Characters who aren't dead, missing or gone for good, but aren't currently at camp for some reason or another.

Active Characters
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Sadie AllettDaMigster19:22, February 24, 2019KevyBot
Jay OlveraJediWaterBender03:38, February 19, 2019Mr.Suit
Kiara QuiñonesJayeMalik'03:17, December 18, 2018Zany Knave
Frankie HaleBird of Winter02:41, December 18, 2018Zany Knave
Dallas AriasZany Knave02:41, December 18, 2018Zany Knave
Cedric KangZany Knave02:40, December 18, 2018Zany Knave
Aaron WinchesterJayeMalik'21:10, December 16, 2018Koserein
Gracie SummersZany Knave04:21, October 19, 2018Slayingthehalcyon
Elyson HaleLyreOfOrpheHyus08:29, August 27, 2018LyreOfOrpheHyus
Sophia LockwoodTimeLord1515:49, August 16, 2018HaleTheKing
Ariana HaleHaleTheKing15:40, August 16, 2018HaleTheKing
Agnes IglesiasLyreOfOrpheHyus21:24, March 15, 2018LyreOfOrpheHyus
CameronBrocky29201:45, February 21, 2018Brocky292
Dae-HoBrocky29201:42, February 21, 2018Brocky292
Cody CheonBrocky29201:34, February 21, 2018Brocky292
Takumi AkiraSummer June20:32, February 11, 2018Summer June
Quentin ChandlerSummer June20:30, February 11, 2018Summer June
Jaron SchreaveSummer June20:28, February 11, 2018Summer June
Julian Maverick~The Musician~20:21, February 8, 2018~The Musician~
Clarity Havens~The Musician~20:19, February 8, 2018~The Musician~
Tracey Covington~The Musician~20:16, February 8, 2018~The Musician~
Andra SydneyNat2523:50, January 4, 2018NatBot
LolaNiamhGallagher201105:09, December 11, 2017Theharlequin
Blake RamirezTheharlequin05:08, December 11, 2017Theharlequin
Rory SeonuZany Knave20:58, December 5, 2017Zany Knave
Simon KimZany Knave20:58, December 5, 2017Zany Knave
Leslie HookerZany Knave20:42, December 5, 2017Zany Knave
MatthiasAlterdevil22:00, November 17, 2017KevyBot
Levi RyukAlterdevil22:00, November 17, 2017KevyBot
Daichi SaitoAlterdevil21:59, November 17, 2017KevyBot
Seth De LucaTheOneUpper03:36, July 19, 2017KevyBot
Hunter WilsonKMØ03:35, July 19, 2017KevyBot
Cedric GlenisterBachLynn2303:34, July 19, 2017KevyBot
Meribel RebaneThaLispector08:30, July 17, 2017Aeriesol
Lara VillafañeThaLispector08:24, July 17, 2017Aeriesol
Colette TylerBroken fire02:27, July 16, 2017Broken fire
James SpallUniPacific1620:05, April 30, 2017UniPacific16
Kade JohnsonNat2520:50, March 6, 2017KevyBot
Lyle FaragherEvilhariboMadness05:40, December 24, 2016EvilhariboMadness
Sapphire Reed~The Musician~07:36, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Walter MinerMeloney07:17, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Ember GlassBroken fire07:16, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Kenzie ChaiBrocky29207:14, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Brock GarrethBachLynn2306:44, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Tydal CarmenoRiri2506:43, December 23, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Seo Sang-HyukEvilhariboMadness01:54, December 23, 2016EvilhariboMadness
Oh MinyeolAoCatrene15:11, November 15, 2016AoCatrene
Mary KozakuraAoCatrene16:21, November 3, 2016AoCatrene
MihoBroken fire03:14, October 31, 2016Broken fire
Kesha LuiBroken fire02:49, October 31, 2016Broken fire
Kevin BlazerBroken fire02:44, October 31, 2016Broken fire
Zayden TanberryBroken fire02:40, October 31, 2016Broken fire
