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Animal Nymphs 101

Animal Nymphs do not go through regular camp claiming. This is because they were all created in 2012, and all have the same basic history. The only exception to the histories is, say you make one in December of 2013, though it was originally created in the spring of 2012, you can explain where they were for the last 1 1/2 years. Maybe they were travelling protecting their animal, maybe they stayed up on Olympus with their patron for more instruction, etc. If you have any questions or don't understand something, please contact an administrator.


Rules and Further Information on Animal Nymphs/Spirits
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Summary of Rules/Guidelines
  1. These nymphs are created, NOT born and NOT turned
  2. They all have the same history, they were all created around May of 2012, if you are just creating one now, you can explain why they haven't been at camp since then, perhaps staying on Olympus or out doing errands for the gods
    1. For anyone who makes one weeks later, after the first batch are made, the basic history will be the same, it will be assumed they were made at the same time as all the rest, but perhaps did not go directly to camp
  3. For now, it is first come, first serve, if you want in, message an Admin
  4. 3 nymphs per user, they can't be the same animal type, they should be different, up to 4 nymphs per animal
  5. The powers will be mostly universal the same to each nymph. The ONLY special power that each will have is the ability to turn into that type of animal and some passive traits
  6. Getting in on this will not be like going through claiming, as the history is mostly universal, either ask an Admin or sign your name up next to an open spot and then make the page
  7. They cannot speak to people while in animal form, unless it is another animal nymph or someone who has an empathetic/telepathic connection with animals
  8. You will not be allowed to make WBs for the nymphs for their animal forms, however you may add/embellish their regular WB to show their animal form
  9. There is no half and half for what form they are in, they are either in nymph/person form or animal form. So if you are a hawk nymph, that doesn't mean you just randomly sprout wings but nothing else. You are either a complete actual normal sized hawk, or you are a nymph/person.
  10. In theory, I realise the nymphs could procreate after they are created, but we are not allowing children of them on the site. For one, it would be confusing as they would most likely be inter-species. For another reason, the whole group was created in 2012, so even if they could have a child, it would be an infant and not be allowed at camp. Nymphs are created full grown, not born full grown.
  11. Once made they can NOT become hunters, that would be abandoning their entire purpose for being, and is not allowed. They are also not allowed to join the Broken Covenant.
Idea Behind Their Creation

So we all know the gods are vain and territorial and all that. Well, for ages the topic of animal nymphs has come up, and there has yet to be a way to make them work for the wiki, until now. The general idea is, with the world so over populated, the gods decided they wanted to make a group of nymphs that were sort of "guardians" to their sacred animals.

Now, yes I know, some will ask, well why are they at camp (some have). Here's the thing, this is all semantics really. In theory the hunter's should almost never be at camp, and most of the demigods, should only be at camp during holiday breaks (USA holiday breaks), the odds that hundreds of demigods would all be year round campers is highly unlikely and I honestly doubt Rick anticipated Camp fulfilling the needs of so many campers.

That being said, this group of nymphs would be sort of like the Hunters, they may not always be at camp, but Camp is sort of like their base while they are walking on earth and not up on Olympus.

History for ALL Nymphs

This History Must Be Copied And Be On All Animal Nymph/Spirit Pages
For years, the gods and goddesses have watched on while the humans developed through the years, as they advanced both personally and technologically. Lately one thing has become quite clear to them; humans have a habit of being very irresponsible when it comes to their environment and the animals that reside within that environment. They came to a decision, fearing for the safety and longevity of their sacred animals, they have decided to create a special group of nymphs to help protect their sacred animals.

These nymphs’ life forces are each attached to the animal they are a nymph of; if that animal becomes extinct, the nymph will die. The gods considered the fact that here are thousands of animals and creatures that roam the earth, but not wanting to over extend their powers, they have decided to only concern themselves with the animals that are sacred to them.

When they aren’t out in the world helping other nymphs and helping to protect their animals, they spend their time at camp.


Template:Animal Guardian Powers

All Animal Nymphs


  1. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs. They also have a special, stronger connection with other animal nymphs.
  2. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  3. Their senses of smell, sight and hearing are enhanced, enabling them to sniff out monsters, track down demigods, etc.


