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  1. They have the ability to conjure objects out of pure moon-light; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it.
  1. They are stronger at night when the moon is out
  2. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs, this is the strongest with night animals
  3. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  1. They can bend moonlight around them, to conceal them for a short time
  2. They can create beams of moonlight, depending on the intensity they can use it to help them and others to see in the dark, or use it to distract an enemy momentarily by blinding them
  1. They have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into pure moonlight, while in this state they are immune from attacks and can fly
  2. They have the ability to actually ride moonbeams they have created, or that are there naturally

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