[03:17] <Theharlequin> test
[03:18] <Theharlequin> Hey Summer
[03:23] <Summer June> Q! &lt;3 
[03:25] <Theharlequin> How are you doing?
[03:25] <Summer June> im good
[03:25] <Summer June> a bit busy but good
[03:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> SUMMMMMMER
[03:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> YOU'RE BACK
[03:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> FROM OBLIVION
[03:27] <Theharlequin> Hey Rebe *hugs*
[03:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> (squeeze) 
[03:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> DQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ (th) 
[03:27] <Theharlequin> I know the feeling Summer
[03:27] <DaichiAoi> ohno
[03:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> DAICHIIIII (squeeze) 
[03:27] <Theharlequin> Hey Clay *hugs*
[03:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> im so happy today for some weird reason
[03:27] <DaichiAoi> where are my precious chat hacks
[03:27] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lololol idk
[03:28] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> seven's rubbing off on me
[03:28] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> someone help i need sleep T-T
[03:29] <DaichiAoi> THERE WE GO
[03:29] <Summer June> flowweerrrrr (th) 
[03:29] <Summer June> daichipooooo!!!!!
[03:29] <DaichiAoi> auds!!! (squeeze) 
[03:29] <DaichiAoi> junebug!!!!!!!!!
[03:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> summer save my soyl
[03:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> soul*
[03:30] <Summer June> ?
[03:30] <Summer June> flower, sorry for not being on for a while
[03:30] <Summer June> *been busy*
[03:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> it's ok
[03:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> 
[03:30] <Summer June> now i have to double time on seokjin ;-;
[03:30] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ive made seung's character page look as bright and as obnoxious as possible lol
[03:31] <DaichiAoi> ouch
[03:31] <Summer June> and i still dont know what to do with nin's claim ;-;
[03:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i wrote up to the starbucks thing on kyuhah so
[03:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> does anyone tho
[03:31] <Summer June> idk but im getting addicted to voltron
[03:31] <Summer June> is that a problem????
[03:32] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> no idk what it is
[03:33] <Summer June> hhaaahhhhhh
[03:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i searched it up
[03:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and tbh
[03:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> it looks like a cartoon version of power rangers lmao
[03:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> no offense
[03:33] <Summer June> ikr
[03:33] <Summer June> but i dont even like power rrangers
[03:34] <Summer June> @_@
[03:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> power rangers was my life tbh
[03:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> the nick show sucked
[03:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> but i loved it anyway lmao
[03:34] <Summer June> my sisters were addicted
[03:34] <Summer June> like oh my i love red!
[03:34] <Summer June> i love the green one!
[03:34] <Summer June> no, the pink!
[03:34] <Summer June> no, the black!
[03:34] <Summer June> like, seriously, how many rangers are there?
[03:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> like
[03:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> a million
[03:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lmao
[03:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> that's why i love them
[03:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> we have like dino rangers
[03:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> and other rangers i cannot remember
[03:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> but either way
[03:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> they are amazing
[03:35] <Summer June> haha
[03:35] <Summer June> fluffy aliens are life
[03:36] <Summer June> i only liked voltron (the newest remake, mind you) bcos of fluffy aliens
[03:36] <Summer June> fluffy aliens!!! (squeal) 
[03:37] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> fluffy aliens
[03:37] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ??????? where 
[03:37] <Summer June> wait
[03:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> what
[03:38] <Summer June> https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/600x315/05/f0/ba/05f0ba4a4832759446b75ad5a020d54d.jpg
[03:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lmao
[03:39] <Summer June> &lt;3 
[03:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> :3 hey summah
[03:39] <Summer June> yah?
[03:40] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> can you go into more detail when seokjin murders cameron
[03:40] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> since i only glazed over it in kyuhah's history?
[03:40] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> plus i really want a description of yandere seokjin lol
[03:40] <Summer June> suuuuurrreee
[03:40] <Summer June> can i give the claims over to you?
[03:40] <Summer June> pleeaaassee
[03:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> uh sure
[03:42] <Summer June> thhaannnkkk yoouuuuu
[03:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> u welcome
[03:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> gotta remove the unclaimed category because the tables be messed up af
[03:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i love how Aaron's history starts with "was" &lt;3 
[03:44] <Summer June> haha
[03:45] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i have a question
[03:45] <Summer June> yup?
[03:45] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> it says aaron's father discovered an ancient weapon created by daedalus
[03:45] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> is that allowed
[03:46] <Summer June> hmm...
[03:46] <Summer June> isnt that his workshop where "all" of his works collapsed with him?
[03:46] <DaichiAoi> wasn't he the guy that tried to make wings?
[03:47] <Summer June> yup
[03:47] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> it says:
[03:47] <Summer June> *why do people have to be so complicated?*
[03:47] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> His dad (an archaeologist) recovered an ancient weapon designed by Daedalus during his time in Sicily. 
[03:47] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> LMAO I'M DEAD
[03:47] <DaichiAoi> where was his workshop?
[03:48] <DaichiAoi> sicily okay
[03:48] <Summer June> *middle of labyrinth, if we follow canon*
[03:48] <Summer June> brb
[03:49] <DaichiAoi> yeah unless his dad was in the goddamn labyrinth
[03:49] <DaichiAoi> i don't think so
[03:50] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> he just fell in the labyrinth while wandering lmao
[03:51] <Summer June> xD
[03:51] <Summer June> wandered through some maze opening
[03:51] <DaichiAoi> "oops i slipped and discovered this ancient artifact"
[03:51] <Summer June> sure a mortal can do that ;-;
[03:52] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> im pretty sure even if he did find a way into the labyrinth
[03:52] <DaichiAoi> fell into a pit trap and landed in the middle of the labyrinth guarded by the minotaur
[03:52] <DaichiAoi> "whOOPS"
[03:52] <Summer June> "amazing, im a cooler mortal that i thought"
[03:52] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> he wouldn't know because the mist lol
[03:52] <DaichiAoi> exactly
[03:52] <Summer June> but he's clear sighted, the claim says
[03:53] <Summer June> though strong mist can change em
[03:53] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> true
[03:53] <DaichiAoi> some mortals can see in the mist tho
[03:53] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> in the mist
[03:53] <DaichiAoi> my prist char could
[03:53] <DaichiAoi> can see past the mist*
[03:53] <DaichiAoi> dammit
[03:53] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i wish i could just stick my head in the mist lol
[03:53] <DaichiAoi> st O P
[03:54] <Summer June> what would be a nice way to kill a love rival?
