[02:15] <EmeraldStag> not particularly why?
[02:15] <YorkieWolf> pm
[02:16] <EmeraldStag> ok
[02:16] <A Son of Hades> *is not sure why york is pinging everyone in chat that isn't me, black gold, and corey
[02:16] <A Son of Hades> *
[02:17] <Toxyca> ¿Que?
[02:18] <Undead Sparkz> wat
[02:18] <YorkieWolf> nothing nvm
[02:19] <A Son of Hades> got to love how he seemed like he had a public service announcement
[02:19] <A Son of Hades> or breaking news
[02:20] <EmeraldStag> just needed help with claim stuff
[02:20] <YorkieWolf> ^
[02:20] <EmeraldStag> making sure something was working
[02:20] <EmeraldStag> and i came Justin De'nico Time to help 
[02:22] <Toxyca> somebody give me graphics advice
[02:24] <YorkieWolf> SHEEEEEEPPPPYYYYYY &lt;3 
[02:24] <A Son of Hades> *yawn*
[02:24] <A Son of Hades> york
[02:24] <A Son of Hades> I got my first pitching start today
[02:24] <YorkieWolf> m?
[02:24] <A Son of Hades> of the season
[02:24] <YorkieWolf> oh nice
[02:24] <A Son of Hades> cause we needed an emergency starter
[02:25] <A Son of Hades> and apparently I was the emergency starter
[02:25] <A Son of Hades> so yeah
[02:25] <A Son of Hades> I went five innings gave up 6 hits 2 walks 0 runs 7 strikeouts
[02:26] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> grins 
[02:26] <YorkieWolf> sweet
[02:26] <A Son of Hades> <span class="me-username">* <span>A Son of Hades</span></span> is wondering whether he should ignore nin
[02:28] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> uses force to take off at mach 5 he throws up an aura shield and collides with it shattering all the glass in a 20 mile radius 
[02:29] <RPKingNin> Just stepped off the mat after a burn out and I am feeling pumped 
[02:29] <A Son of Hades> maybe you need to go run a few miles
[02:29] <A Son of Hades> put all that energy to use
[02:29] <RPKingNin> I feel like I could run 1,000 miles 
[02:29] <A Son of Hades> then go do i
[02:29] <A Son of Hades> it
[02:30] <RPKingNin> Naw it is too dark and mom has confined me to the room for being to hyperactive
[02:30] <A Son of Hades> lol
[02:30] <A Son of Hades> why am I not surprised
[02:30] <A Son of Hades> *is sitting in his windbreaker*
[02:30] <A Son of Hades> *waiting for game to end so he can go home*
[02:31] <RPKingNin> Because I act irl how I act online 
[02:31] <RPKingNin> minus the powers 
[02:33] <A Son of Hades> I guessed that
[02:33] <A Son of Hades> *is about to be attended to by three young ladies one of which is my significant other*
[02:33] <A Son of Hades> *and another one is my cousin*
[02:36] <Legopanama> Oh wat..
[02:36] <Legopanama> Corey does this place?
[02:36] <Legopanama> :O
[02:36] <Legopanama> I didn't know that..
[02:36] <Legopanama> Wassup Cörey?
[02:36] <Cörey> Hey
[02:37] <Legopanama> PM?
[02:38] <Undead Sparkz> corey
[02:38] <Undead Sparkz> I demand
[02:38] <Undead Sparkz> a ship refund >:c
[02:40] <RPKingNin> Hello Legopanama o/ 
[02:40] <RPKingNin> Can I just call you Lego you can call me Nin
[02:40] <YorkieWolf> hey lego o/ 
[02:40] <RPKingNin> Corey!!! o/ 
[02:41] <RPKingNin> Corey I want to call you cog. Can I call you cog?
[02:47] <Cörey> sure :3
[02:47] <Cörey> NO UNDEAD
[02:47] <Cörey> god damn
[02:48] <Toxyca> CC :D
[02:50] <Toxyca> o/ 
[02:52] <YorkieWolf> SHEEEEEEEPPYY &lt;3 
[02:55] <Legopanama> o/ 
[02:58] <A Son of Hades> lol
[02:59] <A Son of Hades> so we got two tech guys now?
