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Cries of War/Hellhound South:Flame vs. ShisKanade Otonashi2015-01-07 03:03:48
Nemo vs Remi - Round 2 - Remi wins by defaultKMØ2015-05-04 20:40:40
Cries of War/Divisional Playoffs: Rlb vs. HydroKanade Otonashi2015-05-05 00:26:37
Bela vs Danny - Round 1- Danny WinsBachLynn232015-06-03 13:27:49
Cries of War/Final Playoffs:Hydro vs. WindHydrocarbon19972017-01-03 04:48:06
Cries of War/Divisional Playoffs: Wind vs. BrockyKanade Otonashi2017-01-14 22:40:46
James vs. Ailred - round 2 - James WinsKMØ2017-01-14 22:41:04
Roleplay Battle Royale/Enter the Battledome/Example vs Example - Round 1BachLynn232017-01-14 22:41:24
Skirmishes Test match 2Flamefang2017-06-26 07:57:31
Roleplay Battle Royale/Enter the BattledomeBachLynn232017-10-24 07:15:26
Main Forum/Training Arena/Honk HonkYukaronachan2017-12-08 17:01:32
Contest:Cries of War/Hellhound North:Wonder vs.Onyx - Onyx winsKMØ2018-03-13 09:34:23
Cries of War/Hydra South: Song vs.MigsKBØT2019-02-24 19:21:29
Contest:Cries of War/Hydra South:Rlb vs.MigsKBØT2019-02-24 19:22:30
Cries of War/Hydra South:Migs vs.UnuKBØT2019-02-24 19:22:30
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