[03:19] <Nat25> allo
[03:19] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> Hi!
[03:20] <Nat25> how are you?
[03:20] <Nat25> oh geez you've been gone a while
[03:20] <Nat25> shit ;.;
[03:20] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> were... were you here last time i was active?
[03:20] <Nat25> no
[03:21] <Nat25> but ik I haven't seen you around before
[03:21] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> yeah old but new
[03:21] <Nat25> mhm
[03:21] <Meloney> i came on cause I was curious...
[03:21] <Meloney> who is this oldie..
[03:21] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> been inactive for... 
[03:21] <Nat25> xD
[03:21] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> um
[03:21] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> since 2013 i think
[03:21] <JustChase> Heho
[03:21] <Nat25> Dx Halp. I really dont want to read the IM from Wolfie Mel
[03:21] <JustChase> Heyo*
[03:22] <Nat25> >.> screw it I'll look at it later
[03:22] <JustChase> Person, I used to I'll be 
[03:22] <JustChase> To be*
[03:22] <JustChase> Lopezsylvia45 
[03:22] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> i don't remember >.<
[03:22] <JustChase> XD 
[03:23] <Nat25> O.o
[03:23] <Nat25> IK I haven't seen you before
[03:23] <Meloney> considering you know comic 
[03:23] <Meloney> means your old
[03:23] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> oh
[03:23] <Nat25> you went inactive BEFORE I joined
[03:23] <Meloney> and you even have bachie badge...
[03:23] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> oh man i miss comic :'(
[03:23] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> yea
[03:24] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> um i probably went inactive in 2012 then i think
[03:24] <Nat25> *deep breath* okai, if I come on crying I'll be fine, promise
[03:24] <Meloney> I'm confuse what?
[03:25] <Nat25> >.< Wolfie left an IM for me, and I was scared for my life
[03:25] <Nat25> >.>
[03:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> shit i don't even remember person
[03:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> o.o
[03:25] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> mannn i was 12 when i was here
[03:25] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> now i'm 16
[03:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> i think i might have blocked that time our of my memory
[03:25] <Meloney> ....I'm still the oldest here..
[03:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> >.<
[03:26] <Meloney> so let me just get to the corner 
[03:26] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> and i have a new found love for the pjo series
[03:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> eh what age are you mel?
[03:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> like 21?
[03:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ish
[03:26] <Meloney> 21
[03:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> yea
[03:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> thought so
[03:26] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> you're not that old
[03:26] <Nat25> ^
[03:27] <Meloney> oldest here >.<
[03:27] <Meloney> so thats a thing
[03:27] <JustChase> YAY 
[03:27] <JustChase> SECOND OLDEST 
[03:27] <JustChase> XD 
[03:27] <Nat25> *is probably the youngest*
[03:27] <Nat25> o/ Sterek
[03:27] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> looking at my user page brings some bad memories back
[03:27] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> yikes
[03:27] <Meloney> miggeh!! (th) 
[03:28] <JustChase> FUUUUUJJJJJJi (squeeze) 
[03:28] <Eternal Sterek> dearest darlingest members of the wiki
[03:28] <Eternal Sterek> i am back
[03:28] <Eternal Sterek> hiiiiiiiiii (th) 
[03:28] <Eternal Sterek> JUJU (squeeze) 
[03:29] <Meloney> ....tell the newspaper
[03:29] <Meloney> the slayer is back to slay the beast ~
[03:29] <Meloney> coookiesss (snuggle) hii
[03:29] <Meloney> BTW MIGGEH 
[03:29] <Meloney> i added a few emots 
[03:29] <Meloney> which I forgot about 
[03:29] <Eternal Sterek> ooooh nice nice
[03:29] <Nat25> (bounce) Mel, Q 
[03:30] <Nat25> could you add (nat) unter the (tardis) ?
[03:30] <Nat25> or nah?
[03:30] <Meloney> uhhh remind me next time?
