[03:49] <BebeRexha> Hiii 
[03:51] <Nat25> hi
[03:52] <BebeRexha> I want to cast a revote for Lea Michele 
[03:53] <BebeRexha> If Nina Dobrev and the cast of Vampire Diaries and not her is kinda fuck ed up. 
[04:04] <Nat25> ?
[04:04] <Nat25> what?
[04:06] <BebeRexha> I searched for Lea Michele, we can't use her. But When i did Nina Dobrev, the whole damn cast of Vampire Diaries is eligible to be used. 
[04:06] <Nat25> um
[04:07] <Nat25> okai, so someone put up a vote against Lea, and no one else
[04:07] <Nat25> what's the problem?
[04:07] <Nat25> I can't use Elle Fanning
[04:07] <BebeRexha> I think it's biased.
[04:07] <Nat25> >.>
[04:07] <Nat25> how so?
[04:08] <BebeRexha> Nina and Lea are up there. Yeah she's from Glee but Nina is from Degrassi and The Vampire Diaries 
[04:08] <Nat25> um
[04:08] <Nat25> sweety
[04:08] <BebeRexha> Don't call me sweetie
[04:09] <Nat25> anyone can use anyone, unless a vote is put up against that model
[04:09] <BebeRexha> I know that, that's why im doing a recast for Her
[04:10] <Nat25> if it was voted against before, there's a good chance that it'll be voted down again
[04:11] <BebeRexha> I'll even say it, it's biased that these users are saying that it's okay for awhole cast to be eligible and I'll even post the link of it to back my statement up, because it's a fact. 
[04:11] <Nat25> uuuuhhhhhhhhh
[04:11] <Nat25> Okai hun. Wish you luck
[04:12] <BebeRexha> It's unfair. That's all I'm saying.
[04:12] <Nat25> I don't know
[04:12] <Nat25> and quite honesly
[04:13] <Nat25> I don't care. I have NO idea who you're talking about
[04:13] <BebeRexha> Lea Michele, she's on scream queens, glee. 
[04:13] <Nat25> I don't watch glee
[04:14] <BebeRexha> Me neither but i knew that she was on it.
[04:14] <Nat25> *shrugs*
[04:14] <BebeRexha> I'm excited for Vikings 
[04:14] <Nat25> cool
[04:14] <BebeRexha> Soo how's your wiki
[04:14] <Nat25> Concerning
[04:15] <BebeRexha> What's wrong with it?
[04:15] <Nat25> but now an officiall affiliate of this wiki
[04:15] <Nat25> SO
[04:15] <Nat25>
[04:15] <BebeRexha> Congrats 
[04:15] <Nat25> I can do this
[04:15] <Nat25> it is no longer against the rules to post this link on camo
[04:15] <Nat25> *chat
[04:16] <BebeRexha> I dropped Game Of Thrones, Because Like i said,ive been gone Because i need time Away From chb
[04:16] <Nat25> okai
[04:16] <BebeRexha> I just needed a break 
[04:16] <Nata Roebot> Aloha! o/ 
[04:17] <BebeRexha> When i left i was lvl 2 and now im lvl 5 
[04:17] <Nat25> NATA!
[04:17] <BebeRexha> Hi Nata
[04:17] <Nat25> (th) 
[04:17] <BebeRexha> Nata what department are you in?
[04:17] <Nata Roebot> Hey twonsie! (th) 
[04:17] <Nata Roebot> Mac! o/ 
[04:17] <Nata Roebot> Chat moderator
[04:17] <Nat25> ?
[04:17] <Nat25> ah
[04:17] <Nat25> nvm
[04:17] <Nat25> ignore me
[04:18] <BebeRexha> Ahhh i don't think i can be one 
[04:18] <Nat25> nope
[04:18] <BebeRexha> I want to be a helper 
[04:18] <Nata Roebot> I'm not a RB/admin, so I don't technically have a dept
[04:18] <Nat25> or hold any staff position Aria
[04:18] <Nata Roebot> But I feel like chat moderator is a separate dept
[04:18] <Nat25> ^
[04:18] <BebeRexha> My past shouldn't define me
[04:18] <Nata Roebot> I don't have my hacks turned on btw @twonsie
[04:18] <Nat25> k
[04:19] <Nat25> thanke
[04:19] <Nat25> but it does Aria
[04:19] <BebeRexha> Everyone has a past, including you.
