[05:50] <Nhlott> yes, Shad?
[05:50] <Nhlott> Sure, cats
[05:50] <ShadowGoddess> Can you rp the monsters on the quest for themis snake?
[05:50] <LoveCatsOwls> or continue or swalls?
[05:50] <LoveCatsOwls> your call
[05:51] <Nhlott> Sure, Shady
[05:51] <Nhlott> CJ's good, haven't rp'd there in a while
[05:51] <Minxelfinforever> posted
[05:51] <LoveCatsOwls> ok.
[05:51] <LoveCatsOwls> need a link?
[05:51] <LoveCatsOwls> post on Jem's page with Jake
[05:51] <LoveCatsOwls> *?
[05:51] <ShadowGoddess> rp anyone?
[05:51] <Barbett> posted bach
[05:52] <Nhlott> sounds good
[05:52] <Nhlott> yes, link, plz
[05:52] <Iceclaw100> damn it i only have about half a page with all of that
[05:52] <Iceclaw100> *fail face*
[05:52] <Cosmiggy> Posted Bachie at le beach
[05:53] <LoveCatsOwls> http://campjupiterrp.wikia.com/wiki/Jemma_Billing
[05:53] <BachLynn23> brb
[05:53] <LoveCatsOwls> k
[05:54] <Nhlott> posted, cats
[05:55] <LoveCatsOwls> k
[05:55] <Barbett> posted hyu
[05:55] <LoveCatsOwls> posted lott
[05:57] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted anna
[05:57] <Barbett> posted bach
[05:57] <Barbett> k
[05:57] <Iceclaw100> does anyone know shakespear's scottish play well?
[05:57] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay shady, you're the one who's going to say "we're here!"
[05:58] <LoveCatsOwls> macbeth? :P
[05:58] <BachLynn23> posted like a bunch a bunch
[05:58] <Iceclaw100> yes cats
[05:58] <LoveCatsOwls> yep
[05:58] <Iceclaw100> i dont like to even type the name if i can avoid it
[05:58] <Nhlott> posted, Cats
[05:58] <LoveCatsOwls> k
[05:58] <Iceclaw100> oh do you remember banquo's son's name?
[05:58] <LoveCatsOwls> nope 
[05:58] <LoveCatsOwls> sorry :P
[05:59] <Iceclaw100> damn
[05:59] <Minxelfinforever> I gtg
[05:59] <Minxelfinforever> Night, guys!
[05:59] <Minxelfinforever> *hugs all*
[05:59] <LoveCatsOwls> posted lott
[05:59] <LoveCatsOwls> night
[05:59] <BachLynn23> posted barb
[05:59] <LoveCatsOwls> wanna rp bach?
[06:00] <BachLynn23> sure, why not
[06:00] <Barbett> posted Hyu
[06:00] <LoveCatsOwls> who/where?
[06:00] <LoveCatsOwls> tabby and rex maybe?
[06:01] <BachLynn23> sure
[06:01] <Cosmiggy> Posted at le beach Bachie
[06:01] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted anna
[06:01] <LoveCatsOwls> where?
[06:01] <Hyugabyakugan12> miggy, ur turn on le quest if you want, just try
[06:01] <BachLynn23> your house/
[06:01] <BachLynn23> ?
[06:01] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:01] <LoveCatsOwls> [[Tabitha Knightley]]?
[06:01] <BachLynn23> eh, her page will work as well
[06:01] <BachLynn23> XP
[06:01] <LoveCatsOwls> That would mean moving to england bach
[06:02] <LoveCatsOwls> XP
[06:02] <BachLynn23> and the problem with that would be?
[06:02] <BachLynn23> I already spell British
[06:02] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:02] <Cosmiggy> ♪"Oh-oh. I want some more. Oh-oh What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for!♪
[06:02] <Barbett> posted bach
[06:02] <Hyugabyakugan12> what song is that>
[06:02] <Hyugabyakugan12> *?
[06:02] <Barbett> I have heard that song
[06:02] <BachLynn23> you first or me first?
[06:02] <Cosmiggy> @Vince: Animal
[06:02] <LoveCatsOwls> you
[06:02] <LoveCatsOwls> mika!
[06:02] <Hyugabyakugan12> Mika!!!!!!!!!
[06:03] <Mikalmt> hai!
[06:03] <LoveCatsOwls> ok bach :D
[06:03] <Hyugabyakugan12> What animal, miggy?
[06:03] <Cosmiggy> Mikaa!!!! *glompz*
[06:03] <Mikalmt> is ducks here?
[06:03] <Mikalmt> dang...
[06:03] <Cosmiggy> The title of the song Vince
[06:03] <Cosmiggy> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dZj8BGT7h8
[06:03] <Hyugabyakugan12> The starks family, mika
[06:03] <Hyugabyakugan12> ahhh
[06:03] <Cosmiggy> listen to it
[06:03] <Cosmiggy> It's a good song
[06:03] <Iceclaw100> ok cats another question, do you remember what Lennox is the thaine of, if they give him a title with it?
[06:04] <LoveCatsOwls> why not just google it? it's 7am here and i is not awake
[06:04] <Nhlott> posted Cats?
[06:04] <LoveCatsOwls> why ?
[06:04] <Hyugabyakugan12> *plays w/ the drop down list*
[06:04] <Nhlott> -?
[06:04] <Iceclaw100> oh, i dont want to work with google, its 2 am here and im a bit tired
[06:04] <LoveCatsOwls> ohh
[06:04] <Barbett> posted hyu
[06:04] <Iceclaw100> i meant to type this up earlier
[06:05] <LoveCatsOwls> posted lott
[06:05] <BachLynn23> @everyone I'm rp'ing with, I posted
[06:05] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Anna: tough question
[06:05] <BachLynn23> WAIT
[06:05] <BachLynn23> I lied
[06:05] <BachLynn23> my post for cats hasn't gone through yet
[06:05] <BachLynn23> *kicks internet*
[06:06] <LoveCatsOwls> (facepalm) 
[06:06] <Hyugabyakugan12> wibbles lott
[06:06] <Barbett> @ oh you don't know?
[06:06] <Barbett> wb lott
[06:06] <Iceclaw100> i dont think i have ever rped with bach before
[06:06] <Mikalmt> dit :P
[06:06] <LoveCatsOwls> ♪To prove I'm right, I put it in a so-o-ongV
[06:06] <LoveCatsOwls> *♪
[06:06] <Iceclaw100> hi mika
[06:06] <Mikalmt> my wiki goal is to rp with everyone
[06:06] <Cosmiggy> Damn. I want to watch Hot Problems Brock's Dub again.
[06:06] <Iceclaw100> when did you get on
[06:06] <Mikalmt> o_O
[06:06] <Mikalmt> chu just noticed?
[06:06] <Iceclaw100> yes
[06:07] <BachLynn23> posted cats
[06:07] <LoveCatsOwls> k
[06:07] <Iceclaw100> i am working on a letter from lennox to ross
[06:07] <Iceclaw100> in teh scottish play
[06:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> The royal wedding brock's dub is good too
[06:07] <Hyugabyakugan12> And person of interest
[06:08] <Hyugabyakugan12> I'll watch black friday dub l8r
[06:08] <LoveCatsOwls> posted bach
[06:08] <LoveCatsOwls> brb
[06:08] <BachLynn23> @ice here's a list of my charie's, if you are ever interested in rp'ing [[User:BachLynn23/My Characters#My Characters|User:BachLynn23/My_Characters#My_Characters]]
[06:08] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Anna: are you pertaining to johannes not kissing her?
[06:08] <Cosmiggy> Posted Bach
[06:08] <Mikalmt> oooh
[06:08] <Mikalmt> RP bach?
[06:08] <Cosmiggy> at Le Beach
[06:08] <BachLynn23> sure >.<
[06:09] <Nhlott> posted, Cats
[06:09] <Barbett> posted bach
[06:09] <Barbett> just kiss the girl Hyu and make it good
[06:09] <BachLynn23> @cats posted
[06:09] <Mikalmt> posted Lott
[06:09] <LoveCatsOwls> k
[06:10] <BachLynn23> @mika just choose who and wehre
[06:10] <Nhlott> posted,Bach
[06:10] <Mikalmt> chur new charrie :D
[06:10] <BachLynn23> k
[06:10] <BachLynn23> XD
[06:10] <BachLynn23> where?
[06:10] <Mikalmt> just his page
[06:10] <Mikalmt> hes new right?
[06:10] <LoveCatsOwls> posted lott
[06:11] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted anna
[06:11] <Mikalmt> posted
[06:11] <Iceclaw100> bach can you post that up tomorrow when i get on, i need to get to bed, all of the info is just going to go through my eyes and out my ears right now
[06:11] <Iceclaw100> i just have to save my letter
[06:11] <BachLynn23> yea
[06:11] <BachLynn23> I can do that
[06:11] <Barbett> k
[06:11] <BachLynn23> if I remember >.<
[06:11] <Iceclaw100> ill remind you if i remember
[06:12] <BachLynn23> and I'll remind you if I remember
[06:12] <Iceclaw100> haha ok
[06:12] <Barbett> posted Hyu
[06:13] <Iceclaw100> yeah i need to get to sleep, im swearing at a flash drive
[06:13] <Nhlott> Yousure, Cats?
[06:13] <Nhlott> I don't see it
[06:13] <LoveCatsOwls> Sh*t, I meant bacdh
[06:13] <LoveCatsOwls> *bach
[06:13] <BachLynn23> >.< bach, lott, yea I can see where you'd confuse us
[06:13] <BachLynn23> XP
[06:13] <LoveCatsOwls> :P
[06:13] <Hyugabyakugan12> Posted bach
[06:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> *wow*
[06:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> Hey jas and eel
[06:14] <BachLynn23> posted on ocean and forest
[06:14] <LoveCatsOwls> hai jas and eel
[06:14] <Legend1eel> yo people
[06:14] <LoveCatsOwls> can we abandon the rp for now lott
[06:14] <Iceclaw100> hi jas, or what ever you want us to all you now
[06:14] <Mikalmt> wheres Jas?
[06:14] <Mikalmt> o_O
[06:14] <LoveCatsOwls> *glompz*
[06:14] <Iceclaw100> rose witch
[06:14] <Mikalmt> thats jas?
[06:14] <Hyugabyakugan12> um, anna, i'm kissing with a nymph?
[06:14] <Legend1eel> u got apollo something for his b-day acts?
[06:15] <Legend1eel> *cats
[06:15] <~Rose Witch~> yesh milk
[06:15] <Iceclaw100> from what i have been told mika
[06:15] <LoveCatsOwls> nope -_-
[06:15] <Mikalmt> :O
[06:15] <Mikalmt> *tackle hugs*
[06:15] <Mikalmt> work on PRIM
[06:15] <Nhlott> sure...?
[06:15] <Barbett> posted bach
[06:15] <~Rose Witch~> I have no ideas
[06:15] <Barbett> I'm going to fix it promise the nymph is busy in the forest
[06:16] <Mikalmt> i wrote the beginning
[06:16] <Hyugabyakugan12> im just going to reply anyway
[06:16] <Legend1eel> I have i got him a dragon and world of warcraft
[06:16] <LoveCatsOwls> thanks lott
[06:16] <Barbett> good cause I fixed it
[06:16] <BachLynn23> I posted on rex's page and on cats
[06:16] <BachLynn23> I mean
[06:16] <Iceclaw100> god work for me and save file
[06:16] <LoveCatsOwls> ahh, he wont care, pm
[06:16] <BachLynn23> tabitha
[06:16] <BachLynn23> @cats
[06:16] <LoveCatsOwls> XD
[06:16] <Iceclaw100> *has gone insane*
[06:17] <Legend1eel> lol
[06:17] <~Rose Witch~> pm le beginning milk
[06:17] <Mikalmt> err...
[06:17] <Mikalmt> [[Gabriel Woods]]
[06:17] <Mikalmt> im too lazy
[06:17] <Mikalmt> :/
[06:17] <Iceclaw100> and mika im waiting for you to post i think
[06:17] <LoveCatsOwls> Posted bach
[06:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted anna
[06:18] <Mikalmt> posted Bach
[06:18] <Mikalmt> he, thats a first
[06:18] <Mikalmt> xD
[06:18] <Barbett> k
[06:18] <BachLynn23> xD
[06:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> or not
[06:18] <Hyugabyakugan12> w8 anna
[06:19] <Hyugabyakugan12> there
[06:19] <Mikalmt> watchn a Filipino commercial
[06:19] <Mikalmt> for ice cream...
[06:19] <Mikalmt> *eats tx*
[06:19] <Mikalmt> *tv
[06:20] <LoveCatsOwls> :S 
[06:20] <~Rose Witch~> So should I use most of Gabriels?
[06:20] <Mikalmt> *nods*
[06:20] <Iceclaw100> *shoots laptop* damnit
[06:20] <Barbett> posted hyu
[06:20] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Mika: nestle?
[06:20] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Anna: ok
[06:20] <Mikalmt> yup
[06:20] <~Rose Witch~> Okie
[06:20] <Iceclaw100> work damn laptop
[06:21] <BachLynn23> posted cats and mika and and and
[06:21] <LoveCatsOwls> k
[06:21] <BachLynn23> brb going to get a soda and stuff and stuff
[06:21] <Hyugabyakugan12> ♪Make them smile too! See your faces up up up pararap♪
[06:21] <Mikalmt> oh Cats
[06:21] <Mikalmt> i posted on Kane
[06:21] <Iceclaw100> yes
[06:21] <LoveCatsOwls> kk, link?
[06:21] <Iceclaw100> worked
[06:21] <~Rose Witch~> It look's like it doesn't end O.o
[06:21] <Mikalmt> [[Kane Greene]]
[06:21] <Iceclaw100> now night night everyone
[06:22] <Iceclaw100> and mika post in the next 5 hours
[06:22] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted anna
[06:22] <Iceclaw100> or i will hunt you down
[06:22] <Mikalmt> im going to 30 hour famine
[06:22] <Mikalmt> so i MIGHT be on chat
[06:22] <Mikalmt> but thats it
[06:22] <Mikalmt> i cant eat for 30 hours...
[06:22] <Mikalmt> and no internet...
[06:22] <Mikalmt> x(
[06:22] <Iceclaw100> i know what it is
[06:22] <Iceclaw100> my friend jenny is doing it
[06:22] <LoveCatsOwls> why mika?
[06:23] <Mikalmt> cuz its 30 hour famine
[06:23] <Mikalmt> if chu have a credit card
[06:23] <LoveCatsOwls> why?
[06:23] <Mikalmt> donate money for poor hungry children
[06:23] <Mikalmt> :DD
[06:23] <Mikalmt> look it up
[06:23] <BachLynn23> backish
[06:23] <LoveCatsOwls> ok
[06:23] <Iceclaw100> eating i understand, no intrenet though
[06:23] <LoveCatsOwls> posted bach
[06:23] <Mikalmt> Bach! Do u know what 30 hour famien though?
[06:23] <Nhlott> ♫This is the song that doesn't end♫
[06:23] <Hyugabyakugan12> intrenet, icey?
[06:23] <Iceclaw100> dont lott
[06:23] <Nhlott> ♫It goes on and on my friend♫
[06:23] <BachLynn23> I've heard of them yea
[06:23] <BachLynn23> we did one at my school, oh so long ago
[06:23] <Mikalmt> i have to do it...
[06:24] <Iceclaw100> i am tired, i can make mistakes when ever i fell like it
[06:24] <Mikalmt> but its fun :D
[06:24] <Hyugabyakugan12> The starks, mika?
[06:24] <Iceclaw100> now bed time, night night everyone
[06:24] <LoveCatsOwls> nighty
[06:24] <Mikalmt> bau
[06:24] <BachLynn23> at my school we all slept in the gym and played games all night
[06:24] <Hyugabyakugan12> G'night icey
[06:24] <Iceclaw100> and mika post
[06:24] <Barbett> posted bach
[06:24] <Nhlott> ♫some ppl started singin it, not knowing what it was♫
[06:24] <BachLynn23> NOOOO
[06:24] <BachLynn23> damn you
[06:24] <Hyugabyakugan12> ♪I wanna be forever young...♪
[06:25] <Nhlott> ♫And they'll continue singing it forever just because♫
[06:25] <Mikalmt> anyone wanna join a family? :D
[06:25] <~Rose Witch~> Sure :P
[06:25] <Cosmiggy> Posted Bachie
[06:25] <Mikalmt> kay!
[06:25] <~Rose Witch~> If mine can be a hunter
[06:25] <Mikalmt> [[User blog:Mikalmt/The Mendes|User_blog:Mikalmt/The_Mendes]]
[06:25] <Cosmiggy> @Mika:Sure
[06:25] <Barbett> what kinda question is that hyu?
[06:25] <Mikalmt> look at it
[06:26] <Hyugabyakugan12> just make a good answer
[06:26] <Barbett> like what sex on the beach?
[06:26] <Mikalmt> xD
[06:26] <Nhlott> *starts dancing*
[06:26] <Nhlott> no, sex on the beach sucks
[06:26] <Hyugabyakugan12> N-n-no!
[06:27] <Mikalmt> its sandy...
[06:27] <Mikalmt> and uncomfortable
[06:27] <Hyugabyakugan12> And messy
[06:27] <Nhlott> eeeeeeverywherw
[06:27] <Hyugabyakugan12> And a bit public
[06:27] <Nhlott> *everywhere
[06:27] <Mikalmt> whoever wants to join...
[06:27] <Mikalmt> tel me where chu wanna be
[06:27] <Mikalmt> in le family
[06:28] <Hyugabyakugan12> what am i there anyway?
[06:28] <Barbett> how would you know?
[06:28] <LoveCatsOwls> gtg
[06:28] <Mikalmt> nooo
[06:28] <Mikalmt> bai
[06:28] <Mikalmt> *hugs*
[06:28] <LoveCatsOwls> eel, pm -->
[06:28] <Barbett> and that is what cloths are for
[06:28] <Mikalmt> i can guess Barbett
[06:28] <Hyugabyakugan12> nvm
[06:28] <Nhlott> how else would one know?
[06:28] <Barbett> posted don't worry still clean
[06:28] <Hyugabyakugan12> and i'm still gonna post clean
[06:29] <BachLynn23> posted like a bunch
[06:29] <BachLynn23> kinda lost track
[06:29] <Hyugabyakugan12> one of my 13-year old chars got censored by a nymph
[06:29] <BachLynn23> forest, ocean, tabitha I think
[06:29] <LoveCatsOwls> k
[06:29] <BachLynn23> O.O
[06:29] <BachLynn23> wow, nymphs like em young
[06:29] <Nhlott> did you say 13?
[06:29] <Hyugabyakugan12> Gyps! (walrus) 
[06:29] <LoveCatsOwls> gyps!
[06:29] <GypsyThief> Hey :-)
[06:29] <LoveCatsOwls> did cha get mah im?
[06:29] <Nhlott> GYPS!!
[06:29] <Nhlott> *glompz*
[06:29] <BachLynn23> whose nymph?
[06:30] <BachLynn23> or which nymph
[06:30] <GypsyThief> Uh... *goes to check*
[06:30] <GypsyThief> LOTTIE!! *glompz back*
[06:30] <LoveCatsOwls> posted bach
[06:30] <Mikalmt> GYPS!!!!'