[03:30] <Nat25> oki
[03:31] <Meloney> (mail) 
[03:31] <Meloney> (pan) 
[03:31] <Meloney> (starline) 
[03:32] <Meloney> MIGGYYY
[03:32] <Meloney> this is my fav
[03:32] <Meloney> (rejected) 
[03:32] <Eternal Sterek> how do i do that? i can't see the codes for some reason huhu
[03:32] <Meloney> the thing in the thing is rejected 
[03:32] <Nat25> o/ Moo
[03:32] <JustChase> DEREK (SQUEEZE) 
[03:32] <Meloney> heyo moo (th) 
[03:32] <Le Dernier Vache> Hello Nat
[03:32] <Le Dernier Vache> Hi Sylv (TH) 
[03:33] <Le Dernier Vache> Hi Mel (th) 
[03:33] <Meloney> (warning) 
[03:33] <Meloney> (nom2) 
[03:33] <Eternal Sterek> omg hi Moo
[03:34] <JustChase> Guys 
[03:34] <Meloney> (snuggle2) 
[03:34] <JustChase> Shouod I 
[03:34] <JustChase> Order 
[03:34] <Meloney> hmm?
[03:34] <JustChase> Wings? 
[03:34] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> moo?
[03:34] <JustChase> It's really early, but I want chicken wings. x.x
[03:34] <Eternal Sterek> how was prom buddy?
[03:35] <Nat25> Mel
[03:35] <Nat25> I thought we already had a (nom) 
[03:35] <Nat25> what's the difference?
[03:35] <Meloney> *shrugs* I'll update the list when I'm not that tired
[03:35] <Nat25> oki
[03:35] <Nat25> just confused
[03:35] <Meloney> still chase 
[03:35] <Meloney> if its what your heart desire 
[03:35] <Meloney> go for it
[03:36] <JustChase> Okay c:
[03:36] <JustChase> Thank you love 
[03:36] <Nat25> I have a feeling that
[03:36] <Le Dernier Vache> tpyle?
[03:36] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> Moodle
[03:36] <Le Dernier Vache> Jeez, it's been a long time
[03:36] <Le Dernier Vache> How've you been?!
[03:36] <Nat25> once other admins find out we have (warning) 
[03:36] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> holy shit its you
[03:36] <Le Dernier Vache> Yeah haha
[03:36] <Nat25> they will be using it xD
[03:36] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> oh my gosh
[03:37] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> so much has happened
[03:37] <Le Dernier Vache> I can imagine!
[03:37] <JustChase> I don't wanna get off chat 
[03:37] <JustChase> But I have stuffs 
[03:37] <JustChase> I have to do XD 
[03:37] <JustChase> Like finish the first mission of this game 
[03:37] <Le Dernier Vache> Prom was pretty good @ Miggy
[03:37] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> omg i gotta tell maiden
[03:37] <Le Dernier Vache> The food disappointed though haha
[03:37] <JustChase> I've been on all week because I pause it constantly 
[03:37] <Le Dernier Vache> Maiden..? @ Typle
[03:38] <Le Dernier Vache> Ah, dammit
[03:38] <Le Dernier Vache> Tpyle*
[03:38] <JustChase> that's how prom js hun @Derek 
[03:38] <Le Dernier Vache> I still make the same mistakes haha
[03:38] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> XD
[03:38] <JustChase> Is*
[03:38] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> maidenofrock
[03:38] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> she's still inactive tho
[03:38] <Le Dernier Vache> Ah, right
[03:38] <JustChase> Ily &lt;3 
[03:38] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> i'm making a claim rn
[03:38] <Le Dernier Vache> &lt;3 @ Sylv
[03:38] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> or working on one
[03:38] <JustChase> And Bai o/ c: 
[03:38] <Le Dernier Vache> Bye (wave) 
[03:39] <Le Dernier Vache> That's great! To be honest when I saw your name on here, I thought it was just the smoke from prom still in my eyes or something xD
[03:39] <Le Dernier Vache> @Tpyle
[03:40] <Le Dernier Vache> It's good to see you though
[03:40] <Eternal Sterek> the food at my prom sucked too XD
[03:40] <Le Dernier Vache> They gave us so many potatoes man xD
[03:40] <Nat25> My wiki birthday is in 54 days, 13 hours, 19 minutes and 48 seconds
[03:40] <Nat25> (OMG) (PANDA) 
[03:40] <Nat25> * (omg) 
[03:40] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> lmao
[03:40] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Natalata
[03:40] <Nat25> SHADE (SQUEEZE) 
[03:40] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> (squeeze) 
[03:41] <Nat25> how goes in Bloomington?