[04:19] <Nat25> that's the way of the world
[04:19] <Nat25> and I am wrking hard to change my past
[04:19] <BebeRexha> No one's perfect, same here
[04:19] <Nat25> Aria, you were banned, 6 times?
[04:19] <BebeRexha> But bringing it up, doesn't help anyone. 
[04:20] <Nata Roebot> To be fair, Mac, trust is a big factor in getting positions
[04:20] <Nat25> ^
[04:20] <BebeRexha> You're not the only one busting their ass to prove. 
[04:20] <Nata Roebot> It took James several months to become a RB
[04:20] <BebeRexha> Noo, i think it's called connections
[04:20] <Nata Roebot> And he'd never gotten into any real disputes with anyone
[04:20] <Nat25> um
[04:20] <Nat25> Aria
[04:20] <Nat25> hate to break it to yah
[04:21] <Nat25> but it has a LOT to do with how you act
[04:21] <BebeRexha> If you're friends with the admins, like you know who, trust me you can be an admin 
[04:21] <Nat25> xD
[04:21] <Nat25> I can't even be rb
[04:21] <Nata Roebot> lol James is by no means friends with admins
[04:21] <Nat25> you kidding?
[04:21] <BebeRexha> Sometimes 
[04:21] <Nata Roebot> even among the admins, not everyone is friends with each other
[04:21] <BebeRexha> I know I have a temper
[04:22] <Nat25> I'm working my ass off to prove I can even be mature
[04:22] <Nat25> lat alone hold a staff position
[04:22] <BebeRexha> Same here
[04:22] <BebeRexha> It's just people who know who can say shit and get away with it.
[04:24] <BebeRexha> No one is going to talk shit to me and think it's over, oh no sweetie, nice try but noo. You want a start shit, and then afterwards and run to an admin to protect you, get real bitch. 
[04:24] <Nat25> *sighs* Well, I'm sorry you feel that way
[04:24] <BebeRexha> Really 
[04:25] <BebeRexha> Because its true. I should know, because you did it to me Nat with Nata, no offense but it's true. 
[04:32] <Nat25> If you do it without complaining i'll give you a cookie
[04:32] <BebeRexha> I don't want a cookie, i want something to be justified 
[04:33] <Nat25> then do it without complaining please
[04:33] <Nat25> and thank you
[04:33] <BebeRexha> It already exists how can i redo the vote 
[04:34] <Nata Roebot> add "revote" after her name
[04:34] <Nata Roebot> Lea Michaels Revote
[04:34] <Nata Roebot> with a hyphen between her last name and Revote
[04:35] <BebeRexha> I did redo
[04:35] <BebeRexha> I'll just do anyone
[04:37] <Nat25> *is so lost*
[04:37] <Nat25> speaking of models you can't use
[04:37] <Nat25> Nata
[04:37] <Nat25> I found THE PERFECT
[04:38] <Nat25> model for my contest charrie, it was Elle Fanning
[04:38] <Nat25> I'm like, oh COME ON
[04:38] <BebeRexha> You can do a revote 
[04:38] <Nata Roebot> There's already been a revote :')
[04:39] <BebeRexha> Ohh
[04:39] <Nat25> ^
[04:39] <Nata Roebot> Acutally, it might've been more than a year ago
[04:39] <Nat25> but I can see why they won't allow her on the wiki
[04:39] <Nat25> she is a little too famous
[04:39] <Nata Roebot> Yup, it's been over a year
[04:39] <Nata Roebot> June 2015
[04:39] <Nat25> I just found a diff model
[04:40] <BebeRexha> I would still do it 
[04:40] <Nat25> [[File:Svanna5.jpg]]
[04:40] <Nat25> go for it Aria
[04:40] <BebeRexha> You never know, people can have a change of heart, but they shouldn't judge the user of who's trying to use it, now that's biased.
[04:40] <Nat25> Ain't she beautiful????????????????????????????????????????
