Celandia's Cranny

  • Bedroom
  • Library
  • Potions cabinet
  • Potions cabinet 2

Upon reaching the door at the end of the third floor hallway, you stare at the delicately carved oaken door, symbols etched on every inch of its surface. Pushing it open, you can't help but be awed as you see not a normal bedroom, but an extravagantly large library.

Books of all varieties are spread in your line of vision, arranged in no particular order. The silence of the library is occasionally disturbed by the muffled sounds of footsteps and books being put back into place. You feel the silence force itself upon you, seemingly more magical than any ordinary library. You also glimpse the glimmer of similar motifs from the door scattered about - on the spine of a book, the hard wood of a bookshelf, or even glittering on a floating lamp.

Though you hear the noise they make, you stumble upon no people. After wandering around the magnificent place for a bit, you spot a lone mahogany desk sitting proudly with a comfortable leather armchair near the back. Papers are neatly piled high on the surface of the desk, and an exquisite quill sits poise in its holder. You sneak a peek towards the documents, but are disappointed upon finding that they are written in symbols as well. One paper, however, is the exception. It stands out with glittering oyster purple ink, the words seeming like shouts to the naked eye.

To anyone who has stumbled upon my dearest library,

Please feel free to check out any books as you wish. You should be aware, however, that there are fees to be paid lest you cease to return them within the appropriate time frame.

Sincerely yours,
Celandia Breen

If a certain symbol is pressed on the wall behind the desk, a passageway opens up to reveal Cela's bedroom. The symbol can only be activated by the owner herself or another child of magic. It is exquisitely furnished with the most precious books she owns, the bedroom necessities, and another door leads to a tiled and clean bathroom equipped with a shower.

On one side of the wall, two mismatched cabinets stand side by side, filled with potions, scrolls, and other witchy stuff. Her flute case leans against a cushion chair. A fine tea set sits empty on a small table in the middle of the room, just waiting to be filled. Her portable potions kit usually is in its place by the shelves. Heating is introduced via a heating vent well away from any flammable objects in a secluded corner of the room.

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