[02:59] <A Son of Hades> this should be fun
[02:59] <A Son of Hades> :D
[02:59] <A Son of Hades> 
[02:59] <RPKingNin> Who is the other one 
[02:59] <Cörey> Two?
[02:59] <RPKingNin> ^
[02:59] <YorkieWolf> corey is more of a member and of higher ranking
[03:00] <YorkieWolf> lego goes around helping wit code
[03:00] <A Son of Hades> york
[08:36] <JustChase> LMFAO 
[08:36] <JustChase> iomgs no 
[08:36] <JustChase> Why
[08:36] <JustChase> Posted @Manoli
[08:36] <JustChase> Brb 
[08:41] <JustChase> Nat, question 
[08:41] <JustChase> Did she stop her tirade when she noticed the meds? XD
[08:41] <JustChase> I'm lost asf ngl
[08:41] <JustChase> If you answer thy I can post 
[08:42] <JustChase> Then*
[08:43] <YorkieWolf> posted and im sorry
[08:44] <JustChase> Oh wait Nat left and why are you sorry? 
[08:44] <JustChase> And oh no o.o
[08:45] <YorkieWolf> thats why im sorry
[08:45] <YorkieWolf> i apologize for cedric
[08:45] <JustChase> No, it was perfect 
[08:45] <JustChase> XD
[08:54] <JustChase> Posted @Manoli 
[08:55] <JustChase> Okay, so I just had a customer call me buddy e.e
[08:55] <JustChase> I am not a chiiiild 
[08:55] <JustChase> >.< 
[08:56] <YorkieWolf> buddy means guy tho
[08:56] <YorkieWolf> and buddy
[08:56] <JustChase> Ik 
[08:56] <YorkieWolf> most guys get called buddy btw
[08:56] <JustChase> Ik 
[08:56] <YorkieWolf> not just kids
[08:56] <JustChase> But the way he said it 
[08:56] <JustChase> Was like I was child >.< 
[08:57] <JustChase> Was a*
[08:57] <JustChase> It was like a really soft tone that you'd talk to a child in 
[09:01] <JustChase> Ninny King of Plebs & Rps 
[09:01] <JustChase> (SQUEEZE) 
[09:05] <EvilhariboMadness> FINNY (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) 
[09:05] <YorkieWolf> BROCKY (SQUEEZE) 
[09:06] <MetroMara> i'm gon go to sleep and dream of getting tickets to eurovision in concert
[09:06] <Brocky292> JACKY (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) (squeeze) 
[09:06] <Brocky292> MANOLO (Squeeze) 
[09:06] <YorkieWolf> aigh night lilly! o/ 
[09:06] <YorkieWolf> *aight
[09:06] <MetroMara> bc it means i would get to skip english booster tomorrow to get my dad a passport
[09:06] <MetroMara> he'd have to drive me ^.^
[09:06] <JustChase> BROCKY (SQUEEZE) 
[09:07] <Brocky292> CHASE (Squeee)
[09:07] <Brocky292> (squeeze) 
[09:09] <YorkieWolf> SUITTTT
[09:09] <Mr.Suit> York N Shire
[09:10] <Mr.Suit> ;-; today is so depressingtbh
[09:10] <YorkieWolf> wai
[09:10] <JustChase> I think my hat's giving me a headache >.< 
[09:11] <Mr.Suit> My grams just got fired so like
[09:11] <YorkieWolf> ;-;
[09:11] <Mr.Suit> She is like crying
[09:12] <Mr.Suit> and like idk how my finical scenario is looking
[09:12] <YorkieWolf> why was she fired???
[09:12] <YorkieWolf> if its for age thats descrimination so you know and you can sue
[09:12] <Mr.Suit> She works with Children,and failed a drug test bc she took one of my moms headache pills
[09:13] <Mr.Suit> since it was not prescribed 
[09:13] <JustChase> Whoa bruh
[09:13] <YorkieWolf> damn
[09:13] <JustChase> I'm sorry love 
[09:13] <JustChase> ;-; 
[09:13] <YorkieWolf> thats fuck ed up
[09:13] <JustChase> ^
[09:13] <Mr.Suit> Yeah she has worked here for like a day or two
[09:13] <Mr.Suit> she quit her job and everything
[09:14] <Mr.Suit> her old one
[09:14] <YorkieWolf> wtf
[09:14] <YorkieWolf> can she get her old one back???