  1. They are able to summon animals to aid them; they have the best control over their own animal type.

Specific to each Animal Type

  1. Each type of animal nymph has its life force attached to that species, so if a species were to go extinct the nymphs would die.
  2. Each nymph is able to change into the type of animal he/she is, and only that type. So the bear nymph could not turn into a mouse, but he/she could turn into a grizzly bear, black bear, polar bear, etc.
  3. While in animal form they have all the normal abilities of their animals. So if the nymph is a hawk nymph he/she can fly.
  4. While in regular nymph/person form, they only retain passive characteristics/traits from their animals. So if the nymph is a hawk nymph, perhaps he/she remains claustrophobic in enclosed spaces but cannot fly.


  1. Vary between species.

{{Animal Guardian Powers}}

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If you have any questions about how this works, please see Demi or Wonder, Thanks!


Animal Nymph/Spirit Sign Up
To sign up go here to edit this template. Remember only 4 nymphs/spirits per Animal type and only 3 nymphs/spirits per user.
Animal Patrons Active Chars Dead/Gone Chars

Barn Owl

  1. Ares
  2. Athena
  1. Mione (Elena, Left Camp)
  2. Mechmouse (Willow, Left Camp)
  3. Saurus (Soren, Left Camp)


  1. Persephone
  2. Nyx
  1. Merc (Wayne, Left Camp)
  2. Bella (Katilyn, Left Camp)
  3. Minkclaw (Hazel, Left Camp)
  4. Twilight (Lilah)


  1. Artemis
  1. Kevin (WIP)
  2. Oli (Arthur)
  3. Gaby (Finley)
  1. Ellie (Cora), Left Camp)
  2. Angeli (Steve, Left Camp)
  3. Kitty (Nita, Left Camp)
  4. WT (Teddie, Left Camp)
  5. Nata Roebot (Bernard, Left Camp)


  1. Dionysus
  2. Poseidon
  3. Notus
  1. Jay (Fervora, Left Camp)
  2. Raid (Lucas, Left Camp)
  3. Nata Roebot (Dume, Left Camp)


  1. Psyche
  1. Lumo (Juliet, Left Camp)
  2. WT (Caparina, Left Camp)

Buzzard Hawk

  1. Artemis
  1. Dark (Dawn, Left Camp)
  2. Wind (Camilla, Left Camp)
  3. Raid (Chayton, Left Camp)
  4. Lilly (Ludwig, Left Camp)


  1. Hecate
  1. Brocky (Sammy)
  2. Hyu (Perry)
  1. Mathia (Grace, Left Camp)
  2. Blueb (Mace, Left Camp)


  1. Hermes
  1. Jacob (Hank, Died)


  1. Persephone
  1. Leno (Lanze, Left Camp)
  2. Jacob (Drover, Left Camp)


  1. Hera
  1. Tori (Jolee, Left Camp)
  2. Pandora (Taurus, Left Camp)


  1. Hera
  2. Hephaestus


  1. Apollo
  2. Athena
  1. Ena (Tod, Left Camp)
  2. Hybrid (Neophytos, Left Camp)
  3. Xax (Dorian, Left Camp)


  1. Hera
  1. Waves (Maia, Left Camp)

Deer (Doe)

  1. Apollo
  2. Artemis
  1. Fleiri (Hayley, Left Camp)
  2. Missy (Ji-Yeon, Left Camp)
  3. Dota (Fianna, Left Camp)
  4. Natalia (Kira)


  1. Ares
  2. Hades
  3. Hecate
  4. Lyssa
  1. Brocky (Kipton)
  2. Daichi (Shu)
  3. Kevin (WIP)
  4. Oli (Elliott)
  1. Merc (Kenzie, Left Camp)
  2. Royal (Yoomi, Left Camp)
  3. Koal (Sadiki, Left Camp)


  1. Amphitrite
  2. Aphrodite
  3. Delphin
  4. Dionysus
  5. Poseidon
  1. Gummy (Aquamarine, Left Camp)
  2. SoB (Delfini, Left Camp)
  3. Blue (Stella, Left Camp)


  1. Dionysus
  2. Hephaestus
  1. Awesome (Kwan, Left Camp)
  2. Oli (Garrick, Left Camp)


  1. Muses
  2. Aphrodite
  1. Astrid (Sinclair)
  1. Fleur (Aloma, Left Camp)
  2. Bctcz (Avalyn, Left Camp)
  3. Jaye (Elizabeth, Left Camp)
  4. Jas (Jasmine, Left Camp)
  5. Doggie (Hyori, Left Camp)
  6. SoB (Culver, Left Camp)


