[11:19] <Flame Princess17> hey harley o/ 
[11:19] <Flame Princess17> harle
[11:22] <Flame Princess17> hey o/ 
[11:29] <Theharlequin> Hey Princess 
[11:40] <EvilhariboMadness> FINNY (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) 
[11:40] <Brocky292> JACKY (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) 
[12:03] <Toxyca> Brockyyyyyy ;o;
[12:16] <Flame Princess17> Hey o/ 
[12:20] <Toxyca> Ey Brocky, ping
[12:24] <Theharlequin> wb Princess
[12:29] <Flame Princess17> hey o/ 
[12:29] <JustChase> I understand omnia now >.<
[12:29] <JustChase> Omgs xD
[12:29] <JustChase> Dc*
[12:29] <JustChase> Dx*
[12:31] <The Demonic Wolf King> hey all 
[12:31] <Flame Princess17> hi
[12:32] <The Demonic Wolf King> *jumps into my tree* 
[12:33] <JustChase> Anyone up for skyping? 
[12:33] <JustChase> Anyone that ik on here that isn't a newb, no offense. >.<
[12:33] <EmeraldStag> Hey Chase, how did things turn out last night?
[12:33] <Theharlequin> Hello Wolf King
[12:34] <EmeraldStag> even though I am a newb, I can't say I wasn't a bit worried.
[12:34] <JustChase> I didn't get home until 1:30.
[12:34] <JustChase> I had to speak to the police about why I was there so late 
[12:34] <JustChase> And I got scolded by my boss 
[12:34] <JustChase> >.<
[12:34] <JustChase> A normal day 
[12:34] <Flame Princess17> what happaned
[12:34] <The Demonic Wolf King> sup *sharpens my blade* 
[12:34] <Flame Princess17> happened 
[12:34] <Flame Princess17> cant spell sorry
[12:35] <EmeraldStag> Well, that's at least the best case scenario when it happens
[12:35] <Mr.Suit> Hello Wolf o/ 
[12:35] <The Demonic Wolf King> hi o/ 
[12:36] <Theharlequin> Just so you know, this is an out of character chat
[12:36] <The Demonic Wolf King> okay 
[12:40] <The Demonic Wolf King> *keeps sharpening my sword* 
[12:41] <JustChase> I apologize now, Orian might get jelaous of Taekeo's onesie xD
[12:41] <JustChase> That was for PM >.<
[12:41] <Toxyca> wot xD
[12:42] <Mr.Suit> e.e
[12:42] <Toxyca> anybody know how many CoO claims are still left?
[12:43] <Flame Princess17> I'll count
[12:43] <Flame Princess17> about 7
[12:43] <JustChase> It's Br ockys child like character and my child like character. My child like character likes taking peoples things and being the center of attention. >.<
[12:45] <The Demonic Wolf King> *lays back* 
[12:46] <Flame Princess17> so.........
[12:46] <Flame Princess17> how's everybody's lives
[12:47] <The Demonic Wolf King> *is bored* good i guess 
[12:49] <EmeraldStag> Fairly decent
[12:51] <Flame Princess17> la la la singing the boredom song
[12:52] <The Demonic Wolf King> *gives princess a cookie* 
[12:53] <Flame Princess17> *eats cookie
[12:54] <Flame Princess17> hey o/ 
[12:54] <Mr.Suit> SPARKY
[12:54] <Mr.Suit> (OMG) (DANCE) 
[12:54] <Undead Sparkz> sup bae &lt;3 
[12:54] <The Demonic Wolf King> yo 
[12:54] <Undead Sparkz> just finished genociding a rival house in CK2 ^~^
[12:54] <Undead Sparkz> *that teaches you, you filthy stenkyrkas tryin to seduce my wife n shit*
[12:54] <JustChase> SPARKY I BLAME YOU 
[12:55] <JustChase> FOR MY ADDICTION 
[12:55] <Undead Sparkz> I BLAME YOU AS WELL SANTI
[12:55] <Undead Sparkz> FOR MY GENOCIDE
[12:55] <JustChase> I can't stop playing warlight 
[12:55] <JustChase> And wait what? O.O
[12:55] <Undead Sparkz> CK2 genocide
[12:55] <Undead Sparkz> I have started killing large amounts of finnish people and people from rival houses in my game
[12:55] <Undead Sparkz> this game makes me have some kinda prejudice against finns o-o
[12:56] <Undead Sparkz> *mostly because pagans like raiding me :c*
[12:56] <Undead Sparkz> no replys?
[12:57] <Undead Sparkz> ok o-o
[12:57] <Undead Sparkz> Santi warlight?
[12:57] <Undead Sparkz> I feel like playing a round or two
[12:57] <Toxyca> I'll play :o
[12:57] <Undead Sparkz> there is someone to my right
[12:57] <Undead Sparkz> I am having like a panic attack O-O
[12:57] <Undead Sparkz> Get the strangers away pls
[12:58] <Undead Sparkz> I am trying to correct my posture and act as proper as I can ;-;
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