[04:40] <Nat25> (facepalm) 
[04:40] <Nat25> I'm not
[04:41] <BebeRexha> Nat im saying you should do it
[04:41] <Nat25> just
[04:41] <Nat25> Aria, she's too famous to be used
[04:41] <Nat25> it's not the person using her
[04:41] <Nat25> it's the model herself
[04:41] <BebeRexha> But like if people want to bring up someone's past to justify their answer, it should be declined 
[04:42] <Nat25> Um
[04:42] <Nata Roebot> ...This is image voting, not characters or admin
[04:42] <Nat25> I believe this conversation is over
[04:42] <BebeRexha> I know, but im just saying 
[04:43] <BebeRexha> But I need a good statement and i cant write one, but i have evidence. 
[04:44] <Nat25> Nata she's so pwetty!!!
[04:44] <Nat25> I just
[04:44] <Nat25> omg
[04:44] <Nat25> she's perfect!
[04:45] <Nata Roebot> What's her model's name?
[04:45] <Nata Roebot> And yoooooo she's a good fit
[04:45] <Nat25> her name is..... hold on
[04:46] <Nat25> lemme find it
[04:47] <Nat25> Imani Mujakic
[04:50] <Nata Roebot> [[File:Svanna1.jpg]] looks like she could be the little sister of [[File:Geijer1.jpg]]
[04:50] <Nat25> ooh
[04:50] <Nat25> he's ccute
[04:51] <Nat25> OMG
[04:51] <Nat25> NATA
[04:51] <Nat25> he should like, kinda adopt her as his little sister
[04:51] <Nat25> that would be cute
[04:52] <Nat25> and why isn't it coded?
[04:52] <BebeRexha> I want my character to be related as a cousin to another character 
[04:52] <Nat25> nice
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> :') Rory's a CoO member
[04:52] <Nat25> ;-;
[04:52] <Nat25> fuck 
[04:52] <Nat25> Nata
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> Plus, he's not the type to be fond of little kids
[04:53] <Nat25> even more of a fuck 
[04:53] <BebeRexha> Nata do you mind if our chars were cuz'n's
[04:53] <Nata Roebot> I don't want to make any of my characters related to anyone else's
[04:53] <BebeRexha> Oh oj
[04:53] <BebeRexha> Ok*
[04:53] <Nat25> (sad2) 
[04:53] <Nata Roebot> They live in their own isolated bubbles :')
[04:54] <BebeRexha> Mine has Scoliosis 
[04:54] <Nat25> IOMG NATA PM 
[04:54] <Nat25> I'M dying
[04:54] <Nat25> xD
[04:54] <Nat25> xD
[04:54] <Nat25> xD
[04:57] <Nat25> Nata, I am VERY tempted to code his page for you
[04:57] <Nata Roebot> I'll get to him eventually
[04:58] <Nata Roebot> <span class="me-username">* <span>Nata Roebot</span></span> stares at homework and presentations and studying for standardized tests *
[04:58] <Nat25> want to use your own coding? or want to ty my new one!
[04:58] <Nat25> ;-; rip you
[04:58] <Nat25> *try
[05:00] <Nata Roebot> I'm gonna try and code my own page when I have the time, but thank you for the offer!
[05:00] <Nat25> mk
[05:00] <Nata Roebot> I'm trying to code a new WB for him too 
[05:00] <Nat25> dammmn. My wb looks like shit
[05:00] <Nata Roebot> Gtg sleep now, (night) o/ 
[05:01] <Nat25> (night) 
[05:01] <Nat25> o/ 
[05:01] <Nat25> {black:
[05:01] <BebeRexha> I have my statement 
[05:01] <Nat25> * :black: 
[05:01] <BebeRexha> Hello, I'm Aria and i think we need to have a revote on Lea Michele because Glee isn't on anymore and I have my statement that will be said that if the whole cast of The Vampire Diaries can be used such as Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder then why can't Lea be in use because they're famous. i have evidence to back up my statement
[05:01] <Nat25> please do not post it here
[05:01] <Nat25> post it on the revote page
[05:03] <Nata Roebot> Edit it for grammar and that'll work
[05:03] <Nata Roebot> Don't mention the "evidence" unless you actually put it in your statement
[05:03] <Nata Roebot> Keep it short and clear and it'll be fine
[05:03] <Nata Roebot> o/ 
[05:08] <Nat25> Jeffy!