[06:30] <Mikalmt> *tackle hugs*
[06:30] <Nhlott> it's a bit creeepier for a nymph to do that, as most are older than most ppl
[06:30] <Hyugabyakugan12> @Lott: yes
[06:30] <GypsyThief> MIKA!! *hugs back*
[06:30] <Hyugabyakugan12> I sorta lost it when she did that
[06:30] <BachLynn23> this is why my youngest charie was 15
[06:31] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted anna
[06:31] <LoveCatsOwls> mine's was 12
[06:31] <BachLynn23> whose turned 16 now
[06:31] <Nhlott> 16 for me
[06:31] <LoveCatsOwls> gyps, i finished my circus charrie, that was the im
[06:31] <Mikalmt> wolf!!!
[06:31] <Mikalmt> hai
[06:31] <Hyugabyakugan12> wibbles wolf
[06:31] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Mik
[06:31] <GypsyThief> BLOOD! *glompz*
[06:32] <Barbett> posted back
[06:32] <GypsyThief> Ooooh, link me?
[06:32] <BachLynn23> @cats posted
[06:32] <LoveCatsOwls> k
[06:32] <Black Wolf of blood> Gyps! *Falls to the ground with Gyps on top of him*
[06:32] <BachLynn23> I think Rex is my new fav charie
[06:32] <LoveCatsOwls> pm gypsy
[06:32] <Cosmiggy> GYPS!!! I didn't know you were here. *tackle hugs*
[06:32] <Cosmiggy> (walrus) 
[06:33] <Mikalmt> posted Bach
[06:33] <LoveCatsOwls> gtg, bbl
[06:33] <Mikalmt> bai
[06:33] <Cosmiggy> Bye Catsy!
[06:33] <Cosmiggy> *hugs*
[06:33] <LoveCatsOwls> *is hugged
[06:33] <Nhlott> gotta....finish....before....sleeeping
[06:34] <GypsyThief> MIGGY! *hugs back*
[06:34] <Barbett> posted Hyu
[06:34] <BachLynn23> @migs pulls away away, like not in arms reach, or like just not kissing?
[06:34] <Hyugabyakugan12> sure
[06:34] <Cosmiggy> @Bach: not kissing
[06:35] <Cosmiggy> *gives Gypsy a pet (walrus) *
[06:35] <Hyugabyakugan12> *wonders how many walruses gyps has by now*
[06:35] <Barbett> why is rex your new fav Bach?
[06:36] <Mikalmt> oooh
[06:36] <Mikalmt> is he single?
[06:36] <Hyugabyakugan12> posted anna
[06:36] <~Rose Witch~> Walruses are Gyps' minions
[06:36] <GypsyThief> I has billions
[06:36] <Mikalmt> i hate asking those questions... xD
[06:36] <ShadowGoddess> Jas wanna rp?
[06:36] <~Rose Witch~> can't
[06:36] <~Rose Witch~> budy
[06:36] <~Rose Witch~> busy(
[06:36] <~Rose Witch~> **
[06:36] <ShadowGoddess> poo
[06:36] <BachLynn23> @mika he's a free spirit
[06:36] <Mikalmt> Arianna?
[06:37] <Mikalmt> oh.. wait wazzat mean?
[06:37] <Hyugabyakugan12> I hope Nike will give Janine and Rex victory
[06:37] <BachLynn23> @mika posted
[06:38] <Cosmiggy> Posted Bach
[06:38] <BachLynn23> he's omnisexual, he likes girls, guys, centaurs, nymphs, satyrs
[06:38] <BachLynn23> he's a big outgoing flirt
[06:38] <Mikalmt> like Gale!
[06:38] <Mikalmt> :D
[06:38] <Mikalmt> *is proud of Gale*
[06:38] <Mikalmt> a new smex rp record for me!
[06:38] <Mikalmt> 4 in a day!!! xD
[06:38] <Mikalmt> *victory dance*
[06:39] <BachLynn23> I'm looking at at least 2 right now, maybe more ;) we'll see how things go
[06:39] <Hyugabyakugan12> *dances with mika*
[06:39] <BachLynn23> no guys yet though (sad) 
[06:39] <BachLynn23> good thing he likes em all
[06:39] <Mikalmt> oooh!
[06:39] <BachLynn23> XD
[06:39] <Mikalmt> GALE!
[06:39] <Mikalmt> [[Gabriel Woods]]
[06:39] <Mikalmt> :D
[06:39] <BachLynn23> xD
[06:39] <Mikalmt> *hugs Gale
[06:40] <Hyugabyakugan12> yup, bach's doing smex rp
[06:40] <Cosmiggy> with moi!
[06:40] <Barbett> and Moi
[06:40] <Cosmiggy> yep
[06:40] <Hyugabyakugan12> um, moi?
[06:40] <Mikalmt> moi in french
[06:40] <Mikalmt> *me
[06:40] <Mikalmt> Bach
[06:40] <Mikalmt> are they?
[06:40] <Mikalmt> o_O
[06:41] <BachLynn23> which one?
[06:41] <Hyugabyakugan12> rex double-time?
[06:41] <BachLynn23> I've got like 5 or 6 rp's right now with him
[06:41] <BachLynn23> 2 definitely headed there
[06:41] <Nhlott> Neeed caffeine...
[06:41] <Mikalmt> i mean wet...
[06:41] <BachLynn23> a couple others, maybe
[06:41] <Mikalmt> are the water nymphs always wet?
[06:41] <BachLynn23> xD it was a joke
[06:41] <Mikalmt> oh
[06:41] <Mikalmt> :P
[06:41] <BachLynn23> XD
[06:41] <Mikalmt> *feels stuupeddd*
[06:41] <BachLynn23> I couldn't resist
[06:42] <Hyugabyakugan12> 800 edits!!!!!!!
[06:42] <Hyugabyakugan12> okay gtg i'll be back in, about 3 hrs
[06:42] <Mikalmt> posted Bach
[06:42] <Cosmiggy> kk. Bye!
[06:42] <Mikalmt> bai Hyu!
[06:42] <Mikalmt> *hugs*
[06:43] <ShadowGoddess> rp anyone?
[06:43] <Mikalmt> meh!
[06:43] <Mikalmt> Shady!
[06:43] <Mikalmt> wanna join the Mendes?
[06:43] <BachLynn23> posted on ocean and forest
[06:43] <Mikalmt> oh Gyps
[06:43] <ShadowGoddess> wah?
[06:43] <Mikalmt> i posted on the coffee shop
[06:43] <Mikalmt> Shady, rp?
[06:43] <ShadowGoddess> who/where?
[06:44] <Mikalmt> erm.
[06:44] <Mikalmt> [[Gabriel Hawthorn]]
[06:44] <Mikalmt> ._.
[06:44] <Mikalmt> sorry
[06:44] <Mikalmt> [[Gabriel Woods]]
[06:44] <Barbett> posted hyu
[06:44] <BachLynn23> a pack of what?
[06:44] <BachLynn23> @mika
[06:44] <Mikalmt> hi-chew!
[06:44] <ShadowGoddess> kkz I'll post on his page
[06:45] <Mikalmt> theyre candy!
[06:45] <Mikalmt> so gooood
[06:45] <Mikalmt> lookem up
[06:45] <Nhlott> line thingy?
[06:45] <Mikalmt> |
[06:45] <Nhlott> danke
[06:45] <Cosmiggy> Posted Bach
[06:46] <Nhlott> ^
[06:46] <BachLynn23> posetd mika
[06:47] <Nhlott> What's a really racist state?
[06:47] <Nhlott> other than MS
[06:47] <Mikalmt> ...
[06:47] <Mikalmt> dunno
[06:47] <Mikalmt> New York?
[06:47] <Mikalmt> xD
[06:48] <BachLynn23> posted migs
[06:48] <Cosmiggy> kk
[06:48] <BachLynn23> alabama
[06:48] <BachLynn23> texas
[06:48] <Nhlott> ooooh, Bama works
[06:49] <Mikalmt> miggy
[06:49] <Mikalmt> god parent and name?
[06:49] <Cosmiggy> for the Mendes?
[06:49] <Mikalmt> yup
[06:49] <Barbett> posted bach
[06:49] <BachLynn23> @#lott posted
[06:49] <Cosmiggy> hmm...
[06:49] <ShadowGoddess> posted, mika
[06:49] <Barbett> I have to get off at 3 though my husband wants me in bed
[06:49] <Cosmiggy> Ares and the name is Michael Mendes
[06:50] <Barbett> that sounded wrong
[06:50] <Mikalmt> posted Shady
[06:50] <Mikalmt> :P
[06:50] <Mikalmt> my name's michael!
[06:50] <Mikalmt> :D
[06:50] <Mikalmt> posted Bach
[06:51] <Cosmiggy> Posted Bach
[06:51] <Cosmiggy> @Mika:kk
[06:51] <Cosmiggy> I'll change
[06:51] <BachLynn23> posted barb
[06:51] <Mikalmt> no its fine
[06:51] <Cosmiggy> Joshua then
[06:51] <Mikalmt> :P
[06:51] <Barbett> ok
[06:51] <Mikalmt> just sayin
[06:51] <Cosmiggy> ohh....then Michael again
[06:51] <Cosmiggy> :D
[06:52] <Nhlott> posted,Bach
[06:52] <BachLynn23> *kicks internet*
[06:52] <BachLynn23> *limps over to lott*
[06:52] <Nhlott> *bandages Bach's toes*
[06:52] <ShadowGoddess> posted mika
[06:52] <Nhlott> *hands Bach a lollipop too*
[06:53] <BachLynn23> *noms lollipop and sits on lott's lap*
[06:53] <Nhlott> *pats Bach's head*
[06:53] <BachLynn23> *turns into kitten and purrs*
[06:53] <Barbett> posted bach
[06:53] <Cosmiggy> *tosses a cat nibble to Bach*
[06:53] <GirlofDelusion> Le backaroo
[06:54] <BachLynn23> wtf is a cat nibble?
[06:54] <GirlofDelusion> ^ XD
[06:54] <Nhlott> *scratches behind Bach's ears*
[06:54] <Mikalmt> posted Shady
[06:54] <BachLynn23> *purrs louder*
[06:54] <GirlofDelusion> HEY D= *steals wifey away*
[06:54] <GirlofDelusion> *snuggles with Bach*
[06:54] <Nhlott> ok
[06:55] <BachLynn23> @lott and mika posted
[06:55] <BachLynn23> *snuggles with del*
[06:55] <BachLynn23> WAIT
[06:55] <BachLynn23> should I turn out of kitten form?
[06:55] <BachLynn23> XD
[06:55] <GirlofDelusion> I like kittens too O_O buuuut if you'd like it'd be nice X3
[06:55] <BachLynn23> xD
[06:55] <BachLynn23> *turns back into person and snuggles*
[06:56] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pokes Del* I get no snuggle?
[06:56] <Mikalmt> posted bach
[06:56] <~Rose Witch~> gtg
[06:56] <Black Wolf of blood> *Pouts*
[06:56] <Black Wolf of blood> Bye Jassy
[06:56] <Cosmiggy> Bye jas
[06:56] <GypsyThief> Bye Jasseh
[06:56] <~Rose Witch~> bye
[06:56] <Mikalmt> *hugs*
[06:56] <GirlofDelusion> Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm idk I haven't snuggled with my wifey since our hypothetical honeymoon
[06:56] <Barbett> byez jas
[06:56] <Mikalmt> dont goooo!!!
[06:56] <GirlofDelusion> XD
[06:57] <Mikalmt> -_-
[06:57] <Black Wolf of blood> Aww
[06:57] <Mikalmt> she didnt answer my question...
[06:57] <ShadowGoddess> posted Mika
[06:57] <Mikalmt> oh crap
[06:57] <Mikalmt> brb
[06:57] <BachLynn23> I posted on the ocean migs
[06:57] <Cosmiggy> kk
[06:58] <Nhlott> posted,Bach
[06:58] <GirlofDelusion> Um um um Bachie you want to RP?
[06:58] <BachLynn23> sure
[06:58] <GirlofDelusion> I volunteer either Dalia or Linus
[06:58] <GirlofDelusion> whichever you choose
[06:58] <GirlofDelusion> haven't rp'd them in a while
[06:58] <BachLynn23> O.O *can't remember who they are*
[06:58] <GirlofDelusion> Dalia's my Aztec huntress
[06:58] <GirlofDelusion> Linus my oracle
[06:58] <GirlofDelusion> XP
[06:58] <BachLynn23> OH right
[06:58] <BachLynn23> ummmm
[06:58] <BachLynn23> ummmmmm
[06:58] <BachLynn23> idk
[06:59] <BachLynn23> O.O
[06:59] <GirlofDelusion> Who do YOU want to RP
[06:59] <GirlofDelusion> then I'll choose
[06:59] <GirlofDelusion> XP
[06:59] <BachLynn23> [[User:BachLynn23/My Characters#My Characters|User:BachLynn23/My_Characters#My_Characters]]
[06:59] <BachLynn23> idk, so many choices
[06:59] <GirlofDelusion> I see XD
[06:59] <GirlofDelusion> [[The Quest for the Matriarch%27s Freedom#Quest|The_Quest_for_the_Matriarch's_Freedom#Quest]] Bachie, post
[06:59] <GirlofDelusion> pwetty pwease
[06:59] <GirlofDelusion> ?
[07:00] <BachLynn23> sure, but only if you link it without my user anme
[07:00] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:00] <BachLynn23> for some reason it makes it not a link
[07:00] <BachLynn23> it no clicky
[07:00] <Cosmiggy> Posted Bachie
[07:00] <GirlofDelusion> [[The Quest for the Matriarch%27s Freedom#Quest|The_Quest_for_the_Matriarch's_Freedom#Quest]]
[07:01] <BachLynn23> posted mika nm you aren't here so I'm talkin g to myself
[07:01] <GirlofDelusion> Ooh maybe Keilana and Dalia
[07:01] <BachLynn23> sure
[07:01] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles with Gyps*
[07:01] <GirlofDelusion> it makes for an odd rp since Dalia's a huntress but what the heck?
[07:01] <GirlofDelusion> XP
[07:02] <GirlofDelusion> Um where should we RP? XS
[07:02] <Cosmiggy> I gtg. Bye guys! I'll bbl
[07:02] <ShadowGoddess> bye Cos
[07:02] <Mikalmt> back
[07:02] <ShadowGoddess> Wibbles Mika
[07:02] <GypsyThief> *Snuggles with Bloody*
[07:03] <GirlofDelusion> Hmm I remember Lana likes to read, right?
[07:03] <GypsyThief> Wibbles Mika
[07:03] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles closer*
[07:03] <Nhlott> so...close
[07:03] <GirlofDelusion> *read Keoni's history a dozen times if not more*
[07:03] <GirlofDelusion> yet so far away
[07:03] <GirlofDelusion> everythiiiiing
[07:03] <GirlofDelusion> that you always wished for
[07:03] <Mikalmt> waaait.
[07:03] <Mikalmt> do u know who Max Davis is?
[07:03] <GirlofDelusion> could be yours, should be yours
[07:03] <GirlofDelusion> would be yours
[07:03] <GypsyThief> Posted on Gale Mika
[07:04] <GirlofDelusion> if they only kneeew
[07:04] <Mikalmt> and Coffee Shop?
[07:04] <GypsyThief> Not yet
[07:04] <GirlofDelusion> okay sorry that song is stuck in my head at times ever since 8th grade grad party O_O
[07:04] <GirlofDelusion> *shudders*
[07:04] <Mikalmt> kay
[07:04] <Nhlott> *rubs eyes*
[07:05] <Mikalmt> wait...
[07:05] <Mikalmt> i have a pic question
[07:05] <Mikalmt> so it isnt spam if ilink something right?
[07:06] <BachLynn23> only if you do it repeatedly
[07:06] <BachLynn23> over and over
[07:06] <Mikalmt> oh wait
[07:06] <Mikalmt> nvm
[07:06] <Mikalmt> he freakishly looks like JB...
[07:06] <Mikalmt> but his hairs different
[07:06] <Mikalmt> and face-ish
[07:06] <Mikalmt> so nvm!
[07:06] <GirlofDelusion> sooo Bachie maybe the bookstore in town?
[07:07] <BachLynn23> sure sounds good
[07:08] <BachLynn23> if my internet will coopearte
[07:08] <ShadowGoddess> Mika posted?
[07:08] <BachLynn23> cooperate
[07:08] <Nhlott> hmmmm what would be the maximun distance one can shadow-travel?
[07:08] <BachLynn23> without dying?
[07:08] <ShadowGoddess> idk
[07:08] <Nhlott> .
[07:08] <BachLynn23> I mean, alone fairly far, if they are older and experienced
[07:08] <Mikalmt> erm
[07:08] <Mikalmt> sry
[07:08] <Mikalmt> working
[07:08] <BachLynn23> with someone, not as far
[07:09] <Black Wolf of blood> @Bachy, and if they've had 4000 years to train? *Winks*
[07:09] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[07:09] <GirlofDelusion> I mean, Nico was inexperienced
[07:09] <BachLynn23> xD
[07:09] <GirlofDelusion> and he shadow travelled between states
[07:09] <GirlofDelusion> with Percy
[07:09] <BachLynn23> yea I mean the further you go the more draining
[07:09] <GirlofDelusion> yeah he was fairly drained, though
[07:09] <BachLynn23> and as far as I recall, with someone the more draining
[07:10] <Nhlott> hmmm
[07:10] <Black Wolf of blood> I kinda imagine it like another muscle, which needs to be trained
[07:10] <GirlofDelusion> yeah with people it'd be even harder
[07:10] <BachLynn23> I've entirely lost track of what I've posted on who
[07:11] <Mikalmt> oposted Shady
[07:11] <GirlofDelusion> [[Nearby Town/Bookstore|Nearby_Town/Bookstore]]
[07:11] <GirlofDelusion> your turn
[07:12] <GirlofDelusion> Lottie, your post
[07:12] <GirlofDelusion> [[Lilith%27s Letter: Sydney Intersection?s=wl|Lilith's_Letter:_Sydney_Intersection?s=wl]]
[07:12] <Mikalmt> posted gyps
[07:13] <Nhlott> posted
[07:14] <Mikalmt> postED Bach
[07:15] <Mikalmt> o_O
[07:15] <Mikalmt> whoops
[07:15] <GypsyThief> Posted on le coffee shop, Mika
[07:15] <Mikalmt> yeah!
[07:15] <BachLynn23> posted a bunch
[07:15] <Mikalmt> *skips over to starbucks*
[07:16] <Mikalmt> 
[07:17] <BachLynn23> psoted mika
[07:17] <Mikalmt> kay...
[07:18] <Mikalmt> my internet is hating me...
[07:18] <Mikalmt> im innocent! x(
[07:19] <Mikalmt> posted Gyps
[07:19] <BachLynn23> that's what she said
[07:19] <ShadowGoddess> posted mika
[07:20] <Mikalmt> there's *counts* 5 shes (inlduding the bot)
[07:20] <Mikalmt> which she?
[07:20] <BachLynn23> all she's
[07:20] <BachLynn23> in all the lands
[07:20] <BachLynn23> of all the worlds
[07:20] <BachLynn23> in all the times
[07:20] <BachLynn23> ok I might be a bit tired
[07:20] <Mikalmt> :OOO
[07:20] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:21] <Nhlott> Del, you ever post on Encarna?
