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  • Names: Arrietta and Amelia Frossberg
  • Ages: 19
  • Mortal Parent: Daniel Frossberg
  • God Parent: Lethe
  • Personality:

Amelia: She may look nice on the outside, but she's cold on the inside. She very quiet because she can't hear because she was born deaf. She also can be very forgetful and forgets things easily. She cares deeply for her sister and loves her no matter what.

Arietta: She is really sweet on the outside, but manipulating on the inside. she has a way of getting what she wants without doing anything at all.

  • Appearance: (See pictures)


  • History: Daniel Frossberg, a Scottish Mail Carrier met a young woman who seemed lost. He asked if she was from a different country and she agreed. He took her to lunch due to her not knowing any good restaurants. Daniel got to know the girl quite well. Her name was Lauryn and she was a Californian who wanted to see the world. Daniel really liked the girl and asked if she would come over to his house after they finished eating lunch. She though about it and she said yes. They went home and things kinda... got out of hand. They ended up sleeping together and in the morning, Lauryn was gone.

A few months went by and a knock was at his door before work. He opened the door to find a basket with two babies in it. And a note on the handle. Daniel read the note and it said: Dear Daniel, my name is Lethe, yes like the greek river of forgetness, but I am not a goddess, but a daimona. A spirit. I am the daughter of Eris, goddess of Chaos, and my opposite of Mnemosyne, who remembers. Thought I am the daimona of forgetness, please do not forget me. -Lethe. Daniel was quite displeased with Lethe, but took in the babies.

At age 7, Amelia and Arrietta, what the kids where called, where quite sweet. Amelia would just sketch because she loved sketching. Her father would express no feelings for the children, but when he was mad, he would sometimes take his anger out on them, they just forgot and go back to being themselves. Their father got quite suspicious, but ignored it. Their father eventually moved to America because his business shut down. He got a job as a business man. They lived in a condo and it was quiet, just the way Daniel liked it.

At age 12, Amelia and Arrietta loved school because they had a special friend they loved very much. And her name was Maron. Maron would go over the girls house all the time and their fathr was always working, so they took themselvs to school. Luckily, Maron knew sign language to communicate with Amlia. Sometimes they would read things on the board over and over again to get it, but it would vanish and the teacher didn't know what was going on. Of course, the girls caught someone watching. Like, pedo-ish. He had a black fedora on, a black coat so no one can see his face, and he just looked creepy. The girls didn't want to forget him, but they did anyways. Of course, the man always did watch them.

At age 14, Amelia was in school and the teacher asked Amelia something. Some teachers didn't know Amelia was deaf so Amelia kept writing down something and kept reading over again. The teacher approached Amelia and started to yell at her. Amelia looked up and jumped and fell onto the floor. Arrietta and Maron explained that Amelia was deaf so she didn't understand her. The teacher helped pick up Amelia and wrote down on a sheet of paper 'Sorry'. Amelia said it was fine, in sign language and Maron translated.

At age 15, Arietta and Amelia were walking to school one day when Arrietta heard growling. Arrietta turned around and screamed. Amelia turned around also and was scared to pieces. Maron was around to help and gave Amelia and Arrietta weapons. Maron said/sign launguage'd for them to dodge attack and stab whenever they can. They did so, and killed the large dog. They figured more would be around, so they kept the weapons.

At age 17, Arrietta, Maron, and Amelia were in high school, and Amelia and Arrietta got part-time jobs as cashiers to pay for their own apartment to get away from their father. A lot of kids gave Arrietta and Amelia a lot of trouble, but they weren't going to stand it any longer. Maron said she knew a camp for girls and boys just like them. After school, Maron got in Arrietta's car and Amelia got in the passenger side, and Arrietta got in the back. Maron drove them to camp and they didn't feel quite at home.

At age 19, Amelia and Arrietta saw the campers living in fear of mortals and being hunted by the monsters. The girls couldn't take it anymore. They walked in the dark forest and met a few people who knew how they felt. They led them to some place called the 'Broken Covenant'. They figured they belonged there. 

  • Faction: Veritum Unitum
  • Reason for Veritum: Our world had many rulers, thus involving our parent. But they just sit there as we are used in many ways we shall not be treated. We are used here and there and do the gods come and help us? No! We struggled, we fought, we did everything to survive in order to keep us safe! Our father was never around for us, not even for help! Our father never did protect us, we did that ourselves! Did it come to mind that we had dangerous weapons in hand? No! He certantly did not nurture us. If he even did love us, he would have been by our side! Amelia, born deaf, can't even hear the beauty of nature and blames the gods for this! I say we turn against them, and show them what we're made of! We wish to join to help the others take down the gods and any others whom despise their godly parents.

"But I want to live with father. I love you, father." -Drag795772252 887167



Um, on one of your paragraphs starting with "At age 14," why does it seem cut off? Like something was supposed to be added, but not? There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

Oh shoot. Thank you for pointing that out xD

"But I want to live with father. I love you, father." -Drag795772252 887167

Heinrich Alten ~ Leader of the Broken Covenant
Heinrich Alten

Character's Bio

 Age: ???  Height: ???  Weight: ???
 Sexuality: ???  Relationship Status: N/A
  Main Weapon: His weapons are unknown while his attire is a white hooded robe, and a set of black and gold armor complimented by a full-face mask.

 – “???”

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Child of Hebe:

  1. Children of Hebe have the ability to force the effects of age upon a person for a short time; making them feel pain and cause their movements to be slow and sedated.
  2. Children of Hebe can become temporarily changed during battle and become even stronger and quicker in combat than they were before, for a short time.
  3. Children of Hebe can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  4. Children of Hebe can cause an opponent to feel aching bones and muscles for a short time.
  5. Children of Hebe are innately stronger and faster due to their slow aging.
  6. Children of Hebe have an innately faster rate of healing than other people.
  7. Children of Hebe always have an unlimited supply of Ambrosia, even if none is on them at the time, they can create it out of nothing
  8. Children of Hebe can restore energy to a weakened person and heal some minor wounds.
  9. Children of Hebe are able to curse someone with being very young children again, this has the potential to cause the victim a feeling of being lost, helpless and often leading to fits of crying, this only lasts for a short time and drains the user considerably.
  10. Children of Hebe have the ability to strike someone with a curse of old age for a short time; however, the person will not only feel old, they will become old and be unable to fight or even defend themselves, this also drains the user for a considerable time while using the power
  11. Children of Hebe can bless water to have the effects of allowing whomever drinks it to feel young again for a short time, their appearance may also take on a more youthful appearance for as long as the effects last.
  12. These children age slower than normally, beginning around the age of 12, and retain a youthful appearance far longer than most.

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