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Liam Williams

Name: Drake Kennedy Langston (previously Drake Merlin)

Age: 678 Physically: 17

Species: Demigod

God Parent: Enyo

Mortal Parent: Edwin Merlin (biological father)

Personality: Drake is a narcissist, to put it lightly. Despite his wisdom (and age), he still behaves like a teenager, to this day. Believing demigods deserve to be gods, he is humble enough to say that demigods should ally themselves with the source of the gods' power, the mortals. But despite his flaws, Drake is loyal, courageous, chivalerous, and very, very honest, to the point where some say his biggest trait is his wit and sarcasm. He also is known for his love of the arts, specifically music, singing, and drawing, and is seen practicing almost all the time.

But Drake has a dark side...a dark side he unleashes along with his rage. When he becomes angry, he exhibits signs of dementia and psychosis, making him hard to work with when angry. He becomes hard to control when angry, and barbaric during battles, rarely sparing victims. While some suspect this is because of his godly heritage or natural bloodlust, others suspect that after his immortality was granted to him, he was never truly...sane afterwards.


The Birth

Edwin Merlin was an English noble, a usual invite to King Edward III's kingdom for tea or horseriding. Edwin often was considered a close friend of the king, mainly because Edward II was friends with Edwin's father, and Edward I was friends with Edwin's grandfather. Edwin also became a controversial noble of dignity after adopting a unknown custom of having more than one name, calling them surnames. While Edwin certainly wasn't the first, he surely wasn't the last to adopt the tradition of surnames, as it started spreading amongst the aristocracy like wildfire. Edwin, seeing that his influence (based from surnames) was growing, so he hosted a ball in honor of his name transition, which took place at the King's castle. Many aristocrats and nobles were invited, and even the Royal family made an appearance. This helped offer the people of England a temporary relaxation from what would be later known as the Hundred Years' War, a war that was starting to play out before everyone's eyes. It was at this ball that Edwin met Enyo. Going by the name "Mary", Edwin took an early liking to Enyo, not knowing she was a goddess in disguise. After talking the night away, and far too many drinks, Enyo was invited back to Edwin's townhouse. The next day, Edwin awoken to Enyo being nowhere to be seen. For nine months following, Edwin searched the Kingdom of England for "Mary", having fell in love with Enyo. One night, Edwin was returning from his nightly town-search for "Mary", when he found a baby wrapped in a blanket, and a regal-looking parchment lying next to it, as well as a small pendant and a glowing stone. The parchment read:"To my dear Edwin; I am truly sorry for leaving you searching for me, but please, stop. The child before you is one that we created together. He will outlive you, and everyone around you, but do not fret, he will carry the Merlin name's blood within him for the rest of his life. I, also, am not who you think I am. My name is not Mary, and I am not a noble. My name is Enyo, the Goddess of War. Along some point in time, give the stone accompanied with this letter to our child. The stone only works upon demigods, but it is a stone built by Hephaestus as a gift for me. It grants its user eternal youth, and this youth will help our child live forever. Send him to Chiron, once our child's becomes of age. Signed, Enyo". Edwin broke down in tears at the realization that Enyo would never return. Deciding to commit suicide, he then decided against it, as his son before him still needed to be raised. And thus, he took his son into his home.


At first, many were skeptical of Edwin, as of the strange and unexpected appearance of Drake Merlin. However, Edwin managed to convince many that he had a lover (ironically named "Mary") that died during childbirth. As Drake got older, Edwin's depression got worse, to the point where he spoiled Drake, appealing to his every need as a way to hold on to Enyo, despite the fact she left. So while Edwin never neglected Drake and gave him the life any child could ask for, Drake could see that his father was always depressed and withdrawn. By age 3, Edwin taught his son not only how to read, speak, run, and count, but also etiquette. Edwin taught his son how to fit in with nobles, to the point Drake outshined Edwin everywhere they went, which was good, since Edwin's depressed mannerisms and lack of enthusiasm with life would have certainly drawn attention. Soon, Drake became the center of attention in the Merlin family, and even in other families, and by age 7, was hanging out with John of Gaunt, King Edward III's youngest son, who happened to be born on the same day, and year, as Drake. Edwin also had his son regularly tutored in arithmetic, literature, and philosophy, which Drake took a liking to (particularly philosophy and arithmetic, literarure was boring to the child). Drake also took a liking to music, learning to read music at an early age. As the Hundred Years' War played on, Drake was being taught how to use a blade, in case he was called to battle. And that's where his first demigod abilities showed. Drake, at age 9, mastered the art of swordsmanship within hours, swordfighting some of the best trainers in King Edward III's army without breaking a sweat. Although he had skill, he lacked strength, at the time, so he was losing several battles against the older, stronger knights, but it was still unbelievable that a child of his age could show the skill of an experienced knight after a day of training. He then was moved to archery training and battle strategy training, both he, similar to the swordfighting, excelled in after a mere day's worth of training. This became so remarkable, that the King himself ordered that the boy be made a squire under the tuitilage of a knight, which Edwin agreed to eagerly. Little did Drake know, his battle proficiency was inherited from his godly mother Enyo.

