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A Message About Our Wiki
Our Wiki's Stats: 1,794,781 edits, 8,075 main articles and 40 active users

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a demigod? Does your idea of a perfect summer involve riding pegasi, duelling with magical weaponry and embarking on dangerous quests? Well this is the perfect chance! Visit Camp Half-Blood, still standing after Kronos and his army were finally vanquished and Percy and his friends went their separate ways. Our constantly active administration team provides a variety of different activities to take part in, such as quests to retrieve unique items or stop evil schemes, an abundance of roleplay locations such as the forest and the beach and much more! Along with a large variety of new cabins now in camp, you can take up arms against the gods, joining the Broken Covenant and its factions to liberate yourself from the will of the gods; the Broken Covenant resides in the Sanctuary, the restored ruins of a great mountain upon the heavens, with an origin unknown...

To get started, please visit our guide, consisting of a few short steps to help you fit right in. Consult a member of our administration team if you have still have any questions or need any help, we're always here to help.

Need someone to roleplay with? Why, come sign up on the RP Buddy page!

You never know what adventures lie next in Camp Half-Blood...
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Becoming A Member of Our Wiki
Full Getting Started Guide: Guide To Edit this template go here.
Are you new here? Just starting out? Here is a brief overview of how to get started, for the full length guide, go here.
Step 1
You have to have an account to edit here, if you don't have one yet, you may have noticed you can't edit at all, the reason for this is because it is against Wikia's policies for anyone 12 or under to be on this site (if you are 12 or younger you may have noticed you had to lie about your age to join, tsk tsk).
Step 1b

If you haven't made a character yet, you are still an entry level user, and I urge you to try out our Adopt a Newb program we have to help and assist new users through their first few weeks on the wiki.

Step 2

You're new, you're going to make mistakes, it would be unrealistic to think that sitting down and reading every single one of our policies will keep that from happening. I'd suggest at least looking them over (see full policies here), as well as the full Guide. I'd suggest paying the most attention to any policies pertaining to creating characters, as those will be the most relevant to you as you start your journey here.

Step 3

Time to get to work and get a character. You may adopt if there are any up for adoption that users are willing to adopt to you. Beyond that, you're only other choice is to create your own, which requires, being approved through claiming. The only type of characters that do not need to go through this claiming process are Animal Nymphs/Spirits, as they have a cookie cutter history you just copy. You can find them in the animal nymphs/spirits forum. Just find a free spot and sign up.

Step 3b

The claiming process is hardly an instant thing, the users here who help to work to keep this site active and running smoothly are all here on a volunteer basis and do this in our spare time. Please be patient with us, it could take hours or days before your claim is looked at. This is why I urge you to carefully read over all the information in creating characters and policies, because the less mistakes you make in your claim, the quicker it will be approved.

Step 4

Once your character is approved, it is time to create a page for your character and a word bubble, the guide can help a bit here. If you have yet to find an image for your character, now is the time to do need help with that, check out the Model Hunting Agency for assistance.

Step 5

Once you have all that done, you're ready to roleplay. On this wiki we do that either in comments on other character pages and location pages, in the roleplay forum. There's still lots to do, see and lea our wiki, but these are the basics that should at least get you headed in the correct direction. If you have questions feel free to message someone from the our Admin team, or hop in chat to see if anyone on there can assist you.

Have fun, be polite and respectful to other users, follow the rules. :) Cheers!

Cabins/God Parents
More: For a full list of all Character types, go here. Template: Click here to edit

An Overview of Our Policies
Full Policy Page: Policies To Edit this template go here.
Are you new here? Just starting out? Here is a brief overview of our policies to get you started, to see the full page go here. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
"Adopting, an alternative to claiming."

A character may be put up for adoption at any time. To do so, simply go to the Adoption List and edit their name into the list, add the {{Adoption|user name}} template to their page. After that, either fix your section of the User/Character List yourself, or message an Admin for help. It is imperative that when someone adopts your character that you remember to move ownership on the User/Character List, otherwise it will be assumed the character is still yours. If you don't know how to do this, contact an administrator for help. Please do not roleplay them any more once they are up for adoption, otherwise they will still count as taking up one of your character spots. If they hold any titles, they will be stripped of the position. You may put one major character (i.e. demigods) up for adoption every two weeks. As far as minors, as there are no limits to how many you can have, there's no limits on how often you may put them up for adoption, within reason.

"The sources from which our Wiki was created on."

As this Wiki is based on the Percy Jackson books, which themselves were based on Greek Mythology, this wiki follows a basic and simple canon tier. 1. Our Policies 2. PJO Books 3. Greek Myths and 4. Real Life.

"Characters, the tools with which we roleplay."
Characters are an essential part of role playing. They are the very base of everything that happens. But when there are such important things, there must be regulations. On this wiki, as we try to maintain fairness for all users, we have all characters go through a claiming approval process to ensure that they all adhere to our rules and standards, (For users who are Level Three or higher, may make characters for the Broken Covenant). Apart from the individual roleplays that take place here, we work to also run the wiki like one big joint event going on at all times. This of course means that characters must remain balanced, fair and on topic.
"Chat is for everyone, be respectful."
Chat is one of the main forms of communication for our wiki outside of talk pages. In general Chat should be treated with respect to those others in chat. Conversations kept friendly, no bullying, spamming, screaming, crude or rude behaviour, etc. In other words, treat people in chat like you would like to be treated. Enforcing chat rules can be hard, as there are lots of grey areas as to what is acceptable behaviour at times, especially with so many people in so many age groups from so many walks of life. What is funny to one person, might be hurtful or crude to another person, so if a user asks you to change topics because they are uncomfortable, please respect them.
"Making sure the perfect image, is the appropriate image."
In the process of making characters, most users like to find pictures from somewhere around the internet to represent their character. Because doing so is very popular, it is necessary to have a few ground rules for the use of pictures. One important basic rule to always keep in mind, is copyright, there is lots of free use and fair use images out there, but if you find images that have blatant copyright and water marks over the image, you shouldn't use the image. There's also the problem with potentially over recognisable models such as Singers, Actors, Video Game Characters, Anime, Manga, Models, etc. We have a Image Voting Page, where the users of the wiki will vote whether or not they recognise a model in question, this is generally quite controversial still, but we do the best we can to try to be fair to all.
"We are only as strong as our least active user."
Obviously we encourage all our users to remain active, but life doesn't always allow for people to be as active as they would like, it is even more paramount for users in positions of power such as chat-mods, rollbacks, Admins and Crats, as they help lead the wiki. The most important rule of thumb is, when in doubt, either mark your user page and/or let someone from the Admin team know that you will potentially be less active. However, if you are unable to give notice, it is a simple task to un-archive pages or restore deleted pages.
Multiple Accounts
"A rule we take very seriously."

All the accounts a user controls will be treated as the same person. In short, registering another username does not allow someone to create a new identity for themselves: it won't allow a user to circumvent a block or vote more than once. It also won't allow a user to have more characters than they are allowed, that are detailed in the user levels policy. Being caught using a second account on our wiki, that wasn't declared, especially one used to circumvent policies or use in a malicious manner, will be an automatic permanent block from our wiki.

Quests & Missions
"Our longest running activities on the Wiki."

Quests and missions are important features on the wiki. They give us group roleplays and chances to not just develop our own characters, but to advance the overall story line on the wiki and to help build relationships with other characters. Quests are for campers and can either be personal quests based on things from a character's story line or past history, a rescue mission to save someone, a task presented to the character by a god/goddess, or perhaps other options I have yet to think of. They often involve a prophecy, especially if the task was given to them by a god. Missions are for Broken Covenant characters, like campers they can be personal missions based on a character's story line or past, or a rescue mission. However, they cannot be a task by a god, at least without permission from an Admin. They can also be specific tasks given to the character either by their faction leader, or by Heinrich himself, in order to further the plans of the Broken Covenant to war against the gods and all who stand in their way.

