Character Page HTML Coding Signup

Welcome to the Character Page HTML Coding Signup forum! Around the wiki, you may have noticed that some character pages are "coded". HTML coding is hard to learn, but once you do learn, you never forget. Some of our users here can HTML code, and are willing to code some pages for you! All of the pages coded will be made by using either Template:Version 5 Character Page or User:BachLynn23/Blank Coding. If you haven't seen a HTML coded page, here is a few examples. Example One, Example Two, and Example Three! All you have to do is follow the instructions to sign up!==Instructions==


1.* Pick which character page you want coded.

2. Figure out what colours you want for the text, the header, and the outline. The text is the colour of the words, the header is the colour of the big coded headings and the outline is well its the outline! Also pick which font you wish to use. (You can find available colours and fonts listed below! Or you can use website for colors.)

3. Comment in the comments with something like this:

I wish to code the character page:John Smith. (text color = colour is "put colour here", header colour = "put colour here", outline colour is "put colour here", background color = *put color here* and I wish the font type to be "put colour here".

You may only ask for one page at a time. Once that page is completed you can add another page to the list.

4. Next, just wait. If there are people before you, theirs will be done first. Just wait patiently and it will get done as soon as we can.

*One charater page at a time per user. Once that page is done you may sign up for another character page to be coded, but ONLY after your first one has been completed.

Done Pages

Finished Pages

  1. Trey Beuford
  2. Quinn LeClaire
  3. Scott MacDiarmid
  4. Milliana Scott
  5. Piotr Vanko

Coding Users

Coder Users

This is a list of users which will be coding the pages.If you also know how to code and would like to help with this project as well just add your name and begin ^-^
  1. Kevin
  2. Oli
  3. Momo
  4. WoW (Semi-Active)
  5. Witty
  6. Natalia

Colors & Fonts

Colors & Fonts
Badly Coded Page

This page contains minor bad and/or broken coding, it appears that the issuse is: font & center tags. It is not a huge problem so if the user who owns the page does not wish to fix it, that is up to them. However anyone viewing this page that is interested in copying coding for use on their pages, CEASE AND DESIST!!! Do not copy coding from this page. Also, do not remove this message unless the coding has been fixed. So Sorry....

~Management Team

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