[05:08] <Nat25> (th) 
[05:08] <Jeffsson> hat nat
[05:08] <Jeffsson> hai
[05:08] <Nat25> xD
[05:08] <Nat25> *hat*
[05:09] <BebeRexha> Hi Jeff
[05:09] <Jeffsson> nat is my hat
[05:09] <Jeffsson> hi bebe
[05:09] <Nat25> >.>
[05:09] <Nat25> nu
[05:09] <Nat25> nu hat
[05:09] <BebeRexha> How are you doing today? 
[05:09] <Jeffsson> im not doing all to well
[05:09] <BebeRexha> How can we vote Nat? 
[05:10] <Nat25> how can you what now?
[05:10] <BebeRexha> Like vote on the image
[05:11] <Nat25> >.> okai, so
[05:11] <Nat25> what's her name?
[05:11] <BebeRexha> Lea Michele 
[05:11] <BebeRexha> I can give you the link 
[05:12] <Nat25> how-
[05:12] <Nat25> oh
[05:12] <Nat25> well
[05:12] <Nat25> hold on
[05:12] <BebeRexha> Do you need the link?
[05:13] <Nat25> nope
[05:21] <Nat25> there
[05:21] <Nat25> done
[05:21] <Nat25> or not
[05:22] <Nat25> k
[05:22] <Nat25> there
[05:25] <BebeRexha> How do i use my Sig? 
[05:25] <Nat25> {{Bebe Sig}}
[05:25] <BebeRexha> Thanks 
[05:12] <BebeRexha> Do you need the link?
[05:13] <Nat25> nope
[05:21] <Nat25> there
[05:21] <Nat25> done
[05:21] <Nat25> or not
[05:22] <Nat25> k
[05:22] <Nat25> there
[05:25] <BebeRexha> How do i use my Sig? 
[05:25] <Nat25> {{Bebe Sig}}
[05:25] <BebeRexha> Thanks 
[01:47] <Nat25> Heya~ Kitkat
[01:47] <Summer June> hi people of the world o/ 
[01:48] <AliasKit> would you be interested to see art
[01:48] <Nat25> [[Voting:Images]]
[01:48] <ReesesPeaces> Hey Junabe
[01:48] <Nat25> She's just being stupid
[01:48] <ReesesPeaces> why?
[01:48] <ReesesPeaces> for hosting a revote?
[01:48] <Nat25> You should have seen what she was saying yesterday
[01:49] <Nat25> No. Hold on. Lemme change to my comp
[01:49] <Nat25> No
[01:49] <Nat25> so
[01:50] <Nat25> I don't mind the revote
[01:50] <Nat25> even though it's stupid
[01:50] <Nat25> what i do mind
[01:50] <ReesesPeaces> what did she say?
[01:50] <Nat25> [[Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki:Chat/Logs/4 December 2016]]
[01:50] <Nat25> read that
[01:51] <ReesesPeaces> sweetie XD
[01:51] <AliasKit> revoting is such a pain
[01:51] <AliasKit> haha
[01:51] <Nat25> As my friend so perfectly stated in pm, she thinks that because she's been gone for a little bit, her past is forgorren
[01:51] <Nat25> *forgotten
[01:51] <AliasKit> like why cant images kept be kept forever
[01:52] <Nat25> well, it's the use of the model, not the image
[01:52] <ReesesPeaces> ... what happened in the past?
[01:52] <Nat25> let's see
[01:52] <Nat25> banned on MULITIPLE accounts
[01:52] <Nat25> EVADING the ban
[01:53] <ReesesPeaces> oh
[01:53] <ReesesPeaces> idk even how to make another account XD
[01:53] <Nat25> same way you made this one
[01:53] <ReesesPeaces> oh I assumed you can only make one for an email
[01:54] <ReesesPeaces> *shrug*
[01:54] <Nat25> mhm
[01:54] <Nat25> but no, personally
[01:54] <Nat25> it's not even the bans
[01:54] <Nat25> it's the reason WHY she was banned
[01:54] <ReesesPeaces> why did she get banned?
[01:55] <Nat25> the most recent one...
