[01:18] <Steven Winterson> hello bello
[01:24] <Summer June> o/ 
[01:26] <DYSUTOPIA> wow i have just cried over a tv show in front of my mother
[01:28] <Steven Winterson> guysss
[01:29] <Steven Winterson> I'm listening to Beyonce
[01:31] <Summer June> why am i listening to one punch op
[01:35] <Steven Winterson> ѝДД
[01:35] <Steven Winterson> I'm listening to Pretty Hurts
[01:35] <Steven Winterson> idek why xD
[01:35] <Steven Winterson> but im singing along XD
[01:36] <Steven Winterson> and holi crap yes
[01:36] <Steven Winterson> south beach and sugar free food
[01:36] <Steven Winterson> GOD IS THAT A TORTURE
[01:37] <DYSUTOPIA> i read the preview for the season finale of doctor who and now i'm like
[01:37] <DYSUTOPIA> crying
[01:38] <Steven Winterson> dun cry
[01:38] <DYSUTOPIA> i'm not ready
[01:38] <DYSUTOPIA> :P
[01:39] <Steven Winterson> i cry when i remember that i was actualy making my body endure this XD
[01:39] <DYSUTOPIA> and i still have to wait 3 days for it
[01:39] <Steven Winterson> i'm happy not being a model anymore XD
[01:39] <Steven Winterson> and yeah i know i hate waiting for tv shows
[01:40] <DYSUTOPIA> my favourite character is leaving / possibly dying ;-;
[01:41] <Steven Winterson> this always happens to me XD
[01:41] <Steven Winterson> always XD
[01:44] <Steven Winterson> You're nothing but trouble &lt;3 333
[01:46] <Steven Winterson> rip
[01:46] <Steven Winterson> xD
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