[07:21] <GirlofDelusion> posted Bach, ik that's kidna metagaming but after well over 400 years of experience with demigods and people of all kinds, surely she can single out someone with outstanding beauty and the smell of perfume 
[07:21] <Mikalmt> posted Bach
[07:21] <GirlofDelusion> I'm just about to Lott
[07:22] <BachLynn23> @del, that's ok, I gave you the opening for it
[07:22] <BachLynn23> and I posted
[07:22] <GirlofDelusion> omfg I must use this piccy for a dryad
[07:22] <BachLynn23> even if they hadn't met officially they've both been at camp long enough to recognise them by appearance
[07:22] <GirlofDelusion> http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=androgynous&order=9&offset=96#/d35eqer
[07:23] <GirlofDelusion> right
[07:23] <Mikalmt> :OO
[07:23] <Mikalmt> its so EPIC
[07:23] <Mikalmt> :D
[07:23] <GirlofDelusion> Yeah I just looked at the pic and I already have an idea
[07:24] <BachLynn23> looks like she was just about to pick her nose and missed
[07:24] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:24] <GirlofDelusion> instead of the typical girl into nymph when dead
[07:24] <Mikalmt> *nods8
[07:24] <Mikalmt> so cliche
[07:24] <GirlofDelusion> it's a transgender boy turn into numph
[07:24] <GirlofDelusion> nymph*
[07:24] <GirlofDelusion> when dead
[07:24] <Mikalmt> o_O
[07:24] <GirlofDelusion> just look at the face
[07:24] <GirlofDelusion> it's masculine
[07:25] <Mikalmt> *nods*
[07:25] <Mikalmt> i guess
[07:25] <BachLynn23> posted on rex
[07:25] <GirlofDelusion> hm, or maybe I make it priest into nymph
[07:26] <Mikalmt> 
[07:27] <GirlofDelusion> Serenity isn't a huntress?
[07:27] <GirlofDelusion> sweetness
[07:27] <GirlofDelusion> y u no tellie me Bacheh
[07:27] <BachLynn23> oops
[07:27] <BachLynn23> so much happens so far around here
[07:27] <BachLynn23> >.< I lost track
[07:27] <Mikalmt> posteD Shady
[07:28] <GirlofDelusion> Okay, Althea's gotta talk to her sometime
[07:28] <GirlofDelusion> y is she no in relationships as good ass friend
[07:28] <GirlofDelusion> *tear*
[07:28] <GirlofDelusion> Wow I'm hyper atm
[07:28] <GirlofDelusion> (bounce) (squeal) 
[07:29] <Mikalmt> o_O
[07:29] <Mikalmt> dats a first
[07:29] <GirlofDelusion> (squeal) (squeal) (squeal) (squeal) (squeal) (squeal) (squeal) (squeal) (squeal) (squeal) 
[07:29] <GirlofDelusion> You must not know me all that well Mik
[07:29] <Mikalmt> *pokes purple thingys*
[07:29] <Mikalmt> nope, not really :/
[07:29] <GirlofDelusion> DON'T TOUCH MEEE
[07:29] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles with Del*
[07:29] <GirlofDelusion> *snuggles with Bloodie
[07:29] <Mikalmt> i was talkn bout the purple bounchin thingys
[07:30] <BachLynn23> del, what's a good ass friend?
[07:31] <GirlofDelusion> idlk
[07:31] <GirlofDelusion> idrk*
[07:31] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:31] <GirlofDelusion> XD
[07:31] <GirlofDelusion> Just a good friend I guess
[07:31] <GirlofDelusion> I can imagine Althea be like
[07:31] <GirlofDelusion> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppp
[07:31] <GirlofDelusion> when she finds out
[07:31] <GirlofDelusion> O_O
[07:31] <BachLynn23> I'm determined to hit 40.000 before I go to bed
[07:31] <GirlofDelusion> O_O
[07:31] <GirlofDelusion> good luck with that?
[07:31] <BachLynn23> (woohoo) 
[07:32] <Mikalmt> o_O
[07:32] <BachLynn23> only 121 edits to go
[07:32] <Mikalmt> ugg...
[07:32] <Mikalmt> i hate my life....
[07:32] <Mikalmt> x(
[07:32] <Mikalmt> *sometimes
[07:32] <ShadowGoddess> (laugh)
[07:32] <GirlofDelusion> le posted Lott
[07:33] <ShadowGoddess> posted Mika
[07:33] <BachLynn23> posted on del
[07:33] <BachLynn23> I mean at del
[07:33] <Black Wolf of blood> That's... 129 contribs you need then Bachy
[07:33] <BachLynn23> and shadow
[07:33] <Black Wolf of blood> :P
[07:33] <BachLynn23> eh, I could do it in my sleep
[07:34] <GirlofDelusion> Lott, Skrillex is now godly on a whole 'nother level 
[07:34] <BachLynn23> no really I could, with AWB
[07:34] <Mikalmt> posted Bach
[07:34] <GirlofDelusion> he did reggae and dubstep together
[07:34] <GirlofDelusion> O_O
[07:35] <GirlofDelusion> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR_u9rvFKzE
[07:35] <Nhlott> he did wha?
[07:35] <GirlofDelusion> Yup
[07:35] <Nhlott> ah, I listened to this last weel
[07:35] <GirlofDelusion> with Damian Marley
[07:35] <Nhlott> I like it
[07:35] <GirlofDelusion> Bob Marley's son
[07:36] <GirlofDelusion> I LOVE it, it's sexy
[07:36] <GirlofDelusion> O_O
[07:36] <ShadowGoddess> posted bach
[07:37] <Nhlott> it's a'ight
[07:37] <GirlofDelusion> I mean, it coulda been better
[07:37] <GirlofDelusion> I'm pretty sure the drops were copied from some other song'a his
[07:37] <GirlofDelusion> song'a?
[07:37] <GirlofDelusion> O_O
[07:37] <GirlofDelusion> song 'o*
[07:38] <Nhlott> ok, another Shadow-Traveling qiestion
[07:38] <Nhlott> oh and posted, Del
[07:38] <BachLynn23> yes you can do it while youre fu....nm
[07:38] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:39] <GirlofDelusion> Oh Mercedes is Vic's sister?
[07:39] <GirlofDelusion> How did I never realise that?
[07:39] <GirlofDelusion> *stupid*
[07:39] <BachLynn23> @mika posted on the fields
[07:39] <Nhlott> If one were to have a picture of a location, and are told the location of the general vicinity, could you get there via Shadow Traveling?
[07:39] <Nhlott> Yes,yes she is
[07:39] <Silver Love> Hai
[07:39] <Black Wolf of blood> @Bach, you mean like I have a habit of having my charries doing? :P
[07:39] <BachLynn23> xD
[07:39] <GirlofDelusion> She's HOT
[07:39] <Mikalmt> chu post bach?
[07:39] <GirlofDelusion> js
[07:39] <Mikalmt> SILVER!!!
[07:39] <Mikalmt> *Tackle hugs*
[07:39] <BachLynn23> I may or may not have been thinking of your charies when I said that
[07:40] <BachLynn23> I will neither confirm nor deny
[07:40] <Silver Love> brb
[07:40] <BachLynn23> posted on the strawberry fields mika
[07:40] <Black Wolf of blood> Since you were involved in several of those rp's
[07:40] <Black Wolf of blood> I have a feeling you were
[07:40] <BachLynn23> >.<
[07:40] <BachLynn23> that's a safe feeling
[07:40] <GirlofDelusion> Silver, I thought you left?
[07:40] <Black Wolf of blood> *Has a habit of having his charries shadow travel while either kissing, hugging or.... nm*
[07:40] <GirlofDelusion> oh 
[07:40] <GirlofDelusion> they left the chat
[07:40] <GirlofDelusion> not entered
[07:40] <GirlofDelusion> O_O
[07:40] <GirlofDelusion> is she back or sth
[07:41] <ShadowGoddess> O.O
[07:41] <BachLynn23> posted on rex
[07:41] <Nhlott> ......no one answered my question....
[07:41] <Mikalmt> shess bbaacckk
[07:41] <ShadowGoddess> what was it?
[07:41] <BachLynn23> yes
[07:41] <Black Wolf of blood> I think they could Lott
[07:41] <GirlofDelusion> I'm pondering it Lott
[07:41] <Black Wolf of blood> They'd have to know approximately where there would be shadow though (I think)
[07:41] <GirlofDelusion> I mean, generally I think not 
[07:41] <GirlofDelusion> could you fly a plane somewhere from a picture?
[07:42] <Nhlott> planes are SO supernatural
[07:42] <GirlofDelusion> Still, they're transportation
[07:42] <Mikalmt> posted bach
[07:42] <GirlofDelusion> and so is shadow travel
[07:42] <Nhlott> that's a horrible comparison
[07:43] <Nhlott> as you don't steer shadow travel
[07:43] <GirlofDelusion> I can compare it with any means of transportation
[07:43] <GirlofDelusion> even walking
[07:43] <GirlofDelusion> it's still the same
[07:43] <Nhlott> not aptly, you can't
[07:43] <ShadowGoddess> posted bach
[07:43] <GirlofDelusion> That's pretty much saying you couldn't compare to anything
[07:44] <Black Wolf of blood> With shadow travel you (in my mind) only need a clear picture in your mind of your destination
[07:44] <Black Wolf of blood> I usually think of it as something equal to "Jumping" from Jumper
[07:44] <GirlofDelusion> okay, let's compare it to something supernatural
[07:44] <GirlofDelusion> have you ever heard of someone teleporting somewhere from a picture
[07:44] <GirlofDelusion> or flying?
[07:44] <Nhlott> No, i'm sayin you're using the basis of navigation and steering, neither of which are factors in shadow travel
[07:45] <Nhlott> Yes, I have, hence the question of it being applicable here
[07:46] <GirlofDelusion> well as far as I remember
[07:46] <Nhlott> If I didn't think it was plausible based on something I've seen before, I wouldn't have asked
[07:46] <GirlofDelusion> it was said that it's unlike apparition, you have to run to get from place to place
[07:46] <ShadowGoddess> btw posted bach
[07:46] <GirlofDelusion> well not that it's unlike apparition
[07:46] <GirlofDelusion> but
[07:46] <GirlofDelusion> Mrs. O'Leary and Nico
[07:46] <GirlofDelusion> ran
[07:47] <GirlofDelusion> into the sahdows
[07:47] <GirlofDelusion> and came out running
[07:47] <GirlofDelusion> in the books
[07:47] <GirlofDelusion> shadows*
[07:47] <BachLynn23> like a worm hole
[07:47] <ShadowGoddess> or a portal
[07:47] <GirlofDelusion> wait, that'd make Bloodie's shadow travel thing not as an option
[07:47] <GirlofDelusion> then again
[07:48] <GirlofDelusion> Hades forced shadow travel on nico in sword of hades
[07:48] <GirlofDelusion> idk what to say then
[07:48] <BachLynn23> I'm not sure it entirely matters, as it won't ever really matter in the lines of being OP or anything
[07:48] <GirlofDelusion> true
[07:48] <GirlofDelusion> hmm Lottie just go for it, you can't know with magic
[07:49] <GirlofDelusion> nor anything supernatural
[07:51] <GypsyThief> brb
[07:51] <Mikalmt> Gyps!
[07:51] <Mikalmt> Gale and Coffee!
[07:51] <Mikalmt> Silver!! wbbles
[07:51] <GirlofDelusion> Bloodie I'm seriously considering on bailing on everyone in Belfast and leaving to somewhere else
[07:51] <Silver Love> Danke
[07:51] <GirlofDelusion> people have done it 
[07:52] <GirlofDelusion> and the others aren't really active
[07:52] <Silver Love> Mika!! *tackle hugs*
[07:52] <BachLynn23> lottie and I did it, we just started posting on our own section
[07:53] <ShadowGoddess> Mika PM
[07:54] <GirlofDelusion> Yeah I saw when reading on Tamarits, whatsherface
[07:54] <GirlofDelusion> some odd name I know is a tree
[07:54] <GirlofDelusion> O_O
[07:54] <Silver Love> Mika pm about the family thing
[07:54] <GirlofDelusion> Tamarisk
[07:54] <GirlofDelusion> yeah
[07:54] <Mikalmt> yesh!
[07:54] <Mikalmt> did chu see le blog
[07:55] <Silver Love> yesh!
[07:55] <Silver Love> 
[07:55] <Black Wolf of blood> @Del, you mean only you, or you and I?
[07:55] <GirlofDelusion> you and I
[07:55] <Black Wolf of blood> Sounds fun then
[07:55] <GirlofDelusion> alone would be no fun
[07:55] <Black Wolf of blood> I can imagine
[07:55] <Silver Love> brb
[07:56] <Black Wolf of blood> Is it permitted?
[07:57] <GirlofDelusion> yep, even alone'
[07:57] <GirlofDelusion> is allowed
[07:57] <GirlofDelusion> Flame is near cancellation of LL due to inactivity
[07:57] <Mikalmt> posted Bach
[07:57] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm up for it if you are
[07:57] <GirlofDelusion> from what I understood
[07:57] <GirlofDelusion> I am
[07:57] <Nhlott> posted again, Del?
[07:57] <GirlofDelusion> lemme just finish in the vents
[07:57] <GirlofDelusion> crap didn't press post
[07:57] <Silver Love> Mika pm the family I need ask chu something about it
[07:58] <Silver Love> brb
[07:58] <Mikalmt> k
[07:58] <GirlofDelusion> done
[08:00] <Black Wolf of blood> That's what I dislike about quests
[08:00] <Black Wolf of blood> All the quests I've been on has ended with someone being inactive, leaving, etc etc
[08:00] <GirlofDelusion> Really, as for that, I have no idea how to solve that
[08:01] <GirlofDelusion> The only quest I led thus far aside from my active one
[08:01] <GirlofDelusion> was pulled
[08:01] <GirlofDelusion> due to inactivity
[08:01] <GirlofDelusion> it was a really great one too
[08:01] <GirlofDelusion> =[
[08:01] <Black Wolf of blood> *Shrugs* I might just make a quest with people like Bach, Lott, you
[08:01] <GirlofDelusion> It was one of those quests actually
[08:01] <Black Wolf of blood> Because I just don't trust anyone else (but Bloom) not to go inactive
[08:01] <GirlofDelusion> it's mostly my fault
[08:01] <GirlofDelusion> I was inactive
[08:02] <GirlofDelusion> but I'm done with disappearing as of now
[08:02] <Black Wolf of blood> That's good
[08:02] <Black Wolf of blood> Then I just need an idea for the quest
[08:03] <Mikalmt> oooh!
[08:03] <Mikalmt> can i join if u do!
[08:03] <Mikalmt> *?
[08:03] <GirlofDelusion> I still have an idea I never used
[08:03] <Black Wolf of blood> Perhaps Mik
[08:04] <Mikalmt> *victory dance*
[08:04] <GypsyThief> Back
[08:04] <Mikalmt> *pushes Gyps to Starbucks and Gale*
[08:04] <Mikalmt> i gtg for like a week again i think :/
[08:04] <GypsyThief> That sucks, and I'll post in a minute, kinda busy
[08:04] <Mikalmt> sowwy :?
[08:05] <Mikalmt> *:?
[08:05] <Mikalmt> *:/
[08:05] <GirlofDelusion> XD
[08:05] <GirlofDelusion> g'job Bach
[08:05] <GirlofDelusion> umm you have a badge for the 30,000?
[08:05] <GirlofDelusion> I'm willing to make it and the 40,000
[08:05] <GirlofDelusion> er, eventually
[08:05] <GirlofDelusion> I have a shit ton of work to do
[08:06] <GirlofDelusion> revamp 9 char page
[08:06] <GirlofDelusion> s
[08:06] <GirlofDelusion> write up 2 new chars
[08:06] <BachLynn23> actually ruby made the 40000 one 
[08:06] <GirlofDelusion> and then write up histories for charrie contest
[08:06] <BachLynn23> jake said he'd make the 30000 one
[08:06] <BachLynn23> but he hasn't
[08:06] <GirlofDelusion> and historical demigod
[08:06] <GirlofDelusion> and aside from that I want to get Charmed published fast
[08:07] <Black Wolf of blood> I withdrew from the historical one
[08:07] <Mikalmt> hai Issey!
[08:07] <Silver Love> Hiya Issey
[08:07] <Issey3789> Hey Guys
[08:08] <Issey3789> Is my character okay
[08:08] <Issey3789> ?
[08:08] <GypsyThief> Posted on Gale, Mika
[08:08] <Mikalmt> gtg soon for guitar class...
[08:08] <Mikalmt> post quick pwease?
[08:08] <Mikalmt> :3
[08:09] <GypsyThief> Ooooh you play guitar? 
[08:09] <Issey3789> Is my character okay?
[08:09] <Mikalmt> *strums guitar*
[08:09] <Mikalmt> yesh
[08:09] <GypsyThief> Same :D
[08:09] <GypsyThief> What kind of guitar do you have>?
[08:09] <Mikalmt> accoustic
[08:09] <Mikalmt> coffee shoopppp lah
[08:10] <GypsyThief> Sweet, and going to post now... 
[08:10] <Nhlott> Withdrew from Phobos
[08:10] <Nhlott> *should delete it*
[08:10] <Mikalmt> danke!
[08:10] <Mikalmt> wait
[08:10] <Mikalmt> is anyone on the Character Contest 9bday one0
[08:10] <Issey3789> What's wrong Nhlott?
[08:10] <Issey3789> What should you delete?
[08:11] <GirlofDelusion> Lott, how are things going on CJ?
[08:12] <Nhlott> Apparently HoR's up for demotion
[08:12] <GypsyThief> Posted Mika
[08:12] <Mikalmt> danke!
[08:12] <Nhlott> and we're tryin to get Amazons off the ground as well as events like the Feast of Fortuna 
[08:13] <Issey3789> When's the feast again?
[08:13] <BachLynn23> yea he was inactive a week longer than he planned, 2 weeks instead of 1
[08:13] <BachLynn23> but according to hor other users have been inactive that long as well so who knows
[08:14] <Nhlott> which is truw
[08:14] <BachLynn23> yea not sure why they are all gung ho about it if it's more than just him
[08:14] <Nhlott> though sadly I think ppl changed their votes for his demotion based on him basically saying he'll take all his coding with him
[08:15] <Mikalmt> just copy it :P
[08:15] <Mikalmt> and change the colors
[08:15] <Issey3789> Does anybody know a good song to listen to?
[08:15] <Mikalmt> :D
[08:15] <Mikalmt> The FRAY!
[08:15] <Mikalmt> Rainy Zurich
[08:15] <Mikalmt> *looks at iTunes*
[08:16] <GypsyThief> Depends what you consider good xP
[08:16] <Mikalmt> posted Bach
[08:16] <Issey3789> One direction.
[08:16] <Mikalmt> Up All Night's catchy
[08:16] <Issey3789> I consider that good.
[08:16] <Mikalmt> the song
[08:16] <Nhlott> Then I can't help ya 
[08:17] <GypsyThief> ^
[08:17] <Issey3789> I should've kissed you's better.
[08:17] <Silver Love> afk
[08:17] <GypsyThief> Although, I must admit, Louis from 1D is soooooo hot xD
[08:17] <Silver Love> well semi-afk
[08:18] <Mikalmt> Gyps!11
[08:18] <Issey3789> Has anybody heard 'Another World'?
[08:18] <GirlofDelusion> would it be odd to call a tree nymph
[08:18] <GirlofDelusion> 'ash'?
[08:18] <Mikalmt> Ask him out :P
[08:18] <Issey3789> Sounds like pokemon.