[01:55] <Nat25> Extremely rude behaviour in chat, such as; excesive cussing, wishing death upon another user, etc)
[01:55] <Nat25> straight from Wundy
[01:55] <Nat25> Brocky
[01:55] <Nat25> not Wundy
[01:55] <ReesesPeaces> I see
[01:55] <Nat25> Excuse me if I happen to hate her
[01:56] <Nat25> she thinks that her past doesn't define her
[01:56] <ReesesPeaces> people have their opinions, I won't just you
[01:56] <ReesesPeaces> or her for that matter I guess
[01:56] <ReesesPeaces> *judge
[01:56] <Nat25> even worse
[01:56] <Nat25> she thinks that our pasts are on the same plane of existance 
[01:56] <Nat25> like
[01:57] <ReesesPeaces> what do you mean by that?
[01:57] <Nat25> bitch, i work my ASS off trying to prove I can do things right and act mature, you're sitting there whining
[01:57] <Nat25> *bitch at Aria*
[01:57] <Nat25> **not you**
[01:57] <ReesesPeaces> (I guessed so :p)
[01:58] <ReesesPeaces> have you guys talked at all since she came back?
[01:58] <Nat25> yesterday
[03:55] <Nata Roebot> Aloha! o/ 
[03:55] <Nata Roebot> ping me if you enter chat :)
[04:50] <Nata Roebot> Reese! o/ 
[04:50] <ReesesPeaces> Hola! o/ 
[04:50] <ReesesPeaces> Galaxy Equal *handshakes respectfully*
[04:51] <Nata Roebot> Candy tree *shakes hand*
[04:51] <ReesesPeaces> lol XD
[04:51] <ReesesPeaces> How are you doing lately?
[04:51] <Nata Roebot> Pretty great
[04:51] <ReesesPeaces> ooh what happened?
[04:51] <Nata Roebot> Got a big project and lots of tests coming up tho
[04:52] <ReesesPeaces> knowing you, you'll do fine :3
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> ahahahaa
[04:52] <Nata Roebot> I haven't been doing so well on my physics tests
[04:53] <ReesesPeaces> I bet Aria Shen would ace them all
[04:53] <Nata Roebot> I'm drawing upon Aria's spirit for help xD
[04:53] <Nata Roebot> "How would Aria do this question"
[04:53] <ReesesPeaces> use her powers and find out
[04:54] <Nata Roebot> Exactly xD
[04:55] <Nata Roebot> How've you been?
[04:55] <ReesesPeaces> well, my week hasn't been all too peachy
[04:55] <ReesesPeaces> terrible, actually
[04:55] <Nata Roebot> D: what happened?
[04:55] <ReesesPeaces> I lost two very important people (no they are not dead, just to me)
[04:55] <Nata Roebot> :( friends?
[04:55] <ReesesPeaces> and boyfriend
[04:55] <ReesesPeaces> at the same time
[04:56] <ReesesPeaces> he dumped me for Miriam
[04:56] <Nata Roebot> Damn
[04:56] <ReesesPeaces> we haven't talked since she told me over text
[04:56] <ReesesPeaces> oh god Reese don't start crying again
[04:58] <ReesesPeaces> so... yeah
[04:59] <Nata Roebot> (th) 
[04:59] <ReesesPeaces> I'm sorry for spilling all that on you
[04:59] <Nata Roebot> That's rough
[04:59] <Nata Roebot> No, it's okay
[04:59] <ReesesPeaces> It is.
[04:59] <ReesesPeaces> Ugh Miriam better never come back here
[04:59] <ReesesPeaces> I never want to see her again
[04:59] <ReesesPeaces> or Josh for that matter
[05:00] <Nata Roebot> It's not really Miriam's fault
[05:01] <Nata Roebot> It's your scumbag boyfriend's
[05:01] <ReesesPeaces> I mean, I guess so
[05:01] <ReesesPeaces> for all I know she was flirting with him all along
[05:05] <Nata Roebot> If she told you over text, it seems like it wasn't her purposely doing it
[05:05] <ReesesPeaces> what do you mean
[05:06] <Nata Roebot> At least she told you, which is promising
[05:06] <Nata Roebot> If she'd really been flirting with him, she probably wouldn't let you know that she's dating him now
[05:06] <Nata Roebot> If she told you that means that she still cares about you and wants to let you know
[05:06] <Nata Roebot> Instead of having you find out through other people
[05:06] <ReesesPeaces> I mean, I guess so
[05:07] <Nata Roebot> Anyways, I have no experience with relationships whatsoever, so you probably shouldn't heed my advice too much xD
[05:07] <ReesesPeaces> wait brb one sec
[05:12] <ReesesPeaces> [[File:The death text.jpg]]
[05:14] <ReesesPeaces> Nata?