  1. Zeus
  1. SoB (Akylas, Left Camp)
  2. Koal (Acilino, Left Camp)
  3. Raid (Ethon, Left Camp)

Eagle Owl

  1. Ares
  2. Athena
  1. Fire (Shane, Left Camp)
  2. Maple (Aveline, Left Camp)
  3. Pandora (Kallistrate, Left Camp)
  4. Justin (Andrew)


  1. Amphitrite
  2. Aphrodite
  3. Poseidon
  1. Riri25 (Pisces, Left Camp)
  2. Gummy (Finnick, Left Camp)
  3. Slay (Kelsie, Left Camp)
  4. Lumo (Aolani, Left Camp)
  5. Brocky (Dae-Ho, Left Camp)


  1. Apollo
  1. Sterek (Riley)
  2. Broken (Miho)
  3. Gaby (WIP)


  1. Demeter
  1. Greateagle (Kinyonga, Left Camp)
  2. Slay (Ashlee, Left Camp)


  1. Dionysus
  2. Aphrodite
  1. Kicz (Cali, Left Camp)

Golden Eagle

  1. Zeus
  1. Red (Sky, Left Camp)
  2. Selena (Matthew, Left Camp)
  3. Kit (Vaughn, Left Camp)
  4. Bea (Farah, Left Camp)


  1. Aphrodite
  1. Selena (Cornelia, Left Camp)
  2. DOW (Scarlett, Left Camp)
  3. Thaniel (Oddseh, Left Camp)


  1. Apollo
  1. Rlb (Delilah, Left Camp)


  1. Artemis


  1. Aphrodite
  2. Eros
  3. Persephone
  1. Harle (Charee)
  2. Shadow (Lepus)
  3. Kane (WIP)
  4. Hyu (WIP)
  1. Kane (Reinette, Left Camp)
  2. Starke (Gabrielle, Left Camp)
  3. Caru (Alaska, Left Camp)


  1. Apollo
  2. Hera
  3. Hermes
  1. James (Amy)
  1. Jayde (Fayth)
  2. WoW (Connor)


  1. Hades (Black Horse)
  2. Helios (White Horse)
  3. Poseidon
  4. Demeter
  1. Kaneity (Pippa, Left Camp)
  2. Aware (Whisper, Left Camp)
  3. Merlin (Sara)


(Not a Bear)

  1. Artemis
  1. Vic (Drax, Left Camp)
  2. Oli (Mae-Ri, Left Camp)


  1. Artemis
  1. Riri (Tiye)
  1. Ribbon (Saffy, Left Camp)
  2. Nerdylove (Ava, Left Camp)


  1. Dionysus
  1. Hailey (Ethan, Left Camp)
  2. Fallen (Henry, Left Camp)
  3. Demy (Lillian, Left Camp)
  4. Jaye (Masen, Left Camp)
  5. LittleMermaid123 (Selina, Left Camp)
  6. Affectos (Amur, Left Camp)


  1. Circe
  2. Hera
  3. Herakles
  4. Rhea
  5. Zeus
  1. Hailey (Kylee, Left Camp)
  2. Ari (Lenora, Left Camp)
  3. Gaby (Olliver, Left Camp)
  4. Ajacopia (Void, Left Camp)
  5. Musician (Damon, Left Camp)


  1. Apollo
  1. Legacy (Draco, Left Camp)
  2. Time (Glycon, Left Camp)


  1. Dionysus
  2. Demeter
  1. Daichi (Matthias)
  1. Shis (Vaska, Left Camp)
  2. Bella (Tuppence, Left Camp)


  1. Apollo
  1. Greateagle (Ambrogio, Left Camp)


  1. Hephaestus
  1. Toxy (WIP)


  1. Ares
  2. Athena
  1. Ellie (Mackenna, Left Camp)
  2. Kit (Celestiana, Left Camp)
  3. Natalia (Alex)


  1. Dionysus
  1. Zany Knave (Sun)
  1. Ez (Alessandro, Left Camp)
  2. Bird (Saika, Left Camp)
  3. Aff (Javan, Left Camp)