Cilan CrusoeLyreOfOrpheHyus01:35, October 29, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Patricles LightwoodArteminx01:31, October 29, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Crystal Unity Pierce~The Musician~13:29, October 21, 2016~The Musician~
Dmitri Smoke~The Musician~13:26, October 21, 2016~The Musician~
Ariana Valentine~The Musician~13:23, October 21, 2016~The Musician~
Ivory Clermont~The Musician~13:22, October 21, 2016~The Musician~
Scott Grey~The Musician~13:19, October 21, 2016~The Musician~
Diana Leighton~The Musician~13:18, October 21, 2016~The Musician~
Christian Alexander~The Musician~13:16, October 21, 2016~The Musician~
Airitz DrevisonAoCatrene14:52, August 19, 2016AoCatrene
SydneyAoCatrene14:31, August 19, 2016AoCatrene
Blake Shadows~The Musician~14:01, July 18, 2016~The Musician~
Mako RaekenLyreOfOrpheHyus02:17, June 29, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
NoraWisdomShowsTruth13:02, June 28, 2016Meloney
RyuseiMeloney13:01, June 28, 2016Meloney
Mirabel ShieldsMeloney12:52, June 28, 2016Meloney
HanzMeloney12:21, June 28, 2016Meloney
Xing AiMeloney12:17, June 28, 2016Meloney
Guinevere M. KeystoneMeloney12:13, June 28, 2016Meloney
Joselyn CarlesonMeloney12:09, June 28, 2016Meloney
Evelynn WickerMeloney12:08, June 28, 2016Meloney
Roger MecerMeloney12:07, June 28, 2016Meloney
Caitlyn EdisonMeloney12:01, June 28, 2016Meloney
Analeese SterlingScalesofFate01:33, June 19, 2016~The Musician~
Oung Seong-HoLyreOfOrpheHyus15:09, May 29, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
Rho Jin-HoLyreOfOrpheHyus15:09, May 29, 2016LyreOfOrpheHyus
ElsaPandoraStar41101:48, May 23, 2016Waves Of Wisdom
AnamikaBachLynn2320:50, May 15, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Maisie BeaufortTheWondefulMaskedMadame20:50, May 15, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Marilyn MazurThaLispector20:50, May 15, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Holden SniderBachLynn2320:49, May 15, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
HopeTheWondefulMaskedMadame20:40, May 15, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
AmataeBachLynn2320:39, May 15, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
CaparinaTheWondefulMaskedMadame20:38, May 15, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
NimueTheWondefulMaskedMadame20:37, May 15, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
HarmonyBachLynn2320:36, May 15, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Cerensa de SavignyTheWondefulMaskedMadame21:14, January 16, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Rex GadwayBachLynn2300:24, January 15, 2016TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Drew PiersonEvilhariboMadness17:08, December 28, 2015EvilhariboMadness
Ryker ThovainBachLynn2323:34, November 21, 2015EvilhariboMadness
Julia Mana FontanillaAoCatrene17:23, October 25, 2015AoCatrene
Paige MorrisBrocky29201:22, October 9, 2015Brocky292
Mercius CoastallionEvilhariboMadness03:59, July 7, 2015EvilhariboMadness
Alecander HartEvilhariboMadness08:42, June 21, 2015EvilhariboMadness
Alexander ReedBrocky29208:29, June 21, 2015Brocky292
Ada McMillanAliasKit20:20, May 23, 2015BelladonnaTook
Abigail RiveraEvilhariboMadness19:21, May 23, 2015BelladonnaTook
Hikaru RealightWaves Of Wisdom18:54, May 13, 2015KevyBot
Jonas QueenBrocky29223:50, May 6, 2015BelladonnaTook
Jesse QueenEvilhariboMadness13:33, May 6, 2015BelladonnaTook