[05:19] <Nata Roebot> Aww, don't break up a friendship just because of how dumb your bf is :(
[05:19] <Nata Roebot> He's done enough damage to you
[05:20] <ReesesPeaces> *sigh* Idk what to do at school tomorrow, if that's the case
[05:21] <Nata Roebot> Ask your boyfriend why he broke up with you
[05:21] <Nata Roebot> Your own friend had to tell you
[05:21] <ReesesPeaces> I guess
[05:21] <ReesesPeaces> I don't know if I want to talk to him at all
[05:21] <ReesesPeaces> I admit I'm a little scared to
[05:21] <Nata Roebot> If you don't want to talk, then don't talk
[05:22] <Nata Roebot> But it'll only get harder to confront him about it as time goes on
[05:22] <ReesesPeaces> then what do I do about Mir?
[05:22] <Nata Roebot> Talk openly with her about it
[05:22] <Nata Roebot> Say that you're not happy about him dating her
[05:22] <Nata Roebot> But you don't think it's her fault either
[05:22] <ReesesPeaces> what is she supposed to do? Dump him too?
[05:25] <Nata Roebot> Ask her openly, does she want to keep dating him?
[05:25] <ReesesPeaces> I guess I can
[05:25] <Nata Roebot> Tell her that you'd personally not want her to, but it's her own life and she can make her own choices
[05:25] <ReesesPeaces> That's true
[05:26] <ReesesPeaces> even if I'm still miffed at her, she's still out of Josh's legue
[05:26] <ReesesPeaces> *league
[05:26] <Nata Roebot> Point that out to her
[05:26] <Nata Roebot> Tell her that she doesn't deserve to be dating a scumbag who dumps girls for their friends
[05:27] <ReesesPeaces> should I do it in person?
[05:27] <Nata Roebot> Yeah, in person works best
[05:27] <ReesesPeaces> alright
[05:27] <ReesesPeaces> well
[05:27] <ReesesPeaces> before someone else walks in on this conversation
[05:28] <ReesesPeaces> I guess we should wrap this up
[05:28] <ReesesPeaces> thanks, Nata, really
[05:28] <ReesesPeaces> (th) 
[05:29] <Nata Roebot> (th) no problemo
[05:29] <Nata Roebot> I've lost enough friends for painful things over the years
[05:29] <Nata Roebot> Don't want to see other people losing theirs :')
[05:29] <ReesesPeaces> heh we can go into that later, but thanks
[05:29] <ReesesPeaces> and I gtg o/ 
[05:30] <Nata Roebot> cya o/ 
[05:31] <Nata Roebot> Well, looks like my work here is done
[05:31] <Nata Roebot> o/ 
[07:00] <BebeRexha> You really didn't deserve to call me Faith.
[07:01] <Jeffsson> the professor gave me a low grade to which i responded with. "you've got to be kitten me"
[07:01] <Nat25> OMG
[07:01] <Jeffsson> lol
[07:01] <Brocky292> something didn't add up in that sentence
[07:02] <Jeffsson> that was the day my professor learned i like puns
[07:02] <Nat25> xD
[07:02] <Nat25> yes Jeffy
[07:02] <Nat25> :black: 
[07:02] <Jeffsson> it's a good thing she wasn't a skeleton or my puns may have rattled her bones
[07:06] <Nat25> (nat) 
[07:06] <Nat25> (OMG) 
[07:06] <Nat25> :nat: 
[07:06] <Nat25> (OMG) (squeal) 
[07:07] <Nat25> (squeeze) x 1000000000000000000000000 @Brockily
[07:07] <Brocky292> (squeeze) xD
[07:11] <Nat25> *needs (coffee) *
[07:11] <Nat25> *is a (libra) *
[07:12] <Nat25> (nom 
[07:12] <Nat25> :hi: 
[07:12] <Nat25> :pokey: 
[07:15] <Nat25> (OMG) brockily
[07:15] <Nat25> I found my fave
[07:16] <Nat25> (poker) 
[07:16] <Nat25> :melt: 
[07:17] <Nat25> :s wim:
[07:17] <Nat25> (swim) 
[07:18] <Nat25> Why is this so much fun?