[09:14] <JustChase> ^^^
[09:14] <JustChase> ASHIRA (SQUEEZE(
[09:14] <YorkieWolf> *tackles yukakun*
[09:14] <Mr.Suit> She didnt do a two weeks notice and her boss was not a fan
[09:14] <JustChase> (SQUEEZE) *
[09:14] <Yukaronachan> -giggles- Hey guys. And Idk the entire story but my apologies Suit ;-;
[09:15] <JustChase> Hey guys reccomend me songs ;-; 
[09:15] <JustChase> I have 2 hours worth of msuics 
[09:15] <JustChase> Music*
[09:15] <JustChase> And I need 6 >.< 
[09:15] <Yukaronachan> Sorry Sylph I fell back into the habit of only listening to vocaloids ><
[09:15] <JustChase> It's fine xD
[09:16] <JustChase> I'll add a vocolaoid song to the mix 
[09:16] <JustChase> Vocaloid*
[09:16] <JustChase> Just be friends is perfect ^^
[09:17] <JustChase> And Solie
[09:17] <YorkieWolf> chase
[09:17] <YorkieWolf> shoulda said so
[09:18] <YorkieWolf> ill pm u more
[09:19] <UniPacific16> Nin your turn to post
[09:19] <JustChase> Danke @Manoli
[09:19] <JustChase> >.<
[09:20] <JustChase> There's too many things I'd have to say~
[09:20] <JustChase> I could of been better and stronger~
[09:20] <JustChase> ;-; I'm done with this song >.<
[09:20] <JustChase> <span class="me-username">* <span>JustChase</span></span> burns all copies of the album it's on*
[09:21] <Mr.Suit> York N Shire can you pm me I need your advice ;-;
[09:21] <YorkieWolf> ye
[09:21] <JustChase> Brocky, sorry for the ping, but do you have any good song recommendations? >.<
[09:22] <Brocky292> nah
[09:23] <JustChase> XD
[09:24] <JustChase> I just delted all the songs, that's I don't like, from this playlist 
[09:24] <JustChase> And I only have the songs Manoli shared with me >.<
[09:24] <JustChase> Manoli 
[09:24] <JustChase> Manoli
[09:24] <JustChase> Guess what 
[09:25] <YorkieWolf> m
[09:25] <YorkieWolf> wat
[09:25] <JustChase> I went through an 'I hate music' phase for a half a year, because I hate trapy music.
[09:26] <YorkieWolf> lawl
[09:26] <JustChase> I was like 15 xD
[09:26] <JustChase> That was the same time I was a vegetarian 
[09:27] <JustChase> I also didn't eat my piece of bacon until I was 18
[09:27] <Mr.Suit> York N Shire
[09:27] <YorkieWolf> yesh
[09:28] <Mr.Suit> would you consider being a dishwasher a step up from pizza?
[09:28] <YorkieWolf> no
[09:28] <JustChase> Eat my first*
[09:29] <JustChase> Bacon is nasty >.<
[09:29] <JustChase> So greasy too 
[09:31] <JustChase> English toffee or vanilla
[09:35] <Mr.Suit> Well like
[09:35] <Mr.Suit> Im a high school student what else is there o=o
[09:36] <JustChase> Man I can't listen to C-Clown 
[09:36] <JustChase> Without wanting to be upset 
[09:36] <JustChase> ;-; 
[09:55] <YorkieWolf> OMG
[09:55] <YorkieWolf> WTH
[09:56] <JustChase> I didn't leave 
[09:56] <JustChase> I got up to 
[09:56] <JustChase> 2pm's a.d.t.o.y
[09:56] <JustChase> XD
[09:57] <YorkieWolf> oh 
[09:57] <YorkieWolf> do you need anymore?