"Roleplay do's and don'ts."

Now in general role play can be a lot of fun, but sometimes people may take things a little far, feeling like that because this is a fictional world that has been created, the real world rules of etiquette don't apply any more. This however is far from the case, there is a wide range of ages that participate here, and because of this we try to maintain a pg-13 atmosphere so all users feel welcome and comfortable role playing here. Aside from general rules of etiquette, we also have to have rules in place to keep things fair to all users involved, this involves having policies in place to ensure fair play by avoiding things like meta-gaming, godmodding and being generally OP with roleplay and characters.

User Blogs
"Using blogs respectfully and appropriately."

Blogs are a popular feature on many wikis. Sometimes though, blogs can get out of hand. In general some level of common sense should be used with blogs, they should be appropriate, polite, on topic, they should have a point to them, and so forth. Some good reasons to create a blog might be to talk about a major event in your life like a birthday, or to announce a roleplay idea you'd like help with, or to announce having to go inactive. Bad reasons to make blogs would be things like asking for help with something (we have a Help forum for questions), just to say hi, roleplaying, or worse trying to do a roleplay that has nothing to do with our wiki, such as Pokemon.

User Levels
"Progressing through the levels of our Wiki."
At your first edit here you are considered an "Entry Level" user, once you have your first character either adopted or claimed, you will begin your levelling up journey, which ends at "Level Five", the highest level obtainable by default simply by being active on our wiki. While you are at Entry Level you also have the option of asking to be "adopted" by a Level Five user, with our Adopt a Newb program to help you throughout your levelling up process.
User Sigs
"To sign, or not to sign."

Always remember to sign messages you leave on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~) This lets readers know who said what and makes discussions easier to follow. Signatures are also used for voting on things and in debates and various other things around the wiki, because of this it is important that they are properly coded and remain tasteful and appropriate. It would be better to have a boring signature, than to have one that is coded so poorly that it breaks the coding of everything around where it is used.

"A democratic Wiki."

When discussions or debates take place, often the outcome might be holding a vote. Votes take place for a variety of reasons. When a vote is taking place, users will vote for one of the options. If the user chooses, he/she can give a reason why he/she votes for one. Some voting will be open to users level five and up, some only for rollbacks or higher. However, all users are entitled to adding their opinions under comments, even if they can't vote. Just because the vote may not count, doesn't mean your opinion shouldn't be heard or taken into consideration.

Warnings & Blocking
"The consequences of breaking the rules."
Blocking is the means by which an administrator prevents a user account from editing here on the Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki. Blocks are preventive rather than punitive measures used to prevent damage by dealing with vandalism and enforcing Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki policies. Block durations may vary, depending on the severity and longevity of policies broken. Sufficient written warnings should always be given before resorting to a block, unless the severity of the rule breaks demands coarser action. Over time, depending on the severity of warnings, a user's slate may be considered wiped clean, but only if they go at least 6 months with no further rule breaks.

Past Announcements: Archives Template: Click here to add announcements

January 2018


  1. Happy New Year everyone! Hope your 2018 is off to a great start. There is currently a New Year's party going on. Go and PARTY!
  2. Big Brother is still going strong. To keep up with all of that wonderful drama, go here.


  1. The winner of the Notus contest is TBA with their character TBA
  2. The winner of the Aglaea theme contest is TBA
  3. Ever feel like the god or goddess you loved most deserved a cool cabin? Then head over here to find out how it could be your lucky day!
  4. Do you ever look at history and think, gosh, I want to create a character that was based on this. Then you are in luck! head on over to this page to find out how you can. The theme this month is The Great Depression.
  5. The 2017 Yearbook is up here. Congrats to everyone who won an award!

HelmetgreekOur Administration TeamHelmetgreek
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Zeus percy
  1. Brocky
  2. June
  3. Miggy
Film poseidon
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  2. Frost
  3. Kevin
  4. Music
  5. Omnia
  6. Yorkie
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Rollback Users
Chat Moderators
P Jackson Hades F-453x600
  1. Blue
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  6. Nata
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HelmetgreekOur DepartmentsHelmetgreek
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Claiming Department

Dept Head: June
Department Admins
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  1. Kevin
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Human Resources

Dept Head: Miggy
Department Admins
Department Rollbacks
  1. Yorkie
  2. Open
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  1. Blue
  2. Jaye
  3. Time
  4. Open
Research and Development

Dept Head: Brocky
Department Admins
Department Rollbacks
  1. Evil
  2. Frost
  3. Open
  4. Open
  1. Clay
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Aid and Support
Department Admins
Department Rollbacks
  1. Omnia
  2. Open
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  1. Natalia
  2. Nata
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Chat Moderators
  1. Kane
  2. Open
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In Character Information/Roleplay/Locations

Getting The Most of Your Roleplay Experience
Roleplay Forum To Edit this template go here.
Are you new here? Just starting out? If you've gotten your character claimed, or adopted one, it's time to get in there and start roleplaying. Here's some tips for you to start out with.
"Do you have a page yet?"

Have you made a page for your character yet? You should probably do that before you start roleplaying, find information on how to do that in the Guide, or just go ahead and enter your character's name in the box below and click "create a new character".

"Do you have a word bubble yet?"

Have you made a word bubble for your character yet? You should probably do that before you start roleplaying, find information on how to do that in the Guide, or just go ahead and enter the name you want your word bubble to be called in the box below and click "make a word bubble".

"Need someone to roleplay with?"

A great way to find someone to roleplay with is to jump on in chat and ask around if anyone is bored and wants to roleplay, you could leave messages on people's talk pages as well, but asking in chat ensures they are on and probably a better chance they will be available to roleplay with you. Or maybe just start surfing around random character and location pages and starting a random roleplay, see if anyone responds back.

Live! Chat

"Roleplaying in Comments."

One of the most common places to roleplay around here, is using your word bubble and rp'ing in the comment section of character and location pages. If you want to peruse those see Characters and Locations. Though please remember, because we have camp and the Broken Covenant, you should not roleplay Broken Covenant characters on camp locations, or camp characters on Broken Covenant locations. However, you may roleplay both camp and Broken Covenant Characters on the town locations.

"Roleplaying in Forums more your style?"

Maybe you're a bit old school, or perhaps comments just don't load that well for you, in that case we have a training and regular roleplay forums that you can roleplay in. Feel free to check those out and have fun.

"What is metagaming and how to avoid it."

At some point, or while reading policies, you may come across the term metagaming and wonder what is is, why it's wrong, and how to avoid it. Metagaming is when you the user, out of character, knows something that your character 'in character' shouldn't know. For example, say that Wonder made a brand new character that just joined camp today, I the 'user' knows it's a new character, but my character probably shouldn't know that unless maybe they are from the same cabin. So if I started the roleplay with "Hey, you're new, welcome to camp." My character has no rationale reason to know that, so that is metagaming. A way to avoid that might be, "Hey, I don't remember seeing you around before, are you new or something?"

"What is godmodding and how to avoid it."

Godmodding is another term you may run across, this is an even more serious offence than metagaming is. Godmodding is when you directly take control of the actions of the user's character that you are roleplaying with. An example of this might be, say I'm roleplaying with Wonder's character Skylar, and I have my character make this move, Lynn grabs Skylar's sword out of his hand, then takes her dagger and swings it down, stabbing him deep into his right shoulder, and pushes him back forcing him to fall to the ground. Skylar is not my character, I had no right to take control like that. A better way to word that would have been, Lynn attempts to grab at Skylar's sword, in order to pull it out of his hand, while at the same time bringing her other arm down with her dagger, aiming at his right shoulder.