[03:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh
[03:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh
[03:54] <DaichiAoi> uh
[03:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> painful torture
[03:54] <DaichiAoi> nO
[03:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> im sorry ill see myself out
[03:54] <DaichiAoi> THAT'S NOT NICE
[03:54] <Summer June> xD
[03:54] <DaichiAoi> i would say
[03:54] <DaichiAoi> uh
[03:54] <DaichiAoi> hmmm
[03:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> how is there a nice way to murder someone tho
[03:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> if there was
[03:54] <Summer June> psychological torture bwahahahah
[03:54] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i would've done it like a good ten times by now
[03:54] <DaichiAoi> poisoning
[03:55] <Summer June> "Poison is a woman's weapon," says some character I forgot
[03:55] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> XD
[03:55] <DaichiAoi> drowning?
[03:55] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> besides that's not as fun as choking or drowning someone to death
[03:55] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> why did i use fun as an adjective for murder?
[03:55] <DaichiAoi> WHY
[03:55] <Summer June> ripping nails off one by one while saying insufferable things
[03:55] <DaichiAoi> lethal injection?
[03:56] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> summah lol
[03:56] <Summer June> *kaneki style*
[03:56] <DaichiAoi> or just pushing air in the veins with a needle
[03:56] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> well it should be slow
[03:56] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because yeah torture lol
[03:56] <Summer June> chainsawing the face?
[03:56] <DaichiAoi> "what would be a nice way to kill a love rival?"
[03:56] <DaichiAoi> THAT'S NOT NICE YOU GUYS
[03:56] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> im sorry i just
[03:56] <Summer June> hurting him until he screams his vocal chords out?
[03:56] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yandere seokjin
[03:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> violence
[03:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> T-T
[03:57] <Summer June> sorry daichipoo :D
[03:57] <DaichiAoi> stabbing
[03:57] <DaichiAoi> just stab them and have it be over with
[03:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> aw that's boring but ok
[03:57] <Summer June> but thats not fun
[03:57] <DaichiAoi> you didn't ask for fun
[03:57] <DaichiAoi> you asked for nice
[03:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh
[03:57] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> true
[03:57] <Summer June> what's a nice way for a yandere to kill a love rival?
[03:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> there we go
[03:58] <DaichiAoi> repeatedly stabbing
[03:58] <DaichiAoi> my own yandere char did that
[03:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol just mumbling to himself as he stabs cameron repeatdly lol
[03:58] <DaichiAoi> albeit he was protecting the person he was madly in love with
[03:58] <Summer June> dripping acid!!
[03:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> XD summer
[03:59] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> daichi r u ok
[03:59] <DaichiAoi> no
[03:59] <Summer June> xD
[03:59] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> do you want a hug
[03:59] <Summer June> cat-eared aliens!!!
[03:59] <DaichiAoi> i'm gonna have to dig in the mind of- tie them to a chair and drown them slowly
[03:59] <DaichiAoi> chinese water torture
[04:00] <Summer June> pulling their teeth off one by one?
[04:00] <DaichiAoi> stretching them
[04:00] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> or we could do a combination of several
[04:00] <DaichiAoi> hang them upside down and chainsaw them in half
[04:00] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because the more torture the merrier
[04:00] <Summer June> how about having them hear ridiculous opera on full volume while doing some physical torture
[04:00] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> XD lmao
[04:01] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> the best torture 10/10
[04:01] <Summer June> yesssss
[04:01] <DaichiAoi> you can blast really loud music until their ears bleed
[04:01] <DaichiAoi> bc that's their brain bleeding
[04:01] <Summer June> cameron, here comes seokjin bwahahahah
[04:01] <Summer June> *on headphones, btw)
[04:01] <DaichiAoi> BOILING
[04:01] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i would feel bad for cameron
[04:01] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> if i didn't ship kyujin so much lmao
[04:01] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> OH OH
[04:02] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> YAS BOIL CAMERON TO DEATH :D
[04:02] <DaichiAoi> sleep deprivation is psychological torture
[04:02] <Summer June> ooooohh
[04:02] <DaichiAoi> breaking their bones one by one
[04:02] <Summer June> solitary confinement!!!
[04:03] <DaichiAoi> exploiting them to their worst fears
[04:03] <Summer June> Im imagining seokjin laughing like a psycho while doing whatever torture to the poor guy
[04:03] <DaichiAoi> SCALPING
[04:03] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol seokjin has to laugh like a pyscho because seokjin lmao
[04:04] <DaichiAoi> electroshock
[04:04] <Summer June> FLOGGING
[04:04] <Summer June> scourging
[04:04] <DaichiAoi> you can put metal in them and shock them
[04:05] <Summer June> put em in water and electrocute them
[04:05] <Summer June> oh w8 time for lunch
[04:05] <Summer June> brb
[04:05] <Summer June> *so much for gore b4 lunch*
[04:05] <DaichiAoi> ...