[09:58] <JustChase> If you have more, then yes xD
[09:58] <YorkieWolf> oh shit
[09:58] <YorkieWolf> these are songs i like sooooo
[09:59] <JustChase> Okay have at it ^^
[09:59] <YorkieWolf> imma say em
[09:59] <JustChase> My taste has changed recently xD
[10:00] <JustChase> Is it weird every time the song Feel So Good comes on I wanna scream? XD
[10:00] <JustChase> FUCK 
[10:00] <JustChase> I can see myself fainting in front of them 
[10:00] <JustChase> O.O
[10:04] <YorkieWolf> chat just froze
[10:04] <YorkieWolf> imma reload
[10:04] <YorkieWolf> did you get to fire fromMadClown
[10:05] <YorkieWolf> Chase
[10:07] <YorkieWolf> fak
[10:08] <JustChase> I did 
[10:08] <JustChase> Sorry I was with a customer xD
[10:10] <YorkieWolf> what is the last one
[10:10] <RPKingNin> Hello hunter o/ 
[10:10] <YorkieWolf> hey hunter o/ 
[10:11] <Wolf, the Hunter> Been some time since people called me that :P
[10:11] <Wolf, the Hunter> But hey
[10:12] <RPKingNin> Would you prefer wolf or is that just nostalgia 
[10:12] <Wolf, the Hunter> Well, people never really called me Hunter
[10:12] <Wolf, the Hunter> It was always Blood or Wolf
[10:12] <RPKingNin> Can I use hunter ?
[10:12] <Wolf, the Hunter> Sure, sure
[10:12] <Wolf, the Hunter> I don't really mind
[10:13] <DaichiAoi> you're old username was bloodwolfhunter or smth like that, right?
[10:13] <Wolf, the Hunter> BlackWolfOfBlood
[10:13] <DaichiAoi> ah okay
[10:13] <Wolf, the Hunter> Or with spaces or something
[10:13] <Wolf, the Hunter> That was back when I was admin :P
[10:13] <Wolf, the Hunter> Blood makes me kinda nostalgic for those days ;) 
[10:14] <DaichiAoi> hi i was FallenBlackAngel i'm not sure if you remember me but i wouldn't want to remember me either lmao
[10:14] <Toxyca> Wolf :o o/ 
[10:14] <DaichiAoi> i was sooo cringe-y it hurt
[10:14] <Toxyca> owait
[10:14] <Wolf, the Hunter> I remember :) Not well, but slightly 
[10:14] <Toxyca> yeah
[10:14] <Toxyca> we called you hunter
[10:14] <Toxyca> Hunter o/ 
[10:14] <Toxyca> Nyxil may or may not ring a bell
[10:14] <Wolf, the Hunter> Nah, you mostly called me Wolf or Blood :P
[10:14] <Wolf, the Hunter> Nyxil does ring a bell
[10:14] <Toxyca> oh xD
[10:14] <Toxyca> (panda) 
[10:15] <RPKingNin> Thankfully everyone has forgotten my od username 
[10:15] <Toxyca> including you
[10:15] <DaichiAoi> i haven't
[10:15] <DaichiAoi> lmAO
[10:15] <RPKingNin> o.o
[10:15] <Wolf, the Hunter> People never really forgot Blood, seeing as I had that username when I was admin in Rules....
[10:15] <RPKingNin> Daichi what was my username 
[10:16] <RPKingNin> I secretly wanted to remember
[10:16] <YorkieWolf> it was like
[10:16] <Toxyca> jeez, Wolf, i don't think I've seen you here in
[10:16] <Toxyca> what
[10:16] <Toxyca> two years?
[10:16] <YorkieWolf> Knainffere blah blah nin
[10:17] <Wolf, the Hunter> I've been by a few times, but yeah, I stopped
[10:17] <JustChase> It's Lopezsylvia45 @Hunter ^^
[10:17] <DaichiAoi> Khaelun "Nin" Noel
[10:17] <Wolf, the Hunter> I had a falling out with Bloom and Bach
[10:17] <Toxyca> ^^
[10:17] <Toxyca> aw, that's a shame
[10:17] <RPKingNin> e.e
[10:17] <DaichiAoi> ;^)
[10:17] <Wolf, the Hunter> Well, Bloom and I never really got on well after... Well, after all that happened.
[10:18] <Wolf, the Hunter> And apparently Bach got tired of me, or something, which I took personal when she didn't tell me, but told other people....
