Civitas Popularis

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Civitas Popularis

(Republic, Democracy)


Δικαιοσύνη και Ισότητα για Όλους

(Fairness and equality for all)

Fellow Demigods, I have come to believe wholeheartedly, that the gods have been too long uncontested in their rule, it is the very reason we have all gathered here, the common thread that binds us all together. They have become corrupt, lazy, egotistical, are they really any better than those that came before them that the gods themselves over threw? However, I fear that some may be looking at the solution to short sightedly, if we simply take them out of their rule by destroying them or overthrowing them, how long before their replacements also become as corrupt? On the other hand, if no one were in charge, what would happen, what kind of chaos might ensue without any clear entity in charge, where would the dead go, who would control the monsters? What we need is to take a page from the mortals, we need a form of democracy, it's time to modernise, time to bring the Gods and the Greek world we live in into the 21st century. We need democracy, that's right, democracy, we need to ensure that all Greek species, demigods and nature spirits and gods a like have a say, have a voice, that they have a VOTE! A Democratic government for the Greek world we live in would serve to ensure that no god or demigod could become overindulged with power for too long.

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Second in Command

Faction Members

  1. Skiddo Ban (Child of Soteria)
  2. Elysia Aleksi (Child of Hecate)
  3. Heo Jae-Hun (Child of Khronos)
  4. Syrus Lupin (Child of Psyche)
  5. Phoebe Banner (Child of Triton)
  6. Estrelle Lacroix (Child of Asteria)
  7. Octavian (Child of the Nemean Lion)


Lock Down

Users Officially Less Active

Members who Left/Died

  1. Rebelle Carte (Child of Eurus)
  2. Lyvian Holloway (Child of Styx)
  3. Livia Kay (Child of Aether)
  4. Andre Knight (Child of Koios)
  5. Erin Maeng-Price (Moon Nymph)
  6. Nessa Moss (Child of Lethe)
  7. Braelyn Nance (Child of Eros)
  8. Raphael Pachelli (Child of Kronos)
  9. Clara Saxe-Coburg (Child of Hera)
  10. Irene Saxe-Coburg (Child of Hera)
  11. Calypso St. Clair (Child of Zeus)
  12. Siegfried Thorsen (Child of Hecate)
  13. Taylor Tiorano (Child of Khione)
  14. Sybil (Star Nymph)
  15. Jotham McCoy (Child of Techne)
  16. Kina Moriales (Child of Leto)
  17. Lionel Astor (Child of Themis)

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