[08:18] <Mikalmt> posted Gyps
[08:18] <Mikalmt> on Coffee
[08:18] <Black Wolf of blood> I don't think so Del
[08:19] <Black Wolf of blood> But it's more of a guy's name imo
[08:19] <GirlofDelusion> why, 'cause of pokemon?
[08:19] <Mikalmt> its a trans guy
[08:19] <Black Wolf of blood> Not really
[08:19] <GirlofDelusion> Well, was trans
[08:19] <GirlofDelusion> is now physically female
[08:19] <Black Wolf of blood> I just think it sounds like a guy's name
[08:19] <Issey3789> 'Ash' sounds like a name fit for a hellhound.
[08:20] <Issey3789> don't know why
[08:20] <Issey3789> maybe it's because of all the black.
[08:20] <Mikalmt> posted on Gale gyps
[08:20] <Mikalmt> smiggy!
[08:20] <Mikalmt> wibbles!
[08:20] <Mikalmt> i gtg though....
[08:20] <Issey3789> Yo! Miggy!
[08:21] <Issey3789> How are you?
[08:22] <GirlofDelusion> posted on bookstore wifey
[08:22] <GypsyThief> Huh, ask who out?
[08:22] <Issey3789> *Can't find good conversation*
[08:23] <Issey3789> Bye
[08:25] <Black Wolf of blood> *Can't decide if he wants to snuggle with Del or Gyps...*
[08:25] <GypsyThief> Hey Mass
[08:25] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Mass
[08:25] <GypsyThief> What a dilemma Bloody xP
[08:26] <Black Wolf of blood> I know right?
[08:26] <Black Wolf of blood> *Still can't decide*
[08:27] <BachLynn23> *steals gyps and del and snuggles with both of them*
[08:27] <BachLynn23> XP
[08:27] <Black Wolf of blood> d:
[08:27] <Black Wolf of blood> *D:
[08:27] <BachLynn23> you snooze you lose
[08:27] <GirlofDelusion> Wifey, you can let Bloodie share Gyps... *winks playfully*
[08:27] <BachLynn23> XP
[08:27] <BachLynn23> awwwww ok
[08:28] <BachLynn23> *let's bloodie have gyps*
[08:28] <Black Wolf of blood> *Steals Del as well and snuggles with both*
[08:28] <GypsyThief> Isn't Gyps supposed to have a say ? xP
[08:28] <Black Wolf of blood> No
[08:28] <GirlofDelusion> *smirks and runs her finger along Bach's lips*
[08:28] <GirlofDelusion> *runs away from Blood and attaches herself to wifey*
[08:28] <GirlofDelusion> nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[08:29] <Black Wolf of blood> Hm...
[08:29] <Black Wolf of blood> *Kisses Gyps' cheek
[08:29] <Black Wolf of blood> *
[08:29] <BachLynn23> xD so much snuggling going on
[08:29] <GypsyThief> *Snuggles closer to Bloodeh*
[08:29] <GirlofDelusion> I'ma tell Bloom-eh
[08:29] <GypsyThief> Ikr?
[08:29] <Black Wolf of blood> *Shrugs* A friendly "kiss" on the cheek isn't really anything
[08:29] <BachLynn23> I'm in a race to get 65 edits before I go to bed
[08:29] <GirlofDelusion> I know I was messin'
[08:30] <Black Wolf of blood> *Snuggles closer to Gyps* I know Del
[08:30] <GirlofDelusion> post on [[Nearby Town/Bookstore|Nearby_Town/Bookstore]], [[Lilith%27s Letter: Sydney Intersection#Intersection|Lilith's_Letter:_Sydney_Intersection#Intersection]]:
[08:30] <GirlofDelusion> and after I do on
[08:30] <Nhlott> FINALLY FINISHED!!
[08:30] <GirlofDelusion> [[The Quest for the Matriarch%2527s Freedom|The Quest for the Matriarch's Freedom]]
[08:30] <GirlofDelusion> and you can get some
[08:30] <GypsyThief> Finished what? 
[08:31] <GirlofDelusion> Finally finished with?
[08:31] <GypsyThief> And congrats :P
[08:31] <Nhlott> My Aphro entryu
[08:31] <GirlofDelusion> Damn I still need to do my new admin blog
[08:31] <GypsyThief> Good job Lottie
[08:31] <Black Wolf of blood> YAY! *Dances* Now I have more competition
[08:31] <GirlofDelusion> Wait, now I realized
[08:31] <GirlofDelusion> now that I'm finally admin
[08:32] <GirlofDelusion> I can have a BC lt spot
[08:32] <GirlofDelusion> correct?
[08:32] <Nhlott> *Collapses*
[08:32] <BachLynn23> I lost track of all that stuff tbh
[08:33] <GirlofDelusion> Hopefully, now there'll be reason to remain on track
[08:33] <GirlofDelusion> *ponders about what to do first*
[08:33] <GirlofDelusion> okay, first my le bloggio
[08:33] <GirlofDelusion> then charrie contests
[08:35] <GirlofDelusion> Bachiekinz did I tell you that I found a loophole in dA watermarks
[08:35] <GirlofDelusion> ?
[08:35] <Mass Destroyer> Hi Guys
[08:35] <GirlofDelusion> for example, http://sakimichan.deviantart.com/art/Tree-Light-193865475
[08:35] <GirlofDelusion> click on buy print
[08:35] <GirlofDelusion> drag the image into a new tab
[08:35] <GirlofDelusion> viola
[08:36] <GirlofDelusion> though it only works with things available as prints, most are
[08:36] <Nhlott> And with this, I must rest
[08:36] <Nhlott> 'night all
[08:37] <GypsyThief> 'Night Lottie
[08:37] <GirlofDelusion> nighty night
[08:37] <Nhlott> nighty night
[08:37] <Nhlott> *hugs*
[08:37] <Mass Destroyer> Night Lott
[08:37] <Nhlott> shit, I get up in 4 hours 
[08:37] <GypsyThief> *hugs*
[08:40] <Nhlott> I forgot something, but jut forgot what
[08:40] <Nhlott> eh, f*ck it
[08:40] <GirlofDelusion> It always happen to me
[08:40] <GirlofDelusion> =X
[08:41] <GirlofDelusion> happens*
[08:43] <GirlofDelusion> le brb
[08:46] <ShadowGoddess> i g2g bye guys
[08:47] <Black Wolf of blood> lag check
[08:47] <BachLynn23> pass
[08:48] <GypsyThief> No, fail xP
[08:48] <BachLynn23> both
[08:48] <BachLynn23> pass and fail
[08:48] <Black Wolf of blood> *Goes to delete comments on Zeus' Cabin*
[08:49] <BachLynn23> do I want to know?
[08:49] <Black Wolf of blood> *And snuggles closer to Gyps*
[08:49] <Black Wolf of blood> It's just archiving Bachy
[08:50] <BachLynn23> OH >.<
[08:51] <BachLynn23> Only 36 edits to go
[08:51] <Black Wolf of blood> I copied it into a text document
[08:51] <Black Wolf of blood> I'll just put it on the archive when I have time
[08:58] <GypsyThief> .
[08:58] <BachLynn23> 17 edits to go
[08:59] <GypsyThief> Oooh good job Bach
[09:01] <Mass Destroyer> 17 edits until what Bach?
[09:02] <Cosmiggy> Hey guys!
[09:03] <BachLynn23> hi
[09:03] <Mass Destroyer> Hi Miggy
[09:04] <Cosmiggy> Bachie: I need help. Before, when I was searching something in the searchbox it goes directly to the page. Now, whenever I search in the searchbox it goes to the Search Results page and then it can;t find the page. I need try a few times before it appears.
[09:05] <BachLynn23> I think wikia did something
[09:05] <BachLynn23> cuz I"ve noticed that too
[09:05] <BachLynn23> I've
[09:06] <Cosmiggy> ohh....I thought I am the only one.
[09:06] <BachLynn23> yay only 7 more edits to go
[09:10] <BachLynn23> ONLY ONE MORE EDIT
[09:11] <BachLynn23> (squeal) 
[09:11] <GypsyThief> Oooh cool xD
[09:13] <BachLynn23> YAYAYAYA
[09:13] <BachLynn23> 40,001
[09:15] <Mass Destroyer> Guys?What is a blog?
[09:15] <Cosmiggy> Congrats Bachy! (bounce) 
[09:16] <GypsyThief> ^
[09:17] <Black Wolf of blood> Congratulations Bachy *glompz Bachy*
[09:17] <Black Wolf of blood> I'm semi-afk btw
[09:18] <BachLynn23> k
[09:18] <BachLynn23> (squeal) 
[09:18] <BachLynn23> (woohoo) 
[09:18] <BachLynn23> (joy) 
[09:18] <Black Wolf of blood> Can I give you the badge? 
[09:18] <Black Wolf of blood> No, wait, Ruby made it
[09:19] <Black Wolf of blood> She should give it to you
[09:19] <BachLynn23> [[File:2012-04-27 0514.png|File:2012-04-27_0514.png]]
[09:20] <BachLynn23> now I can go to bed
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> Night Bachy
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hug*
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> **hugs*
[09:21] <BachLynn23> night night (squeeze) 
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> I have to go eat lunch anyway
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> Cya
[09:21] <Black Wolf of blood> *Hugs Gyps, Bachy and Del*
[06:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O.O
[06:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O.O
[06:22] <LoveCatsOwls> 0.o
[06:22] <Mikalmt> Lets make them do it
[06:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :D
[06:22] <Mikalmt> In romeo's cabin!
[06:22] <Mikalmt> :D
[06:22] <Mikalmt> And it gets smexier
[06:22] <Mikalmt> :3
[06:23] <Mikalmt> ;3
[06:23] <Mikalmt> U know wat i mean
[06:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yeah ;P
[06:23] <Mikalmt> Onggg
[06:23] <Mikalmt> Im a genius!
[06:23] <Mikalmt> :D
[06:23] <Mikalmt> Abd u to wonder
[06:23] <Mikalmt> :P
[06:23] <Mikalmt> Hai bach
[06:23] <Mikalmt> *hugs*
[06:23] <BachLynn23> hi *hugs*
[06:23] <LoveCatsOwls> BACHHIIE!
[06:23] <Mikalmt> Ooh
[06:24] <BachLynn23> CATSIE
[06:24] <LoveCatsOwls> Haiz
[06:24] <Mikalmt> Is rex still single?
[06:24] <Mikalmt> :D
[06:24] <BachLynn23> of course he is
[06:24] <BachLynn23> he's a flirt
[06:24] <Mikalmt> *looks at characters*
[06:24] <Mikalmt> I forgot
[06:24] <Mikalmt> Mu charries
[06:24] <Mikalmt> O_o
[06:24] <LoveCatsOwls> *wants Tabby to go with Rex*
[06:24] <BachLynn23> that's why I have this [[User:BachLynn23/My Characters#My Characters|User:BachLynn23/My_Characters#My_Characters]]
[06:25] <Mikalmt> I do to
[06:25] <Mikalmt> Its 
[06:25] <Mikalmt> :P
[06:25] <Mikalmt> Im not sure where to put Arianna...
[06:25] <Mikalmt> So msny dudes...
[06:25] <Mikalmt> x\
[06:25] <Mikalmt> ill go with Louis
[06:25] <Mikalmt> I ish drunnnkkkish
[06:26] <Mikalmt> Cuz i tired
[06:26] <Mikalmt> So, ignore me
[06:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O_O Holy shit you have a lot of major charries bach
[06:26] <Mikalmt> Or youll lose ur sanity
[06:26] <BachLynn23> I gave up 3 bc spots, got 1 for being here a year, won one in a contest and was given one
[06:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Chu can give charrie spots?
[06:27] <BachLynn23> http://images.wikia.com/camphalfbloodroleplay/images/f/f4/2012-04-27_0514.png
[06:27] <BachLynn23> ^for anyone who hasn't seen yet >.<
[06:27] <Mikalmt> Wt, kiss, then twister?
[06:27] <BachLynn23> @WT yea
[06:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[06:27] <BachLynn23> to an extent
[06:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Mika Ja :P
[06:27] <BachLynn23> you can't go around and get 30 that way
[06:27] <Mikalmt> Kay
[06:27] <BachLynn23> but a couple is fine
[06:27] <BachLynn23> but that means another user giving up one
[06:27] <Mikalmt> Srsly?
[06:27] <Mikalmt> Oh, bach
[06:28] <Mikalmt> Cab i give up 3 bc spots?
[06:28] <BachLynn23> yep
[06:28] <Mikalmt> Ooh, did my claimin test go bad?
[06:29] <Mikalmt> :/
[06:29] <BachLynn23> did it?
[06:29] <BachLynn23> did I test you?
[06:29] <BachLynn23> O.O *can't remember*
[06:29] <Mikalmt> I pmd u
[06:29] <Mikalmt> And u never replied
[06:29] <BachLynn23> crap, what did I say back?
[06:29] <BachLynn23> crap I musta been poofy
[06:29] <Mikalmt> Nothinh
[06:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O_O *just heard a song called Phone Sexx*
[06:29] <ShadowGoddess> hey pplz
[06:29] <BachLynn23> ummmm do you remember what you said?
[06:29] <Mikalmt> Hai
[06:29] <Mikalmt> Err
[06:29] <BachLynn23> sorry my husband is working nights now, so my sleep schedule is all effed up
[06:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Blood
[06:30] <BachLynn23> so my brain's like
[06:30] <BachLynn23> fried
[06:30] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Wonder
[06:30] <Mikalmt> Offerings =/= Claiming
[06:30] <Mikalmt> Ummm
[06:30] <BachLynn23> how about this, I trust you, go ahead, and if I see something that I don't like
[06:30] <BachLynn23> or you miss something
[06:30] <BachLynn23> then you'll learn that way
[06:30] <Mikalmt> Yeaaaa!
[06:30] <Mikalmt> Only comments?
[06:30] <Mikalmt> Right?
[06:31] <Mikalmt> Hau wolf
[06:31] <Mikalmt> *Hai
[06:31] <BachLynn23> only comments
[06:31] <Mikalmt> Kaykay
[06:31] <BachLynn23> but you can accept pet claims if you'd like
[06:31] <BachLynn23> pet claims are easy
[06:31] <Mikalmt> Dankeee :)
[06:31] <Mikalmt> *hugs*
[06:31] <BachLynn23> pretty much as long as it's not as big as a house, or has massively odd powers
[06:31] <BachLynn23> *hugs*
[06:32] <BachLynn23> sadly the only reason we have pet claiming is cuz of the number of users who wanted dragons and shit
[06:32] <Mikalmt> Now obto naked twister rp... :P
[06:32] <Mikalmt> So
[06:32] <Mikalmt> If theyre like
[06:32] <Black Wolf of blood> *Considers making a nymph as a pet claim* :P
[06:32] <Mikalmt> Simple birds
[06:32] <BachLynn23> like animals can't talk
[06:32] <Mikalmt> Or dogs
[06:32] <BachLynn23> it shouldn't be bigger than a pegasus or gryphon
[06:32] <Mikalmt> Can i just skip it?
[06:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> -_- legandary_sky is still trying to get 5 kittens
[06:32] <Mikalmt> xD
[06:32] <BachLynn23> and it shouldn't have OP powers
[06:32] <BachLynn23> or really any powers
[06:32] <BachLynn23> beyond maybe
[06:32] <BachLynn23> like a telepathic link
[06:32] <BachLynn23> between the owner
[06:33] <BachLynn23> or if fast
[06:33] <BachLynn23> or smells monsters
[06:33] <BachLynn23> basic stuff
[06:33] <Mikalmt> So can i skip pet claims for boring, simple pets?
[06:33] <BachLynn23> you can just approve
[06:33] <Mikalmt> Like a simple parakeet?
[06:33] <BachLynn23> yep, simple approval
[06:33] <Mikalmt> No powers
[06:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Can you have a pet monkey?
[06:33] <BachLynn23> if it's not simple, than you have to question it
[06:33] <Black Wolf of blood> Arty! *Glompz*
[06:33] <BachLynn23> depends on what kind of monkey
[06:33] <BachLynn23> and you have to explain how you feed/care for it
[06:33] <BachLynn23> where it stays
[06:34] <Mikalmt> 
[06:34] <Black Wolf of blood> Bloomy! *Glompz*
[06:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> BLOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[06:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *gets off*
[06:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[06:34] <Mikalmt> Hai Bwoom
[06:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> Bloody! *glompzed*
[06:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> WONDER!! *tackle glompzed*
[06:34] <LoveCatsOwls> I gtg
[06:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> bloom*
[06:34] <BloomOfFairyTail> cya cats
[06:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Byez Cats
[06:35] <Legend1eel> cya cats
[06:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Bach How many cats could a demigod have max?
[06:35] <BachLynn23> O.O ummmm
[06:35] <BachLynn23> idk, 3?
[06:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 'Cause legandary_sky put a claim in for 5 kittens
[06:35] <BachLynn23> I mean you have to be able to feed them
[06:36] <BachLynn23> and everyone has pets
[06:36] <BachLynn23> so 5 is a bit much
[06:36] <BachLynn23> hell if every charie had 5 pets, there would be no room for demigods at camp
[06:36] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[06:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> The charrie shares 2 with another camper
[06:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[06:36] <Mikalmt> Posted Wt
[06:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> k
[06:37] <Mikalmt> Twister time!!!
[06:37] <Mikalmt> 
[06:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :D
[06:38] <Mikalmt> *noms hershey bar*
[06:38] <Mikalmt> Crap
[06:38] <Mikalmt> 30 hr famine
[06:38] <Mikalmt> :;(
[06:38] <BachLynn23> @shadow I posted on the rex rp
[06:38] <Mikalmt> *throws away choco bar*
[06:38] <BachLynn23> when did it start?
[06:38] <Mikalmt> *gives his secret sash to Bach and WT*
[06:38] <Mikalmt> 1 Pm today
[06:39] <Mikalmt> Im actually...
[06:39] <BachLynn23> good luck with that
[06:39] <Mikalmt> Not hungry
[06:39] <BachLynn23> you can drink though right?
[06:39] <Mikalmt> But hyper :DDD
[06:39] <BachLynn23> *stupid question*
[06:39] <Mikalmt> yup
[06:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *noms chocolate bars*
[06:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Drink soup
[06:39] <Mikalmt> I drank like1000000 juicr boxwa
[06:39] <Mikalmt> Tgat counts
[06:39] <Mikalmt> That
[06:39] <BachLynn23> you are going to be pissing for days
[06:39] <BachLynn23> >.<
[06:39] <Mikalmt> Boxes
[06:40] <Mikalmt> I lrdy did thrice
[06:40] <Mikalmt> :/
[06:40] <BachLynn23> whatever you do, do NOT drink that much apple juice
[06:40] <Mikalmt> Y?
[06:40] <BachLynn23> or you'll have more problems than just your bladder
[06:40] <BachLynn23> apples make you
[06:40] <BachLynn23> go the other
[06:40] <BachLynn23> without being too gross
[06:40] <BachLynn23> but it's not fun
[06:40] <Mikalmt> ...i drank 50000 apple juice boxes
[06:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted Mika
[06:40] <Mikalmt> x(
[06:40] <BachLynn23> put it this way, apples nature's natural exlax
[06:41] <BachLynn23> *apples are
[06:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Naked twister
[06:41] <Mikalmt> Wr....
[06:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ?
[06:41] <Mikalmt> My friend iz freakshly uncomfortable now....
