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Name: David and Marfa Polzin


History: Before David was born, Josh Polzin met Peitho at a party. Josh felt instantly attractive to Peitho, but the problem was that Josh was already married to his wife Melina Duff. Josh tried to resist the urges to sleep with Peitho, but the goddess was persistent. Eventually all of her efforts were paid off since Peitho with him.

Josh didn't think anything about that night, until nine months later when two babies showed up at his door with a note from Peitho that the kids is his. At first he was freaked and upset about the entire ordeal, but then Josh remembered that his wife was on vacation with her friends in Cancun, and will be home until the next day. Josh immediately went to make the arrangements to have the baby be put into foster care, when Melina Polzin came home early from her vacation. As it turns out Melina did miss her husband incredible and had decided to leave Cancun early and surprise her husband. It appears that Susan is in for a surprise of her own when she sees the children, and began to questioned her husband about the it.

Josh explained to her the baby was in the couple porch when he came home, and was about to called children and family so that they can put the babies into the foster system. Good news for Josh is, Melina didn't suspect that Josh was lying. The bad news is that his wife now wanted to keep babies. Although Josh tried to convince his wife to give up the babies, Susan refused to do so. She reminded Josh that she was sterile and would leave him if he took these children away from her. Josh loving his wife, and not wanting to get on her bad side finally gave in, and agreed for his wife to keep and help raise Josh as his own. Melina was thrilled at the news, and she gave Josh the honor of naming them. Josh named the boy David Micheal Polzin, and the girl he named her Marfa Margurita Polzin.

As David and Marfa became older develop very different experiences when it came to school. While David enjoy activities like fencing, rugby, and Jujitsu, Marfa on the other hand loved to practice diving, boxing, and archery. At school David became captain of his school rugby team, and became extremely popular, while Marfa didn't get along with most people at school. On the other hand Marfa was a straight A student while David was barely passing his class. It was with these experiences that led David and Marfa to constantly argue with each other both physically and verbally, but in the end it would be broken up by their parents.

The one thing that both David and Marfa can find themselves agree with each other on is the fact they love their parent. Since both Melina, and Josh would support, and love them no matter what they did or what interest they develop. David and Marfa found themselves to be lucky to have loving and supported parents like Melina, and Josh that they didn't care they were adopted, or had any interest of finding their real parents. Which posed as a problem, when Peitho caught wind of this, and wanted to get rid of Melina so that she can be the only mother in their lives. Peitho immediately went to Artemis for help, at first Artemis didn't want to help unless she would allow Marfa to become a hunter. Only Peitho didn't want Marfa to become a hunter, so she threatened to go to every hunter that Artemis had and "persuade" them into leaving the group if Artemis didn't help. At first Artemis refused to help Peitho and was convinced that it would never work, but only to quickly realized that she may have the will power to resist Peitho, but her hunters doesn't have that skill. Since several of her hunter left the hunt after they were seen conversing with Peitho. Artemis went back to Peitho and agreed to help her, Artemis then asked several of her hunter to not only kill Melina, but the entire Polzin's family since Artemis wanted to seek revenge against Peitho for have several of her hunters to leave the hunt. Artemis had warned her hunters that two member of the family are children of Peitho and they need be wary of them.

Both David and Marfa continued their lives has if nothing had changed, since neither one realizing that soon their world will turn upside down as the hunters come closer and closer to Russia. The day the hunters arrived in Russia, the Polzin family were eating dinner in their house when several hunter broken into their house, and began firing several arrows at Polizin family. Although the family did try to fight the hunters eventually they found themselves to be outnumbered, which resulted in Josh and Melenia getting shot through the heart by the arrows. David and Marfa were horrified to their parents die before their eyes, and were about to join them when Megara Megalos came in to help the two sibling. Megara then order the two to help her fight the hunters to which they immediately complied, and together they were able to defeat Artemis's hunters.

As it turns out while the hunters were on their way to Russia they did get spotted by Megara who began to follow them. After several days of Megara trailing and following the girls, she eventually learns of the reason why the hunters are in Russia, and more importantly the role Peitho had to play in this affair. Megara decided to allow the hunters to kill the mortal parents since she saw very little importance in keeping them alive, but she wanted to keep the demigod teens alive since she believed they could be valuable in the future. More importantly decided to not tell the two children of peitho that she could have rescued their parent.

After the fight Megara was able to explain to the David and Marfa about why Artemis's hunters were after them, and the role their biological mother played. David and Marfa were angry, and wanted revenge for their parents death, so the moment the Megara began to explain to them about the Broken Covenant and their purpose of the group. The two immediately agreed to joining the group, and several days later Megara had manage the bring the sibling to Sanctuary.