Chuluun ZayaAliasKit12:49, May 6, 2015BelladonnaTook
Arthur JonesLeGruff15:57, May 4, 2015BelladonnaTook
Carolyn BellTheWondefulMaskedMadame16:44, April 14, 2015BelladonnaTook
Jason CloveDrXax22:48, April 11, 2015DrXax
Seamus HarfieldEvilhariboMadness12:24, April 11, 2015EvilhariboMadness
FriyaEvilhariboMadness01:00, April 10, 2015BelladonnaTook
Ivona DenisovaRubyRose1718:15, March 8, 2015BelladonnaTook
Cori PhoenixShadowGoddess13:35, March 4, 2015Kanade Otonashi
Andrea SwanAoCatrene13:25, February 12, 2015AoCatrene
Samantha HarrisAliasKit10:19, January 16, 2015AliasKit
Christopher WinchesterAliasKit10:15, January 16, 2015AliasKit
Nicholas TannerAliasKit03:00, January 16, 2015AliasKit
Faith JusticeAliasKit06:10, January 8, 2015AliasKit
Caroline LassiterAliasKit06:09, January 8, 2015AliasKit
Bridget ConnollyAliasKit06:08, January 8, 2015AliasKit
Titus HarrisonBrocky29214:29, January 3, 2015AoCatrene
Maya LiuChocoMadness06:01, January 3, 2015AliasKit
Monique AlexandreDrXax01:15, December 31, 2014DrXax
SparrowTheWondefulMaskedMadame02:24, December 24, 2014Brocky292
April Anne MansonTheWondefulMaskedMadame00:09, December 12, 2014WikiaBot
Tiffany MontezAoCatrene16:29, November 8, 2014AoCatrene
Reign Blanche HyeonAoCatrene16:29, November 8, 2014AoCatrene
Hailee MichaelsonSlayingthehalcyon14:13, October 11, 2014TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Ronald BranwellLyreOfOrpheHyus21:59, August 21, 2014WikiaBot
Jacqueline O'DonovanEvilhariboMadness21:59, August 21, 2014WikiaBot
Drake SoressWindsword718:57, June 14, 2014Slayingthehalcyon
Aidan GriffinEvilhariboMadness01:20, May 24, 2014EvilhariboMadness
Jason BlaiseRoslyn12318:41, May 17, 2014BachLynn23
Leonor EmmalynRubyRose1718:38, May 17, 2014BachLynn23
Elisabella WrightRubyRose1718:35, May 17, 2014BachLynn23
Aili MaherRubyRose1718:30, May 17, 2014BachLynn23
Imogene KeaneRubyRose1718:29, May 17, 2014BachLynn23
EmeliaRubyRose1718:26, May 17, 2014BachLynn23
Asterick SeilersRubyRose1717:04, May 17, 2014RubyRose17
AdelpheRubyRose1717:03, May 17, 2014RubyRose17
Cherry WilsonRubyRose1717:00, May 17, 2014RubyRose17
Cáne LatouretteEvilhariboMadness18:30, May 11, 2014BachLynn23
Holly ParksTheWondefulMaskedMadame17:41, April 30, 2014TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Reagan WitchersEvilhariboMadness20:13, April 28, 2014BachLynn23
Terran WheelerNhlott19:47, March 24, 2014BachLynn23
SmokewraithNhlott19:42, March 24, 2014BachLynn23
Kayden DarnellEvilhariboMadness18:54, March 24, 2014BachLynn23
Colin MossNhlott16:45, March 24, 2014BachLynn23
Breeze NightingaleTheWondefulMaskedMadame23:35, March 16, 2014BachLynn23
Dade AveryTheWondefulMaskedMadame20:51, March 8, 2014BachLynn23
Jason McAllenLeGruff16:17, February 21, 2014LeGruff
Koshi RoshidaNhlott22:38, December 7, 2013BachLynn23
AnnieShadowGoddess16:04, December 7, 2013BachLynn23
Alexandria TaylorTheWondefulMaskedMadame21:37, November 28, 2013TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Cato MarksBrocky29210:41, November 25, 2013DaMigster
Ian JacobsNhlott13:06, November 21, 2013BachLynn23
Diara WintersShadowGoddess17:36, November 14, 2013BachLynn23
Auvrea de OusseaTheWondefulMaskedMadame15:19, November 8, 2013BachLynn23
Flare MendesTheWondefulMaskedMadame19:17, November 3, 2013BachLynn23
Alanna ClarkJediWaterBender17:26, October 21, 2013BachLynn23