[06:42] <Mikalmt> xP
[06:42] <Mikalmt> *uses other shirtless friend as pillow*
[06:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Ask him/her/it if he/she/it wants to join in :D
[06:42] <BachLynn23> strip twister is funner
[06:42] <BachLynn23> you start out with more clothes
[06:42] <Mikalmt> join what?
[06:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idk XP
[06:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm mind drunk today
[06:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> on mind wine
[06:43] <Mikalmt> :P
[06:43] <Mikalmt> Omggg
[06:43] <Mikalmt> *drools*
[06:44] <Mikalmt> Phil and Rimeo <3 <3
[06:44] <Mikalmt> Shooo cuterre!
[06:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Romeo*
[06:44] <Mikalmt> Crap
[06:45] <Mikalmt> Im a tad insNe
[06:45] <Mikalmt> From the fact
[06:45] <Mikalmt> Of NO BREAKFAST OR LUNCH
[06:45] <Mikalmt> x(
[06:45] <Mikalmt> *chews juice box*
[06:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Eat paper mika
[06:48] <Mikalmt> *eats itouch*
[06:48] <Mikalmt> *chews on something random*
[06:48] <Mikalmt> Ewwww
[06:48] <Mikalmt> Its underwear
[06:48] <Mikalmt> X(
[06:48] <Mikalmt> I posted btw
[06:49] <StarbucksChick> *throws a partyy*
[06:49] <StarbucksChick> *party
[06:49] <Mikalmt> Yeshhhh!
[06:50] <Mikalmt> *snuggles with nickeh*
[06:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted Mika
[06:50] <StarbucksChick> *snuggles back* *has thirty-TWO followers on tumlbr*
[06:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3999932
[06:51] <Comiclove> *on a bit earlier then usual*
[06:51] <StarbucksChick> haiiiii dad
[06:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Comic
[06:51] <Comiclove> Walked home :P
[06:51] <Comiclove> heyo
[06:51] <Comiclove> Oh F*ck
[06:51] <ShadowGoddess> Elloz dad
[06:51] <Comiclove> forgot to call my sis and carpooler o_o
[06:51] <Mikalmt> Hai Comicccc
[06:51] <ShadowGoddess> O.O
[06:51] <Mikalmt> *tackle hugs*
[06:52] <Comiclove> wait
[06:52] <Mikalmt> Gueesss whhaaatt???
[06:52] <Comiclove> shadow's my chat daughter?
[06:52] <Comiclove> o.o
[06:52] <Comiclove> and wut?
[06:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3995413
[06:52] <ShadowGoddess> yes...i am
[06:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Shady is jas' daughter I think o.o
[06:52] <ShadowGoddess> yup
[06:52] <Comiclove> oh
[06:52] <Comiclove> cool
[06:52] <Mikalmt> ...so bad attitude
[06:52] <Mikalmt> >:/
[06:52] <Mikalmt> Brb
[06:53] <Comiclove> ?
[06:53] <Comiclove> ?
[06:53] <StarbucksChick> shad is my sis now? o.o
[06:53] <Comiclove> :P
[06:53] <StarbucksChick> *glares at comi* when did that happen?
[06:53] <Comiclove> sorry
[06:53] <Comiclove> and well, I divorced flock and married jas :
[06:53] <Comiclove> :P*
[06:54] <Mikalmt> :OO
[06:54] <Mikalmt> Jass
[06:54] <Mikalmt> As
[06:54] <ShadowGoddess> *punches Mika in the shoulder* You scared him away!
[06:54] <Comiclove> Right here
[06:54] <Comiclove> and mika, scary?
[06:54] <Comiclove> Pfft
[06:54] <Comiclove> Not possible
[06:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3992352 O_O *noms 'em all*
[06:55] <ShadowGoddess> yeah, I know just wanted to punch MIka
[06:55] <StarbucksChick> oh well *hugs shad* welcome to the family!
[06:55] <ShadowGoddess> cool
[06:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> My friend and I could've been passed off as drunk today >.>
[06:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> We were soooo giddy
[06:55] <StarbucksChick> *laughs* Mika? Scary? Are you mad people?
[06:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> and laughed at everything
[06:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> then we fell into a bucket
[06:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Worst idea ever
[06:56] <StarbucksChick> XD
[06:56] <Comiclove> XD
[06:57] <Comiclove> *is now texting his mom*
[06:57] <Mikalmt> Me?
[06:57] <Comiclove> I'm too scared to call her XD
[06:57] <Mikalmt> Scarrryyy???
[06:57] <Comiclove> ikr?
[06:57] <Mikalmt> Whaaaaaat?
[06:57] <Comiclove> so F*cking not true
[06:57] <Mikalmt> o_o
[06:57] <Mikalmt> In sho wuvvable
[06:57] <Mikalmt> :3
[06:57] <Mikalmt> Right?
[06:58] <Mikalmt> Anyone?
[06:58] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#4000166 <---- So true...
[06:58] <Mikalmt> Who said i was scary
[06:58] <Mikalmt> Poated Wt
[06:58] <Mikalmt> ?
[06:58] <Comiclove> So true, Blood
[06:58] <Mikalmt> Posted
[06:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3997934
[06:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *wants that machine in her house*
[06:59] <Comiclove> o_O
[06:59] <Comiclove> _o
[06:59] <Comiclove> o_O_o
[06:59] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#4000166 *Wants that film*
[06:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted Mika
[06:59] <Mikalmt> Wait
[06:59] <Mikalmt> Who sai i was scary?
[06:59] <Mikalmt> Sesly, who?
[07:00] <ShadowGoddess> rp anyone?
[07:00] <Mikalmt> *gasps*
[07:00] <Mikalmt> Was it chu shady?
[07:00] <ShadowGoddess> no....
[07:00] <Mikalmt> Oh
[07:00] <Mikalmt> Nvm
[07:00] <BloomOfFairyTail> *yawns* I'm going to get something to eat, afk for some time
[07:01] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3993428
[07:01] <Black Wolf of blood> 'kay love
[07:01] <Black Wolf of blood> *Kisses Bloom's cheek*
[07:01] <Comiclove> bye bloom
[07:01] <Comiclove> i think
[07:01] <Comiclove> JASSY
[07:02] <Comiclove> *tackle hugs*
[07:02] <Comiclove> Haha, EPIC WEEKEND SURPRISE
[07:02] <~Rose Witch~> COMI!
[07:02] <Comiclove> I walked home a new route
[07:02] <~Rose Witch~> *Ish tackle hugged*
[07:02] <Comiclove> much more faster
[07:02] <~Rose Witch~> Epic
[07:02] <Comiclove> Yes
[07:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3997345 Look at all le beds DX
[07:02] <~Rose Witch~> I was at Audrey's :P
[07:02] <Comiclove> and now I shall walk home every 2 weeks
[07:02] <Comiclove> ...
[07:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *wants to sleep now*
[07:03] <~Rose Witch~> I want the Tarid bed DX
[07:03] <~Rose Witch~> Tardis*
[07:03] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3996719
[07:04] <Comiclove> I want the Millennium Falcon one
[07:04] <Mikalmt> Nooo
[07:04] <Mikalmt> Dont go wt
[07:04] <Comiclove> ROTFLMAOOL Wonder
[07:04] <Comiclove> So True
[07:04] <Comiclove> Hey Ducky
[07:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey
[07:04] <Comiclove> o/ 
[07:04] <Mikalmt> Hai jassy
[07:04] <Comiclove> *hugs*
[07:04] <Mikalmt> DUCKSSSSS!!!!!!
[07:04] <Comiclove> Yes
[07:04] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hullo F*cks
[07:04] <Ducks-r-homicidal> MIKKKAAAAA
[07:04] <Comiclove> We DO have a duck farm
[07:04] <Mikalmt> *tacklr hugs*
[07:04] <Comiclove> *points to duck farm*
[07:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> No duck abuse
[07:05] <Mikalmt> *moos*
[07:05] <BachLynn23> *pets ducky*
[07:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey to everyone else who said hi
[07:05] <Black Wolf of blood> http://9gag.com/fast#3993341
[07:05] <Mikalmt> Ducky!
[07:05] <BachLynn23> XD I want to make a duck emoticon, that pops up every time someone says duck
[07:05] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[07:05] <Comiclove> XD at the second pic, blood
[07:05] <Comiclove> ROFL
[07:05] <Mikalmt> Quackidy, quack, quack, quack
[07:06] <Mikalmt> (To le Pm!!!)
[07:06] <Comiclove> XD
[07:06] <Mikalmt> If u dont speak duck
[07:06] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Quack quack
[07:06] <Mikalmt> U suck
[07:06] <Comiclove> *You
[07:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3994321 XD
[07:06] <Comiclove> You suck for not even being capable of typing You
[07:06] <Comiclove> xD
[07:06] <Mikalmt> Shuddup
[07:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3994215
[07:07] <Mikalmt> Brb
[07:08] <Comiclove> *smashes guitar on mika*
[07:08] <Mikalmt> 
[07:08] <Kingbirdy> hey
[07:08] <Comiclove> WB ducks
[07:08] <Comiclove> and hi king
[07:08] <BachLynn23> @ ducks http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs12/i/2006/309/3/0/love_duck_by_eternasninfas.gif
[07:09] <Comiclove> Epic
[07:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi King
[07:09] <Comiclove> :D
[07:09] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[07:09] <Mikalmt> 
[07:09] <Ducks-r-homicidal> nice
[07:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3994032 OMFG That does make me feel retarded >.>
[07:09] <Comiclove> o_O
[07:09] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I'll brb cuz Im on the bus with my phone chatting
[07:09] <Comiclove> *convinced the school to do a kuroshitsuji play*
[07:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> And Mika we need to talk about the twins
[07:10] <Mikalmt> I pmd chu
[07:10] <Ducks-r-homicidal> So I'll talk when I get back
[07:10] <Mikalmt> Oh damn
[07:10] <Comiclove> So
[07:10] <Comiclove> How's everyone?
[07:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Good
[07:10] <Mikalmt> Pmd Del instead
[07:11] <Mikalmt> o_o
[07:11] <Comiclove> rofl
[07:11] <Comiclove> XD
[07:11] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I'll be back in like 10 minutes
[07:11] <Comiclove> Baka
[07:11] <Mikalmt> Baka yarro!!!!
[07:11] <Comiclove> kk
[07:11] <Mikalmt> Shibai!
[07:11] <Mikalmt> Bendan!
[07:11] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Cya peeps
[07:11] <Mikalmt> Sabi!
[07:11] <Mikalmt> Bai
[07:11] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3994054 O_O
[07:11] <Comiclove> XD
[07:12] <Mikalmt> *continues swearing at comic*
[07:12] <Comiclove> ROFL
[07:14] <Mikalmt> Posted wr
[07:14] <Comiclove> wb mika
[07:14] <Mikalmt> Wt
[07:14] <Comiclove> wt*
[07:14] <Comiclove> :P
[07:14] <ShadowGoddess> hiya jassy
[07:14] <Mikalmt> HA'
[07:14] <Mikalmt> HA!
[07:14] <Comiclove> I don't bother for caps'ing wt
[07:15] <Comiclove> so kindly be quiet, I'm trying not to think of some bad things
[07:15] <Mikalmt> *chews gum*
[07:15] <Mikalmt> Like what?
[07:15] <Mikalmt> Wait, comic..
[07:15] <IceFireWarden14> hey
[07:15] <Mikalmt> Hoe old are u again?
[07:15] <Comiclove> hey IFW
[07:15] <Comiclove> How*
[07:15] <Comiclove> xD
[07:15] <Comiclove> *you
[07:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Mika chu post first on Demeter's cabin
[07:15] <AtlasSisterno.1> 12?
[07:15] <Mikalmt> Whatever
[07:16] <Comiclove> I'm 12 in actuality 
[07:16] <Mikalmt> Cant...
[07:16] <Comiclove> 14-15 in like physical terms
[07:16] <Comiclove> <_<
[07:16] <Mikalmt> HA!
[07:16] <AtlasSisterno.1> Yay!!!
[07:16] <AtlasSisterno.1> What!?
[07:16] <Mikalmt> Im older than u :D
[07:16] <Comiclove> *you
[07:16] <Comiclove> your point?
[07:16] <Mikalmt> Im 180"
[07:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is 14*
[07:16] <Mikalmt> U?
[07:16] <Comiclove> cool story bro
[07:16] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[07:16] <AtlasSisterno.1> I'm older than you... By about 4 months
[07:16] <Mikalmt> *dances*
[07:16] <AtlasSisterno.1> Comic..
[07:17] <Mikalmt> How do u know?
[07:17] <AtlasSisterno.1> Elf
[07:17] <Mikalmt> *narrows eyes*
[07:17] <Mikalmt> War bout her?
[07:17] <Mikalmt> At, i cant...
[07:17] <Mikalmt> Wt
[07:17] <AtlasSisterno.1> She told me comic's age...
[07:17] <AtlasSisterno.1> Brb
[07:17] <Mikalmt> Post on demeter
[07:17] <Mikalmt> Oh!
[07:17] <Mikalmt> 5
[07:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted on Demter mika
[07:17] <Mikalmt> Thought u meant me
[07:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Demeter*
[07:17] <Mikalmt> Kk danke
[07:18] <Sean187jr> Ladies and girls hey
[07:18] <Comiclove> No greetings for gentleman?
[07:18] <Comiclove> :P
[07:18] <Sean187jr> XD
[07:18] <Comiclove> XP
[07:18] <Comiclove> *has to play a transexual in a play(*
[07:18] <Comiclove> XD
[07:18] <ShadowGoddess> ug
[07:19] <Comiclove> Grell Sutcliff FTW
[07:19] <ShadowGoddess> I wish elf was on
[07:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3991853
[07:19] <Comiclove> wb mik
[07:20] <Sean187jr> Wb mikalmt
[07:20] <Mikalmt> Its mik, mika, mikal, or mikachu
[07:20] <Kingbirdy> alright, I want to do an RP, anyone else?
[07:20] <Mikalmt> :P
[07:20] <Comiclove> I'm fine
[07:20] <Comiclove> :P
[07:21] <Mikalmt> Cant.,..
[07:21] <ShadowGoddess> I will king!
[07:21] <Comiclove> Hi Barb o/ 
[07:21] <Barbett> hi comi
[07:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Cousin
[07:22] <Barbett> hi wonder
[07:22] <Comiclove> call me comi
[07:22] <Comiclove> comic*
[07:22] <Comiclove> XP
[07:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3987270 XDDDDDD
[07:22] <Barbett> wait were cousins?
[07:22] <Barbett> yes master comic
[07:22] <Comiclove> I don't really like it when people call me comi
[07:22] <Comiclove> well, c-
[07:22] <Comiclove> don't call me master too
[07:22] <Comiclove> Technically, King is
[07:22] <Comiclove> :P
[07:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Bar Moo's chur dad right?
[07:22] <~Rose Witch~> I can call chu comi :P
[07:22] <Barbett> yes
[07:22] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Den chur my cousin Bar
[07:22] <Comiclove> ^@Jas
[07:23] <Comiclove> Cause she my girlie-friend xP
[07:23] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:23] <Barbett> ah ok comic
[07:23] <Mikalmt> Posted Mika
[07:23] <Mikalmt> Crap
[07:23] <Comiclove> XD
[07:23] <Mikalmt> Wat an i saying
[07:23] <Mikalmt> Wt
[07:23] <Comiclove> Me: o.o
[07:23] <Barbett> I'm all exctied I have the house all to myself tonight
[07:23] <Mikalmt> Srrryyyy
[07:23] <Mikalmt> x(
[07:23] <Mikalmt> My brain bein weird
[07:24] <Barbett> hello water
[07:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *was mind-drunk today*
[07:25] <Mikalmt> Hai watah
[07:25] <Waterdaughter1> sup-bellaz...what?
[07:25] <Mikalmt> Long tineeee
[07:25] <Waterdaughter1> hi mika
[07:25] <Mikalmt> *hugs*
[07:25] <Waterdaughter1> *hugs back*
[07:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Posted Mika
[07:25] <Mikalmt> Kk
[07:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I was very giddy today
[07:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> VERY
[07:25] <Comiclove> Hi water
[07:25] <Comiclove> o/ 
[07:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I fell into a bucket
[07:26] <Waterdaughter1> yo comic.
[07:26] <Comiclove> *tells water i'm dating*
[07:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> into a hedge
[07:26] <Barbett> hey orb
[07:26] <Orbstar> Ello
[07:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Orb
[07:26] <Comiclove> rofl Wonder
[07:26] <Dduffurg48> hi
[07:26] <Comiclove> hey orb
[07:26] <Waterdaughter1> dating,eh? with whom?
[07:26] <Comiclove> o/ 
[07:26] <Comiclove> hey DD
[07:26] <Waterdaughter1> @comic
[07:26] <ShadowGoddess> WATER! *tackle uber glompz hard*
[07:26] <Comiclove> Jassy, Water
[07:26] <~Rose Witch~> Meh <3
[07:26] <Comiclove> :P
[07:26] <Waterdaughter1> O.O jas?
[07:27] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Den my friends decided to do a documentary on me >.>
[07:27] <Dduffurg48> hi mika
[07:27] <Comiclove> Oui@Water
[07:27] <Waterdaughter1> SHADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 *tackle uber glomnpz hard back*
[07:27] <~Rose Witch~> ^@Comi
[07:27] <Waterdaughter1> holy shiz........................comic and jas..................how long was i fricken gone?
[07:28] <ShadowGoddess> mah posted on Diara water
[07:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Den we got attacked by a weird man in a clown costume walking home o.e
[07:28] <Waterdaughter1> kk shades
[07:28] <Barbett> wow wonder you have some life
[07:28] <Mikalmt> Posted WT
[07:28] <Comiclove> very long, Water
[07:28] <~Rose Witch~> O.O WT
[07:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Bar It's only 'cause we all had coffee
[07:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[07:28] <Comiclove> XD
[07:28] <Waterdaughter1> so i seems comic...
[07:28] <Comiclove> My life's better
[07:28] <Comiclove> it*
[07:28] <Comiclove> Wayyyyy better
[07:28] <Comiclove> XP
[07:29] <Barbett> coffee puts me to sleep
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I had a documentary made on me
[07:29] <Comiclove> coffee agitates
[07:29] <Barbett> ah I see
[07:29] <Comiclove> I have a band
[07:29] <Comiclove> :P
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Coffee makes me sooo hyper
[07:29] <BachLynn23> I have a pen
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> is
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:29] <Comiclove> Coffee makes me a bit more insane
[07:29] <Comiclove> XD
[07:29] <BachLynn23> * (bounce) s with WT*
[07:29] <Comiclove> Wait, Wut?
[07:29] <Comiclove> O.O
[07:29] <Comiclove> Bach's a guy?
[07:29] <Comiclove> O_o
[07:29] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is (bounce) 'd with*
[07:29] <BachLynn23> I am?
[07:29] <Comiclove> What has this chat turned into?
[07:29] <Comiclove> O_O
[07:29] <BachLynn23> *looks down*
[07:29] <BachLynn23> I don't have a doohicky
[07:29] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:29] <Comiclove> *looks up*
[07:30] <BachLynn23> don't guys have doohickys?
[07:30] <BachLynn23> XD
[07:30] <Barbett> not me I was one of those overly hyper bouncing off the wall kids that you just want to punch. but coffe calms me down, and now that I am not overly hyper it puts me to sleep
[07:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[07:30] <Comiclove> XD
[07:30] <Comiclove> 
[07:30] <Orbstar> backers
[07:30] <Comiclove> wb orb
[07:30] <Barbett> wb orb
[07:31] <Orbstar> thanks
[07:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *throws up rainbows*
[07:31] <ShadowGoddess> hey Mika do you like the pic I'm using for my charrie?