The best way to avoid godmodding is always making sure to use words like attempts to, aims at, tries to, etc. This leaves room for the user to decide exactly how their character will react and how much damage they will take.

"What does it mean to be OP?"

Sometimes we use the term being OP to describe situations, roleplays or characters. Being OP in a roleplay could mean a few things, the most common would mean that you are constantly dodging attacks and taking zero damage, or even tiring. It's the most commonly used in fights, as in regular day to day rp's, problems with being OP rarely comes up. To avoid this in fights or training fights, try to balance your character. Make sure they take a realistic amount of damage and tires out as they progress in the fight.

"Plots make everything more fun."

Now if you want long term fun, and not a lot of short roleplays that can get boring over time. Try to come up with plots for your characters, it will not only serve to keep roleplay more interesting for you, but also in properly developing your character. For instance, maybe you have a character that is currently a snobby goody-two-shoes, maybe you'd like to teach them a lesson, come up with some fun plots to put them in their place. Think of it like directing a movie, or even a TV series, where each roleplay is a new episode in a much larger plot.

Have fun, be polite and respectful to other users, follow the rules. :) Cheers!

Roleplay Locations
More: For a full list of all locations, go here. Template: Click here to edit
Here is a full list of the locations you can roleplay on at our Wiki broken up by area. Please remember, camp characters should not be roleplaying on Broken Covenant locations, and Broken Covenant characters should not be roleplaying on camp locations, but the town is neutral territory for both.
Camp Locations

  1. Archery Range
  2. Armory
  3. Armory/Stålstyrke Weaponry
  4. Arts and Crafts Building
  5. Beach
  6. Category:Beach
  7. Beach/Bonfire
  8. Beach/Cliffs
  9. Beach/Harbor
  10. Beach/Ocean
  11. Beach/Pier
  12. Beach/Shore
  13. Beach/Volleyball Courts
  14. Category:Bedrooms
  15. Category:Cabins
  16. Camp Half-Blood Entrance
  17. Camp Half Blood Training Arena
  18. Category:Camp Locations Forum Roleplay
  19. Campfire
  20. Climbing Wall
  21. Dining Pavilion
  22. Category:Forest
  23. Forest
  24. Forest/Brook
  25. Forest/Deep Forest
  26. Forest/Entrance To Dark Cave
  27. Forest/Entrance To Dark Cave/Dark Cave
  28. Forest/Nymph Sanctuary
  29. Forest/Pond
  30. Forest/The Bethel
  31. Gym
  32. Gym/Dance Studio
  33. Gym/Other Amenities
  34. Gym/Pool
  35. Gym/Weight Room
  36. Gym/Yoga Room
  37. Infirmary
  38. Lake
  39. Role-Play Location Index
  40. Stables
  41. Strawberry Fields
  42. The Big House
  43. The Big House/Attic
  44. The Big House/Basement
  45. The Big House/First Floor
  46. The Big House/Second Floor
  47. The Big House/Third Floor
  48. The Mortuary
  49. The Oracles' Cave
  50. The Recording Studio
  51. The Recording Studio/Dj Booth
  52. Underworld
  53. Vineyard
  54. Vineyard/Tasting Room
  55. File:Wikia-Visualization-Main,camphalfbloodroleplay.png
  56. Category:Winter Solstice Locations
Nearby Town Locations (Neutral Locations)

  1. Roleplay:Main Forum/Town Locations
  2. Nearby Town
  3. Category:Nearby Town
  4. Nearby Town/Bookstore
  5. Nearby Town/Bookstore/Adult Fiction
  6. Nearby Town/Bookstore/Comic Books
  7. Nearby Town/Bookstore/DVDs
  8. Nearby Town/Bookstore/Manga
  9. Nearby Town/Bookstore/Teen Fiction
  10. Nearby Town/Coffee Shop
  11. Nearby Town/Corner Store
  12. Nearby Town/Hospital
  13. Nearby Town/Minigolf
  14. Nearby Town/Movie Theater
  15. Nearby Town/Movie Theater/Arcade
  16. Nearby Town/Park
  17. Nearby Town/Park/Baseball Diamond
  18. Nearby Town/Park/Courts
  19. Nearby Town/Park/Fishing Pond
  20. Nearby Town/Park/Grassy Field
  21. Nearby Town/Park/Ice Rink
  22. Nearby Town/Park/Playground
  23. Nearby Town/Park/Skate Rink
  24. Nearby Town/Plaza
  25. Nearby Town/Plaza/McDonalds
  26. Nearby Town/Plaza/Pizza Hut
  27. Nearby Town/Plaza/Subway
  28. Nearby Town/Post Office
  29. Nearby Town/Pub
  30. Nearby Town/Public Pool
  31. Nearby Town/Restaurant 'La Lumiere'
  32. Nearby Town/Zoo
  33. Nearby Town/Zoo/Baby Animal Showcase
  34. Road to Town
  35. Role-Play Location Index
  36. Shopping Mall
  37. Shopping Mall/clothes
  38. Shopping Mall/electronics
  39. Shopping Mall/food
  40. Shopping Mall/house
  41. Shopping Mall/misc
  42. Shopping Mall/shoes
  43. Shopping Mall/sports
Broken Covenant Locations

  1. Category:BC Locations Forum Roleplay
  2. Category:Bedrooms
  3. Civitas Popularis
  4. Heinrich Alten
  5. Liberi Superum
  6. Roleplay:Main Forum/BC Locations
  7. Opus Superum
  8. Ortu Justitiae
  9. Role-Play Location Index
  10. Archived:Sonia Neveu
  11. The Sanctuary
  12. The Sanctuary/Broken Covenant
  13. The Sanctuary/Mountain Pond
  14. The Sanctuary/Old Ruins
  15. The Sanctuary/Prime Pillar
  16. The Sanctuary/Prime Pillar/Dungeons
  17. The Sanctuary/Prime Pillar/Forge
  18. The Sanctuary/Proving Grounds
  19. The Sanctuary/Veritum Unitum HQ/Library
  20. The Sanctuary/Veritum Unitum HQ/Pool
  21. Veritum Unitum

Have fun, be polite and respectful to other users, follow the rules. :) Cheers!

What is Camp Half-Blood?
More: For a full list of all camp locations, go here. Template: Click here to edit
Anyone who's read the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan probably knows what Camp Half-Blood is, but surprisingly we get quite a few users here who haven't read the books but are here because they are interested in Greek myth. So I will take some time to explain a bit about Camp.
"A safe sanctuary for demigods, a place to train."

The Greek gods love to meddle with mortals and have kids, but they also have strict rules about what level of interference they are allowed to have in their children's lives. Unfortunately that leaves their children out in the world to fend for themselves, and with monsters sniffing them down to kill and even eat them, the world is a dangerous place for demigods. So the gods got together and made Camp a secret area hidden on Long Island New York, America.

The camp is protected with a barrier that monsters can't pass, and neither can mortal without permission from the camp director. Here at this special camp, demigods can either stay for summers and holidays, or year round, to train to fight, learn about what it means to be a demigod, meet other demigods and various mythological beings, go on quests, and above all else, be safe from harm while within the borders.

"What does Camp look like?"
  • Archery Range
  • Volley Ball Courts
  • Camp Entrance
  • Forest
  • Stables
  • Mortuary
"Who is the Camp Director?"

The Camp Director is Alexander the Great, well his soul trapped inside an Automaton at least, as his physical body died a very long time ago. He's been promised a place in Elysium if he agrees to be the camp director for a hundred or so years, he grudgingly agreed, but often has a short temper with the campers or ignores them entirely when he can.

Alexander The Great New Word-Bubble

Alexander the Great -Automaton / Demigod
-Son of Zeus, Director of Camp Half-Blood

He glares, "Can I help you with something?"