[04:05] <DaichiAoi> idk who i was there
[04:06] <DaichiAoi> i have a yandere char and he uses various methods of torture on other people bc he's still angsty over his sister
[04:06] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yandere characters are life
[04:06] <DaichiAoi> i hate them tho
[04:07] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh why
[04:07] <DaichiAoi> bc they kill??? they're literally psychopaths
[04:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh yeah
[04:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> besides that
[04:15] <Summer June> bacckkk
[04:15] <DaichiAoi> wb
[04:15] <Summer June> i should give seokjin some psycho isuues
[04:15] <Summer June> *issues
[04:16] <Summer June> they say being a psycho is more of a heritage
[04:16] <Summer June> 60% chance
[04:16] <Summer June> oh totally
[04:17] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yay realism
[04:20] <Summer June> ok so i decided ear-breaking opera music while ripping nails off
[04:20] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> xD
[04:20] <Summer June> and some acid on knife tips?
[04:20] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> fabulous
[04:21] <Summer June> then make an art of him by tying him in an x with his own entrails
[04:21] <DaichiAoi> my- oh
[04:21] <Summer June> then bury him later
[04:21] <Summer June> or nvm the burying
[04:22] <DaichiAoi> my yandere char has finger armor things coated in poison so one stab from the finger armor and ur dead
[04:22] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> hey summer 
[04:22] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> can u delete rmsolympic's claim? it's past 4/22
[04:22] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> wow how nice
[04:22] <Summer June> oki doki
[04:22] <DaichiAoi> like that poison lipstick thing
[04:23] <DaichiAoi> he can wear it but it can't kill him bc it's not in his body nor bloodstream
[04:23] <Summer June> w8...where's the claim?
[04:24] <Summer June> i shall see to it that seokjin becomes my potential murderer
[04:24] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> [[Claiming:Camp/Savannah - WIP till 4/22|Claiming:Camp/Savannah]]
[04:24] <Summer June> ah ok
[04:27] <Summer June> done
[04:29] <UniPacific16> hi
[04:29] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yo jams (th) 
[04:30] <Summer June> jemmmyyyy!!!! (th) 
[04:30] <DaichiAoi> oh my god did anyone else see this
[04:30] <DaichiAoi> [[User blog:Mojo-cosplay/percy being cute]]
[04:31] <UniPacific16> yep
[04:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yup
[04:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> crinnngee
[04:31] <DaichiAoi> percy: come home
[04:31] <DaichiAoi> annabeth: but i'm studying
[04:31] <DaichiAoi> percy: my mom isn't home ;)
[04:31] <DaichiAoi> annabeth: i said i'm studying
[04:32] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol at least she denied him two times
[04:32] <Summer June> hahatwas long since the last time i saw this
[04:33] <DaichiAoi> i left a comment but
[04:33] <DaichiAoi> no reply :c
[04:36] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> it's 11:30 pm
[04:36] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> roughly
[04:36] <Summer June> uhh.....12:30 pm here?
[04:36] <Summer June> mazing
[04:36] <DaichiAoi> wow! timezones!!
[04:37] <UniPacific16> 2:36pm 
[04:38] <UniPacific16> audrey you posted on Jax yet?
[04:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> um idk let me check
[04:38] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> the magic of timezones
[04:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh hi ren
[04:39] <Summer June> now that's a good boy
[04:39] <Rentarou Kou> 1:32 in where i should be rn
[04:39] <Summer June> xD
[04:39] <Rentarou Kou> hi cookie mate o/ 
[04:39] <Summer June> ^^ xD
[04:40] <UniPacific16> hey ren o/ 
[04:41] <Rentarou Kou> hey james o/ 
[04:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> when u don't get a hi
[04:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ok
[04:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ill
[04:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> just sit over here
[04:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> with my tub of ice cream
[04:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> 
[04:41] <Rentarou Kou> i said 'hi cookie mate'
[04:42] <UniPacific16> the awkward moment when you're forced to sit next to the girl you like in class
[04:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh is that a new nickname
[04:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> james
[04:42] <Rentarou Kou> maybe
[04:42] <Summer June> ooohhhh nisekooiiiiiii &lt;3 
[04:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> if i was forced to sit next to my crush i would legit panic and go all tsundere
[04:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i cannot for the life of me
[04:43] <Summer June> id go all yandere
[04:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> sit peacefully next to him
[04:43] <Summer June> except that that wouldnt happen to me
[04:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i will fidget with anything and everything in my reach
[04:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> T-T summah
[04:43] <UniPacific16> my heart is deadset like a rabbits 
[04:43] <Summer June> cuz im a schediophiliac person
[04:44] <Summer June> *schediaphiliac
[04:44] <UniPacific16> worst thing is, she knows i like her
[04:44] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh
[04:44] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> same
[04:44] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> .-. it's awkward because according to his friend who is also my friend
[04:44] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> he talks to her about it
[04:44] <Summer June> XD
[04:45] <UniPacific16> i blame a friend of mine for being a dickhead and yelling out i like her
[04:45] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yo no one knows who he likes tho lmao
[04:46] <UniPacific16> i'm either friendzoned or she hates my guts
[04:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> like even his closest friends don't know because ive asked them (im in like his outer friend circle rip)
[04:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> And they don't know
[04:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> the struggle
[04:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> *shudders*
[04:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> the friendzone
[04:48] <Summer June> twincest!!!!!
[04:48] <Rentarou Kou> ew
[04:48] <Rentarou Kou> wiki's getting a new interface, huh
[04:49] <UniPacific16> if she catches my looking at her every so often, i will literally die
[04:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> twincest where summer
[04:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yeah @ren
[04:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> it looks so awkward and out of place
[04:49] <Summer June> *watching ouran host club
[04:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh lol
[04:49] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> waht about seokjin T-T
[04:49] <Summer June> hitachiin twinsssssss &lt;3 
[04:49] <Summer June> honestly, i cant write what im supposed to write
[04:50] <Summer June> im too excited for the murder thing
[04:50] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> O.O
[04:50] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> u can't write the murder thing
[04:50] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> if u don't get to the murder thing
[04:50] <Summer June> ik ;-;
[04:51] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> can i see what u have so far
[04:51] <Summer June> a problem for writers: you keep imagining a scene that you already want to write down but you still have a long way to go
[04:51] <Summer June> oh please im still on threatening junior
[04:51] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ikr
[04:51] <Summer June> poor junior
[04:51] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ik rip junior
[04:51] <Summer June> http://winters-testings.wikia.com/wiki/To_Be_Used/Do_Seokjin
[04:52] <Summer June> im keeping out some details to gain more on the murder part
[04:53] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i love it
[04:53] <Rentarou Kou> you've been watching too much gore
[04:53] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lmao
[04:53] <Summer June> but its pretty ;-;
[04:53] <Summer June> is the history okay, flowers?