[10:18] <Toxyca> aw ;-;
[10:18] <JustChase> I've always been cringy 
[10:18] <JustChase> Also omgs ;-;
[10:18] <JustChase> That's sad
[10:19] <JustChase> MUSSY MEH TWIN (SQUEEZE) 
[10:19] <Wolf, the Hunter> I didn't really have the time anyway
[10:19] <DaichiAoi> i just cringed so hard dad no
[10:19] <~The Musician~> LOPEZ MEH TWIN (th) 
[10:19] <JustChase> What did your dad do? @Dak
[10:19] <Wolf, the Hunter> And then when I came back to say hello, I found out that most of the old guard had left :P
[10:19] <Toxyca> yeah, we're pretty much under new administration
[10:19] <JustChase> ^
[10:20] <Wolf, the Hunter> Flame, Bach, King, all the old ones....
[10:20] <JustChase> I never talked to Bach more then one time 
[10:20] <Toxyca> most everybody from the olden times of 2011 have gone
[10:20] <JustChase> But she seemed really cool 
[10:20] <DaichiAoi> yeah a lot have left
[10:20] <Wolf, the Hunter> Of course, Ghost makes sense... I remember being part of throwing him out...
[10:20] <JustChase> Tbh I miss her and I have no idea why 
[10:21] <DaichiAoi> omg from what i've seen, ghost sounded rude, no offense or anything
[10:21] <Wolf, the Hunter> Ghost wasn't just rude kiddo.
[10:21] <Wolf, the Hunter> Ghost was a menace
[10:21] <RPKingNin> From what I have heard ghost was a fighter 
[10:21] <Wolf, the Hunter> There was a reason we banned him.
[10:21] <DaichiAoi> ghost had a really bad temper too
[10:21] <Wolf, the Hunter> There were actually multiple reasons that we banned him
[10:21] <DaichiAoi> he always scared me
[10:21] <RPKingNin> I want to fight hhim 
[10:21] <RPKingNin> him
[10:21] <Toxyca> Nin
[10:21] <Toxyca> you want to fight everyone
[10:21] <RPKingNin> Yea
[10:22] <Wolf, the Hunter> Heh... People used to say kinda similar things about me....
[10:22] <Wolf, the Hunter> Back when I was in Rules
[10:22] <RPKingNin> I fail to see your poin 
[10:22] <RPKingNin> point
[10:22] <Wolf, the Hunter> Except for the temper :P
[10:22] <DaichiAoi> i was intimidated by you, but not scared
[10:22] <Wolf, the Hunter> Well, also kind of the temper
[10:22] <RPKingNin> Hunter do you rp fight 
[10:22] <JustChase> One way to cover up tripping on your feet in front of a customer: Pick up your hot cocoa and sip it. XD
[10:22] <JustChase> Dude, I didn't know ghost 
[10:22] <Toxyca> *is intimidated by almost everyone, despite through some off twist of fate being potentially the wiki-oldest user still active*
[10:22] <JustChase> But he was an ads 
[10:22] <JustChase> Ass*
[10:23] <YorkieWolf> from the ban log and all the other stuff i saw involving ghost, it was like power hunger as well as some dictatorship involved
[10:23] <Wolf, the Hunter> Well... Ghost was a bureaucrat back in the day
[10:23] <JustChase> Tbh I was actually here a year before I actually joined, but ghost scared me off
[10:23] <Wolf, the Hunter> He was part of the team who started the wiki
[10:23] <Toxyca> Harle o/ 
[10:23] <Wolf, the Hunter> But... Well, a lot of stuff happened. 
[10:24] <Theharlequin> Hey Toxy
[10:24] <RPKingNin> Was he any good at fight rp'
[10:24] <JustChase> I didn't understand the claiming process so I asked some questions >.<
[10:24] <Wolf, the Hunter> Hey Harle
[10:24] <Wolf, the Hunter> Eh
[10:24] <JustChase> Man he was rude 
[10:24] <Theharlequin> Hey Wolf
[10:24] <Wolf, the Hunter> He was... He was alright at RP'ing
[10:24] <Wolf, the Hunter> Not amazing in any way, but alright
[10:24] <RPKingNin> Are you any good at fight rp
[10:24] <Wolf, the Hunter> Me? 