[03:41] <Le Dernier Vache> 2 sweet potatoes, one regular potato, one tomato, 2 stalks of asparagus, and the saddest piece of chicken I've ever seen haha @ Miggy
[03:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> It's okay
[03:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> we have monday off
[03:41] <Eternal Sterek> omg XD
[03:41] <Nat25> same
[03:41] <Nat25> dude
[03:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> then till friday then
[03:41] <Nat25> Memorial day
[03:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> /SUMMMER/
[03:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I'm gonna fuck ing cry
[03:41] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> i had last friday off cos of tornados in my area 
[03:41] <Eternal Sterek> I usually love potatoes but I hate it when I have to eat too much
[03:41] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> or yesterday
[03:41] <Nat25> Dx dude, all the rain we've been getting tho
[03:41] <Le Dernier Vache> Has life been treating you well? @Tpyle
[03:41] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> uhhhh
[03:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> we went to
[03:41] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> well
[03:41] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> valley fair yesterday
[03:42] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> high school sucks
[03:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> while it was raining
[03:42] <Nat25> #gloomyasfuck
[03:42] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> i hate it
[03:42] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> i miss middle school so much
[03:42] <Nat25> (OMG) valley fair is bae
[03:42] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> lmao
[03:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> power tower + rain + getting dark = Fuck ing Scary
[03:42] <Nat25> xD
[03:42] <Nat25> DUDE
[03:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I ALSO WENT ON THE STEEL VENOM
[03:42] <Eternal Sterek> mel mel mel
[03:42] <Nat25> I WANNA DO THAT
[03:42] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> simpler times
[03:42] <Nat25> omg, steel venom tho
[03:42] <Le Dernier Vache> That hesitation sounds foreboding, and not in the good sense either :o 
[03:42] <Nat25> Wild thing?
[03:42] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> fuck yeah
[03:42] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> aha well
[03:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Xtreme swing too
[03:43] <Nat25> xD *high fives Shade*
[03:43] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> i started seeing a therapist and taking prozac if that tells you anything
[03:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> this girl and I ended up holding hands as we both started crying
[03:43] <Nat25> I HATE wrenegade tho
[03:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I loved renegade
[03:43] <Nat25> ew
[03:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I don't even know the girl
[03:43] <Nat25> whiplash much?
[03:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> but we both started crying
[03:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> yes
[03:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and we got off the ride and
[03:43] <Nat25> on what ride?
[03:43] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> wait where all yall from
[03:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> started kissing the ground
[03:43] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Xtreme swing
[03:43] <Nat25> xD
[03:44] <Nat25> really?
[03:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> yes
[03:44] <Nat25> u ACTUALLY did that?
[03:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> YES
[03:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> 
[03:44] <Nat25> NO FUCK ING WAY
[03:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> we ran, tripped, ran again to our stuff
[03:44] <Nat25> xD
[03:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and we kissed the ground
[03:44] <Nat25> lmao
[03:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> she shouted Hallelujah
[03:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and I cried AMEN
[03:44] <Nat25> did you get her #?