Have fun, be polite and respectful to other users, follow the rules. :) Cheers!

The "Nearby" Town
(A Neutral Location)
More: For a full list of all town locations, go here. Template: Click here to edit
Because we have Camp and the Broken Covenant locations, we felt we should have a nice neutral area, where the two groups could accidentally run into each other. The town has no official name, beyond "nearby" town, it is presumed the town is walking distance from camp, and driving distance from the Broken Covenant.
"The nearby town, a neutral location."

The nearby town, may not have a name, but it gives the Wiki a great neutral location where both Broken Covenant and Camp characters can be roleplayed without fear of capture or repercussions. It is a quaint town, not nearly as large as New York City, but large enough to have a variety of places to eat, things to do, and even a nice sized park to go play in.

"What does Camp look like?"
  • Town
  • Coffee Shop
  • Movie Theatre
  • Park
  • Road to Town
  • Mini Golf
  • Corner Store
"Who owns the nearby Pub?"

Not many NPC's in town, but there is the local bartender/pub owner, Aiden. Just remember though, he cards, so if your character is under 21, he's good at spotting fake ID's.

Screen shot 2011-12-22 at 11.09.22 PM

Aiden -Child of None
-O'Brein's Pub Bartender

He looks you up and down, "Are you sure you're 21? You look 15..."

Have fun, be polite and respectful to other users, follow the rules. :) Cheers!

What is the Broken Covenant?
For a full list of all Broken Covenant locations, go here. Template: Click here to edit
Anyone who's read the books, might come here and see this group called the 'Broken Covenant' and scratch their heads, that wasn't in the books, who are they? This should explain a bit more about the group that we here nicknamed and often call simply the 'BC'.
"What is the Broken Covenant and why do people join it?"

The Greek gods have a history of often being petty, vindictive, always arguing and fighting amongst themselves, and the demigods more often than not, end up in the cross fire. The Broken Covenant was founded by a man named Heinrich Alten, a demigod tired of being caught in the middle, tired of the gods petty ways, so he formed a group to fight against the gods, to put them in their place once and for all.

In general everyone within the group has their own personal reasons for joining, and there are also five distinct factions within the group that each have slightly different goals in mind for what should happen to the gods and who should rule.

"What are the Five Factions in the Broken Covenant?"
Civitas Popularis, Leader Lionel Astor

Civitas is probably the most neutral minded and least fanatical faction. They simply want fairness, equality, democracy. They want the gods to be held accountable for their decisions, the leaders to be voted on, the laws to be agreed upon by all. They want the gods to catch up to the 21st century and embrace the new world, embrace Democracy, and acknowledge the demigods.

Liberi Superum, Leader Vexuvius

Liberi is one of the factions that wishes to not just take down the gods, but to become gods themselves. They feel the reign of the gods has come to an end, it is their turn to rise up, like the Gods did against the Titans. One big difference with the Liberi faction, is that they want a fast and speedy end to this war, they feel that if they use mortals, getting the mortals to worship them, that they can sap the gods powers and take the powers for themselves.

Opus Superum, Leader Dante Lejos

Opus is by far the most extreme faction overall, originally founded by a man named Alcaeus Deumos who is now deceased, the best and fastest way to describe this faction is Nazi's for demigods. They see demigods as the 'master race' and that both the gods and mortals are inferior to them. They should rule as demigods, with the mortals and gods obeying their every command. This faction really only accepts demigods.

Ortu Justitiae, Leader Marina Sanchez

Ortu is another faction that wishes to take down the gods and become gods themselves. However, a big difference between them and Liberi, is that Ortu does not wish to involve the mortals at all, even if it would end the war faster.

Veritum Unitum, Leader Anton Atharm

Veritum is definitely led by the angriest of leaders. Anton is absolutely done with the gods and their rule, and wishes to see no one in their place at all, no demigods ruling, no new gods ruling, no one.

"What does The Sanctuary look like?"
  • Heinrich, the Leader of the BC
  • Entrance to the Sanctuary
  • Mountain Pond
  • Old Ruins
  • The Prime Pillar
  • Dungeons
  • The Forges
  • The Proving Grounds
"Who is the leader of the Broken Covenant?"

Heinrich Alten is the founder and leader of the Broken Covenant, he approves all members prior to them asking for approval into individual factions.

Heinrich Alten ~ Leader of the Broken Covenant
Heinrich Alten

Character's Bio

 Age: ???  Height: ???  Weight: ???
 Sexuality: ???  Relationship Status: N/A
  Main Weapon: His weapons are unknown while his attire is a white hooded robe, and a set of black and gold armor complimented by a full-face mask.

 – “???”

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Child of Hebe:

  1. Children of Hebe have the ability to force the effects of age upon a person for a short time; making them feel pain and cause their movements to be slow and sedated.
  2. Children of Hebe can become temporarily changed during battle and become even stronger and quicker in combat than they were before, for a short time.
  3. Children of Hebe can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  4. Children of Hebe can cause an opponent to feel aching bones and muscles for a short time.
  5. Children of Hebe are innately stronger and faster due to their slow aging.
  6. Children of Hebe have an innately faster rate of healing than other people.
  7. Children of Hebe always have an unlimited supply of Ambrosia, even if none is on them at the time, they can create it out of nothing
  8. Children of Hebe can restore energy to a weakened person and heal some minor wounds.
  9. Children of Hebe are able to curse someone with being very young children again, this has the potential to cause the victim a feeling of being lost, helpless and often leading to fits of crying, this only lasts for a short time and drains the user considerably.
  10. Children of Hebe have the ability to strike someone with a curse of old age for a short time; however, the person will not only feel old, they will become old and be unable to fight or even defend themselves, this also drains the user for a considerable time while using the power
  11. Children of Hebe can bless water to have the effects of allowing whomever drinks it to feel young again for a short time, their appearance may also take on a more youthful appearance for as long as the effects last.
  12. These children age slower than normally, beginning around the age of 12, and retain a youthful appearance far longer than most.

Owned by: Admins & Crats ~ Posted on: He looks up from his papers, "Do you need help with something?"

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Camp Notice Board


In Character Notices/Announcements

  1. None

Out of Character Notices/Announcements

  1. Level 5's and up, please make sure to vote on current issues in the Voting:Level 5's and Up forum. 7 users must vote for any resolutions to be passed.

Edit the board here. This board is to show any information relative to camp, either in character or out of character. For instance, if you'd like to announce the death of one of your characters, or their kidnapping, or anything that other users should know.

BC Notice Board


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Out of Character Notices/Announcements

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Edit the board here. This board is to show any information relative to the BC, either in character or out of character. For instance, if you'd like to announce the death of one of your characters, or their kidnapping, or anything that other users should know.

Events/Current Contests/Polls/Activities

An Overview of Activities
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Wondering what there is to do around here? Well besides the Contests and Special Activities that you can see in the other tabs next to this one, we also run various other activities on a regular basis, some of which you can pick up and do at any time, others you need to put in for approval on. Take a look, see if anything interests you!
Camp Quests
"Feel like taking your camper on an adventure?"

Once you have reached level four you can lead a quest, you may join quests as a regular quest member at level three. Quests can be about anything from something to do with your character's personal history/events, rescuing a friend or loved one, a task bestowed upon them by their god parent or another god through a dream, a mission against the Broken Covenant, or perhaps something else. Quests require at least 2 to 6 users in order to count as an official quest.

Broken Covenant Missions
"Missions for the Broken Covenant..."

Missions for the Broken Covenant are a lot like Camp Quests. Once you have reached level four you can lead a mmission, you may join missions as a regular quest member at level three. Missions can be about anything from something to do with your character's personal history/events, rescuing a friend or loved one, a task bestowed upon them by their faction leader or Heinrich the leader of the Broken Covenant, a mission against Camp or the gods, or perhaps something else. Missions require at least 2 to 6 users in order to count as an official Mission.