Personality:1) David is charming, patient, cocky and courteous, he is the kind of guy where people can instantly like him at first glance. He also can be arrogant, goal orientated, and a bit of a perfectionist. Because if thing don't go his way he often will blow a fuse. he is also extremely manipulative, and find ways to getting what he wants.

2}Marfa is rude, sarcastic, distant, and rebellious. She doesn't like being told what to do and will ignore people who try to order her around, and usually makes a bad first impression on people Like her brother she is goal-oriented, cunning, patient and a perfectionist. She doesn't like to make any moves without knowing it will benefit her in some way. She is also extremely manipulative, and find ways to getting what she wants.

Likes/Dislikes:1)Likes fencing, rugby, and Jujitsu Dislikes: Peitho, Artemis, artemis's hunters, and the gods

2)Likes Likes: diving, boxing, and archery Dislikes: Artemis, Artemis's hunters, Peitho, and Greek gods


David: Zhanmadao, Scottish Dirk, hand sling, and marbles (made from different metals)

Marfa: Compound Bow and Arrow, Deer horned knives, Labrys and shield

Appearance: 1)David is a Calculation male with blond hair, light green eyes, and he is 5.7 feet tall.
2) Marfa has blond hair, light green eyes and is 5.5 feet tall

God parent: Peitho Goddess of persuasion and seduction



1. Children of Peitho can implant or convince others of thoughts or ideas into other minds which can cause the person to act as if it were their own idea.

2. Children of Peitho force others to obey them temporarily by vocal command.


1. Children of Peitho can psychically project seduction thoughts into the minds of others, and which results in the person to become temporarily becoming dazed and stunned.

2.Children of Peitho can persuade of manipulate users into stop attacking others for a short amount of time.


1. Children of Peitho can to force veracity by vocal questions and preventing an opponent from lying..

2. Children of Peitho can be able bring opponents into an uncontrollable state of lust.


1. Child of Peitho can sway people feeling of lust, and trust towards them, but whether or not they can act on this feeling is not


1. They can read a persons body language.

2. Child of Peitho can make excellent lawyers, and politicians.

3. Children of Peitho are naturally charming.

What faction you desire to be a part of to see an overview of each faction, go here, your choices are: Opus Superum, Liberi Superum, Ortu Justitiae, Veritum Unitum or Liberatio Generis. Ultimately to whichever faction you wish to join, it will be up to that faction leader if they choose to accept you.

Veritum Unitum

Why should you belong to that faction, what are your core beliefs, why does their ideology suit your personality/beliefs?

On the day of their parents death the siblings learned how cruel the gods can be, and how their want and needs come seconds to the gods. It is because of this where they now want to fight the gods in order for everyone to have the same rights and freedoms.

(David will belong toUser: Travelg, and Marfa will belong to User:Mikalmt )

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Character's Bio

 Age: ???  Height: ???  Weight: ???
 Sexuality: ???  Relationship Status: N/A
  Main Weapon: His weapons are unknown while his attire is a white hooded robe, and a set of black and gold armor complimented by a full-face mask.

 – “???”

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Child of Hebe:

  1. Children of Hebe have the ability to force the effects of age upon a person for a short time; making them feel pain and cause their movements to be slow and sedated.
  2. Children of Hebe can become temporarily changed during battle and become even stronger and quicker in combat than they were before, for a short time.
  3. Children of Hebe can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  4. Children of Hebe can cause an opponent to feel aching bones and muscles for a short time.
  5. Children of Hebe are innately stronger and faster due to their slow aging.
  6. Children of Hebe have an innately faster rate of healing than other people.
  7. Children of Hebe always have an unlimited supply of Ambrosia, even if none is on them at the time, they can create it out of nothing
  8. Children of Hebe can restore energy to a weakened person and heal some minor wounds.
  9. Children of Hebe are able to curse someone with being very young children again, this has the potential to cause the victim a feeling of being lost, helpless and often leading to fits of crying, this only lasts for a short time and drains the user considerably.
  10. Children of Hebe have the ability to strike someone with a curse of old age for a short time; however, the person will not only feel old, they will become old and be unable to fight or even defend themselves, this also drains the user for a considerable time while using the power
  11. Children of Hebe can bless water to have the effects of allowing whomever drinks it to feel young again for a short time, their appearance may also take on a more youthful appearance for as long as the effects last.
  12. These children age slower than normally, beginning around the age of 12, and retain a youthful appearance far longer than most.

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