4 immortal African wild dogs.

Names are Fortá (fire), Yee (earth), Aehra (wind) and Nerò (water).

Owned by Carlton Fairchild

They live at the Pond until Carlton needs them.


Hundreds of years ago, Physis gave the Fairchild family four African wild dogs for saving many of her children. Each dog had a special abilities and choose who their master would be in the Fairchild family. They were originally made from one of the four earthly elements and Physis used her godly powers of nature to shape these elements into African wild dogs.

A few generations and decades later of being with the Fairchild family, a terrible master had taking possession of them, so Lyssa being the goddess of hounds made a compromise with the dogs that they could be away from the Fairchild family and serve under her but once the next eldest demigod child from the Fairchild family and if they were demiened worthy by Lyssa appeared, they would have to serve that child. That child happened to be Carlton.

Carlton took possession of these dogs when he said aloud the Greek word for elements, accidentally summoning them from Lyssa's palace. When they were summoned they appeared to Carlton in their element forms. The four dogs then turned into their normal forms and them telepathically told Carlton their story. Carlton at first didn't want the African wild dogs until he realised that these four dogs could come in handy one day.


Each dog can turn into either fire, water, earth or air and can speak telepathically to any member of the Fairchild family. The dog that turns into earth is slowest of the four but is tougher and can take more hits. The one that turns into fire is the most vicious and is normally the first to take the kill. It is also more suited to attacking than the rest. The one that turns into air is faster than the rest and completely opposite to the one that turns into earth. The water one is more suited to finding its way through defences and completely opposite to the fire one. Each dog can withstand it's element and what comes with that element longer than the rest like Fortá being able to withstand higher temperatures or Nerò can stay underwater longer. They can instantly come to Carlton if he says the Greek word for elements

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