Counsellor Challenges
"Challenging for power at Camp."

If you have a character that has been at camp for over a month, then perhaps you'd like to try your hand at challenging for either Lt or Head counsellor positions in your character's cabin... In order to challenge, aside from your character having had to have been made for at least a month now, if the person you are challenging has led a quest, then your character also needs to have led a quest. Once you are prepared to challenge you leave a note of intent in character on the cabin page and character's page who currently holds the position, then an out of character note on the user who owns the character's talk page. Then just make the forum, and you're good to go.

Training Arena
"Care for a friendly spar?"

The training arena is a place that you can pair off with other users, as many times and as often as you want, to train for fights and battles. The only real rules here are to follow the roleplay policies, beyond that, have fun!

Roleplay Forum
"Tired of waiting for comments to load?"

A lot of people enjoy roleplaying in comments on location or character pages, but if you are tired of waiting for comments to load or just want a change, check out the roleplay forum for a bit.

Monster Combat Training
"Training to fight monsters."

This is a coming soon/wip type of project, if you'd like to learn more about it, contact Slay.... The general idea of it will be much like the regular training forum, but here the cabins got together that have powers to create miniature versions of monsters, so that campers can train against them and get a better feel for how to fight the monsters they might encounter outside of camp.

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Favourite God/Goddess Monthly Poll
Have an opinion on who the best Gods and Goddesses are and wish to express that opinion in a civilized and competitive manner? Than this poll is for you. Each month 5 Gods/Goddesses are chosen for users to vote on. When the vote ends at the end of the month, the God/Goddess with the most votes will be showcased on the main page.

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Favourite Monster Poll
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Favourite Series by Rick Riordan
Which series by Rick Riordan was your Favourite?

The poll was created at 01:10 on February 18, 2014, and so far 126 people voted.

A poll just for funsies....

Favourite Monsters
What was your favourite monster from the books?

The poll was created at 01:10 on February 18, 2014, and so far 82 people voted.

A poll just for funsies....

Monthly Regular Contests
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Cabin Symbolic Theme Contest
About The Contest

This contest is the perfect opportunity for users to give the wiki a little more pizazz and showcase their artistic skills. Each month a God/Goddess's cabin will be selected for "renovation" and users will have the chance to create and submit a symbolic theme for that cabin. At the end of the month the winner's design will become that cabin's new theme. Participants in the contest must have either attained Level 5 or will attain Level 5 prior to the last day of the month. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of this contest. Additional Rules and Prize descriptions available on this contest's page.

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Judging Date
Admin Team Will run again on TBA Last Day of April
Past Winners

1. Del
2. Migs
3. Hyu
4. Ruby
5. Bach
6. Flame
7. Brocky

Cabins Already Done

1. Artemis' Cabin
2. Poseidon's Cabin
3. Melinoe's Cabin
4. Nemesis' Cabin
5. Apate's Cabin
6. Apollo's Cabin
7. Nyx's Cabin
8. Boreas' Cabin
9. Ariadne's Cabin
10. Hebe's Cabin
11. Eris' Cabin
12. Dionysus' Cabin
13. Hephaestus' Cabin
14. Aristaeus' Cabin
15. Tyche's Cabin

To enter the contest go here
Character Theme Theme Contest
About The Contest

This contest is a lot like the Regular Character Contest and the BC character contest, only instead of us picking a god parent or faction, we pick a general theme, and you pick the god parent and whether it is BC or camp. So for instance a theme one month might be water, so your god parent and an element in the history should be based around water.

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Judging Date
Admin Team Will run again on TBA Last Day of April
Current Entries
Event Last Updated Last Author
Past Winners

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Monthly Camp Character Contest
About The Contest

In a constant effort to ensure that cabins stay as evenly filled as possible, we run a contest (most) every month selecting a cabin that has a desperate need for campers. Though at times we may run a popular god, one that is always so full or close to being full it is hard for users to get a chance to enter. Not only does the entry need to fill the normal requirements when putting a character through claiming, but in order to stand out from the rest they should be creative, original and well thought out. Now this doesn't mean be so original that it's crazy over the top, just a bit more than generic. Have fun, and happy writing.

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Judging Date
Admin Team Will run again ??? Last Day of April
Current Entries
Event Last Updated Last Author
Past Winners

  1. Breeze Nightingale
  2. Dade Avery
  3. Archived:Elisabetta Modigliani
  4. Gabriel Mun
  5. Archived:Nicholas Dare
  6. Archived:Preston Blake Prescott
  7. Archived:Rumour Blackburn
  8. Sawyer Dahn
  9. Stevie King
  10. Archived:Valentina La Vern
  11. Woo Hoo
  12. Archived:Xu Jinfeng
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Broken Covenant Character Contest
About The Contest

To try and keep up interest in the Broken Covenant, we run a contest most every month, alternating the faction, for users to make new BC characters in. The BC offers far more leniency in the god parent choice, as long as the history makes sense and it's not one of the black listed gods/goddesses (such as Artemis, strictly a virgin, no kids).

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Judging Date
Admin Team Will run again ??? Last Day of April
Current Entries
Event Last Updated Last Author
Past Winners

  1. Archived:Cecilia Levine
  2. Hope
  3. Archived:Jacqueline Sparrow
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Poetry Contest
About The Contest

This contest affords users the opportunity to channel the creativity of their characters through a non-violent or non-verbal venue. In this contest, users will submit themed poems written from the perspective of a character of their choice. This contest will run monthly with the winning poem being selected at the end of the month. Participating users must have attained level 5 or will reach it prior to the end of the contest. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of this contest. Additional Rules and Prize descriptions available on this contest's page.

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Judging Date
Admin Team Will run again ??? Last Day of April
Current Entries
Event Last Updated Last Author
Past Winners

  1. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Anthony - Wonder
  2. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Ashlee-Slaythehal
  3. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Auvrea's Poem - Wonder
  4. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Cameron's Poem - Kevin's Entry
  5. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Cody - Broken
  6. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Elena - Brock
  7. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Ember - Broken
  8. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Hope's Poem - Wonder's Entry
  9. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Jasmine - SoA Jan
  10. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Kyler - Broken
  11. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Kyler - Broken April
  12. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Todd - Broken
  13. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Uriel - Hyu
  14. Contest:Character Poetry Contest/Zayden - Broken
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Special Events/Contests
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Double Trouble
About The Contest

The idea behind this contest is for two users to partner up to test their your battle creativity, as well as, if both users are able to roleplay their character in sync.

Head Admin
Other Helpers
Current Status
Broken Admin Team On-Going
Current Matches
Event Last Updated Last Author
Double Trouble12:47, August 23, 2014Broken fire
Double Trouble/Round 2/Team 1 VS 212:46, August 23, 2014Broken fire
Double Trouble/Round 2/Team 3 VS 400:28, August 19, 2014Broken fire
Double Trouble/Round 1/Team 1 VS 400:26, August 3, 2014Broken fire
Double Trouble/Round 1/Team 3 VS 600:22, August 3, 2014Broken fire
Double Trouble/Round 1/Team 2 VS 501:50, July 29, 2014Broken fire
Past Winners
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Spotlights/Contest Winners

Featured Character of the Month Contest
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Name: Byun Aera
User: TheRebelOfSlytherin
Age: 19 (Physically), 3,276 (Biologically)
Gender: Female
Species: Demigod
Godparent: Hera
Personality: Byun Aera is a curious soul, much too curious for her own good sometimes. While she has many inquiries, she keeps most of them to herself and is reluctant to ask questions a great deal of the time. She has a fierce spirit, and while not always confident in herself, she doesn't stop to make others confident in themselves. She has a regal grace about her that simply cannot be rivaled, and while she isn't lady material, when the going gets tough, she's ready to get dirty. She's perserverant and determined, and once she's set on a goal, she see'll see through it to the end.