[03:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> nope
[03:44] <Nat25> oh darn
[03:44] <Le Dernier Vache> I'm sorry to hear that :/
[03:44] <Nat25> should have
[03:44] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> why
[03:45] <Nat25> *shrugs*
[03:45] <Le Dernier Vache> @ typle
[03:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> /I'm gay girl/
[03:45] <Le Dernier Vache> tpyle*
[03:45] <Nat25> ah
[03:45] <Nat25> nvm then
[03:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> XD
[03:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> but like legit, we were crying then
[03:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> she shouted
[03:45] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> yea
[03:45] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> well
[03:45] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> it's alright
[03:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> "LET'S DO IT AGAIN!"
[03:45] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> the good times are good
[03:45] <Nat25> >.> dude, wanna plan a trip to valley fair? for this summer?
[03:45] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> but the bad times are really bad
[03:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> hell yes
[03:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> that would be fun
[03:45] <Nat25> it would xD
[03:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> what rides would chu go on
[03:45] <Nat25> but I'm bringing my bestie and sister
[03:45] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> alright
[03:46] <Nat25> everything but renegade
[03:46] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> ok
[03:46] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> um i've learned quite a few things about myself that im not sure about sharing right now
[03:46] <Nat25> oh, Person
[03:46] <Le Dernier Vache> It's ok, you just got back (?), so don't worry about it
[03:46] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I'll be bringing....nobody cause Peter and Erik senpai's hate me *sniffle*
[03:46] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> OH WAIT I COULD BRING GALE
[03:46] <Nat25> we're both from MN
[03:46] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> yea
[03:46] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and I'm like
[03:46] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> 78% sure we've met before, Nat
[03:46] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> lmao Minnesota
[03:47] <Nat25> Dx I DON'T REMEMBER THO
[03:47] <Nat25> ;.;
[03:47] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> OH MY FUCK ING GOD
[03:47] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> 
[03:47] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> YOU DATED MY BROTHER HOLY SHIT
[03:47] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> DAMNIT
[03:47] <Nat25> honestly have no idea how we could have met
[03:47] <Nat25> nu
[03:47] <Nat25> I've had ONE bf
[03:47] <Nat25> and it aint ur brother
[03:47] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> lol
[03:47] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> oh
[03:47] <Nat25> xD
[03:47] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and by date I mean sleep
[03:47] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> with
[03:48] <Nat25> dude, I live in FLake, remember?
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> he is a man whore
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Nat
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> he went to fuck ing Duluth to get laid
[03:48] <Nat25> xD
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> /DULUTH/
[03:48] <Nat25> ur kidding
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> we live in bloomington
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> no
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I am fuck ing not.
[03:48] <Nat25> omg that's messed up
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Sad thing is
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> /IT WAS MY COUSIN/
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> not his though
[03:48] <Nat25> O.o
[03:48] <Nat25> wtf
[03:48] <Nat25> what
[03:48] <Le Dernier Vache> brb afk
[03:48] <Nat25> the actual
[03:48] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> different dads
[03:49] <Nat25> fuck 
[03:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> it was my cousin on my dad's side
[03:49] <Nat25> >.> still messed up
[03:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> tru
[03:49] <Nat25> how old is he?
[03:49] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> i honestly can't tell if ur being for real rn
[03:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> now?
[03:49] <Nat25> mhm
[03:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> like, 29
[03:49] <Nat25> xD
[03:49] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> he's 27
[03:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> but they were like
[03:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> teenagers
[03:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I mean
[03:50] <Nat25> and ur how old Shade?
[03:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> he was 18 and she was 20-21 I can't remember
[03:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I am 13
[03:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> duh
[03:50] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> 8th grade
[03:50] <Nat25> oh yea
[03:50] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> christ i feel so old
[03:50] <Nat25> y the fuck do i not have pings
[03:50] <Nat25> hold on
[03:51] <Nat25> Person
[03:51] <Nat25> if it helps
[03:51] <Nat25> I'm 17 and a half
[03:51] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> still 
[03:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> oh god you're like younger than ALL my brothers
[03:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> my youngest brother is 25
[03:51] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> i was 12 last time i was on here
[03:51] <Nat25> >.> dude, high school, 11th grade
[03:51] <Nat25> remember?
