[12:17] <JustChase> I'm gonna go, possibly, take a nap. *Yawns*
[12:17] <JustChase> Or eat a sandwich or both 
[12:17] <JustChase> XD
[12:17] <JustChase> Probably both >.<
[12:17] <JustChase> XD
[12:18] <JustChase> Anyways I'm off c: 
[12:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> I gtg
[12:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ttyl
[12:19] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unRldLdllZ8
[12:20] <Nata Roebot> Aloha! o/ 
[12:21] <Mr.Suit> Nata o/ 
[12:21] <Nata Roebot> Suit! :black: 
[12:22] <RPKingNin> Just thought of how cool it would be to have a posiden char who used a CB fishing pole and silver line as a weapon with an enchantment to be unbreakable 
[12:23] <EmeraldStag> `touch the untouchable break the unbreakable, row row fight the power
[12:23] <Nata Roebot> Do you guys remember when I came up with fantasy roles for everyone who was in chat at the time?
[12:24] <RPKingNin> Yes. Lopez was making a story out of it.
[12:25] <Nata Roebot> Anyone have the list of roles? I don't remember all of them and I don't think chat logged it :c
[12:26] <RPKingNin> I am the frontliner. Guarding my friends in battle while they assess the situation or provide support. Commonly known as vanguard 
[12:32] <Nata Roebot> Undude! o/ 
[12:33] <Undead Sparkz> yo nata
[12:37] <Mr.Suit> Sparky
[12:37] <Mr.Suit> my brothr
[12:37] <Mr.Suit> (dance) 
[12:38] <RPKingNin> Undad!! o/ 
[12:39] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> pats perry and him and the dragon fly towards dad. He jumps off to tackle hug dad and Perry licks them both. 
[12:43] <Nat25> *pokes Nyxil*
[12:44] <Nat25> NATA TWINY
[12:44] <Nat25> (OMG) (bounce) (squeeze) (nom) &lt;3 
[12:46] <Nata Roebot> NAT-TWONSIE (omg) (bounce) (squeeze) (nom) &lt;3 (th) (snuggle) 
[12:46] <Nat25> (OMG) 
[12:46] <Nat25> Oh, i needs
[12:46] <Nat25> your help
[12:47] <Nat25> pm
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