[04:53] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yas it is amazing i love it
[04:53] <Summer June> btw, have you guys seen tokyo ghoul live action trailer?
[04:54] <Summer June> arigatou, flowers!
[04:54] <Rentarou Kou> still raw
[04:54] <Summer June> yeah but
[04:54] <Summer June> it was not as intense as i thought it would be
[04:54] <Rentarou Kou> it was just a sneak peak
[04:54] <Summer June> still . . .
[04:54] <Summer June> i luv mado though
[04:55] <Rentarou Kou> (y) 
[04:55] <Summer June> junior is a demigod to, right?
[04:55] <Summer June> AAAAHHHHHHH
[04:55] <Summer June> YESSSS
[04:56] <Rentarou Kou> (facepalm) 
[04:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yup
[04:58] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> XD you are so excited yas
[05:07] <Summer June> can i make him someone who has psychopathy?
[05:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> uh...
[05:08] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> ...sure?
[05:08] <Summer June> ahhhh!! murder scene now!!!!!!
[05:08] <Summer June> yey psychopathy psychopathy!
[05:09] <Summer June> but kyuhah is the only around to calm him down
[05:09] <Summer June> bcos thats what kyujin is for
[05:09] <Summer June> hoooray for kyujin
[05:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yay &lt;3 
[05:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> hey neko o/ 
[05:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> can i call u kit kat
[05:11] <Torrun the Neko> Long time no see...
[05:11] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> because neko = cat
[05:11] <Torrun the Neko> Sure,I fuck ing love chocolate 
[05:11] <Torrun the Neko> Where's nat?
[05:12] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> idk
[05:12] <Summer June> hi there o/ 
[05:12] <Torrun the Neko> Has she even been here in a while?
[05:13] <Summer June> cant say that since ive been out for a few days
[05:13] <Summer June> but before that, not really
[05:13] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> she kind of disappeared
[05:14] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i assume it's probably rl business
[05:15] <Torrun the Neko> Figures...
[05:15] <Torrun the Neko> *throws a ball of yarn at june...
[05:16] <Theharlequin> Hey Torrun
[05:16] <Torrun the Neko> Yo 
[05:16] <Torrun the Neko> It's been a while 
[05:17] <Summer June> NEEKKKOOO
[05:17] <Torrun the Neko> Hi....
[05:17] <Summer June> *bites at yarn*
[05:18] <Torrun the Neko> *Tugs the long string that pulls the grenade pin inside of yarn* XD 
[05:18] <Summer June> kitty cat do you have some idea for fantastic torture?
[05:18] <Summer June> *bursts to ash*
[05:19] <Torrun the Neko> Sorry,mi couldn't resist 
[05:20] <Torrun the Neko> You could use that?
[05:20] <Summer June> ?
[05:20] <Summer June> use what?
[05:20] <Torrun the Neko> The whole grenade in the yarn trick 
[05:20] <Summer June> ahhhh
[05:20] <Torrun the Neko> Hoi 
[05:20] <Summer June> hi gypsy o/ 
[05:20] <GypsyThief> hiiii
[05:21] <Summer June> how about some gore-endorsing torture?
[05:22] <Torrun the Neko> Drill tiny holes through the victims skull, hang her up side dowe to watch all the blood run up to her dome and watch her blood agonisingly sprinkle out like a showerhead 
[05:23] <Summer June> oh
[05:23] <Summer June> OHHHHH
[05:23] <Summer June> flowers what do you say??
[05:24] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> 10/10
[05:24] <Summer June> that could totally be the finale
[05:24] <Summer June> *grand finale
[05:25] <Torrun the Neko> So....too much?
[05:25] <Summer June> nope
[05:25] <Summer June> perfect
[05:25] <Torrun the Neko> *purrs* thanks..
[05:25] <Summer June> i was planning making the victim bleed his ears out from full-volumed opera singing
[05:26] <Torrun the Neko> *expects to be petted*
[05:26] <Summer June> while ripping open skin with knife with acid
[05:26] <Summer June> *pets kitty cat*
[05:26] <Summer June> maybe askign whats 1000-7 xD
[05:26] <Torrun the Neko> *purrs loudly*
[05:28] <Eternal Sterek> woah people o.o
[05:28] <Theharlequin> Hey Migs
[05:28] <Theharlequin> Hey Gyps *hugs*
[05:28] <Eternal Sterek> hi harle
[05:28] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> hi sterek o/ 
[05:28] <Torrun the Neko> Yo...
[05:29] <Summer June> MIGGY GUAPO!!!!! &lt;3 &lt;3 (th) 
[05:30] <Eternal Sterek> hi hi
[05:30] <Eternal Sterek> JUNIPER!!!!!!! (th) 
[05:30] <Torrun the Neko> *yawns* tired...
[05:30] <Torrun the Neko> Gonna go sleep...
[05:30] <Torrun the Neko> Gotta get up in six hours for school
[05:31] <Summer June> haha school
[05:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> oh yeah
[05:31] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> same .-.