[07:20] <Brocky292> xD
[07:30] <BebeRexha> Hi Brocky 
[07:33] <Nat25> Brocky
[07:33] <Nat25> w
[07:33] <Nat25> t
[07:33] <Nat25> f
[07:33] <Nat25> [[File:Nat Badge.gif]]
[07:33] <Nat25> [[Louis de Chartre]]
[07:33] <Nat25> not the pic
[07:33] <Nat25> that page
[07:34] <BebeRexha> It's cute
[07:34] <Nat25> what it?
[07:34] <Nat25> *is
[07:34] <BebeRexha> The page.
[07:34] <Nat25> oh
[07:34] <Nat25> well
[07:34] <Nat25> it SHOULD
[07:34] <Nat25> be on lock down
[07:34] <BebeRexha> Why? 
[07:35] <Nat25> or something of the sort
[07:35] <Nat25> do you see a history?
[07:35] <Nat25> or an ACTUAL personality?
[07:35] <BebeRexha> I didn't scroll down
[07:35] <BebeRexha> Does he have a claim for it
[07:36] <Nat25> well the page isn't on lockdown, so yea
[07:37] <BebeRexha> The personality are like the traits. Wait they are the traits.
[07:37] <Nat25> that's my point.
[07:38] <BebeRexha> 0ct 23 is when he joined 
[07:38] <Nat25> Aria
[07:38] <Nat25> I realize
[07:38] <Nat25> thanks
[07:38] <BebeRexha> How could he be a lvl 5
[07:39] <Nat25> 5 weeks
[07:39] <Nat25> after his character got claimed
[07:39] <Nat25> @Brocky, halp
[07:39] <Nat25> ;-;
[07:39] <Nat25> on the page
[07:39] <Brocky292> I IM'd him don't worry
[07:39] <Brocky292> or her
[07:39] <Brocky292> idk
[07:39] <Nat25> k
[07:39] <Nat25> thanke
[07:40] <BebeRexha> Nat, if he joined on Oct 23, theres no way he's already lvl 5
[07:40] <Brocky292> np
[07:40] <Nat25> Aria
[07:40] <Nat25> idk
[07:40] <Nat25> idc
[07:40] <Nat25> if you have a problem talk to Sterek or Wolfie
[07:40] <Nat25> or Brocky
[07:40] <BebeRexha> Then someone in the department is fuck ing up. 
[07:40] <Nat25> I'm just doing my job
[07:40] <Brocky292> Faith it would have been 5 week from October 23rd to December 4th (which is today)
[07:40] <Brocky292> weeks*
[07:40] <BebeRexha> I'm not Faith, but whatever 
[07:41] <BebeRexha> I go by Aria or Mac or Bebe.
[07:41] <Nat25> [[User%3AFaithMaenad|User:FaithMaenad]] this is you is it not? Then you are also Faith.
[07:41] <Brocky292> you're acting like a Faith, my bad
[07:42] <Nat25> I'd go on but we'd be here all day.
[07:42] <BebeRexha> Nat go fuck yourself, im not in the mood for your bs
[07:42] <Nat25> I don't need to fuck myself, I have someone to do it for me ;)
[07:42] <BebeRexha> If you understood what i meant, i meant that i don't go by that name. 
[07:42] <Brocky292> ye lets put this all to an end
[07:43] <Brocky292> that goes for everyone
[07:44] <Nat25> Yes mum
[07:44] <Brocky292> c:
[07:44] <Nat25> :)
[07:44] <BebeRexha> Okay I'm good with that. 
[08:03] <Nat25> Brocky, another one
[08:03] <Nat25> [[Salem Monterato]]
[08:03] <Brocky292> mkai
[08:04] <Nat25> I miss Kata (sad2) 
[08:14] <Nat25> Brockily/Brocky
[08:14] <BebeRexha> I miss slay
[08:14] <Brocky292> ye?
[08:14] <Nat25> I need your overlying opinion on shumshing
[08:16] <Brocky292> mkai
[08:28] <BebeRexha> I might use Demi 
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