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SummerBadgeBelladonnaTook09:51, May 30, 2015BelladonnaTook
CattyBadgeBelladonnaTook09:44, May 30, 2015BelladonnaTook
RangerStar's BadgeArteminx22:43, May 4, 2015BelladonnaTook
Jasmine's Badge of ApprovalBachLynn2321:34, May 2, 2015BelladonnaTook
Zak's Badge of ApprovalBachLynn2321:31, May 1, 2015BelladonnaTook
~Angel Wings~ Badge of ApprovalBachLynn2316:51, May 1, 2015BelladonnaTook
Ash's Badge of ApprovalA Son of Hades10:37, April 30, 2015BelladonnaTook
Bowen's FriendBachLynn2318:35, April 18, 2015BelladonnaTook
Born This Way BadgeBachLynn2321:57, April 14, 2015BelladonnaTook
Bloom Badge of ApprovalKynarus23:07, April 12, 2015BelladonnaTook
Blood's Badge of ApprovalBachLynn2321:38, April 12, 2015BelladonnaTook
Bird's Bday BadgeBird of Winter14:06, April 12, 2015BelladonnaTook
Bird's BadgeBachLynn2314:03, April 12, 2015BelladonnaTook
Becca's Badge of ApprovalBeccabear10112:29, April 10, 2015BelladonnaTook
Barb's PeepBachLynn2312:25, April 10, 2015BelladonnaTook
Barb's Badge of ApprovalBachLynn2312:10, April 10, 2015BelladonnaTook
AuRon's Badge of ApprovalBachLynn2323:07, April 9, 2015BelladonnaTook
Ath ApprovedAthletiger22:27, April 9, 2015BelladonnaTook
Annivana's BadgeBachLynn2319:20, April 9, 2015BelladonnaTook
Malik's Badge of SassinessBrocklesBot20:55, March 13, 2015BrocklesBot
Angeli's Badge ApprovalArteminx16:07, March 4, 2015SkylarBot

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