[05:11] <CupcakeParis> HAISE (th) 
[05:11] <CupcakeParis> (bounce) 
[05:11] <CupcakeParis> (angry) 
[05:12] <CupcakeParis> (angry2)
[05:39] <DaichiAoi> (rage) PEOPLE ARE IN HERE
[09:11] <August Spring> 'Cuz internet sucks
[09:12] <August Spring> <span class="me-username">* <span>August Spring</span></span> rolls eyes 'cause of the internet while eating chocolates and pancakes with honey syrup on the top of it forming a 1d logo xD
[09:12] <CupcakeParis> XD lol
[09:13] <CupcakeParis> <span class="me-username">* <span>CupcakeParis</span></span> is fangirling
[09:14] <CupcakeParis> wow pancakes
[09:14] <CupcakeParis> HAISE
[09:14] <August Spring> sUMMER! O/ 
[09:14] <Summer June> AUGGIE
[09:14] <August Spring> sorry caps on
[09:14] <Summer June> w8 lemme refresh
[09:15] <August Spring> why?
[09:15] <Summer June> net sucks
[09:15] <CupcakeParis> WHY HAISE WHY
[09:16] <Summer June> and its on my side now
[09:16] <Summer June> what gaaim
[09:16] <August Spring> oh
[09:16] <Summer June> *what again
[09:16] <August Spring> xD lol
[09:16] <CupcakeParis> nothing
[09:16] <CupcakeParis> I MEISSED YOU HAISE
[09:16] <CupcakeParis> *missed
[09:16] <Summer June> yeah whatever
[09:16] <CupcakeParis> xD (th) 
[09:17] <CupcakeParis> yeshhhhhhhhhh
[09:17] <Summer June> well, auggie, you better start editing to reach level five
[09:17] <Summer June> :)
[09:17] <Summer June> onemorelevel
[09:17] <CupcakeParis> chocolates is now on my side
[09:17] <August Spring> what will I edit?
[09:18] <Summer June> anything
[09:18] <August Spring> xD
[09:18] <Summer June> roleplays, claims you have, anything
[09:18] <August Spring> I never had a forum rp
[09:18] <Summer June> yesss.....told ya you'd get rid of teh dog @dummypars
[09:18] <CupcakeParis> xD
[09:18] <Summer June> do you want toh have one?
[09:18] <Summer June> *to have
[09:18] <CupcakeParis> yeah really
[09:19] <CupcakeParis> I get rid of it
[09:19] <CupcakeParis> *got
[09:19] <CupcakeParis> whatever
[09:19] <August Spring> I don't know how to have one, tbh
[09:19] <Summer June> well, how about i start?
[09:20] <Summer June> i have nothing to edit for now xD
[09:20] <CupcakeParis> MAY I JOIN
[09:20] <Summer June> NO
[09:20] <Summer June> YOU MAY NOT
[09:20] <CupcakeParis> WHY
[09:20] <CupcakeParis> HAISE
[09:20] <CupcakeParis> WHY
[09:20] <CupcakeParis> HAISE
[09:20] <Summer June> BECAUSE I SAID SO
[09:20] <CupcakeParis> WHY NOT
[09:20] <CupcakeParis> WHY 
[09:20] <CupcakeParis> HAISE
[09:20] <Summer June> STO P PINGING ME
[09:20] <August Spring> xD lol
[09:20] <Summer June> *sound's irritating*
[09:21] <CupcakeParis> but dogs are still on my side
[09:21] <Summer June> well, auggie, care for anrp?
[09:21] <Summer June> *an rp
[09:21] <August Spring> uhhh.........
[09:21] <August Spring> sure
[09:21] <August Spring> if you want to
[09:21] <CupcakeParis> I WANT TO JOIN HAISE
[09:21] <Summer June> NO
[09:21] <Summer June> ask auggie
[09:21] <CupcakeParis> :(
[09:22] <Summer June> i need pancakes rn
[09:22] <CupcakeParis> Springgy may I join??