[05:31] <Summer June> summer vacation is too short ;-;
[05:31] <Torrun the Neko> For you scrubs 
[05:31] <Torrun the Neko> I'm spending my last 2 months at school 
[05:31] <Summer June> i need a six month vacation bianually
[05:32] <Torrun the Neko> Later guys
[05:32] <Summer June> see ya kitty cat! *pets*
[05:32] <Torrun the Neko> If you're all this active I might join this wikia 
[05:32] <Torrun the Neko> *purrs*
[05:32] <Summer June> totally please
[05:33] <Torrun the Neko> I'll think about it
[05:33] <Torrun the Neko> Bye 
[05:33] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> bye kit kat o/ 
[05:34] <Summer June> o/ 
[05:34] <Summer June> ok im starting the murder scene
[05:34] <Summer June> *torture scene, sorry
[05:34] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yaas
[05:35] <Rentarou Kou> how to help someone who's getting infatuated with murder
[05:35] <Rentarou Kou> and slow murder at that
[05:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol
[05:35] <Summer June> no help no help
[05:35] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> that should be a wikihow article
[05:36] <Rentarou Kou> xD
[05:36] <Summer June> kou!
[05:36] <Summer June> how's reign?
[05:36] <Summer June> camreigh, sorry
[05:37] <Rentarou Kou> uh, im too lazy to write rn
[05:39] <Summer June> so, if there's anyone there who knows the rules in claiming, please help me with one claim
[05:39] <Summer June> ;-;
[05:39] <Summer June> muse!!!!!
[05:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yo muse (squeeze) 
[05:39] <~The Musician~> Hai Summer c:
[05:39] <Summer June> *did heavens hear my prayer?*
[05:39] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> lol
[05:40] <~The Musician~> Hi Audrey (squeeze) 
[05:40] <Summer June> muse halp
[05:40] <~The Musician~> huh? with what?
[05:40] <Summer June> *btw cant wait for magnus and percy meet up*
[05:40] <Summer June> a claim
[05:40] <Summer June> nin's, to be specific
[05:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> wait
[05:41] <Summer June> *the sass and sarcasm, oh how beautiful*
[05:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> magnus and percy meet
[05:41] <Summer June> yup
[05:41] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> YAS
[05:41] <Summer June> have you read hammer of thor?
[05:41] <Theharlequin> Hey Muse
[05:41] <Summer June> *add sadie too*
[05:42] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> yup
[05:42] <~The Musician~> Hey Harle
[05:42] <Summer June> OMG
[05:43] <Eternal Sterek> Muse!!! (squeeze) 
[05:43] <Eternal Sterek> missed ya, bud
[05:43] <Summer June> i just recognized your avatar, flowers
[05:43] <~The Musician~> Omg this blue Exorcist anime is so good 
[05:43] <Summer June> AAHHHHHH
[05:43] <Summer June> *fangirl alert*
[05:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> u
[05:43] <Summer June> RIN RIN RIN RIN
[05:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> just now
[05:43] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> realized
[05:43] <~The Musician~> :D
[05:43] <~The Musician~> YAS RIN
[05:43] <Summer June> gawd, its saeyoung
[05:43] <~The Musician~> MIGS (squeeze) 
[05:43] <~The Musician~> &lt;3 
[05:43] <Summer June> but okumura bros is real
[05:44] <Summer June> have u watched the second season?
[05:44] <~The Musician~> nooo v.v
[05:44] <Summer June> gods watch it
[05:44] <~The Musician~> hulu doesn't have the second season though Dx
[05:44] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> hulu u let me down
[05:44] <Summer June> 9anime has
[05:45] <Summer June> its a continuation fron ep 17
[05:45] <Summer June> 18-25 doesnt take part
[05:45] <Summer June> and omg the opening
[05:45] <Summer June> obra maestra
[05:45] <~The Musician~> i need to watch it cause 
[05:45] <~The Musician~> like i am not satisfied with just one season
[05:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> i need sleep lmao
[05:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> summer message me on my talk page when u finish the torture scene 
[05:46] <TheRebelOfSlytherin> night guys
[05:47] <Summer June> the 2nd season was a total cliffhanger
[05:47] <Summer June> (night) flowers
[05:47] <Summer June> yup ill message you
[05:47] <~The Musician~> omg nuuu :o
[05:47] <~The Musician~> cliffhangers are the worst
[05:47] <~The Musician~> especially with animes
[05:48] <Summer June> but you gotta
[05:48] <Summer June> the first seasons fights were better of course
[05:48] <Summer June> but still
[05:48] <Summer June> ahhhhhh
[05:48] <~The Musician~> like with tokyo ghoul 
[05:48] <~The Musician~> ughhh
[05:48] <~The Musician~> the cliffhanger was the worst
[05:48] <Summer June> gods. GODS
[05:49] <Summer June> you know how much of a cliffhanger each chap of its mnga has???
[05:49] <Summer June> *manga
[05:49] <Summer June> i had to endure it every single time for a week
[05:49] <~The Musician~> idk if the show continued
[05:49] <~The Musician~> but the episodes on hulu ended with 
[05:49] <~The Musician~> (i forgot the main chars name) about to fight that big bag agent dude
[05:49] <Summer June> KANEKI
[05:49] <~The Musician~> ohhh yes
[05:49] <~The Musician~> tbh i'm still new to anime and it's hard to keep track of all there names lol
[05:49] <Summer June> the second season
[05:50] <Summer June> was too lame compared to manga
[05:50] <Summer June> like gods, why didn't they follow the manga arc
[05:50] <Summer June> it was so much cooler
[05:50] <~The Musician~> but yes
[05:50] <~The Musician~> his best friend well you know
[05:50] <~The Musician~> (i dont wanna spoil anything for anyone who's watching it)
[05:50] <~The Musician~> and he's about to fight that agent with white hair
[05:50] <Summer June> hide died, right? his bff
[05:50] <Summer June> not to spoil you but
[05:51] <Summer June> in the manga, hide gave his life to save kaneki
[05:51] <Summer June> to give him strength against that agent dude to prove he's worth living
[05:51] <~The Musician~> i actually dont do the magnas 
[05:51] <~The Musician~> i really should though
[05:51] <~The Musician~> cause they look cool
[05:51] <~The Musician~> awwww T.T
[05:51] <Summer June> read tokyo ghoul manga
[05:51] <Summer June> *in short, he ate him*
[05:51] <~The Musician~> it was already bad enough 
[05:51] <~The Musician~> the way he died in the anime
[05:52] <~The Musician~> now your giving me this sadder version?? T.T
[05:52] <Summer June> though what happened after the eating, still blank
[05:52] <~The Musician~> My heart can't take it Dx
[05:52] <Summer June> ahhh
[05:52] <Summer June> oh and i ship kaneki and touka so hard
[05:52] <~The Musician~> OMG SAMME
[05:52] <~The Musician~> 
[05:52] <Summer June> ike my heart would burst just having them together
[05:53] <Summer June> oh and in this new chap
[05:53] <~The Musician~> YASS
[05:53] <~The Musician~> even them being in the same room would make my heart burst
[05:53] <Summer June> touka went from 0-99999
[05:53] <Summer June> like, after a fight (spolier:kaneki became one-eyed king)
[05:53] <Summer June> she asked him something she had wanted to ask for a long time:
[05:53] <Summer June> Are you a virgin?
