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This list is created based on the categories used on cabin pages, Cabin Counts. There are four categories. By putting a cabin in a certain category, it will automatically show up on the appropriate list. For a detailed list of all cabin counts, go here.
Least (1 to 7)

  1. Aeolus' Cabin
  2. Aetna's Cabin
  3. Aglaea's Cabin
  4. Ariadne's Cabin
  5. Aristaeus' Cabin
  6. Asteria's Cabin
  7. Deimos' Cabin
  8. Dionysus' Cabin
  9. Elpis' Cabin
  10. Eris' Cabin
  11. Harmonia's Cabin
  12. Hebe's Cabin
  13. Hypnos' Cabin
  14. Iris' Cabin
  15. Limos' Cabin
  16. Lyssa's Cabin
  17. Melinoe's Cabin
  18. Nike's Cabin
  19. Notus' Cabin
  20. Oizys' Cabin
  21. Persephone's Cabin
  22. Plutus' Cabin
  23. Prometheus' Cabin
  24. Psyche's Cabin
  25. Themis' Cabin
  26. Tyche's Cabin
  27. Zephyrus' Cabin
Low (8 to 13)

  1. Apate's Cabin
  2. Aphrodite's Cabin
  3. Apollo's Cabin
  4. Ares' Cabin
  5. Astraeus' Cabin
  6. Athena's Cabin
  7. Boreas' Cabin
  8. Cybele's Cabin
  9. Demeter's Cabin
  10. Eros' Cabin
  11. Hades' Cabin
  12. Hephaestus' Cabin
  13. Hermes' Cabin
  14. Mnemosyne's Cabin
  15. Morpheus' Cabin
  16. Nemesis' Cabin
  17. Nyx's Cabin
  18. Palaemon's Cabin
  19. Pandia's Cabin
  20. Poseidon's Cabin
  21. Thanatos' Cabin
  22. Zeus' Cabin
Med (14 to 18)

  1. Hecate's Cabin
Full (19+)

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Artemis Huntress ListBachLynn2304:59, January 7, 2020The Lonely Stargazer
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Zeus Cabin ListBachLynn2317:01, September 28, 2019Jl1121824
Aristaeus Cabin ListDemi-hunter1307:38, August 16, 2019AdrasteiaFate
Aglaea Cabin ListBachLynn2322:22, May 24, 2019KMØ
Ariadne Cabin ListBachLynn2315:26, May 22, 2019Aeriesol
Aphrodite Cabin ListBachLynn2304:14, May 20, 2019Brocky292
Hades Cabin ListHydrocarbon199705:45, May 10, 2019KMØ
Nike Cabin ListBachLynn2323:11, April 30, 2019KMØ
Nyx Cabin ListBachLynn2302:55, March 26, 2019KMØ
Apollo Cabin ListBachLynn2316:58, March 18, 2019Mr.Suit
Elpis Cabin ListBrocky29201:17, March 12, 2019Brocky292
Nemesis Cabin ListBachLynn2301:14, March 12, 2019Brocky292
Demeter Cabin ListBachLynn2307:01, March 10, 2019KMØ
Eros Cabin ListHydrocarbon199701:53, March 2, 2019Mr.Suit
Deimos Cabin ListBachLynn2320:40, February 25, 2019Mr.Suit
Nymphs and Spirits ListBroken fire03:30, February 19, 2019Mr.Suit
Dionysus Cabin ListBachLynn2302:21, February 11, 2019TakeMeToTheHole
Psyche Cabin ListBrocky29208:18, February 10, 2019Zany Knave
Cybele Cabin ListBachLynn2307:14, February 10, 2019Zany Knave
Hebe Cabin ListBachLynn2307:13, February 10, 2019Zany Knave
Hypnos Cabin ListBachLynn2306:19, February 10, 2019HaleTheKing
Palaemon Cabin ListBachLynn2306:19, February 10, 2019HaleTheKing
Hera Cabin ListBrocky29222:15, February 8, 2019Mr.Suit
Hecate Cabin ListBachLynn2301:27, February 8, 2019Mr.Suit
Notus Cabin ListBachLynn2300:13, February 8, 2019KMØ
Persephone Cabin ListBachLynn2322:24, February 7, 2019Mr.Suit
Asteria Cabin ListBachLynn2322:15, February 7, 2019Mr.Suit
Mnemosyne Cabin ListBachLynn2312:29, February 6, 2019HaleTheKing
Morpheus Cabin ListBachLynn2312:29, February 6, 2019HaleTheKing
Eris Cabin ListHydrocarbon199712:24, February 6, 2019HaleTheKing
Ares Cabin ListBachLynn2310:18, February 2, 2019HaleTheKing
Poseidon Cabin ListBachLynn2309:38, February 2, 2019HaleTheKing
Iris Cabin ListBachLynn2311:06, January 25, 2019AdrasteiaFate
Pandia Cabin ListBachLynn2314:16, January 17, 2019Zany Knave
Lyssa Cabin ListBachLynn2313:01, January 17, 2019Zany Knave
Aetna Cabin ListBrocky29214:21, January 15, 2019HaleTheKing
Apate Cabin ListBachLynn2301:25, January 13, 2019KMØ
Limos Cabin ListBachLynn2300:52, November 20, 2018~The Musician~
Plutus Cabin ListBrocky29220:42, November 7, 2018JayeMalik'
Harmonia Cabin ListHydrocarbon199723:16, April 28, 2018Brocky292
Melinoe Cabin ListBachLynn2323:15, April 28, 2018Brocky292
Oizys Cabin ListBrocky29200:26, March 28, 2018Brocky292
Astraeus Cabin ListBachLynn2320:51, January 30, 2018Brocky292
Tyche Cabin ListBachLynn2323:55, January 16, 2018EvilhariboMadness
Zephyrus Cabin ListBachLynn2309:12, November 15, 2017LyreOfOrpheHyus
Prometheus Cabin ListBachLynn2321:55, November 10, 2017Brocky292

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