[07:31] <Mikalmt> 
[07:31] <Orbstar> WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:31] <Orbstar> *tackle glompz wonder*
[07:31] <Orbstar> MIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:31] <Mikalmt> Orb!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:31] <Orbstar> *tackle glompz mik*
[07:31] <Orbstar> PM Mik
[07:31] <Mikalmt> :D
[07:31] <Waterdaughter1> ohai orb.
[07:31] <Waterdaughter1> posted shady
[07:31] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is tackle glompzed*
[07:31] <Orbstar> ohaidere water
[07:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O.O No PMs today, new record
[07:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >>>
[07:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>*
[07:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Shit
[07:32] <~Rose Witch~> mika, can chu link meh to chur pic givvy away bloggy?
[07:32] <~Rose Witch~> Meh need's that pic I reserved
[07:32] <Mikalmt> ...
[07:32] <Mikalmt> Cant
[07:32] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> DX PMs sounds wrong O.o
[07:32] <~Rose Witch~> dang it DX
[07:32] <Mikalmt> On meh itiugh
[07:32] <~Rose Witch~> XD WT
[07:33] <Mikalmt> Itouch
[07:33] <~Rose Witch~> ah
[07:33] <Waterdaughter1> only you can make it sound wrong, bellaz
[07:33] <Mikalmt> Wt, meh postd
[07:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I posted too I think
[07:33] <Orbstar> Mik PM
[07:33] <Mikalmt> *hwugz Jassy*
[07:33] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey
[07:33] <Comiclove> ^@Water
[07:33] <Orbstar> ducky@
[07:33] <Comiclove> hey
[07:33] <Orbstar> *!
[07:33] <Barbett> DUCKS *glompz*
[07:33] <Mikalmt> Ducks!!!!!!!!!
[07:33] <Comiclove> My girl, mika
[07:33] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sits on Mika's lap*
[07:33] <Orbstar> mik
[07:33] <~Rose Witch~> *Is hugged?*
[07:33] <Orbstar> *pokes mik*
[07:33] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *glompz back*
[07:33] <Orbstar> PM
[07:34] <Comiclove> *kicks mika where the sun don't shine*
[07:34] <Mikalmt> *snuggles with Ducks*
[07:34] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Mika PM
[07:34] <Mikalmt> What?!
[07:34] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *snuggles back*
[07:34] <Comiclove> Don't hug jassy >_<
[07:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Comic I'm on Mika's lap sooooooooo
[07:34] <Mikalmt> It was a sis hug
[07:34] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:34] <~Rose Witch~> *Hugs comi*
[07:34] <Mikalmt> *pouts*
[07:34] <Orbstar> *hugs mik*
[07:34] <Orbstar> sonny...
[07:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *tackles mika*
[07:34] <Mikalmt> Danke
[07:34] <Orbstar> *group hug around mik*
[07:34] <Mikalmt> Ur on mr
[07:34] <Mikalmt> Wonder....
[07:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *gets on Mika*
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[07:35] <Orbstar> mk pm quick
[07:35] <Mikalmt> Hos chu tackle ne?
[07:35] <Orbstar> *mik
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm on you Mika
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Shit
[07:35] <~Rose Witch~> *Kisses Comi's nose*
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> That sounded wrong
[07:35] <Comiclove> *hugs jas back*
[07:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Also, Esme need shoes >.<
[07:35] <Comiclove> Ducky, PM
[07:35] <Ducks-r-homicidal> K
[07:36] <Waterdaughter1> wait...*me no see jassy*
[07:36] <~Rose Witch~> :O
[07:36] <~Rose Witch~> How chu no see meh?
[07:36] <~Rose Witch~> *Jumps up and down infront of Water*
[07:36] <Waterdaughter1> oh, what is up wit peepz changin user names? *huggles jas*
[07:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *uses the force to pin Jas to le wall*
[07:36] <Waterdaughter1> me getz soooooooooooooooo confused
[07:36] <Comiclove> Hey Trav
[07:36] <Comiclove> and
[07:37] <Comiclove> *frees jas*
[07:37] <~Rose Witch~> Yay!
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> TRAV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[07:37] <Travelg> I passed my exams. I am graduating
[07:37] <~Rose Witch~> *hugs comi for freeing her*
[07:37] <Barbett> *digs around and offers some prada knockoffs* < like these?
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> TRAV TRAV TRAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:37] <Travelg> I am graduating colledge
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> YAY!
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs*
[07:37] <Comiclove> EPIC
[07:37] <Comiclove> *hugs jas back*
[07:37] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Hey Trav
[07:37] <LongClawTiger> yay! way to go Trav!
[07:37] <Comiclove> Love chu honey :P
[07:37] <Travelg> *tackle hug everyone*
[07:37] <~Rose Witch~> <£
[07:37] <~Rose Witch~> <3*
[07:37] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is tackle hugged*
[07:37] <~Rose Witch~> Stupid pound sign DX
[07:37] <Barbett> LCT *glompz*
[07:37] <Mikalmt> Travvvyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
[07:37] <~Rose Witch~> ♥
[07:37] <Mikalmt> *tacke hugs*
[07:37] <LongClawTiger> *ish glomped*
[07:38] <Mikalmt> Congratttttsssssssssss
[07:38] <Waterdaughter1> oh, btw. *grab jassy by the collar of her shirt and drags her to pm*
[07:38] <LongClawTiger> *and tackle hugged*
[07:38] <Comiclove> O_O
[07:38] <Comiclove> *frees jas*
[07:38] <Travelg> i just had to tell someone an my mom not picking up
[07:38] <Comiclove> Do NOT grab my baby doll by the collar >_<
[07:38] <Waterdaughter1> i just did.
[07:38] <ShadowGoddess> Baby doll?
[07:38] <Comiclove> Well then
[07:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *eats comic*
[07:38] <Waterdaughter1> *sassy snap in comic's face*
[07:38] <Comiclove> *kicks water*
[07:38] <Barbett> *gives travel a congrats cake*
[07:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Ewww
[07:38] <~Rose Witch~> *Has a dress b*atch :P*
[07:38] <Comiclove> nickname, shadow
[07:38] <Waterdaughter1> ohhh. fight. *kicks back*
[07:39] <ShadowGoddess> Ewww, I think I'm goin to barf
[07:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Bananas
[07:39] <Travelg> *takes cake * Thanks
[07:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[07:39] <Comiclove> XP Shadow
[07:39] <~Rose Witch~> *Kicks Water* No kicking Comi
[07:39] <Comiclove> You don't know love
[07:39] <Barbett> your welcome
[07:39] <Comiclove> XP
[07:39] <Comiclove> and no fight
[07:39] <Barbett> IFW hi hi
[07:39] <Comiclove> hey Iffy IFW
[07:39] <Mikalmt> Wondererrrr
[07:39] <Mikalmt> Chu postt?
[07:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Whattttttttttttt
[07:39] <Waterdaughter1> *kicks jassy back* eh.
[07:39] <Comiclove> O_O
[07:39] <Mikalmt> *snuggles*
[07:39] <Comiclove> *dropkicks water*
[07:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Too lazy Mika
[07:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[07:39] <Comiclove> Not my girl, you bitch
[07:39] <Comiclove> :P
[07:39] <Comiclove> 
[07:39] <Mikalmt> Awwww
[07:39] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *noms comic*
[07:39] <~Rose Witch~> *I ♥ Comi :P*
[07:40] <~Rose Witch~> *Kills WT*
[07:40] <Waterdaughter1> *gets backup* aww, you know me so well. :P
[07:40] <~Rose Witch~> No eating comi dX
[07:40] <~Rose Witch~> DX*
[07:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *deflects to russia*
[07:40] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:40] <Mikalmt> *protects WT*
[07:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Meh he tastes like crap anyway
[07:40] <ShadowGoddess> *grabs someones hat and barfs into it*
[07:40] <Comiclove> Thanks XD
[07:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is protected*
[07:40] <~Rose Witch~> :O
[07:40] <~Rose Witch~> MAH HAT!
[07:40] <Mikalmt> *snuggles*
[07:40] <~Rose Witch~> Ohai Blood
[07:40] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[07:40] <Barbett> hi ya blood
[07:40] <Waterdaughter1> hi bro! *hugs*
[07:40] <Mikalmt> Hai Wold
[07:40] <Mikalmt> Wolf
[07:41] <~Rose Witch~> Audreh!
[07:41] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Wonder *falls to the ground with Wonder on top of him*
[07:41] <Mikalmt> 
[07:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[07:41] <Barbett> hi Audrey
[07:41] <Mikalmt> Oh
[07:41] <Audrey Campbell> hi
[07:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *gets off*
[07:41] <Mikalmt> Jassy
[07:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[07:41] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey sis *hugs back*
[07:41] <Travelg> i got a 77 on the final and I was hoping for a 60
[07:41] <Mikalmt> Does Lucas
[07:41] <Comiclove> Hey Audrey
[07:41] <~Rose Witch~> Happy birthday sissy
[07:41] <Comiclove> and wb blood
[07:41] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Nice Trav
[07:41] <Black Wolf of blood> Hey Audrey
[07:41] <Mikalmt> Still needd ti be attlist?
[07:41] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[07:41] <Barbett> 77 out of what?
[07:41] <Travelg> so I passed. I passed. *jumps up and down*
[07:41] <Mikalmt> Jasssy?
[07:41] <~Rose Witch~> A what?
[07:41] <Travelg> 100
[07:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Also *slams cup down* Esme needs shoes!
[07:41] <Mikalmt> Stulist
[07:41] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[07:41] <Mikalmt> Stylist
[07:41] <Comiclove> XD
[07:41] <Travelg> I am graduating with my bachelors
[07:41] <Comiclove> *hands wonder shoes*
[07:41] <LongClawTiger> Trav, does that mean you get to stay now? Or are you still taking time away?
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:42] <ShadowGoddess> *gives jassy's hat back* here....
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *eats shoes*
[07:42] <Barbett> not sure if you deserved cake then
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Not good enough!
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[07:42] <Mikalmt> Wt
[07:42] <Travelg> i will be rping less do to the fact i need a job
[07:42] <Barbett> was it a hard exam?
[07:42] <Mikalmt> Loves my stule
[07:42] <Mikalmt> :p
[07:42] <Travelg> yes
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ?
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[07:42] <Mikalmt> So dhe only wears t stuff
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Style*?
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[07:42] <Mikalmt> XD
[07:42] <Mikalmt> Yupp
[07:42] <~Rose Witch~> *throws hat away*
[07:42] <Mikalmt> She
[07:42] <LongClawTiger> still, sounds awesome! :)
[07:42] <Mikalmt> Jassy, does he?
[07:42] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *kisses someone randomly*
[07:42] <Mikalmt> Os!
[07:43] <Mikalmt> Ow!
[07:43] <ShadowGoddess> btw dad
[07:43] <~Rose Witch~> idk
[07:43] <Mikalmt> :P
[07:43] <Travelg> although this semester me slacking is a rarity since i am the one who usely study heck i was in the dean list for 3 semester straight
[07:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Who'd I kiss?
[07:43] <Mikalmt> 
[07:43] <Travelg> king
[07:43] <ShadowGoddess> Don't. Call. Mom. Baby Doll.
[07:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hiccup*
[07:43] <~Rose Witch~> meh O.o
[07:43] <Barbett> *is not kissed*
[07:43] <Mikalmt> Oh
[07:43] <Mikalmt> Thought u said kick
[07:43] <Mikalmt> Nope
[07:43] <Comiclove> :P
[07:43] <~Rose Witch~> *Runs away and sits with comi*
[07:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:43] <Comiclove> Babydoll
[07:43] <Mikalmt> She kised neh
[07:43] <Comiclove> Come here
[07:43] <Comiclove> XP
[07:43] <Comiclove> *kisses jas*
[07:43] <Comiclove> XP
[07:43] <Comiclove> PDA FTW
[07:43] <Mikalmt> :L
[07:43] <~Rose Witch~> *Ish kissed*
[07:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *kisses Mika apparently*
[07:43] <ShadowGoddess> EWWW!!
[07:43] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> kissed*
[07:44] <~Rose Witch~> Comi can call me that Shady :P
[07:44] <Mikalmt> *snuggles with Wt*
[07:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *snuggles back*
[07:44] <Barbett> wow all this affection so sweet
[07:44] <ShadowGoddess> *runs away and barfs into Wonder's corner*
[07:44] <Mikalmt> *purs in movie*
[07:44] <Mikalmt> Purs
[07:44] <Mikalmt> Purs
[07:44] <~Rose Witch~> purrs*
[07:44] <Mikalmt> Puts
[07:44] <Mikalmt> :P
[07:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sleeps on Mika's chest*
[07:44] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[07:45] <~Rose Witch~> Oh
[07:45] <Mikalmt> Shirtless chest
[07:45] <Mikalmt> :P
[07:45] <~Rose Witch~> O.o
[07:45] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:45] <Mikalmt> 
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Soooo warm
[07:45] <Travelg> although i can work on a claim 
[07:45] <~Rose Witch~> *Kills Wonder and Milk for fun :P*
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *deflects both to russia*
[07:45] <Mikalmt> *hugs wt in afterlife
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[07:45] <Mikalmt> Or not...
[07:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:45] <Mikalmt> :O
[07:45] <Comiclove> XD
[07:45] <Mikalmt> 
[07:45] <Comiclove> 
[07:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 
[07:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I felt left out ._.
[07:46] <~Rose Witch~> *Sits on Comi's lap*
[07:46] <Travelg> although i better make glog about the good news
[07:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *sits on Mika's lap*
[07:46] <Barbett> *starts making popcorn*
[07:46] <Waterdaughter1> *goes and flips off whoever invented the typo*
[07:46] <Waterdaughter1> :P
[07:46] <Mikalmt> *kisshes her fworehwead*
[07:46] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:47] <LongClawTiger> tis the typo hydra. chu must kill it's many heads
[07:47] <Comiclove> *hugs jas from behind*
[07:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is kissed on le forehead*
[07:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[07:47] <~Rose Witch~> *Is hugged from behind*
[07:47] <ShadowGoddess> dum dum dum
[07:47] <Waterdaughter1> wait...is mika and bllaz datin' to?
[07:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> No.....
[07:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Meow
[07:47] <Comiclove> XD
[07:47] <Waterdaughter1> oh. *facetrees*
[07:47] <Mikalmt> 
[07:47] <ShadowGoddess> no its *face brickwall*
[07:48] <Travelg> well for a hydra i wonder if you keep cutting there head will at some point it falls over by the weight of the reserecting heads
[07:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Also I'm not dating anyone till my 15th birthday
[07:48] <Waterdaughter1> my brain full of lovey stuff and jassy only know why
[07:48] <Mikalmt> *face peeta*
[07:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :/
[07:48] <Mikalmt> What bout meeeee?
[07:48] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:48] <Mikalmt> Wt?
[07:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> idk
[07:48] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[07:48] <Mikalmt> o_o
[07:48] <Barbett> your just friends w/ benifits it looks like
[07:48] <Mikalmt> *gives choclates*
[07:48] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:48] <Comiclove> rofl
[07:49] <Mikalmt> Im married to posey
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[07:49] <Mikalmt> :P
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I'm married to HoR
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Del
[07:49] <Mikalmt> Stsly?
[07:49] <Comiclove> wb del
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yep
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[07:49] <Barbett> I'm married to *looks around* no one *crys*
[07:49] <Mikalmt> My TWIN?!?!
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O.O
[07:49] <GirlofDelusion> Hello hello
[07:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Duh duh duhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[07:49] <Barbett> hi ya del
[07:49] <GirlofDelusion> I'm married to Bachie 8D
[07:49] <ShadowGoddess> *is married to Nobody*
[07:50] <BachLynn23> *hugs wifey*
[07:50] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Chat = more drama than a soap opera
[07:50] <BachLynn23> wiki = more drama than 100 soap operas combined
[07:50] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:50] <Audrey Campbell> *is married to someone*
[07:50] <Ducks-r-homicidal> XD
[07:50] <Waterdaughter1> ^@bach
[07:50] <Ducks-r-homicidal> *Is a widow*
[07:50] <~Rose Witch~> Wiki = More drama than all soap operas combined
[07:50] <BachLynn23> ducky I'm making you your very own emoticon
[07:50] <Waterdaughter1> hola ag! *hugs*
[07:50] <~Rose Witch~> ALL*
[07:50] <Agnitowreck14> Papers turned in, Spanish homework left undone. Mesa back :D
[07:50] <Barbett> hi ya Ag
[07:50] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Yay Bach!
[07:50] <Mikalmt> Wt!!!!
[07:51] <GirlofDelusion> Wifey I missed youuuuu
[07:51] <GirlofDelusion> *snuggle*
[07:51] <Mikalmt> 
[07:51] <Mikalmt> Post! N
[07:51] <ShadowGoddess> FEEL THE BURN, MIKA!
[07:51] <Barbett> screw this I'm makeing real popcorn
[07:51] <Comiclove> Hi Ag
[07:51] <ShadowGoddess> *catches Mika's pants on fire*
[07:51] <Agnitowreck14> Who here plays World of Warcraft?
[07:51] <Mikalmt> 
[07:51] <Mikalmt> 
[07:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> BLOOM!!!!!!!! *tackle hugs*
[07:52] <BachLynn23> ok you'll have to refresh chat to see it ducks
[07:52] <Waterdaughter1> *snickers* god *hugs sistah* so much like me
[07:52] <Comiclove> My friends, Ag
[07:52] <Comiclove> XP
[07:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> WONDER!! *tackle hugged(
[07:52] <Comiclove> some of them
[07:52] <Comiclove> wb bloom
[07:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> **
[07:52] <Comiclove> :D
[07:52] <Mikalmt> O.o
[07:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> thanks comic
[07:52] <Comiclove> Bloom, PM
[07:52] <Waterdaughter1> bloom! *huggies*
[07:52] <Comiclove> XP
[07:52] <Comiclove> welcome
[07:52] <Audrey Campbell> hi bloom
[07:52] <BachLynn23> (duck)
[07:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> water! *hugs back*
[07:52] <Mikalmt> My pants?
[07:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> hullo audrey
[07:52] <Waterdaughter1> YO BLOOD! BLOOM HERE!
[07:52] <BloomOfFairyTail> I don't see anything comic
[07:52] <Mikalmt> Not wearin any...
[07:53] <Mikalmt> No boxers either...
[07:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> Blood doesn't ping him anymore
[07:53] <BloomOfFairyTail> and he knows since I'm on skype
[07:53] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3980289
[07:53] <GirlofDelusion> @Blood
[07:53] <Waterdaughter1> oh...*facebrickwall*
[07:53] <Comiclove> XD Water
[07:53] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:53] <Comiclove> You're more of a Baka now, Water
[07:53] <Comiclove> SHAME
[07:53] <Mikalmt> 
[07:54] <Comiclove> and lmao water
[07:54] <Mikalmt> O_o
[07:54] <Waterdaughter1> *death glares* screw chuz comi
[07:54] <Comiclove> Nah, I'm good
[07:54] <Mikalmt> Wat?
[07:54] <Comiclove> Jas does that well :P
[07:54] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:54] <Waterdaughter1> *covers ears* DAAAMN. didn't wanna know that!!!