The Monsters

Monsters first attacked Drake on his 12th birthday. He was spending his borthday with his knight and his father, when he chose to go get some fresh air. Once going outside, a harpy immediately swooped down from the sky and attempted to grab Drake. Drake easily sidestepped, grabbing his sword from his hilt (given to him by his father, little did he know, it was Celestial Bronze) and charging at the harpy without thinking. Running faster than he thought possible, Drake jumped up and drove his blade through the midsection of the harpy, but not before being scratched across the face by it. Unfortunately, thanks to the demigod powers he had, when he landed, a tremor was released, slightly shaking the ground. When Edwin ran outside to see where the minor earthquake was coming from, he saw his son holding a blade with a deep scar across his face. Not even questioning Drake, he grabbed Drake's arm and pulled him inside the house. For several years following, minor monster attacks happened, but none too serious.

By age 16, Drake was a full-fledged knight, bearing his own coat-of-arms, a priveledge nobody his age has ever been given. Despite his success, it didn't matter much, for Drake, unknown to him at the time, wasn't going to keep his job. On Drake's 17th birthday, he returned from the battlefield to his father's townhouse. Upon entering, the house smelled horribly of death. Out of blind fear, Drake ran up the stairs to find his father lying on the bed in his room, the Merlin family ceremonial dagger driven into his stomach, his hands clutched around it. Liquor bottles surrounded his father's body, as well as a parchment, a stone, and a small pendant. The parchment looked familiar, as Drake recalled that his father always kept it on him and read it, but the other objects didn't. Drake then picked up the letter and read it, which happened to be the letter Enyo gave Edwin at the time of Drake's arrival into Edwin's life. Upon reading it, Drake crumbled up the parchment and threw it aside, then grabbed the stone and pendant. Because, he knew his father ultimately killed himself, and it was ultimately all because of Enyo.

The Long Wait

Edwin was never buried. Drake took his father's body to a river his father used to take him to as a child. Tying him on a raft, he set his father's body out to sail, knowing this is the only funeral worthy for his father. Then, he ate the glowing rock left by his mother, and....disappeared. He never returned to the Kingdom of England. He traveled the world, learning anything, no, everything he could about the world. He learned cooking, horseriding, hunting, even knitting. For years he wandered the Earth, learning everything he could. Hating his mother. Hating the gods. He witnessed mortals suffer, go to war, be murdered off, and he blamed the gods for never intervening. It was, after all, his mother's fault that his father felt the way he did. As Drake's skill range grew, he realized for the first time: he wasn't aging. By then, it was 1740, 400 hundred years since his birth. The world changed drastically since then. For example, upon returning home, he found that the Kingdom of England no longer existed, but now, the Kingdom of Great Britain took it's place. He also found that the Merlin family no longer existed, and that everyone died off from a plague. Searching his father's townhouse, he didn't come across documents, which made him realize, he technically never existed, which made it easier for him to change his name. From that point on, he went by the name Drake Kennedy Langston, and he traveled the world once more. Before he knew it, he returned to his home to find it completely changed, again. People talking into handheld boxes, magic-metal machines with wheels somehow moved without horses. It was the year 1990, and technology boomed. Large, handheld devices called "cell phones" were used to communicate, and Drake soon became accustomed to technology, mastering the art of driving and operating heavy machinery. He managed to secure himself a position on a police cadet program roster, and before he knew it, he was a full-fledged officer. Then, time flew by, and he quit the police force, believing that the police was, ultimately, corrupt. He looked in the mirror one day and realized...he hasn't changed. No gray hair, no wrinkles, not even a freckle. By then, the year was 2018, 678 years since his birth. He missed the Kingdom of England, King Edward III, John of Gaunt, the Merlin family, even his father. Then he remembered, it was all the work of the gods. He was cursed with eternal youth, and through his youth, he's seen nothing but everlasting pain. The gods immatureness and recklessness led to the deaths of so many he knew and loved, and now, the gods need to pay, Drake decided. He heard about a place, opposite of the dreaded Camp Half-Blood: the Broken Covenant. So, Drake set out to find this place, and ensure himself amongst their ranks, for the glory of the Kingdom of England, the long life of King Edward III, and the memory of his beloved father.