Aera, while her presence garners respect, it seems as if she's inherited her mother's infamous temper. She gets snarky real easily when irritated and sometimes needs to cool down to keep herself levelheaded. Her objectives can be clouded by other desires although her intentions will always remain true. She's highly doubtful of herself and tends to second guess or overthink situations and can isolate herself unintentionally. Despite her flaws, she's still a very charismatic and charming person to be around, who can get along with most and tolerate the few whose presence she doesn't exactly enjoy.

She's cunning and thinks quick on her feet. She's witty and is rarely caught off guard in a fight, placing her focus on her objectives and letting her actions come naturally. She can adapt to situations quickly, even if she feels extremely lost. She sometimes holds herself to ridiculous standards in order to achieve perfection. These standards often require her to be quite creative with her solutions, making her quite the resourceful person.

History: There was a handsome man named Phaidon, a sight of thirst for every eligible bachelorette in Greece. There was one issue with this seemingly perfect man though, he hated commitment. Notorious for his tendencies to go through women like flipping through pages of a book, he was definitely a bachelor practically impossible to catch. Aphrodite watched him warily, determined to punish him for all the broken hearts marking his tracks. One night, an Erotiad named Xanthos approached Phaidon's door, knocking feverishly and looking around fearfully. Phaidon, unaware of Xanthos' status, was allured by the other man's beauty and found himself awestruck. Xanthos requested to stow away in Phaidon's home, as he was escaping a troop of soldiers who were hunting for him. Without a second thought, Phaidon ushered him in, not even contemplating to ask why Xanthos' was being hunted down.

Xanthos thanked Phaidon in the most tantalizing way that left Phaidon wanting more when the Erotiad left early that morning. Unbeknownst, he'd been struck by the arrow of love and now for all he could think about was the mysterious man who definitely knew his way around Phaidon's ass. Seeing the opportunity, Aphrodite struck. She brought a beautiful maiden named Althea to Phaidon's door and convinced Phaidon to marry her, saying if he did, he'd see Xanthos again. While Aphrodite wasn't lying, the way Phaidon and Xanthos were to meet again was definitely not going to be in good merit. Likewise, Phaidon continued his affairs, even while married. Althea was kept in good health in his home, but her heart ached for affection, something she would never receive from Phaidon fully, because well... he hated commitment, and it was obvious his eye was glued to Xanthos. Althea remained obedient and loyal to her husband, even when he refused to be loyal to her. Every night, Althea begged in prayer and sacrifices to Hera, the goddess of marriage, to help her. She wanted to know why Phaidon refused to accept her, as she had wished for the day of their marriage to come true but Phaidon still didn't seem to see her as his wife.

Hera had been observing the situation from afar for awhile now but hadn't made much of a move to help. To be fair, she wasn't in much of a helpful mood because another one of Zeus' affairs had sprung up again, and she was cooling down, but this just fired her up more. Because she could not challenge the king of the Gods, she decided she'd take her anger out here, and make Phaidon feel all the pain he had caused but multiplied by the millions. Hera approached the house disguised as a fair maiden who like she predicted, Phaidon drooled over instantly. She told Phaidon she had brought a message with her. The goddess Hera would give him two years to change his ways and devote himself to his wife or he would face her wrath. Phaidon wasn't fazed in slightest, wondering if maybe this one of his previous hookups trying to scare him. He shooed her away and Hera left with a wicked smile. Hell would soon come down on Phaidon...................Read More


Name: Adrasteia Eliopoulos
User: JayeMalik'
Age: Eighteen / Very, very old
Gender: Female
Species: Demigod
Godparent: Hera
Personality: Adrasteia still possesses those urbane qualities she had, dating all the way before her time as Queen of the Amazons, and even as Lieutenant of the Hunt. She's a remarkably smart young woman, defined by her elegance and inability to ever step a toe out of line. She strives for perfection, and it's difficult for her to settle with anything short of it. Known for being a passionate demigoddess, Adrasteia is very bold in terms of speaking for herself and the ideals she has. It's very characteristic of her to defend what she believes to be true and moral. All the while, though, Adrasteia is first and foremost very peaceful, avoiding violence whenever she can. (This doesn't mean she doesn't turn to violence when she has to, because even she recognizes there's a limit.) She has this gift, this strength, resilience and innate ability to remain clear-sighted and steadfast in her beliefs, and it just makes her all the more worthy of admiration, awe and love.

Not only does she still possess the refined qualities that typically compose a royal, especially one of ancient times, but she still also clings to old tendencies. Which? Well, for one, she still likes to dedicate her time to all sorts of people. From retirement homes to orphanages, the wealth that Adrasteia has managed to amass throughout the years has gone towards the needy people she meets. Not only is she a kind person, but she's very generous and more often than not very selfless. She loves aiding others - no matter what it involves. Whether it's helping demigods train, find shelter for the homeless or get basic necessities to those that lack it, Adrasteia is a humanitarian through and through. She'd have made a lovely Queen one day; it's a shame she was forced to undertake a new life.

To be honest, the only kind of aggressive you could expect Adrasteia to be is passive aggressive. She knows how to throw shade, and it's what she resorts to when she's most annoyed. You know, as part of her Uncle's court, she dealt with loads of men who couldn't get over themselves. Men who were so consumed by themselves and their ignorant ideals that on a day to day basis, she had to ensure they wouldn't screw her people over. While she's known to tone down when she has to, it's difficult for Adrasteia to filter her thoughts and what comes out of her mouth when she's truly, sincerely, down-to-her-core angry. The only times she's come to experience this type of anger have all happened to be during her time up in Olympus; it seems they have a penchant for attempting to break her insides. Nonetheless, for the most part Adrasteia is typically in strict control of herself, but there always comes a point in which she just can't help but be a smartass with those around her. Really, how is it mortals have only gotten stupider and stupider?...................Read More

History: Long ago, when the Titanomachy faced its brutal end at the hands of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Demeter, the gods of Mount Olympus saw themselves under a new threat; one that was foretold to plague the mortal world for millenia to come. Their rule was almost certain to lead down a road full of hardships wherein Zeus would end up becoming a tyrant not too unlike his father. This warning came from the Moirai themselves; it made this all the more difficult to avoid Zeus' fate as a corrupt god and dictator of Olympus. They'd woven into completion the Protegenoi and Titans' rule - just as they'd woven into completion their rise to power. Their word was the law, for man and god alike.

The Moirai are independent, at the helm of necessity, directing fate and watching that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws might take its course without obstruction; and Zeus, as well as the other gods and man, have to submit to them. The fates' warning, for the most part, was kept a secret from the minor gods and Zeus himself. It was crucial to avoid him finding out - their pantheon was a newborn, overwhelmed with too much power and trying to place itself as the rightful head in the cosmos, and for such a powerful God - one that had claimed the throne, no less - to find out the fates foresaw him as the end of his own rule... it wouldn't bode well.

