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  1. Children of Melinoe can create weapons made of solid ectoplasm in order to aid them in combat. Only one weapon may exist at a time ,the longer the weapons are maintained, the more energy is drained. They can also coat their existing weapons in ectoplasm in order to temporarily strengthen them.
  2. Children of Melinoe can send shockwave-like blasts made of solid ectoplasmic energy which feel like a very powerful punch on contact, also momentarily stunning whoever it contacts.


  1. Children of Melinoe have the ability to become intangible for short periods; making them immune to attacks but also unable to attack naturally.
  2. Children of Melinoe are able to manipulate the tangibility of ghosts around them to form a shield, that is no larger than the user, to protect themselves.


  1. Children of Melinoe are innately able to talk to and command ghosts, they can also help ghosts with any unfinished business that is keeping them tethered. They can also use this ghost to spy for them, or gather information.
  2. Children of Melinoe make the people around them uneasy and sometimes fearful as a result of their ghostly aura; they can turn this off for a long time if they desire.


  1. Children of Melinoe have the ability to summon a single poltergeist which will fight for them for a short time.
  2. Children of Melinoe have the ability to summon a banshee, which will instantly begin wailing and stun anyone who is not intangible for a short time before vanishing.
  3. Children of Melinoe, while intangible, can travel in this manner as a ghost would, disappearing and appearing in another location, however the longer the travel the more it drains the user.
  4. Children of Melinoe have the ability to transform a weapon into an intangible state for a short time, making it so no one can touch it. They also have the ability to possess an object for a short time and then attack or defend with it. If the object is struck, they are expelled from it.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Melinoe have the ability to cause ghosts (up to 4) to attempt to possess a single other person’s body. The ghosts can then be commanded to temporarily control the body if it is an ally, or for an opponent the ghosts will only be able to hinder the possessed person from what they are doing. This only lasts for a short time, and the more ghosts that are summoned, the greater drain the user feels.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Melinoe have the ability to shed their human nature and appear as either a demon or angel, as their mother has dual chthonian and heavenly aspects. As a demon, the user has the ability to strike fear and despair into the heart of the enemy and emit a scream similar to that of a banshee's. As an angel, the user is granted flight (as angels are often depicted as having wings), and have the ability to instil respect and peace into whomever they come in contact with. The use of this power is extremely draining, and the user can only chose to be either angel or demon, never a combination of the two. After use, the user cannot use the power again for 24 hours.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Melinoe have the ability to enter a intangible ghostly apparition, in this state, they are immune to attacks, and can control up to 15 ghosts at a time. In this state they are also able to use ghostly power to lift, throw, move, teleport, or possess objects; They are also able to command another ghosts to possess an object, and control the movements of that object through the ghost possessing it. This ghostly state only lasts for a short time, and after exiting it, the user will be drained and unable to move, or possibly faint. However, the amount of ghosts the user controlled in this state, will attempt to protect the user for a small portion of the time that the user is incapacitated.


  1. Children of Melinoe usually enjoy talking to ghosts, preferring their company over the living.
  2. Children of Melinoe often have two sided personalities, one angelic and bright. The other demonic and dark.
  3. Children of Melinoe typically enjoy scaring people and are not easily frightened themselves
  4. Children of Melinoe sometimes grow up to be paranormal investigators.

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