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When discussions or debates take place, often the outcome might be holding a vote. Votes take place for a variety of reasons. When a vote is taking place, users will vote for one of the options. If the user chooses, he/she can give a reason why he/she votes for one. Some voting will be open to users level five and up, some only for rollbacks or higher. However, all users are entitled to adding their opinions under comments, even if they can't vote. Just because the vote may not count, doesn't mean your opinion shouldn't be heard or taken into consideration.


  • One vote per person. No voting more than once. Using sock-puppetry (a second account) to get an extra vote automatically results in a block, as per the Blocking policies
  • Users should vote by signing under one of the voting options at hand, to sign, you use four tildes (~~~~). Most votes should have a comment section if you would like to do more than just vote, but add in your opinion as well, but please keep your opinion in a respectful tone. Just because you don't like or agree with something is not a reason to be a jerk about it
  • The administrator who opens a vote will close it, as long as the appropriate time has passed and the appropriate number of users have voted and there is a large enough gap between the sides.


Level 5 and up votes

To close a vote that level 5's and up may vote for, the vote must have a minimum of 12 users voting, and have a gap of at least 3. So say there were 12 for and 0 against, that could be closed, but if there were say 5 for and 7 against, that is not a large enough gap to pass yet.

Rollbacks and up votes

Anything that requires only rollbacks, Admins or Crats to vote, in order to pass one of the sides should have majority of the Admin Team voting. So, let's say there are 15 users on the Admin Team, so far 2 have voted against and 3 have voted for, there are still 10 users that haven't voted so that can't pass yet. Now say 10 have voted against and 2 voted for, and only 3 haven't voted yet, at this point, it wouldn't matter what side they voted for because it is clear that the 'against' side will pass.

Relevant Votes

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