As the deities who'd ended the Titanomachy, it was Hera, Demeter, Hestia, Hades and Poseidon that held the key to defending their power, people and home; it was their children and only theirs that could ever stand a chance at defending Mount Olympus when Zeus became the tyrant of Olympus. They knew not how, at least initially. The fates may have decreed their grim future, as far away from present time as it was, but they didn't know how to interpret it nor fulfill their role in the situation. Even if they did, Hera was to be wed to Zeus - among her domains was marriage; it wasn't something she was meant to take lightly. To get married meant to take an oath filled with love and passion - an oath until the end of times. Therefore, for the first two centuries in ruling, the Greek gods kept to themselves and let mankind tackle the relative freedom they had in their own ways, especially Hera...................Read More

Name: Kara Rudikoff
User: Flopfish3
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Demigod
Godparent: Hera
Personality: Kara tends to be cheerful but has difficulties with social situations and other people. "Being yourself" feels oddly foreign to her, seeing as she isn't sure how she should act in the first place. She always wants to help other people, and do whatever she can to make them happy - not out of want for attention or affection, but because it just makes her happy to see other people happy. This can also be one of Kara's weaknesses, however, because she is incredibly scared of hurting anyone else, and will avoid even the possibilty of making someone angry, hurting them, or doing something wrong by all means available. She can be easily manipulated by this fear of hurting others or making them angry, and it's a struggle to sometimes overcome it when necessary (e.g. risk-taking, decision-making, etc). She's pansexual and as such is attracted to other people regardless of gender. Although she'd never tell anyone out of embarassment,, she hopes to one day find someone she loves who will tolerate her flaws, accept her, and take care of her. Her favorite things to do include listening to music, babysitting/volunteering at the nursery (before she had to leave home), taking care of Natasha, reading, baking cookies, and video games.

Social Anxiety is difficult for Kara, but for some reason she isn't afraid around small children or babies, especially her own little one. Her anxiety also tends to disappear when another friend immediately needs (or appears to need) her help. (If someone is in front of her, sad or afraid, she'll almost always prioritize them and not be as scared.)

History: Before Kara was born, as with most children, the parents had to actually get together. And the Olympian Gods being like they are, it wasn't a regular encounter.

Robert Rudikoff was a primary teacher, teaching Grade Five at Fairland Heights school in California. His life, for the most part, was average. He had worked hard as a child, grown with loving parents to support him, and had went through University with passing grades, and had now been in a teaching position for five years. He was going to miss Fairland - after five years, it was the usual practice for teachers to transfer to another school. But in the meantime, he taught, and was happy helping children and teaching them what he knew.

Hera, on the other hand, was having a significantly worse time. Zeus had cheated for the UMPTEENTH time, and she had quite frankly had enough. After causing a couple of minor-scale natural disasters, she had gone down to the United States in a huff, to calm down and perhaps put away her anger deep down, like she always did, and somehow forgive her husband. But Gods help anyone who got in her way, because right now, she felt ready to kill.

After walking around, stress-eating, angrily shopping and buying various cute things she found on impulse, and sending some cows after Demigods that had annoyed her, she decided to revisit one of her favorite pasttimes to help her mood - caring for the young. She disguised herself as some poor Grade 4 Teacher (who for the time being was at home, conviently sleeping, definitely not cursed into unconciousness), and walked to the nearby school at which she would teach...................Read More


Name: Theresa Tiraboschi
User: TimeLord15
Age: 3192 years old approximately
Gender: Female
Species: Demigod
Godparent: Hera
Personality: Tessa, who once went by Tia, is cut off from the people around her and struggles to be in the present, often drifting off into her own head. She’s never really had any friends before in her life though those in the hunt came close. As a consequence, she considers herself more of an introvert, despite spending most of her life working in a team. However, a part of her craves a companionship with someone else, regardless of the type of relationship and is deeply lonely, which is part of the reason why she found herself in camp. Due to this, she finds herself observant to other people always trying to get a sense of who they are. If she ever does find friends, or something more, she is deathly loyal to them and can often become bitterly jealous, not so different from her mother, and can be quite protective of them. She is also vengeful and can erupt into a fiery temper if someone presses her or provokes her, though this usually does take some time to do so and often struggles to control it, however, she prefers to act upon this anger through different paths other than violence. Despite her temper, though, she is incredibly forgiving, regardless of what they did and struggles to blame the mistakes on them rather than the third party.

She has a habit of taking everything quite personally and is quite sensitive to what other people say, however she rarely speaks up when someone does offend her and rather skips past it. She is a hard worker and doesn’t stop something once she starts it and can be resentful to those who disturb her in the middle of a project or a task, but she's not a perfectionist. However, Tessa does have a soft side to her that she rarely lets anyone see and is trusting, enthusiastic and a slight romantic, as well as a lover of music, though like nearly everything else, it is more classical that she enjoys, though she can enjoy to some jazz music. She doesn't really understand the more modern music. Surprisingly enough, Tessa is a heavy sleeper, rarely waking up before nine in the morning and prefers to go to sleep by at least eight or nine at night. Though she's an introvert, she doesn't hate the people around her, nor does she avoid socialising like some believe introverts do, instead she believes in the best in people and is more attuned to their needs rather than her own. She's also quite skilled in cooking and other domestic affairs, a consequence of growing up in the BC era and having a house full of young children and teenagers. During her 'open house', Tessa was forced to expand her culinary practises in order to feed them all and now can cook up to nearly fifty people without breaking a sweat.

A peacemaker, Tessa is more of a diplomat than anything else, preferring to clean up other people's messes rather than make her own. This is in stark contrast to both her parents, Hera and Hector, as they're both leaders in their own right and both have proven to be intimidating and charming in their own right, neither of which could describe Tessa. Hospitable and modest, Tessa rarely turns anyone down and is willing to offer help to even those who don't need it. She can often be considered a bit of a pushover and has a hard time telling 'no' to people. Nurturing and optimistic, she enjoys seeing the people around her be the best they can be and is willing to give them advice if they desire it (though her advice probably wouldn't be the best and she'd often advice you to take it with a grain of salt). Despite her history, she does believe in community and is a heavy believer of not leaving anyone behind and a part of her is always making sure the people around her is okay, such as asking them if they've eaten or something similar, even though she often forgets to take care of herself. However, Tessa could be considered a pacifist as she cringes away from violence and warfare and only uses a weapon when she comes across a monster and always advocates more peaceful ways to settle arguments. She's not a leader, though, and would always deny any position for it unless she was the only suitable candidate but even then, she would gladly step down if someone better appeared...................Read More

History: Tía’s story began in the Trojan war, after Agamemnon removed Achilles prize, Briseis, from him in retaliation of having to give up his own prize, Chryseis. Revolting against the Greek leader, Achilles turns to his mother, Thetis, pleading for her to go to Zeus to avenge his wounded honour. Thetis eventually agreed, travelling up to Olympus to convince Zeus to side with Troy and have them win any upcoming battles against the Achaeans. Though Zeus did agree, their meeting were witnessed by Hera, who was already bitterly jealous of Thetis, considering both Zeus and Poseidon had pursued her hand in marriage aeons ago. As a consequence, during the council meeting that happened straight after, Hera accused him of plotting against her which lead Zeus to erupt in anger, publicly humiliating her through threats and insults, even going as far as to threaten to kill her, or severely wound her, as he threatened to strangle her. Feeling scorned, Hera began to make her own plots to ensure her own victory against Troy and, in her mind, against her husband. Though later, her son Hephaestus did try to soothe her pride and ease her anger, she had already become set in her plans but did pretend to be calmed by her son.

Her plan was to turn Zeus against Priam's city. She had multiple plans set, with one being Tía. As every other god was feasting in a banquet after the meeting, she went down to Hector, Priam's son, disguised as his wife, Andromache. Breaking her vow, she slept with Hector, ensuring that she bore his child. She knew that she could use the child against Zeus in order to align his loyalties with the Greeks, instead of Troy, if it came down to it. The child was a back up plan, knowing it could cause more harm for her than good, and knew even then that it could severely backfire on her, maybe now or in the distant future. However, part of it was fuelled by her anger at her husband's own affairs and his disregard for her in regards to anything, despite her essentially begging him to rely on her as his wife. Plus, it was a major event and Hera's priority was to win, regardless of what she had to do to get it, even if it meant acting in a way she wouldn't consider during peace. Though she hated the Trojans, especially Paris, she found Hector a loving, family man, dedicated to his wife and son and found him a suitable candidate. He was also in a position of power, being the heir to the throne, and was respected both in the Greek and the Trojan empires, giving Hera more of a reason to choose him as, despite her personal afflictions against Troy due to Paris and his previous actions, she can still concede that he's a great hero and leader among his people.