Tanya StepanovSirMoodletonofCanadia22:41, September 6, 2013KMØ
Sentinel-3Nhlott21:08, August 26, 2013KMØ
Nelson MartinMeloney01:10, August 4, 2013BachLynn23
Inactive Characters
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Xavier DanielsNhlott19:22, February 24, 2019KevyBot
Wallace McKiddDaMigster19:22, February 24, 2019KevyBot
Samuel BurgundyDaMigster19:22, February 24, 2019KevyBot
Ronan EucliffeDaMigster19:22, February 24, 2019KevyBot
Morgan VanHalaTheWiseOne19:22, February 24, 2019KevyBot
Charlee BrownfieldDaMigster19:21, February 24, 2019KevyBot
Kim Soo YeonAoCatrene17:14, January 6, 2018Alterdevil
Phoebe CardewArteminx08:31, April 7, 2017HaleTheKing
Jorah TennantBachLynn2310:23, June 21, 2016HaleTheKing
Fynn SchönbergBachLynn2310:15, June 21, 2016HaleTheKing
ToryRubyRose1720:25, January 5, 2016Arteminx
KellerEvilhariboMadness20:14, January 5, 2016Arteminx
LenoraPandoraStar41119:07, January 5, 2016Arteminx
DraxVicctory18:39, January 5, 2016Arteminx
VaughnAliasKit18:22, January 5, 2016Arteminx
KallistratePandoraStar41118:10, January 5, 2016Arteminx
Katherine "Kitty" Rose WintersBeyondTheStars16:20, December 26, 2015HaleTheKing
Romeo CrawfordSlyTheMerc17:00, May 30, 2015KevyBot
Ian DrakeDarth Mercio16:59, May 30, 2015KevyBot
Tyen IvesQwertyD13:21, May 29, 2015ScalesofFate
Adrea LeighRawr2717:17, May 10, 2015Aeriesol
Ella QuinnEvilhariboMadness16:07, May 6, 2015BelladonnaTook
Elisabetta ModiglianiThaLispector21:49, May 2, 2015BelladonnaTook
Zara HawkinsThaLispector19:33, April 18, 2015BelladonnaTook
Damian PietrzakEvilhariboMadness23:44, April 9, 2015BelladonnaTook
PippaKaneity16:27, April 9, 2015SkylarBot
Jill Evergrace~Mathemagical09:41, January 15, 2015Demi-hunter13
Parker ChoiEvilhariboMadness05:08, December 28, 2014Demi-hunter13
Hwang Tae-HyunEvilhariboMadness05:08, December 28, 2014Demi-hunter13
Danny BrookshireEvilhariboMadness05:08, December 28, 2014Demi-hunter13
Nolan CollinsNhlott00:09, December 12, 2014WikiaBot
Kuro SaitouAoCatrene12:06, November 6, 2014Demi-hunter13
Fiona McAlisterMadMaple11:37, August 18, 2014Demi-hunter13
Melanie WattWaves Of Wisdom13:03, June 18, 2014Demi-hunter13
VittoriaKaneity13:03, June 18, 2014Demi-hunter13
Anne WinchesterKaneity13:01, June 18, 2014Demi-hunter13
Sydney AcetiKaneity13:00, June 18, 2014Demi-hunter13
CamelliaPandoraStar41112:59, June 18, 2014Demi-hunter13
ReinetteKaneity12:57, June 18, 2014Demi-hunter13
TaurusPandoraStar41121:14, June 10, 2014PandoraStar411
DivinityHermione Fleur10:54, June 8, 2014Demi-hunter13
Nia McDareSocutewow1807:36, May 23, 2014Demi-hunter13
Patience ConstellStarke2104:42, May 20, 2014Demi-hunter13
Alison ChevalierMadMaple06:52, March 27, 2014Demi-hunter13
Darcy WilliamsMadMaple06:51, March 27, 2014Demi-hunter13
Elizabeth PiperRawr2720:18, March 25, 2014BachLynn23
Sol And Aylin Jefferson'sMeloney19:43, March 24, 2014BachLynn23
AdiraRedflower0223:35, March 16, 2014Demi-hunter13
Helena MoretzStarke2106:50, February 2, 2014Demi-hunter13
Jacqueline SparrowThaLispector21:23, November 21, 2013BachLynn23
Hope LehaneThaLispector09:41, November 21, 2013BachLynn23
Ester MeierHidden Magic11:42, November 16, 2013BachLynn23
Aura KingShadowGoddess12:00, November 8, 2013BachLynn23
Mac WashingtonTheflammablesection19:47, November 3, 2013BachLynn23
Emily DaleRawr2721:56, October 18, 2013BachLynn23

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