[07:55] <~Rose Witch~> :P
[07:55] <Comiclove> XD
[07:55] <Comiclove> Sucker
[07:55] <Waterdaughter1> *is trumatized*
[07:55] <~Rose Witch~> Who wants mah skype?
[07:55] <Comiclove> Mwahahahaha
[07:55] <Waterdaughter1> XP
[07:55] <Waterdaughter1> i does jassy!
[07:55] <Mikalmt> *hugs someobe*
[07:55] <Comiclove> No
[07:55] <Mikalmt> Me!
[07:55] <Comiclove> No you don'y
[07:55] <Comiclove> I do jas
[07:55] <Comiclove> :D
[07:55] <Comiclove> Don't*
[07:55] <Mikalmt> Uggg
[07:55] <Mikalmt> Everyone saw how i looked like...
[07:56] <Waterdaughter1> *flicks comic between le eyes* i does to
[07:56] <Mikalmt> x(
[07:56] <Comiclove> *dodges*
[07:56] <BachLynn23> *licks someone*
[07:56] <~Rose Witch~> *flicks Water between le eyes* Don't try it b*tch
[07:56] <~Rose Witch~> *ish licked*
[07:56] <~Rose Witch~> *hugs comi*
[07:56] <BachLynn23> mmmmm cherry
[07:56] <ShadowGoddess> http://9gag.com/fast#3986862
[07:56] <~Rose Witch~> O.O
[07:56] <Mikalmt> *snuggles with Wr*
[07:57] <Waterdaughter1> *pouts* me no get to bug comic or jas no morez....*cries in corner*
[07:57] <~Rose Witch~> *Didn't know she tastes like cherries*
[07:57] <BachLynn23> Comic should >.<
[07:57] <~Rose Witch~> :P Water
[07:57] <Comiclove> *hugs jas back*
[07:57] <Comiclove> should what?
[07:57] <Mikalmt> 
[07:57] <BachLynn23> know w.....ya know what
[07:57] <BachLynn23> I'm not going to finish that sentence
[07:57] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:57] <Comiclove> XD
[07:57] <~Rose Witch~> She means what I taste like
[07:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *snuggles back?*
[07:57] <Comiclove> OHHHHH
[07:57] <Waterdaughter1> oh! *flicks jas and comic* btw, glad chuz datin' :P
[07:57] <Mikalmt> xD
[07:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *licks bach*
[07:58] <Comiclove> *totally does*
[07:58] <~Rose Witch~> DX
[07:58] <Comiclove> *dodges*
[07:58] <Mikalmt> I bored....
[07:58] <BachLynn23> oooo what do I taste like?
[07:58] <Comiclove> No one touches me easily, bitch
[07:58] <Comiclove> :P
[07:58] <BachLynn23> (bounce) 
[07:58] <Waterdaughter1> *hugs mika*
[07:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hmmmmmmm, chocolate and coffee
[07:58] <Waterdaughter1> well, don't be
[07:58] <~Rose Witch~> *didn't dodge in time*
[07:58] <BachLynn23> I did have a mocha latte
[07:58] <Comiclove> Anyone here
[07:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *has had way to much coffee today*
[07:58] <Comiclove> ever heard of
[07:58] <~Rose Witch~> Do I taste like cherry Comi?
[07:58] <Mikalmt> *hugs back*
[07:58] <Comiclove> DragonForce?
[07:58] <Comiclove> Yes, jas, yes you do
[07:58] <Comiclove> now
[07:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> too*
[07:58] <Comiclove> what does m-
[07:58] <Comiclove> nvm
[07:58] <Comiclove> you know that
[07:58] <Comiclove> XP
[07:58] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[07:58] <Comiclove> *mwahahahahahaha*
[07:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3985619 XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[07:58] <Waterdaughter1> *covers ears again*
[07:59] <Comiclove> rotflmmfaool
[07:59] <BachLynn23> *just realised that cherry could have duel meanings*
[07:59] <BachLynn23> O.O
[07:59] <Waterdaughter1> wait.............................comic and jas, you tow wiki marries now?
[07:59] <BachLynn23> *dual
[07:59] <Agnitowreck14> Who's posting 9gag links?
[07:59] <BachLynn23> who's not?
[07:59] <Moodle> Hey everyone
[07:59] <~Rose Witch~> Yesh Water
[07:59] <Comiclove> wonder
[07:59] <Comiclove> hey moo
[07:59] <Moodle> hey comic
[07:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> UNCLE MOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[07:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yeah?
[07:59] <Comiclove> XD Bach
[07:59] <Comiclove> rofl
[07:59] <Waterdaughter1> *dies coz comic's my dad now*
[07:59] <Agnitowreck14> I absolutely loathe 9gag.
[07:59] <Comiclove> what's the other one?
[07:59] <Comiclove> Tell me in PM
[08:00] <Comiclove> Haha, water
[08:00] <Comiclove> ag
[08:00] <Agnitowreck14> It's filled with wanna-be troll/vandals.
[08:00] <Comiclove> what's wrong with you?
[08:00] <Comiclove> *smacks him upside his head*
[08:00] <BachLynn23> I think there are more users here who post them, than there are who don't
[08:00] <Comiclove> XP
[08:00] <Moodle> True
[08:00] <Agnitowreck14> I prefer 4CHAN, which isn't much better, but at least they KNOW how to troll xD
[08:00] <Moodle> Ik I've posted a link once
[08:00] <Moodle> from there*
[08:00] <Comiclove> Oh, Moo
[08:00] <Moodle> Trav is coming back!
[08:00] <Comiclove> Now for my story,
[08:00] <Moodle> She passed
[08:01] <Comiclove> I'm designing the motorcycle
[08:01] <Agnitowreck14> I've never been on 9gaga and never will xD
[08:01] <Moodle> and is graduating
[08:01] <Comiclove> wk, moo
[08:01] <Mikalmt> Moooooddddddlllleeeeee!!!!!!
[08:01] <Mikalmt> :D
[08:01] <Moodle> Hey mika
[08:01] <Waterdaughter1> jassy *wolfy dog eyes* can we do the julie/mark rp now pwetty pwease?
[08:01] <Moodle> 9gaga?
[08:01] <GirlofDelusion> damn where's Jake when you need him
[08:01] <Mikalmt> *tackle hugs*
[08:01] <Moodle> He's doing...jake stuff
[08:01] <GirlofDelusion> [[Lilith%27s Letter: Sydney Intersection#Intersection|Lilith's_Letter:_Sydney_Intersection#Intersection]]: posted
[08:01] <Moodle> idk
[08:01] <Moodle> *Hugs back*
[08:01] <Comiclove> XD
[08:01] <Comiclove> jake stuff
[08:01] <Waterdaughter1> somewhere doin something del
[08:01] <Comiclove> <_<
[08:01] <Comiclove> >_>
[08:01] <Comiclove> or someone
[08:01] <Comiclove> :P
[08:01] <Comiclove> Sorry, had to
[08:01] <Comiclove> xD
[08:01] <~Rose Witch~> No Water
[08:01] <Moodle> Nasty boy
[08:01] <~Rose Witch~> still busy
[08:01] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:01] <Waterdaughter1> probably comic
[08:01] <Comiclove> Told you!
[08:01] <Comiclove> XD
[08:01] <Moodle> El bastardo dia dirty mindia
[08:01] <Comiclove> *omnislashes moodle*
[08:02] <Comiclove> OMNISLASHHHH
[08:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> brb
[08:02] <ShadowGoddess> hehe I remember when I used to pants comi
[08:02] <Waterdaughter1> just now figured that out, moody?
[08:02] <Ducks-r-homicidal> wanna know something weird?
[08:02] <Ducks-r-homicidal> My best friends younger brother looks exactly like a young Alexander Ludwig O_O
[08:02] <Waterdaughter1> *whispers* do it shady...XP
[08:02] <Moodle> No, i haven't water
[08:02] <Mikalmt> 
[08:02] <Moodle> figured that out the first month he was here
[08:03] <~Rose Witch~> pants him? O.o
[08:03] <Comiclove> XD
[08:03] <ShadowGoddess> yeah
[08:03] <Moodle> What?
[08:03] <~Rose Witch~> wtf does that mean?
[08:03] <ShadowGoddess> do chu remember Comi?
[08:03] <Comiclove> yep
[08:03] <ShadowGoddess> Back in the good ol'days
[08:03] <Comiclove> nah
[08:03] <Comiclove> when shady was here
[08:04] <Comiclove> the clouds went dar
[08:04] <Comiclove> dark*
[08:04] <Comiclove> the sun hid away
[08:04] <Comiclove> all the grass died
[08:04] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[08:04] <~Rose Witch~> *hugs comi*
[08:04] <Barbett> back
[08:05] <Moodle> Wait...Shad pantsed comic?
[08:05] <Mikalmt> 
[08:05] <Moodle> O.O
[08:05] <ShadowGoddess> yeah alot
[08:05] <Comiclove> *hugs rose back*
[08:05] <Comiclove> back when she joined
[08:05] <Comiclove> or around that time
[08:05] <Moodle> That is so nasty on levels that I DONT want to know
[08:05] <Comiclove> XD
[08:05] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[08:05] <Comiclove> Not as bad as teaching minx sexual terms
[08:05] <Moodle> True
[08:05] <Moodle> true
[08:05] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[08:05] <Comiclove> god, that was a trainwreck
[08:05] <Moodle> Minx *shudders*
[08:05] <Comiclove> e_e
[08:05] <Comiclove> ^@moo
[08:05] <Moodle> how does she get on in life?
[08:05] <Comiclove> she phrases stuff
[08:05] <Waterdaughter1> *mind just got sling shotted into le gutter and only shady knows why :P*
[08:05] <Comiclove> in such a Dirty manner
[08:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Back
[08:06] <Comiclove> even i'm not that dirty
[08:06] <Audrey Campbell> *is happy*
[08:06] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[08:06] <Moodle> and ironically, she's not dirty
[08:06] <Comiclove> ^
[08:06] <Moodle> NIECE *tackleglompz*
[08:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is tackle glompzed*
[08:06] <Comiclove> I love that song XD
[08:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O_O I just realized something
[08:06] <Audrey Campbell> what?
[08:06] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> What if you were in the hunger games and had to go to the bathroom >.>
[08:06] <Comiclove> XD
[08:07] <Comiclove> piss on tributes
[08:07] <Comiclove> from a tree
[08:07] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[08:07] <Comiclove> that's what!
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[08:07] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:07] <Waterdaughter1> XD
[08:07] <Comiclove> EPIC DEATH
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XDDDDDDDDD
[08:07] <Waterdaughter1> probably
[08:07] <Audrey Campbell> XD
[08:07] <Comiclove> Clair Watts, District Whatever
[08:07] <Comiclove> Death by Urine
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.>
[08:07] <Comiclove> XP
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Why did you use my name?
[08:07] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[08:07] <Comiclove> Had to
[08:07] <Comiclove> XP
[08:07] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Also it's District 3 ;P
[08:07] <Comiclove> oh, epic awesome time:
[08:07] <LongClawTiger> would the capital televise that? Or go to commercial and recap it later after editing?
[08:07] <Comiclove> one of my friends knows I love kuroshitsuji
[08:08] <Comiclove> so they convinced the school
[08:08] <Comiclove> to do a play on it
[08:08] <Comiclove> I mean musical xP
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[08:08] <Comiclove> I'm auditioning for Grell xP
[08:08] <Moodle> Imo, your name's better than mine wonder
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Capitol*
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> YAY!
[08:08] <Comiclove> *has everything ready*
[08:08] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XP
[08:08] <Moodle> :\
[08:08] <Moodle> 
[08:08] <Audrey Campbell> *happy happy happy*
[08:08] <Moodle> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzFwo3K4OUk
[08:08] <Moodle> and the top comment is: Give me coffee, for the horse, now, now,nooooooooow!
[08:08] <Moodle> Impulse, ililipulse, pepsi impulse buuuuuy
[08:08] <Moodle> Impulse, ililipulse, pepsi impulse buuuuuy * doors opening for pepsi store. gingle gingle*
[08:08] <Moodle> neeed imformant, aaalllll the fooood, foooooor theeeee pooooooor,
[08:08] <Moodle> neeed imformant, aaalllll the fooood, foooooor theeeee pooooooor
[08:08] <Moodle> 
[08:08] <Comiclove> WTF
[08:09] <Comiclove> I see
[08:09] <Comiclove> E_E
[08:09] <Moodle> but tbh, that's what it sounds like in the song
[08:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> O.o
[08:09] <Narutofreak0> back
[08:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I love my Tumblr theme :D
[08:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wibbles
[08:09] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs it*
[08:10] <Comiclove> *turns into Sephiroth*
[08:10] <LongClawTiger> wb
[08:10] <Mikalmt> *waves*
[08:10] <Comiclove> Good to see you, Derek
[08:10] <Comiclove> XP
[08:10] <Moodle> You know it's a bad day when a Republic becomes an Empire, a Democracy into a Oppressionist state
[08:10] <Moodle> 
[08:10] <Mikalmt> 
[08:10] <Comiclove> So true
[08:10] <Moodle> Stop that mika
[08:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *absolutely loves her Tumblr theme*
[08:10] <Comiclove> XP
[08:10] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> <3
[08:10] <Mikalmt> Its not meh fault
[08:10] <ShadowGoddess> The Cleverness of me
[08:10] <Moodle> And you also know it's a bad day when your own troops turn against you
[08:10] <Comiclove> *attacks moodle as Sephiroth*
[08:11] <Mikalmt> x(
[08:11] <Moodle> *Dodges*
[08:11] <Comiclove> Today, YOU DIEEEE
[08:11] <Comiclove> *octaslashes moodle*
[08:11] <Moodle> *Scoffs* Is that the best you can do?
[08:11] <Moodle> *Spits*
[08:11] <Comiclove> Who are you, Barret Wallace?
[08:11] <Barbett> *watches intently*
[08:11] <Comiclove> *attacks barb, and cuts her to pieces*
[08:11] <Waterdaughter1> *sits and watches with interest*
[08:11] <Comiclove> XP
[08:11] <Moodle> No, I'm Sephiroth Wallace
[08:11] <Comiclove> ...
[08:11] <Moodle> oh hey dere daughter
[08:11] <Comiclove> You're Barret's Grandson?
[08:11] <Moodle> no
[08:11] <Moodle> William Wallace + Sephiroth
[08:11] <Barbett> hi dad 
[08:11] <Comiclove> Ah, better
[08:12] <Comiclove> I Am
[08:12] <Comiclove> CID HIGHWIND
[08:12] <Barbett> why you kill me comic?
[08:12] <Moodle> Hero, Rebel, and a badass in one
[08:12] <Comiclove> Cause, you're barb
[08:12] <Comiclove> XP
[08:12] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:12] <Moodle> Barb
[08:12] <Moodle> your uncle
[08:12] <Moodle> comic
[08:12] <Moodle> killed you
[08:12] <Mikalmt> *pokes wt*
[08:12] <Barbett> I seen dad
[08:12] <Mikalmt> Chu post?
[08:12] <Moodle> *Revives barb with the cookie powered power of the dark side*
[08:12] <Comiclove> see*
[08:12] <Comiclove> XP
[08:12] <Barbett> yea I love cookies
[08:12] <Waterdaughter1> *sits in...mika's lap*
[08:13] <Moodle> (cookie) 
[08:13] <Comiclove> Now
[08:13] <Comiclove> I need to improve on Some char designs >_<
[08:13] <Moodle> Have an op badguy kinda guy
[08:13] <Moodle> like sephiroth/Darth Vader
[08:13] <Comiclove> I already do
[08:13] <Comiclove> XP
[08:13] <Moodle> He better be badass
[08:13] <Moodle> lemme see his description
[08:13] <Comiclove> He can make like 4 Red Sunlight Odachis appear
[08:13] <Comiclove> XP
[08:13] <Comiclove> That's one of his abilities XP
[08:13] <Moodle> link?
[08:14] <Comiclove> Nah
[08:14] <Comiclove> No page yet
[08:14] <Moodle> poo
[08:14] <Comiclove> Pass
[08:14] <Moodle> no...pooh
[08:14] <~Rose Witch~> *Sings with some mockingjays*
[08:15] <Barbett> hi hgs
[08:15] <Moodle> *Is a captain in the 501st Legion*
[08:15] <Moodle> *Shoots down all the mockingjays with a repeating blaster rifle*
[08:15] <Audrey Campbell> *is happy* whatcha sing jas?
[08:15] <Travelg> o.O
[08:15] <Comiclove> Badass Moodle
[08:15] <~Rose Witch~> Rue's Lullaby
[08:15] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3981886 XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[08:15] <Moodle> lol
[08:16] <Comiclove> rofl
[08:16] <Audrey Campbell> LOL
[08:16] <Sean187jr> *has shark teeth* what's up
[08:16] <~Rose Witch~> WT has lots of mouves O.o*
[08:16] <Mikalmt> *hugs watah*
[08:16] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:16] <Barbett> hi sean wb
[08:16] <Waterdaughter1> *hugs back* :D
[08:16] <Comiclove> *rips out the shark teeth*
[08:16] <Comiclove> *then scatters them across the dimensions*
[08:17] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3980768
[08:17] <Comiclove> Now, I'ma wait for the XIII-2 guy to find them
[08:17] <Moodle> Hmm..in the movie, Shaak Ti dies at the hands of Grievous
[08:17] <Mikalmt> Wt no likey me anymore....
[08:17] <Comiclove> Yeah
[08:17] <Comiclove> deleted scene
[08:17] <Mikalmt> /:(
[08:17] <Mikalmt> 
[08:17] <Comiclove> WB Del
[08:17] <Waterdaughter1> aww.*hugs mika again* poorz mika
[08:17] <Comiclove> *attacks someone with Odachi*
[08:17] <Comiclove> WHAAAAAAAA
[08:18] <Mikalmt> 
[08:18] <Comiclove> xP
[08:18] <~Rose Witch~> *ish attacked*
[08:18] <~Rose Witch~> DX
[08:18] <~Rose Witch~> *dodges*
[08:18] <Comiclove> Not chu
[08:18] <Comiclove> DX
[08:18] <Mikalmt> *hugs back*
[08:18] <~Rose Witch~> yay!
[08:18] <Comiclove> *attacks wonder with odachi*
[08:18] <Comiclove> XP
[08:18] <~Rose Witch~> *Hugs comi*
[08:18] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:18] <ShadowGoddess> XD
[08:18] <Mikalmt> If anyone needs mr
[08:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *dodges*
[08:18] <Mikalmt> Pm me
[08:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs Mika*
[08:18] <Mikalmt> Im talk to ducks
[08:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I wuv chuz >.>
[08:18] <Sean187jr> What's going on ladies and gentleman?
[08:18] <Mikalmt> *shuns Wr*
[08:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> PX
[08:18] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :(
[08:18] <Mikalmt> R chu sure?
[08:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *cries in forever alone corner*
[08:19] <Mikalmt> *tackle hugs*
[08:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is tackle hugged*
[08:19] <Mikalmt> Im showwy
[08:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :)
[08:19] <Mikalmt> *gives flower*
[08:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs*
[08:19] <Mikalmt> And choclates
[08:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *dafuq do I do with flowers*
[08:19] <Waterdaughter1> *gets thrown off of mika's lap* -_- owwie
[08:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *noms chocolates*
[08:19] <Mikalmt> And Romeo and Phil yaoiiii
[08:19] <Mikalmt> !!!!!
