[11:34] <UniPacific16> Summer I've got two things to go over with you
[11:34] <Summer June> yes?
[11:34] <UniPacific16> one is the quest another is something I thought of for Carlton
[11:35] <UniPacific16> I changed the Titans bring back Kronos to taking over the Anemoi palaces and capturing them
[11:36] <UniPacific16> And I'm not in the mood to explain the Carlton idea so check my think box
[11:38] <UniPacific16> Is both ideas good
[11:39] <Summer June> titans are back then?
[12:12] <UniPacific16> They always were but Koios, Krios and Hyperion are trying to get back their positions of controllers of the corners of the world
[12:13] <UniPacific16> Oh and have you seen the idea I had for Carlton that could also lead onto Izana
[12:14] <Summer June> yup
[12:14] <Summer June> cool
[12:14] <Summer June> then?
[12:14] <UniPacific16> Then for which one
[12:16] <Summer June> the one for carlton
[12:16] <Summer June> test
[12:19] <UniPacific16> Cause I went with the 4 dogs being a pet of a distant relative, something like that could happen with Izana
[12:20] <UniPacific16> BC chars are allowed to have pets right
[12:32] <District3> yoooooo
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