[06:41] <UniPacific16> I'm finally back
[07:12] <UniPacific16> You posted yet
[07:13] <Summer June> nope
[07:13] <Summer June> w8
[07:16] <UniPacific16> So how you going with those chars you're planning
[07:21] <Summer June> already wrote a history, though they aint on the studio
[07:24] <UniPacific16> What are their god parents 
[07:27] <Summer June> posted dude
[07:27] <Summer June> actually, the god parents are the things missing
[07:28] <Summer June> stupid, right?
[07:28] <UniPacific16> So what you've wrote is a generic history 
[07:29] <Summer June> yup
[07:29] <RPKingNin> What's going on 
[07:29] <UniPacific16> Hey nin o/ 
[07:29] <RPKingNin> o/ 
[07:29] <RPKingNin> Hey cuzzo 
[07:29] <RPKingNin> MOMMY (nom2) 
[07:30] <UniPacific16> 5:30pm and I feel like I'm going to fall alseep
[07:30] <Summer June> ninny dear (squeeze) 
[07:30] <Summer June> jemmy help me with the god parents
[07:30] <Summer June> ;-;
[07:31] <RPKingNin> Like three in the AM here so gn
[07:31] <UniPacific16> Mind if I pick a god parent for one of those chars summer
[07:31] <Summer June> i need help, right?
[07:31] <UniPacific16> So are get both camp or one bc and one camp
[07:32] <Summer June> one bc one camp
[07:32] <Summer June> guy is bc
[07:33] <UniPacific16> How about Koios for dude and Aphrodite for girl
[07:33] <Summer June> i hateeee aphrodite
[07:33] <Summer June> so its a big no
[09:03] <CupcakeParis> (angry) 
[09:04] <UniPacific16> Hey cupcake
[09:04] <CupcakeParis> (squeeze) 
[09:04] <UniPacific16> Hey summer
[09:03] <CupcakeParis> JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:03] <CupcakeParis> (angry) 
[09:04] <UniPacific16> Hey cupcake
[09:04] <CupcakeParis> (squeeze) 
[09:04] <UniPacific16> Hey summer
[09:04] <CupcakeParis> u not replying yet
[09:04] <CupcakeParis> HAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[09:04] <UniPacific16> For which one
[09:32] <UniPacific16> Cupcake you posted on the RP forum 
[09:32] <UniPacific16> Cupcake you posted on the RP forum 
[09:35] <CupcakeParis> o_o
[09:35] <CupcakeParis> not yet..........
[09:35] <CupcakeParis> w8
[09:35] <UniPacific16> POST ON YOUR CHAR
[09:36] <CupcakeParis> kk
[09:37] <UniPacific16> Summer did you use my idea
[09:39] <UniPacific16> The original Koios powers were heaps cool 
[09:40] <UniPacific16> magnetic powers now just telepathy powers 
[09:40] <CupcakeParis> .....
[09:43] <UniPacific16> Cupcake you posted yet
[09:44] <CupcakeParis> not yetttt
[09:44] <CupcakeParis> just w8
[09:47] <UniPacific16> Cupcake do you know if summer has pings
[09:47] <Summer June> test
[09:47] <Summer June> and yes jemmy i do have
[09:47] <Summer June> its my turn to post
[09:48] <UniPacific16> I'm so going to find what it is
[09:48] <UniPacific16> You using Limos summer
[09:48] <Summer June> what is which?
[09:48] <UniPacific16> Koios for BC, Limos for camp
[09:50] <UniPacific16> Can I have a look at what you've wrote
[09:51] <Summer June> nooo
[09:51] <UniPacific16> I suggested God parents so how about just the first bit of both
[09:51] <Summer June> i was thinking of eos and iris actually
[09:52] <Summer June> first time i saw the models
[09:52] <Summer June> just not sure
[09:52] <Summer June> cuz they have connections
[09:52] <Summer June> char and gods
[10:32] <CupcakeParis> daww
[10:32] <CupcakeParis> hi haise! (squeeze) 
[10:35] <UniPacific16> Pokemon go doesn't work for me and I'm pissed cause of it
[10:39] <Eternal Sterek> it's only available in australia haha
[10:39] <Eternal Sterek> so i borrowed my friend's australian apple id
[10:40] <UniPacific16> I'm Aussie and I still can't bloody get it
[10:40] <UniPacific16> I hope you don't have to have a back camera to use it
[10:44] <Eternal Sterek> ohhhh
[10:44] <Eternal Sterek> do you know why you can't get it tho?
[10:45] <UniPacific16> I can but once I open it the screen stays gray for ages
[10:47] <UniPacific16> If I can get it to work tomorrow I'm going to bloody murder Nintendo 
[10:48] <UniPacific16> *cant
[10:52] <Eternal Sterek> ohhhhh
[11:00] <UniPacific16> Yo summer can I ask for your advice on the quest I'm planning
[11:18] <Weirdo Guy> Hi
[01:34] <Summer June> yo guys o/ 
[01:39] <CupcakeParis> HASIE
[01:39] <CupcakeParis> *HAISE
[01:41] <CupcakeParis> how dare she
[01:45] <CupcakeParis> HAISE
[01:45] <CupcakeParis> DID u post yet?
[01:45] <Summer June> on where?
[01:45] <CupcakeParis> the rp with james?
[01:45] <Summer June> oh
[01:45] <Summer June> wait
[01:48] <Broken fire> @summer haiii (wave) sorry net problems 
[01:48] <Broken fire> @cupcake posted on both characters. sorry late reply. :(
[01:48] <Summer June> yo broken!
[01:49] <CupcakeParis> both char...?
[01:49] <CupcakeParis> ah ok
[01:49] <Summer June> dont worry
[01:49] <Summer June> net sucks here too
[01:49] <Summer June> (y) 
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