[09:22] <August Spring> well, I'm eating pancakes now with honey syrup that forms a 1d logo
[09:22] <Summer June> 1D????
[09:22] <August Spring> yeshhhh
[09:22] <August Spring> anyways
[09:23] <August Spring> Paris
[09:23] <Summer June> you a fan???
[09:23] <August Spring> of course! 
[09:23] <August Spring> Why not!
[09:23] <Summer June> YESSS
[09:23] <Summer June> I LOVE YOU MORE
[09:23] <CupcakeParis> hey remember i'm a 1D fan too
[09:23] <August Spring> xD
[09:23] <Summer June> bleh dummy
[09:23] <August Spring> I think you can join Paris
[09:24] <August Spring> but I think Summer will get rid of it
[09:24] <CupcakeParis> noooooooooooo
[09:24] <CupcakeParis> haise will not do that
[09:24] <Summer June> nah, if auggie's fine, then im fine :D
[09:24] <Summer June> be thankful, dummy
[09:24] <CupcakeParis> YEWSSSSSSSSS
[09:24] <CupcakeParis> tank u springgy!!!
[09:24] <Summer June> i found another sister directioner and tokyo ghoul fan
[09:25] <Summer June> IM SO HAPPY
[09:25] <August Spring> yw :)
[09:25] <August Spring> really?
[09:25] <Summer June> yesss
[09:25] <August Spring> older or younger??
[09:25] <Summer June> it's you, dearie
[09:25] <Summer June> :D
[09:25] <August Spring> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[09:25] <August Spring> xD lol
[09:25] <CupcakeParis> ...........
[09:25] <August Spring> lol
[09:26] <Summer June> im justhoping 1d would win the super bowl performance
[09:26] <August Spring> oh yes
[09:26] <August Spring> I am voting now on that
[09:26] <Summer June> ikr
[09:26] <Summer June> i dont even know who panic!at the disco is
[09:27] <Summer June> those tow get all the votes
[09:27] <Summer June> well, most
[09:27] <August Spring> you don't know them?!
[09:27] <August Spring> They're the one who sang bohemian raphsody
[09:28] <Summer June> them????
[09:28] <CupcakeParis> 0.0
[09:28] <Summer June> i thought it was queen!
[09:28] <CupcakeParis> WHAT?!?!!?
[09:28] <August Spring> queen?
[09:28] <August Spring> well
[09:28] <August Spring> WHATEVER I DO NOT KNOW
[09:28] <Summer June> ahhh...queen's the original
[09:29] <Summer June> panic sang their version for suicide squad
[09:29] <Summer June> nah...rpor no?
[09:29] <Summer June> * rp or
[09:29] <Summer June> i hate my spacebar
[09:29] <August Spring> xD
[09:29] <August Spring> sure
[09:30] <Summer June> who'du be using, dummy?
[09:30] <CupcakeParis> dunno
[09:31] <CupcakeParis> maybe.........
[09:31] <CupcakeParis> I'll be using Irwin
[09:31] <Summer June> hey auggie, why dont you make a new claim?
[09:31] <CupcakeParis> or Ayarie
[09:31] <Summer June> srsly dummy who
[09:31] <CupcakeParis> i dunno
[09:31] <CupcakeParis> u pick
[09:31] <CupcakeParis> just mini mini mine mo
[09:31] <Summer June> auggie, jacksen or ayarie?
[09:32] <August Spring> I mini mini mine moed, and a my finger pointed Ayarie so..................
[09:32] <Summer June> hahaha
[09:32] <Summer June> now my turn
[09:32] <August Spring> xD
[09:32] <Summer June> someone pick for me pls....
[09:33] <CupcakeParis> I WILL PICK FOR MY HAISE
[09:33] <Summer June> noo
[09:33] <Summer June> auggie
[09:33] <CupcakeParis> awwwwwwwwww
[09:33] <Summer June> i trust auggie
[09:33] <August Spring> xD
[09:33] <August Spring> lol okay
[09:33] <August Spring> wait a min.