  1. Artemis
  1. WoW (In-Su, Left Camp)


  1. Hera
  1. Boss (Tracy, Left Camp)
  2. Upper (Cooper, Left Camp)
  3. Awesome (Maxie, Up for Adoption)


  1. Demeter
  2. Hestia
  1. Ribbon (Miracle, Left Camp)


  1. Hecate


  1. Artemis


  1. Hades
  2. Hermes
  3. Zeus
  4. Ares
  1. Rlb (Alala, Left Camp)
  2. Def (Ransiten, Left Camp)


  1. Apollo
  1. Riri (Coronis)
  1. Bloom (Kraehe, Left Camp)
  2. Demigod (Beretta, Left Camp)
  3. Math (Wilmarie, Left Camp)
  4. Moony (Kanima, Left Camp)
  5. Def (Alastar, Left Camp)


  1. Artemis
  1. Gaby (Rudy)
  1. Red (Adira, Left Camp)
  2. Becca (Kathie, Left Camp)
  3. Dukepearl (Amber, Left Camp)
  4. Kitty (Honovi, Left Camp)
  5. Bella (Bonny, Left Camp)


  1. Helios
  2. Leto

Screech Owl

  1. Ares
  2. Athena
  3. Demeter
  4. Hades
  5. Persephone
  6. The Furies
  1. Yew (Gyan, Left Camp)


  1. Amphitrite
  1. Ari (Ivory, Left Camp)
  2. Britney (Rebecca, Left Camp)


  1. Asclepius
  2. Apollo
  3. Ares
  4. Artemis
  5. Demeter
  6. Dionysus
  7. The Furies
  8. Hygeia
  1. Sean (Marcy)
  2. James (Boa Serpiente)
  1. Jaye (Jerome, Left Camp)
  2. Hybrid (Ophiuchus, Left Camp)
  3. Ash (Sung, Left Camp)
  4. Dash (Syrena, Left Cam)


  1. Hermes
  1. Oli (Keller, Left Camp)
  2. Sheep (Rielza, Left camp)
  3. Jay (Randy, Left Camp)
  4. Bella (Rhys, Left Camp)


  1. Aphrodite
  1. Riri25 (Rynn, Left Camp)
  2. Mysterious (Aderyn, Left Camp)
  3. Ruby (Tory, Left Camp)
  4. Awesome (Deryn, Left Camp)
  5. Ari (Lizzie)
  6. Nerdy (Rachel, Left Camp)
  7. Duke (Jenna, Left Camp)


  1. Arachne
  1. Sean (Zen)
  1. Nicki (Faye)


  1. Artemis
  1. Selena (Eliot, Left Camp)
  2. Foxy (Shiroi-Kaminari, Left Camp)
  3. Lindsay (Chrysanthemum, Left Camp)
  4. Watcher (Saskia, Left Camp)
  5. Ghost (Noah Blossom, Left Camp)


  1. Zeus
  2. Apollo
  3. Aphrodite
  1. Xax (Jane)
  2. Kane (Odette)
  1. Dancin (Callista, Dead)
  2. Kattentine (Dani, Dead)
  3. DemigodSwan (Sierra, Left Camp)

Blueb (Seung-yeon, Left Camp)


  1. Dionysus
  1. Sterek (Chandler)
  1. Jay (Caresse, Left Camp)
  2. Shady (Shira, Left Camp)
  3. Four (Mathilde, Left Camp)
  4. Natalia (Baghinder)


  1. Hermes
  1. Mel (Ameli)


  1. Ares
  1. Seany (Law)
  1. Hybrid (Abraxas, Left Camp)


  1. Hecate
  2. Leto
  1. Doctor (Ace, Left Camp)

Wild Boar

  1. Ares
  2. Artemis


  1. Apollo
  2. Zeus
  1. Kevin (Bane)
  2. Oli (WIP)
  3. Manolo (Noah)
  4. Sterek (Theo)
  1. Foxy (Xue Niao, Left Camp)
  2. Akira (Bryant Left Camp)


  1. Ares
  1. Fleur (Divinity, Left Camp)
  2. Fallen (Melina, Left Camp)
  3. Doctor (Lyra, Left Camp)
  4. Mel (Erlina, Missing)

If you have any questions about how this works, please see Migs or Zany , Thanks!