Soon Tía was born, with Hera sheltered by Athena to ensure she escaped Zeus's eye. Athena was an ally to Hera in the Trojan war and was easily willing to help with Hera's plans in order to reach victory and had helped Hera with her plan from the beginning of its creation. Athena was aware that the mere presence of the baby could potentially draw Zeus into creating havoc against the Trojans and agreed that it was a last resort. Even more so, the recent mocking from Zeus, after Paris had escaped his challenge with Menelaus, pushed Athena to become more willing to help Hera with her plots. However, Hera eventually realises Tía was somewhat unnecessary, in part anyway, as Zeus had always planned for a Greek victory and promised that Hector will fall if he kills Patroclus. Hera wasn't remorseful, though, Tía being one of many plans set in place and was always a last resort. To Hera, her pride was now intact once more, even if Zeus wasn't aware of it, and she now had leverage in the mortal world, unlike before where she had to use trickery and bribes to have a hero do her willing, unless her husband gave his own children to her as appeasement. During the battle where Patroclus is using Achilles armour, Hera convinces him to continue pushing the Trojan's back completely, despite Patroclus's promise to Achilles to only push them away from the ships. This gives Hector an opportunity to slay Patroclus, drawing Achilles back into the war and beginning the Greek victory that Hera desired...................Read More

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Micah Baek 2

Name: Micah Baek
User: User:Brocky292
Age: Immortal
Gender: Male
Species: Light Spirit

  • Godparent: Priapus
  • Mortal Parent: Baek Se-Yeong
  • Creator: Apollo

Personality: Micah has been through a lot not only during his time on earth but also on Mount Olympus. While on earth he went through physical abuse from his former step-father and then it seemed he went right into the Korean War with no time to really process what had happened to him. Micah more or less dealt with the aftermath of the physical abuse by getting overly protective over his mom, never really trying to fix the damage it did to himself as it didn't register until much later. That on top of his experience in the Korean War can often make Micah weary of meeting or approaching new people, and at times a glimmer of PTSD shines through. To make things worse his time on Olympus was emotionally draining for him, an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish.

It's hard for Micah to open up, given that when he opened up to his step-father things went south and when he opened up in the army people died. He's really just scared of the inevitable loss and heartbreak that comes with opening up. If one is able to coax Micah out of the seclusion he's built himself they'll catch a glimmer of what Micah once was. A bright and cheerful boy who's only trying to find an escape from the harshness of the world, or more so his own world. Few have managed to break the barrier between the almost emotionless wall that is Micah now and the old happy Micah.

Harrison for example is one of few nowadays who will ever see Micah's true self. Someone who wants to make everyone around him happy but struggles to find a way. Someone who is willing to go to unbelievable lengths to assist those he loves. Around Harrison, Micah feels safety from the world and would honestly be content just living his life with Harrison in his arms or vice versa. When he's with Harrison it's hard to wipe the smile off his face, he's found true happiness with his soulmate.

History: It was New Year's Eve in Korea, the final day of the 1934. Baek Se-Yeong was a single woman at the time and she was at a club, working unfortunately. Se-Yeong was one of the show girls, and it was quite unfortunate that she was unable to go out and have fun, instead being forced to do what she normally did day in and day out. Through a forced smile, Se-Yeong took to the stage with her fellow show girls where they were for sure in for the usual rude behaviour from the men at the bar, multiplied due to the occasion.

Life as a female entertainer at a bar was far from what Se-Yeong had wanted, but given the time that was probably all she'd amount to. If it wasn't bad enough, Se-Yeong's life took an unexpected turn that night when a man had taken her home that night and Se-Yeong eventually ended up getting pregnant. She never saw the man again, how could she when she was fired from her job for being pregnant? Se-Yeong's life truly was plummeting...................Read More

Harrison Mortios

Name: Harrison
User: User:EvilhariboMadness
Age: Immortal
Gender: Male
Species: Mortios

Personality: Like his species, Harrison is rather morbid. Things such as death, fading or a general stopping of existence don't bother him and he's known to just blurt our facts about the Underworld that many can go without knowing. He has an innate knowledge of the Korean War and is perhaps the best source of knowledge for it. Any question asked concerning it, he could ask. Topics such as Zainichi Koreans and, to an extent, Korea's annexation by Japan, are also topics he's somewhat proficient in knowledge.

For the most part, though, Harrison is fairly ordinary and can be aptly described as being overwhelmingly boring for the mortios of such a deadly war. He's incredibly sarcastic and isn't afraid to speak the thoughts on his mind, mostly knowing whoever he offends will die someday whilst he'll live for as long as time. He seemingly only has one weakness, one thing that makes him act giddy and excitable, cheerful and optimistic and that's his soulmate, Micah. Around the former demigod, Harrison can't help but do a three-sixty on his personality and he's unashamed of it. After all, they're gonna be together for the rest of time so he's allowed to be excited about that.

History: With The Korean War dividing families in half, breaking up relationships and resulting in worldwide tensions that remain unresolved to this day, it was no wonder that it was among the highest candidates to receive a death spirit to commemorate it - to symbolise it forever in a walking form. And Harrison, or Jaeyong as he was originally called, was just that. Modelled after an ultimately unidentifiable North Korean soldier, Jaeyong was created by the underworld gods and was, and would always be, an anomaly when it came to death spirits.

You see, because the event he was created from had (and continue to have) disastrous effects on the world, Jaeyong was called to Olympus to attend to Zeus, primarily serving him as the knowledge of the matter. There he worked in conjunction with Athena and Mnemosyne, working theorising how things would play out and the like. On Olympus he assumed the name Harrison - something easier to go by and it separated him from his origins slightly. It was on Olympus that he'd meet Jae-Ho, or Micah, a fallen soldier from the very thing he was created to commemorate. To say that was a cock-block is an understatement and Harrison always felt a pining sensation as he wanted to interact with the other more, despite the his cold demeanour...................Read More

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Name: Quinn Cavanah
User: Dirael
Age: 15 (physically), 184 (biologically)
Gender: Female
Species: Demigod

Personality: N/A

History: April 21st, 1847 I hold my breath. From behind the bush, I see it. The house looks like no one's inside. Probably there won't be anyone there anymore. So many people have died recently. But that means we've got a better chance of survival, so I'm not going to complain.

I turn to my brother. He nods and we both start groveling towards the building, still covered by the plants. I look around. Now I'm sure that there's no one around. I nod just like he did a few minutes ago. We sprint and enter the house. Of course, I'm dressed as a boy- neither sneaking nor running could be comfortable or even possible in a dress.

Sneaking and sprinting is what I do for a living, after all.

Cian and I split up. We aren't far away from each other, the house has two rooms. I go to the one which someone must have slept, there are some clothes. I take them all into my bag. This was an easy one. And the clothes aren't that old, maybe I'll even sell them. Suddenly I straighten up. There it is. I look under the bed and take the pouch lying there...................Read More

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PLOUTOS (Plutus) is the Greek god of wealth. In the beginning, he was only associated with agricultural bounty, but that later evolved so that he could encompass wealth and the riches of the earth in general. Plutus was said to have been born to the goddess Demeter after laying with the hero Iasion.

As a young god, he was blinded by Zeus so that he would distribute wealth fairly and without discrimination to the people. He was often depicted holding a cornucopia full of grain, and was usually portrayed as an infant held by the arms of either Tyche, or Eirene, goddesses of good fortune and peace, respectively.................Read more here.

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