[05:54] <Summer June> (i died, btw)
[05:54] <~The Musician~> Mine just did too Dx
[05:54] <~The Musician~> *I
[05:54] <Summer June> do u know bout kaneki's one arc?
[05:54] <Summer June> as haise sasaki?
[05:55] <~The Musician~> don't think so
[05:55] <Summer June> oh my freaking gosh
[05:55] <Summer June> muse read the manga
[05:56] <Summer June> anyway, lets move on from sad parts
[05:56] <~The Musician~> unless it was mention in the anime 
[05:56] <~The Musician~> i don't know it
[05:56] <~The Musician~> cause i dont read magnas
[05:56] <Summer June> nope, it was supposed to happen after his fight with the agent badass
[05:56] <~The Musician~> ohhh ok ok
[05:56] <~The Musician~> yea then i don't know
[05:56] <Summer June> do you like romcom?
[05:57] <~The Musician~> yes yes i do
[05:57] <~The Musician~> and eww 
[05:57] <~The Musician~> the show just ended and some other anime show started
[05:57] <Summer June> xD
[05:57] <~The Musician~> cause theres no more episodes T.T
[05:57] <Summer June> have u heard of nisekoi?
[05:57] <Summer June> *gods my jaw and stomach hurt at that*
[05:58] <~The Musician~> no i heaven't
[05:58] <~The Musician~> *Haven't
[05:58] <Summer June> watch it
[05:58] <Summer June> its totally a must-watch
[05:58] <~The Musician~> like i said
[05:58] <~The Musician~> i'm new to anime
[05:58] <~The Musician~> so i don't know like a lot
[05:59] <Summer June> that's alright
[05:59] <Summer June> i shall feed you with more hahaha
[05:59] <Summer June> jot it down
[05:59] <Summer June> its helpful xD
[06:00] <Summer June> in what genres are you most interested in?
[06:00] <~The Musician~> ones i have watched are
[06:00] <~The Musician~> Fairy Tale (Not complete), The Future Diaries, SAO(and ALO but not GGO), Tokyo ghoul, and the latest one 
[06:00] <~The Musician~> blue Exorcist
[06:00] <Summer June> why not GGO?
[06:01] <~The Musician~> cause GGO is in Japanese or whatever language the show is originally made in
[06:01] <~The Musician~> and i have to read subs 
[06:01] <~The Musician~> i plan to do it but rn i'm just lazy xD
[06:01] <Summer June> xD i prefer subs
[06:02] <Summer June> ok, write these down (based on your watch animes)
[06:02] <Summer June> 1. Nisekoi
[06:02] <Summer June> 2. Bungou Stray Dogs
[06:02] <Summer June> 3. The Irregular at Magic High School
[06:03] <~The Musician~> oh also watch naruto (All of Shonen Jump and season 1-2 of shippuden)
[06:03] <Summer June> 4. Noragami
[06:03] <Summer June> 5. Psycho-Pass
[06:04] <Summer June> 6. Darker Than Black
[06:04] <Summer June> 7. Black Butler (these are demons)
[06:04] <~The Musician~> Omg i actually started watching the irregular
[06:04] <Summer June> ahh finish it
[06:05] <~The Musician~> was actually the first one i started watching
[06:05] <~The Musician~> and the first one i actually read in subs
[06:05] <~The Musician~> haven't finished it though
[06:05] <Summer June> 8. Black Bullet
[06:05] <Summer June> 9. Parasyte
[06:05] <Summer June> 10. Attack on Titan
[06:05] <Summer June> finish it
[06:06] <Summer June> you have to watch the part where the main char fought this crimson prince
[06:06] <Summer June> like omg its sooooooo beautiful and awesome
[06:07] <~The Musician~> I will
[06:07] <~The Musician~> tbh though the show can get confusing so
[06:07] <~The Musician~> i have to keep rewatching scenes to understand it
[06:07] <Summer June> ah that's okay
[06:07] <Summer June> are you fine with a bit of ecchi?
[06:08] <~The Musician~> yea cause the main guy
[06:08] <~The Musician~> talks all smart and shit
[06:08] <~The Musician~> and i have to read the subs so
[06:08] <~The Musician~> half the time i'm like
[06:08] <~The Musician~> "Ok What???" xD
[06:08] <Summer June> tTOTALLY
[06:08] <Summer June> but incest there is real and im like wow, sis, stop my gosh
[06:09] <Summer June> *have you been writing those titles down*
[06:09] <~The Musician~> tbh if i were his sister
[06:09] <~The Musician~> i might try to hit that to though ngl xD
[06:10] <Summer June> XD
[06:10] <~The Musician~> oha nd nah i don't mind ecchi
[06:10] <Summer June> 11. No Game No Life
[06:10] <Summer June> how about some comedy shoujo?
