[12:58] <Toxyca> Check out her latest post on the arena rp
[12:58] <RPKingNin> The dragon was enough 
[12:59] <RPKingNin> wasn't*
[12:59] <Toxyca> ?
[01:00] <RPKingNin> The dragon wasn't a big enough display of what she could do?
[01:00] <Toxyca> Oh
[01:00] <Toxyca> Yeah the dragon was what I was referring to
[01:02] <RPKingNin> Also the wind enchantment is enough to blow a person back if hit directly and can get cold enough to freeze a person in like two maybe three min. The ice aura will grant him limited ranged ice shards and make the area around Nin cold if he is in battle slowing his opponent. Then the gloves for Xanxus give him the ability to control the temperature around him with heat or fr-
[01:02] <RPKingNin> where'd he go 
[01:20] <JackWerewolf-13> woof
[02:13] <Nata Roebot> Aloha! o/ 
[02:16] <Nata Roebot> Aghhhhhh didn't finish my Physics hw but I'm running on 4 hours of sleep 
[02:18] <DaichiAoi> nata-bot why
[02:20] <Nata Roebot> I went for a run and then I did Calc and read some history and didn't do all my Physics D:
[02:21] <DaichiAoi> oh lord
[01:42] <~The Musician~> Hey Summer o/ 
[01:43] <Summer June> yo musey o/ 
[01:43] <~The Musician~> how are you??
[01:43] <Summer June> im good
[01:44] <Summer June> yet upset because of classes tomorrow
[01:44] <Summer June> and its a saturday!
[01:44] <Summer June> 
[01:44] <Summer June> unfair
[01:44] <~The Musician~> Awww that sucks >.<
[01:44] <~The Musician~> Wait
[01:44] <~The Musician~> what school has classes on a saturday
[01:46] <Summer June> ugh, the bloody schools here?
[01:46] <Summer June> it sucks
[01:46] <Summer June> so much
[01:46] <~The Musician~> xD
[01:46] <~The Musician~> yea that sucks
[01:47] <Summer June> maybe murdering someone is inevitable rn
[01:47] <Summer June> like, for example, our principal
[01:49] <~The Musician~> lol 
[01:49] <~The Musician~> i can help you if you want xD
[01:49] <Summer June> oh id love to
[01:50] <~The Musician~> [[Claiming:Quests/The Unbalanced Scales?t=20160821062000]]
[01:50] <~The Musician~> hey
[01:50] <~The Musician~> are you apart of this quest?
[01:50] <Summer June> uhh..
[01:50] <Summer June> nope
[01:50] <Summer June> you?
[01:51] <~The Musician~> wanna help me decide 
[01:51] <~The Musician~> if the weapons are op or not?
[01:51] <~The Musician~> nah im not
[01:51] <~The Musician~> i'm never good with op weapons tbh
[01:51] <~The Musician~> 
[01:52] <Summer June> lemme see
[01:52] <Summer June> never checked a quest before xD
[01:53] <~The Musician~> i've checked a few 
[01:53] <~The Musician~> but never like dealing with gift/weapons xD
[01:53] <~The Musician~> 
[01:53] <~The Musician~> lucky no one does quest
[01:54] <Summer June> haha
[01:54] <Summer June> welp, my first (and maybe last) quest didnt even work out
[01:55] <~The Musician~> same xD
[01:55] <~The Musician~> 
[01:55] <~The Musician~> i tried one and it ended like the second day lol
[01:55] <Summer June> its just that it turns really boring when even just one person is inactive
[01:56] <Summer June> sadly >.<
[01:56] <~The Musician~> true
[01:56] <~The Musician~> you can have two chars on a quest now though
[01:56] <~The Musician~> so u just gotta find an active person who can post regularly 
[01:57] <Summer June> yup yup
[01:57] <Summer June> nin is probab;y the most active
[01:57] <Summer June> hi daughterofthelostone o/ 
[01:58] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> Hi!
[01:58] <~The Musician~> Hey there newb
[01:58] <Summer June> omg i am loving this wiki
[01:58] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> Ha, hi
[01:58] <Summer June> lots of new campers! &lt;3 
[01:58] <Summer June> hey, can you give me a nickname of yours?
[01:58] <Summer June> one that only i will call you?
[01:58] <~The Musician~> was just gonna ask that @Summer xD
[01:58] <~The Musician~> 
[01:58] <Summer June> please
[01:59] <Summer June> haha it first
[02:00] <RebelliousArcher1013> hi
[02:00] <Summer June> hi rebellious archer o/ 
[02:00] <~The Musician~> Hey Archer
[02:00] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> hi
[02:00] <RebelliousArcher1013> I'm new in here
[02:00] <Summer June> need help?
[02:00] <RebelliousArcher1013> Ok
[02:01] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> One question, is the "Claiming" forum for getting out character verified or whatever? 
[02:02] <Summer June> something like that
[02:02] <Summer June> test
[02:02] <~The Musician~> ^
[02:02] <~The Musician~> pass
[02:02] <Summer June> xD
[02:03] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> #TheAnxietyOfGettingYourCharacterUp.... 
[02:03] <Summer June> haha
[02:03] <Summer June> dont worry about it
[02:03] <RebelliousArcher1013> : )
[02:03] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> :)
[02:03] <Summer June> let's have a roleplay once you're claimed, k?
[02:04] <Summer June> hey, daughter, please gimme a nickname of yours that only i will call you
[02:04] <Summer June> pleeaassee
[02:04] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> Sounds good. Ummm.... How about lemme think
[02:04] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> (there was supposed to be a series of periods there ^)
[02:05] <RebelliousArcher1013> How do you get claimed?
[02:09] <Summer June> k mylee
[02:09] <Summer June> dont let anyone call u that, k?
[02:09] <Summer June> and andrea
[02:09] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> Alrighty.
[02:09] <Summer June> dont let anyone call u that too, k?
[02:11] <RebelliousArcher1013> I was thinking name my character as Ara Troy.Her is the same as Donna Troy from teen titans
[02:11] <Summer June> sure thing, andrea
[02:12] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> I have so many other characters name Aurora, for other things, I used Aurore XD 
[02:15] <Alphaoctopus> o/ 
[02:15] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> Hi there!
[02:18] <RebelliousArcher1013> hi
[02:21] <RebelliousArcher1013> Still confuse
[02:22] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> Whats wrong?
[02:22] <RebelliousArcher1013> Still confuse and it is night time in asia
[02:22] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> what are you confused about?
[02:25] <RebelliousArcher1013> found it! Finally I been wandering the wiki to find it.
[02:25] <DaughterOfTheLostOne> Okay.
[02:36] <Summer June> gtg everyone o/ 
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