[09:33] <Summer June> yey :D
[09:34] <August Spring> omg
[09:34] <August Spring> net sucks
[09:34] <August Spring> who's this Jaron schreave?
[09:34] <CupcakeParis> NO DO NOT PICK IT
[09:35] <August Spring> why
[09:35] <CupcakeParis> *choose
[09:35] <CupcakeParis> choose instead for pick
[09:35] <CupcakeParis> CUZ JARON IS STRICT
[09:35] <CupcakeParis> SO STRICT
[09:35] <CupcakeParis> I DON'T LIKE HIM
[09:36] <August Spring> oh
[09:36] <August Spring> is it?
[09:36] <August Spring> Summer
[09:36] <August Spring> is it?
[09:36] <Summer June> hmm?
[09:36] <Summer June> jaron?
[09:36] <Summer June> he's fine
[09:36] <Summer June> yet rude :)
[09:38] <August Spring> oh
[09:38] <RebelliousArcher1013> hi
[09:38] <CupcakeParis> Hi Archer! o/ 
[09:38] <August Spring> eh this Ryder?
[09:38] <August Spring> Hi Archer! o/ 
[09:39] <August Spring> hey Summer
[09:39] <RebelliousArcher1013> Its almost night in asia
[09:39] <Summer June> yes it is, andrea
[09:40] <Summer June> and oh, where in asia do you reside?
[09:40] <Summer June> all of us here in this char rn are asian :)
[09:41] <August Spring> Summer
[09:41] <August Spring> Ryder?
[09:41] <Summer June> yes?
[09:41] <Summer June> ryder...
[09:41] <Summer June> why does everybody love ryder
[09:41] <August Spring> why?
[09:41] <August Spring> oh
[09:41] <August Spring> lol xD
[09:42] <Summer June> dunno...they seem to pick him frequently
[09:42] <RebelliousArcher1013> I can't tell but I can give you a clue on my country
[09:42] <Summer June> why not?
[09:41] <August Spring> Ryder?
[09:41] <Summer June> yes?
[09:41] <Summer June> ryder...
[09:41] <Summer June> why does everybody love ryder
[09:41] <August Spring> why?
[09:41] <August Spring> oh
[09:41] <August Spring> lol xD
[09:42] <Summer June> dunno...they seem to pick him frequently
[09:42] <RebelliousArcher1013> I can't tell but I can give you a clue on my country
[09:42] <Summer June> why not?
[09:43] <August Spring> then Gabrielle
[09:43] <RebelliousArcher1013> Parent's rule -_-
[09:43] <August Spring> cuz there are many users who're picking Ryder
[09:43] <CupcakeParis> xD
[09:43] <Summer June> hahaha
[09:43] <Summer June> i may play two of em
[09:44] <August Spring> can it be?
[09:44] <Summer June> yess
[09:44] <August Spring> suuuuuuuuureeeeeeeeeee
[09:44] <Summer June> well, mamatay na ako hahaha
[09:44] <August Spring> para saan?
[09:44] <Summer June> ewan.....school?
[09:44] <CupcakeParis> HAISE
[09:44] <Summer June> langyang school
[09:44] <August Spring> xD
[09:45] <Summer June> lemme create the page
[09:45] <Summer June> and ill link you to it
[09:45] <Summer June> ready your chars, dearies!
[09:45] <August Spring> okayyyyyy
[09:45] <CupcakeParis> sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[09:45] <Summer June> before that, any title in mind?
[09:46] <CupcakeParis> it can be Haise, August and Dummy
[09:46] <August Spring> I like that
[09:46] <Summer June> ok, that's it?
[09:46] <Summer June> (y) 
[09:46] <CupcakeParis> sure
[09:47] <August Spring> (y) 
[09:48] <CupcakeParis> <span class="me-username">* <span>CupcakeParis</span></span> is waiting
[09:49] <CupcakeParis> why is it so long
[11:11] <CupcakeParis> HAISE
[11:11] <CupcakeParis> posted
[11:11] <Summer June> (y) 
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