[06:11] <~The Musician~> sure sure
[06:12] <~The Musician~> i'm open to about anything really
[06:12] <Summer June> 12. Ouran High School Host Club (this is a must-watch, too)
[06:12] <~The Musician~> like any shows you suggest
[06:12] <~The Musician~> i will watch them
[06:12] <~The Musician~> and if i don't end up liking them then whatevs
[06:12] <~The Musician~> at least i gave it a shot
[06:13] <Summer June> 13. Hotarubi no Mori-e (a 44 min movie, its amazing)
[06:13] <~The Musician~> a lot you already listed though
[06:13] <~The Musician~> look really good
[06:13] <~The Musician~> so imma have to give them a try :3
[06:13] <Summer June> yessss
[06:13] <Summer June> those first
[06:14] <Summer June> you might get stressed
[06:14] <Summer June> *its really stressing*
[06:14] <Summer June> ive been more stressed on not being able to watch than school stuff
[06:14] <~The Musician~> tbh i love the ships in a lot of the animes
[06:14] <~The Musician~> but i tend to ship my own chars
[06:14] <~The Musician~> especially boyxboy cause well of course
[06:14] <~The Musician~> even if they're straight xD
[06:14] <Summer June> xD
[06:14] <Summer June> go watch sports anime, there's a lot
[06:15] <Summer June> 14. Free!
[06:15] <Summer June> 15. Yuri!!! on Ice
[06:15] <Summer June> 16. Kuroko no Basuke
[06:16] <~The Musician~> animes mess with my heart to much though
[06:16] <Summer June> yessss
[06:17] <Summer June> im currently addicted to voltron, xD
[06:17] <~The Musician~> cause they'll introduce this hot af guy
[06:17] <~The Musician~> who seems super nice and friendly
[06:17] <~The Musician~> and in the end he ends up being the one killing everyone 
[06:17] <~The Musician~> and i'm like 
[06:17] <~The Musician~> WHY?!?!
[06:17] <~The Musician~> "Lets go baby, ill help you kill these hoes" xD
[06:18] <Summer June> PRECISELY
[06:18] <Summer June> that rentarou kou guys has lots of animes up his sleeve
[06:19] <Summer June> *guy
[06:19] <~The Musician~> i found my next show c:
[06:19] <~The Musician~> 
[06:19] <Summer June> wibbles jemmy o/ 
[06:19] <Summer June> next show?
[06:19] <UniPacific16> hello
[06:19] <~The Musician~> Psycho-Pass
[06:19] <~The Musician~> cause it was the first out of the lists that came up on hulu
[06:20] <Summer June> aaahhhhhh
[06:20] <Summer June> YES WATCH IT
[06:20] <UniPacific16> muse you need to watch daredevil if you havent yet
[06:20] <Summer June> im in love with the enemy but nah
[06:20] <~The Musician~> i love seeing the list of episodes
[06:20] <~The Musician~> cause all the images looks really cool
[06:20] <Summer June> (there are two seasons and one movie)
[06:20] <~The Musician~> like i'm looking at them now 
[06:20] <~The Musician~> and the show already looks good xD
[06:21] <Summer June> i suggest 9anime.to if hulu doesnt have it
[06:21] <Summer June> you do streaming, right?
[06:22] <~The Musician~> i think so
[06:22] <~The Musician~> lowkey doesn't know what streaming means
[06:22] <~The Musician~> but it sounds familiar so i might xD
[06:22] <~The Musician~> Daredevil? @James
[06:23] <UniPacific16> yeah, marvel show but badass af
[06:23] <Summer June> streaming is basically watching online
[06:23] <~The Musician~> oh well i watch it on hulu
[06:23] <~The Musician~> on my tv
[06:23] <~The Musician~> is a firestick
[06:24] <UniPacific16> is about a blind dude that uses his other senses to fight bad guys
[06:24] <~The Musician~> basically i plug this little thing into my computer and it lets me use a bunch of apps
[06:24] <~The Musician~> ex:Hulu
[06:24] <~The Musician~> *T.v
[06:24] <~The Musician~> oh nice James
[06:24] <~The Musician~> although
[06:24] <~The Musician~> summer just gave me a bunch of animes i have to watch first lol
[06:25] <Summer June> yeshahahah
[06:26] <~The Musician~> OMG SUMMER
[06:26] <~The Musician~> watched 5 minutes of this show and already like it
[06:27] <UniPacific16> seriously watch the same amount of time of the first episode of daredevil
[06:27] <Summer June> i &lt;3 makishima
[06:27] <Summer June> although i also &lt;3 akane and kogami and
[06:27] <Summer June> well, everyone
[06:27] <~The Musician~> would be one of those psychos tbh xD
[06:28] <~The Musician~> fangirling over all the male chars
[06:28] <~The Musician~> and stalking them lmao
[06:28] <Summer June> YYEESSS
[06:28] <Summer June> omg finally someone who knows how i feel
[06:28] <~The Musician~> YESSS
[06:29] <~The Musician~> why can't rl guys be like anime guys like really
[06:29] <Summer June> we are SCHEDIOPHILIAC people
[06:29] <Summer June> jemmy try watching anime
[06:30] <~The Musician~> omg yes yes we are
[06:30] <UniPacific16> pokemon ruined it for me plus idk if aussie netflixs has anime
[06:30] <UniPacific16> hey sterek o/ 
[06:30] <Summer June> jemmy ik anime destroys life but in a good way
[06:30] <Summer June> wibbles miggy o/ 
[06:30] <~The Musician~> i liked the first few seaons of pokemon
[06:30] <~The Musician~> but like they need to end it already
[06:31] <Summer June> haha
[06:31] <Summer June> i have this friend who was determined to watch one piece from the very state
[06:31] <~The Musician~> ash is the same age as he was in the first season 
[06:31] <~The Musician~> and he spends like years in one region so yeah
[06:31] <Summer June> *start
[06:31] <Summer June> xD muse
[06:31] <UniPacific16> you do the math and it takes like ash less time to go through a region than episodes in that region
[06:32] <Summer June> trouble . . . . make it double
[06:32] <Summer June> sssssssss
[06:32] <~The Musician~> he should be like a 21 year old hottie
[06:32] <~The Musician~> but no
[06:32] <~The Musician~> it's for the kids
[06:32] <~The Musician~> so they have to keep him the same age
[06:33] <Summer June> i have so many flowers on my list of online users
[06:33] <UniPacific16> he is only like 3 years older in the newest season than he is in the first
[06:34] <~The Musician~> hey Summer
[06:34] <~The Musician~> do you have the SAO app?