Weapons: A pendant, that can morph into a Celestial Bronze/Silver wakizashi

Reason for joining BC: Drake believes the gods recklessness and complete disregard and mistreatment of mortals has lead to many deaths, including his father's. So, by displacing the gods and becoming a god himself, he believes that would be both his, and his father's, revenge upon Enyo.

Faction: Ortu Justitiae

Reason for joining this faction: Drake believes that the gods mistreatment of both demigods and mortals has lasted long enough. For hundreds of years, he watched mortals suffer, and the "divine gods" never stepped in. Their recklessness and selfishness has led several to their deaths, including Drake's father, so now, it is time for the demigods to rise. With the help of the mortals, demigods can become gods themselves. Drake finds his beliefs to align greatly with that of Ortu Justitiae, which is the reason he wishes to join their ranks.

Ajacopia1 (talk) 16:18, April 29, 2018 (UTC)


Yo there, 'tis me again :)

  • A person can't possibly have dementia only when they get mad. It is an everyday-life complication in the brain. (Nor is psychosis, though you can correct me.)
  • Remember, non-CB weapons cannot harm a monster.
    • Regarding the monster attacks, please mention that he was attacked every year after the harpy's.
  • Why did Enyo even give him this stone of eternal youth? About the wasn't-supposed-to-be-born-part-cos-actual-trainers-ain't-alive-yet part, what was it all about?

Oki, that's all, see ya!

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Hi again! Time for some more explaining!:

  • Drake isn't crazy, but when he gets mad, he becomes barbaric and uncontrollable, as its in his blood. I didn't mean he actually had psychosis and demetia, he simply exhibits signs of the disease.
  • Enyo gave the stone to Drake because she knew he was born too early. By giving him the Stone of Eternal Youth, she wanted Drake to live long enough to reach Camp Half-Blood. (Ironically, he chooses to go to the Broken Covenant.)

And that's it. I fixed a few things, but if there's anything else, please let me know!

Ajacopia1 (talk) 11:16, May 1, 2018 (UTC)

I see, I see. Though I'm not really certain if gods can see that far into the future (if you meant the modern CHB). However, as far as I remember 'Camp Half-Blood' started way back Ancient Greece, at the foot of Mount Pelion (was it?), which is Chiron's home. Chiron's always been around, and Enyo would know about that, so she wouldn't have to let her son live that long. She'd direct him to Chiron.

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Drake was born in a time where boat travel were usually approved by rulers, taken long periods of time, and soforth. Not to mention, boats that had routes to ancient Greece wouldn't be around for another several decades, which is why he was given eternal youth.

Ajacopia1 (talk) 09:07, May 2, 2018 (UTC)

Yes, I know about that. The boat travel, I'm pretty sure Drake wouldn't have a problem with that, then. As for Ancient Greece thinggy, I wasn't saying it's still staying in Ancient Greece; it just started there, meaning it's been long around already. Through canon doesn't exactly say where this core of Western Civilization has been throughtout the years (which CHB follows), you could just state Drake was instructed to go to Chiron. Simple thing.

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Okay, you're right (lol). I changed the history according to your suggestions. Enyo still made Drake eternally young, but it had more to do with her wanting to than needing too. Any other suggestions, I'm open to hear!

Ajacopia1 (talk) 11:01, May 3, 2018 (UTC)

Okidoki! Now one last thing: Why would Enyo want her son to live such a long time (basically for eternity)? Sorry if my questions pop off one after the other ;-; (and I'm looking for a way to contact those who will finally claim Drake as part of the faction ;-;)

Mochi peque by 0 dolunay 0-d9lkv1x (2) B L I M E Y.Mochi peque by 0 dolunay 0-d9lkv1x

Drake being immortal had more to do with Enyo wanting him to always be young, than live forever. Initially, the stone was not created for consumption, but since Drake never listened, he inadvertently stunted his own age. And thanks for the questions, if you have more, keep them coming! Ajacopia1 (talk) 00:34, May 13, 2018 (UTC)

I am truly very, very sorry for such a late reply. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? ;-;
Oki, so, it's like Enyo testing what would a demigod do if he's immortal? (sounds like it is to me.) I don't quite get Enyo's reason, so I hope you could back it up?

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Really sorry again ;-;

It's quite alright! I understand people have busy lives; take as long as you like. :)

As for Enyo, Drake was an older child of Enyo. Since this was the past, the gods would be a little more empathetic. Not to mention, Enyo saw the depression that Drake's father was enduring, not to mention Drake was her son and Enyo was already immortal, so she gave him the stone. Sure, I guess she was testing Drake to see what an immortal demigod would do, but, it was mainlyout of love and availability that Drake became immortal. Thanks again for checking my claim! (We should RP soon) Ajacopia1 (talk) 12:49, May 18, 2018 (UTC)\

Incredibly sorry for the late response again T^T

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