[10:24] <RPKingNin> Yes
[10:24] <Wolf, the Hunter> It's been a couple of years since I really RP'ed.
[10:25] <Toxyca> sorry for Nin here, he's obsessed with fightsies o.e
[10:25] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> walks off to find his dragon perry mumbling about only wanting a fight 
[10:25] <Wolf, the Hunter> I used to have a few of the most powerful characters in existence :P 
[10:25] <JustChase> I started in 2013 btw
[10:25] <RPKingNin> <span class="me-username">* <span>RPKingNin</span></span> stops walking and his ears perk up. 
[10:25] <Toxyca> oo, ^same
[10:25] <Toxyca> I'm interested now
[10:25] <DaichiAoi> some people are power hungry
[10:25] <DaichiAoi> some are fight hungry
[10:26] <JustChase> Dude why not have Perry & Chip fight? @Ninny
[10:26] <DaichiAoi> *coughnincough*
[10:26] <JustChase> ^^
[10:26] <RPKingNin> some of the most powerful you say 
[10:26] <JustChase> lmfao xD
[10:26] <Wolf, the Hunter> Like a couple of Cabin Leaders and a BC lieutenant or two.
[10:26] <JustChase> Clay 
[10:26] <DaichiAoi> chase
[10:26] <JustChase> The loof is on fire 
[10:26] <JustChase> XD
[10:26] <Wolf, the Hunter> Although, of course it varied from time to time.
[10:26] <RPKingNin> Look I am not fight hungry. I am an adrenaline junky and fights have always got my heart pumping 
[10:26] <Toxyca> when Flame left, the undisputed most powerful character left too
[10:27] <RPKingNin> Even heights are boring now
[10:27] <Toxyca> and all the BC leaders and cabin heads are pansies
[10:27] <Toxyca> tbh
[10:27] <DaichiAoi> the carousel is on fire?
[10:27] <DaichiAoi> @chase
[10:27] <JustChase> Yes xD
[10:27] <Wolf, the Hunter> ... Flame did not just hold the most powerful character... He was amazing at RP
[10:27] <JustChase> @Clay
[10:27] <Toxyca> I'm very aware xD
[10:27] <JustChase> Also, are you writing? :o
[10:27] <DaichiAoi> moi/
[10:27] <RPKingNin> What was his entire user name
[10:27] <DaichiAoi> moi?*
[10:27] <RPKingNin> I want to find him 
[10:27] <Wolf, the Hunter> And the cabin leaders haven't always been weak...
[10:27] <Toxyca> Lilith was powerful by default, but even his normal characters were badasses
[10:27] <Wolf, the Hunter> I don't know if they are now
[10:28] <Toxyca> just because he was such a good rp'er
[10:28] <Wolf, the Hunter> But Hunter used to be quite... Interesting at least
[10:28] <RPKingNin> Then I will rp against hi 
[10:28] <RPKingNin> him*
[10:28] <JustChase> Yes, you @Clay ^^
[10:28] <RPKingNin> What was his whole user name 
[10:28] <Toxyca> who? Flame?