[08:19] <Mikalmt> :D
[08:19] <Sean187jr> *jumps of a cliff* beast
[08:19] <Barbett> *puts food and a teddy bear in forever alone corner*
[08:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I think I was last poster Mika
[08:20] <Mikalmt> U were?
[08:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Yeah XP
[08:20] <Waterdaughter1> *kicks bellaz out and sits in alone forever corner*
[08:20] <~Rose Witch~> We found love in a toastless place! *lols at the pic Audreh found*
[08:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I think
[08:20] <Mikalmt> Oh, link?
[08:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> We found dove in a soapless place!
[08:20] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> [[Demeter%27s Cabin|Demeter's Cabin]]
[08:21] <Comiclove> We made love in a hopeless race xP
[08:21] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:21] <Waterdaughter1> *covers ears in corner* LA LA LA, I'M NOT LISTENING!
[08:21] <Waterdaughter1> XP
[08:21] <Comiclove> Caps XP
[08:21] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> We found a glove in a handless place!
[08:22] <Moodle> lol
[08:22] <Comiclove> o_o
[08:22] <Comiclove> wut?
[08:22] <Moodle> @ water
[08:22] <~Rose Witch~> Chu not listning. But chu watching *kisses comi to freak Water out :P*
[08:22] <~Rose Witch~> *and because she likes it :P*
[08:22] <Comiclove> *kisses back just cause*
[08:22] <Waterdaughter1> ack!!! *ducks head into hands*
[08:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3980419
[08:23] <Mikalmt> *hugs wt*
[08:23] <Barbett> *kicks water out of forever alone corner and sits*
[08:23] <Mikalmt> i wuvvvvv chu
[08:23] <Mikalmt> 
[08:23] <Mikalmt> XD
[08:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[08:23] <Waterdaughter1> *kicks barb out and sits again* me and bellaz share this corner
[08:24] <Waterdaughter1> :P
[08:24] <ShadowGoddess> *waits for water*
[08:24] <ShadowGoddess> ready water?
[08:24] <Waterdaughter1> i so is.
[08:24] <Barbett> *stops over to other corner*
[08:24] <ShadowGoddess> *grins evilly* I'll let you have the first throw
[08:24] <Audrey Campbell> gtg
[08:24] <Audrey Campbell> bye
[08:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Byez
[08:24] <ShadowGoddess> bye
[08:25] <Barbett> nyez
[08:25] <Waterdaughter1> *grabs water balloons filled with only me and shady know and throws it at jassy and comic*
[08:25] <Comiclove> *dodges*
[08:25] <~Rose Witch~> b-nvm
[08:25] <~Rose Witch~> *is hit DX*
[08:25] <~Rose Witch~> *Wonder's what#s in the balloons*
[08:25] <~Rose Witch~> what's*
[08:25] <ShadowGoddess> *throws water ballons with water at everyone*
[08:26] <ShadowGoddess> DIE!
[08:26] <~Rose Witch~> What's in the balloon water?
[08:26] <Waterdaughter1> *takes a cake, walks over and grabs the back of comi's neck and shoves his face in le cake*
[08:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Is it....nvm
[08:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3968688
[08:26] <ShadowGoddess> :O
[08:26] <ShadowGoddess> 
[08:26] <Waterdaughter1> for me andshady to know, and you to ne know
[08:27] <ShadowGoddess> O.O
[08:27] <Mikalmt> How do u play strip tester?
[08:27] <Comiclove> I already am, Water
[08:27] <Barbett> no you can eat sperm
[08:27] <~Rose Witch~> *nearly faints from the idea*
[08:27] <Comiclove> I'm here, for one thing
[08:27] <Mikalmt> Twister
[08:27] <Comiclove> :P
[08:27] <~Rose Witch~> orly barb?
[08:27] <~Rose Witch~> :P
[08:28] <Barbett> yea you swollow it
[08:28] <Waterdaughter1> *hand inching to smap comic, but knows he won't care*
[08:28] <Comiclove> you know this from experience
[08:28] <Comiclove> XP
[08:28] <Mikalmt> 
[08:28] <Comiclove> Smart girl, water
[08:28] <Waterdaughter1> *so just sits in forever alone corner and cries*
[08:28] <Barbett> I'm not answering that
[08:28] <Waterdaughter1> :P
[08:28] <Comiclove> Then it's a yes XP
[08:28] <Mikalmt> *hugs watah*
[08:28] <ShadowGoddess> *zaps Comi to space*
[08:28] <Mikalmt> There, there
[08:28] <Comiclove> *dodges*
[08:28] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3977321
[08:28] <Barbett> yes
[08:28] <~Rose Witch~> milk what's Prim and Gale's dad called again?
[08:29] <Comiclove> Nice try there
[08:29] <Waterdaughter1> *hugs back*
[08:29] <Mikalmt> Harrison Woods
[08:29] <Mikalmt> I hate e
[08:29] <ShadowGoddess> eh your boring Comi
[08:29] <Waterdaughter1> ikr shady
[08:29] <Comiclove> I'm not
[08:29] <Waterdaughter1> are to.
[08:29] <ShadowGoddess> are to!
[08:29] <Comiclove> I just prefer not to get harmed or touched by filthy mortals
[08:30] <Barbett> just alittle
[08:30] <Comiclove> :P
[08:30] <Mikalmt> 
[08:30] <ShadowGoddess> -_- I'm not a mortal
[08:30] <Waterdaughter1> which makes you no fun and boring
[08:30] <Comiclove> Yes you are, shadow
[08:30] <Comiclove> if you don't have the trident, you are
[08:30] <Comiclove> XP
[08:30] <Mikalmt> *hugs Comic*
[08:30] <~Rose Witch~> Since she's not getting Phriek, who wants dibs on Prim?
[08:30] <Comiclove> *hugs mika back cause he's a bro*
[08:30] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *licks someone*
[08:30] <Mikalmt> Me!
[08:30] <Waterdaughter1> *knows comic ain't mortal*
[08:30] <Comiclove> Bros For life
[08:30] <ShadowGoddess> no I'm a goddess quote "ShadowGoddess"
[08:30] <Mikalmt> Is li ked
[08:30] <Waterdaughter1> he's to...comic t be mortal
[08:30] <Mikalmt> Licked
[08:30] <Comiclove> then how come you never fight?
[08:30] <Comiclove> :P
[08:31] <ShadowGoddess> fight 4 what?
[08:31] <Comiclove> *for
[08:31] <Mikalmt> Jassy
[08:31] <ShadowGoddess> no 4
[08:31] <Waterdaughter1> fun
[08:31] <Comiclove> Also, you use such atrocious spelling
[08:31] <Mikalmt> Prinsesbo right?
[08:31] <ShadowGoddess> thank you
[08:31] <Comiclove> Welcome anytime
[08:31] <~Rose Witch~> Primrose*
[08:31] <~Rose Witch~> Yesh
[08:31] <Mikalmt> Prims lesbo rivht?
[08:31] <Comiclove> XD
[08:31] <Mikalmt> Oooh
[08:31] <Mikalmt> I div 
[08:31] <Comiclove> Prinsesbo XD
[08:31] <Mikalmt> Dib
[08:31] <Mikalmt> For mah new charrie :3
[08:32] <Mikalmt> Can i?
[08:32] <~Rose Witch~> She's bi now
[08:32] <~Rose Witch~> Naw :P
[08:32] <Mikalmt> Kk
[08:32] <Comiclove> .
[08:32] <~Rose Witch~> *sits on comi's lap*
[08:32] <Comiclove> Anyways, back to finishing up Lycan :P
[08:33] <Mikalmt> *sits on bench*
[08:33] <~Rose Witch~> *wants to make it so Prim doesn't like Phriek*
[08:33] <~Rose Witch~> *Also wants prim to be 12 DX*
[08:33] <~Rose Witch~> I found a pweety pic
[08:33] <Mikalmt> Awww
[08:33] <Mikalmt> Sowwy
[08:33] <~Rose Witch~> But not enough pics >.<
[08:33] <Mikalmt> :/
[08:33] <~Rose Witch~> Oh well
[08:33] <~Rose Witch~> I'll make a dif char 12
[08:33] <Mikalmt> *sister hugs*
[08:33] <~Rose Witch~> Someone wanna help find a pic?
[08:33] <~Rose Witch~> *Is hugged*
[08:33] <Mikalmt> There, comic
[08:33] <ShadowGoddess> ME!
[08:33] <Mikalmt> Happy?
[08:33] <~Rose Witch~> okie shady 
[08:34] <~Rose Witch~> Try and make sure le pic looks roughly 12
[08:34] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I will Jas
[08:34] <Comiclove> I can't draw motorcycles
[08:34] <~Rose Witch~> sweet ducksie
[08:34] <Comiclove> >_<
[08:34] <ShadowGoddess> kkz
[08:34] <~Rose Witch~> *Wants to draw now*
[08:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *is debating over pimping her userpage up*
[08:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :/
[08:34] <~Rose Witch~> What should I draw guys?
[08:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Draw Esme!
[08:34] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> 8D
[08:35] <~Rose Witch~> No :P
[08:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Awww
[08:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> :(
[08:35] <Comiclove> .
[08:35] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3969560
[08:36] <BloomOfFairyTail> o.o how come my chat was closed?
[08:36] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[08:36] <Comiclove> idk
[08:36] <Black Wolf of blood> How would we know dearest?
[08:37] <BloomOfFairyTail> I dunno >.> I'm just wondering out loud
[08:37] <Waterdaughter1> *taps shady and whispers something*
[08:38] <Comiclove> .
[08:38] <Ducks-r-homicidal> Mika!
[08:38] <Mikalmt> 
[08:38] <Mikalmt> 
[08:38] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://9gag.com/fast#3968585
[08:39] <Ducks-r-homicidal> I can't reply to the PM
[08:39] <Ducks-r-homicidal> now I can
[08:39] <ShadowGoddess> *giggle evilly as water whispers into mah ear*
[08:39] <ShadowGoddess> *giggles
[08:39] <Comiclove> So true, Wonder
[08:39] <Comiclove> XD
[08:40] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:41] <Barbett> *glokpz* devin
[08:41] <Barbett> hi orb
[08:41] <ShadowGoddess> Orbie!
[08:41] <~Rose Witch~> *Sings*
[08:41] <Barbett> brb
[08:42] <Devin11000> hiii
[08:42] <Mikalmt> 
[08:42] <Waterdaughter1> hola devin
[08:42] <Mikalmt> *hugs ducks*
[08:42] <Devin11000> hii
[08:42] <~Rose Witch~> o.o *is listning to E.T by Katy Perry and thinks dirty when one of the lyrics is 'Fill me with your poision'*
[08:42] <Comiclove> hey dev
[08:42] <Comiclove> XD
[08:42] <Mikalmt> She roxkkkkssaas
[08:42] <Waterdaughter1> you should
[08:42] <Comiclove> And oddly enough, that's happening XD
[08:42] <Waterdaughter1> @jas
[08:42] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:43] <Comiclove> xP
[08:43] <ShadowGoddess> brbz
[08:43] <Comiclove> kk
[08:43] <~Rose Witch~> *lols*
[08:43] <Devin11000> bored bye
[08:43] <~Rose Witch~> None of chu folks will get it
[08:43] <Mikalmt> *hugs a pole*
[08:43] <Mikalmt> The NORTH pole
[08:43] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:43] <Mikalmt> Geddit?
[08:43] <Mikalmt> :D
[08:43] <Waterdaughter1> *hugs mika*
[08:44] <Mikalmt> If u say yes
[08:44] <Mikalmt> ...
[08:44] <Mikalmt> Ur whack
[08:44] <Mikalmt> Even i dint
[08:44] <~Rose Witch~> yes, meh get it
[08:44] <Mikalmt> Get it
[08:44] <Mikalmt> o_o
[08:44] <~Rose Witch~> :P
[08:44] <Mikalmt> *hugs back and anuggles*
[08:44] <Mikalmt> *snuggles
[08:44] <Comiclove> I understood
[08:44] <Comiclove> XP
[08:44] <~Rose Witch~> *Keep's thinking dirty o.o*
[08:45] <Comiclove> XP
[08:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *cookie rapes someone*
[08:45] <Comiclove> I'm part of that, aren't I, jas?
[08:45] <Comiclove> :P
[08:45] <~Rose Witch~> o.o
[08:45] <~Rose Witch~> *ish that someone DX*
[08:45] <~Rose Witch~> *Kills WT and runs*
[08:45] <Comiclove> *has to act as a Transexual Death god who loves chainsaws and blood and the color red*
[08:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m35o5d9htQ1rttb39o1_500.png XD
[08:45] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *dies*
[08:45] <Comiclove> XD
[08:46] <~Rose Witch~> *Hides behind comi*
[08:46] <Travelg> why are you hiding behading comic?
[08:46] <~Rose Witch~> She cookie raped me. She should go to jail >.<
[08:46] <Travelg> behind
[08:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> HOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackle glompz*
[08:46] <Comiclove> XD
[08:46] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @Jas Do you know what cookie rape is?
[08:46] <Comiclove> I do
[08:46] <Comiclove> :D
[08:47] <~Rose Witch~> Nope :P
[08:47] <Head of Ravenclaw> *glompz*
[08:47] <~Rose Witch~> *sucks ._.*
[08:47] <Comiclove> O_O
[08:47] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m35nu3MZd61qjd6olo1_500.gif
[08:47] <Comiclove> *dirty thoughts*
[08:47] <Comiclove> http://9gag.com/fast#3965924
[08:47] <Comiclove> ^O_O
[08:47] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:48] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:48] <Travelg> I might create a wenesday adams like character
[08:48] <~Rose Witch~> *Sits on comi's lap*
[08:48] <Comiclove> Hi
[08:48] <Comiclove> :D
[08:48] <~Rose Witch~> Hey love <3
[08:49] <~Rose Witch~> *kisses chur cheek*
[08:49] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m35mva5C8E1r6srs1o1_500.png
[08:49] <Comiclove> wtf XD
[08:49] <Mikalmt> 
[08:49] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:49] <Mikalmt> *sits on twinneh*
[08:49] <Mikalmt> Hai HoR
[08:50] <~Rose Witch~> *snuggles with Comi*
[08:50] <Comiclove> *snuggles*
[08:50] <Mikalmt> >:O
[08:50] <Mikalmt> *snuggles with Wt*
[08:50] <Waterdaughter1> *gags dramatically*
[08:51] <Waterdaughter1> so much romance...*brain dies*
[08:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *snuggles back*
[08:51] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m35k4gg8PG1ruhde9o1_250.jpg XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[08:51] <~Rose Witch~> *ish snuggling with comi in there special corner that no one can get to because it's so awesome only meh and comi can get in*
[08:51] <Mikalmt> *pulls blanket over them*
[08:51] <~Rose Witch~> XD Lol WT :P
[08:51] <~Rose Witch~> 
[08:52] <Comiclove> Thanks
[08:52] <Waterdaughter1> *is sitting in foevr alone corner, playing with a paddleball and chewing gum*
[08:52] <Mikalmt> *hugs wayH
[08:52] <Waterdaughter1> *forever
[08:52] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> @WD Outta my corner
[08:52] <Mikalmt> Watah
[08:53] <Waterdaughter1> no.
[08:53] <Waterdaughter1> *hugs back*
[08:53] <~Rose Witch~> *Sits in tree*
[08:53] <Waterdaughter1> we shares le corner, bellaz
[08:53] <Comiclove> http://9gag.com/fast#3965962
[08:53] <Comiclove> :P
[08:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ;P
[08:54] <~Rose Witch~> http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lm2iiySPvK1qjrsq4o1_400.png
[08:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Me + Water = Together Alone XP
[08:54] <Waterdaughter1> http://9gag.com/fast#3958821
[08:54] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m35kcg80531rtlwvqo1_500.png
[08:54] <Waterdaughter1> ^@bellaz
[08:54] <Mikalmt> Wat bout me?
[08:55] <Mikalmt> *hugs both wt and wTah*
[08:55] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[08:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> *hugs back*
[08:55] <Waterdaughter1> *hugs back*
[08:55] <Head of Ravenclaw> im going to attempt to get <span style="color:red;">bachbot</span> off the chat for testing
[08:55] <Head of Ravenclaw> lalala
[08:55] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m35k5lo17m1rugl1fo1_500.png
[08:56] <Waterdaughter1> http://9gag.com/fast#3958821 XDDD
[08:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> XD
[08:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Bar
[08:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Wibbles milk
[08:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> hey orb
[08:56] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> Hi Orb
[08:56] <Orbstar> ello
[08:56] <Ducks-r-homicidal> and mika\
[08:56] <~Rose Witch~> http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=e2D&sa=X&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&biw=1024&bih=497&tbm=isch&prmd=imvns&tbnid=Acx-HaK9UMaMqM:&imgrefurl=http://www.fanpop.com/spots/the-hunger-games/images/29880543/title/hunger-games-pick-up-lines-photo&docid=d5CzeVevX9jNnM&imgurl=http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/29800000/Hunger-Games-Pick-Up-Lines-the-hunger-games-29880543-640-866.jpg&w=640&h=866&ei=_QebT6DBKouU8gOB08DwDg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=105&vpy=112&dur=459&hovh=144&hovw=106&tx=99&ty=186&sig=117248936327647161004&page=1&tbnh=144&tbnw=106&start=0&ndsp=13&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0,i:67
[08:57] <Comiclove> XD
[08:57] <~Rose Witch~> O.O That's a long link
[08:57] <Waterdaughter1> http://9gag.com/fast#3959740
[08:57] <~Rose Witch~> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m03xz5BBSO1qexu5uo1_500.jpg
[08:57] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m35k4vVyQm1rqxezho1_500.jpg
[08:57] <Barbett> hi wnder
[08:58] <Comiclove> XDDD
[08:58] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> wonder*
[08:58] <AtlasSisterno.1> Cool Jas :)
[08:59] <~Rose Witch~> *likes the pick up line gale has=http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m03xz5BBSO1qexu5uo1_500.jpg*
[08:59] <~Rose Witch~> *Felt like linking it again :P
[08:59] <~Rose Witch~> *
[08:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m35jodmwOc1qhxb48.gif
[08:59] <Waterdaughter1> http://9gag.com/fast#3967250
[08:59] <Comiclove> xD
[08:59] <Waterdaughter1> ^so true
[09:00] <Devin11000> hii
[09:00] <Barbett> *glompz* devin
[09:00] <~Rose Witch~> *thinks the pick up line gale has is kinda cute :P*
[09:00] <Devin11000> heyy
[09:00] <AtlasSisterno.1> Hi
[09:01] <AtlasSisterno.1> Me too Jas
[09:01] <Barbett> it's better then my husbands was
[09:01] <~Rose Witch~> *wants someone to say it to her now DX*
[09:01] <Comiclove> *syas it to jassy*
[09:01] <Comiclove> Says*
[09:01] <Comiclove> XPPPPP
[09:01] <AtlasSisterno.1> Say what?
[09:02] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[09:02] <~Rose Witch~> :3
[09:02] <Comiclove> *smacks atlas upside the head*
[09:02] <Comiclove> XP
[09:02] <AtlasSisterno.1> What? I'm lost... :/
[09:02] <~Rose Witch~> XD
[09:02] <Comiclove> Well then, scroll up
[09:02] <Comiclove> XP
[09:02] <AtlasSisterno.1> It won't work!!!! :(
[09:03] <~Rose Witch~> The gale pick up line
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