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  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to cause someone to believe that they are trapped inside a labyrinth, disrupting their senses into seeing anything else for a short time. While under its effect, they become more vulnerable to attacks.
  2. Children of Ariadne, while a labyrinth is summoned, have the ability to create 1 to 3 lesser monsters (those classified as “easy” in the Monster Encyclopedia) nearby them within it; these monsters, however, will not be controlled and will attack anyone they see.


  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to create a large portion of a labyrinth wall to protect themselves until it corrodes after a short time. The walls can be created at all directions to create an absolute defense, but drains more energy from the user. Conversely, this can be used to imprison enemies.
  2. Children of Ariadne can cause a person to feel/be lost, as if they don’t know how to reach their desired destination and wander off aimlessly which may induce distress, confusion and loss of concentration, for a short time. The effect can be used on a larger number of people, but drains more energy.


  1. Children of Ariadne have the innate ability to find their way through/around any sort of puzzle, maze or obstacle without any aid, as if they have a psychic compass within them. They are also able to perceive any kind of hidden obstruction, trap or dead-end within a 10 meter radius around them.
  2. Children of Ariadne have the innate ability to see in multiple directions at once, allowing their senses of sight to become more finely attuned to their surroundings.


  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to create a real labyrinth which traps anyone inside it for a short time. The user has total control over the creation, such as altering and closing its walls or even expand the maze at any time. However, a larger maze will consume more energy from the user. The maze has a roof over it and cannot be teleported out of.
  2. Children of Ariadne can conjure a very durable wool string that can be used to navigate around a place, mislead or ensnare victims, bind or strangle enemies, hold or suspense things firmly, weave fine cloth or in any way possible. The longer the string, the more energy it drains. The string can also be conjured from the ground or from any surface.
  3. Children of Ariadne can increase or decrease a person's passions, whether the purpose is to weaken one’s will to fight, or to motivate them to do a certain hobby or to love, etc. The longer this state is maintained, the more energy is drained from the user.
  4. Children of Ariadne are able to teleport themselves through the mazes they created. The further the distance traveled, the more energy drained.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to construct paths out of materials found around them that they can use to take them anywhere (up into the air, over trees, etc.) but as they move along the path, the path behind them slowly corrodes. The longer they use the energy required to make a path, the more they are drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to enchant a localized location into becoming an illogical, yet illusory, maze which traps anyone inside it. With this ability, the user can cause a building’s passageways to lead somewhere else such as an upstairs flight lead to the basement, a closet room lead to the rooftop, lead a door back to itself, and so on and so forth. The larger the area of effect and the longer it is held, the more it drains the user.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to materialize a shadowy form of the Minotaur into existence which is capable of both fighting and dying under their control, in a sense; afterwards, it will vanish and drains the user extensively. However, the Minotaur conjured is weaker than its real counterpart would be.


  1. Children of Ariadne have an excellent sense of direction, and are able to navigate and locate any location with ease, rarely getting lost.
  2. Children of Ariadne are typically willing to help others, even to strangers.

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