[03:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> /I know/
[03:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> You're like
[03:51] <Eternal Sterek> i'm turning 18 soon yay
[03:51] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> my new virta-sister
[03:51] <Nat25> xD
[03:52] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> and before that i had another account that was uh, deleted cos i was 9 when i had it
[03:52] <Nat25> xD
[03:52] <Le Dernier Vache> I sometimes forget I'm not one of the youngest in chat anymore
[03:53] <Nat25> slightly AFK
[03:53] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> man
[03:53] <Le Dernier Vache> It's been a while haha
[03:53] <Nat25> Person, how old r u then?
[03:53] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> just 16
[03:53] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> 2000s baby
[03:53] <Nat25> oh
[03:53] <Nat25> >.>
[03:53] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> my birthday was couple weeks ago tho
[03:53] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> so
[03:53] <Le Dernier Vache> Ah, happy belated birthday@
[03:53] <Le Dernier Vache> !*
[03:53] <Nat25> >.< I FELL SO DAMN OLD
[03:53] <Eternal Sterek> belated happy birthday
[03:53] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> thanks XD
[03:53] <Nat25> *FEEL
[03:54] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> its been forever since i've used emoticons like this :0
[03:54] <Nat25> oh
[03:54] <Nat25> if you need to ping me
[03:55] <Nat25> Natalia
[03:55] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> NATALIA
[03:55] <Nat25> >.>
[03:55] <Nat25> fuck you Shade
[03:55] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> no thanks honey
[03:55] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I like guys
[03:55] <Nat25> xD
[03:55] <Nat25> I NEED TO DO SHIT ;.;
[03:56] <Nat25> don't ping me unless you have to please
[03:56] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> k
[03:57] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> Mel
[03:57] <Meloney> *stares* 
[03:57] <Meloney> yes?
[03:57] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> [[Claiming:Broken Covenant/Elysia Aleksi]]
[03:57] <Meloney> ....I got lagged out and I came back...
[03:57] <Meloney> to a claim..
[03:57] <Meloney> how lucky
[03:57] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> please Sempai
[03:57] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> platonic sempai
[03:57] <Meloney> dude its 3 minutes to midnight
[03:58] <Le Dernier Vache> brb again
[03:58] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> o.O
[03:58] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> it's 10:58 AM here
[03:58] <Meloney> asian here ~
[03:58] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> oh
[03:58] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> damn
[03:58] <Meloney> and I'm going out tomorrow ~
[03:58] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> lol
[03:58] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> k
[03:58] <Meloney> gonna burn some cash ~
[03:59] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> it's almost 5pm here
[03:59] <Meloney> wait what?
[03:59] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> oh my god Wonder
[03:59] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> you were on chat
[04:00] <Meloney> I thought we're like 6 hours ahead of the greenwhich thing
[04:00] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> creepy
[04:00] <Nat25> OMG WUNDY 
[04:00] <Meloney> not 5
[04:00] <Nat25> (squeeze) 
[04:00] <Meloney> this is so weird ><
[04:00] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> well
[04:00] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> time isnt real so
[04:00] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> it's yer turn to post fyi Wonder and also I have a question
[04:00] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> on a scale of 1 to 10
[04:00] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> how annoying is riku
[04:00] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> 1 being not at all and 10 Oh my god I want to cut his entrails out and feed them to himself
[04:01] <Eternal Sterek> it's midnight here yay
[04:01] <Meloney> one midnight past midnight migs
[04:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> he's like a 6
[04:01] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> ish
[04:02] <Nat25> (sad2) 
[04:02] <Nat25> I don't get a hello?