[10:28] <RPKingNin> Yes
[10:28] <Toxyca> FlameFang
[10:28] <JustChase> Dude I miss flame 
[10:28] <JustChase> >.< 
[10:28] <DaichiAoi> history
[10:28] <RPKingNin> Alright hold on i'll be back 
[10:28] <JustChase> Same with Naruto and the others 
[10:28] <Toxyca> once upon a time, i got in a debate with Flame
[10:28] <Toxyca> like I tend to do with peple
[10:28] <JustChase> And Unu
[10:28] <JustChase> ;:; 
[10:28] <YorkieWolf> ROMA STEALER LE EVAY *run around*
[10:29] <JustChase> ;-;
[10:29] <YorkieWolf> *runs
[10:29] <Toxyca> and he actually won the debate and convinced me to change my mind
[10:29] <Wolf, the Hunter> I used to have fun having debates with Flame 
[10:29] <Toxyca> it was incredible
[10:29] <GypsyThief> WALLY THE FRIENDLY NEWB *dies*
[10:29] <JustChase> Ahhh @Clay
[10:29] <JustChase> GYPS (SQUEEZE) Hiiii
[10:29] <Toxyca> Gyps o/ 
[10:29] <Wolf, the Hunter> Hey Gyps 
[10:29] <GypsyThief> CHASE hiiii (squeeze) 
[10:29] <YorkieWolf> gyps turned into firefox
[10:29] <GypsyThief> omg hi blood
[10:30] <GypsyThief> lol wally
[10:30] <JustChase> XD
[10:30] <JustChase> Hey why don't you give her all your hearts @Manoli 
[10:30] <Wolf, the Hunter> Yeah, it's been a while, hasn't it Gyps? ;) 
[10:31] <GypsyThief> oui its been ages
[10:31] <Wolf, the Hunter> Quite
[10:31] <JustChase> Hey, are you staying? @Hunter
[10:31] <Wolf, the Hunter> Most likely not
[10:31] <Toxyca> (sad2) 
[10:32] <JustChase> (Sad2) 
[10:32] <YorkieWolf> chase pm
[10:33] <JustChase> Otay 
[10:33] <JustChase> ^^
[10:33] <Wolf, the Hunter> I'm quite unable to sit on my hands, which means I mostly end up having way too many different positions with varying amounts of responsibility and as such, I end up working... 70 hours a week, including Uni, on a slow week
[10:33] <Toxyca> wow
[10:33] <Toxyca> well at least you're keeping yourself busy xD
[10:33] <GypsyThief> ew work
[10:34] <JustChase> I'm at work rn @Gyps ;-; 
[10:34] <Wolf, the Hunter> Yeah, I know of your adverseness to work Gyps :P 
[10:34] <JustChase> Dude 
[10:34] <JustChase> Rp with me @Gyps >.< 
[10:35] <JustChase> I just killed chat ^^
[10:35] <YorkieWolf> awww fish things just got serius
[10:35] <GypsyThief> another time? im kinda busy
[10:35] <JustChase> Okay xD
[10:35] <JustChase> I'll hold you up to it this time ^^
[10:35] <JustChase> Did you post? @Manoli
[10:35] <JustChase> I kind of want Orian to get hurt lol
[10:35] <JustChase> Did I send that? Oops 
[10:35] <JustChase> XD
[10:37] <JustChase> Ugh I love Nu'est Face 
[10:37] <JustChase> Aim talking to air again ^^ 
[10:37] <JustChase> I'm*
[10:37] <Wolf, the Hunter> Although, I must admit it has been a while since I last RP'ed...
[10:37] <YorkieWolf> i didnt notice u posteddd
[10:37] <Wolf, the Hunter> Which seems kind of a shame....
[10:37] <JustChase> I told you I did xD @Manoli
[10:37] <JustChase> Why don't you to with someone while you're here? @Hunter
[10:38] <Wolf, the Hunter> I believe my characters have been passed on or deleted :P
[10:38] <Wolf, the Hunter> It's been two years
[10:38] <GypsyThief> all my charries except mallie are deleted
[10:38] <Toxyca> we can recover them
[10:38] <JustChase> ^
[10:38] <GypsyThief> i don't want mine back tbh
[10:39] <JustChase> I have 22 characters, but I plan on having 25 before the end of the year. XD
[10:39] <JustChase> Dude I have characters I want to delete
[10:39] <JustChase> But some people tell me they won't talk to me if I delete them 
[10:40] <GypsyThief> my old charries are ew
[10:40] <YorkieWolf> posted chase
[10:40] <YorkieWolf> XD
[10:40] <Wolf, the Hunter> Yeah, I wouldn't want most of my old characters back...
[10:40] <Wolf, the Hunter> Although...
[10:40] <Wolf, the Hunter> Hunter was nice
[10:41] <YorkieWolf> i can bring back hunter if you want
[10:41] <YorkieWolf> and put you as an inactive user
[10:41] <Wolf, the Hunter> Nh
[10:41] <Wolf, the Hunter> *Nah
[10:42] <Wolf, the Hunter> Hunter isn't the type to... Accept other Counsellors
[10:42] <Wolf, the Hunter> It would be... Shall we say, messy?
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