[06:34] <~The Musician~> idk if it's only for iphones but i think it's supper fun
[06:34] <Summer June> which app? there's a lot
[06:34] <~The Musician~> uhmmm let me see 
[06:34] <Summer June> launcher, alarm, game . . . which?
[06:34] <~The Musician~> SAO MD
[06:34] <~The Musician~> Game
[06:34] <Summer June> ahhhhhh oh yessss yes
[06:35] <Summer June> wait, i gotta bang my ehad on the wall for a moment
[06:35] <~The Musician~> I love it but some of the quest are so hard Dx
[06:35] <~The Musician~> like the extra obes
[06:35] <~The Musician~> *Ones
[06:35] <Summer June> totally
[06:36] <Summer June> first time i tried i was like, how do you move him
[06:36] <Summer June> how do you make him walk
[06:36] <Summer June> the hell should i do in fighting
[06:36] <Summer June> but hahhhhh, those days
[06:36] <~The Musician~> have 3 level 80 four stars 
[06:36] <~The Musician~> and i still can't rank higher then 90 in any of the events
[06:37] <Summer June> i dont remember how far ive gone there
[06:37] <Summer June> my phone that time went broke, and .... ahhh
[06:37] <Summer June> it brought me back to socializing
[06:37] <Summer June> but ;-;
[06:38] <~The Musician~> SAO has been my fav so far so like
[06:38] <~The Musician~> findin gthe game was just the best
[06:38] <~The Musician~> ohh wait no
[06:38] <~The Musician~> I rally like The Seaven Deadly Sins
[06:38] <Summer June> *nods vigorously*
[06:38] <Summer June> ooohh yyesss
[06:38] <~The Musician~> *Really
[06:38] <Summer June> the little one..... which was it
[06:39] <Summer June> was it greed?
[06:39] <~The Musician~> meliodas
[06:39] <~The Musician~> was so adorable
[06:39] <~The Musician~> but a big perv 
[06:39] <Summer June> *nods even harder*
[06:39] <~The Musician~> like stop touching the princess like that and touch me like that xD
[06:39] <Summer June> haha
[06:40] <~The Musician~> OMG BAN
[06:40] <Summer June> best OP chars so far:
[06:40] <Summer June> 1. Kirito (SAO)
[06:40] <Summer June> 2. Tatsuya (Irregular)
[06:40] <Summer June> 3. Sora & Shiro (no game no life)
[06:41] <Summer June> ?
[06:41] <~The Musician~> From 7DS
[06:42] <Summer June> ahhhh and i though whatever that may mean
[06:42] <~The Musician~> aghhh
[06:42] <~The Musician~> Why can't my family leave me to watch anime alone -.-
[06:42] <~The Musician~> guess i gotta take my sister to the store so igtg v.v
[06:42] <Summer June> awwww
[06:42] <Summer June> bye musey
[06:43] <Summer June> see ya later o/ 
[06:43] <~The Musician~> i'll be sure to come back soon though an fangirl about psycho-pass c:
[06:43] <UniPacific16> bye muse o/ 
[06:43] <Summer June> YES YES YES
[06:43] <Summer June> byeeeee &lt;3 o/ 
[06:43] <Summer June> take care
[06:43] <~The Musician~> KK Bye o/ &lt;3 
[06:43] <~The Musician~> you too c:
[06:44] <UniPacific16> now chat will die cause i dont watch anime
[06:45] <Summer June> you shall watch anime
[06:45] <Summer June> jemmy watch anime
[06:45] <UniPacific16> watch the flash then i will
[06:45] <Summer June> chat wont die cuz im gonna persuade you to watch anime
[06:45] <Summer June> i watch the flash idiot
[06:45] <Summer June> im just bored sometimes that anime sounds better
[06:46] <UniPacific16> oh
[06:46] <Summer June> plus ive gotten used to 30 minute eps that i dont know how to watch i hour episodes
[06:46] <UniPacific16> did you watch the latest episode?
[06:46] <Summer June> not yet
[06:46] <Summer June> and dont spoil
[06:46] <UniPacific16> i havent either
[06:46] <Summer June> good
[06:46] <Summer June> stay that way
[06:46] <UniPacific16> ive watched like 4 minutes
[06:46] <UniPacific16> my friend almost did to me this morning
[06:47] <Summer June> maybe sherlock is the only one hour show i loved so much
[06:47] <Summer June> *love, mind you
[06:47] <UniPacific16> i never watched it
[06:47] <Summer June> ah, what genres are you interested in?
[06:48] <Summer June> ( i love merlin and doctor who and supernatural)
[06:48] <UniPacific16> closest thing i got to supernatural was heroes
[06:48] <Summer June> haha oh yeah
[06:48] <UniPacific16> heroes was a good show
[06:48] <Summer June> do you like games and OP characters?
[06:49] <UniPacific16> yeah but my laptop is shit for games
[06:49] <UniPacific16> are you at least writing something for Dorian and Iris?
[06:50] <Summer June> still thinking cool stuff
[06:51] <UniPacific16> so you think they should be in texas before Indonesia or just skip texas?
[06:54] <Summer June> lets add texas before asia
[06:59] <UniPacific16> so any ideas for why they go to asia?
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