[04:02] <Nat25> Wundy (sad2) 
[04:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> hi nay
[04:02] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> nat*
[04:02] <Nat25> >.>
[04:02] <Nat25> well then
[04:02] <Nat25> ima go back to getting my missing hw done.
[04:02] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> describe 6
[04:05] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> afk. i gotta eat brunch (aka breakfast hot pocket) xP
[04:08] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> correction: brunch = a giant cup of mini wheats
[04:09] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> welcome back ;)
[04:09] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> *:)
[04:09] <Le Dernier Vache> Thanks xD
[04:10] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> man i'm basically already a college student
[04:10] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> chasey :D
[04:10] <Le Dernier Vache> Welcome back :) (squeeze) 
[04:12] <Le Dernier Vache> Semi afc
[04:12] <Nat25> # I can't spell today xD
[04:14] <JustChase> This game x.x
[04:14] <JustChase> Idt husks would
[04:15] <JustChase> Show up during the first mission 
[04:15] <JustChase> x.x
[04:15] <JustChase> SHADOW (SQUEEZE) 
[04:15] <JustChase> they swarmed me 
[04:16] <JustChase> While I was fighting a platoon of get 
[04:16] <JustChase> Soldiers x.x
[04:16] <JustChase> THEY ZOMBIES MAN x.x
[04:17] <Le Dernier Vache> What game are you playing? :)
[04:17] <JustChase> ME1
[04:18] <JustChase> On Veteran mode
[04:18] <JustChase> Mass effect 1
[04:18] <Le Dernier Vache> Wish I had some spare change to buy the games haha
[04:19] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> it's been 4 years and the only gaming system i still have is a wii. 
[04:19] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> and it don't even work anymore
[04:19] <Le Dernier Vache> I thn mine still works haha
[04:19] <Le Dernier Vache> think*
[04:20] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> i never got to finish playing skyward sword :'(
[04:21] <JustChase> D:
[04:21] <Le Dernier Vache> I never finihed phantom hourglass, I got stuck near the beginning-middle of the game >.<
[04:21] <JustChase> ME is the best game trilogy ever ngl 
[04:21] <Le Dernier Vache> Finished*
[04:21] <JustChase> You can keep playing as your pre-made character from the previous game 
[04:22] <JustChase> And you keep all the perks too XD 
[04:22] <JustChase> Plus 
[04:22] <JustChase> It's all about 
[04:22] <JustChase> Choice 
[04:22] <Nat25> I want a PS2, but idt my parents will let me get one
[04:22] <Nat25> ;.;
[04:22] <JustChase> If you make the wrong one
[04:22] <JustChase> You screw 
[04:22] <Thepersonyouleastexpect> i wanna play dragon age
[04:22] <JustChase> Yourself over in the other two 
[04:23] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> just get an emulator if you want a ps2
[04:23] <Nat25> a what?
[04:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame> emulator
[04:24] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> back
[04:24] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> and
[04:24] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> what is it, Chase
[04:24] <Nat25> >.< *goes to google*
[04:24] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame>
[04:25] <TheWondefulMaskedMadame>
[04:25] <Nat25> uh uh. I want the console. That or an xbox 360
[04:26] <Nat25> I grew up with both
[04:26] <JustChase> What's what? @Shadow 
[04:26] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> you said
[04:26] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> SHADOW (SQUEEZE) 
[04:27] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> why
[04:27] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> do u need me
[04:27] <Le Dernier Vache> I'd forgo using consoles and only pc game, but my computrr is a dinosaur
[04:27] <Nat25> *has a chrome book that can't do jack shit*
[04:28] <Nat25> Dx going back to missing hw
[04:28] <JustChase> I was saying hi XD @Shadow 
[04:28] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> o hai
[04:28] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> it's yer turn to post senpai
[04:30] <JustChase> That's Hyung >.> I'd rather not be a sempai js XD 
[04:31] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> hyung?
[04:31] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> I have trillions of Sempai's
[04:31] <ShadowOfOblivion7119> most are platonic
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